The Magical Adventures of Violette
by Chuppecatnutter

Chapter 7 -- Inverted Suspension

Roesia and I return to the nudist community where we first met Reginald, the baker. We want to tell him how our magic has progressed and thank him again for the magic supplies and broom. The townsfolk still do not know we are witches, so we remove our clothes just outside of town and hide them along with the magic broom in some bushes. We then wrap the anti-magic belts around our waists, only this time, they are not magical; Hodierna dispelled their magic. Although they look like the belts everyone else in town wears, they really are just ordinary belts. We just wonít tell anyone. We are not very enthusiastic about voluntarily going naked, but our friendship with Reginald is important to us, so we make the sacrifice to put our bodies on display. A small part of me enjoys it. I know because my pussy is getting wet as I strap on the belt.

When we walk into the bakery, Reginald is not there and does not look like he has been there for at least a few days. The oven is stone cold, the bread is stale, and mice are running rampant. Confused and a little concerned, we walk towards the town square to find the most disturbing image we have ever seen. In the center of town, up on a wooden frame, Reginald is hanging upside down by his ankles together in leather straps. His head and hands are locked in a wooden pillory. The pillory is not attached to anything, so he is allowed to swing freely but cannot move his arms. His elbows are bent in a 90 degree angle. The only other thing he is wearing is his anti-magic belt. His head is dangling about four feet from the ground. We quickly run towards him.

"Reginald! Reginald! What happened?" I ask.

Reginald slowly opens his eyes. A look of defeat is written all over his face. "Violette, is that you?" he whispers.

"Yes, itís me. How are you? What happened?"

"Violette, thank goodness youíre here."

"What did you do to deserve this?"

"The sheriff found out I was married to the witch. I donít know how he found out, but he did. They came into the bakery with no warning, took me away and strung me up here."

"How long have you been like this?"

"About three days."

"Three days?" I yell.

Reginald begins to shut his eyes.

"Reginald, please wake up. You must wake up and talk to us."

"Help me, please." Were his last words as he passes out.

Roesia and I look at each other with worried looks. Just then a piece of fruit flies in-between us and hits Reginaldís chest.

"Take that, you witch-lover!"

I turn around to see an elderly man expressing his anger towards Reginald.

"I yell to the man, "Stop that! Donít throw anything at him."

"That there is a witch lover. He deserves it."

The elderly man then walks away.

I take Roesia aside and away from Reginald and everyone else in town and speak softly to her, "We have to help him. Reginald canít stay like this. He might die."

"What can we do?" says Roesia.

"Weíre witches, and we have power. We can free him perhaps when no one is looking. Once we free Reginald, we can take him back with us."

"I have never used my magic in combat before. Itís only been a hobby, a fun pastime."

"Who said anything about combat? I want to use my magic for good and to gain status. This is the perfect opportunity. We must try. Roesia, are you with me?"

Roesia pauses and gives a blank stare.

"Roesia, the broom saved your life. If it werenít for Agnesí broom, which Reginald gave us as a gift, you would still be stuck on that sandbar right now."

"Very well, I will try, but you wonít leave me in the middle of a fight, will you?"

"No, of course not." I sigh as I roll my eyes.

We walk away from the town square to plan our rescue.

That night, when the town square is deserted, Roesia and I quietly levitate towards Reginald. Roesia undoes the straps to his ankles while I remove his pillory. I then hold his upper torso up horizontally, so he wonít drop on his head. Once his ankles are free, we slowly gently lower him to the ground. Roesia produces a pouch of water and feeds it to him.

I whisper, "Reginald, are you there? Wake up."

Gradually, Reginald regains consciousness, realizes what we have done, and where he is.

"Oh, I have a terrible headache." He moans.

"Can you get up? We are trying to get you out of here."

We carefully raise Reginald to his feet, wrap his arms around each of our shoulders, then begin to levitate. Fortunately for us, our levitation skills are so good, we are able to go high enough while carrying a full-grown adult over the gates. The guards never think to look up to find us escaping. Once we are clear of the town, we return to the bushes where we left our clothes and the magic broom, but theyíre gone!

"Roesia wasnít this where we left all our things?"

"Yes, I am sure of it." She pleads.

Since it is dark, I am not so sure, so we put Reginald down and start looking around. The thought of walking home naked in the dark with a naked man did not appeal to me. We just have to find our belongings. Less than a minute later, the entire grove lights up with flames, but they donít have any wooden handles. The flames are just floating in mid-air. We hear a familiar voice behind us, a voice we dread hearing.

"Looking for something?"

Turning around, we see the sheriff naked with a broom in his hand. I stop breathing for a moment; my heart is pounding a mile a minute. Reginald is still lying on the ground only half aware of what is going on.

"I detected a magic item out here and knew someone would be back to fetch it. I assume this belongs to you, or should I say used to belong."

The sheriff holds the broom up, and I can see the metal ring glowing. That sheriff is a warlock!

Roesia and I are speechless.

"I became suspicious when I first detected a magic device in the bakery a few weeks ago. When I searched it, I discovered a hidden box that hides magic items from detection. That is how I found out that your baker friend here was holding out on me."

I remember when we were here a few weeks ago when Reginald pulled out all those magic items for us to take. That must have been when the sheriff detected the magic.

"Witches helping witches. How quaint." He quips. "No one escapes from this town, not even witches."

Suddenly a fireball flies towards the sheriff but dissipates just inches away from the sheriff. He does not even flinch from the failed attack. I turn to see where it came from only to see an out-of-breadth Roesia in a spell-casting stance.

The sheriff chuckles and explains, "Your petty magic wonít work on me. I am much too powerful."

With his free hand, he pulls out a wand and shoots some dust into my face. I black out.

When I awake, my head feels like it is ready to explode. I look down to see blue sky. The sun is down there and is shining and warm. I look up and see dirt on the ground. Wait. The sun is down and the ground is up. No, that is not true. I am the one upside down! After a couple of more minutes, I realize that I am back in town square hanging by my ankles. A pillory is wrapped around my neck and wrists. I am in the same horrifying position that Reginald was in. Looking around I can see an unconscious Roesia on my left also in the same position and Reginald on my right where we first found him also in an inverted suspension. The naked three of us make up a triangle all facing one another. Our heads are about two feet from the ground. Naked townspeople are walking by not paying any attention to us. I recite a teleportation spell but nothing happens. I try again a few minutes later, but the results are the same. That evil warlock sheriff must be preventing me from using magic to escape. As I attempt a third try, I am interrupted by that sinister sheriffís voice again.

"Your magic wonít work here." He says as he walks in front of me, "I replaced your fake magic belts with real ones."

His hand then strokes my pussy. "Youíre rather bushy here. I may shave that off later today." He suddenly jams a finger or two into my vagina so hard that I start swinging back and forth.

"Ouch. Donít."

He withdraws his hand, smells his fingers, and walks away.

"Mmmm. Sweet."

I hang in pain over what seems like a few hours not knowing if I will ever get out of this predicament. Roesia drifts in and out of consciousness. I try to talk with her but she is incoherent. Reginald is not any better. Some witch I turned out to be. I think of my mother and begin to weep, wondering if I will ever see her again and consider that she might be right after all. I donít deserve to be a witch. If I minded my own business and stayed with my mother, I could have led a painless life as a baker. But now look at me, strung up like a piece of meat ready to be cut up into little pieces.

A few naked young men with their cocks all standing at attention walk over to Roesia and start touching her private parts.

I scream, "Get away from her, you perverts!"

"Oh yea? How are you going to stop us?" One of the men replies and starts walking over to me and touches my left buttock. "You canít stop me from doing this, can you?"

Both of his hands are now stroking my buns. I begin to sway to and fro from his stroking. There is no way that I would admit it to him, but my pussy is betraying me again. I am not enjoying this, but my pussy sure is.

He would have stroked much harder but without warning we all hear a commotion off in the distance. People start yelling. Panic is in the air. The boys run away. My heart starts pounding. I want to escape more than ever but continue to hang helplessly. I can hear a galloping horse coming nearer. It looks like a clothed knight, someone definitely out of place in this all-nude town. The armored knight dismounts, walks straight to me, and opens his helmet.

"I will get you down as soon as possible, Violette."

At first I cannot tell who it is, then it occurs to me.

"Dustane! Itís you! On my lord, itís you!!"

Dustane wastes no time getting the three of us down. Not a magician, he brings us down the quick and dirty way: he cuts the rope with his sword, then we fall on our heads. When I am free of my bonds, I get up, give him a quick hug, then ask how he knew I was here.

"I came with Hodierna. She is fighting the witch right now."

"You mean the warlock sheriff?" I ask.

"No the witch. The sheriff is no sheriff but a woman disguised as a man. She cast a spell to make herself look like a man."

"But she has a cock with balls."

"Convincing, isnít she?"

Roesia and I run in the direction of the fighting. Dustane stays with Reginald. I can hear fireballs being thrown, thunderbolts, and some indistinguishable sounds, magic no doubt. By the time we reach Hodierna, the scuffle is over. Hodierna is sitting on the ground, her robe is burnt and torn, her face black and bruised, her magic wand broken. About 20 feet in front of her is the naked warlock sheriff, now a female witch. She is completely knocked out and lying on the ground. We walk to Hodierna.

"Hodierna, are you all right?"

"I will be once I catch my breadth." She puffs.

"It looks like you won."

"Yes, I guess I did win."

"How did you know to come here?"

"I modified the broom so I could track it with my mirror. The ring on the broom acts as a lens. Wherever the broom goes, my eyes follow. When I saw you in trouble, I came and brought help with me."

When the witch is defeated, the townsfolk are no longer under her evil spell. They realize that they had been walking around naked all this time and that she had led everyone to believe that magic was evil. If no other witches could use their power in this town, she would be the only witch in town and could control it to her perverted liking. After Hodierna, Roesia, and I help them remove the anti-magic belts, the townsfolk proclaim us plus Dustane and Reginald all heroes.

Hodierna teleports the evil witch to the ethereal plane, where she would not be able to return. The townsfolk no longer guard the gates. People can come and go freely. They also ultimately decide that nudity is a good thing and proclaim the town clothing-optional. Anyone can go naked at any time in town but this time by choice. A few wear clothes, but most stay naked including Roesia, Reginald, and me.

Chapter 8 -- Elemental Spells

Winter is coming soon. The leaves are already falling. The sun warms the day; the moon chills the night. I walk over to my motherís bakery to see if she needs any help today. I have been away practicing my magic and learning from Hodierna. Hodierna has been teaching me how to control the elements. Now that the temperature is getting cooler, I am hoping to be able to make my own fire, using magic.

When I reach the bakery, a man is talking with my mother. At first I do not recognize him, but then realize that it is Reginald.

"Reginald!? What are you doing here?"

I have never seen Reginald wearing clothes before. He looks so different.

My mother says, "Violette. There you are, my daughter. I was talking to your friend Reginald. He came all the way from the nudist community to see you."

"Hi, Violette. Please to see you again. I remember you telling me your mother is a baker. I had no other way to find you so I came here and met your mother. We have been talking up quite a storm."

"Hi, Reginald. Itís good to see you, too." I say with trepidation. I begin to feel awkward but donít know why.

"Your mother and I have so much in common. Weíre both bakers. We both are widowed. And we both like you."

"Well, uh, thatís wonderful."

"I think weíll be seeing more of each other. Donít you think, Jackie?"

"Oh yes, very much so." My mother says with a glee in her eye.

I have never seen my mother light up like that in a very long time. If I did not know better, I think she is rather taken by him. No matter. I like them both but just never imagined the two of them together.

My intuition is correct. They begin to see each other across the next several weeks. He would make up excuses to travel the long distance to see her, sharing baking techniques, making deliveries to the Lord of the manor, etc.

One day, Reginald and my mother decide to have a picnic out by the lake, the same one Roesia got stranded on. It is a few miles away, but they decide they want to hike it instead of ride horse and buggy. I really do not want to come along and just feel like a third wheel, but they insist, saying that it would be a good bonding time. I also need to work on my magic. I really do want to perfect my elemental spells. They are rather advanced and take a lot of concentration. Thinking ahead, I take some of my magic supplies with me: the broom, and a few scrolls. Maybe I can practice at the lake.

When we reach the lake, Reginald and mother ask me to unpack the food, while they go for a quick swim. As I begin preparing the food, Reginald and mother go behind some bushes to remove their clothes. I later hear some splashes and laughing indicating that they hit the water and are having a good time. I cannot see them. The coastline of the lake has some mini-peninsulas. They are on the other side of one, so I cannot see them but can clearly hear them.

Once the food preparation is done, I start nibbling on bread but soon get bored. I unroll some of the magic scrolls and start studying. One of them involves producing fire from the tips of my fingers. I have done it a few times before but under Hodiernaís supervision and in an area where nothing could catch fire. Itís rather dangerous. If the caster does not do it correctly, she could burn herself. So far, I have been able to shoot the flames in a straight direction and feel confident that that would not happen to me. Shooting fire over a lake is relatively safe. The flames would just fall into the water and disappear into steam.

I look around to make sure no one is looking, read the scroll one more time, stand up, remove my clothes, and cast the spell. Just as the flames emanate from my fingers over the lake, a huge gust of wind comes from the east and blows the flames over the peninsula to the other side.

Something catches fire over there. but I still canít see it. Smoke rises up over the bushes. I hear my mother scream. Soon I can see the flames starting to spread to other bushes. The fire is getting out of control. Reginald and mother begin swimming towards me.

Quickly, I pick up another scroll, glance at it, then cast a water spell in the direction of the flames. Water streams from my hands, and some of the fire is gone. Unfortunately, the water flow from me is not powerful enough. I am so focused on putting out the fiery bushes that I do not notice that my own clothes are getting burned.

When most of the fire is out and under control, Reginald and mother ascend from the lake and are stark naked.

"Violette! What are you doing?!" Reginald shouts.

"I was practicing my elemental magic. I thought I could shoot fire out over the lake and not hurt anything or anyone. Are you all right?"

"Yes, weíre fine," My mother says, "but you burned all our clothes. Itís as if the fire went straight for it."

"Oh, I am so sorry. That was not me; it was the wind. I shot the fire straight over the lake, but the wind pushed it over there."

"Well, at least no one got hurt." Reginald says assuredly.

"Yes, but we have no clothes. Violette, where are your clothes?" my mother asks.

I look down to only see what is left of my clothes--ashes.

"Mother, I am afraid I lost mine in the fire, too."

The naked three of us stand looking at one another by the lake wondering what to do next. Itís the first time I have seen my mother naked with a man other than with my dad (God rest his soul). My mother is so conservative, not showing her body to anyone. When she and Reginald went swimming, I assumed they kept their knickers on. Now I can see they went skinny-dipping. Evidently, Reginald is having quite an influence on mother.

We look around to see what is left. If only I had a few pieces of clothes or piece of leather, I could make magic clothes. But everything is so badly burnt, casting the spell is impossible. Luckily, the broom and some food are spared. It does not take long for me to decide what to do.

"It is too far to walk home naked. I will fly the broom back home, grab some clothes, then fly back here."

Reginald and mother think about it.

"I donít see any alternatives." Reginald says with finality.

"Violette, I am getting tired of you using your magic. I donít like the predicament weíre in at all." My mother harshly says to me.

Reginald interrupts, "Now, Jackie, she was just practicing her magic. Besides, no one is hurt. She will fly back, pick up some clothes and be back here in no time. In the meantime, we can still enjoy the picnic."

Not being able to think of a better plan, mother decides to let me go. Reginald confidently sits down and eats. My mother just stands by the lake with her arms folded looking like she wants to be somewhere else. I hop on the broom and take off.

Naked on the broom once again, I am flying much higher and faster this time compared to when I had Roesia with me. The cool breeze feels good on my body. The sun is almost over head which means midday. I have a lot of time to get there and back before the sunset and cold.

I must land before reaching town. Normally, I would fly straight to the bakery. However, I am naked and donít want to be seen flying over the town. Once I land, I will just teleport the rest of the way in. Moments before landing, another strong gust of wind blows me and the broom off course. Unable to control the broom, I hit a tree and fall unconscious.

I wake up to see Roesia over me. A blanket is draped over my body. I am near where I crashed. The broom is a few feet away. It is dark, but a campfire is burning.

"Violette, how do you feel?"

"A little tired. What happened?"

"You crashed into a tree. I came to get you."

"How did you know where to find me?"

"I followed the wind."


"I am sorry. I guess I should explain. I was practicing my windy spell. You know, blowing wind."

"You were casting, I mean blowing wind?"

"Yes, I guess the wind got a little out of control."

"A little? I crashed into a tree and almost died!"

"It was an accident. Please. I am very sorry."

I slowly get up and discover my headache. It then occurs to me that Reginald and mother are still at the lake.

"Roesia, we have to fetch mother and Reginald. They are at the lake without clothes."


"Thereís no time to explain. Itís dark now. They must be freezing and wondering where I am."

I cast a spell to turn my blanket into clothes then tell Roesia to head to the bakery.

"Roesia, I am going back to the lake to find Reginald and my mother. You go back to the bakery and wait for us there."

"Did you say they donít have clothes?"

"Itís a long story, and it is getting cold. I have to go."

I am back on my broom heading towards the lake. I figure now that I have some clothes, I can use it to make more magic clothes for Reginald and mother. When I arrive at the lake, it is completely dark. I yell for them.

"Mother! Reginald! Are you there?! Speak to me! I canít see you!"

All I hear is the wind rippling through the water below.

"Mother! Reginald! Where are you? Itís me, Violette!"

I keep this up for at least an hour, but no one answers. They could not have left the lakeside, could they? They would not without clothes. I finally give up and fly home.

When I arrive, Roesia is there waiting by the fire, which she started in the oven. "Did you find them?" Roesia asks.

"No, I am afraid not. I donít know where they could be. Where can two naked people go?"

"Naked? Violette, you better explain to me what happened."

I tell Roesia about our little trip to the lake, the pyrokinesis spell that took a wrong turn, and the burning clothes. Listening intently to my worried voice, Roesia tries to assure me.

"Maybe they got help from someone. As embarrassing as that may be, they probably got tired and too cold of waiting and decided to get their own help. They might be clothed and in a nice warm cottage right now and return tomorrow."

"I hope you are right."

"Think positive."

Roesia give me a big hug and spends the night with me in the bakery.

The next morning before the rooster even crowed, Roesia and I wake up to the sound of people outside laughing and whistling. We walk outside and see Reginald and mother walking into town wearing nothing but fig leaves. Their private parts are covered, but they look completely worn out. Townsfolk are pointing at them and making fun of them. Extremely embarrassed, my motherís face is as red as beets. Reginald looks so tired he does not even care who is laughing at him.

"Thank the stars you are alive!" I yell.

Roesia just stands there and smiles.

I run up to my mother and give her a great big bear hug. She returns my hug but only briefly then continues following Reginald into the bakery.

After they are cleaned up, clothed and fed, Reginald and mother tell me about their arduous walk back home.

"When we finally decided that you werenít coming and it was getting too cold, we dressed ourselves in fig leaves and walked home." Reginald explains.

Feeling that the whole fiasco was her fault, Roesia apologizes to everyone.

"If I hadnít blown you against the tree and knocked you out, you would have been able to get home in time to fetch clothes."

"But my fire was also to blame." I add.

"Not exactly," responds Roesia, "the gust of wind at the lake was probably my doing as well."

"Huh." The three of us say almost in unison.

"I was on the other side of the lake yesterday practicing my wind-blowing spell. I lost track of where the wind went. It must have blown to the other side of the lake where you were. The wind blew the fire towards the clothes."

"Roesia, you donít know that for sure. The wind could have been natural and not yours." I claim.

After further discussion, the four of us decide to let bygones be bygones. Whatever happened has happened. No one was trying to hurt anyone else, and we are all safe now.