A Very Personal Assistant
by Chengar

Story code: F/f, bond, cons

Jennifer’s new job takes a turn for the unexpected, as her desires and needs are exposed…

Jennifer’s mind was thinking about many things: she was thinking about how her wrists felt in the cold metal handcuffs she wore, pinning her arms behind her; she was thinking about how helpless this made her feel; about the fact that her arousal was starting to become visible, her hard nipples showing through her silk blouse. Most of all, her mind was on how her new job had changed her life, and about how her new boss, Rebecca, seemed to have been able to get Jen to tell her so much about her dreams and desires, and how Becky had made this whole situation seem so right….

Jen had been working as a personal assistant to Becky for only 3 weeks when a late evening in the office assisting with trial briefs had led to a late meal, some wine, and the provision of far too much information. She had now seen first hand just how well Becky could cross-examine her target, and get them to spill everything she wanted to know. This was why she now sat, aroused and handcuffed, in Becky’s office late at night, looking across at her employer at her desk, who was reading through a file as if nothing unusual was occuring.

Jen shifted in her seat, the motion causing her stocking clad legs to rub together slightly and causing an involuntary shiver to cross her shoulders.

“Are you ok, my dear?” asked Becky, looking up from her paperwork, smiling in what could only be described as a predatory fashion as she surveyed her attractive blonde PA, who was looking more than a little flustered.

“Uh huh,” nodded Jen, shifting again in her seat.

Becky sighed, reaching into her desk drawer once more. “It really is a good job that I planned this, isn’t it?” she asked, retrieving a length of soft white rope and rising from her seat. Jen tried not to let the desire to feel that rope on her body show in her face as she watched her captor approached.

Becky helped Jen to stand up. Taking her by the arm, she led Jen quickly over to her desk and proceeded to unbutton her white silk blouse, revealing the white lacy bra Jen wore underneath. Sliding this down to her wrists, she quickly turned Jen and wrapped the rope around her arms, drawing her elbows together. She loosened the cuffs and removed the blouse, folding this neatly on the nearby seat. Stooping, Becky took another length of rope from the desk and wrapped this around Jen’s wrists, cinching it tightly and running the ends up to the elbow tie, where she knotting it securely, well out of reach of Jen's fingers.

Becky turned Jen to face her, smiling and looking into Jen’s eyes as the strain began to show, She leaned in, brushing her lips against Jen’s, giving the briefest of kisses before moving her head back once more. Quickly spinning Jen around again, she unfastened Jen’s skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing the lacy panties, suspenders, and flesh tone stockings Jen wore.

Jen again shivered, the slightest of moans escaping her lips as Becky grabbed her arm and moved her away from the desk. She stepped quickly out of her skirt, her 5’ black stilettos clicking on the hard floor as she moved.

Becky again took her time to fold the skirt and place it on the chair on top of the blouse, before pressing Jen's lips to hers. She kissed Jen deep, hard and long, only pulling away when the need to take in more air overtook the desire to kiss her captive.

Jen moaned as the kiss ended. She looked into Becky’s brown eyes, taking in her long chestnut hair, the full lips and curvaceous figure. She began to move towards Becky with a deep need in her eyes.

“Stand still!” ordered Becky. She sat in her chair behind the desk, flipping through the paperwork and glancing at Jen every so often as she stood helpless, seeing the need in her eyes, watching her fidget and squirm against the ropes holding her arms behind her.

“Sit here girl” Becky commanded, patting the edge of her desk. Jen hurried to the edge, jumping back and up to ensure she made it onto the desk, legs squirming apart as she fought to keep her balance and stay upright.

Becky knelt before her, and used another length of rope to tightly tie Jens ankles together, ensuring the ropes were tightly cinched, and that they also looped under the heels of her shoes, trapping them on her feet.

“Now then” Becky stated, once she had returned to her seat, “I want you to kneel beside me.” Smiling, she watched as Jen moaned, shivered then hopped off the edge of the desk, wobbling as she stood, and shivering more as Becky took the opportunity to caress her nipples through her flimsy bra. “Hurry up my dear,” she added, watching Jen fight for a moment before she moved away from the teasing fingers and quickly dropped to her knees, a little grimace on her face as her knees hit the floor hard.

“Good girl!” Becky caressed Jen’s face before again returning to her work, smiling as a frustrated moan escaped Jen’s lips. Pausing for a little to let Jen squirm beside her, Becky then took the high leather posture collar from her desk, fastened it around Jen’s neck, and snapped shut the padlock securing it. She moved behind Jen, taking a length of rope and tying this to Jen's ankle ropes, running it up her back and fixing it to the collar, leaving Jen trapped kneeling, her butt pressed against the back of her heels. Bending down, she began to kiss Jen, teasing her lips, keeping her distance so that each kiss was only a brush against the eager full lips of her captive, running her hands over Jen’s shoulders, arms and chest as Jen began to squirm more in the ropes, moaning and writhing as her desire and need began to rise. Standing up once more Becky looked down into the needy blue eyes below her, watching the colour in Jen's cheeks, the deep breaths Jen took as she tried to find some way to gain more contact, completely stopped by the inescapable bindings around her body.

Becky smiled again and tied a rope to the edge of her desk and fastened a vibrator to the other end of the rope, allowing it to hang down at the corner of the desk. Dhe inserted a thick gag into Jen’s mouth, the rubber penis filling her mouth completely. Becky buckled the gag strap and moved away from the desk, pausing to collect a drink on her way to the nearby couch, and settling down to watch as Jen began to try to move to the buzzing toy hanging nearby.

Jen’s breathing became heavier through her nose as she wiggled inch by inch around to the corner of the desk, each movement causing her to pull on her collar, tilting her head further back, making it so hard to see where she needed to be. Moaning loudly into the gag, fighting with every bit of her body, she slowly moved to the corner, placed a knee either side of the desk, and wiggled towards it. Another loud moan of frustration escaped from her as the tip of the toy pressed against her mound, but an inch too high to press against her most delicate centre. Leaning back, she started to lift up her crotch, the rope pulling against her neck as she shifted position, forcing her head further up, but bringing the toy closer and closer until she could feel its vibrations against her throbbing clitoris. Squirming, straining and struggling she kept pressing up, thrashing in her bonds each time the vibe slipped to one side of the desk corner or the other, her arousal slowly growing in the little bursts of pleasure she achieved before losing contact. Time and again the tormentor slid away, causing her to struggle more in the ropes, the collar pulled tightly against her throat. Her mouth gagged, fingers grasping for some way to release her body from the ropes, unable to do nothing except brush against her high heels and her ankles, she thrashed from side to side as the toy continued to escape her whenever she pressed hard against it, her breathing getting faster and faster, her struggles more wild and desperate, her release closer and closer, the teasing torment of the evasive toy causing her to cry out in desperate need into the tight, thick gag.

Jen looked at Becky sitting near-by, completely in control, smiling slightly, watching her struggle to cum. She wanted it so much, thinking of nothing else other than that release, that pleasure, explosion of so much desperate need… until... With a loud cry of joy the waves assaulted her body, spreading from the very core of her tormented centre, out into every fibre, every nerve in her body... convulsing, shivering and shuddering, Jen fell back to the floor, rolling onto her side as the waves of pleasure continued to wash over her, flopping onto her stomach, looking up at Becky’s slender legs, at her employer, her friend, her mistress, once more seeing the smile on her face as Becky watched her captive cum with such force…

Jen lay in her ropes as the feelings receded, keeping her back arched and her heels against her butt to keep the pressure off her collar, shivering in anticipation as Becky made no move to untie her but instead began to undress….

Becky smiled, knowing just what she had in store next for her very personal assistant...

The End

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