Bondage and Cream
by Cuffmaster

A woman stands in the plaza, a gust of wind curling its way beneath her skirt and betwixt her strands of full dark red hair. The setting sun wreathes her body in an aura of fire, delineating her curves with light like the caress of an ethereal hand. She gazes off into the distance, dreaming of unknown journeys and experiences. Her flowing tresses emphasize the curve of her uplifted head.

A slow, deliberate pattern of footsteps echoes on the walls of the buildings surrounding the plaza, apparently issuing from all corners and from the focal sculpture in its center beside the pensive woman. The pattern preceding the echo becomes louder and clearer as the unknown walker approaches the woman.

The footsteps cease. While the echoes rebound and slowly fade, the newcomer reaches out his hands and places them gently on the woman's shoulders. For a moment, she flinches at his touch, as if to draw away from an unwanted encounter. But then her muscles relax and her demeanor is calm; the touch is familiar to her, as well known as the face associated indelibly in her mind and heart with that touch. Exerting a gentle but insistent pressure, he turns her around to face him.

She turns in obedience to his tactile command, with no resistance. Although a mild man, he has a will of a strength to rival the infrastructure of the skyscrapers that encircle them, and she finds it politic to accede to his wishes, for now. She raises her gold flecked eyes up to meet his above her, reveling in the sight of his laughing deep blue eyes looking down on her.

He wraps his arms around her and pulls her in for a protracted and tight embrace. She places her arms around his waist, silently bemoaning yet again the substantial difference in their heights. He finally releases her partially and looks down at her again.

"I've missed you, love; more than I ever thought I would. It is so good to touch you and feel you again, and to hear yourvoice."

"I've missed you too, Don...both the aching ecstasy of your stubborn, tender presence and the excruciating agony of your misplaced wit. I love you, you big, dumb jerk!!"

"I think I love you too, love."

"So now what?"

"Now...let me see.......Aha!!!"

And with that, he bent forward slightly and scooped her up into his arms and proceeded with his deliberate pace across the plaza.

"What are you doing, you idiot? You'll get a hernia! Put me down!"

"Oh, and I thought you said you lost weight. So why would I get a hernia, love?"

"C'mon, Don, I'm too heavy."

"No, you're not. Besides, if I drop you, it's a long fall for you, so I wouldn't argue with me if I were you."

"You're impossible! Where are we going, anyway?"

"Ah, but that's a surprise. You'll see when we arrive at my trysting place. So just relax and enjoy the view."

"Yeah; I have my own personal Sears Tower for a Owner."

"Be quiet, dear, or I'll gag you."

"(Very sarcastically) Oh, yes, beat me, beat me, make me feel cheap and I will whip your ass."

"Ah, but you should never tempt me so, Kate. You know you should never put ideas in my head."

"Oh, I'm not putting anything in your head--you're more devious than my son is!" She looked up and became aware that Don had entered the doorway of a building and was approaching a bank of elevators. "Will you put me down now? People are staring at us!" "Are you ashamed of me, love?" he teased.

"Of course not, but this is embarrassing!"

"Soon, love, soon."

A tone announced the arrival of their vertical carriage. He strode into the elevator still holding her aloft like a trophy to his strength and endurance.

"I feel ridiculous."

"But my dear, don't you find this romantic?"

"I'll give you romantic, Mr. Baird"

"But don't you? Behind the embarrassment and the foolishness? Aren't you flattered by the attention? Admit it, love; you like it, don't you?"

Silence answers his query. "Kate...?"

"O.K., I admit it--I love it. But my pride and dignity require me to protest your high-handed action."

"AHA! I knew it!" The elevator door opened and he proceeded down the hallway. Near the end, by a large picture window, he stopped in front of a door. "Guess what love."


"I have to open the door."

"So put me down."

"I can't do that--it defeats the whole macho scenario. So I guess I'll do this instead..." Adjusting his balance slightly, he swung her up and over his shoulder, thus freeing up a hand with which to extract the key and open the door.

"Don!" she screeched at the loudest volume her protesting diaphragm would allow. "PUT ME DOWN NOW!!!!!"

"Now?" "NOW!!!"

"Alright." He flipped her over and flung her unceremoniously onto the king-size bed just inside the door.

Silenced by shock and by having the air driven violently out of her by the impact, she merely glared at him, her chest heaving gloriously in front of his appreciative eyes. When she appeared to have almost enough control to speak, he abruptly sat down on her legs, pinned her wrists to the bedspread with his hands and bent over. He placed his lips firmly on hers and began kissing her vigorously.

After several minutes, during which she responded most energetically, he raised his head up slightly and looked at her face inquiringly. "Well?"

She looked back up at him with a dazed, bemused expression and murmured, "what took you so long?"

"I wanted things just right; you're always complaining that you don't get enough attention--not enough romance or surprises. Surprise."


"Yes, love?"

"Shut up and kiss me again."

"Certainly." He shifted position to release her legs, and pulled her up beside him in a sitting position. Dropping a quick light kiss on the top of her head, he cupped her chin in his hand and turned her face upward toward his. He put his arms around her and began kissing her with intense determination. She slowly snaked her arms around his back and brought her leg up over his. She pulled him hard against her as their tongues played tag in their mouths and her foot started stroking up and down his thigh.

As their kiss continued her hands moved about on his back, pressing firmly and constantly against his flesh. His right hand moved up briefly to play with her hair and then moved down to the nape of her neck. He unhurriedly but deliberately began to unzip the back of her dress, pulling the zipper down gently to belowher waist. He brought both his hands to her shoulders and drew her dress slowly off each shoulder in turn, moving each of his hands gently over and round her soft rounded flesh as he did so.

He drew the fabric down further so her dress pooled itself around her on the bed. Now her lacy black bra and half-slip were reflected in his sparkling eyes. He disengaged himself from her moist warm lips and smiled at her.

"God, it's been too long since you looked at me that way. I like it a lot."

"Well, if I didn't like what I saw, I wouldn't be looking at you 'that way.' Now lay down and close your eyes."

"Must I?"

"Yes, you must, but you'll like it. I promise."

"Are you going to tie me up, blindfold me, whip me and have me at your mercy?"


"Good. Hurry up."

"My, aren't we anxious? What's the hurry?"

"Let me see... I'm so horny for you I could scream. I'm afraid you'll change your mind and not want to have sex with me. I'm afraid we never will truly consummate this warped relationship. I have been aching for your exquisite expertise since the last abortive attempt. Enough reasons? Now get on with it!!!"

She pulled off her bra and slip slowly in front of him and slipped off her black hose and panties. The darkness passing over her pale skin then made its way to the floor at the side of the bed. Then she arranged her nude body on the bed prone as he had instructed and closed her eyes. Very shortly, she felt him fastening something around her wrists and ankles. Although fighting is half the fun, she kept her limbs limp and cooperative to keep the action moving along and to find out what he had in mind. She badly wanted to open her eyes and look at him, but she kept her eyes closed anyway. He drew her arms and legs out and secured her to the bedposts. Then she felt his weight lift off the bed. "Where are you going?"

"Over to the side here... I need a few things. Promise you won't fight me yet?"

"Don, I'd go along with anything, as long as you start doing something!"

"O.K., but remember you said it, and don't go back on your word."

"Don, what do you have in mind? Maybe I don't want to go along with you..."

"Nothing truly awful love. Relax and enjoy it."

She felt his breath on her face as he bent over her. He put something dark and soft over eyes and then tied it behind her head. Then there was no more light filtering through her closed eyelids.

"Guess what else I have, love."

"If you remembered, earplugs or headphones."

"Right; what else?"

"I don't know--what?"

He placed earplugs gently in her ears, but whispered three words gently in the second ear before he blocked off all sound. "Cold whipped cream."

And as she opened her mouth to scream at him, he swiftly inserted a gag in her mouth, chuckling to himself at the tense outrage echoed in her imprisoned body. Incoherent noises issued from behind the gag.

Then he sat back on the bed beside her and waited, watching her and letting her simmer. First she would be furious. Then, after awhile, she might think he was kidding and relax. Then she would wonder exactly what he did have in mind and why he wasn't doing it. Her effective sensory deprivation would be magnifying everything out of proportion. When he judged she had been thrown sufficiently off balance, he shook up the can of whipped cream he had kept in an ice-cold refrigerator until just then. He drew a whipped cream line from the hollow at the base of her throat down between her breasts over her abdomen and down to the top of her beautifully shaved mound and entire pussy.

Then he drew a line up from her right ankle up her inner leg and thigh to the top of her leg, following this with the same progress up her left leg. She knew where he was playing artist because the icy sensations traveling her neural pathways to her brain left her in no doubt. She shivered, but she couldn't be certain how much was from cold and how much was excitement and arousal. Suddenly she emitted a highly muffled scream as he sprayed a mound of chilled cream on and around her clit and everything connected with it. She was shivering constantly now.

He started to replace the cold lines with warm wetness as he began to lick up and swallow the whipped cream with an agonizing slowness, in the same order that he had laid it down on her waiting flesh. Now the muffled sound resembled a moan from deep in her throat and her head tossed from side to side.

That moan issued from deep within; a guttural cry from her diaphragm. As he reached the end of his whipped cream and her mind overloaded with sensation, he lovingly traced around and over her aroused flesh with his talented tongue, pausing occasionally to spit out a few errant tendrils of hair that had somehow made their way into his busy mouth.

He lightly brushed his hands along the sides of her body. Her eyes nearly rolled back in her head underneath her blindfold- -he had her at such a fever pitch of intensity she thought she would scream with every caress of hand or tongue. Suddenly, he stopped and relaxed a moment, thus allowing her a moment to likewise relax, not that she truly could.

He reached up and untied her right hand and, grasping it, brought it over above her head to her left hand; then he tied her two hands together at her wrists. Once that was done, he untied her left hand from the bedpost. He untied her legs altogether, drew her up to a sitting position, and guided both her arms over his head so her arms encircled him. Thus, he ensured she would not easily be able to remove her blindfold or earplugs but would still have some freedom of movement. He liked the idea of having sex with her while she still could not see or hear him.

Then he removed the gag but placed a finger gently on her lips to indicate his desire for silence. He drew her head close to his and brought their lips together. She was frenetically serious in response, pressing against his lips with far more energy than he had expected, given the level of arousal she must be at. Her hands struggled in their awkward situation enough to allow her fingers access to the back of his neck in deliberate circular or random patterns, both light and insistent.

Their lips broke apart, and her tongue began tracing its blind way over his face--up the curve of his cheek and over to his ear, tracing hotly and moistly over and around his earlobe, her breath wafting deliberately into his ear. Her teeth grasped his earlobe gently and worried it back and forth slightly. He closed his eyes for a moment, opened them, and guided her head back around to face his.

He started kissing her again intently, bruising her lips beneath his, and curved one hand over her head, tangling his fingers in her soft hair. As he did so, he put his other hand behind her back to support her as he slowly lowered her back down to lie on the bed, straining her arms to their full length because they were still locked behind his neck.

He brought her hands forward, adjusted his position and carefully entered her. He began thrusting slowly, allowing his motion to gradually pick up speed. When he was thrusting regularly but not yet quickly, he began to increase his force, pushing himself harder and deeper inside her with each attack. He started to push as hard as he could, with increasing speed.

With every movement, he rammed himself farther and harder within her enveloping flesh. He felt her muscles tighten around him in relatively close synchronization with his forceful actions. His body pushed against her body and pinned her to the bed beneath them. As his force increased, his speed also increased until there seemed no time between movements and it all seemed one continuous dance, forward and back repeatedly.

Drops of his perspiration rolled from him and landed on her flushed skin. It seemed he had reached the pinnacle of his abilities; that he could not move any faster or thrust any deeper. He moved without intervals; one would say without stopping to breathe, except his breath was ragged and audible to him, and to her if she could only hear it. Abruptly, he stopped after one last drawn out push inside her. His breath sighed quietly from between his lips. He put his moisture-laden arms around her and hugged her, bending down to kiss her softly on her lips. After his lips had drawn away from hers, he put his finger on them as he had done before, so she might understand not to speak just yet. He disengaged himself from her and lay next to her for a moment.

He reached out and brushed his hand over the soft smoothness of her leg, feeling her shudder beneath him as he did so. Now it was to be her turn to gasp and sigh. He raised himself up and positioned his body over hers to give the greatest access to every part of her taut and glistening wet flesh. He began to run his hands up and down her body very very lightly, touching everywhere from her nose to her nipples to her knees. After he had been doing this for about twenty minutes, she had passed beyond the shuddering and shaking point and could only lie there beneath his expert fingers, unable to move her passion-imprisoned body even within the confines of her bondage.

It gave him an enormous feeling of power, to be able to strip from her every vestige of consciousness and free will. Not that he intended to stop here, of course...she had merely tasted the beginning of his exquisite torture. He bent over her body more closely and began a long, hot, moist and wicked tongue bath.

He started on her face and around the sides of it to her ears, spending a long time caressing her ears and earlobes with his warm pink tongue and blowing hotly into her ears, feeling her body shudder uncontrollably beneath him as he blew. As he moved down to her neck under her chin she very slowly, almost imperceptibly arched her head back...almost as if she were a rag doll only partially brought to life.

He continued on his path down her goose bumped skin, tracing around and over her breasts, sucking long and lovingly on her large dark nipples which came up readily to meet him. He very gently nibbled them with his teeth and moved on, over her abdomen and hips, down, down, ... down to her toes and then up.

He paid equal attention to each leg alternately, moving up slowly to her knees, and then tilting his head down to make her shudder and shiver again as he made hot wet love to her innerthighs, oh so slowly; holding her legs down with his hands so she could not turn away from his instrument of torture.

Slowly, again very slowly, he came up her thighs to the spot he knew she had been silently begging him to reach for the last hour, but all she was able to do was gasp and catch her breath; she could not move, could not speak. Every non thought in her passion-clouded mind, every involuntary twitch of her stimulated nerve endings, every non response of her treacherous muscles...they all belonged to him, as did she so long as he desired her to.

He began to lick and suck at her raised sensitive flesh, drawing his tongue over so lightly and repeatedly, sucking at her moist twitching tissue below him, feeling her trying to twist away, but prevented by his body and by her own betraying body. As he kept sucking and caressing her with his warm wetness, the stars began to whirl and spin in her head behind her eyes. She felt the tension escalate to an unbelievable point and then everything melted inside her to an unbearable moment of weakness, with her mind swirling and spinning among her inner stars. Then her body began to twitch and shake uncontrollably at every tiniest agonizing caress of any sort.

Recognizing his success, he ceased his most wondrous torture and enfolded her again in his arms for a hug, holding her firmly until her body had calmed itself and it was no longer twitching and shuddering beneath him. He kissed her again, loving her with his tongue to hers slowly and sweetly. Then he untied her and removed all sensory barriers, covering her with his body while the two of them fell into slumber together.