A Good Beginning
by Chengar

Jennifer prepares for the
Arrival of her Master, excited
At the thought of what is to come,
Not knowing what he has planned
For her............

Her pulse quickens as she watches the clock tick closer towards his arrival. Excited by the mere thought of what is to come, she dresses as ordered.

She sits, slipping the sheer black stockings up each leg, ensuring they are neatly attached to her black suspender belt. She slides her ankle length sheer black nightgown across her body, reaching behind to ensure her long blonde hair falls neatly down her back. Carefully sliding each foot into her 5" black stilettos, she pauses for a moment, looking into the mirror, feeling her passion building already, wanting to touch herself, knowing that she must not. Her excitement is palpable now, as she moves, walking to the middle of the room, and standing, hands behind her back, palms together awaiting his entrance.

The door opens and closes quietly. A shiver of excitement runs down her spine, as she lowers her head looking to the floor.

"Very good Jennifer" she hears from behind her, the breath of his voice caressing the side of her neck, adding more fuel to her rising fire. Her breath catches as she feels the soft rope coil around her wrists once, twice, three times, then a fourth. The ropes tighten as he cinches them together, tying the knot between her wrists, well away from her fingers. Another length of rope winds around her arms at her elbows, four times around and then slowly, relentlessly tightened, drawing her elbows together mercilessly, her breasts straining against the flimsy confines of her gown. The ropes are neatly tied between her elbows and the remaining rope from her wrists is tied to her elbow ropes, destroying any hope of escape.

He pauses behind her, mouth almost touching her neck, "now you are helpless my love."

She closes her eyes, feeling the tightness of her ropes, moaning as he suddenly strokes and squeezes her erect nipples. He stops, stepping away and walking around her slowly, looking at every inch of her body, watching her shift slightly on her feet, knowing how quickly she wants him to act.

"I think we mustn't rush things, don't you agree?" He approaches her from the front gently kissing her lips, as she presses against him, kissing him deeply, passionately.

He steps back, smiling at the frustration in her eyes, placing a gentle hand on her chest stopping her from following him. He moves behind her again, and lifts her posture collar slowly over her head to the front, ensuring she gets a good look at it, fastening it securely around her neck, closing it with a small padlock. He walks slowly round in front of her again, letting her see the penis gag dangling from his left hand, taking her chin in his right, and kissing her deeply again, before pulling away and pushing the gag into her waiting mouth, buckling it securely and adding a small padlock to the buckle. He smiles again at her, looking deeply into her blue eyes, taking out the two vibrators and showing them to her. "Bend over Jennifer. Now." He looks at her again, the tone in his voice becoming more controlling as she becomes more helpless.

She bends at the waist, feet apart, trying to stay balanced as he slides the gown over her firm behind, and the first friendly intruder is rubbed against her moist lips, tormenting her bound body with a promise of what is to come. He smiles at his lover, bound before him, needing his touch, wanting all that he can give to her. He watches her stiffen more as he slowly slides the vibrator between her cheeks, searching out the tight little hole. He pushes slowly, one hand on her hip, feeling the pressure against her inner muscle, then the relaxation, allowing it to slide deeply home, a small groan coming from her gagged mouth.

He reaches between her parted legs, squeezing firmly, hearing the loud long moan of desire that forces its way past the thick gag. He steps back, watching her legs quiver as she maintains the position, struggling to stay on her feet. He moves closer again, and probes gently at her moist centre with the second toy, moving it slowly in and out just using the tip, smiling as her hips begin to rock with the rhythm of his hand. Placing a hand on her hip again, he pushes suddenly, firmly, filling her completely; supporting her as she almost falls, watching her fingers twist together behind her as she moans louder still into her gag.

He walks away again, returning with the snug chastity belt, fastening it around her waist, ordering her to stand as he pulls the flap through, locking it shut at the front, letting the gown slide over the leather belt which presses tightly against her two silent tormentors, keeping them deep inside.

He kneels before her looking up at her, drinking in her beauty, picking up two more lengths of rope.

"Legs together now," he gently speaks, as her feet move quickly towards each other, her ankles touching. He takes the first rope, sliding his hands slowly up the outside of her legs inside the gown, to her knees and wrapping the rope three times just above her knees, and cinching it tightly there, holding her legs together. Rubbing his hands up to her hips, and down again, taking the second rope and wrapping this around just below her knees, three times again, and cinched tightly. He stands, letting his hands caress the sides of her body from ankle to her neck. He leans close, kissing her forehead, looking deep into her eyes once more, drinking in the lust and love displayed in her gaze.

"So close now, my love." He moves away and picking up the next item, kneeling again, he fastens the leather cuffs around her ankles, the two cuffs connected by a 5" hobble chain. A padlock snaps onto each cuff to make sure they do not come off, and a length of chain is locked to the centre of the hobble. He stands, moving behind, lifting the chain up, pulling her hobble chain up, her feet close together, locking the other end to her collar, the chain taut between the two points.

He stands before her now, holding his leash in his hands. Leaning close he fastens this to her collar at the front, letting it hang between her firm breasts. He moves closer, running his hands all over her body, touching all he can, as her eyes drift closed, she sways on her feet as he gently caresses her arms, her breasts, her stomach, all through the delicate gown, the soft material adding to the feather like touch of her master, every nerve alive, trembling beneath her soft skin.

He stops, taking hold of the leash, stepping back from her now, tugging at her collar. "Come, girl." He moves away across the room, his own desire rising as her watches her struggle to follow, her knees bent to free her hobble chain, her steps small and rapid as she moves. He smiles as she moves toward him, a vision of bondage, helpless to resist, filled with passion only his whim can fulfil. He reaches into his pocket, pressing a button, watching as the two vibrators spring into life, causing her to almost fall, a loud groan of unbridled desire coming from deep within her.

Keeping one hand on her leash, one on the variable control of her intruders, he moves out of the room and down towards their playroom, listening to her heels click off the floor behind him, looking over his shoulder into her perfect blue eyes watching the reaction to his words - "We have all weekend to be together my love, and this is just the beginning..."