The Magical Adventures of Violette
by Chuppecatnutter

Chapter 9 -- Role Reversal

"Mr. & Mrs. Baker, may I have your daughterís hand in marriage?"

"You are a fine and noble man and soon to be knight. Yes, you may marry Violette, our daughter." Reginald replies proudly. My mother stands next to him holding the dowry that Dustane gave them just moments ago.

Dustane jumps up for joy and soon runs out of the bakery to tell me that he can marry me. We embrace each other and kiss long and deep. I knew this day would come. It has been over a year since Reginald and mother met. They were married just a few weeks ago in a simple ceremony. Father and mother travel back and forth between bakeries trying to manage both businesses. My mother is feeling more comfortable in the nude each time she goes. Now it is my turn to get married.

Like any lady, I have been planning this wedding my whole life. And now that I am a full-fledged mistress sorceress, I know a few tricks I can use to make the wedding night a little more interesting and memorable.

The wedding ceremony was a pretty traditional event and typical for the 1400ís. A notable exception includes making my own wedding gown from magic. With the right combination of material components, I fashion a dress like no other. Like my other magical clothes, it is completely one piece with no way to remove it without either tearing it or magically removing it. Now that my magic is honed for this spell, it wonít accidentally disintegrate either.

The ceremony and banquet occur at the Lordís castle. Hodierna gives me Agnesí broom as a wedding gift. Once the banquet is finished, and the guests have left. Dustane and I now have time to ourselves. We decide to make love in a remote section of the castle where no one can bother us.

Naturally, I bring my bag of magic tricks with me. We enter a completely empty room, all stone, 20 feet cube. Two small windows allow some light in but are too high up to see through.

"There must be some mistake. We cannot sleep here. This room has no furniture." Dustane explains.

"Oh no. This is the correct room. I asked that it be arranged this way. Weíll be sleeping just fine." I respond.

We walk in and shut the door. I immediately dig into my bag and pull out a large vial of clear blue liquid about 12 ounces. I open the lid and suddenly toss its contents towards Dustane. It splashes on his clothes, most of it landing on his shirt; although a few drops also land on his leggings.

"Hey, what did you do that for?"

"Watch and see." I say with a big sinister smile.

Almost immediately, the potion begins dissolving Dustaneís clothes. His shirt is the first to go, because that is where most of it landed, but soon his leggings are gone, and undergarments follow. Even his boots disappear, but they take the longest given their thickness. After several minutes, Dustane is standing stark naked in the middle of the room. The potion does not hurt his skin. Instinctively Dustane places his hands over his groin trying to hide his privates.

"I see you had this well-planned." Dustane says with a sense of defeat and anticipation.

I say nothing but keep smiling and pull an identical vial from my bag, open it, then pour its contents over my head. With similar results, my wedding gown dissolves downward inch by inch. My undergarments also begin the dissolving process but lag behind the gown about three or four inches on the way down. When my shoes finally disappear, my feet sort of stumble onto the cold, hard stone floor. Like Dustane, my skin is also uninjured, and we stand naked facing each other in the room.

I reach out my arms towards my new husband, expecting him to embrace me. Instead, Dustane walks towards the only door in the room.

"We cannot make love like this. We need a bed, or at least some hay. I am going to find some."

He tries to pull the lever to open the door but finds that the door is locked.

"Why wonít this door open?"

"My dear, I locked the door automatically behind us when we first walked in. You cannot open it. The lock is not mechanical; itís magical."


"And I am the only one who can disspell it."

"What? We are locked in?"

"Relax, I have this all planned. Come here, my love."

Dustane lets go of the lever and walks towards me. I utter a few Latin phrases, and we both begin to levitate. Since Dustane is walking in my direction, the momentum carries him to me. Soon we are in each otherís arms, kissing and caressing about five feet in the air. Movements of our arms and legs cause us to rotate sideways and upside down with our groin areas acting as the fulcrum. It does not take Dustaneís cock very long to enter my pussy.

While he is preoccupied, I mutter a few more Latin words. He ignores them. After a few minutes, I notice that my breasts begin to deflate while Dustaneís breasts inflate. Dustane is too focused on the groin area to pay any attention. We climax almost at the same time, then enjoy the afterglow of sexual intercourse and continue floating and rotating in midair.

I fall asleep for I donít know how long and wake up when Dustane decides to pull away. My cock is flaccid and wet. Yes, it worked. Dustane looks down at himself and sees no cock or balls. He reaches his hands and cups both breasts, both close to C size, then reaches down to where his cock used to be and feels the pubic hairs.

In a girly voice he speaks "Hey what happened here? Was this your doing, Violette?"

I look down and can clearly see my cock and balls. My chest is as flat as a pancake. I just canít help but start laughing. Dustane squints at me and is not amused.

"This isnít funny. You have to change me back. I donít want to be a woman."

With a deep manly voice I say, "Oh but you look so pretty. I like your boobs. They are as big and round as mine were. And look at those silky smooth legs. Beautiful."

"Violette!! I am the man here no matter what my body looks like. I said change me back!"

"Youíll change back in due time. The spell is only temporary. Letís just enjoy the rest of the night, shall we?"

On that note, I say a few more words to descend myself to the floor. Dustane is still stuck in the air.

"I am going to the outhouse and will be back. Donít go anywhere." I say with a twinkle in my eye.

Dustane just hangs there with his arms and feet dangling helplessly. The look of defeat on his pretty, feminine face is unforgettable.

I unlock the magic that is holding the door, walk out, and relock it so no one can leave or enter. Still naked, I walk down the steps of the castle to the outhouse. It feels strange to have a sausage hanging out of my groin, flopping up and down as I walk. I donít know how men can get used to this.

Upon reaching the outhouse, I grab my cock with two fingers and relax the muscle I normally use to release urine. Out it comes. With a little aim, I can get the stream exactly where I want it to go. This is so wonderful. Men have it so easy! They donít have to squat!

I return to the room where my husband is (or should I say wife?) is still hanging there naked, falling asleep. I levitate back up to him and place my big strong arms around his tiny waist. He places his thin arms over and around my broad shoulders. Then he wraps both of his legs around my waist. We have sexual intercourse again, but this time, my cock is in his pussy. Later we fall fast asleep.

True to my word, the spell did wear off by itself the next morning. When we awoke, we are back to our old selves.

When Dustane is promoted to knighthood, he wastes no time getting to work. I accompany him on his campaigns, using my magic to defeat the enemy. At first, his squire and fellow knights are very reluctant to have a woman fighting alongside them but soon realize how easy victory comes when my magic is used.

Not wanting to permanently or physically harm any of our enemies, I become very creative with my magic. Instead of throwing fireballs or shooting magic arrows like other sorceresses do in battle, I first polymorph the knightís horse into a mouse or other rodent, which causes him to fall to the ground. Then, I work with the archers to shoot vials of magic potions onto the knight, which break and splash all over his armor. Once his armor and clothing disappear, I cast a second spell, which changes him into a woman.

Sometimes when several people are trying to attack us at once, I remove all my clothing to cast the spells more powerfully and effectively. Dustaneís fellow knights and squires donít seem to mind watching me in action.

The shock of a fully-armored knight becoming a naked woman in public is enough to send the groveling idiot back to his domain in embarrassment. Nothing is funnier than watching a completely naked woman drop her sword, try to cover her privates with her arms, and begin running back to her home. After several hours, however, a new cock grows out of her groin, making her a man again. The only permanent loss is his clothing and armor. Even the rodent reverts back to a full-size steed, which we take back with us along with the sword.

Enemies surrendering to us become expected and almost routine.

Chapter 10 -- Two Birds in Cages

Roesia also becomes a full-fledged mistress sorceress and marries a knight, named Hugo. Like me, she also accompanies her husband on campaigns to assist in his battles. In time, both of our husbands rise in stature and eventually become lords of their own manors. Roesia and I remain close friends and get together often to compare notes. Sometimes we would bring the hubbies along for supper. Over wine and mutton, the four of us would reminisce about our campaigns and laugh about our enemies. Dustane and Hugo sort of knew each other when they were squires but were never as close friends as Roesia and I are.

One day my husband comes roaring into the castle looking very upset.

"Dustane, what is wrong?"

"That Hugo is so unreasonable." Dustane quips, "I tried to compromise and share the land, but he insists that he keep it all to himself."

"Whoa. Slow down. Start over again."

Dustane takes a deep breath and sits down. I pour him a goblet-full of wine, which he

gulps down quickly.

Once he settles down he explains, "You remember the land we conquered last spring, the one with all those apple orchards and open space?"

"Yes, I do."

"Hugo is not willing to share it. He says that he and Roesia did most of the work in driving out the knights and farmers who occupied it. All we did was clean up after them. We agreed before the battle that we would split the land equitably afterwards, but he is claiming that it was with the understanding that we both did our part, which I believe we did. He does not think I did anything."

I start thinking to myself. Roesia and I were really the ones who did all the work. We cast spells to turn everyone naked. We made it rain to water the apple trees. We used teleportation to pick up all the leftover weapons and armor that the enemy left behind. The hubbies along with their henchmen and squires just stood in the back and supervised, telling us what to do.

Dustane continues, "This means war! Tomorrow we attack Lord Hugoís manor!"

"War!? Dustane, you have got to be joking. Weíre all friends. We canít go to war with each other."

"I am not letting Hugo have that land. It belongs to us. Study your magic. We leave at sunrise."

"But ..."

"No buts about it. I am the lord of this manor. You do what I say."

I sigh, "Yes, my lord."

Roesia just became my official enemy. This cannot be happening. There has to be a way out of this.

That evening, when Dustane goes to bed, I sneak out of the bedroom and out of the castle. Being a witch makes that easy. Roesia and I have a favorite spot we occasionally meet. Legally it is on Dustaneís land, but itís sort of considered neutral territory, since it is small, insignificant and out of the way. I am hoping that Roesia will meet me there tonight. It may be the last time we ever speak to each other. When I arrive, the area is almost pitch black, although the moon is waxing and provides some light. The forest is thick with trees and bushes.

I whisper, "Roesia, are you here?"

I hear nothing and try again.

"Roesia, please, if you are here ..."

"Violette, yes, I am here."

"Oh thank goodness, I found you. We are in a tight spot. Dustane wants to go to war against Hugo."

"Yes, Hugo, told me. Hugo is very angry and is already preparing for war."

"We have got to do something. I canít believe they are arguing over some land. We are both so wealthy already."

"They have both become very greedy. Enough is never enough for either of them."

We both sit in silence trying to decide what to do next. Then Roesia says, "I have an idea..."

The next morning Dustane is putting on his armor, while I am in the kitchen preparing a brew.

"Good morning, Dustane. Are you preparing for battle?"

"Yes, I am, and you should be, too."

"Oh, I am very ready. Here, drink this special brew. It will make you strong and alert for today."

He takes the goblet and smells its contents.

"Hmm. Smells strange, but then all of your brews smell strange, given what you put in them."

Dustane sips then gulps down the beverage. "I suppose that did not taste too bad. I feel better already."

About an hour later Dustane notices that his armor does not fit too well.

"I wonder if I put on the wrong armor. It seems rather roomy, although it fit when I first put it on."

"It looks fine to me." I say innocently.

Just then, Dustane begins to shrink further.

"Hey, what is happening here? Everything is getting so big." Dustane remarks with great concern.

I smile and watch. "Everything looks fine from where I am standing." I quip.

Dustane soon disappears inside his armor. His voice also weakens. Eventually, his body no longer supports the weight of the metal, and the whole structure collapses to the ground.

I bend down to open up the armor, and a four-inch tall, naked man comes crawling out.

"Violette! What is happening to me?! Why am I so small?"

"It looks like you shrank," I say with assurance, "and you look so cute down there."† I quickly scoop him up with my hand, carry him over to a bird cage I had waiting earlier, place him in it, then close and magically lock the door.

The metallic, cylindrical cage is 12 inches tall with an 8-inch diameter. It has a dome top and flat bottom. The bars are vertical and close enough together such that a four-inch man cannot escape. A hook at the top of the cage enables me to hang it up, which I do. Dangling from the end of a chain, the cage is now about five feet from the ground.

"Violette, what are you doing? Why did you put me in this cage? What is going on?"

I just look at him and continue to smile. "Youíll see."

About 30 minutes later, Roesia arrives at the manor with her own similar-sized birdcage. Like Dustane, Hugo is sitting in it naked, helpless, and practically in tears.

"Roesia, how nice of you to visit," I say sarcastically, "and you brought a gift."

"Yes, Violette. I understand your Ďpetí needs some companionship, so I brought along my Ďpetí to keep him company."

"Thank you so much. He looks so cute in there. I am sure that they will become good friends over time. Donít you think?"

"Oh, yes I do. I do."

Roesia raises her birdcage with Hugo in it up on another hook hanging from the ceiling, also five feet from the floor. The two birdcages are about a foot apart.

"They look so cute together. This is absolutely delicious." I say almost laughing.

Hugo and Dustane are not amused.

"What are the two of you planning!? You canít do this to us. I am the lord of this manor.

You get us out of here!" Dustane yells.

Hugo echoes a similar concern and uses a few four-letter words to make his point.

When they are done saying their piece, I lecture to them our plan.† "The two of you have been good friends until recent days. We used to have picnics together, go on carriage rides, and the like. With our magic, our two manors have become the two most powerful and wealthy in all the countryside. But the two of you have gotten too greedy and selfish. We conquer an itty bitty piece of farmland with a few apple trees. And just because you arenít willing to share, you want to kill each other. Roesia and I think that is just stupid. So we decided that the two of you are going to sit here and work it out. Neither one of you will leave this room and return to your normal sizes until you talk this out, give us a satisfactory solution to the farmland, and agree never to fight again. Is that clear?"

Dustane yells, "I am lord of this manor, and I make the rules here. If I decide we go to war, we go to war, and you obey!"

"You are not in a position to give orders around here anymore. Only Roesia and I can get you out of those cages and make you full size again. You think about that."

Roesia and I nod at each other, then turn around and leave. As we close the door to the chamber that the two cages are hanging in, Dustane and Hugo continue to shout profanity at us and question our ancestry. We place a magic lock on the chamber door so that none of the servants can enter the room to aid our husbands.

Itís a beautiful day. The sun is shining. There is little wind. Roesia and I are sunbathing in the nude on the roof of the castle. Itís very peaceful.


"Yes, Roesia."

"Violette, it has been three days since we put our hubbies in those birdcages. Do you think they have made up yet?"

"I donít know. I have not checked on them since we left them there."

"Why not?"

"I have not had a reason to. There is plenty of food and water. The magic device installed in the room automatically detects when the food and water are low and refills their dispensers. Besides it is nice not having war."

"Donít you think we should at least check on them?"

"Yea, I guess we can do that, but letís wait until after dinner."

At midday, the maid brings our meals to us. After we eat, we head down to the room where we left Dustane and Hugo three days ago. Feeling lazy, neither Roesia nor I bother to put any clothes on. With no immediate access to any clothes, my body plays tricks on me. As we descend the staircases in the castle, my pussy warms up, and a small drop protrudes from my pussy. I look down at Roesiaís pussy and can see a drop on hers, too. We grin at each other but donít say anything about it.

When we open the chamber door, Dustane and Hugo are just as we left them, naked and resting as comfortably as they can in the cages. The room has a strange odor, and we quickly learn why. Each cage has a second floor with a hole separating the two floors. About two inches separate each floor. The cageís occupant spends all his time on the top floor with only a small hole to deposit his droppings down to the second floor. After three days, itís only natural that both Hugo and Dustane make a few deposits.

Like a school mistress, I say, "How are our two lovebirds doing today? Any resolutions?"

Hugo and Dustane both look up and sit up. Dustane responds. His attitude and tone of voice have changed significantly since we first left them.†† "Yes, maíam. We decided how we are going to divide up the land."

"Very good," I reply with encouragement, "and how are you going to divide the land?"

"It turns out that all I really want are the apple trees;" Hugo explains, "Dustane wants it to raise sheep."

"Is this true, Dustane?" I ask.

"Yes, maíam, itís true. So we decided that since the apple trees do not take up all of the land, we can move all of them closer to Hugoís manor, while we fence off the rest of the land for sheep."

"You canít just pick up an apple tree and move it." Roesia says with a puzzled look,

"Thatís too hard."

"Not with magic, it isnít." replies Hugo.

"Oh, so now you want us to do the work." she says.

"We could not think of any other solutions. Please, I donít want to be in this cage anymore. <sniffle> <sniffle>" Dustane begins to weep.

Hugo also starts to cry. The look of defeat in their eyes tells Roesia and me that they know they are completely powerless to do anything about their predicaments. They know they are not leaving their cages until we let them out. Roesia and I still love our husbands, and it appears we got through to them.

"Dustane, Hugo, I want you to listen to me."

I wait a moment for them to stop whimpering and look at me.

"We love you very much. We also want what is best for this kingdom and for our two manors. From this day forward, Roesia and I are now the Mistresses of our respective manors. We command what goes on and have the final say as to what we do. After three days, it sounds like the two of you have found a solution to the farmland. Roesia and I will use our magic to move the apple trees."

I turn to look at Roesia, who nods in agreement, then I turn back to Dustane and Hugo.

"We will also release you from the cages and return you to normal size..."

The men begin looking excited.

"... but mark my words. If we find that either of you get out of line, we have the power to reduce your sizes again, petrify you, turn you into mice, or whatever else our wicked minds can come up with. Remember, WE are in charge. Do you understand?"

Without hesitation, the men in unison say "Yes, maíam."


Roesia and I open the cage doors, lower them to the ground, then give them another brew to grow them back to full size. We mixed it so they would grow only twelve inches or so per day. Although Roesia and I put our own clothes back on, we do not allow them to wear any clothes until they are almost full grown. At first, some of servants in the castle mistake our hubbies for children and try to shoo them away. But when they recognize who they are and what we did to them, they just laugh at them.

In time, Dustane practically became another servant in the manor. Now that I am not only Lady of the Manor but also the Mistress of it, I run all aspects of manor life. Roesia took care of moving the apple trees with her teleportation skills, and Dustane and Hugo went out to the other side of it to build fences for the sheep. Whenever I want to have sex with Dustane, I would command him to disrobe, then I would decide who would be the man and who would be the woman for sex. If I decide that our roles are to reverse, I would cast the sex change spell, then ram my sausage into Dustaneís pussy.

Power is very addicting. I think Iíll keep it.