A Slave's Story
by Bridget

Chapter Six

We flew across the country to Carmel, California, near Monterey. During the flight, he asked me questions about my experiences and training.  Sometimes he would signal me to get him something to eat or drink, and I served him as I had been taught so long ago, kneeling with knees wide, kissing and caressing the glass, and offering myself along with it.  It seemed to please him.

He also told me about my new duties.  I would work during the day for the other help around the house.  When he arrived home, I would serve him. Master owned a company in San Jose and used a private helicopter to commute to and from work.  His household consisted of his driver/valet (Master John), a gardener (Master Michael), and a cook (Mistress Joan).  Later that summer, Master John’s daughter would return from school, but more about that later.

We landed and a car pulled up for him.  The driver did not seem surprised to see a naked woman get off the plane and into the car.  It was still night, and I was in no danger of being seen, unless someone in the tower had a pair of binoculars and happened to be looking our way.  We drove up Seventeen Mile Drive until we got to his house.  Master had a house on the ocean that, while not big, was beautiful.  It was all cedar, glass, and stone, and had lots of privacy behind a large stone wall.  It sat on a cliff, about five hundred feet above the small beach below.

I was taken to the basement by Master John and chained to a wall for the night.

The next morning, Master John woke me.  He told me we had a lot to do today and urged me to hurry through my breakfast, which he had brought down.  It consisted of some fruit, a roll, and hot tea.  I sat on the floor and ate while he watched me.  When I finished, he took me to a small bathroom in the basement.  It had a toilet, a shower, and a sink.  He watched as I relieved myself, showered, but when I started to put on my makeup, he stopped me, saying that it would not be necessary until later.

That morning, I found out why the make-up was not necessary.  I was assigned to the gardener until lunchtime, and I was a sweaty mess by the time I finished.  He had me hoeing weeds from the flowerbeds and raking pine needles from the grass.  He also had me give him blowjobs twice.

Master John brought me a sandwich about lunchtime.  After I ate, he had me lie down in the grass and first he, and then Master Michael made love with me.  They did not take me as a slave, but actually made love with me.  I was in heaven after the way I had spent the last several years almost celibate.

After watching me shower again, Master John let me put on my makeup then put me to work in the house until near dinnertime.  I helped Mistress Joan prepare the dinner for Master.  She fed me from her hand and then, when Master arrived home, I served him, much as I had served him drinks on the plane.  When he finished eating, he gestured for me to follow him.  He took me to the den, and had me kneel near his desk while he worked.  Occasionally, he would tell me to get him some coffee, or to get a book from the library.

About ten thirty, he took me to his bedroom and chained me to the headboard.  Then I had a man enter me for the third time that day.  We made love for about two hours, before we both drifted off to sleep.

That first day was typical of the way I spent the next several months.  I was rarely whipped, and never abused.  All three of them used me for their pleasure frequently during the day, and I spent about four or five nights a week in Master’s bed.  The other nights he had Master John take me down to the basement after he finished working.  On weekends, it was much the same, although I did not work as hard, because Master kept me near him.

Master never had any company at the house, so it was just the five of us.  Each afternoon, I cleaned, but my mornings were spent in different tasks, like washing Master’s cars (he had a Mercedes, a truck, and a Porsche), working in the yard or garden, or doing laundry.  It was a happy time for me because even though I was naked and collared, I was treated as one of the household.  There was also plenty of sex; Master was not possessive or jealous of the others when they used me.

That changed when Mistress Katie came home from school.  She was Master John’s daughter and lived in Master’s house during the summer.  She was eighteen when I first met her, and it was the first time that I had a younger Mistress.  She was very attractive, but it was clear that she thought I was scum.

She was sunning herself one morning in the back while I was doing yard work.  She told me to get her a glass of ice water.  When I returned with the glass, I served her as I had been serving the others.  She took the glass in one hand from me and used the other to slap me hard across the face, snapping my head to the side.

“I certainly don’t want to use you for anything,” she shouted, “and I certainly don’t need to see up your cunt.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I murmured.

That seemed to infuriate her even more.  She told me to fetch some rope and a whip from the basement.

When I returned with the items, she had me stand facing a tree.  Then she tied my wrists on the other side of it, pulling me hard against the rough bark.  Then she whipped me as severely as I had been since I arrived.  Master Michael watched for a few minutes, and then stepped between us to put a stop to it.  Reluctantly, Mistress Katie gave him the whip and went back into the house.  I was still crying, tied to the tree.  Master Michael stroked my hair for a few moments before untying me and sent me to the basement to rest.

I tried to avoid Mistress Katie as much as I could after that, but it wasn’t always possible.  Whenever we were alone, she would slap my face or breasts, or twist one of my nipples very hard until I was crying.  Once she even had me lay across her lap while she spanked me with her bare hand.  Part of the difficulty for me was that she was younger than I was.  It was easier, I realized, when the submissive was younger because then being submissive to the older person was a little more natural.  But she was younger than I was when I first became enslaved and six years younger than I was now.  In any other situation, I would have had the upper hand.

I wondered if her father or Master had told her she could not use the whip on me anymore, because she didn’t for a long time.  But one day, I found myself alone with her in the house.  Master was at work, and Master John and Master Michael had gone to town.  Mistress Joan received a call that her sister had been in an accident and called a cab to take her to the airport.

After Mistress Joan pulled away, Katie found me upstairs making the bed in her father’s room.  “Get down on your knees, slut,” she ordered.  I knelt down and she continued.  “Have you slept with my father?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Did you suck him?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“What else have you done with him?”

The question was so far reaching; I wasn’t sure how to answer.  When I hesitated, she slapped me.

“You really are a dumb bitch, aren’t you?”  It was a statement, not a question so I did not answer.  “I want you to masturbate now, but if you have an orgasm, you will be punished.  If I think you are faking playing with yourself, you will be punished.  Lie down and start now.”

I stretched out on the floor and put one finger inside me.  My other hand went to my breast and I stimulated my nipple.  Within minutes, I was ready to cum.  I held off as long as I could, then gave in to the sensations that flooded through my body.  It was obvious that I had climaxed as I lay weak and limp on the floor.

Mistress Katie told me to follow her on all fours.  Navigating down the steps was difficult, but I followed her out to the front yard.  She had me wait on all fours while she went to the garage.  She returned with a mallet, some rope, and four tent stakes.  She pounded the stakes into the ground making a square about seven feet on a side.  Then she had me lay in the center as she tied off my wrists and ankles to the stakes.

“Try to free yourself,” she told me.

I struggled for several minutes.  All that I accomplished was to chaff my wrists and ankles on the rope.  Satisfied, she went back into the house.  She returned with a birch switch that Master had kept in the basement but never used.  Then she stood over me, straddling me so that she faced my feet and began whipping the insides of my thighs with the switch.  Within seconds, I was begging for mercy and pleading with her to stop, but she kept it up for about ten minutes.  Then she threw the switch down and went into the house.  She returned wearing gloves and carrying a large bowl.  She walked up the drive and I heard the gate open.  When she returned, she dumped the bowl out on my stomach.  At first, I thought it was just dirt, but she had gone to a fire ant mound outside the gate.  I knew there were fire ants around, because every time Master Michael saw a mound, he spread poison around it and the next day the mound would be dead. 

I could feel the ants biting me, but the pain was not immediate.  But within a few minutes, I was writhing like crazy, trying to stop the pain and keep them from biting me.  There must have been thousands in the bowl that she dumped on me, because it just kept going on and on and on with the pain growing worse every second as the bites increased and toxins accumulated in my body.  Eventually, I passed out.

When I woke up, I was in Master’s bed.  I could feel the calamine lotion all over me as a dry, crusty, second skin.  A few moments later, Master John walked in and sat down beside the bed.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’ll be fine, Master.”

“I need to talk to you about Katie.  Katie is my daughter, and I love her, but that doesn’t excuse what she did.  I want to bring her in to talk to you.  Will you see her?”

I knew he wanted me to say yes, he had said as much, but I was afraid of her after what she had done to me.  “Will someone else be with us, Master?” I asked.

“No, but I will be right outside.  If you holler, I will come immediately.  She will not be allowed to harm you again.”

“I will see her, Master.”

He walked out of the room and Katie came in.  “I have been instructed to apologize to you.”

“You needn’t Mistress, but for what it is worth, I accept your apology.”

She stood next to the bed looking down at me, not saying anything.  I got the sense that there was something she wanted to ask, but didn't know how.

“Is there something else, Mistress?”

“Why do you do this to yourself?”

“Do what to myself, Mistress?”

“Accept the kind of abuse you receive.”

I thought about her question for a moment before I answered.  “Mistress, I don’t do this to myself, others do.  But I have chosen to let them.  At first, I did it because it was sexy and exciting, but now it is something else.”

“What else?”

“It is how I am fulfilled.  Years ago, I read in a book that a woman could only be free by being enslaved.  I think that describes me perfectly.  As a slave, I am free to be myself, be who and what I am.  I don’t have to assume a role that someone else, or society, says that I should assume.”

“My mother was my father’s slave.  I never understood why she did that.”

“Perhaps it was because she loved him so much, that she wanted to belong to him completely.”

“Have you loved your owners?”

I hesitated again, thinking about my answer.  “Yes, somewhat.  Probably not the way you think about love, but in another way.  Even the cruel one, I think I loved somewhat.”

“Was it hard to give up your own choices?”

“No, not really, Mistress.  I exercised my right to choose on the most important decision I will ever make.  And all of the other choices that I was not able to exercise because of it are not missed.”

“I’m scared.”

“Scared of what, Mistress?”

“Scared that I may be like you.  Scared that I may be a slave.”

“Why does that scare you, Mistress?”

“Because I don’t want to be a slave.”

She stood quietly for a moment.  Then she thanked me and left the room.

Master John came in again after she left.  “Katie isn’t really my daughter, you know.  Her mother was married once before.  She left her husband to become my slave.  When her mother died, I thought Katie would go back to him, but she decided to stay.  At first, I thought it was because she loved me more than her father.  Later, I thought it was because of what Lawrence could do for her, the private schools and all of that.  Now, I don’t know.  You rest now.  You will be as good as new in a few days.  Take it easy.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Two days later, I was back into my routine.  A week later was Mistress Katie’s nineteenth birthday.  We had a barbecue picnic outside near the cliff.  After I served the others, I was allowed to eat while Katie opened her presents.  After she opened everything, she was sitting among the presents and the torn wrapping paper looking glum.

“What’s wrong?” her father asked.

“I love the presents, Dad, but I really didn’t get what I wanted for my birthday.”

“What is it that you wanted?”

Katie looked down at the ground for a moment, then looked directly at her father.  “A collar.”

Everything stopped.  It was as if the ocean had dried up because you could not hear the ever-present sound of the waves crashing against the beach below.  Master John looked over at my owner, then Master Michael, then Mistress Joan.  Finally, he turned back to my owner.  Master looked at him for a moment then nodded.  Master John got up and went into the house.  When he came back, he was carrying a steel collar.  He told Katie to kneel and we watched as he locked the collar around her throat.  When he finished, he told her to stand up and strip.  Katie stood up and took off her blouse.  Next to come off were her shorts.  As she stood before them in her panties and bra, I could see her lip tremble.  Then she quickly reached behind her back and undid the bra.  Just as quickly, the panties came off and she was naked for the first time as a slave.

Her body was beautiful.  Her breasts were small, but they were tipped with the most beautiful, dark nipples I had ever seen.  Her legs were long and tanned and she stood with her feet spread, almost defiantly.  Then Master John ordered her to her stomach.  She lay down in the grass and he told her to crawl to him and kiss his feet.  She did as she was instructed and I was amazed how quickly she seemed to change from the haughty teen beauty to a slave who was eager to please her new owner.

I had never seen another person submit as a slave before, and I wondered if that is what I had looked like when I submitted.  But what happened next surprised me even more than what had already happened.  Katie (I no longer had to refer to her as Mistress) was tied to the same tree to which she had bound me.  Then I was given a whip and told to whip her.

I just stood there looking down at the whip in my hand, not knowing what to do.  The idea that I might whip someone someday had never even crossed my mind.  I was as naked as she was, and collared as she was now, and somehow it just didn’t seem real to me at all.

Master came over and stood by me.  I was going to offer him the whip when he shook his head, as if he was reading my mind.

“All the pain she caused you, now is the time for you to pay her back.”

“Master, there is nothing to pay back.  Everything she did, she had a right to do.”

“I will make your choice simpler, then.  Either you whip her or you take her place to be whipped.”

As I have stated several times in this narrative, I am not a masochist, and I do not enjoy being whipped or suffering.  I accept it when it happens, but it has never crossed the line to pleasure for me.  I walked over to the tree and stood to the side.  Then I lashed out with all of my might.  Katie let out a grunt as the whip pushed her against the tree.  I watched as a red welt grew on her back before I hit her again.  I don’t know how many times I lashed out at her before she began crying and begging me to stop.  I looked up at Master John and he indicated that I was to continue.  I was growing sweaty with the effort when Master finally called a halt to the whipping.  Master John told me to go inside and the others followed me.  I gathered that Katie was going to spend the night tied to the tree.

The next morning, I went outside and Katie was still tied to the tree.  I wanted to free her and hold her, but I knew that I could not.  She was awake, and knew I was standing behind her, but we did not talk at all.  I reached up and touched her shoulder, then gently ran my hand down her side to her hip.  That was all of the communication either of needed just then.  I went back inside to begin my chores.

Later that morning, I asked Master John how long he was going to keep Katie tied to the tree.  He just shrugged so I went about my chores.  It wasn’t until later that night that Katie was taken down.  I realized that they had left her there for a full twenty-four hours.

When she was brought back into the house, I was told to clean her up.  I took her by the arm and led her to shower I used in the basement.  The cold water shocked her a little, and brought some color back to her skin.  As I washed her, I tried to be gentle where the welts were on her back, but she still winced a little at my touch.  When she was clean, I wrapped her in a large towel and patted her dry.  I suddenly had a flashback to the night in the barn when my two friends were cleaning me after the prom and tied to make the experience for Katie as sensuous as that night was for me.  After fixing her hair and putting her make-up on, I led her back upstairs.  Master and Master John were waiting for us.

“Well, Katie, still convinced you want to be a slave?” Master John asked.

“Yes, Master.”  She never hesitated.

“Very well.  Lara[1], you will begin training her tomorrow.  A cell for her has been prepared in the basement.  Take her down and I will be there shortly.”

I took Katie downstairs to the room I had seen earlier when I gave her a shower.  She sat down on the floor and I knelt in waiting position.  I thought about correcting her, but Master John had said that her training would begin tomorrow, so I did not make her change her position.  She still had not talked to me, but after a few minutes, she lifted her head and smiled at me.  Then, without being prompted, she knelt as I was, knees spread wide and hands palms up on her thighs.

Master John came down a little while later and chained her by her collar to the wall.  I was ordered out and went to my cell.  Master came in a few minutes later and sat down on the floor in front of me.

“What am I going to do with you?” he asked.

“I don’t understand, Master.  You may do whatever you wish with me.”

“No, you don’t understand.  I don’t think it is a good idea to keep two slaves here.  I can’t get rid of Katie, she belongs to John.”

He stood up and chained me to the wall.  Then he left, locking the door behind him.

I didn’t sleep well at all that night.  I did not want to be sold again; I was happy here.  But I also knew that I would not have anything to say about it.

The next morning, Master John freed me from my cell and gave me a riding crop to use on Katie during her training.  I remembered a scene from one of the Gor novels.  A slave was going to train three girls.  At her first meeting with them, she used a goad, an electric prod, to instill fear in them.  Because I hadn’t slept well, I was irritable.  When Master John turned Katie over to me, I began beating her with the crop.  She was writhing and twisting on the ground as I whipped her, trying to fend off the blows with her hands and arms, but they could not cover all of her naked body.  Every time she exposed a new part of her body, the crop found it.

After five minutes, I stopped and let her cry for a moment before I ordered her to her knees.  “You will learn or you will be whipped,” I told her.

Katie tuned out to be an excellent student.  I started by teaching her the display postures I had learned so many years before.  Often, as my first Master had done with me, I had to touch her to get her in just the right position.  While I had been kept nude for so many years, it was a new experience for Katie and often I could tell that my touching her was stimulating her, especially when one of the men was present to watch the training.

In the evening, we took care of the household, serving them dinner, entertaining them, and gratifying them sexually.  Katie was fully trained in about six weeks.  I told Master John that there was nothing else I could teach her.  From then on, we were available all day for the staff, in whatever capacity they wished. 

Once or twice a week, Katie and I became the entertainment.  We were ordered to make love to each other while the others watched.  At first, it was awkward, but as we became used to each other’s needs, we did much better.

I thought that this was heaven.  I worked hard, but not too hard.  I was punished, but not often and never as severely as I had been by other owners.  And there was lots of sex.  The house was nice, the weather terrific, and I hoped it would never end.  But as I was coming to learn, I should never count on things remaining the same for long.

About four months after Katie was enslaved, Master told me that I had been sold.  Not was going to be sold, had been.  There had never been any guests at the house to examine me, so I wondered why they bought be sight unseen.  But it turned out that my new owner had seen me.

[1] I haven’t really talked about the names I have had because I am now accustomed to having my name change when I change owners.  The couple whose baby I bore never really named me, they just referred to me as slave.  Mistress addressed me as slave, or pet, but actually named me Ria.  Here, I was called Lara.