Summer Session
by Chessman

Part 1

This is a sequel to 'Dinner and a Show'



The first thing Gwen and I had to do when control was passed from Camille to us was to collar Linda again in a way that her ‘jewelry’ would be acceptable in her campus settings.

To that end I purchased five pieces of anodized aluminum body wear from Camille. A fourteen-inch neck collar, three-quarters of an inch wide and made of plain beaten aluminum with a small chain design in its center, made a simple everyday statement without looking like overtly fetish wear. I added ankle and wrist cuffs of the same design and material as the collar . The look was hip and the meaning could remain a secret between Linda and her surrogate master and mistress.

Gwen liked the look so much I purchased a collar and cuff set for her as well, but Gwen’s, meant for more permanence, were made of stainless steel.

A command set was established before we left Camille’s showroom with Linda. For public interaction and socialization, Linda would refer to us as “Uncle Mark” and “Auntie Gwen” in lieu of the traditional "Master" and "Mistress". We felt this was more appropriate, as her Aunt Camille was her true mistress and we were acting as surrogates while the girl attended her college courses. Her discipline safe word was established as ‘foxtrot’ and a public infraction would be heralded by my or Gwen’s saying, “She will be attending a dance lesson later.”

She was to have sex only with partners approved by Gwen or me, as far as boy or girlfriends, and if sex was not to be part of disciplinary actions her current partner would be permitted to participate or watch. She was never to have sex unless Gwen or I approved. A caning, a flogging, or an act of public humiliation could be partner-accompanied to add to the shame factor; a discipline involving sex would be off limits.

She would be allowed the minimum amount of clothing permissible to attend school. A mini-skirt, a white blouse or T-shirt, and sandals were allowable for the two summer sessions she would be attending. If she successfully completed those and was allowed back to the Institute for the fall semester we would discuss proper cold weather attire. No shorts, underwear, or jewelry other than her collar and cuffs would be allowed.

With Camille’s approval, Linda would be laser depilated so as to be permanently hairless from her neckline to her toes.

Once inside the townhouse front door, she would remove her blouse and skirt. Her sandals would suffice for her to do the gardening and tend to the pool in the yard. A ten-foot tall concrete block fence, allowing absolute privacy, enclosed the twenty-one by fifteen foot pool. Unless we had company over, no one would see her tending to her chores.

Her class assignments would be reviewed by Gwen and me and if not properly completed would result in a ‘dance practice’.

Camille was an email or phone call away if modification in our agreement would be needed. Having changed Linda into her collar and cuffs and her permitted travel clothing, Gwen and I took our charge to the automobile for the journey down the Turnpike to our town house. In the vehicle, Gwen sat in the rear seat with Linda while I drove. Once past the electronic toll readers and on the roadway, Gwen had Linda slip off her skirt and spread her legs wide apart. For the rest of the ride, a good hour and forty-five minutes, until we hit the exit booth and then local roads, Linda was half naked and being diddled by Gwen, almost, but never quite, to orgasm.

She was so shaky by the time we crossed the threshold of the townhouse that I thought I would have to carry her inside. She did manage to walk up the drive to the front door on her own, with both her bags.

“No, Linda,” Gwen corrected the girl as she tried to step over the door sill, ”You were told you were not permitted clothing in the house. If you choose to use the front door you will remove your clothing outside of it, BEFORE entering.”

Linda’s eyes opened wide, she asked permission to speak, then asked, “Auntie Gwen, what entry may I use so I'm not seen by the neighbors and possibly arrested?”

Gwen and I had thought this out and decided that the garage, though attached to the house, was technically not living quarters and Linda would be permitted to clothe and strip herself in that space, if it was rainy or cold. Otherwise her clothed limit would be the third flagstone paver inside the garden gate leading to the pool and deck area. Linda was so informed and went around to the side of the house to comply.

“How long did we say before she was to only use the front door?” Gwen asked me with a grin on her face.

“I think we agreed to the third week of summer school,” I replied, “but that could be shortened depending on the rest of the plan and how well Ethan and Joyce take to our suggestions.”

Gwen laughed. As a published author I was often asked to speak at the P-FIT, as it was nicknamed. I, and Gwen as well, as she offered seminars on publishing business to both English and Business majors, knew many of the instructors and professors by name and had entertained them often for beginning and end of semester cocktail parties and fundraiser activities for the P-FIT endowment fund and scholarships. The two who would be involved during this summer session were Ethan Dunphy, BS, MS, EdD, PHD and Joyce Heath, MD, PsyD. Ethan is the dean of the School of Fine Arts at Philadelphia Fashion Institute of Technology and Joyce is the senior professor of the School of Psychology and Counseling.

Linda’s two courses in her first session of summer school were Life Drawing in Ethan’s department and Situational Psychology in Joyce’s. Summer sessions are usually taught by teaching assistants or junior instructors; however, in this case the two department heads were only too willing to take the six-week courses themselves. That and a six figure check I had cut to the professor emeritus endowment fund guaranteed it. May 15th to June 30th would be very interesting for Linda both on campus and off.

Linda entered the townhouse a few minutes later with her skirt and blouse draped over her arm. She placed her clothing over her suitcases and then knelt in first position waiting for further instruction.

Gwen took over her instruction, “When you have no class work to complete and no housework as assigned to you, your time will be spent in physical exercise. The workout room is to the left of the family room, which opens out to the heated pool. The pool may not look overly long, Linda, yet you will find under certain conditions you will not reach its end, even if you are a very strong swimmer. It is from a company called Endless Pool and has a feature that produces strong water current forcing you to swim into it or be swept back into the rear wall. Do not allow yourself to be swept back. To do so will result in a dance lesson. Likewise “Bruce” in the workout room is a medical model treadmill that is used by cardiologists to measure heart health and fitness. If you are working out on Bruce, do not allow yourself to come off the treadmill until your time or distance has been reached. There are also yoga mats and DVDs with yoga programs to insure your flexibility, and the hot tub and sauna are there for you to use as you recover from your workouts. I will show you, once, how the beds are to be made and how the bathrooms are to be cleaned. Thereafter those will be your standing daily chores. We will discuss your gardening duties later. You will also test the pool and hot tub daily for pH levels and clean the filters daily. If you have questions you may ask them now.”

Linda raised her head, “How many baths and bedrooms are there, Auntie Gwen?”

“Four bedrooms, including yours. The master bedroom is used by Master Mark. Get used to hearing him referred as such, he is my husband and we love each other passionately. However, I am also his submissive. I use the second bedroom, it attaches to the master bedroom via the master bath. Each of the other bedrooms has its own bath. If we have no overnight guests, the one not in use need not be cleaned until it is used. I can see you counting in your head, little one, the answer to the bathroom question is FIVE in total. There are three baths for the four bedrooms, one for the exercise room and one in the pool house. Our laundry facilities are also in the pool house, which has a kitchenette and two loveseats that make up as beds if we have a lot of overnight guests or if our guests bring their children. We tend to entertain around the pool and serve buffet meals and wines in the pool house, there are several low tables and pillow chairs for guests to lounge on and eat off of. You will of course serve, cater to our guests and clean up after any party we might have.”

I interjected at that point, “Linda, we may have occasional guests who may or may not stay over at anytime. Our parties are scheduled for Memorial Day, Independence Day, August 15th, Gwen’s Birthday, and Labor Day. This should not provide excessive interference for your study and school schedule. Gwen has already been instructed by me that if at anytime your school work demands more of your time you will not be punished for failing to complete ALL of you house chores. You must attempt to complete the basic ones to our satisfaction. As all of our clothing is sent out for cleaning, the laundry you will need to tend to is the bedding and towels. If a day needs to be skipped on those and if the only baths that get cleaned are yours and the master bath that day, you will be cited as satisfactory for the day. If you need to isolate yourself to work on a project, we will allow you the privacy you need. You must attend to your workouts in either the pool or the exercise room on school days, but not both. When you need to take a break from the books, a swim or a run on Bruce will get the blood flowing back to your brain again.”

With that I looked to Gwen and snapped my fingers. She shuddered. Good girl, you are well trained and you know what you have done wrong.

“I’m sorry Master Mark, I have no excuse for my misbehavior and I expect to be disciplined.” She offered and promptly unbuttoned the sundress she had been wearing\ and let puddle on the floor.

“Linda, Gwen is also expected by me to be nude at all times within the confines of this house,” I explained, “Most of our guests will also be nude when they visit, though not all shall be. Business guests usually remain clothed, and I still expect you to serve them as you will serve all of our guests. The last time Gwen ‘forgot’ to remove her dress promptly on arriving home from outside business she was required as punishment to go grocery-shopping nude. What shall it be this time, Gwen, no more midnight runs to the twenty-four hour Stop and Shop? No, I think this time I will pull the Lexus out into the driveway and you may wash the car nude on Saturday afternoon.”

I couldn’t tell if the shudder that I saw Gwen give was excitement, fear or shock. I knew I had pressed a button though. All the men in the cul de sac either mowed their lawns or washed their cars on Saturday afternoon. In fairness, when she was to be so punished, I would call the wives in the cul de sac Friday evening and tell them Gwen had lost a bet and her payoff was to wash the car nude in the driveway. If they wanted their men to ogle it was okay but if they chose to keep their guys ‘busy’ for the two hours between one p.m. and three p.m. that would work as well. The last time, last summer, Gwen had to mow the lawn nude; seven men had grins as wide as a jack o lantern the next day. Apparently, the girls in the cul de sac decided to reward their men that same afternoon Gwen was to be punished. The odd delivery, mailman, or the lesbian couple on our left, might see her, but I could almost guarantee the men would be otherwise occupied.

“Oh, and Gwen, while you are at it, the Nitro could use a wash and vacuum as well.” I added that as an afterthought. “Well, Linda, we know how Gwen shall be spending her Saturday, let’s now talk about how you shall spend yours.” With that I led the girl away to unpack and settle into her room.

That followed with the phone calls to the neighborhood wives, all of whom giggled and said they would make plans to keep their hubbies busy. Judy and Tia, our lesbian neighbors, had been in our pool nude and had seen Gwen nude so many times that they knew this was her normal state around the home. Last summer Tia had held a full conversation with Gwen, Tia sitting on the front steps of the house and Gwen going back and forth with the mower and then raking up after.

I had told Linda she was to lay out all of the clothing she had brought with her for my inspection. She had done so by the time I was finished speaking to the wives and to Judy. Tia was out at a pottery class adult extension at P-FIL and would be home later.

I walked into Linda’s room, unannounced, as she had no lock on her door and had been told part of the arrangement would be that either Gwen or I could walk in and spot inspect her room and activities whenever it was convenient for us. She stood, head bowed, legs apart, hands clasped behind her back in position two, much as a soldier put ‘at ease’ but with head down. I then began picking through her garments. She, wisely, had already separated the swimwear and underclothing she had packed into one group. I picked through these and tossed the bras and most of the panties back into a suitcase, she would not be using those. I left her two thong panties, for those times she might need full coverage. Her swimsuits were monokinis with thong backs and that thin strip of cloth up the centerline to the bra cups with a neck tied halter-top. Her back in these looked totally nude. Of the three I allowed her the yellow one; the navy blue and black and white zebra pattern went back into the suitcase with the underwear. There would be an occasional day trip to the Jersey shore, and she would need a swimsuit for those days.

She had seven white pleated polyester tennis skirts that were micro mini in size. Those went into the keep pile, and two halter top type midi blouses with button down fronts were added to the keep pile, along with several DKNY white T-shirts. Sneaker sox, two pair of white KEDS sneakers and three pair of Crocs Cleo style sandals completed the allowed clothing. I told Linda she would be wearing a pair of sandals, a white mini skirt and a midi blouse to her first day of classes.

Her assigned duty for both Saturday and Sunday before classes began on Monday was to lie in the sun by the pool and work on evening out her tan as she had triangles on her breasts and that awful stripe down the middle of her abdomen as well as the triangle at her pubic region that needed to be blended into her tan.

I told her we were expecting company on Sunday in mid afternoon and she should be prepared to serve wine and cheese when called upon to do so. I then invited her to the master bedroom. She followed and I summoned Gwen. She stepped onto as footstool at the foot of the king size bed and waited for my gifts to her. On the stool Gwen was just tall enough to look me in the eye. As I snapped the new stainless steel collar and bracelets on Gwen, Linda looked on in fascination. She had never seen a ritual collaring before, though she herself had been collared twice now, both times with temporary and removable collars and cuffs.

These were different as they mated with a male-female joint. I slipped in headless screws to secure then in place. Until I decided they would come off they would stay on. Gwen was thrilled, she was wet with excitement and her pierced nipples were as erect as I’d ever seen them.

“Linda, come here,” I ordered, and the younger girl approached the bed, ”Tonight you pleasure each other,” I told the women, “Then Gwen, report to my bed. Linda, be sure Gwen is satisfied.”

I was on deadline, and I needed to finish a chapter on which I had been working prior to the long drive to get Linda and the drive home with her. I guessed that I had at least two hours to write in peace, leaving them to their own devices, and I had ideas for the plot involving two submissives ordered to pleasure each other.

* * *

“She’s not a natural lesbian,” Gwen pillow talked to me after giving me an exquisite round of oral sex.

“Is she open enough to experiment with both sexes or will that require further training?” I asked in return.

“I explained to her that pleasure and pain can come from either sex, and she should enjoy the pleasure and endure the pain if she wants to survive the submissive lifestyle. I had three fingers in her vagina at the time and she was so near orgasm I’m not sure she heard what I was saying. All I heard her say was, ‘Yes, Yes, oh god YES.’” Gwen said.

I laughed at that, snorted my laugh I was laughing so hard. “Wait until Sunday. That will be the true test. I have already told her she would be serving wine and cheese to guests. But that is all I have told her.”

Gwen whispered to me, “Tia and Judy called me on my cell a little while ago. They wanted to know if I needed help washing the cars tomorrow and what bet I had lost.”

“Well I thought it was fair, it I called all the guys in the cul de sac that they should know as well,” I answered her and felt the shudder she always gets before a public humiliation punishment. ”In fact I may let them pleasure you on the front lawn, if you do a really good job on both cars.” That evoked a shudder so deep I felt it and suddenly her nipples were erect and I felt a new wave of moisture between her legs.

“Did I give you permission to get excited?” She shook now from momentary fear. “This carwash is punishment for forgetting your boundaries, are you forgetting them again so soon?” Now she was shaking. She had visions of being tied to the whipping post and being caned for severe disobedience, something I rarely did to her but something she knew was more than possible.

“No Master Mark, I’m afraid my body is so over stimulated from the events of the day I could not prevent it. I will change your sheets, and then retire to my room.” She had gone full submissive, except she was giving herself permission to leave, now, which was not going to happen.

“Across my knees,” I ordered, sitting up in the bed. She crawled across and lay rear end up over my thighs. ”You do not dismiss yourself, so no, you will not change the sheets, at least not until morning, in fact you may wind up soiling them even more. You will receive an open handed spanking of not less than thirty swats, you will then flip over onto your back and spread your legs and give me the best sex we have had since our marriage night or you will get thirty more.”

She was lubricating so freely now my thighs were slick with her fluids. “Count for me,” I ordered. She did, not missing a number, and both her cheeks were bright fiery red when I was finished. My erection was painful and I ordered her on he back. The paddling had been the foreplay. I slid into her without resistance and she clamped down with her keigle muscles immediately. She knew she was to do all the work and I’d made it more difficult by putting her on the bottom. She also knew she was not to orgasm, as I’d not given her permission. Just prior to my ejaculation I withdrew from her vagina and ordered her over so I might use her rectum to complete myself. Four strokes after entry I unloaded my second batch of fluids for the night. Gwen was ordered to roll over and go to sleep. The stain on her side of the bed would be an outline of her body from her hips to her knees. It was okay though as Linda would do the laundry. May as well start the coed off with a real load of work, I thought to myself.


I arose with the sun on Saturday morning, singing obnoxiously loud, “Car Wash, workin’ at the car wash, baby…”

Gwen was amused by this and crawled over to me to take my morning erection in her mouth. Several minutes later Gwen swallowed her protein breakfast and scampered downstairs to fix eggs and toast for the three of us.

I walked into Linda’s room to find her at her computer researching the classes she was to take. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was making sure she had all the supplies she needed for the art course, such as a sketch pad, an art pad, pencils, charcoals, chalks and water color paper and paints to complete her projects. The course was set up so that each week a test would be required on Friday. This test was in the form of a progressively improved artwork. Week one was simple line drawings of the model. Week two was charcoals and shading in black and white. Week three added colored chalks to the drawing with advanced shadings and backgrounds added in chalks the following week. The sketch for the watercolor was the week five project and the completed watercolor was the final examination. Linda had all of her supplies lined up and was checking the on line inventory with and against what she had already purchased. She had everything she needed except for the watercolor pad and watercolors.

“I hadn’t known they would be needed when I signed up for the course, they were not mentioned in the original syllabus, Uncle Mark. Do we have a moment today or tomorrow to go to a Michael’s or A.C. Moore?”

“I’ll have Gwen take you once she finishes washing the cars,” I told her. “After breakfast I want you coated in SPF 30 and out on the lounge chairs. We need to get rid of those tan lines. The art store is open until nine tonight, so Gwen can take you once the sun goes down.”

Gwen is an excellent breakfast chef. Her egg and cheese omelets could be contenders in any food contest. This masterpiece had small flakes of baked Virginia ham in it, a light white cheese, Colby I thought, and just a hint of basil flavored olive oil in which the egg was cooked. Crispy wedges of whole-wheat toast on the side set the platter off nicely.

When she saw Gwen kneeling at the side of the table, Linda joined her. I explained that Gwen would be eating out of a bowl on the floor when Linda and I had finished our meal, as Gwen was under punishment. Linda was told to learn from this, for any time she was under punishment she would receive the same treatment.

Linda and I ate and I complemented Gwen on her creation. Finished, I scraped my dish, Linda’s dish and what was left in the platter on the table into a large bowl. Gwen bent down with hands behind her back and began to eat from the dish. When she had finished, and she knew enough to finish it all, Gwen crawled to a second bowl containing water and lapped that up as well. I placed all of the dishes into the dishwasher and set the timer on that. Then I moved both the Lexus and the Nitro into the driveway. It was not quite ten in the morning and Gwen was not to start her car wash punishment until one in the afternoon. Therefore I dismissed her to the pool to get some sun on her pale body, and she gladly joined Linda while I retired to my study to write. I was a bit blocked and my editor was being punished. The writer in me wanted her advice, the master in me wanted her obedience. It was a moment of inner turmoil.

It passed. I saw the time and realized I could not work on the pages any longer, I needed to get the materials Gwen would need out to the driveway. As I was gathering the sponges, chamois clothes and soap I heard a knock on the sliding glass door. It was Linda. “Uncle Mark, may I assist Auntie Gwen in washing the cars? If we get them done really quickly she can get me to the art store in time to let me browse for the best paints and some really good brushes.”

“In the driveway, out front, nude,” was all I said to her. She nodded then said, “I understand that Uncle Mark, and I will still be working on my tan, as you ordered me to do earlier.”

This child was going to be a perfect fit for the project ahead, I though, and then I voiced, “Auntie Gwen will tell you how to help her. You may make sure she does a good and complete job. If either of you fails, both of you will be punished.”

“Understandable, Uncle Mark,” she concluded.

One minute before the clocks in the house struck one p.m. the girls were up front wetting down and soaping up the two vehicles. As I had planned, and the telephone calls had solidified, the mail had already been delivered and the women of the cul de sac were keeping their husbands busy elsewhere. Judy and Tia arrived on our lawn at ten minutes after the hour. I actually wondered what had kept them away so long.

“This is our niece, Linda, who will be staying with us while she takes courses at P-FIT,” Gwen offered up as introduction. “Linda, these are our neighbors to the left, Judy and Tia.”

Linda walked up to the taller ash blond Judy and extended her hand to shake Judy’s and say hello. She was unprepared for her nude body to be grabbed by the other woman and put into an embrace that literally took Linda’s breath away. Judy finished with a light caress of Linda’s backside and lower back.

Tia, with her mixed Japanese and African-American background, was slightly smaller in height but fuller in hip and bust than Judy. She greeted Linda in the same manner as her partner.

Our neighbors had wandered over with a pitcher of cold drinks, some old towels, and a stack of disposable plastic tumblers. Tia poured each of them a drink, they toasted the day and each other and then after drinking the punch that must have been laced with alcohol, Linda and Gwen continued washing the Lexus.

I had opened the window to my study, which was directly over the garage and looked down on the driveway, and heard the conversation.”Hey, this would go faster if we pitched in and dried the cars as the girls washed them,” Tia suggested.

Gwen protested, “No, I lost the bet fair and square and the punishment was to wash the two cars nude in the driveway. I should fulfill my debt.”

Judy laughed, “Gwen, dear girlfriend Gwen, Mark made the bet with you to WASH the cars. Nothing in that bet said ‘and dry’ did it? Which means if we don’t help you wash we can help you dry.”

“Oh, and don’t you have a helper right here?” Tia pointed to Linda who had a soapy sponge working on the roof of the Lexus.

“I opened my mouth and stuck my naked toes in it when I said Auntie Gwen had Uncle Mark cold this time. Uncle Mark asked me if I wanted in on the wager knowing my payoff would be the same as Auntie Gwen’s. I said yes, and here I am” Linda giggled and pirouetted her nude self about.

Judy and Tia were both wearing bikini bra tops and sheer shorts, Judy spoke up, “I don’t think Mark would object to our drying the cars if we at least take our tops off, do you Tia?”

The Lexus was done, washed, rinsed, washed a second time by one forty-five. Linda and Gwen started the washing of the Nitro and true to their agreement the tops came off of Judy and Tia as they dried the exterior and vacuumed the interior of the Lexus.

The Nitro had a slightly higher roof line and Linda was up on a two step stool washing the roof with her 34C breasts pressed against the passenger side windows when Al, Chad, Jack, Henry and Bob walked over from Al’s house three doors to the right of mine.

“Hi, Gwen,” offered the gregarious Henry, “Who is the new girl in the neighborhood?”

“My niece, Linda,” Gwen stated as she wiped her hands dry on an old towel, “Linda, come on over here and meet the neighbors.”

Following introductions, Linda tried to get back to her chores. Chad and Bob had gone over to talk with Judy and Tia neither of the lesbian couple bothering to cover up nor concerned at their semi nudity. Gwen was holding a conversation with Henry, concerning a neighborhood pool party slated for the Memorial Day Weekend, and Al was trying to strike up a conversation with Linda.

“Are you visiting?” Al offered a lame but valid opener.

“No I’ll be staying here for at least three months, I needed a place to stay while I take some summer courses at P-FIT,” Linda stated honestly. She was pink with embarrassment, Her heart was fluttering and her vagina was dripping as she held a conversation with this fully clothed neighbor. A neighbor, who happened to be over six feet tall, wore a two-day-old beard like a movie star and even clothed in a camp shirt and cargo shorts appeared to be remarkably endowed.

Al, smiling and waving toward his house, yelped, “That’s nice I guess we’ll bump into each other again then. Well gotta go, my wife has refreshments ready for the boys and I.” Al called to his cronies and they all made their excuses and left walking toward Al’s house while casting looks over their shoulders suggesting they would really rather stay and keep the naked and semi naked women company.

Shortly after this visit, the four women finished the Nitro and I was called down to inspect the work they’d done. Neither a smudge nor a streak was evident on either vehicle and all eight of the tires had been washed and treated as well. The chrome wheels sparkled. I was pleased and told the four that I was. I invited Tia and Judy in to use the pool, an offer they readily accepted and soon four naked women slathered in sun block were cavorting happily in the pool, while I tried to clear my writer’s block and finish the chapter on which I was working.

As the sun went down and the air chilled to a night’s coolness, I ordered take away to be delivered from Lotus Blossom Gardens, our favorite Chinese place. Normally Gwen answered the door for deliveries, but today I took that duty over and after paying the girl who always delivered to us and watching her wiggle away to her car I brought the fool out onto the deck and yelled for the women to come and eat. I was happy to see that while all dried themselves off none of the women attempted to put a covering on their body.

Judy asked me, ”Mark, aren’t you a bit over dressed considering the company you’re keeping?”

I unsnapped the snap of the shorts I was wearing and pulled the golf shirt over my head and soon joined the women in a state of complete undress.

We ate and we drank sake and rice wine and we followed up dinner with a leisurely swim. I offered Tai and Judy the use of the sauna and hot tub as the night grew too chilly to be out, yet too young to end the fun. They declined the offer, giggling that they wanted to go home and feed each other desert. Gwen smiled and said we too would have coffee and brandy and possibly a light desert once the girls were safely home. Unlocking the garden gate and watching them creep over their back yard until the motion sensor activated lights illuminated them as they went for the screened in sun porch door, we three waved good night and then closed and relocked the eight foot by three foot gate.

The formerly white areas on Linda’s body showed a true pink hue from being exposed to the sun all day. I told her to gather the empty glasses and put them into the dishwasher and to gather the wet and soiled towels and dump them into the hamper in the poolroom. When that was done, she was dismissed for the night.

“She seems genuinely happy to be here so far, doesn’t she” I quietly asked Gwen.

“She is semi-trained by Camille and sort of expected a situation like this to evolve while living here, just not so quickly” Gwen said, “Though she took the visit by the men very well and seemed to have no objection to Tia and Judy joining in with us for the afternoon and evening.”

“Well, tomorrow may prove to be very interesting then, not a hint to her whom our guests for Sunday brunch are, okay?” I asked Gwen who was already on her knees with my penis in her mouth giving me my nightly stress release. “Oh, and don’t talk with your mouth full.” Gwen’s answer was a snort through her nose.


Gwen woke me while tending to my early morning erection with her lovely mouth. I politely invited her to insert me into her vagina and ride me cowgirl style. I watched her pierced clitoral hood slide up and down over my penis and saw her edging toward an orgasm. I granted her permission to release herself.

Her fingers of her left hand immediately flew to her clitoris while those of her right pulled on one of her pierced nipples. Her orgasm and mine found mutual timing and I had not pulled out of her. This was the first full vaginal coitus we had in over five years. She looked at me with shock. She had ceased using birth control a year after we had accepted our positions as Dom male and sub female and part of that agreement had been no further vaginal intercourse to ejaculation. This had clearly been a mistake and might change everything in our arrangement.

“Master Mark, I apologize, I did not mean to force you to use me that way,” she was apologizing to me, okay, “I do not wish to worry you, husband, but I am in my fertile portion of my cycle.”

Gwen had been the victim of a disease in childhood that had scarred her fallopian tubes, making conception difficult, and I being nearly two decades older than she had a low sperm count. We had long ago resigned ourselves to never having a child of our own and had chosen the Dom/sub lifestyle as a way of expressing our caring for each other. Surely that would be curtailed if Gwen were to bear me a child. However, the thrill of possibly becoming a father offset that circumstance. To see Gwen nude, belly swelling with child, would delight and excite me.

“Shall I punish you, wife, for such an indiscretion? What would that punishment be? Let me think, Oh, here it is, from this date until the time you would normally cycle we shall have only vaginal intercourse. Should you have your period, we go back to our prior arrangement. Should you find yourself pregnant, wife, we shall discuss your status in this household as befits a mother to be.” That said, I left the woman I loved with all my heart lost in thought on my bed as I padded off to use the bathroom.

Gwen was thirty-five. That is a difficult age for a first pregnancy. Difficult in terms of carrying the child to full term and difficult in terms of having a pregnancy take at all. I put the thought in the back of my head and went downstairs, nude, to check on the wine situation for this afternoon’s visitors.

Ethan Dunphy and Joyce Heath would be arriving at one p.m. and I put two bottled of Chablis into the wine cooler to chill and another two bottles of merlot uncorked to breath. Those would be for the fish and meat courses of the dinner. I told Linda she would be serving for wine and cheese. I did not tell her that Gwen would be preparing and serving a full soup to nuts sit-down dinner after the wine and cheese. Gwen would get Linda’s help in the kitchen but would be serving the meal alone as she had a rhythm to her meals that was years in the learning. We had tried maids in the past and they only got in the way. Linda would be allowed to sit at table with us while Gwen served.

Ethan and Joyce had agreed to not reveal who they were or how Linda would come to know them on the next day. They were just old friends of the family who accepted our casual lifestyle and enjoyed the occasional nude swim in our pool.

From nine in the morning until twelve thirty, Linda followed orders and instructions by lying out in the sun by the side of the pool. She showered and dried off and awaited further orders from Gwen in the kitchen. Gwen, nude and collared and cuffed was puttering about the kitchen in a style I referred to as organized chaos. Linda was following behind her, putting away spice jars and rubs, clearing the sinks of carrot and potato peels and helping to strip the ends and strings from fresh garden green beans. Linda made two trips to the outside trash bins before the guests arrived.

When the doorbell chimed, Gwen instructed Linda, “Go answer the door, curtsy, and invite our guests in to sit in the recreation room. You may lead them there and show them to their seats, go now, before the chime sounds again.”

Linda scurried to the front door, and pulled it open to show two middle-aged people, about Uncle Mark’s age, standing there. She dropped a curtsy as Gwen had told her to do and offered to lead them to the recreation room where they might be seated.

Once they were settled she asked if the couple would care for a glass of wine and stated there was a chilled white or a breathing red to chose from. Both the man and the woman opted for the chilled white, the day was warm after all, and asked if they might be served their drinks by the pool. Linda indicated she would ask her Auntie Gwen if this was in Auntie Gwen and Uncle Mark’s plan but she thought it would be all right with them.

“They want to go out by the pool and have their wine and cheese there, Auntie Gwen, I did not know if that was approvably. I said I’d check with you,” Linda told her mistress as the wine was poured and a cheese tray set up with cubes of a variety of hard and soft cheeses and small crackers to accompany them.

“Ethan and Joyce are old friends, Linda, but of course you would not know that, and we often allow them to treat our home as if it were their own. Don’t be surprised or shocked if by the time you carry this outside they are as naked as you and I and happily slashing about in the pool.” Gwen handed Linda the tray and told her to return quickly for the wine service.

I came down the stairs wearing only a pair of silk briefs, my idea of a swim suit when one was called for, and checked with the women in the kitchen before joining our company poolside.

“Shoo,” was Gwen’s response to my offer of help. I did pick up the wine bucket with the ice and an open bottle in it and carried it with me out the sliding doors to the pool deck.

Linda had placed the cheese and cracker tray on a table between the two lounge chairs Ethan and Joyce had chosen to use. As the couple disrobed, Linda asked if she could fold and take their clothing into the pool house were it as less likely to get damp from pool splash. The pair smiled and nodded that would be acceptable. A look passed between Ethan and myself, Ethan thought Linda would do nicely. I looked over at Joyce who had a huge grin on her face while watching the tight derriere of my coed charge walk away from her.

“I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave, Mark,” Joyce said to me. “I agree with Ethan, she will do fine, and if she does her grades will reflect that.”

“That will please her Aunt Camille no end, Joyce. Oh, as long as she is enrolled in P-FIT, Gwen and I are her aunt and uncle and her guardians” I told the pair of professors. We ended that train of discussion as Linda bounced her way back to us.

“Will there be anything else, Uncle Mark? If not I’ll check with Auntie Gwen to see if I can help her inside, or return to the activity you assigned me previously.” Linda dropped a curtsy, cute, but not requested nor needed. I would remember that for later.

“Go sit or lie down on the lounge in the sun, Linda, Gwen is fine in the kitchen by herself as can be attested by both Ethan and Joyce who have offered help to her in the past and both were ordered out of the kitchen with threats of bodily harm if they returned.” I paused as Joyce laughed and nodded her head, ”I will call you if we need another bottle or more cheese.” I concluded and dismissed her to the other end of the pool.

We all swam a few laps to cool off and then sat around chatting about small things as old friends are wont to when they see each other socially. I called to Linda to take a plunge, and swim a lap or two and then get sun on her back, as she’d been too long on her front side. She did so and then appeared to doze off.

It was nearing five thirty when Gwen summoned all of us to table. Linda was told to sit at the foot of the table, while the four of use sat clustered near the head.

Gwen served us family style starting with a chilled tomato soup, followed by a shrimp and endive salad with a horseradish vinaigrette. Crudités and a blue cheese dip were on the table. Gwen’s masterpiece, a bone-in prime roast of beef, came to the table for me to carve. The green beans, carrots and mashed potatoes followed and were all passed along while our guests waited with expectation for the rib roast to be carved. Ethan liked the end piece as it was slightly more well done, Gwen and I liked the next rib in on the roast and Joyce liked her beef rare enough to moo at her when she cut into it. Linda was not given a choice; she took the other end piece on her plate as it was what was left when the platter made it down to her.

Several times during the meal I called upon her to refill the wine glasses, which she did with flourish and without spilling a drop.

Dinner ended with a crème de leche dessert that was light on the tongue and a pleasure following a heavy meal. Our guests and I retired to the hot tub for a soak, while Linda and Gwen cleared the table and got the dishes started in the dishwasher.

Nude the entire time, Linda seemed to be comfortable in her own skin and with her role in the household. In the hot tub I asked, “Have you decided about tomorrow?”

“Yes, I know I have,” Ethan responded, “She will make a fine life model for my class.”

Joyce quickly added, “And as the subject of the experiment in my class, “The Psychology of Shame and Public Humiliation,” she will serve most excellently.”



Linda rose on Monday the 15th of May to do chores and breakfast. She put away the dishes from the previous evening and she started the towel wash for the used towels from the weekend and the morning’s clean up. She made toast while Gwen finished at the stove with pork roll, eggs, and cheese biscuits. We ate, Linda rushed to the pool house to change the washer and drier loads and then dressed herself in her mini skirt ant midi top for the trip to campus.

Camille had not permitted Linda driving privileges, so it was up to Gwen to take the coed to campus before her eight forty-five class began and pick her up from school following her afternoon class, which ended at four.

Between eleven thirty and one p.m. Linda had time to eat lunch, use the rest rooms and do class assignments. Her morning class, with Ethan Dunphy instructing, was “Life Drawing” and was a required course for all fine art and design majors.

At one in the afternoon, Joyce Heath would be instructing the Introduction To Social Psychology course. These two courses and the required out of class work for them would occupy Linda for the next six weeks. Then after a week off she would start the second six week summer session.

Gwen was more than familiar with the school campus and greeted the campus police officer by name as they entered the campus in my Nitro.

“George, this is my niece, Linda,” Gwen greeted the officer, “She is taking some art and psychology courses this summer session.”

“It is always a pleasure to see you, Mrs. Chessman,” George responded. He was wearing the stripes of a police sergeant and his emphasis on the word ‘see’ made Gwen grin but was missed by Linda.

“Oh, I suppose you will be seeing a lot of Linda for the next six weeks, George, but I’ll only be dropping her off here and picking her up after classes, this summer.” Gwen put the same emphasis on ‘seeing’ that George had used on ‘see’. Linda, still anxious to get to class and get settled missed the nuance there as well.

“Well no matter how short a time it is always a pleasure, ma’am,” George finished and opened the swing gate that allowed Gwen entry into the faculty and staff parking area.

“Wow, how do you have access here, Auntie Gwen,” our coed in residence asked, “I tried to park here one day last year, before they suspended me, and they towed my car.”

“Master Mark is on the Board of Trustees, dear,” Gwen answered, “We have many of the same privileges on campus as senior faculty.”

Linda had her mind churning; this could mean that she would have an easy ride of her courses with a person of influence as her guardian. Linda always looked for the ‘cake’ courses and the easiest way to a grade when possible. She perked up considerably thinking her summer would be a walk in the park.

Gwen saw the look on her face and immediately announced, “Your Aunt Camille has told us that any grade lower than a B in any of the four classes you are to take this summer will result in the Dean’s Review Board disallowing you fall admission. We expect a 3.25 GPA from you as a minimum. There will be punishment if you slide by with Cs and do not gain readmission in the fall.”

Linda went from gleeful to crestfallen. There went her easy summer and snap grades.

Gwen admired the youngster as she exited the vehicle, Linda’s skirt slid up as she slid out and a fine view of her well-tanned posterior was evident for just a passing minute. As Linda leaned over the back seat to retrieve her note book and sketch pad, Gwen had a full view of the two C cup breasts with the nipple piercings until the coed stood up with the items in her arms. A small purse with her student ID card, a few tampons and her pens, drawing materials and a gum eraser was all she had to sling over her shoulder. Linda’s student ID card was also her prepaid cafeteria pass for lunch.

Gwen pointed in the direction of the entry way for the Arts building and watched until Linda was inside the door. Speed dialing her cell phone, Gwen notified Ethan Dunphy that Linda was in attendance. Linda’s summer session at P-FIT was about to begin.

Linda walked into the classroom and saw that it had the usual whiteboards and draw down screens for overhead projection and video presentation, but that it also was set up in a semi circular fashion of easels and chairs, actually backless stools, sixteen of them, with one central podium, which apparently rotated like a lazy-susan.

Cabinets lined the walls behind the student positions and a riser behind the podium, with audiovisual equipment and a lectern on it, appeared to be the position from which the instructor would do his or her work. Linda’s schedule had noted INSTRUCTOR: To be announced. Linda thought this meant a teaching assistant or perhaps a junior instructor with low departmental seniority.

Her classmates began filing in, and she was pleased that they were a majority of women, some older, and only four men. Introductions were quickly made. The two forty-something’s were in the class for credit toward teaching certificates in the arts. Dorothy and Irene now taught Biology and English respectively, but wished to add the arts to their credentials. Three women were in their mid to late thirties and were back in college after their children had grown enough for them to go to classes while the kids were in school. Ruth, Charlotte and Elsa seemed to know each other from having taken classes together previously.

The six traditional undergraduate coeds were different; four were sorority sisters who had opted to take required courses during the summer months rather than spend the money to travel long distances to stay with family or friends for the summer. Twins, Paula and Carla, on the other hand lived with their parents on an Army post in Germany, and simply could not afford to fly back and forth, as they were on ROTC scholarships. Pam was in the same situation, except her family was stationed in Japan. Following this course session they would report to their mandatory military summer camp for the next six weeks. Janet, Yvette, Frannie and Ritu were members of Chi Alpha Omega sorority and had taken light course loads in the spring semester in order to have the time to got to spring break in Panama City, and do the spring party scene in the Pan Hellenic community.

Four male scholar athletes were also making up required coursework neglected during football and basketball seasons. Ned, Ron, Billy Bob, and Bubba were all massively muscular in the sleeveless shirts and cargo shorts they were wearing. Bubba had Linda drooling, for at six foot six inches and two hundred thirty pounds of rock hard muscle he was the hunk of her wet dream fantasies.

A door behind the riser opened and the attention of the class turned as one to see who was to teach the class. Several jaws dropped in the room. Notably, Dorothy, Irene and Linda’s were significantly lower.

There stood the Chairman of the Fine Arts Department, Ethan Dunphy. Linda was mortified to see the man whom only the day before she had served and eaten dinner with while nude standing there as her instructor. Dorothy and Irene were shocked, as they knew Department Chairs never taught summer session classes. This was highly unusual.

“Good morning, class, I see we are all here and we are on time. If we can hold to this henceforth it will be wonderful as we have much to do and only thirty sessions of three hours each in which to do it. Please find a seat behind any easel and we’ll take attendance.” Dunphy waited a bit and then broke the ice, “I am Ethan Dunphy, I hold a doctorate in education and another in philosophy of fine arts, and I am the chairperson of the fine arts department here at P-FIT. Some of you are shocked to see me teaching summer session. The truth is I volunteered to teach this course, as my job is mostly administrative during the regular semesters and I miss hands-on teaching.”

With that, he asked each class member introduced him or herself and tell why they were in the class. It came to Linda and she had been warned, both by Uncle Mark and Auntie Gwen and by her Aunt Camille to be totally honest and forthright when asked why she was in summer session.

“Hi, I’m Linda, and I’m a screw-up. I partied away my freshman year and the first semester of my sophomore year so badly that the administration suspended me for a semester and allowed me back in summer session on probation to prove myself. I need to do well in these four courses this summer or the school will not let me back as a full time student. So I’m here and willing to do anything assigned and work real hard.”

A few audible gasps from the older women, and a chuckle or two from the jock guys followed. Dunphy merely smiled and said, “Thank you, Linda.”

Dunphy then went through the requirements for the class. "The class will be divided into teams, and each student in the team would receive the same grade, so it would behoove each member of the team to do their best to see that the finished works are of high quality. A line drawing of the subject will be due this Friday. Next Friday the line drawing has to be shaded and toned with charcoal. A switch of media to chalks and pastels will occupy weeks three and four, with a pastel colored drawing to be submitted on the fourth Friday. Another switch of media to watercolors willoccupy weeks five and six, with the final examination for the course being a completed water color painting of the subject.

“Now, due to budgetary restrictions, we do not have sufficient funding to have a professional live model for six weeks. Therefore, I have decided that if one of you students participates as our model, that student shall be awarded the same grade as the team placing first in the overall class work.”

Bubba’s hand shot up. “I’ll do it, Professor.”

“Thank you, Bubba, but I think you should wait and hear the requirement for the model first.” Dunphy responded. “The model will be nude, except for jewelry while in the classroom. The model will pose for every team in the pose the team has selected at for at least fifteen minutes each class session. The administration is already aware of this, and has given permission that the student model may be nude anywhere on campus at anytime to fulfill his or her posing obligations for the class teams. Bubba, do you still wish to be the model?” Dunphy looked at the football player.

“Nude any time and anywhere on campus, Doctor Dunphy?” Bubba asked rhetorically, “uh, no, I don’t mind posing in class, Doc, but anywhere on campus, sorry, I could not handle that.” The other jocks in the class looked like a chorus of bobble head dolls nodding in agreement.

“Let’s ask the women then, oldest first, Dorothy or Irene?” Dunphy looked at the pair.

They both begged off fearing repercussions from their school districts if word they had pranced around in the all-together all summer got back to their administrations. Of the three moms returning to school, Charlotte was willing enough, but warned that with “stretch marks, saggy boobs and varicose veins, Professor, I’m no work of art any longer.”

The other thirty something’s bobbed their heads in agreement in a similar fashion as the jocks had done.

“Well, that leaves the eight of you,” Dunphy’s arms swung to the grouping where the teen and twenty year old students had seated themselves, “Could you girls stand up please.” Linda and the others stood, nervously.

“If you are wearing a bra, please sit down, bra marks take forever to disappear from skin and we need to start drawing by nine-thirty.” Dunphy looked at his watch and observed it was three minutes after nine.

Ritu, Yvette, Pam and the twins Carla and Paula sat back down and Ritu looked visibly relieved.

Linda, Janet and Frannie were left standing and Frannie’s nipples were poking out of her semi sheer tank top with either fright, excitement, or the chill of the room air conditioning. Her ultra tight skinny leg jeans showed her tensing and relaxing her butt muscles. Janet was wearing an oversized school hockey jersey and a very skimpy pair of cheer shorts. Linda had on her midi blouse and short pleated tennis skirt. Both Janet and Linda were wearing sandals. Frannie was wearing sneakers.

“For the same reasoning as the bra lines, of the three of you, if you are wearing panties of any sort, please sit down.” Dunphy instructed.

Janet gasped with relief and plopped back down on the stool she had stood by.

“One last question as the tie breaker, if you have pubic hair and are unwilling to shave it off for the class assignment, please sit down.” Frannie went beet red and sat, as Dunphy finished his questioning.

“Well, Linda, lucky Linda, please step up on the platform in the center of the semi circle and remove your skirt and blouse.” Dunphy instructed firmly but not harshly.

Linda simply undid the button at the side of her skirt and it slid to the floor as she pulled the midi top over her head. Tossing her clothes onto the stool, she stepped up and onto the platform.

“Ladies and gentlemen, here is your model, work with her, get to know her inside and out and make of her eight beautiful life studies.”

The four males in the class and the two older women were told to pick one of the other younger class members with whom to partner and the twins were told they could not work together. The pairings came out quite well with Billy Bob picking Charlotte as his teammate; Dorothy and Irene had each chosen one of the twins, Ruth paired herself with Yvette, Elsa with Janet, Bubba paired with Pam, Ned took Frannie and Ron and Ritu completed the pairings.

When she would look back at the class later Linda would realize the class size had been capped at an odd number knowing that one of the class would wind up with the modeling assignment. That was not what she was thinking at the moment on the posing platform. What she was thinking was she was cold, slightly embarrassed, and had to pee desperately.

“Doctor Dunphy,” she called out to get his attention as he was making the rounds of the pairings, when he looked up, she whispered, “I gotta pee.”

Irene immediately asked the professor, “Doctor Dunphy, is there anyway she could do that standing right here? Carla and I had the idea of catching her mid flow as the theme for our drawings.”

“Young man, bring that pan over there to the platform. Linda, take off your sandals and stand in the pan,” Dunphy instructed. Linda was embarrassed beyond words but complied immediately. The pan was the type used to mix plaster of Paris for sculpting and looked like the kind of industrial pan one would find on a construction site.

The two women brought their pencils and pads to the front and Irene, sketching rapidly, told Linda to begin.

This would become Position One, the first pose requested. Linda was to have the forefinger and middle finger of the right hand holding the outer labia apart, torso arched back slightly, legs at a forty-five degree angle and a look of sheer delight on her face. Carla and Irene both used their camera phones to snap photos of Linda from several angles and continued to sketch long after Linda’s flow had ceased. Linda stood in the puddle of her own urine until she felt it go cold. Only then was she allowed to go to the ladies locker room and shower. Which was where Dorothy and Paula wished to sketch her.

Position Two would become facing a jet of water hands in her hair feet spread apart.

Each of the other six pairs found ordinary yet somewhat humiliating places and positions for Linda.

Position Three was on her left side reclining on a park bench in front of the campus library and media building. This was for Ruth and Yvette.

Position Four was bending at the waist leaning over a recycle barrel placing a soda can into the barrel. That the barrel was in front of the Student Union Building made the pose all the more humiliating. Elsa and Janet thought that one up.

Position Five was with her shoulders and back resting against the trunk of the Alumni Tree in the center of the quad with her full frontal self facing the Administration Building. Ron and Ritu had come up with the idea.

Position Six was in the upright position of a sit up on the fifty-yard line of the college football field. There she was positioned facing the tunnel through which the team entered the field. Seated, hands behind her head knees slightly bent and about thirty degrees apart. She did not know that summer football drills would begin the second week of classes. Bubba and Pam. football player and cheerleader respectively, owned this idea.

Position Seven sounded easy but was tough on Linda to achieve. On an inflatable mat she was to lie on her back with hands and feet in the water legs and spread, adrift in the middle of the campus outdoor Olympic size pool. This was Ned and Frannie’s project as Ned was a part time lifeguard for the pool complex and Frannie was on the women’s water polo team.

The class went from venue to venue and checked out the acceptability of each situation. Doctor Dunphy liked every suggestion and added some physiological ideas as to how Linda should be posed. He positioned her and then would glide his hands over her nude body to show the stress of some muscle group and the relaxation of another in the same pose. Details such as would make or break a drawing for his class.

It was now eleven forty five and the class was technically over. Linda had to walk from the Natatorium to the Arts Building to collect her clothing and belongings and then get a bite to eat.

Ethan Dunphy walked with her a portion of the way and part of his instruction to her was, “tell Mark and Gwen you are not to wear anything except sandals to your class any longer, we don’t want pressure marks on your skin when you are posing.”

Linda shuddered. She was to come on campus nude and remain nude throughout the morning. Suddenly it dawned on her. The officer at the gate, George, talking to Auntie Gwen, and Auntie Gwen telling George he would be seeing a lot more of me while school was in session.

She laughed to herself and looked forward to what the afternoon might hold for her with trepidation.

End of Part 1