Bound for Life
by Cuffmaster

Part 1

Just a word or two about the author. This is my 20th book and it will not be sold. I offer it to all who wish to read free of charge. It is does have a full copyright attached. Cuffmaster is not my name or the name that any of the retail books are under. For personal reasons I keep it this way. This is a true story and the events are actual and factual. You can reach me at

The story is told by Maria, the subject of the book and the very willing soul of being Bound For Life.

Her story starts about 15 years ago, when she was just 16 years old . I must tell you a little about her. She is Dutch by birth and the product of very old fashioned family. She was in an arranged marriage, and in fact did not even meet the man that she was forced to marry until the wedding day.


We had a normal marriage by the fact there was a church and both families were there and all the trimmings. If you can call an arranged marriage to a total stranger normal. My Wedding night was totally horrible, as I was a virgin and I now know he was also, as many years later, he told me he was also. He was several years older than I was and was just coming out of University.

He raped me over and over and was the total opposite of gentle and loving and caring sex I had read about and without any foreplay or tenderness in any way. Like two dogs, No more or less.

To make it long and short, I got pregnant that night.

I was so appalled at what he had done to me, I never had intercourse with him again.

I simply told him, I would kill myself or run away before I would ever do that again.

He told me of oral sex, which he had heard of from the other boys in prep school and University.

Upon strong feelings against it I agreed to try it one time.

I actually enjoyed being in control of him and did agree to do this with him one time a month, during my cycle and I picked that time of Month as I knew he would not try to do more as he thought a cycle was dirty and messy.

After a lot of fighting and work on his ego, he finally agreed to this one time a month as a divorce was totally unheard of from his family or mine.

I was only 16 and he was just out of University so I had no real life skills and no means to actually way to run away.

A few years after my Son was born, I finally talked my family to encourage his family to allow me to attend University.

A little background of me.

My family owned most of the shoe stores in the Netherlands and I had been raised with the feel and smell of leather and frankly did not understand the strong sexual and warm feelings it gave me when working with leather.

The feelings were most strong when my Father would take a contract to make horse hardware which dealt with the blending of leather and steel. The glint of the steel items and the sound when they hit the work bench or fell and the soft, yes soft touch of fine steel.

It laid a foundation that would in a few years be my salvation.

One day when my Son was in prep school just a few weeks before his finishing of this part of his life and just about to go out on his own, I was taking a break from class/work and having a coffee at one of my favorite places in Amsterdam. By the way I was 35 years old that year.

As you may know, smoking of pot was totally legal in the Netherlands and I was now over 21 so I could get what I wanted and needed to enjoy to escape having to go home to my Son and Husband.

On this day the shop was full and almost all the seats were taken and a man, approached me and asked if he could share my table. There was other places available and he was not shy in asking, or actually insisting on joining me.

He opened his briefcase and took out papers to work on and I could not help but see the glint of something with the glint of steel inside before he closed it.

He told me he could see I was married from my gold band, but still told me that he was totally attracted by my looks.

This had never happened to me before in my life. I was in shock and awe.

Light skinned, Red long hair and body, that was trim and a figure that was full.

I was shocked as I had never been approached by a stranger before with such a commanding view and expression.

I would guess I turned 7 shades of red as I did not know what to say. I had only spoken to my Husband and he had never in such a generous and frank statement.

I stammered thank you and finished my smoke and coffee.

I wanted to ask him if I would see him again, but my upbringing and horrible experience with my Husband simply would not allow me to form the words.

I was at a total loss, and yes, for the first time I can remember except for helping with the leather and steel bridles for horses I had a warmth and maybe even a little drip of woman between my legs.

As he put away his papers I looked very very closely into his briefcase and the glint of steel I had seen was a pair of handcuffs. This brought more than a couple of drops between my legs.

I had never had any on or ever seen them up close except on a Police persons belt but knew instantly what I was looking at as I had seen them on TV shows and they always peaked my interest.

I wanted so bad to ask him if I would see him again, but fear is a harsh Master and I said nothing except, nice to meet you.

My name is Maria.

He shocked me as if I had been shot.

He replied, I am to be called by you Cuffmaster or Sir and we will see each other again and often.

With this he got up and left, and me still siting there with my mouth open.

What had just happened??????

I came back to the same coffee shop for days on end and looked for the mystery man who had the audacity to tell me he was my Cuffmaster.

Several weeks passed as I just about to go crazy to find out if I had had an awake dream or did he really exist.

Then I walked in and there he sat.

I did not know for sure what to do, and he motioned me to join him.

Of course I did, like a magnet to steel (a magic choice of words in my life) I was drawn to him.

He told me he had been watching from nearby and noticed each day as I went in and looked around.

He asked, were you looking for me?

From the shades of red, white and almost passing out I stammered, YES.

Good he said.

I knew when I first saw you that you were a perfect person to share much of my life and desires with.

I did not have the courage to ask what he expected and wanted me to share, but I knew it was just right for me. I simply did not have experience with men I did not know what to do next or how to react.

We sat and talked for the longest time.

In fact I missed my afternoon classes. I did not care. I needed to know more of him, but instead he asked what seemed to be thousands of questions of me.

I think I bared much of my entire soul to him.

It was the first time in my life I actually talked to a man and he listened to me and my real emotions. My hopes, wishes and desires were as a flood coming from me.

He asked if I needed to call home, as it was getting late. I looked at my watch and wondered where the time had gone. I told him I had a short time, but if he was willing to stay longer if he wanted to talk to me.

He told me to go to the ladies room and call home, and on the way back take off my panties and bring them to him.

Shock was not a word to describe how I felt, but it was also just exactly what I wanted at that minute.

When I came back from calling I had tightly wadded in my hand my panties and he reached under the table and took them and put them in his pocket.

I have no clue, as it has never happened this way or in any way before, but I was so wet I was afraid it would soak thru my uniform.

He simply told me, as a matter of factually, that I was to never wear panties again in my life time.

I could not speak, but simply nodded my head yes.

He told me that at any time or place I was subject to verification of the fact I was without panties and that he prefer me shaved, but he did not order this for me.

This meant should he could meet me here, at school, in a store or anywhere, he would put his hand under my skirt or feel my outer pants to confirm I was in fact following his orders.

Without a word or means to reach him, he simply got up and left and told me, until the next time and he would check on my following his command.

Talk about confusion.

I did not know what to think.

I had just taken off my panties in “public” for the first time in my life and given them to a complete stranger.

I can tell you I was soaking wet.

I just sat there and stared at my image in a large mirror that covered the back wall of the coffee house. I could not believe the person looking back at me.

Happy and with a smile, which was very rare these days and in fact all the days of my marriage.

A total stranger was looking back at me.

Now what?

Well I had never been on birth control, but I started that day. You see with the arrangement I had made with my Husband it was not needed, but I am sure this wonderful Cuffmaster and I would at some time in the future need it.

I did not know how to reach him and what I would say and do if there was another time we met.

I just knew there was many times we would meet and also know my life was changed forever.

The next time I saw him was about 3 weeks later.

He was sitting in a very nice beautiful jet black BMW auto car parked in front of the coffee shop. This was totally unusual as big cars were for the very wealthy or government officials because of the narrow roads and extreme cost of petrol.

I did not have to be asked, but he got out and held open door for me to enter.

I was told to spread my legs and show him my “panty” condition.

I did and with pride told him I knew he would require this of me at some time, so I had shaved also.

He smiled broadly and told me, good girl.

This was priceless to me, as I can not ever remember being told “good girl” except in class achievement at University.

We drove to a car park and he asked me if I knew of carbon fiber or stainless steel?

Of course I knew of stainless steel as the Doctors I learned under had told of the value of stainless steel, as it would not break or rust or show wear.

The other, carbon fiber I was not sure of and told him so.

He now belly laughed and said it was refreshing to have a honest person around.

He dug into his briefcase and came out with a folder of papers.

He made a simple command.

Read them and see if you agree to the terms of them.

If you do we will go to the Burgomeister and have your signature witnessed and the papers legally filed.

I read and read and to be frank did not fully understand some things and did ask about them.

Every question that I asked had a answer given that was straight forward and easy to understand and made total sense to me.

Had I met a man who respected me enough to be honest and respect my questions and feelings?

One thing I was unsure of. It told of me wearing his brand, be it a tattoo, burned on, or a item like stainless steel or carbon fiber that once applied I would not be able to ever take it off.

Yes, stainless steel or carbon fiber was removable by a diamond bladed saw or super heavy duty metal shears. Something not readily available to the average person.

This was my acceptance I guess, and he told of carbon fiber, as light weight and would not interfere with airport security when we traveled.

I had never belonged to anyone before at any level in my life and never had any desire to totally submit at all levels as this contract dealt with and the emotions running thru my body, not even to my self as I simply reacted to things that I was told or had done to me.

He got out of the car and put down on the floor some white powder and told me to walk across it as I normally walked, and then come back more dainty. What was this for, but I did with out a second thought.

He took a tape measure and marked the length of my stride and then he took a black marker and made marks in the white and asked if I could walk and hit the marks he had put down.

Now I am a nurse and used to taking long steps in a hurry always. I manage to hit the marks perfect.

I said, “Sir” what may I ask is this all about?

He smiled and told me to answer one question first.

Was I going to sign my life over to him for training, bondage, development and what ever else he would choose except to never hurt me physically at any level not agreed upon first as was detailed out in the contract?

I looked up to him in tears and said, is the place we get this witnessed and make it legal still open?

He said yes, and away we went.

The power of the big BMW just flew thru traffic and we got there in plenty of time to spare.

He asked again, ARE YOU SURE, as this is a one way street.

YES I answered in full tears.

I was taken home, or close to it after the giving forever myself to him by signing the contract.

You know I did not even know his surname or last name, only as Cuffmaster or Sir. It did not matter. I was happy.

I just skipped to my home and surprised all by making a mini feast for the family dinner. This is simply not like me.

A few days later he met me again and again he asked, are you sure of the contract you signed.,

I could only cry with tears of happiness and said, yes now and forever.

Good was his answer.

Today we start something new.

He took from his brief case something gray, or almost gray and very light. It was oval in shape.

He told me time for a panty check, and I lifted my skirt.

He told me to hold out my right ankle. He measured it around and then the left one. He placed the gray item on it, and formed it to a perfect oval for me. He then did the other ankle.

He told me that these were molds, and could be taken off by a small cutting tool he gave me.

I was told that I should wear them 24/7 until the next time. I was very girlish and proud as I looked down and felt hardly any weight, except the weight of acceptance and responsibility.

He told me, that if I liked them, they would be formed into carbon fiber would be joined for LIFE by a light chain also of carbon fiber. This would allow us to go thru airport security with out setting off the alarms. I would have to learn to walk in the size of the steps he had marked out for me on the last meeting.

I knew that skirts would be no problem with a chain attaching my ankles, but what about shorts, slacks, swim suits?

He told me simple.

He handed me the card of a tailor that I would take all my present clothes that I had to put on one leg at a time and he would install very small and decorative zipper in each side.

This way all I had to do, was to put on via a hook and eye at the waist and zip down the sides of the legs.

I do not know if this was the most considerate or thoughtful thing that had ever happened in my life, but frankly I could not think of anything better.

I looked into my mind and just realized that I consented and was totally happy at the idea and reality of my legs being locked to each for life.

What am I? A happy and fulfilled woman, that is what I am............

The love of a Master that was to be a start to tell of my feelings and in total awe of myself, the emotional birth of Maria.

The next time we met, it was at a work shop of sorts. He had left me a note at the coffee house to come there. I did not have a car, as they were as I have said they are rare in the Netherlands so I took my bike, which was almost always with me to go anywhere.

When I arrived I of course got a panty check. This had really made me aware of my bald pussy and on my bike with a skirt, wind and all, I know I caused a few heads to turn and wonder for sure exactly what they saw. The thought of this actually excited me.

At the shop he told me to bring in the bike. He again asked how the “bracelets” he had put on my ankles felt. No bruising, No tightness, Not loose enough for me to slip out of, no sore skin? To be totally honest I actually forgotten I had the “molds” on for the past weeks. They were a part of me now.

A lot of questions and all I seemed to have the right answers for as he really cared and had been more than careful that I was not hurt or embarrassed or anything negative.

I think I made him very happy when I told of them be as much a part of me as my ear rings.

I did not even think of them as they were a part of me and I was proud to be picked to have them and my stupid Husband did not even notice them.

I did tell that a few of the nurses I that worked with and one did notice and asked, are they removable?

I told them yes at this time, but hopefully soon never removable for the rest of my life and they would be linked by a reasonably short chain forever.

One asked, was I afraid of such a commitment? I told her no, but extremely happy.

She then said, she would give all body and soul for a Master, a man who cared enough to bind her in such a way forever.

This I could tell excited him and pleased him totally as told him of this and not being ashamed to admit my position and the fact I was looking forward to it full time.

He told me that part of my responsibility was always tell any and all who asked that I was a bound woman for life and totally in love about it. Of course I agreed with this.

He next had me mount my bike.

I ride a woman’s bike with no center bar, and he took a catch of types and a piece of chain and measured between my feet and locked them in place.

He had me ride around the shop to check if any problems in riding with my feet chained.

It was indeed different, but after a few near falls I got the rhythm down and actually told him I could do it with less distance between my ankles.

This statement of less distance I could tell pleased him highly. From 12 inches to 13 was the result of my statement.

He adjusted the chain shorter and again after a few near spills, I was doing the pedaling as if I had learned to ride this way.

He asked.

Are you sure of the length?

After I have your anklets made and the chain attached remember it is for life.

Are you willing to have this length and that commitment?

Some where in my tears of happiness I said yes over and over and I got totally bold and grabbed him and kissed as if it were my last kiss of my life.

This is the first time we had kissed or been sexual at any level, unless you call the panty check sexual.

He attached a light weight chain to the other ankle with another one of the temporary catches and told me to walk about the shop.

I can frankly tell you I almost fell on my face, as I am used to large steps and when the chain reached its limit, My foot also stopped.

After about 10 minutes of walking it was like they had been there for life, as I knew they would be perfect in length.

Then he had me ride my bike again. Now this was another feat I had down good.

He had actually shortened the length of chain by me not being told and without me seeing it happen and It was just a little short of keeping both feet flat on the pedals. Now 11 inches of chain plus the play against my ankles.

He laughed and said “got you”. Then he laughed and laughed.

I frankly told him not funny. I would have to ride on my tip toes always.

I asked could he allow a couple of more inches in the chain and the answer was a flat NO.

But you can have something else. He went over to one of the work benches and took a large storage box from under it and said, look, pick and tell what else you want in style and color.

I saw at least 40 pair of 3 inch heel shoes, all colors and styles even nurses style and winter boots and even summer sandals and try as many as you like as they are all yours. We can store most here so your Husband will not find and totally lose it.

Like I kid I grabbed a pair and tried them on... PERFECT FIT. Now I could ride with out being on my toes and it seemed it would make walking a little better.


He told me remember the white powder when he was choosing the length of the chain. From that I got your shoe size.

Now he told me, we were going to the tailor.

I had almost forgotten I had given to him all my slacks, shorts, swim suits and anything I would have to put on via my legs.

When we got there, it seemed like a dream riding in his big car, and I actually forgot that my legs were still chained to each other. I was flatly told, that I would always get in or out of a car or up from a chair or booth as a lady with my knees to each other. No one ever except he or a shop girl in helping me choose a dress and checking for fit and of course the tailor. would be allowed to see my beautiful bald pussy. He told me that if he ever saw me getting up or down less than lady like, he would find an adequate punishment for me.

He asked do you understand?

Easy in and out of the car.

I walked from the parking to the tailor and did get a few looks , but for the most part, no one noticed or seemed to care. Oh yes, I had on new shoes and was so very proud.

The tailor was ready for us and showed me how the hidden zippers worked and asked if I needed help with the first item or was willing to give it a go by myself?

I in modesty told, I would like to try the first time by my self. Remember no panties and totally bald and was not sure if the tailor knew of this.

I took a couple of extra minutes looking at the fine workmanship and picked out my most tight jeans, as I knew they would be the biggest challenge.

It took less time to put them on than via the old fashioned leg method.

I was so happy I started to bawl like a baby and my Cuffmaster came in without knocking to check on me. I displayed like a proud kitten the ease of on and off and the fit.

Good. Now you will need lots of new items over the years.

Yes was my answer.

The tailor then started taking measurements.

I mean a lot of measurements and some very intimate.

I was then told I would have an open account at the largest department store in Amsterdam and when I wanted something no need to ask, simple go and pick it out and get it and then have it delivered to the tailor. He would modify it for me and have it delivered to my home.

I had a total look of astonishment and glee.

Then I was told, Oh, Yes, get matching sweaters and blouses or what ever else I wanted. I was told to get all new bras and an assortment of corsets. Fine nylon stockings that I could thread thru each ankle cuff and suspenders that matched for when I told to wear or just wanted to be more special than I am.

I asked corsets?

I already have what is considered a perfect waist, just under 24 inches.

He told me I know, but frankly I like the look of a good fancy corset on a woman and there will be times you have to get special gowns for balls and events that you will want to have a willow waist to be the belle of the ball.

The mention of special balls and events had me totally curious. I must have been born part cat, but I kept my mouth shut as I knew when the time for such things to happen he would tell me in plenty of time.

Later I found out that my Master had a almost fetish love of a woman in nylons and suspenders.

The boot of the car was packed with my things and he took me to the driveway of my home, as it was a time of day my Husband or Son would not be home.

I took all my new treasures inside and came back and got in the car.

He told me that I was to try and see how I adapted to my new ankle cuffs and chain and in two weeks If I still wanted, come to the shop and I would have my final cuffs and chain installed.

He reminded me, this was a life choice, and once on I was expected to wear until my death and be buried with the love they were given to me.

Stronger than any wedding ring or vow, but total commitment no matter what people said or how they looked.

I this time asked if I could kiss him.

He took me gently in his arms and kissed with passion and then for the first time ever he fondled my breasts over my clothes. In fact, no man had ever touched me and with such gentle love and care. I had read about such events and feelings, but did not believe they existed.

I had my first orgasm in my life.

I felt as if my nipples were going to explode thru my bra and dress and this was simply from his hand touching and massaging my breasts over my dress and bra. What will it be like bare hand to skin?

I wondered what it would be like, and how much more was possible when he finally took me.

He told me that in addition to my cuffs I would be given the choice of one more very private item and if I told him yes, it would be also installed as the same time as the cuffs.

Again he reminded me, there would be no changing my mind or going back as it would be of the same material as my cuffs and chain.

He told me to plan the entire day for the install and events of the afternoon.

Tell my family I was going on a medical conference or what ever, but would not be home until very late and if it got to be to late, I would call and just spend the night at the convention, so they would have to fend for themselves for supper and possibly breakfast.

This is the first time he ever told me to directly lie to my family, so I knew it would be a very special day indeed.

Boy was I wrong. It turned out to be the best day of my life to this point.

As I arrived at the shop I would guess my emotions and heart rate and blood pressure was off the wall. I was excited, scared, proud, in love with the idea of belonging and all possible emotions you could ever name.

I got there and saw laying out on the work table the cuffs and the chain. I frankly almost passed out thinking, why were they there and not on me.

I looked around and he also had a very fine chain, less than ¼ inch in diameter and open at both ends. It looked to be about 30 inches long.

I said, Sir, may I ask a couple of questions before we do this?

Yes, anything you want to know.....

Are you married?

Are you a crazy man?

Will you at your current level of control protect me forever?

And last, is that piece of chain for my waist? Something I can wear under or over my clothes?

Now the answers came.

No, I am not married, but have been in the past.

I am not crazy unless being totally taken by vision of you and the beauty of your soul and in all ways with you, then I am normal.

I will protect you and respect you with all my ability and in fact set up a trust account for you should I die in an accident or by medical while you still live and I ask only one thing in return.

The return is respect and honor, and being loyal plus doing what I ask even if you do not understand the reasons but have the courage to ask why, and I will honor your ability to always say NO.

By the way, you have respected your feelings enough to never ask my name. It is Patrick Don Wilson. You may call me Don, Master, or Sir. That is your choice except in special events that we will attend and then you will call me the name of my choice for the event.

Yes, that is a waist chain. Remember I told you of a brand. This is my brand for you. It is personal and private, except in a two piece swim suit or if you choose to wear it outside of your clothes. Some day you may ask to have your ankle chain and bracelets removed, and they would be. The chain around your waist will not ever have that option. Understand?

Do you have more questions?

If not which do you want on first, legs or waist?

He told me that he will be back in a minute while I decided He left and went into the office and came out in a bomb squad suit with helmet and the entire get up.

The look on my face must have been one of pure shock and fear. He grabbed the chain and rolled up a huge fire extinguisher and what appeared to be welding equipment. He fussed with all for a few minutes, and then turned and ask, ready?

I was about to faint, and then he took off the helmet and jacket and boots and over shield pants and was laughing so hard I am sure he must have wet himself. Well you now know one thing, I am not afraid to have fun. I told him fun, I was about ready to run out the door and keep running. He laughed more and said I know, but you did not. Your trust level is extreme and are totally loved at a level you will never know.

He took the waist chain and applied it around my waist and held the ends to each. Perfect as it fit and draped down in a gentle curve to the top of my pubic bone. He asked, can you live with this for the rest of your life?????

Yes my darling Master I can and will do so with love and pride.

He explained it was fused with a cold process liquid which made the pieces into one with no seam and impossible to tell when it started and then stopped. He applied the chain around my waist and took a tube of something, the same beautiful gray/silver color and put a little dab on each of the exposed links. He held them to each for only a few minutes and then checked.

No seam, no bulge, and after he moved the chain around my waist asked me to find the start and finish if I could.

I could not tell but what I had been born with the seamless item on me and grown into it.

Good was all he said.

He now asked for probably seemed like the 50th time, are you ready for this life commitment?

YES, how many ways are there to say yes?

He told me to lay back on the padded table he had there and relax.

He then proceeded to bind very tight with fresh leather straps my legs to the table. My knees, my waist and finally took my hands and bound them over my head. I think my look told him I totally enjoyed all of the leather and the smell. He told me it was a longer process to put on the ankle items and he did not want me to move a single inch while he did it, and to not be shocked at the sound of machines running.

I said Sir. I have a very important request.


The bottom of my dress I can feel it getting wet. I am leaking and I am afraid I will stain my dress. I have never had this problem or pleasure before, what are you doing to me?

Then I asked could I get up and pee?


This was the first time I had heard the word no from him. Surprised me quite a bit.

Then he told me he would loosen the strap around my hips and tummy and pull my dress up. Then he would stuff a towel between my legs.

I did not know what to say except OK.

He did exactly as he said he would. It felt so good with his hand pushing my dress up and I turned into a complete water fall. He then touch my clit and I came again and again and then he massaged my breasts and by now he had to go get another towel as the first was totally wet. What had this man done to me?

He is full of surprises. He took his fingers and touched the bottom of my mound, right before it goes into my vagina and next to my clit. I totally lost it. Had I not been strapped down I have no clue as to what I would have done.

He then showed me three rings of the same color as my cuffs and chain. He asked, while we are here do you want a ring, you pick the size, where I just touched. My mouth was open and nothing was coming out. He said, I am sure you have masturbated and also sure you got little or no real pleasure from it. With a ring in, you can pull, put a vibrator on it, flick it and yes, when we make love you will feel it and it will bring you to better heights of pleasure than you have already experienced. This ring he told, would not be permanent at this time, but a screw on as I might need to remove for cleaning of the area where it goes thru the skin. Also, I would if you want it place it very tight to your body so you can wear a bikini bottom and it not show, but you and I know it is there. What do you think, Yes or No?

I asked, can you touch me again there and I can feel the presence that I gather would be there most of the time if not all the time.

He did, and I went totally wild again.

He told me I would only feel a small prick as he would apply a injection local pain killer while he made the hole and inserted it. He also told me, no problem if I did not want at this time, but it would happen someday as he enjoyed seeing it and knew that I would enjoy having it there. Just think of each time you go to pee. When you clean you will touch and feel the fire and love. Think of your cycle and when you insert a tampon, you will feel and know it is special.

I am going to use the heavy air compressor tools needed to apply your cuffs and chain and while I do, you think and decide if you want this now while we are here with the equipment to do it.

The next thing he did was loosen my ankle straps and restraint them apart from each to the table and it had a tray type of devise that dropped leaving my feet and ankles available, but totally tight. I count not move any part of them except my toes.

I could hear loud noises as the air compressor got up to power. He explained the fact that each cuff was a solid piece with no screws or levers that they had to opened with the force of what is called the jaws of life, and then slipped over my foot and onto my ankle. He told me, more noise to come and yet totally no pain to worry about.

Trust, total trust is all I had to offer at this point as I was bound so tightly to the table I could only speak and nothing more.

In a few seconds I felt the warmth of a thing sliding over my foot and then a release of air of the compressor. I heard the slight jingle of chain from one ankle. Now he built up the pressure again and the same for the other ankle.

He looked at me and smiled, and simply said, you are in bondage of love for life. Is this OK for you before I use the chemical to bind them closed? I smiled and said, thank you for the trust and honor.

He told me I should rest for a while, as it would take longer to close the loops and make them seamless.

Just lay back and rest and dream for a bit I was told.

I was doing just that when I felt a slight prick on my hood of my vagina. I could feel him softly kissing and rubbing it. God, what a feeling, or a beautiful dream.

The reality was when the numbing agent took over I did not realize he had put a vertical hood ring in me. It was a screw type and removable for cleaning until it healed and he had told me earlier it would be a part of me forever, like the waist chain and ankle chains.

Now he started on the final closure of the ankle bracelets. He took the jaws of life and used then in reverse to push together the Carbon Steel Ovals. He looked and was satisfied that they matched and he backed off the pressure a bit and put the special bonding agent on each half and put the power on the machine again. After about 10 minutes he told me that one was on for life and he was ready for the other unless I needed a drink or something. Frankly I had to pee like a horse but with all the straps guessed I could wait. I still did not know my pussy had been ringed.

He repeated on the other ankle and again let it set up and tested it.

He reached over, me still fully bound and kissed me as no man could ever kiss a woman and told me, I was not totally chained to him in many ways and it was for life. I started to cry, and tried to raise up to kiss him again, but of course could not because of the straps.

Now he moved to my pussy area and something I had read about, but never have had happen to me. He started to lick and kiss my most excited clit. I screamed with pleasure and came over and over.

Thank you was all I could say.

He asked, do you need to pee?


He undid all the straps and I got off the table. Somewhere in my mind I started to run for the bathroom and of course fell flat on my face. I had never really walked in a hurry with my chains on and got up and tested my stride. This time I was lady like and went to the bathroom.

Only when I cleaned myself did I realize I had also been ringed thru my hood. God it felt good as I cleaned and I just have no words to tell of the love I felt and knew I would feel each time I walked, or dressed or anything. I was a bound woman for life.

Waist chain which draped just above my mound. A pussy ring that was vertical so it was hidden when I wore a bikini or tight jeans, and my ankles, lock to him, to me in love forever.

End of part 1

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