Click and Squeak
By Cheryl

Click, Click.

"Thatís it," he said.† "You are no longer in control!† Now that these handcuffs are on I can do anything to you I want."

They met each other two weeks ago through a mutual friend.† The friend told her he was into bondage.† Nothing crazy like whips and chains, but he liked restraining and tormenting his victims.† She had never done anything like this but she was intrigued.† The two of them talked on the phone a few times and then met in a cafť.† In the end, they decided to meet at his place because that is where he keeps all of his little toys.†

When she entered his home he gave her a quick tour of his house.† Then he showed her to the bedroom.† He gave her an outfit to wear.† He said, "Iíll give you a few minutes to change your clothes then Iíll come in and we can get started.† Remember once we start we will not stop until I am ready."

He returned a few minutes later and was holding a pair of handcuffs.† "Turn around," he said.† She complied and he put the cuffs around her wrists.†

Click, Click.

"Thatís it," he said.† "You are no longer in control!† Now that these handcuffs are on I can do anything to you I want."

There they stood in his bedroom.† He was wearing belted khaki shorts and a polo shirt.† She was dressed simply in lacy white panties and a camisole.† Her hands were cuffed behind her back.† This made her large breasts stick out in front, her nipples begging for action.† She looked at him and said,† "What about safe words?† You will stop when I use the safe word, wonít you?"

He smiled at her and said, "Maybe.† Now lie down on the bed."† He straddled her body and gave her a warm lingering kiss.† Then he grabbed the top of her camisole and ripped it down the middle.† Her nipples hardened as soon as the cool air hit them.†

"What are you doing?† This outfit is brand new!"

"I know.† I bought it for you.† Remember?† Now be quiet!"† He grabbed her panties and ripped them almost completely off of her.†

"That was just mean!† You didnít have to rip them.† You could have pulled them down my legs."

"Quiet or I will gag you!" he said as he started to kiss and muzzle her breasts.† "Iím working here," he smiled.† He took little bites of her nipples and alternated them with licks from his tongue.† He also started running his fingers of his right hand between her legs.† Every time he took a bite she would jump or gasp.† He loved it.†

"Ouch, you are being too rough!† Why donít you suck on my nipples gently?" she said smiling at him.

"Thatís it," he said, and he grabbed a red rubber gag from the nightstand and quickly fastened it around her head.† "I didnít want to have to do this but you talk too much.† This is your punishment."† He got up and left the room.† When he returned he had a small dog toy.† "Hold onto this squeak toy. †If you want to use a safe word you can squeak it.† Besides," he said, getting back to his fingering and biting, "You love this, youíre soaking wet."

He continued to torment her breasts and her pussy until she was writhing in his arms.† Then he got some rope, and tied each ankle to the opposite calf so that her knees were far apart and she was completely exposed.† She couldnít close her legs even if she wanted to.† She watched him as he removed his clothes, first his shirt, then his belt and then his shorts.† The he pulled off his boxers and ...

Squeak, Squeak.

He pulled them back up and asked, "What was that?† Was that a squeak?† Do you want me to stop?"

Squeak, Squeak.†

He quickly removed her gag and she said, "I didnít mean it.† I mean I donít want you to stop.† I mean its OK keep going."

"What happened?" he asked.† "What did I do wrong?"

He could see she was blushing furiously.† "Itís not you.† You didnít do anything wrong," she hesitated.† "Itís just that Iíve never seen you naked before.† When I saw your, your penis...† Itís so large and thick and hard.† I was scared."

"He scared you?" he said laughing.


More laughing, "But you want to continue?"


He put the gag back on her and made sure it was buckled tightly.† "You realize you are only supposed to use a safe word or, in this case, squeak, when you want me to stop.† You would want me to stop because I'm about to pass your limits or, because you are in excruciating pain.† None of that has happened here.† So, because you used the squeak incorrectly I will have to punish you."† He untied her legs and rolled her onto her stomach.† Then he grabbed his belt and folded it in half.† He positioned himself so one hand was under her with his fingers deep in her pussy and the other hand was able to spank her with the belt.† He spanked her 20 times.† With each stroke of the belt came a stroke of his fingers.† He stopped just before she was able to climax.† She was glad she did not climax.† It would have been embarrassing for her to come while being spanked.† He roughly rolled her onto her back and repositioned her legs.† He tied her in that same overexposed position again.† Then he took a blindfold from the nightstand and blindfolded her.† He said, "I donít want you to see anything else that might scare you.† Here is the rest of your punishment."† He took two nipple clamps and fastened them to her nipples.† "Now back to work."

He removed his boxers and entered her swiftly.† He gently pulled on the nipple clamps while he pumped into her.† She came quickly but he kept on pumping.† The way she was tied, she was barely able to move but she was able to move her hips in rhythm with him.† Her nipples were burning even as she felt another climax coming.† Then together they came.†

He collapsed onto her body and lay there a few minutes while he recovered.† He gently removed the nipple clamps and massaged her nipples while the blood painfully returned.†

He stood up and stretched.† She was not sure what he was up to because she was still blindfolded.†† He leaned into her and whispered into her ear, "Time for phase II."

He untied her legs.† Then he rolled her over on her side and unlocked her handcuffs.† The he rolled her onto her back and re-cuffed her hands in the front.†

Click, Click.

He made sure she was still holding the squeak toy.† "Get on your knees and elbows." he barked.† It took her a few minutes to roll over and get up on her knees and elbows.† "Spread your knees... wider... wider."† He got on the bed behind her and used one hand to massage her sore breasts and another to massage her warm cunt.† When she was good and wet he started smearing her lubricant over her anus.† She had never had a man touch her there before and she started to feel panic and fear build up inside of her.† He picked up a vibrator and turned it on near her ear.† She jumped at the sound.† Despite her fear she could feel herself getting wetter.† He placed the tip of the vibe against her anus and let it tickle her.† Her head started to swim and she felt like she couldnít breath.† She tried to say her safe word but she forgot she was gagged.† Then he slipped the vibrator deep into her steamy cunt.† With one hand he worked the vibrator in and out of her while he teased her anus with the other hand.† Then he put his thick, hard penis against her anus and asked, "Are you ready for this?"

Squeak, Squeak.

He stopped and asked, "Another squeak?† Just as we were getting to the good part you decide to squeak?"

He rolled her over onto her back, and removed he blindfold.† He could see that her eyes were clouded with tears.† "Iím sorry.† I didnít mean to make you cry."† He removed the gag and kissed her on the forehead.† "Whatís wrong?" he asked tenderly.

I canít do it, I just canít," she said over and over again.

"Shhh, calm down.† Take a deep breath.† What is it you canít do?"

"Anal.† Itís dirty and gross.† I canít do it."

He kissed her again and said, "Let me see how much you hate it."

He put his hand on her mound as if to check for wetness.† "You are a wet, sloppy mess down there.† I think you must have liked it quite a bit.† Besides, He is as hard as a rock and He needs some relief."† Tears started to well back up into her eyes.† She started to protest.†

"Donít worry, I wonít make you do it," he said.

He lifted her cuffed wrists up and back and tied them to the headboard with some rope.† He replaced the blindfold.† This time he tied her ankles wide apart to the bedposts.† He stretched her so tightly that she could barely move a muscle.† He entered her in one swift movement.†

He lasted longer this time.† He spent the time taking small nibbles of her breasts, her neck and the soft sensitive underside of her arms.† When he knew he had reached the point of no return he covered her mouth with his and they both came together.

Afterward they were both covered with a thin film of sweat and shivering.† He put on a warm robe.† Then He untied her legs and disconnected her handcuffs from the headboard.† She was able to rest her hands on her lap.† He got her arranged on the bed with the pillows and a blanket and went into the kitchen.† When he returned he had a tray with fruit, cheese and wine.†

He started feeding her pieces of apple and cheese.† He would eat a few pieces and then give her a few.

"Arenít you going to remove these handcuffs?† It would be easier."

He ignored her question and gave her a sip of wine.†

"That blue cheese is kind of stinky.† Why donít you give me a piece of the yellow cheese?"

Again he ignored her and fed her a piece of blue cheese.

"That red pear is sweeter than the green one, give me a piece of that."

"Thatís it," he thought angrily.

He put the tray down and he unlocked one handcuff.† Then he forcefully rolled her onto her side then her pulled her arms around to her back.† He locked the handcuffs behind her.

Click, Click†

It happened so quickly she didnít have a chance to protest.†

"You canít do this to me!" she said.††

Just as quickly, he forced the ball gag into place.

Squeak, Squeak

"Is it too much to ask for a little peace and quiet?"† He threw the squeak toy into the trashcan.† Then he settled down to enjoy his wine, cheese, and fruit.†