The Pussy Shield
by Chuppecatnutter

Chapter 7--Grocery Store Incident

Another excerpt from the Slave's Rulebook:

The Slave's Oath

I, , give body, mind, and spirit to the servitude of my Master, to be naked at all times with dignity, to develop my full potential to please my Master, and to surrender my will to my Master.

The Slave's Oath consists of three points: body, mind, and spirit, all three of which belong to the Master.

Your physical BODY belongs to the Master. He considers the pussy area the most sacred part of the female body. Therefore, the chastity belt/pussy shield serves to not only give you virtual clothing but also protects against anyone or anything trying to access the pussy. Only the Master may have access to your pussy. Slaves are not allowed to own anything including their bodies. Body does not just refer to the slave's physical body but also includes all physical possessions. The Master owns anything given to you. You are merely a steward of the item, which must be used directly or indirectly for the Master's benefit. See Nudity section for more information.

A slave is admitted, because she carries in her MIND certain skills, abilities, and talents which the Master finds beneficial to his well-being. Using these traits to the best of your abilities and to the fullest potential pleases the Master the most.

SPIRIT is the essence of who you are and what motivates you to do what you do. When you surrender your will to the Master, your will is no longer your own. Your sole purpose in life is to please the Master and nothing else. Everything you do, every thought you have should be in the interest of pleasing the Master.

I turn a few pages.

Third Class Slave

As a third class slave, your duties are expanding beyond general housekeeping. Your pussy shield gives you more virtual clothes as your time, duties, and responsibilities increase. Depending on what virtual clothing you are given, you will be allowed to leave the property to run errands and enjoy outings with the Master or at least under the supervision of one or more first class slaves. Third class slaves sleep on mattresses with no sheets or blankets in a basement next to the dungeon.

Pussy Shield

Similar to the chastity belt, the pussy shield is also made of stainless steel and lined with neoprene. The pussy shield comes with three piercing rings, which signify the three points of the Slave's Oath. The USB port is your gateway to the outside world. At his discretion, the Master uploads virtual clothing outfits into the pussy shield via the USB port, so that you may go into the outside world appearing as if you are fully clothed.

Care and maintenance should be followed just like the chastity belt. Body piercings take time to heal, even with diligent care. Expect some time for normal healing. Clean each piercing twice per day for at least nine months and daily in the shower thereafter.

Watch for signs of infection (increased redness, tenderness, heat, or swelling). If you have any problems or concerns concerning the pussy shield, please talk to the Master or Head Slave. If necessary, they will ensure that you get proper medical treatment.

No more skin rashes from that bulky chastity belt. No more baby powder. And best of all, defecating is so much easier. The logs slip right out, and I don't have to use as much toilet paper. I am so excited to be a third class slave that I decide to project my uniform almost 24 hours a day. About the only time I don't have it on is when I am showering, because I need to see what I am washing. Predictably, the battery runs out, and I grab one earned from my apprentice slave days. Unfortunately, the new battery does not fit. I compare the old one with the new and discover that they are different sizes. The one for the pussy shield is slightly smaller. In a bit of a panic, I run upstairs and find Linda, who explains to me.

"slave Marissa, the batteries for the chastity belt don't fit in pussy shields."

"But I collected all these batteries when I was an apprentice slave." I plead.

"Those are only good for chastity belts back when you had one. You have to start collecting new batteries. The good news is that you get to keep the same pussy shield all the way to first class. As you promote, any batteries you accumulate will still be good."

"Yes, but that does not help me now. I have no batteries and look naked."


I try to exchange them for pussy shield batteries, but Katherine says no go. In fact, Sally and I were required to turn them in during the slave promotion ceremony, but Master forgot to mention it. Sadly, Sally and I relinquish all our chastity belt batteries to Katherine. I now have no batteries and must appear naked until Saturday when I pick up a new one, and I must start all over again collecting them.

With discipline and determination over the next couple of months, I do collect new batteries back up to four.

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I see Katherine relaxing by the pool in a lounge chair, reading a book. I know her pussy shield is turned off, because she is naked. I also notice that she only has one breast. Her right one is gone. Also naked and not having anything to do, I sit next to her.

"Hi Mistress."

"Hi slave Marissa. How are you?"

"I am fine. And you?"

"I am fine, too. I am just enjoying the sunshine."

After a brief pause, she asks "Is there something you needed from me?"

"Well, I happen to notice. I mean, well, I guess I have never seen anyone with only one breast before. I'm curious as to what happened."

"I had breast cancer in my right breast and needed to have it removed."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"That's all right. It's in remission now. I have not had any signs of cancer for the past four years."

I think for a moment then respond with "Interesting."

"What is?" she asks and smiles.

"Well, Master seems to enjoy having beautiful women with perfect bodies around. No offense, but I am surprised he chose you to be here. I mean don't get me wrong, you are very pretty, but don't a lot of men prefer women with two breasts?"

Katherine puts her book down and begins, "When I was 20 years old, I was a piano performance major in college under a full scholarship. I was also just diagnosed with breast cancer but had no health insurance. The medical bills were mounting, and I was afraid I would run out of money and die. During one of my piano recitals at the school, a man in the audience was impressed with my playing abilities. He came back stage after the recital to meet me and ask if I would do a private recital for him and a few of his business associates at his home. He offered a very large sum of money that I could not refuse, because I knew I would be able to pay some of my medical debts. I did the recital, and he asked me to come back to play for him on a regular basis for a modest but steady income. My hope of surviving came back, because I knew I would be able to get chemotherapy and be rid of this cancer. Over time, we got to know each other, and he learned of my medical condition. He offered to pay all my medical bills if I would become his slave. He would also allow me to complete my degree and play the piano for him. He saved my life, and I am his first slave."

"What a story, Mistress! I had no idea you were his first slave, but I have never heard you play the piano."

"Oh, I play sometimes. I used to play a lot, but then he hired other slaves and got busy. He needed someone to manage the household while he went off on business trips, and I got the job. I get so busy managing the place that I don't often get a chance to play."

"What about going nude?"

"Nudity came later. He was curious to see what my breasts looked like during chemo treatments and before and after the mastectomy, so I showed him. He enjoyed looking at me naked so much, he required all slaves to be naked. Some slaves abided by that decision; others left. Over time, we established a hierarchy, promotion, reward, and discipline system for all slaves to keep the organization in order."

"And the pussy shields?"

"The Master is a brilliant engineer and inventor. He decided that it was too much trouble commanding the slaves to put their clothes on only to have them take them off again moments later, so he invented the pussy shield. I was his first guinea pig and wore the prototype. At first the virtual clothing was very simple: a one-piece solid-colored swimsuit for example. More elaborate clothes came later. Designing virtual clothing has its challenges, such as creating a skirt with shadows in the pleats, but it's these fine details that make clothes look three-dimensional and demonstrates just how brilliant the Master really is. He created the illusion of us standing in high heel shoes without wearing any shoes. He made it look like the frill in our hair is actually standing up. It also malfunctioned a lot, and I cannot tell you how many times the thing failed in the middle of a recital or a night on the town. I have had to walk out of restaurants and theaters many times wearing my Master's trench coat with my Master apologizing profusely to the management. But eventually, he perfected it, and now we have what we have."

"So, Mistress, you have had your share of embarrassing moments, too."

"Oh yes indeed." She replies and nods.

"Yours is gold; everyone else's is silver."

"Yes, only the head slave gets a gold shield. It carries three times the memory capacity of a silver one. It's one of the perks of being head slave."

"You must have a lot of virtual outfits."

"I've got a few." She modestly says.

I am in the kitchen helping Linda prepare lunch, when Katherine comes in with two women wearing white maid uniforms.

"slave Bethany and slave Deanna, this is slave Linda and this is slave Marissa."

"Hello" come from Bethany and Deanna.

"Bethany and Deanna have just arrived and are our newest recruit slaves." Katherine explains.

"Please to meet you." I reply.

"Hi there." Linda says.

Bethany is a tall one at 5' 10" but thin. She has neck-length brown hair and brown eyes. Deanna is 5' 3" 115 lbs. and has long dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her white uniform top, however, appears to carry a lot of cleavage.

That night when I am lying on my mattress, I hear whimpering from the dungeon. I get up and walk over to find Bethany in her cage sobbing away. Deanna is fast asleep in hers. I bend down to Bethany's level.

"slave Bethany, are you all right? What's wrong?"

"I'm claustrophobic. I want out." She sobs.

"I am sorry, but I don't have the key."

"I didn't know they were going to make me sleep in a locked cage. I don't like it here. I want to go home."

I reach through the bars and take Bethany's hand. "Bethany, it's going to be all right. You will get used to it. Let me stay with you."

Bethany seems to stop sobbing a little and tightens her grip on my hand. After a while, she finally falls asleep.

The next morning, I find Bethany sitting at the breakfast nook.

"Thank you for helping me last night, Mistress Marissa."

"You are welcome. Glad to help." I respond.

"Help with what?" Sally asks.

"Oh, Bethany and I talked a little last night about some things. That's all." I say nonchalantly.

During breakfast, it occurs to me that Bethany called me Mistress. I realize that I am no longer the lowest ranking slave in the house. I like this feeling.

After breakfast, Master asks me to come to his office. My gut reaction is what did I do wrong? But it is just the opposite.

"slave Marissa, you have been doing good work here. I noticed that the grounds look great, the swimming pool is always clean, and the meals even taste better ever since you have been helping slave Linda in the kitchen."

"Thank you, Master. I aim to please."

"Come closer."

I walk up to his desk. He leans over and sticks a USB cable into my pussy shield. The other end of the cable is attached to his laptop computer. He begins typing. After a few minutes, he disconnects the USB cable from me, then presses a button on his remote control. I look down and see myself projecting a yellow short-sleeve polo shirt, white crop pants, and white lace-up sport shoes. Master has awarded me with my first casual virtual outfit that is not a maid uniform.

"Master, this is beautiful. Thank you so much."

"You are very welcome, slave. Keep up the good work."

"Can I go now?"

"Not yet. Please sit on my lap. I would like to talk."

I sit on Master's lap behind his desk, and we talk. He tells me how much he cares for me and thinks about me. I give a classic pat answer response similar to "I bet you say that to all the slaves." He says that is mostly true. Nevertheless, he cares for each slave dearly. He has an excellent memory and always follows through on any concerns we tell him or indirectly tell him through Katherine. He asks me to come even closer. I lean down to his face, and we kiss. He places one hand on my breast the other on my buttock. After a few minutes we amicably separate.

"Master, I really need to get back to work. Can I go now?

"Yes, you may. Take a look in the mirror when you have the chance to see your new virtual clothes."

"Okay, Master. Thank you again."

When I leave his office, I head straight to the basement where there is a full length mirror near the bathroom. It looks good on me.

Sally later shows me how to cycle through from a casual outfit to my maid uniform to no clothes at all. Standing in front of the same control panel and optical reader in the basement, Sally presses the same red button but holds it down this time. Each second, her virtual clothes keep changing and cycles through in a certain order. She only has two outfits, her maid uniform and a causal outfit. Thus, her virtual clothing cycle is maid uniform, casual clothes, no clothes, maid uniform, casual clothes, no clothes, etc. After three cycles, she releases the button stopping the cycle at no virtual clothes.

"So that is how you change clothes." I respond.

"Yes, either that or the Master's remote control. That thing can change your outfit at our Master's will."

I also figure out that whatever outfit I am projecting when I take my battery out is the same one I project again when the battery is put back in.

Linda asks me to go with her to the supermarket to help buy groceries. This is my first outing with my new casual outfit. Linda is also casually dressed in a green t-shirt, white Capri pants, and tennis shoes, all virtual of course. When we reach the market, I grab a shopping cart while Linda pulls out a shopping list out of her wallet. We begin going up and down the aisles filling the cart as we go. About half way through the store, Linda says she needs to use the ladies room and asks me to take over for her. She hands me the list and wallet, and I continue shopping. I find everything I need and wait for Linda. She does not come out of the bathroom. Not wanting the perishables to spoil, I go through the checkout line, pay cash from Linda's wallet, then load everything up in the minivan. Still no Linda. I head back into the market and walk into the ladies room.

"Linda, are you in here?"

I hear Linda's voice of desperation from a stall, "Marissa, is that you?"

"Yes, Linda. Why are you still in here?"

"My battery ran out."

Oh no. No wonder she is still in here. Without a battery she appears naked and cannot leave the ladies room.

"Linda, did you bring any extra batteries with you?"

"No, I left them all at home."


"I thought this one had enough juice to make it to the store and back."

"Oh, Linda. What are we going to do?"

"Give me your battery." She commanded.

"No! Then I‘ll end up naked. No way."

"Well, then drive home and get me another one."

Not be able to think of another solution, I decide that was the best one. I tell Linda not to move and would be back as soon as I can. I drive the minivan back home and tell Katherine what is happening. Katherine asks Deanna, Bethany, and Maria to unload the groceries in the minivan quickly, changes her outfit to a navy blue blazer with princess seams and back vent, matching pants, striped boatneck shirt, and leather sport casual sandals, then accompanies me back to the supermarket with a spare battery.

When we pull into the parking lot, the supermarket is deserted. It is 7:30 PM, and the sign on the store window says they close at 7:00 PM. I ask Katherine what to do.

"Stay in the van." She commands.

Katherine gets out of the minivan and walks to the sliding glass door of the grocery store. She knocks on the glass and gets an employee's attention. An employee walks over and talks to her through the glass."

"Yes, what do you want?"

"I need to use your bathroom."

"We're closed."

"I know, but I really need to go badly."

"I'm sorry but store policy."

The employee then returns to her work. Katherine gets back in the minivan.

"I am afraid there is nothing we can do. Linda will have to wait until the store re-opens tomorrow morning."

"But she will be stuck in there all night." I reply.

"I know, but she is a second class slave. She can handle it."

We return to the mansion. Sally, Bethany and I all pitch in to make dinner in Linda's absence. I keep thinking about her and how she is coping with spending the night in the ladies room of a grocery store.

The next morning, Katherine and I drive back to the supermarket. The store has already been open a few minutes, and we find Linda sitting on the curb wearing sweats.

"Linda, what happened? Are you all right?" we ask.

"Yes. I am fine but a little tired."

"Where did you find those sweats?" I ask.

"They were in the store. I did not know that they sell sweats in a supermarket until I walked around."

"So you are wearing real clothes." Katherine asks.

"Yes Mistress."

The three of us get in the minivan and return home. Katherine, Linda, and I are all standing in front of Master's desk in his office. The Master is sitting down behind his desk and speaks.

"From what the three of you have told me, I find two infractions. Slave Linda, you wore real clothes."

"Yes Master." She softly says.

"slave Marissa, Linda asked you to give her your battery and you refused."

"Yes Master." I answer.

"Discipline will be carried out tonight starting with no dinner for either of you. Dismissed."

"Yes Master." We all say in unison.

Later I ask Katherine why I am being penalized for disobeying Linda's order. Katherine's response is "It would not have made any difference who was stuck in the stall naked. You could have given your battery to Linda, she could have fetched the spare battery, and you could have spent the night in the store instead of her."

"But it is not my fault that her battery ran out. She should have brought a spare."

"You're right. She should have, but the fact remains that she gave you a direct order, and you disobeyed. Besides, you could have brought along your own spare battery, and the whole incident could have been avoided."

I still don't think it is fair, but Master made his decision, and I must get disciplined.

That night Linda and I each get 25 lashings on our buttocks with the Master's cane. We also each give him one of our spare batteries. This marks the second time Master has disciplined me for an infraction.

Current rank: Third Class Slave
No. of batteries: 3
No. of virtual outfits: 2

Chapter 8--A Dirty Trick

This week is filled with promotions and most notably an excommunication. Ten days after Deanna arrives as a new recruit, I see her walking out to the front gate with her regular clothes and luggage in hand.

"slave Deanna. slave Deanna. Where are you going? I ask.

"I'm going home, and don't call me slave. I quit."

"You're quitting?"

"Yes. This nudity thing is for the birds. You are all a bunch of pervs. I'm going home where I can wear regular clothes any time I want."

When Bethany and Deanna retrieved the mail, they were just as giddy about it as I was. I figured they would get over it. Nevertheless, I watch Deanna walk out the front gate where a taxi is waiting for her. She gets in, and the taxi drives away. I suppose this lifestyle is not for everyone.

Tonight I get to hold a flashlight at a corner of the estate to watch Bethany pass her nudity exam for apprentice slave. When she runs by, I shine the flashlight on her. This is the first chance I have had a good look at her naked body. Because of her height, she has a much longer running stride. Her breasts are about the same size as mine. But, most notable is all that brown pubic hair, which not only covers her vulva but also extends all the way up to her belly button and out to her hips. If she placed her hands over that area, it would not even cover half of all that hair.

"Nice going, Bethany! You can do it." I shout to her.

"Don't shine that flashlight on me!" She quips. "People will see me."

Without breaking stride she turns the corner and keeps running.

Master: "slave Bethany, as an apprentice slave, you must recognize the authority of me and the other Mistresses. Come and kiss the feet of all who are superior to you."

Wearing her new chastity belt, Bethany bends down and kisses Master's feet. He gets off the pedestal, then Katherine stands on it. She kisses hers, followed by Jackie, Linda, Sara, Maria, Sally and finally me. It's the first time anyone has ever kissed my feet.

Everyone returns to their places in the circle.

Master: "This concludes the ceremony for slave promotion. Everyone give a round of applause to our new apprentice slave."

Everyone turns to Bethany and applauds and cheers.

A few days later, Linda and Sara take their nudity final exams for first class slave. Sara did not seem to have much trouble and was the first to make it back in less than two hours. That's got to be some kind of record. She walked through the gate looking nude like it was a walk in the park. I only wish I have it that easy when it is my turn. Linda takes much longer, about 12 hours. A big 18-wheeler semi pulls up to the front gate. I see Linda kissing the truck driver. She gets out naked and waves goodbye to him. That guy had the biggest smile on his face. I'll bet she made his day.

The ceremony for the first class slave promotion has the same opening and closing rituals, but the middle part is different. When Linda and Sara stand in the center of the circle nude, the Master plugs a USB cable into their pussy shields and uploads the first class maid uniform from his PDA. After he turns on everyone's pussy shield to display maid outfits, Linda and Sara stand on the pedestal and bend forward. Sally, Maria, Bethany and I are required to kiss their buttocks as a token of our subservience to them. Then, they step off the pedestal to allow the Master to step on it, so that they can kneel down and kiss his feet. Like before, they also kiss Katherine's feet. Apparently, in all the slave promotion ceremonies, the slave being promoted gets her buttocks kissed by any lower ranks present and kisses the feet of all higher ranks. When Bethany and I became apprentices and when Sally and I made third class, there were no lower ranks to kiss our rear cheeks, so it did not happen. This is the first time my lips have ever touched someone's buttocks.

One of the tremendous privileges of being a first class slave is sexual intercourse with the Master. Only first class slaves and the head slave can have sex with the Master and only the Master. (Needless to say, lower ranks cannot have sexual intercourse.) After the foot-kissing is done, Katherine presses a button on the wall to lower the chains from the ceiling as in the third class ceremony. This time, two leather wrist cuffs hang together from it. Linda runs her hands through and Katherine tightens the straps. Linda is lifted a few inches off the ground. Katherine attaches a two-foot spreader bar to her feet spreading her legs apart. Master presses a button on his remote to make her appear naked, pushes a key into the lock of Linda's pussy shield and unlocks it separating the triangle from the crotch ring. He flips up the shield exposing her pussy. The Master removes his clothing and inserts his cock into Linda's pussy. We all watch the Master and Linda have sexual intercourse. After the orgasm, Master lowers the pussy shield back down to her crotch and locks it. Linda is released, and the process is repeated for Sara.

Another aspect of the first class promotion is post-ceremony festivities. First class slaves are required to show off their area of specialty during the post-ceremony party in the living room. For Linda that is easy, she has several desserts for us to try, including pecan bars, carrot cake, lemon meringue pie, peanut brittle, and crème brulee. I go straight for the white chocolate fountain, which is circled by fresh strawberries, delicious. Sara being the masseuse gives Master a leg and buttocks massage for him in front of everyone in the living room. She enjoys rubbing his rear cheeks hard. Linda receives a chef's hat as a gift from the Master, a real one, not virtual. Sara receives massage supplies, mainly various rubbing oils.

Sara, Maria and I are in town running some errands for Master: dry-cleaning pick-up, mailing packages at the post office, etc. Sara is projecting a beige long-sleeve tunic with an embroidered necklace, and crop blue jeans. Maria is projecting a white sleeveless chino dress with pleated safari-style pockets, and antique brass belt buckle. I am still projecting my one and only casual outfit. In-between errands, Sara suggests we do some shopping at a strip mall. Maria thinks it would be a good idea, so we go. Out in the parking lot, Sara pulls out a water pistol and shoots my pussy shield. It immediately short circuits. I lose the projection and appear naked in the parking lot.

"Hey! What did you do that for?" I shout.

"Just having a little fun." Sara explains.

I cover my privates with my arms and hands and try to look for cover. Sara then points the pistol at Maria. Maria gets frightened and freezes.

"slave Maria, I don't want you to be naked. Just get in the car, and we'll be on our way."

"But what about Marissa?" Maria asks.

"Marissa is going to stay and do some more shopping. Right Marissa?" Sara answers as she turns to me.

"F*%# you, Sara!" I yell back.

A man comes out of a convenience store with a soda drink and pauses to look at me. The strip mall has a small alley way between two buildings. I make a beeline dash for it. Sara and Maria continue to exchange words in the parking lot. I am too far away to hear them. Maria reluctantly gets in the car; Sara gets in the driver's side, and they drive away. My naked body is exposed in a strip mall on a sunny day with no means of transportation. People are everywhere. Panic sets in.

People are going in and out of different stores. I peek out from the alley and notice a pay phone about 25 feet away. When the parking lot is momentarily empty, I run to the phone and try dialing Master's number.

"Excuse me. Do you need some help?"

A male voice behind me speaks to me. I turn around to see a young man about 5' 8" tall, curly dirty blond hair, maybe college-aged or mid-twenties. My muscles tighten up and my hands are still in front trying to cover up. I turn my back to him and face the pay phone.

"Go away. I am trying to make a phone call."

"If you don't mind me saying that telephone is out of order."


"The phone. It's out of order."

I lift the receiver to my ear. He is right. There is no dial tone. I also look at the top of the phone box, where a handwritten piece of paper says "OUT OF ORDER." I hang up the phone and run back to the alley. He follows me but does not enter the alley and keeps his distance. He repeats his original question.

"Do you need some help?"

I feel so embarrassed but cannot deny that I need help. I look at him. Something about the expression on his face and the tone of his voice tells me he genuinely wants to help.

"Ye-Yes, I need help." I stutter.

"I have a jacket in my car. I'll go get it for you."

I cannot wear clothes, so I offer an alternative.

"Actually, can you just drive your car up to the alley? I'll just get in, and we can get out of here."

He agrees and runs to his car. A couple of minutes later, he swings around in a bronze-colored subcompact car and waits for me. Without looking, I just run to his car, open the door, and get in. I see an elderly woman with a shopping bag looking at us. Her eyes are wide open, and her jaw his halfway to the ground.

"Let's get out of here." I say to him. "Go!"

He hits the gas and squirts out of the parking lot. Soon we are on the road.

"I'll take you to my apartment. I've got some clothes there you can borrow."

"I don't need clothes. I need to get home."

As he is driving, his eyes occasionally glance down at my groin.

"That's uh an interesting triangle thing you have on your, well, you know."

I turn to him and say, "Hey look. I really appreciate you helping me out like this. I really did not know what I was going to do back there. Thanks for helping me."

"Sure thing. I am really curious though how you got out there naked in the first place."

"Can you promise to keep a secret?"

"Yes, I can."

I don't know why I trust him. Maybe it's because he got me out of a jam, or maybe it's because he has not tried to take advantage of me (if you know what I mean). He just seems interested in helping me.

"I have this electronic device on my pussy that is supposed to project a holographic image of clothes. It was working just fine at the strip mall (no pun intended), but then it got wet and short circuited. That's how I ended up naked."

"Wow, what a cool device. Do you mind if I take a look at it?"


I move my hand away and show him.

"No, I mean can we go to my place. I'd like to exam it and maybe help you fix it. You see, I am an electrical engineer, working on my master's degree. I'd love to take a look at that thing. No funny business. Honest."

I think about it while we are stopped at a red light. Can I really trust this guy? We just met five minutes ago.

I did not have to say yea or nay, because before long we end up at his apartment anyway. I look around and see no one, so I quickly get out of the car, and follow him up the stairs to his apartment. Inside, he offers me more clothes, but I decline. He then takes a close look at the shield and notices the USB port. He pulls out his laptop and runs a USB cable from my shield to his computer. I just sit there and wait for him while he stares at his screen. After several minutes, he says, "This is some really sophisticated programming that I have never seen before. I am not really sure what to do." He looks some more, then says, "Let's try this." He types some more, presses ENTER, then the bottom half of my maid uniform appears on me. I am still topless, but the skirt and fishnet stockings show. The USB cable looks like it is punching a hole through my skirt. He types a few more keystrokes, and the frill in my hair appears. He begins to get amused, like a kid with a new toy. After some more fiddling around he gets shoes on my feet, but not the ones that go with my uniform. Rather they are the causal shoes that go with my other outfit. I am beginning to look like a mismatched model. I decide that I have had enough and ask if I could borrow his phone.

"I am sorry. I should not be playing around with someone else's property. You don't have to call. I'll drive you home."

With that, he disconnects the USB cable and shuts down his laptop. I look like a topless stripper.

Placing both hands on my breasts, I get back in his car. He also gets in. I direct him to the mansion where he drives up to the front gate.

"I want to thank you again for helping me."

"You're welcome. Hey, I never got your name."


"Marissa. That's a nice name. I'm George."

"Thanks again, George."

Just as I get out of his car, he hands me a paper with his phone number. I get out of the car. After Sally lets me in through the gate, he drives away.

"Who was that?" Sally asks.

"That was my friend, George. He helped me get home."

"What happened to your maid uniform? The top is missing."

"Yes, I know. It's a long story."

Current rank: Third Class Slave
No. of batteries: 4
No. of virtual outfits: 2

Chapter 9--Caught Like an Animal

I spend an hour in the Master's office with a USB cable stuck in my pussy shield. Master runs some diagnostic programs to help fix it. When he asks me what happened, I only tell him part of the story. I tell him about the water hitting the shield but not that it came from a water pistol from Sara. I did tell him about George and the way he helped me. He seems to accept my answer, so I leave it at that. He is glad that I refused to wear any clothes, even though it was offered to me twice. He is very proud of me for making it back on my own. It's too bad it was not an official first class nudity exam. It did not qualify anyway, because I was only three miles from home, and you have to be at least five miles away according to the rulebook. It was good practice anyway.

When he finally got my pussy shield in good working order, he restores my virtual outfit to the maid uniform. Later I tell Sally the whole story. She got as mad as I did. She does not like Sara either and has had her share of practical jokes and bullying from her. I later learn that Maria kept her mouth shut, because of Sara's threats. If Maria did not conform, she would have ended up appearing naked next to me in that alley.

An excerpt from the Slave's Rulebook:

Second Class Slave Requirements

I turn a few pages:

Fitness Requirement

The Master requires all slaves to stay physically fit. When slaves are fit, they feel better (and have better sexual intercourse with the Master when they reach first class rank). Slaves in good shape perform their duties easier and can more easily pass their nudity final exams for each rank. The Master wants all of his slaves to wake up in the morning feeling like they can accomplish anything under the Master's control, Slaves must feel strong and confident in their servitude for him. A healthy slave is a productive slave. A productive slave enables the Master to also be more productive.

All slaves are required to participate in the daily exercise routines, which serve as an excellent way to train the slave's body for endurance, increase cardio capacity, and build muscular strength.

Fitness is for the birds, I think to myself. I attend the daily exercise classes but just go through the motions. However, I always make sure I at least stay fit enough to barely pass the fitness tests for each rank, but do not feel compelled to do anymore. Jackie, the black belt instructor, is very enthusiastic about staying in shape, but I am not.

Bethany sure has been standing out by the pool for a while. Her chastity belt is not turned on, so she appears naked. I wonder what she is doing. When I walk up to her, I notice that a big black spider is drawn on her chest with a thick felt tip marker.

"Bethany, what are you doing out here?" I ask.

Bethany begins singing and doing hand motions. "The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain. And the itsy bitsy spider crawled up the spout again."

I bow my head and put my hand on my forehead knowing exactly why Bethany is doing what she is doing: Sara!

I explain to Bethany the same way Sally explained it me many months ago. Bethany did not know what to think of Sara's treatment of her but got a little angry when she figured it out later. Like when it happened to me, Bethany was also getting sunburned for standing out in the sun so long. And like the rest of us, she was glued. The soles of both of her feet were glued to the deck of the swimming pool. She could not move from that spot, even if her life depended on it. Sally and I help Bethany get unglued from the deck. We also clean the dried-on glue from that spot on the deck off before the Master and Katherine return.

Katherine is driving me to my test for second class slave. Once again I am blindfolded and sitting in the front passenger seat. Making the step from third class slave to second class slave is not that big a jump. The only difference is you have to get picked up at a different spot. Everything else about the exam is the same. As long as you don't get lost, it's no problem. When I took my third class exam, I was walking around a little anyway. Katherine makes sure I don't get lost by showing me a map of the park. First we arrive at the pick-up point and points on the map where we are. This way I recognize it when I get there and stay there. Then she blindfolds me again and drives me to the drop-off point. Again, she shows my where on the map. A series of hiking trails separate the two points on the map. It is now my job to get from point A to point B within 24 hours, and it's not a straight line. Judging by the key on the map, I would estimate three miles of hiking. It is one hour before sundown, and Katherine gives me my final instructions.

"slave Marissa. The rules require that I only stay for about 15 minutes. If I cannot find you by the end of that time, I have to leave, and you are on your own. So, it is extremely important that you be there when I get there. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Okay. Good luck, and I will see you tomorrow."



I give her my battery from my pussy shield and a hug in the car, then get out. The parking area is empty, and no one is around. Katherine drives away leaving me with absolutely nothing but a non-functioning pussy shield. I am not even allowed to have the map with me, but I did memorize which trail names to take.

With the setting sun, I don't hesitate to starting walking briskly up the first trail. Once it gets too dark to see, I will have to stop and spend the rest of the night where I stop. The more ground I can cover tonight, the less ground I will need to cover tomorrow when it is daylight. The really nice thing about this park is that there is no overnight camping. Theoretically, this means that no one should be around at night. For the third class exam, I had to stay away from those campers but should not have such a problem tonight. Once the park opens tomorrow morning, however, jogger, hikers, and equestrians will be up and down these trails, so I really need to get as close to the pick-up point as I can before they get here. Ideally, if I don't make any wrong turns, I might even make it all the way to the pick-up point tonight and can just hide in the bushes all day tomorrow.

Just like for third class, Sally and I agreed to take the second class exam at the same time. She is at another park trying to get from point A to point B, just like I am. Two naked women are running around in the woods in the dark. What a sight we must be!

After half a mile, I come to my first fork in the trail: left turn for Pinewood Trail and right turn for Cherry Tree Trail. I turn left and keep walking. So far so good. I know where I am. Another half mile later, I stop to take a rest at the next fork. In a clearing near the fork, I see and bright orange object in contrast with all the green foliage. Curiously, I step in that direction to see what it is and discover that the orange color is in fact an orange and part of a pile of fruit: apples, bananas, tangerines, grapes, and even strawberries, my favorite! What is a pile of fruit doing out here?! Clean and fresh, the fruit does not look like it has been here that long. Remembering that Sally was able to get a candy bar when she took her third class exam, I thought that this is a story I would be able to tell the gang back home: "I found a whole pile of fresh fruit! So there!"

I step a little closer and get within a foot of the fruit, when all of a sudden, I feel a rope tighten itself around my left ankle and pull it out from under me. I drop to the ground, get dragged, then hoisted up five feet in the air. The whole thing happens in three seconds. I am now swinging upside down by my left ankle. Hanging upside down is no fun. The last time I was completely upside down was during the promotion to third class slave when Master installed my pussy shield. In a way, this is actually more awkward. During the ceremony, both of my ankles were strapped and raised together, so I was symmetrical, and my weight was distributed evenly between both ankles. This time I only have one ankle attached. My right leg is free and trying to lower itself like my arms. The pain around my left ankle is horrendous, because it is bearing all my weight. After a while I stop swinging like a pendulum. I try reaching up to untie the rope but don't even get close. My hands get as far as my thighs. I cannot reach any farther. I am stuck. This was obviously a trap for some animal, who would see or smell the fruit, then get close enough to become a prisoner of the trap. In this case, I am the animal that got caught.

The park is pitch-black now. I don't know how long I have been hanging here. Even if I could get down now, I would have to stay here until dawn when I can see again to proceed. The way things look now, I will hang like this until someone comes to release me, most likely a hiker or jogger in the morning. By then, I will be very hard pressed to make it to the pick-up point. My head feels like it is ready to explode. My right hamstring aches because my right leg is bending forward from gravity. My legs are trying to do the splits vertically, which they cannot do, so it hurts. It is also getting cold. I can't move around very much, so I also begin to get goose bumps and shiver a little. This really sucks.

I hear footsteps approaching. It sounds like two men, but I cannot be sure. As they approach, I can see two flashlights. They come straight at me and shine their beams up on me.

"Look, Ken. We captured a live one!"

"Whoooweee! We sure did, and she looks like a mean one, too."

Who are these guys, and why are they making fun of me?

"This is the best one we've caught yet."

"Yep. Can't wait to take her back and get the place cleaned up."

They proceed to get me down and don't hesitate to "accidentally" brush my private parts with their hands while doing it. When I am finally down on the ground, I get up and try to run away. But as soon as I put weight on my left foot, my ankle screams in agony. I quickly drop to the ground holding my ankle. The men walk over to me. One of them picks me up and throws me over his shoulder like a side of beef. They walk down the trail all the way back to the parking area I started in. They open the camper shell on the back of their beat up old pick up truck, and throw me in. They close it, lock it, and get into the cab section. We start driving away from the park but not towards the city where my home is. Instead, we drive in the opposite direction, deeper into the woods. It is so dark that I have no idea where I am going.

After about an hour, we stop at a log cabin in the woods, their cabin. They open the camper shell and order me out. I hobble in to the cabin with them. The place is a pig sty. Empty beer bottles are everywhere. The mismatched furniture is the kind you would see in a college student's apartment but even older. A huge hole is in the middle of the sofa. The place is dusty, moldy, smelly, and untidy. So many dirty dishes are piled on the kitchen counter that I cannot even see the counter. Is that a dead cockroach? Gross.

Ken wraps a chain around my left ankle and locks it with a padlock. He takes the other end of the chain and goes into the kitchen. I have no choice but to follow him in. He wraps the other end around a handle on the wood-burning oven and locks it with a padlock. The chain is 12 feet long. The oven is bolted to the floor. I am not going anywhere except within a 12-foot radius of the oven.

"Hey little lady, we want ya to cook and clean fer us. You do that, won't you?" Ken says to me.

"No way, why should I?" I reply in defiance.

"because if ya don't, we never feed ya. Ha!"

A cell phone rings. Ken reaches into his pocket and pulls it out.

"Hallo. Yea we got ‘er. Oh she's a feisty one. Don't worry. She's not goin' nowhere."

Ken hangs up then leaves me in the kitchen.

Who is he talking to? Who else knows I am here. It sounds as if this whole thing was planned.

They hang out for a couple of hours drinking beer in the main room. I learn that the one guy is named Ken and his partner in crime is Jose. After a while they both fall asleep drunk. I am sitting in the middle of the kitchen nursing my ankle the best I can and crying. How did I get myself into this mess? If only I did not try to touch that fruit. I should have just kept walking, then I would still be in the park.

The next morning, Ken scolds me for not cleaning the kitchen, then tells me to have it clean and dinner ready when they get back. They both hop into their pick up truck and leave. I now have a chance to escape, but how? I am chained up like an animal. My ankle is sprained. I am naked. And I don't even know where I am. Fearing what they would do to me if I don't do as they say, I start cleaning. The dishes are gross, but there is a bottle of dish soap on the sink. The dishes alone take three hours to wash, rinse, dry and put away. I then clean out the oven, which is not too bad. I take a broom and wipe away all the cobwebs, then sweep the floor, swatting a cockroach in the process. I open the refrigerator to see what I can eat and make them for dinner. The only thing in the fridge is beer, lots of it and nothing else. How do they expect me to make dinner with beer? I close the fridge, then curl up into a corner of the kitchen.

It is getting dark again and about the time Katherine would be at the pick-up point. She is probably looking for me right now and wondering where I am. I hear Ken and Jose drive back and enter the cabin.

"Well lookie here. She cleaned for us, Jose." Ken says.

"Whoa! So that is what the kitchen counter looks like." Jose says.

Ken and Jose bring in grocery bags filled with food. They hand them to me and tell me to make dinner. It's not hard. Most of what they bought was pre-made and canned. I just opened up the packaging, placed it on a plate and handed it to them. They seem okay with it. After they are almost done eating, Ken gets up, reaches into the bag, and plops a pint of strawberries on the floor next to me.

"These are fer you." Ken says.

I don't have much of an appetite at this point and remain curled up in the kitchen. Later in the evening, Ken and Jose get drunk on beer again. Ken passes out much closer to me than last night. So close in fact that I might be able to reach into his pocket and grab the cell phone. When I hear both of them snoring, I move very slowly towards Ken. I carefully reach into his pocket and pull the phone out. I slowly crawl back into the kitchen with it and start dialing Master's phone number.

"Hello." Katherine answers.

"Katherine! It's me, Marissa." I say to her in a whispered but desperate tone.

"Marissa! Where in the world are you?"

"I don't know." I speak quickly and softly.

"I went to the pick up point, but you weren't there."

"I know. I am being held prisoner by two goons. Please help me."

"Prisoner, did you say?"

"Yes, two men kidnapped me in the park last night. They won't let me go."

"Marissa, stay on this line, I am going to have it traced."


I keep the receiver to my ear and mouth but hear nothing but static. After 15 minutes, I begin to wonder if I got disconnected. Both men are still fast asleep. I can still hear them snoring in the next room.

"Marissa? Are you still there?"

"Yes, I am still here."

"Marissa, we think we know where you are. Stay there. We are coming to get you."

"Okay, please hurry."

"Okay. Bye."

Katherine hangs up, but my hopes rise. They are on their way. I hope they get here soon. I wonder what I should do with this cell phone. Should I keep it in case Katherine calls, or try to sneak it back into Ken's pocket? If she calls, the ringing would wake them up anyway. So, I decide to quietly inch my way towards Ken to return his cell phone. I successfully get it back into his pocket, then return to my place in the kitchen.

After a couple of hours, I hear a car coming towards the cabin. Ken and Jose wake up. We all look out the window. Master, Katherine and Jackie are getting out of the minivan. Master is wearing a light blue dress shirt and dark pants. Katherine is projecting a white polo shirt and blue jeans. Jackie is projecting her jujitsu uniform. Ken and Jose are too hung over to move very fast. Master knocks on the door and tells us to open up. Ken searches for his shotgun while Jose trips and falls over a six pack of beer.

I yell out, "Master! I'm here. I'm here. Help me!"

Jackie busts open the door. Ken tries to take a smack at her, but she grabs his arm and throws him over her shoulder towards the window. Ken breaks through the window and lands outside. Jose tries to get up, but before he can stand erect, Jackie kicks her knee into his face causing him to fall to the floor face down. She then digs her knee into his back, grabs his right arm and pulls it behind him into a hammer lock. The whole fight lasts about ten seconds.

I run towards Master and Katherine, who enter the cabin once the fighting is over. Since my ankle is still attached to the chain, I yank the chain and fall down. Master comes to me, helps me up, and I give him a big hug. Just then a sheriff's car drives up with a deputy sheriff. After embracing the Master for 60 seconds, I give Katherine a hug. The sheriff places Ken and Jose under arrest. The key is found to release my ankle. Katherine hands me my battery, so I get my maid uniform running. I don't know why but begin to cry. I am so happy and relieved to be safe at last.

Back at the mansion, Dr. Otis checks my ankle and decides that it is only a strain and should be fine in a couple of weeks. Master decides that I cannot promote to second class slave, because I called for help. It does not matter that I was caught in a trap or kidnapped. Rules are rules. However, he says that I can retake the test in a few weeks when my ankle is better. For compensation of my bravery, he gives me an extra battery. I thank the Master for the battery, Katherine for tracing my call, and especially Jackie for rescuing me. I now appreciate Jackie so much more now that I have seen her martial arts skills put to practical use. The Master has a terrific body guard. From now on, I am going to work out much harder and get in better shape. I might even choose jujitsu as one of my specialties. Sally successfully passed her second class nudity exam without incident and will be going through promotion ceremony. They waited for me to come home before commencement.

In the dungeon, all the slaves are standing in a circle appearing naked with Sally standing in the center. A USB cable is running from her pussy shield to the Master's PDA. When he is done, he disconnects the cable and turns on everyone's pussy shield to display maid outfits. With her brand new, blue-colored, second class uniform projecting, Sally stands on the pedestal and bends forward. Maria, Bethany and I kiss her buttocks as a token of our subservience to her. I have mixed feelings at this point. I should be getting promoted alongside Sally but through bad luck, I am still a third class slave. Sally is now a higher rank than me. I should not have to kiss her rear; I should be standing next to her getting my buttocks kissed, too. After Sally kisses the feet of her superiors, Master presents her with bedding: fitted sheet, flat sheet, wool blanket, pillow and pillowcase. Second class slaves can sleep with bed sheets.

As we are getting ready for bed in the basement, Sally and I sit naked on our bunk beds and talk.

"slave Marissa, I am so sorry you went through that ordeal."

"Yes, Mistress Sally, but I am sure glad those guys are behind bars."

"You know. It's a funny thing. When I was running through the woods for my second class exam, I saw a pile chocolate bars off the side of the trail."


"Yes, really. I thought it was very strange. But, I did not pick any of them up and just kept going.

Sally pauses then changes the subject. "When will you have another chance to take the second class exam?

"Master said as soon as my ankle is healed, maybe a few weeks."

"Well, that's not long. Then we'll be the same rank again."

Sally notices that I am eyeing her bedding. She knows that I am wishing I had my own.

"slave Marissa, come sleep with me tonight."


"You can share my sheets with me, just for tonight."

"Oh, I don't know."

Sally gets into bed and raises a corner of her blanket up in a motion for me to join her.

"Come on." She encourages me.

I get into bed with her. The soft cotton sheets and her body are so toasty warm. It feels so good to feel cotton on my body again.

"Mistress Sally"

"Yes, slave Marissa."

"I have a personal question for you."


"Are you a lesbian?"

Sally smiles and shakes her head. "No, I like men. I love Master."

I smile back. Then we roll over and go to sleep. I have a dream.

I am stark naked hanging upside down by my ankles in leather straps. My legs are together. Other slaves are also naked and hanging in the same inverted suspension. No one is wearing her pussy shield or chastity belt. Our heads are hanging about four or five feet from the floor. We are all in a great circle facing one another. At first glance it appears we are all holding hands in the circle. But upon closer inspection, our outstretched arms are held that way with handcuffs. My left wrist is in one cuff while the slaves' right wrist next to me is in the other cuff. This pattern repeats around the circle. No one else is in the dungeon, no tormentor. But, we are all happy, smiling, laughing, socializing, and unified. We could stay like this forever.

Current rank: Third Class Slave
No. of batteries: 5
No. of virtual outfits: 2