The Pussy Shield
by Chuppecatnutter

Chapter 4--A Quick Trip Around the Block

One day, Katherine asks me to take a walk with her in the garden after dinner. She has actually been very nice to me over the weeks. She is firm but fair and always makes sure she does not give me anything to do way past my limitations.

"slave Marissa, how do you feel about living here so far?"

"Well, Mistress, I like it here more than when I first came." And the food is pretty good. Linda is a good cook. I mean Mistress Linda is a good chef."

"I noticed that you and slave Sally have hit it off. Are you getting to be friends?"

"I like being around her. Yea, I guess so."

"Is there anything you donít like about living here?"

"Well, it would be nice to sleep in something softer and not in a cage." I choose not to mention my teapot incident with Sara.

"That will come to you in time."

Katherine is almost talking to me like a friend or even a big sister. She really wants to know how I feel about living here. She has had this attitude almost since the first day we met. I am comfortable around her and almost consider her a mentor. Our little walk eventually ends up around to the front of the mansion, Katherine casually asks me to take a quick naked run around the block.

Except for retrieving the mail weekly, I have never stepped outside the grounds since coming here. "What did you say, Mistress?"

"Run around the perimeter of the estate nude."

Oh great. Just as I was getting used to the whole mailbox chore, now I have to go even further.

"Mistress Katherine, this property is almost 100 acres. Are you sure?"

"slave Marissa. I like you very much. You have been an eager-to-please slave. I believe you want to stay here longer, donít you?"

"Yes, I do."

"Your 30 days are up. Today is the last day of your trial period. You have a choice. You can either go out and run around in the nude or you can grab your luggage from the storage shed, change back into your regular clothes, and be on your way."

"Has it really been 30 days already?"

"Yes it has." Katherine says with a very soft and warm voice.

Thirty days goes by so fast.

"To make sure you donít cut corners, we have asked the other slaves to post themselves with flashlights at key locations around the perimeter of the property. You must be seen by each flashlight in order to pass the test. One time we had a slave cut a corner and try to get back on the premises too soon. I almost kicked her out for trying to cheat, but she pleaded me with me so much that I allowed her take the test again later that night."

Just like before, I have to decide. I have been so preoccupied with chores, rules, nudity, and getting back at Sara, that I really have not had a chance to search for work or housing elsewhere. Slaves here get paid with room and board but not money. I am still flat broke. Unlike the mailbox test, it does not take me long to decide that I will make the run.


"Yes, slave."

"Iíll do the run. I want to stay."

"Iím glad."

As I am stripping down, Katherine tells me that no slave has ever failed the test for promotion to apprentice, except for the cheater that one time, of course. Her point is that no one has ever gotten caught or lost or injured or chickened out. Somehow I found her words encouraging as I shiver from the night air.

"You can start at any time." Katherine explains.

I take another deep breath and head out the gate. This time I donít even take an initial look to make sure I am not being seen by a pedestrian. I suppose the darkness and getting used to the mailbox errand has gotten me used to that. For no apparent reason, I turn right and not left and begin my streak. I hope that was okay, because Katherine did not say which way to go. Oh well. Itís too late now. Affluent neighborhoods like this donít have any streetlights, so it is very dark, which is a double-edged sword in this situation. No one can see me, but I cannot see where I am going, either. Once I get going my body feels good against the night air. My size B breasts are bobbing to and fro, and the soles of my feet feel like they are on fire. I feel leaves and twigs under my feet. They pinch and poke, but I donít care and keep going.

This property sure is big. I have been jogging now for at least ten minute and have yet to turn the first corner. I hope I did not miss it. After another five minutes or so, I see a flashlight off in the distance. Is it one of ours, or is it a stranger? As I approach, I can see the white ruffled trim of a maid outfit. Itís Linda standing on a ten-foot ladder leaning up against the fence from inside the estate. Yes, I am on track.

"Hi, Linda."

"Hi slave Marissa. Keep going. You are doing just fine." Linda cheers like a football coach.

I turn the corner and keep jogging. One wall down, three to go. Feeling better about the run, my nerves calm, and I try to relax as I place one foot in front of the other. I hear a car coming from behind me. It sounds like it might be about fifteen seconds away. Ten seconds. The trees and street in front of me begin to light up from the upcoming headlights. Five seconds. I duck behind a tree as the car zips by and does not stop. I donít think he saw me. As I rise and begin walking, I see two red car lights heading away from me. I have just dodged my first bullet as a streaker. I approach the next corner but donít see a flashlight. I am sure I did not cross a street. I must still be on the perimeter of the property. Well, I am not 100% sure. It is dark after all. I suppose there is a chance I could have missed it. I begin to panic, and my heart skips a beat. Am I lost? What do I do? Shall I go back?

A brief moment of bravery enters my mind, so I softly speak to the fence, "Hello? Is anyone there?"


I try again. "Hello."

More silence but then a voice is heard from the fence.

"Shine it!"

"Okay okay. Get off my case."

I hear Sally telling Sara to shine the flashlight. What a relief. The welcomed glow of a flashlight at eye level hits my face.

"Thank you, Sally."

"Hey there, Marissa. You are welcome. Good luck." Sally says enthusiastically.

With renewed confidence, I take off again down the third wall. Before I know it, I see Maria casually playing with her flashlight up on the ladder. Her naked body can be seen from the street. I stop for a moment.

"Maria, you should be careful with that flashlight. People can see you." I warned.

"Oh no, no one can see me; itís too dark." Maria replies like she does not care and keeps waving her flashlight around.

As I turn the corner I think Maria, you are going to get in trouble some day for being naked so much. I am now on the home stretch, the last wall. Looking to my right over the fence, I can see the upstairs lights through the windows of the mansion. I have a pretty good idea where I am now. I am going to make it. Yea!

Splat! Ouch! My right foot hits something solid causing me to fall to the ground. My toes are sore from the hit, and my knee is scraped. My chin is also a little sore, but my hands absorb most of the fall before my chin hits the pavement. I lay there a moment to catch my breath and let the pain subside. I feel my sore parts. Nothing is broken, just some scrapes and bruises I think. Serves me right for not paying attention to where I am going.

As I sit on the cold cement, I realize that I did not address any of the slaves by their titles. I just used their names. In all the excitement I just forgot and ran on instinct. I wonder if Iíll be disciplined for that. There is nothing I can do about it now. Whatís done is done. Right now, I have to get back to the front gate.

I get up and limp the rest of the way. No one is in sight, so I donít worry about being seen. I approach the front gate and find that Katherine, Linda, Sally, Maria, Jackie, and the Master are all waiting for me with big smiles. I cannot help but smile, too.

"You made it. You made it." Katherine shouts.

A few slaves applaud.

Once I step through the gate, Katherine gives me a big hug. Her warm skin feels good against my chilling body. I also hug Sally and Maria. I did not realize it at the time, but their clothes sure felt weird when I hugged them.

As a group we all walk to the back of the property.

"Arenít we going inside?" I ask.

"No, we are not done yet. Itís time for the ceremony." Sally explains.

I have just had the run of my life, and now there is more. Everyone is wearing clothes except me and Maria. Right now I just want to go inside, take a hot shower and crawl into my cage.

We walk past the golf course to an area of the property I have not yet been. Itís a small clearing with trees all around. Leaves litter the grounds. An oak podium and small pedestal are in the back. You can hear the chomping of leaves as people walk through the clearing and take their places in a circle. Jackie strikes a match to light a pile of wood in the center of the clearing. Soon a nice campfire lights the area. The warmth feels good on the front of my body, but my buttocks are still freezing. I stand opposite the podium and pedestal. Looking around, I see all the slaves wearing their spiffy maid uniforms. Itís amazing how they never wrinkle or dirty. I donít know how they do it. Mine seems to get dirty and wrinkled every day. Even Maria is wearing hers. Itís the first time I have ever seen her wear clothes. It looks good on her. I could have sworn she was naked at the front gate. When did she have time to put on her clothes? Holding a black plastic box with buttons on it, Master takes his place behind the podium and speaks.

Master: "Welcome to the ceremony for slave promotion. Tonight we celebrate the arrival of a new apprentice slave. I will now ask the head slave to introduce the new apprentice candidate. Slave Katherine, please introduce the candidate."

Katherine: "I bring to you slave Marissa."

Master: "Slave Katherine, Has slave Marissa fulfilled all the necessary requirements for apprentice?"

Katherine: "Yes, she has, Master. This slave came to us a month ago and has not only fulfilled the requirements for apprentice but also performed her duties well."

Master: "slave Marissa."

Marissa: "Yes, Master."

Master: "Sacrificing all you material possessions signifies that you are willing to pledge all that you are to me. Are you willing now to shed all your material possessions to join us?"

Give up all my possessions? Everything I own is in those two suitcases I brought with me. It isnít much.

Marissa: "Yes, Master."

Master: "Slave Katherine, please present the candidateís material possessions."

Jackie and Sara leave the circle and return with my two suitcases and my white maid uniform.

Master: "slave Marissa, throw all of your material possessions into the fire."

My Master has just ordered me to surrender the last of my worldly possessions into a great bonfire. I suppose there is no turning back now. From now on, I own nothing except my body, and even then it really belongs to my Master. I open up a suitcase and start throwing my clothes in: blouses, jeans, socks, bras, panties, T-shirts, swimsuit, belts, scarves, hats, nylons, and shoes. I do the same with the second luggage. Finally my entire maid uniform with frill, stockings, knickers, petticoat, and shoes are thrown in. I lift the empty suitcase and motion to Katherine if I should throw them in, too. Katherine says no, so I put it back down. When I am finished, I stand up and return to my place in the circle.

Master now presses a button on his plastic box, and in an instant, all the maidsí uniforms disappear leaving the slaves naked! My jaw drops to the ground. How did he do that? How can he just make clothes disappear? The slaves donít flinch and donít look surprised at all of what just happened. Looking around, I see most of the slaves wearing those triangle-shaped covers over their pussies. Only Sally has her chastity belt on. I am still wearing nothing, not a pussy shield nor a chastity belt.

Master: "slave Marissa, You are being admitted to my estate in recognition of your potential for hard work and your desirable personal traits. This ceremony also serves as a reminder to each slave to continue to strive for excellence, thereby bringing credit to herself as well as pleasure to me. Slave Marissa, your body, mind, and spirit belong to me now. Your genitals also belong to me now. In order to protect them, we are now giving you a gift to not only serve as a means to protect them but also to symbolize your permanent desire to stay here. Slave Jackie, the ropes. Slave Katherine, the belt."

Jackie and Katherine move away to perform their duties. I hear a rope lowering towards me from above. Itís a half-inch thick rope with a couple of loops tied at the end.

Master: "Place your hands through the loops."

I comply. Slowly, Jackie is cranking some sort of winch. The rope tightens around my wrists and rises. Soon my feet are dangling two feet off the ground. Katherine presents Master with a chastity belt. From what I can tell in the dark, it looks identical to Sallyís.

Master steps from behind the podium with the belt, walks up to me, bends down, and runs the belt up my legs. He wraps the belt around my waist and tightens it. Then he lowers the pubic shield and the bar down my crack so they meet at my crotch and locks them together in place. Itís a perfect fit. Master then nods to Jackie to lower me. My feet are on the ground again. Master undoes the ropes from my wrists, then walks back to stand on the pedestal.

He grabs the remote control, and presses another button. All the slaves are wearing their uniforms again, even me. Mine is yellow, like Sallyís, the uniform of an apprentice slave. But it does not feel right. In fact, it does not feel at all. I cannot feel my dress. It still feels like I am not wearing anything, except the chastity belt. I raise my hands to my chest to feel the dress, but all I feel is my skin! What kind of a dress is this?!

Master: "slave Marissa, as an apprentice slave, you must recognize the authority of me and the other Mistresses. Come and kiss the feet of all who are superior to you."

Katherine motions me to come kneel before the podium. I bend down and kiss Masterís feet. He gets off the podium, then Katherine stands on it. I kiss hers, followed by Jackie, Linda, Sara, and Maria. Except for the Masterís feet, my lips feel like they are kissing skin and not leather. I do not kiss Sallyís feet, because we are now the same rank.

Everyone returns to their places in the circle.

Master: "This concludes the ceremony for slave promotion. Everyone give a round of applause to our new apprentice slave."

Everyone turns to me and applauds and cheers. For the first time since my family died, I now feel like I am a part of this one.

After putting out the campfire, we all head back to the house. I still feel naked, and my feet can still feel the ground. It looks like I am wearing shoes, but I can still wiggle my toes freely and feel every pebble I step on. When we return to the house, we enter the family room. Linda prepares hot cocoa and tea for everyone. I sit on the sofa sipping my mug of cocoa. Jackie grabs a first aid kit and tends to my scraped knee. Sally sits next to me with earl gray tea.

"Mistress Sally, tell me about these dresses. Are they real?" I ask.

"No, theyíre virtual." She explains. "The pussy shields and chastity belts do more than just protect your pussy. They are also electronic storage devices and holographic projectors. I donít completely understand how they work, but they are really cool, donít you think?"

"So you are saying that we are not wearing any clothes. I still feel naked."

"Thatís right. You are still naked. We all are. The only people who wear clothes are the Master, recruit slaves, and a few maintenance guys. The slaves all "wear" virtual clothes. The shields and belts project a dynamic, three-dimensional image of clothes over our bodies using a divergence of light rays and some optical illusion. We are not wearing clothes; we just LOOK LIKE we are wearing clothes. The chastity belts that you and I are wearing only have one outfit in them, the apprentice maid uniform. When a slave gets promoted to the pussy shield, she can be downloaded additional outfits into the shield from the Masterís computer."

"Like Lindaís chef outfit and Jackieís jujitsu uniform." I add.


"But they look so convincing. When someone twirls, it looks like the skirt swooshes to the twirl with her. And when I press down on my shoulder like this, the puff actually bends in as if my hand really is touching it.

"Amazing, isnít it? Built-in gesture recognition devices sense our movements, and the clothes react accordingly. See the USB port on the shield?"

I look at Mariaís shield. Maria is sitting in an easy chair next to us with lemon tea. She hears our conversation and turns to show me her pussy shield.

"Yes, I see it."

I had never really paid attention to the details before. I did not feel like staring at everyoneís pussy.

"The USB port is what the Master uses to give you virtual clothes from his computer. Our chastity belts donít have a USB port, so we only have the one outfit."

I turn to Maria, "Mistress Maria, why donít you ever project virtual clothes?"

I donít know. I just like going naked. Besides I donít have to worry about using batteries."

"Batteries? What batteries?"

Sally responds, "Both the belts and shields run on batteries. See the little compartment above the USB port?"


"Thatís the battery compartment. The batteries look just like watch batteries. Master gives one out to each slave every Saturday morning as long as we perform our duties to his satisfaction. Heíll give additional batteries as a reward for exceptional performance. Itís important to have a supply of batteries on hand. Without them, they donít work and no virtual clothing is projected. You will appear naked to the world."

"How long do they last?"

"It depends on the virtual outfit you are running. For example, a string bikini does not take up much power, but a Victorian dress would use a lot. Katherineís uniform uses a little more than our maid uniforms, because her skirt is full length. For our apprentice maid uniforms, if we ran it continuously, the battery might run out in about 60 or 70 hours."

"Is that all?"

"Thatís all."

"But that is not even a full week."

"Yep. That is why it is important to only project virtual clothes when you have to, like when you are on duty or when guests are here. You will want to keep it turned off when sleeping or taking a shower."

"How do we turn it off?"

"There is a control switch down in the dungeon. I can show you where it is and how to use it. You can also just take out the battery."

When Sally mentions the dungeon, I realize how late it is getting and yawn.

"Mistress Sally, letís get some sleep. Iím tired."

"Yea, me too. And by the way, you donít have to call me Mistress anymore. Weíre the same rank now."

"Oh yea, youíre right. Duh!"

We both get up and walk over to Katherine, who is talking with Master and Sara.

"Mistress Katherine, we are ready to go to bed."

"Okay, I will meet you down there in a minute."

"Master, may we be excused?" I ask.

"Yes, you may, and congratulations again."

"Thank you, Master."

Sally and I head to the dungeon, where she shows me the control panel mounted on the wall. She explains and demonstrates, "Stand with your belt close to this optical reader, then press this red button. You have to make sure the built-in fob is close enough to the reader." Her dress disappears leaving her only with her chastity belt. "Now you try."

I do the same thing, and my dress disappears, too.

Katherine walks downstairs ready to lock us up. As she is locking Sally into her cage, I head to mine, but Katherine stops me.

"slave Marissa. Over here."

She motions me to another larger cage, the same size as Sallyís and right next to hers.

"A new cage?" I ask.

"Yes, youíre an apprentice now." She answers.

With enthusiasm, I enter my new cage. Itís seven cubic feet larger than my old one. A month ago I never thought I would be so excited to sleep in any cage let alone a bigger one.

Current rank: Apprentice Slave
No. of batteries: 1
No. of virtual outfits: 1

Chapter 5--Short Circuit

Wearing my chastity belt takes some getting used to. I have to be very thorough about cleaning it. Without towels, I cannot wipe away moisture. Sometimes I get a rash around my waist, and have to use baby powder. I have to push harder to get my stool out when defecating. Looking down into the toilet bowl, I can see my logs sliced neatly in half by the bar running down my crack. I have to use twice as much toilet paper, because I have to clean both my anus as well as the bar.

I read more parts of the Slaveís Rulebook:

Apprentice Slave

Apprentice slave is your first step into long-term subservience. Your duties will continue in general housekeeping. Nudity is now required in all duties and responsibilities. However, your chastity belt comes with one virtual maid outfit.

Care and Maintenance of Chastity Belt

Your chastity belt is custom-made of stainless steel and neoprene to fit comfortably. Accurate measurements of your body were taken from your physical examination. Take care to clean parts of the belt that are in constant contact with the body. During periods of long-term wear, a typical belt should be removed regularly to clean off accumulated skin, urine, and other deposits; however, under the rules of the Master, you cannot take off the chastity belt for any reason without the Masterís or Head Slaveís consent. Please check regularly for bruising, edema and chafing where the device contacts the skin and be vigilant against pressure sores. If you need to remove or adjust it, please see either the Master or Head Slave, who can help you. Do not under any circumstances ...

Thatís enough of me reading about chastity belts. Letís get to something more interesting. I turn a few pages and read.


The slave agrees to accept any discipline the Master decides is required. Such discipline shall be explained as to infraction committed, the timetable for discipline and the lesson that said discipline will hopefully teach. Below are some sample guidelines of infractions and appropriate disciplines:

Not mopping the kitchen floor well enough10 lashings on the buttocks with a flogger
Burning dinnerno meals for the next 24 hours
Wearing real clothes (apprentice and above)25 lashings on the buttocks with a cane
Leaving a room without Masterís permissionInverted suspension for 30 minutes
Removing the chastity belt without consentMandatory nudity for two weeks
Removing the pussy shield without consentDemotion to apprentice slave
Failure to obey a direct order (first two offenses)25 lashings on the buttocks with a cane
Failure to obey a direct order (third offense)Excommunication
Lying or Stealing (first two offenses)Loss of two batteries and 50 lashings on the buttocks with a cane
Lying or Stealing (third offense)Excommunication
Refusing to accept disciplineExcommunication

In addition, all infractions result in surrendering a battery except where stated above for multiple batteries. If slave has no batteries at time of discipline, a negative battery count ensues. The slave cannot have any batteries until she earns enough back to reach 0 count.


A slave who commits a serious offense or refuses to accept discipline may be excommunicated from the estate at the Masterís discretion. Excommunication means that once the slave is removed from the estate, neither the Master or any other slave may speak to her or acknowledge the slaveís existence if they ever come into intentional or inadvertent contact with excommunicated slave in the future. If the Master or any slave is asked by an outside party if they have any past relationship with ex-slave, the Master and slaves would deny any knowledge or relationship of that slave. The severity of excommunication varies depending on the slaveís rank at termination:

Recruit Slave-The slave must return her maid uniform. All her clothes and possessions that she carried with her into the estate are returned to her. She shall be led to the front gate where she shall walk out.

Apprentice Slave-The slaveís chastity belt is removed. She will be given a lingerie or teddy resembling a French maid, then led to the front gate where she shall walk out. She shall have no other material possessions, such currency, clothes, identification, electronic devices, purse, passport, or any means of transportation.

Third Class Slave-The slave is given no material possessions (same as apprentice). Her pussy shield is removed. She is absolutely naked and shall be led to the front gate where she shall walk out.

Second Class Slave-same as third class slave except that she shall be blindfolded and taken to an undisclosed remote location not closer than 50 miles of the estate and abandoned.

First Class Slave-same as third class slave except that she shall be place in a state of unconsciousness and taken to an undisclosed remote wilderness area of a foreign country and abandoned.

Head Slave-same as first class slave

If a slave is demoted, then later excommunicated, the severity of excommunication is at the slaveís highest rank ever obtained. For example, if a slave is promoted to first class, then demoted to third class, when she is excommunicated, she shall be excommunicated as if she is a first class slave.

If the ex-slave is seen trying to re-enter the estate, the authorities shall be called. In all likelihood, she shall be arrested for trespassing and, depending on her state of dress (or undress), indecent exposure.

I turn a few pages.

Third Class Slave Requirements

  1. Serve as an apprentice slave for at least six months.
  2. With prior approval of the Master or Head Slave, learn the basics in three specialty areas. Below are examples. Other areas can also be used to fulfill this requirement and can be developed as the needs of the household determine.
    1. Cooking -- satisfactorily cook 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 5 dinners from the Masterís Cookbook.
    2. Gardening
    3. Automotive Technology (oil and filter change, inflate tires, radiator power flush, air filter change, change spark plugs)
    4. Massage-12 classes
    5. Jujitsu (yellow belt)
    6. Golf-grounds maintenance and 12 golf lessons
    7. Ballroom Dancing (basic step and three patterns in the following dances: waltz, tango, foxtrot, cha cha, rumba, samba, swing)
  3. Pass the same fitness test for recruit slave. (Must be taken six months or later from date of nudity final examination for recruit slave)
  4. Pass the nudity final examination for third class slave.
  5. Complete the third class slave ceremony.

The rulebook also discusses batteries, which Sally told me about last night.

With guidance from Master and Katherine, I choose my three specialty areas to fulfill the third class slave requirement: cooking, gardening, and ballroom dancing. I take cooking because I did that professionally in my last job, and gardening is just an excuse to hang out with Sally more. Katherine tells me to try ballroom dancing. I would not have chosen that one by myself, but Katherine says the Master is an avid ballroom dancer and has been looking for a dance partner. Other slaves have tried taking dancing lessons, but they all have two left feet. A large ballroom with a hardwood floor is in the back of the house near the pool. The two make a great combination for large parties. But during the day, Master and I take private ballroom dancing lessons in there and practice on our own as well. An instructor comes to the mansion once a week for an hour and teaches us. At first because I did not know anything, I learn one-on-one from Johan, the instructor. He does not think it unusual for me to dance in my maid uniform. Itís the only clothes I can project. If the other slaves have taken lessons from him, then he is probably used to it by now. Later as I get more proficient, Master joins us and dances with me while Johan watches and teaches us as a couple. Master is an excellent dancer, and I enjoy his company and sense of humor when we practice.

One day, the Master asks me, "My neighborís pool person just quit, and they are having a pool party this weekend. He asked if he could borrow one of my staff to clean the pool for him. I thought of you, because you do such a good job. Besides I owe him a favor. Would you mind?"

"No, Master, not at all. I would love to."

Finally, a chance to get off the property. I have been stuck here ever since I arrived three months ago. Apprentice slaves donít have the opportunity to make excursions or run errands. We only have one outfit, and a yellow maid uniform does not exactly blend in with the crowd at your local shopping mall.

Master also tells me that they have all the equipment and supplies over there. He gives me directions, and I am on my way. Itís right next door, but since the lots are so huge, right next door means a twenty minute walk. I reach the main gate of the house and ring the bell. A voice from an intercom system speaks to me.


"Hi, my name is Marissa. I work for your next door neighbor. I understand you need your pool cleaned."

"Ah yes! Please come in."

The gate begins to open automatically. As I walk to the house, a man walks out to greet me.

"Hi, Iím Steve."

"Hi, Iím Marissa."

"Thanks for coming over. Let me show you the pool."

Steve leads me around to the back. The property is not quite as big and elaborate as my Masterís, but it is still pretty nice. The pool is also smaller and not the Olympic-sized one that Master has. Itís oval-shaped and designed more for wading and playing volleyball in than swimming laps.

"Youíll find all the cleaning equipment in the storage shed over there. You have experience cleaning pools?"

"Yes, that is why he sent me."

"Okay, Great. I am going into the house to get some work done. Holler if you need anything."


Steve enters the house. I open the storage shed and start cleaning. I use the long net to scoop all the debris that fell into the pool. Then I test the pH balance with the measuring kit. It needs more chlorine, so I pour some of that in. I finish everything and decide that the pool is clean, so I put everything away and close up the shed. When I walk back to the pool, two more leaves have fallen in and are floating just out of arms reach. I donít feeling like going all the way back to the shed to get the net, so I try a shortcut. I lean over as far as I can and paddle the water with my hand to try to get the leaves closer to me, or at least closer to an edge of the pool. This does not work very well, and I lose my balance.

Splash! I fall into the pool. At first I get angry at myself for being so awkward, but then figure it is no big deal, because I am really naked anyway. I will just get out of the pool and air dry myself. The virtual maid uniform should still appear dry. After I climb out, I pull my wet hair out of my face and over my shoulders. I happen to see myself in the reflection of the sliding glass door of the house. To my shock, except for the chastity belt, I appear naked!

My heart stops beating for a moment. How can I look naked? What happen to the appearance of my maid uniform? Itís supposed to be working. The battery could not have run out. I have not used that many hours on it. I start to breathe heavily and panic. I am away from my Masterís property and am near someone who might not know about my lifestyle. What would he think? He cannot see me like this. Itís too embarrassing. I cover my private parts with my hands and try to figure out how to cover myself.

Over by the garbage bins, I see a large empty cardboard box labeled, Acme Dishwasher. Steve must have recently bought a new dishwasher, and this is the box that came with it. I punch the bottom out and put myself in it. In a panic, I start running towards the front of the property and out the front gate. I am now on public streets in broad daylight wearing nothing but my chastity belt and a box. I donít think; I react. I sprint like crazy back to my Masterís estate. I donít know if anyone is looking at me and donít bother to turn my head to check. All I am focused on is getting home.

The run was probably only five minutes, but it seemed like an eternity. I ring the doorbell of the Masterís house. Waiting anxiously, Jackie comes and opens the gate for me. I dash in and breathe a sigh of relief.

"slave Marissa. What happened to you?"

"Oh Mistress Jackie. My maid uniform got turned off."

"Turned off? How?

"I donít know."

"What were you doing?"

"I was over at a neighborís cleaning his pool for him. I accidentally fell in the pool. When I got out, my uniform disappeared."

"Ah ha! I think I know what happened."

"You do?

"Yes, when you fell in the pool, your chastity belt short circuited, causing it to stop projecting an image."

"No, that canít be. I have swam and showered with the belt all the time. It never broke then."

"That was here, though. Not outside."


"All the water in here is specially treated. When our shields (or belt in your case) come in contact with water here, it does not get damaged. Out there, certain chemicals can really mess it up, chlorine especially."

"Oh great. Just great."† I have just damaged my chastity belt. What are Master and Katherine going to think? Iíll probably get disciplined for this.

Master walks towards me and Jackie. "slave Marissa, I just got off the phone with Steve. He says you did a fine job cleaning the pool, but he did not have a chance to thank you or say goodbye. Why are you wearing that cardboard box?"

I step out of the box and explain all that had happened.

Master all of a sudden gets a serious look on his face. "Come with me."

"Yes Master." I follow him into the house and into his office. Masterís office is twice as large as Katherineís. One wall has a library full of science and engineering books. Another wall is filled with diplomas, certificates, and patent awards of inventions I cannot pronounce. Hanging on the wall is a 27″x40″ oil painting of Katherine in the nude. Showing her body from the knees up and wearing her pussy shield, she is sitting on a stool with a dignified yet seductive pose. Master sits behind his desk. I just stand there in front of him.

"slave Marissa. Wearing clothes is an infraction of the rules. Even a cardboard box is considered clothing."

"But I was off campus with nothing to wear."

"It does not matter. You could have used the telephone to call us. One of us could have driven over to pick you up."

"But I didnít want Steve to see me naked."

"A little embarrassment never hurt anyone. Knowing Steve, he probably would have enjoyed it. You are going to have to be disciplined."

My heart sank. Is he going to send me down to the dungeon and torture me, demote me back to recruit, or even excommunicate me? This is turning out not to be a good day.

"Discipline will be ten hits on your behind with a cane and loss of battery. Sentence will be carried out after dinner. Itís only your first infraction. Consider yourself lucky. Dismissed."

"Yes Master."

I leave his office partially relieved. I guess I can live with a sore buttocks and some nudity. At least I am still living here and still an apprentice. Then it just occurs to me, how do I get my chastity belt repaired? Shall I go back into Masterís office? Better not. He does not seem like he is in a good mood. Iíll ask Katherine or Sally later.

That afternoon, I find Katherine and desperately ask to speak with her.

"Would you like to speak to me here or in private?"

"In private, please."

"How about my office?"


In Katherineís office, I tell her all that had happened: cleaning the neighborís pool, falling in, the short circuit, the cardboard box run, and Masterís discipline decision. Katherine listens to my every word and can tell I am worried.

"Are you worried about tonightís discipline after dinner?"

"Yes, that and how I am going to fix my chastity belt."

"I think the discipline is fair. Master has set rules in the house that we must all follow. He is actually letting you off a little easy. The rulebook says 25 lashings for wearing clothes. Youíre only getting 10. All of us have had sore bottoms some time during our stay here, but we all live through it."

I start to cry. Grabbing a facial tissue, Katherine gets up from behind her desk, walks over to me, and takes my hand. She wipes away my tears and gently speaks to me. "It will be all right."

"Will you come with me to the discipline in the dungeon?" I plead.

"Yes, we all have to be there to watch."

Katherine unlocks my chastity belt and says that she shall have it repaired as soon as possible. In the mean time, I have no choice but to walk around the house stark naked.

After dinner, everyone heads down to the dungeon for my big event. Master kindly explains to everyone what happened and why I am being disciplined. He tells me to lean over the horse. The horse is an A-frame wooden structure with heavy padding at the top. Attached near the bottom of its four legs are leather cuffs to put hands and feet through. Scared stiff, I do as I am told. Jackie and Katherine lock my hands and feet in place. I am still naked. My buttocks are sticking up near the top of the horse. Except for my head left dangling upside down, I am unable to move.

Master takes an oak colored wooden cane from the rack. He strokes my buttocks with his hand then says to me, "After I smack you, slave Marissa, you must say the number of the smack and Ďthank you, Master.í Do you understand?"

"Yes Master."

"Then letís begin."


"Ow! One. Thank you, Master."


"Ow! Two. Thank you, Master."


"Ow! Three. Thank you, Master."

There is a slight pause. Why isnít Master hitting...


"OUCH! Four... Thank you, Master."

And on it went up to ten. When it is over, Jackie and Katherine release me from the horse. Everyone either goes back upstairs or to the basement. Katherine and Sally stay with me a while for moral support.

"You did well." Katherine encourages.

"Yes, and you lived through it." Sally says.

"How does my butt look?" I ask.

"Youíve got some welts, but they probably look worse than they feel." Sally explains.

"When you have a chance, take a look in the mirror." Katherine says.

"Thank you for staying with me, both of you. It means a lot."

"Anytime." Sally replies.

My discipline does not really end with the caning. Since my chastity belt is broken, I have to go around stark naked for the next few days. My buttocks still show the welts, which I am very self-conscious of. It may be just my imagination, but I keep thinking everyone is looking at them and thinking what a bad slave I am. I also have to remember to sit down slowly. I am the only one in the household truly naked. Master and maintenance men wear clothes; the slaves wear a pussy shield, except for Sally who wears a chastity belt. They may be sort of naked, but they can at least appear to be wearing clothes. Maria is the only one who looks naked, but at least she has her pussy shield.

I return to my Slaveís Rulebook and reread the section on Care and Maintenance of Chastity Belt:

...If you need to remove or adjust it, please see either the Master or Head Slave, who can help you. Do not under any circumstances immerse the belt in water outside the estate. If the chastity belt comes into contact with any outside water sources, the belt will most likely short circuit. All water in the estate has been specially treated to not damage the chastity belt. This includes showers, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, water faucets, and urine.

I skipped this section earlier and now regret it.

On the third day of my enforced nudity, Katherine comes into the library where I am dusting, and hands me my chastity belt.

"All fixed, slave Marissa."

"All fixed? Really, Mistress?"


"Can I put it on?"

"Yes, you may. There is no battery in it, however. Master took it away as part of the infraction. Youíll have to wait until Saturday to get a new one."

"Okay. Thank you, Mistress."

"You are welcome."

I take the belt, put it on, and lock it in place. Itís better than nothing. At least my pussy is covered.

Current rank: Apprentice Slave
No. of batteries: 0
No. of virtual outfits: 1

Chapter 6--Stranded in the Woods

Over the next few weeks I make it a point to accumulate spare batteries. All the other slaves do, for they know that discipline can come at any time. Having a spare battery or two can save a lot of humiliation and inconvenience. Maria is the champion of battery-collecting at 15 batteries! I only keep my chastity belt turned on when I am on duty and during meals. Occasionally, Master will have guests over, and I have to be clothed in their presence to entertain them. Over the next few months, I receive a new battery each week with the previous one having anywhere between five to seven hours left. Over time, I manage to collect four spare batteries.

Infractions do happen and not just to me. Sally let some roses out front die, and Master disciplined her for that, five lashings, one for each dead rose. Linda overslept and was 20 minutes late with breakfast. She got 20 lashings, one for each minute. Even Mistress Katherine was not above the rulebook. A window had trouble opening and closing and eventually got stuck open, so it needed to be repaired. Katherine waited two days before calling the repairman. Master took away her battery and made her stand naked and handcuffed to the tool shed for an entire night. A maintenance man finally saw her the next morning and released her. At least she didnít get her buttocks whipped.

Another excerpt from the Slaveís Handbook:


The Master enjoys seeing his slaves in the nude and takes pleasure in knowing that none of them wear clothes. He wants all his slaves to be comfortable and enjoy being nude. Therefore, all slaves (except recruits) are required to be nude at all times. Wearing real clothing is never an option under any circumstance and carries discipline if this infraction occurs. See section on Discipline.

Nudity promotes honesty and self-dignity. The feeling of being nude letís your senses know that you cannot hide anything. Honesty is always the best policy and having an atmosphere of open and honest communication is the strength to any good relationship. Self-dignity also comes from within you and not through wearing clothes. Women who wear clothes feel that they have self-dignity. However, their clothes could be taken away from them at any moment (by a rapist or in a medical emergency for example). Remove a womanís clothes and you remove her dignity is how the saying goes. However, women who can learn to be dignified without clothes will always be dignified whether they have clothes on or not. Not wearing clothes also lightens your load and increases range of motion, enabling you to stay in physical shape and improve work performance. Nudity is pure, healthy, and natural.

Our society has not yet embraced the concept for nudity for all people. Thus, the virtual clothing you project enables you to conform to and function in the outside world. In mind, body, and spirit, however, you know you are nude.

Nudity Final Examinations

The promotion system enables you to decrease your gymnophobia and increase your comfort level in the nude in a series of increasingly challenging examinations. Although complete comfort as a nudist is never truly obtained, the journey of pursuing your honesty and self-dignity through this lifestyle is really what is important.

Recruit Slave-Retrieve the mail just outside the front gate.

Apprentice-Run around the entire perimeter of the estate.

Third Class-While blindfolded (or placed in the trunk of a car), be taken to a remote wilderness area not less than five miles away and abandoned there with no material possessions, except the chastity belt. The chastity belt shall have no battery. The slave shall be picked up 24 hours later at the same spot.

Second Class-same as third class, except the drop-off and pick-up spots shall be a distance of not less than two miles, and the pussy shield shall have no battery. Thus the slave must free hike from the drop-off to the pick-up point.

First Class-same as second class, except that there is no pick-up. The slave shall return to the estate using her own means.

Before an exam, the slave cannot:

During an exam, the slave can:

During an exam, the slave cannot:

Otherwise, the slave fails the exam. If the slave violates a rule, discipline will be enforced as usual. Calling the estate for help or getting arrested results in no infraction. Taking a more challenging exam above your challenge rank is not allowed but will enable you to pass the exam. For example, if an apprentice slave is taking the third class exam and successfully runs home on her own, the slave will only get promoted to third class. The slave still needs to take the second class and first class exams later for promotion to those ranks.

"Are you ready to take the test for promotion to third class?" Katherine asks.

"I donít know, Mistress."

Itís a big jump from apprentice to third class. In the first two exams, I was pretty close to the estate. I am supervised and could chicken out at any time. And the exams didnít take all that long. But itís a lot tougher for third class. You have to be completely abandoned miles from here. You donít know where you are, and there is no backing out once they drive away. Youíre stuck out there nude for an entire day. Lots of things can happen in 24 hours--bad things.

"Mistress, there is no time limit for being an apprentice slave, is there? I mean for recruit, I had to promote to apprentice by 30 days. But for, third class, I can take my time, right?"

"Yes, thatís right. You can stay as an apprentice for as long as you like and live here for years that way. But slave Marissa, wouldnít you rather sleep on a nice soft mattress instead of being locked in a cage every night? You could get up during the night and use the bathroom anytime you wanted instead of holding it until we let you out of the cage. And wouldnít you rather wear a compact pussy shield instead of that bulky chastity belt? Wouldnít you like to be able to project other outfits beyond the maid uniform and make trips to the shopping mall?"

"I guess so."

"Well, then I would like to see you get promoted."

"I have to think about it some more."

"Okay, let me know."

I leave Katherineís office feeling dejected. I have been here for almost ten months and still have not taken the third class nudity exam. I have fulfilled all the other requirements but just canít come to grips with being helplessly naked and abandoned for that long. Sally and I are the same rank, so that night as we are locked in our cages we talk.

"Sally, how come you havenít taken the third class exam yet? Youíve been here longer than I."

"I donít know. I guess I really havenít thought about it."

"Hasnít Katherine asked you about it?"

"Yea, a couple of times, but my mind gets preoccupied with other things. Why do you ask?"

"Katherine wants me to take the third class exam."

"And you are reluctant, I take it."


"You know what we should do, Marissa?"


"We should take the exam together."

"Can we do that?"

"Letís ask Katherine tomorrow."


"You know, Marissa, if we take the test together, pass it together, and promote together, we can still be roommates. If only one of us passes, the other person would be in the dungeon by herself."

The next day, Sally and I both go to Katherine with our request.

Katherine explains, "No, I am afraid you cannot be out there in the woods together. The whole point of the exam is to prove your self-reliance as a naked woman."

My heart sinks.

"However, what I can do," she continues, "is to abandon both of you at the same time but in different places. You would be taking the exam together but will have no contact with each other the entire time."

"But isnít that the same as being alone?" I ask.

"Sort of. You would each know that there is another naked woman out there going through the same thing you are going through. In that sense, you are not alone."

I am still reluctant. It sounds like the same deal to me, but Sally holds my hand and thinks otherwise.

"Come on, Marissa. We can do this." Sally says with encouragement.

"I just donít know." I slowly say.

"If you both pass, you can go through the slave promotion ceremony together. That we can do." Katherine explains.

"What do you say?" Sally asks.

Sally has a tremendous look of anticipation in her eyes. Perhaps that is the final straw that got me to agree to take the exam.

"Excellent!" Katherine exclaims, "The test will begin tonight after dinner. Jackie will drive Marissa, and I will drive Sally to her spot. You will each be in totally different parks. I donít think they are even under the same government jurisdiction levels, so donít even try looking for each other."

"Yes, Mistress." We say in unison.

I am sitting blindfolded in the front seat of the minivan. Jackie is driving me to my third class exam. I am projecting my maid uniform, the only thing I can "wear." Jackie is projecting a pink tank top, blue jeans, and sandals.

"...and above all donít panic. If you see someone coming, just get out of their way and stay hidden." Jackie explains.

I appreciate Jackie sharing her experiences and advice with me. I really have not had a chance to get to know her as well as some of the other slaves.

When we reach the park, Jackie comes around to the other side, and helps me out of the minivan. I am still blindfolded and can smell the sweet scent of pine needles. She then guides me like a blind person to my final spot where I will spend the next 24 hours.

"Okay, slave Marissa. You may now remove your blindfold."

I take off the blindfold to see nothing but a lot of trees, bushes, and Jackie. I hand her the blindfold. It is dusk.

"Your battery, please."

I open up my battery compartment. As soon as I pop out the battery, the projection shuts off. My naked body is now exposed.

After I hand Jackie my battery, she says "I chose a nice remote spot for you. No one should bother you here. I am sure you will do just fine and pass with flying colors. See you tomorrow."


Jackie then walks away down a trail. I am now completely alone. Itís the first time I have been alone since I left my apartment ten months ago. From then until now, someone has always been telling me what to do, where to go, what to eat, when to sleep, what to wear or project. Now there is no one to tell me anything.

I start looking around and notice that near me is a campground with some picnic tables, barbecue grill, latrine, campfire area, and water pump with drinking fountain. No one is there, and itís nice to now I will be able to have water during my ordeal. The dusk continues to darken and the temperature cools. My hands and feet start to get cold, but I donít seem to mind. I am too preoccupied at the moment with how I am going to survive this. Before it gets too dark, I decide to walk around, making careful note where Jackie left me, so I know where to return.

The campground is near a trail, which I start walking on. I walk in the direction that Jackie went, hoping to figure out how far away the parking lot is. I get about 100 yards when I start hearing people talking and coming towards me. I can also see a couple of flashlights. People are coming! I immediately turn around and jog back along the trail. I go a little further pass the campground I started from and find a place to hide along the other side of the trail. The trail now separates me between the campground that I was near. I donít want to get too far away from my starting point, because I might get lost. I duck behind a bush. As bad luck would have it, the people stop at the campground that I need to be in for my pick-up. Oh this is just wonderful. Not only have they taken my spot, they have also taken my drinking supply.

Four men, three women, and two others (either teenagers or young adults--a boy and a girl) make up the backpacking party. They take off their backpacks and start making camp: pitching tents, lighting the campfire, etc. They seem to be having a good time. Laughter is in the air.

I decide to move a little further away. If I can see them, there is a slight chance they could see me. All they would have to do is shine a flashlight in my direction. I try to listen to their conversations but cannot make out much. Only when one of them shouts can I understand what that person is saying. From what I can tell, itís all small talk and nothing I would be interested in anyway. I can see a faint glow of a campfire, which reminds me how cold I am getting. Itís much warmer in the valley where the mansion is. Up here in the woods, the nights get colder. I wish I could join them and stand next to their campfire. I wonder what they would think of me if I revealed myself to them: a naked woman wearing a chastity belt running around in the woods with no camping supplies. Very strange indeed. They would probably think I need mental help. I am sure it would be an experience they would never forget. But I decide not to. I am not that desperate for help--yet.

Eventually the campers quiet down and go to sleep in their tents. I stand to stretch my legs, for I have been squatting for at least an hour or two. The wind picks up, so I wrap my bare arms around me in a futile attempt to stay warm. I look up to see a million stars in the night sky and for a moment feel very tiny and vulnerable in this great big Milky Way galaxy. I also think about Sally, where she is, and how she is getting through her test. Is she as cold as I am? Has anyone seen her naked? I wonder.

Some time during the night I somehow doze off and later wake up to the sound of the campers. The sun is also rising and starting to warm me up. I also smell food: eggs and bacon. Oh bacon! I could sure use something to eat and wish I could ask them for some food.

Ever so slowly, they break camp, put on their backpacks and continue down the trail. Alone again at last. I enter the campground to see if they left anything, but it turns out they were environmentalists. They left no traces. At least I am able to get a drink of water, which I take. Drinking the water actually makes me feel hungrier, because now that my thirst is quenched, the hunger pains are more evident.

The rest of the day has fewer incidentals. Every couple of hours or so, a hiker or jogger passes by on the trail, but I make it a point not to be so close to it. I also look around a little beyond the perimeter of the campground but nothing is to be seen. Most of the time I am within line of sight of my pick-up point with Jackie.

As dusk approaches again, my anticipation grows. Hurry up, Jackie, and come rescue me. A small part of me thinks, what if Jackie does not come for me? What would I do? Would I have to face the ridicule of some campers that I ask for help? Would they be humanitarians and help me or throw stones at me and label me a pervert? But Jackie does come. As she approaches the pick-up point, I walk over to meet her. Jackie smiles when she sees me.

"Hi there, slave Marissa."

"Hi Mistress Jackie. Itís so good to see you. You have no idea how relieved I am to see you. I thought you might not come back."

"Oh I definitely was planning on coming back. Weíve never abandoned a slave during a third class test or second class for that matter. We only do that for first class."

"Can we go now?" I ask.

"Yes we can. Here is your battery."

I take it from her and pop it back into my chastity belt. The projector starts up again with an image of my maid uniform. I am legally decent again. Hurray!

Jackie and I walk the trail together back to the minivan. I was only five campsites in from the trailhead, a short 15-minute walk. On the way home, I do not wear a blindfold, so I can see where I was. It was a long, long way from home. Getting back on my own would have been impossible!

When the minivan pulls into the driveway, Sally runs towards me. I get out, and we give each other the biggest hug ever. "WE MADE IT! WE MADE IT! WE MADE IT! WE MADE IT!" we shout.

"Okay calm down, you two." Katherine admonishes, "We are not done yet. We still have the promotion ceremony."

I was so relieved to finally finish the test and getting home, I forgot all about the ceremony.

"Katherine continues, "Go down to the basement and get cleaned up. The ceremony starts in fifteen minutes. After that, you can go to the kitchen where Linda has dinner waiting."

"Dinner!" I shout.

Oh, I wish Katherine did not mention dinner. She just reminded me how hungry I am. I have eaten nothing since dinner yesterday.

Sally and I take a nice hot shower and dry ourselves off. The warmth of being indoors plus hot water and hot air make me feel alive again.

Feeling anew, Sally and I walk into the dungeon where the Master and all the slaves are waiting. All the slaves are projecting their maid uniforms, even Maria.

"Ah, there you are." Master exclaims, "Now we can get started."

Everyone is in a circle with an opening big enough for two more to join. Sally and I take our places.

Master: "Welcome to the ceremony for slave promotion. Tonight we celebrate the promotion of two new third class slaves. I will now ask the head slave to introduce the candidates. Slave Katherine, please introduce the candidates."

Katherine: "I bring to you slave Sally and slave Marissa."

Master: "Slave Katherine, Has slave Sally fulfilled all the necessary requirements for third class?"

Katherine: "Yes, she has, Master."

Master: "Has slave Marissa fulfilled all the necessary requirements for third class?"

Katherine: "Yes, she has, Master."

Master presses a button on the remote control. All the slaves appear naked again. He then presses another button, and Sally and my chastity belts fall apart and drop to the floor. Looking down, the chastity belts are in three pieces each. Sally and I are stark naked. For Sally I think this is the first time she has ever had her belt off in a whole year.

Master: "slave Sally."

Sally: "Yes, Master."

Master: "and slave Marissa."

Marissa: "Yes, Master."

Master: "You have both demonstrated self-reliance in the outside world. For that you shall each be rewarded with a new chastity device. You are both being recognized for your hard work and self-reliance. This ceremony also serves as a reminder to each slave to continue to strive for excellence, thereby bringing credit to herself as well as pleasure to me. Your genitals continue to belong to me. In order to protect them, we are now giving you a gift to not only serve as a means to protect them but also to symbolize your permanent desire to stay here."

Master: "slave Jackie, the suspension cuffs. slave Katherine, the shields."

Jackie and Sara leave the circle. Jackie presses a button on the wall. A motor begins running that lowers a chain with a two-foot long spreader bar attached to the end. On each end of the bar is a thick leather strap designed for putting your feet through.

Master: "slave Sally. Lay face up in the middle of the circle."

Sally: "Yes, Master."

Once Sally lies on the floor, Jackie puts each foot through the leather straps, then tightens them.

Jackie pushes another button on the wall, and the motor starts again. This time the chain goes up and Sally along with it. When it stops, Sally is hanging upside down with her head about two feet from the ground. Her arms are dangling on the floor. Her legs are spread apart exposing her crotch. Jackie takes two leather cuffs and puts each of Sallyís hands in them and buckles them snuggly. She then runs a rope from the D-ring of each cuff to an eyebolt anchored to the floor, then ties knots and tightens them, so that Sallyís arms are outstretched. Sally is now in an inverted spread eagle position.

Katherine presents the Master with a pussy shield and various piercing devices.

Master then walks directly in front of Sally. His face is a vertical two feet away looking down at Sallyís pussy.

After cleaning her pussy with an antiseptic wipe, He makes three piercings: one on each corner of her groin area and a third on her crotch. He runs the rings from the three corners of the triangle into the piercings, then uses small ring closing pliers to close the rings.

When he is done, he signals Jackie to lower Sally back down. Sally is released. Katherine cleans the piercing equipment. Now itís my turn.

Master: "slave Marissa. Lay face up in the middle of the circle."

Marissa: "Yes, Master."

The same procedure is done to me. Aside from a yoga class in high school, I have never been inverted before. The blood immediately rushes to my head. My head feels like it will explode, but that feeling soon subsides, when I feel a pinch similar to a bee sting on my groin. Ouch! Then another on the other side. Ouch! I cannot see what is he is doing to me. I can only see Sallyís feet through Masterís legs. Finally, the crotch ring, which hurts the most. OUCH! Itís over, and I am let back down and released.

Returning to my place in the circle, I instinctively place my hand over the pussy shield to feel it. I also run my fingers over the ring piercings. Very tender. The underside of the shield with the neoprene lining is not flat. A bulge enters about half an inch into my vagina.

Master is now standing on the pedestal. He grabs the remote control, and presses another button. All the slaves are projecting their uniforms again. Sally and I now have red maid uniforms, the insignia of a third class slave.

Master: "slaves Sally and Marissa, as third class slaves, you must recognize the authority of me and the other Mistresses. Come and kiss the feet of all who are superior to you."

Just like before, Sally and I bend down and kiss Masterís feet and subsequently, Katherine, Jackie, Linda and Sara. Maria does not get her feet kissed, because we are the same rank.

Everyone returns to their places in the circle.

Master: "This concludes the ceremony for slave promotion. Everyone give a round of applause to our new third class slaves."

Afterwards, we all head upstairs for cake and ice cream. The cake reads, "Congrats to Sally and Marissa." In the corner is a drawing made of icing of a red maid uniform. A grand dinner is also waiting for Sally and me: turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and carrots, and fresh cranberry sauce. Yum! As we are eating dessert, Sally and I trade stories and share with interested slaves about our experiences in the woods. I mention the campers; Sally not only mentions her campers but her daring theft of food.

"Sally, you mean to say you snuck into the campground and stole a candy bar?" I inquired.

"Yes, they left one out by mistake. Believe me, if I did not take it, the raccoons would have later. Better me to have it than them."

"So you got a free candy bar. I am jealous. I didnít get anything to eat at all."

"Yea, but it was kind of risky. I could have been caught, too."

That night for bed, Katherine shows us the mattresses we will be sleeping on in the basement.

"No more cages for you. Third class slaves get to sleep on mattresses."

"All right!" I respond with joy. "Where do we get sheets?"

"You donít get any sheets." Katherine answers. "Sheets are a privilege for second class and up."

I look around and sure enough, Maria just has her mattress, but Linda and Sara each have sheets and pillows with their mattresses. I never noticed that before.

"Good night" Katherine says.

"Good night, Mistress." We all say.

I lie on my mattress and feel like I am in heaven. Even without sheets, it feels so soft and comfortable to sleep on a bed again. Before I know it, I am asleep.

Current rank: Third Class Slave
No. of batteries: 1
No. of virtual outfits: 1