The Magical Adventures of Violette
by Chuppecatnutter

Chapter 5 -- Double Teleportation

Over the next several weeks, Roesia and I continue to meet with Hodierna and hone our skills. Our teleportation and levitation skills became so good, we could even do short distances with our clothes on.

One day at Hodiernaís house, she asks us to do a favor for her. "My dearies, I am in the middle of mixing a potion but just discovered that I am missing a couple of ingredients: hemlock and hippogriff eggs. There is a town about 15 miles from here where you can get them. A witch named Agnes lives there and is a friend of mine. Just mention my name, and she will help you. Would you please get them for me? I would go myself but donít want to leave the fire unattended, and the remaining ingredients need to be added at just the right moment. This will also give you a chance to learn more about my magic."

"Of course weíll help you, Hodierna. You have taught us so much already." I say.

Roesia nods.

"Wonderful. I will teleport the both of you, then you can travel back here on your own."

"Do we have to be naked?" I ask.

"Not on the way there. I know the spell well enough that I can teleport both of you with your clothes on. However, because of the great distance and because you will be holding the hemlock and hippogriff eggs in your hands, you wonít be able to teleport back. You must get a ride from someone. But I will give you enough money so you can do that."

Hodierna has this all planned out. She is correct in that Roesia and I can only teleport short distances and without holding material components. At least the trip would be quick in one direction and involve no nudity.

With that, Roesia and I stand up and mentally prepare ourselves for the trip.

Hodierna utters some very elaborate words. Some are familiar to me; others are not. In an instant, Roesia and I find ourselves outdoors in the middle of a town. It looks like any other town except for one thing: no one is wearing any clothes! Our jaws dropping to the ground, Roesia and I just stand there staring at everyone. What makes matters worse is that the townspeople begin staring back at us, some with rather perplexed expressions on their faces.

Before long, the sheriff approaches us and asks us what we are doing here.

"We are here to meet with Agnes and pick up some supplies from her."

"Agnes! You mean that witch!?" the sheriff says.

"Yes, is there a problem?"

"Problem!? Iíll give you two. First, Agnes was burned at the stake for practicing her witchcraft here. She created quite a stir in this town. Many townspeople got so mad about it that we decreed that we all wear magical belts of protection. These belts protect you from any magic. No magic allowed here. Second, this is a nudist community. No clothes allowed. You two better take off your garments; otherwise I must arrest you."

"What? No clothes!" Roesia blurts as she begins to blush.

"Sheriff, sir" I begin to plea, "Weíll just be on our way. We donít want any trouble here."

A crowd begins gathering around. We are beginning to make a scene.

"We are a closed community. No one leaves until the new moon. Your clothes must be confiscated here and now."

Roesia and I look at each other, look at the sheriff, then look at the crowd. The sheriff is right. Everyone did have thin belts around their waists. I did not notice them at first, because they are so thin and almost transparent. We are also in no position to negotiate or argue. With much trepidation, we start disrobing right on the spot. The more clothes we remove, the more the crowd disperses. Finally, stark naked and faces blushing, we stand in the middle of the town square with one hand on our pussies and the other covering our breasts. The blacksmith steps forward from the crowd and quickly wraps two belts around our waists then locks them in place. The sheriff picks up our clothes and walks away, saying with a smile "welcome to town."

My first thought is to teleport away, but Roesia reminds me that the magic belts prevent us from doing that. I suggest to her that we try anyway. It couldnít hurt. Roesia agrees, so we start walking through town to find an isolated spot. They donít like witches here, and Roesia and I certainly are not going to give ourselves away if the spell fails. We find a grove of trees and step in them. We utter some simple teleport phrases but nothing happens. After waiting a moment, we try again. Nothing. I am thinking that we should have teleported as soon as we sensed trouble but were in too much shock to think of it.

"I guess the belts work both ways. We are protected from magic, and we cannot use magic either." Roesia concludes.

"The sheriff was not lying about these belts." I sigh. "I am afraid we are trapped here until the next moon, which will not be for another two weeks. On that day, we can walk out of town."

"I am afraid Hodierna is not getting her hemlock and hippogriff eggs until then." Roesia says.

We start walking about town. It looks like any other, complete with a blacksmith, goldsmith, tavern (pub), butcher, carpenters, livery, and of course a baker. Not knowing anyone and not having any money or clothes, any place to stay, or anything for that matter, we aimlessly drift through town. Eventually our hunger pains lead us to the bakery. When the baker learns we have no money, he shoos us away like a couple of mice.

We also enter the pub where the bartender tells us about the history of the town.

"Back in the ole days, we were just like any other town. There was no trouble. People wore clothes and went to and fro. And there were no magical belts either. But then that witch poisoned some townsfolk. Sheriff says she put some potion in some drinks, and they died from it. When the sheriff tried to arrest her, she pulled something from her sleeve and turned into a bird that flew away. She was hard to catch. Finally they snuck up on her in the middle of the night when the hag was slumbering and struck her with a sword. When they removed her cloak, they found all kinds of evil things: assorted feathers, herbs, eggs, hemlock. After that the sheriff decreed that all townsfolk wear no garments. This prevents any more witches from hiding things."

"But what about the anti-magic belts?" I ask.

"The sheriff must have had these belts all along. He must have gotten a witch to conjure them up. No one has been able to get them off. The sheriff hired henchmen to guard the opening day and night. It is the only one way to get in or out."

We thank the bartender for explaining everything to us. His eyes look at our bodies with a lustful look. I think he wants to have his way with us, but Roesia and I donít give him the opportunity and leave the pub.

As darkness approaches, Roesia and I curl up like two helpless kittens and sleep naked under a tree a few hundred feet away from the main square.

The next morning, with our stomachs growling, Roesia and I decide that we cannot last two weeks without food or shelter. We also decide not to even try to leave town, because we are still naked and not walking 15 miles with no clothes and no magic. We must find someone who can take us in or at least pay us for some work.

"What about the bartender? He seems to like us." Roesia asks.

"I donít trust him," I reply. "Did you see the way his cock went up and down when he was talking with us? I could even see some pre-cum on the tip."

A manís voice speaks from behind us. "You two look rather lost."

Roesia and I turn around to see where the voice came from. It is the baker we saw yesterday. Instead of the mean look he previously gave us, he has a look of sympathy in his eyes. Five feet nine inches, blond hair on both his head and groin, green eyes, he looks like he might be in his late 30s or early 40s, a bit of a pot belly but otherwise not overweight.

"You are not from around here, are you?"

"No, we are not, sir." I reply.

"I thought about the two of you yesterday and decided to look for you. I am not a mean man, just trying to run a business and make a living. But I am also not uncompassionate. Come with me to the bakery, and Iíll give you some grub."

The flaccid appearance of his penis allows me to trust him. Besides that, we are hungry. After breakfast at the bakery, Reginald explains how his wife passed away last year. He has been running the bakery by himself, but it has been a bit too much for him to manage. Roesia and I explain our situation (minus the witchcraft) and tell him we will be leaving for home at the new moon. After he learns that my mother is also a baker, Reginald says that we can work for him until then, and he would give us room and board in return. Roesia and I gladly accept.

In the following week, Roesia and I help Reginald with his baking and doing a lot of grunt work that hired hands typically do. Working as a baker again is not what I had in mind, but I figure it is only for two weeks. After that, I can go home and be a witch again. We also walk around town getting to know some of the townsfolk and learning our way around. After a while, we forget all about being naked. The novelty wears off. After conversing with people around town then returning to the bakery, I cannot even remember if they were naked or not; although I imagine they must have been, because it is the law.

One day, while sweeping the floor of the bakery, I notice that the metal ring at the top of the broom has a green glow to it. Normally the ring is meant for hanging up the broom, but the ring is rather large compared to other broom rings I have seen. When I put the broom down, the glowing stops. I think it is rather strange and show it to Roesia then to Reginald. Roesia also gives the ring a green glow from handling the broom.

"Can you keep a secret?" Reginald asks.

"Yes, we can." Roesia and I say nodding with enthusiasm.

"This town used to have a witch."

"You mean Agnes?" Roesia replies.

"Yes, you must have heard of her."

"The bartender at the pub told us about her."

"This is her broom. But it is not just any old broom; it is a magic broom."

My heart starts pounding.

"Whenever a witch touches this broom, the ring glows. Therefore, you must be witches."

Roesia and I stand there not saying a word. We are not sure what Reginaldís view of witches is.

"Itís all right. You see, Agnes was my wife."

"Your wife?!" I blurt.


"I thought you said she got run over by a horse."

"I lied, because I did not know you were also witches. The townsfolk never knew we were married. We kept it a secret. Agnes never really had a good reputation here. If they knew I was wedded to her, they would have shunned me and later executed me as well."

"We are very sorry about your loss."

We then tell Reginald who we really are. He learns about Hodierna and our real purpose of coming here: to fetch potion ingredients from Agnes.

"Agnes mentioned Hodierna to me once or twice. And you are her apprentices. I am glad you are here to keep the magic alive."

Reginald leads us to a secret panel in the back of the bakery. Opening it, he pulls out some of Agnesís secrets, including hemlock and hippogriff eggs.

"Ever since the sheriff gave all of us these dreadful belts, none of this magic can work. Normally a witch would be able to fly while sitting on it, but not with that belt on. The ring on the broom glows, but that is all. When you leave, you are welcome to have all this, broom, too."

"Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Reginald."

Roesia and I give Reginald a big hug.

Afterwards I am thinking that I just hugged a naked man with my naked body. Was that okay? I feel awkward for a moment, but then shake it off.

Finally the day of the new moon arrives, and Roesia and I prepare to leave. Reginald packs up the magic supplies, gives each of us a blanket with a hole in the middle, and the broom.

"Give my greetings to Hodierna from Agnesís husband."

"We will, and thank you for everything. We would not have survived without your help. You are a special friend."

"You are always welcomed here. I hope to see you again."

Roesia and I walk towards the edge of town to the main gate. The guards open it for us. Just before we walk through, we pull the blankets over our heads, pull the hole down around our necks, and then walk out. Our anti-magic belts are still wrapped and locked around our waists; therefore we cannot use any magic to get home. We would have to walk barefoot for 15 miles, wearing nothing but blankets, knapsacks over our shoulders, and a broom in my hand.

It took the better part of the day to get there, but we eventually reach Hodiernaís cottage, tired and sore. We tell her all that had happened, the nudity, the belts, Agnesís death, her husband, and the magic supplies, including the broom. Hodierna is saddened by the loss of her friend but wastes no time using magic to release our belts, turn our blankets into girlsí garments, and heal the blisters on our feet.

"I am sorry the two of you had to go through that. When you did not return after a few hours, I teleported to the town myself, only to discover that everyone was naked and wearing those funny belts. I teleported back immediately and did not know what else to do. I am useless without my magic and definitely did not want to go naked, especially at my age. I know that you two are very resourceful young ladies and are sure you would find a way out, and you did. I am glad you are all right."

"Hodierna, what about the potion you were making?" I ask.

"Oh, I had to throw it all out. When you did not return, I could not wait. Iíll have to start over again. But not to worry. You brought back many more supplies than I asked. Itís bittersweet really. My friend Agnes is gone. I only have her supplies and broom to remember her by."

On that note we began opening the knapsacks and taking inventory of their contents.

Chapter 6 -- The Broom

I am on my way to Hodiernaís cottage for my next magic lesson. Two weeks ago when Roesia and I presented Hodierna with Agnesí broom, Hodierna showed us how to fly it. The broom was made for one person, although, two small people might be able to ride it. I was able to get up to 20 feet from the ground and fly around for about 15 minutes before Roesia waved me down and wanted to try it herself. Roesia could not quite get the hang of it and rose no more than four feet for about two minutes before she fell off. She made a few more attempts, but I was the one with the finesse. I am hoping Hodierna can show me some more flying broom tricks. The nice thing about the broom is that a witch can wear clothes while using it. No nudity required.

When I arrive at the cottage, Hodierna is not there. She usually is and has never missed an appointment with me. I wonder where she is. After about 15 minutes, I see Hodierna flying in with the broom.

"I am sorry I am late. I have been all over the countryside looking for Roesia."

"Roesia? What for?"

"She is missing. Last week, she wanted to learn how to polymorph and was very determined to use it. At first I did not understand why and later learned that she wanted to learn how to fly like a bird (I mean as a bird). She did not want to travel by conventional means. Rather, like any good witch, she wanted to use magic. I taught her, and she turned herself into a bird and flew off. That was three days ago. She had a magic lesson scheduled with me yesterday but did not show up. I have been out looking for her ever since."

"Do you think she is in some kind of trouble?"

"I donít know."

"Do you think she is still a bird and lost her way?"

"I donít know."

"Did you check all the usual places: her motherís, the castle, the bakery, her favorite flower spot?"

"Yes, I went to all of them."

"What about her uncleís?"

"Uncle? What uncle?"

"Roesia has an uncle up north. She told me on the way back from the nudist community that she has been meaning to visit him."

"No, I donít know about her uncle. If you tell me where he lives, I can fly there."

"Hodierna, you look exhausted. How long have you been flying?"

"Since last night."

"Oh dear! Hodierna, youíre going to get into an accident. You need sleep. Give me the broom, and I will find her."

"But I feel so responsible. I taught her how to polymorph."

"She is my best friend, and I know where her uncle lives. I will find her and bring her back."

Hodierna slowly hands me the broom. I straddle it and take off.

"Get some sleeeeeep." I yell as I fly away.

About three miles into my flight I realize I forgot to ask Hodierna what kind of a bird she turned into. I suppose it does not matter. She would blend in with other birds and could also polymorph into something else. If so, she would have to spot me before I find her. I just have to go straight to her uncleís first to see if she even made it there. The trip involves crossing a huge lake, which is several mile wide.

En route, I see a stream of purple smoke off in the horizon. It looks rather strange. I have never seen purple smoke before and turn towards it. As I approach, I notice a sand bar out in the lake with someone standing on it waving her arms. Itís Roesia stark naked! She sees me as well and starts jumping up and down. I land on the sand bar, quickly dismount my broom, and we give each other a big hug. I also notice that her body is bright red from sunburn, her lips are chapped, and it looks like she lost some weight. Roesia begins to cry but no tears drop from her eyes, possibly due to dehydration.

"Thank goodness youíre here, Violette! I thought I was going to die here."

"Roesia, itís good to see you. What are you doing here? Where are your clothes?"

"I was on my way to visit my uncle. Hodierna taught me the polymorph spell, and I turned myself into a bird, so I could fly there. Like any new spell, I had to be naked before casting it. When I was flying over the lake, my wings were getting tired, so I landed on this sand bar and fell asleep. When I awoke, I was human again and naked of course. I tried to recast the spell several times but could not get it to work. I have been stuck here ever since."

"Oh Roesia, I am just glad youíre all right. Why didnít you teleport or levitate over the lake?"

"My magic is not powerful enough. I cannot teleport or levitate that far without falling into the water."

"So, just cast the spell again."

"I canít swim."

"Oh, thatís right. I forgot you canít swim."

"I was able to cast a spell to make purple smoke. I was hoping someone would see it and come closer, and it worked."

"Hodierna had been out looking for you but did not know about your uncle. She handed me the broom, and I was headed towards your uncleís cottage until I saw the purple smoke."

"Do you have anything to eat or drink? I have not had any food or water for three days."

"No, I donít. Letís get out of here."

I mount the broom, and Roesia quickly mounts it behind me. I attempt a take off, but nothing happens.

"Thatís strange. I have never had trouble flying the broom before." I note.

"Hodierna said that it was designed for one person. Maybe two people are too heavy for it."

"I am not leaving you here. We have to leave together. We need to lighten the load."

I get off the broom, and it immediately levitates with Roesia on it. It is definitely the weight. I remove my shoes and belt and try again. The broom still does not fly. I remove my blouse and skirt. The broom is airborne for a moment but quickly falls in the water with us on it. As we climb back onto the sand bar soaking wet, I remove my undergarments and now wear nothing but water droplets. Roesia and I mount the broom once again, and this time, the broom stays elevated about four feet from the ground.

"It looks like it will work, but we will have to fly the broom naked until we at least reach land." I explain.

"Fine. Letís go. I am thirsty and hungry." Roesia desperately replies.

We lift our feet off the sandbar and slowly hover over the lake towards land. Our feet are about two feet from getting wet. The broom also cannot go very fast with two people on it, but we are flying, barely. Roesia hugs me from behind, and lays her head on my shoulder blades. She is exhausted from her ordeal. With both of my hands clutching the broomstick, I stay focused on flying the broom as much as possible.

After about an hour of flying, I see a fishing boat off in the distance. Being naked, I would prefer to avoid them, but Roesia could really use some food and water. I will have to risk it and see if the fisherman can help us. As we approach, the fishermen spot us and are stunned at what they see: two naked women riding a broom. I stop the broom about ten feet away from the edge of the boat and just hover above the water.

"Excuse me. Can you help us? My friend here needs food and water. Can you spare some?"

"Who and what are you? Are you angels from heaven or mermaids from the sea?" One fisherman replies.

"Neither. We are witches, and we need help. Please, can you help us?"

"We have some vittles for you. If you come aboard, we can help."

Some of the men continue to stare at us and start drooling. I am uncertain what to do. Roesia really needs help, but I do not want anyone to take advantage of two naked helpless women. Roesia is asleep but begins to wake up. I decide to risk it and inch my way towards the boat.

The fishermen reach out their hands and help us into the boat. From the looks on their faces and the drool on their chins, I donít think they have ever seen a naked woman before in their entire lives. Roesia and I try to cover ourselves with our hands and arms.

"Here ladies, have some fish and biscuits." The head fisherman says.

Roesia cannot resist and eagerly grabs the food and places it in her mouth. Not quite as hungry, I decide to hold back.

I express my gratitude. "Thank you."

I suddenly feel a pinch on my right buttock.


I instinctively look over my right shoulder but cannot tell who did it. The men just smile.

I feel a finger poke my left buttock. Again, I turn around only to see more eager fishermen.

"Now that we have fed you, you can thank us even more."

Roesia lets out a yelp and hops forward. "Hey, who pinched me?"

The dozen or so men around us start moving in. Soon, hands are touching my arms, breasts, buttocks, and even pussy. Roesia has a desperate look on her face as she drops her food and begins wrestling with the a few men who are touching her. Before I know it, I am laying on the bottom of the boat with at least two men sitting on me. My arms and legs are practically pinned down. I begin to panic and scream.

Suddenly everyone on the boat stops moving, except me. The fishermenís hands are still touching me but are not moving, I start pushing them away and get up. I see Roesia sitting on the edge of the boat finishing her biscuits with a smile on her face.

"Roesia, whatís going on?"

"I petrified them."


"I cast a petrifaction spell on them."

"You know how to cast a petrifaction spell on a whole group of people?"

"Yes, I have been studying hard, but it wonít hold. The men will start moving again soon. We should go."

With a sigh of relief, I grab the broom. Roesia and I hop on and are on our way once more.

"I did not think of it, but we could have grabbed some clothes while we were on the fishing boat." I think aloud to Roesia.

"I did not think of it either. I have been naked for so long now I donít even think to find clothes. Besides I donít want to wear any of their dirty, fishy clothes anyway, and the broom would not have flown with the extra weight. Weíre better off naked."

After a few hours we finally reach the shore and collapse on the beach.

After a brief rest, I get up and look around. No signs of civilization are in sight. Roesia is a little further inland under a shaded tree and sound asleep. I wake her up and explain to her that we can now teleport our way back to Hodiernaís. It takes several teleports to do get there. On one occasion, we even appear in the center of a town. Just as quickly as heads turn to see two naked women and a broom, we utter the magic words to disappear and teleport again. I sort of enjoy that part of the trip, because my pussy gets warm and starts to drool while doing it. I look down at Roesiaís pussy and could tell she is enjoying it, too.

When we reach Hodiernaís cottage, she gives both of us a great hug. We give the broom back to Hodierna and tell her about our little adventure. Hodierna smiles and is just happy that we retuned safely. Roesia admits that she got frustrated trying to learn how to use the broom. In her envy of me, she learned to polymorph into a bird and fly on her own. She asks for forgiveness and thanks me once again for rescuing her. I tell her that all is well and that we are still friends. Then we give each other a good hug.