Bound for Life
by Cuffmaster

Part 2

Just a word or two about the author. This is my 20th book and it will not be sold. I offer it to all who wish to read free of charge. It is does have a full copyright attached. Cuffmaster is not my name or the name that any of the retail books are under. For personal reasons I keep it this way. This is a true story and the events are actual and factual. You can reach me at

The story is told by Maria, the subject of the book and the very willing soul of being Bound For Life.

Her story starts about 15 years ago, when she was just 16 years old . I must tell you a little about her. She is Dutch by birth and the product of very old fashioned family. She was in an arranged marriage, and in fact did not even meet the man that she was forced to marry until the wedding day.


After all was finished and the shop was put back as it was, he asked me, Hungry?

Starved was my answer.


Can you wait about an hour for lunch, and do you prefer a gently stream or a mountain setting?

What was he talking about? I told him a nice stream would be perfect.

He made a call, which I could not hear, and away we flew away in that beautiful car of his.

After about 20 minutes we pulled off on a side road and there set a Land Rover. Now time to switch cars is all I was told.

I remembered how to get out of car with my new chains of freedom on, but getting into the Land Rover was a bit of a challenge as it had higher steps than a car. I did it and was so proud of myself.

We drove thru some brush land and over a couple of fields and I could see on the horizon smoke and the very top of a white tent.

We got closer and I could see a band of people working on things. I could not make out what but I just knew it had to do with our lunch/dinner.

He told me to go with a certain girl, Mai, and get dressed for lunch/dinner. I followed her into a part of tent that was like a separate room. Huge dressing table, couch to rest on and a closet of beautiful dresses and gowns and also jeans and suede western riding ware. I was told that Sir preferred I dress antebellum and if that was OK she would get out what I needed.

I really did not know what antebellum was, but said, his wish is my command always.

I had only heard the girls name once and had trouble remembering her name, but she told me she was my dresser and assistant and to please follow her she helped out of my dress and into a pure silk blouse of light pink. I said, wait a minute. I had never gone bra-less before but it seemed just right for this top. Perfect. Then she asked if I wanted a towel for modesty as she put on the skirt. It had much material and many layers of petticoats. I told her, no, it would be OK if she was going to be my personal assistant full time. Sir has chosen her to be my dresser for tonight and if I do a job that you approve of, I will be yours for as long as you choose.

When I was in proper dress he told me to have you check the buffet table and pick out what I wanted to start with and give the chef the order for meat, fish, for what ever I wanted and how to have it fixed.

The gown he had chosen for me was beyond words. He had chosen shoes or high gloss black and 3 inch heels and ankle straps. My dresser ask, can I remove your ankle chain to fasten the straps, and with total pride told her, NO, they are attached to me for life. I can never take a step beyond what I do right now. She looked and said no problem Miss. With your permission I will thread the straps under your anklets after I have put on your nylons and fasten them above your ankle bracelets. She smiled at her ability to cope and I liked that very much. I asked, what all do you do for me?

Everything you want or need for the rest of my life if you approve of me.

I Miss have been chosen as your companion to help dress and do makeup and hair for the rest of my life for you, if that is agreeable with you. I have never had this done for me and was speechless.

I picked thru a large variety of salad items and of course not paper plates, but fine gold rimmed china.

A waiter in a beautiful Gypsy outfit came and asked, Miss, what to drink? I asked what did they have, and he said, you name and I can deliver. I told him my favorite was strawberry lemonade. Good miss. He came back with a tray and before my eyes squeezed fresh lemons and then added fresh strawberries and mixed. Served in a crystal glass, he asked me to test and see if he got it to my taste. Perfect. Totally perfect. He then turned to Sir and asked what he wanted, and he told the same.

A meat chef came to the table, not expected, and asked, Miss, what do you prefer for lunch? We have fresh salmon, trout, beef rib eye, pheasant, venison, and of course any cut of beef steak you would like plus pork, fried, slow roasted or any way you want.

You of course have your choice of Yams, Potatoes, anyway, rice, carrots, beets, and any fruit or vegetable in season. Please give some thought to what you want and we will fix for you, and with a gesture of pride turned and bowed to his staff.

When will someone pinch me to be sure I am awake and have not died and went to the beyond.

Sir smiled, get used to this. You are a bound for life woman and need nor do you get anything than the very best available.

I quietly asked, Sir, what will happen to all the extra food, will it be wasted? Remember I am a very humble and conservative Dutch girl and was raised that nothing was ever wasted, especially food.

He smiled and told me this is one of the things he loved of me, my concern for everything around him.

He told me that back at the ranch there were many horsemen and woman and others to consume what we did not eat.

The meat chef came back and asked, have you a order for us Miss?

I asked do you have Prime Rib a little on the well done side? Yes. May I have it with baked potato and sour cream, butter and fresh green onions? Yes.

He asked, Sir, what can I get you and he was told, her choice was perfect.

Sir then advised by the cook it is also time to think of dessert as depending on what I choose, it might take a while to fix.

Really, anything I asked? Yes. I have heard of a thing called and would like to taste for the first time if it was possible, Cream Brulee with browned surgery topping. Very good choice and it is also one of Sir's favorites.

While our meal was being fixed we sat on an ornate swing set that had been put up for us. We simply set back and held hands and felt and enjoyed the scent of each. No expectations or demands of any type.

Soft music in the background and smells I have never experienced as the meal was being prepared.

Sir asked me, M, it seems that is his new name for me, do you like horses?

Yes very much, but I have not been able to afford to ride much as my Husband thought it was stupid so I had to save money on the side to pay a stable to ride in.

Then she lifted her skirt and said, I guess that is gone forever, as I know I can not mount a horse ever again.

He laughed and laughed and finally said, did you know know that Ladies ride side saddle, and with a waist band I have had made for you, you can not possibly fall off even in a gallop.

Boy did I feel stupid as I had totally forgotten about that style of riding, and frankly had never done it before.

While our meal was being fixed he invited me to come with him on a short walk, down wind of the camp and there was maybe 40 horses there.

He looked into my eyes as no man has ever done and said, pick yours.

I already know the one you will pick, but in case I am wrong, you choose. All except the big black male with the perfect white star are available to you. That is my horse he informed me.

I looked around the entire paddock and came back. He had Moe, his personal assistant go with me to keep me safe and later I would find out I would always have his protection and that of my dresser, Mia.

I came back with a beautiful white female horse, smaller, but just right for me to control. Again he laughed and said, OK guys pay up, as I told you she would pick out Star. . All the horse staff started to did into their pockets to pay up. He said NO. I just wanted to prove a point. My Maria and I have a connection far stronger than the ankle chain she wears, and with that he lifted the front of my skirt for all to see. He told me by doing this it would stop any speculation as to the jingle sometimes from me and to prove a point. I was his now and forever.

I heard the toll of a bell in the distance and he said our meal is ready. With that he simple put me in his arms and carried me to the dining area. I had never had that done before and again a new feeling of being special and loved at words and a level I am not capable of telling of.

Have you ever had Prime Rib cut 4 inches thick and perfectly cooked? Put it on your list of things to do in your life time. Twice backed potatoes, with so much butter it was hard to even see the meat of the potato. Sour cream which I am sure was fresh made as it had a smoothness I did not know of.

We had many things, but of all, these I will never forget, ever was the care and consideration of Sir.

After dinner we sat and held each again and then he motioned and for Mia to come and change my dress.

I was taken to the changing tent and there was a fine brown suede skirt that was in a old fashioned style, of wide cut at the bottom and fitted at the waist

I was given a shirt, and she asked me, did I still want to go bra-less? You know I had totally forgotten of this as it was second nature to me as being panty less and chained. I told her yes, and she helped me with the shirt and jacket. Redid my hair and changed my make up a bit, and then was told, Sir is waiting for you just outside.

There was my horse, Star, and a set of steps that were small and easy to climb. He helped me onto the side saddle. Now a bare pussy on the warm soft leather gave me a feeling I again was unable to tell about, but knew this, I would love it often.

He put a wide band, or belt affair around my waist and fastened it so I could not possibly fall off. He then told me to hold on to the ring he had fastened it to and I felt pressure on my wrists. Before I knew what had happened, I was handcuffed with my hands in front to the belt and saddle.

This was the first time I had ever been handcuffed and I was totally on fire. My pussy must have had the saddle totally wet. I was overjoyed with delight of be a totally bound woman.

He mounted and asked, did I want the horse lead or could I control the reins with my hands cuffed?

I asked, do you mind if I try to do it cuffed? I have the feeling this is not going to be the first time I ever get cuffed and ride Star.

He smiled and said you are so very right....With a smile he said you are probably correct as you will always tied in one way or another the rest of your days........

We rode for an hour or so up stream and the bear pussy, and the wetness was exquisite. I was quietly cumming almost every few minutes.

We crossed over the stream and there was a beautiful tent with a bed set up and a lounge next to it and a huge open fire. And what appeared to be a huge dressing room.

I was unlocked and he brought over a stairs so I could dismount my, yes, MY horse by my self.

We sat by the fire for hours and simply held each other. By the way, the handcuffs were locked on me again in front. Unless you have had permanent leg cuffs and hands cuffed you could not possibly know the feeling of being cared for and belonging to a place and time. Priceless.....

Mo appeared as if a ghost and took the horses away. For a man of over 6 ft 6 inches and as black as possible, he walked like a mist in the night.

After a while with Sir just holding me in his arms an then putting my head on his legs I fell asleep.

When I awoke I was in need of the bathroom and also food and drink.

He said nothing to me. Simply unlocked the cuffs and pointed. I made my way to the bathroom, which by the way was not an out house, but a fully equipped bathroom. I make my way back, which was not hard as each step I took going and coming a path lighted ahead of me.

He had made us slow roasted turkey sandwiches and cranberry walnut side dishes and many other goodies to choose from.

We held each more and more and in fact I asked for my cuffs to be put on again as I felt naked without them.

He smiled and said, you are a fast learner of my desires and I hope yours.

The comfort of steel and the security that they gave me made me know that I just knew nothing could happen to me and I of my own free will could not do anything stupid or get yelled at or slapped.

After a bit, Mai showed up and said Miss, I have been told it is time for you to change into your night clothes. This was a shock, as I knew it would happen, but I had never put on night clothes for anyone except my Husband on our wedding night when he raped and hurt me.

Mia lead me to the changing room, still cuffed and she had around her neck on a gold chain a handcuff key. She told me that this was a part of her, as much as my ankle cuffs and waist chain. They would be put on me, front or back per Sir's wish and taken off if I wished for bathing and things I needed to do for my self.

She took off the cuffs and I felt as if something important was missing. Could I have been adjusted and wanting them so soon? Yes, as they were an extension of Sir.

She drew me a bath full of bubbles and scented oils and helped me into it. Remember, very short distance between my ankles.

This is the first time I ever had a head rest in order for my hair to be washed and then spread out to be dried. Unless you have real long hair as I do, you have no clue as to the pure luxury of this. Once in the tub I was told to lean forward and my cuffs were on me again, but in back for the first time. Now there again are no words to describe the feeling of comfort and security.

Totally bound, legs forever, waist chain forever and now handcuffed in back. Not a lot I could do except lay back and enjoy.

She started to wash my hair with the hands of an angel. Not like a beauty salon where time was the key, but where care and love was the only thing offered. My hair I do not think had ever been this clean and shiny before. Lots of shampoo and oils and treatment and then hand dried by many towels and now laid out be and warm air dried and brushed for countless strokes. She then put up my hair in a french braid and told me this is so it would not get wet during my bath, and then wrapped all in a soft towel.

She told me that Sir wanted me to have a sleep mask on for a while and to simply lay back and rest and sleep if I could, and the next thing would be a hand bath over my entire body. You must understand that on a normal bathtub and the handcuffs in back would be hard on me. This tub was on the sides and bottom of some type of soft material and my hands just like on a pillow went into this material and no stress on my wrists or back at all.

I asked her, may I ask you a few things?


How long have you been employed by Master. She smiled and lifted the front of her blouse. Like me she had a waist chain on and was pantyless and totally nude in the pubic area.

Then she went on to tell that all the females on the ranch wore such a thing and all were nude in the pubic area. None were married and there were no children on the ranch.

Relationships between the males and females was not forbidden but permission had to be approved of first and usually meant that the female had to have her brand removed and not return to the ranch.

This seemed to keep jealous rages and fights down and Sir did not have the time or temperate for such foolish acts.

She explained, none were employed but all had chosen to serve and more of this arrangement would be talked about in a party in my honor soon. Serve in the capacity they were most fitted for. Some wore chains on the waist as hers, some on one wrist, some on one ankle and one as collar around her neck. She quickly told me it was a earned position to be adorned with a chain. Usually offered after many months of service and display of loyalty. She proudly told her chain was applied almost 3 years ago.

And now, with you as the Mistress of the house, the first and only truly Bondage Female, all had to answer to her as they do to the Sir and serve her every need. No questions, no exceptions.

It was not nor had it ever been sexual with any of the women. It was a sign of loyalty and care and respect for Sir and his total care for them equally.

Then she went one more statement. I would gladly die for him as all he has done for me and I know the others feel the same.

She said I was the only person she knew of or had ever heard of being in bondage for life to him.

I asked, what do you mean in bondage?

She told that no other had ever had their ankles or wrists in permanent chained in bondage as I now had. She asked, have you been with him a long time and quite so the rest of us did not know of you?

I told her NO. It seems he and I are as if one and what I want and need seems to fill his needs and wants if that makes any sense.

I have legally committed to him for the rest of my life or his, whichever ever is longer.

The commitment is to wear the ankle chains and waist chain always, even if he should die first and me survive him. This has been all legally recorded and witnessed and it a part of my life, now it is my life from now on.

Just so you will know, I am married in name to a man and my son just completed school.

I have a house in my name only on one of the more scenic canals of Amsterdam.

I bought this my own money from working as a nurse. I was lucky person as I had rented from this little old lady for many years and in her will she left the house to me to buy for One Euro provided I keep it up or live there and if I rented it out, make the same arrangements for the people renting if they stayed for at least 15 years.

She had told me this was how she had gotten the house from the second owner and he had gotten from the builder. It is a wonderful classic home.

WOW!!!! was all she could say. With that she slipped a silk sleep mask over my eyes and soft music and wonderful scents filled the room.

The last thing I remember is the smell of the room and then I felt my body being washed in back. I was pushed forward a bit to get all of my back, remember, cuffed in back. A sponge, so soft was used and the soap felt as silk.

This went on until I was on fire with new skin and the softness of the oils.

Next I was laid back on the neck rest and starting at my shoulders gentle hands applied thick soap and oils. They were massaged in and then rinsed off. Now my breasts were next. I can not ever remember my nipples being so hard and sensitive and responsive to the touch. My breasts were caressed and molded into mounds of pleasure. I was rinsed and now my tummy. The same, and it felt so good.

Then the part I was fearful of and yet wanted most of all. Between my legs up to my vulva was washed totally and completely. This was good as my legs were sticky from the juices of cumming so many times.

Then a shock. A single finger went inside me and a thumb pressed on the out side. I do remember reading of the G spot, but always thought a myth. I came over and over. Almost broke my wrist with pulling against the cuffs to hold the person doing this to me. I have no idea how long this went on, but it could be for the rest of my life as far as I was concerned. Now my legs were washed again to clean up the mess I had just made. On down my legs and to my feet.

I heard Sir, please dry her off and dress her for the night and the Helicopter is waiting outside.

With that I heard the door open and shut.

End of part 2

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