The Magical Adventures of Violette
by Chuppecatnutter

Chapter 11a -- A Different Life

Life in the manor is perfect--almost too perfect. Roesia and I have the wealthiest manors in the land, no more land to conquer and groveling husbands sitting at out feet. What more could a woman want? Well, I learn that without challenges, life is not worth living. In fact, without anything to strive for, life gets downright boring, which is how I start to feel after a couple of years of bliss, but that ends soon enough.

Godfrey runs into the castle one day looking like the world is coming to an end.

"Lady Violette <huffing & puffing>, thank goodness you are here. <huffing & puffing>."

"Godfrey, what is wrong? You look terrible."

"My Lady, itís Hodierna."

"Hodierna? What about her?"

"Hodierna is missing."

"Missing? How can she be missing?"

After I became a full-fledged mistress sorceress and got married, I did not see much of Hodierna, partly because I no longer required her teachings and partly because I had my own manor to run. I knew she continued to live in her cottage near my parentís, but I never had the time to pay her a visit.

"Hodierna entered the forbidden cave. When I heard her scream I tried to scream back to her to come out. When she did not speak and did not re-appear, I panicked and ran straight here."

When I was 18 years old, Hodierna told me stories about the forbidden cave. People and animals would enter it and almost never came out. I thought they were just ghost stories that adults would tell to entertain children. Hodierna adamantly told Roesia and me never to go near that cave, which was not hard to do considering its distance from here. Now it looks like the cave might have taken Hodierna.

"Godfrey, that cave is over 50 miles from here."

"Yes, My Lady."

"And you ran straight here?"

"Yes, My Lady."

"Very well, we shall try to find her."

I contacted Roesia, grabbed a few servants and henchmen, my magic bag, my broom, and headed out to the cave following Godfrey. It took a while to gather everyone, because many did not want to go. They had also heard rumors about that hideous cave, how it could eat people up. However, I would not be the powerful sorceress I was without Hodiernaís training. I owed it to her to find her and rescue her if needed.

The cave is out in the middle of a heavy wooded area. The caveís reputation has forced many people to live far away from it. When we reached the cave, I noticed that the boulder that was blocking it was moved aside just enough to let someone in. Normally, the boulder completely seals the entrance so no one can get swallowed up by the cave. Apparently, Hodierna had gone in but did not come out. Everyone stood a good distance from the entrance.

I turned to Roesia and spoke. "Roesia, I am going into the cave to find Hodierna, and I am going in alone. If you donít hear from me in one full day, I want you to seal up the entrance with the boulder."

"Violette, itís too dangerous. No one ever comes out of that cave. I and a few knights should go with you."

"No. If the cave is some sort of trap, I want you here. If I never return, it is important that you run both our manors. The world needs a good and kind-hearted sorceress to run things and strong and brave knights. If we both go, then this world may never have another sorceress again."

Roesia began to cry and hugged me. "Oh Violette, I donít want anything to happen to you."

"Roesia, I will be all right."

"At least take off your clothes. If you need your magic, it will be more powerful casting it naked."

"Good idea."

Everyone there watched me remove all my clothing. I then picked up my magic bag and broom and walked towards the boulder. My heart was pumping a mile a minute. Immediately before entering the cave, I turned to look at everyone. Roesia was still in tears. The knights were standing at attention and admiring my bravery and my body. Godfrey looked like he was losing his best friend. I turned back around and walked in.

Like any cave, it was dark. However, the ring on my broom glowed so I could see a little. I walked cautiously about 30 feet in. So far so good. I had death grips on my magic bag in one hand and my broom in the other.

"Hodierna! Itís me Violette! Can you hear me? Are you in here?"

I step one more step, and suddenly everything went black. I felt the ground disappear from underneath me yet I did not feel like I was moving in any particular direction. A great gust of wind blew over me. Frightened of the unknown, I closed my eyes and clutched my magic items.

The whole ordeal only lasted about a minute. Before I knew it, the wind ceased, my feet were on the ground again, and light was entering the cave behind me. All was calm. I turned around to walk back out of the cave. The boulder was no longer there. Did Roesia move it? Out in the open, I looked around to see no boulder and no one. Everyone was gone. Why would Roesia, Godfrey, and company just pick up and leave? I was still naked, and the clothes I left there were also gone.

I walked back into the cave to continue looking for Hodierna. For some reason, the ring on the broom no longer glowed. I went all the way to the end of the cave, about 100 feet. No Hodierna and no wind. Nothing happened the second time I entered. I walked back out. As I emerged I saw a naked man running by, who saw me as well. He was about five feet seven inches tall, black hair, brown eyes, and weighed about 135 pounds.

"Hi there! Are you part of the scene, too?" He spoke words I did not know. It sounded like English, but he spoke with a strange tongue. He continued speaking to me. "I see you are naked out here. Which Domme are you with?"

I just stared at him not knowing what to say or do. He continued walking away but turned around and motioned me to follow him. Not knowing what else to do, I walked behind him. Still in the forest, we followed a trail to a building I had never seen before. The architecture was odd. Feeling exposed, I tried covering myself with my magic sack. It can cover my breasts or my pussy but not both. As we approached I began to see unfamiliar machines and objects. Then a woman walked out of the building to greet us. She had medium brown shoulder-length hair, brown eyes, and seemed to be fairly close to my height, weight, and age. She was scantily dressed in black leather. Her six-inch heeled patent leather boots came up past her knees. Wearing heavy make-up, she sort of reminded me of an executioner but not quite.

"chuppecatnutter, you made it, and it looks like you brought a friend. Whoís this?"

"Hello my Lady. Yes, I made it. It was a very exhilarating journey. I really enjoyed it. And, I found someone else naked just like me."

"Hello there." The lady of the house said to me, "You look like you could use some help. Wanna come in?"

I was still speechless and didnít quite understand what they were saying, but chuppecatnutter and the lady motioned me to come into the house. Inside, I continued to see machines and objects I had never seen before. A round piece of glass made light without a flame. A large box kept food cold inside. A smaller box on a table had a manís voice speaking from it.

I finally spoke. "Where am I? What is this place?"

The two of them just looked at me, then looked at each other. I donít think they understood what I was saying.

"Do you know where I am? Do you understand me?"

"It sounds like old English." chuppecatnutter said.

"Yes, it does," the lady said, "kind of like the way Hodierna spoke."

"Hodierna!" I replied. I recognized that word and let them know I did.

"She must have come from the same place Hodierna came from, wherever that is," said the lady, "chuppy, why donít you show her around the house?"

"Yes, my lady."

chuppecatnutter showed me around the house. He seemed to understand me and began talking to me in a more recognizable manner. He also told me about Hodierna. "Hodierna came to us about ten years ago. She talked a lot like you and claimed to be from the middle ages, the year 1418 I think. She did not know how to get back, so we sort of adopted her. She was a wonderful Domme."

"So you know Hodierna?"

"I KNEW Hodierna. She passed away last year."

"Died? Oh no."

"I take it you knew her, too."

"Yes, she was my magic mentor."

"Magic? Ah yes. Hodierna mentioned that she used to be a witch of some sort, and that her magic did not work here."

"Here. Where is this place?"

"This is called the Fantasy Satisfaction House. Lady Kika runs it, and I am her sub."

I looked at a piece of paper hanging from the wall and saw two words I knew: August 2005.

"What year is this?"

"Year? Ah yes, thatís right. If you time traveled from the middle ages, you would want to know what year it is. It is the year of our Lord 2005 AD."

"Two thousand five? That means I traveled 600 years into the future!"

"Yea, I guess so."

"I must get back. I cannot stay here."

"Well, you are welcome to leave; although Hodierna tried to get back, too, but did not make it. She went into that cave many times but still came back out here in present day."

Chuppecatnutter handed me some clothes, which I had trouble putting on. I had never seen buttons, snaps, or zippers before and was not sure how they worked, but chuppecatnutter showed me. The bra was quite remarkable and really hugged my breasts. After dressing, I did return to the cave and tried to get back to my own time. I did it with clothes, without clothes, with the broom, without the broom, etc. Not knowing how I got here to begin with made it very difficult to figure out how to return. Nothing worked. I was stuck in 2005.

Chapter 11b -- A Different Life

Living in 2005 was at first a novelty. The machines were wonderful. The box in the kitchen could make ice in just a few minutes. All those contraptions in the kitchen made preparing food so easy: mixers, microwave ovens, dishwashers, food processors, cans, electric stoves, etc. I also learned about time pieces, television, computers, telephones, compact discs, central forced air, and horseless carriages (I mean cars) to get around in.

It did not take long for me to get overwhelmed and homesick. I sometimes cried at night, because I missed my family and friends. I also missed my magic. I tried casting spells, even basic ones like teleportation, but they did not work. The broom was just a broom for I could not fly with it. I had no palette for the food here, especially processed foods, and threw up almost every day the first week I was here.

Later, I adapted to my new surroundings and started using the machines to make life easier on myself. Lady Kika and chuppecatnutter were a tremendous help to me. My language skills improved such that I could almost speak fluent 21st century English. Yesterday I cooked my first all microwave meal. I also discovered through their lifestyle that I enjoyed being kinky as well and become a switch in the Fantasy Satisfaction House.

chuppecatnutter was an exhibitionist and loved to go outdoors naked. I learned that chuppecatnutter was not his real name but merely an alias to keep his real identity confidential. Same goes for Lady Kika. Considered a social taboo, the S&M lifestyle was not mainstream in the 21st century, so I respected their privacy.

Going naked all those years as a sorceress got me used to being naked out in the open as well. Sometimes Lady Kika would ask us to go naked while doing chores in the house, which we happily did.

Sometimes whenever chuppecatnutter disobeyed an order from Lady Kika, she would blindfold him, take him for a ride in the car out into the woods somewhere, take away all his clothes, then leave him there. He would have to find his own way home, naked, with no money, transportation, food, water, cell phone, ID card, or anything. One time, she dropped him off only two miles away, and it took him four days to make it back. He figured out where he was pretty quickly but was socially restrained in his movements because of his undress. He traveled mainly at night when less people were around. Occasionally, people would see him and laugh. Not wanting to risk any trouble with the law, he would just keep running on his merry way.

Normally he does not stop for anyone, but when we first met, he saw that I was naked, too, and assumed it was safe to stop and talk to me. I am glad he did. Being a stranger in a strange land I could have gotten myself into some real trouble. I did not know where I was or when I was. I was naked. My magic did not work. I did not speak the language. I had no money or clothes or friends or family. Lady Kika and chuppecatnutter had become my new family, and I owe them my life here in this new century. Thus, when Lady Kika gave me an order, I gladly obeyed.

One day through a misunderstanding, chuppecatnutter and I cooked the wrong meal for Lady Kika. Lady Kika interpreted this as disobedience and made us quickly disrobe. She then locked us in the trunk of her car and began driving. chuppecatnutter was pretty much laying down on top of me. I had never been this physically close to him before and found it rather arousing. My pussy started to warm up. Judging by his erect cock I could tell that he was aroused, too.

I cannot tell how long the drive was. I was so focused on chuppecatnutterís physical presence on me, I lost track of time. The car stopped. Lady Kika opened the trunk and let us out. She pulled out a pair of handcuffs and locked my right wrist to his left wrist.

"You two were very naughty this morning. I asked for flap jacks and you cooked waffles instead. As punishment, I am leaving the two of you here to fend for yourselves. You can return to the house on your own."

Without skipping a beat, Lady Kika got back into her car and drove away.

chuppecatnutter and I were now attached together, naked, in the middle of nowhere. I felt uncertain and a little frightened. chuppecatnutter probably felt the same way but you would never know it by the look of his cock. It was still standing at attention with a drop of precum on the tip.

"Well, Violette, shall we go?"

"Go? Where?"


"Do you know where home is from here?"

"No, but we wonít find it just standing here."

On that note we started walking. I had never walked naked so close to a handsome man before. Even Dustane was a bit of a prude during our lovemaking. Sometimes I thought Dustane wanted to marry me for my magic powers and childbearing ability and not necessarily for my personality. chuppecatnutter, however, was different. He seemed to really care about people. He listened not just to the words coming from my mouth but also to what I didnít say. He knew how to read between the lines and usually knew what I needed before I did. Part of me didnít mind being alone and intimate with him right now.

We walked very gingerly. Even though chuppecatnutterís feet were calloused from walking out doors barefoot so much, mine were not as tough. He slowed down for me.

Walking along a trail we saw a jogger coming towards us off in the distance in the opposite direction. We quickly ran in opposite directions yanking each othersí wrists. I quickly switched directions to follow him, and we both hid behind a tree off the trail. The jogger looked our way but didnít break stride and soon disappeared down the trail. chuppecatnutter believed that another jogger was behind the first one, so we decided to wait and massage our sore wrists. I did not see anyone, but heíd done this before, and I trusted his instincts. About 15 minutes later, we didnít see anyone else and decided to continue down the trail.

We made our way down a hill and soon saw the backside of an elementary school. It was late in the evening and the school grounds looked empty. Nevertheless, we decided to play it safe and wait until later in the night to make our way across it. A couple of hundred yards back, we crossed a bridge over a creek and decided that would be a good place to urinate. I had never seen a man urinate before, and no one had ever seen me do it either, not even Dustane. Still attached by handcuffs, we really had no choice in the matter. chuppecatnutter pointed his cock over the edge of the bridge and let the urine flow. When he was done, I decided that I would just dump it along the trail. I squatted down and did it while he kept on the lookout. I donít know about chuppecatnutter, but I found the whole peeing thing exciting and educational.

With nothing else to do, we decided to sit in the middle of the trail. We told some of our secrets to each other. chuppecatnutter was still a virgin and wanted to wait for the right girl to come along. I told him that I respected that in a man. I told him about my husband, Roesia, and Hodierna. I also told him some of the stories of me getting stuck naked and trying to get back, like the first time I tried to teleport. chuppecatnutter said that I tell stories well and should write them down for other people to enjoy.

When we both felt it was late enough in the evening, we decided to hold hands and scurry across the school, which we did. No one was around, and we even managed to cross the street after that. Street lights were on and if anyone from a house looked out the window at just the right moment, they were in for the sight of their lives.

A guy on a bicycle rode towards us. Not wanting to break my wrist I followed chuppecatnutterís lead entirely this time. Like the way we hid from the jogger, we both ran behind a parked car until the cyclist passed.

chuppecatnutter did manage to figure out where we were by the street names. It was nerve-racking, but we eventually made it back to the house just before the sun came up. My feet were bleeding. We both had a few mosquito bites. We were sweaty and dirty from sitting and squatting in the woods. Our wrists were sore and red from pulling on the handcuffs. I felt excited, tired, and relieved all at the same time.

Lady Kika greeted us as we entered the house. "Did the two of you have a good time?"

"Yes, we did," chuppecatnutter says, "we learned to work together and not try to argue about going one way or the other. We had to, if we were going to make it back."

"Thatís great. I knew the two of you would make a good team." Lady Kika grabbed the key from her bra and unlocked the handcuffs.

chuppecatnutter and I took a bath together, cleaning each other, and just enjoying each othersí company.

In the next few months, Lady Kika would take chuppecatnutter and me out for additional naked abandonment scenes. One time she handcuffed our wrists as well as leg-ironed our ankles (my right ankle to his left ankle) together. Later, when I felt comfortable enough and when I knew the neighborhood well enough, I went on my first solo scene. Another time, we were dropped off at the lake, the same one where I burned my parentsí clothes. It was a fun trip. We wrestled on the beach, went skinny-dipping and had our first kiss on the beach, but because it was so far away, Lady Kika was nice enough to come by the next day and pick us up.

At home I taught Lady Kika and chuppecatnutter about medieval stocks and pillories. They were fascinated by that type of punishment, so I taught them how to make them.

chuppecatnutter was the handyman and made some very nice wooden restraints. Being that I had switch tendencies, I was the one to lock chuppecatnutterís head, hands, and feet in them, and then tickle him. He was such a tickle slave. He also enjoyed CBT, so I pinched clothespins to his cock and balls while he was retrained. He loved it.

After a year, I forget about my past medieval life in the manor. It seemed so far in the past, literally as well as mentally and emotionally. That old life almost felt like a dream.