The Naked Girl
by Bridget

Part 1
My Naked Weekend

It was the worst spring storm in over one hundred years according to the news accounts. It was the first weekend in May and while still chilly in southwestern Michigan, the promise of spring was on everyone’s mind. It was also prom weekend but that was only the second factor that turned my world upside down. Finally, there was the fact that Brian’s father and mother had spent the last week in San Francisco on a business and holiday trip. Brian got the call about eleven o’clock on Saturday morning that his parents flight was going to be delayed because of a mechanical problem. They were supposed to be back in time for the party after the prom to provide adult supervision so Brian had asked about ten couples over for the party to be held in his basement. We briefly considered calling it off but we thought that they would be back before it was over.

Brian and I were the same age and had been dating from the beginning of this school year but in the fall he was going to U of M while I still had another year of high school. The summer after my sophomore year, I fell off a ladder and hurt my back. I spent a week in a drug induced coma, had surgery on my back, two months in traction before a second surgery, another month in traction, and then five more months doing physical therapy. As a result, I missed an entire school year. We talked about what next year would be like and thought that we could work things out until I got to Ann Arbor the following year. This party was probably going to be the last time we would spend time with our friends from school as a group and we really wanted to make sure we had this last chance to get together.

It bothered me a little that I was a month older than him (I had turned eighteen in March and his birthday was a week ago) and he was going to college while I still had one more year of high school to get through. But I never let my injury become an excuse for anything and I figured once I was in college I could take extra courses and graduate in three years instead of four. That’s not to say that I didn’t have some adjustment problems, however. All my friends were seniors and I was taking classes with people I barely knew. For example, every year there was a sports competition between juniors and seniors and it was a big deal in town with almost everyone showing up for it. But I had to sit on the juniors’ side of the gym because that was my class now, even though I was rooting for Brian and our friends. Another thing that bothered me was that the medical expenses from my injury nearly bankrupted my family. So when I was healthy again, I gave up extracurricular activities and got a job to save money for college. I could probably think of about ten other things that the accident influenced in a negative way and all of the conflict and confusion I felt about it, while not tearing me apart, was certainly hindering me in ways I could just barely perceive. I was confused or conflicted about a lot of things in my life at that point and the upcoming graduation of my friends had brought all of it to the surface.

The snow started falling just as we got to the prom and that is when Brian got the second call that said his parents were stuck in San Francisco because the airports in the Midwest were expected to close while the plane was in the air due the incoming storm. We considered calling it off again but we decided to go ahead and have the party. Brian had extracted a promise from everyone about not bringing booze and as far as they knew, his parents were going to be home. So we were pretty confident that we could go forward with our plans without a problem.

We had a great time at the prom and left about ten thirty so we could get to his house, which was out in the country about fifteen miles, and change our clothes. The dance was going to be over at eleven so we figured that gave us a half hour to an hour to get ready before everyone else arrived. There was some build up of snow on the roads when we left but it wasn’t anything that we were not used to in Michigan. I also noticed as we left that the temperature had dropped by about twenty-five degrees in just three hours and was now below freezing. The snowfall was heavier when we got to his house but the only thing unusual about it was this was May, not January.

The first thing we did when we got to Brian’s was change our clothes. I changed in the guest room and put on jeans and a sweater. I hung up my dress in the closet and put everything else in my bag before going back down to the basement. I carried the snacks we had made earlier and set them out on the table while Brian filled the coolers with sodas and ice. When everything was ready, Brian went upstairs to check on the weather and to greet people as they arrived. I put on some music and waited downstairs for the other kids. It was eleven thirty and we expected the first group to arrive shortly.

Because of the weather, people didn’t start arriving until after midnight and when they did, all they could talk about was how heavy the snowfall was. Brian came down after everyone had finally made it and I danced with him for awhile before he was challenged to a pool game. While he played, I circulated saying hello to everyone and talking for a few minutes before moving on to the next group. And then I went over to a group of girls that included Sally Brownell. Sally and I were oil and water; we were always on opposite sides regardless of the issue and she was one of the biggest reasons I hated being in the junior class. The only reason she was there is that she had been dating Tom, one of Brian’s best friends, for a couple of months. Our most recent confrontation had been in health class earlier that week. Mrs. Williamson was trying to equate nudity with sex. Her argument was that when one person was naked it inevitably led to sex so things like sending naked pictures of ourselves on our phones or otherwise displaying our bodies in provocative ways would so stimulate both partners that intercourse was unavoidable. I didn’t buy it for a minute but Sally with her activist Christian and young Republican bent fully supported Mrs. Williamson. The debate was lively and Sally was proudly proclaiming victory to her group of friends when I walked up. She was really getting under my skin because of her superior, know it all attitude and I could feel the anger building as I listened to her.

“Show me one piece of research that makes that connection,” I said with my voice rising. She quoted some study by an American family values group so I asked her to come with me to the computer and show it to me. We went upstairs to the office with Sally’s three friends in tow and looked it up on the internet. Sure enough, there it was but I suspected their research was slanted by their frame of reference. Once I had read it, Sally challenged me to show some study that contradicted it or concede the point. I ran a quick search and nothing was there that supported my point of view.

“Ready to concede?” she asked.

I don’t know what happened to me, I just snapped inside or something, but the idea that she would claim victory over me was abhorrent to me. I had to do something and I was desperate.

“No, I’m not ready to concede. I propose an experiment.”

“What do you propose?”

Now I was really backed into a corner. What kind of experiment could we perform that would prove my point? “I propose to go naked the rest of the party. If I don’t have sex with anyone, I will have proved my point that nudity and sex are not necessarily connected.”

Sally got this gleam in her eye. “Okay. Define ‘rest of the party.’”

“Until the last guests leave.”

“No, make it until everyone but Tom and I leave. Then we’ll take you home so you don’t have sex after we’ve gone. Also, we lock up your clothes in the trunk of our car.”

“Agreed, except we use Brian’s car. I don’t know if I trust you to give them back. Also, everyone’s cell phone gets locked up in the trunk. I don’t want pictures of myself floating around on the internet. And if I win, you apologize in health class and admit you were wrong.”

“Okay, but if I win, you apologize in health class and tell everyone you are a slut. One more thing. No hiding out. Whatever the rest of us do, you do. Oh, and define sex.”

“Sex is intercourse only. That was the premise of the argument. Anything else is just fooling around. When do we start?”

“I think we should go tell everyone first. Then you strip.”

“Fine. Let’s go.”

We went back downstairs and Sally turned off the music to get everyone’s attention. “Most of you know about the argument Leah and I had in health class. Well, we continued it here and decided that we were going to prove it one way or another. So here is the deal. Leah is going to strip and go naked for the rest of the party. If she doesn’t have sex with anyone, she wins. If she does, I win. She has to remain naked until everyone but Tom and I have left and do everything the rest of us are doing. Okay, Leah, time to show us your stuff, what little of it there is, I might add. Brian, do you have a bag we can put her clothes in?”

The last was a reference to my B cup breasts. But I’m small, only 5’4” and 102 pounds. Would I have like to be bigger? Maybe, but a B cup on someone as small as I was didn’t look bad and they certainly didn’t droop. I swallowed hard and started to pull my sweater off, but Brian stopped me.

“Leah, can I talk with you a moment?”

We went over to one of the corners where we could speak without being overheard. “Are you crazy?” he asked. “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Brian, honey, I was backed into a corner. You know how much I hate that holier-than-thou bitch. This was the only way to shove her know it all attitude so far up her ass that it sticks out of her ears.”

“I know how you feel, and I happen to agree with you about her, but is this really necessary? Isn’t there some other way?”

“If there was, don’t you think I would have done it? I just didn’t have a choice. Well, I did, but I would have had to admit she was right and I was wrong and that really wasn’t an option for me. Look, we’ve talked about having sex and agreed to wait until we’re at college together. The only reason I can do this is that I trust you to stop before things get out of hand. Because if I am stark naked around you, I don’t know that I can trust myself. Please get my bag from the guest room. I can put my clothes in that. We’re also going to collect everyone’s cell phones so there won’t be any pictures. Get them first, before I take my clothes off. Okay?”

“You are halfway to psycho, but if you are sure this is what you want, I’ll do what I can to help.”

We rejoined the group and Brain went upstairs for my bag. Sally told me to strip but I reminded her about the cell phones. Brian was going to collect them in the bag. Just as he started, one went off, then another and another. Three kids reached for their pockets to answer them and I heard one of them say that everything was okay. Jack, the first to answer his phone, turned it off and put it back in his pocket.

“I think we need to take a look outside before we do anything else,” he suggested.

We all went upstairs to the living room and crowded around the large picture window in the living room. No one could really see anything until Brian turned on the outside lights and turned off the ones inside. We all gasped at what we saw through the window. There was about two feet of snow on the ground and the cars in the driveway were buried in it. And it was still falling, big, wet, white flakes of it were pouring out of the night sky.

“Here’s the deal,” said Jack. “We’re snowed in here now and they expect another three or four feet to fall throughout the night. It may take a few days for the snowplows to get out here and clear the roads. Nobody is going anywhere until Monday or Tuesday at the earliest. My parents are going to start calling everyone’s parents to let them know we are okay because I gave them a list of everyone who would be here and they think it will go over better if the news comes from them instead of us. We’re to give them an hour, and then we can call home and let our folks know we’re okay. Any questions?”

Sally looked absolutely gleeful. “Under the terms of the bet, Leah, you were to remain naked until everyone but Tom and I leave. Would you like to concede now?”

I’m sure my face was ashen. I had expected this to go on for four or five hours, until the morning. Now I was going to have to remain naked for several days. I didn’t try to argue with her because she was right; those were the terms of the bet.

“But I don’t strip until the cell phones are collected. That will be at least another hour. Right?”

“Yes, but how about this. We leave the cell phones up here and you stay in the basement. After everyone has called home, we lock them up in the car with your clothes. That should protect what little modesty you may still have.”

I nodded to her. After all, one hour wouldn’t make that much difference over a couple of day’s time. I asked Brian to collect the phones and he laid them out on the dining room table. Then we all went back downstairs.

“Okay, slut,” Sally whispered to me. “I’m really going to enjoy this.”

Just about then, I was thinking that I was the stupidest person who had ever been born. Nothing really had sunk in until that moment. I was going to be naked in front of twenty other kids and Brian for the next couple of days. I started blushing and wondered how I would react to the humiliation I was about to inflict on myself. I had no one to blame for this; I couldn’t even say that it was Sally’s fault. I suggested it and I agreed to it. No one had been holding a gun to my head. I kicked off my sneakers and bent over to pull off my socks. So far, so good I thought as I stood up again, but I knew it was about to get a lot worse very quickly. I picked up my shoes and socks and handed them to Brian who put them in the bag. I crossed my arms in front of me and grabbed the bottom of my sweater. I hesitated for just a moment before pulling it up and over my head. Brain took it from me and folded it before putting it in the bag with my shoes and socks.

Standing before them all in my jeans and bra, I really noticed them for the first time. Some of the girls were quietly giggling but most of the guys were either smiling from ear to ear or had a very serious expression on their faces. I looked down to unbutton my jeans and as I pulled the zipper down, I thought that it was as loud as a jet airplane flying overhead because the room was so quiet. I pushed the jeans over my hips and down my thighs until they fell down to my ankles on their own and then stepped out of them. I quickly bent over to pick them up and slowly stood up. After they were in the bag, I took another look around at the people looking at me standing before them in my pink bra and panties while I told myself that this was just like wearing a bikini to the beach.

‘Oh, God,’ I thought, ‘can I really go through with this? Can I really strip myself naked and put myself on display?’ Then I saw Sally smirking off to the side so I gave everyone a moment to look before I reached behind my back and undid the clasp on my bra. I let the straps slide down my arms, keeping the cups in place as long as I could before the bra went into the bag too. ‘Okay, time to get this over with,’ I told myself. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and pushed them down to my ankles and stepped out of them. Still holding them with one hand I stood up, handed them to Brian, and stood naked in front of my friends. I didn’t try to cover myself because I knew it wouldn’t do any good in the long run and I tried to see my self as they were seeing me. My nipples were small and light pink, not brown. My blond pubic hair was thin and wispy and did not cover my slit. Then Sally’s voice broke the silence in the room.

“Well, I’ll be. She’s a natural blonde. I would have bet it came from a bottle.”

I just stood there frozen in place as everyone looked at my body. I knew I was blushing but there was something else going on in my head beside embarrassment. All of a sudden I felt like I didn’t belong anymore. I wasn’t a part of the group anymore because I was somehow beneath them. I had an overwhelming feeling of inferiority strike me because my mind was telling me that they were better than me because they were clothed and I was not. Brian started to take my bag upstairs but I must have given him a look that said please don’t leave me alone. He took his keys from his pocket and gave them and the bag to Tom, Sally’s date, and asked him to put it in his car trunk. Tom nodded and took the bag upstairs and I watched wistfully as my clothes were taken away.

Brian turned the music back on, a slow song, and came over to me and took my hand. The he pulled me to the center of the room and we danced. Everyone watched us for a minute or so then broke up into groups, some dancing, some playing pool, and some just sitting around talking but whatever anyone else was doing, they would turn to stare at me and then look away when I noticed them staring. I was pressed up against him and as my nipples rubbed against his sweater, I felt them growing hard. “You have to understand, this is a dream come true for me, dancing with you like this,” he whispered in my ear.

“Me, too,” I whispered back and held him tighter, “except for the twenty other people looking at me.” At least with my body held tight against his, I wasn’t on display so much. Brian was 6’2” and my head just reached the top of his shoulder so I put my cheek against his chest as we danced. The music stopped and another song, faster paced and more energetic, started. Brian pulled back and looked at me as if to ask ‘another one?’ and I nodded. But now we were separated and I was completely exposed to everyone. Not only was I exposed, but I was very aware of how my breasts shook and wobbled, how my bottom jiggled, and more humiliating than that, how everyone saw me. I closed my eyes and actually had an out of body experience, seeing myself as the others did. I opened my eyes to look at Brian so I could focus on him and get rid of the image of me dancing naked and that restored some small sense of normality for a moment before I realized that there was nothing normal about all of those people watching me move around in the nude.

I think the worst part of all of it was that I could feel my body becoming aroused and if I felt it I was sure that other people would see it also. That just confused me even more because I did not feel sexy at all; I felt like I was not quite a person. Being sexy was the furthest thing from my mind right then. I thought about my dress still hanging in the guest room closet and considered making a run for it and calling the whole thing off. I was so close to doing it and the only thing that held me back was that I couldn’t let Sally beat me. ‘Are you crazy?’ I asked myself. ‘Is winning a bet with Sally worth this humiliation? You’re naked for God’s sake; go put some clothes on.’ I was going nuts as my mind kept flipping back and forth telling to get dressed and remain naked.

After a couple of more dances, Brian got us some soda and pretzels. We sat together on the floor; my knees pulled up to my chest and pressed tightly together and my feet, hopefully, covering my pussy.

“I don’t know how I am going to be able to keep my hands off of you like this,” Brian told me.

“You don’t have to, not all the time,” I answered. “The only way I lose is if we have intercourse. Anything else is okay and I have to tell you, at some point I am going to want you to get me off. Either that or I will have to do it myself. I never imagined being naked like this in front of so many people could so arousing.”

“You’re not embarrassed by it?”

“Of course I am, but my body is reacting to it in a way I never expected. I’m getting aroused and I don’t understand it because I don’t think of this as being sexy. This is having a lot stronger effect on me than I imaged it would. I feel like some kind of animal, not a person, like this. I feel inferior to all of you and there is nothing sexy about feeling that way, let me tell you.”

“What can I do?”

“Just tell me it’s okay, that you love me, and that I’m still a human being.”

Brian put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me to him. “I can do better than that,” he said. “You’re the one I love, no matter what.” Then he leaned over and kissed my cheek. “But if you change your mind and decide that you are sexy, I would be happy to find more opportunities for you to be naked with me. I think I can work something out.”

We both laughed; me so hard I had to lie down on my side. When I sat up again, I put my hand to his cheek and turned his face toward me. “I like being naked for you,” I told him. “Not for everyone else,” I added as I waved my hand toward the room, “but for you. All you have to do is ask and I just wanted you to know that.”

He smiled at me then leaned in and kissed me again. I wanted to take his hand and put it on my breast, but I held back and just enjoyed the kiss. Just as we broke off the kiss, Billy came over and asked if we wanted to play pool. Brian acknowledged him with a rude comment about ruining the moment, but stood up and helped me to my feet. Hand in hand we walked over to the pool table.

Jane and Billy had won the last game so we faced them at eight ball. House rules said that the previous winner got the break so Brian racked the balls for him and we stood to the side to watch his shot. Brian had been showing me how to play a little but I knew that I wasn’t going to contribute a lot to our team. I hoped Jane was at the same level I was to keep things even. Billy got a stripe to go in and then one more on his next shot before he missed. Brian sank three solids but left himself out of position and had to play a safety. Jane missed her shot and I was up. The only shot I had forced me to lean over the table and extend a leg back to keep my balance. I tried not to think about how exposed I was as I lined up the shot. Surprisingly it went in and I jumped up in surprise. My next shot missed however but at least my stance was more modest.

Billy sank two more before missing then Brian ran all of the solids aided by the fact that there were fewer balls on the table to complicate his shot. He called the eight ball in the side pocket but he was going to have to bank it to make it. The ball caught the corner of the pocket and bounced between the two sides before hanging up on the edge. Jane made an easy shot then but missed, and all I had to do was tap the eight to let it fall in the side pocket for the win. I made the shot and Brian gave me a hug, lifting me off my feet.

We won two more games before I cost us the table by sinking the eight ball out of sequence. I’m sure I put on a good show for people as I took my shots, often having to open my legs and lean over the table. I was also very aroused again and my pussy was leaking with fluid running down the inside of my thigh before drying. This time I decided not to fight it. I was naked and I was sexually aroused and no matter what I told myself, neither of those situations was going to change soon. Sally had to come over and point it out to everyone, of course. “If you wanted to play with yourself to entertain us, I’m sure nobody would mind.” She added.

“Need someone to show you how to get off?” I asked her sweetly. “It’s easy. Just put your fingers in here and rub,” I told her as I leaned over and put one finger inside my vagina. But I didn’t realize how tightly I was wound up and when my finger went in, I really wanted to finger fuck myself and have an orgasm, oh God, how I wanted it. And I didn’t care who was watching, but instead I quickly pulled it out and held my finger out to her. “Want a taste?” I asked. She stomped off but I knew she was going to make me pay for winning that exchange.

People had been using their cell phones to call parents and going up and down the stairs. I’m sure some of the couples had been making out up there as well but that was their business, not mine. But now it looked like everyone was downstairs again. It was about three thirty in the morning and people were getting tired. I asked Brian what he wanted to do about sleeping arrangements.

“Well, we have enough beds for eight girls if they double up. Why don’t we let the boys sleep down here and the girls can have the four bedrooms but two of you are going to have to sleep on the floor. Also, people are going to have to share toothbrushes and the hot water will run out pretty fast if everyone wants a shower. Sometime tomorrow, I mean today, I will take a couple of the guys and we will hike up the road to the convenience store for food for everyone. There is no way we can make it to the grocery store as long as we are snowed in.”

Brian turned off the music and got everyone’s attention. Then he explained the plan for sleeping arrangements and what we would do tomorrow for food. There was some grumbling from some of the couples who thought they could spend the night together but everyone eventually agreed when they realized that we didn’t have the luxury of privacy with this many people sharing the house. The girls started heading upstairs while the guys started stretching out on the floor. Brian and I began cleaning up what was left of the food and getting the trash picked up. We were alone in the kitchen doing the dishes when he asked me how I was holding up.

“I’m doing okay,” I answered, “but honest to God, I almost masturbated when Sally started taunting me about being wet. I’m surprised I didn’t leave a trail of drops on the floor wherever I walked.”

“Did you notice how pissed off she was when she walked away? You need to be careful with her.”

“Yeah, I noticed and thought the same thing. But it felt really good sticking it to her like that. And I think the people who saw it enjoyed seeing her get one-upped. Jesus, Brian, you don’t know what this feels like. On the one hand, it is humiliating, but there is something else about it too. It’s like all of a sudden, I’m not a teenage girl anymore, I’m something else. More sexual, more animal-like. The conflict between the two keeps going round and round in my head. I know I should feel more embarrassed than I am, more ashamed, but I just can’t. In a way, I’m starting to enjoy it and not enjoy it at the same time. Does that make any sense to you?”

He responded with two words, “Quantum mechanics.”

“I don’t get it.”

“In the quantum world, particles can be in two places at once. There are some pretty famous experiments that can demonstrate that a photon goes through both slits in a piece of paper at the same time. That’s you right now. You’re going through the embarrassed slit and the sexy slit at the same time.”

“Speaking of slits, would you please finger me? I could do it myself if you wanted to watch, but if I don’t get to climax soon; I’m going to go crazy.”

“Tell me what to do.”

I sat up on the table and spread my knees as wide as I could. Then I held my pussy open using the fingers of one hand and showed him where my clit was. He took my hand, pulled me off the table, and led me into the living room. He turned off the lights and sat down in the recliner, then told me to sit on his lap. I did, with my back to him, and put my legs over the arms of the recliner. He leaned back so we were inclined about forty-five degrees and reached around me to put one hand to my pussy and the other to my breast. I felt him slip his finger inside me and I lifted my hips to press his hand harder against my pussy. As soon as he touched my clit, an electric shock shot through my body and I felt my toes curl. He was rolling my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, and now I was going crazy as my attention shifted back and forth between my breast and my vagina. But a few moments later, I felt the pleasure from his hand in my pussy and this hand on my breast merge into a warm glow that saturated my whole body. In less than three minutes he had me on the brink of a much needed orgasm. My body convulsed as I got to the edge of the climax and then I felt him kiss my neck and I twitched wildly on his lap as the pleasure centers in my brain were overloaded and I had my orgasm. He kept fingering me to stretch it out as long as he could and then, when it was over, I was panting as I felt my body sink into his as if we were combining to become one person.

I leaned to my right and turned my head to kiss him. Without thinking, one hand went over his keeping him inside my pussy as I kissed his neck and cheek. For the first time, I noticed his cock was hard as it pressed against my bottom. “That was the most wonderful thing I ever felt,” I told him. “I can’t imagine what it will be like to make love with you, but I can promise you we will be doing it a lot next year.” When he didn’t say anything, I asked if he was okay.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It really felt good to get you off like that.” Then he clammed up again. I thought I knew what was wrong but instead of saying anything, I climbed off his lap and turned to pull him off the chair. Then when he was standing in front of me, I knelt down and unbuckled his pants, pushing them down to his ankles. His penis was pushing against his shorts, trying to get out, so I reached my hand in and freed it. I think he expected me to jack him off with my hand but I wanted to do more for him so without hesitating, I leaned forward and took him in my mouth. I had never done him like this before and I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing, but I felt him stiffen (not his cock, which was already very stiff) and as my lips slid down the shaft, I felt the head touch the back of my throat and I wanted to gag. I withdrew back up his penis and changed the angle of my head just slightly before going back down. This time I almost made it to the base but once again the gag reflex almost choked me. I slid back up and used my tongue on the head of his penis while my hand cupped his balls and gently rolled them around. Then I slipped him deeper into my mouth, pressing against his cock with my lips, breathing deeply through my nose and forcing down the gag reflex I felt. This time I held him deep in my mouth, trembling as I fought not to gag and then, like magic, the need to gag disappeared. Now I could slide up and down him easily, pressing my lips all the way to the base of his penis and feeling its head at the back of my throat, and I took enjoyment from the way I was pleasing him. After several minutes of pumping him and playing with his balls, he grabbed the back of my head and forced his shaft deep inside my mouth then held me there while he ejaculated. I was surprised by the taste, which was salty, and I sucked as hard as I could on his cock to drain him. I forced my head back into his hands so that there was an opening to my throat and I could swallow. I pulled back completely and licked his cock clean as it shrank back to normal.

He put his dick back inside his shorts and pulled up his jeans. Then he knelt down and kissed me on the mouth as hard as he could. After the kiss, he looked deep into my eyes and said he agreed; we would be having sex a lot when I got to Michigan. He helped me to my feet and turned me to the hallway leading to the bedrooms. Then he swatted my fanny, not hard, but enough to sting, and told me to get some sleep.

First I went to the bathroom to wash my face, legs, and pussy. I was going to try to take a shower in the morning but I didn’t want to sleep like that. Then I found an empty spot on the floor in Brian’s room and curled up on the floor with my arm under my head as a pillow. I was asleep immediately and didn’t wake up at all when I started dreaming I was naked at school, naked as a cheerleader at a basketball game, naked at the grocery store, and naked at dinner with my family. For some odd reason, the dreams weren’t disturbing at all; just the opposite in that everything seemed normal about me being in the nude every place I went.

It was just before five a.m. when I went to sleep and about eight thirty when I woke up. There were still a couple of girls sleeping in the bed so I went to the hallway to see about a shower. There were two other girls waiting in the hallway and I saw that someone had posted a sign on the door limiting showers to two minutes. I went down to the basement to get my purse with my hairbrush and make-up and when I got back upstairs, no one else had joined the line.

Beth and Kara, the girls waiting in line, had been two of my best friends before my accident but over the last two years, the year I was laid up and my junior year in high school, we had drifted apart. It wasn’t anything deliberate that happened; it was just because we didn’t get a chance to spend time together at or after school. They looked at me for a few moments then went back to whatever they were talking about before I joined them. I am sure I looked a little wistful because I hadn’t found anyone else that I was as close to as those two other than Brian.

I think Kara noticed my look and asked me what it was like, being naked in front of everyone. I tried to explain it to her, how conflicted I was about it and instead of questioning it or laughing at me; she told me she thought she understood. “I’ve masturbated while fantasizing about being the only one naked at school,” she told me, “but that’s all it will ever be for me, a fantasy. I could never do what you’re doing. You go, girl. Don’t let Sally beat you on this.”

All of a sudden it was like I had gone back two years and now had my two friends supporting me again. I thanked her and Beth nodded her agreement. Then the door opened and Kara went in to the shower.

“Beth, what happened to us? We used to be as so close and now we’re not.”

“I suppose it was a lot of things. Remember how we would get together at the library to study for a test. We can’t do that now because we’re in different classes. I guess we lost what we had in common with each other. Then when you were healthy, you got a job and didn’t have time to hang out anymore.”

“I miss you guys. I think the worst thing about the accident was that we don’t spend time together anymore.”

“Well, we’re just going to have to fix that. I’ll talk to Kara and I know she would like to spend more time with you just like I do. But you have to promise one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“You’ll wear clothes when we go to the mall together.”

“That’s a promise,” I said laughing.

Before Beth went in, she told me the girls were using the vanity in the master bedroom to fix their hair and make-up before going downstairs. She said a couple of the boys had found the stuff to make pancakes and they were churning them out as fast as they could, but if I didn’t hurry, I might be too late.

While I was waiting, another girl joined me in line just as Beth came out. I pulled a towel from the closet and put it on the sink. First I used the toilet then brushed my teeth with a toothbrush I found in there that wasn’t mine but had been used by others because it was still wet. When I got into the shower, I washed my hair as fast as I could then put soap on a cloth and started scrubbing myself. I felt the water growing cooler and quickly rinsed off. Taking my towel, I walked out of the bathroom as I dried myself thinking that there wasn’t any reason to make the next girl wait. But I warned her that the hot water was almost gone in case she wanted to try later.

As I walked into the master bedroom, I was toweling my hair dry. With my hands up to my head, I was conscious of how my breasts pulled and lifted as they flattened themselves against my chest. This was something that I had never really been aware of before, even though I had made the same movements thousands of times. Then I rubbed myself down with the towel. Kara and Beth were ahead of me again but then Kara asked if she and Beth could do my hair and make-up for me. “Just as a show of support and for old times,” Kara said as she sat me down on the bed. I gave them my purse and Beth used the brush on my hair while Kara fixed my make-up. My hair wasn’t long but it was thick and the brushing acted to dry it out even more. When Beth finished, she took a look at me and asked me how sexy I wanted to look today.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Look, I don’t want to make things worse for you, I really don’t. But I heard about a trick that women sometimes use when they are going to be nude to make themselves look sexier and I wanted to know if you wanted to try it.”

“What is it?”

“Well, your nipples are such a light pink that they’re barely visible against your light skin. How about if we add some color to them?”

“What do you think?” I asked Kara.

“It depends. You have great breasts. A little color on your nipples will draw attention to them. And you know how guys are about boobs,” she said laughing.

I chuckled because I did know. “What the hell, why not?” I said laughing. “If I have to be naked all day, it would be nice to know that people are noticing it.”

I could feel us re-establishing our connection and felt really good about it while Beth got a tube of red lipstick and put a little on her fingertip. Then she started rubbing it into my nipple using a circular motion moving from the center outward. As she did, I felt my aureole crinkle up and the nipple grow hard. She dabbed a little more on her finger to make it just a little darker and I bit my lip to keep from moaning. When she finished the right one, she shifted to the other side of Kara and did the same thing to my other teat. She finished before Kara finished my face so I had to sit there with my nipples erect and my pussy starting to lubricate again. When Kara finished, I stood up and looked at myself in the full length mirror. Kara did a great job with my face but I couldn’t take my eyes off my nipples. Instead of a faint pink, now they were much darker but still pink, providing much more contrast between them and the white skin of my breast. I honestly felt even more naked than before if that was possible, but I really liked the way I looked. My breasts were now ‘womanly’ and not those of a little girl. I thanked them and gave them each a kiss on the check before going down to see what was available for breakfast.

When I arrived in the kitchen, Brian was just finishing another batch of pancakes. He looked me over and then gave a wolf whistle and told me how beautiful I looked. I thanked him but added that I wouldn’t stay that way long on three and a half hours sleep every night. He put a couple of pancakes on a paper plate for me adding that the butter and syrup was in the dining room. I went in and all of the chairs were occupied so I sat down on the floor and ate my breakfast. As I ate, Beth and Kara came down with Sally. I kept thinking that this should be over by now. I should be home and I should be clothed but instead I still had a couple of days to get through while remaining nude around everyone. Then I thought how wonderful last night was with Brian and knew that I never would have experienced that if I hadn’t been so foolish as to let Sally get to me. So I silently thanked her and wondered what new experiences the day would have in store for me.

I finished eating, threw my trash away, and went to the living room to see what the weather was like. It was still snowing, but not as heavily as last night, and there was now about five feet of snow on the ground. The cars in the driveway were small bumps on the snowfield. Yes, I thought, it will be a couple of days at least before we get out of here. It was early in May for crying out loud. We were used to getting a lot of snow in southwestern Michigan but not in May. And never as much as this in one evening.

I went down to the basement where several couples were gathered around the television watching the weather channel. The commentator was calling the storm a once in a thousand year event because of the amount of snowfall and the time of year when it occurred. They were replaying the satellite images that showed the cold front and storm moving down from Canada and then stalling over the Great Lakes. When it stalled, it kept picking up moisture from Lakes Superior and Michigan and dumping it inland right on top of us.

Nobody was talking as they watched. I think everyone was a little dumbfounded by what was happening. All of a sudden I realized that, unlike last night, the storm and not my nudity was the center of everyone’s attention. I continued to watch with the others for about an hour as more and more people came downstairs. When the reporters started repeating themselves because they had run out of new things to say I went back upstairs to see if Brian needed help cleaning up.

He was just finishing up the dishes from breakfast and was alone in the kitchen. I came up behind him and put my hands around his waist, pressing my body into his back. He turned around in my arms and wrapped his arms around me holding me tightly and I turned my face up to his and he kissed me. We held it for a long time and I don’t know if he was remembering last night but I know I was and I was becoming very aroused again. I pressed against him harder, crushing my breasts until the kiss ended. As we separated, he asked me how it was possible that I was even more beautiful today then yesterday. I didn’t say anything, but looked down at one nipple and then the other.

“That’s it” he cried. He lifted one nipple slightly with his finger and I felt myself beginning to melt. I tried to control my breathing as he fingered first one and then the other nipple. Then he bent over and kissed each one of them.

“What did you do to make them look like that?” he asked.

“Kiss them each again and I’ll tell you,” I said laughing.

He eagerly bent over and kissed each one, lingering to circle them with his tongue before standing up again.

“It was Beth’s idea,” I explained. “She suggested a little lipstick on each one to darken them and make them stand out more. I was in such a good mood after last night that I told her to go ahead. Do you like them?”

“Are you kidding? They, and you, are gorgeous. They make you seem more …”

As he struggled to find the right word, I supplied it for him. “Womanly?”

“Yes, exactly. You’re not the little girl I’ve known all these years any more, are you?”

“Yes and no. In one way, perhaps the most important way, I still am a girl and not a woman. But Brian, after this stupid bet is over; can we talk about changing that? I was ready last night and it was only the bet with Sally that kept me from dragging you to the floor so you could make love to me.”

“Does that mean that Sally was right?”

My face clouded up at the suggestion, but then I considered it. “No, I don’t think so. If you hadn’t been here, I would not have sought someone out for lovemaking. I would not have had someone get me off like you did. And I certainly would not have given anyone else a blowjob. It wasn’t my nudity that made all that happen. Maybe that contributed to it a little but it was that I love you and know you love me that made it happen. I would never argue that love and sex are separable like nudity and sex are. Love and sex are like peanut butter and jelly. Each one makes the other better. And that is why the next couple of days are going to be so hard.”

He smiled at me before he answered. “Oh wise one, you can answer everything except how do I keep myself from taking you to my bed and ravishing you for the next couple of days.”

“Actually, I do have an answer for that. You won’t because you love me and you want to see me beat Sally. And if you weren’t so strong, I would be dead meat right now.” I reached down and put my forefinger in my slit just enough to collect some of the moisture and then held it up to his nose. “Smell that? That is what happens to me when you start playing with my tits. I was perfectly dry when I walked in here, well, somewhat dry,” I said laughing.

He chuckled and hugged me before we went down to the basement hand in hand. Brian took charge as soon as we entered by telling someone to turn off the television and everyone to gather around.

“There are a couple of things we need to start working on if we’re going to get out of here when they get around to plowing the snow off the road. First, we’re going to need more food, a lot more food. The other thing we need to do is dig out the cars and clear the driveway. There’s an old sled in the garage. I and three others will walk to the convenience store down the road. The owner lives on the second floor so I’m sure we can get him to open up for us. We’ll bring as much food back as we can with the sled. We have a small tractor that can clear the driveway but we have to dig out the cars by hand first because it can’t maneuver around them all. There are a couple of shovels so I suggest that two guys work for about a half hour then two more take their place. We should have most of it cleared by nightfall. Who wants to go with me to the store?

He got three volunteers fairly quickly. Tom and Jamie volunteered for the first shift with shovels in the driveway. I went back upstairs and rummaged around for a thermos. When I found one, I made a pot of coffee for the guys to take with them on the trek to the store. Just as I poured the coffee into the thermos, Brian came into the kitchen wearing his jacket, stocking cap, and gloves and with a scarf across his face. I pulled the scarf down from his mouth and stood on tiptoe to kiss him before I handed him the thermos. Telling him to be careful, I pulled the scarf back up and watched as he went into the garage to get the sled. I stood in the doorway to the garage and watched as he opened the garage door and climbed up the snow bank against the door. Suddenly I was hit with a blast of cold air and quickly shut the door. I had just started another pot of coffee for the guys digging out the driveway when Sally and some of the other girls came in dressed for outside.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“We’re going out back to have a snowball fight. Just some girls having fun while the guys are working. And you’re coming too.”

“You’re crazy. I’m not going outside naked.”

“If I remember the terms of the bet, there was to be no hiding out and you are required to do whatever the rest of us do. The rest of us are going outside for a snowball fight. So come along.”

And that is how I found myself naked and ass deep in the snow throwing snowballs. Being hit with a snowball isn’t too bad when you have on lots of padding but it sure hurts like hell when it hits your bare skin. The one thing you have to do is keep moving and generate lots of body heat to keep warm inside. If you stop moving, the cold really gets to you. So for fifteen minutes I ran around like a wild woman to fulfill the conditions of the bet before I headed inside. I stomped around and shook my arms to get warm as soon as I got in and poured myself a cup of coffee from the pot. I was pleased to see that Beth and Kara refused to take part in Sally’s scheme. The rest of the girls came in shortly after me because I am sure that the only reason they agreed to it was to get me outside naked. Once I came in, their fun was over. I went into the living room to watch the boys shoveling as the other girls came inside.

The first shift was ending and two more boys had just started shoveling as the first two came in. I told them there was coffee in the kitchen and they went to get some after shedding their jackets. Sally came to get me and take me downstairs because she had other entertainment planned with me as the star of the show.

“We’re going to have a dance contest,” Sally announced. She asked the boys to come over so they could be judges in the contest. Beth and Kara were watching television and didn’t move. When the boys were all seated around the dance area, Sally turned the music on and said that we would dance in alphabetical order using our first name. So I stood around and watched as about half the girls danced to tunes they had selected. Some of them were really good dancers and then it was my turn.

I had them put on the Beatles version of Rock and Roll Music and then I danced naked for them. This was really different than last night. Everyone had something to do the previous evening so when people watched me, it was only for a moment, or out of the corner of their eye. Now everyone’s attention was on me while I moved to the music. I was so aware of everything about my body, how my breasts moved, how my hips moved, how my bottom shook, but especially how I opened up the view to my pussy with my feet spread that it was hard for me to keep the rhythm of the music. I really struggled for the first few bars but then I caught the beat and forgot about them. I closed my eyes and began dancing for Brian and let the music take my body wherever it wanted. As the music ended, I had my feet slightly more than shoulder width apart, raised my hands high over my head, and bowed my body backward so that every part of me was on display. Not for the first time I felt conflicting emotions. The pose I was in made me feel so vulnerable but I also felt powerful because of the effect I was having on the others. I was really sweaty from the energy I had put into the dance. I opened my eyes and looked at all of the people who had watched me and they were standing or sitting around the dance area with their mouths hanging open. Even Sally was dumbfounded.

“Sally, I’m through with your games,” I announced. I saw Beth and Kara standing near the back of the circle of people around me. “I’m not your slave and I’m not taking your orders anymore. I have to do what everyone else is doing so I am going to do what Kara and Beth were doing and watch some television.” I pushed through the group around the dance area and Kara and Beth led me over to the television. I didn’t sit on the couch because I was so sweaty but on the floor in front of it watching the news about the storm. Some of the guys came over and asked if they could play video games so Kara suggested that we go upstairs. When we got to the top of the stairs, Kara asked if I wanted a bath and suggested that there should be enough hot water by now. That sounded heavenly so we went to the big bathroom in the master bath and Beth drew a tub for me.

When I was soaking in the hot tub, Beth asked if I knew what I had done to the people who had watched my dance. I told her I closed my eyes so I really didn’t see anyone’s reaction until after I finished.

“You just set the standard for beautiful around here,” Kara offered. “I can’t imagine anything more exquisite or erotic than what I just saw you do.” Beth nodded her agreement and I was silent for a moment.

“Thank you,” I started. “Not just for what you said, but for showing some empathy for what I am going through.”

“I’m not sure empathy is the right word,” said Kara. “It’s more like envy because I would love to experience what you are feeling but I know I could never do it. I would crumble in just a few minutes. What you said to Sally, that you weren’t her slave; doesn’t it make you feel submissive or even inferior to be naked all of the time around everyone?”

“Yeah, especially the inferior part. Not necessarily submissive, I don’t think, just beneath everyone. How can you not feel that way when you are naked and everyone else is dressed? It does put them in a position of power over you if you let them. I decided that I wasn’t going to give Sally the power anymore.”

We got quiet again, each of us alone with our thoughts. Mine centered on the relaxation I was experiencing as I soaked in the hot water. I’m not sure how long I lay in the tub but I decided that I needed to wash so I sat up and took the washcloth and soap in my hands. Beth reached in and took them away from me.

“Let us pamper you a little. We’ll wash you. Why don’t you stand up and turn toward us?” I must have shown my hesitation at the idea of having them put their hands all over me. “Don’t worry,” she went on. “Neither of us is gay, believe me. It’s just that we think you should get some kind of reward for what you are doing.”

I relaxed and stood up to face them. They took washcloths and soaked them in the tub, then lathered them up and began washing me. Beth did my face while Kara started on my arm. They took their time and when they finished one part of me, they would rinse so the soap wouldn’t dry and start on another area. Kara ended up washing my breasts while Beth knelt down and did my legs and pussy. Then they had me turn around and started on the back at the top of my shoulders and worked their way down. When they got to my bottom, each one took one of my buttocks and were giggling and laughing as they scrubbed them and they jiggled around. There was nothing sexual about what I was feeling and I know that might be hard to believe, but this was about being taken care of and pampered, not being stimulated. I had been in such a state of arousal for so long over the last day that I actually enjoyed not being stimulated sexually.

When they finished and I was about to step out of the tub, Beth asked me if Brian liked my nipples made up. I told her he loved it and what he did to them, how he fingered them and kissed them, when he realized they were changing my whole appearance. Then she asked if I would like to take sexy to another level.

“Oh, God, I don’t know if I can handle another level. Geez, you don’t know how tough it’s been already. What are you suggesting?”

Beth answered. “We could shave you.”

“My legs are fine; I just shaved them yesterday afternoon before I got ready for the prom.” Then it hit me what she was talking about. “You’re suggesting I shave my pussy?”

“No, we’re suggesting that you let us shave your pussy.”

I stood there in the tub looking at first one and then the other to figure out if they were serious. I honestly thought they both looked hopeful more than anything else. But I wasn’t sure how this was helping me. “Why would I do that?” I asked.

“Well, first, it’s not like your pubic hair covers up a lot. You can still see your slit through it,” Beth began. “And second, I read that guys like that little girl look. How do you think Brian would react to you being bald down there?”

I tried to put myself in Brian’s position, but it was hard because last night had been the first time he had touched me down there. And I know that I had never brought it up. If he had any thoughts about it, he never shared them. But I remember reading something about it too and somehow knew that many men would like that look. The real question, however, was not if Brian would like it, but could I handle it? I felt like I was in quicksand and it was pulling me under as I took each step forward. The first one had been the actual stripping, then came the darkened nipples this morning, then the dance, and now this new idea. How would I feel about myself if I looked like a little girl? How would Brian’s attitude toward me change if I looked like a little girl? But the real issue was the loss of privacy that shaving would entail. Beth was right about my pubic hair. It was blonde and wasn’t very thick at all, but it did afford me some cover. That small three inch triangle of hair was all I had left to cover myself and it was hard to imagine giving it up.

It was then that I realized something. I really wanted what was happening to me and I wanted it for selfish reasons. Maybe somewhere deep in my subconscious I was worried about Brian going off to college and leaving me behind. Maybe this was my way of holding on to him. But if it was, what did it say about me? Was I so needy that I had to humiliate myself just to cling to him? I really believed the answer to that question was no. So it had to be something else that was forcing me to walk deeper into the quicksand and the only other thing I could think of was that I really was an exhibitionist. That I liked having people see me nude and enjoyed the attention, even the humiliation. So I told them to do it.

First they dried me off by enfolding me in a big towel while they both rubbed me dry. Then I sat on the edge of the sink with my knees spread wide so Kara could do my make-up and nipples while Beth shaved my pussy bare. As they prepared me, my mind could not help to wonder where all of this would end. I wouldn’t say I was a nudist because being naked around other naked people really didn’t appeal to me. It was all about being kept naked around everyone else who was dressed that I liked.

When they finished, we went into the bedroom and I looked at myself in the full length mirror. I could not take my eyes off my bare pussy and I silently cried out to myself, ‘Oh, God, what have I done?’ but there was no going back now. It made me feel like I was ten years old again and made me feel even more vulnerable. But as with everything I was experiencing, there was a dichotomy and I had to admit how sexy it was also. Kara and Beth each took a hand and led me back downstairs to the basement.

At first, no one noticed because, I think, they were getting used to seeing me naked. But then the whispers started and the subtle glances in my direction. It was after one o’clock and I was getting hungry so I asked Beth and Kara if they wanted to help me make some lunch for everyone. They agreed and we headed back upstairs. After searching through the pantry, we found a couple of large jars of spaghetti sauce and plenty of pasta. So the three of us quickly boiled the pasta and warmed up the sauce. I found some Parmesan cheese in the fridge and grated it while the pasta was boiling. When everything was ready, Beth went downstairs to tell people that lunch was ready and they trooped up from the basement. We served on paper plates with Kara dishing out the pasta and me the sauce because we wanted to ration it and make sure that everyone who was hungry got something to eat. The last five servings went to the two boys who were just coming in from shoveling and the three of us so we grabbed what we could and went down to the basement to eat.

Several of the couples had preceded us downstairs and I got the looks again when people saw my bare pussy. I decided to take the bull by the horns and get the issue out of the way as much as I could. I put my plate down and went over to where everyone was sitting on the couch and floor.

“What do you all think of my smoothie look?” I asked them as I thrust out my pelvis making it obvious what I was asking. I think they were more embarrassed than I was. “Come on, you’ve all seen it and talked about it. Do you like it? Kenny, what do you think?”

“I really like it, Leah. It makes you even hotter.” Then he quickly added, “Not that you weren’t hot already.”

“Hear that, Barb?” I asked directing it to his girlfriend. “He really likes it. So are you going to shave yourself for him?” Barbara was embarrassed that I was putting her on the spot like that, but I said it with a big grin and when she looked up at me, she saw the twinkle in my eye.

“Maybe,” she quietly offered. “But if I do, I’m going to make sure he makes it up to me somehow.” And everybody cracked up when she said it. That really broke the tension and it made me feel somewhat more comfortable because I thought it would take the staring and whispering down a notch. Still, what I had just done surprised me because I didn’t think of myself as brazen. I sat near Beth and Kara as I ate but eating was done on autopilot as I spent more time considering everything that had happened to me in the last eighteen hours. I was doing things to make myself appear more naked, not less so. Okay, I had agreed to coloring my nipples and shaving my pussy, but why had I agreed? I suppose the first thing I needed to really understand was if I liked being looked at while I was naked; that seemed to me to be the crux of the situation. It embarrassed me and it made me feel inferior to the others to be naked while they were clothed so why did I like them to look? Why did I want them to look?

My first thought was that I wanted to be the center of attention but that had never been true before. In fact, I had avoided the spotlight preferring a supporting role in any activities in which I was participating. I was the one who would run for vice president, not president. I was the one who would sing in the chorus instead of trying for the lead. So the next question I asked myself was, ‘What did I get from being looked at naked?’ I got sexually aroused a lot which was self-evident from my body’s reactions to the different situations I experienced. And while wondering what kind of slut I was turning into to, I admitted to myself that I did like that part of it. But there was something else about it and I finally came up with a working hypothesis.

While I was naked, I was vulnerable but I realized I trusted everyone (with the exception of Sally) to whom I was demonstrating my vulnerability. And while I was vulnerable I could not pretend to be something I wasn’t. All of the different roles I had to assume vanished while I was naked. All I could be was my true self without pretense, secrets, or obfuscation. And that was what I really loved about being kept naked. That was the thing that I treasured and enjoyed; that I did not have to play a role with anyone. In fact, I was incapable of playing a role with anyone. I thought about how I had felt about Sally’s attempts to get under my skin and the way I reacted to her was exactly the way I felt about her at that moment. I wasn’t covering up any of my feelings. The same thing was happening with Brian. If I wanted him to please me, I asked. If I wanted to please him, I asked. No quid pro quo was involved. Whatever I felt like doing I tried to do because it was what I wanted and not what someone else wanted of me.

As I came to this conclusion I became more at peace with myself about my nudity than I had since it started. I wasn’t sure that I fully understood everything that was happening to me but I was making real progress. And now that I could accept the fact that there were things I liked about being kept naked, the humiliation I had been feeling began to melt away.

It was about an hour later that Brian and the others came back from the convenience store. Someone told me they were coming up the drive and I raced to the front door. When they were close, I threw open the door, climbed up the mound of snow, and waded through it. When I reached him, I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. Of course, I never considered how exhausted he must be and he tumbled backward when I jumped on him and we landed in a heap in the snow laughing like little children. I got up and then helped him to his feet and put my arm around him as we went inside. Some of the others came out to help the other two boys and get the food from the sled and the bags they were carrying.

Once we were inside I helped him out of his coat. “Oh, God, I’m cold,” he mumbled.

“What you need is some shared bodily warmth,” I told him laughing and pulled up his sweater and pressed myself against his chest.

“Man that feels good,” he said wrapping his arms around me. We stood there just holding each other for a long time before I turned my face up to him for a kiss. It felt so good to be in his arms and to feel him against my bare skin.

After we kissed, I whispered to him that I had a surprise for him and stepped back. Then I thrust out my pelvis just like I did in the basement and asked him if he liked it. His jaw fell open as he stared at my bare pussy. After a few moments he closed his mouth and asked me why I did it.

“Actually, someone suggested it to me. I thought you might like it. Do you?”

“You are the most beautiful girl who ever lived,” he told me. “Come here so I can kiss you again and then you can tell me all about your day.”

I noticed that he used the word girl. This morning I was a woman. I knew that change was a reflection of my shaved pussy but it really didn’t bother me because in a way I knew he was right; it did make me look like a little girl. Ever since I saw myself in the mirror after I was shaved, I had been thinking of myself the same way and that made me even more vulnerable and dependent on others; not because I really was but just because of the image I had of myself. He sat down on the couch and I snuggled up next to him with my head on his shoulder and my legs tucked underneath me. I asked him how the trip to the store was and all he could say was that it was hard wading through snow that was up to his chest in some places.

Then I told him about everything that happened after he left. I could feel him getting angry when I told him about Sally’s plan to lure me outside and have me dance with everyone watching me but I tried to calm him down by telling him that I had fun outside and came in before the cold could hurt me. As for the dancing, I told him that I was looking forward to doing it again with him present because in order to get through it the first time, I imagined that I was dancing for him. I repeated what I told Sally about not being her slave and not taking her orders anymore and Brian squeezed my shoulder in support. That took me up to my bath with Kara and Beth. I told him about them asking me and after I thought it through, I figured it would be okay because it was just taking a step further into the deep end. Continuing the analogy, he asked me how far I could go until I drowned. I told him I wasn’t sure and then a thought occurred to me.

“Brian, are you really okay with all of this?”

“Am I okay with you being naked all of the time? Absolutely. Am I okay with you being naked in front of our friends all of the time? Honestly, I’m not sure.”

“I’m sorry,” I began, “I’ve never really considered your reaction to all of this. Is it bothering you that everyone is seeing me naked?”

“I suppose it is a little because it’s like something that should be just for us and not in the public domain.”

“I never looked at it that way, and I am sorry. This started out as being about Sally and me, then it was about me and what was going on inside me, and it was never about you or about us. I should have done better.”

“So go back through it again, but this time, tell me what you were feeling and how your feelings have changed since this all started.”

So I went back to the beginning but the focus was on the evolution of my feelings about why this was becoming important to me. As I came to the end and how everything was coming into focus for me, I tried to make him understand that because of the accident and losing a year, I felt cut off from all of my support and started acting to please others instead of being myself. But when I stripped, I found that I could no longer worry about trying to please others because of what they expected of me and now I had to please them by being myself. Ultimately, I concluded, that may be the best thing to come out of this weekend.

He just nodded and as I went along, encouraging me to keep on talking until I had nothing left to say. Then he hugged me and told me that I could count on him no matter what happened. “And maybe I’ll like being known as the boyfriend of The Naked Girl,” he finished. The way he said it, I realized it was a title, like General or Pastor. Well, if I had to have a title, I could take pride that it was at least unusual.

“You know, you may be more right than you know. Do you think this could become part of my identity? That I become The Naked Girl and that is how I really see myself beyond this weekend?”

“Would that be a bad thing?” he asked.

“I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. I’m less conflicted and confused as The Naked Girl. The Leah who wears clothes might slip back into the role playing and like a chameleon, changes herself from one situation to the next. I wasn’t happy doing that and I don’t want to go back to it.”

Things settled down some after that in a number of ways. The guys got the driveway cleared and we all had hot dogs and chips for dinner. After dinner we were down in the basement and I realized that I had been naked for less than twenty-four hours but it seemed like a lot longer. I really was becoming comfortable with my nudity because I had stopped thinking about how nice it would be to be dressed. Being naked made me feel everything that touched my skin more intensely. I had never really been conscious of the feel of the fabric on a couch, or the tiny air currents generated by the heating system, or Brian’s muscles through his shirt. Now my skin was alive with those feelings and hundreds of others. And because I was more comfortable with my nakedness, I moved closer to being myself all of the time without worrying about what others thought or if they were disappointed in me.

No one really felt like partying so the basement was pretty subdued. The television was on, and some people were playing pool, but mostly there were small groups of people scattered around the room talking. We were sitting on the floor with Beth, Kara, and their boyfriends. Brian asked Beth and Kara if it bothered them that their boyfriends were seeing me naked all the time.

“At first, a little,” Beth offered. “The way Jack was looking at her made me jealous. But as I thought about it, I realized that he wasn’t seeing her in a way that meant he wanted to dump me for her. He was looking at her because she is beautiful just because she is female and you guys are programmed that way.”

Kara jumped in. “I kind of felt the same way. Zeb’s attention wasn’t on me, it was on her. But last night before we went to bed, we talked about it because he could tell something was bothering me. When I explained what I was feeling, he took me in his arms and kissed me so lovingly that I knew that Leah didn’t deserve what I was thinking about her. Then Beth and I talked about it in the morning when we woke up and decided that we were being stupid about it. That’s when we decided to see if we could push Leah a little. Not because we wanted to be mean to her, but because we wanted her to know that we were behind her; supporting her.”

Then it was Beth’s turn again and she asked me to stand up. “Look at her, Brian, really look at her. Do you see how relaxed her muscles are and how loose she is? You guys know I do gymnastics and I understand what it is to be tight or loose. Last night when Leah first stripped, she was a different person physiologically. Her posture wasn’t as straight, she was stiff, and her movements lacked what we call flow. Leah, do me a favor and walk across the room and back.”

I did as she asked. When I returned to the group, I continued standing and Beth continued. “Do you see what I mean? She didn’t walk across the room, she flowed across it and back. It was clear when she was dancing earlier today that everything in her head that controlled her body had changed. Leah, can you explain it?”

I sat down first so I could see everyone’s face more clearly as I talked. It was important to me to make myself understood and I needed the feedback their expressions would give me. “I think that I’ve always worried about what other people thought of me. I was always trying to be what they wanted. Once I shed my clothes, once I lost that protection, it was like the only way I could get through the experience was to take satisfaction in the way they reacted to the real me, not the fake me I tried to project. The real me had nowhere to hide anymore.”

“And do you like being kept nude?” That was from Kara.

There it was again, the conflict between my own emotions. “This may not make sense to anyone but the answer is I didn’t really know because I felt conflicted. Being naked makes me feel inferior to everyone else and I don’t really enjoy that feeling. But do I like the feeling of people looking at my body? Of course I do. I like being looked at, not just by Brian but by all of you. It thrills me in a way that is hard to explain. Part of it is that I am so much more aware of my own body and the sensations it feels. When I walk, I’m aware of how my breasts jiggle and my bottom sways. I am more sensitive to every touch and texture that I feel. And that awareness makes me feel more alive. When I was clothed, I felt none of that at all. And I think that aliveness is communicated through my body language and facial expressions. What was it Mr. Moore said in speech class; that eighty percent of communication is non-verbal? If that’s true, then I am an open book to anyone who wants to take the time or make the effort to read it.

“There’s something else, too. When you’re naked around clothed people, you are so much more aware of your sexuality. I like being female and I like feeling sexy. And I don’t mind people thinking of me that way, even though I am still a virgin. It’s not that I am trying to fool them into thinking I’m something I’m not; it’s just that the real me is sexy even if I haven’t experienced intercourse. Fucking is a mechanical thing but feeling sexy is mental. It is a frame of mind and not an action. I take joy in being seen that way by others.

“I don’t know enough psychology to know if this is right or wrong, but I don’t think of myself as an exhibitionist. That label has a particular connotation to me of someone with a deep-seated need for humiliation and I don’t need or want that. I felt humiliation when I first took off my clothes; however I really don’t feel that anymore, not in the sense of being embarrassed by my nudity. It is almost as if I am telling the world, ‘Here I am, take it or leave it because I am happy with me like this and I don’t care what you think.’ So to answer your question, I think I am happier now than I have been in a long time. If it was possible I would like to stay naked as long as I can because of the way it makes me feel and act. Knowing that’s not possible is a little sad but I can’t worry about things I can’t change. But to answer your original question, as of right now, yes, I love the freedom it gives me, I love the way people look at me, and I love the way I can feel things more intensely than I ever have. So now having admitted it, who’s going to join me?”

I got an immediate chorus of no’s from everyone so I shut up then and let my words sink in. Brian put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. I kissed his shoulder then sat back up. “There is one thing I need to say and I don’t want this misinterpreted. I owe you two a lot,” I said looking at Kara and Beth. “Whatever the process was that I had to go through to get to this point, you helped speed it up for me and I thank you for that. So without trying to be submissive or slavish, which I don’t want to be, is there anything I can do to repay you both?”

Beth and Kara looked at each other and nodded to each other, and then Kara asked if I would be willing to dance for them again. I agreed at once and Beth went over to the stereo and selected several tracks from different disks. She hadn’t hit the play button yet so I stood up and moved to the center of the dance area. Kara stood up and got everyone’s attention by yelling and announced that I was going to dance for them. “If you didn’t see her dance earlier today, you missed a real treat. If you saw it, I know you’ve been hoping for more so now is your chance. Gather round.”

Beth hit the play button and I recognized the song right away, Janis Joplin singing Me and Bobby McGee. I knew the song inside and out but my heart was racing and I had to hold myself in check until I picked up the beat. When I did, I held my arms straight out and tilted my head to the left while I waited for the first chorus. Then I let my body tell the story of the song. I didn’t even have to think about what I was doing; it was like I was on autopilot. Just as the last note faded, I bowed at my waist with my arms thrown back behind me and held the position until the next song started. This one was rock and roll and I leaped up on the second bar. Now I was shaking and swaying to the music trying to match the energy level of the band.

On and on it went, one song after another. All the while I wasn’t thinking about the moves I was making but I was conscious of how I looked to the people watching me. I looked down on myself dancing for them, my whole body exposed and open and beautiful the way it moved around the floor. When the last song finished, I went down to my knees and lowered my head, exhausted and panting, and for the first time I felt the sweat running down my face, chest, back, and legs. Every drop, every rivulet was felt as strongly as the rain in a thunderstorm. I could tell my hair was a tangled mess and I shook my head to get it off my face.

And as I knelt there, encircled by them, they cheered and clapped. Brian came over, pulled me to my feet, and I leaned against him because I was so tired. Beth and Kara came over and hugged me, not worrying about how the perspiration from my body was soaking into their clothes.

Beth and Kara pulled me away from Brian, telling him they were going to give me another bath and put me to bed. He just nodded and they led me upstairs to the master bath. As the tub filled, I sat on the floor and without thinking my hand went to my pussy. When I realized what I was doing, I told them I needed to masturbate and asked them if they would mind. It never crossed my mind to ask them to leave. Kara told me to go ahead so I inserted my fingers and played with myself, moaning with pleasure and not caring at all that they were watching. When the climax came, I threw my head back and let out a silent scream as I rubbed my clit furiously trying to prolong it as long as I could. Then they gave me a bath just as they had that morning and led me over to the bed.

When they tried to put me into the bed, I shook my head no. I didn’t want to be covered up with the blankets. Instead I curled up on the floor in one corner and was asleep before I knew it.

* * *

Because I went to bed so early I was the first one up. The sun hadn’t come up yet but the morning sky was lightening and sunrise was imminent. Being quiet so as to not wake anyone, I found my purse on the chest of drawers and took it with me into the bathroom and used the toilet. The boys had brought toothbrushes back from the convenience store and someone had put them in the bathrooms. They were all opened because there wasn’t enough for everyone so I used one to brush my teeth, then washed my face and put on my make-up. I also darkened my nipples with red lipstick and enjoyed the feeling of them growing hard under my fingertip.

When I was ready, I went to the kitchen and looked out the window. For some reason, I opened the back door and climbed on the piled up snow so I could watch the sunrise while the cold air enveloped me. It had warmed up throughout the night and the temperature was already above freezing but not by much; the cold air was bracing and there was water dripping off the icicles hanging on the roof. I only stayed outside for about ten minutes as the sun came up over the tree line at the end of the back yard but it was glorious.

Back in the house I rubbed my body all over to warm up. Mary and Annabelle came down just as I was looking around to see what we had for breakfast and Annabelle suggested that we make eggs and toast for everyone. She found a large electric griddle that we could use to scramble the eggs and keep them warm after they were cooked. Mary suggested that I start on the toast for everyone. “We don’t want your bits and pieces burned by splattering oil,” she said laughing without any malice in her voice. I smiled at her and dug out the butter and started toasting the bread. Annabelle found a large bowl and the two of them cracked open three dozen eggs and then used a spatula to scramble them, adding some milk to the bowl as they went.

Mary cooked the eggs, constantly stirring them while I toasted and buttered a loaf of bread and Annabelle started a pot of coffee. As we worked, more and more people came down to get something to eat but when they saw what we were doing, they waited in the dining room. Annabelle got what was left of the jelly from the fridge and put out the paper plates and plastic knives and forks. When the eggs were ready, Mary unplugged the griddle and carried it to the dining room table, plugging it in again and turning it to the lowest setting. I had the toast piled up on two paper plates and carried them in. Everyone let us serve ourselves first because we had made the breakfast so I took a small scoop of eggs and a piece of toast down to the basement to eat.

Tom and Sally came down just as I was finishing. I don’t know what it was with Sally, but she just couldn’t help taking every opportunity for a snide comment. She had pretty much avoided me after I told her I was done with her stupid games but she couldn’t resist one more jab.

“Well, what kind of show are you going to put on for us today, slut?” she asked. “Going to show us how you play with yourself?”

Unbelievably, Tom jumped to my defense. “Leave her alone, Sally. Quit being a bitch.”

Sally turned around and went back upstairs in a huff leaving Tom standing there alone with me. “I’m sorry about that,” he said.

“No need to apologize. And thank you for what you just said.”

Brian came down right after that carrying his plate and asked what was going on. I told him it was nothing and he and Tom sat down on either side of me and ate their breakfasts. I was quiet as they ate, thinking about what Sally had said, even though she meant it mean-spiritedly, it had been kind of neat knowing that Kara and Beth were watching as I fingered myself to orgasm the night before because it increased my vulnerability. Knowing that they were seeing me satisfy a need that no one really talks about and certainly no one ever demonstrates for others was like sharing part of me with them. Although this had started as a test of wills between Sally and me, it was now all about my displaying my vulnerability to everyone, about being completely honest with them about who I was and what my needs were. As I imagined myself masturbating in front of everyone, I grew wet between my legs and my nipples hardened again. I excused myself, telling Brian that I would be right back and took my plate upstairs looking for Kara and Beth.

When I found them, I asked them to come with me and we found an empty bedroom where we could be alone while I talked with them. I explained what had just happened and how it made me feel. Then I asked them what they were thinking about as they watched me play with myself last night.

“I wasn’t embarrassed by it, if that’s what you’re asking,” offered Beth. “You were being you. You felt the need, which is natural and normal, especially considering the circumstances I would think.”

“It was being honest with us,” said Kara. “No barriers, no hidden agendas; just three girls together and one of them acting on her need and being generous enough to share it with us. You said last night that being naked made you feel inferior to the rest of us, but I think in many respects, you have demonstrated your superiority. The courage you have displayed and the honesty with which you have opened yourself up to the rest of us marks you as being better than us, not inferior.”

“But if you are going to do what I think you want to do, you need to explain it first so it won’t be misinterpreted. You need to put it in terms of this is who you are and this is what you need to do just like you did last night when we were talking. And don’t worry about anything. We have your back on this if you really want it.”

I got up off the bed where I had been sitting and hugged both of them while I thanked them for listening to me. Then I went back downstairs to find Brian. I felt I owed it to him to not take him by surprise by what I was about to do.

When I found him, I told him I needed to talk with him and he suggested we go upstairs. In the same bedroom where I talked with Beth and Kara, I told him about what happened when they took me up for my bath last night and all about what Sally had said this morning.

“So I think I need to do this in front of everyone. It’s like as long as only you, Beth, and Kara know about it, I’m keeping secrets from them and this weekend has been all about exposing my self; not just my body, but what’s going on inside my head, too. I need to share this part of me with everyone else. But I won’t do it if you don’t want me to and I won’t do it if I risk losing you because you took it the wrong way.”

“How do you think I would take it the wrong way?”

“That I’m just a tramp who needs to get off and doesn’t care how or when.”

“How many guys, including me, could you have slept with this weekend if you wanted to?”

“Pretty much any of them.”

“And did you?”

“No, you know I didn’t. If I had wanted that, it would have been you I asked, only you.”

“I know that. So how can you even think I would misunderstand what you are doing? Look, I love you more today then I did yesterday, and I am sure I will love you more tomorrow than today. But loving someone means you accept who they are, all of it, without trying to make her over into someone else. Because if you succeed at changing her, you may find that she is not the person you feel in love with.

“I understand you need to share this part of you with everyone. I can certainly understand, after last night, that being naked all of the time has you thinking about sex; maybe that’s just a natural consequence of everything else that has happened this weekend. But do you really need to do this? Look, I love you and nothing you do will change that, but I was brought up believing that sex is private, not public.”

“I don’t deny that being naked has me thinking about it, but not in the way Sally thought. I won’t deny that the idea of making love with you sounds really good right now, but her argument was premised on the belief that we don’t have enough will power to resist the urge. If you say you don’t want me to do this, I will understand and I will have the willpower to wait until we are alone, or at least I am. But this is more than that. I don’t have anything to hide behind anymore. What you see is what you get and what you’re seeing right now is someone who desires sexual gratification. Since that is who I am, part of getting rid of the roles that others expect me to play is not hiding stuff from anyone. Does that make any sense to you?”

“This is just one more barrier between you and the others that you want to remove. Did I get that right?”

“Perfectly,” I said as I leaned into him and turned my face up for a kiss. As our tongues danced with each other, I felt myself shudder, but in a good way. We went back downstairs holding each other’s hand and Brian called everyone over.

“Leah wants to say something,” he announced to the group.

“As you might imagine, this weekend has been quite an experience for me. I have opened myself up to all of you in a way that I never thought possible. And in doing so, I have learned several things. First, I have learned to trust you. It would have been easy for any of you to take pictures of me and ruin me by sending them to my family or others. I don’t believe that has happened and I thank you for that.

“But more importantly, I have learned to share myself with you and to not hide anything about myself. When you have asked me questions about how I felt, I have always answered it honestly and without any evasion. So some of you may have heard some of this, but for everyone else I need to say it again so everyone understands. What I have enjoyed most about this weekend is not being able to hide anything from you. I have made myself vulnerable to you; I have put myself in a position where it would have been easy for any of you to take advantage of that. And even if someone had taken advantage of me in some way, I think I would have continued because it is the fact that I am unable to keep my secrets from you that I have found so satisfying.

“I want you to know that I have enjoyed having you look at me. And I know that most of the guys have enjoyed looking, judging by the bulges in their jeans.” That got everyone laughing and I waited until it stopped to continue. “But there is one more thing that I have shared with only three of you and I think I need to share it with everyone or else I will feel that there is still a secret about me that you don’t know.

“This whole thing started over a debate between nudity and sex. I maintained that it was possible to be naked and refrain from intercourse. I want you to know that I am still a virgin and intend to remain that way for awhile. However, I will admit to the connection between being naked around clothed people and a certain level of sexual arousal.” Again everyone laughed, including me, and I waited for the laughter to peter out before I went on. “I know that my body has betrayed me over and over again this weekend as you saw fluid leaking from my vagina and run down my thigh or my nipples crinkle up and grow hard. No, let me change that, my body hasn’t betrayed me at all because that is who I am and it was simply showing you that I am a female and a sexual being. It demonstrated for you who I really am; it wasn’t an act of betrayal; it was an act of honesty and openness.

“So there is one more thing I need to do this weekend to complete the journey I have been on since Saturday night when I first stripped off my clothes and showed you my body. In many ways, that was an easier task than showing you my mind but as I have learned to trust you, you have helped make it easier for me to be even more honest about who and what I am. I am going to invite anyone who will be offended to go upstairs for a while because in a few minutes I am going to kneel down on the floor and masturbate myself to orgasm and perhaps do it many times if that is what I feel I need. By doing this I want to share with you the joy I feel about being a woman, about being completely female and completely truthful about my own needs and desires. Again, if you will be offended, you should leave now.”

I stood among them in complete silence. It only took Sally a moment to announce that she had no desire to see the slut fuck herself and she tromped upstairs in a huff. But she was the only one who left. I waited another minute or so then slowly sank to my knees and sat back on my heels. I opened my knees as wide as I could and used both hands on my breasts to rub them. They didn’t need much stimulation because as I was explaining what I was about to do, my body began preparing itself. I looked down at my open cunt and could see the moisture already glistening on its light pink inner lips. My right hand went to my pussy as my left continued massaging my breast. As my finger slipped inside me, I moaned in pleasure.

I wanted to see them see me so I kept my eyes open and turned my head to see as many of them as possible. I used my finger to slowly circle my clit, barely touching it so I could stretch this out as long as possible. Within moments the pleasure I was feeling began to build and I moaned out loud again as if I was urging my finger to go faster. I forced myself to slow down and relaxed my body as I put my left hand on the floor behind me so I could lean back and lift my pelvis up into my hand cupping my pussy. It felt so good that I forgot about the people watching me as I rubbed my button.

Now my body was jerking around a little, as if it was trying to find a position that would maximize my pleasure. I felt as if a heat source was positioned inside my vagina and was radiating outward through my skin. By then I could no longer hold back and I brought my self to orgasm, crying out with pleasure as I continued playing with myself throughout the climax.

It seemed to last an eternity but it eventually passed all the way through me as I continued twitching and shaking. I did not stop there, however, and kept rubbing my clit but now I had a second finger inside me to speed up my next orgasm. Without removing my fingers, I laid down backwards with the back of my thighs lying on top of my calves. This stretched me and forced my pussy to open even more as my butt was still resting on my heels, keeping my hips and pussy elevated off the floor. Suddenly I cried out and shook my head resting on the floor back and forth as the second orgasm washed over me. If anything, this one lasted longer than the first and I felt my hips jerking upward as I arched my back so much that the top of my head was almost touching the floor.

I still wasn’t satisfied so I continued masturbating. I was no longer aware of the people around me. Even my body did not feel the floor beneath me. All I could feel was my clit being rubbed with my finger and the waves of pleasure washing over me, pounding me, like the surf pounds the beach. I had lost all track of time but it couldn’t have been more than a few seconds before I reached my third climax. This one was the strongest and longest yet and I bucked and my body shook, somehow trying to deny that I could feel this much pleasure. It went on and on as I thrashed about, my hand pressed deep into my pussy to keep my fingers inside me.

Finally it was over but still I shook and twitched on the floor. I rolled over on my side and extended my legs relaxing the strain on my hamstrings caused by having my legs doubled up underneath me. I just lay there quietly, reliving the orgasm in my mind.

No one bothered me or disturbed me in any way. I don’t know how long they stood around me watching me but I could sense, almost as if it was in the far distance, that they began to disburse. Brian knelt down beside me and touched my cheek with his hand. I finally acknowledged him by turning my head so I could look up at him.

“My God, I thought you were going to die there for a minute.”

“No,” I whispered, smiling, “if that kind of pleasure could kill us, the human race would have been extinct long ago.”

He helped me to my feet and I told him I needed a shower. By his look, he asked me if I wanted him to come with me, but I shook my head no.

As I let the hot water pour over me, I reflected on everything that had happened to me so far. I looked back on my experience not with shame or humiliation but with pride; pride that I was strong enough to strip myself in front of everyone, pride that I didn’t play games and showed everyone who I really was, pride that I had satisfied Brian and he had satisfied me without hesitation or reservation, and finally pride that I had been able to tear away the last and most intimate veil of secrecy that left me totally exposed to twenty couples. Then I washed my hair and scrubbed my body, dried myself off, redid my face and nipples, and was going to go back downstairs to see if there were any consequences from my performance.

But I found everyone in the living room gathered around the picture window cheering and laughing. I asked someone at the back of the crowd what was happening and they said the plows had gone by while I was in the shower. A couple of the boys were at the end of the driveway digging out the snow that had been pushed into the drive by the plows. It took about an hour and half for them to move all of the snow to the sides of the drive. As they came back up the drive, everyone went to get their things and go home. I watched from the window as car after car pulled out. Finally there were just four of us; Brian, Tom, Sally, and me.

“Well, do you concede?” I asked her.

The look of hatred on her face was almost too much to look at and I wondered if she was going to have a seizure she was so angry.

“Not until you prove you’re still a virgin,” she spat out at me.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her into the kitchen, telling Brian to get me an old rag. I grabbed a spatula with a long round handle from a drawer and took the rag Brian had brought to me.

“I’m going to break my hymen now and when I bleed, you will have to admit I’m still a virgin. As much as I would like Brian to be the one to do it sometime in the future, I’ll do it myself right now if that’s what it takes to prove it to you. I’ll even let you suck the blood from my pussy, you witch, if that’s what you want.”

She grabbed Tom’s hand and pulled him from the kitchen. I heard the door slam, their car start up, and watched from the picture window as they pulled out of the drive. Just as they reached the road, another car was pulling in and the second car stopped to let Sally and Tom out.

“Oh my God,” I cried. “It’s your parents. Quick, get my clothes.”

Brian ran out to the garage and got my bag from his trunk. He was unzipping it and pulling out my clothes as he ran back in. I threw them on and had just pulled the sweater over my head as the door opened. If they hadn’t taken the time to get their luggage from the trunk, they would have found me standing in their living room in my bra and panties.

It felt so strange to be standing there in clothes as we greeted them. I felt the urge to rip them off my body so I could once again be free to be myself but I knew that my extraordinary weekend was over. Brian quickly told them how twenty-two of us had been snowed in all weekend and that they could expect to see a rather large charge on their credit card from the convenience store on the next bill. Then he said he needed to take me home. I got my dress from the guest room and my purse from upstairs and put on my jacket while Brian warmed up his car.

We didn’t talk about the weekend during the drive, but about the future. He would be leaving in a few months for Ann Arbor and I asked him if I could come for a visit some time.

“Of course. If we’re going to be going there together the year after next, you need to get the lay of the land,” he said with a big grin on his face.

“Can I stay in your room when I come?”

“Sure, most of the dorms at U of M are co-ed anyway. That shouldn’t be any problem at all.”

We were quiet for a few minutes then I told him I had one more question. He said to go ahead and ask.

“Can I remain naked all weekend when I come?”

End of part 1

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