The Naked Girl
by Bridget

Part 2
My Naked Week

The first day we were back in school after the snowstorm was Wednesday. I had spent Saturday evening, all day Sunday, and most of Monday at Brian’s house naked with twenty other couples after the snowstorm made the roads impassable. Brian couldn’t wait to tell me what happened after he took me home and returned to his house. We didn’t have any classes together because he was a senior about to graduate and I was only a junior so I had to wait until lunch to hear all about it.

He told us that his parents grilled him about what went on while they were stuck in San Francisco. He explained that the snowstorm hadn’t really started when the prom ended so everyone came over for the party just the way he had planned. It wasn’t until later that he realized that everyone was stranded there. His parents asked him about sex and he told them that while he couldn’t watch everyone all the time, the girls slept in the bedrooms and the boys downstairs. As far as he knew, they might have been some making out, but he wasn’t aware of any sex.

So his parents then checked all of the sheets looking for semen stains and went though the trash looking for beer bottles and used condoms. It wasn’t until they completed their search that they apologized and said they believed him.

Sally on the other hand was busy telling everyone at school what a tramp I was. According to the terms of our bet, she was supposed to apologize to me in health class and admit she was wrong. Of course she didn’t apologize, nor did she admit that I had proven her wrong. What she did instead was spread stories about me and what happened that weekend. Unfortunately for me, most of her stories were factual. However, unknown to me, Brian had talked with everyone else who was there, including Sally’s boyfriend Tom, and every single one of them agreed to repudiate Sally’s stories. Then the paper picked up on the rumors and ran a story about the teenage orgy that occurred during the snowstorm.

Brian’s parents wrote a letter to the editor that explained their actions when they got home, including their search for evidence of alcohol consumption or sex. They wrote that they searched the trash and examined the laundry for any sign of wrong doing and found nothing. They also demanded that their letter be printed on the front page beside a retraction or their attorneys would be contacting them about the libel suit. The letter and retraction were published on the front page of the next issue and the paper attributed the error to a disturbed girl who had just broken up with her boyfriend.

Tom had called the editor after the story appeared and told him that he had just dumped Sally because her right wing Christian extremism was driving them apart. It also helped that everyone else who was there phoned the paper after the story appeared and denied it. Just one picture from anyone would have been enough to disprove our story but none ever surfaced and I took that as a sign that the trust I placed in my friends was justified. So Sally was branded as a shrew and a liar. Her social life in that town was over. In fact, instead of coming back for her senior year, she went to live with an aunt in Minnesota and graduated from high school there in a move arranged by her parents.

Obviously, my parents questioned me both before and after the story. I faced my first interrogation after Brian dropped me off. I told them about a lot of stuff that happened, like Brian and some others wading through the snow to get us food, and the effort everyone made to dig out the driveway. I also told them that I didn’t have intercourse with Brian, which was true, and that I wasn’t aware of any other couple that made love while we were there. Then after the article was published, I had to go through the whole thing again.

About a week after the first article, the newspaper arranged to interview everyone who was there and ran another article a few days later about how we got through our ordeal without panicking. The article concluded with praise for the parents of the teenagers at the party for raising us to be the responsible and moral adults of tomorrow. I was a little worried about the interviews because I knew they would catch any little inconsistency but actually it turned out pretty well. Nobody really had to lie about anything so everybody’s stories matched pretty closely. They just had to omit the fact that I was naked the whole time and not say anything about the things I had done.

After the second article, the trust our parents had in us rose exponentially and to our credit, none of us involved in the party tried to abuse it. I guess that’s what made my naked week possible later that summer.

So now I will fast forward to the end of July. Brian is going to leave for college in about four weeks as are many of the other seniors who were at the party. I have about five weeks before my senior year of high school begins. Brian’s parents have to go to Europe for ten days for their business leaving Brian alone at the house. So he asks his parents if he can have some friends stay with him that week as a last get together before they go to different schools around the state and in two cases, to California and Massachusetts. Brian doesn’t try to scam them; he tells them that he wants to invite four other couples and me.

Brian’s parents are a little unsure so they call the parents of the other teens and ask them to come over to the house one evening with their kids. They present Brian’s proposal and discuss it with the other parents while we are all sitting there listening. Brian’s mother almost clinched it when she said she believed Brian about no sex and no booze. Then she went on to say that in just a few weeks all of the kids but me would be off to college and free to engage in whatever behavior they chose, and she believed that all of us recognized that there were consequences to our actions. She went on to argue that since they were going to lose supervision of most of us in another few weeks anyway, they had to decide if they wanted to treat us as children for a short time or recognize that we were adults now and treat us that way.

Then my dad spoke. “For all of you, I can understand your argument and I would agree with it if Leah were also leaving for college. But she isn’t. Yes, she is eighteen but she is still our responsibility. I’m not sure I can agree to this.”

Brian was going to say something but I put my hand on his arm to stop him and spoke instead. “Dad, I won’t lie to you, Brian and I have talked about having sex before and there were times when it was mighty tempting like during the snowstorm. But I am still a virgin and I promise you that if you let me do this, I will return a virgin. We’ve agreed to wait for sex exactly because of the consequences Mrs. McNally mentioned a few minutes ago. And if you don’t agree that I can spend the nights here like everyone else, I would still be spending my days here and just commuting early in the morning and late at night. Brian and I only have a few more weeks together before he leaves and we want to spend as much of it together as we can. But spending time together and having sex are not synonymous. Whatever you decide, I will of course honor your decision, but I hope you will let me do this.”

And that was the speech that clinched the deal. My mother put her hand on my father’s cheek and told him that she trusted me and that I hadn’t done anything to deserve their distrust. She said that it would be a shame if they punished me for something I might do instead of something I already did. My father nodded and agreed that it was okay.

The next day, the ten of us met at the park to make plans. Brian was going to load up on groceries for the week and wanted to find out what people liked and disliked. He also explained that he promised his parents no sex and that meant no intercourse. The boys would share two bedrooms and the girls the other two, including the master bedroom with its own bath. If that wasn’t acceptable, they should not come. He went on to acknowledge that anything short of intercourse was okay as long as it was kept private. Then he looked at me to continue the discussion.

I said, “It is my intention to remain naked the entire week but once again, and I know I probably don’t need to say this, no pictures that could leak out and cause embarrassment to me or my family. I don’t know if any of you have considered trying it but I would suggest to you that it takes a particular frame of mind to get through it. I had to because of my bet with Sally and my refusal to let her win so I had a strong motivation. But if you do decide you want to do it, I ask that you do as I will do and have your clothes locked up the entire week. If it is something that you can jump in and out of based on your mood, then it turns it into something without real value. At least, that’s the way I see it. So, is anyone else in?”

Kara looked around at everyone and spoke for the group. “No, I don’t think so. You will be the only one. I told you how much I admired what you were doing the last time but that doesn’t mean I want to emulate it. While you are comfortable like that because you believe that being vulnerable and completely open is a good outcome for you, I’m not sure that any of us have reached the point where we could duplicate your outlook.”

“I understand. There is just one more thing then. Brian and I will respect the privacy rule for anything we do together, just as you will. But I must be allowed to do things to myself when we are together. If the need is upon me, I will not hide it from you. Agreed?”

They all agreed so we made plans to meet at Brian’s house at about eight in the morning the day after his parents leave for Europe, two days from then. I could feel the excitement building in me knowing that I was once again going to be nude around everyone and have to be completely open about what I was feeling. It was such a relief for me not to have to hide anything from anyone, not having to pretend to be the same as everyone that I could barely wait for the day to arrive. The night before, while I was packing, my mother came up to my room to see me.

“Leah, I meant what I said at the McNally’s about trusting you, but I think your father assumed that I meant it in the same way he did. You are a beautiful and intelligent young woman and if you decide to make love with Brian, I won’t think any less of you. What I wanted to say, and couldn’t in front of your father, was that I trusted you to give yourself to someone you love and who loves you in return, not just for the experience of having sex, but because you really wanted to share your love in a physical way. I don’t think you are too young to make that decision, and I just wanted you to know that.”

I was crying by the time she finished. I threw my arms around her neck and hugged her just like I did when I was a little girl. “Mom,” I said pulling away from her, “someday I may tell you about the snowstorm and about this week, but the one thing I can tell you now is that Brian and I are not ready yet. I think we will be soon, and when it happens, you will be the first person I tell. But even if I wanted to, I promised Dad and I won’t break that promise. And thank you for everything. I know I don’t say it as often as I used to but I love you.”

She nodded and left me alone to finish packing.

The next morning my father drove me to Brian’s. Before I got out of the car, he kissed my forehead and told me to have a good time. I got out and took my bag from the back seat, waved to him, and ran up to the front door. Brian was there to greet me and gave me a huge hug, lifting my feet off the ground as my father pulled away. I had wanted to be the last to arrive so that they could watch me undress because I thought it important that they see me as I shed my clothes and my pretenses with them. Brian carried my bag downstairs to the basement where everyone was waiting.

Kara was still with Zeb, but Beth was dating Tom, Sally’s old boyfriend. The other two couples were Robin, who I had been friends with since we were in the Brownies and her boyfriend Shane, and Terri and Heater. His real name was Heathrow but other than an occasional teacher who didn’t know any better, everyone had called him Heater since grade school. “Well, are you ready, Leah?” Brian asked.

“I have been ready for this since the snowstorm. I never expected that I would have another chance so soon.” Everyone sat down on the floor in a semi-circle and I stood in front of them and started removing my clothes. Unlike last time, however, when I moved slowly and stalled as much as I could, this time I fairly tore them from my body. It took me less than a minute to get naked and as soon as I was, I stretched like a cat waking from a nap. I lifted my arms straight up as far as I could while I stood on my toes and I felt the way it pulled my breasts taut and flattened them against my chest. I stretched my legs back behind me one at a time and felt the muscles pulling and loosening up. I stood straight up and twisted from side to side as I felt the stiffness ooze out of me. I was even more aware of the feeling of the rug on the soles of my feet. Once again I was free and it felt terrific. I knelt down facing them and sat back on my heels with my knees spread so that my slit was plainly visible. I had stopped shaving a week after the snowstorm and now I used a hair removal lotion to keep my pussy bald. Brian put my clothes and shoes in my bag and took it upstairs to lock it in the trunk of his car.

“Leah, your nipples! What did you do to them?” asked Beth.

My nipples were a deep reddish brown, almost mahogany color. Naturally, they are pale pink, barely distinguishable from my skin. “Well, I really liked the way they looked when they were darker but coloring them every day when no one else would see them but me seemed kind of stupid. Plus the color comes off on the bra cups and I was worried my mom might ask about it when she saw my bras in the laundry. So I found a better way. There is some non-toxic dye that people use for temporary tattoos and I have spent a couple of weeks rubbing some in every night after using a blow dryer to open the pores so the dye would soak in before drying. If I stopped completely, they’d go back to their original color in a few months. I’m at the point now where I’ll only color them every couple of weeks to keep them this shade. It really makes them stand out, don’t you think?

“They’re lovely, Leah, but if the goal is to not hide your real self, isn’t it cheating?”

“No more so than when you put the lipstick on them the first time or the fact that I still wear make-up on my face when I’m naked. But this is really more about vanity than anything else. I like them better now that they stand out. I want people to see them and this makes it possible, well, at least easier.”

“You really do take joy in being naked around us, don’t you?” Terri asked.

“Oh, yeah. This is the most wonderful feeling I know.”

“When you made that speech before you masturbated the last time, I wasn’t sure if you really meant it or were just saying it to rationalize your behavior.”

“That first night was hard, and thinking about it after that weekend, I probably had lots of other ways I could have dealt with Sally. I certainly didn’t have to offer to strip to win a debate with her. But I think that I was trying to be so many different things to so many people, that it was driving me nuts. My subconscious was fighting against all the roles I felt I had to play. I felt I had to be one way at school for the teachers and another way at work. I have one role for my parents and a different one for Brian and still another for classmates. Look, you guys are probably better at balancing all that stuff than I am and it was driving me crazy. There were nights when I cried myself to sleep wondering why I couldn’t just be me and if people disapproved, so be it. I think some of it also came from being more cut off from you guys after my accident. Because now that I was in different classes, I didn’t see you as much and we didn’t talk as much. So a lot of my support was missing.

“That’s when my subconscious came up with an ingenious solution. If I was naked in front of everyone, I could shed my roles with my clothes and just be myself. I did some research on dreams and when you dream that you are naked in public it means you are hiding something about yourself but you want to share it with others. And since your subconscious controls your dreams, it seems to me that it was trying to teach me about myself, but instead of using a dream, it used real life. Maybe this is all bull but I feel it is close to the truth, at least as far as it relates to me. I’m not sure that I could even have this conversation with you if I was wearing clothes. That’s how much being naked frees me.”

Kara jumped in at that point. “Before we go too far afield, can we come back to your tits for a moment? Does using the dye on them change the texture? Do they feel the same to the touch?”

“You’ve felt them before. Come over here and touch them now and you tell me.”

Brian returned and joined the others sitting across from me as she crawled forward on her hands and knees and reached out to touch one of them. Her touch was cool and gentle and as soon as she made contact with the nipple, it crinkled and became very hard.

“Wow, it feels perfectly natural and look how fast it reacted to my touch.”

“Anyone else want to touch them?” I asked.

To my delight, they all said yes. I spent the next ten minutes having my nipples rubbed by nine people as they sat cross-legged in front of me. Even Kara had a second helping. It was fun and when it was over, we were all laughing. Also, I was leaking as I got felt up by everyone and I wasn’t sure how long I could hold out against my need for an orgasm.

Then Brian said he had the perfect game to play with a naked girl and asked if anyone was interested. We all agreed so he got up and went to a closet. When I saw what he brought back I jumped up clapping my hands and laughing. It was Twister. He hadn’t told me that he was going to do that but I had to agree; it is the perfect game to play with a naked girl. It’s also the perfect game to play if you are a naked girl and want to show off your body to others in every position imaginable. Before we began, Brian announced that he had a prize in mind for the winner.

So for the next two hours we played with the winner playing the next game. Being shorter than everyone, I had a distinct advantage because I could keep my balance better in tight spaces but what was so great about it was that every time I came in contact with someone else I could feel their clothes rubbing against my bare skin so it was a constant reminder of my nudity in a tactile way instead of just a visual one. The other thing I loved about it was that every part of my body was exposed to them. I found myself in positions where my ass, pussy, and breasts were all prominently on display at one time or another.

The other advantage I had was that it was probably a little disconcerting for them to play with someone who was naked. I won a couple of early games because they were afraid of touching me inappropriately but I cured them of that by making sure that I touched them inappropriately, so after awhile, they stopped worrying about it and just had fun. Once I had one of the guys leg between mine so my pussy was rubbing up against his thigh. Another time, the situation was a little different because I had my forearm rubbing another guy’s crotch as I reached for a spot. I lost one game when Brian copped a quick feel of my pussy while we were moving and his touch was so electric that I jumped and fell off one of my spots.

I probably spent half of the two hours playing and that was fine with me and them because when they weren’t playing they got to watch a naked girl contort her body into strange positions. And I got to have everyone staring at me as I moved to get to the next spot while rubbing them with my naked body.

Brian had been keeping score of how many games each of us won and I was far ahead when we decided to call it quits. As Heater put the game away, Brian asked me if I was ready for my prize. I told him that of course I was so he went back to the closet. He got out a huge beach towel and a couple of plastic bottles. He spread the towel out on the floor and told me to lie face down on it. I stretched out on the towel and waited for what was coming next. This was another one of his surprises that he hadn’t shared with me.

“You are now going to get a massage by eight people at once. Girls kneel down on the right side, boys on the left. Here is a bottle of massage oil for each side. You get thirty minutes this way then we flip you over and do thirty minutes with you on your back. I will be the official timekeeper. Okay, you can start now.”

I had a sudden thought. “Wait. Brian, if someone else had won, would he or she have had to strip for a massage?”

“No, I had something else in mind for a prize if anyone else won. But this is what I had in mind for you and I had faith that you would come through, honey.”

“Thank you. I love you, you know.”

“I most certainly do know and by the way, I love you, too. Gentlemen and ladies, you may begin.”

I had never had a massage before so I don’t know how good they were compared to a spa massage, but I was in heaven for the next hour as eight pairs of hands massaged every muscle in my body. At first I marveled at what good friends I had. Here were four girls who were not only allowing their boyfriends to put their hands all over a naked girl but they were also taking part in it. After the snowstorm it took me some time to realize that one of the most amazing things about the experience was the complete lack of jealousy that weekend. I don’t know if everyone in that larger group would have put up with this but among the ten of us there was not one instance that I could point to where anyone expressed an objection to anything they or their boyfriend or girlfriend was asked to do and many were far more intimate than anything we did on my first naked weekend. And that included Brian who not only was allowing four other guys to feel me up, but actually suggested it.

Then I had to stop thinking and just enjoy the feeling of all those hands rubbing the oil into my body. I felt my legs pulled open so that they could reach the inside of my thighs. Other hands were on my shoulders and back and calves. The two at my feet, Shane and Robin spent a lot of time massaging the soles of my feet and I giggled because some of it really tickled. After thirty minutes, Brian told me to turn over and now I was face up with my breasts and pussy available and they took full advantage of my exposure, even the girls.

All too soon, Brian called time again. Everyone stood up and Brian helped me to my feet. He told everyone that they could take turns washing the oil off their hands in the restroom but now it was his turn. He picked up the beach towel and wrapped me up in it then rubbed me all over to remove the excess oil. He took his time and by the time he finished everyone was back and I was so turned on that my pussy was like Niagara Falls it was leaking so much.

I sat down on the couch and spread my legs. Then I masturbated while they watched me. When my orgasm hit me, I moaned softly and my body quivered for a long time after it was over. When I recovered, Brian suggested we go upstairs for lunch. I washed my hands at the kitchen sink and the other girls and I made sandwiches and poured sodas for everyone. The guys were seated at the table already and we gave them theirs and went back to the kitchen for our own. We sat around the table eating and sharing funny stories from high school. Other than the fact that I was naked and had just masturbated while everyone watched, we were like any other group of teenagers hanging out.

“So what would you like to do after lunch?” Brian asked.

Everyone came up with suggestions, and then Tom asked if we would like to play some football in the backyard. It was a gorgeous day, about seventy-five degrees and sunny with a little breeze, so everyone quickly agreed. The game was two-hand touch anywhere and Heater, Brian, Beth, Robin, and I were one team. There wasn’t another neighbor within a half mile of Brian’s house so we didn’t worry about privacy.

So for the next two hours, I got to run around naked in the sunshine getting mauled by my friends. Sometimes the two hand touch got a little energetic and we often ended up in piles rolling around in the grass laughing like crazy. Pretty soon we stopped keeping score because we got so caught up in having fun playing that the score wasn’t important.

When we decided to stop, everyone was dirty and sweaty so the next stop would be the showers. The boys let us go first so we headed to the master bedroom. The shower was huge, easily big enough for three, a little cramped with four, and five made it impossible to bend over.

Then I had an idea. “Hey, listen; there is something I want to do for you. The massage you gave me was so great; I want to pay you back. How about if I take two of you at a time into the shower and wash you? That will save some hot water for the boys compared to five showers and it gives me a chance to treat you after what you did for me. Beth and Kara quickly agreed but I noticed that Terri was holding back a little. Beth and Kara stripped off their clothes and we got in the shower together. I pulled them away from the spray and lathered up bath sponge and went back and forth first doing one part of one then the same part of the other. I didn’t linger at their breasts or pussies because I didn’t want to give them the wrong idea and Terri and Robin were watching me wash them. Maybe if it had just been the three of us, I might have done it differently but sensing Terri’s discomfort with the idea made me cautious.

Beth and Kara got out of the shower and Terri and Robin came in. I did Robin all over first to show Terri that everything was okay. When it was Terri’s turn, she was a little tense but she relaxed a little after I finished scrubbing her and she got out. Then I washed myself, turned the water off, and dried myself off. All together, the five of us had only taken about fifteen minutes in the shower. It would have been longer if we had to wash our hair, of course, but we all settled for a thorough rinse to save time and hot water.

Kara told the boys that the shower was ready and we took turns fixing each other’s hair while the four of them were wrapped in towels. Of course, I discarded mine as soon as I was dry. Just a little make-up on my face and I was ready to face the world again. Well, maybe not the world because I was naked, but at least ready to face my friends feeling clean and refreshed.

I went downstairs while the other girls were getting dressed and the boys were showering. I waited in the kitchen and pretty soon everyone had joined me there. Brian was the last to arrive, half way grumbling that maybe it was a good thing that he had to take a cold shower with me running around naked. I laughed so hard I almost fell down when he said it. Then he asked what we wanted for dinner.

That’s when Terri took charge. She shooed the boys down to the basement, telling them to watch sports or play video games or do whatever boys do when they are alone. She took a quick look through the fridge and freezer, found everything she wanted, and started giving us directions about what to do.

An hour and a half later we called the boys up from the basement and served them salad, rare London Broil, garlic mashed potatoes and gravy, and creamed spinach. The food was delicious which surprised and delighted everyone but Heater who already knew what a marvel Terri was in the kitchen.

“So Leah, explain something to me,” said Robin. “I did some research on dominance and submission for my AP psychology class and you seem to fit the classic submissive profile. Role confusion, enforced nudity, and the desire to please are all indicators of a submissive personality. I’m a little surprised by the fact that you don’t act more submissive, or even slavishly. How do you manage to keep from crossing that line?”

“I’ve done research on that and exhibitionism myself since that weekend just to help me understand myself better. First, with submissiveness, I don’t think I could do that for a couple of reasons. I put myself in this position so I could feel good about myself, to get rid of the pretense and let people see the real me. If I gave others the control and let them put me in this position, I would feel shame and humiliation. I did feel a little humiliation the first time, but it passed pretty quickly and I really don’t feel that anymore. As for shame, I don’t think that is a good thing to feel and don’t want any part of it. Also, the key is for me to be me, to let you see me just as I am. In a submissive role, I would have to be what my dominant wanted me to be and that would defeat the purpose of exposing my self to you. And by expose, I don’t just mean my body; I also mean my feelings and thoughts. When I masturbated earlier today, it was because I felt the need very strongly and did not want to hide that need from anyone. But as a submissive, I could have been denied the right by my dominant to masturbate, thereby hiding my true feelings and needs.

“As for exhibitionism, my understanding is that it is a disorder only when it interferes with other life activities. It’s broken into two categories; indecent exposure when the intent is harmful to others, like a guy flashing his genitals to little girls, or non-harmful. Obviously, I don’t have any intent to harm anyone here with my nakedness and it certainly has not interfered with any of my life’s activities. By that, I mean avoiding doing something that is required in order to expose by body. For example, if I took a job at a strip club in order to satisfy my need to exhibit myself, and as a result my grades suffered and I was forced to drop out of school, then you can say that it is interfering with life’s activities.

“So what is left? Well, I am a girl who enjoys being looked at obviously because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing this. And the feedback I get from all of you, even you girls, but especially the guys, is that you like looking. Naked women, no matter how homely, almost always have some appeal to men because they are hardwired in the brain that way. But we also appeal to women. I’m sure you have seen paintings of naked women, sometimes with men around like Luncheon on the Grass. Did the women in those painting appeal to you? Did you see them as beautiful? If you are honest with yourselves you probably said yes because there is something erotically beautiful about a naked woman around clothed men. At the same time, you all know that I love Brian and don’t represent a threat to any of your relationships, so it makes it easier for you to accept me this way. Does that help?”

Robin agreed that it did, and then Terri asked a question. “What about sex? Doesn’t being naked all the time increase your arousal and your need for sex?”

“It most certainly does!” and everyone laughed hard and long. When the laughter died down, I went on. “I’m pretty sure that I feel aroused more often than you girls do because I am nude and you are not. In some ways, Sally was right; there is a connection between nudity and arousal. But where I disagreed with her was in the outcome. It was her belief that intercourse would be inevitable in this type of situation and I think that is rather sad because it means she believes that we don’t have the willpower to deny ourselves things that we want even if they may harm us. I believe that people are better than that; I believe that we can control our desires and act in our best interest even when we want something different. In that way, I believe that I am more optimistic about people in general than she is. And I’ll tell you what is interesting about that. Robin, isn’t it true that people believe that everyone is like them? That dishonest people think everyone is dishonest and honest people think everyone is honest?”

“Yes, all the research suggests that is true. It is the fundamental basis for the tests retailers give applicants to see if they will be conscientious employees. And it works for lots of things, not just stealing money or merchandise. It also applies to things like getting to work on time and not calling in sick when you are well. It applies to working hard instead of trying to avoid working hard while on the clock. There are a lot of other applications besides those.”

“So can we assume that Sally, because of her belief about others, may be incapable of controlling her own behavior in sexual situations?”

“I would say that is probably correct.”

“So getting back to Terri’s question, Brian and I have pleased each other but we have never had intercourse because we both believe it is not in our best interests at this time. Last night my mother came to see me. You won’t believe what she told me but the essence was that if I felt I was ready to make love with Brian, I had her blessing. Can you believe that?”

It got very quiet around the table for a few minutes as people digested what I had just said.

Then Terri asked another question and I felt good when she asked because it showed she was opening up. “In the shower earlier today, was there anything sexual about that?”

“Maybe a little but that is only because all of you girls have great bodies. They are warm and soft, and curved, and beautiful; not like all the sharp angles and pointy things the guys have.”

I was going to go when the chuckling tailed off but Kara jumped in before me and cracked everyone up. “It looks like you have a couple of pointy things of your own there, Leah.”

“Yeah, but mine are generally softer, not all hard and stiff like the guys,” I quickly added so everyone could hear before the laughter got out of control. When the laughter died down again, I went on. “To really answer Terri’s question, being naked makes me more aware of my sexuality. I can not help thinking about myself as a sexual being when I am naked and the rest of you are dressed. In fact, I would say that it is on my mind almost constantly. And if that is who I am, a sexual being, and it takes me being naked to show you that, then it is a good thing I am naked.

“Let me ask you a question, and I’m going to phrase this as a hypothetical because I really don’t want to upset anyone. Just suppose that I told you I was going to go up to one of the bedrooms and wait. If any of you came in the room, I would perform oral sex on you. First, would you come up to the room and second, how would you feel if your partner came up? Oh, and Brian, if you’re not the first one to haul your ass up to the room, you’re in real trouble. But for you, how would you feel about me doing that to anyone else?”

I was so proud of Brian because he answered right away without thinking first. “Leah, you have enough love in you for the whole world and if that’s what you wanted to do, I wouldn’t feel threatened or upset by it. I am so secure with your love that I know beyond doubt that I will always have that special place in your heart; that I will always be the one you love first, and if you wanted to share that love by doing what you suggest, not only would I not object, but I would encourage anyone else to go up to the room. But just to be clear, you’re just talking about the people in this room, not the population in general, correct?”

“Yes, just you guys. No one else would be part of this. Beth, would you do it?”

“To answer the first part, I think I would. Not because I want to make love with you and not because I ever fantasized about making it with a woman, because I never have. But because it is your way of sharing and it might hurt you if I didn’t let you share. For the second part, if Tom went up, I think that would be okay, too. I’m not worried that he would dump me for you just because you gave him a blow job because he and I know you would never leave Brian for him. But it would be alright for exactly the same reason I would go myself, because you would see it as a way of sharing yourself with him.”

“Well, before any one else answers, you can think about it because it’s not going to happen tonight and probably won’t happen ever. But right now, I want to dance with my guy. Who else is coming with me?”

We didn’t get to dance right away, because Terri told the guys that since the girls cooked, they would have to do the dishes and clean up. So the five of us went down to the basement while the guys stayed upstairs to put leftovers away and clean the kitchen.

Beth turned on the music and we sat cross-legged in a circle while we waited for the guys and Terri asked me if Beth was right, if doing what I proposed was my way of sharing.

“If I did offer it, I think she’s right. But I worry that it might hurt our friendship if I did say I would do it. Look, did every one have fun today?” Everyone nodded so I finished the thought. “I did too. It was a wonderful day, one of the best of my life. And I don’t want to put more days like today in jeopardy. You guys are too important to me for me to do something that might hurt your feelings.”

“Okay, enough of this serious stuff,” Kara said. “I’ve never danced with a naked girl and it has always been near the top of my must do list, so Leah, let’s dance.”

We all laughed again and as I stood up to I thought about how much laughter we shared today. It really was one of the best days of my life. I was naked and free to be me and having fun with my best friends. How could it get any better than this?

Kara and I danced while the other three danced together and when the song ended, Robin cut in, and then it was Beth’s turn after that. I wondered if Terri would dance with me when the next song started. I put it out of my mind and just let the music carry me away as it directed my body how to move. At the same time, I was so aware of every part of my body, my breasts, and stomach, and shoulders, hips, and legs and how they felt as they shook and swayed. When the song ended, Terri piped up with “My turn,” and I danced with her. I tried to watch her face and she was smiling as she watched my nude body move around. Everything that had been bothering me about Terri’s reaction in the shower melted away and I knew that everything would be okay. She was the reason I proposed a hypothetical instead of actually offering, well, Brian too because while I thought I new what his reaction would be, I wasn’t positive. But he had confirmed everything I loved about him; that there wasn’t a selfish bone in his body. We danced to a few more songs then sat down in the circle again to talk while we waited for the guys.

Kara noticed the change in Terri also and asked her about it. “You look liked you’ve had an epiphany,” she told Terri.

“Yeah, I suppose I have.” “Want to tell us about it?”

“Maybe later. Is it enough to know that what was bothering me isn’t bothering me anymore?”

“That’s plenty good enough for me,” I told her. “It looked like a weight had been lifted. I’m happy it has and I don’t really need to know what it was to be happy about it.”

“But you can probably guess, can’t you?”

“Yeah, probably, at least two things come to mind that might have a high probability. But it’s enough that you’re free of whatever was troubling you.”

“No, I guess I do need to share. You were troubling me but it really wasn’t you, it was me. I guess I’ve been so cynical lately that I had trouble believing that with you, what you see is what you get. And I guess because we can see so much,” she said giggling, “it was hard for me to believe that you could share that much without some ulterior motive. I was in a place where facts didn’t matter, it was all about perception. But finally the facts sank in and the perception changed. Make sense?”

Everyone understood.

“So let’s try another hypothetical,” I proposed to the group. “Suppose I came to you and asked you to get me off? Would you do it?”

“Let me answer that one,” Terri started. “This morning, I would have run away screaming. But tonight, I think yes, I would do that for you if you asked.”

“Tongue or finger?” Beth asked her.

“Beth, don’t push it. It’s enough that she said yes,” I said.

But Terri wasn’t going to be denied. “Beth, whatever she asked for.”

After that, we got a lot less serious and the conversation could best be described as girl talk. Just the five of us sitting around talking about the guys, hair styles and make-up, clothes, and anything else we wanted to share, except of course that they were dressed and I was nude.

Finally the boys came down and I was able to dance with Brian. It felt so good for him to hold me that I just went limp in his arms. I didn’t even notice the other couples dancing with us. We didn’t talk as we danced because the love in his embrace said everything I wanted to hear and I think he was feeling the same thing. The music changed to rock and roll and reluctantly he let go of me and we continued dancing but in a way it was even more intimate than the slow dance we had just finished because I was dancing for him, not necessarily with him. On and on we danced, sometimes holding each other and sometimes separated by space. Finally, I pulled him to me and stood on tip toe so I could whisper in his ear.

“Can we go some place private? I really need to do you. You’ve been so patient all day but other than this dancing, we’ve barely touched each other.” He took my hand and led me back upstairs. We went to his bedroom, which was being shared by the boys, and he closed the door behind us. The boys had agreed that the closed door was the signal not to enter the room. Then I told him to take off his clothes. I had never seen him naked before and I really wanted to take care of all of him, not just his cock. He did as I asked and then I told him to lie down on the floor. I knelt down beside him and leaned over to kiss him. I broke the kiss off more quickly then he would have liked, I think, but I moved my lips to his neck and shoulder and began kissing him there. Then I threw my leg over him and straddled him as I kissed and licked his chest for a long time, occasionally moving back up to kiss him on the lips. So far, I hadn’t touched his erect penis, other than brushing against it as I moved. Once the tip rubbed right up against my pussy and I almost shoved my hips down so I could impale myself on him, but I didn’t because of the promise we made. My next stop on my tour of his body was his feet so I turned around and sat on his thighs while I bent over and nibbled his toes before kissing his legs starting at his ankle and moving up to his hip. My kisses moved from his hip across his stomach and abdomen, and then I went down his other leg from hip to ankle.

I lay down beside him, on my side facing him and kissed his check and lips again. Then I whispered in his ear, “You’re not going to shoot as soon as I touch it, are you?”

He mumbled that he might because the experience had crossed over from loving to sweet torture quite a while ago. I got between his legs and touched the head of his cock with my tongue, making little circles around it. He was quivering now, not just his penis but all of him. I put the head in my mouth and very, very slowly slid down his shaft until my lips were at the base of his penis. Then I kept my lips in place and ran my tongue up and down his cock as much as I could. I got to the point where I couldn’t hold back anymore so I began moving up and down him, slowly at first but then faster and faster. I tasted his pre-cum and knew he was close so I slammed my mouth down to the base of his cock and held it for just a moment before slowly pulling back up. At the top, I slammed my mouth back down and repeated the slow rise up his shaft. It only took two or three more of those before he ejaculated and I had my lips locked around the base of his penis to keep all of it in my mouth.

I licked him clean and lay beside him again with my head on his chest while I used a finger nail to trace a pattern on his scrotum. We lay there touching skin to skin for the first time ever and I just wanted it to go on forever.

“Are you ready for me to take care of you?” Brian asked after a few minutes.

“No, don’t get up. There is only one part of your anatomy I want to see rising. You are such a perfect guy; so kind and unselfish, that tonight I want this to be all about you. Don’t worry about me, I can take care of that later myself, either with you watching or alone. I am here for you right now and no other reason.”

Having said that, I took his penis in my hand and started pulling on it very gently, trying to encourage it to get hard again. I was patient and I could tell from Brian’s moans that I was making progress. Then I felt him start to stiffen again and I squeezed a little harder as I stroked him. I was also kissing his neck and shoulder again and I could feel him moving a little against me. I kept stroking him slowly, without any sense of urgency and let him respond any way he chose. But when he wrapped his hand around mine and started moving it faster I did as he wanted. He let go of my hand and without releasing it, I shifted position so I could get my mouth on it again. There wasn’t a break as my hand let go at the same time that my lips touched his cock and I took him in my mouth. It didn’t take him long to shoot after that and I could tell from how quickly he shrank in my mouth that he was done for awhile. I licked him clean and lay down beside him again with my head on his chest and my hand holding his balls until I heard him start to snore. I disengaged from him as quietly and gently as I could, threw a blanket over him, and went to the master bedroom to use the bathroom, leaving the bedroom door open to let people know we were through.

When I came out of the bathroom, I went down the hall to see if anyone was still doing anything. The other two bedroom doors were closed and the rest of the house was dark so I went back to the master bedroom and lay down on the floor to go to sleep.

When I woke up, it was just getting light outside and there were two girls asleep in the bed. The other bedroom doors were also closed so I assumed that everyone was still asleep. I went back to the bathroom and took a shower, brushed my teeth, and did all of the other things necessary to get ready for the day. One of the nice things about being naked was that I didn’t have to fuss around deciding what to wear. When I was ready, I went to the kitchen and then the basement to see if anyone else was up. When I saw that no one was, I went up to the kitchen and out the back door to watch the sunrise; remembering how I had done the same thing when it was cold and I had to climb up the snow piled against the back of the house to get out the door. I stood there watching for a long time until the sun had cleared the tree line at the end of the backyard and went back inside. I was still the only one up so I went downstairs and turned on the television to catch the news.

It was about an hour later that Brian came down. He walked over to where I was sitting on the floor and bent over and kissed the top of my head. “Thank you for last night. Have I told you lately that I think you are terrific and I love you?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact you have, but you can never say it too often.”

“Come on upstairs. Terri has been making breakfast and it smells wonderful.”

Everyone was already seated at the table and handing plates to Terri so she could put a serving of some kind of scrambled egg casserole on them. There was a big plate of bacon and another of toast in the center of the table. The casserole was made with scrambled eggs, green onions, cheese, and some spices I couldn’t identify but it tasted wonderful. When we finished eating, Brian asked us if there was anything special anyone wanted to do today. Nobody had anything specific so he suggested a walk in the woods and a picnic lunch.

I don’t think that I showed any panic at the idea of walking around in the woods naked but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t feel it. Beth said it sounded like fun and all of a sudden everyone was on board with the idea. But Brian had one more surprise in store. He went out to the garage and brought in a picnic basket, two small coolers, and three large blankets. He put the cooler and the blankets on the floor and the picnic basket on the table and opened the picnic basket. He announced that there were only six plates and sets of silverware in the basket so that couples would have to share if that was okay.

“Oh, and what’s this?” he asked as he pulled out two balls the size of large marbles strung on a silken cord. The marbles were spaced about an inch apart and the cord was knotted at one end against the ball but extended four inches past the ball at the other end of the string. “I picked these up in Kalamazoo the other day because I thought we might try them out. Does anyone know what they are?”

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Robin. “Are those what I think they are?”

“What do you think they are?”

“Are those Ben Wa balls?”

“Give that girl a prize. That’s exactly what they are. Would you like to explain how they’re used?”

“Ben Wa balls are inserted in the vagina. As the woman moves around, the balls rub against her clitoris providing a gentle stimulation. They can cause an orgasm if the subject is active enough but it usually takes a long period of constant movement. A rocking chair is a good example, but walking a long way will also do it.”

“I bought these as a present for someone. Would anyone like to take a guess who they’re for?”

All eyes turned to me. “I guess that would be me,” I said.

“Now if you will all come with me, I, as a certified Ben Wa ball insertion technician, will show you how to do this.”

We all went into the living room and Brian had me lay down on the couch with my butt up on the arm. Then he told me to spread my knees, pull them up toward my shoulders and hold my labia open with my hands. I was now exposed completely to their gazes. He put the balls into my pussy and I could feel at least one of them against my clit. He laid the extra length of string down so that part of it hung outside and told me to let go and put my legs together. Then he helped me off the couch.

When I stood up, I let out an involuntary “Oooohhh,” as the balls began moving around inside me massaging my clit. I took a few steps and felt the stimulation with every one. “How far am I supposed to walk with these in?” I asked.

“Well, it’s probably about a mile and half or two miles to the meadow where we’re going to have the picnic but I was thinking that you should leave them in all day.”

“Oh my,” was all I could say.

“To give you girls a break from cooking, Leah and I will pack the picnic basket. We’ll be ready to go in fifteen minutes.”

I went with him to the kitchen and he started taking stuff from the fridge. He had a couple of boxes of fried chicken, a container of potato salad, and some apples and pears. I packed the basket as he handed me the food and added some paper towels to use as napkins. He got out some bottled water and put it in the coolers. In less than the fifteen minutes he promised, we were ready to go. Kara had gotten a portable CD player and some disks so we would have music. Brian picked up the basket, Tom got the blankets, Zeb and Heater got the coolers, and Shane took the CD player and music. Not only were the balls rubbing gently against my clit, but the string hanging out was tickling the inside of my thighs when I walked. I felt a drop of liquid run down my leg as I became wetter with every step I took. We went out the back door and across the back yard to the trees. There was an opening where a path started and he led us directly to it and into the woods. I had been walking beside him holding his hand while we were still in the yard but the path was only wide enough for one so I fell in behind him when we entered the trees.

I could feel my hips sway more than normal as we walked across the yard as I tried to increase the stimulation from the balls. But once we were inside the trees, I had to focus on where I put my feet so I didn’t step on any sticks or sharp rocks. The problem was that my brain wanted to focus on my clit, not my steps, so I really had to concentrate hard on where I walked.

Thankfully, the path was covered with leaves that had fallen for years forming a soft carpet over the hard ground. We had walked for about fifteen minutes, maybe a half mile or so when I told Brian I was about to have an orgasm.

“Keep walking,” was all he said.

It happened after another hundred yards. My body jerked as the orgasm suddenly flashed through me. It wasn’t the massive, intense kind I usually had with Brian or when I masturbated, but it was strong enough to make me cry out. Brian turned around and called out to the group behind me. “That’s one, if you’re keeping track,” he said laughing and he turned around and kept moving forward.

After another half mile, we came to a barbed wire fence running through the woods and crossing the path. Brian explained that it used to represent a property line. He told Tom to climb the fence then he would hand the girls over it to him. Once Tom was on the other side, Brian picked me up as easily as he would pick up a doll and before I knew it, Tom had an armful of squealing naked girl. He set me down gently and Brian handed Beth across the fence to him. When all of the girls were across, the boys climbed it one at a time and jumped down.

After another quarter mile, Brian stopped again and gathered everyone around. “There’s a house on the left around that bend. The trees are pretty thick but it’s possible that someone might see Leah through them. I want you to tighten up as we go around the bend and Leah, you stay on Tom’s right side. He’s big enough to block anyone’s view if someone happens to be looking into the trees.”

We got past the house okay and continued through the trees in single file. About three hundred yards before we reached the meadow, I had my second orgasm. I bit my lip so I wouldn’t cry out but Terri, who was right behind me obviously saw what was happening and called out, “That’s two,” and everyone laughed, including me.

When we got to the meadow, the boys trampled down the tall grass and spread the blankets around so everyone could sit down. It was still way too early for lunch but we all took a bottle of water to sip as we talked.

After a while, Brian asked me how I was doing. I told him that everything was quiet down there while I looked at my pussy but that I could still feel them inside me. Then Kara suggested that maybe I would like to dance for them and I agreed, looking forward to the stimulation from the balls as I danced. Beth selected a CD and put it in the player while I stood up. When the first cut came on, I called out to stop the music. It was the Beatles’ song, Twist and Shout.

Beth turned off the player and I looked right at her. “This is a set-up, isn’t it?” I asked smiling.

“Well, Kara and I kind of talked it over and thought it might be interesting to see what would happen with this song,” Beth said laughing as she turned the music on again and I began to dance.

That one didn’t do it, nor did the next three after that. By then there was a steady stream of moisture leaking out of me and running down my legs, and in the middle of the fifth song I had to stop as another orgasm wracked my body. Immediately everyone shouted out, “That’s three.”

I sat down still trembling from my climax and Beth turned the volume down so we could talk over the music. Terri asked me what it was like to keep having orgasms while everyone watched me. “Isn’t there anything that you want to keep private about yourself?” she finished.

“I guess the answer to your second question is no, there is nothing I can think of that I want to hold back from you, from any of you. The only way I can explain it is that when we grew apart after my accident, I felt alone. I felt like there was no one to really share my life with. Until Brian I didn’t date after I got out of the hospital, so he was the only one of you that I could talk to and I didn’t talk much about my feelings at all because I was afraid he would think me whiny. But so much in my life had changed, having to work to save for college instead of doing other stuff that I wanted to do and I had to keep all of the regret and recriminations bottled up inside.

“But after the prom I realized that you hadn’t left me; it was I who left you. I didn’t make any effort to get back into your lives because I was feeling so sorry for myself. So now I guess I’m just making up for lost time, albeit in an untraditional way. But there is nothing that I feel that I want to keep hidden from you anymore. Anything I think or feel has to be available to you so that there won’t be any barriers between us.

“As to the first question, orgasms are wonderful things and the more the better if you ask me. So let me turn it around to you, Terri. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted a climax but couldn’t do it for one reason or another? Too many people around or not in the right place, or some other reason?”

“I suppose so, yes.”

“Well that just isn’t a problem for me when I am naked and with you. If I want one, I have one. There is no shame in being aroused; nor is there any humiliation when I give in to my body’s demands. It is who I am when I am naked and, I believe, it is the real me; not some pretense I choose to show you. If I could stay like this all the time, I would. When our week is up and I have to go back to wearing clothes and hiding my true self from everyone, it will be a disappointment. Does that answer your question?”

“I suppose so. But isn’t your methodology a little extreme? Aren’t there other ways for you to achieve the same outcome without remaining nude?”

“Maybe there are, in fact, I’m sure there are. And some of them I’ve tried to incorporate into my behavior since the prom. For example, if Brian asks me what I want to do on a date, I tell him instead of telling him I’ll do whatever he would like to do. Another example is with my parents. If they want me to do something for them and it interferes with what I have planned, I’ll ask how important it, or ask if it’s okay to do it later when it is more convenient. So instead of subverting my own needs for others, I’ve become more assertive because of the openness I feel when I’m nude.

“But being naked is the best way for me. Nothing to hide behind, nothing to protect myself, nothing to be except what I am; a young woman who is sexual and vulnerable. And I love that feeling more than anything except for Brian. If he ever even hinted that he was unhappy about what I was doing, I would stop in an instant. But I know that he never would; not just because his girlfriend is naked all of the time and he loves seeing me, but because he knows, and I know he knows, that this is right for me.”

“How about it, Brian?” asked Heater. “It doesn’t upset you that everyone gets to see Leah naked and getting it on? Tell me it doesn’t bother you just a little.”

“I suppose that first night when this whole thing started in May that it did. But it went away pretty quickly because I know Leah loves me and doesn’t want anyone else. And because I don’t want anyone else either, it works out okay.”

Not much happened after that. We had our lunch, but Brian insisted on feeding me while I stretched out with my head in his lap which was pretty cool. We packed up our stuff and headed back to the house.

Two orgasms later, we reached the back door. That afternoon we all just did what we wanted; played pool, watched television, talked, and otherwise goofed off. I was in a constant state of arousal from the balls inside me and had to carry around a towel to sit on so I wouldn’t wet the furniture. But at one point, I gathered all of the girls together in the living room.

“I need to ask all of you a question. If you don’t want to answer, it’s okay.” They all said okay so I went on. “Are you still virgins?”

To my surprise, none of them were, but I remembered that each of them was about to graduate while I still had another year in high school. “Did it hurt the first time?”

They all said it did, but in varying degrees from just a little bit to mild pain. “If you had it to do over again, would you have done anything different?”

“Look,” said Kara, “You know how female anatomy works. Everybody is a little bit different. It just depends. I take it you are thinking about making it with Brian.”

I told them I was thinking about asking him if I could stay an extra day before his parents came home. I wanted to honor the promise of no intercourse we had made to each other, but after they left, I figured that it would be the right time.

“Well, why don’t you bust it beforehand then if you’re worried about it?” Robin asked.

“I guess it’s because I always thought Brian would be the one to do it. I never considered doing it myself.”

“Then you should talk it over with him. Guys are so stupid about some things and it may be important to him to be the one, or it may not. But you won’t know unless you ask him.”

I thought about what she said and it sounded like a good idea. I promised I would let them know what he said after I talked with Brian. “One more question. If none of you are virgins, how have you been able to hold off the boys while you’ve been here? This would be the perfect opportunity. The house is big enough and everyone respects closed doors.”

Robin answered for everyone. “We talked about it, the eight of us, before we got here. We decided to refrain out of respect for you and Brian. Just as you want to honor the promise we made, so do we. Our friendship is more important than a romp in the hay.”

“Thank you.”

A little bit later, Terri supervised another great dinner which we girls cooked under her direction. However while moving around in the kitchen, I had another orgasm, my sixth that day.

After dinner the boys cleaned up and when they finished, Brian got me and took me into the living room. We sat on the recliner where he first masturbated me to a climax but this time, I had my bottom in his lap and was leaning against one arm with my legs thrown over the other and my arms around his neck. We were just talking with each other, sometimes kissing, and all the while Brian was playing with one of my nipples.

“Brian, remember when I told you what my mother said the night before I came over?”

“Sure, about how she trusts you.”

“I know that we’re all supposed to leave and give you a day to clean up before your parents get back, but do you think I could stay an extra night?”


“Because we promised not to make love while everyone is still here and I think it’s time.”

He face broke out in a big grin. “I’ve kind of been thinking the same thing.”

“But I need to explain something to you first. Remember during the snowstorm when I offered to break my hymen to prove to Sally that I was still a virgin? How I said that I would prefer that you do it but that I would if that’s what it took?” He nodded and I continued. “I want our first time to be perfect; I don’t want anything to go wrong with it. So I need to explain some things about female anatomy that you may not know.”

I went on to explain how the hymen forms from dissolved skin during gestation. I told him that there was already an opening in it to let the blood out during menstruation and that the pain and blood from first time intercourse comes from an extra flap of skin around the hymen. If it tears, there is blood and some pain. But first time intercourse is all about stretching the existing opening enough to let the penis in.

“So I was thinking that maybe I should take care of that first. If there is going to be blood and some pain, maybe it would be better to get that out of the way before we make love. But if you want to be the one to do it, that would be fine with me.”

“So the choice is for you to not do anything and maybe have some pain during our first time or for you to do it before hand and avoid the pain when we’re making love. Is that correct?”

“Pretty much.”

“Doesn’t seem like much of a choice to me. I would rather it be pain free for you so you get as much pleasure from it as I do. Also, if you’re going to be worried and uptight about it, I say, ‘Bust it first.’”

“You, sir, are very crude and coarse with your choice of vocabulary, but thank you and I love you.”

“How many orgasms have you had today?”

“Six. I had two walking to the meadow, one while dancing, two on the walk back, and one in the kitchen while making dinner.”

“Are you ready for number seven?” he asked as his hand went down to my pussy, took hold of the string, and gently pulled the Ben Wa balls out of my cunt.

“What if someone see us?” I asked.

“It’s not like they haven’t seen you climax already. I’ll take my chances. You can claim to be the innocent virgin for a little while longer while I will be the crude and coarse brute who forced you to my will.”

“Will my brute please stop talking and put his fingers inside me?”

And then I had my seventh and eighth orgasms of the day because as they say, “No one can eat just one.”

Before going to bed that night, I had managed to let the girls know what Brian and I had talked about. They all thought it was wonderful and then Beth shared a secret with me. “You’ll never know how hard we worked to keep the guys out of the living room last night. They were ready to head to the bedrooms after dinner and we had to keep them occupied downstairs while you and Brian had your talk.”

I had never realized how much energy the body burns in an orgasm, and after my last two with Brian, I was exhausted, so after filling in the girls, I went to the master bedroom and fell asleep on the floor. I stirred a little as the other girls came to bed but rolled over and went back to sleep each time.

Even going to bed early, I was the last one up the next morning. After completing of my morning stuff in the bathroom, I went down to breakfast and I was famished and looking forward to whatever treats Terri had prepared. Everyone was sitting at the table finishing breakfast when I sat down. I started helping myself to the French toast and sausage when Beth stopped me. “Juice and one piece of toast only for you this morning. We don’t want your stomach to be too full.”

“What’s going on?” I asked a bit tentatively. If they had been planning something for me, I knew two things. It would revolve around my nudity in some way, and I would probably enjoy it. But still, without knowing what was going on, I was still a little hesitant.

“Eat up and we’ll show you.”

I gobbled the one piece of toast I was allowed and drank down the apple juice. Then Kara tied a blindfold over my eyes and helped me to my feet.

“Brian? What’s going to happen to me?”

“They just sprang it on me this morning, honey, after planning this last night after we were asleep. But it’s going to be okay. The blindfold is just to keep the surprise going a little longer.”

Beth and Terri led me to the steps to the basement and talked me down them while holding my hands. We turned at the bottom of the steps toward the pool table and by my estimation, stopped just before we ran into it.

It was Kara who told me what to do. “Leah, I want you to look down at your feet before I remove the blindfold. This has been carefully staged so you take in a little bit at a time. When I take it off, I want you to very slowly lift your head, just taking in a little bit at a time until you are looking at the wall across from you. Once you see the wall, you will understand everything. Okay?”

I nodded agreement, not trusting my voice as my mind raced trying to imagine what they were going to do to me. I lowered my head so my chin was almost on my chest and I felt someone untie the blindfold.

I was looking at the end of the pool table. I saw that there was a plastic sheet covering it and two big pillows covered with old towels were sitting on the end. I raised my eyes just a little and saw a big beach towel stretching away from the pillows on top of the plastic sheet. Raising my eyes a little more, there was an eight-inch dildo with bumps all over it standing upright at the other end of the table. It was about an inch and a half in diameter and I quietly wondered how any girl could stand having that massive thing inside her. I began to panic a little because from the setup so far, they intended to use it on me but I felt two of the girls hold my shoulders as a gesture of support. Then I raised my eyes to the wall across the table from me and squealed with glee while I clapped my hands together. On the wall they had hung a sign by writing one letter per piece of paper in multi-colored markers. The sign said LEAH’S DEFLOWERING CEREMONY and they used four pieces of paper to put a purple tulip underneath the lettering.

Shane and Zeb helped me up to the table so I could lie down on the towel with my bottom lifted up by the pillows. When I was in position, I spread my legs thinking how similar this was to yesterday when Brian put the Ben Wa balls in my pussy. Kara went around to the end of the table and brought back the dildo, coating it with lubricant as she did and announced, “Gentlemen, you are here as witnesses only and you will not speak or interfere in any way. Only a girl who has gone through her first time knows what this will be like for Leah, so we will take care of everything. Is that understood?”

They agreed to her conditions and crowded around the table. Robin and Terri each took one of my hands in theirs and Beth got up on the table and knelt above my head, holding it in both of hers. Then Kara turned to me. “Leah, Zeb got this for me after the snowstorm. I know it looks big to you, but you will be amazed at your capacity to stretch and take it all in. I am going to push it in very slowly the first time and just move it around a little until you are comfortable with it inside you. Then I am going to turn it on so it vibrates and will move it in and out, again very slowly. If you want me to go faster or slower, just tell me.

“I will stop after several minutes or if you have an orgasm. Then we will let you rest in place for a little while and Beth will get her turn to use it on you. Again you will be allowed to rest before Terri takes a turn followed by another rest period and finally Robin will take a turn.

“We’re doing it this way for two reasons. First, we all wanted to take an active part in your deflowering and second, we want to stretch you enough to make sure that everything is okay when you and Brian make love for the first time. Do you understand?”

I nodded because I was literally unable to talk. I closed my eyes as the tip of the dildo touched my outer lips and Kara started wiggling it to help them open a little more. Then I felt a slight pressure as she began pushing it into me. My pussy ached as the dildo stretched it wider than it ever had been before and true to her word, Kara used just the tiniest amount of pressure to move it deeper into me. I even felt the bumps on it rubbing my pussy lips as each one slid past my opening. At some point, I don’t know how far inside me it was, I felt a tear form in my eye and leak out past my closed eye lids.

Just after that, Kara increased the pressure just a little as she reached the hymen and I literally felt the dildo slip in faster as it pushed through. I cried out in pain as I was stretched past my endurance and Kara released the pressure, letting the dildo just sit inside me. My muscles tightened and actually began pushing the dildo out but when Kara saw what was happening, she reapplied the pressure and the dildo penetrated deeper and deeper.

Perspiration was flowing out of every sweat gland in my body. Then I felt a strange, new sensation as the dildo reached an obstruction. Kara had pushed it in as far as it would go. I was openly weeping by that time because of the pain I felt. I am a small woman, only about five feet four inches tall with a small frame. I felt like the monster inside me was made for someone twice as big and that it was all out of proportion to my internal dimensions. Kara let me rest for a moment once the dildo was in as far as it could go before turning it on.

The thing inside me was resting right up against my clitoris and when Kara flipped the switch, it was as if I stuck my finger into an electric outlet. My whole body convulsed at one time and I tried shaking my head back and forth but Beth held it steady and Robin and Terri squeezed my hands tighter. My pelvis began bucking wildly, with two causes creating a single outcome. I wanted to hurl the thing from my body because of the pain and I wanted my clit to make maximum contact with it because of the pleasure. I felt two feminine hands press down on my stomach to stop my thrashing around and Kara began pulling the thing out of me. Every little bump on it drove me wild with pleasure as it rubbed against my clit and as I felt the pressure inside me lessen as it was withdrawn, the pleasure increased by comparison.

When it was almost all of the way out, Kara started pushing it back in again and I cried out, “Oh, God, no, this can’t be, God, no, oh please, yes, oh please yes, more.”

I don’t think anyone laughed at my contradictory pleadings. Some time later I had an orgasm that went on and on and on until I thought it would never end. But end it did and I felt Beth’s gentle touch on my cheek as she tried to sooth me.

Later, Beth told me that it took me about five minutes to climax after Kara began pushing it back into me. I honestly don’t remember more than just the first thirty or forty seconds after she turned on the vibrations.

When it was over and the phallus was removed, Kara found some blood on it so she held open my pussy lips and patted inside me with a sterile pad she had ready. I rolled my head back so I could see Beth’s face and whispered something to her that was barely audible. She leaned down with her ear next to my mouth and I whispered again into her ear. “Tell Brian to get his camera. I want all of you to have a picture of this to remember it.” Then I closed my eyes, unable to say any more.

About ten minutes later, Beth put her hands under my shoulders and lifted them so I could look into the camera for the picture. Kara was putting the dildo back inside me and everyone was in their original position just like when I was first penetrated except Kara who was standing a little bit to the side so she wasn’t blocking my face and me being propped up by Beth. Brian had set the timer and then I saw the flash of the camera go off and Beth lowered my shoulders back to the table. Later when I saw the picture, there was only about two inches of the dildo exposed sticking out of my pussy. The girls rotated positions so that Terri and Kara were holding my hands, Robin was at my head, and Beth controlled the dildo. There was still some pain but not as much and my orgasm, when it occurred, was even greater and longer than the first one.

They gave me about ten minutes rest before they started the third penetration. By this time, I was fully stretched and the pain was little more than a dull ache in my abdomen. My climax came much faster, after just three minutes and I was more conscious of what was happening to me throughout the event. I had expected a shorter orgasm because it came upon me so quickly, but I was wrong. Even after the dildo was removed I felt the pleasure coursing through my entire body as my climax would not end.

After my rest period, Robin took her turn. I have tried to think how to describe my last orgasm and words don’t seem appropriate. I was floating in time and space supported by my pleasure. After that, the words just won’t come to me to make sense of it all.

After the dildo had been removed for the last time, Kara used another sterile pad on my pussy to soak up some blood and put one of her tampons in to absorb any additional bleeding. Brian and Tom lifted me from the table because by that time I was incapable of moving a single muscle. It was like I was a paraplegic and Brian carried me upstairs and put me to bed. Terri came with him and threw off the covers to the bed before Brian put me down. Brian tried to cover me up but Terri stopped him. She knew that I wanted to remain exposed even when I slept. Then she held my head up and made me take a couple of aspirin with a sip of water before putting my head back on the pillow. The two of them walked out quietly as I fell asleep.

When I woke up, my pussy was sore but the pain had almost entirely gone away. I tromped into the bathroom and saw that Kara had left another tampon on the toilet seat. I relieved myself and got in the shower turning the water as hot as I could stand it and let the steam and hot water relax my tired muscles and the ache in my abdomen. I really felt a lot better when I got out so I put the new tampon in, fixed my hair and make-up and headed down to join the others. They were just sitting down to dinner and I joined them at the table.

Brian was asking me how I was feeling and I told him I was fine. As I caught the first smell of food, my stomach rumbled because I had been very hungry at breakfast and had only had a piece of toast that morning for breakfast. People were talking and trying to involve me in the conversation but I had to apologize a few times because my mind was thinking about something else and I wasn’t paying attention. After a couple of attempts, they left me alone with my thoughts.

I was thinking about how special my friends were that they would even think of doing something like what happened this morning. And they weren’t just doing it for me; they were also doing it for Brian to make his first time better. I wanted to thank them all but was having trouble trying to figure out how to say it. Then a plan began to form in my mind. I thought through every aspect of it while I was wolfing down the food in front of me without even tasting it. As everyone finished eating, I got their attention and started to explain my plan.

“I need to thank all of you for what you did for Brian and me this morning but I’ve been struggling throughout dinner trying to figure out a way to say it. When I realized that words were inadequate, I was able to think of a way to demonstrate my appreciation in the best way I know how. But there are some conditions so please don’t say anything until I finish. Beth, can you get the scarf you used as a blindfold this morning?”

She got up from the table and returned with it in just a few moments. After she gave it to me, I went on to explain my plan.

“I propose turning my hypothetical offer of the other day into reality, but I am going to ask that you do it my way and I will explain my reasons. I am going to go into the master bedroom, put the blindfold on, and lie down in bed. If you decide to come into the bedroom to have me satisfy you, you will close the door, take off all of your clothes and jewelry, and lie down next to me. I will do everything I can to give you pleasure except perform oral sex until you tap my shoulder three times. That will be the signal for me to really begin. I don’t want you to talk or identify yourself to me in any way because it really doesn’t matter who is sharing the bed with me and I want to treat you all the same way, the best way I know how.

“I want you to know that I’ve been thinking about doing this on our last night here but hadn’t made up my mind. It is the only thing I can give you that even comes close to what all of you have given me, not just this morning, but ever since we arrived. Brian, I ask that you come in last, after anyone else who wants to. You can tell me to remove the blindfold then I will do what I can to please you as much as I can.”

Having explained my plan, I stood up and took the scarf with me to the bedroom. I tied it tightly around my eyes and lay down on the bed waiting to see if anyone would come. It was about ten minutes later that I heard the door open and close as someone entered the room. I listened as the person undressed and then one of the girls lay down beside me in the bed.

I did everything to her that I did to Brian on our second night. I used my hands, lips, and tongue to explore every inch of her body, including kissing her on the mouth and touching my tongue to hers as we kissed. Some time later, I felt the three taps on my shoulder and moved between her legs to get in position. "Before I began," I told her, “this is my first time doing a girl. I will do my best based on what Brian has done for me,” then I put my lips to her pussy and performed cunnilingus on her.

She must have been biting her lip or covering her mouth to keep from crying out when I brought her to orgasm but she was whimpering with pleasure throughout her climax. I heard her get off the bed and get dressed and when the door closed behind her, I heard someone else getting undressed. I did all four boys and all four girls before Brian came in and told me to take off the blindfold. I did and looked at the clock and saw that it was almost midnight. I had left the dinner table around six thirty so I had been pleasing my friends for about five and a half hours. I spent another hour exploring Brian the same way but early on, he touched my pussy with his finger. I pushed his hand away and explained that I still had the tampon in and really didn’t want anything else inside me. He acquiesced and I went back to kissing and licking him and using my hands on his nipples, scrotum, and penis. When he came, it was with his penis deep in my mouth. I swallowed and licked him clean until the last few drops of his ejaculate leaked out while his penis shrank back to normal. Then we fell asleep spooning with his arm thrown over me and his hand cupping my breast.

The next morning when I woke up, I felt wonderful. Brian was still asleep so I untangled myself from him, did my bathroom thing, put in my Ben Wa balls, and went out to the kitchen. Terri and Kara were there fixing breakfast but no one else was up yet. They were setting up a buffet with scrambled eggs, pancakes, hash browns with grilled onions, toast, coffee, and juice.

They each said good morning, but I told them that good morning was no longer adequate as a greeting. I went over to Terri and gave her a hug, kissed her on the mouth, and told her that I loved her. Then I did the same thing for Kara. It felt a little strange because I wasn’t used to having someone else’s breasts pressed into my own during a hug, but I decided I liked the soft feel of them against my own and resolved to do more of it.

Kara noted the silken cord hanging from my pussy and told me that those should be the only thing that got inside me until I was ready to sleep with Brian. I nodded and Heater came in just about then. I let Terri go first and she greeted him the same way I greeted her, then Kara followed suit, and finally me. Heater commented that mornings just kept getting better and better all the time.

After everyone had come in and been greeted (I should add that the boys didn’t kiss or say I love you to each other but they did hug) and had breakfast, we all went down to the basement. Tom asked us to sit on the floor in a circle and said that they all had something to say. I was sitting cross-legged like everyone else and was very conscious of the string dangling from my pussy. Terri took over from him when he started to hem and haw.

“Leah, while you were up in the bedroom last night, we all spent a lot of time talking about you. What Brian said the other day is true. You have enough love in you for the whole world. We all grow up learning to protect ourselves from others, but somehow you never learned that lesson. In just the last couple of days, you have changed all of our lives forever by setting a new standard for trust, honesty, and love. We are all better people because of the time we have spent with you the last few days. I would have been furious with jealousy a week ago if I even suspected that something like last night was going to occur. But it was as if I could feel your love for both of us when he went into the bedroom. We owe you in ways that you may never even suspect because of what we have seen in you and learned from you.”

When I realized where she was going with her speech, my eyes started watering and I tried vainly to blink back the tears. I crawled over to her and hugged and kissed her, then repeated it with all of the others, ending with Brian. When we finished kissing, he held me close by putting his arm around my shoulder and pulling me into him.

There isn’t a lot to tell about our last few days without repeating things. Suffice it to say that we played outside several days and had fun, we played inside and had fun, and Brian and I kept pleasuring each other and had fun. I never forgot that I was naked; that is, I never wanted to take anything about the experience for granted because it became life changing for me. I think the first time after the prom was just the appetizer and I never really realized how good the entre would be until I experienced it that week with my friends.

I called my mother the night before she was supposed to pick me up and told her that I was staying another day to help Brian clean the house before his parents got home in two days. I also said that Brian would bring me home so she didn’t have to drive out there. She told me she understood and I think she knew why I was really staying. As the other kids pulled away from the house on their last day I was really looking forward to making love with Brian. I found out later that the girls had to cajole the guys into leaving that morning; they thought it would be okay to hang around until late afternoon or evening. So that really gave Brian and me two days, not one, to experience the ultimate in sharing and it was more wonderful than I can describe. It was like we were on our honeymoon and we made love all over the house several times each day in I don’t know how many different positions and locations throughout the house.

We also worked hard getting everything cleaned up. I was still naked as I helped Brian do all of the laundry (God there were a lot of dirty sheets and towels), vacuum, mop, dust, and whatever else there was to do. But I had fun helping him and usually we were working on things together instead of being in different parts of the house.

Finally, the morning came when his parents were arriving home. Brian got my clothes from his car and I got dressed for the first time in a week. I was sad about it we got out of the shower we took together and dried each other off. Then we got dressed in Brian’s room and I felt uncomfortable as soon as I slipped on panties and a bra. After we dressed, he drove me home and I kissed him and then thanked him for a terrific week before I got out of the car and headed up the walk to my front door. My naked week was finally over and I wondered if I would ever get the chance to do it again.

End of part 2

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