CityWolf  I  -Melissa’s Mistake

Copywrite 1996 by The Citywolf

The big school dance was that night.  Melissa planned ahead.  She came there earlier that afternoon and dropped off her clothes.  In a wooded area off the parking lot she placed a short skirt, tights, shoes, a blouse and a spare key to her car.  She covered them over with leaves.  Even the thought of what she planned excited her and caused her stomach to flutter.

Melissa was a senior.  She was basically a normal person.  She had friends, was an above average student and had had boyfriends (although none now).  She had better than average looks.  She was thin and pretty.  Not one to make the boys stop in their tracks, but cute.  She had fantasized many times about being naked in a place where she could be caught.  She masturbated to many different scenarios.  She never got caught, though, in her fantasies.  It was the thrill of the risk of being caught that appealed to her.  Her parents were away for the weekend, the dance was tonight and she couldn't get the idea out of her head.

She set it up so that it would be tough to chicken out.  She drank half a bottle of wine before she left - liquid courage.  She left her house wearing only a long t-shirt.  She brought a scissors with her.  She parked on the other side of the parking lot, far from her clothes.  She didn't see anyone around.  It was dark, about an hour after the dance had started, so there wouldn't be many around (although there would be some latecomers and stragglers).  She took off her t-shirt and shredded it with the scissors.  She looked around again and hopped out of the car.  She locked and slammed the door (even that sound, in her excited state, startled her).  Quickly, before she could change her mind, she closed her eyes and threw her car key as far as she could into the woods behind her.  She could never hope to find that key.  There was no turning back now.

Immediately, the whole thing seemed like less of a good idea.  She was as naked as the day she was born.  The first thing that hit her was the cold.  She had never been outside naked before.  It was autumn, but she did not count on feeling this cold.  She guessed it was in the low 50's, or maybe the high 40's.  In any event, she was cold and had not anticipated that.  She was particularly aware of how cold her breasts and her moist vagina were.  Her bare feet added to her discomfort.  They were cold and the asphalt was rough.  She didn't even go without her shoes in the summer, and they were tender.

Her senses seemed heightened.  She could feel every inch of her exposed skin.  Every sound seemed loud.  She could hear her heart rapidly beating.  Her mind raced.  What if someone saw her?  These were her classmates, her whole world.  She would be ruined.  What if her clothes were gone?  She was too far from home to walk back even if she had clothes on and it was warm.  What if she stepped on a piece of glass?  She could be raped!  What if she couldn't get to her clothes before the dance let out and everyone came out at once?  She'd be seen.  She could be arrested.  What if her parents found out?  Her brain seemed about to explode with ideas too terrible to even think about.  This was a bad idea.  But there was no way to turn back.  She had seen to that.

At first, she felt paralyzed.  She was brought back to reality by the lights of a car.  It was coming down the driveway AND TOWARDS HER!  She crouched down beside her car.  As the car passed, its headlights flashed briefly on her between her car and the one next to it, but she gasped and it seemed as if a spotlight had shined on her.  The car parked about 10 cars away from her and five guys got out.  She could see them and recognized them as juniors, although she didn't really know them.  They apparently had not seen her, but they were coming in her direction.  Her legs trembled as she scurried between the cars to the next row and out of sight.

Her whole body was shaking and she seemed to be short of breath after they had passed.  She had survived that scare.  Oddly, or perhaps not oddly, she felt sexually excited.  She also seemed a little more confident that if she could have hidden from that close call that she had a good chance to hide between the cars and get to her clothes.  God, if she could only get to her clothes, she thought, she'd never do anything like this again.  She could either go through the middle of the parking lot, running between each double row of parked cars, or she could go around the perimeter of the parking lot.  She decided to go through the middle because it was shorter and gave her some flexibility to go either way.

She peeked out from the parked cars and saw no one.  She stayed low and ran to the next double row of cars.  As she peeked out of this row, she heard and saw a couple coming down the aisle between the rows of parked cars.  She didn't recognize the boy, but the girl was one that she had gone to grade school with.  They were fairly close so she had to hit the ground and slide under the car she was next to.  Her breasts pressed into the rough, dirty pavement.

As luck would have it, they came to the passenger side of the car she was under.  The girl leaned back against the car and they began a make out session.  Melissa was terrified.  She was sure they could hear her heart beating or her breathing.  Her heart beat faster than it ever had.  What if she sneezed?  As soon as that thought crossed her mind, she felt like she needed to cough.  She struggled to suppress the urge to cough and her whole body shook with fear.  After a while, it seemed that the making out would never end.  To make matters just a little bit worse, she had to pee.  She had to pee badly.  She thought about sliding out the other side of the car, but she was too scared to do that.

Twenty minutes passed.  Would they ever leave?  It seemed like hours.  Would Melissa stay under the car until the dance was over and the lot would fill up with people and moving cars?  There would be no chance of an escape in that case.  Finally, the boy opened his date's door, let her in and went around and got into the driver's door.  Melissa then started thinking about whether she should try and get out now, and risk being seen, or stay put and risk getting run over.  What if she got hurt?  She'd almost rather be killed than have to explain this. It didn't matter, though, because she was still too scared to move.  The engine started, which caused Melissa's insides to jump, but they just sat in the car.  Melissa assumed that they were continuing their making out.  She was still too scared to move.  Another 20 minutes passed.  Melissa could not get the picture out of her head of her entire school in the parking lot and her running through it on display in the nude.

Finally, the car started to move.  Although Melissa had prayed for them to leave, she was now scared of getting run over.  She was lying flat and face down under the car.  She pulled her legs tightly together, put her hands over her head, closed her eyes and held her breath.  She knew immediately when the car had passed over her by the cold air which wafted over her body.  She got up on her hands and knees and started crawling to get out of the exposed area back to relative safety between the cars.  The moving car, however, did not turn sharply enough and stopped to back up.  When the car stopped, so did Melissa in surprise.  When the reverse lights shone upon her, she again felt like there were spotlights on her.  This caused her to crawl faster to hide her nakedness.  As she dove between the next two cars, she saw the driver look back to back up.

Melissa was sure he had seen her.  She kept crawling between the double row of parked cars, away from the moving car.  The car door opened.  HE HAD SEEN HER!  Now he was coming after her.  She crawled under another car on the opposite side of the row, about four cars down from the parking space she had started from.  He only looked between the two cars next to his.  Melissa heard her grade school friend say "What are you doing.  Lets get back to my place before my parents get home."  He responded "OK.  I just thought I saw something odd.  I was probable seeing things."  He got back in and they drove away.

This was a nightmare.  She had to get to her clothes.  They were still far away, though.  She had planned to go to the dance after she got dressed,  but she was in no condition to do that now.  She would have done anything for this to have remained a fantasy.  Unfortunately, she was still naked and cold in her school parking lot.  This was not a fantasy.

Melissa now re-thought her plan.  Maybe it would be better to go around the perimeter of the parking lot.  She scurried between the cars to the end of the lot.  There were a few trees and a little hill to a road at the back of the lot.  As she dashed from one double row of cars to the next, her heart almost stopped when she heard a loud laugh and then a bottle break.

As she ducked in between the cars, she looked in the direction of the noise and couldn't believe her eyes.  There were a group of guys drinking beer.  It was about 20 guys from the football team, mostly seniors but with some juniors.  They were hanging around the trees on the hill, not 20 yards from where she was behind the cars at the end of the lot.  The bottle they had broken was right where she had planned to go next, between the rows of parked cars, although she couldn't go there now anyway because they would have to see her if she did.  As she pondered her next move, she noticed that her feet were wet. And warm.  She slowly realized from those sensations and from the smell of urine that she was standing in their piss.  All at once her stomach became upset at the revulsion, and she was reminded of how much she had to pee.

Before she could do anything, three of them started walking towards her.  She didn't think that they had seen her, but she was now more fearful than she had been up till then (which is saying a lot).  If they found her, they would most certainly all use her.  And they would brag about it so much that everyone would know before the night was out.  That is just how they were anyway, let alone when they were drunk.  She was one of the smarter students in the school, certainly not part of "their crowd,"  They'd like nothing better than to get something over on her.  This was now much more serious than just being "seen."  She quickly slid under the car next to her, the second to the end of the row.

Now she could feel that she was laying face down in their piss rather than just standing in it, which had been gross enough.  She didn't have much choice about what to do, as lying face down in their piss was preferable to servicing all of them.  What was happening was that they were walking just inside the row she was hiding in to take their leaks.  That's why the three of them had walked in her direction.  She heard them all start pissing at once, shouting and laughing.  She panicked as she felt the urine start to flow over her feet, over her thighs and over her hips and belly before pooling at her breasts and trickling on her face.  For all intents and purposes, they were pissing on her.  How and why, she wondered, did she get herself into this?

She thought they would never finish.  The problem was that once those three finished, another took their place.  Then two more. Then another one.  And so on.  Melissa did not have the chance to move.  All the while they were pissing on her.  And she had to pee herself.  She thought about peeing while she lay there, but she could not bring herself to do that.

Finally, she couldn't take it any more.  As one guy left, no others came for a few minutes.  She slid out of the car she was under and ran between the cars closer to the school.  She had to get far away from the football players so that she could cross to the next row of cars without being seen.  The dampness of the urine on her body made her even colder.  She found a good crossing point and looked in both directions.  Seeing no one, she ran across.  Once across, she heard a noise behind her.  Two guys were getting out of a car.  They did not seem to be looking for her, but she didn't even think to look for people in parked cars, just people driving or walking.  They were only three cars down from where she crossed.  They could have easily caught her.  How careless, she thought.

Melissa crossed a few other rows of parked cars and was near the end of the lot.  She had left her clothes in front of a certain tree towards the middle of the wooded area.  The run over the grass towards that wooded area was probably the most dangerous part of her journey.  It was about 40 yards from the last cars in the lot to the first trees.  It looked like 40 miles to Melissa.  It certainly looked longer than it had that afternoon when she had left her clothes there.  It was also well lit.

Melissa summoned up her courage.  She didn't have much choice, but she wanted more than anything to get her clothes back on quickly so as to put this idiotic idea behind her.  There seemed to be no one in sight, either walking or in parked cars.  She couldn't see very well into the woods, but she didn't hear anything.  If anyone was in there, they were sure to see her streak to get her clothes if they were looking the right direction.

She took off.  She ran as fast as she could, but it seemed to take forever.  Near the woods, she slipped, apparently over her own feet, and fell flat on her face.  She got back up and continued in.  She was out of breath, but she was in a hurry.  She was in the woods.  She was shielded again.  No one had seen her.  As scary as this had been, it would soon be over.  She would put her clothes back on, go home, and probably masturbate for a lifetime thinking about it.

She scurried to the tree where her clothes were.  She reached down into the leaves AND FOUND NOTHING.  She got down on her knees and tore through the leaves.  She could not find her clothes.  She looked up at the tree.  She was certain that this was the one.  She had used this one because it was very distinctive.  She crawled around the tree, frantically throwing leaves around, searching for her clothes.  THEY JUST WEREN’T THERE.  Panic set in.  She kept crawling around in circles near the tree, looking through the leaves.  THEY JUST WEREN’T THERE.  This was her worst nightmare.  What could she do?  She couldn't get home.  Even if she waited in the woods, after the dance some would come in there for making out or drinking.  She couldn't think of any way that she would not get caught.  She was ruined.  She kept searching, although she knew all was lost. Ruined.

Finally, exhausted, she collapsed sitting with her back to the tree.  She didn't know what to do.  It felt like a giant hammer struck her whole body when she heard a voice say "Looking for something, Melissa?"

She recognized the voice.  It was Jane.  There was a history here.  Melissa and Jane had been best friends their freshman year.  That summer, though, Melissa had stolen away Jane's boyfriend of three years.  Jane was devastated and infuriated at Melissa.  Melissa felt that if he liked her better, that was that.  Melissa had rubbed it in after a while, humiliating Jane if front of their friends.  After that, things were even worse.  The two girls were always trying to get the better of each other, with Melissa always successful.  She had gone so far as to have ratted to school officials that Jane had marijuana in her locker.  Jane got probation from Juvenile Court.  Melissa had proudly told Jane that she had turned her in.  When another old boyfriend of Jane showed a Polaroid of Jane topless around school, Melissa took credit for that, even though she had nothing to do with is, just to get under Jane's skin.  Things had just gone from very, very bad to even worse.

Melissa was naked, cold, tired, scared and both mentally and physically exhausted.  She still had to pee.  She was humiliated, sitting there naked, knowing that Jane had just seen her crawling around looking for her clothes.  And the person who hated her most in the world (and who she hated the most) had her in the palm of her hand.

Melissa pulled her last ounces of courage and pride and said "Jane, this isn't funny.  Give me my clothes back now!"  Jane just laughed.  "Your clothes!  Does I look like I have your clothes?  But it does look like you are missing some, doesn't it?"  Melissa gave up on a tough approach.  She just didn't have it in her anymore.  "Please Jane. I'm cold and sick.  Don't leave me here.  Everyone will see me.  I can't explain this.  Please.  I'll do anything."

Jane responded, "Haven't you done enough.  Everyone saw me topless because of you.  I'm still on probation because of you."  "I'm sorry," said Melissa.  "I didn't have anything to do with the pictures. I just said that to upset you."  "Sure," said Jane.  "Now you're sorry.  Now you had nothing to do with the picture.  You've made my life miserable, but now you want my help.  Well, you can never tell, maybe we can work something out."

Melissa had at least some hope, though she knew the price would be high.  She'd do anything to get back her clothes now, though.  Jane continued "I happened to see you put something back there earlier today.  Mary Ann and I were surprised to find your clothes.  We couldn't figure out why you would leave them here.  We weren't planning on going to the dance anyway, but were going to drink wine and beer here with some friends.  There was no reason not to take our party to a site near where you left your clothes, just in case you came back for them.  Imagine our surprise when we saw you running from the parking lot without any clothes at all.  And we enjoyed the show as your searched for them.  I just wish we had an idea that this is what you had planned so that we could have brought a camera."

Things kept getting worse.  Mary Ann was Jane's best friend and another girl who did not like Melissa.  Melissa saw her and four guys behind Jane.  At least they didn't have a camera.

  Melissa covered her breasts with her hands.  "Don't bother," said Jane.  "You don't have anything we haven't seen.  I tell you what.  If you do anything I say, we'll give you back your clothes.  How's that sound?"

"What do you want me to do?" asked Melissa.  "Oh no.  You don't have any say in this," stated Jane.  "Agree now, or I'll see to it that you are the biggest show in school history."  "OK," said Melissa.  "I'll do anything.  I don't really have a choice."  "Good girl," said Jane.  "Go get her guys.  Let them do anything they want, slut!"

Melissa started to pee.  She couldn't help herself, being so scared and weak.  Everyone laughed.  This was so humiliating.  Three of the guys were from the school, and one she didn't recognize.  They came over to her and the first one told her to kneel down as he undid his pants.  She was not a virgin, but she had never had a penis in her mouth.  He proceeded to fuck her mouth, holding her by the hair and almost chocking her.  Melissa kept her eyes tightly shut, as if they could not see her if she could not.  The others were watching, including Jane.  How humiliating.  How could she have gotten herself into this?  After what seemed like forever, he withdrew from her mouth and flung her to the ground.  He roughly entered her and fucked her until he came.  He then made her lick his penis clean.  This was the grossest thing she had ever imagined, let alone done.  Then Jane came over and ran her finger along Melissa's cunt.  "Lick his cum off my finger" she ordered.  This was even worse than licking his penis, Melissa thought.  She complied, though.

The next one took her roughly in the ass.  The pain was incredible.  Melissa started to call out, but was reminded by Mary Ann that any noise would just attract attention.  Melissa bit her lip.  After some time, he pulled out and rolled Melissa over on her back.  He forced his penis into her mouth. She could taste her feces on it. He grabbed one of her nipples and twisted it 360 degrees.  Melissa's scream was muffled by the penis in her mouth.  He threatened that if she didn't "Do it right" that he'd tear her nipple off.  He seemed to mean it, so she did the best she could.  He told her to use her tongue.  She licked and sucked as if she meant it.  The others noticed and made fun of her.  She felt his penis spasm into her mouth.  He told her to swallow every drop and she did.  He then reversed himself on her and put his asshole over her mouth.  He told her to clean it with her tongue.  She did as she was told, but was getting sick to her stomach.  He told her to stick her tongue all the way in, so she did.  The others watching loved it and remarked as to what a slut she was.

When that one got off of her, the third guy told her to crawl over to him.  He was sitting on a rock with his pants down and his penis rock hard.  Melissa crawled over.  He said "You know what to do, whore."  She did, and proceeded to bring her mouth down on his penis.  Again, she licked and sucked as best she could.  He did not take long before he came, but when he did he pulled out and came on her face.  She didn't know which was worse, swallowing cum or having it all over her face.

"Hey cumface, I have something for you."  said Jane, emerging from behind a tree.  "I think I want you to drink my piss.  That would really make my day, to see you drink my piss."  She was serious, thought Melissa.  She was carrying with her a clear plastic cup that was filled with piss.  "No way." said Melissa.  "This is where I draw the line."  While the thought was sickening to begin with, the fact that it was Jane's piss made it even worse.  "Wrong answer." said Jane.  She huddled with the others, then they came over to her and two of the guys grabbed her, each taking an arm.

THEY STARTED TAKING HER TOWARDS THE SCHOOL!  Melissa protested.  "No.  Stop.  Please.  Don't take me to school.  Please.  Please.  I'll drink the piss. Please stop!"  "Shut up, whore," said Jane.  "You'll drink the piss, alright.  But if you even hesitate when I tell you something again, you not only won't get your clothes back, but you'll end up on the dance floor without them.

Melissa knew she meant it.  Her legs tried to stop them, but she could not match their strength.  She just hurt her feet on the asphalt.  They went towards a back door.  Melissa's heart raced a mile a minute.  She kept closing and opening her eyes, perhaps hoping that this was a dream and would go away when she open her eyes again.

They went into the back door.  Melissa felt even more vulnerable being naked in the school building than she had outside.  She was afraid to talk or ask any questions.  She could hear the other students.  They were very close to where she was.  Melissa was taken into one of the hallways.  Her entire body went limp.  There was no one in the hallway but someone could walk in at any time.  They went through a door and ended up behind the stage in the auditorium where the dance was.

Melissa was terrified.  What were they going to do to her?  Would they throw her out onto the dance floor?  That was too terrible to even think about.  She could hear the students and the disk jockey behind the stage curtain.  Why did she ever let her fantasies get her into this?  Finally Jane asked, "Thirsty yet."  Melissa replied "Please.  I'll do anything.  Just let me go."  Jane handed her the cup of piss.  Melissa drank it down without hesitation.  It was sickening, but the fact that it was Jane's made it a thousand times worse.  "Now, slut, kneel down and blow my friend.  Do a good job or out there you go!"  This was the boy Melissa didn't know, but without hesitation, she did what she was told.  She clenched her eyes tightly shut, but used her tongue furiously, hoping that if he came quickly that she could get her clothes back quickly.  Suddenly, she could tell that the students were silent.  She opened her eyes to see that THE CURTAIN HAD BEEN RAISED.  Everyone in the school was looking at her kneeling NAKED before them.  Performing oral sex with this guy she didn't even know.   Jane had lied.  Melissa had done what they wanted and was supposed to get her clothes back.  Now EVERYONE had seen her naked with a PENIS IN HER MOUTH.  She pulled away just as he came.  Some went into her mouth and come went onto her already cumsplattered face.  She crawled a few steps and got up to run.  The guy grabbed her, though, and pushed her off the stage into the crowed.  By this time, the whole school was all cheering.

She never hit the ground.  She was lifted by the guys in front (some of them were the football players she had seen drinking earlier)  and carried on display through the crowd.  Many hands were on her, pulling her nipples, poking into her cunt and even her asshole.  Someone even pulled hard on her pubic hair.  They probably only had her for a minute or two, but it seemed to be an hour to her.  Finally, a teacher made them put her down, but he then made her walk through the crowd out of the auditorium and into the school office.

They made her sit in the office for three hours.  She sat naked for the first hour until they gave her a blanket to put over her.  The male teachers seemed to enjoy her plight.  Since they couldn't reach her parents, they turned her over to the police, who made her walk barefoot, still with only the blanket  over her, to the squad car.  A number of students stayed in the parking lot and made fun of her.  When her parents did come back, she was in big trouble.  She didn't want to go back to school, but they made her.  She didn't talk about what happened to anyone, figuring that even the truth was humiliating.  Everyone else talked about it.  Jane was especially fond of talking about what a slut Melissa was.  As a final insult, while Jane did not have a camera, at the dance at least one student did and there were a few pictures of Melissa taken.  These were reproduced and circulated around school.  Someone sent copies to her parents.  They were also put on the internet, giving Melissa's name, address and school, along with several fictional stories to tell what happened.  She moved out of town after graduation to escape her notoriety, although as soon as someone found out her new address, it was placed on the internet with the pictures again.  How could she have been so stupid, she often thought, letting her sexual fantasies get the better of her?