Greta’s Story: Senior Summer
A Naked In School Tale
by Chessman

Sam Kramer looked over the kitchen table at her adopted daughter, Greta, and admired the even golden glow of the teenager’s tan unblemished by strap marks or tan lines. “Just how much time have you been spending lazing by the pool, Greta? I ask with no purpose beyond pointing out the the risk of sunburn and skin cancer; you can consider this the 'use an SPF 45 lecture' the combined forces of motherhood and professional nursing wish me to express. And who else is with you, there are too many towels in the laundry room for just you poolside.”

“Brenda has been dropping by from around one in the afternoon til around four thirty,” Greta told her mother, “Her job at the parks department gets done at half passed twelve every day, she walks over here from Rock Creek Park and we hang for the afternoon, no biggie, is it?”

“Nope,” Sam smiled,” I like Brenda and she is good company for you as well. Do you take her home on your way to your job?”

‘Yeah, she climbs into the Blue Bomber and we leave here around four forty, I drop her off by ten to five and I’m at the assisted living facility by five to punch in for my four hours.” Greta was continuing her placement at the assisted living facility beyond her mandatory community service period, the facility had added a part time job to its roster for her as a recreation therapy aide, where she did everything from playing catch with a beach ball to helping with holding a pallet of paint for an artist who had lost the use of one arm due to a stroke.

Hanging in Sam’s room, above her chest of drawers, was the painting in oil on canvas of Greta, done by the physically challenged woman. Greta likewise had one of the woman’s pieces in her room, a still life of the facility’s resident cat, Marvelous Marvin, curled up asleep on a library shelf. Greta worked five p.m. to nine p.m. Monday through Friday and then nine a. m. to nine p.m. on Saturday. Despite the fact that her junior year community service obligation was over and that her voluntary submission to the naked in school all nude all the time facet of the Program had ended with the school year, Greta had chosen to continue the nude lifestyle, as she said, “At least through the summer, Sam, maybe come the cooler weather I’ll consider Uggs and a long down coat this year.”

Sam had laughed at that, remembering her naked shivering adopted daughter shoveling the three inches of snow that had fallen last March, determined to maintain her total nudity commitment despite her skin turning blue. Greta had spent an hour in the hot tub after that incident.

Greta finished the junior year with a grade point average of 3.75 on a 4.0 scale. Normally a solid C+/B- student, her grades jumped by one full point for completing a full school year naked, twenty-four and seven. She had been approached by the school administration and by the Program mentoring counselor about repeating her nudity through senior year. If she agreed she would become a Student Mentor in the Program, helping to ease girls selected for the mandatory one-week participation in the Program from textile to nude lifestyle. She hadn’t said yes or no to that as yet, but it felt so natural to be without clothing now that she dreaded the thoughts of having to shop for, buy and then wear clothing. By law, the only thing she had to wear was a pair of sneakers or sandals while driving and a silver disc on a silver beaded neck chain that was engraved with DDEHS NIS, on the front standing for, Dwight David Eisenhower High School Naked In School program. The back was coded Jr-2 indicating she was the second female in her junior year to volunteer for the all nude all the time portion of the Program. That medallion marked her as fully dressed in the eyes of the law and it would have to be returned on the first day of Greta’s senior year in September. She was reserving her decision until then. Greta’s best school friend Brenda Adams wore medallion Jr-1. One of the many things they talked about sitting by the pool was reenrolling in the program in the fall.

Brenda’s parents, though more liberal than most in the church crowd the family belonged to, were getting the nudges in conversation that wasn’t one year enough, wouldn’t she look lovely in that style dress, “and crap like that,” Brenda had reported the last time she had been over. “So I don’t know if they are going to allow me to sign up for next year.”

“What about the grade boost, that was your convincer last year, Brenda, can you play that card again?”

“I heard that if you go Student Mentor, the grade boost no longer is offered,” Brenda had replied, “So it would be back to good old C level me again. It was nice to see one final report card of solid B grades though.”

The Program Mentor had spoken to both Greta and Sam in Sam’s office at the high school just before the end of the school year. “The government is thinking about revising the name of the Program from Naked In School to Naked In Society, and I think our Greta and Brenda are fantastic role models for such a change. Don’t you? As a Student Mentor Greta would work out of my office. I see the Student Mentor’s helping with grooming, hygiene and poise and confidence issues for girls new to the program and the government is providing a stipend for the positions.” Jan Thayer was wearing only a golden medallion bearing the inscription Program Mentor on its front with Jan Thayer and the last four numbers of her social security number on the reverse. If Greta agreed to take the job a similar disc would be her only garb for her senior year of high school.

“Yeah, Brenda, Sam mentioned her conversation with Thayer about that. Since the government is offering a paycheck the school district felt it did not have to offer the grade point incentive. But, that is only if you go mentor, you can still do the program as full time volunteer, senior year, and I think the grade boost would still be in effect.” Greta had stretched in the sun like a lazy cat at that point and smiled at the thirty something single guy who walked passed them for the seventh time in the last half hour.

“Creepy,” Brenda muttered watching the thong-clad male walk away from her, “why doesn’t he stop and talk instead of staring like that every time he walks by?”

“Because his boyfriend is jealous of us,” Greta giggled. “Sam told me. Joey really admires that females can legally opt to be nude in public and he looks on us as suffragettes for his cause as well; equal rights for full time male nudity. His partner, Hal, thinks if Joey spends too much time with naked girls, he’ll switch teams and leave Hal for one of us. Joey with Sam I could almost see, they would be cute together. Joey with you or me, ew, what would we talk about? Oh, and I’ve seen him dance.” Rolled eyes and a giggle let Brenda know that was not a pretty sight.

Sam looked at Greta as she finished her teenage gush of a typical afternoon by the pool with Brenda and said, “You told Brenda you thought Joey and I would make a ‘cute couple’! That will take as long as her two thumbs an punch out the keys on her cell phone to be texted all over the world,” Sam chuckled. “I guess I’d better be ready for all of the beard jokes.”

Turning serious, Sam said, “Gramma called. She wants us down to visit her last week of July through the first two weeks of August. Can you clear it with the facility?”

“They have already asked me for a vacation schedule, and I said I wasn’t sure,” Greta responded, “I’ll try to arrange it. But I admit I’ll miss them when I’m away and feel kind of guilty to not be there.”

“Check it out so I can give Gramma an answer,” Sam changed topics to, “Going for groceries in a bit, do you have a list?”

“On the fridge,” Greta responded, putting her dishes in the dishwasher, “I’m going to get into the shower, now that a certain drainer of the hot water tank is done and it has had a chance to refill itself.”

“Hey, it takes a lot of lather to get this,” Sam twirled around like a dancer, “all baby smooth.” They both broke up laughing.

The mess, as Greta called it, hit her four days before she and Sam were to leave for Gramma Kramer’s on vacation. Sam had put Greta on the once every six month cycle of birth control when she had entered into the Naked In School full time Program portion. Sam did not believe that Greta’s resolve would hold and she would eventually give into a boy wanting vaginal sex. Greta never kept her knees glued together, yet she was still a virgin insofar as still having an intact hymen. She had learned quite well how to perform hand masturbation for both males and females, and had oral sex giving and receiving from both genders as well. Yet, the thought of a penis penetrating her vagina was so distasteful to her that she warned her dates that NO meant NO for that.

Greta felt the rumbling in her stomach before she saw the flow. She had been lightly cramping for two days but had passed that off as having strained herself lifting supplies off of the shelves at the assisted living center. The leak started as a few drips on the third day and then by mid afternoon, blood was everywhere.

Sam was on hand with Midol and soft warm towels to hold against Greta’s tummy, but after being nude for ‘forever’ Greta’s problem was how to handle a flow that would not be contained with tampons. She literally did not own a stitch of clothing and the concept of buying something to wear just for the week to ten days she would flow bothered her. At least she wasn’t in school and Brenda still was there to keep her company, though the pool and hot tub were off limits. Two five and two, Sam had said, two days of cramping coming on, five days of flow, and two days of light spotting on its way out. Sam had padded Greta’s bed with disposable chucks pads and everywhere she sat there was an old folded beach towel. She used sick days at the assisted living center and was truly sick with the aches and cramps and misery.

When the flow had eased, Sam gave Greta the injection that would be good until late December, ‘Oh goodie’, Greta had said, ‘I’ll definitely be home for Christmas.’

Greta called Gramma Kramer in one of her less cramped moments and rather than using the little girl wheedle and voice she asked Sam’s mother point blank if she could bring a friend. “A boy or a girl,” was all Gramma had asked.

“A girl, my best friend Brenda, Gramma,” Greta had responded.

“Well fine, she can share your room, I was afraid if it was a boy I’d have to clean out my office so he could use the pull out couch bed,” Gramma stated, then added, “are you two a couple or just friends with benefits?”

“GRAMMA,” Greta blurted two octaves higher than normal tone of voice, “she is the other girl who went full time with the Program, Gramma, and we kind of bonded over the experience but we ARE NOT LOVERS.”

“Whatever you say, dear,” Gramma chuckled on her end of the phone. Greta actually blushed in a full body pink flush just thinking about the look currently on Gramma’s face.

Brenda had cleared her schedule to allow for the trip both with her parents and with her summer job. Greta was due a one-week vacation and was given the other two weeks off without pay. Sam of course was off on vacation all of July and the first three weeks of August. School nurses worked on a ten-month contract Sam had eight glorious weeks to bask in the sun, take CEUs at the college or on line and to enjoy her adopted daughter.

Wearing identical t-shirt dresses, the three women, one a thirty something and two teen-agers, arrived at the airline domestic terminal to check in for their flight south to Gramma Kramer’s farm. Sam was wearing a ginger-colored dress that set off her eyes and hair perfectly. Greta wore the same mint green dress that she had worn to fly down to Gramma’s at Christmas time. Brenda was wearing a pale yellow dress that hugged her curves and screamed ‘I’m naked under this t-shirt.” Which in fact all the women were, the dresses and sandals being the only clothing the trio wore. Purses and shoes through the x-ray machine, one at a time through the body scanner, and on to the first of two aircraft, this one would take them to Atlanta where they would change to a smaller plane for the final hop to the airport near Gramma Kramer’s farm. It was a forty-five minute drive from the airport to Gramma’s farm and then three weeks of relaxation.

Gramma was waiting outside the terminal by her Cayenne. Without luggage the four of the women fit into the cross over vehicle nicely. Sam was sitting in front on the passenger side while her mother drove and the two teen-agers sitting in the back seat. Conversation flowed freely between the four and it didn’t seem to be forty-five minutes had passed when Gramma’s house came into sight.

“Wow, your Gramma has all the amenities of a full fledged resort right here in her farm house, Greta,” Brenda was awed as they toured the home, “I can see why you love to spend the holidays and vacation here."

“Look at the fitness center,” Brenda gushed, looking at the free weights as well as the stationary bicycles and treadmills in what had once been a solarium. Just beyond that room a large pantry had been converted to a sauna and a small four-person hot tub also was in that space.

The large enclosed outdoor activity area held a twenty-meter lap pool heated to a perfect eighty-eight degrees year round, and a beach volleyball court. A completed outdoor kitchen with barbecues and a propane powered stove and oven combination unit along with a refrigerator and wine cooler resided on one deck. Along side that deck and slightly elevated from it was the sun deck with loungers and small tables and two outdoor chests made of a resin material for towels and seat cushions.

Brenda asked, ”Does your Gramma do a lot of entertaining?”

Greta responded, “She’s very good to the people who work for her and their families. It is not unusual on a Saturday or Sunday to have thirty or forty people in the compound, as Gramma likes to call the back yard, swimming, sunning and eating.”

“Wow,” Brenda said again, and then looked worried, “if she’s having company over we don’t have any clothes or swim suits.”

“Neither will the company, Bren, don’t worry about it. James, Gramma’s foreman, has twin daughters about our age. When I was down at Christmas, Lynn and Lena were here almost every day to play volleyball with Sam and me. It was like , hello at the front door, peel naked before they hit the solarium door and splash into the pool to do a few laps before we settled into the volleyball sets for the rest of the afternoon. They are mean wicked players, Bren, so you’re going to have to bring your “A” game if we are going to win even once against them.”

“You are the meanest wickedest volleyball player I’ve ever seen on the court, Greta,” Brenda replied, “if those two are that good I’ll be embarrassed just being in the sand with them.”

“Besides Sam, who do you think taught me to play?” Greta asked her best friend and continued with, “It was like a clinic every day. You know college recruiters were looking at them trying to get letters of intent signed when they were high school sophomores?”

“Wow, if they can teach me some decent moves maybe I can try out for our team this next year,” Brenda smiled, “Spring Beach Volleyball, not full court winter volleyball on the hardwood floor. Diving for balls naked on waxed hardwood makes me shudder every time I watch you play.”

“Sam shudders worse than you do, she is the one who has to patch up my floor rash and make the scabs and bruises presentable for school and social events,” Greta chuckled, “thank heaven for body make up and self tanner.”

Gramma Kramer and Sam walked out onto the lower deck at that moment and waved the girls over to them. Both were naked and when viewed together it was obvious they were family, Gramma had slightly fleshier hips and a bit of a droop to her breasts but the two were physically peas in a pod. Greta thought it was cute that Gramma chose to leave her pubic hair in place. She had teased Gramma that it looked like ‘granny panties’ for the naked set at Christmas time. Sam was trimmed back to a one-inch wide landing strip above her vaginal region. Brenda and Greta were waxed completely and both girls were considering spending the money on full body laser hair removal.

“So what do you think of my little place,” Gramma asked Brenda, “do you think you can enjoy yourself here?”

“Wow, the place is great and the entire Kramer clan is super fantastical to be with, I’m kind of glad my folks decided to go on that Bible lands discovery cruise by themselves.” Brenda was wide eyed and looked happy when she spoke.

“Yeah, and I’m glad they said you would be less apt to get into trouble with me at Gramma’s than alone at home,” Greta added.

Gramma giggled and said, “I guess they don’t know the Kramer women as well as they think they do. The outside fridge is stocked with soft drinks, juices and Kaliber and O’Doul’s. There is wine for dinner, but out here we are non-alcoholic, feel free to help yourselves to anything. And Brenda, Greta will show you the count down charts. Greta, James just got off the phone with his wife and Lynn and Lena will be over around five and he says they are looking for revenge.” Gramma smiled and pulled a cola from the fridge and went up onto the sun deck level to relax. Sam asked the girls, “do you want to play Lena and Lynn for the same stakes as last time?” When Brenda looked confused, Sam explained, “Greta and I play Lena and Lynn for certain stakes, losing team has to submit to the winners desires for the evening.”

“Yeah, the last day we were here during winter holidays we skunked them bad. We normally play best two out of three, but Sam and I won the first two games easily so we said three out of five. They won the third set and we wiped the floor with them in the fourth. Considering how many times before that we had been the servers they took the loss fairly well. I can’t speak for Sam but I know I had a smile on my face the whole trip home.” Greta giggled.

Brenda felt her womanhood begin to weep a bit at that, though aroused she wasn’t in need of satisfaction, the thought of winning a submissive female for the evening who would have to, oh, wait, back up here, “What happens if we lose?”

“Sam will tell you, sometimes that is even more fun,” Greta winked at her adopted mother who grinned back at the two younger women and nodded ‘yes.’

When the twins arrived, about two and a half hours later, they did just as Greta had said they would. Gramma Kramer opened the front door to them, they kissed her hello and offered compliments as to her appearance. “Wow, If I hold up half as well into my fifties as you have, I...” Lena gushed, not able to finish her thought as her sister butted in, “Well you won’t if you keep downing the coffee caramel and hot fudge sundaes you insist on devouring nightly.”

Lynn’s voice was a bit muted as she pulled her t-shirt over her head. She followed that by unbuttoning and unzipping her very short, you can see the front pockets, cut-off jeans to reveal a body that had never seen a swimsuit in daylight. The perfectly bronzed Lynn then scampered off to the back compound to visit her friends. Lena hung back a bit and asked Gramma Kramer, “Is the new girl, with it, Mrs. K, or do we need to take it slowly with her?” Lena stripped as she asked the question and picked up her sister’s clothing from the floor where they had fallen, setting both their outfits onto a bench near the back door.

“Brenda has been a full year volunteer for the Program at her school, Lena, I am sure she is, as you put it, ‘with it.’” The eldest of the Kramer women then continued, “I think it might be best if you do not play volleyball for your usual stakes if you play Brenda and Greta though, as I understand it, Brenda knows very little about the game and Greta was hoping she and you twins could get Brenda up to speed on the game so she could try for varsity beach volleyball this next school year.”

“No prob, Mrs. K. We really like Sam and Greta and my mom adores the fact that you have taken on the Gramma role that was missing in our lives. We do tend to be a bit shark like in our feeding frenzies, but Lynn and I can cool it, really we can.”

Gramma Kramer laughed and told the teen to go take a swim. Lena was out the door and four teen-age girl outdoor voices shrieking through the sliding glass door suggested they were all getting along just fine. She thought of Lena’s words. James, her foreman, was a twenty-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, retiring as a systems technician with the rank of senior master sergeant. While serving on a base in Germany, he had met a Swede named Marla on a nude beach in Crete, they had fallen in love. She had married James and returned to the States with him when he retired. He was thirty-eight, she was thirty and she was pregnant with the twins when they arrived ‘home’ in the little town about twenty miles from the Kramer farm.

Sam’s father had just passed away, and Sam was fifteen. In order to keep the farm working Rosa Kramer had to hire help. James came to answer the ad from the newspaper and brought his very pregnant wife with him as they sat and chatted, Rosa realized that the couple was extremely alone and lonely and she asked a few personal questions. Marla was estranged from her family, they hated the fact she had married an American of questionable ancestry and had moved with him back to the United States.

James had been through the foster care system up to his eighteenth birthday and though bright could not afford to attend college. Instead he joined the Air Force and completed every service school offered to him and took courses online from College of the Armed Forces so when he retired he had an Associate of Applied Sciences to add to his various service school certificates.

Basically, neither of the pair had a parent they could fall back on for advice or simply to be family to them. Rosa immediately hired James and moved the couple into what had been a seasonal bunk house, a sixteen foot by seventy foot mobile home, about twenty-five yards away from the rear door to the main house. That space was now the far end of the lap pool inside the compound.

Marla had a very difficult birth and as a result could not have any more children. Sam had taken on the role of ‘auntie’ to the twins as soon as they came home from the hospital, and often could be found bathing, diapering and playing with the babies in the mobile home. For the first three years of their lives Lena and Lynn were like the baby ducklings following the mother duck Sam became to them. When it was time for Sam to leave for college the timing was perfect as the twins were to enter pre-school the same year. Sam would come home from school and the twins would help her unpack, always looking for the small gifts Sam would bring them. By second grade the twins had a full wardrobe of college t-shirts, sorority items, sweatshirts, and their first competition grade volleyballs.

Sam switched from pre-med to nursing in her junior year of college and entered the six- year track that would get her the R.N., B.S.N and M.S.N. She would later add the Masters of Education in School Counseling degree to the initials behind her name. All the while, she would return home and spend time with the twins who had bonded to her so early in their life. When Sam’s husband went to jail for the domestic battery that ended the marriage, Sam had gone home to her mother only to find the now twelve year old twins provided even more comfort than her parent did.

Marla would tell her later that the twins had discovered how to please each other with fingers and mouths by about age nine and were fully accomplished pre-teen lovers by age eleven. They had tried and succeeded in seducing their mother that same year, and Rosa, who they insisted on calling Mrs. K or ‘Special K’, fell to their charms during that summer. The fact that they had waited so long to bring Sam into their intimacy circle had been that they were afraid of Sam’s husband, the ex-football player, who they had sensed even before the wedding was not right for Sam. “We knew he was evil.” Lena had told Sam while stroking her right breast, Lynn couldn’t speak at the moment she had Sam’s left breast in her mouth and was suckling upon it, “but you were in no state of mind to listen to us you were so wrapped up in the,’I’m getting married’ thing.”

By this time James and Marla had built their own home about a mile and a half down the road from the Kramer farm and Rosa had converted the back of the farmhouse into the compound. When Sam had announced she was applying to be legal guardian of Greta and wanted to adopt her, Gramma Kramer just told her the family had a long traditition of taking in strays and making them family, why should Greta be any different?

Finally, the shrieking subsided and Gramma decided it was time to go see just what her extended brood of chicks had found to keep them quiet.

“Did it hurt,” from Brenda, “and how do you keep it clean?”

Lynn replied, “The first few days it did, for me at least, but after that it is a hoot, you are always semi aroused and wow is that little pea anxious to pop out of its pod, like, all the time.”

Lena then added, “Lynn’s right, but for me it was more of a burning itch rather than pain, and as long as you are careful when you wipe and use an alcohol swab every time the odds of infection are way low. Biggest downside is even though you feel edgy all the time you can’t have sex of any kind for the first month after it is done.”

“What did you girls find to talk about?” Gramma said as she came up from the outdoor kitchen area to the sun deck, to find the twins on their backs on two resin lounge chairs with their legs draped over the arm and their fingers spreading the outer labia of their vaginas apart so that Brenda and Greta could see their new piercings. When she realized, she added with a laugh, “Now that they have done that, Sam, I can tell them apart, Lena has the little ring in the hood of her clitoris, Lynn has the bar bell and Lena’s nipples are pierced east to west while Lynn had hers done north to south. I adore the belly button piercings they had done first, but then they had the same charms put in and I couldn’t tell them apart.”

“Mother,” Sam laughed, then asked the twins to change positions to kneeling facing away from the other four, “I never had that problem because,” she walked over to one of the girls and moved her hair off of her neck, “Lynn has a birthmark that looks like a heart on the back of her neck; Lena doesn’t.”

Gramma Kramer yelped, “ALL THESE YEARS and you never told me?” Then she burst out laughing, “Well now that I have a way of telling these imps apart I’ll know who to spank the next time someone raids my freezer for ice cream in the middle of the night and forgets to close the door.”

Lynn, “Lena, I told you to lift the handle and push that door shut,” and to Gramma, “We’re sorry Mrs. K, really, did you lose a lot of stuff?”

“I came down a few minutes after you two had scampered back up to Sam’s room and found the door open before anything got ruined, well, Lena not only did you not close the door, but it seems you put the tub of ice cream in the sink and the used scoop in the freezer. Getting confused in our old age are we?” Gramma said with a smile.

“Can’t get way with anything around here,” Lena blushed, “and really I am sorry too, we didn’t want to wake you and were trying to be quick and quiet, I guess I was half asleep.”

She walked over to the oldest of the Kramer women and hugged her then after kissing Rosa full on the mouth moved her lips down and began to suckle Gramma Kramer’s left breast. Lynn looked over to Sam and said, “That’s my sister’s way of begging forgiveness,” which caused Greta to snort cola through her nose as she spewed the rest out of her mouth with the laugh that came with the snort.

The four teens had decided to use the first two weeks as a no stakes, no bets clinic for Brenda to get her up to a varsity level of play. As it was late on Monday when the twins came over, they spent an hour just batting the ball over the net, changing partners frequently and enjoying the late sun of the early evening with a swim and the chicken breasts and tossed salad Gramma prepared for dinner.

A training schedule was set up and from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon Tuesday through Friday of the first week they worked on setting, passing, serving and spiking to the point where during the Saturday staff get together the four girls did a demonstration game and while Greta and Brenda lost two of the three sets they played, they played the twins to within a point on their two losses and won the set they took by only two points. Several of the younger girls and boys watched the game intently and the four girls spent a good part of the afternoon showing the younger pre-teens how to play ‘two on two’ beach volleyball.

Brenda was thoroughly surprised to see how relaxed Gramma Kramer was interacting with her employees, their spouses and children all in the nude and was also surprise at just how welcome she was made to feel by all of them. It was family the way family should be, complete with adoring and adorable little ones clinging to the older girls like duct tape to the bottom of a shoe and craving attention.

Greta and Sam circulated and renewed acquaintances with people they knew, Sam proudly showing off her adopted daughter to the female staff and spouses, who were left to introduce her to their husbands and in two cases same-sex lovers. Most of the employees had been with Sam’s mother for years, two women having started work in the shipping department right after James had been hired. One of those women now had a daughter, a recent high school graduate, who was also working for the Kramer farm.

Rosa was very happy to have hired the girl, Roberta, as she had an innate ability to repair anything with a motor from old John Deere tractors to the ancient Jeep Comanche used to run supplies to crews repairing irrigation lines or fences. It didn’t hurt that the four foot nine inch red head was very pretty and currently holding court with several college age boys, children of other workers, with her waist length hair casually draped over her thirty-six C breasts. Her pubes were trimmed in a flaming arrow pointing down to her crotch and it did not surprise Rosa at all that Roberta could hold a man’s attention as well as she could hold a power tool. With this crowd Roberta’s ability to discuss the relative merits of GMC versus Ford versus Doge pick up trucks would hold not only the young men’s attention but that of their fathers as well. Wives were noticed taking their husbands by the arm and leading them elsewhere when Roberta held court.

As the evening wore down and the various guests said their thank you’s and left for their homes, the twins looked at their parents and Marla asked, “Mrs. K, may the…” and was cut off.

“I didn’t expect them to go home tonight, Marla. You and James go on home and have fun, these kids will keep Sam and me up all night. It seems they already know where I hide the ice cream.” Rosa said, drawing a smile and a giggle from all four teens and a knowing eye roll from Sam.

It turned out that the two queen sized beds in Greta’s room saw limited action that night. All four of the girls were tired beyond exhaustion and after deciding which twin would sleep in which bed, Greta getting Lena, and Lynn bunking in with Brenda, a simple kiss good night a cuddle and spoon formation found the four asleep in under twenty minutes.

Sam arose at five thirty to use the bathroom. Hearing noise she peeked in through the adjoining door to the girls room to find that they had wakened with renewed vigor. Lynn had Brenda flat on her back was on top of Brenda in girlie missionary position and was mauling Brenda’s breasts with her mouth. Lena, meanwhile was having her pierced clit played with by Greta’s mouth and was clawing at the sheets with her hands.

Sam closed the door quietly and left the girls to their fun.

The End