The Empty Nest
by Charles Caneher

Henry and Charlotte finally had the house completely to themselves. After 23 years of child rearing the last was finally out of the nest. They watched Lisa drive away to college in Chicago, a long way from Wallace, Nebraska. A tear rolled down Charlotte’s cheek as she let out a sigh and closed the front door. As she started to turn Henry grabbed both arms, forcing her hard back against the door and completely and totally surprising her. He proceeded to kiss her passionately, which she returned with equal enthusiasm. It had been many years since Henry had so aggressively and passionately approached his wife, years when they had both missed it.

Henry was a good father and husband. When he and Charlotte were young they were not really that rough with each other, but Henry had been rather aggressive in how he approached and handled his wife. That is until his eldest son saw them playing around in the kitchen, when young boy misinterpreted his actions and started crying thinking daddy was going to hurt mommy. Since then, while they were just as passionate and loving as ever, he never again aggressively handled Charlotte even in private less he forget and frighten one of the kids. Even the compliments that he paid his wife lost any sexual or erotic overtones less they be heard wrongly or by the wrong people. The incident had brought home to Henry that he was now a family man and no longer some teen out to have fun. Wallace, Nebraska is not a place were one would want ones neighbors to question how one was bringing up ones kids.

Both Henry and Charlotte were vigorous, healthy people. Charlotte,her body pined against the door, raised her legs and wrapped them around his waist. This brought back erotic memory that excited them both in a way that they had missed for years. They became more and more focused on each other and their excitement, each the completely craving of the other. Charlotte desire matched her husband's. She barely realized that it was her favorite dress she had put on to see her daughter off that her husband was ripping from her body but couldn't bring herself to care. She tried to reach down and undo his pants. He released her arms and grabbed her waist and carried her to the kitchen table. As he laid her upon the table she fumbled at his trousers while he ripped her slip and panties off.

Henry sat on a chair covered in sweat staring at Charlotte's sweat-covered body with her legs bent placing her feet on the edge of the table, her breast heaving to get more air. Her right arm covered her eyes and her nicely styled shoulder length hair was in complete disarray. He was smiling feeling relaxed, content and younger than he had felt in years when Charlotte spoke. "God, Henry love, I've missed those impulses we uses to give into when ever we pleased." She uncovered her eyes and raised onto one shoulder. "That is not going to be the only time you plan on something like this is it?"

Grinning rather broadly and in a certain dangerous devilish way, "Probably not."

She stood smiling naughtily, "Shower?"

Continuing to grin, "Sure."

He was still seated when she saucily walked pass. He smartly smacked her bare ass and she let out a squeal. "Henry!" As he started to do so again she dogged the smack and took off running and he was out of the chair right after her. It was some time before they finally got their shower.

The next morning, Sunday, Charlotte got up at her accustomed 6:00 am. It was a custom that she had had longer than she cared to remember. Not that she disliked getting up and taking care of her family, it was just that she did care to think about how long she had been doing it or of how old she was getting. She had trained herself and she no longer needed an alarm clock. It was always set for Henry's time now and she would get out of bed without disturbing him. The kids had always had to catch the school bus at 6:45 and she and Henry would need to leave by 7:15 to be at work on time. The kids had always gone to Henry's older brother Chuck's house after school where she and Henry would pick them up on the way home from work. They would all eat dinner at Chuck's. If and when they tried to beg off Chuck's wife Kim would literally throw a fit. The only change that summer brought to the routine was to drop off the kids at Chuck's farm on their way to work.

They both worked in North Platte, somewhat of a drive every day, but they didn't start until late morning and usually had time to stop for coffee and a post-breakfast snack together at Charlotte's job at a local restaurant,where Charlotte waited tables for the lunch and afternoon crowd, such as it was. Henry did not need to be in early since he could not start his job until several others had been at work for a while. That Henry's job was not a full eight-hour job was his own fault. Many years back it took him and a part-time worker to do the job and the company was smaller then. When the part-timer was promoted to full time out on the floor Henry convinced his boss to get him an Apple IIe and he would not need another person to help him. His boss was skeptical but bought the computer because if Henry could do as he said it would save him a bundle. With faster computers and then the Internet his job had been reduced to the point he could now do it in about 5 and a half-hours. Many years back Henrys boss had tried to cut his pay and benefits since he worked so little and he and Henry had it out with many threat back and forth. Henry had the presence of mind that the older records had been written on programs he had wrote himself. They had never been updated to the new formats so they had to have the programs Henry had copyrighted. Result: Henry was salary and had a legal contract that put him in a very stable position. The company would have to virtually go under or he would have to screw up badly before he lost his job, salary, or benefits.

Henry came in to the kitchen at his accustomed 6:40. Charlotte had gone on strictly from habit. She would shower and fix her hair for church so she had just put on underwear and a robe. Henry came in stark naked and at full attention. He moved directly in on her and yanked the robe off her shoulders exposing her breasts, which he began to fondle. The robe was tied at the waist, so when he pulled it down to her waist her arms were trapped tightly against her body by the way the robe was made. She started struggling to free them when he grabbed her arm and propelled her toward the table. When she hit it, it moved nearly a foot leaving a bruise where it hit her upper thigh. She was about to turn and glare at Henry when he placed a hand on the back of her neck and forced her over the table, her arms still trapped to her body. He flipped up her robe and again just tore her panties from her body. He then roughly entered her from behind.

Charlotte had not yet had time to get turn on or moist before he was roughly thrusting in to her. She was grunting with each thrust. She was helpless in an uncomfortable position, having a cock forced into her dry hole and with a leg that was starting to hurt. She was completely surprised to find that she was greatly enjoying it. It was extremely frustrating that he finished just as she started to get wet.

Henry sat down and while she was still bent over the table slapped her ass hard enough to bring her straight off the table. "Breakfast has gotten cold, how about nuking it". Charlotte wiggled her arms showing that they were still trapped. Instead of pulling up the robe Henry just grabbed the belt knot and yanked and the whole thing fell to the floor. Henry saw the red mark on her thigh that would obvious become a bruise and said, "Oh shit! I'm sorry hon. I promise not to do that again and to be more careful.”

"NO! I mean it is not that I want bruises. I most definitely do not. But I would be quite upset with you if, now that you have started, were to start holding back just because I might pick up a bruise her or there.”

"Are you sure Charlotte? You're not as young now and I don't want to accidentally hurt you."

She slipped in to his lap, "I'm not that old you know." And she squirmed a little in his lap, "God, I never even realized how much I miss one of the thing that drew me to you and made the first years of our marriage so wondrous. You used to decide to do something and we ended up doing the most outrageous things. I still can’t believe that you took me all the way to Lincoln one Saturday night. Sunday morning we went into a Catholic church and sat in a confessional. You waited until the mass started and started to undress me. I could not stop you without drawing attention to us.” With a grin of naughty memories, “A hell of a way and a hell of a place to lose your virginity. It wasn't rape but you damn well knew that you could take my virginity from me and I was helpless to stop you."

"Not that you wanted to."

"I'm not saying."

"Well you should not have put me off for so long."

"Would you have still married me if I had not got knocked up?"

"To tell the truth, I doubt it. Until then you were mostly another notch in my bedpost. But I am glad I did. Who would have believed that such a prissy little bitch would have made such a good wife and wonderful mother.”

"You never tried to tell me I was your first. Hell, I knew you were getting it from Carla as we were running around behind her back, how many notches had you racked up."

"You were number ten. I was already trying for eleven when you told me you were pregnant."

"But you were still seeing me."

“And if you remember I was seeing Carla until I got into your pants. I had planned to keep seeing you until I got into Tina's. It's a miracle that I never got one of the others pregnant. Only two were using birth control. All of the rest of you were virgins."

"But you showed up at my house the night after I told you and went to one knee with a ring in hand and proposed."

"Took all the money I had and I had to pawn a few thing to get it but I bought it that morning. Knew the ring size since you and my sister sometimes shared rings around. I had no doubt that I would marry you from the time you told me you were pregnant. Not once had I ever tried to get into the pants of a girl I would not consider as a potential wife. The idea of not marrying you did not even enter my mind.”

“Hell, we’re going to be late for church.”

Henry just snickered, “Still after all these years you don’t realize how other think. This was our first night in over 20 years that we have been without the kids I seriously doubt that most people expect us to show up this morning.”

“Henry! If we don’t show up they’ll think we’ve been up to things!”

“And if we do they will think of us as dried up old prudes.” With that he threw her over his shoulder and then upon the bed. She was giggling the whole time, which put an evil idea into Henry’s mind. He sat on her and started to remorseless tickle her. She was in an absolutely helpless position so her struggles were in vain. He didn’t let up until she was gasping for air.

When she had finally caught her breath she said, “God I forgot what a devil you can be when you are of a mind to be.”

They went down to breakfast, neither wearing a stitch. Neither of them looked their age. Neither had jobs that were hard outside manual labor. When Crystal had commented some years back on the gut that Henry was getting he took to doing setups before showering for bed. He had enough self-discipline that the gut was gone in two months and he kept it off. He later bought some small dumbbells so that he was actually in better shape than when he played high school football. He didn’t go to a gym so he had no idea of what he could press nor did he care. He just wanted to be healthy and look good. Being able to easily toss his wife over his shoulder was a great bonus.

Being a waitress will keep you in shape if you are not an over-eater. Charlotte had a very womanly body that the years had treated kindly. Waiting tables she was fending off advances of guys still wet behind the ears. Each sat there admiring the others body as if they had not noticed how well the other looked in a long time, which to some measure was true. Both knew that they themselves looked good but had not really took notice of just how good the other looked in quite some time. Henry had no intention of letting Charlotte dress at all today.

Their home had been a working farm when Chuck had cosigned the mortgage for the place as part of his wedding present to his much younger brother. It was a lovely and private place but it was not long before Henry found that he had bitten off more than he could chew. He could not do all the work need on it himself and it did not make enough to hire anyone. His having good grades in school and the fact that he had never got caught in any of the things he could have gotten in trouble over, combined with being on good term with all of the school teachers, got him the job that he still had. Gradually he sold off all the stock and equipment and used the money to catch him up on his mortgage and put a little away. The mortgage was paid off by the time that his youngest started school. That is when his wife took her job and things got easier for them. He kept the barn in good repair as a combination garage and workshop. This place sat on nearly 500 acres, now rented to local farmers.

He got up from his seat and his wife got up to join him. She was not surprised only excited when he quickly tossed her over his shoulder. That excitement turned to panic as instead of heading for the bedroom he head out the kitchen door. They were nude and could be seen from the next house down the road that sat up on a little ridge. It didn’t matter to her that they would have had to have been using field glasses to know that they were undressed or that they were most likely at church. She started struggling as they got to the door and grabbed hold of its frame as he went through. She hardly impeded his speed out at all. He went pass the barn and out into the fields. She was finally relieved when the neighbors house was no longer in sight.

It was there that he laid her upon the grass. They then did something they had not done since she told him she was pregnant. They made mad passionate love outdoors in the morning sunshine. Then arm in arm they napped.

It was the warmth of the sun that awoke her. She could feel the scratches and maybe burses that were on her back from making love in the grass. This was not the soft grass of a nice mowed and watered lawn. It was grass that was ready for cutting by a farmer down the road as feed for his cattle. Right now she felt that the scratches were well worth it but wondered if she would feel the same when they started to itch later today. As she started to sit she awoke Henry.

He pulled her onto his chest, “I love you now as much as I did as each of our children were born.” The scratches were definitely worth it and for some reason the walk back didn’t bother her even though the neighbors would be home by now.

They had slept through lunchtime so Charlotte got out the pots and pans. She figured on preparing a full-course meal for the two of them. Henry just sat back and enjoyed the show. The meal was not spectacular but was special since she made it just for the two of them alone. Their plates sat side by side and she ate sitting on his lap with many a kiss between bites. With the last bites taken Henry whispered into Charlotte ear “Let’s go get a shower.”

The shower was adjusted to blood warm and they stepped in. Henry took the washcloth and soap and very slowly lathered Charlotte body, stroking her in ways that had her moaning in pleasure in moments. With her body lathered and soapy slick he switched to caressing her with his hands and she leaned back again the wall shuddering. She had risen to a very high pitch when he pulled her forward and put her in the spray of the shower, still caressing her. Both not long yet an eternity later his tongue joined his hands in the caressing. It took very little of this to send her over the edge and he had to quickly grab her for her knees would no longer support her.

When she could stand again he handed her the soapy washcloth and turned his back. She enjoyed the feel of his strong muscle under her hands. She started at his neck and worked all the way to his ankles and then back up. He then turned around and she started on his chest and slowly worked down. She was squated down doing his legs when he lifted her chin, which was just at his waist level. He raised his eye slightly. Thought he had tried before and several times during their first years of marriage to get her to do what he was asking now she had always refused. There was no demand in the look only a request. She dropped the washcloth and scooped up some water to remove the soap. Then for the first time in her life she took him into her mouth.

As she step from the shower she thought on what she had done. While she didn’t really care for it, it had not been the horror she had feared when younger. She thought that Henry was about to hand her a towel when he started to dry her with the same slow caressing strokes that he had used to wash her. ‘Oh God’, She closed her eyes in pleasure with the feeling of the cloth, his hands and his lips on her body. She was completely relaxed with her hands behind her when something snapped them together. Her eyes snapped opened and her head sideways. In the mirror she could see that he had looped her robe belt around her wrists several times and was now tying a knot.

When he finished he turned her to face him. There was a look in his eyes that he got when he was up to some devilment or another. The devilment was going to be at her expense of that there was no doubt. It was dangerous to go along with him when he was in this kind of mood. Not harmful, but things often happen that one wished didn’t. The problem was that it usually meant that it would be fun too. That grin and those eyes could be trouble or a great time. She thought this over and her current condition. Then she just smiled, then it was up and over his shoulder she went.

He laid her gently on the living room floor. He took down the decorative ropes holding the drapes back and returned to her. He unknotted the lengths and laid them next to her. Then he started with her ankles, tying them together. He tied her knees together. Then below her breast he tied her arms to her body. He flipped her over and untied her wrist then retied them in a more comfortable position. Then he put her on her back and left the room.

When he returned he had her feather duster in hand. She braced herself for more tickling, butt what came was delicate soft sensuous strokes like nothing she had felt before. Her breathing had gotten deep with an occasional small moan when she realized what she had let herself in for. The devilment he planed was to keep teasing her like this for a long time. And that is precisely what he did. By varying the amount of stimulation he keep her totally excited and completely frustrated since he would not quite push her over that edge. When he grabbed her breast and lightly bit one nipple the shock of the timing of it pushing her over the edge ripped a scream of pleasure from her. This surprised them both since she was not and had never been a screamer.

He lay down next to her on the floor and started slowly brushing her hair with his hand. Eventually she turn a glassy eyed stare to his face and smiled. He continued to brush her hair with his hand until he saw that the glassiness had left her eyes and some of her strengths had returned. Then he placed her on her knees in front of a chair. When he sat on the front edge of that chair what he wanted was immediately apparent to her. However the circumstances were not the same as in the shower. Not only did he this time have her helpless but she felt helpless and without a choice. Sure she could have refused, and he would have just untied her but he would then be quite disappointed in her, from his point of view with reason. That disappointment would surely carry over for some time to come making days as pleasant as today a long time in coming. She had given in to him on things before but again sliding his cock in her mouth was her first act of deep submission to him and they both knew it.

That night as they both lay there in bed he had already fallen asleep. She was thinking about the fact that he had played her the way a fine violinist plays his instrument and gotten whatever reaction he wanted at the time. She fell asleep not knowing how she felt about that.

She as usual got out of bed at 6:00 but aside from dressing for work all she did was put on some coffee. She sat there thinking about the day before coffee in hand. To say that the day was pleasant was a hell of an understatement. Henry was a loving husband and had never asked for her submission. Yesterday he was close to demanding it. If she let it stand more was definitely to come. It took no genius to figure that out. But he had shown the rewards of submission also. And in being honest when she had in the end submitted it was still highly erotic and stimulating, but she felt she was in a high stakes game and didn’t know the rules.

She heard Henry getting dressed and thought for a moment about not preparing breakfast for him. It is not that Henry saw anything wrong with making his own or even both of their breakfasts. It was that she usually did it. If she didn’t do it now she would be taking a stance on things. The problem with that is once you do that you can’t always take it back. Better to carry on as usual until things are clearer.

He came in to the kitchen and as usual gave her a kiss. It was filled with passion but there was a hint of something else there also. She got the feeling of triumph and of possessiveness there. Again she did not know what to make of that or how to feel about it. Part of her was saying that he is being chauvinistic while another said that what he was doing was courting her all over again and she should feel triumphant and not reject his courting. They were alone together again and therefore entering a new phase of their relationship.

It was not until she had started work and he was still sitting at the counter watching her that some of her feelings started to sort themselves out. And that came from the way he watched her. He was watching her work with love, lust, hunger and pride. He was proud that she and he were together. That had nothing to do with her act of submission last night but everything to do with her being who she was. Yesterday was the first step on what was likely to be an interesting road. Whether or not she and Henry took that road or chose a different one entirely or how far down it they walked they would walk it together hand in hand and with love.

Henry left the restaurant for work with a smile on his face. He was feeling very good. He had known many couples that got along worse after the kid had left home. He was very glad that they were not likely to be one of those. There was a whole new world out there of erotic sexuality that he and his wife had yet to explore. He had not been sure until her response to that first kiss after Crystal had left that she would still have the appetite for it that she had had when they had first married.

Their early dating had been a fun game for both of them. She had known that he was going out with another girl and that they were going out behind her back. She had also avoided every attempt to get into her pants but loved the game of tease and keeping him trying. The idea of the church was actually suggested by a friend who had done that to his girl. It had a very wicked appeal to him to try it. It was also a gamble he would either have her virginity or she would not see him again.

He would keep whispering to her that she would draw attention to them if she struggled every time she tried to stop him from removing her pants. Her top was already undone. She had been letting Henry play with or even suck on her breast since their second date. She found making out it in a church just as outrageous as he did so undoing the top had been no problem. She absolutely did not want some one to open the confessional and find her on his lap with her tits hanging out. She gave him a look of total outrage but did not stop him from getting her pants and panties off. Nor did she stop him from sliding himself inside her. They finished and were dressed before the mass was over.

As they sat there a priest came into the other side of the booth, “How long has it been since your last confession?”

Charlotte face was in a panic. Neither were Catholic, and having a priest find them was not on her agenda. Henry was calm and still smug with his success, “Father I do not remember the last time that I confessed but have done something that I felt the need to confess for.”

“Proceed my son.”

“I and a girl enter the House of God and I used the fact that she would not want to draw the attention of the people there to get her to have sex with me.”

“Desecrating the House of God and using it for your own gain is a very serious sin, my son, as is forcing yourself on someone.” Charlotte’s look of total shock made it difficult for Henry to control his voice difficult. “How long ago did this take place?”

“About twenty minutes ago.”

Charlotte gasped and the priest started sputtering.

“The penance for the two of you will be,” and he gave out penance. “And I want the word of you both that you will never do such a thing in the House of God again.”

“I give you my word Father which I have never broken once give.”

There was a pause of silence then the priest said, “Young lady.”

Charlotte gasped again then said, “I promise.”

“There are other waiting for the confessional.”

Henry didn’t know until he actually attended a Mass there as a favor to a friend that the priest had been checking the confessionals before the mass after that. When he and Charlotte and I saw that it was all they could do not to laugh. The friend caught the strange look on their faces and had our story from us afterward. He was shocked, as we were after all a respectable family by that time.

On the drive home from the church Charlotte sat in the truck facing out the passenger window, her shoulder trembling. She stayed that way until we were on the highway home. When she turned to me there were tears on her face. He didn’t realize, until after she said “You are the most outrages person I know!” that she was laughing, laughing so hard that tears streamed down her face, not crying. It was then he realized she was his perfect match. She thought that it was funny that he put her in a position where she would let him take her virginity rather than call attention to herself and then have the balls to immediately tell the priest.

That was the first of many outrageous things they were to do. She was not going to let Henry in her pants again and made that clear on the drive back, but she was not dropping him either. They were both seniors in high school. He proved her wrong by pulling her into closet at school during lunch the very next day. He had her pants partly down when she finally got herself organized. She reached for her pants and was about to tell him off when he said, “If you’re not quiet someone will come in here.”

As she paused to think about that he had both her pants and panties at her ankles and was lifting her to sit on a sink placed her at the right height. As he spread her knees she was turned on enough not to stop him.

As she pulled up her pants she told him, “You are going to have to stop doing things like this to me. I am not some slut you can have when ever you want.”

He got that devilish grin on his face that so excited her, “Be honest. You would be very disappointed if I did that. Do you really want to me to stop going after you and to go after someone else?”

“That is not what I meant. But I am not going to be the slut you screw while you go steady with someone else.”

“Then you want me to drop Carla and start seeing you?”

“Well I don’t like doing that to Carla but yes.”

“Henry put his arms around her and kissed her, “I’ll tell her today if you promise me that you’ll quit trying to keep me out of your pants.”

“You are an outrageous bastard. You expect me to agree to that?”

“If you want me to drop Carla yes.”

“This is blackmail.”

“Maybe, but you love the fact that I am blackmailing you.”

“All right you devil! I won’t keep you out of my pants anymore.”

The break up with Carla was the easiest breakup he had. It seemed that Carla had his number before she even let him in her pants. Even though she had been a virgin she had been the easiest conquest he had had. When he told her he was breaking up with her first thing she said was, “Finally got in Charlotte’s pants, did you?”

Henry, who didn’t think that Carla even suspected anything, was shocked at that answer. She responded to his shock with, “Henry, I knew when you came after me that all you wanted from me or would ever want from me was a person to screw. I decided that it would be simpler and a whole lot less headache and heartache to simply sleep with you until you got bored and moved on. But don’t worry, I won’t tell your new conquest. After all, she is taking you off my hands.”

It was right after graduation that Charlotte told Henry she was pregnant. The first year was hard on them both but the hardship drew them together in a way that let them know that they could depend on each other. With their first child Henry took as many turns caring for the baby as did his wife and was proud to be doing so. However, by the time of the second he was no longer farming and needed his full night's sleep and Charlotte did not begrudge him that though it left the raising of the children to her.

Their oldest was sitting in his highchair and Charlotte was not even showing signs of the next she had cooking in the oven. Charlotte had bent slight over the table gathering the dirty dishes when he planted a firm slap on her behind. She came straight up with a shriek and Timothy started crying. As Charlotte comforted little Tim, Henry thought about himself and the kind of example he should set for his children. He respected Charlotte, but from a child’s point of view it might not appear that way. They should learn to always respect each other, since a child learns best by example. Though as passionate as ever in bed he became more reserved outside the bedroom.

More than a week had gone by before Charlotte asked what was wrong. She thought about what he said and came to the reluctant conclusion that he was right. Shortly after that he took the job in North Platte. When he came home he would try to spend his time evenly with his kids and his wife. Each grew to be a wonderful person though they did pick up their fathers habit of pranks.

At work the first day after Crystal left, by not taking any breaks and pushing himself, he was able to leave 45 minutes early; even so he did not get to his wife's place of work until fifteen minutes after she had gotten off a instead of twenty minutes before. He remembered overhearing one of the young girls that worked with him talking of a place where she bought some very interesting things. He walked into the place a little nervously. He had no idea what people frequented the shop. He looked around at the front and did not care for what he saw and was about to leave when he saw some of what he wanted further back in the store. There he started looking at the leather cuffs. There were a large variety of types which surprised him, and that was when the clerk came up to help. Henry knew when to admit his ignorance and this was one of those times. So he told the clerk what he wanted the things for and let the clerk chose the right ones.

He wondered if he had just set himself as a mark because the clerk brought down a five-piece set of leather cuffs and collar, the second most expensive up there and quite a bit more than he had planed to spend. The clerk however explained the set in detail and why it they wore the so expensive. The buckles on them could be locked with a small padlock. The rings in them he called d-rings he showed had been welded shut so that they would not come apart. He explained that these where very durable and more importantly safe where some of the other were neither. He then explained that while he had some of what Henry wanted others would have to be bought at the hardware store, and the hardware store had all the rest that Henry was looking for and most of it at a cheaper price.

Charlotte sat at the counter drinking a cup of coffee. Henry had never been late getting here unless he called first. That he was late now and after yesterday she knew he was cooking up some devilment. The smug look on his face when he entered only confirmed it. He surprised her by sitting down and picking up a menu. They rarely ate dinner here as a couple. She had her fill of their food from her lunch break meals. They had a quick meal and left for home.

When they got out of the truck he grabbed a bag from the hardware store from the back of the truck. It clinked ominously when he picked it up. As they got inside she was not surprised to be forced against the wall as he kissed her. Nor that he started undressing her. Again when he got to the panties he just ripped them from her body. He reached down in the hardware bag and removed a bag with a store name on it she did not recognize. Her eyes got wide as he pulled out a leather handcuff. He took her arm and buckled it on her wrist. She almost protested when he removed a tiny lock from the hardware bag and locked the cuff. He did the same with the other wrist. He turned her around and pulled her hands behind her. Then she heard the click of a lock locking the two together. She did not see what it was nor realize what it was until he started buckling the collar on her. She again heard the sound of a tiny lock locking the collar on.

He turned her around and he had a small length of chain with a lock on it that he quickly locked onto her collar. She could see using the cuffs instead of rope they were more comfortable and less likely to give rope burn. The collar and then the leash however had completely shocked her and rendered her totally speechless. Being pulled to the bedroom by a leash was humiliating and if she could just get her voice back she would put an end to it now. However they were in the bedroom and she still had not found her voice. As she watched him undress and he looked her up and down, she realized that standing there hands cuffed behind her wearing only a collar and leash she felt very, very sexy and quite turned on. Glad that she had not found her voice she smiled when he came over and got the leash and lead her to the bed.

Henry sat down on the bed. Charlotte expected him to put her on the bed too instead he grabbed the chain near her collar and pulled her down to her knees. His excited manhood was right in front of her lips. This was not just him getting her to submit to him again it was definitely quite a bit more. Both knew the other and how each thought so there was no misunderstanding between them on this. In high school he had interpreted her agreement to mean that he could fuck her any time he chose. After some argument she agreed that what she said could be construed to mean that granted that he had that right. Now he was establishing that he had just as much right to her mouth. She had a choice either confirm this by taking him inside her mouth or deny it by not doing so. She would also be acknowledging that what she said in high school still held as well. She would in essence be agreeing that he could have her however he wanted whenever he wanted.

There would be no penalty and yet a big penalty if she did not take him in. She could simply refuse and he would not hold it against her in any way. He would simply assume that she considered that he was pushing her too far. He would undoubtedly continue to do things like the past few days but much of that had happened because he had pushed her into it. Henry was an honorable man; if she declared that this as beyond her limits he would never push those limits again. That idea was simply unacceptable since pushing those limits had made it such an experience. After some hesitation as she thought this through she not only took him in, but showed some enthusiasm in doing it. After he came she realized that she had actually enjoyed being collared on her knees, hands cuffed behind her and giving head. It surprised her greatly that she was very wet and very turned on.

“Up on the bed.” Henry said as he got up and left the room. She climbed into the center of the bed and sat there. Henry came back carrying the bag. He moved her back toward the headboard and unlocked the cuffs from each other. He then brought out a small piece of chain and chained one arm to the very edge of one side of the headboard then did the same with the other. He then took great care in placing pillows under her back and head. She then saw him remove two slightly larger cuffs of the same type. These of course went on her ankles. He brought out another small piece of chain and Charlotte thought that he had made a mistake since it was not nearly long enough to chain her to the leg at the foot of the bed this bed not having a footboard. He had not made a mistake; her right leg was chained right above her right wrist. The left was likewise treated.

She had no objection to the position or being chained down but she was considering, wondering if Henry had taken the events so far to mean that he could cuff, tie and put her in any position he wished whenever he wished? She was still thinking about that when the idea was shocked from her mind. Henry went down on her. It took her a few moments before she was really feeling it because of the unexpected shock of it happening but when she was feeling it, it was wondrous. The pleasure of it carried her away for a long time, more time than she thought he would do it.

Then it hit her. He was planning a treatment similar to what she had gone through already. He would keep her totally excited but unable to go beyond the point he wanted for as long as he wished. He was also doing it in a way that robbed her of all equilibrium. Her mind was awashed with sensations. She started to beg him to bring her off or to fuck her or to do something. She had not been begging long when she realized that you did not put someone it this helpless position so that they could determine when they orgasmed. Realizing the futility of begging did not stop it but actually made it necessary for her to beg all the harder. Her world shrunk to just the need for orgasm and the need to beg. She screamed out with need in a way she had never in her life before when he entered her. All of it coming to a head in an orgasm was more than she could handle. She passed out.

Henry was exhausted. What he had done was very hard work. He had kept her from orgasming to the absolute end of his endurance. He had just enough energy to unchain her legs before he laid himself on the bed. Soon he was asleep.

It was quite some time later that Charlotte awoke. Something had been taken from her. She had wonder if Henry considered it his right to do what he wished. She knew somewhere down inside that in making her beg in that way he had, he had taken that right. And the funny thing about it is that she did not miss it at all. She was actually looking forward to the next devilish thing he would do to her. There were undoubtedly more surprises ahead.

Henry was sleeping away. his head on her breast. Her arms were still chained to the headboard. She didn’t like to wake him but her throat was parched. “Henry love, can you wake up?” He just sleepily grumbled. “Please Henry I need a drink of water.”

Henry groggily got up and went to the kitchen where first he drank a glass of water then refilled it. Instead of uncuffing Charlotte he held the glass while she drank. He then lay back down with his head on her breast. In next to no time he was asleep again. That was when Charlotte realized that she would be spending the night chained as she was. It was not the most comfortable position and she would have rather had her hands free but she found what would have outraged her a few days ago was no big deal now. She drifted off to sleep wondering how they could have possibly have changed as much as they had in such a short time. There was no blaming Henry, he was a little devil but she could have stopped it at any time. In fact by not stopping some things she was only pushing him to go further in what he would do to her. Doubtlessly a week ago Henry could not have pictured himself making his wife sleep chained to their bed.

6:00 AM and Charlotte was awake. Her arms were a little sore from being held in the position they were in. Henry had rolled off her and was now sleeping on his arm. She knew with out a doubt that Henry would not have minded getting up a few minutes early but she could think of no other reason than having breakfast ready when he came down to do so. Therefore she lay there propped up watching him sleep. Their life as a couple had certainly taken a radical turn and now they were in the unknown wilds. For now at least Henry would require of her some type of sexual service or another every day and weekends would be sheer devilment. They were not at a point where their relationship could become static. It would have to develop more before it was stable. Henry had opened the door but she had pushed it this far as much as he. Henry’s wishes would have to be granted and he would need to become more demanding of her. Knowing each other so well she knew that he would arrive at the same decision if he already had not known that she had figured it out for herself. The form of such a relationship was to take was a mystery to her and she figured to Henry too.

The alarm went off and Henry woke up. He looked at Charlotte still chained where he had left her and made note to himself that if he wanted any morning play before work he had better set his alarm for a little early. He got up and unchained her then removed all four cuffs and the collar. He was unsure how she was taking being chained all night. Her face showed no resentment or anger but that was not always a true sign. As the collar came off she made her feelings known by wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him down for a very passionate kiss. She set the cuffs and collar on the night stand and quickly made the bed and then laid each of the chains that had been used on her (except the one still attached to the collar) neatly on the bed. She had to quickly hurry to dress for work if she was going to make breakfast.

They were in the truck headed for North Platte when Charlotte spoke up, “I have some dress high-heel shoes at home but they don’t really fit exactly right. I bought them more because they went with something I had than for fit. They are also higher than I can walk in for long nor do I really know how to walk in heels right. Would it be possible for us to go shopping after work at the right kind of store buy some heel that fit and I can learn to walk in?”

“I don’t have a problem with that.”

While Henry was in there watching her do her job she took care to walk with pride and to put as much sensuality into her walk as she could. One of her regulars, one that was usually in a little later than this commented loudly, “Looks like some one is been getting laid regularly.” The regulars started snickering. She turned, “Yea, jealous that I am and you’re not?” which had the whole crowd roaring in laughter including the man that started it.

“New boyfriend?”

“No just totally rediscovering an old one,” She said, looking at Henry.

One of the customers said, “That’s her husband, you idiot.”

When Henry stood to leave he received an applause from those that had been ribbing his wife. As he was paying for his coffee the cashier said to him, “I don’t know what you are doing but I have never see that much sparkle in her eyes. Maybe you can talk to my Doug.”

Henry said, trying to sound philosophical, “I seriously doubt our way would be your way. Each must find their own way but first you have to look for it.” Which he realized on his way to the truck was damn good advice. He even edited it to fit and made it part of his signature on his email.

At a slow time at the restaurant a man came in that she had been hoping would. Half the staff called him the dirty old man because everyone knew he had a large collection of pornography. Most who had actually talked to him found out that he was friendly, honest and as lovable as a puppy. It was the last that caused him problem. No one wants a puppy for a lover. Though they called him the dirty old man he was only a little older than she was. She was entitled to a twenty minute paid break, which often she did not get if they were short or business was up. Today she took it.

He sat at his usual both and not at the counter, he didn’t like the counter stools. Charlotte sat down with him coffee in hand. “Jimmy, I could use a favor.” Jimmy would keep quiet and not spread around about what she ask for.

“And what would that be, my love?”

“I need a porno tape that is mostly girls giving head.”

Jimmy’s face did not even change expression, did nothing that would draw attention to them talking in a booth. Many of the girls sat and talked to Jimmy if they had the time. Him acting surprised or anything would however drawn curious attention. Jimmy was kind that way if you want something kept quiet and discrete. All of the waitresses could start waiting tables nude and his expression would not change. “And what would a good church-going girl like you need with something like that?”

“I’ve started giving Henry head and I don’t know jack about doing it right.”

“The best reason I have heard for wanting one of my tape and I’ll have one here for you tomorrow.”

She breezed through the day and many people saw she was in a good mood (not that she was ever nasty as a waitress). The ones that were there when Henry walked in could see the reason of her mood. Her face was like a burst of sunshine when she looked up from cleaning a table and saw him. She no longer just walked around the restaurant but stalked and strutted. Several couple commented that she was acting like some high school teeny bopper and other replied yea and did they wish that they had some way of bringing back that old fire to their marriage? Henry and Charlotte had no idea that they were the talk of the restaurant the rest of the evening and the object of much speculation.

At the shoe store she told the clerk what she wanted. Very durable one and a half inch heels that fit very well since she planed to wear them a lot and learn how to walk right in them. He took more measurements of her foot than any other shoe store had ever done. He then looked things up on a chart and then went in the back. A few minutes later he came back with a box and a package. He took out a pair of plain-looking black high heels and then tore the inside bottoms out. He opened the package and removed special insoles . He sprayed the bottom of the insoles with a can of something he had under the counter and placed them in the shoes. “We’ll need to let them dry for ten minutes before she tries them on. They won’t be dry enough for her to actually wear for any time until tomorrow.”

Henry asked, “What if she does not like them after trying them on, now that you have damaged and changed them?”

The clerk smiled, “If the lady lets us do our job and fit her correctly she is rarely willing to give up the shoes after trying them on. If the measurements of a woman’s foot do not fit anything in our book instead of giving her something that almost fits we send the measurements to a cobbler and have them custom made. We are the most expensive shoe store in the area but for woman’s shoes we are also the best. Most of our customers are repeat customers. I don’t doubt that when she finally learn to walk comfortably in these and wants another pair it is here she will go and not some cheap store where she is not sure of a perfect fit.”

After the ten minutes he handed her the shoes and footies that they had there to try on shoes with. She slipped them on and took some steps in them and her eyes lit up with delight. She quickly took them off since he had said that they were not dry enough for her to really wear and she definitely did not want to risk messing them up. Henry looked at the way she clutched the box to her chest and knew she would be very disappointed if he did not buy them. He, unlike her, had looked at the price. The man was not exaggerating when he said that they were the most expensive ladies shoe store in the area. If he had known that the man was going to rip out part of the shoes he would have left because of the prices. He removed a credit card and paid and she never knew how very much those shoes had cost.

If his wife’s reaction was typical this store need never worry about going out of business. Women who had tried on a pair of their shoes would save every cent they could to have a pair. On the way home Charlotte said that after years of off the rack shoes that she thought had fit it was impossible to describe how it felt to wear shoes that fit her perfectly. The clerk had even thrown in a video on walking in high heels. She clutched the shoes all the way home as if afraid that they would vanish.

Upon entering the house Henry said, “Go put your uniform in the wash and get properly attired then make dinner.” It never occurred to her that he was now ordering her about and she was putting in a load of laundry before she realized what he meant by properly attired. She grinned and headed for the bedroom. There she slipped off everything and started buckling on the cuffs and collar with its leash. She grabbed the tiny locks and took them to him. She felt that he would like to do the actual locking them on her himself and that he did. She did not expect that every tiny click would send a jolt of pleasure coursing through her. He slapped her ass so that there was a handprint and said, “Now get dinner.”

She put the fish in the oven and started the rice then without being asked or told she opened a bottle of wine, poured him a glass, and took it in where he was watching the news. He took the glass and took a drink then sat it on the table next to him all without saying a word to her. Being ignored in that way put her off somewhat. She made sure that dinner was set out perfectly when it was done only to have him tell her to bring it to him. She brought him his dinner and more wine then went back for her own. There was a table on one side of his chair but nothing on the other. He pointed to the floor next to his chair and she immediately sat down there. He took the wine from her and placed it on the table making the obvious statement that she was not allowed any. He was sitting in a recliner partially reclined. Without letting the chair come to an upright position grabbed the end of her leash and locked her to the chair. She was again helpless.

He finished before she did. He placed his plate on the table then leaned over and took her half eaten meal from her and put it on his plate on the table. He had earlier undone his pants, which she had not noticed. He grabbed her leash near her collar and brought her head above his manhood. She took him at once into her mouth without even thinking on it. She again found that she enjoyed and was turned on by being helpless and giving him head. After he came without a word he just pulled her chain so she was again was seated on the floor next to him. She had not been instructed not to speak but she knew him well enough that this treatment implied that and he knew that she knew this.

It had her off guard, this being ignored until he wanted something, then being expected to quickly and immediately perform, then to being sit down and be ignored again. This was a different type of eroticism but of that it was erotic she had no doubt for her whole body was waiting in eager readiness for what he would have of her next. The frustration grew as he did nothing but watch television and drink wine. As a show ended she did not notice that his hand had come down until he again gripped the chain near her collar and pulled her up over him for another head job, which she eagerly gave.

He unchained her, “Clean the dishes and kitchen, change your laundry and take a shower then come to bed.” He removed the cuffs and collar since he did not want them wet. He put them on the table as she took the dishes to the kitchen. When she came out she could see that he had left and taken the wrist cuff with him. She changed the laundry and showered with great excitement. When she came in he put the cuffs on her wrists and locked them. He then locked them together in front of her and chained them to the right corner of the headboard. He then climbed into bed and went to sleep.

She wished she had her hands free to strangle him. Instead she just lay there in silence. She had not spoken since getting home and felt that to do so now would ruin everything that had happened tonight though why she felt that way she could not quite pinpoint. Though again not what she expected, she had never the less enjoyed it. It was not that she enjoyed being ignored, she enjoyed the fact that she could without much trouble sit there quietly until he wanted something from her and could provide it on demand. It had a wholly different taste of eroticism from the other things that had so far happened to her. She didn’t even care that now that she had done this he would expect her to remain silent if he wished her to or the fact that in all probability she would. They had a word for a woman that let a man treat her like this and enjoyed it. Slave. She rolled the word around in her mouth for a while thinking about it. Did she want to be his slave girl? Did she really have any choice in the matter any more?

She could stop doing things for him, not let him make her do anything and he would not force the issue. However she did not think for a moment that she could stand up to the pressure he could apply to her by simply not giving her the thing he was making her crave. She admitted to herself that she already was his slave and it was a delicious feeling. She was excited and terrified at the same time. There was no way to forecast what he would have of her when he realized that he could have her do nearly anything.

The next morning Charlotte lay there waiting for Henry to awake. His alarm had yet to go off when she felt him stir behind her. With no warning he grabbed her waist and pulled her toward him. He then roughly entered her from behind. The she found that she had lost little of that frustrated hunger of last night. Charlotte had never been that vocal a woman but she found that she was doing more than just panting now. Even though she knew this was going to happen, Henry came before she was nearly ready leaving her completely frustrated.

He unchained her from the bed then told her to fix breakfast. So without dressing for work she hurried down stairs to make breakfast. It was almost done when she heard him take up his chair in the front room. He still had not spoken other than to order her about so the rule of silence was still in effect. She hurriedly pored a cup of coffee for him and took it in before returning to finish cooking breakfast. She took his plate to him and carried in the pot of coffee with her cup empty. This time she finished her breakfast very quickly sitting beside his chair. He refilled his coffee but left her cup sitting next to it empty. When he finished he said “Hands,” and took off the wrist cuffs. “Kitchen, then get dressed.”

Charlotte hurried through cleaning the kitchen and getting dressed. She even did her hair faster than she usually did. She came down wearing her new high heels, and then they drove off. They pulled into Charlotte’s work and Henry undid his pants and his manhood sprang out at attention. Charlotte’s eyes got wide but she quickly bent over it. When she had finished they still had time for her to sit with him before work. She knew that several people had seen what she was doing in the truck and resolved that they would not be able to embarrass her with it.

They sat down and one of the girls placed two cups of coffee before them. She left hers sitting on the counter. This got a raised eyebrow from Henry. This she took as limited permission to speak. “I’ll never touch another cup of coffee or glass of wine until you give it to me or tell me to.” With that sentence she had told him she has taken the next step in upping the ante. She was very pleased to see the smile that crossed his face. The fact that she had upped the ante and not him, was a very clear way for her to state that she was all for what he was doing to their relationship.

When she went onto the floor the girl that had brought her the coffee ask if she was sick since she didn’t drink any. A man down the counter said that she had already had her morning drink. Charlotte just turned to him and said, “Tasted pretty good too.” He was in the process of swallowing some coffee himself when it came out both nose and mouth. Henry grinned while several others laughed.

Henry had only been gone ten minutes when the Margaret, the manager, called her into the office. “You can’t wear heels on the job.”

“Fine I’ll bring in my uniforms Friday and pick up my check. I’m sure that they won’t care down the street whether I wear heels or not. Not with all of the regulars I have after 15 years of waiting tables.”

“You are serious? I let you wear heels or you quit just like that?”

“In a word, ‘yes’.”

“Charlotte, what is wrong with you. You have never behaved like this.”

“Actually thing have never been better in my life. That is why I can simply give up this job and go elsewhere or not even take a job at all. It is not like Henry and I are in the same shape we were in when I started here. I really doubt that Henry would mind if I quit .” 'He may even be planning on having me do so', she thought.

“All right wear your heels. I should just fire you now. It is inevitable with your new attitude you will eventually do something I can not overlook.”

Jimmy came in when it was too busy to take a break. After this morning there was really very little reason for discretion. She just walked up to him and asked if he had the tape. While he was surprised that Charlotte was being so open about it he handed it to her. She then bent over and asked if he had one on anal sex.

“You are doing that?”

“No, but it is only a matter of time before Henry wants to try it.”

“And you’ll let him?”

“Of course but it would be best if we at least knew something about it.”

“See what I can do.”

Jimmy had some tapes that had anal sex in then but that was between experienced people and did not show you how to do it with out getting hurt. When a closet homosexual had asked him about getting something like this he had ordered what had amounted to a training tape for the guy. Even though the guy was gay he had ordered one of a man and a woman since the man was still living at home and having that found would cause quite a bit less havoc that one with two men. He also got the man a lesbian tape and told him to leave it where it would be found. The young man told him that it worked great but now he had to sit with his father and pretend to enjoy those types of tapes. He was sure that the young man would still have the tape and doubted he needed it any more.

As expected someone told someone on the staff what she had been doing in the parking lot before work and it was all over work before the end of day. She got the expected summonses to the manager’s office. “Charlotte you just can’t do things like that in the parking lot. Do it again and you are fired. Do anything to piss me off and you are fired. Go ahead and clock out and you can leave as soon as your husband shows up. In fact it might be better if you meet him outside.”

She was standing outside as Henry pulled up. As she got in he ask what happened. “Miss Margaret did not like my wearing heels and we had a confrontation over that in which I threaten to leave. When she heard about me giving head in the parking lot she said she would fire me if it happened again and to clock out early. She then suggested that I wait for you outside.”

“I don’t know, maybe we are going to fast. Pushing thing to much.”

“You are doing thing to me and I am letting them be done to me because you have moved fast and my emotions, feelings, and desire have rendered me helpless. I like that very much. Even when you are just toying with me I am on an emotional high that a week ago I did not know even existed. I don’t want you to slow down. I want you to take advantage of every chance you get to take as much advantage of the situation as you can. I don’t care if I am fired. If we need the money I can easily find a job that will take me on what terms I set out. If not there are hundreds of projects around the house that I can work on. You have enslaved me but you have also made me more free than I have ever been in my life. I don’t want to slow down and risk losing the momentum we have.” She showed him the tape she had.

“And what is that?”

“A tape to show me how to give head right. We both know that I suck at it. Sorry about the pun,”

“My little toy, you have surprised me yet again.” At the words ‘My little toy’ her pulse raced through her system. When once before he had called her that she had been furious with him but that was in high school. Now it was unbearably exciting.

When they entered the house Henry had not even finished closing the door before she was half undressed. She made quick work of putting on collar and cuffs. “Dinner or a movie first?” holding the tape in one hand.

With her getting off early and the fact that traffic was much better at that time they were home nearly an hour earlier than usual. Neither was really ready for dinner. “Movie.”

Charlotte then got him a glass of wine then placed the tape in the VCR. She did not even think of the fact that she grabbed the end of her leash and a lock and handed them to Henry as she sat beside his chair. Henry smiled and locked her in place.

Henry was turned on by the tape but Charlotte was enthralled. She was deeply concentrating on it to the exclusion of all else so she did not hear the car pulling into the drive. Henry hit the off on the remote and unchained Charlotte from the chair, “Bedroom now.”

Chuck opened the front door just after Charlotte disappeared around the corner. She heard Chuck's voice and had to make a decision. With a turtleneck and pants she could cover the collar and cuffs. However Henry had said nothing about getting dressed. After some consideration she figured that even if he got embarrassed he would not fault her for being nude where he might if she was dressed.

In the front room Chuck said, “Kim is getting some what irritated that you two have stopped coming to dinner.”

“We won’t be coming to dinner anymore Chuck, and I don’t think you will want to come down here.”

“Why? What is going on? Where is Charlotte?”

“Chuck, you are going to keep sticking your nose in until you know what we are doing down here. Fine. Charlotte, come in here now.” He did not know whether she had taken the time to dress or not. He would not be disappointed either way but whether she did would tell him much about her mindset.

Charlotte heard the order and figured she should make quite a production out of this. She strutted into the room. She went up next to Henry and went to her knees and placed her leash in his hand. “What may I do for you, my master?”

Chuck was completely stunned. “What in the hell have you done to her?”

“Nothing she did not want and much of this is more her doing than mine.”

“I find that hard to believe. I have known you too long.”

“Looks as if we are going to have to talk about it and let Charlotte explain as much as me. Charlotte, stereo low background music. Chuck, have a seat.” He pointed to the couch while he took his chair. Charlotte was making her way to her spot from the stereo when she caught a hand sign for her to step upon the cocktail table in front of Chuck. She had never displayed herself in quite this way except to Henry but she found that she was not in the least bit self-conscious about letting him see everything she had.

“Charlotte, you start off explaining your change to Chuck.”

“I’ll start by saying something that sounds completely stupid and inane. I have found a freedom that I never knew existed in a servitude that I had not dreamed of. When Henry first dated and early in our marriage Henry was an aggressive and dominating lover. When the kids came that ended, so as not to set the wrong example for them. You would not believe some of the outrageous place we had sex before our marriage. Then we had to become respectable.

“Don’t get me wrong, raising our children was a great joy to me. But now I can be what I want though I never knew I wanted it. The very day that Crystal left Henry started back to being aggressive. In fact, I doubt that she was a mile away by the time he had my clothes off. Then next day he decided to see how kinky he could get me to be, some of what he could get me to do. He was entirely willing to stop whenever I said enough was enough. Instead I made it very clear that I would be very pleased if he kept on pushing me and getting away with as much as he could. You know how much of a devil he can be when the mood is upon him. I did all I could to see that he keep that devilish mood going, knowing full well that I was letting myself in for a hell of a ride.

“This is the point that we have gotten to so far. I don’t doubt that there is a lot further that he can take me that I could not get to without him.”

“Has he tried to get you to something you would not do?”

“Not yet.”

“What could he ask you to do that you would not do?”

“Don’t know and won’t until he tries to get it from me. For example, I have never stood displaying myself to someone beside Henry yet today was the first time he asked it and here I stand before you.”

“Does it bother you?”

“I am actually turned on that Henry has decide to display me thus.”

Henry said, “Dance, erotically.”

She didn’t have to think about it. She had claimed him master and her slave, and slaves danced for the entertainment of master and guest. She realized Henry wanted her to make Chuck as uncomfortable as possible, make him want her badly, so it was to him that she danced. It did not take her long to achieve this end. He had had a bulge in his pants and squirming uncomfortably but unwilling to leave the show. The fact that she could hold him there gave her great satisfaction.

“Chuck is uncomfortable. Get down there and do something about that.”

She could not believe she had heard that order. She stepped from the table between his legs. She had Chuck in her hand. He wanted her to do it and he wanted to leave. She could let him escape and Henry would never know and she would not have to put this man in her mouth. That thought crystallized in her that there was no way she would let Chuck out of her grasp. She whispered in his ear as she undid his trousers, “Have you fantasized about having your brother's beautiful wife?”

He had of course and his moan confirmed it. She would have rather that Henry be the first to experience what she had learned from the tape. She was able to bring him off quickly. When she looked up there was a kind of horror on his face. She took her place back on the table.

“Again I did not expect the order to do that and until he actually told me to, did not know that I would do so when told. And to answer your next question yes I did enjoy it but I would not be able to explain the reason why to you. He has again taken me into an area that I would never have gone and to my benefit.” She turned to Henry, “Tell him what would have happened if I had refused any of it.”

“When you pulled in she ran to the bedroom. She had time to cover up the cuffs and collar if she had so chosen. She made the decision that if I called her out she would come nude, something she has not done before. The decision was hers and hers alone. So was the decision to call me master, she has never done so in the past. It would really be just too complicated to go into what that means other that clearly declaring to you she was my slave. I signaled her to the coffee table instead of her usual place. If she had gone to her usual place that would have told me that putting her on display was a little too much. She knew the order to dance was meant for her to dance to you. She could easily have danced for me instead again, that would inform me of reaching a limit. When I told her to give you head she could have give all kind of excuses if she was trying not to embarrass me or she could have just said no. Any way and at any time she put a stop to it we would know where too far is and would start exploring thing that were inside those limits. In no case would she be forced into something or would I be angry if she refused.

“She may have given me the steering wheel but she still controls the throttle and brakes. Neither of us could do any of this unless both agree to it. If I don’t drive then she can’t get where she want to go and she controls how far that we go. You know us. What you have seen here does not change the fact that she is the light of my life and I am head over heels in love with her.”


“Our 24th wedding anniversary is coming up soon. We know each other very well but its thrilling finding out these new things about each other. We are exploring things about each other that we had no idea existed in ourselves or in our partners. It is a wonderful journey for us both. Now Kim is your problem. You’ll have to tell her some of this. How much and what is up to you. Otherwise she will just drop by and Charlotte will still be my slave and is not going to put on an act in our own home just to please her. We deeply appreciate you taking care of the kids for us and having dinner with us all those years. It is unlikely, but if Kim accepts what we are doing, we would be glad to entertain you for dinner from time to time.

“Probably pretty soon Charlotte will be staying home anyway. You can not change as much as Charlotte had without there being some noticeable personality changes. She has already been warned at work and will likely get fired.”

Chuck sat quietly for several minutes. Then he said, “Well, I have to go. Have to figure what to tell Kim on the way home. You know my Kim; no matter how I try to sugar coat things she’ll come down here tonight ranting and raving at you. So you might as well expect another interruption tonight. Try to explain or tell her to get the hell out of your house. Up to you.”

After Chuck left Henry said, “Well now, tonight is certainly been going differently than expected. Regrets, Charlotte?”

“I’m sorry that the first person I tried out what I learned from the tape was not my master.”

This drew a laugh from Henry. “About giving head to Chuck. What you said to Chuck was fine but I want to know everything about your experience.”

“The order was a surprise. I never dreamed that you would share me with someone else. I had claimed you as my master so it was your decision to make. From the dancing I had him in my hands. I doubt that he has ever cheated on Kim. You wanted me to give him head so I tighten my grip on him and he could not escape the sexuality that you have brought out in me. As I was doing it I was thinking that I had caught someone that you wanted me to catch and that was the biggest turn on.”

“I actually did not plan on you giving him head. I expected him to tear out of here like a frightened rabbit.”

“I’m sorry master, I did not know that it was suppose to be a bluff. If I had I could easily let him get away.”

“Oh, I am not angry or even disappointed in you. I underestimated your skill and was pleasantly surprised that you could trap Chuck like that. I am rather proud of what you can do.”

This brought out a deep red blush in Charlotte and she smiled that of all the things she had done in the past several days it was a complement that brought such a blush.

Henry continued, “This does bring out several questions that I need straight answers to. These are not things I am saying I will do but they might come up. If there is someone that I wanted you to seduce how would you feel about doing that?”

“I would do it without hesitation or question.”

“That is not what I ask. I ask how you would feel about it.”

“Pleasing another as to please my master would at the minimum give me satisfaction if not more.”

“Interesting. If some friends of mine were having a party and I gave them you for there entertainment what would your reaction be?”

“I would give them all the best that I have. As to whether I would enjoy the experience I could not really say. I just can’t.” It was at this time that she realized she might have been making a big mistake. He had not really intended to her to give head to Chuck. Now he was finding out how much she enjoyed being a slut. If it bothered him that she had found sex with another enjoyable and that she would likely enjoy sex with others maybe even more than one at a time he could become discussed with her. Tears started to come down her face.

The first had rolled down her cheek and the second was halfway down when she was swept off her feet and he had her in his lap brushing her hair. “Hey honey, I didn’t say that I would make you do this, just that the possibility might come up. If this is the way you feel then I’ll see to it that it doesn’t.”

She considered lying for a moment or two but felt that for better or worse she had best be honest. “It’s not that. I’m scared. Does it disgust you that you can make me into a slut and I would enjoy you doing that to me? Will you love me less for it? Do you love me less for enjoying giving head to Chuck?”

“You are the absolutely most precious thing in my life. I was not asking these questions to establish if you are a slut or not. This is an area that a person could get hurt emotionally in. I want to know exactly were you stand in regards to sex so I don’t try to push you into something that you could get hurt in.”

“It doesn’t matter if I never do another person but you or if you have me taking on two or three at a time. All that matters is that I am your girl, your slave and you love me.”

“Ok then why don’t you show me what you have learned from that tape then.”

This brought that sunshine smile to her face and she started undoing his pants. She started using what she had learned only this time doing it differently. The tape showed that you could do thing to bring some one off fast or do other to draw it out.

She was drawing it out so that is how Kim found them when she burst in. Kim had a much quieter car than Chuck. “I thought that Chuck had to be exaggerating. I see that he wasn’t. How can you two act like this? I am especially disgusted with you, Henry.”

Henry grabbed Charlotte’s chain and pulled her close and kissed her. He whispered, “Refer to Kim as mistress.” Then louder, “Get a bottle of wine and two glasses.”

“I don’t want your damn wine,” Kim exclaimed.

“You will sit down and talk calmly and rationally or YOU WILL GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE! I will not have you in my own house yelling at me or my wife.”

Kim was somewhat taken aback. Henry had never taken anything like that tone with her. He was always Chuck's little brother. She sat down on the couch.

He continued, “I have always been polite to you and Chuck in your home even when I disagreed with one or the other of you. I expect the same in my home.” Charlotte poured the wine, then handing a glass to Henry she said, “Here master.” She took the other to Kim, “Mistress.” The title threw Kim off-stride even more. She watched Charlotte go and sit on the floor next to Henry’s chair then lean her head against it. Henry started to brush Charlotte’s hair with his hand.

“So, Kim, you do not like the way that Charlotte and I have chosen to lead our life now that we no longer have the kids to worry about?”

“No I don’t. It’s obscene and indecent.”

“I am enjoying it,”

Kim interrupted, “I bet you are, being catered to in such a disgusting manner.”

“And I have not seen Charlotte happier in many years.”

“I’ll just bet. You got her so she’ll back what ever you say.”

Charlotte looked up and Henry nodded. She got up got the wine bottle and added more to each glass. “That might be true but what he said is also the truth.”

She gave Henry one of her sunshine smiles, something that Kim had never seen and that put the first doubts into Kim’s mind. “It would be impossible to explain this in any way that you could understand. If I had read a book on it two week ago I still would not have understood it. But the fact is that I find more freedom in this than I have ever thought existed. You will never see the freedom for the chains will always block your view. Neither my master nor I know where we are going with this, where it will lead us. There will likely be bumps in the road, we just hit a small one after Chuck left where a misunderstanding had me thinking that I had upset my master in a way that would have been unforgivable. That has been the only problem we have had with this so far and experience will prevent that from happening again. That minor little crisis showed me one thing: any outside problem with our living as we want to is just a bothersome nuisance. We are doing nothing illegal and nothing is more important than how we feel about each other. You see the things that I do for him but to tell the truth I am getting the better part of the bargain and what make it sad is there is no way for me to explain what he is giving me and why I am ending up with the better end. What I am giving him is mostly external while what he had given me is all inside. I might have words for it if I had gone to college I don’t know but all I have ever been is a housewife and a waitress.

“If we know you are coming you won’t walk in on something like you did but if you accept that I’ll be dressed like this or similar then you can come for dinner from time to time to check for yourself if I am unhappy about anything.”

Kim sat her wine glass down and got up and left without a word.

“If you get started on dinner right now we might get to finish before the first of the phone calls.”

“Phone calls? God, she wouldn’t.”

“Of course she will. The only reason that I think we have a chance of getting dinner eaten is that Tim is going to have trouble getting his aunt Kim to hang up so he can call. When Crystal gets time to check her messages we will hear from her too. I don't think Kim will call Lisa.”

“Oh god, what are we going to do.”

“You are going to go make dinner.”

“Right. Sorry you had to remind me, I got panicky.’

“Of course you did.”

They were just finishing the spaghetti when the phone rang. Henry reached over and picked it up, “Hello Tim.” . “You expected my call?”

“Of course. We were just wondering if you would be able to get rid of your aunt Kim before we got dinner finished.”

Tim could not help himself but laugh, “She does like to give chapter and verse. Did you get your dinner?”

“Just finished as the phone rang. Your mother is cleaning it up now.”

“I want this straight. This is just like some prank you would pull to yank Aunt Kim’s chain. That is not what is going on, is it? Aunt Kim made it sound pretty bad.”

“Knowing Kim about half of what you heard is true and a lot of thing you didn’t hear are true too.”

“Gods, she made it sound like Mom has to ask permission to do anything and calls you master all the time.”

Henry called out, “Leave off with the dishes and grab the other line.” Returning to the phone, “As for asking permission you mother mostly knows what is and is not allowable and has no problem with that.” The other line was picked up. “Charlotte, Tim was wondering about you calling me master. When did I tell you to do that?”

“You didn’t.”

“You don’t call Dad master?”

“Oh no, I do that. It is just he never ask me to.”


“Because I want to.”

“Then you could start calling him Henry again.”

“I don’t think I could do that.”

“Why, what would he do?”

“I don’t think he would do anything, but I would feel terrible. I have worked hard to get to this point. I am deliriously happy. If I stopped calling him master I would be taking a step backwards and I don’t know if coming forward again would be harder a second time. I am not about to risk that.”

“You see Son, she is not calling me master because I make her. Nor is she doing what I wish her to because I am forcing her in any way. She does it because it makes her happy.”

“That does not sound like my mother.”

Charlotte spoke up, “You listen here. Before you were born your father and I use to have outrageous sexcapades. He had no trouble getting me to do what he wanted then and I enjoyed every bit of it. Especially when he played at blackmailing me. We gave that all up to become a respectable family and set a good loving example for you kids. That was a hell of a lot to give up but you kid were more important to us. And it was your father’s decision to stop, not mine. Well, the nest is empty now and you are not going to stop us from making up for 23 years of lost time. So your aunt does not like the way we live. It’s none of her damn business. I suspect that if your father did not want to maintain some contact with his family you aunt would have been out of here five seconds after she came in. Me, I knew that the minute that I called your father my master I would be completely ostracized by some of my family. And you know what? That is fine with me. If they can not accept my decision to live my life as I want to, then to hell with them. The only reason that I don’t tell you the same thing is that your father my master would not like it.”

Henry cut in, “Tim, you had to go and push the wrong button with her. You would think that working with those politicians would teach you to at least phrase things better.”

“Did she hang up?”

“She wouldn’t have hung up once I told her to get on the phone unless I ask her to.”

“That sounds like you are getting awful dictatorial.”

“Yes I am, but that is not why she did not hang up after I ask her to pick up the phone. Hanging up on you while I am on the line and want her to listen would have been an insult. I would never have said a thing about it but she would feel horrible about it.”

“Mom, I did not mean to get your dander up. The very fact that you can get your dander up makes much of what aunt Kim told me garbage. If that is what you truly want I can’t say as I like it but you're right, it is your life to lead. I think you are going to hurt yourself. If you ever need a refuge I have a spare room. No strings attached.”

“Ok Tim, now that you have satisfied part of your curiosity you can do your mother and me a favor. Call Crystal and leave a message on her machine. With when she gets in we will both be asleep. After hearing your aunt's message she will undoubtedly call us and wake us unless you leave a message that you have talked to us and to call us tomorrow to chew us out.”

As Charlotte walked passed he grabbed her leash. She immediately went to her knees but he pulled her genially onto his lap. “You are the most wonderful woman a man can have. You are the best lover that a man can have.” He smiled warmly into her face; “The fact that you are now the best slave I could ask for is a distant third. If there is ever a time that you feel that the collar is too much to bear you need only say take it off and you’ll never be asked to wear it again. It is even at this date not too late to turn back. We can still have all kinds of fun and not go this far.”

In her mind his words had sealed her slavery in a way nothing else could have. She kissed him with deep passion. “It’s too late. Way, way too late.”

“Then finish the kitchen and let's get a shower.” Henry thought how could anyone doubt her happiness after seeing one of her sunshine smiles, a smile that can warm the coldest of hearts.

She had almost been finished when she picked up the phone. As she approached Henry he stood. When she took the end of her leash and handed it to Henry and he took it another of her sunshine smiles broke upon her face. They got to the bathroom and Henry removed her collar and cuffs. He started to remove his shirt while she went to her knees and started on his trousers. When they were only partially down she found him total aroused. She had him in her mouth before she even thought about it. Seeing it there in front of her face she needed it in her mouth, she had to have the taste of it again and the only thing that could have stopped her from doing so was if her master said no.

Henry was taken by surprise by her aggressive move on him. He had planned this for later, but now didn’t hurt his plans any. He had seen the raw hunger on her face before she took him in. It was strange to see this on the face of a woman that until five days ago had not done this before. She drew it out for a long time and Henry knew that she was doing it as much for his pleasure as for hers. She needed a reminder of who was master so he signaled her to finish him off which she did vigorously. Then another of her sunshine smiles came upon her face.

They climbed into the shower and he again began to caress her with the soapy washcloth. They both immediately noticed the loss of an inhibition that neither of them had realized she had had. Instead of enjoying it quietly she was moaning with pleasure from the first. When she was clean and rinsed of soap he used his hands and mouth to control her body. Charlotte knew that she would orgasm only when he decided she could, therefore she focused only on the moment and the pleasure of it, thinking of nothing else. Since she had not been trying to anticipate it, it was doubly delicious when it came.

She in turn washed Henry. Her hands on his body was nearly driving her insane with desire. She didn’t care if he fucked her or she gave him head again she just wanted him. When she was again on her knees in front of him she looked up with a naughty questioning smile on her face. When he shook his head no she gave him her pouty look. He pulled her up by her hair turned her around and gave her a hard smack on her wet ass then put her out of the shower. Instead of being mad she found it invigorating that he would do something if she was not letting him control her. She looked at the bright red handprint on her ass check with satisfaction

Henry came out of the shower and threw a towel at her and dried himself. He headed for the bedroom leaving the cuffs and collar where they were. She followed, grabbing the collar and leash and buckling on the collar as she went. She climbed into the bed and wrapped the leash around the center of the headboard and slid a lock through it and held it for Henry to close. He did so and she then turned her head so he could snap the lock there closed.

“This is your third night locked to the bed. How does being locked to the bed make you feel?”

“Owned. I know that I don’t leave this bed until you decide I do. It is almost like a security blanket for me.”

They made passionate love and then fell asleep in each others arms.

For the first time Charlotte was not awake at 6:00. The alarm clock was what woke both her and Henry. Henry was mounting her as soon as he has hit the alarm button. In her opinion it was a perfect way to start the day. She did not care that he would be done before she reached climax, she was just focused on the pleasure of the moment. He finished and unchained her and they got dressed and made their way to breakfast. Then she cleaned up.

After that was done she went to stand beside Henry. Her posture made it plain that she was making a request. Henry was not sure just what she was requesting. With her current appetites it could be that she want to give head or it may be that she just wanted him to take her into his lap and hold her. Part of the problem was that she was not actually requesting any specific thing just that he do something with her. If she had had something fixed in mind he would most likely picked up on it. When he pulled her onto his lap he again got to see that sunshine smile of hers.

Hand and hand they walked to the truck where she snuggled up against Henry. She was comfy, contented and at peace that she was asleep within a mile of leaving the house thought she rarely napped on the way to work no matter how tired she was. It was as they were getting into North Platte that she awoke.

“Tired, my love?” “Not really it’s just that if felt so nice leaning against you that I just drifted off.”

They entered the restaurant and took counter seats. Again two cups of coffee were sat in front of them. Though Henry had planned to make her do without a little while longer he said, “Go ahead if you want.” While this earned him a smile it was not one of the big sunshine smiles he had so come to love see on her face. They sat there chatting with themselves and others until she had to be on the floor. As she stood the loud crack of him slapping her ass silenced the restaurant. Neither Henry nor Charlotte never saw a few of her regulars stand with mean looks on their faces. However the total sunshine smile that broke across her face made them butt out. She leaned down and kissed him hard to emphasize how she felt. Henry did not stick around as usual since he wanted to run an errand before work.

In the back several girls converged on Charlotte as she knew they would. “How can you let him get away with doing something like that? If my Johnny tried something of the sort he would come up short a stump.”

Charlotte turned to the woman speaking. “Then I pity you. You and Johnny don’t have kids at home anymore either. How many times did you and he have sex in the past week? I had it more that that yesterday and each one was exquisite. My husband can do and does do things for me that makes my blood rush and knees weak, weak enough that a few days ago he had to catch me in the shower before I fell. And don’t all of you girl wish you could say the same about your men.” With that she walked off to start taking orders.

At one table two gentlemen said, “I think someone need to talk with your husband about acceptable behavior, manners and how to treat a lady.”

“And I think you gentlemen should butt out. It is none of your business that I like to have my ass slapped by my husband or that he will do it for me.”

She turned to glare at the snickers coming form the women seated at the next table. They were in their early thirties, one smiled and said, “You go, girl, you go.”

Which got a smile from Charlotte. Charlotte’s basic attitude with those that had seen it and those that she worked with was, 'You even try to get between me and my man and I’ll tear you apart', which was quite a change from her normal. Her manager that she expected to put her two cents in stayed out of her way. Interesting side effect though from some she got sympathy tips from other she got extra for the way she stood against those that would interfere.

For Henry to make his stop he would have to hurry to be to work on time. It went to the shop where he got the cuffs. When he walked in it was a different clerk and she was busy. He headed for the part of the shop that he hoped what he wanted was at. Found it there immediately, a ball gag and a blindfold. He took them to the counter and waited for the clerk. She saw him waiting and asked the girls she was helping if they could wait while she rang him out.

Jimmy came in at a slow time again so Charlotte took her break talking to him. He opened the bag he was carrying and showed the tape and a bottle of something. He asked, “Did you find the other tape useful?”


He teased, “Guess you’ll have to show me sometime.”

She replied with dead seriousness, “I’ll see if anything can be arranged.” Which left him coughing and sputtering. It was not often that someone got one on Jimmy.

Henry went to Charlotte’s work. Though he did not receive one of her big sunshine smiles as he came in she was still glad to see him and everyone in the restaurant could see it. He had a cup of coffee while she finished her shift. She clocked out and they left.

“What’s in the bag?”

“Another after dinner tape.” The drive home was peaceful and enjoyable.

Upon reaching home Charlotte was out of her clothes and had on her collar and cuffs in no time.

Charlotte had brought Henry his wine and was in the kitchen cooking when they heard a car pull into the drive. “Charlotte, bedroom.”

“Yes Master, but if I leave this will burn, if I turn if off it will ruin.”

“Fine, then stay there but stay by the stove where you are out of sight of the door.”

Banging started on his door. “Henry, Charlotte open up.” The voice was that of Charlotte’s father. Charlotte was the baby of the family and had always been special to him. This was going to be bad. Upon opening the door was a second surprise. They had come in Reverend James’ SUV and there was the Reverend, his wife, and two deacons and their wives as well as Charlotte’s father and eldest sister. (Her mother had left her father and moved back east as soon as Charlotte was married.)

“Kim,” was all the Henry said with some exasperation.

“Where the hell is my daughter!”

“Cooking dinner, of course.” The old man then shoved his way past Henry.

The screaming started as soon as he rounded the corner and that brought in everyone else. “So it true. You are becoming a damn slut and lost all sence of decency.” He ranted in this vein for some time while the other church members tried to make their disapproval known. Then the old man rounded on Henry, “This is all you fault. You have done this to my baby. I’ll kill you for this.”

Henry, who cared nothing about what was said or going on was only watching Charlotte and how she felt. If they caused her serious distress they would be out of his house on their ears in nothing flat. That was the only reason he was fast enough to move the old man aside and catch Charlotte’s wrist as the butcher knife was headed for his back.

“That was a stupid thing to say. I don’t say thing to Charlotte that I don’t mean and in the state she is in now she believes that of others.” Henry took the knife from Charlotte’s hand then said “Kneel and stay.” He turned back to the others. “You have made the trip out here to find out for yourselves and to speak with us about what we are doing. I, excuse me, we, will let you have your say if you can maintain a calm civilized manner. Any screaming, name-calling or anything of that sort and you will leave even if I have to throw you out bodily. Please, go back to the living room.”

“Charlotte, turn off the stove and let dinner ruin, then come to the living room.”

Henry took his accustomed chair and let others find their own places. He was not surprised that the Reverend was having a quiet but heated discussion with the old man. He told him that he would never be able to keep his cool and therefore they would all be thrown out. He was of course right and he and the old man both knew it, but you could never get the old man to back down graciously. (He had even refused Henry and Charlotte permission to marry until she told him she was having a kid. He then tried to get Henry charged with raping his daughter until she started bragging to people about how often they had sex, and only then did her father realize thay to go through with it would have made him a laughing stock). Finally, the Reverend persuaded the old man to go sit in the SUV.

People had just arranged themselves and Charlotte had taken her accustom position next to Henry's chair. She again handed him her leash. This time it was not her making a statement but looking to him for security.

Joyce, the wife of one of the deacons, asked, “How can you make her degrade herself like that in front of others?”

As Henry was about to answer the phone rang. “Hello. Why yes, Crystal, the Reverend and my father-in-law and some other are here. And here I thought it was your aunt Kim that had called out the posse. Just to let you know your interference almost cost your grandfather his life. No, I did not try to kill him. He said he was going to kill me and your mother believed him. She went after him. If I had not seen it he would most likely be dead and your mother in jail. Since you set this up I’ll put on the speaker but only for you to listen. I’ll talk with you after. If you interrupt now I’ll hang up.

“As to your question, Joyce, you don’t even know what you saw.”

“I see you keeping your wife nude in front of other people. I saw you make your wife sit on the ground then hand you a chain fastened to her neck.”

“She is sitting on the ground next to my chair because she belongs next to me where I can touch her or she me. She put the chain in my hand as a kind of trust that I will stand between you and her. She is nude because I like to see her body it is truly lovely. Since I like to see it she does not have on clothes on and she does not give a damn if others see it so long as I can.” When he said that she had a truly lovely body Charlotte lifted her head and leaned it against the arm of the chair with a contented smile on her face. Henry switched the leash to the other hand and placed his hand on her head and her smile brightened consideraby. This made the other in the room uncomfortable.

The Reverend stated,, “You have to know that this is wrong. You can not treat others like this.”

“Reverend, I have been attending your church even before you were there. I don’t know that this is wrong. I am not the one at some one else’s house making judgments on them. Nearly every sermon I have heard there is: Take a stand against this or stand against that, don’t allow this. For someone who’s religion is based on a person who stood for peace this sounds violent to me. What I am doing is making my wife happier than she has been in years. I dare say that she had had more joy in the past week that most of you will have all year. If this ceases to bring her joy then it ceases to happen.”

“You can’t flaunt God's will this way.”

“I have many a time listened to what you have said in church and I don’t believe you have anymore idea of God's will than I do. You just speak better and can make a living at it”

Most of the people were glaring at Henry though one fellow was frowning at the Reverend. “Now, ladies and gentlemen, we have really covered all the ground that is going to get covered without just going over and over the same ground. I will have to ask you to leave so we can talk to my daughter then restart dinner. One other thing, You have all made your positions clear. You are not welcome on my land, do not return.”

After they left Crystal spoke from the speaker, “I heard what Dad said and it was harsh, but don’t know what happened. Mom, what is going on?”

“You father and I are having the most wonderful time of our lives when people are not butting in. I am pushing myself so far beyond what I have lived before that I can not describe how good it feels. Yes I am naked and yes I have a leash attached to my my neck. But your father was right I did not give a damn that everyone saw. They don’t matter. Their opinion does not matter. The only persons whose good opinion I care about is your father's.”

“You don’t care if people think you are a slut or worse?”

“No I don’t, and for the matter I don’t care if I become a slut. In fact the only thing that is likely to stop that from happening is if your farther says no.”

“I can’t believe I am hearing my mother talk this way.”

“Twenty three years of taking care of my kids, putting on a good face, never daring to do the thing we did when young. Well Ozzie and Harriet are dead. There is no reason for us not to do what we want. The farm is paid for. It does not matter if I lose my job. Even your father could quit his and with his skills make enough doing work over the internet to pay for what little we would need. There is nothing anyone can do. It will blow over and your father and I will be left in peace. The only ones that are going to keep butting in are my kids and your father’s family. By the end of the week I will be persona non grata with mine. Of my children you are the one that I am going to have the most problem with. Tim will take it pretty much in stride. I am not sure what Lisa will think when she finds out.”

“Oh believe me I know my little sister better that you do and she will think it is hilarious.”

Henry said, “Well it is time to end this call and get dinner. I’ll think on what you have said and you think on what we said.”

Henry pulled Charlotte’s chain and gave her a passionate kiss. “Just make a can of soup”

“Yes Master but it would not be that hard to restart dinner and bring you a fitting meal.”

“I would rather have you here next to me instead of in the kitchen.” After what she had just been through he did not expect her sunshine smile that crossed her face. He guessed that all said and done all was well with his wife and slave. She brought in two bowls of soup only minutes later still wearing her sunshine smile. She gave him his then sat down to eat hers. He had never told her but she knew him well enough that the actions he had taken before she should finish her meal as quickly as possible so as to be ready for anything he should wish of her when he had finished.

When he had finished his soup and placed the bowl in her empty one, he motion her to take them to the kitchen but come right back. He opened the bag she had brought in it contained a sexual lubricant and a tape, “The Basics Of Anal Sex”. As she came back in he asked, “You want anal sex?”

“I don’t know, but it would only be a matter of time before you decided you wanted to try it. I had heard that you could get hurt as in hospitalized if you were not careful until you knew what you were doing. Hence I got the tape for us so that when you did decide you wanted to try it we would be ready.”

“You’re probably right, but I am not interested in it at the moment. Nor am I interested in watching a movie about it right now. Put the tape in the cabinet and come back here. I would like to spend the rest of the evening loving my wife.”

From his phrasing of it she knew that while he was planning to have sex with her that was just incidental to what he planned. When she came back he nearly had his pants off. She knelt and waited for him to finish. When he was finished he sat back in his recliner, grabbed he leash only inches form her collar and brought her to a position where she straddled him. She slowly and she rode him back and for while his hands caressed her lovingly. After her climax he brought her body to against his chest. Both sighed with deep, deep contentment; the world outside may have problems but Henry and Charlotte’s world was perfect. Thus to sleep they drifted.

The End

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