Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 27

Class was over at least five minutes before the final students left the room. It seemed most of the guys in the class suddenly had questions for Mrs. Davis that they needed to ask after class, and it seemed they wanted to watch and see if I'd stand up again. When Gale and I came back into class after my trip to the office she had me sit back down behind her desk and this time she took the jacket I had wrapped around my waist from me, leaving me once again sitting there with nothing on below my shirt. The t-shirt I was wearing didn't leave much to the imagination itself so I did my best to try and keep my protruding nipples covered from view with my arms. All of the students seemed to take notice of these events and were very curious as what this was all about.

After class had ended two of the boys actually tried to talk to me about the papers I graded while I sat there, thankfully Gale stepped in before they got too close to me. Of all the classes I've been in during my school years this one felt like the longeset, ever.

After Gale locked the door to the room when the last person left she turned to me and gave me a big smile. She then walked over to the desk I was sitting at and with her key unlocked the desk drawer and opened it.

"That was so much fun." she said happily. "Maybe we should do this again tommorrow. I'll stay for the whole class this time if it would make you feel better."

I grabbed the shorts out of the drawer and quickly put them on. Despite that they didn't cover much I was still very happy to finally be able to put them back on, it was better than wearing nothing down there. I hoped that Gale wouldn't make me do this again tommorrow, I'd almost lost my mind today.

"I know you're probably hungry." she continued. "But I think you'll be glad to know that your day here at school today is now over. Emily and CJ will be here in a couple of minutes and they are going to take you out to lunch and keep you out for the rest of the afternoon. So you won't be starting your TA for my last class until tommorrow. Disappointed aren't you?"

I certainly was not disappointed about missing that class but going out with Em and CJ didn't excite me at all either. At least while I was here I got to wear something; somehow I worried that might not be the case with those two.

"When they're done with you they'll bring you over to my house and we'll get you settled. Don't worry about your car, I'll take care of it and it'll be there when you get there. I'm looking very forward to having you work for me and live with me, we are going to have so much fun. I'm glad you agreed to move in."

Like I had a choice. Either say yes or stand out in the hallway bottomless as everyone walked by. God what were my parents going to think of this? A part of me hoped they'd try and block this from hapenning, but on the other hand what would the girls do if my folks tried to interfere with their plans for me? I shuddered at the thought of that. I also shuddered at the thought of what Gale had planned for me as her maid. God I'd lost control of all of this, if I ever had it in the first place.

"I have to go and get ready for my next class." she told me as she walked toward the door. "Just stay in here and they'll come and get you, they should be here soon. Have a good lunch and I'll see you back at our house later. Again today was a lot of fun and tommorrow hopefully will be also."

She then unlocked the door and left the room. I just put my head down on the desk and tried to come to grips with what just happened this last class.

Having to sit here in a room full of people with no pants or underwear on while the office was bugging me to get up and come down there, I couldn't believe I got through it without anyone figuring out what was happening, at least as far as I knew I did.

I heard a small knock on the door which caused me to lift up my head. Both Emily and CJ, who were dressed very heavily in nice clothes and long black overcoats, came in and smiled at me as they walked over and each put their arm around my shoulders.

"Hi babygirl," CJ said pleasently as she squeezed me into her. "I see you survived Gale's little game."

"Yeah, sorry about that." Emily joined in. "We actually got her to believe that she needed to get you to agree to move in with her, we told her that if you said no that we wouldn't make you do it. She was determined to get you to say yes and I see she did. She's turning out to be quite a find for us."

"I don't suppose my consent was really needed was it?" I said to them with a touch of sarcasm.

"Of course not." Emily answered me. "You living there with her is part of the plan. She can protect you as well as make sure you're cooperating fully. But don't worry, she's not allowed to fondle you or hurt you in anyway so if you're worried you'll be her sex toy or something it won't happen. We'll take care of her good if she ever does that."

"Stand up and let us look at you." CJ kindly ordered me. "I wanted to see up close how you look in this outfit."

I did as was asked and when they took their arms off me I stood up and let them judge me, it was funny but I no longer bothered feeling shy around them.

"Oh that's sexy," CJ proclaimed. "And look, she's got cameltoe. That's adorable. You have such a cute pooch down there Amy. I imagine others now think so as well."

"Here's your shoes Amanda." Emily then pulled my shoes that I wore earlier out of her bag. "Don't want you stepping on anything, that parking lot out there is full of garbage."

Gladly I took the shoes and slipped into them. Anytime I could put on anything was a good thing. The bottom of my feet are probably getting dirty. Now if only they'd give me a pair of pants and a sweater.

"C'mon, I imagine you're hungry." Emily said as she took hold of my arm. "Plus we have a reason for you to celebrate. Let's get going. Make sure you keep your hands to your sides when we walk out there to leave. Let's show off your cameltoe a little."

Luckily for me the walk through the hallway was pretty low key. Since classes had already started the halls were pretty empty when we made our way out of the building. There were a couple of stray guys who took in an eyeful of me as they ran the towards the cafeteria, I guessed it was too much to ask to go completely unseen. Outside the air was quite chilly, even more than in the last couple of days. I was very jealous of what the two of them were wearing, their outfits looked very warm and comfortable. The entire time I've been with them they'd always been fully dressed, I'd never even seen their feet. Yet they kept me naked or next to naked for several days now, and who knew how many pictures and videos they must have had of me so far. I wondered what would've happened if I'd never gone to meet them behind the mall, I probably wouldn't be here right now. I wondered if my dad would be in jail. I wondered if there was still anyway I could get out of this. I couldn't help feeling that it was just a matter of time before all this came apart. Everyone was going to think I was some sort of tramp or something. I'd never be able to get away from it all.

'Dammit it's cold out here.'

"Did you take your vitamins today Amanda?" Emily asked me as we approached CJ's SUV.

"Yes," I answered trying to keep from shivering in the cold air.

"Good. The weather is going to keep getting colder so it's imporptant you take those. And we'll know if you don't."

We stopped in front of the SUV and CJ unlocked the doors. Emily opened the front passenger side door for me and I saw the small towel laid across my seat.

"Time to put on your traveling uniform Amanda," Emily said as she held out her hand in a gesture for me to hand her my clothes. "You may keep your shoes on this time, but the rest must come off."

I looked around the parking lot and back at the school to make sure that no one was around. I had to hope that no one was watching me from somewhere I couldn't see as I took my shirt and shorts off and handed them to Emily, who then put them in her bag. Just as soon as she took them from me I jumped into the car and closed the door. When CJ started the engine I placed myself as best I could in front of the vents so the warm air would blow on me.

"Even though you looked so cute in your gym outfit I still prefer you like this Amy." CJ said to me as she reached her hand over and brushed some of my hair off of my face. "I like keeping you naked. There's something so invigarating about it and you're just so precious when you're embarrassed. You're like a lost puppy."

She was so patronizing I could've just puked. They practically treated me like a puppy, always leading me around and telling me to obey. They'd even had me sleep outside.

"You know congradulations are in order for you too Amanda." Emily jumped in. "You're going to be an auntie."

"What?" I responded surprised. "Your brother's wife is pregnant, hopefully with your brothers' kid. They just found out yesterday."

"She is?" This was news. I knew Kim wanted children but I didn't think it would be this soon.

"Oh yes. I believe they're quite excited. Too bad your brother lost his job last week."

"What? How do you know this?" I asked, confused as to how they got this information.

"Oh we know everything about your family." Emily replied smugly. "We keep tabs on them at all times in case we need to use something on you. We cover our investments."

Hearing that sent a shiver down my spine, and not from being cold. Good God they were like the FBI when Hoover ran it. They couldn't get anything on me personally so they used my family.

"Your brother Gary got laid off for showing up late too many times. Not all of it was his fault since he has to drive a piece of shit Dodge back and forth, which broke down quite often. With a baby coming and all this isn't good timing for him."

"You know though Em, Amy here has been really good so far at doing what we ask of her. You think if she promises to keep it up that maybe we could help her brother and his little family out a bit?"

"You know I was thinking just that CJ. It wouldn't be much for us to, you know, maybe buy them a reliable automobile. Maybe we could pay for the doctor visits and the hostpital stays as well."

"And if Amy is really good maybe we could help pay their rent and get Gary a good job while we're at it."

"That's a great idea. I don't see why Amanda's future niece or nephew needs to suffer if we can do something about it. What do you think Amanda?"

I couldn't give an answer right there. I saw what they were doing, just in case I decided that my father's freedom wasn't enough to keep me in line they'd use my brothers' baby against me. Lord knew that my brother, while meaning well, was in no real shape to help support a child. Shit now I had a new family burdon. I could feel the leash Emily and CJ had around me get tighter.

"Amanda?" Emily snapped her fingers at me to get my attention. "You think you can continue following our plan like you have been? It would certainly be a big boost to your brother's offspring."

"I'll do whatever you want. Just like I have been," I answered sulkingly. I tried to look on the bright side. At least something positive might come out of this for me. If it ensured that my niece or nephew was fed and cared for then maybe this would have some worth to it. Couldn't they have waited a couple more years though to get preggers?

"I knew you'd want to help your brother." CJ squeeled. "You're just too big of a sweetheart to think of yourself over an innocent child. You're awesome Amy."

I just slinked down in my seat. I was becoming so defeated by these two. It seemed every possible way I can think to get out of this was now closing down.

I was now more trapped then ever and they kept using my love for my family to keep me this way. I wasn't going to have any dignity when this was over.

"By the way Amy we're going to Salem for lunch today." CJ proclaimed. "We have an appointment for you there afterward so we might as well eat there. I'll try and hurry because you must be hungry."

I was hungry. All this running around in the cold had really wakened my appetite. I hoped they weren't trying to make me fat as well.

Part 28

Driving to Salem took about twenty minutes and the whole way I had to listen to the two of them argue about music again. I found it amazing that these two got along so well with all the bickering they did about what to listened to.

"P. Diddy is a no talent hack." Emily proclaimed harshly. "I can't believe people still follow him. Is he planning on changing his nickname again?"

"Oh shutup." CJ replied. "A hundred years from now they'll still be playing 'more money more problems' while everyone will have forgotten KORN and their shitty excuse for music."

Personally I think they both stink, but I wasn't about to share this with them. As they continued their philosophical conversation we came to the Salem exit and turned off. I was starting to get nervous again because I was afraid of where they were taking me. I hoped they don't make me go into a restaurant like this; but with them this was a likely possibility. As we came into town CJ pulled onto the main road and drove down about 2 or 3 blocks before turning into the parking lot for Tony Roma's Ribs. Oh shit, and this place was full.

"I hope you're hungry babygirl," CJ said to me as she opened her door, "because I'm buying and I'd have hurt feelings if you didn't eat."

I was definitely hungry, but I didn't know how I was supposed to eat if I had to be naked in front of a lot of people. That's when Emily shocked me by handing me a long black overcoat.

"Here Amanda." she said as she gave me the coat. "We brought this for you to wear here. We don't know the owners of this place so we'd prefer not to start any trouble."

I couldn't believe it. Not only are they giving me something to wear but it was not something embarrassing and it covered me all the way down to mid-calf. When I put it on it so warm too. I felt like I did that morning when I got drive to school fully dressed. It was really nice to be able to get out of the car and not worry about who was looking at me.

When we entered the restaurant the hostess seated us in a semi-secluded booth.

CJ had me sit first so that she could sit both next to me and the aisle. For once I didn't mind sitting next to her because I was so happy to be covered.

"Order whatever you want Amy but make sure you get a salad with it. You need your greens."

Yes mother. I was so hungry that everything on the menu looked good. I was not much in mood for ribs though because they were so messy. I was glad I wasn't a vegetarian because this place was wall to wall meat.

"By the way Amanda," Emily started, "make sure you tell Stacey tomorrow that you're coming to her party on saturday. We've got a costume picked out for you and everything."

I guessed that answered that question. I wanted to ask them if Stacey was working with them but I was afraid to push my luck since they were actually letting me wear something non-revealing, I didn't want to this coat taken from me. I must say though that it was kinda warm in here, but I'd live with it.

"Em have you ever had the cajun burger here before?"

"Yes and it kept falling apart on me. More jalepenos fell on plate rather than in my mouth."

"F' that then."

They must have had iron stomaches to go with their iron will. Spicy stuff upsets my tummy, and I felt warm enough as it was right then. Gosh how I wished they'd turn down the heat. It kept feeling warmer each second.

"Good afternoon," a smiling young waitress said to us as she came over to our table. "Are you three ready to order?"

"Yes." Emily answered. "I'd like an order of your Carolina Honey ribs, and I'd like the salad with vinegrete dressing. And I'll have an iced tea to drink."

"And you miss?" the waitress said to CJ.

"I'll have the same except I want real Italian dressing on my salad, and I'd like it on the side."

The waitess then turned to me and I had to think a minute because the coat I was wearing was beginning to feel very warm, which made concentrating more difficult. "I'll have the New york steak with a salad please." I told her as I could feel myself begin to sweat.

"How would you like that cooked?" the waitress asked me.

"Um..." Damn it was getting hot, this was really becoming uncomfortable. "Medium please."

"And what dressing would you like on your salad?"

"French please." I said almost panting.

"And what would you like to drink?"

Something very cold. "Ice water please. And could you bring a pitcher of it?"

All three of them gave me an odd look for that request.

"Sure," the waitress answered me. "You look a little warm. Maybe you should take that coat off."

"I'm fine thank you." I told her. No way was I taking this off.

"Okay then. Is there anything else for any of you?"

"No thank you we're fine." CJ answered and the waitress took our menus and left.

"Feeling a touch warm there Amanda?" Emily asked me with a semi-puzzled look on her face.

"It seems kinda hot in here." I replied.

"I feel fine. How about you C?"

"I feel comfortable." CJ answered. "Maybe we gave you too warm a coat."

The coat was beginning to become unbearable. Not only was it really warm but it almost felt like it was burning my skin. I wanted to take it off but I was not wearing anything underneath it.

"Amy would you like to put your shorts and t-shirt back on?" CJ asked me with a half grin.

"No I'll be fine." I told her, not wanting to put those awful clothes back on. Although right then that was tempting.

"Well if you change your mind they're right here in Em's bag."

I reached over and grabbed my glass of water and started drinking it fast. It was very refreshing but did little to actually cool me off. Where was that waitress with my pitcher?

"Geez kiddo, you're starting to sweat." Emily pointed out. "You'd think you just ate a cajun burger by the way you look."

"Did you guys do something to this coat?" I asked as I wiped sweat off my forehead.

"No." CJ answered with a giggle. "That's way too expensive a coat to f' around with."

God I couldn't take it anymore. I felt like I was being cooked. I couldn't believe I was gonna say this. "I need to get out of this coat. I'll take the other clothes please."

Emily and CJ just gave each other an understanding grin and then they both stood up and Emily grabbed her bag.

"Let's go to the ladies room Amanda." Emily said cheerfully. "Let's get you changed."

I practicully jumped out of the booth and bolted towards the restrooms. I easily beat Emily into the ladies bathroom and was happy to see it was empty. Before she even got there I threw off the coat. Relief was instantainious as the cool air covered my sweaty body. It was like walking into a cooler on a hot day. Emily then entered and stopped in her tracks as she saw me.

"Wow you couldn't wait could you? I guess you're getting more into the spirit of this aren't you?"

"What have you guys done to me?" I asked boldly. "Why did I get so hot wearing that coat?"

"Oh Amanda you're paranoid," she answered smugly. "Here, lets take some paper towels and dry you off first."

She then grabbed a handful of paper towels out of the dispenser and began patting me dry. God this was degrading, and I felt very uncomfortable as well having Emily touch me all over like this. Just then a couple of women in their 40's walked in and saw Emily rubbing my body with paper towels. To say they looked surprised would be an understatment.

"She just had a little mishap," Emily explained as she continued to dry me. "This isn't as dirty as it looks."

"Well it looks plenty dirty." one of the ladies said as she continued to watch. "But what goes on in the ladies room stays in the ladies room I guess."

Oh this was so embarrassing, they must have thought we were gay or something. The two women then went into the stalls and I thought I heard one of them chuckle.

"Okay sweetie I think you're as dry as you're going to get. Let's get you into your gym clothes again."

She then took out and handed me the little shirt and shorts. I couldn't believe I had to put them on again after having something that covered me. But man that coat was hot, my skin still felt like it was cooling off. I put the clothes on and hoped that they wouldn't start to get hot as well.

"Okay Amanda. Let's go back out and wait for our food. Plus CJ's probably getting lonely." She then took my arm and led me back out into the restaurant. I coverd my hand over my cameltoe as we walked back to our table, but that did little to calm my embarrassment of having a restaurant full of people watching me in my little outfit. I knew getting to be covered by that coat was too good to be true.

Part 29

I can't believe I ate so much. I devoured the salad in less than a minute, then when my steak arrived I couldn't eat it fast enough. Man I was hungry, and it was all so good. I also ended up finishing Emily's ribs for her and I drank that whole pitcher of water. Then as we drove away from the restaurant I was feeling really full. I guess I didn't hurt CJ's feelings over not eating enough. They let me continue to wear the gym clothes in the car which made the ride to wherever it is we were going less stressful.

"Can I ask where we're going?" I inquired respectfully, hoping good manners might get me an answer.

"Just down the road here a little bit." CJ relpied as she changed lanes.

"What's up the road?"

"You'll see."

Why couldn't they just tell me? I wondered if they knew that all this stress they'd been putting on me could lead to a nervous breakdown or something. What good would I be to them then?

"Can you please just tell me what we're doing?" I pleaded knowing I might be taking a gamble. "Is it really so important to keep everything so secretive from me anymore? You've got me, okay. I belong to you as you've told me. Why do you have to torture me by keeping everything from me? Can't you let me in on it now?"

Both of them sat speechless for at least a minute before CJ said "We're here." And then she turned at the sign that said 'Community College'. I was now afraid to say anything and I wondered what it was they were thinking right now. CJ pulled up to the information booth and a man leaned out of a window and asked if he could help us.

"Yes. We need a visitor parking pass." CJ replied to him. "Our friend here is a guest in one of the classes."

I was? Crap what kind of class and what kind of guest was I supposed to be? I hoped not some kind of gynecological experiment. The man handed CJ a pass and we drove around and parked in an empty space in front of the college.

"To answer your question Amanda," Emily began as she leaned her head up next to mine, "we keep you in the dark so that you'll always be on your toes. This way we can always be sure that you'll have an honest expression on your face when something new happens." The she leaned in to my ear and whispered "And the next time you feel so brave that you think you can demand something from us you'll find yourself sleeping outside full time. Am I clear?"

The tone in her voice sounded plenty serious. I certainly didn't want to sleep outside again so I gestured that I understood.

"Say it out loud." She ordered sternly.

"I understand. I didn't mean to be disrespectful." God I hated having to kiss her ass like this.

"Because we love you we'll forgive you this time, but you're starting to push your luck little girl." CJ said to me as she put her hand on my thigh and began rubbing it. "You're doing really well so far, don't blow it. In fact, Em, do you think we should show her what happened with Casey after we left her in the hotel parking lot yesterday?"

"You know, we have some extra time before the class starts. I think we can show her the highlights."

I could hear Emily open one of her bags behind me in the back seat and she handed CJ a DVD, who then put it in the car DVD player. I was unsure as to whether or not I wanted to see this. I didn't like Casey very well but I was curious as to how everyting turned out with her.

"Skip to part when her assistant manager comes back out after finding her." Emily told CJ. She then explained to me "Casey hid in the parking lot naked for four hours before one of her assistant manager came out to see where she had gone. She managed to get his attention and while she hid behind a car she explained to him her situation and told him to get her something to wear. He told her to go meet him by his truck and he'd bring her some clothes. Now watch what happens when he comes back."

I looked at the screen and there was Casey, naked and squating down by a black Nissan pickup. She kept looking over the hood to see if anyones coming. She spent four hours out there? That must have been hell.

"Here comes the guy back out with one of the other assistant managers with him." CJ pointed out to me as two young men came onto the screen on the opposite side of the truck from Casey. One of them was holding a shirt in his hand.

"Hey Miss Lee." the guy holding the shirt spoke. "Me and Andy here brought you one of his extra shirts."

"Hand it to me please." Casey told him and she held out her arm across the hood to take it.

"Not so fast." the guy with the shirt replied, holding the shirt away from her. "I think we should negotiate this first. You see, your kind of a bitch and we'd really don't care much for you. But we do think your hot. So if let us look at you and you give us both blow jobs and we'll give you this shirt, free of charge."

Oh God I saw where this was going. It didn't look like her virtue was being protected like mine.

"What? You're both fired." Casey replied in shock. "I'd never do that for you two."

"Okay then. I guess we'll have to call the police then and have them arrest you for indecent exposure. I mean you running around out here in broad daylight like that, our guests may complain."

Like they complained about me? Please. What an asshole this guy was. In the video the two guys turned to walk away but Casey called them back. "Okay you can look at me naked." she shouted at them and then stood up.

The two of them stopped and turned around.

"We can't see all of you." the other guy, Andy I believe his name was, spoke. "We're going to have to come around there." The guys then went around to the other side of the truck and stood in front of a trembling Casey. She tried to cover herself with her hands but was strickly ordered not to by both of the men.

"There, you've both seen me. Now can I have the shirt?" she begged.

"Not until you've given us a good hummer honey. We've been waiting a long time for one of those."

"No way! Certainly not here." She screamed and began to back away from them in apprehension.

"Hey it's either that or you can explain to the police why you're streaking through town while you're supposed to be working."

This was awful to watch. Yeah I thought Casey was a bitch but I didn't want to see anyone have to go through this. I could see the look of horror on her face as she tried to rationalize her choices. It's not a choice I'd want to make.

"What if someone comes?" she asked, now with a quieter pitch in her voice.

"We'll take turns keeping a look out. Now come on, you must be cold by now."

Looking defeated she took a reluctant step forward. Her legs were clearly trembling as Andy started to unbotton his pants and the other guy stood watch in front of the truck. I watched in revoltion as she kneeled down in front of Andy and took the his penis in her hand and placed it in her mouth. Oh God I didn't want to watch this. I turned my head away from the screen and closed my eyes.

"Face the screen Amy." CJ ordered. "I want you to see what happens to people who don't follow our rules."

I looked back at the screen and watched as she gave both guys oral sex one after the other right there in the parking lot. Couldn't someone from the upper floors have seen this if they looked out their window? How degrading. Every bad thing I felt for Casey was now gone. What an awful thing to do to someone.

"That's enough CJ. She gets the point."

CJ then turned off the player. The images of what took place were still playing in my head. These two girls were evil, and evil was tough to reason with. I was ****ed.

"Are you ready for class Amanda?" Emily asked me smugly.

"Is she okay?" I asked about Casey.

"She's fine. She still has her job and she still works for us. And now we have something special to hold over her that will insure her complete cooperation from now on. Just like we have over you, but more obscene."

Emily got out of the car and opened my door for me. She motioned for me to get out and I was hit with a cold breeze as I stepped out into the parking lot.

"Would I be able to wear that coat until we get to the class?" I asked feeling my skin begin to goosepimple.

"Sorry sweetie, but you made your choice earlier." Emily answered as she took my hand. "And that thing seemed to make you kinda ill. We don't want you getting sick." She then closed my door and began leading me out of the parking lot towards the path that lead to one of the courtyards.

"CJ's not coming?" I asked in surprise as I noticed she was still in the SUV.

"No, places of learning scare her." Emily replied jokingly. "Besides she has other business to tend to."

Another cold wind blew over me causing a large chill to roll across my skin. One thing is for sure and that is that this t-shirt and shorts weren't warm on me like that coat was, right then I was freezing. Emily let go of my hand and put her arm around me I believe in an attempt to help keep me warm, and as much as I hated her touching me I couldn't help but rub up against her warm body. I actually found myself putting my arm around her to keep me even warmer, she squeezed me harder in return. As I looked around I noticed the campus was very busy with people walking in all directions and like everywhere else they were all heavily dressed, as opposed to me anyway. Many people gave me strange looks as though I was crazy for walking around in something so revealing on such a chilly day, as if I had some choice in the matter.

"You'll notice that many of the buildings here are brand new." Emily pointed out to me. "My family donated a hefty sum to help build them. I have to say it looks like money well spent, this place looks great."

'Like I care. Let's get inside and get to where we're going. You can brag to me about the family money later.' Although I did wonder if her family was aware of how she was spending a great deal of money just to torture me. I'd like to have thought that they wouldn't approve of this. But who knew, maybe they raised her to be like this. Visions of Casey giving those two guys head played again in my brain. Somehow I thought Emily had been doing things like this for quite awhile, her family probably knew about her.

Finally Emily led me over to a building and opened a door. She led me in and then stopped to try and warm me up by rubbing her hands up and down my arms. The hallway was full of people who were making their way to classes and most took notice of me and of Emily rubbing me, who then had moved from my arms to my legs. This was very embarrassing but at the same time she did warm me up faster and I'm ashamed to admit that it felt good when she rubbed me. My nipple were already hard from the cold air and they were making their presence known through my shirt. I tried my best to hide them under my arms. When Emily was finished she took my hand again and led me down the hall to the last door before the exit. She opened the door and led me in and inside standing behind a small stage was Karen, the stadium securtity lady from the Duck's game. She looked over at us and smiled happily as Emily announced our arrival.

"I'm glad you could bring her here Emily." Karen spoke gratefully. "I think she's perfect for my students."

I looked around the room and I noticed several rows of easels set up in front of the stage. It suddenly occured to me that this was an art room. Oh no.

"Amanda." Emily turned to me and said. "You're going to model nude for Karen's advanced drawing class today. I want you to go ahead and get undressed and put your clothes in my bag here. I'm going to go then and come back at the end of class to pick you up."

'She's leaving me here with her? Karen creeps me out. She acts like she has a crush on me. Right now I can see the joy in her eyes as she looks me up and down. God and I have to undress in front of her now too!' Emily opened her bag for me and I took off my shirt and shorts, folded them, and put them in her bag.

"Shoes too honey."

Dammit. I took off my shoes and placed them in the bag as well. She then quickly zipped it up and flung it back around her shoulder.

"Okay sweetie, be good and do what Karen tells you to. Here give me a kiss." And she held her cheek out for me and I forced myself to give her a peck.

"I'll be back in about an hour and a half to get you. Make us proud, we'll be watching you." She then waived at Karen and walked out the door.

"Well Amanda I must tell you that I'm very excited about this." Karen said cheerfully as she led me over to the stage. "The students in my class are excellent artists and I'm sure will create wonderful portraits of your lovely body."

I noticed that what looked like a small couch was placed on the stage and a small towel was laid across it. It was obvious that this would be my seat of honor. Oh how I didn't want to do this.

"I got my pictures of you streaking at the game this morning." Karen continued. "I had one of them enlarged and I'm having it framed. I haven't decided where I'm going to hang it but it'll be somewhere where I spend alot of time in. I think you're just gorgeous in it."

I could feel my skin crawl as she told me this. Her eyes never stopped sizing me up as she talked. Just then the door opened and two young women carrying drawing supplies walked in.

"She must be our model." one of them said as they took their place behind an easel. "She seems ready and willing."

"Yes she is." Karen replied as she continued to look me over. "This seems like something she was meant to do."

Then a group of three more people, two guys and a girl, entered the room. All three took immediate notice of me and smiled widely.

"She's naked already. Gotta love that." one of the guys blurted out.

"Oh and she looks so embarrassed too." the girl spoke. "Is this your first time modeling?"

I was too nervous to answer her so Karen did it for me, instructing that it was my first time. Soon more people came in the classroom and within a couple of minutes the rows of easels were filled with about 25 students, all of whom were laughing and having a good time at the excitment of drawing me. Myself I wasn't having a good time. I had to make an effort to keep from shaking uncontrolably at the shame of having to stand here naked in front of all of them. This was already feeling worse than when I had to sit behind the desk bottomless earlier, at least I could hide then.

"Okay Amanda what I want you to do is to lie back on the luvseat and put your one leg over the top of the edge."

I stepped up onto the small stage and sat down on the couch, leaning back on the right side of it while I reluctantly placed my leg over the left side edge while I tried to keep my other leg scrunched over to hide my vagina from view.

"That's good. Now put your inside arm behind your head, like a pillow, and then place your other hand along your side. And put your other leg down on the floor so they can draw your labia better."

Damn her. I did as she instructed and with the way she had me sitting everything of mine was in full frontal view of the class. I couldn't help but notice how happy this made some of the guys.

"That's perfect Amanda. You look like one of those women in those old paintings, very curvy and voluptuous. Try and hold still as best you can and try to find something to focus your eyes on."

"She can focus on me," a male voice called out, causing laughter amongst the class.

"Knock it off Dale." Karen replied sternly. "They'll be none of that. Be respectful of the young lady, this is new to her."

It was a lot not to want to break down and cry at having to do this. I did my best to hold myself together and I chose to try on put my focus on a picture of a bowl of fruit that was tacked up on the wall in hopes it would keep me distracted. It was of little help when the sound of drawing began to flood the room. I couldn't help but think that these people were studying my body to memory so they could reproduce it on paper. Unfortunatley for me these thoughts caused my body to start betraying again as I felt my nipples begin to swell harder. This also made me start to blush which did not go unnoticed.

"Oh my gosh she's turning rosey." someone lady proclaimed. "This is nice contrast with her milky skin."

I could hear a small rumble of agreement from the class at this comment. I wished I could be one of them sitting down there and doing the judging instead of being the one taking it. My vagina was beginnig to feel wet now, and the class was just starting. How was I going to get through this?

As I continued to pose I soon became very uncomfortable with sitting in this position. It wasn't that the couch was hard or anything it's just my arm was feeling numb from supporting my head and my leg was falling asleep from how it was hanging over the edge. Plus now all the water I drank earlier at the restaurant was beginning to push on my bladder. I was going to have to try and ignore it and hope I could last until she called for a break. I continued to focus on the picture on the wall so I wouldn't have to look at anyone as they studied me and I tried to think of something positive, like my brother's upcoming child. I hoped they at least kept their promise to help support it if I kept doing what they asked.

"Look Dale's got a hard-on."

The class burst out laughing as Dale stood up to show everyone his bulge under his pants.

"Dale!" Karen yelled. "If you can't behave yourself then maybe you should not take part in this."

"I'm sorry Karen." Dale said quickly, not wanting to have to leave. "I'm only human."

"Well one more outburst like that and out you go."

God that guy was a dork. That was just gross. Yet I had to sit there and let him continue to look at me, and draw me. Gosh this meant there were going to be drawings of me now to go with all the photographs and videos that had already been made. Each day the pile of humiliation grew larger.

Time seemed to move at a snails pace. What felt like hours was actually thirty minutes. I was very relieved to hear Karen call for a break but I was disappointed to see that there was so much class time left. Everyone stopped drawing and stood up from their stools to stretch. As I sat myself upright I could feel the tingling you get in your foot when it has fallen asleep except it was my whole calf that was numb. I was forced to have to massage it with my hands to try and wake it up and I had completely forgotten that I had my legs open while I did this.

"You can see up inside her dude," I could hear Dale loudly whisper to those beside him. "I think she's a virgin."

I instantly locked my knees together and began to blush harder at hearing his words. Could he really tell that from just looking? I know I had lost my hymen a couple of years ago when my brother took me for a ride on his motorcycle so I didn't think you could tell I was a virgin by just examining down there anymore. Maybe he'd just seen alot of loose women or something. None the less his comments made me feel that much more insecure about all of this. Dammit and I had to go to the bathroom really bad. When I felt my calf was awake enough I stood up and walked over to Karen and asked where the nearest bathroom was.

"Just down the hall to the right. It's a nice big one too."

"Can I have something to wear?" I asked thinking she had a shirt or something for me.

"I was told not to let you wear anything, in fact I was informed not to let you take any clothes from anyone who might offer you any, so I guess you'll have to walk thru the hall naked. That should be easy compared to what you've done before. I better go with you though to make sure no one touches you."

I could have just screamed. I managed to avoid walking naked down the high school hallways only to be brought here to do it anyway. They made sure I was naked at some school today. Even though I had to pee real bad I was still reluctant about leaving the room, at least in here the curtains were closed while the hallway is full of uncovered windows. I might as well just get used to this because I doubted this was going to be the last time I'd be required to do this.

I followed Karen out the door and down the hallway. This time there wasn't anywhere near as many people as before, but that didn't mean it was empty. Two small groups of people where gathered around tables in study groups and each of them had a different look of surprise on their faces when I turned the corner into their view. One of the groups was Hispanic and started speaking at me in Spanish and one of them winked at me making my stomache turn.

When we passed them Karen whispered to me that they said that I looked like I had a good body for breeding children and if I was taken. Oh I felt like I was gonna throw up. I thought again of Casey and what she had to do, damned if that was going to be me. As we were about to turn right a man in a suit and a name tag called to Karen and stopped right in front of us.

"Good afternoon sir." Karen pleasently greeted the man.

"Good afternoon Karen." the man replied smiling. "Is this the little exhibitionist who you said would be modeling for you today?"

"Of course she is. Can't you tell?"

"I don't know what would give it away." They both got a chuckle out of that.

"Wow. And you're the one from the game on saturday. You're a brave young woman."

'You're only brave when you're doing it intentionally.' I looked around and saw that more people had noticed me and were stopping to check me out and it made me ashamed that all I could do was stand there like this and let them look. Oh God I really had to use the bathroom.

"Please Karen I really have to go." I pleaded as I began to fidget where I was standing, possibly giving away to everyone around that I had to pee.

"Of course Amanda." She then pointed at a door on the left side of the hallway going right. "It's right there. I'll be in in a second to make sure everything's okay."

I darted around her and headed for the bathroom. I tried not to think of how I must have looked but when I ran into the bathroom I was forced to see my reflection in a large mirror next to the sinks. There I was all naked and blushing with a scared look on my face, I almost didn't recognise it was me staring back at myself. I turned away from the image in shame and went into the closest stall and locked the door. It felt great to be alone for once, even if it was in a toilet stall. I took several deep breaths before I began relieving myself and thankfully I began to calm down. It felt good to finally let this out, holding a pose would probably be a little easier now that my bladder was empty.

When I finished I continued to sit and enjoy the seclusion I had. It felt good to rub my legs back and forth so I bent my head down and placed it on my knees while my hands continued to massage my thighs. I thought back to last week at this time when my life was my own and I was sitting in my marketing class, which I was now no longer in, and trying to come up with an idea on how to make a commercial for laundry detergent. I remembered thinking that this would be fun and I had an idea that I felt would be good, but I wouldn't know now because I was at the mercy of two perverted women who wouldn't let me dress. I could feel the sting of tears flowing out of my eyes and decided to just let it out.

"Amanda?" I heard Karen say as she came in the bathroom. "Amanda is everything okay?"

"Yes." I replied trying to hide the sob in my voice.

"Are you crying?" I could hear her move in front of my stall. "Was somebody in here? Did they do something to you?"

"No. No one did anything."

I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped my eyes. I actually felt a little better, it was good to have a release like that sometimes. I stood up and flushed the toilet and took a deep breath as I unlocked the stall door. Karen was standing right there as I opened it and she then embraced me in a strong bearhug.

"It's okay." she cooed. "I imagine this is awful at times for you. But you are doing the right thing by going along with it. I've seen what Em and CJ have done with those who go against them, it ain't pretty."

I tried to struggle out of her hug but she was too strong and didn't seem to want to let go. Her hands were rubbing all up and down my back and then rested right on my butt. Then with one hand she squeezed one of my cheecks so hard it caused me to squirm up against her.

"I sure would love to take you home with me." she whispered as she held her grip on me. "But of course those two won't allow you to be deflowered, all part of the plan they say. There ain't no way I'm going risk their wrath. But at least I have those pictures of you."

She then let me go and I backed away from her. I could still feel the impression of her hand on my ass, which also caused my body to become even more aroused. I wondered if I told Emily about this if Karen would get in trouble. It was hard to say.

"Okay let's get you back to the classroom Amanda." She then took my arm and led me to the door. "You've got a crowd of admirers waiting for you out here."

She wasn't kidding. When we walked out of the bathroom the hallway was lined with people of all ages, sex, and nationalities. All of whom seemed to be waiting to see me. Shit some of them had those damn camera phones and it looked like they were going to use them. I could hear a chorus of clicks as we made our way down the hallway back to the classroom. There were now even more of those pictures of me in the hands of stangers, even the man that Karen spoke to in the hall was taking some. Oh how I wanted go back and cry again.

"Okay Amanda. That'll do for today, you can get up now."

After having to sit in that same pose for another thirty-five minutes I was starting to get a kink in my neck and my calf felt like it had fallen asleep again. I actually felt kind of used to being nude in front of these people so I wasn't as reluctant as usual to stand up and stretch, and I could hear pops in my joints from sitting in such a cumbersome position when I moved.

"Yeah, make sure you stretch out good." Dale said teasingly.

"Dale you're a pig." One of the girls told him as she slapped him on the arm.

So much for feeling more comfortable in front of everyone, thanks to Dale I now wanted to hide behind the couch I was just sitting on. Guys just couldn't seem to keep their mouthes shut and their comments to themselves.

"Okay," Karen began. "I'd like everyone to take the portraits you just drew and place them over by the wall so we can all see and compare them. Many of these may be displayed throughout the campus and a few may even be displayed over at Willamette University."

I should've known that these would be shown, I didn't know why I was so surprised.

Everyone then placed their drawings up against one of the side walls and I was horrified to see what exact likenesses they all were. Every single one looked just like me, and not just my face. These certainly are advanced drawers. One of them drew the dimples in my stomache and rear. These were too good, I didn't want these seen.

"Dale!" Karen yelled out. "You were supposed to draw all of her. Not just her vagina."

I looked and saw that Dale had only drawn my abdominal and hip region, which included a very detailed drawing of my labia and vulva. Oh God he must've really studied it while he drew, and it was drawn really well.

"Hey I'm an artist." Dale replied glibly. "I draw what I find most interesting. And it's been a long time since I've seen of those look so tight like that."

'Oh God this is so demeaning, talking about my vagina like that. My gynecologist visits feel less intrusive than this.'

"Dale. If you weren't such a good drawer I'd give you an F and have you kicked out of class." Karen lit into him. "But despite your motives, that is a great drawing. Your attention to detail is remarkable, it almost comes off the page."

"It's all about the love for subject." He replied and gave me a smug grim.

Then there was a quiet knock at the door as Emily poked her head in and smiled.

"Hi. Is class about over?" she asked as she stepped into the room.

"Not if you want to strip and pose for us as well." Dale jokingly answered her. "Or if you want you can just strip."

"Dale watch yourself." Karen warned. "You might be biting off more than you can chew with her."

"Oh that's alright Karen." Emily said and then turned to Dale. "I can forgive boys for their lack of tact. They can't help it with all that blood rushing to their penises all the time."

"Well there's a steady flow on it's way there now." Dale replied, making himself laugh.

"Okay everybody, let's get Dale out of here before he's slapped with a sexual harrasment suit," Karen joked. "Just leave your drawings here and I'll inform you of when and where they'll be displayed."

Everyone then filed out of the classroom, many of whom took one last glance back at me before walking out the door. Soon it was just me, Karen, and Emily left in the room alone.

"Which ones do you want used?" Karen asked Emily. "Oh all of them." she answered impressed. "They're all really good. Especially this one. The person added her blushes, that's very sexy."

"Yes. The young lady who drew that is very good with colour."

"She really shows Amanda's embarrassment. I think I want this one for myself. Can you make me some downloadable caps of all of these?"

"Oh definetely. I was hoping I could make a few for myself if that's okay?"

"Sure." Emily then looked at the drawing of just my vagina. "Who drew this?"

"The young man with the conversation skills you just met."

"Really. He seems proud to be a such a pig. He does have talent though. Make sure you display that one at Willamette. Those guys will a kick out of that."

I couldn't stand to listen to anymore. I wanted to go over and tear up every single one of those drawings, especially Dale's. As far as I was concerned they were obscene and not something people should look at. I'll admit my judgement of them was biased but I didn't care, they were of me and the thought of people looking at them made me cringe.

"Well these are great Karen." Emily praised. "Have them all displayed starting tomorrow and if other instructors are interested in having Amanda model for them let me know. I'd love to have paintings and maybe some sculptures done of her as well."

"I'd be happy to Emily. I love being a part of this. Thank you for including me."

"Oh you've been very valuable to us. We won't forget it." Emily then turned to me and opened her bag and took out what looked like a tan sleeveless poncho and handed it to me. "Here Amanda. This might be more comfortable than your gym clothes. It's more loose fitting."

When I put it on it was looser fitting, but it was still quite revealing. It barely went down past my waist and the sides of my breasts were visible thru the openings where the sleeves would be. Plus the fabric itched as well, this really wasn't more comfortable than the gym clothes.

"Oh you're cute." Karen said admiring me. "Emily is it okay if I give her a kiss goodbye? I think I'm really falling for her."

"Oh Karen, she's half your age. I guess one kiss will be okay, but not too deep."

I don't wanna kiss this horny bitch, especially not on the lips. But when she walked over to me and placed her hands on the sides of my head I could do little to stop her. She tilted her head and pressed her lips against mine and then slid her tongue into my reluctant mouth. This was revolting to me and I badly wanted to push her away but was helpless to do so. As her tongue made its way to my throat my body began betraying me again by causing a tingle to go down to my loins which caused instant wetness down there. Oh this was unnerving.

"Okay Karen. That's enough. You got more than you should already." Emily informed her and Karen reluctantly released me from her kiss.

"Boy, that was wonderful" Karen said blissfully. "Her lips are as soft as her skin. How do you and CJ keep your hands off of her?"

"I'm all about business." Emily replied. "CJ's the one I have to keep an eye on. But she's got good self control. We do love her though." Emily then took my hand and squeezed it. "She's our girl. We're going to make sure she stays that way."

There was a crowd of people waiting outside the door to see if I was still naked. While they were a little dissapointed that I wasn't they still seemed quite taken with me in the poncho. I had to hold the bottom if it down so that it wouldn't blow up when the wind hit it and show everyone my lack of underwear. The sidewalk outside that we walked on was very cold as my feet were bare and every step sent a shiver up my spine. The poncho was starting to irritate my skin, both by its itchiness and the fact that it was starting to feel hot like the overcoat did earlier. Luckily though the cool air had no trouble getting inside of it, making wearing it more bareable.

"After we take you to Gale's," Emily started as we were about to reach the parking lot where CJ was parked, "me and CJ are going to take your parents out for dinner. We'll explain to them about your new job being Gale's live in maid. We're going to tell them that she is paying you really well and you wanna save money for college. I'm sure we'll convince them that it's okay; your dad has a crush on CJ so I'm sure he'll go along with whatever she says."

'God my dad is a jerk.' He probably would agree with CJ despite it not being in his daughter's best interest to. He always did have a thing for black girls. He once told my mother that if Toni Braxton ever called she'd be out of the house. God and they're going to be getting closer to my parents now, and I didn't like the idea of them spending time with these two without me around. I'd be losing control of everything. Shit and this poncho was really becoming uncomfortable.

When we reached the SUV Emily opened my door for me but stopped me before I got in.

"Poncho." She said as she held out her hand.


"Of course."

I looked around and saw plenty of people watching me from several different places. I gave Em a pleading look but she just continued to hold out her hand. I then pulled the poncho over my head and gave it to her as I heard a chorus of whistles coming from all around me. I then was allowed to get in the front seat. I must admit though that I felt better without the poncho on.

"How'd it go?" CJ asked both of us.

"The drawings were great." Emily answered. "I think we'll end up hanging one of them in our place it's so good."

"Babygirl is a work of art. She probably should be in a museum."

CJ then started the car and we began to drive off. I was glad to be leaving there but now they were taking me to Gale's, and I was very nervous as to what was awaiting me there.