Charmingly Absolute
by Chessman

Based on characters created by Bare Lin and posted on WoL. Continuing the adventures of Kimberly Tanner, her husband Jerry Tanner, their college age twin daughters Tammy and Marla, and the work associates at Mary Jerkins Real Estate


Kimberly Tanner, age 42, Realtor
Jerry Tanner, age 43, CPA
Marla and Tammy Tanner, age 22, college students
Brad Benton, 23, college student/Marla’s boyfriend
Kirsten Lovett, 22, college friend of the twins
Mary Jerkins, age 48, employer of Kimberly and Kirsten
Shirley Stevens, age 28, Kirsten’s co-worker
Jan Riley, age 26, Mary Jerkins administrative assistant
Andrew Adams, age 44, Kirsten’s co-worker

Kirsten was resting on Tammy’s bed, Tammy was sitting on the chair in front of her vanity combing her still wet hair from the shower taken after the girls had done laps in the pool and spent half an hour in the Tanner hot tub.

The pair was closer than ever following the near win at Grand National Cheer competition the previous November. It was now May of the following year and the girls were deep into the planning of the West Hamlin Harlequin cheer camp for this July and August. They had been credited for their coaching practicum for the semester long journey through the competitive cheer cycle and the Central University campus in West Hamlin had since allowed the campus training facilities to be used by the girls and their squads to train and practice every weekend and during school breaks for the public schools from which the Harlequins were recruited. One hundred-forty girls and boys had been accepted for this year’s summer program. They ranged in age from a girl just turning eleven in June to a boy who would turn nineteen just after the program ended. All parents or guardians had signed and certified that their children were from absolutist or nudist families and that the parents were willing to have the child participate in training and in competition in airbrushed designs and nothing else. Each child paid twelve hundred dollars for room, board, training and travel to competition.

The pair was, as always, nude, with one exception. Tammy was bald on her pubic region, having been forced by a new regulation for Absolutes requiring that nothing hide their bodies including pubic hair. Kimberly Tanner, Tammy’s mother, had similarly been depilated after several years of being a hirsute absolute. Marla Tanner, Tammy’s sister, was waiting for her hair to grow back before lasering it off as she had always kept her pubes clean with a depilatory cream. The hardest sell, no pun intended, had been Jeff Tanner, Kimberly’s husband, who considered the way his manhood was handled during the procedure humiliating at best.

“Really, it isn’t that bad, Tam,” Kirsten was trying to be upbeat about the situation, “in fact it looks really attractive that way. I love the way your clitoris peeks out of its hood. It may have always done that but I could never see it before. Really, I think that is the reason this ordinance was passed, Tam, to take the flaunters and force them to put up or shut up.”

“So, I’m a flaunter?” Tammy asked her best friend. “You've know me, and Marla, for how long now, Kirsten? You were there when my sister and I made the decision to become absolutes and signed away any right to clothing for like, EVER, and you think I’m a flaunter?” Tammy was actually angry. “Tell you what, why don’t I go get the scissors, shave cream and a razor and see how you feel when you’re bare there.”

“Not what I meant, Tam, and sorry if I offended you, really, we’ve been best buds for over seven years and I love you like the sister I never had and I would never, ever, intentionally hurt your feelings. If it makes you feel better, bring it on, I’ll go bare with you; but I’m only a CN and you are an A. Yours will never grow back.” Kirsten suddenly realized that was exactly what was bothering Tammy. The new registration laws passed by the state Senate under the Comprehensive Nude In Public laws proposed by the US Congress and signed into law by the president required that at government expense with a voucher issued at the renewal of ones Absolute license, all body hair was to be removed by laser from the neck down. Some male absolutes had opted for the option for facial and scalp hair to be lasered as well and were now absolutely bald, head to toe. Tammy knew of no woman who had done so, but a woman on campus who had survived ovarian cancer and had lost all of her body hair, from chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and only has short stubble on her head was now keeping herself cleanly shaved. A cute look and a novel one, but not one that Tammy wished to adopt personally.

Tammy fingered the only accessory she was wearing, an oval charm, about one and one half inches at it’s longest and three quarters of an inch at it’s widest. The letter “A” was stamped onto the front and cloisonné enamel filled it with green coloring. Engraved on the reverse were her name and her government identification number along with a bar code. This charm now allowed the absolute to travel, shop and drive without need of passport, driver license or credit card and was the only free hanging jewelry allowed under the laws now passed other than a wedding band for married absolutes.

Piercings and the jewelry in them were now considered body art and therefore part of the body. Tattoos were similarly considered body art and not coverings. Tammy, her sister, and her mother and father could now travel internationally to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean islands and within the European Union with nothing more than the charm about their neck. Some lawmakers were now envisioning the day when a microchip, similar to those used for dogs, cats and horses, would be embedded in an absolute’s forearm eliminating the need even for the dog tag-like charm now in use.

Kirsten was also wearing a chain on her neck with a charm similar to the one Tammy wore. Kirsten’s tag was round. It bore the letters “CN” on it and her name and identification number on the reverse. Legally, a CN was a Certified Nudist, who, unlike an Absolute, had the right to revert to a textile state. Kirsten dearly wanted an A tag; however, her parents still controlled her finances for school and would until she finished graduate school. They were strict textiles that gave their daughter the freedom to ‘express herself on campus’ but insisted than in their company and in their home she be clothed.

When off campus Kirsten tended to stay with the Tanner family, where nudity was the norm. Her parents had not attended one cheer competition that the Harlequins participated in and would not visit her on campus. The sole exception had been graduation because the school required all of its students and faculty to wear academic robes, stoles, and hoods on that occasion. Even Tammy and Marla had been capped and gowned for graduation. They gleefully shed the robes just as soon as they tossed the caps in the air upon receiving their diplomas.

The workshops and training conducted by the girls throughout the past season had resulted in a much larger pile of applications for the summer cheer camp program this year. Last year’s Harlequins had two outstanding girls who had graduated from high school and one boy also now slated to begin college who were signed on as assistant coaches on staff. Joining them all would be Stella Maris, seconded from Jeff Tanner’s accounting office to be the team bookkeeper, travel scheduler, and general office worker. Her boyfriend, now fiancé, Tony would be doing the airbrushing for the teams with the assistance of two graphic arts majors from the college who were serving as summer interns for the program.

“So, it is a sixty kid group for the middle school team and eighty high schoolers.” Tammy got off the subject of herself and on to camp business. “We have forty girls and boys returning from last year’s championship teams, but half of the middlers have aged out to high school level leaving only ten veteran Harlequins at the lower level. Thirty competition tested tumblers, fliers, and catchers give us a really good base for a Grand national run this year. CU says if we pull out the Grand national trophy, the gym, training rooms and other facilities will be ours year round, not just on weekends when nothing else is happening on campus.”

“Big question is how are the returning kids going to take to Sonya and Jillian being assistant coaches this time around,” Kirsten wondered out loud.

“They will be working mostly with the middlers and only will be on the mats with the high school team to act as spotters for the fly up routines. I don’t think jealousy will play into their being on staff, Kirsten.”

Kirsten had crept up behind Tammy and wrapped her arms around her best friend, kissing her softly on the neck beneath her left ear. Tammy immediately dampened around her vagina. 'Involuntary reflex,' she thought, though her nipples also stiffened noticeably. “What are you doing?” Tammy asked her friend.

“Hoping I’m not making a gross mistake and ruining a friendship I cherish,” Kirsten responded and kissed Tammy full on the lips, mouths closed, yet with a degree of passion.

Tammy melted, opened her lips slightly and allowed Kirsten to access her with her tongue; all the while thinking, 'I always wanted to be the one to make the first move, but now I’m so glad she did.' They staggered over to Tammy’s bed and eased down upon it to spend an hour mutually exploring each other’s bodies. Kirsten was barely touched by Tammy when she exploded in an orgasm long denied by the fear of messing up her friendship with the Tanner twin. Tammy’s release soon followed.

“Wow,” Kirsten sighed.

“Wow indeed,” Tammy responded. “I’ve known for a while I loved you enough to surrender myself to you sexually, Kirsten, but I always thought you were looking for Mr. Right not Ms. Right Now.”

“Sweetie, as far as I am concerned you are Ms. Forevermore. I cannot think of another person I want to share my life with.”. Kirsten blubbered.

Tammy picked up the cell phone beside her bed and clicked the speed dial number for Marla. “Hello,” a sleepy male voice gurgled, “Who is this?”

“Hi, Brad, it’s Tammy, hey if you are there my sister must be close by, can I talk to her please?”

The next voice was Marla, “Sis, is everything okay?”

“I think so, and I hope that you do, also,” Tammy started, “Kirsten and I kinda have jumped up a level from BFFs and I wanted to tell you, first,” she gushed in a single breath.

“You two finally did the deed and realized you were a couple, not a couple of friends?” Marla shouted into the phone. “Tammy, everybody in the world can see that the two of you love each other. Brad and I wish you the best, both of you, now can we please go back to sleep?”

Jeff and Kimberly Tanner reacted no differently than had Tammy’s sister. Hugs all around, welcome to the family, as if you were not already part of it, comments and the elephant in the room question posed, by Jeff, “Who is going to break the news to your folks, Kirsten?”

Kyle and Marnie Lovett were not the same type free thinkers that the Tanner family embodied. Their two boys, Keith and Toby, had participated in the NIP program at the high school, as it was required. Both boys were only naked in school and for school activities, reclothing themselves before entering the Lovett home. Keith, the oldest at nineteen, was attending college at CU’s other campus in New Town. He did not keep his parents advised of the rule of campus life. Toby had applied to Blanke Schande University and was accepted for early admission when he completed this year in high school. No mention of the week spent in the program; neither parent nor son ever mentioned allowance for voluntary continuance.

Kirsten, having Tammy for a best friend, was the Lovett problem child. Her parents could not convince her that remaining naked all the time was a sin against both nature and nature’s God. She would wear only enough clothing to keep her parents off of her back and would shed them immediately upon arrival at either the Tanner home or the college campus. The Lovett’s wanted their daughter to find a male dominant to be her husband and for her to live as submissive unto the Lord in holy matrimony bearing her parents many grandchildren.

It was shortly after seven in the evening of the day following Tammy and Kirsten coming out to the Tanner clan, that Jeff and Kimberly, Marla and Brad, and Tammy and Kirsten rang the front door bell to the Lovett home. Earlier in the day, Kirsten had called her brother, Keith, now nineteen and having just finished his first year of college at Central University’s New Town campus about her new relationship with Tammy. Keith had told her he would call her back, had left the house so as to not be overheard, and listened completely to Kirsten’s tale of discovery.

“Sis, I for one not only approve of your nude lifestyle but of your choice of life partner as well. I will have to share some of my on campus adventures with you when we sit around the Tanner’s pool during the summer. What you and Tammy are doing is conservative compared to the antics of some of the kids in the dorms at school. But that’s me. Our seventeen-year-old brother is even more of a radical textile than our parents. If anyone stirs up nude phobia or homophobia it will be him and the ‘rents will lock step with him as he is now their right thinking little angel.”

Keith had agreed to be the one who opened the door to and permitted entry to the entire Tanner clan and had fulfilled his duty as promised. “MOM, DAD,” he called out to the rear of the house, “The Tanners are here.”

Kirsten was holding a flower arrangement and Tammy held a bottle of wine. Jeff and Kimberly brought a cake and Marla and Brad brought themselves. Kyle and Marnie entered the living room and saw the six nude people standing in the foyer and turned to leave. Keith stopped them with, “You are going to want to hear what these good people have to say, whether you like what they say or not, Mom and Dad, so I suggest we all sit down and talk.”

Keith was never this forceful with his parents, and possibly from the shock of his words and tone of voice caused Kyle to invite the Tanners into his home. Before they all found seats in the living room Marla opened her tote bag and handed each Tanner an Absolute Arms emblazoned towel upon which to sit. Keith, in a preplanned statement, asked, “Marla, would you have another of those?” Marla pulled one out of her bag and Keith excused himself for a moment. His return, nude, surprised no one but his parents and his head to toe tan indicated this was not the first time he had been so exposed.

“Mom and Dad, get over it, I have applied for CN status the same as my sister. This is considered to be normal for campus life and it is a normal healthy lifestyle and before you begin your wailing and gnashing of teeth, complete with ashes and sack cloth, listen to what your daughter has to tell you.” Keith spoke sharply and quickly then sat on the towel Marla had provided.

“Well, it is clear that we only have one child now,” Kyle sputtered. ”It seems the world and its wicked ways has stolen the souls of two others I sired, so they are no longer our children.”

Toby had come home, quietly entering through the sliding doors of the family room. His Babe Ruth Softball team had a late afternoon game that had just ended and he was a dusty grass stained mess from a slide into third and a diving catch on wet grass to secure the final out of the game. He overheard the conversation in the living room and via reflections in the glass of cabinets and mirrors could vaguely make out that Keith had finally gone open about his choice to become a Certified Nudist in what might be the first step to becoming an Absolute in the future. Kyle and Toby had discussed these possibilities while hanging out together after Keith came home from college. Toby had spent a discovery weekend at the school during his spring break and had learned there was much in the world he did not understand while there. After that weekend, his brother’s change of attitude toward Keith was evident. Toby had actually defended Kirsten’s choices to his parents during one family discussion, claiming someone should play the devil’s advocate.

“Mom and Dad,” Toby announced his presence walking into the living room in his softball uniform, “These are your kids, good kids that you raised, nurtured and loved. For the love of God and for the family at least listen to them with open ears and hearts.”

His father turned on him with a vengeance and with a sneer on his lips rasped, “Toby Lovett, mind your place! And what have I told you about wearing your filthy play clothes in the living room?”

Toby took off his baseball cap and tossed it into the family room. Unbuttoning his jersey he tossed it and the long-sleeve tee shirt under it into the family room as well. Baseball pants, sliding briefs, sanitary hose followed in rapid progression. Left standing in the archway between the family room and living room was the Lovett’s youngest child, a muscular male of seventeen, wearing only a jock strap and cup. “Oh, I guess this is to sweaty to be considered clean either, so,” he peeled off the straps of the supporter and tossed it over his shoulder. His sister giggled, his brother smacked his butt cheek and Marla offered him a towel. “Now, I think Kirsten has something to say to you.”

Before her parents could react or speak, “Kirsten blurted out, “Tammy and I are a couple and are going to file as life partners, Mom and Dad. We love each other and have for a very long time. It has just taken us this long to realize how much and in what ways we loved each other.”

For the first time all evening, her father smiled. “Well that is a bit of news I will celebrate. You two have always been perfect together. I, for one, wish you well. I guess we won’t have to shell out a lot of money for dresses or formal wear for the ceremony, now, will we?”

Marnie Lovett was a plump woman in her late forties. Her dress came to mid calf, had tree-quarter sleeves and she was wearing hose and shoes. All three of her children, beautiful young and vibrant sat around her wearing nothing but the skin they were born in. Her daughter’s lover and her family also sat in the living room nude and unashamed. Marnie suddenly found herself turning bright red from embarrassment. She had thought ahead to the commitment ceremony for her daughter and realized she would be the only woman there wearing clothing.

“Kirsten, could you help me with something inside for a few minutes, dear?” Marnie asked her daughter. In the privacy of the den, Marnie asked her daughter, “Do you think I’m too fat to be bare like you and the Tanner family?”

“Mom, I’ve never seen you naked, not once in my life, so I really don’t know if the clothes you wear hid something beautiful or something gross,” Kirsten replied.

“Well, let’s fix that now,” her mother replied and pulled the zipper that ran from neck to swell of her buttocks on her dress down and stepped out of it. Bra and garter belt over granny panties and a pair of thigh high stockings now hid the matron of the Lovett clan.

Her bra clasped in front and was quickly shed. It revealed heavy C or light D cup breasts that sagged from the nursing of three infants and a somewhat thick but defined waist. Unclasping the garters from the hose and peeling the opaque leg coverings down reveled legs still shapely enough to remind every one that Marnie Lovett had been a trained dancer in a younger life. When the garter belt and panties came off to reveal a thinly hair covered pubis above which was the stretch marked tummy of a matronly woman Marnie asked, “Well?”

Kirsten replied by giving her mother the first skin-to-skin hug the two had shared since Kirsten was two years old. “Mom, you are perfect in every way. No one will think twice that the mother of one of the brides is shorter than the other mom.”

“Well your opinion is biased, I want to hear from the Tanners whether they think I can carry this out and if I am appropriate,” Marnie smiled then added, “If your father tosses me out of the house can I come stay with you two?”

Hand in hand the two Lovett women walked back into the living room to be greeted by a collective gasp. “Well I wasn’t going to be the odd-ball mother of the bride in this wedding party. I intend to follow the same dress code as all of you, at least until the girls have had their commitment ceremony and reception.

“Does anyone in MY family object?” Marnie challenged. Keith stood and hugged his mother. Toby hugged his sister first and whispered a thank you to her for bringing Tammy into the Lovett family. Toby it seems had been crushing on Tammy for years. He then hugged his mother and told her how much he loved her. Kyle sat and stewed, not understanding how his entire family could have rebelled against the standards he had so stringently set for them. But, he said nothing.

The break point for Kyle was the next ring of his home’s doorbell. Toby opened it to show his grandmother, Kyle’s mother, standing in the doorway. “Gramma Lovett, come on in, Kirsten and Tammy have great news to share.” Toby grinned and stepped aside to allow the elder Lovett into the house.

“Tobias, I can’t say I disapprove of your choice of dress,” Gramma smiled and eyed the younger son up and down, “Have you been influenced by your brother or by your sister?”

“Keith, when I visited you at college I told you we would keep our secret a secret,” Gramma said, “but, since you and every one in the family but my prig of a son has come out” she unzipped the back of her dress, stepped out of it when it puddle about her ankles and stood in front of her offspring and grandchildren in all her sixty-seven year old nude glory.

She then turned to her son and said, “Kyle, get with the times, learn to relax and be comfortable with your self and your body, you’ll live longer.”

Part 4 of 5. To be continued...