The Pussy Shield
by Chuppecatnutter

Chapter 10 -- Outdoor Destinations

Katherine shakes us in bed and yells, "Get up you two! Get up!"

Sally and I slept the whole night together snuggled up in Sallyís bunk bed, and Katherine is now standing over us with a serious look on her face.

I open my eyes and look up at her. "Mistress, whatís wrong?"

"You are not supposed to be sleeping with sheets. Bed sheets are only reserved for second class and up." Katherine explains.

Sally and I get out of her bed. Katherine, appearing very authoritative in her head maid uniform, orders us to follow her immediately. We donít take a shower or use the toilet, or turn our pussy shields on, or eat breakfast or do any of our other morning activities. †We simply walk naked with her all the way out to the fifth hole of the golf course.

"Stay here." she commands and walks back to the mansion.

Sally and I are feeling a little guilty for violating another rule. We were hoping that we would be out of bed before Katherine came downstairs. As we stand shivering with the morning dew at out feet, we wonder what Katherine and the Master have in store for us as discipline. It is unusual for us to be out here like this. Almost all discipline I have ever seen or gone through took place in the dungeon. My bladder is very full, so I decide to urinate on the grass. Sally watches me and does the same.

An hour and a half later, The Master, Katherine, and all the slaves walk to us with the Master carrying a bag. They stop in front of us, and Master empties the contents of the bag: assorted chains and padlocks.

The Master speaks, "Slave Marissa, you have been found wearing bed sheets, which is an infraction of the rules. Slave Sally, you aided and abetted another slave to violate a rule, which is also an infraction. Therefore the two of you shall be disciplined. Since the two of you like to rely on each otherís body warmth so much, we shall enable you to continue enjoying it as part of your discipline. Slave Sara, slave Jackie, please proceed."

Sara and Jackie move us so that I am facing right up against Sally. Our toes, knees, pussy shields, stomachs, and breasts are touching one another. My nose is one inch away from Sallyís. Sara and Jackie begin wrapping chains around our ankles, working their way up our legs and waists. Sara tells us to wrap our arms around each other so we are hugging. Jackie promptly handcuffs our hands behind each othersí backs, then runs additional chains through them and attaches them to our waist chains with padlocks. Finally, our upper torsos are wrapped in chains, around our shoulders and under our arms, and lock in place with more padlocks. Sally and I canít help but continue embracing each other. Our four ankles are locked together so we canít walk.

The Master continues speaking, "Slaves Marissa and Sally, the keys to the locks shall be sitting on a patio table by the pool. You can free yourselves when you can reach them. I hope that your discipline today teaches you that you must follow the rules given to you in the Slaveís Rulebook. This concludes the discipline. Dismissed."

On that note everyone returns to the mansion and resumes their duties for the day, except the two of us. Sally and I just look at each other and down at our chains. The fifth hole is the furthest hole from the swimming pool. We have several hundred yards to travel before reaching the keys. Walking would have been a cinch, but we are not given that luxury.

Sally asks, "What do we do now?"

"We try to make it back to the pool where the keys are." I answer.

"And how do you propose we do that?"

We think a moment then I suggest, "Can we try jumping?"

"You mean hop our way to the pool?"


"Okay letís try. Ready 1-2-3."

We both jump but donít quite jump and the same time and quickly fall on the grass. We land on our sides, and Sallyís arm takes the brunt of the fall.

"Ouch! That hurts." Sally complains.

It is impossible for us to get back up. We soon find that rolling over each other is the quickest way to travel. When we reach the fourth hole, we take a break from rolling. Sally is on the grass facing up; I am on top of her facing down. My nose is still an inch away from hers. We look into each othersí eyes. I am not sure if it is gravity pulling on my strained neck or my estrogen level, but I slowly lower my lips onto Sallyís. She puckers up. With both our eyes closed, we kiss for several seconds. I raise my head back up and open my eyes. Sally slowly opens her eyes. We just stare at each other with blank faces and say nothing for a half a minute.

Sally breaks the moment by softly saying to me. "We better keep going."

I come out of my drunken lust state and agree with her, "Yea, youíre right. Letís keep going."

We resume our rolling on the golf course: past the third hole, in and out of a bunker, and to the second hole. We stop our progress when we see two men and a woman walking towards us with golf bags. One of them is the Master; the other a man I had never seen. A naked-looking Maria is serving as their caddy. The men look like they are playing golf and are about 30 feet away having a casual conversation. Master ignores us. The other man keeps glancing our way and no doubt is curious about what two naked women are doing chained up to each other on a golf course. He does not ask Master who we are or what we are doing. They continue playing and move on.

After a few hours, we finally get off the grass and roll onto the hard pool deck. The deck has a half dozen patio tables, but Master did not say which one the keys would be on. The patio tables have metal legs painted white. The tables are round and made of frosted glass. We roll to the closest table and look up through the glass.

"Do you see anything?" Sally asks.

"No, not this one." I reply.

And we move on to the next table. We painstakingly make our way to all six tables but find no keys. Not knowing what to do next, we just lay there. Soon, Sara comes out and asks us, "Looking for these?" Twirling around her index finger are the keys that we so desperately need. Sally and I say nothing and both frown as we face our tormentor.

"I am tempted to throw these in the pool, but if Master found I did that I would get in trouble. So, I think Iíll just put the keys back where I found them."

Sara walks to the patio table that is farthest away from us, places the keys on it, then walks away. Sally and I roll our way to that table. Just as we reach it, Sara comes back out to the table. "Oh I am sorry. I put the keys back on the wrong table. He left them over here. My mistake."

Sara grabs the keys and puts them on another table a few yards away. Just as she is doing that, Katherine cames out.† "Slave Sara, what are you doing?" Katherine inquires.

"Oh I was just going to hand the keys to Sally and Marissa. They look like they need some help."

"Itís not your place to be helping a slave while they are being disciplined." Katherine forcefully says. "Donít you have to be sorting books in the library or something?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Well, then get to it."

"Yes Mistress."

Sara walks back into the house. Katherine comes towards us, grabs the keys, and unlocks us. I can finally bend my joints again after being locked up with Sally for almost six hours.

"Are you two all right?"

Sally and I answer in the affirmative.

"Go get cleaned up and get something to eat. Your discipline is over. I think you learned your lessons." She says kindly.

"Yes Mistress." We answer in unison.

It is Saturday, and Master is taking all third class slaves and above to the beach. He is also giving us all two gifts. The first are 100% waterproof, sandproof, dustproof, saltproof, hermetically-sealed pussy shield covers, his newest invention. Made of a clear plastic, wearing them over our pussy shields allows us to swim in the ocean, play in the sand, and enjoy the ocean air. They are a little uncomfortable but manageable for short-term use. I definitely would be wearing mine to the beach but not for everyday wear. The second are virtual swimsuits. Each slave gets a different one. Katherine gets a triangle tank one-piece, with white floral design on a black background. Jackie gets a one-piece, portrait back top, which ties at the back of the neck, solid green. Sara gets a one-piece, V-neck halter, pink with white polka dots. Linda gets a one-piece, bandeau tank, with a back closure, solid navy blue. Maria gets a two-piece, consisting of a bandeau top, similar to Lindaís but dark pink, and a matching bikini bottom. Sally gets a one-piece, side-tie tunic, aqua color with a teal floral design. I get a two-piece, made up of a bikini top and matching swim mini, green with white polka dots. The swimsuits are so convincing, it even looks like Katherine has two full breasts. Master is so impressed with his work that he decides that we will project them in the cars all the way to the beach.

Everyone is excited about the beach trip, except for Bethany. She has been getting lazy in her chores, so Master chains her to the toilet in the basement for the entire duration of the trip. She will clean the entire bathroom with a toothbrush and will be released when we return. She would not have been able to go anyway, because she is still an apprentice slave.

We take two cars: the minivan and the four-door coupe. The Master, Sara, Sally and I ride in the minivan. Katherine, Jackie, Linda, and Maria take the coupe. The beach is on a coastal town, and suburban homes are very near the beach. The closest residents only have to walk across the street, then down two flights of stairs to reach the sand. When we arrive at the beach, parking is scarce. The beach has no parking lot, so we have to park on the street. The minivan reaches the beach first and finds a parking spot about one block away. We get out and unpack our gear, just the typical beach blankets (yes, Master allowed them this time), beach umbrellas, folding chairs, coolers, picnic baskets, and lots of sunscreen. We carry our gear to the beach from the minivan. When we reach the beach, a sign says, "NUDE BEACH." The Master swears that he didnít know it was a nude beach, but no one seems to mind, so we head down. Passengers from the coupe join us about fifteen minutes later on the beach. Master pulls out his remote control and turns off everyoneís pussy shields. The swimsuits stop projecting and disappear, and we now blend in with all the other nudists on the beach, including the Master, who takes it all off.

We all have a wonderful time swimming, building sand castles, eating Lindaís water chestnut sandwiches, macaroni salad, fried chicken, and watermelon. The sun is shining. People are in a good mood. Sally blows up a beach ball, and we hit that around for a while. Sara sets up a badminton set, and some of the slaves play with that. †Occasionally, some gawkers are using binoculars are at the top of the cliff, but we ignore them.

Sally and I also take some time to comb the beach on our own and talk.

"Mistress Sally, I would like to talk about what happened at the golf course a few weeks ago."

"What about?" She asks.

"Well, we sort of kissed briefly. Do you remember?"

"Yes, I remember. But as far as I am concerned it didnít happen."

"What do you mean?"

"I am not a lesbian, and I love Master. I am not sure why I kissed you and would rather not do that again."

"Oh, I see."

Sally takes my hand and kindly explains, "Slave Marissa, youíre my best friend, and I want to keep it that way. I donít want anything to come between my and Master. You understand?"

"Yes, I do. Thatís probably best. Our Master should come first, and I love him, too." I reply.

As the sun begins to set, everyone on the beach starts packing. Soon, we are the only ones left. Master take out his remote control and turns everyoneís swimsuit back on--except mine. Feeling a little self-conscious, I ask Master a question, "Master, can you turn on my swimsuit, too, please?"

"No, slave Marissa, I shall not. You are heading back as you are."

He continues folding his beach umbrella and tying it up. I pause for a moment in my confusion, and then ask, "Master, I am afraid I donít understand."

"I did not want to say anything until it was time, but I suppose that time is now. Slave Marissa, you are taking the second class final exam tonight."

"What?!" I gasp.

"As promised, as soon as your ankle healed, I would allow you to take the exam. I have been watching you run around on the beach all day. It looks healed to me."

"Yes, but I was not expecting this."

"All the more reason to take the exam now. You never know when you might be naked. It could be anywhere anytime. Knowing how to stay dignified when suddenly and unexpectedly naked is much better than being embarrassed. Donít you think?"

I look around at all the other slaves who are busy packing. Either they already knew about the exam and kept it a secret, or disnít seem to care about learning about my predicament right now.

"I guess. So, is this the drop-off point? And where is the pick-up point?"

"Well, this is obviously the drop-off point, but the pick-up point is going to be a little different than a typical second class exam. You see, you need to find the pick-up point in the form of a four-door coupe."

"Huh?" My confusion level is rising.

Master speaks to Katherine, "Slave Katherine, the keys, please."

Katherine walks over to us and hands Master the keys to the coupe, who then hands them to me. "Somewhere parked within five square blocks from here is the coupe. Find it and drive it home. When you reach the mansion, you pass the exam."

It becomes clear to me now what Masterís intentions are. "Master, how is everyone who came here in the coupe getting home?"

"We are all piling in the minivan," Katherine answers. "It has an additional row of seats in the back."

It sounds to me like they had this all planned from the beginning.

Master continues, "We did not want this to be a repeat of your previous second class exam. This is a make-up exam, which means that it is slightly different, but the difficulty level is about the same. It is also potentially shorter. Unlike a traditional second class exam, which takes 24 hours, this one only takes as long as it takes to find the vehicle and drive home. You might say it is in-between a first class and second class exam, because there is no pick-up from us, yet we are providing you a means to get home. Who knows? With any luck, you might find the car in fifteen minutes and be home in an hour."

My heart starts to pump harder. I am getting very nervous knowing I am going to be left nude here. All the other slaves except Sara wish me luck. Sally gives me a hug. I watch everyone climb the stairs and disappear up and over the cliff. I am standing on a completely deserted beach with absolutely nothing but keys in my right hand, wearing my pussy shield, and plastic shield cover. Dusk has arrived.

I turn around to sit facing the ocean and decide to wait until it is dark enough to make the attempt. For my earlier second class exam, I was out in the woods with no one around, well, except for those two goons. Now I have to run naked through the city streets. People are in their homes; cars are driving by. Ugh! Iíll be seen for sure. I bring my knees closer to my chest, wrap my arms around my legs, and bury my head in my lap. I reminisce about my time spent with the Master: the first time he saw me, the meals, the discipline, and the dance lessons. Ah, the dance lessons. I love dancing with him. He smiles and is very patient with me as I learn. I donít wear dance shoes (or any shoes for that matter) when we dance, so when he steps on my feet, his ears know it. I wonder if I will ever get dancing shoes--real ones. Soon I fall asleep and have a dream.

Itís a sunny day, and I am standing naked on the beach. A couple of other people are around, but I do not know them, and they donít know me. I feel myself sinking into the sand: first my ankles, then my knees, legs, pelvis, tummy, and chest. I struggle to get out but cannot. My shoulders, head, and arms are immersed into the sand. At first I cannot see anything but open my eyes and can see the sand. The sand does not enter my eyes, and I can still breathe. At first I am stuck and cannot move at all. But later, I use my arms and legs to begin "swimming" through the sand. I am able to move easily through it. The sand feels very soft, like cotton, and fluid, like water. I come to believe I am a sand mermaid, enjoying my time inside the beach.

Someone else is in the sand with me. Itís Master! He is swimming in the sand naked, too. We hold hands and swim together. Even though we are buried in sand, we can still see each other and see where we are going. The sand is so warm, fluffy, and smooth. Itís a wonderful feeling. Master and I hug, then kiss as we spin in buried sand.

I wake up, and the beach is dark. The sun has set. When I feel it is dark enough and late enough, I slowly walk up the stairs and stop to just peek over the street. Street lights are everywhere, but no one is out and about. No cars are coming, so I climb the last few stairs and onto street level. Anyone driving by or looking out the window from their beachfront home will see me. I quickly cross the street and head down the nearest street running perpendicular from the beach. Keeping a sharp eye out for the coupe, I run quickly under street lights and slow down in-between them where the street is not as well lit. I reach the end of the block and randomly decide to turn right and go down another street. I see lights on through the windows of some homes and can hear television sets running in their living rooms. Perhaps I started this too early. Too many people are still up. I have no way to know what time it is but guess that it is not yet bedtime.

Suddenly a car rounds the corner and heads my way. Before the headlights can catch me, I duck between two parallel-parked cars on the street. The car goes by. Whew! I get up and keep walking but still see no sign of the coupe. Oh where can it be? I might spend the whole night looking for it. I turn another corner and walk down another street, getting farther away from the beach. Two more cars drive by. I react accordingly by ducking behind cars or bushes, whatever is closest and easiest. If a car happens to stop right where I am hiding, I am screwed.

Without warning, a man walks out the front door of a house, stops at the driverís side door of his car and sees me. We both freeze. I am about three houses away. Remembering what my Master said about dignity, I casually walk behind a tall fence in the front yard of a neighboring house in the hopes that he will get in his car and drive away. I hear nothing for a few minutes. I assume he is either still waiting for me or he went back into the house. Then I hear a car door opening and closing from his direction, but no sound of a car engine starting. Another few minutes later I decide that I canít wait any longer. Someone knows I am here and might try to find me. I have to get away. Peeking out, I donít see him, so I step back onto the sidewalk and keep going. As I pass his parked car, I see him inside leaning towards me with a surprised look on his face. I keep stride and start running away. He just sits there and looks at me. My heart slows down when I turn another corner away from his field of vision.

In addition to looking out for people at their house windows, cars driving by me, and people on the sidewalk, I also now look through parked car windows to make sure no one was sitting in their car while I walk by. Additionally, I still need to find that darn coupe. Sometimes I walk by a house with a motion sensor porch light. I canít always tell at first if it is me walking by causing it to turn on, or someone in the house flipping a switch. I learn to hate them and gasp every time a light turns on near me.

After what seems like hours and several more blocks, I finally find the coupe. I put the key in the lock, turn it, open the door, and get in. Yes, I found the right one. I look around and quickly put the key in the ignition, and start the motor. I am driving home.


Eventually I have to leave the quiet residential streets and drive on a multiple lane, well-lit street with several stoplights. I stop at the first light. Before long, a car, with two guys in it stops at the light next to me on my left. It doesnít take long for the guy in the passenger seat to notice that I am topless. He probably canít tell I am totally naked.

He tells his driver to look in my direction. Now they are both staring and gawking at me. The red lights always seem to take longer when you are in a hurry, like I am right then. Hurry up and turn green! The light finally turns green, and I hit the gas pedal hard, speeding up faster than they. Unfortunately, the next light also turns red, and I have to stop again. The car on my left pulls up next to me again with those two guys laughing at me and having a great time at my expense. My body might be chilled from running around in the ocean night air, but my face is feeling really warm. Once again the light turns green, and I put a lead foot onto the gas pedal, determined to make the next light. I reach the intersection just as it turns yellow and go through. By the time those two guys reach it, the light is red, but they try to run it. Crash! Another car that has the green light smashes into the driver side, a T-bone collision.

I breathe a little easier when I hit the freeway, because it doesnít have many cars. It must be getting late. I finally make it back to the estate. Unlike my previous exams, no one is there to greet me when I pull into the driveway. I park the car in the garage, and then go through the house looking for someone anyone to tell that I am home and that I passed the exam. The lights sre off, and all is quiet. The kitchen clock reads 12:35 a.m. Through an ajar door, I see a light on in Katherineís office and enter.

"Slave Marissa, there you are!"

Katherine and Master are inside talking. Katherine gets up from behind her desk and gives me a hug. Master also gives me a hug.

"Hi Master, Mistress. I made it."

"Welcome home. Did it go okay? Any problems?" She asks.

"Well, a few people saw me, and I did cause an auto accident."

"An auto accident? Are you all right?" Master asks with concern.

"Oh yes, I am fine. I was not in the accident. Two guys who were too busy watching me and not the stoplight caused the accident."

"Well, youíll have to tell us all about it in the morning." Master says.

"Does this mean I made second class?"

"Yes, weíll have the ceremony tomorrow, and congratulations." Master replies.

"Thank you, Master, and thank you, Mistress."

The next evening, I officially get promoted to second class slave via the slave promotion ceremony. I also receive my virtual blue-colored, second class maid uniform, my bed sheets, and kisses on my buttocks from Maria and Bethany. When I first got here, Maria outranked me and called me slave; now I outrank her. She will be calling me Mistress.

Current rank: Second Class Slave
No. of batteries: 5
No. of virtual outfits: 3

Chapter 11--Separated and Stuck Together

During the next year, Master takes on two more recruit slaves: Leslie and Laurie. Leslie comes first. She is petite like me but has curly brown hair and green eyes. Laurie comes to the mansion a few months later after Leslie got promoted to apprentice slave. Laurie is also small, and her hair is dark brown and shoulder length. Does Master have a thing for petite women? Hmm.

One day, Master calls Sara into his office along with Katherine. They are in a there a very long time, almost two hours. Suddenly, the door quickly swings open and Sara sprints out like a mad woman. The expression on her face looks like the world is coming to an end. Projecting her maid uniform, she passes the entryway, out the front door, through the front gate, and just keeps on running down the street. All the slaves wonder whatís going on with Sara.

At dinner that evening, Master explains, "Slave Sara is no longer part of this estate. I doubt we will ever see her again."

"What? What? What?" We all say to one another.

Master continues, "Sara has severely violated several rules of the slaveís rulebook and her contract. She has been under suspicion for some time now, and only recently were we able to prove that she committed those infractions."

"What infractions?" Linda asks.

"Well, when she took her first class nudity exam, she called someone ahead of time to secretly and discreetly follow us from the mansion to her drop-off point. After we stranded Sara at the park and drove away, her brother rode up in a pick-up truck, picked her up, and gave her some real clothes. They then went out to dinner and had a few drinks. Then he drove her to about a block or so away from the estate. She gave back the clothes and walked in naked, making it look like she got back all by herself."

"But isnít asking for help okay?" I ask.

"No, it isnít. The rulebook says that you can ask someone for help AFTER you get dropped off, not before." The Master explains. "And thatís not all. Slave Marissa, when you and slave Sally both took your nudity exams for second class at the same time, those piles of food you saw were a plant."

"A plant?" Sally asks.

"Yes, a plant. Ken and Jose knew ahead of time that you would both be out there. They knew what your favorite foods are, and set up the traps accordingly."

"They knew?! How could they have possibly known?!" Sally and I ask. Now we are leaning on the edge of our seats holding our breaths.

"Ken is Saraís brother!" Master says.

"WHAAAAAT!!!" We all shout.

"Ken and Sara are brother and sister."

Lindaís eyes roll. Jackie spits out her food. I choke on mine. Sallyís hands cover her face.

Master continues, "Sara snuck into Katherineís office and found out ahead of time where we were going to drop-off Marissa and Sally. She gave that information to Ken and his friend, Jose. Ken was also the one who helped Sara during her first class exam."

Katherine speaks, "Master, tell them how you found out."

Master responds, "I hired a private investigator to investigate Ken and Jose. My lawyer and I interrogated them in jail and struck a plea bargain with Ken. He confessed to everything for a lighter sentence."

With the truth about Sara out, every slave around the table starts talking about how Sara treated her, the glue, the singing, the hazing, the abuse, everything.

"Yes, we were suspicious of all that hazing too, but had no way to prove it. Today, slave Katherine and I sat down with Sara to discuss the whole matter, and we discussed discipline for her, everything from demotion to excommunication. She got so upset; she ran out and ran away."

"Master, why would she do such a thing? Why was she so mean to us?" Linda asks.

"Sara had aspirations to become head slave. She saw the rest of you as competition and threats to that end. Sara has separated herself from us."

It later occurs to me that the person Ken was talking to on his cell phone must have been Sara. And, all those candy bars that Sally saw during her second class nudity exam were planted there for Sally as a trap. If she had tried to grab one, she would have ended up in the cabin with me. It also made sense that Sara made it back so soon from her first class nudity exam. She had help.

After dinner, everyone gets up and breathes a sigh of relief. Sara is gone for good.

From the Slaveís Rulebook:

Second Class Slave

As a second class slave, you have continued to expand your household duties and receive additional virtual clothing. During the promotion ceremony to second class slave, your third class maid uniform (red) was deleted and replaced with your second class maid uniform (blue). Second class slaves along with First class slaves now have the privilege of eating all meals in the main dining room with the Master and Head Slave. Second class slaves sleep on the same mattresses and in the same basement as third class slaves but with sheets, blanket, and pillow. This bedding can only be used when you sleep in the basement. Covering your body with them outside this purpose is considered an infraction.

First Class Slave Requirements

  1. Serve as a second class slave for at least two years.
  2. Become an expert in one of the specialty areas chosen from third class and second class slave requirements.
  3. Pass the same fitness test for recruit slave. (Must be taken two years or later from date of nudity final examination for second class slave)
  4. Pass the nudity final examination for first class slave.
  5. Complete the first class slave ceremony.

"Marissa, youíre a natural dancer," Sally says with encouragement.

I have been dancing and practicing regularly with Master for two years now. We take one lesson a week and practice twice a week in-between lessons. Sometimes Sally comes to watch us practice. I enjoy dancing with Master, because it gives us additional one-on-one time.

"Marissa, you have no idea how good you are getting. You and Master look really good on the dance floor."

"Really, you think so?"

"Definitely. Other slaves have tried taking lessons and dancing with him, but it never worked out. You know, I think you should choose ballroom dancing as your specialty." Sally suggests.

"Oh no, I could never become an expert. I was thinking maybe cooking."

"No. No. No. Do ballroom dancing. Linda already dominates the kitchen. You need to find another niche, and I think ballroom dancing is it."

I talk it over with Master, and he totally agrees with Sally. So, Master increases our private lessons to three times per week with Johan, and we schedule practice times almost every day. Getting to be a really good dancer is grueling. I am very glad now that I stay in shape. Getting kidnapped by Ken and Jose turned out to be a hidden blessing. If it wasnít for them, I would never have seen Jackie chop those guys up in the cabin during my rescue, and I would not appreciate how important it is to be in shape. Since then I get motivated to work out more and HAVE been working out more.

Master is an international style ten dancer. This means we dance both the five standard dances (waltz, foxtrot, tango, quickstep, and Viennese waltz) and the five Latin dances (cha cha, rumba, samba, jive, and paso doble). I had never worked so hard in all my life. Housekeeping work is cinchy compared to this.

One day Master tells me that he signed us up for a local dance contest. I express my reluctance, saying that Iím not good enough and need more time. Master would have none of it. He wants to expose me to the world of competition as an incentive to get better. He also says that I will get both a virtual ball gown for the standard competition as well as a virtual Latin outfit for the Latin dances. Wow! Iíll get to dress to the hilt, just like those couples on television.

Master loads my pussy shield with the two outfits. I look in the mirror and Whoa! The buttercup yellow, full-length ball gown is made of lycra and chiffon. It has green, blue, and clear rhinestones on the top and long mesh sleeves. The lycra top has three differing length layers with a V-neck shape. The chiffon bottom has yellow feathers around the hem. A separate necklace has blue and green rhinestones. White lycra is on the neckline and waistline. I even get virtual diamond earrings and virtual yellow, closed-toe dance shoes.

Unlike the ball gown which hides everything, the Latin dress shows almost everything and is designed to be sexy. It consists of a sleeveless, shoulder-less blue top with flower and leaf print stretch net made of lycra. The white bottom has a stretch satin skirt down to just above the knees. It comes with a matching choker, gloves, nylons, and beige, open-toe Latin dance shoes, all virtual of course.

Master pulls out all the stops for the night of our first dance contest. We take the limousine. All the third class slaves and above, the Master and I pile in. Master is even nice enough to give everyone nice virtual evening cocktail dresses for the event. Apparently dance contests do have dress codes. Master has on his black tail suit, complete with white shirt, white tie and tails, and patent leather shoes. He looks so dapper. On the way there, I keep hearing, "Knock Ďem dead, slave Marissa," and "Break a leg, Mistress Marissa."

When we arrive, the ballroom is packed with over 500 people. Many competitors are already warming up on the hardwood floor. The standard dances are first, so I am projecting my ball gown. The announcer asks all the dancers to take to the floor to begin. I hear waltz music playing, so Master and I take closed position and begin our waltz. In international standard dances, partners maintain closed position at all times. During our lessons at the mansion, Johan kept reinforcing that we should dance very close to each other for the standard dances. This is a group dance contest, which means that other couples are dancing on the floor at the same time. We get through the waltz, foxtrot, and then we are up to the tango. The tango is a rather jerky dance, and not really smooth like the other standard dances. When we finish dancing the tango I find that I canít separate myself from Master. After each dance, the couples separate and bow to the audience, then resume closed position for the next dance. This time for some reason, the pussy shield gets stuck onto the zipper of his tail suit. All the other couples are taking their bows, but Master and I just stand there wondering what to do.

"Slave Marissa, if we force it, the pussy shield could malfunction leaving you naked." Master whispers to me.

The thought of being seen naked in front of 500 people terrifies me and churns my stomach. I am motivated to stay very close to Master.

The music starts again for the quickstep. The other couples start dancing, so we just start dancing with them. When the music stops, we are still stuck. People are starting to give us weird looks. When the last dance, the Viennese waltz, starts and ends, we decide we would just walk together sideways off the dance floor and out of the ballroom. Every eye in that ballroom is watching us as we do this. I feel so embarrassed. Master and I find a private corner out in the hallway, where Katherine and Sally catch up with us.

"Whatís wrong?" Katherine asks.

"Weíre stuck -- her pussy shield and my zipper," Master explains, "and we are afraid that if we pull away too hard, it will break not only my zipper but also her pussy shield."

"What can we do?" Katherine asks.

"Try reaching between my legs and feel around. Try unhooking us." Master suggests.

Katherine cringes at the thought but looks around and reaches under Masterís crotch and starts feeling around the zipper and pussy shield. People are walking by giving us strange looks, so Sally stands and blocks the view the best she can. After a couple of minutes, Katherine successfully unhooks us, and we separate. What a relief.

Master and I find a secluded spot to use his remote to change my virtual clothes to the Latin outfit. Then he runs off to the menís changing room to change into his. I revel in the fact that changing clothes for me is instantaneous. People who wear real clothes, like the Master, have to go through the trouble of changing in a dressing room.

We dance the Latin portion of the contest without incident. When they announce the winners, we come in fifth place out of seven couples.

On the drive home, everyone congratulates the Master and me for a job well done. Jackie is very impressed with my hip motion during the Latin dances. She did not think I had it in me. I am just glad I got through it without having to be seen naked in front of all those people.

Over the next few months, we continue taking lessons and practicing and entering more dance competitions. We solve the zipper and pussy shield problem with a modification to Masterís tail suit. Before long, we are bringing home a few dance trophies: third place, second place, fourth place, third place again, and finally winning a first place trophy.

"Slave Marissa, have you ever seen theater arts style ballroom dancing?" Master asks me.

"Yes, I have seen them at the competitions. Those big men lift their partners and spin them around. Itís pretty impressive and quite elegant."

"I am interested in getting into that. I think you are small enough that I can lift you."

"Do you think so?"

"Yes, I do. Letís talk to Johan about it."

Johan is more than happy to teach us theater arts style. It is actually a combination of ballet, modern dance, jazz, and ballroom and consists of a lot of lifts and drops. There is not much traveling like in the standard dances. It offers us an opportunity to choreograph our own lifts and drops.

Since Master will be lifting me off the ground much more, he decides that it was easier if he and Johan can see my naked body, so he can know where to hold me. So from now on, I attend all dance lessons and practice sessions without projecting clothing. Some of the lifts require that he grab my buttocks. I am actually sitting on his hand after he lifts me up over his head.

At our next competition, we sign up to compete in the theater arts event. Master had not had time to design my theater arts dress, so we are in the limo with a USB cable sticking in my pussy shield and the other end of it to his laptop.

"Master, weíre almost there. Hurry up." I urge.

"Okay. Okay. I am going as fast as I can." Master replies.

We finally pull up to the dance hall, and Master says, "Close enough," disconnects me, then shuts down the laptop. I get unusually nervous because this is my first theater arts competition, and we are going into it with a dress I had never seen or projected.

Inside the dance hall, he uses the remote to project the dress. It is quite simple, all chiffon, dark blue, sleeveless. It looks almost like a ballerinaís dress but with a regular flowing skirt and not tutus. Master did a pretty nice job given the amount of time he had to put it together.

Because the lifts and drops are so dangerous, all theater arts routines are done solo. When it is our turn, Master and I step out onto the floor and begin. The first few lifts and drops are only at Masterís waist level, then he lifts me over his head. I am face up and my back is arched causing my head to drop back, so I am looking upside down. I hear the crowd roar and cheer and applaud. They seem to really be impressed with this lift and our dancing. Master lowers me back down. The crowd is still cheering for us. No other theater arts couple before us got this enthusiastic a response. My emotions are beaming at this point. I had no idea we are this good.

When we finish our routine, we get a standing ovation, which no one else received that night. We step off the floor, and people are still looking at us. A narrow thin mirror between two columns serves as wall decoration in the dance hall. I look at my reflection and notice that part of the top of my virtual dress has slipped down to my waist. Everyone in the dance hall could see my breasts! My face immediately turns red. I am flushed with embarrassment and reflexively raise my arms to cover them. I turn to Master who just smiles at me and did not do a thing to help me. He looks a little embarrassed, too.

We promptly leave the dance hall and step outside.

"Master, what happened to my dress?"

"I am sorry, slave Marissa. I guess I did not do a very good job putting it together. I was in such a rush in the limo, I guess I ran out of time and did not have a chance to test it before letting you go out on the dance floor."

"Oh Master, all those people saw me. What do we do now?"

Master pulls out his PDA, plugs the USB cable into my shield, and promptly fixes my dress. I am decent again.

"Thank you, Master, for restoring my virtual dress. Can we leave now?"

"Oh no, we still have to stay and see how we placed. We might have received an award or something."

"Master, I canít go back in there. Itís too shameful."

"Now slave Marissa. Remember what we talked about self-dignity. You can still be dignified without any clothes. If you go back in there and face those people, your dignity will return. Now letís go."

I canít disobey an order from Master. I bow my head and walk back in.

All the other theater arts couples are lined up on the dance floor. The dance organizers are ready to announce the winners. They always start with sixth place and announce the winners last. Master and I stand in the line-up with the other couples. They announce the sixth place couple, who walk up to the judges and take their trophies. Then the fifth place couple, then the fourth, and third, who all do the same. Now, it is just us and another couple. I am surprised weíve made it this far. I am sure theyíd disqualify us for some wardrobe malfunction technicality. For second place, they announce the names of the other couple, which means weíve come in first! The crowd cheers again loudly. After we pick up our trophies and sit down, several people come up to us to congratulate us.

"When your top came off, I thought that was the neatest trick. How did you do it?"

"You have such beautiful breasts. Showing them off was a crowd-pleaser."

"I like how you were able to slip the top off, without using your hands, then slip it back on again in the middle of the routine, then slip it off again. That looked so cool."

It goes like this for the rest of the evening. Just about everyone loves us. Before, I thought the ballroom dance community is so conservative. I guess I was wrong.

After the competition ends, Master and I stop at a nice restaurant for a late dinner and to serve as sort of an apology for the wardrobe mishap. We eat a fine five-course meal: cheese stick appetizer, tossed green salad, minestrone soup, filet mignon and lobster tails, and strawberries with vanilla ice cream. I start to feel better about the whole thing, especially when all those people paid us compliments. Master was right. Maintain your dignity, and life is not so bad.

Current rank: Second Class Slave
No. of batteries: 5
No. of virtual outfits: 6

Chapter 12--Itís Cold Outside

Master and I are enjoying each otherís company in his office. As a second class slave, I am not allowed to have sexual intercourse with him--at least not yet. However, kissing and hugging is fun. My pussy shield is turned off at the moment.

"Slave Marissa, I would like to show you a little something." He takes out a very small remote control and presses a button. I fedl a slight tingling sensation in my pussy. I begin to shift in my seat to compensate. The tingling increases to a buzz. I am starting to breathe hard. The vibration steadily increases, forcing me to stand up.

"Master, my pussy!" I yell.

Master presses another button, and the vibrations stop. My pussy shield is still.

"Do you like it, slave Marissa?"

"Master, were you doing that?"


"Oh, youíre so sadistic." I quip.

"Itís my latest invention. Now I can discipline you anytime, anywhere I want, all with the push of a button. I did not even have it on maximum. If I did, you would be on the floor doubled over, begging for mercy."

"Youíre REALLY sadistic." I quip.

Sally and I were promoted to second class slaves just over two years earlier and are looking ahead for the final promotion to the coveted first class rank. Sometimes at midnight, she and I head out the front gate with no batteries in our pussy shields and run around the neighborhood for a bit just to stay in practice and to prepare for the big first class nudity final exam. Whenever I hear a car coming down the street, it is so easy for me to react--ducking, hiding, sprinting--it all seems so easy now. As I am running naked down the street, I think back as to how far I have come. When I first arrived here as a new recruit, retrieving the mail in the nude was the toughest trial of all time. Now I think nothing of it. Some of the apprentice slaves watch us with envy and aspire to be where we are. Master and Katherine have been monitoring our progress. One day, Katherine approached Sally and me.

"You two are like peas in a pod."

"Thank you, Mistress." I respond. "Sally and I are really good friends."

"Yes I can see that. You have been helping and encouraging each other to prepare for the big exam, which in Masterís opinion feels you are ready to take, tonight!"

Sally and my eyes open wide. "Honest, Mistress?" we both ask. "You really think we are ready?"

"Yes, I do. Master and I have already discussed it. We have found good drop-off locations for each of you. I suggest you eat well and get some sleep before tonight. Youíll need the energy."

"Yes Mistress. Thank you, Mistress."

After dinner, Katherine blindfolds me in the four-door coupe. Sally is going with Master in the convertible. As Katherine is driving me, we talk.

"I am really looking forward to how your little adventure tonight is going to turn out. I am sure you will have some wonderful stories to tell. This reminds me of my first class exam. I was walking down a dark street, when a man came right up to me and asked me what I was doing. I did not see him coming. There was no warning. Even though it was dark, he was close enough to clearly see me naked. The first thing that came to mind was ĎOh, I am just going for a walk.í so that is what I said. I said it so naturally and calmly that he believed me and went on his way. I did not break stride and just kept up my casual walk. It worked so well, I did it again one more time before finally reaching the mansion. I still canít believe to this day that they believed me."

"Well, why wouldnít they believe you, Mistress? You told them the truth. You really were going for a walk."

"Yes, I guess so. I guess they werenít the types to be offended."

We reach my drop-off point. Like before, I remove my battery and hand it to her. And like she did before for my second class exam, she helps me out of the car while I am still blindfolded and escorts me to my final spot where I will begin my long trek home. Katherine removes my blindfold and gives me the biggest hug.

"Slave Marissa, I will see you back at the mansion. Good luck."

She gets back in the car and drives off.

Just like my third class exam, I have no idea where I am. The first thing I have to do is orient myself and find out where I am. All I can see at this moment are a lot of trees and a dirt parking lot. I turn around and see more trees. There is a small dirt trail, but I have no idea where it leads. It might take me farther away from the mansion or closer. I just donít know. That completely helpless and vulnerable feeling I have is overwhelming me. All those quickie nude runs with Sally over the past few weeks did not prepare me for this. I have been away from taking any sort of final exam for promotion for too long. This is my toughest exam yet. No one is coming to get me. I have to get home naked. If I find clothes or got offered any, I have to refuse them. I canít call the mansion for help. They would come and get me if I do, but I will fail the exam as a result. I also canít get arrested.

I decide to stick with the open road and head in Katherineís direction. Walking on pavement is much easier on the feet than walking on dirt trails. I am isolated out in the woods. Other than the road I am walking on, I see no sign of civilization whatsoever. Except for the stars in the sky, it is almost totally dark. The rulebook said the drop-off was at least five miles away, but they could have dropped me off at a greater distance. I just didnít know yet.

I have been walking this paved, winding road for a long time now. I am heading downhill, which I see as a good sign. I have to assume I am up in the mountains and that heading downhill means I am getting closer to the valley and home. It must be late. Not a single car has driven by all the time Iím walking. It just seems like an endless road. It is getting cold. My fingers and toes are very cold. I have to keep moving to stay warm.

Finally, I see a light off in the distance, a sign of civilization. As I approach, I can see it is a porch light for a house out in the woods. They have a very small 100 yard driveway off the main road. I can see a few other lights around the house as I get even closer and finally pass the house. As I continue walking I begin to see other houses. They are very spread out. I suppose if you want to live out here, you also want some elbow room and privacy. Next I see my first street light on the main road. The road also widens and becomes a two-lane road with a yellow center dividing line. I seem to be heading toward the main street of a very small town. Again, I still neither see nor hear cars and signs of life. This is a good thing.

As I approach the town, I can see several commercial buildings and private businesses, all closed up and deserted for the night. I start looking for a pay phone when suddenly a middle-aged heavyset man comes out of a building right in front of me. We are about ten feet away from each other and notice each other immediately.

"Well, hi there, miss. Can I help you?" the man asks.

"Hello sir, can you tell me where I am?" I respond.

"Youíre in the town of Suziville," he says. "If you donít mind me asking, what are you doing out here all by yourself and without any clothes?"

Suziville is almost 15 miles away from the mansion. They made this tough for me! I think back to Katherineís experience when she took her first class exam, so I casually say, "I am just here for a walk and to visit your town."

"Well, if you donít mind me sayiní little lady, itís kinda late to be doing any shopping. Weíre all closed up for the night. And as for your state of undress, I think it might be a good idea to put something on. Itís gettiní chilly."

The man is right. It is getting colder, and I am starting to shiver. The man goes back inside and returns with a large blanket. He holds two corners up to me with both hands. "Here ya are, little lady."

"Iím sorry, sir. I cannot take your blanket. Thank you anyway." I respond politely.

"Well suit yourself. Iíll just leave it on this chair in case your change your mind."

As he is putting the blanket down, I ask, "Excuse me. Could you tell me where I can find a pay phone?"

"Thereís one just across the street in front of the restaurant."

"Thank you."

Folding my arms in front of me in an attempt to keep warm, I cross the street and find the pay phone. Before I left, I memorized Georgeís phone number. Master is right. The rulebook says you can call someone for help during a nudity exam but not before as Sara did. I pick up the phone and attempt to call George collect.

<ring, ring, ring, ring>


"Yes, please put me through to George at 555-4567."

"One moment."

<ring, ring, ring, ring>

"Hello, this is George. If you are listening to this message, it means I am either not near my phone or on another line. Leave a message at the beep." <beep>

"I am afraid there is no one there." The operator interrupts.

"Thanks anyway." <click>

Just then the middle-aged man comes walking towards me. "Hey little lady, everything all right?" He asks.

"I was trying to call a friend to come pick me up." I reply.

"You sure look awfully cold. I tell you what. Why donít you come over to my place? †You can warm up there. In fact we can warm each other up, if you know what I mean." The man has an evil look in his eye. I donít like the look of it.

"No thank you. I think Iíll just stay here and keep trying to call my friend." I firmly answer.

"Well all right, but if you change your mind, I am just up the road and to the right. I live in the one-story red house with the rocking chair on the front porch."

The man walks away. I am glad he is gone. He is making me nervous. I sit on the curb and curl up trying to keep warm. My fingers, toes, and nipples are numb.

Goosebumps are all over my body. I canít stop shivering. This is no fun at all. There is no way I can walk home 15 miles. I am going to have to ask someone to help me. There is that dirty man up the road, but I donít trust him. I would try George again later.

After what seems like an hour, I try calling collect again. This time George picks up.

Operator: "You have a call from Marissa."

George: "Marissa? Marissa who?"

Marissa: "George, itís me the naked woman!"

George: "Oh yes, I remember now."

Marissa: "Hello, George."

George: "Hi Marissa, how are you?"

Marissa: "Cold. Very cold."

George: "Cold?"

Marissa: "Yes, and I need your help, I am stuck in Suziville with no clothes, and I was wondering if you could come and get me. I am at a pay phone in front of the only restaurant in town."

George: "Itís kind of late, almost 10:30. I donít know."

Marissa: "George, please. I have no clothes, no money, no transportation and no place to stay. I am stuck out in the cold and need help. Youíre the only friend I can trust to help me."

After further begging, George finally agrees to come get me. He says heíll be here in a half hour, maybe 45 minutes. We hang up. I sit back down on the curb and resume my curled up position anxiously waiting for George. After what seems like a very long time but probably within his estimated time of arrival, he pulls up in his vehicle. I smile at him and quickly get in.

"George, thank goodness you came. I was beginning to think you werenít going to make it."

"Oh, I was on my way as soon as we hung up. I got here as soon as I could."

"Can you turn up the heat, please?"

"Yes." George turns up the heat full blast.

George starts driving me back to the mansion. I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I am going to make it back without further incident.

"So, Marissa. How did you get stuck all the way in Suziville without any clothes?" George asks.

"Well, if you must know, a friend dropped me off there."

"Why would someone do that? Just leave you naked like that?"

"Well, itís kind of complicated."

"Try me."

I wasnít sure I should tell George about my life as a naked slave, but then he did go out of his way to come help me. And the first time he helped me he did not try to take advantage of my situation.

"I am a slave for a very wealthy man. He requires all his slaves to be naked at all times. He gets a kick out of dropping us off naked somewhere."

"Sounds like you lead an exciting life."

"It definitely is not boring. My Master is a wonderful man, and I have made friends with many of the other slaves there. He treats us all very well."

"Well, thatís cool. How did your Master get to be so rich?"

"He is an inventor. He created these pussy shields."

"Oh, yes the pussy shield."

Before long we arrive back at the mansion.

"George, I want to let you know I really, really appreciate all the help you have been."

"You are welcome. Marissa, I find you very attractive. You have a beautiful body, and I would like spend more time with you."

I can tell that George is very sincere and sweet. Part of me wishes I could spend more time with him but that would compromise my time and energy and loyalty to my Master.

"George, youíre so sweet. I really like you, too, but I belong to my Master."

George looks down into the steering wheel. He looks depressed.

Feeling sorry for him, I offer him an alternative. "George, if you want, I can give you a quick hand job."

"Really? You would do that for me?" George says with a surprised look.

"Yes, I would."

I pull open his pants and begin stroking his cock with my hand. He orgasms after several minutes.

"Marissa, that was great."

"Iím glad you enjoyed it."

George and I look at each other for a couple of minutes in silence.

"I really have to go. Thanks again for driving me."

I get out of the car and wave to him. He drives off.

Inside the mansion, I let Master and Katherine know that I am home. Sally returns the next morning before breakfast. She hooked up with two lesbian women who enjoyed vacationing in clothing optional resorts. That evening we have the slave promotion ceremony.

Sally and I both received our purple-colored, virtual maid uniforms, the insignia of a first class slave. Since I returned to the mansion first, I get to have sexual intercourse with the Master first. My arms are strapped, and I am elevated two feet above the ground. A two-foot spreader bar is strapped to my ankles separating my legs. Master unlocks my pussy shield, flips it up, and lowers me down onto his cock. I had never in all my life had any object as large as Masterís cock inside me, nor had I ever had any cock inside me. It hurts a little, but I try to relax as much as I can. He starts rubbing in and out. Soon, we both orgasm. It is the most fantastic feeling in the world. For a brief moment, I forget I am even restrained and just believe that I am floating on air. I have given my virginity to my Master.

When we are finished, all the slaves applaud, and then it is Sallyís turn. She is restrained just as I was and has sexual intercourse with the Master just as I did. Like all the other slave promotion ceremonies, lower-ranked slaves kiss our buttocks, and Sally and I kiss Master and Katherineís feet.

After the ceremony, we all go upstairs to the ballroom for the reception. As first class slaves, Sally and I receive special gifts from the Master, related to our specialties. As a landscape architect Sally receives a framed certificate of her landscaping license. I receive ballroom dance shoes, real ones, with black leather uppers and suede soles! Another tradition for all newly minted first class slaves is the demonstration of our specialties. Sally decorated the ballroom earlier with all kinds of floral arrangements. Even though she is not a florist, she is the closest thing we have to one and did a wonderful job. Huge bouquets elevated on three-foot marble columns line every corner of the ballroom. Vines hang from the ceiling. The tables have smaller floral arrangements on them and lining their edges. The place is beautiful.

"Slave Marissa, itís time to demonstrate your specialty," Master says to me. Wearing his tail suit, he pulls out his remote control and switches my virtual outfit from the first class maid uniform to my yellow ballgown. I put on my dance shoes. Master motions to Katherine to turn on the music, and we dance our solo waltz routine. When we are done, everyone applauds. We also dance the other four standard dances, then switch to the five Latin dances with my virtual Latin outfit. What an evening!

After the reception, Master walks Sally and me up to our own bedrooms. The greatest perk for first class slaves is that each one gets her own private upstairs bedroom in the mansion. No more sleeping in the basement on bunk beds. First he shows us the two bathrooms that all the first class slaves share. It is a regular bathroom with sink, toilet, and bathtub with a shower head, marble countertop, tile floors, large mirror, medicine cabinet and drawers under the sink. Itís an ordinary-looking bathroom, but a real luxury compared to the locker room-style bathroom facility that I had been using for the past few years. This is heaven. I will be able to take my own private baths in that bathtub.

Master shows me my bedroom first. The room is 15'x18' with vaulted ceilings and purple carpeting, the same shade as my maid uniform. A queen-sized bed is on the far wall and has a brand name spring mattress, 600 thread count cotton sheets, comforter, and pillows on a solid oak bed frame with head board and foot board. Matching solid oak nightstands flank both sides of the bed. The room has a small closet, but it was empty. A full length mirror is on one wall. My very own remote control panel with optical reader is on another wall. The walls are painted with different pastel colors.

"Master, the room is lovely. Thank you so much." I say as I give him a hug.

"You are welcome. Sweet dreams, my slave."

Master and Sally then proceed to her new bedroom.

I close the door, then throw myself onto the big bed. It feels sooooooooooo sooooooft.

From the Slaveís Rulebook:

First Class Slave

As a first class slave, you have made a long-term commitment to the care and well-being of the Master and his household. You have also chosen a specialty, so that you can make a greater contribution to the mansion and so that the Master can enjoy you all the more. You will be expected to serve as an authority in your specialty and teach the less experienced slaves, apprentice slaves and recruit slaves. You will be allowed to leave the property without supervision. You will have your own bedroom upstairs in the mansion.

Over the next few days I learn Masterís sleep schedule. In order for him to sleep with all first class slaves, Master posts a sleep schedule, which is essentially a calendar with a slaveís name on each date. Sometimes Master goes on a business trip and adjustments have to be made. But, for the most part, the schedule follows a cycle. He spends one night with each slave, except for the head slave who gets two nights in a row. When a cycle is done, it starts over again.

Almost every time Master sleeps with me, we have sexual intercourse. He unlocks the pussy shield in bed. We have sex, usually missionary style. Then he promptly locks my shield back up. Sometimes we lie in bed and talk afterwards, but most of the time he falls asleep. On the rare occasions when we donít have sex, we would stay awake for a while and just talk.

Life is good.

Current rank: First Class Slave
No. of batteries: 5
No. of virtual outfits: 6