The Pussy Shield
by Chuppecatnutter

Chapter 1--Introductions

Throw all of your clothing into the fire, the Master commands. I am standing stark naked in an open field. My Master has just ordered me to surrender the last of my worldly possessions into a great bonfire. From now on, I own nothing except my body, and even then it really belongs to my Master. How did I get into this situation? I think back ...

I am sitting alone in my rented studio apartment looking at want ads for a better job. My current minimum wage job at Easy Breezy Meatloaves is going nowhere. I have no money. In fact, I am three months behind on my rent, and the landlord has threatened eviction more than once. On my kitchen counter I see a framed 5"x7" picture of me and my parents when I was 13. It was taken when we were at a park, one of the happiest times of my life. But those times are over now. My parents have both passed away, and being working class unskilled laborers themselves, they did not leave me very much. All my friends from high school have gone off to college and have their own lives with new friends from the dorms and new boyfriends. Graduating near the bottom of my high school class, I have no direction in life and am bored stiff from working, eating, sleeping, working, eating, sleeping, etc. I see an ad that looks too good to be true: Maids for Hire. No experience necessary. Will train. Must be young, good-looking, and willing to show some skin. Full benefits. Room and board included. Contact Katherine at 555-555-1234.

I consider myself pretty and good-looking. My petite body of 5' 2", 110 lbs., blue eyes, shoulder length blonde hair, and fair skin has caught the eyes of several boys in high school, but they all turned out to be jerks. I certainly donít mind showing some skin. They probably have some skimpy maid outfit for me to wear. I am not modest. That "room and board included" part was probably the clincher that motivated me to call. I have not eaten in two days, because I have no money to buy food.

<ring, ring>


"Hello, my name is Marissa, and I am calling about your ad in the paper, the one for maids."

"Yes, we have an opening for a new maid. Are you interested?"

"Yes, I am."

"My name is Katherine."

"Hello, Katherine."

Katherine then interviews me over the phone right then and there. Over the next 90 minutes, she asks me all the usual interview questions: previous experience, right to work in the country, job requirements, etc. I ask about the maid outfit. Katherine says that I will be given a standard-looking French maid uniform typically seen in upscale hotels. Those uniforms look pretty conservative and donít show that much skin. Itís all relative I suppose. Katherine asks me to send a recent photograph of me. All I have is my driver license photo. Katherine says that it would do if that is all I have.

We have a second telephone interview a few days later after Katherine receives the photocopy of my driverís license. This time she asks much more personal questions about my past and current financial situation. She also asks about my friends and family and some basic medical history. I cannot imagine how these relate to my job, but I am getting hungry and desperate for work. I answer them all truthfully figuring that I have nothing to lose and room and board to gain.

Katherine feels satisfied and asks me to come meet her, the maid staff, and owner in person. She gives me an address, which happens to be 400 miles away. No knowing why, I decide to go for it. I quit my job, sell all my possessions (what little I have) except for my clothes, my family photo, and two suitcases, pay my rent, then buy a one-way bus ticket with the leftover money, and head off to meet my new prospective employer.

When the taxi pulls up to the address I gave him, I thought the driver made a mistake. The place is a palace! The estate must be at least 100 acres. From the outside, the main house itself looks to be at least 12,000 square feet. After making sure this is the correct address, I get out of the taxi, pay the driver, drag my two suitcases to the front gate, then ring the bell.

A beautiful woman wearing a silky French maid outfit struts out to greet me, and I do mean strut. She is 5' 6", 130 lbs., green eyes, neck-length auburn hair, maybe late twenties. Her clingy uniform is silk black except for the white apron with white lace fringes on the hems and trimmed with shirred white lace you typically see on all classic French maid uniforms. The dressí sleeves are long but have puffed shoulder puffs. A frill is in her hair, and white lace cuffs wrap around her wrists. A high collar covers her neck. Her black fishnet stockings and black high heels complete the ensemble. The only thing unusually about her is that her skirt is full length.

"You must be Marissa."

"Yes, thatís me."

"Welcome. I am Katherine. Please come in."

She opens the gate for me to enter. The front garden is well-manicured and good enough for a home and garden magazine. On our way to the main house, I see a woman tending to the grounds with a small hand shovel in one hand and a pot of dirt in the other. She is wearing a bright yellow maid uniform. The frill, apron, collar, puffed shoulders are white and identical in style to Katherineís, but the skirt falls to just above the knees, is pleated, her sleeves end at the shoulder puffs exposing her arms, and her white, ruffled knickers and petticoat display, especially when she bends over. Because of the shorter skirt, her black fishnet stockings and black high heels are much more evident.

"Sally, this is Marissa, our newest recruit. She just arrived."

"Hi Marissa. Pleased to meet you."

"Hi Sally. Pleased to meet you, too."

Sally returns to her landscaping while Katherine and I continue our long walk to the house. It is rather unusual that a maid would be tending the grounds and dressed in such an unusual looking outfit. Most people working the grounds would be dressed in grubbies, jeans, or dark-colored overalls, not a bright yellow maid uniform. She must be just getting started, because I did not see a speck of dirt anywhere on it. Hmm.

Katherine opens the front door to the house. The entryway alone is bigger than the eatery I was working in. The entire building could probably fit inside this entryway. As Katherine leads me through some hallways to the back of the house my nose passes the kitchen where I see a female chef preparing a meal. Wearing a traditional chefís outfit, she is 5' 5", 145 lbs, black hair, brown eyes and slightly chubby from snacking too much. I have not eaten in almost five days and cannot help but stop for a moment to let the aroma of food into my nostrils. Next to the kitchen is the dining room, where I see a naked woman vacuuming the floor. She is 5' 4", 125 lbs. and has green eyes. Her hair is a mix of blonde and black wavy strands and runs halfway down her back. She appears to be of Spanish descent. A naked woman?! I only catch a glimpse of her and notice some shiny object on her pussy but cannot make out what it is. What kind of a place is this? What have I gotten myself into? Katherine motions me to continue following her.

We enter Katherineís office, a 15'x15' room almost as big as my studio apartment. Katherine sits behind her desk, but no chairs are in the room for me to sit, so I just stand there. She hands me a piece of paper. Part of it reads:

"Welcome to the Masterís estate as his newest recruit. Recruit slave is your first step to becoming an indentured servant under the Master. It is an opportunity for you to understand our lifestyle and philosophy and decide for yourself if you want to commit to the program. Although nudity is highly recommended, you are not required to disrobe when performing your duties, except for the entrance exam. At the end of the recruitment phase, if either party decides that this line of work is not a good fit for you, you may leave without any shame, obligation, or debt. Recruit slaves sleep in locked cages in the dungeon. The requirements for recruit slave are:

  1. 18 years of age or older
  2. Able to move at least 50 lbs.
  3. Shows an ability and willingness to follow orders.
  4. Pass the following fitness tests:
    1. 20 push-ups in one minute
    2. 30 sit-ups in one minute
    3. 1.5 mile run-walk in 20 minutes
    4. 200m swim in 12 minutes
  5. Wear the maid uniform for a recruit.
  6. Pass the nudity entrance exam.

If you can pass these requirements, then you may begin your 30 day trial period."

The document lists other legalese, which I donít quite understand and just browse over. After I am done reading, Katherine asks me if I have any questions and to sign at the bottom. I should have asked some questions, especially about the naked woman in the dining room, the dungeon and the nude exam, but maybe it was my lack of nourishment or maybe it was because I had no money and nowhere else to go that motivated me to sign on the dotted line. I also figure I would at least get food and a roof over my head for 30 days. That would give me some time to figure something else out and move on if I wanted to.

Katherine walks over to a closet and pulls out a maid uniform. It looks identical to the one I saw Sally wear, except that this is all white. She also pulls out some fishnet stockings and black shoes.

"I think these will fit you. Try them on."

"Okay. Where can I change?"

"There is a bathroom next door."

I change into the dress, then return to Katherineís office.

"Marissa, the dress looks good on you. Now that you have signed on with us, letís give you the grand tour."

"Katherine, may I have something to eat first? I have not eaten in while."

"Oh, of course. I should have thought about that. You must be starved. I will have Slave Linda whip something up for you. You can do the fitness test tomorrow when you are well-rested and well-fed. Youíll like the food here. Slave Linda is an excellent chef."

I think, ĎSLAVE? Linda.í Whatever. Just get me something to eat.

Leaving my luggage in Katherineís office, we head to the kitchen where Linda throws together a Cobb salad, which I promptly inhale.

Katherine then shows me the grounds. Magnificent would be an understatement: library, game room, fitness room, dining room, breakfast nook, ballroom, living room, family room, utility room. Outside is an Olympic size swimming pool, Jacuzzi, barbecue area, and nine-hole golf course. There is even an atrium. I could get used to this place fast. I see other maids working in and around the house, each wearing different colors (that is red, blue, or purple) on their French maid uniforms but still having the same basic design with white trim and apron, black stockings, and black shoes. Only Katherine has a black one and the only full-length skirt.

After a while I get really sleepy, probably from all the blood rushing to my stomach and the events of the day. I ask Katherine where I can lay down. Katherine leads me downstairs into the dungeon. The dungeon is not a cozy place and much different from the house I saw above: hard concrete floor, naked light bulbs, chains hanging from the ceiling. Torture equipment is everywhere. Cages of varying sizes line the walls. Another wall holds various, canes, whips, paddles, and floggers. I heard about such places but never thought I would actually see one. My heart starts to pump; my brow perspires. I get scared but still feel brave enough to ask a meek question.

"Katherine, are you going to torture me?"

"Oh no, itís only your first day." Katherine casually replies, "I imagine you are very tired from your long trip here and feel overwhelmed by all the activities. Besides you have not learned all the rules yet, which reminds me, here is your rulebook. I expect you to read it entirely by the end of the month. We are letting you take it easy on your first day."

"Umm okay."

I take the book from her hand. It is a saddle stitched, pocket-sized paperback folded over.

Katherine opens one of the smaller cages and tells me to lay down in it. The cage is a four-foot cube with bars on all sides and a solid metal top. The floor is also solid metal, probably stainless steel.

I humbly oblige. The floor feels a little cold at first, but my body heat quickly warms it up. She closes the door then locks it with a key.

"Iíll come by later to let you out for dinner."

Not realizing how tired I truly am, I barely hear her climb up the stairs as I drift off to sleep, curled up in a little ball.

Current rank: Recruit Slave

Chapter 2--Recruit Slave

I was definitely tired. You have to be in order to not only sleep well in a new environment, but also on a hard metallic surface. When I wake up, I cannot tell what time it is. The dungeon has no windows or clocks. A small nightlight provides what little illumination there is. I think someone else is sleeping in another cage across the dungeon but cannot tell who it is. No longer feeling tired, I try to open the cage door, but it remains locked. I am trapped until someone lets me out. My white maid uniform provides some warmth, but not enough for the drafty dungeon.

I see I still have my rule book. With nothing to do and nowhere to go, I open it and try reading the Slaveís Rulebook.

Study this book carefully and know its rules. As rules change, new editions of the book will be published and distributed to all slaves. Whenever an order from the Master contradicts with the rulebook, the Masterís order takes precedence.

Rank and Insignia

"All slaves have ranks, which are signified by the color of their maid uniforms:

 Head Slave  black
First Class Slave  purple
Second Class Slave  blue
Third Class Slave  red
Apprentice Slave  yellow
Recruit Slave  white*

* real dress

I turn a few pages.

Forms of Address

"The Master shall always be addressed as Master. Do not use his name along with his title.

"When addressing a slave of higher rank, you must address her as "Mistress" or with Mistress followed by her name, such as "Mistress Jane." For brevity, addressing her as Mistress suffices most of the time. However, if more than one slave of a higher rank is in your presence, and you want to avoid confusion, then using her name along with her title is appropriate and encouraged.

"When addressing a slave of lower rank, you should address her as "slave" or in the case of multiple lower ranks in your presence, "slave jane" to avoid confusion.

"When addressing a slave of equal rank, you may address her using just her first name. No title is required."

I see the asterisk next to the recruit slaveís color and "real dress" beneath it, but do not know what it means. I turn the page but before having a chance to read further, I hear someone coming down the stairs. Itís Katherine.

"Good morning, slaves"

"Good morning, Katherine." I reply.

"Thatís Mistress to you, slave. I assume you have been reading your rule book."

"Yes, I am sorry, Mistress Katherine."

Katherine lets me out of my cage, then walks over to Sallyís cage and wakes her up.

"Get up, slave! Itís time to get up!" Katherine raises her voice but with a gentle tone.

Sally slowly crawls out of her cage. She is naked, except for a chastity belt she is wearing. The one-inch wide belt wraps snuggly around her waist. Another piece of metal extends from the belt down over her pussy. In-between her buttocks is a thin metal bar covering her crack. Made of stainless steel, the belt is lined with neoprene between her and her skin and on the edges to prevent chaffing. Sally rises to her feet and walks into another room adjoining the dungeon. Katherine turns to me.

"You better get cleaned up, slave. Itís going to be a long day."

"Yes, Mistress."

I follow Sally into the next room, where I see a row of bunk beds, some with bedding, others just a bare mattress. It becomes clear to me that higher ranked slaves sleep in here. All the other slaves are up. Some are fixing their hair; others are showering. I remove my clothes and enter the community shower area. The shower area is just like the showers in a locker room, one large room with showerheads and handles every few feet along the wall. I pick one and start washing myself. Sally and another slave are showering, too. Oh, itís the same one who was vacuuming in the nude yesterday. She still has that piece of metal covering her pussy. When I am done washing, I turn off the shower, then start looking for a towel. I see none. Soaking wet, I ask one of the slaves where I can get a towel. Sally says there are no towels. All slaves use the air dryers. She points in the direction she is headed. Next to the showers are large heated air blowers. They are similar to the ones you see in public restrooms to dry your hands, but these are much larger. I follow Sallyís lead by pressing a button, and stand in front of the blower. The warm air feels wonderful but eventually shuts off by itself. It takes three button pressings to get dry and toasty warm. I put my maid uniform back on, and head upstairs.

I reach the dining room and kitchen. Linda is already hard at work preparing breakfast. I walk over to the dining room and start looking for a seat, but Katherine tells me that lower ranked slaves eat in the breakfast nook. She is correct. Everyone seated at the table is at least wearing a second class uniform or higher. Feeling very humble, I promptly exit to the kitchen.

When I reach the breakfast nook, I see that Sally and the naked slave are already seated. Sally is once again wearing her yellow maid uniform.

"Good morning, slave Marissa." Sally greets.

"Good morning, Sally. I mean Mistress Sally."

"Do you know Maria?" Sally asks.

"No, I donít. Are you a slave here, too?" I ask Maria.

"Yes, I am," Maria answers, "but you would not know it, would you, without my uniform."

"Maria likes going around in the nude. Well I guess we all do, but Maria likes to show off more than the rest of us. Donít you, Mistress Maria?" Sally explains.

"Mistress Maria?" I ask.

"Yes, Maria is a third class." Sally says.

"Oh, I see. Well, pleased to meet you, Mistress Maria."

I sit down just as breakfast is served. Linda puts down a plate full of eggs, sausage, fruits, and bagels. I have not eaten like this in so long. When you are cash-strapped, a slice of bread is as far as it goes in the morning. We all dig in just as the higher ranks do in the dining room. Sally and I get to know each other a little better. I tell her and Maria about my background, where I grew up, which school I went to, and how I got here. I also tell her a little about my life circumstances, such as my job at Easy Breezy Meatloaves, never having enough money, and falling behind on my rent. Sally is also an orphan but at a younger age. She went to live with her aunt and uncle. Her uncle worked for the same company as the Master. Her aunt stayed home and tended to the front and back yards. Sally grew up on a huge lot and learned to love gardening and landscaping as much as her aunt. Her aunt and uncle both died in a tragic airplane crash. The Master and Sallyís uncle were good friends, so he decided to take her in, just as Sally graduated from high school. Not ready to venture into the world at 18, Sally just got here a few months ahead of me.

"My specialty is going to be landscaping." Sally says proudly.

"Thatís great that you have found a calling. I am still trying to find myself."

"Well, Iíll help you any way I can. I guess you and I are the same age, and we sleep in the dungeon together. Weíll be seeing a lot of each other."

After breakfast, I start helping everyone clean up, putting away dishes in the dishwasher, wiping the table, etc. when Katherine interrupts me and asks me to follow her. Another small room in the house I have not seen, it looks like a physicianís examining room with examining table in the center, cotton balls, tongue depressors on the counter, and the like.

"Slave, it is time for your physical exam." Katherine kindly explains, "The doctor will be here in a few minutes. Please wait here."

"Yes Mistress."

After a few moments, a man in a white lab coat knocks on the door and enters. Very neatly dressed, he appears to be in his late thirties, 5' 10", medium build, almost handsome, brown hair, and brown eyes.

"Good morning. You are Marissa?"

"Yes, and you are the doctor?

"Yes, I am Dr. Otis. I will be doing your physical exam today. How are you today?"

"Oh, I feel just fine."

"Good. This is a full physical exam. Did Katherine explain anything to you about it?"

"No, I just knew there would be one, but I donít know what is involved."

"Thatís all right. I will explain as we go along. Please remove all your clothing."

All my clothing? Oh dear. Except for my father I donít think a man has ever seen me naked before. I never slept with any of my boyfriends. I prefer seeing women doctors, and even then I only had to strip to my underwear in their examining rooms. But he is a doctor, and I suppose he knows what he is doing. He turns towards the counter and starts doing some paperwork. This must be the nude exam listed in the contract I signed. With some hesitation, I slowly remove my shoes, stockings, maid outfit, and knickers. He turns around and asks me to get up on the table, which I do.

"Do you have any physical ailments I should know about? Are you on any medications?"

I answer both in the negative.

At first the exam is pretty routine: checking my eyes, ears, nose and throat, elbow and knee reflexes. He takes my height, weight, temperature, and blood pressure, and all the other things one would expect. He asks other routine medical questions as we go along. Even the pap smear is routine. The law in this state requires that an adult female be present during the pap smear, so he asks Katherine to come in. Very professionally, he performs the pap smear, then Katherine leaves. I begin to think he is an okay doctor, but then the unexpected happens.

"Please lie down on the table. I need to check your breasts for lumps."

I comply and his fingers start rolling around my breasts. He takes his sweet time doing it, even touching the nipples with his fingertips. His hands then slide down to my stomach and hips and feels around my pussy area.

"Please roll onto you stomach."

I roll over, and he places his palms on my back, sliding them down to my buttocks. His fingers even enter my rectum.

"Excellent. Please stand up."

As I get up, Dr. Otis, takes out a paper tape measure, the kind tailors use. He begins measuring my body, every bit of it, neck shoulder, chest, around my breasts, waist, hips, crotch, legs, foot size, wrist size, ankle size, everything. Periodically he goes back to the clipboard on the counter to take notes.

After putting the tape measure away, he pulls out a beaker from the cabinet. "We need a urine sample. You can use this."

"Okay. can I use the bathroom?"

"No, just go here."

Well, now a man gets to watch me pee, too. There is no privacy in this house.

I place the beaker on the floor and begin peeing. Dr. Otis does not seem to look or even care and continues to take notes. The blood test is the last thing and is pretty routine.

"Marissa, you seem very healthy. From a physical standpoint and assuming the blood and urine tests come out normal, you should not have any problems performing your duties here. Do you have any questions?"

"No, I donít think so."

"Well, if you do, just have Katherine contact me. She has my number."

"Thank you, Dr. Otis."

"You are welcome. Have a good day."

He packs up his stuff and leaves leaving me sitting naked on the table.

Not knowing what to do now, I get dressed and walk back to Katherineís office. I see Dr. Otis just walking out of her office, and I walk in.

"Ah, slave Marissa. I was just talking to Dr. Otis. He says that the exam went well, and you are very healthy."

"Yes Mistress."

"Good. Now it is time for your fitness test. Come with me." She grabs a clipboard with some forms on it and a stop watch, and we head to the fitness room.

"Okay. Letís see. The first test is push-up. Go ahead and give me as many as you can in one minute. You need 20 to pass."

"Mistress Katherine. Donít you think I should change into my gym clothes first, something more comfortable? I mean I donít want to wrinkle or ruin this dress."

"No, I am afraid not. The only outfit you are allowed to wear as a recruit slave is the white maid uniform. You can either take your fitness test in that or do it in the nude."

Great, more nudity. I easily decide to keep my clothes on and lay face down on the floor. Katherine presses a button on the stopwatch and counts aloud as I do my push-ups.


My body drops to the floor; my breath starts to get heavy.

"Next are sit-ups." She counts aloud just like the push-ups, which I do pass in the time allotted. The 1Ĺ mile run is done on the treadmill machine. Katherine programs it so I must keep up in the time allotted. If I fall off the treadmill, I donít pass. Thankfully, I pass both tests but am very sweaty at this point.

"Okay, the only thing left is the swim test."

Out to the pool we go. The length of the pool is exactly 50 meters and has six marked lanes for laps. It even has diving platforms just like what you would see at a swim meet.

"Mistress Katherine, my swimsuit is in my luggage. Shall I go get it?"

"Swim suits are not allowed. You can only wear your maid uniform."

"Oh yea, I forgot."

"I strongly recommend you remove your clothes for the swim test. You will swim more easily, and you would not have to spend the rest of the day wearing wet clothes."

I have no way to get around this one. I could manage some perspiration but not a soaking wet maid uniform. I look around the pool area to see who else is around. Katherine casually and patiently writes on her clipboard. Maybe this is the nude test mentioned in the contract. I take a deep breath and slowly remove my garments: first the shoes and stockings, then the frill, and dress. Finally with one last look around I quickly remove my knickers and dive into the pool stark naked. As soon as my head reaches the surface, Katherine says, "Go."

It would be a fairly easy swim test for me except that I am already tired from all the previous tests. Aside from a drink of water, I did not have much of a break in-between any of them. When I finish the final lap, I am holding onto the side with both hands and looking down into the water trying to catch my breath. I hear Katherineís encouraging voice. "Congratulations, slave Marissa. You made it with five second to spare. You passed the fitness test."

What a relief. I have room and board for the next 30 days and hopefully no more nudity requirements. I see the shadow of someone bending over me next to the pool offering a hand to help me out. It must be Katherine. Without looking up, I reach out, grab the hand, and get pulled out of the pool. Standing up, I see that it was not Katherine who lifted me but a man whom I have never seen before.

"Youíre a pretty good swimmer. Perhaps we can swim together some time." He kindly says.


I quickly cover my breasts and pussy with my arms, turn around, and jump back in the pool.

"slave Marissa, are you all right?" Katherine asks.

In a state of shock, I say nothing and just look at Katherine and the strange man looking at me. He speaks again. "Iím sorry. I did not mean to startle you. I have not had a chance to meet you yet and saw you swimming out here."

"slave Marissa, I want you to meet Master."

"Master!? This is THE Master?" I shout.

"Yes, thatís right." Katherine replies. She then speaks to Master. "slave Marissa just satisfied the fitness requirement for recruit slave."

"Well congratulations, slave Marissa. I look forward to getting to know you better. Well, I better return to my den. Got a lot of work to do. See you later."

He walks back into the house.

"How dare he see me naked! This may be his house, but Iíve got my self-respect."

"Master was just curious about you and meant no harm. He has seen all of us naked."

"All of you?"

"Yes. He is a good man and treats us all very well. I am sure in time you will get to know and like him."

"Iíll bet." I mumble sarcastically.

"Get out of the pool. You have one final test to perform."

Katherine returns to the house leaving me in the pool. I feel ashamed that that man saw me like he did. He may own the place, but this is my body. Well, he is allowing me to stay here, and I have no place else to go. Did she say another test? I thought I was done and am now a recruit slave. I get out of the pool and want to put on my clothes but am wet. Soon Katherine returns with a key in her hand.

"Follow me."

I begin to pick up my clothes, but Katherine says "Leave them."

Feeling ashamed already, I cover myself with my arms again the best I can and follow Katherine out to the front of the house. I keep a sharp eye out for Master and any other peeping male eyes.

Katherine casually asks me to go out and fetch the mail. I vaguely remember seeing a mailbox when I rang the bell at the gate but donít recall exactly where it is or what it looks like. I have never stepped outside the grounds since coming here.

"What did you say, Mistress?"

Katherine hands me the key to open the mail box and says, "Get the mail nude."

She says it with such a serious poker face, I almost donít believe her. We stare at each other for a few more seconds, then I realize she is absolutely serious. Itís one thing to be naked on someoneís private property with tall fences and mostly women; itís another thing to actually go out in public naked. Past the gate, I occasionally see cars drive by or people walking their dogs. Itís a fairly affluent neighborhood, and the residents are spread out, but still.

"Mistress Katherine, I am not sure about this. I donít know ..."

"Itís in the contract you signed. If you want to stay here as a slave, you must get the mail in the nude."

Katherine senses my reservations about what to do, so she calls Maria out from inside the house. Maria steps outside naked as usual and asks how she can serve the Mistress.

"slave Maria, please fetch the mail for me."

"Yes, Mistress." Maria takes the key from my hand and without skipping a beat, walks straight to the gate, opens it, disappears to where I assume the mailbox is, then returns with two handfuls of envelopes and small packages. In less than ten minutes, she does the whole task like there was nothing to it.

"Excellent work, slave. Please take them inside and sort through the mail."

"Yes Mistress."

Maria disappears inside the house. Katherine turns to me. "Since you are new here I will give you another chance to do this tomorrow. I want to give you some time to think about this in case you were reluctant to fetch the mail today. You can try it again tomorrow. Perhaps Mariaís demonstration has shown how easy it is."

"Yes Mistress."

"Until then, slave Sally and slave Maria can get you started on the household chores."

Now I am faced with another big decision. I have no back-up plans for establishing a life outside this place. If I leave tomorrow, I am back to square one. In this case, I am a homeless, penniless person on the street. Aside from the nudity, living here may not be so bad. Tomorrow I am going to get that mail.

The next day, I dread my next big nude test all day long. I try not to think about it and just concentrate on cleaning the kitchen and helping Linda move some 50 lb bags of flour. But time catches up with me, and the hour of truth has arrived. When Katherine asks me what I am going to do today, I tell her that I will get the mail naked. When I remove all my clothes, she hands me the key and watches me sneak up to the gate. I look through the gate in all directions, making sure the coast is clear. I look behind me to see Katherine and now Sally watching me. I look through the gate again to make sure. I slowly open the gate, and peek out some more. I can see the mailbox is just twenty feet away. My heart is racing. I run like crazy to the mailbox and try jamming the key into the lock. It feels like it takes two minutes to get the darn door open; although I am sure it was more like two seconds. I grab all the mail, then shut the mailbox and run back through the gate, using envelopes to hide my breasts. Itís over. I did it.

Sally smiles and claps for me. Katherine just sits there and smiles with pride.

As I walk up to them, I say with excitement, "Did you see me? I did it!"

"Yes you did, slave. Congratulations." Katherine says proudly, "You passed the nudity entrance exam and can be a recruit slave."

"Does this mean I can stay?"

"Yes, you can stay for 30 days. Now go put on your uniform and put the mail away."

"Thank you, Mistress."

What a relief. I have my 30 days. Now if only I can get used to this nudity thing.

Current rank: Recruit Slave

Chapter 3--The Teapot

Over the next few weeks, I learn and do all the household chores, from dusting and vacuuming, to sweeping and waxing floors, cleaning every room in the house, and even washing all the cars. Boy, Master sure owns a lot of cars. Sally and Maria are a big help to me in learning the ropes, especially Sally. I spend some time in the gardens with her, filling pots with dirt, watering plants, etc. I donít think I really care for landscaping that much; I just like hanging around with Sally, because she is so easy to talk to. Every night, I am locked in my cage and released the next morning to start my daily routines. Once a week it is my turn to retrieve the mail. I have to do it naked. It gets easier each time, but my adrenaline is always pumping when I am on the look out for a passersby.

I also get to meet all the other slaves in the house: Jackie, a first class slave, is head of security and a black belt in jujitsu. She is 5' 9" 165 lbs in the right places, has medium brown hair and hazel eyes. She is tough as nails and a bit tomboyish. Sara is a second class slave and is the Masterís personal masseuse. She is also responsible for maintaining the fitness room equipment. She is 5' 6" 130 lbs, has blue eyes and long blonde hair. Both Jackie and Sara are responsible for putting together an exercise regimen to keep all the slaves in shape. Most mornings we do daily exercises led by Jackie, which means occasionally jujitsu lessons. Some wear workout clothes or jujitsu uniforms; some their maid uniforms, and there is Maria who works out in the nude. Sometimes even Master joins us for some step aerobics.

In our free time, some of us go swimming or skinny dipping in the pool. I start noticing those shiny metallic triangles covering everyoneís pussies (except for Sally who has a chastity belt). Part of me feels left out for not having anything to cover my pussy.

About one meal per week, the Master would sit with us at the breakfast nook instead of the main dining room. He seems to make a point to get to know all of his slaves and is a good conversationalist. We laugh at his jokes not because we feel we have to please him but because they really are funny, at least I think so.

I also get to spend some one-on-one time with Master. He goes beyond just asking me general questions about where I was born or what where I worked before this. He wants to know what my favorite color is, what my favorite food is, and how I am adjusting to life here. I casually mention strawberries as my favorite food, and the next day we start to have strawberries for breakfast every morning for a week. I can see why all the other slaves are so fond of him. He is extremely attractive, not just physically but emotionally and mentally as well. He also does not forget anything I tell him.

"Red and strawberries are my favorite, Master."

"Why strawberries? He asks.

"Because theyíre red?" I reply.

He laughs, and I laugh with him.

Every Monday morning in the dungeon before breakfast, all the slaves gather to listen to any announcements that the Master or Katherine may have. Then, we all hold our rulebooks in our left hands with palms facing up, raise our right hands, and recite the Slaveís Oath: "I, <name>, give body, mind, and spirit to the servitude of my Master, to be naked at all times with dignity, to develop my full potential to please my Master, and to surrender my will to my Master." I am not exactly sure what "naked at all tines" means, because everyone is wearing clothes most of the time.

Also in my spare time, I read another excerpt from the Slaveís Rulebook:

Slaveís General Behavior

Slave discipline and effectiveness is built on the foundation of obeying orders.

Slaves must obey, immediately and without question, orders from the Master or a higher-ranking slave. Slaves who fail to obey the Master or a higher-ranking slave risk consequences. Slaves can disobey at their own risk. They can also obey at their own risk. An order to commit a crime is unlawful, except for public nudity under the auspices of the Master.

  1. The slave shall love the Master and only the Master. No other love interests can be pursued or allowed.
  2. The slave shall persistently strive to reshape slaveís body, mind, and spirit according to Masterís desires. The slave shall alter the slaveís actions, words, and virtual dress to show her ownership to her Master. Slave shall always speak of and to the Master in love and respect, and address Him as "Master."
  3. The slave shall strive to learn how to increasingly please the Master, and shall gracefully accept any discipline and criticism in whatever form Master chooses.
  4. The slave shall not hide anything or have any secrets from Master or Head Slave.<
  5. The slave shall honestly answer, to the best of the slaveís knowledge, any and all questions Master or the Head Slave may ask her. The slave shall freely tell the Master or Head Slave anything they should know about her.
  6. While in the same room as Master, slave shall ask permission to leave the room.

I did not know about the last one and am glad I read it today. Every time I have been with Master, he always left the room before I wanted to. Also, I wonder why it says VIRTUAL dress. I turn a few pages to the requirements for apprentice slave:

Apprentice Slave Requirements

  1. Serve as a recruit slave for 30 days.
  2. Perform general housekeeping duties including but not limited to:
    1. Clean the bathroom and kitchen.
    2. Vacuum all carpets.
    3. Wash all windows.
    4. Dust all furniture.
    5. Wash dishes.
    6. Do Masterís laundry.
    7. Take out garbage.
    8. Retrieve mail in the nude.
    9. Clean swimming pool and Jacuzzi.
    10. Wash and wax vehicles.
  3. Pass the nudity final examination for apprentice slave.
  4. Complete the apprentice slave initiation ceremony.

One day, Sara asks me to help her with the gym equipment. The Master is on a business trip. Katherine, Jackie, and Linda are off campus running errands. She also asks me to run the treadmill for a few minutes to make sure it is in good working order.

"slave Marissa, I need to fetch some cleaning supplies from the utility room. I shall return shortly."

"Yes Mistress."

I wipe off the treadmill machine, then turn it on. All of a sudden it stops working. I check the plug, and it is plugged in. What happened?

Sara returns with a mop and bucket and a tube of epoxy glue and notices I am having trouble with the treadmill machine.

"Whatís wrong, slave?"

"I donít know. I turned it on, and it worked just fine for a minute or two, then just quit."

Jackie tries to turn it on and also checks the plug.

"You broke it, didnít you?"

"No, Mistress, I did not do anything."

"Well, itís not working now, and you were the only one in the room when it happened. Itís your fault."

"No, Mistress. Not me."

Her face shows anger; and I am feeling very helpless. "You are going to have to be disciplined for breaking the machine, and you are going to be disciplined now."

"Please Mistress. We should wait for Master and Katherine to return."

"They are not here. I am the superior rank. That makes me acting head slave, which gives me the authority to discipline slaves as I see fit. Follow me!"

"Yes Mistress."

I begrudgingly follow her out to the tool shed. She grabs a rake, then I follow her out to the first hole of the golf course.

"Take off your clothes."

"Yes Mistress."

Here we go with the nudity thing again. I take off my clothes and drop them on the grass. Sara hands me the rake. I hold it vertically in my left hand so the tip of the handle touches the ground and the rakeís teeth are at the top. Sara picks up my clothes and hangs them on the rake. She then asks me to hold out my right hand to her. She opens the tube of epoxy glue and squeezes some of it onto the palm of my hand, then places my hand on my hip.

"Do not under any circumstances move a single step from this spot until I tell you. Do not drop the rake on the grass, and do not let your clothes fall off the rake. Stand up at all times. If anyone asks what you are doing here, sing to them the little teapot song. Do you understand, slave?"

"Yes Mistress."

Sara then walks away leaving me standing naked on a putting green with a rake and my clothes hanging from it. My hand is stuck to my hip. I must look absolutely ridiculous. Is this discipline really consistent with the rulebook? I wonder.

Before long, a maintenance man comes by to mow the lawn. Wearing blue overalls, he does not look too bright and wishes he could be somewhere else until he sees me. He drives one of those huge lawn mowers you sit on. My face gets really warm. I am so embarrassed, every bone in me tells me to run away from this man, but I cannot disobey an order from a superior. As he drives closer to me, he tells me to get out of the way so he can mow.

I begin to sing, "Iím a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle; here is my spout. When I get all steamed up, hear me shout just tip me over and pour me out."

The lawn mower guy just laughs and shakes his head. "The boss sure hires some strange people." He mows around me then moves onto the next hole.

After about an hour, the sprinklers turn on. Instinctively I want to get out of the way, but Sara told me not to move, so I get a free shower. Unfortunately, so do my clothes. Now I must really look stupid with dripping wet hair and dripping wet clothes.

I have no idea how much time has passed. The sun continues to move and begins its descent. It must be getting close to dinner time. My stomach is growling. I am also starting to get tired from standing so much. I am tempted to sit down but donít really want to get into any more trouble than I am already in.

Off in the distance, I see someone coming. Itís Sally! Maybe I can get this whole thing resolved.

"slave Marissa? What in the blazes are you doing out here?"

I begin to sing again, "Iím a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle; here is my ..."

"Sara put you up to this, didnít she?"

"Yes Mistress. Sara told me to stand here like this. How did you know?"

"She did the same thing to me when I was a recruit, except I was a church. You know, this is the church, this is the steeple, open it up, and here are the people. She glued my fingers together, so I could not separate my hands. Are those your clothes on the rake?


Sally sighs, smiles, and says, "When slaves are disciplined, they donít sing out here like an idiot. Put your clothes on and come into the house. You skin is getting red."

"I canít, Mistress."

"Why not?"

"My hand is glued to my hip. Itís stuck."

"Well, letís get you unstuck. Come on."

Finally, I can get out of this stupid situation. Sara is going to get it for abusing me like this.

I put the rake away in the tool shed, grab my clothes with my left hand, then quickly catch up with Sally. We both walk to the fitness room and turn on the treadmill machine. It starts right up. Sara enters the room and starts laughing.

"Did you enjoy your tea at the golf course?" Sara says with a snicker.

"Yea, a real nice time thanks to you!" I reply with an angry tone.

Sara continues to laugh and walks out. I am ready to punch her lights out. Sensing my anger, Sally stops me from doing anything rash.

"slave Marissa, fighting Sara is not worth it. You can get into some real trouble with Master if you are caught fighting. The way to get back at her is to outperform her as a slave. You can get revenge another time and another place. She did the same thing to me when I was a recruit. She is just mean that way."

Sally gets a butter knife from the kitchen and pries my hand off of my hip. Pieces of glue remain on my palm and hip. It takes over a week for me to get it all off. When I put my clothes on, I feel a sting on my shoulders.


Sunburn. Just great.

After a while I do calm down, but someday Sara is going to get what she deserves.

Current rank: Recruit Slave