Celebrating American Freedom
by Chessman

Disaster Averted

The change to the new order of things had begun with Monica Bushnell. With the support of the ACLU and NOW, she sued, citing the double standard of men being able to be bare chested in public and women not having that right. The case, Bushnell vs Cuomo, had gone to the Supreme Court after reversals and appeals at lower court levels. In a seven to two decision, for which the Chief Justice wrote the majority opinion, the law of the land was interpreted to mean that women had the same right to bare portions of their anatomy in public as men did.

Some backwards states resisted, altering their laws and forbidding men to bare their chests, legs, or other body parts in public. Those states quickly found federal law and public opinion were not in their favor.

The nude protest by thousands of men and women outside the Rhode Island state house had cinched the nation’s public opinion and unified it. Quickly, a standardized law had been passed in all fifty states, the United States territories, and the District of Columbia: without proof of lewdness, nudity in public places would not be restricted.

Many coastal states, among them New Jersey, New York and Florida, had passed laws overriding more restrictive municipal ordinances. Now every toilet-trained child under the age of thirteen could and should be nude while on the beach, boardwalk or streets of the resort towns, and teenagers and adults were required to be nude on ‘family’ beaches. As one state senator said to the press, in opposition, “After all, adults are required to wear a beach badge on our beaches, where would they pin them without at least a bottom?” A wristband system soon dispelled any need for a bottom.

One charter school led the way by making all classroom and school activities clothing optional for both the faculty and the students. Soon the word spread and entire school districts were permitting students to attend classes in the nude.

Business followed suit. Soon bank tellers, servers and gas station attendants were no longer saying, “Have A Good Day.” to their patrons, instead the standard exchange became, “Have A Nude Day.”

Oddly, the older and middle-aged population took to the new laws with greater ease than young adults and older teenagers. Gradually, as they saw their folks and grand folks display their every flaw to the world, the middle ground between 18 and 35 adjusted to the new order of things. As one 18 year old girl was quoted in the press, “Grandma has varicose veins and her boobs hang down to her belly. If she can do it then so can I.” The accompanying photo showed the girl proudly on full display, hands on hips, left knee cocked, and a sidelong glance over her shoulder.

Several industries took a financial hit from this cultural change. Swimsuits became almost non-existent, going the way of American designed and built automobiles. The few in high-end stores were imported from Brazil, France and Israel. As Wal-mart, Target and Sears had long ago discontinued sales of swimwear, the overseas sweatshop-made suits were not being sewn in China, or Vietnam, or Thailand any longer.

Winter outerwear for men, women, and children was now a heavy pair of felted boots and an ankle length down or polar fleece coat. Few wore anything beneath, and lockers for coats and boots were provided everywhere.

As everyone was required to provide a clean towel to sit upon in public places, that industry boomed. In foul weather it was not unusual for stores and restaurants to hand a patron a towel upon entering the premises and fresh towels were always on the seats of every dining facility.

There were of course many exceptions. Hazardous workplaces in construction, firefighters, police, the military and hospital employees from doctors and administrators down to housekeeping and dietary were all clothed jobs. Many simply dressed on arrival at work and left for home nude again.

The most interesting day in the new culture had been declared Celebrating American Freedom Day. It fell, by law of Congress, on the second Monday of August every year. It was a national holiday, akin to President’s Day, the Fourth of July, or Labor Day.

The proclamation for it read, “On this day Every American Citizen, and those residing on American soil, shall present themselves to Friends, Family, and Neighbors, nude, in celebration of our national freedoms.”

So, dear reader, this is where our story really begins, CAF Day 2015.

Wick and Marti (short for Martina) Calfi awoke that Monday morning much as parents do elsewhere. Six a.m., the sun peeking over the sill of the master bedroom, and daughter Heidi and son Alex arguing about the bathroom.

“Just go away Alex, I can’t come out right now,” Heidi sobbed from inside the closed door of the bathroom.

“Sheesh, Heidi, It isn’t like I haven’t seen your body before and you never lock the bathroom door, what the heck is going on with you?” Alex was sixteen, a scant fourteen months older than his sister.

“Go get, Mom, please Alex, please,” Heidi sobbed from inside the bathroom.

Marti was up before Alex knocked on the door to the master bedroom. She waited a second and opened the door to her son rubbing the sleep from her eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, Mom,” Alex responded, “Heidi is just acting weird. She's locked herself in the bathroom.”

“Heidi, it’s Mom,” Marti spoke softly as she knocked on the bathroom door, “May I come in, honey?”

The lock slipped in the door handle and Heidi stood behind the door, leaving just enough room for Marti to squeeze her size 14 body into the bathroom.

In a glance Marti knew what the problem was. Her daughter’s thighs to the knees were covered in blood and puddles were on the floor as well.

“I went to take my shower, and this happened Mom, today of all days, when we have plans to go visiting,” Heidi wailed, “I have cramps, the worst flow I’ve ever had in my life and I can’t stop sobbing.”

Sitting down on the closed lid of the toilet, Marti pulled her daughter to her and gently rubbed the girl’s back. “Would you like to hear a true horror story, honey, while we get you cleaned up, and oh, I see you tried to get a tampon in. What happened, Aunt Flo was too quick to catch?”

Heidi giggled. When she first began her cycle Marti had told Heidi to say, 'Aunt Flo is coming for a visit' so as to not embarrass Alex and her father.

“Yep, she got away from me for sure, Mom,” Heidi smiled. Marti was busy washing off her daughter’s lower extremities with a washcloth that would definitely need pretreatment with hydrogen peroxide before going into the washer.

“Think you can make it to your bedroom?” Marti asked.

“Not sure, but I’ll try,” her daughter responded. Now less messy, she set off on the twelve-foot walk from the bath to her bedroom. She could hear her father and brother downstairs and was relieved to know they were occupied elsewhere.

Her mother finished wiping the monthly surprise from the floor and porcelain of the commode and then joined her daughter in Heidi’s room.

“Let’s try starter position,” Marti suggested to Heidi.

Heidi climbed up on her bed with a towel under her and went into what would be the female bottom of the missionary position. Her mom unwrapped a new tampon and gently inserted it successfully into her daughter.

“All done,” Marti smiled, “ready to start the day all over?”

Crawling over to her mother, Heidi hugged her ever so tightly and whispered, ”Thanks for the rescue, Mom,” in Marti’s ear.

The Day: Morning

Heidi had very little down growing on her lower anatomy. This was in vast contrast to her mother, since Marti had allowed her pubic hair to grow in fully, seeing no need to trim what would not be covered by a swimsuit or other clothing anyway. Marti’s job as a coordinator of high school student activities put her in contact with many girls and boys only slightly older than Heidi. She had seen and counseled young women who shaved, waxed, lasered, or creamed their hair away, some of whom had added piercing and jewelry to draw attention to their nudity.

Marti had always counseled the girls that there was a difference between being naturally nude and flaunting your sex, and flaunting could lead to unwanted consequences. Mostly the ears she spoke to were deafened by the standard attitude of youth: Immortality, invincibility, and the right to do as they pleased belonged to their generation. Marti kept herself natural to set an example.

Heidi had braided her hair, gold streaked naturally blond, into a French twist for the day and she looked very becoming. Alex followed in his father’s tradition and cut his hair short. His light brown hair, the same color as Wick had all over his body, was washed with blond highlights by mid summer

This day the family was visiting Wick's parents. Heidi's grandfather, answering the doorbell to his son and family, commented on her beautiful hair and ended with, “You are growing up to be a beautiful young woman, Heidi.”

A blush and a giggle from the girl, followed by, her peck on Grandpa’s cheek and the words, “You have no idea how much that is true, Grandpa,” left the older man wondering.

Grandpa, at sixty-two, was only fifteen pounds heavier than he had been playing college football. A tall six foot five inches, Wickham Paul Clovine the 3rd could and did pass for twenty years younger than his true age. His grandchildren adored him as he would ride any amusement park ride with them, teach them to canoe, sail and surf, and had them both swimming by age five, much to their mother’s horror and fear of them being hurt doing things beyond their age ability. Old Wick as he’d become known after his son was born and named after him, chuckled, noting the grandkids had survived every adventure and misadventure and always were ready to come back for more.

“So, kids,” (Old Wick was the only one who could get away with calling them that), “what kind of adventure shall we have today, while your parents and Mary gallivant?”

Alex responded that the ski slope at the Xanadu mall was having half price ski runs all day. Heidi responded with she wasn’t feeling all that up to a lot of activity, and maybe they could just take the boat out for a sail around Lake Hiawatha.

Old Wick smiled, noticing the hand gestures Marti was making behind her daughter’s back, and said, “In that case let’s see if Mary can put a feast together in the picnic coolers and we’ll go sailing.”

Mary was Old Wick’s second wife. His first wife had died a horribly painful death of bone cancer several years before, and he had met Mary at a bereavement counseling group in their church eighteen months later. Mary’s spouse had been killed in an automobile accident. She was tall, naturally red headed, and at forty-seven was almost twenty years Old Wick’s junior, only a few years younger than Young Wick and Marti. Yet they completed each other, loved each other, and publicly showed they adored each other. Mary had become Heidi’s advocate when she needed intervention from her mother. Mary had found her niche in the family and was accepted as an integral part of it.

So it was that Old Wick’s Town and Country found itself hitched to the trailer holding the twenty seven foot O’Day sail boat, and the six Clovines headed to the lake for a day of sailing and family fun.

The trip took under an hour and was uneventful, and the family putting the boat into the water a little before noon. There was a favorable wind and they arrived at ‘party island’ by half past noon. Of course, by that time there were one hundred fifty water craft of all shapes and sizes gathered around the island, all hoping to Celebrate American Freedom in some special way. Women of all ages, sizes and shapes were dancing on the open decks of the various larger boats, while the smaller boats tried to inch their way into the group to catch the action and be a part of it.

Heidi got into the mood when Mary hauled her to her feet and began dancing in front of her. Heidi picked up the free style dance Mary was doing and mimicked her moves perfectly. Old Wick had lashed onto a larger houseboat where a girl about the same age as Alex, blond and full figured. She invited Alex aboard with, “Hi, my name is Connie. I’m the only teen in a crowd of old people, wanna come play with me?” She didn't have to repeat the invitation.

On the other side of the houseboat an Egg Harbor yacht, anchored in the shallow waters, had several of Heidi’s school chums aboard. After asking permission of her parents, Heidi got the approval to go join the group of thirteen and fourteen year olds with the usual, 'Have fun but be careful', admonition tacked on.

“Hey, we’re alone,” the younger Wick whispered to Marti as his fingers found their way to the folds between her legs and began to stimulated her clitoris.

“Alone? Wick, your father and Mary are aft, and a couple of thousand strangers are, oh, my, stop now and you’re a dead man,” Marti groaned the last few words.

Meanwhile, on the higher deck of the houseboat, Alex had Connie bent over the side rail of the houseboat and was entering her from behind, at the same time getting a good view of his parents getting it on. “Go for it guys,” he whispered none too softly, as his gaze wandered back to his granddad and Mary. Mary riding Old Wick like a cowgirl at a rodeo.

All in all a very good way to Celebrate American Freedom.

The End