Boyfriend Trouble
by Chessman

[continued from Avoiding Trouble]

Lara woke up needing the bathroom and found she could not roll out of bed as she did normally. “Oh, yeah, I slept over with the Kmetko kids,” she opened her eyes and found Ellie with her right hand on Lara’s tummy snuggled in closely and on the other side, Emma was snuggled close to her left. All three being under discipline, were nude.

She slid down the bed and got up at the foot. Padding down the hall, she bumped into Gloria Kmetko, equally naked. “I see we both have tiny bladders,” Mrs. Kmetko giggled, “I’m done so you go right ahead.”

Finished with her pee, she availed herself of the shower. Dried off, Lara wandered down stairs following the smell of fresh coffee. “I hope this is not a problem, ma’am, the girls and I were up a little beyond their bedtime last night. I put them in at the right time, but, they found something on YouTube they showed me and we were up trying to find the source for it. I thought I was a good computer person, but Ellie, wow, she could go into forensics she is that good.”

“Why in the world would you keep the girls up for that?” Gloria asked. Seeing the laptop Gloria used for work sitting on the counter, with Gloria’s permission Lara opened it and went to the correct YouTube page. Gloria watched as the humiliating sequence played repeatedly with zoom affect at certain points.

“They were helping me, and they were very sweet about it. I was blaming my ex-boyfriend, Todd, who was there when it happened. Ellie was able to show from IP address and routing, don’t ask me how she does it, that the shots were entered from the Grady wifi system. Problem is the Grady family never password protected their wifi so anyone could have pirated their system. Even Todd,” Lara explained to the girls’ mother.

“Ellie is clever, and she is on the verge of being a beauty. Emma is already there, boys want to date her thinking she is sixteen or older. It is the height. Now, take a look at the angle from which the footage was shot.” Gloria waited for the light bulb to go on in Lara’s head. “I bet it was shot from my bedroom window. I will further bet that my husband or one of the girls is the videographer. The red herring of using the Grady wifi to post, had to be Ellie’s idea, Bud would never think of it. If I am right, you may punish them as you see fit. Not Bud, I’ll deal with him, but those two conniving children of mine.”

“Could this wait until after school tomorrow? I have my Gramma’s church service and birthday party to get to,” she giggled, “not that I have to get dressed or anything. So I need to get home, right after I drain this.” Lara sucked down the last of the coffee in her mug and rinsed the mug in the sink to await the dishwasher.

“Come over when you are ready,” was all Gloria Kmetko told her sitter, who left with several more dollars compensation than she had expected.

When Kayla and her mother saw Lara come in the mudroom door they were both ready to take the drive to church. Both were wearing sundresses and sandals. Lara grabbed a piece of toast; put the cash from the Kmetko’s on the table and ate the toast and gulped a glass of juice. “Washed up over at Gloria and Bud’s, Mom so I’m ready when you are,” Lara smiled.

“Under the rules, they are Mr. And Mrs. Kmetko, Lara. You may no longer refer to them in the familiar of first names.” Carla reminded her. The frown on Lara’s face showed she still did not get the hang of this new order.

Gramma’s church ten miles away from the Finn home took the Finn family half an hour travel time. Parking the Enclave took another ten minutes. The Finn women made it into the church five minutes before the doors closed and services began.

Lara thought she was free and clear, the seniors were recognized, Gramma Finn had a hymn dedicated for her birthday and then the preacher stood and announced his sermon topic, “Obedience is better than Sacrifice,” he began.

Lara zoned out seven minutes into the sermon, until a nudge from her mother brought her back into the moment. “I see we have a live example, young lady please step up here. I’m sure your testimony will act as a deterrent for the youth of this congregation.”

“Go up there, he wants you to tell everyone what happened to you,” Kayla stage whispered.

“But, I’m naked,” Lara responded.

“I believe that is the point,” Carla Finn told her daughter, “go up front now.”

The center aisle of the church might have been seventy-five feet long. To Lara with every eye upon her, the walk up that narrow lane felt like it was a marathon course.

The Pastor smiled at her and kept his eyes on hers, “This is Lara Finn, granddaughter of Silvia Finn. Let’s give her a warm gospel Chapel welcome.” Polite applause for the ‘sinner’ in the front of the church came from the congregation. “She will now give us her testimony.”

“Hi,” Lara began nervously, “Most of you know that some new laws and ordinances were voted into law recently. I was one of the slackers who did not know nor care about those things. I had a boyfriend, nice clothes and an attitude that nothing really mattered in life but me. I let my chores pile up at home, did the bare minimum to pass in school and generally believed life was something you slept through between parties.

“My reality check came on the day my sister came home from college and caught me wearing her clothes because all of mine were dirty and in a pile in the laundry room. It was my main chore to keep up with the wash. My mom kept reminding me to do it and I always found an excuse not to do it. Kayla, my sister, demanded I give her back her clothes.

“I was not aware of public stripping as part of the new rules, Kayla demanded her sweater and skirt. I figured what the heck my bikini and the underwear I had on covered the same bits so I gave them to her. She found out the undies I wore were also hers and while we were arguing Mom pulled up and the next thing I new I was naked and had a big D on my stomach and another on my back.”

As she told more of her story from Thursday afternoon when it began to Friday when she found out she would not be allowed to dress again until her mother released her from discipline, to the story about shopping and the encounter with the police. Lara found her nipples growing erect even as her body reddened with embarrassment. She also discovered she became increasingly damp between her legs as she related her testimony before the congregation of the church.

She found herself breathing rapidly and squirming as she finished her story. The Pastor pointed out, “This young lady is under discipline and clearly needs relief. Who among us will show her the heavenly mercy and relieve her burden.”

“HUH?” Lara thought, “What is he talking about?”

Kayla whispered to her mother, “OMG, they are looking for someone in the church to masturbate Lara to orgasm, which is what relief means in the JPO program.”

“They would not do that here in church,” Carla whispered back. Then she watched as two ushers brought a small table with a white linen tablecloth on it to the front of the sanctuary. To her within she thought, “Well then maybe they would.”

“Yes,” the pastor acknowledged the volunteer, “Lara’s relief sponsor shall be her grandmother.”

Lara was told to lie back on the table, the two male ushers held her up by the shoulders. Granny Finn walked slowly but steadily to her side and whispered in her ear, “Remember the summer you turned ten and I taught you how to do this. How it was our little secret? Well, close your eyes and pretend you are ten again.”

Granny Finn tweaked the granddaughter’s nipples, until the rubbery eraser tips became fully extended and then began gently stroking the girl’s thighs before reaching the outer lips of her vagina. By then a stain had grown on the white linen cloth, there was no denying Lara was aroused and needed relief. A few strokes on the inner lips parted them and then the older woman began to caress stroke and flick Lara’s clitoris. Moans, squirms and groans followed by gasps and finally, “AAAAYYYEEE!!!” Then Lara sagged back into the arms of the ushers.

“Now all the youth in the congregation you have just witnessed the consequences of sinful disobedience in a live demonstration. Be warned that any child under discipline attending services here will stand up front confess in testimony to the sin that brought about their nakedness and if necessary be relieved before the congregation. Let us pray, God forgive all those who sin and are made to wear the shame of nakedness, bless this child that she might change her wicked ways and be healed of the sin of sloth and laziness that led to her disobedience. Help the youth of this church to avoid all fault and shame. We pray to you, Amen

“This service is concluded go and enjoy the rest of the day God has given us.”

Lara was confused. She was utterly humiliated in one part of her brain; her grandmother had publically masturbated her to orgasm. The other part was saying, “Heck, I have never come so hard in my life and I still can’t breath right.”

To make matters worse or better Lara was not sure, Bruce Wilkes stood in front of Lara. “Oh, please no! Of all people to attend this church Bruce who was my supermarket kiss.”

“Hi, Lara,” Bruce smiled his damaged face radiant and his perfect teeth showing, “That was very brave of you. This church announced two weeks ago that once the Juvenile Protection Outreach program began we would be a sponsoring and participating agency. Sorry, it turned out that you were the first girl to have to testify. Sorry our video caused you to loose your boyfriend. If I told you he was seeing Gemma Weems on the sly would it help? He has been to my shop buying condoms and I saw her in the car waiting on him, twice.”

Lara felt her humiliating embarrassment slowly change to anger. Todd two timing her with Gemma, Gemma of all girls in the junior class, Gemma Weems.

“Uh, I know this is late coming Lara, but, I have a bid for prom and now that you are not dating Todd, would you go with me as friends?” Bruce asked her in a timid voice.

She stood, kissed Bruce full on the lips, and responded, “Not as friends, as boyfriend and girlfriend. You are sweet, loyal, kind and everything I want in a man. What I thought I wanted in Todd the jock with good looks. Well, he proved that to be the wrong thing for me. If you will have me on your arm, I’m yours for the summer and maybe senior year as well.”

[to be concluded in Summer Trouble]

The End