Bound for Life
by Cuffmaster

Part 3

Just a word or two about the author. This is my 20th book and it will not be sold. I offer it to all who wish to read free of charge. It is does have a full copyright attached. Cuffmaster is not my name or the name that any of the retail books are under. For personal reasons I keep it this way. This is a true story and the events are actual and factual. You can reach me at

The story is told by Maria, the subject of the book and the very willing soul of being Bound For Life.

Her story starts about 15 years ago, when she was just 16 years old . I must tell you a little about her. She is Dutch by birth and the product of very old fashioned family. She was in an arranged marriage, and in fact did not even meet the man that she was forced to marry until the wedding day.


My dresser and I were alone and she started to dust my entire body, head to toe with a beautiful smelling body powder. Wonderful roses and assorted mountain wild flowers.

She went to the dressing items and first got what I had mistaken for a pair of panties for me. I told her no as Sir did not permit. She simply laughed and pulled up her skirt, and yes no panties and totally bald also. This is his way. All females who are here are the same, equal in style and nudists here. After a while you will be asked if you want your pubic hair removed by laser or just keep on shaving. I have done the laser route and it is wonderful. Of course

Sir pays for this for us.

This is not panties. It is more like a breech cloth. Let me apply and show you.

It had on each side of two pieces of material three straps of fine lace. Around the very waist a small hook and eye. She applied the hook and eye and yes it stayed up and was as if custom made for me, as I am sure it was. Then she applied bows to each on the straps on each side.

I had never felt so dressed and yet naked at the same time before.

Next came a beautiful night gown which went over my head and it reached the floor. My nipples were like apples sticking out and so very sensitive. I almost asked her to rub them for me, but knew it would not be right.

Again, thru the bust and around the hips it was custom made, and fit totally tight, but not to tight. I asked if she could raise the hem so I could put my waist chain on the outside of the material.

Next she came to me with strap of the same material, soft silk and pure white. She took my right wrist and looped it by the strap and tied it securely and then the left the same. The distance between the two was about 12 inches and tied in front.

She informed me I was ready to be taken to my sleeping room for the night, right after she draped over my shoulders a beautiful white fir of some type. Got to keep you modest and warm as it does get chilly at night this far north and we do not want the pilot to be distracted and crash you and I and of course Moe.

We stepped outside and the helicopter was just warming up for to take us “WHERE”.

Moe lifted me into the back seat area, as with the limits of my Life Time Bondage made climbing in or out not impossible, but not lady like as my one standing order was.

Mia and he got in and away we went.

I had never been in a Helicopter before and it was exciting. A little frightful, but exciting. The pilot asked did I want to see a little more of the ranch at night as Sir was doing some business and would not be available for about 30 minutes. Yes. Yes.

My first surprise was we came close to what appeared to be a hotel. One with very fancy cars parked in front.

What was this place?

Next the pilot was on the radio and asking for tower clearance to make a run around the field. What was this and then as bright as daylight a long line of high power lights came on. This was a very long and huge runway I think. The pilot told it could handle the largest aircraft built and room to spare. Along the sides were heavy equipment and I think they called them fork lifts.


He took us over the main airport and lots of things going on there. It was there I spotted Sir's Land Rover that we had taken from his car to lunch.

The the pilot started to climb to a very high altitude. He told, this was to keep the noise of the Helicopter away from the barns and horses. He pointed out a barn with MARIA painted on the roof.

What the hell???

He told me that was the barn for my Horse, Star and for Sir's horse and the staff of the ranch all had horses and they were housed there.

He got a radio message and told, sorry, but the tour is over as Sir is now at the main house and waiting for us.

He set the Helicopter down on a pad highly lit and a big H in the middle of it. As we were landing I could see many other Helicopters sitting in a row.

Mo lifted me out of the copter and Mia got out on her own on the other side. She took my hand and did not guide me, but helped me not to fall on my new Bound For Life chains and other things on the cobblestone path to the main house.

As we entered the house she lifted my coat from me and she and Mo disappeared as if they never existed.

Sir came from the back of a great hall, or living room or what ever you would call it. I do know this you could have placed my house and all the land around it in there and still had room.

He did surprise me a bit as he came to me and placed my semi bound hands over his head and then lifted his arms thru the binding. This put us as close as twins in the womb. He held me and then touched my face and bushed back my hair a bit and then we started to press to each even more close and he kissed me, and I thought he had kissed me in the past. Nothing anything like this.

He put one hand between us and played with my right breast and the other hand between my legs and gently flicked my ring. I know I have died and got to heaven as I felt so many emotions at the same time.

He had a question that I did not think was needed, but being who he is he asked it any how. Do you want a separate bedroom or to share my bed?

No sex, as you are still married, if in name only until and when you want that fixed.

I said with pride, I am yours, bound for life and the choice is totally yours.

He carried me as a still bound to him as if I weighed nothing. He was dressed in only white satin running shorts, which I found out latter was his choice of night and day dress.

I did notice one thing, but I had never asked before, he seemed to have no chest hair. This I had seen on all men I examined while a nurse. I asked about what I saw, or did not see.

He laughed. I am Native American and yes, we do not have chest hair. Something in the genes.

I am blue eyed, which is very rare, as it simply means I was born a Medicine Man. This means I have the ability to “see” many things and to feel a person and tell them exactly what and where there is a problem. Sounds strange, but has been proven so many times and in my family, it happens rarely, but I guess I was cursed or blessed with this ability.

You must have wondered and thought how and why you were picked to be who you now are, My Partner and Bound for Life. This is something I knew the second I saw you. Yes, there are many things you will have to change and resolve, but time will do that for US.

He took me to a bed, that must have been a double king size as I have never seen anything this large in my life.

I was lay me down like a leaf and so soft. My hands were still tied with the silk band in front, and he mounted me and kissed all, I mean all of me. Starting at the toes and the legs, and the backs of the legs and my pussy. Then my tummy and up to my breasts. By now he had my sleep grown totally up to my neck, and he sucked, on each breast and nipple, kissed in a way you can not possible y tell of.

Then he took my gown and put it back down and started to kiss my throat and the face and backs of my ears. Frankly I simply had not stopped cumming from the first toe kiss.

Now he lay upon me and kissed my mouth with gentle kisses and little bites on my lips. I am sure I have died, as even in my wildest dreams had not expected anything to feel this good..

He told me, this was nothing. It was not even half of what I was worthy of.

He pressed an intercom thing on the bed stand and said, Mia, make her ready for bed and send in the maid to redo the night sheets. Thanks.

I saw from a panel that appeared to be a solid wall Mia come in and take me to the dressing room.

There my white outfit was removed, after my hands had been released. It was soaking wet.

She asked, do you want a shower before your night clothes? No, I told her, I wanted the smell of Sir and I to last as long as possible. She smiled, and said, I understand.

She selected from the clothes closet a beautiful black strapless grown. It went to below my knees and stopped just high enough for Sir and Me to see my ankle cuffs. This was made for me and fit perfect.

Then she went to a drawer and removed a pair of handcuffs, with about 18 inches of chain between my hands. Simply told me, get used to the length, as Master has told me you are to be cuffed, or chained, or tied all the time except when we are in town or shopping. Most of the time this length, but when he or you want, you can have the shorter ones like you wear when you are riding your horse.

Look. There are little clips on each piece of chain and you can take them off for shower, bath, or if you feel like you need to.

I would not think you that you would ever want them off, as I know if Sir had me placed in them, I would wear forever and take loose only to put on a sweater or clothes that I had to have my arms free. I think soon you will realize, that being bound is total freedom.

Yes, I agree. The material of the cuffs was so light and the chain so light it felt as if I had nothing on except when I reached to far.

My makeup was done and my hair brushed out. It simply cascaded over by shoulder and covered my breasts as if I were wearing a blouse.

I was led to a door, which I had not seen before and there was Sir. Laying on the giant bed and he simply patted one side of me for me to come to him.

He took me and pulled me gently up on the bed and asked, is metal cuffs alright for tonight? Yes, Yes, now and forever if you want them.


He pulled me tight to him and wrapped one of his hands around the chain holding my wrists and with the other he put under me and started to hold me as if I would be gone as a dream.

No Sex, he reminded me. Not until we solve that problem you have at home.

The lights dimmed and the soft music came thru like played by a band of angles.

I think it took me all of less than a couple of minutes to be asleep, not in a way I had ever know, but that of a totally bound woman and secure in him and to him for life.

I awoke needing the bathroom, and without a work, he came and helped be out of bed and took me to the bathroom. I do not know why or what came over me, but I peed and then asked him, would he dry me. God this is something I had never before, it just seemed the right and erotic thing to do.

I felt the gentle movement of my ring in my mound, further reminding me, I was truly a bound woman and LOVED IT.

End of part 3

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