Borrowing Trouble
by Chessman

Lara Finn came home from school dripping sweat. The school year ended in three weeks and the temperature was already in the nineties with humidity near eighty per cent. Lara stripped off the linen mini skirt and blouse set and threw them damp as they were into the soiled clothing hamper. The laundry room was piled high with clothing, towels, and bedding, of which most belonged in Lara’s closet and drawers. Despite the fact her mother assigned the chores of laundry to her, she had a ‘roundtoit’ attitude about housework in general and laundry in particular. 'I’ll get around to it when I get around to it'.

Lara would be a rising senior in three weeks, once graduation moved the old class on into the real world, taking her boyfriend Todd with it, Lara would be among the top layer of her school’s social order, as she put it, finally. Todd accepted admission to Central University in New Town. He would be a freshman there where her sister would be a first semester sophomore. Her sister, Kayla, due home from college in four days, was two years older than Lara.

Carla Finn, the widowed mother of the two girls, was thirty-nine years old and worked as a licensed realtor. The odd hours of showing homes throughout the area kept Carla away and Lara from an active parental presence most afternoons and evenings.

Tossing off her sports bra and briefs and adding them to the pile of soiled clothing, Lara walked naked and unconcerned from the laundry to her room. Opening a drawer in her dresser revealed not a stitch of underwear. Every camisole, bra, thong, panty and brief sat in the great pile of unwashed clothing in the laundry room. She had a date with Todd in a few minutes and her drawers and closet were devoid of clean clothes. “Heck, with it, I’ll try Kayla’s stuff,” Lara said to herself.

She showered, leaving her wet towels on the bathroom floor, and went to raid her sister’s closet. Kayla is five feet two inches tall and is curvy. Her shape is hourglass like, with thirty-four C breasts, a twenty-six inch waist and thirty-six inch hips. Lara stood five feet nine inches tall, taking after her late father. Lara measured thirty-six D breast size, twenty-four inches at the waist, and thirty-eight inch hips.

Kayla’s clothing fit Lara tight to the extreme. The high cut microfiber briefs she ‘borrowed’ dug into her at the waistband where they were stretched to the maximum. They also formed an automatic camel toe and Lara felt the fabric rub erotically against her clitoris. The underwire half bra she commandeered barely closed on its one front hook. Her sister’s yellow sweater, a sleeveless cardigan, was snug on Kayla. On Lara, it stretched to the furthest the fabric would allow and rubbed against the exposed nipples beneath it causing them almost to poke through the sweater’s knit. On Kayla, the sweater touched the waist band of her skirt, but on Lara it did not cover her belly button.

Lara went for broke and slipped on the matching mini skirt. On her sister, the skirt came short but near the knee. On Lara, the skirt was mid to upper thigh and pulled extremely tight around her buttocks.

Brushing her hair back into a ponytail controlled with a scrunchy, Lara used her sister’s make up kit to do her eyes and lips. Her boyfriend, Todd Baker, was due to pick her up for their date in less than twenty minutes. “Darn it, Kayla’s shoes never did fit me,” Lara muttered to herself and went to her own closet to find shoes to wear.

In life, timing is everything. If Todd were, say a few minutes early, or her sister stuck to the plan and did not arrive home for two more days, well then Lara would have been dust in the wind before the storm hit. Not a storm of rain and wind and thunder and lightening; no, this storm was one of sibling fury. Todd and Kayla pulled up in front of the Finn house within seconds of each other.

Todd honked and Lara dashed out expecting her boyfriend, but finding him with her sister, in deep conversation. “Come on, Todd, we gotta go,” Lara yelled hurrying to get into Todd’s car before her sister saw her.

“Gimme a minute, Lara, your sister is telling me a funny story about college. Since I’m headed to the same campus in the fall I want to talk to her.” Todd yelled back. Lara made the mistake of storming over to try to break Todd away.

“Lara, what the hells bells are you wearing?” came out of Kayla’s mouth, followed by, ”It better not be my good sweater and skirt set, because if it is I want it back and I want it back now, before you totally ruin it.”

Lara knew she was in trouble, “Okay, okay, I’ll go and change,” and she turned to reenter the house.

“Oh, no, you don’t,” Kayla yelled in a tone that stopped Lara short. “I want the sweater and skirt off and neatly folded, NOW!”

“But, Todd, and the neighbors…” Lara pleaded with no affect.

“Now!” Her sister replied. “It isn’t like Todd hasn’t seen you skinny dipping in our pool before. You took my clothes without permission. That makes you no better than a common petty thief, a shoplifter. If you do not strip them off here and now I call the cops, thief. I want my goods back NOW!” The anger that blazed from Kayla’s eyes made Lara shudder, she was truly afraid that her sister was angry enough to call the police. She slid the skirt off and folded it and followed that by unbuttoning the sweater, folding it and handing it to her sister. She turned; embarrassed at the semi-nude condition she was in, in public, to go back to the house.

“Hold it thief, whose bra and panties are those?” Kayla demanded.

“Yours,” her sister blubbered.

“Off with them, thief,” Kayla demanded. “Off with them right now.” Kayla had her cell phone out as if to dial nine- one- one, in fact she snapped several photos of the event to hold over Lara for the summer ahead.

As Lara tried to unsnap the bra, the clasp gave way with a rip. Kayla just smiled, “Well that is a hundred dollars you owe me to replace what you have ruined. Do you have cash, or should I plan to take it out of your hide? I think one switch of the cane for every dollar of the ruined garment should be enough, don’t you Todd?”

“Yes, ma’am, I believe that the Spencer Discipline plan calls for that kind of repayment,” Todd said.

Standing topless and indignant, Lara yelled, “What the hells bells are you calling HER ma’am for, stupid?” She glared at her boyfriend, who had not lifted a finger to defend her.

“Uh, no one told you to say a word, little sister, all that is required of you it to take my briefs off of your nasty behind,” Kayla ordered.

“Bad enough my breasts are on public display I am NOT going to show my crotch to the world,” Lara protested.

The confluence of forces in the universe coming against Lara multiplied with the arrival of Carla Finn. “What is going on here?” Carla demanded of all parties.

“Kayla is making me strip in public, Mom, just cause I borrowed some clothes,” Lara whined.

“I’m tired of this brat stealing my clothes and ruining them, Mom, look at the bra. She knew it was too small for her and wore it anyway and the hook snapped off. It is ruined. Look at my sweater and skirt set.” Kayla unfolded them and showed her mother where the knits were badly stretched out of shape. “I’ll need to take these to the dry cleaner and hope that they go back into shape. At the very least, she owes me for the dry cleaning bill. Maybe for the cost of replacing the set if it cannot be fixed.”

A half smile passed over Carla Finn’s face, “Lara whose briefs are those?”

“Kayla’s,” the younger daughter answered, knowing better than to lie to her parent.

“Remove them this instant and return them to their rightful owner,” her mother said with no emotion in her voice, “This instant, right here, right now.”

Tugging the briefs over her hips and stepping out of them a very meek and subdued Lara Finn stood on the front lawn of her house nude save for her sandals.

“The shoes are yours?” Her mother asked and Lara answered in the affirmative, “Fine, then off you go with Todd. If you have not done the laundry, as I have asked you for four days now, and have run out of clothes to wear, then until the laundry is done by you and I give you permission to put clothing on again, that is what you shall be wearing.”

“I can’t go out like this!” Lara protested.

“Oh, you can and you will,” Carla Finn replied. Taking a Sharpie marker from her work bag Carla walked over to her youngest daughter and placed a D around the girls navel. Harshly turning her by pushing her shoulder, Carla finished the job by marking another D just above the crack of the girl’s buttocks. “There, now you are in legal compliance with the ‘minor child under discipline’ ordinance passed by the city council and put into effect last week. Another thing you were told to do, young woman, was to read the new ordinances and fully understand exactly what is now expected of the youth in this town. You obviously did not read them. So, you shall have to learn by experiencing them.” Carla walked away from her daughter totally unconcerned that the girl was stark naked in public.

“Come, Kayla, let’s see if we can do something about that sweater and skirt set,” and with the older sibling in tow Carla walked into the house.

Naked in front of her boyfriend, Lara asked, “What was my mom talking about, Todd, I don’t get it,” Lara was attempting to figure out if she should cover her pubic region or one of the other critically bare areas, breasts or bum, when Todd shook his head.

“Come sit in my car, now, Lara,” he ordered, “Before you are in worse violation of the new codes. You are under discipline. You cannot refuse an order given by an older peer, sibling, or adult. It is in the new ordinances.”


“I have a copy printed off in my car, come on with me and we’ll go over them so even a slacker like you will know what to expect.” Todd dragged his girlfriend to his car and sat her with the printout. “Now read it.”

“It is all legal mumbo jumbo and gobbledygook,” Lara complained.

“Third page, the five ordinance rules are spelled out in language anyone can understand.” Todd showed her, then said, “Read them out loud to me, so I know you have read them.”

Lara began, and the emotion in her voice told Todd clearly that she understood her whole world was now upside down.

“First, all children under the age of eighteen, or still in high school or junior college and living under their parent’s roof, shall, for the purpose of this ordinance, be considered minor children and subject to this ordinance. Second, minor children shall address those in authority over them with proper title and do so respectfully. Mother, father, uncle, aunt, and grandparents shall be addressed as family standard dictates. All other adults shall be referred to by rank, if in the service or in law enforcement, earned title of Doctor, Professor, Instructor, Mister, MS, Miss, or sir or ma’am.

"Oh that was why you were talking to Kayla like that,” Lara added an aside then continued,

“Third; a minor child who commits an act of delinquency shall be disciplined by an appropriate adult authority at the time of the delinquent act. The school system shall publish a penalty schedule for in school infractions. Juvenile probation officers shall carry rattan canes with which to mete out punishment for minor children in violation of civil laws. The child shall be detained, stripped, told exactly what law or infraction he or she is being punished for violating, and the proper number of strokes administered by the JPO. The child shall be forbidden clothing until the bruises from the caning have disappeared. A child disciplined by a parent may be marked with permanent marker, in lieu of caning. The same rule shall apply, the child shall not wear clothing until the marker has worn off.

"Well that explains this happy state of affairs,” Lara looked at herself. “So even if I do all the chores at home and act nice I’m naked until this stuff wears off, huh?

"Fourth, if a child continues to be disruptive or commits a second offence while under discipline, his or her hair shall be shorn off and the scalp shaved, said child shall not be permitted clothing of any sort until the hair has grown below ear length. Fifth, under no circumstance shall a child be permitted to cover their body nor to avoid a school, social, religious or family function while under discipline.”

“So do you get it now, Lara?” Todd asked. “Or do you want to reread the five points until you do get it?”

“No, they are clear, but why didn’t someone warn me,” Lara whined.

“We tried, I gave you a copy of these things last week. Your Mom offered to sit down with you and explain the new rules. You told her, last Tuesday when we were eating pizza, that you were going to read them that evening. Every white board in school has the message, “Read The Rules,” on it for weeks now. Lara, I adore you, but your bad habits and laziness have brought this on. No one can be blamed but you.” Todd leaned over and kissed his naked girl friend on the cheek. “Here’s hoping you don’t screw up again before my graduation party. I’d hate to have you attending bald and naked.” He giggled, “Well, naked might be kewl…and depending where you were bald…,” he looked down at the trimmed but lush pelt between Lara’s legs.

She blushed with embarrassment at that, a full body pink. He kissed her again and told her to get home and try to straighten things out between her mom and sister and to remember the rules.

The End