The Magical Adventures of Violette
by Chuppecatnutter

Chapter 12 -- Violette Streaks

One day I was browsing through the books in the Fantasy Satisfaction House library, which is filled with all kinds of kinky books and magazines. One book caught my eye and was titled, Hodiernaís Memoirs. Upon opening it, I saw that Hodierna wrote it. Even though the words were a mix of old and modern English, I could tell by certain phrases that Hodierna did indeed author it. I spent the next several days absorbing every word in that book.

Like me, Hodierna also entered the forbidden cave and traveled forward in time. She was looking for a certain insect which she believed to be only indigenous to that cave. She made her way to this same house where Lady Kika took her in and made her a Domme. Her magic also did not work and so being trapped here, she made a new life for herself. I asked Lady Kika and chuppecatnutter about Hodierna and the book.

"Yes, Hodierna did write that book and finished it a year before she died. I guess we felt it was not that important for you to look at. Besides she is gone now, and we sort of forgot the book was here. She was a wonderful Domme."

"Not important!? Lady Kika, I am here because I came looking for Hodierna. She is the reason I am here in the first place."

Lady Kika just shrugged her shoulders and said, "Sorry."

I sighed and rolled my eyes, then retreated to my room to study the book further. Suddenly the dream of my past life became a reality again.

Hodierna also spent a good part of her years here trying to return to her own time. She discovered that a personís weight has something to do with the year of arrival. Hodierna was 30 pounds heavier than I, which could account for her arriving ten years earlier. It also looked like she might have found the solution but lacked the proper material component. Hodierna did a lot of research. She explained why the time portal was only one way. Interesting. It then occurred to me that I had the missing component. I carried it with me in my magic bag. Hodierna explained that certain plants became extinct during the 600 years between her time and today. She did not carry any with her, but I did. I quickly checked my magic bag, the one I clutched tightly when I entered the cave. Yes, there they were. The leaves were dry but intact. I quickly found a glass jar and carefully placed the leaves in it, then sealed it tight. I continued studying the section in the book concerning casting the right spell to return to the year 1418. This was the most complicated spell I had ever seen. From start to finish, I thought it would take about 20 minutes to cast. The book also recommended that the caster be completely naked, which made sense. Hodierna even took into account that even though magic didnít work here, this spell should. The reason why it was so complicated to cast was because magic generally does not work here. The extra verbal components were required to reactivate the magic in this time period. Wow!

I got excited. My heart pumped fast. Was it possible? Could I really return to my own time? If I did, would Roesia, mother and father be there? Would my magic work again? A million thoughts started running through my head. It would also mean leaving Lady Kika and chuppecatnutter and my life as a switch here. I had also grown accustomed to all the modern machinery and would have to give all that up. I spent the next few days thinking about it and losing sleep. I also talked to Lady Kika and chuppecatnutter about what I read in the book and that I might be able to go back.

"Violette, we love and care for you very much. If you decide to go back we will miss you dearly. However, you have to go where you will be happy. We know you have another life back there in the cave. If you go, you have our support."

"Thank you so much. You are like family to me, and I am glad we met. I will continue to think about it and let you know what I decide."

Later I finally decided I must try to time travel back. My life was back in the middle ages, and that was where I belonged. I announced my plans to Lady Kika and chuppecatnutter, then studied and practiced the spell until it felt second nature to me.

The day before my scheduled departure, Lady Kika took chuppecatnutter and me out for one last scene. As usual, we were placed in the car trunk naked and taken to a secluded spot. This time, she also brought along the pillories that chuppecatnutter made and locked them onto us. My head and hands were locked into one piece of wood with my hands on both sides of my head at the same level as my head and my elbows stuck at a 90 degree angle; my feet were locked into another pillory spreading my legs about three feet apart. chuppecatnutter was locked in identical pillories. Thus, we had four separate pieces of restraint. He and I were not attached to each other, but we were very immobile.

As Lady Kika prepared to leave, she said, "Iíll come by to get you tomorrow." This implied that she would return to rescue us. She always let us know if she would return to get us or if we needed to return on our own. Lady Kika always valued clear communication, which eliminated a lot of anxiety for chuppecatnutter and me.

Since we knew that we would be rescued the next day, chuppecatnutter and I didnít need to go anywhere and just sat and chatted a while. We reminisced about our past scenes and dinners weíd had. We sang praises to Lady Kika for being such a good Domme to us. As the night fell, we could see a full moon out. The night sky was filled with stars, and the temperature dropped a little. Sexual energy was in the air. His cock was up in the air, and my pussy juices were flowing. I got up, waddled over, and straddled him. Soon we had sexual intercourse under the stars wearing our medieval restraints and all.

chuppecatnutter gave me his virginity.

The next morning, Lady Kika came back and released our restraints and drove us back to the house. chuppecatnutter and I didnít bother wearing our clothes on the ride back. We just sat in the backseat holding hands. When we arrived, we saw that she had already prepared a grand breakfast for the three of us.

"As a farewell meal, I cooked breakfast this time."

"Thank you so much, My Lady." I said and gave her a big long hug.

"Okay. Okay. The food is getting cold."

The three of us ate like there was no tomorrow. Well, at least for me, that was literally true. We continued to talk about old times and laugh at the past. A feeling of nostalgia was in the air.

After breakfast, we cleaned up and headed out towards the cave. I remained naked and grabbed my magic bag and broom. I came into the 21 century with these items, and I would leave with the exact same items minus the extinct leaves, which would be left behind once I cast the spell. At the entrance to the cave, I gave Lady Kika and chuppecatnutter one last hug and goodbye, then entered the cave.

I laid all the necessary physical components out and prepared to cast the spell. I must have rehearsed it at least a thousand times in my room before coming here. I could not make a mistake.

I cast the spell. It took about 20 minutes. When I recited the last phrase, the room turned black again, my feet could no longer feel the floor of the cave and that fierce wind returned. A minute later, I saw that the light from the ring of my witchís broom was glowing again, and the light entering the cave from the entrance was partially blocked by a large boulder. I could hear Godfrey and Roesia outside talking. I quickly gathered my belongings, ran out of the cave, and tackled Roesia with a big hug.

"Violette, what are you doing?" Roesia quipped.

"Roesia, I canít believe itís you. Youíre really here." I replied.

"You act as if you havenít seen me in over a month."

"How about a whole year."

"What are you talking about? You were only in that cave for about half an hour." Roesia explained.

"Itís a long story. A very long story."

Godfrey interrupted, "Did you find Hodierna?"

"No I am afraid Hodierna is dead. She wonít be coming back."

"Oh gracious! Are you sure? Did you see the body?"

"I will tell you all about it later. Right now I have to see some people."

I hopped on my broom and took off. It felt wonderful to be flying on my broom again. My first stop was my parentsí bakery. At this point I was not sure which one they were at, my motherís or my stepfatherís at the nudist community. Since I was still naked, I guessed Iíd try the nudist community first. When I landed at the bakery, the townsfolk said my parents were at the other bakery. I thanked them and took off again. When I reached my motherís bakery, my parents were there and gave me a strange look.

"Violette, my darling, why are you flying around naked? This is not the nudist town, you know." My mother said.

"Mother, father, I am just glad to see you." I gave both of them a big hug, then I wa back on my broom to return to my manor.

"Jackie, your daughter makes me wonder sometimes." Reginald said.

I flew relatively low so I could see all the townsfolk I grew up with. They could also see me and cheered as I flew by. They must like seeing me naked.

When I reached the manor, I greeted all the servants and henchmen. I was glad to see so many familiar faces. They too were glad that I was flying and running around naked. I finally saw Dustane and couldnít help but hug him as well.

"Dustane, I missed you."

"You are a looney woman." Dustane replied.

I took up chuppecatnutterís advice and decided to publish my own memoirs. Before I left I explained to him that if I did return to the middle ages, I would write about my experiences and send them back to him through the forbidden cave. He would periodically check the cave to see if anything transports through. I also gave him permission to publish them on any erotic adult websites he felt would be appropriate. My hope to all readers is that you enjoy these stories as much as I enjoyed living through and writing them.

The End