Summer Session
by Chessman

Part 2


Linda stopped in the gymnasium to slip into her clothing before going to lunch. She opened her bag for her student ID and found a note from Auntie Gwen stuffed inside. This she read as she ate an egg salad sandwich on whole wheat bread and a small side salad of endive, chard and tomato. After drinking a large glass of water she went in search of a ladies room before heading off to class.

Doctor Joyce Heath entered room 303 of the Liberal Arts Building on the campus of Philadelphia Fashion Institute of Technology, better known to all as P-FIT, knowing that the next six weeks were going to be special for her class and for herself.

She was testing new paradigms within the parameters of this summer session class; ones where she hoped to examine one of the most basic of human emotions. Situational Psychology, the title Joyce had given to the course, was a cover, a beard as it were. The course was designed to explore the seven sins and how people reacted to them in public settings. Hence the situational part of the title. Her class would put people in a position to witness one of the seven sins and analyze the reactions. So then, the question became how to introduce pride, wrath, sloth, envy, desire, and jealousy into social settings. Joyce intended to do it using one special student and to further enhance the experience for the class they were also to measure that student’s shame level when forced to cause one of the seven sin reactions in the people with whom she interacted.

She had a class of twenty-eight. Rather large for a summer session class. but most of the students were long distance independent studies students within her department who were meeting together to fulfill the mandatory campus time required by the syllabus. Joyce saw this as an opportunity for the students to carry the research back into their home communities and continue on with it, thus adding to the data for her research paper.

Her friends, Mark and Gwen Chessman, had introduced her to their submissive ward, Linda, who was to take the course. Without knowing who she was, Linda had served Joyce food, oiled her body poolside and otherwise fulfilled the desires and wants Joyce had expressed while a guest in the Chessman home. Joyce had decided then and there that Linda would be the research tool for the class and Joyce believed that Linda could induce at least six of the sins in those around her, though Joyce was not sure about sloth.

“Ah,” Joyce thought,” there she is in the second row near the window.” Joyce coughed to bring the classes attention toward her. She then got the reaction from Linda she had hoped for. The girl’s face expressed shock and perhaps understanding when she saw that the woman who had sunbathed nude by the Chessman pool only the day before was her psychology professor. Joyce had spoken to Ethan Dunphy, briefly, and had been told about Linda’s position as Life Study Model in her morning class. What she was about to do to Linda now would confirm the girl’s status on campus for the near future.

“Class, we have a minor celebrity taking our course with us,” good Doctor Heath announced to the other twenty-eight people in the room. All the students were looking about trying to discover who that might be when Joyce spoke, ”Linda, please stand up.”

Linda rose from her seat, she was back in her short pleated skirt and midi top and was physically shaking when Joyce asked her, “Linda aren’t you the Life Studies Model for Doctor Dunphy’s class?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Linda responded.

“Class, as you may know, traditionally the Life Studies Model at P-FIT, once selected, is to remain nude at all times while on campus for the duration of the semester or in this case the summer session he or she was selected. For that time, while on campus, he or she may wear sandals and jewelry but no clothing. Linda has obviously not wanted to offend anyone in this class and so has slipped on some coverage. Would anyone object if she was to spend her time in class properly attired as the campus Life Study Model?” Doctor Heath looked around the room and there was no show of hands or voiced opposition.

“Well, then, Linda, I believe you may remove your top and skirt and from now on just remember to bring a towel with you to cover your chair. Class, for the next six weeks, Linda shall be nude while in this class.” Joyce watched carefully as the girl pulled the midi top off over her head and then unbuttoned and unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor. ”Now, Linda, would you bring those up here to my desk? Then stand in front of the class and display yourself, please.” Joyce held out her hand, Linda went forward, handed the professor her clothing, and then turned to the class. Placing her hands fingers interlocked behind her head and spreading her legs to a forty-five degree angle, Linda stood up straight in the display position.

“Class, I invite each of you to come up one at a time and inspect Linda. You may touch her, but you must not arouse her. Pay particular note to the jewelry Linda is wearing. There will be a question and answer period after each of you has the opportunity to examine her.” Joyce then sat back on her chair and watched the parade of students come forward for professorial approved touchy feely.

Nine curious women and six men later, with eleven more in the line behind the buxom thirty something blond who was now stroking the small of Linda’s back, Linda turned to Joyce and begged, “Please Doctor Heath, stop this or let me touch myself.”

“Touch yourself, Linda, do you mean masturbate? Do you want to masturbate in front of the class Linda? Did your uncle and auntie give you permission to masturbate Linda? I will have to report this to them, you know.” Doctor Heath felt as if she had the control, as she knew the young submissive would be severely punished for pleasuring herself without permission.

“Look in my purse, there is a note,” Linda said with her voice heightened in emotional overdrive while a tall athletically built man fondled her pierced nipples and then traced a finger down her abdomen to her navel. The touch ended with just a tiny flick at the studded bar in her clitoral hood.

“To whom this may come, my niece Linda has our permission to bring herself to climax while at P-FIT, the act must be done publicly and witnessed by no less than three other persons. Campus Police and the Administration have been advised by email that her uncle, Mark Chessman, and I her Auntie Gwen have given her this permission.” Joyce Heath read the note aloud to the class. “Well then, Linda, go to it and have at it, and we expect a 'When Harry Met Sally' size orgasm.”

Linda broke position, as she had been given permission. She took the fingers of her right hand and spread her labia open. Using the fingers of her left hand she began massaging her clitoris and then still using the thumb of her left hand on her now erect pleasure organ she inserted two fingers into her vaginal passage and began easing them in and out rhythmically.

Her breathing changed in three minutes, her eyes glazed over in five, and at five minutes thirty seconds she collapsed on the floor.

As she was recovering, Joyce Heath asked the class, “Well, how many in the class experienced envy for Linda, that she is able to be nude and to masturbate in public with permission?” About seven women and two men raised their hands.

“How many of you are jealous of her?” Almost half the class showed hands.

“How many of you were desirous to be the person bringing her to orgasm?” All but two of the student’s hands went up.

“Thank you Linda for opening up discussion on the topic of this class. Class, we are studying Situational Psychology, the psychology of how and why people react as they do in certain social situations. Your first assignment is to write a short paper on how you felt on learning Linda was the Life Studies Model and would be spending this summer session on campus nude. Part two of the paper is to be your reaction to being able to touch Linda and whether despite my instructions not to you did indeed sneak a caress that might have been sensual or arousing in nature, thus stimulating Linda to the point she begged for release. The third portion of the paper is to be your reactions to watching Linda masturbate. This paper will be due tomorrow at start of class. Linda, as the subject of this experiment you are exempt from the paper, your effort today earned you an A.” With that Joyce dismissed the class.

Gwen was not due to pick Linda up until four forty-five. It was now just after two thirty p.m..

She walked up to Joyce and asked for her clothing back. Joyce smiled and said,as she had been told,” It's okay, honey, I’ll give them to Gwen when she comes to pick you up later. Now run along, and seize the day.”

So, nude, Linda sat campfire style with her sketchpad across her knees watching the ebb and flow of students and staff and sketching the statue by the flagpole in the center of the campus quad.

Ethan Dunphy came up behind her and coughed so as to not scare her out of her concentration. “You have an excellent sense of perspective and definition, Linda, you have the potential to be a very good artist.”

“Thank you, Doctor, and don’t answer me because if you lie I’ll know…Uncle Mark and Auntie Gwen had this all set up before I even attended one class didn’t they?” Linda looked and when she saw the grin on her professor’s face she knew she was right.

“Linda, your Aunt Camille, your legal guardian, is a graduate of P-FIT and has endowed a chair in the Fabrics and Textiles department. Doctor Heath and I both knew you were on not only academic probation here but also under submissive discipline through your Aunt. Mark and Gwen Chessman are good friends of the campus as well, Gwen served as Life Studies Model two semesters in a row, and right through the coldest winter we’ve ever had. Now between Camille and the Chessmans' influence and your probationary status academically, what do you think?” When Linda didn’t answer Dunphy continued, “If you do well for the next six weeks, and in the second summer session, all will be forgiven here at P-FIT and you will be reinstated as a full time student. There is a possibility that the Chessmans will lift your home discipline as well. If at any time you need to dance the foxtrot, just tell Joyce or I, we will test your limits, but you are not ours to break.” Ethan Dunphy then left the girl to her drawing.

Linda thought, after Ethan Dunphy left her, that if her professors knew her safe word, this meant there was communication between P-FIT, her aunt, and the Chessmans. She was under a microscope, being studied as she studied. She vowed to herself that she would strive to do her best and as Gwen had once instructed her, enjoy the pleasure and endure the pain. She checked the time on her watch, and packed her belongings. She then began her walk to the faculty parking lot to wait for Auntie Gwen to pick her up.

“Halt right there, young lady,” she heard behind her. She turned to see George, the sergeant on the campus police department waving his hand, signaling to her to come back to him. Warily she did so.

“Linda, you are campus Life Studies Model. You might not be aware of it, but that affords you some privileges even if it does not afford you any clothing. When you arrive on campus in the morning, come to the gate house first, an officer with a golf cart will be there to take you wherever you need to go. If you are detained until after dark or if your Uncle Mark or Auntie Gwen cannot pick you up for some reason, use the campus phone system and one of our patrol cars will bring you home. By the way, I was a rookie here when your Auntie Gwen was Life Studies Model. She has become a legend and you should be proud to follow in her footsteps.” George motioned behind him where a campus police golf cart sat idling. “Get in and I’ll drive you down to the parking lots.”

Linda got in and suddenly realized she had enjoyed the pleasure of her situation thus far. In fact she could not wait until tomorrow.

Gwen watched as the golf cart approached, and Linda got out, thanking George again for the lift. As she walked to the car she saw Joyce Heath occupying the passenger front seat. Her clothing was neatly folded on the rear driver side of the car. Auntie Gwen told her to get in the back seat and she did so.

“Only one slip up today, buttercup,” Gwen noted. “You put your clothes back on. Now Joyce covered for you nicely, but you should have known that a Life Studies Model once appointed is nude for the balance of the term. I see you really did not pay attention to your schooling for that first year and a half on campus. Joyce has asked that you not be marked; Ethan could not meet with us today but will be here to speak to and about you tomorrow along with Joyce. This will be a daily ritual. So you will not have dinner this evening, you will remain in second position until Master Mark and I retire and you will then sleep at the foot of Master Mark’s bed on the floor.”

“So much for the pleasure, here comes the pain,” Linda thought as Joyce got out of the car and she got in with Gwen for the short trip home.


Gwen pulled the Nitro into the garage of the Chessman home and instructed Linda to go the exercise room and set Bruce, the treadmill, up for a five-mile run.

Gwen then came up to my study, having stripped in the garage as per her usual routine, and knelt by my chair until I was finished with the portion of paragraph I was reworking on my computer.

“Yes,” I said, looking down at her as she posed in position one, “What news do you have from the college?”

“She failed to know the code of the Life Studies Model and after being so named put her clothing one for lunch and the start of her afternoon class. Joyce corrected her gently in class and she humiliated herself by publicly masturbating due to arousal by touch, but I told her more house punishment would be forthcoming, Master Mark.”

(Gwen and I are married but at home she is the sub to my Dom and in public she refers to me as Husband rather than Master. We know the terms are interchangeable. In much the same way Linda refers to us as Uncle Mark and Auntie Gwen, knowing that the substitution of more socially acceptable words does not change the meaning of Master and Mistress.)

“What did you tell her?” I asked, as Gwen knew there were limits to her control over Linda and she must not cross over without my approval.

“That she would remain in position two until we tired of seeing her that way and that she was forbidden her bed tonight, she would sleep at the foot of yours, Husband.” Gwen’s look suggested she hoped she had not overstepped her authority.

“Where is she now?” I asked.

“In the exercise room.”

“Alright,” I nodded, “though I might modify the sleeping on the floor, she needs her rest if she is to succeed in her classes. Exercise her, have her drink plenty of water, two liters minimum, and then position her.” I then indicated I would be down as soon as I figured out the paragraph I was having a hard time reworking after my editor blue-penciled it.

Gwen, who was both my wife and my editor, giggled at that. The only portions of my life that she controlled were my many manuscripts and that was real power for if my books did not sell we did not eat.

When I appeared in the exercise room about half an hour later I saw that Linda was still on the treadmill and she was puffing with exertion. Standing next to her, Gwen held a slender birch switch, which by the looks of Linda’s derriere had been applied more than once.

“She was slowing down too much, Master Mark, I had to encourage her,” Gwen reported.

“Should any of these encouragements be visible tomorrow, I will lay on twice as many at full force on your precious butt, my love,” I glared and Gwen cowered. “I told you no marks for as long as she is the campus Life Style Model.”

Gwen dropped the switch and went down into position one with her head bowed. She had not expected that reaction.

“Up,” I ordered. “How much longer and further was Linda to run?”

Gwen looked over and said, “One and three quarters miles, Master Mark.”

“Girl, get off of the treadmill. Woman, amp the speed up to maximum and finish Girl’s run,” Gwen now knew I was seriously angry. It was the first time I had dropped the use of names and simply referred to the females as Girl and Woman. I had revoked status and it would be a while before Gwen was given permission to use her name again.

“Girl, I will be driving you to campus and picking you up for the next several days. Woman has no identity and therefore no identification. Woman shall be confined to the house under punishment and shall be treated like an unhousebroken pet. If you see woman attempting to act like a human being you may beat her and say, “Bad woman” if you see her scratching at the door to the backyard, would you please let her out so that she does not soil the carpet with her messes? Oh and Girl, you will sleep in the bed in the room for one called Linda; however, until you learn what it means to be campus Life Style Model you will simply be called Girl. I will test you orally when you think you are ready. Until then you do not have permission to use your voice. You may research the topic on the internet but you may not sit down. Until you pass the test you will stand so the sooner you are ready to be tested the sooner you will be allowed to sit or lie down.

Her legs, out of exertion from the run, were shaking now. By the time she knocked on my door to be quizzed the pain should be just about unbearable.

“Woman, I saw you grab the side rails, reset the time for another 15 minutes and the distance for another mile and one half,” I yelled over at Gwen though I had not even glanced at her. I heard the beeping of the settings pad and knew she had complied. This would only last for a day and a half, for two reasons, first of course the book was on deadline and I needed my editor and second, I just could not stay mad at Gwen that long.

I quizzed Linda later that same night. Out of twenty questions about the Campus Life Style Model she got one wrong. A much better than passing grade, but as it was a five-point deduction from 100%, I decided five soft swats with the flat of my hand would make up the grade. She only missed “Who on campus may punish the Campus Life Style Model? Her answer was his or her master or mistress. In theory this was correct, except the question was ‘on campus’. On campus the Life Style Model could be humiliated; however, the model could only be punished in private in a residence. This could be a dorm room with the door closed or in our case in my house. Linda took her five swats and I then asked her,” Girl, do you have a name?”

She promptly answered, correctly, “No, Sir, I have no name.”

“I think it pleases me to call you, Butter Buns,” I stated waiting to see her reaction.

“Yes, Sir, Butter Buns is here to serve and obey, Sir,” she replied.

I then rubbed her backside, making a game of her humiliation; ”I wonder how your classmates will react knowing you have changed your name to Butter Buns?”

This caught her short and I felt her shiver. “I know, Girl, you look like a Linda to me, would you like to be called Linda?”

“Yes Sir, very much so, Sir,” the child answered almost too enthusiastically.

“Fine, until I say otherwise you are Linda,” with a wave of my hand I dismissed her and told her to go let the woman out.

I drove Linda to the campus the next morning. George the campus police sergeant was waiting for her by the draw gate of the lot with a P-FIT golf cart.

“Morning, George,” I called out cheerfully, “Gwen is tied up with work at home, so I’ll be the Life Style Model’s chauffeur for the next day or so. You know how editors get when they have a manuscript and a deadline.”

“Sure thing, Doctor Chessman,” George responded, “Just pull up here and I’ll have the girl back to you by four forty-five. If we are going to be later I’ll call you myself.”

“Thanks, George, as you can see Linda has no place to carry a cell phone, nor change for a pay phone.”

All three of us laughed at that one. George had provided Linda with a nice plush towel to sit on in the golf cart and told her to use it for the day and he would see to its being washed when she returned it after classes.

Four thirty in the afternoon found me waiting for Linda in the parking lot, having left Gwen collared and leashed at the back door of the house. Linda was really excited and started to jabber about her day as soon as she sat in the car.

I held up one finger to my lips and Linda stopped talking. I then said, “What happened to, ‘Uncle Mark, may I tell you about my day?’”

The joy on her face slipped away and she got very quiet.

“No, darling, don’t get me wrong, I want to hear everything that happened during your time away from us, both the good and the bad, open and honest is what we expect from you. Your role in the family does require you to ask for my attention, though. Try to remember that in the future.” I decided that enthusiasm should not be trampled and no punishment for this slip would result.

“Oh, sorry, Uncle Mark, let’s start again, okay” My I tell you about my day?” Linda smiled.

“Please do,” I chuckled.

“Well, I went into my morning class and before I started posing for the class members Doctor Dunphy called me to the front of the class and told me to bring my sketch book. He took two charcoals from the book and laid them on an overhead projector. One was of the Campus quad with the statue of the founders and the flagpole. The second was one I had done just to kill time, a self portrait of my left foot.” She paused for a moment and I let out a laugh.

“Your left WHAT?” my laugh got louder.

“FOOT, you silly Uncle you. Anyway Professor Dunphy, he told me today to call him Doc Ethan, is that okay Uncle Mark? Anyway, he pointed out portions of the sketches and talked to the class about depth and proportion and how they either could make or break a drawing and how mine was very well developed, my sense of depth and proportion, not my FOOT,” she had caught me before I got the remark out, “AND SINCE ONE OF THE DRAWINGS I HAD DONE WAS OF MY FOOT, AND SINCE I AM THE LIFE STYLE MODEL,” she had gotten louder as I had begun tickling the foot in question, I stopped and she resumed a more normal tone of voice, “Doc Ethan gave me an A for the first class assignment.”

“Wonderful, and now I can see why you were so excited you forgot protocol,” I replied, “When may I see that work of art?”

“I have it in my portfolio in the back seat, Uncle Mark, would you like to see it right now?” She asked.

Inside this shapely young woman was a very young girl still seeking a daddy’s approval. I turned the Lexus off and told her to get her folio and show me the work.

It was quite good, detailed down to blades of grass sticking to her toes and a broken ragged big toenail, I smiled when I saw in perfect detail and proportion the face of a young man peeking between the big and second toe. It was as if she had used her foot as a gun sight to focus on the boy in question.

“Who is he?” I asked.

“Oh, one of the guys in my afternoon class, Uncle Mark. I was trying to include as much detail as possible and just saw him sitting there visible between my toes, so I put him in.” Linda shrugged and smiled. She also wiggled on her towel a bit.

“That hot, eh,” I laughed, “A girl doesn’t leak like that for just any boy.”

“Uncle Mark, I barely know his name, Uhm, it is Phil, but he is a hottie,” Linda agreed.

“No sex without permission and we get to meet the boy before anything happens between you, understood?” My role as her guardian came out at that point.

“Yes, Uncle Mark.” She paused, then, “Do you want to hear about my afternoon class?” She put her sketches back into her folio and zipped it shut.

“Can I listen while I drive?”

“Yes sir,” she stated, "no artwork for this story."

I started the Lexus and pulled away from the curb. I waived to the officer on duty at the gates of the college and pulled out into town.

“Well Doctor Heath had given the class a reaction assignment to my need to relieve myself sexually”, she paused.

I interrupted her, “If you mean masturbate, say masturbate, Linda.”

“Masturbate, then, and some of the reactions were priceless.” She said.

”Continue…” I instructed.

“Well they had to name the emotion, like envy, jealousy, lust, and so on that they felt while they watched me per…uh…masturbate, and then tell what they would have liked to do themselves at that particular moment.” Linda said. “One woman. Marge something or other, is in her forties. Her report said she started out angry, that I was nude in class and allowing everyone to touch me. But, after she had come up and caressed me she was actually envious and jealous that I was getting the attention and she could not.” Linda paused to catch her breath.

“And…” I drew her back into the conversation.

“Doctor Heath instructed the class, now there are twenty-eight of us in this class mind you, that if at anytime the sight of me so aroused lustful thoughts in anyone of either sex; they were permitted to strip and come to the front of the class and do as I had done yesterday. I think the only thing that woman, Marge, needed was permission. She whipped off her sundress in two seconds flat, yanked off her hi-rise briefs and was on the stool in front of the class pounding away at herself like there was no tomorrow.” Linda finished her tale and giggled. “She was shocked though when Doctor heath told her that from that point forward she was to attend class nude. Doctor Heath added that as a caveat to her previous statement. Any student in the class who stripped off and masturbated for the class was to thereafter come to class nude.”

“So now there are two of you in Joyce’s class naked,” I laughed, “Good old Joyce! Her teaching methods are always innovative.”

“Oh, the best part is still to come, Uncle Mark, no pun intended,” Linda giggled, “the boy in the picture I sketched, stood and read his paper and it almost mirrored the one Marge had written. He too was jealous of the fact I could walk the campus nude without ridicule or ostracism and masturbate publicly without fear of censure. His name is Phil, like I told you before. Doctor Heath asked him point blank if he were given the chance to be naked all the time while on campus, would he act as my male counterpart? Phil was very excited when he answered yes. She asked him if he would strip there and then. He didn’t answer he just pulled off his T-shirt and cargo shorts he was commando beneath them and also quite erect. She instructed him that this would not do and would either of the two women in class who were nude please see to Phil’s problem. Marge got to him first. And I knew I could not do anything without your permission. She used her mouth and hand on him for about five minutes and then stood aside as he launched a cum shot that must have gone into the second row of student seats.” Linda paused for breath.

“Wow, sounds like a really exciting class you are taking,” I said in a way hoping to encourage her to say more.

“Yes, sir, and I cannot wait until tomorrow to go back to both classes. I never knew a college education could be so, ummm, stimulating,” Linda giggled.


We arrived home and I parked the Lexus in the garage next to the Nitro. Linda got out with her school supplies and took the towel off of the leather seat. Despite the towel there was a damp spot. Talking about her Psych class and her classmates Marge and Phil must have aroused her. As I had asked for details and not forbidden her excitement I let the damp spot pass.

If I get Gwen pregnant and if we have a girl, I pretty much want her to grow up to be like Linda. Oh, not the slacker part mind you, but the free spirit that was blossoming in her since she had been dominated by and submitted to her aunt Camille and subsequently came under our guardianship. That is the little girl I would like to raise.

I pulled off my clothing and walked into the kitchen through the door off of the garage, naked and semi erect. Linda opened the sliding door leading to the outer patio and pool off of the kitchen and the woman with no name crawled in on hands and knees. My ‘pet’ came over and seeing my erection began to suckle on my penis. I filled her mouth with my ejaculate in less than two minutes. I too was somewhat aroused by the tales my ward had told me.

“Good woman,” She knew better than to swallow without permission, I said, and looked over to Linda, ”do you think this good woman deserves a name, Linda?”

“Yes Uncle Mark I think she does,” the coed answered.

“What shall I call her then?” I asked Linda and as if scripted Linda responded, ”Bubble Butt, Uncle Mark?”

“No, look at that scrawny pathetic excuse for a butt, Linda, we can’t call her Bubble Butt,” I replied.

“Oh, what was I thinking Uncle Mark, you are so right, uhm, I don’t have any idea what you should call her, Uncle Mark,” she finished her part.

“I know, she looks like a Gwen,” I said, “I think I shall call her Gwen.”

“You can swallow now, Gwen,” I finally told her and she did before another drop dripped down her chest.

“Gwen, why were you being punished? You may speak now,” I told her.

“I overstepped my authority and went against your instructions to me,” she responded.

“Don’t promise me you won’t do it again, we all know it isn’t in you not to try, and punishment for lying is much much worse.” I added.

“I will try to listen better and understand the limits you set, Husband,” she replied.

I walked to her held her hand pulled her to her feet and kissed her with a tongue-thrashing kiss that left me tasting my own seed and her passion. I was instantly aroused again and in painful need. Neither dismissing Linda from the room nor caring if she watched, I bent Gwen over a kitchen chair and pillaged her rear passage. No lubrication, just anal penetration and rough sex until I came again. Her well used bottom opened to me almost automatically, but I knew she was shocked that I was that aroused again so quickly.

Finished with her I told her, “You have a manuscript to edit, go upstairs and do your work. Oh, and do not leak on my chairs. Use a butt plug and a towel.”

Gwen Chessman, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Education in English Composition, licensed teacher of high school English, clamped her tender backside together and climbed the stairs looking not like an editor or educator but rather an illustration in a pornographic magazine.

The novel was due to the publisher on Friday, it was Tuesday night and I still had only rough notes for the last two chapters. I’d lost a day because I lost my temper and decided to discipline Gwen. I sat down at the kitchen table and Linda handed me something. While I was pillaging Gwen, she had made an English muffin in the toaster and she put it in front of me with a jam pot of elderberry jam.

It was on a plate and she had a napkin and a spoon for the jam as well. “Eat,” she said, “your blood sugar must be in the toilet right now.”

I ate, and drank a mug of Earle Grey tea she made for me. I did feel better after this light meal and went up the stairs to find Gwen. Linda handed me a plate and a mug for Gwen, “after all she hasn’t eaten since you put her under discipline, Uncle Mark, and if you want her editing to be sharp and your manuscript to impress the publishers, she needs to eat.”

Linda was to swim thirty laps of the pool today. We alternated her run and the swim to keep the muscles balanced. I told her to hold a kick board between her knees and only use her arms for the first fifteen laps.

I walked into the upstairs study and there Gwen was on a towel checking my work on the computer. I set the plate and cup down and simply said, “EAT!”

If I had treated her to Kobe beef she would not have enjoyed it more. The muffin and tea disappeared very quickly and she licked the bits of jam from her fingers. "Now, go shower. Take your time, flush yourself out, and come back in that heavy terry cloth robe we picked up in Las Vegas. You were shuddering before."

“I was cold and hungry, Husband, and I am still tired,” Gwen responded.

“Shower, robe, come here and we’ll cuddle and nap for a while. This mess will still be here at three in the morning.” I told her.

That is what we did, this time our lovemaking was slow tender and vaginal. If she weren’t pregnant by now she never would be.

The alarm went off at three and we both awoke finding ourselves refreshed and focused. Down we sat and had both final chapters roughed out by the time came to take Linda to her morning classes.

Gwen and I walked downstairs, nude, to be met by our ward working in the kitchen like a little domestic, she had laid out a platter of French toast, a pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice, and a large thermos of French Market coffee from New Orleans.

“I kind of knew what Auntie Gwen normally made for breakfast, Uncle Mark, and since the two of you were busy with the editing of the book, and for some reason after about three in the morning I couldn’t sleep,” she smiled she had heard us wake up and resume our love making at the sound of the alarm, before we got down to work. “So I came down here and fixed us a little something to start the day.”

“Good Girl, Linda and thank you so much, Gwen will clean up after us. She will get right back to the editing while I drive you in. Hmm, the Bushnell weather station indicates it is 58 degrees and raining, is the Life Style Model ready for a day in a chilly rainstorm?” I asked her.

“Auntie Gwen told me about her being the Life Style Model for her entire Junior year, wasn’t it, Auntie?” Gwen nodded in the affirmative, “So I guess if she can do it all winter in 20 degrees and snow and slush I can survive the 50s, Uncle Mark.”

“Good Girl,” I commended her, but did not mention that the possibility of her being the Life Style Model for the next two full semesters existed, so that she would have spent an entire year on campus nude and open to sketching and inspection.

Feeling like a dirty old flasher, once we had eaten, I tossed on only boat shoes and a raincoat and went to the Lexus while Gwen helped Linda wrap her folio in a large clear garbage bag to protect it while she was in the open.

Nude but for a pair of Crocs on her feet, Linda opened the back door, tossed in her carryall of art supplies and her folio and off we set for the college campus.

George, the campus police sergeant, was there to meet us with the golf cart and the transfer of student from car to cart went well. Linda was provided with an extra towel and a large golf umbrella in the school colors to use for the day.

What awaited me at the end of Linda’s school day was more interesting than yesterday. First, though, I had to return home and resolve the mess I called the ending of my book. I was still all over the map trying to resolve plot lines and I needed that one last paragraph of dialogue, pithy enough that readers wanted to come back for the next book in the series.

Gwen met me at the door. She had, in her hand, three of the wands that women pee on to see if they are pregnant. She had, on her face, the biggest smile I had ever seen in our time of dating and marriage.

“Well,” I asked, I would be happy either way, of course for this is the woman I loved, children or no children, ”are we or aren’t we?”

She did not reply, instead she just handed me the wands and scampered off to the upstairs study.

According to the three of those things we most definitely were. I think the smile that split my face was even bigger than hers and I raced up the stairs after her. Peeling off the raincoat and kicking off the shoes as I went, I chased after her until we both fell on my bed laughing.

“Oh, well,” I said, ”we may as well make sure it sticks,” and we did twice and got nothing else accomplished until it was time to pick Linda up from campus.

Gwen went back to work on the manuscript and I hopped back into the Lexus in my raincoat and boat shoes.

Linda was waiting at the faculty parking lot as usual and there was a rather good-looking naked young man standing with her.

“Uncle Mark, do I have permission to speak?” I nodded yes. "I’d like to introduce Phil, my male Life Style Model counterpart. We would like your permission to have Phil over as my guest for dinner and possibly overnight after I talk to you and Auntie Gwen.” Linda spewed.

“Granted on my part, for dinner anyway, you two sit in the back seat and I’ll get you to our house as quickly as possible.” I was wondering where all of this was leading.

Just then a beep came on the Lexus sound system and I pressed the button for talk, “This is Mark, I am driving this is on speaker and hands free,” I said, so if the matter was private the caller would call back.

“Hi, Mark, it’s Joyce,” the voice on the other end spoke, “I suppose this means you have the two Life Style Models in your vehicle?”

“Indeed yes.”

“They will fill you in when they have to, Mark,” Joyce said, “but starting next Monday we are moving the experiment out of the class room and on to the campus proper. You remember how this happened when Gwen was the Life Style Model, correct?”

I thought to myself, ‘this was moving quicker than a normal semester,’ but then again Joyce only had six weeks to accomplish what she normally did in fifteen.

“Understood,” I spoke into the ether, “I’ll let the kids tell me more at home.”

“And Mark,” Joyce added before breaking the connection, "the following Monday we move the experiment off campus.” The click over the radio speakers told me the connection had been severed.

“Let’s wait until we are with Auntie Gwen before we talk about all of this, Linda,” I said.

“Yes, Uncle Mark,” was the polite answer I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw the two students were sharing one very tiny towel in the back seat.

I pulled the car into the garage about seventeen minutes later, and via the house intercom, asked Gwen to meet Linda and me in the living room. I did not tell her we had a guest. There was no need as by now I had removed the raincoat and boat shoes and was as naked as the two young people standing with me. I sincerely doubted that Phil would take offence at my thirty-seven year old wife’s nude body. If he did he could look elsewhere.

Gwen bounced happily down the stairs and stopped at the foot of them to stare at the new nude male in the house, “Well, I’ll bet this is the Phil we’ve been hearing so much about,” she said with a grin on her face. She walked over to him and kissed him on both of his cheeks, and then I saw her hand sweep low and caress Phil’s manhood. It jumped from limp to semi-erect in about fifteen seconds.

Gwen looked over to me and asked, “Husband, we can’t allow our guest to be uncomfortable, now, can we?”

If she thought I was going to allow her to deal with our guest she had another thing coming to her. I said, “Linda, you may pleasure your guest orally or anally but he is to come nowhere near your vagina, do you understand me?”

“Yes, Uncle Mark,” she replied excitedly, then, ”Privately or right here?”

I looked at Gwen, she nodded, “The first time, here, then for the rest of the night you may have the privacy of your room, with the door open.”

“Yes, Uncle Mark,” she said happily and fell to her knees in front of her young man.

“Don’t forget to swallow when you are done, Linda,” I added.

She simply nodded her head and kept on sucking.


This morning had dawned differently than the on previous day of Linda’s college summer sessions. Today was the day the male and female Life Style Models were to take their debut walk about the entire campus, open for the inspection of all students, faculty and guests. Dr. Joyce heath had decided, after seeing the stimulation provided by her students, Linda, Phil, and Marge, and the reactions of the other members of the class, that the time had come to bring the experiment outside the classroom walls.

Why? The answer was simply because that of the twenty-eight students in the class twenty-four of them were now as naked as the Life Style Models. Two sisters of the Temple of the Sky Clad Goddess, who were studying for their priestess credentials, had oddly enough not yet removed any article of clothing nor had the scenes enacted in the class aroused them. This type of desensitizing to nudity and public sexual display was part of the novitiate training in the religion and the sisters, while embracing the unclothed ideal, chose to set themselves apart. The other two were older women who had body image issues. They also embraced the freedom their peers had chosen, but could not bring themselves to participate. Joyce Heath had also begun to conduct her seminars while nude, in an effort to reassure the two women mentioned earlier. It had not worked as yet but the session was only a week and two days old at this point.

The reason for Phil staying over at Mark and Gwen’s the night before was so that he and Linda could get to know each other in a more intimate fashion. The would be called upon by the students and faculty on campus to perform acts separately and together publicly that they might not feel comfortable with unless and until they had experimented privately.

So on this bright late spring morning just before Memorial Day Gwen drove Linda and Phil back to P-Fit’s campus and was met by George the campus police sergeant in the faculty parking lot. The ritual transfer of the Life Style Models into the care of the campus police over, George asked Gwen if she and Mark would be coming back to campus for the celebration. The release of the Life Style Model onto the campus in general was always accompanied by a picnic in the quadrangle that fronted the Library, the Student Center, the Liberal Arts building, and the Fine Arts building.

During the picnic time the Life Style Models would be on pedestals and available to anyone wishing to caress, touch, fondle, or speak to them about their choice. Both Doctor Ethan Dunphy and Doctor Joyce Heath would also present the opening for anyone else wishing to participate in the life style. As was the usual at P-FIT, anyone who chose to attend class nude would be allowed to do so. Also if the majority of a class chose nudity the class could vote for their professor to teach the course nude as well.

The Picnic was, therefore, and exciting and pivotal moment of campus life at P-FIT. As the student body and faculty convened, most of the faculty was wearing their academic gowns and caps; as this was not a graduation such dress would be perceived to be anomalous by students new to P-FIT, particularly in the heat of this late spring day.

Doctor Joyce Heath stepped up to a podium and after a sound check called upon the students assembled to find a place on the grass and sit. Once most of the crowd had settled she spoke. “Our founder, George Alpan, considered himself to be a man ahead of his time. He took very seriously the name he bore. Some of you may know that Alpan was an Etruscan goddess, believed to be the goddess of both the underworld, the place where souls dwell for eternity, and of sexual love. Doctor Alpan had a statue of the goddess winged and nude save for a neck collar wristlets and anklets, oh yes, and wings, in his office on this campus to the day he passed on to his great reward in his underworld. That statue is now the centerpiece of the Alpan Memorial Fountain in front of the library.

“Because of his research into his name, Doctor Alpan became more and more interested in the belief system surrounding Alpan. One of the things he discovered was that most worship of the goddess was done sky clad, which is ritualistically nude, and that the power to feel the goddess at work in the life around you was best felt and worked with while nude. This is why at every opening of every school session a Life Style Model is chosen to represent the ideal to which Doctor Alpan wished this campus ascribe.

“In past years only a female Life Style Model was chosen. Some of the past Life Style Models have returned to campus today to join us in celebration of our new Life Style Models. Ladies, if you will...” Joyce and seven other women on the dais behind her pulled the ties at the necks of their capes and a shocked murmur went through the student assembly as the women stood and proudly presented themselves nude. The rest of the faculty present quickly followed the seven.

“This is what it means to be sky clad, to celebrate life naturally, without the pretense of clothing or the slavery to fashion.

“I present to you, Linda, this summer session's female Life Style Model.” Linda stepped forward and climbed the two steps to her pedestal. “and Phil her male counterpart,” Phil did the same on the opposite side.

“These two fine students shall be the exemplars of Doctor Alpan’s desire to see pretense and false modesty banned from the P-FIT campus forever.”

Gwen had been one of the seven to remove her cloak at Joyce’s signal. She now walked among the students, chatting them up and answering a multitude of questions. Mark sat, by the library, near the statue of the goddess Alpan, and watched his wife work the crowd. He was content.

He noticed that the pedestals had enough room that one or two other persons might climb up and examine the Life Style Model on them. Linda and Phil were being examined and talked to by a constant flow of questioning students equally male and female for each.

Still sky clad, Doctor Joyce Heath regained the microphone and made the announcement, “Any student here today wishing to renounce the slavery to fashion and express the pure desire to learn, may now remove his or her clothing and for the balance of this summer session and may freely express themselves on this campus, SKY CLAD!”

A huge cheer and round of applause followed along with the divestiture of a great deal of clothing. The split among those who had shed their garments.was about sixty forty male to female. The former Life Style Model alumni went about with baskets picking up the discarded clothing, which would be laundered and distributed, to the poor and homeless by the acolytes of the Temple of The Sky Clad Goddess.

Meanwhile Joyce was finishing her speech, “While the sky clad lifestyle may lead to sexual openness, it does not mean that everyone must participate in open sex. We grant the life style models a greater freedom, as part of their duties is to allow anyone wishing to do so to touch them, caress them, and even lightly fondle them. If they become overly stimulated they have permission to masturbate, as long as there are a minimum of three witnesses to the act and those witnesses attest to the fact the Life Style Model was overly stimulated.

“All of you are encouraged to explore your own bodies, and those of your chosen lovers, anywhere but here on the quad.” Joyce Heath’s comment drew a ripple of laughter from the crowd, the majority of whom were already exploring the new campus dress code.


Linda was sitting next to Marisol, one of the two members of the sisterhood who were in her afternoon psych class. They had been chatting for several days about Linda’s status as the summer session Life Style Model and comparing it with Marisol’s status within the Temple circle.

Marisol explained, "The Temple of The Sky Clad Goddess is an offshoot of Stregheria tradition. It holds to the Romanesque Italian form of Goddess worship, with the Horned God being paired to the Goddess; however, the Goddess is the vessel from which life flowed and sexual satisfaction was realized.

"Women desiring to become priestesses in the Temple go through four stages of consecration before becoming a full priestess. Acolytes are those who have taken no vows as yet and are simply learning the Way and pursuing studies in the Temple. Apprentices, who have taken the first of three vows, serve at the right hand of a priestess and are still in training, learning the rituals and magicks. Novices have taken the second vow and have been consecrated into the sisterhood by a ritual initiation and right of passage. Priestesses have taken the third and final vow and are deemed ready to lead their own circle.

“In essence,” Marisol said to Linda, ”We are the same, as I perform all of the Temple ritual sky-clad and you live a sky-clad lifestyle as does the Life Style Model.”

“But, you have the choice to put on a cape and leave the temple to come to classes here or even to just go shopping. I haven’t seen a stitch of clothing for the past three weeks now, while on campus, and won’t again until we break at the first week of July for a week before the second session. I’m already assured of being the Life Style Model for that session as well.” Linda responded.

Marisol stood and removed her cape. Linda was awed by the olive skinned, raven-haired woman’s figure. At least a size twelve, perhaps a fourteen, with full breasts and hips and curves to personify the woman goddess. Her clitoris was pierced, as were her nipples and navel, and what set her apart from any other woman walking nude on the P-FIT campus was her body suit of tattoos.

“As an acolyte I received these,” Marisol pointed out her wristlets booties and neck collar tattoos.

“As an Apprentice, it was these,” she pointed out the sleeves and the wings on her back over her shoulder blades.

“As a Novice I received the four snakes.” Marisol showed Linda the two snake tattoos tails wrapped around her upper arms and bodies seeming to slither down across the breasts with gaping mouths open near her navel. Two others began at her knees and coiled themselves up her legs until their mouths seemed to hold the very entrance of her womanhood in them.

“When I take my final vows, more symbolic art shall be placed upon me. Should I ever become a High Priestess, my head will be shaved and my entire scalp tattooed. When we worship sky-clad this is what the Horned One sees. The Goddess sees our hearts and souls.”

“What about boyfriends, you know, lovers, how do they see you?” Linda asked.

“Oh, no,” Marisol corrected Linda, ”While we are not virgins and must have had sex with at least one man before our novice commitment ceremony, after being taken in as a novice we are only allowed to pleasure ourselves and each other. We have accepted marriage to the Horned One through the Goddess. Once a year at the time of the autumnal Shabbat males who are committed to Temple service are allowed to worship their priestess.”

“Worship?” Linda asked, “Worship how?”


“You are now a novice, correct?” Linda asked, ”What happens if you change your mind and wish to leave the Temple, how do you become a civilian again?”

“The tattoos you see will never go away, Linda, and the ritual to leave the priestess-hood is harsh. Very few who have come as far as I make the decision to leave.” Marisol finished her comments and looked rather sad.

“Why so down, Marisol?” Linda asked.

“I have seen two separation ceremonies in recent months. They used to be very uncommon, but two in the last half year makes me wonder about the quality of woman we have begun to accept in the Acolyte stage. Acolyte and Apprentice may leave without prejudice, it is only after the Novice promises to the Goddess and the Horned One that separation from service becomes difficult. Yet, as I have said there have been two in the last six months. Of our class only Wanda and I remain and we started as six Acolytes.

“While that makes me sad, I actually came to speak with you concerning a request your Uncle Mark and Auntie Gwen made of the sacred circle. They wished to use the retreat house we keep at the oceanfront for the Memorial Day Weekend. The Priestess has said it would be our honor to open our doors to the Life Style Model and her guardians and she asked me to extend the invitation to Doctor Dunphy and Doctor Heath as well any of the female students in our class who might wish to spend the time with us. We are currently debating whether the purity of purpose of the Male Life Style Model would allow him to be in attendance. Usually non-committed males are not allowed inside the walls. One other thing you will notice, when a committed woman is inside her sacred circle the roles she may play outside of it are suspended. Your Auntie Gwen had submitted to your Uncle Mark as husband and wife and in all things sexual, while out in the world. Inside the circle they are equals. You may notice slight differences in behavior and attitude this weekend. Remember what you see and hear.”

“Non-committed? What does that mean?”

“Males who have passed certain initiation rites binding them to the Temple and the Priestess are committed, Linda. Those who have not are non-committed. Both Doctor Chessman and Doctor Dunphy are committed males. There is never a problem with their attending a sacred circle. Young Phil, on the other hand, is a Life Style Model, but has no commitment to the disciplines of the Temple, The Priestess or the Goddess.” Marisol took a breath.

Linda had no response for this. It saddened her that Phil might not be able to attend the weekend; however, a weekend in the summer at the shore in a sky-clad beach retreat house could only be a marvelous seventy-two to ninety-four hours in Linda’s mind.

* * *

Classes ended early for the holiday weekend on the Thursday before the weekend started. This was to allow students with a distance to travel to do so before traffic became burdensome. Classes would resume at noon on Tuesday for the same reason. Thursday night came and we set off for the coast in the Nitro. As we were off campus and out of the college environment and on freeways and expressways where State Police patrolled instead of the local and campus police who knew the relaxed dress code of P-FIT, we were all wearing simple T-shirts, shorts, and Crocs on our feet.

I was glad when we arrived. The sun was still shining, though low in the sky, and the deepening shadows made the retreat house look rather eerie. But, turning to Gwen and Linda, I smiled and said, “This place is fabulous inside and the private beach up front is one of the nicest at the Shore. At high tide between the wall and the jetty you have nothing to fear as to intruders walking on the public littoral portion of the beach. At low tide when children and parents might walk through the property on their way to collect shells or find an ice cream vendor, the sisterhood tries to keep its outside activity limited to the four walled-in sundecks. One deck opens at beach level with gates out to the sand and water. The next is slightly elevated and is where the grills and tables are located for outdoor dining. The third is off of the second floor bedrooms; each bedroom has a sliding door exiting to the deck. The last is the private rooftop deck that guests may only enter by invitation of the Priestess. The place is rather lovely.” I spouted out happily.

Gwen replied speaking to Linda, “Husband and I have been here many times, Husband was committed here, we were life bonded here and we had our PASSION here.”

“Your PASSION?” Linda asked.

“What mundane people call a Honeymoon, Linda,” I told her.


“So it is rather special to me and Gwen and we hope it will be as special for you after this weekend.”

I pulled into a parking slot and parking the Nitro, and the three of us pulled off the shorts and T-shirts we had worn for the trip, tossed them in a heap in the rear hatch, and grabbed our small overnight packs. I pulled out two boogie boards, three sand chairs, and a beach umbrella and we each loaded up. One trip from car to house and we were unpacked.

A nude acolyte met us at the door. She showed us where to put our beach gear. Then after dropping our back packs in a corner until our rooms were readied, the acolyte performed the ritual greeting of the house. She knelt before each of us in turn, kissed Gwen and Linda full on the vagina and me lightly on the tip of my penis and repeated, “Blessed Day, Blessed Be” to each of us.

Gwen and I in turn knelt and kissed her vagina and repeated the greeting. Linda caught on quickly and followed suit.

The acolyte then led us into a large sitting room with well-worn wooden chairs and benches scattered about in it and a large pile of clean towels. Everyone in the house was to take a towel and sit upon it while using the inside furniture.

We sat and chatted as the various Apprentices and Novices came through the room on their normal daily routines. Wanda and Marisol both spent a good deal of time speaking with Linda. I knew that in an hour or so, once all the others had arrived and settled into the house for the weekend, and darkness had fallen, that Linda would be taken to the upper deck on the roof to meet the Priestess Mother of the circle and to be led through her acts of commitment. The Priestess, after consulting with her sisters in the circle, decided that Phil could attend if he presented himself for ‘purification’ upon his arrival, so once Linda had been sealed within the circle Phil would join her for his ceremony.

I hoped that Camille would arrive in time for the rites. Linda’s Aunt, who had raised her since the death of her parents, deserved to be seated in the place of honor when the coed was gathered into the sacred circle. My hope was answered about twenty minutes later, when griping about Shore traffic on a holiday weekend, Camille flounced into the room, stripped as bare as everyone else and smiling broadly.

After having the ritual greeting performed on her and greeting each of the sisters in the circle first and then me, (was it my imagination or did she linger just a bit too long with her kiss), she announced that she and her girls had worked up gifts for the house.

The Priestess Mother walked into the room, and was greeted by us all and in turn blessed us. She then turned to Camille and asked, “Were you able to meet our request, sister Camille?”

“Yes Mother, I was able to find exactly the materials you requested and have the items with me.”

“Very good child, after we draw the young ones into the circle you may show our guests what we requested and what you have done.” With that she motioned for Linda, Phil and the members of the circle to retire to the roof deck for the ceremony under the full moon.

The ceremony itself was simple yet elegant. Linda was asked three questions, while kneeling in front of the Priestess Mother. The first question was, ”Do you wish to dedicate your life to the betterment of self, this sacred sisterhood and the world?” Linda responded yes, and then kissed the Priestess mother on the vagina as a sign she recognized that life and all good things flowed from the Goddess’ vagina. The second question was, “Do you wish to step inside this sacred circle and swear to be reverently obedient to its doctrine?” Linda answered yes, and again sealed her answer with a kiss. The last question was, “Will you hold true to the teachings of the Goddess in all things in your life?” When Linda answered yes to that question, the circle of women enclosed her, with the women facing inward and symbolically drawing her into the womb that is the sacred circle.

Linda kissed the vagina of every sister in the circle and then stood and under the full moon was presented to the Goddess as a member of the circle and of the family.

Phil then had his commitment ceremony, which varied only slightly in form. The questions of the Priestess mother were the same and his responses along with the kisses were the same; however when the circle of the sisterhood formed he was on the outside of it and went around the circle, on his knees, to kiss the vagina of all of the women, including, now, Linda.

His presentation to the Goddess was as her spouse, the Horned One’s, representative in life as demonstrated by the horn he now wore. Phil had spouted quite an erection during the ceremony and as I might attest this was not unusual.

Wanda and Marisol, as novices present, were given the blessed duty of ‘dehorning the beast’. The seed spilled by Phil was gathered in a linen cloth, and then by the light of day would be buried some where on the grounds of the retreat.

The ceremony complete, we all adjourned to the large dining room for refreshments and to see what Camille had brought for the sisters in the retreat house.

“Mother called me at the shop,” Camilla addressed us, “and told me that our guests would be mixed and varied this weekend and not everyone might want to have to remain off of the sand during the low tide public access period. Mother has spoken to the town council and to the Chief Of Police. You all remember Sandra Bookman, who is a circle member?” Not waiting for a response Camille continued, “Sandra indicated that state law required that nipple, areola and pubic areas on women and pubic areas on men must be covered when the beach was not private. However; she did say that as there were Canadian and European vacationers using the beaches in the other parts of the town who were being allowed to be topless, she could also overlook this on our stretch of the beach.

“For those visitors who might be leery of exposing their breasts to children and ogling men...” A laugh went up from nearly everyone in the room, the fact is in the life of the circle ogling was the ogler’s problem the lust in the brain was not owned by the nude man or woman performing his or her sky-clad duties or acts of reverence to the Goddess. “Okay, that is enough, for those there is this.”

Camille held out about a yard and a half of the finest silk in a lilac that faded to a rich purple tie die. Camille then demonstrated on Marisol how the scarf went behind the neck, was crossed between the breasts and the ends drawn over the breast so that the nipple was covered, and then the two ends were knot ties in the center of the back. The fabric met the letter of the law. The woman was covered. The deep purple ties on the back gave the illusion that from the front the same deep purple would be there, however and right where the fabric criss crossed the breasts was where the fabric was the lightest tint possible.

“For the rest of us, and this includes the males present, we designed this,” and she showed a piece of fabric that was wider than a shoe lace yet not as wide as a belt that could tie comfortably about ones hips or waist. She tied it about Marisol’s waist. Camille then said,” A piece of material is to be drawn up between the legs and then pushed under the waist tie and allowed to drape in the front and the rear.” She again demonstrated this on Marisol.” It was the same filmy material and the same lilac color as the faded portion of the top scarf.

“For this weekend and whenever I as Priestess Mother decree, this shall be considered the same as sky-clad for our outdoor activities.” Priestess Mother stated. A chorus of, “Blessed Be,” signaled everyone’s acceptance of this.

Gwen asked Wanda if Sandra Bookman would be in attendance this weekend. Wanda replied vaguely, saying she came by the house to participate in the circle when her schedule allowed, which hadn’t been much lately, as preparing for the summer onslaught of day and weekly vacationers took most of her time.

We retired to bed shortly after this, as there was much we wanted to accomplish before we had to pick up, say our good-byes and leave Monday afternoon.

Ethan Dunphy and Joyce Heath arrived with a busload of students from P-FIT the next morning. As they filtered inside the retreat house the students, all female, were greeted in the traditional manner. Marge, the older woman from Linda’s psych course, was delighted at the greeting. She hadn’t even waited for the bus to pull to a stop before she had divested herself of her clothing and was ready for a sky-clad weekend. To be kissed so intimately by the sisterhood was one thing, when Linda the newest in the sacred circle kissed her and then told her the sisters expected to be kissed in return Marge shivered in ecstasy.

“I have always wanted to kiss a woman on the vagina, Linda, and have never been bold enough to do it before I met you and now the these women of the Temple of The Sky-Clad Goddess.” Marge whispered to her, ”Are you sure and old bag like me…”

“Look around you, Marge,” Linda said softly, “all ages all sizes and several races, all joined to celebrate life and the Goddess, go ahead and taste of the sacred vessel.”

Marge did, and the twice-divorced mother of three children, two grown and one teen still at home, rediscovered herself. She now knew what she wanted for her life. She wanted this sisterhood bond of loving that was demonstrated within the sacred circle.

By the end of the weekend Marge and two younger coeds would be initiated into the sacred circle. The other women present would just enjoy the freedoms of the retreat house and the clothing optional beach and return to P-FIT with some interesting stories.

Marge made arrangements to spend the week of July 4th at the retreat house with her sixteen-year-old daughter, the one still living at home. Her daughter was becoming rebellious and lacked purpose in her life. Marge hoped the sacred circle would bring a purpose and a focus for both of them.

I donned one of Camille’s creations and headed for the water with one of our boogie boards. After catching several long rolling waves, the type you get when the tide is turning low at the Shore, and finding myself so chilled I was in danger of losing my manhood to permanent shrinkage, I reluctantly came to the shore to warm in the sun and perhaps get a bite to eat.

A clutch of giggling girls were standing by the shoreline, one said, “Hey mister, whatcha wearin’?” asked a svelte redhead in a micro bikini in green that might have been as skimpy as the loincloth on my body.

I looked down to see the silky material had turned translucent in the water, even with a flap which clung to me when wet everything showed through.

“What is required of me to wear while I stay at the retreat house just up that dune rise, girls,” I answered figuring honesty was the best road to travel.

“Really, could we go see it?” The second in the clutch said, she was a plump brunette wearing a modest two-piece suit.

“Female guests are always welcome in the retreat house,” I smiled as I added, “but there is a dress code.”

“Should we come back when we have something else on?” This question came from a nicely packaged ash blond in a white monokinis suit.

“Let me guess,” I ventured, “Prom weekend and you just slipped away from the boys who paid a bundle to take you to an overpriced dance you didn’t enjoy while wearing an overpriced dress you didn’t like and now those jerks are trying to get into your pants. So you figure we’ll hang out in the retreat house until it is time to go home?” I said.

“Mister, you don’t know how spot on that was,” the plump girl in the two-piece, said. “Except we sent them packing early this morning after they tried to force her", she pointed to the girl in the white monokini, "to have sex with her prom date.”

“Well, if you want to visit with the sisterhood, you are not underdressed, you are overdressed.” I said bluntly.

One of the girls blushed, one sputtered, “No way”, one said, ‘Yes, way, I’m going” and the other two simply nodded. I presumed that meant they were curious enough to give it a try.

“When you walk up to the gate, you will be met by a nude tattooed woman who is a novice training to be a priestess in the faith, girls. She will ask you to respect the holiness of the house by not bringing worldly garments into it. If you are going to back out, the deck inside the wall is where you make your final decision.” I said. “If you are coming with me, come on now.”

Surprisingly all five of them followed on my heels, a couple of them remarking about my butt, one saying ‘stop it he’s old enough to be your father’ and the one who made the butt comment saying ‘if my father looked like him I’d jump his bones.’

It wasn’t Wanda or Marisol that met me at the door in the wall, it was Gwen. “Oh, I see you attracted some attention down there,” she giggled, “girls I know you followed him home, but he can’t keep you and he is taken.” She boldly stepped outside the gate nude, and then stated, “However, you are welcome to come in and look around, just leave those,” indicating the girls swimsuits, “out here.”

The girl in the white monokini had already untied its halter-top and was sliding the suit down and off of her body. The red head in the green bikini wasn’t too far behind her friend. Surprisingly ahead of them all and scampering in the gate was the plump brunette who had worn the modest two-piece suit. Her full nude figure passed by Gwen, dropping the suit in Gwen’s hands as she went by. The other two girls adapted an “oh what the hell” attitude and joined their friends inside, all of them entrusting Gwen with their only clothing.

All Gwen said to me was, “leave it to you to bring home a batch of jail bait”, and she strode inside provocatively rolling her butt. If she feared my eye wandering from that, she was very mistaken. As I removed the loincloth it was obvious I’d gotten over the cold water.

As the balance of the day was a seminar concerning the Temple Of The Sky-clad Goddess and goddess worship in general, and also a class on the psychology of nudity, one taught by the Priestess Mother and the other by Joyce Heath, Gwen and I decided to retire to our room and “dehorn the beast”.

A long talk in private with the Priestess Mother led the five high school seniors to request permission to join the guests at the retreat house for the balance of the weekend. Four had turned eighteen within the past two months and one would celebrate her birthday on Sunday this weekend. All were excited to learn about the empowerment that the Goddess religion and sacred circle gave to women.

Camille returned the red head to the motel the girls had booked into, and helped load out the room the five had shared into her van. The town the girls had come from was not far from the city in which Camille had her shop and she agreed to bring the girls home late Monday evening. The boyfriends could drive home without them.

That evening during dinner, when the Priestess Mother asked if anyone had a life moment to share, Gwen stood and glowingly reported, “I come to the circle with a full cup.”

The Priestess Mother smiled broadly at me and then looking to Gwen said, ”We of the sacred circle honor thee and give praise to the continuity of life that the Goddess and Horned One provide.” A loud chorus of ‘Blessed Be” followed from almost everyone at the table.

Priestess Mother then stated, “You child, are due in February?” Gwen nodded yes. The Priestess Mother continued,“ Then let the presentation of your child to the Goddess be my last act as Priestess Mother. I shall be Circle Crone as of the Ides of March. A selection of the next Priestess Mother shall be held during the Autumnal Equinox. Installation shall be during the Vernal Equinox next year.”

Ethan Dunphy held a sketching class on Sunday for those who wanted to learn to do sea and beach scape drawing. Joyce Heath again spoke to the young women, not part of the circle, about the psychology and power of nudity.

The rest of us enjoyed the beach and water and food. All too soon it was time to pack up and return to home and school. The five high school girls had decided to take summer jobs on the local boardwalk and in some town shops owned by members of the sacred circle. They would be living in the retreat house and studying the ways of the circle with the goal of deciding whether they wished to commit themselves by summer’s end. As one said, “If nothing else I’ll have some money for college and a great all over tan at the end of the summer.”

Four of the younger P-FIT coeds also decided to return to the retreat house for part of the summer.

We all reluctantly pulled on T-shirts and shorts and Linda, Gwen and I packed the Nitro back up and headed home.

As she sat next to me in the front seat, Gwen repeated ritually, “You are my husband, I willing submit myself to you,” releasing herself from the circle.

I responded, “You are my wife, I accept your submission and will neither harm you nor fail your trust in me.”

Linda sat in the rear and smiled. I looked in the rear view mirror and thought to myself; she finally understands what this is about.

End of Part 2