Bound for Life
by Cuffmaster

Part 4

Just a word or two about the author. This is my 20th book and it will not be sold. I offer it to all who wish to read free of charge. It is does have a full copyright attached. Cuffmaster is not my name or the name that any of the retail books are under. For personal reasons I keep it this way. This is a true story and the events are actual and factual. You can reach me at

The story is told by Maria, the subject of the book and the very willing soul of being Bound For Life.

Her story starts about 15 years ago, when she was just 16 years old . I must tell you a little about her. She is Dutch by birth and the product of very old fashioned family. She was in an arranged marriage, and in fact did not even meet the man that she was forced to marry until the wedding day.


We slept like babies. He was holding my breast with one hand and my mound with the other.

I can now see why he wanted a strapless night gown for me, as it gave him easy access to either breast or both at the same time. I have never felt more like a woman in my life. Was this a dream I would awake from or was it real?

Soon a small bell sounded and the kitchen maid appeared. He unwrapped from my upper body, but kept my ankles twisted in their chain.

I was asked, what do you wish for breakfast. We can fix anything and all fruits and such that are in season.

This already getting to be a habit, and frankly expected. Treated like queen and yet nothing expected in return. I did wonder from time to time what my Husband was doing for his Sunday AM 5 minute blow job, but frankly did not really care.

Later after breakfast Mai come to me and told me time for a good bath and daily hair wash. Now this I really was getting used to.

Still no demands of my sexuality, as to penis and vagina or even a blow job.

Was he normal?

After I finished morning things and was wrapped in a wonderfully soft bathrobe I was taken to Sir.

He was on the phone and trying to talk in french, and I just laughed. He said what is so damn funny?

You did not know I speak 5 languages as if a native and about 8 others passable.



You have no idea what this means to me. I will explain later. He held me and kissed for the longest time as if a child had tasted ice cream for the first time. Unable to get enough.

Question: What do you want to do today? We can ride the rest of the day, take a motor trip, or fly around the ranch? The choice is totally yours.

I told him I loved to ride Star and could we just ride and find a quite place.

Mai was instructed of our plans and took Maria to get properly dressed while I changed also.

What I did not know was how I was to be dressed for a ride today.

First I was given a very sheer black, or off black shirt to wear. Yes, my nipples were at full attention and quite easy to see.

Next Sir came in and told me this was to a very special ride. I was nude from the waist down and so used to this now did not even flinch.

He took from his pocket a insertion dildo, that later I found also it moved many ways. Yes I have used a regular dildo before, but had to lube it highly and it hurt AS I had inserted it.

He simply reached over and took one pull on my chain and I was ready for this item. He inserted it deeply and then took a leather strap with snaps on it and fixed it to the front of my chain. Now he took the rest between my legs and it had buckles to adjust the length of it. He put it on tight, and grinned, so it wont fall out.

Mia brought me my lower wear for the day and it was a beautiful black short, I mean short vinyl shorts.

When she got them on me there were like a glove. I have read about a camel toe, but never had anything that caused it. These and the dildo did make a perfect one for me. I was curious about the two wires that came from my pussy and out the top of the shorts.

He then told me he would apply my riding belt, so I would be ready for star.

This type of treatment is beyond words of consideration but I will admit I look forward to it and want it.

Then he plugged the two wires into the safety belt. I did notice type the belt was more heavy than usual, but guessed he had a reason.....OHHHHHH YES, he had reason.

He explained this was a battery belt used by his film crews and would last for hours and days if needed.

So What was my thought?

Then he took from his pocket a little thing like you use to unlock your car doors with.

He hit the and the invader in my pussy came alive and moved and vibrated and seemed to rotate in a unknown way. You guessed it...... My first orgasm of the day.... I did not need any more than that in my life. He explained, it was set to come on and off at random times and intensity.

Wonderful. When and where would I be when this thing got to me?

He told me the plan was for a nice dinner away from the ranch tonight, and of course a change of clothes and the heavy duty belt off. But the thing in me held self contained batteries and he could control at his desire and he wanted to see exactly how I would react and to teach me to be a lady even when my pussy was on fire.

Well, Thanks A Lot was what I first thought, and then I knew I loved all of what he did in all ways.

He had done a few things for me, but I think Star is my most treasured of all.

I had a worried look and he asked, OK, spill it.

Well you know how wet I get on Star and I will be wet no matter where we go or what we do.

I am sure if you can have a heart attack from laughing, he had three.

In your saddle bags are full changes of clothes and matching shoes and a makeup kit to freshen up with.

There are moist wipes to clean yourself, so I think you are covered.

Also, Moe and Mia will be near by, but not in sight. He handed me a little thing to wear around my neck or attach to my waist chain.

This is he told is your help line. Should you ever need one or both of them, press the button and tell of the problem. You are the most precious jewel I have ever had, and do you really think I would leave you unguarded or where you could have a accident and not get help?

Foolish Girl.

You are protected all my life and by your choice far beyond if you choose to remain bound forever.

We went out to where the horses were waiting and again another surprise. I had a special side saddle with one additional stirrup hanging down. He told me that he had the foreman of the ranch make it and for me to try and see if I could mount Star on my own.

Yes, it worked perfect. Even with my ankles in Bondage for Life, I was able to get on and off MY horse. With pride and perfect feelings I mounted MY horse by myself for the first time in my life.

The reins were knotted thru the safety buckle. I leaned down and hugged and kissed him.

I gave a question Sir,

Did you forget my handcuffs? I gave never ridden Star without wearing my short cuffs in front.

No, My Dear was the answer.

I placed my hands close to each and he walked over to me and said time to learn new things.

He took my hands and placed them behind me with my wrists back to back and cuffed them ever so tight in what I learned later was rigid cuffs. With the rigid cuffs I found out instantly there was no movement between my hands and with my palms back to back it was total bondage. I could move them up and down some from the hinged, but that was it. Had I had 100 keys I knew I could never have unlocked them

How was I to guide Star but he untied the reins and places one in a loose loop over each wrist above the cuffs and then places the leads in my hands. He smiled, and said, A perfect picture.

By now my shorts and moisture was totally running down my legs and the dripping and odor of woman hood was as intense as I have ever known.

He asked, ready to go?

Yes, but it will quite hard to ride cuffed this way. He said yes, for a little bit and then like your ankle chains you will get used to it and look forward to wearing and feeling alone and lost when you are not in total bondage.

He smiled, get used to it as it is something I enjoy seeing you, this controlled.

Then he said, ooh, by the way. You will be cuffed this way for the rest of the day and most of the night.

Get used to them while on your ride and do not fight them.

Yes Sir and with this he gave Star a good spank on the ass and and commanded her to be to the spring. Off she went.

I was in total bondage and yet totally free and my long red hair just flowed in the movement of Star and the wind.

I sure hoped Star knew where we were going because as soon as we crossed the first hill the house was not in view and I was totally lost and not even the sun to know the direction we were going as it as very heavy overcast day.

Later, I would guess a couple of hours or it could have been a couple of years.... Who Knows.... Who Cares as long a Sir is pleased and I accept any and all he wants for me.

Up to this point in my life the most daring thing I have done is go to the Red Light district of Amsterdam to a sex shop and get a small, non battery dildo.

Now look at me, soaking wet, chained by my ankles for life, a waist chain, his brand, and now with my hands cuffed back to back with hinge cuffs and on MY horse letting it take me where it was told.

Totally helpless and dependent and yet totally at ease with all knowing how much he respected me and cared to do this wonderful thing for me.

Star came over a little hill and below was a natural spring coming out of the side of a rock cliff and a wonderful flow of water. She when and drank from the pool at the base of the spring and then moved over for me to drink from the spring direct. I got her to move me around and wash some of the woman juices from me and give me a nice refreshing shower with my clothes on and of course bound to her.

Then I noticed a willow tree with many bottles hanging from it. The kind you feed baby sheep, or motherless animals from.

I told Star, food, and she took me to the bottles. One was a mixture for her, and she reached up and drank, or ate from it.

The others were marked, as to what they had in them and I ate like a baby for the first time in my adult life. This was strange.

In a few minutes I heard before I saw Sir coming on a full gallop on his horse.

He asked, you told me you spoke many tongues. Do you speak German very good. I smiled and told him probably better than most Germans.

We, Yes WE, have a problem at the Airport. We need to be there soon, so Star will follow me and we are going cross country and quite fast.

I asked, with me handcuffed like this?

Yes, as Mia is off to the city and she will meet us there and has the keys. These are high security cuffs and each set comes with only one set of keys and none are interchangeable. Also I wanted to kill him and love him at the same time. Nothing was ever kept from me, and sure it will hurt to ride fast this way, but most important he needs me for something.

As we rode, he asked, you do speak German, correct?


Here is the problem. I have a client from Germany I have never dealt with before I have only dealt with his business manager who speaks better English than I do.

He then told me a little of what the ranch did. He told me they had a landing strip that would take the largest plane made and they were the official rest, and quarantine point for all of the Europe and for all the show, jumpers and all race horses coming from the USA or between counties anywhere.

The problem was he did not speak good enough German and the guest did not speak good enough English.

He told me how it works money wise. Each barn, which holds 14 horses rents for 1 million dollars a year in advance plus a fee for each horse to come in. He told me, I will will use the term We or Us, as today he had planned to make the legal papers to give to me 25% of the entire operation, which had a value of over 5 billion dollars US>

He looked back and said, better shut your mouth before you choke on

What had I done to deserve this?

I asked, why?

He told me that all would be explained in due course, but back to the project ahead of us.

We will enter the hotel thru the back, and to his private suite. There I will have my hair re groomed and cuffs taken off and new makeup. Fresh clothes.

I suggested that if he allowed I would pick what a true Old Style German would like best. OK was the answer.

He told me that I could negotiate price, but do not go below 500,000 year as that was the break even on each barn on an annual contract.

I was bathed and hair combed,and I asked for it to be up in a french roll. I picked out a blouse that was reddish and thin, but not totally see thru. A leather skirt that was just above the knee, and boots, no hose.

He looked at me as if I was crazy, but I knew the type person we were dealing with.

My wrists were somewhat red and marked from being in hinge cuffs for more than 6 hours.

We went to a private dining room, that you only see in the movies.

He introduced himself in broken English and I replied in perfect German and ask if OK with him we talk in his language so all would be understood proper. He asked as a gentleman, do you speak for Sir Wilson?

I told him yes, as I was part owner of the place and wanted only the best for him and his horses.

He smiled. I could hear the wheels turning and he said inside, finally someone that understands.

He asked could I stand so he could fully take in my beauty.

It did not take him 5 seconds to realize I was bound at the ankles and he bluntly asked, why.

I told him it was my and Sir Wilson's wish and it was for life. I told him the cuffs and chain was made of fiber carbon material and totally impossible to cut, file or remove without a very special jaws of life type item, and Sir Wilson has the only machine that could make or remove these in all of Europe. I also told him, see the waist chain, this is his Brand and all the women who live here have a chain in one form or another, some on one wrist, some on one ankle, and one who wears hers as neck collar. This is for her boyfriend, and she is his collared slave.

Just so you know, there are no children on the ranch and no sexual relationships allowed between any of the men and women, and if a woman wants to have one, her brand is removed and she is asked to leave the ranch on a one way ticket.

Then he noticed my wrists and bluntly asked, had I been cuffed for the day or part of it, and if so he guessed probably hinge ones.

I told him yes, and riding my horse all day and then a quick ride back here to greet him and enjoy a meal with him.

Smiles were wide and often.

We talked about his horses and what seemed to be the problem. He told he could not understand having to pay the full price as he only had 7 horses. I openly laughed, and said, guess you will have to go shopping and get a few more. He almost fell out his chair in response. He told, I have not had anyone be that honest and blunt in years. I told him that each was a quarantine barn so no other breeder or trainer could have his or her stock in the same barn. This he understood.

I said, then you will enjoy this also.......

The price is 1.5 million a year, and for the first 6 months no extra charge per horse for any he ran thru the barn. Oh, Yes, I will be sure a car is always here at the airport for you, so you do not ever have to wait and if you like, I will have your silk colors put on roof so all will know with pride and envy who has this beautiful stable.

We drank, actually me apple juice as I do not drink any form of achole and ate and enjoyed a dance, and he said, impossible that I could dance with such ease with my ankles chained. I told him, Sir Wilson was very precise in his instruction and training.

He asked to ask Sir Wilson if he would be offended if he had his factory make me some special handcuffs to be used when he came if it was OK with Sir Wilson, which would never mark me or leave any form of showing they had been on even for a considerable time. He went on to tell, that his Mistress would wear hers for a day or two at a time and yet not a mark.

Yes, I think that is OK and I will double check with Sir and his answer is the final word. to tell him.

We finished business and then to our surprise, he invited us to his estate in Germany. He asked how large was my staff, and I told him, one that would die for me and one that would die for Sir Wilson and that was it. I asked if he wanted us to bring any to help in the kitchen or porter bags, etc? He said thanks, but he had a staff of 20 that could take care of all this.

Then he asked me, may I take measurements of your wrists so I can have your cuffs made for you when you can come. I looked to Sir and he nodded yes.

We agreed on a time for us to come and he was invited to stay as long as we wanted, and I wanted to go with him on the AM to find the proper car for him. He like Sir was a large man and a normal car in our country he would be cramped.

He reached over and kissed me on the forehead and in perfect English, Said to Sir Wilson, I understand your choice of a partner. I only wish that someday I can getmy Molly to accept this life style and be this lucky. He asked, what time do you want brunch, as I have a little something special planned that I had never expected to do, but you two are so much more than I had hoped and I believe we all have a friendship that lasts forever.

The evening finished and Sir and I went to his Suite in the hotel.

He smiled, and held me so tight I could hardly breath. You do know I was willing to submit to his demands of only 500,000 and you got a Million and one half.

He asked how, why?

I told him, it was for US. I knew the choice of clothes and the ankle chains and the marks on my wrists would be his weakness.

Sir, I have never said before, but Love is such a small word, but your actions are showing me Love is small compared to action.

End of part 4

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