The Magical Adventures of Violette
by Chuppecatnutter

Chapter 1 -- Teleportation

The year of our Lord is 1410. My name is Violette, and I just became an apprentice conjurer. I am also 18 years old and am widowed. Now for those of you in the 21st century wondering how an 18 year old can already be widowed: I was married when I was 16. It is not uncommon for a woman to get married at this age or even earlier in the 15th century. I married a knight; he went off to war, and about six months ago, I received word from a friar who was close to our family that my husband died in a campaign. Uncertain of my future, I decided to take up a new craft -- that is witchcraft -- which happens to be against my motherís wishes. She prefers that I learn baking like my parents did. Baking is a much safer trade, which I learned for a few years, but I guess I am just too ambitious. As a baker I would forever be a peasant. But as a mistress sorceress, I could work directly for my Lord or even the King, become famous, wealthy. Well, you get the picture.

My father died when I was very young, so I never really knew him. My mother has a bakery in town. She used to bake in the village in our Lordís manor, but ever since the wars have died down, more and more merchants are establishing businesses in town. However, my father and my Lord of the manor were good friends, so my Lord has kept a room for my mother and me whenever we want to use it. Oh, I almost forgot. I am five feet two inches tall, one hundred twenty-five pounds. My exquisitely long hair forms sultry curls of coppery red down my back, halfway to my pretty little feet. Iím fair-skinned and freckled, with pale blue-grey eyes, and medium brown pubic hair. I am lucky to have a beautiful face and shapely body (even at 12), which is how the peasant daughter of a baker could catch the eye of a knight.

I am returning from Hodiernaís cottage with some potions, a beginnerís spellbook, and a few other magical supplies. Hodierna is a mistress sorceress and mentor whom I am studying under. I am anxious to return to the manor where I can begin my studies. Hodierna suggested that when experimenting with casting spells as an apprentice, I should not be wearing any clothing or jewelry, because those items on my person can interfere with the natural force of the spell. For an apprentice wearing clothes, spells can get distorted and, in a worst case scenario, could even backfire. When I get more proficient, I can begin to wear clothing when casting spells.

I reach the room in the manor, a small box of stone about 12 feet square and 15 feet high. Itís a real luxury for peasants. Most peasants donít get rooms this large let alone a private one. I enter the room, close the door, and begin unpacking my supplies onto a table. Sifting through, I notice a scroll of teleportation. It gives instructions for casting it, which consists of a series of verbal words and phrases in Latin. One phrase teleports you ten feet; this phrase a hundred feet, and this phrase a thousand. Other phrases further down the scroll tell you which direction to teleport relative to where the caster is facing. It seems simple enough. I think I'll give it a try. But first I remove my clothes, which are made up of my white long-sleeve blouse, a full length dark-blue skirt, white knickers, and wooden clogs. Hmm, I suppose I should remove my gold necklace as well. It was a gift from my father. I am now standing stark naked in one corner of the room, facing the opposite corner. My intent is to teleport myself ten feet towards the far corner of the room. I pick up the scroll and memorize what I need to say. I think I am ready and put the scroll back down on the table.

I recite what I believe are the correct words. Suddenly I am no longer in the room; I am now outside in a forest. What am I doing out here!? Still naked, I instinctively and quickly use my arms and hands to cover my breasts and pussy. I also begin to look around to try to determine where I am. All I see are trees, bushes, trees and bushes. After a few minutes, I can hear the sounds of a horse drawing a cart off in the distance. Cautiously, I begin moving in that direction and after a few hundred yards come to find I am near my manor. Apparently, I did not teleport myself just ten feet but a few thousand feet! I must have accidentally recited the wrong words from the scroll but have no way of knowing for sure until I can get my hands on the scroll and read it again. The horse-drawn cart is heading across the moat by means of a drawbridge into the manor. Two guards are standing outside looking to make sure the cartís occupant is familiar to them. Other guards are up in the rook of the castle, which oversees the manorís entrance.

I stop behind some bushes before the guards could see me. The sun had just passed its peak. Without any clothes I now have to figure out how to get back into my room at the manor. I could try teleporting again but already forgot most of the Latin phrases. The scroll was left behind in my room before I teleported the first time. I certainly donít want to recite the phrase incorrectly again, for fear of where I might end up, such as in the center of the village where hundreds of people are buying and selling goods or even teleporting further away from the manor. I will have to return by conventional means, that is, without any magic. The entrance is a constant walkway of activity. Every several minutes, people and horses are walking or trotting both in and out of the manor. I sit down behind the bushes and wait.

Occasionally I look up towards the sky to see how much the sun has moved. Without an hour glass or sundial, I cannot tell what time it is. After several hours, it begins to look as if I will have to wait until after dark before I can make an attempt to re-enter the fortification. This will mean skinny-dipping my way across the moat, finding an entrance, then working my way through the village until I reach the haven of my room. The chances of someone seeing me are high but not as high after dark. Being seen naked out in the open is unthinkable and illegal. If the Lord of the manor finds out, he could have me publicly punished and humiliated in the village square. Nevertheless, I have no choice but to try.

It has been dark for at least a couple of hours now, and the activity on the drawbridge has practically ceased. The guards are starting to sit down and relax. The manor has not had an attack in so many years, the guards have gotten complacent in their duty; which is fortunate for me, because I must sneak pass them tonight. I come out from behind the bushes and tiptoe my way towards the moat. I am so nervous I donít even realize I am covering myself again with my arms and hands, not that it helps cover anything. I get to the edge of the moat and dip my toe in. Oh, it is a little chilly. Am I shivering from the cold toe or from my nerves from being naked? At this point I donít think it matters. Getting down on my hands and knees I slowly ease my way into the black water, being careful not to make any noise, for the guards are just over yonder.

Once I am in the water, I start inching my way towards the wall. I remember that there is an underground entrance that is no longer in use. It was used to feed the sea creatures back when the moat actually had some. But now that the moat is empty except for the water, that hole in the floor is no longer in service. When I reach the wall, I take a deep breath and dive down to complete darkness. Feeling my way for the entrance with my hands, I have to return to the surface for air. It takes me several tries before I find it and go through. I finally come up through an opening in a room and immediately recognize where I am.

When I was a little girl, I occasionally accompanied my mother with a few loaves of bread to drop into this hole. By order of my Lord, a small percentage of what my family baked was used to feed the sea creatures. This time, I am coming up through it. I climb out, dripping wet, cold, hungry, and naked and must now work my way through the village. The room has some tables, chairs, empty baskets, but no clothes, or blankets -- nothing I can really use to cover myself.

I open the door and peek out. A couple of people seem to be out and about, but for the most part, the streets are empty. When the coast seems clear, I open the door a little more and take my first step out. The rest of my body follows. My heart is pounding like mad, and some juice from my pussy begins trickling down my left leg. I am now in the village naked as the day I was born. My room is only about two hundred or so feet away. I have walked the route a thousand times but with clothes. Now it seems like two hundred miles away. I begin my tip-toeing again which quickly evolves into a brisk walk. I look for anything I can hide behind temporarily: a barrel, a cart, a post, anything. Suddenly two men come around the corner and immediately see me.

"Oh my lordy," cries one to the other, "is that a neked wooomon?"

Without hesitation, I start sprinting towards my room. As I am running away, I hear them talking.

"Do you know who that was?"

"No, too dark, but she looked like she had no clothes."

"Maybe we just had too much ale."


I finally reach my room, open the door, dash in, and close it behind me. As I catch my breath, I wipe the juice from my leg and pussy with my hand. After lighting some candles, I see the room is just as I left it before teleporting. My clothes, the teleportation scroll, and magic supplies are all as I had left them. I get dressed, find a little something to eat then go to bed. I thank the stars that I am able to get back safely and, oh yes, cast my first spell.

Chapter 2 -- Levitation

After recovering from my little teleportation "accident," I pay a visit to Roesia, who is also an apprentice witch, Roesia is also 18 years old, 5' 4", and has brown eyes, shoulder-length dark brown hair and dark brown pubic hair. We were best friends growing up and have shared our deepest, darkest secrets over the years. Needless to say, I tell her about my little naked adventure trying to re-enter the manor after dark. She gets a big laugh out of it but also admires me for casting my first spell, a risk she has not yet had the nerve to try.

"Next time, Violette, maybe try casting a spell in the presence of someone more experienced, like Hodierna."

"Hodierna is more of a mentor to me than my teacher. She charges by the hour. My mother and I are scraping every pence we can just to pay for the magic supplies. Occasionally, she will let me ask her a quick question at no charge."

"In other words, she is leaving your magic training up to you."

"Pretty much."

"Well, my funding letís me see her a little more often. Maybe I can pass a few pointers onto you."

"Thanks, Roesia. Youíre a good friend."

I later return to my room at the manor and review the teleportation scroll. I did indeed use the incorrect phrase, which is why I teleported outside the castle instead of across the room. I roll the scroll up, put it away, and begin rummaging through the rest of my supplies.

I also find a potion of levitation. Hodierna explained to me that you drink this one to begin levitating and another one to return to the ground. Unlike the teleportation spell, all I must do is drink the potion. I donít think there is any way to screw up this spell. I believe I can try it. Per Hodiernaís instructions, I remove my clothing once again. I canít imagine how clothing could mess up a potion. If I drank it with clothes on, wouldnít I just levitate with clothes? Well, I better not take any chance. So, I remove my clothes once again.

I hold the levitation potion in one hand and the "antidote" in the other. I think about it this time. If I levitate without the antidote, I would stay stuck levitated. So, I better levitate with the antidote in my hand. I open the lid of the levitation potion, drink the whole thing, then put down the vial. At first nothing happens. A few minutes later, still nothing. I guess it didnít work. I check the label on the vial and sure enough, it does say "levitation" on it. It must be a dud. After about ten minutes, I decide that this is not working and put down the antidote and reach for my clothes. Before my hand touches my knickers, I am pulled upwards by an invisible force! I look around but see nothing to hoist me up. The potion finally works!

The feeling of weightlessness is amazing. I feel light as a feather. Bump. My head hits the ceiling and soon my whole body starts rotating towards it. A moment later, my naked body is pressed up against the stone. It feels like I am laying face down on the ground except that I am laying face up on the ceiling. Anyone looking up at me would see my bare-bottom. Bare bottom!? I should probably get back down before someone sees my like this. I must look absolutely ridiculous. Oh drat, I put down the antidote, and now it is out of reach. I bring my hands close to my shoulders and push away from the ceiling, like an upside down push-up. But as soon as my arms relax, my breasts rises back up to touch the cold stone. How am I supposed to get down? Using my arms and legs, I repeatedly attempt to get some distance between me and the ceiling but each time, the affects of the potion prevent me from descending and forces me to kiss the ceiling.

After what seem like an hour or two, I hear a knock on the door. Then, someone enters the room. Who could it possibly be? Since I am face up I cannot turn my head completely to see who it is. I slowly turn my head to the right and try to look down. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see a large image but canít quite recognize who it is. He begins to speak.

"It looks like Violette has been here not too long ago."

Itís Godfrey, the caretaker of my room. When my mother and I moved out, we asked Godfrey to watch the room for us, maintain it, and make sure no beggars were using it as a temporary shelter. He stops by about once a week. When he came in, he did not seem to notice me. Oh please, please. Whatever you do, donít look up.

"I better take these things to Violette at the bakery in town."

My mind silently panics: please donít take my things. Please. Please. And please donít look up.

Godfrey efficiently cleans out the room. He packs up all my magical supplies, my clothes, the all important antidote, and departs. Except for some furniture, I am now left naked in an empty room, pressed up against the ceiling with no way down. I mentally kick myself for getting into another difficult situation. I suppose I could scoot towards the doorway but have no way to reach the knob. I could yell for help but prefer not to have some strange passerby see me like this. For the next couple of hours, I consider other alternatives. So far the potion is not wearing out. It seems just as difficult to push away from the ceiling as it did when this whole predicament started.

Suddenly, I hear a knock on the door. Could it be Godfrey again?

"Violette, are you in there?"

It is Roesia!

"Roesia, help! Help me, please!"

Roesia bursts through the door and begins looking around.

"Up here. Look up!"

"Oh my! Violette what are you doing up there?"

"I drank a potion of levitation. Godfrey took the antidote with him. You have to find him. I think he went to the bakery."

"Godfrey? Antidote? The bakery--in town?

"Uh huh."

"All right. But that is far away."

"I know. Please, Roesia."

After shutting the door behind her, Roesia runs after Godfrey towards the bakery. My physical state has not changed, but at least I feel better knowing that my best friend is helping me. I hope she hurries back soon. I settle down (or is it up) against the stone ceiling and begin to drift asleep...

The opening of the door awakens me. Roesia enters with a vial in her hand. "Thank goodness youíre here. How much time has past?"

"Itís just past supper time, Violette, but I have the vial. I caught up with Godfrey when he was just entering the town. He had not reached the bakery yet, so after I caught his attention, I began to explain what had happened, and then Godfrey said..."Roesia! Never mind what Godfrey said. Give me the antidote!"

"Oh yes, Iím sorry. Here. Catch."

She tosses the vial up to me, and I manage to catch it with my hand, a lucky catch considering I could barely see her throwing it towards me. Using my thumb, I pop open the cork to the vial and slowly and carefully tip its liquid contents into my mouth. I drop the empty vial and wait.

"Is it working?" asks Roesia.

"I donít know. It took a while for the levitation potion to work; I donít know how long it will take for the antidote to work."

After a few minutes I notice that the pressure of the ceiling is giving way. I push away with my arms and am able to easily lower my legs. Before long, my legs are easily dangling while my hands and head are still pressed against the ceiling.

"Looks like the antidote is working," says Roesia with enthusiasm. She grabs my right ankle and starts tickling the sole of me feet with her finger.

"Ha haaa ha haaa haha. Stop it! Hahaha haha haaaa!"

"Sorry, I could not resist. You look so helpless up there, and your feet look so inviting to tickle."

I try to yank away and successfully do, but my feet only drop back down to Roesiaís torturous hands.


Eventually I begin to float down to the floor. Roesia has her fun with me by tickling every part of naked body: legs, stomach, armpits. I sort of put up a fight but without being anchored to the ground, I float away, which gives Roesia another chance to grab some other part of my body to poke her finger in. I try to tickle her in return but she definitely has the advantage.

"Iíll get you back one of these days, Roesia."

"Hey, just remember. I am doing you a favor for getting you down from this mess."

When the levitation spell finally wears off, I ask Roesia where my clothes are.

"I didnít ask Godfrey for any clothes. I just grabbed the antidote from him and ran straight here."

"Well, then how am I supposed to get home? I have nothing to wear."

"Iíll find something for you."

"Give me some of your clothes."

"I canít. I just have my blouse and skirt and knickers underneath. If I give you my clothes, then I wonít be decent."

After we think a moment, Roesia chimes, "Iíll be right back."

She leaves me naked. At least I am no longer glued to the ceiling.

She shortly returns holding a ten-gallon wine barrel. The top and bottom of the barrel are gone, so it is nothing more than a hollow tube.

"Here, wear this."

"A wine barrel?"

"Itís all right. Iíll walk with you all the way back to the bakery. Iíll protect you in case anyone tries to give you a hard time about your dress."

"Dress?! Itís not a dress; itís a wooden wine barrel."

With no choice, I pull the barrel over my head and hold it with my hands from the bottom. My head and neck stick out from the top and my knees, the lower part of my legs and feet expose from the bottom. I am walking the village pathways practically naked. All anyone has to do is peak inside the barrel to see me--all of me. At least this time I have a barrel and Roesia with me, and it is night time. We make it out of the manor and across the drawbridge, where the guards give chuckles and weird looks at me but donít say anything or confront us. Itís about a mile to the town. I sort of have to walk slowly because of my bare feet on a dirt path with many rocks. We finally make it to the bakery, where my motherís jaw drops to the floor when she sees me with my barrel.

"Violette, where in the boonies have you been, and why are you wearing that old barrel? When Godfrey brought your things home, I thought it was the strangest thing. I thought you might be in some kind of trouble."

"Greetings, Mrs. Baker."

"Greetings, Roesia."

"Mother, itís a long story."

Roesia and I tell my mother all that happened: the levitation potion, getting stuck to the ceiling, Godfrey taking my things, Roesiaís help. Our story does not really help matters, because it just reinforces her opinion of my chosen trade. But, in the end, after taking off the barrel, my mother lovingly and safely wraps her arms around my naked body and tells me that I will always be her daughter. We just stand there hugging each other for a minute. Roesia looks on and smiles.