The Magical Adventures of Violette
by Chuppecatnutter

Chapter 3 -- Petrifaction

Over the next few weeks, Roesia and I spend time and effort perfecting our magic. We get naked and teleport ourselves across rooms, and even from one building to another. We have a few close calls where someone is entering the room while we are naked but manage to teleport out just as the person starts opening the door. I think it is kind of fun, even arousing, to see how far I can teleport away from my clothes without anyone seeing me. Roesia and I would meet with Hodierna for magic lessons. We learn to mix our own potions and perfect the one for levitation, so I could control my altitude, move horizontally while levitated, then lower myself to the ground without an antidote. Last night I managed to successfully float across the moat. It feels so liberating to be naked and not anchored to the ground. My pussy warms up and my nipples harden after doing it. Between teleporting and levitating I can go almost anywhere. My pussy is getting wet again just thinking about it.

On my way from the manor back to town and the bakery, I am walking alone when I see off in the distance a bird having trouble flying. After a while it loses power and falls to the ground with a thud. Curiously I head off to see what has fallen. As I approach it I discover that it is a dead cockatrice. I had never seen one before, only drawings in books. I donít know what caused it to fall or die but consider this a rare find indeed. Legend has it that a cockatriceís look can turn people to stone. More importantly for me, I can use it as a material component for petrifying people. I poke it with a stick to make sure it is absolutely dead. I certainly do not want its dying gaze to turn me to stone. Once I know for sure, I put the dead carcass in my knapsack and continue to my motherís bakery.

When I arrive, my mother is not there. Anxious to get started with the cockatrice, I open one of my spell books and begin reading about petrifaction. It did not take long for me to discover that this is a more advanced spell with several verbal and somatic components in addition to the cockatrice.

The bakery occasionally has a problem with mice infestation, and today is no exception. My mother and I usually swat them with brooms, and then sweep the dead bodies out onto the street. I begin thinking it would be interesting to turn the mice into stone. I could solve the rodent problem as well as practice my magic at the same time. Maybe I could sell the stone mice to a trinket shop. The more I think about it, the better it sounds. If I could show my mother the benefits of magic, she might approve.

After studying the spell some more, I remove my clothes. My pussy immediately starts to get wet. For the purposes of this spell, only the head of the cockatrice is needed, so I chop off its head and hold it in my hand. I look behind the brick oven, and sure enough the mice are in one of their usually hiding places. I take a deep breath, concentrate, and then begin casting the spell.

About one-third the way through the spell casting I feel a mouse jumping up behind my leg, which startles me. I let out a yelp, drop the cockatrice head, and lose the somatic sequence of the spell. I donít know why but continue with the remaining verbal component of the spell, while I shake the mouse off my leg. When the spell is done, I could still hear the mice squeaking and shuffling about. Apparently it did not work. I lean over to view the back of the brick oven, when I notice that I could not lean over. In fact, I could not move at all! What is going on? I stand there with my arms by my sides looking straight ahead. I could not even move my eyeballs. After a few minutes, I think that I must have accidentally petrified myself! Oh no! At least when I messed up the teleportation and levitation spells, I could move around or ask for help, but petrified, I can do neither. How am I going to get out of this?

It later occurs to me that the mouse that crawled up my leg probably had something to do with my messing up the spell. In addition to the mouseís energy, which I was sort of "wearing," I misspoke the verbal component, and shaking my leg to throw the mouse off interfered with the somatic component.

A little while longer my mother returns to see all that is out of place: my clothes all over the floor, a dead cockatrice with its head cut off, my knapsack, and most prominently a life-size statue of me.

"What is going on here?" my mother mumbles to herself. "It looks like Violette is up to her magic tricks again."

She gets back to baking and when she has a spare moment, begins to clean up my belongings, but leaves the dead cockatrice. Eventually, she tries moving me but decides I am too heavy. Later in the evening she brings Godfrey in to help.

"Mrs. Baker, this is a beautiful marble statue of your daughter. Where did you get it?"

"I donít know, but I suspect Violette has something to do with it. It was near her belongings. I have been waiting for her to get home but have not seen her all day at all."

It then occurs to me that Godfrey recognizes itís me and that I am naked. Godfrey can see me naked!

"So what do you want to do with the statue?"

"Itís in the way inside the bakery. For now, letís just move it outside."

"Very well, maíam."

"No, donít put my outside! Mother, itís me. Itís me, Violette!" Since I am not able to move my lips, tongue, jaw, or vocal chords, no noise comes from mouth. I am helpless.

Mother and Godfrey start moving me towards the door and out in front of the bakery. Just then Roesia arrives.

"Greetings, Mrs. Baker, Godfrey."

"Greetings to you, Violette," say mother and Godfrey almost in unison.

"What do you have there?"

"Itís a marble statue of Violette. It was inside the bakery, and we donít know how it got here."

"Itís quite remarkable," says Roesia as Godfrey adjusts me in my final spot out front.

"Look at the fine detail: her long hair, legs, arms, face, her nipples, even her pubic hair looks just like the real Violette. Whoever the sculptor is did a good job."

Godfrey and Roesia stand in front of me admiring my details. My mother goes back in the bakery.

"Roesia, help me. Help me. Help me, please." I attempt to cry out to her but to no avail. I am rock stiff and ashamed that my naked self is now open for public display.

The days pass. Townsfolk come by the bakery daily for bread and admire my fine details of marble. Each time patrons ask my mother where she got it, and each time my mother gives the same answer. She also pleads with them to help her find her daughter, for no one has seen her since the statue appeared. Everyone has seen me; they just donít know it IS me. At first they thought it was a gift from the Lord of the Manor, but after inquiring with him, he spoke ignorantly of it as well. Occasionally, some elderly men would come by and feel my pussy hairs with their hands. Godfrey came by late one night and kisses both of my nipples when no one is looking. Even the Lord of the Manor comes by to touch my private parts. I never before felt so much shame and humiliation and anger. All I could do is weep on the inside, thinking that I would have to stay this way for the rest of my life. And if stone statues never grow old, I could be like this for eternity.

One day, Roesia and Dustane come by the bakery. Dustane works as a squire for one of the knights in the manor. He and I have an eye for each other. Roesia and I talk about Dustane sometimes and agree that he could look like he could grow into a very handsome and brave knight someday. Playing matchmaker, Roesia always encourages me to spend more time with him, which I have done. Roesia came by to see me other days, but today is different. She stares at me like she has never stared at a statue before in her life. She whispers something to Dustane, and they go inside to speak with my mother. About 15 minutes later, Roesia and Dustane dash out of the bakery and run like the wind. I quickly wonder what that is all about and what they talked to my mother about.

Later, Roesia, Dustane and Hodierna arrive and waste no time getting to work. Roesia hands Hodierna the head of a very dried up cockatrice. Standing a few feet in front of me, Hodierna begins chanting a spell. I recognize it almost immediately. Itís the petrification spell but not quite. She performs the somatic component differently near the end. Soon I can begin to feel air entering my nostrils. My diaphragm begins to move in and out. I am breathing again! I start to blink and move my eyes. One, then two, then three finger and my entire hand can move. Gradually the rest of my body begins to soften. I did not feel so stiff anymore. Roesia, Dustane, and Hodierna are smiling widely. Roesia is jumping for joy.

"The statue is no more." Hodierna announces.

"Violette, youíre alive! Youíre alive!" Roesia screams.

"How do you feel, Violette?" Dustane asks.

I open my mouth and speak the first words I have spoken in over a week, "It feels wonderful to be alive again."

"Violette, you look wonderful," says Dustane.

I look down and realize that I am still naked. I begin to cover and breasts and pussy with my arms. My face feels very warm. Dustane looks away in embarrassment.

"Your face is turning red. Are you sure you are all right?" asks Roesia.

"Sheís all right." Hodierna explains confidently and smiles again.

I dash into the bakery where my mother is holding a few loaves of bread. Dropping everything, she embraces me like nothing else and begins to cry.

"Violette, Oh Violette. Where have you been? I miss you so much." She sobs.

"I have been away practicing my magic." I answer just as Roesia enters the room.

"Roesia, I suppose you had something to do with this?"

"Well, uh, sort of." She mutters.

"Well, put some clothes on, and weíll talk about it."

"Yes, mother."

This time, I decide to tell my mother that I was over at Hodiernaís learning more magic. I did not want to tell her that I was the statue out front. I did not want to let her or the rest of the townsfolk know that it was me out there, the one some of them were touching and fondling and kissing and practically raping. It is just too embarrassing for me to tell. I also fib to her that I made the statue disappear with my magic. My mother seems to believe my story and is just plain happy that I am home. She scolds me for not letting her know where I was for so long and told me to never do that again.

Later I meet with Roesia to ask her how she knew the statue was me.

"The cockatrice head gave me a clue." She explains, "I noticed it on the floor of the bakery the day you disappeared. I thought nothing of it at first but began putting it all together after a few days. When I realized what happened, Dustane and I went in to the bakery to fetch the head, and then ran to get Hodierna. She came to turn you back into a woman."

I give Roesia the biggest hug ever and thank her over and over for saving my life.

"You are welcome. I know you would have done the same for me if I was the one stuck in stone. Now, letís get back to studying so we can avoid problems just like this."

Chapter 4 -- Magic Clothes

"Clothes are just too expensive to buy and too much trouble to make," I tell myself, so I decide to make my own clothes---magically. With a few strands of cotton and a piece of leather to serve as material components, I am ready. I stand naked in my room at the manor with the cotton and leather in my left hand and spell book in the right. I recite the spell. Sure enough, my hand is soon empty. In just a few moments, I begin to feel something very thin and soft begin wrapping around my body. It begins at my waist and spirals down my hips and buttocks. Eventually my crouch is covered as well. I look down and see white knickers. Then, my breasts and chest begin to get covered in the same way. A beautiful white and frilly all-cotton blouse forms. The thread also wraps down my arms all the way to my wrists. Then, another darker thread starts spiraling its way down and around my knickers. Before long a full-length skirt forms. Finally, pieces of leather cover my feet, and a leather belt hugs my waist.

As I move around and look down at my new outfit, I notice that each piece of clothing is very solid and very snug. For example, no laces hold my blouse, and the leather belt is one continuous piece with no buckle or holes. The leather shoes have no buckles either. I would have to literally rip or cut the clothes to get out of them. I am glad I used the outhouse before trying this spell.

No matter. Other than a few scraps of cloth and my fee to Hodierna for training, the clothes did not require any time, effort or money to make. Although the clothes are that of a peasant girl, they look new and clean. I might even say they are made for a peasant first class if there is such a thing. Maybe I should just go into the magic tailoring business and forget about marrying a knight. But that fantasy is soon squashed.

I walk outside my room and start walking around the village. I show Roesia, and she is quite impressed. "This looks really good on you, Violette. And it was your very first try?"

"Yes, indeed. I thought I would muff the spell the first time, but I even surprised myself."

"You must absolutely teach this to me. With some practice, weíll be able to dress like ladies."

"I know. I cannot wait to try this again. Although, there is just one thing..."


"I have no way to get out of them. I have no way to remove them without tearing them apart. The clothes are single use only."

"Oh. Uh, I guess that is something we will have to perfect as we practice this spell."


After a few more words of conversation with her, I continue on my way around the village and eventually out of the manor towards town. I see my mother at the bakery to show her my new ensemble. With nothing more than a glance, she gives me a grunt and goes on with her work.

I move on to other parts of town: the butcher shop, blacksmith and goldsmith shops, with clothe made with nothing more than scraps and magic. The life of a witch could be an easy one, I think.

I decide to show it to Hodierna, who lives in the outskirts of town and begin walking in that direction. As I begin walking, I hear a small rip but think nothing of it. On the way there, I see a knight and his squire coming in the opposite direction both on horseback. As they approach I see that it is Sir Percival and his squire Dustane.

"Good day, Sir Percival."

"Good day to you, Missy."

"Good day, Dustane."

"Good day, Violette."

"What brings you this far from town, Missy Violette?" The brave knight asks.

"I am on my way to see Hodierna to show her my magic."

"Hodierna? She is a sorceress. You should stay away from her."

"But I am her apprentice. I am studying to be a witch like her."


"Witches are evil. They cause nothing but trouble." Sir Percival says with conviction.


Dustane starts giving me a puzzled look, and I suddenly feel a draft on my legs. I look down to see that my skirt has fallen off along with the belt as if someone had broken the belt.

"Oh My!" I begin to squirm as I stand there.

Sir Percival is perplexed. "What is this? Is this more witchcraft!?"


"Yes sir. These clothes I made were made with magic. Apparently, the spell is starting to literally wear off."


My left sleeve falls to my wrist and disintegrates. My right sleeve soon follows. The three of us look dumbfounded as one piece of thread after another began to give way. Once anything hits the ground, it simply shrivels up. My knickers are the last to go, and I am stark naked in front of two males. I look down and all I could see are the original strand of cotton and leather I started the spell with. They returned to their original form. I guess the spell has a time limit.

Too much in shock and too ashamed to do anything else, I cover my breasts and pussy with my arms and hands. My face must be cherry red, because it feels very warm.

Dustaneís presence made it all the more humiliating. He is very handsome, and I sort of liked him for a few years now. I am motionless and speechless.

"This magic is pure evil in motion. Squire!"

"Yes sir"

"Take this witch into custody. Tie her up and place her on the back of your steed."

"But sir ..."


"Yes sir!"

Under the knightís order, Dustane wastes no time in grabbing some rope from his horse and wrapping them around my wrists and ankles. I could tell by the look on his face that he is just as ashamed and saddened by this as I am. Dustane and I are friends, but he cannot disobey and order from his superior. He efficiently and deliberately picks me up and throws my belly down onto the back of his horse. My head and arms are hanging down over one side of the horse while my feet dangle on the other side. With my bare bottom exposed, Dustane mounts the horse, and we are on our way.

Fortunately for me, Sir Percival and Dustane choose a different route, which avoids going through town. At least my mother will not see me like this.


I feel a sharp pain on my left buttock.

"Ouch. Dustane, watch where you hit with that thing."

"Sorry, Violette. I am not used to having someone back there."

Meaning to hit his horse with his horsewhip, Dustane hits me instead, which I do not need.

We return to the manor, where the guards at the drawbridge start making rude remarks about my naked body, especially my buttocks. I feel two inches tall going into the manor. Inevitably, we the three of us trot through the village. The villagers start staring and whispering. No doubt about me. I donít bother to look up. With my head staying bowed in shame, I cover my face with my hands and try not to weep.

"Sir Percival, looks like another one of your conquests! Ha!"

Thatís sounds like the blacksmith, but I donít bother to raise my head to check.

When we reach the knightís domain, we quickly dismount.

"Squire, take the witch to the dungeon; put her in shackles."

"Yes sir."

Dustane throws me over his right shoulder and carries me through a maze of rooms and hallways, downstairs, and finally into the cold, dark dungeon. He unties the rope from my ankles and wrists and methodically places them in the shackles, which are connected to the stone wall. I have no choice but to stand. My arms are stretched out and up to the same height as my head, elbows slightly bent. My feet are shoulder length and cannot move more than three inches away from the wall. Dustane uses a key to lock the shackles, then leaves the room, closes the door, and locks that as well.

I am now alone, cold, naked and ashamed. The entire manor probably knows by now who that was on the back of Dustaneís horse. When my mother finds out, she may disown me to save her own face.

A very long time passes. I am not sure how long and begin to relax. No sense in wasting energy. Just then it occurs to me that I could use magic to get out of this. I could teleport my way out. But, no, I cannot. I am wearing shackles. I must be completely naked, and the shackles would interfere with the spell. I think of other spells I could cast, but some require a material component, which I do not have or a somatic component, which I cannot perform because of my physical restraints. I resign myself to the fact that I cannot escape.

After another very long time Dustane enters the dungeon. In a soothing and caring voice, he speaks to me. "Violette, are you well?"

"Oh, Dustane. I feel so ashamed. So many people saw me naked. Whatís going to happen to me?"

"Violette, I will do whatever I can to get you out of here. But, I have to be careful as to not make my sir upset."

"I donít want to get you in trouble, Dustane, but you must get me out of here."

"I know. I know. And I have a plan."

Dustane shows me the battle axe he has with him.

"Sir took the keys to the shackles so I have no way of unlocking them. However, I will free you with this. Hold still."

Dustane holds my wrist close to the wall and strikes the chain with the axe. After several attempts, the link breaks. He does the same with my other wrist and both ankles. I am free from the wall but still wear shackles around my wrists and ankles, some with one or two links remaining,

"Come with me. Hurry."

I follow Dustane out of the dungeon and up the stairs.

"Dustane, do you have anything for me to wear?"

"Yes, but please wait."

We proceed through a couple of other hallways and through another room. Dustane hands me a very old wool blanket.

"Dustane, do you have anything else? This thing is old and dirty and has holes in it."

"Itís the best I can do. When sir asks where you are, I will tell him that you escaped using your magic. I donít want to give you any nicer clothes. The knightís lady may discover her clothes missing but wonít miss this old blanket. I will lead you outside, and you can be on your way. I wish you all the best."

Before wrapping the blanket around me, I give Dustane a big hug and thank him for all he has done for me. "I owe you my life, Dustane. Someday I will repay you."

"I know you will." Dustane says assuredly as he shows me to the door.

I head out in the open with nothing more than an oversized rag and four shackles. As I am heading down the path I could hear horses and people approaching. I quickly jump off the trail, land into some bushes, and quietly wait for them to pass. When I can hear them no more, I get up but cannot move my blanket. It is tangled among the branches and twigs of the bushes. In my impatience, I pull and yank a little. Rip! Oh, I have heard that noise before. I breathe a sigh when I see that my blanket now has a very large tear going almost diagonal towards the center. I decide that the blanket is slowing me down anyway and abandon it in the bushes. Naked once again, I continue my journey, listening to the metallic chain links clinking against each other.

With nowhere else to go, I head off to Hodiernaís. She lives a pretty isolated existence away from the manor and the town. She could probably help me with clothes, get me out of my shackles, and even tell me what went wrong with the magic clothing spell. When I arrive, Roesia is already there receiving a lesson from Hodierna.

"Violette, what have you gotten yourself into this time?"

"Oh Hodierna. I was using the magical clothing spell. I thought it was successful and decided to walk around with it. When the clothes dissolved, Sir Percival and Dustane saw me and arrested me. These shackles are from his dungeon. Dustane helped me escape."

"Dustane is a naughty boy. He does not even bother to give you garments?" Roesia says in disbelief.

"He gave me a blanket, but it was old and tore before I got here."

Hodierna goes into the back and returns with some of her old clothes. "I have not worn these in a while but I think they will fit you."

"Thank you, Hodierna."

Hodierna also pours some potion onto my shackles, which immediately rusts them to dust but does not harm my skin at all.

After thanking Hodierna, Roesia and I head back to town. I am a little hesitant entering town for fear that people will start pointing fingers at the naked girl, but no one seems to pay me any attention. At the bakery, my mother does not say a word and just continues with her work. I later hear through the grapevine that some people did see a naked girl on the back of Dustaneís horse but because her face was covered, no one knew who it was. According to Dustane, Sir Percival is too ashamed to admit that he let a witch get away from his so-called inescapable dungeon, so he did not say anything either.