Absolute Life Absolutely Lived
by Chessman

Based on characters created by BareLin and posted on WoL. Continuing the adventures of Kimberly Tanner, her husband Jerry Tanner, their college age twin daughters Tammy and Marla, and the work associates at Mary Jerkins Real Estate


Kimberly Tanner, age 42, Realtor
Jerry Tanner, age 43, CPA
Marla and Tammy Tanner, age 22, college students
Brad Benton, 23, college student/Marla’s boyfriend
Kirsten Lovett, 22, college friend of the twins
Mary Jerkins, age 48, employer of Kimberly and Kirsten
Shirley Stevens, age 28, Kirsten’s co-worker
Jan Riley, age 26, Mary Jerkins administrative assistant
Andrew Adams, age 44, Kirsten’s co-worker

It had been two years from the time Kimberly Tanner had signed her Absolute contract with Mary Jerkin’s real estate firm. Kimberly was now forty-two years old and diet, genetics and her constant reminders from the mirror to exercise had her body looking like a woman half her age.

Her twenty-two year old twin daughters were proud of her, and welcomed the favorable comparisons people made when the three women were out and about in public. The twins, absolutes since high school, were tanned a rich nutty brown from a summer as counselors at the national NIS Cheerleading camp sponsored on their college campus.

Kimberly was colored more of a café au lait, as her employment did keep her under fluorescent lighting during much of the weekday sunlight hours.

About six months ago, after speaking to her friend Paris, a college classmate turned motivational speaker, Kimberly had decided to become an ‘absolute absolute’. She spoke to her girls, who at first responded, yew and icky, to her idea; but, who gradually came around to accepting their mother’s decision. Kimberly had, six months earlier, forgone the use of a razor on legs, pubis, and underarms. She was now almost totally grown in as a full-fledged hirsute absolute.

Marla, one of Kimberly’s twins, had decided to join her mother partially and was letting her pubic hair grow back from the short crew cut she had worn so long on her nether regions. As trimmed hair was not required for coaches or counselors in the cheer community, this was acceptable. Cheer participants were wont to dye their hair top and bottom to match school colors as well as painting their nails to match. This was the new cheer standard for sideline and competitive cheer uniforms.

It was now early August and Kimberly, following a day of showing houses to prospective buyers and doing contracts of houses with prospective sellers, was exhausted. The giggles coming from the rear of the house as she parked her car in the breezeway near the mud room did not bode well for putting tired achy feet up on her terry towel covered recliner and watching the evening news with her eyes closed.

Kimberly brightened a bit when she saw her husband Jerry standing over the poolside grill in the only garment he had worn since his office had gone clothing optional at the beginning of the year. The girls, having seen their father burn himself in places no man should suffer blistering while at the grill has gotten him a barbecue apron that had the logo “UNDER THIS I’m THE NAKED CHEF”. Standing nearby, also nude, were the girls and Marla’s very steady boyfriend, Brad, a physiology major at the same college the girls attended.

The girls were giggling as Brad, normally the master of his domain and of self-control, was sporting an erection that was a danger to himself and those around him, at least near the grill.

“Yeah, that is EXACTLY why we got Dad his apron, Bradley,” Tammy told her sister’s boyfriend. “That sausage goes into the fire and Marla won’t have any fun…” Kimberly cleared her throat to let everyone know she was there. Tammy finished her sentence with, EVER.”

“Hi, Hun,” Jerry changed the track of conversation, with, “Burgers are just about done, the corn is steaming and there are cold beers in the cooler. Brad brought over a bathtub full of baked beans for us to try, his grandmother’s recipe, so he says. You have time for a quick swim if you’d like before we eat.”

“Sounds good and under control, can’t wait to try the beans, Brad. Now about your pistol without a pocket or are you just happy to see me?” She smiled at the embarrassed twenty-three year old and winked.

“Mrs. T, I am ALWAYS happy to see you,” his eyes caressed the mother of his girlfriend in a way that had Marla jab an elbow in his ribs, getting a half laughing “ooof” out of him. “But, I’m sorry to say that this is not your fault,” another jab and another half laugh.

Tammy stepped in to save the situation. “Mom, you know that stuff for guys, that want to have sex but cannot get an erection? The little blue pill stuff?”

Kimberly nodded her head and made a hand motion for Tammy to continue, but Marla interjected, “They are doing clinical trials on a topical lotion formulization of that product, Mom, Brad saw the tube in his building’s locker room marked 30, thought it was suntan lotion, and the rest is history.”

Kimberly looked worried, “How many hours ago? Has it gone down any?”

“About seven hours now, Mom,” Tammy said, “The campus health clinic said since her rubbed it all over his body and not just on his penis, that he could be that way for quite some time.”

“I’ve taken five showers, Mrs. T. and after each one it calms down for about fifteen minutes. Well, as you walked in, it was having another growth spurt.” Brad was blushing.

Marla muttered, though her mother heard it, “If only it would spurt maybe it would go away.”

Kimberly decided to have a bit more fun with Brad. “So it was down before I walked in and now it is up? Hmmm, maybe I do still have it.”

All five of them laughed at that and the topic soon changed from Brad’s condition to the ‘How was your day? Anything interesting happen? “ The general conversation most families had around the dinner table.

A swim following dinner and on the warm night Kimberly and Jerry lay on a queen size pool float together holding hands looking at the sky and enjoying each other’s company.

“Mom, Dad, is it okay if Kirsten comes over and spends the night? We have routines and participants to go over before camp tomorrow morning,” Tammy called out to her parents.

Kirsten loved staying at the Tanner home. Her parents were devoted textiles and forbade her to go nude in their presence. Kirsten, having grown up with the twins and their absolute lifestyle, as well as others who have adopted the clothing optional or clothing less way of life was less constrained in her outlook. No sooner did she hit the Tanner property line than Kirsten could normally be seen stripping off whatever she had been forced to wear to get out of her house and over to the Tanner's.

Soon the pair of girls were settled in the hot tub loudly discussing which of their charges would be best suited for the various routines the cheer camp squads would be running through the next day.

“You know, I think Brad is going to ask Marla to marry him, when they both graduate next May,” Jerry said to his wife, “I heard them talking about ‘the future’ in serious low tones while he was fighting the battle of the bulge before dinner.”

“Well then I’d better sell a few more houses, so we can cover the wedding expenses. I always thought it would be Tammy who married first, though,” Kimberly thought back and said, “But, mostly I see her with young women her age or slightly younger. She’s not a dater the way Marla was before Brad.”

“She seems happy, so I don’t worry about that,” Jerry responded, “Kirsten is a cutie, and if Tammy decided she did like girls instead of boys I’d welcome Kirsten into the family without a problem.”

Kimberly snuggled against her husband, “I agree. What say we get out of the water and dry off before we head up to bed?”

Tammy and Kirsten were not an “item” in the same sense that Brad and Marla were. They were friends who thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company, shared mutual interests and who both were studying physical education in the hopes of becoming certified teachers. Neither into Frat Brats nor Jocks, the girls quietly went through their college days wondering if there might be a Mister Right for either one of them on campus or if they would find a mate in the greater community after graduation.

As they lay on Tammy’s bed that night, enjoying the companionship of their friendship, they giggled at the stereophonic noise coming from the bedrooms on either side of them. Tammy had the room next to the master bedroom. The next room down was Marla’s with a shared bathroom separating Tammy from her sister’s room. Kimberly and Jerry were enjoying a moment of marital bliss; well, several moments, not realizing that the headboard of their bed knocked against the shared wall to Tammy’s room.

Meanwhile, Brad had thought he’d quietly snuck from the guest room into Marla’s and of course had been overheard by the girls in the center room. Surprisingly, the younger couple became quiet before the parents did.

Kirsten was sitting up in bed drawing diagrams of the routine the cheerleaders would try out the next morning and Tammy was making suggestions as to which girl and boy on the squad should be placed within the formation. Having worked out all they could without the squad present, the two friends fell asleep.

The Tanner household awoke on Friday morning to the rhythm of a new day. Tammy, Marla and Kirsten gobbled down fresh fruit, juice and toast and were off to their campus jobs at the cheerleader camp. Brad was working in the gymnasium natatorium complex for the summer and shared a ride to campus with the girls. Jerry grabbed coffee and a towel and was off to his accounting firm in the Leaf he had bought two weeks earlier.

Which left Kimberly alone with her thoughts as she finished her protein shake and put on her makeup for the day.

When you are an absolute, the grooming and presentation of hair, make up and finger and toe nail polish and jewelry become your wardrobe. Kimberly added a gold chain that had a cabochon garnet hanging from it around her neck. The stone hung just low enough to be between her breasts. Garnet earrings matched the pendant. Her wedding set of diamond eternity band; engagement ring and ring guard on her left ring finger and a matching wristwatch adorned the left side of her body. For the right side a matching garnet ring and tennis bracelet complimenting earrings and pendant and a dainty gold ankle bracelet. With that Kimberly was off to work in the company car, which was clearly marked 'Jerkins Realty' on driver and passenger doors and across the trunk.

Friday was the scheduled staff meeting at Jerkins Realty. Jan Riley, Mary Jerkins' administrative assistant, was passing out the agenda for the meeting to the assembled sales associates. Jan had adopted a different style of absolute. Her hair on her head was closely cropped, her body was totally laser depilated and she had rings through her nipples, navel and clitoris hood, which were united by slender stainless steel chains.

Few of the twenty sales associates around the table were clothed. Four of the women, in their twenties, wore bikini bottoms, allowable by the firm during menstruation. One thirty-something, Shirley Stevens, wore only an open men’s oxford dress shirt. Her usual seat was directly beneath the air conditioner vent and she was cold. Nearly all of the others wore some type of footwear and nothing else.

Mary Jerkins called the meeting to order and began with a review of the weekly sales report. “Shirley, congratulations on your first two-home sales week.” Applause and favorable comments came from her colleagues from around the conference table. Mary held up her hand and continued, “ Kimberly and Andrew, your joint effort putting together the sale of the condominium complex and a management and resale contract for this firm will keep us in positive cash flow for a good long time. Each and every one of you around the table has managed to close a home or bring sellers to contract this week. In a stagnant market this firm consistently outperforms all other realtors in the county. Congratulations to all of you and keep up the good work.”

The staff filtered out of the room and Shirley removed the shirt to reveal a beautifully colored back tattoo of a monarch butterfly. Body art and nudity had melded as the nude in public agenda had moved forward in society.

“Kimberly, a moment,” Mary called halting Kim’s exit from the room.

“Is something wrong?” Kimberly asked her boss.

“Not at all, didn’t you say one of Your twins is a business major at the college?” Mary inquired.

“That would be Tammy. Marla is a physical education major hoping to teach and coach gymnastics when she graduates.”

“Hmmm, it would only be minimum salary plus commission plus a free apartment and utilities included; but I would like to keep the management of that condo complex in house. Do you think your daughter would be interested in the job?” Mary added, “She could begin part time now and go full time when she graduates.”

“She is working as a cheer camp counselor until the fifteenth of August, Mary, and I don’t know what her plans areafter that, beside back to school.”

“Just ask her, and if she is interested have her submit a resume and schedule an interview, all a mere formality, of course. The job is hers if she wants it.” Kim nodded and Mary walked back to her office, Jan fast on her heels, note pad and pencil in hand.

To be continued...