CityWolf II:  Martha’s Cold Night

by The CityWolf.


Copyright 2000 
Warning:  This story contains sexual situations which may be disturbing to some.  Do not read if you are under 21 years of age or are offended with graphic pornographic material.

Martha was depressed over the state of her life.  She was 19 and had dropped out of high school and was now working as a waitress.  She did have her own apartment, but it wasn’t much and it cost her almost all of her earnings.  She lived in a small town in the middle of nowhere.  She did not have any plan for her future, and saw no future realistically.  She did not have the money to move and no skills to get a better job to make money to move.  She could not face moving back home with her parents.  There were for all intents and purposes no eligible men in town.

It was the week between Christmas and New Years, and a few of her acquaintances from high school were back in town on break from college.  She envied them.  Neither she or her parents had the money for college, even if she had graduated from high school.  Since they were underage for drinking, they were going to the edge of town to have an outdoor beer party.  They had stopped in to eat at the restaurant to eat and had discussed going out to drink.  She was there and one asked her if she’d like to come along.  She really did not like to be with them, as they all looked down on her and her station in life as a waitress.  Really, they all looked down on her in high school, being the only one from their town who did poorly in school.   There was nothing else to do, however, and anything was better than sitting at home again.

She dressed warmly.  It was going to be about 30 degrees and there was six inches of fresh snow on the ground and there were snow flurries in the air.  She wore thermal boots, a sweat suit and her warm wool coat.  Martha was relatively pretty, but these clothes did not flatter her.  She would have rather dressed up, but there was no way that her wardrobe would allow her to look good and stay warm.  Everyone else had the same idea and dressed about the same, so she was not out of place.

She did not have a car, so she met a group at the library, a common meeting place.  There were three other girls and five guys.  The girls were particularly catty, picking on her.  “How are things at the Greasy Spoon?” asked Marge.  The guys were no better.  “Looks like things have really been hopping around town since we’ve been away!” taunted Tom.  She remembered how much she did not like these people.  “Oh well,” she thought, “There is nothing else to do and I’m already in the car.”  They were going too far out of town for her to walk back, so she resigned herself to put up with it.

They built a fire in a very isolated area.  They parked in a clearing just off the road, although the cars could not be seen from the road.  They walked about a quarter mile from the road into the woods.  There they built a fire with some wood they toted along.  They had a case of beer, and it was warm enough around the fire to take off their coats and sit on them.  Martha probably drank more quickly than she normally did, but she hoped that it would help her have a better time.  They all talked about their college experiences.  It seemed to be such an exciting life to Martha.  She did not really have much to add to the conversation and just ignored them when they talked about the sleepy town they came back to. (Martha felt, probably correctly, that the comments were directed at her.)

After some time, the beer ran low.  Bill stated that there was another case in the trunk of his car, but that someone else should go get it since he had paid for it.  Everyone balked, no one wanting to go off in the cold.  They talked about why others should go and argued back and forth.  Bill at some point in this discussion said “If someone strips naked and goes and gets the case,  I’ll buy them two cases tomorrow.”  Martha only had to think for a moment when she replied “If you’re serious, I’ll take you up on that offer.”

Everyone stopped and seemed shocked. The offer of two cases of beer was not an incentive. Martha was a little less inhibited due to having had too much to drink, but she was looking for adventure.   She had been sitting here all evening hearing about their exciting lives.  Now she was given a chance for some excitement herself.  Bill said “Sure, I’m serious.”  That was all Martha needed.  She stood up, pulled off her sweatshirt and dropped it to the ground.  She unsnapped her bra and dropped it on her sweatshirt.  She sat back down on her coat and pulled her sweat pants and panties off over her boots.  “I’m leaving the boots on,” she stated.  Bill just nodded in agreement.

While she was not a virgin, she had never been (or even imagined being) naked in front of a group of clothed people, let alone being outdoors naked.  While her whole body seemed to tingle in its exposure, she felt in control of the situation.  They seemed to be the ones who felt awkward and vulnerable, not her.  She laughed at their shock and asked for the keys to the car.  Bill tossed them to her.  She was usually a little clumsy, but caught them cleanly in one hand.  Everything seemed to be clicking for her now.

She ran off towards the car through the snow.  The snow flurries had changed to a light snow.  She immediately felt the change from the warmth of the fire to the cold night air.  Far from being uncomfortable, it was exhilarating.  The cold made her aware of every inch of her naked skin and it felt wonderful.  She could feel the snow lighting on her.  One problem was that her stamina was not good, so she did not run very far before she had to stop to catch her breath.  While waitressing kept her on her feet a great deal, she did not get any exercise.  She proceeded to walk briskly to the car.  It seemed to be much further now that she was walking naked to the car than when she walked from their warmly clothed earlier.

It only took her a few minutes to get to the car, though it seemed much longer.  She had some trouble with the key to the trunk because her hands were very cold.  Her heart was beating very fast and she did not really feel cold.  The case of beer was heavier than she had thought.  Lugging around trays on the job gave her the strength to carry it, but it slowed her down significantly.  The beer was also cold, and carrying the cold beer against her naked body and walking more slowly through the snow made her very cold.  She thought back to the looks on the faces of the others and still felt empowered by the events.

It took her even longer to get back to the fire because of the heavy load she carried and she was getting seriously cold.  She could see snow laying on the case of beer she was carrying and could feel snow laying on her hair, although it did not stick to the rest of her body.  She was beginning to shiver a little when she came back to the campfire and was happy to get back to its warmth.  As great as this experience had been, the cold made her eager to get back into her clothes.

“Back with the beer!” she exclaimed.  She sensed that something was different.  They all had smug looks on their faces rather than the look of shock and intimidation she had left them with.  She looked around and noticed another difference.  HER CLOTHES WERE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!  She knew where she had left them and they were not there.  She suddenly had butterflies in her stomach.  After a hesitation, she shouted “Where the fuck are my clothes?”  Everyone else laughed.  Marge held out a stick with her bra and panties on them and moved them towards the fire.  Martha let out a scream and lunged in Marge’s direction.  Before she got even close, Tom grabbed her around the waist and threw her backwards.  She fell on her naked ass in the snow.  The feel of the cold stunned her and she almost involuntarily sprung up to get her bottom out of the snow.  She was off balance, twisted and fall face down into the snow.  The feel of the cold on her breasts and the front of her body was even worse.  She scrambled to her feet, arms and legs going in every direction.

Everyone was laughing uproariously.  Her bra and panties were ashes.  Martha no longer felt empowered.  She was humiliated for having them see her thrash about in the snow.  She was also mad and scared.  “Easy now,” said Tom.  “We haven’t burned all of your clothes.  Yet.”  “Fuck you, asshole.  Give the rest of them back now!” replied Martha.  Everyone laughed again.  “Tough talk from someone who is standing nude in the snow.” said Bill.  Martha became totally aware of her nudity and felt exposed.  She moved her hands up to cover her breasts (a hollow effort at this point).  Bill continued, “We couldn’t figure out why you were so eager to take off your clothes on a cold night, but one of the girls suggested that maybe the Town Tramp thought she’d catch herself a guy to take her out of Small Town USA.  Thought you’d use your ‘feminine charms’ as bait, huh Tramp.  Maybe you’s even catch one of us by getting pregnant?”

Martha was hurt, humiliated and angry.  That’s all they thought of her?  She knew that she wasn’t liked but she didn’t deserve this treatment.  Joe chimed in, saying “Well, you will get your chance to do us all tonight, tramp.  We can all be notches on your bedpost.”  Martha spit her response, saying “You assholes wish.  I don’t ever want to look at any of you again, let alone fuck you.”

Bill motioned to Sally, who held a stick over the fire with her sweatshirt on it.  Again Martha screamed and lunged towards her burning clothes.  Again Tom grabbed her around the waist and threw her backwards into the snow.  She got up right away but was even madder.  She came swinging after Tom.  Tom and Bill each grabbed her and sat her down in the snow and held her there.  Martha struggled.  She felt vulnerable being restrained by them, but the snow was freezing her bottom and vagina.

“It was my idea that we burn your clothes until you agree to make them all happy.  I was only kidding, but everyone thought it was a great idea,” said Sally.  “Sorry!” she continued chuckling.  “Looks like you have two more chances, honey” said Bill,  “What will it be?  Will you do whatever we tell you to?”  “Fuck you.” was Martha’s reply.  Bill motioned Marge, who thrust a stick with Martha’s sweat pants on them into the fire.  Like all of the other clothing, it burned incredibly quickly.

Martha continued to struggle against her restrainers.  It was so humiliating.  Bill said again, “Last chance to go home anything but bare ass naked.  Have you thought about what everyone in town will say when they see you running naked back to your apartment.  Or do you do that a lot already so they are used to it.”  The thought of that was too terrible for her to focus on.  “Well, what will it be, slut,” said Bill, “Do we burn your coat.”  Martha had never been this angry and hissed “Fuck you.”  Bill smiled and motioned to the girls.

It seemed to Martha that her heart stopped when she saw her coat go into the fire.  Her first thought was that she could not afford to replace it.  Her thoughts moved quickly to her predicament.  She was naked but for her boots out doors on a freezing, snowy night far from home with people who obviously hate her.  She got very scared and stopped struggling.

“Let her go boys.”  said Bill, “She can’t do much now.”  And he was right.  Her clothes were gone.  She could not get them back.  She could not run away.  She could not really hurt anyone, and who knows what would happen if she tried and made them angry.  “Guess what, tramp” said Marge “You shouldn’t have let your pride get in your way of agreeing to fuck them all.  Think about it, idiot.  All we have to do is let the fire burn out.  We put our coats back on and can stay here for hours.  Basically watch you shiver until you agree to do them or anything else we tell you to do.  You can’t exactly stray too far from the fire.  I can see why you weren’t smart enough to graduate from high school.  I was hoping you’d put up a fight because it will be more fun watching you as the temperature drops.  And it will be especially fun watching you run home in the nude from wherever we decide to leave you.  There are so many fun places where you can explain to everyone why your clothes are gone.”

Martha knew she was right.  She was now more mad at herself than at them.  How could she have been so stupid?  How could she have have actually removed her clothes and left them with these people?  Would they really do what they are threatening?  What should she do now?

They sat down to continue to drink beer.  Martha just stood there.  She hated being on display for them, but she could not leave.  Joe said, “Hey honey, sit down next to me.  You’re making me nervous standing there.”  She was not sure if it was an order or an invitation, but sat down on his coat next to him.  She thought about how she might get a coat to cover her nudity.  She sat in kind of a sitting fetal position, with her legs together and her knees in front of her breasts.  She was still nude, but this covered her private parts as best she could.

They continued to talk and drink as if she was not there.  Martha said nothing.  Finally, Joe said “Martha, you’ve been bad tonight, and you need a spanking.  Before that, I want to get your ass ready, so I want you to sit your ass in the snow.  That will make your ass sting and never forget this spanking or this night.”  Martha looked at him in astonishment.  She replied “It’s bad enough that you think you want to fuck me, but you’re not going to spank me!”  Bill piped up and said “You should have thought of that when we first gave you the option to do us.  Now you have to do anything.  ANYTHING.”  “Well I’m not, and that’s that!” said Martha.  Everyone laughed (except Martha, who was getting uneasy).  The two other girls looked at each other, giggled and suddenly started heaving snow onto the fire.  Martha yelped at them to stop as the fire went noticeably down.  Again, she lunged at them, but they just shrugged her off and pushed her into the snow.

Martha got up and looked at the fire.  It wasn’t out completely, but only part of one log was still burning.  Martha frantically tried to move one of the other logs closer to the one that was burning.  Marge stood up and kicked more snow onto the fire, causing it to fade even more.  “Get away from there, Martha,” she said, “Or I’ll put it out for good.”

There was hardly any heat coming from the fire.  Martha did not know what do do, but she backed away from the fire at Marge’s orders.  “Ready to sit your ass in the snow to get ready for your spanking?” inquired Joe.  “And anything else we think of,” said Bill, “And I bet we can think of some pretty degrading things, having looked at you degrade yourself since you did your striptease”  “I bet I can think of some things!” said Marge.

Martha just stood there and shook her head.  It was like a Mexican standoff, but Martha did not have any bullets in her gun and everyone else knew it.  Martha just stood there, dressed only in her boots.  Everyone else had put their coats back on and stood there looking at her with big smiles on their faces.  Ten minutes went by, the longest ten minutes of Martha’s life.  She was getting really cold.  She noticed it first in her hands and breasts, which she attempted to cover with her arms.  The snow was still falling and she periodically had to shake her hair to get it out.  With the fire almost out, it was sticking on her.  Her muscles would involuntarily shiver and spasm every so often.

After another minute went by, Marge started to get bored.  “What are we going to do with you, Martha?” she said.  “Joe, put those last three logs our of her reach.  (Joe, the tallest guy, put them on a high tree branch, far out of Martha’s reach)  We could just leave you here.  Even if you get them down and lit, it would only be a matter of time before they went out.  We could put out the fire, in which case you couldn’t even get them lit again.  We could just hold you down in the snow and have the guys rape you, but I want to teach you a lesson that only making you crawl will teach you.”  Martha’ s shivering kept increasing, part from the cold and part from fear.

“No,” said Marge, “We will make you do anything we want.  The more my mind works, the more fun we are going to have.  I’m really enjoying seeing you get colder and colder.  I don’t get off on seeing you naked now and won’t get off seeing you have sex with all the guys.  I really get off on seeing your suffering and humiliation.  Let’s see, you look pretty uncomfortable, but how can I make you more uncomfortable.  You have to know by now that you eventually lose in this game.  It’s freezing, you’re naked and we’re not. It’s that simple.  We will be comfortable IN OUR CLOTHES for hours.  I’m tired of waiting.  I could take your boots!”  Marge moved towards Martha and Martha backed away, fearful of her taking her boots.  Marge continued saying “I could do this.”  Marge proceeded to without further warning open a shaken up can of beer, spraying ice cold beer all over Martha’s naked body.  This measurably increased her discomfort, causing her to shiver even more.  Marge then said “Or maybe I have it all wrong.  Maybe you like the snow.”  With that, she proceeded to splash snow all over Martha.  Martha started shivering uncontrollably.  “Al right, I lose.  I’ll so anything.  Just start the fire back up” Martha pleaded (although she was hard to understand because of her shivering).

The guys seemed particularly pleased and Joe got down the logs.  Marge said “Wait a few more minutes.  I really want to teach her a lesson.  I want her to realize that whereas every moment is agony for her right now, we are not uncomfortable at all.  And we don’t care whether she lives or dies, let alone that her suffering ends.  Fuck her.  Lets wait and next time she won’t wait until the last possible moment before giving in.”

Martha knew that Marge was right.  Every moment was agony for her at that time. Even if they were starting the fire right away, she would still suffer for some time until she was warm again.   Martha continued to shiver  uncontrollably.  She started to beg.  “Please start the fire. Please.  I’ve learned my lesson.  Please.  I’ll do anything.  Please.”  Marge said “Maybe I’d take your begging more seriously if you were on your knees like a beggar should.  Without hesitation, Martha dropped down to her knees and continued “Please, I beg you to tell them to start the fire.  Please.”  Marge took off one of her gloves and said “Crawl over here, slut, and lick my hand.”  Again, without hesitation, Martha crawled on her hands and knees over and licked her hand.  “Now, slut, lick the snow off my boots,” said Marge.  Martha bent down and licked Marge’s boots.  While she did, Marge took one boot and put it squarely on Martha’s naked back, forcing her flat into the snow.  Martha did not expect this and the cold on the front of her body was unbearable.  “Remember, slut, we just don’t care about you.  Go ahead and start the fire.”  Marge held Martha face down in the snow while they rekindled the fire.

Everyone was amazed at what Martha was willing to do.  The guys all had bulging hard-ons in their pants.  Martha hurried over to the fire and shortly stopped shivering.  “Sit your ass down in the snow, slut,” said Joe.  All of the fight was out of Martha, and she sat down.  At first, it made her cold.  Shortly, however, her ass started to ache.  When she did not think she could stand it anymore, it started to go numb.  She worried about permanent damage. Then Joe said, “Time for your spanking.”

Martha got up, happy to get her ass out of the snow, but humiliated by what faced her.  She laid across Joe’s lap.  He held both her arms up from her ass and pushed her tits into the snow.  Then he started spanking her.  She was unprepared for the pain.  Sitting in the snow had done what her tormenters had planned, intensifying the pain.  Joe was relentless, smacking her hard and fast for a long time.  When he was done, he invited the others to join in while he held her.  They all helped out.

After they were all done, Joe lifter her up a little, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.  “I presume you know what to do with this,” he stated.  Martha knelt down in the snow and sucked him off.  The others at first were silent, but shortly started calling her names and taunted her.  It did not take long for Joe to explode into her mouth.  “You’d better swallow every drop.  If you get any on me, I’ll bury you in the snow.”  Martha did as she was told.

Bill told her to crawl over to him.  At least he was close to the now warm fire.  Martha crawled over and knelt in front of him.  She took his cock into her mouth.  She was beyond humiliation.  He pulled out in time to come in her face.  The next two guys had her suck them off at the same time.  They also came in her face, but then made her wipe the cum off with her hands and then lick it off of her hands.  They then pushed her onto her back in the snow and held her down.  Each of the other guys took turns alternating between fucking her mouth and cunt.  She was disgusted by the taste of her own juices in her mouth.  Her back was freezing from being in the snow, but the rest of her could feel the warmth of the fire.  While she was being held down, Marge took off Martha’s boots, making her feel even more naked and vulnerable, as if that was possible.  Martha tried to protest, but had a cock in her mouth at the time and couldn’t.

Several of the guys had seconds and then Sally, who was really drunk, said she would like some service. Sally, seemingly without embarrassment,  pulled down her pants and ordered Martha over.   Martha crawled over to her and lapped at her clit, eliciting hoots from the rest of the crowd.  This was perhaps the most disgusting yet, as Martha is not in any way bisexual.

After Sally told her to stop, Marge announced to the crowd “Look what I found!  It looks like dog shit, but it is certainly some kind of shit.  Let’s see if our little slut is hungry.”  Martha couldn’t believe her ears.  It was shit and they were going to make her eat it.  The fight was out of her at this time.  Marge laid down a handkerchief with the shit on it in the snow and Martha knelt down and ate it.  When she looked up, all the guys were around her with their dicks out.  She couldn’t believe that any of them had anything left to fuck her again.  Then she was hit in the face with a stream of piss.  Soon there were five streams.  They liked to aim for her face and breasts, but they had been drinking a lot and saturated her.  Marge shouted that she better be drinking some.  Martha was totally defeated and opened her mouth and took a swallow.

After they were done, they left her alone for a bit.  Martha huddled close to the fire, trying to stay warm, a task made more difficult by the loss of her boots.  After a while, Marge said “We’re leaving, but we won’t put out the fire.  Bye!”  and with that they all started jogging to the car.  Martha was stunned.  She could not stay behind.  The fire would go out eventually and she’d be stranded naked in the woods in the snow.  She took off after them.

They were not moving very fast, but Martha could not keep up with them.  She was shivering and her feet quickly became frostbitten.  They waited in the car until she got to the side of the road, and then pulled away, laughing and waving to her.  Martha got scared that she might really freeze to death.  It was late and this was not a busy road.  After just a few minutes, though, she saw the lights of another vehicle.  She hoped that it would not be someone she knew or someone who would take advantage of the situation, but she had no choice but to flag down the vehicle.

As it got closer, she could see that it was a van.  It pulled up beside her, the side door slid open and she was pulled inside.  It was occupied by four high school boys who were out drinking.  She knew their faces, although she did not really know them.  They sure knew who she was, or at least that she was a waitress that they had seen around town.

They could not believe their luck.  They pulled Martha into the van, laid her on her back in the back of the van and laid her in the back.  Nothing strange, but they took turns forcing her to blow them kneeling over her face, then finishing up with straight sex and then having her clean them off afterwards.  Martha was too cold, tired and upset to even struggle.  When they got back to town, they stopped at a local bar and got out of the van, dragging Martha back out into the cold.  They seemed to have lost interest in her but did not want to leave her in the van.  When she realized that they were done with her, she decided to make a run for home (although she did not have her keys and did not know how she would get in), about a half mile from where she was.  As she scurried off, the guys threw snowballs at her, connecting three times, stinging her back and back-side.  It was late and no one was really around.  She still did not want to be seen.  Twice, she had to duck down behind parked cars when another car drove nearby.

At one point within 3 blocks of her apartment a police car came up with its lights on.  The cop had seen her and found her crouching and shivering behind a car.  The cop said “Well, Martha, fancy meeting you here.”  The cop was an old boyfriend of Martha’s.  He had been head over heels over her, but she cheated on him and dumped him after taking up with his best friend.  He was deeply hurt at the time, but she actually rubbed it in and humiliated him in public a few times.  “John, you’ve got to help me.  I’m freezing.”  John came over, she thought to help her into the car, and he spun her around and put handcuffs on her.  “What are you doing?” asked Martha.  “I need your help.”  John replied, “Just like I needed your help a few years ago.  I’m going to enjoy this.”  He put her into the back of the car and then stood outside and made a call on his cell phone.  He got in and proceeded to drive slowly towards the station, making sure he stopped every time he could to talk to anyone he saw on the streets.  When they came over to see what the cop wanted, John was sure to introduce Martha, so they not only noticed her (if they had not already) but knew who she was.

Upon arrival at the police station, there were a number of people outside.  John pulled her out and made her walk, nude and handcuffed, through the crowd and to the station.  She saw several flash bulbs.  As they got inside, he whispered in her ear and told her that his phone call made sure that she had an audience and that at least one of the camera flashed was Marge’s brother, who was a photographer for the local newspaper.

She was charged with public lewdness and prostitution.  The headline noted that just over her picture.  The story was dice enough to get some play nationally and over the internet, where her pictures were posted again and again.  She got probation, but left town as soon as she could, waitressing in a larger city in a fleabag apartment, haunted periodically by the internet stories and pictures.