Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 19

I couldn't believe they were making me sleep outside again. The air this night was colder than the last night. It was a good thing the cot was so well heated. I didn't know what time it is but I hadn't been able to sleep. CJ gave me one of her sedatives but this one actually turned out to be mild because so far it hadn't worked. It would probably help if I had some damn covers. But no I had to spend one more night like this. You'd think that after that day I'd have been rewarded, I mean I did streak in front of tens of thousands of people for them. I was shocked that none of the news stations mentioned me or anything about there being a streaker at the game today. Emily thought it was due to the Janet Jackson breast incident, the networks were too scared to cover something like this. I was relieved and I was surprised that the two of them didn't care.

I would've thought that was the whole idea of getting me to do that was for me to be broadcast. But they weren't upset about it so maybe that wasn't part of the plan. We did order room service for dinner as they had promised to. I had the prime rib with pasta and shrimp and it was really good. When it arrived I was so hungry that I was the first one done, which both of them felt they needed to tease me about.

"You know that getting fat won't get you out of this," Emily joked.

I did get to call my mom as well. They left me alone this time, but talking to her was still awkward. She kept asking what we've been doing and I had to keep lying to her. I could hear my dad talking in the background and I almost lost it. I wanted to tell my mom to get away from him before he dragged her down with him. I still couldn't believe he did what he did. I was laying there naked outside on a heated cot with no blankets right now because of him. And what sucks is I still love him enough to keep him out of prison.

When I got off the phone with my mom Emily and CJ made me sit between them on the couch. They both kept rubbing my legs and telling me how soft my skin felt. They then made me watch footage of my days adventures. They had video of me when we were driving in the car, apperently a camera was placed in it to film me sitting. They also had shots of my walk through the park including my run in with Mrs. Davis.

"The look on your face when you first see her is priceless," Emily commented. "You could study acting for years and not be able to give a precious expression like that."

God, and then they showed me the footage from the game. They even had shots from multiple angles of me strolling through the crowd.

"I want you to know that the guy who slapped your ass here got his ass kicked later on." CJ explained as the shot of my butt getting slapped was playing.

I hated watching all of this. That was me on the screen being humiliated by having to do degrading things. I wanted to go back to my previous sheltered existence. When they were finally done showing me my embarrassing tasks I asked if I could wear something.

"No you may not," Emily answered sternly. "Don't ever ask us if you can wear something when you're not. It'll just make us mad. The answer would always be no anyway."

I guess they were going to be strict about that. Just like they were strict about me taking a shower tonight. They both stood there and filmed me while I washed just to make sure I used the rest of that body wash CJ gave me. This time the bodywash made my body tingle even stronger than yesterday. And I made sure I didn't get any in my hair, I didn't want to be bald all over. I tried to plead with them to let me sleep inside but it was no use. "It's just this one more night. Tomorrow you get to sleep in your own bed." CJ reasured me.

Now here I was sleeping outside like a dog for the second straight night. If I was a real prisoner this would be considered cruel punishment and I could probably sue. I could still hear alot of traffic coming from the roadway and even some more honks, although not as many as the previous night. I was looking forward to going home tommorrow, I'd had enough of Eugene to last a lifetime.

Emily said we'd be checking out early. I couldn't wait. When I closed my eyes I saw all the faces that had leered at me the last couple of days and it made me shudder. Sadly it also made me feel aroused. I don't dare touch myself though because I feel there was always a camera on me somewhere and I don't want to give them anything like that. It was bad enough they had me both peeing and sucking my thumb. That by itself would send most people to therapy. God if I ever got out of this some counselor was going to have a field day with me.

I couldn't see myself getting out of it right now though. With finding out about my father and that my gym teacher was in on this I didn't know what to expect. I just knew that I needed to try and get myself get used to this so that I could make it through. Lying there right then I didn't see how I was going to get used to this. The wind began to pick up and I felt a chill when it blew across me. This was going to be another long night. I just hoped the new day would come soon.

Part 20

"Good morning buttercup." CJ greeted me as she came out on to the patio. "Let's see how you look today."

The sun had come up quite awhile ago and I had been waiting for one of them to finally come out. I did manage to sleep a little and was glad that I didn't have any weird dreams again, at least none that I remembered.

"Wow." she squeeled. "That stuff is really powerful."

I had already noticed. When it finally got light earlier I couldn't help but notice that my skin now had a shine to it. It wasn't anything too drastic, I didn't look like I'd been dipped in wax like Beyonce Knowles does, but it was certainly noticable. My skin now felt even smoother and was more sensitive to touch. I couldn't believe what they'd done to me.

"The folks in the lab said that if we used the whole bottle like you did and if you stayed in cold air that this might be permanent, let's hope so. You just look so sweet like this."

Permanent? I hoped she didn't mean that. I mean it was nice that my skin was soft and all, but the fact that it was permanent just didn't sit well. It's like being tatooed. God what was that stuff, and was it safe to use? CJ then began rubbing her hands up and down my legs.

"Oh that feels wonderful. I'm almost jealous of you. You'll get to feel like this all the time."

"Can I go in and use the bathroom please?" I asked. I really had to go and I wanted her to quit touching me.

"You have to pee?"


"Well I think that plant over there needs watering." She then pointed over to a small potted cactus.

"Oh please no." I begged. I looked at her and gave her a pleading look.

"I think you should. I'm sure that cactus could use a little nourishment."

"But you have a camera out here."

"I know. And I'm gonna stand here and watch as well. Make sure you open your legs enough so we can see you."

"Please CJ. Don't make me do that."

"Amanda don't make me have to punish you. You know we already have shots of you pissing, don't make us show those pictures around."

Those pictures again. They were still being held over my head. I got off the cot and began to shiver in the cool air. I made myself walk over to the plant and I squated down over it, being careful not to touch the bristles of the cactus with my vaginal lips. I could see CJ staring straight at me and I began to blush heavily. I had to concentrate pretty hard before I finally began urinating, but once I started it flowed out strong.

"That's good. Give that ugly thing a nice shower." CJ coached.

Oh this was embarrassing. At least the other time I didn't know that I was being watched, this was much worse. I hoped they didn't show this to anyone.

After a minute my bladder was finally drained and I stood back up, feeling very dirty about what I'd been made to do.

"Good girl Amy. You may go inside now and finish. Breakfast will be here

I rushed past her and into the warm room. I was very hungry as well.

When we checked out of the hotel CJ led me out the rear entrance while Emily went to settle the bill. The lobby was full and I was greeted with a loud round of applause as we went down the elevator and came out of it. When CJ and I came out of the building Casey drove up in the SUV and got out.

"Here you are ladies." she said as she held the car door open for CJ.

"Thank you for staying with us. It's been a joy to have you here. Especially you Miss Johnson. I wish you good luck in your future ventures."

I wanted to tell her to go ... herself but instead I just went around and got in the passenger side of the vehicle. A car from the road honked at me as it drove by.

"Take care CJ," Casey continued as CJ got in the car. "You and Emily let me know if there's anything else I can do for you."

"There is," CJ answered her, "get undressed."

"Excuse me?" Casey aswered in stunned amazement.

"You heard me. Take off your clothes big mouth."

"You're not serious." The tone of Casey's voice was very fearful.

"I'm dead serious. We know what you told Amy here the other day. That we'd be the Devil's daughters among other things. You think we wouldn't find out?"

Casey turned completely pale. She then glanced at me with an accusing look.

"She didn't tell us anything," CJ scolded, catching Casey's look. "We have our ways, you know this. And you also know what we'll do to you if you don't hand over your uniform right here and now."

Still in shock over what she was told, Casey began unbuttoning her blazer. I watched in disbelief as the young asian woman reluctantly undressed and handed her clothes to CJ. Soon Casey stood there in the parking lot trembing, her hands covering herself to hide her nudity.

"Okay now go back to work. I've let you off easy this time, next time you'll be giving blow jobs to whole staff."

CJ then drove away from the shaking woman and I watched her in the rearview mirror run between some cars and hide between them. While the harshness of CJ's authority did scare me a bit, I have to admit that Casey's misfortune did make me giggle to myself a little. Although I did have some empathy for her, I knew how she felt right then. CJ drove around to the front where Emily was waiting.

"Did you talk to Casey?" she asked CJ as she got in the back seat.

"Oh yes. I think she'll be hiding in the parking lot for awhile."

"Good. Stupid lippy bitch. Everyone knows that we wouldn't be the Devil's daughters we'd be his business partners."

"Are you going to make me become a nudist?" I asked, knowing they knew that Casey had mentioned that to me.

"That bitch told you that too didn't she," Emily said annoyed. "Nudist isn't quite the right word. That's just too boring. You'll see what we have planned in due time. But as you can see so far it does involve your nudity."

God, why couldn't they just tell me what they were doing? I imagined I'd have to do it whether I knew what it is or not. I just hated these two. I was glad to be leaving this damn place though. I don't ever want to see a Ducks game ever again.

We soon were on the outskirts of town. I thought they would be turning onto the interstate but they turned the opposite direction instead. Where were we going now? We drove down a few blocks and then CJ turned into a parking area and parked in front of a building with a sign that read 'The Church of the Sacred Lamb'.

"What are we doing here?" I asked, uncertain of what this was about.

"We're going to church." Emily answered glibbly.

"What?" I said surprised. "You can't be serious."

"Of coarse we're serious," CJ proclaimed. "What do you think we are, heathens or something? It's Sunday."

"I can't go in a church like this."

"What's wrong with this church?"

"Not the church, I mean I can't go in it dressed like this."

"But you're not dressed."

"Exactly. Lightning might strike me down." I could hear my voice rise. They couldn't really expect me to go naked into a church.

"You're too dramatic. We're just going to go in for the service. This a very liberal church so you'll be fine. If the preacher speaks to you just agree and say yes to what he says."

"Please don't make me go in there." I attempted to plead. "Can't you see what you're doing to me?"

"I think a little spirituality would be good for you." CJ answered. "What do you have against church anyway?"

"I don't have anything against church. My problem is with being bare assed naked while I'm inside it. It's not right."

"Watch your language young lady." Emily teased. "You're about to enter a house of God. Now no more arguing, we're going in and you're coming with us. You need to purge your sins."

Knowing it was pointless I gave up to trying to reason with them. I could see people entering the church, and for a church that's supposed to be liberal the followers didn't dress like it. All the men were wearing suits and the women wore nice dresses. Oh this sucks. Emily got out and opened my door for me.

"Come on sweetie. Time to be saved." she said with a big smile on her face.

Feeling defeated I got myself out of the SUV, which was promptly locked behind me, and stood there as people passed us. Emily held one of my hands while CJ came around and grabbed hold of my other and we started walking towards the entrance.

"Make sure you smile at everyone." CJ whispered to me. "These are nice people."

I wished CJ and Emily were nice. I couldn't imagine these two having anything to do with a church, or a church having anything to do with them. Much to my surprise the other people going to the church seemed unphased by my state of undress. I received mostly smiles and friendly 'good mornings' from them and not the shocked stares or crude comments that I usually got. Both Emily and CJ squeezed my hands thighter just before we entered the church. An elderly woman in a blue dress greeted us just inside the door.

"Well I'm pleased to see ladies here." the lady said to us cheerfully. "I wish you two would come every week."

"We'd love to Mrs. Shane," Emily answered her. "but we just aren't in town enough. Always on the run and what not."

"This must be your friend." the lady continued, refering to me.

"She's more than just our friend. She's someone who inspires us."

"Well she's most welcome here. This is a great day and should be a wonderful service."

The elderly lady then let us pass and the two of them led me in and down the aisle. As we passed the pews everyone sitting turned around to see us. Their friendly smiles didn't comfort me like they should've, they actually made me more uneasy. They should have been upset that someone was being so blasphemes as to enter a church in the buff, it would be considered insulting to God.

What was going on here? Emily and CJ led me all the way to the front and stopped in front of the first pew. Before we sat CJ took a small towel out of her bag and spread it for me to sit on. I felt even more uncomfortable than ususal.

There were crucifixes and pictures of Jesus and the Virgin Mary all over the church, and I couldn't help feeling that a couple of those pictures were looking right at me. Oh this was so shaming, I hoped God would forgive me for being here like this. I hoped he understood this was not my choice.

When everyone seemed to be in and seated, the lady at the organ began playing and people started to sing a hymn. Even if I did know the words to the song I felt way too awkward to sing. The surrealness of the situation was very overwhelming. I was worried that I might actually lose my mind this time. After the hymn was finished a man with balding red hair and a beard stepped up to the podium and began the service. I kept expecting him to look right at me but he didn't look at me at all. He began with a traditional greeting and a reading of a passage from the new Testament. This was followed with a short sermon about how Jesus was the way to our salvation. I followed along with very little of what he was saying, I was just too worried that I was going to hell for being here like this. The congregation than broke out into another hymn and this time both Emily and CJ sang out loud along with everyone else.

mily even looked at me and winked and gave me a big smile as they sang the bridge. I worry when she smiles at me like that. After the song was finished the preacher then stepped in front of the alter and looked out among the group.

"Brothers and sisters," he began. "we have a wonderful story for you this morning." He spoke with the stereotypical evangelical tone, but there was something very hopeful about the way he spoke. "Last week I received a visit from a young woman. This young woman was very conflicted about something. While this lady was a very upstanding citizen and she believes in Christ as her savior, there was something that troubled her. She had grown up with good loving parents who provided for her. She never got into trouble or caused her parents any grief. In many ways she seemed to have it very well. But even though she had it so well she still complained. She complained that she wasn't as rich as some of the other girls and that many others had life better than her. She believed, that even though she never suffered or went hungry, that she deserved more."

That sounded like most people I know. I remembered that once this really rich kid at school had gotten a new Porche that his parents had bought him for his birthday. But instead of being happy he just sulked because he wanted a 927 but his folks had bought him a 911. I'd have been thrilled with a 914.

"Then last spring this young woman saw The Passion of the Christ. While viewing this film she was overcome at how Christ had died so unmercifly for our sins. In the months since then she has been overrun with guilt. Guilt at how selfish she had been for thinking that her life had been so horrendous. Guilt at how offensive her selfish rational was to God. Guilt at how others had it much worse than she. Even though she had in essence lived a good life so far, she felt she was not following Jesus's teachings and she was not working for God."

This girl he was talking about must have had a real complex about herself. I saw The Passion and all I thought about it was that it was disgusting. I was glad I didn't live back then.

"Then she had a series of dreams." he continued. "Dreams that didn't make much sense to her at first. These dreams told her what it was that was missing from her life. After much soul searching it came to her. What was missing from her life was the vitue of shame. Shame for what she had felt about her life. It was shame that made Christ who he was, and it was shameful for all of us in how Christ died. It was our lack of shame that put Jesus on the cross. When this epiphany was realized the young woman knew that she would have to make a change in her life. But not just some small subtle changes, something drastic. Something that will not only give her the knowlege of shame, but will cause others to know about shame as well. What she has decided is very brazen but she believes she's doing the Lords work."

The preacher then came over and stood right in front of me. He looked down into my eyes and held out his hand to me.

"The young woman is here with us this morning and would like to show us how she plans to spread the virtue of shame. Amanda, will you step up here please?"

'What? What the hell is he talking about? Does he mean that I'm the young ady he's speaking of? I've never seen this guy before I came in here let alone met with him to discuss anything. What a bunch of shit. I've never had a problem with being ashamed.' I looked over at CJ in hopes that maybe he was mistaken, but the look on her face told me this was part of the plan. Oh God what was going on with this? With a stern look from CJ I took the preacher's hand and stood up, letting everyone get a look at my suppossed plan to teach myself about shame.

"This, brothers and sisters, is Amanda Johnson. As you can plainly see she is not wearing any clothes. Amanda? Would you say that you feel shame right now?" >

I looked at both Emily and CJ and their faces gave away what they wanted me to respond with.

"Yes." I answered shamefully.

"And do you feel closer to our Lord now?" the preacher continued.


"And will you today take a vow of shame in the presence of our Lord and his followers?"

"Yes." 'Oh God what did I just agree to?'

"Then come over here and kneel in front of the cross child."

I timidly walked over to where a pillow had been placed on the floor in front of a large crucifix. With much reluctance I kneeled on the pillow.

"Before you can take a vow of shame, it is important to know whether or not you are virtuous. Have you ever partaken in acts of the flesh my child?"

"No." I hoped he was talking about sex.

"And do you swear not to partake in acts of the flesh untill the day you are married?"


"Very well." He then walked over and stood beside me, making me very nervous. "Amanda Johnson. Being of sound mind and body. Do you, in front of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, take an oath of shame to better service our Lord?"

'Oh crap I don't want to answer that. Even though what the preacher had said was a lie, this is still a church. I can't just take an oath.' When I looked up at the cross I couldn't help but see the face of Jesus hanging down in sorrow. Dammit I'm stuck.

"Yes." I answered with regret.

"And will you follow this oath for the rest of your days on earth?"

"Yes." I could feel tears well up in my eyes as I said that. I looked over at Emily and CJ and their faces beamed with pride. The preacher then had me stand up and face the congregation. "Brothers and sisters. Amanda here has just done something that most of you never would. She, by taking that oath, will be carrying our shame with her along with her own. When you look at this young woman, don't see her as naked or something dirty. See the shame that you yourselves have put on her. And pray to our lord and savior Jesus Christ to protect her and forgive us for putting this burdon on her shoulders. We pray in Jesus's name."

"Amen!" the congregation answered in unison.

Emily and CJ then stood up and embraced me as I wept on their shoulders. I hated them so much right then. I hoped God would forgive me for how I was thinking of them at that moment.

Part 21

I was overjoyed when I looked in the rearview mirror and saw the city of Eugene disappear in into the distance behind us. After almost 2 full days in that town, spending pretty much the whole time naked, I didn't know if I could ever visit there again without remembering everything I did. As we drove away Emily and CJ were playing the DVD of my ride through the McDonalds drive through in the cars Video system. It turns out they had a camera on me in the SUV as well, and they repeatedly showed me my facial expressions and body language during the whole ordeal of the drive through.

"Gosh you're cute when you're nervous," Emily cooed from the back seat. "And look at your sweet little pussy, it still has hair on it."

"And look at how red she turns," CJ added. "And her nipples get so hard. What was it like Amy?"

"It was awful," I shouted, "and you made me just sit there and let them look at me. You guys are so mean."

"Oh now Amanda," Emily patronized me, "it's obvious from this that you're turned on. You must like this some."

"I don't," I retaliated. "I can't help how my body reacts to extreme situations. But I don't like any of this, this has been a nightmare. And what you had me do at the church was the worst. How could you make me do that?"

"Oh that was beautiful," Emily responded with enthusiasm. "I was so proud at that moment. You are the best thing to ever happen to us. That girl that Gale Davis suggested to us never would've pulled that off as well."

"But that was so low. You had me take a vow of shame while kneeling in front of a cross during a church service. You even got a preacher to lie up there for you."

"Good ole Pastor Wright. He'll do anything to draw a crowd to his church." CJ answered.

"Doesn't it at all concern you that you're stepping over a line, let alone ruining my life? Have you no heart?"

"Of course we have a heart. If we didn't you'd have had to... everybody at that hotel. Lord knows we were offered plenty for you. But we don't want you spoiled like that."

God they said these things so calmly. I just told them what they were doing was wrong and it didn't phase them. I couldn't imagine what they must be like when they're actually worried. They must have had ice flowing through their veins.

"Anyway Amanda," Emily started, "you've done so well on this trip that tommorrow you can wear whatever you want to school in the morning. Of course there isn't much left of your clothes to choose from, but I'm sure you'll be happy to cover yourself with anything."

"And tonight you can sleep inside in your own bed, with the covers on." CJ added.

"That's right. We are so pleased with you Amanda. Keep this up and your dad will have many years of freedom to come."

I wondered if I shouldn't just let him fry. I couldn't do that to my mom though. He'd better start being nicer to her. As we drove on more of my filmed escapades played on the screen.

It was about 3 o'clock when we pulled into the driveway of my house. My mother's and father's cars were both parked in front of us, signafying that they were home.

"Please don't make me go in like this." I pleaded. Worried as to what they had in mind.

"Oh of course not." Emily replied. "I don't want to tip them off just yet. Here's something for you to wear."

She handed me a pair of shiny gold panties and a green Oregon Ducks t-shirt that came down to my waist.

"Is this it?" I asked, hoping for more.

"Yep. But if you don't want it you can go in like you are."

"What am I supposed to tell them when they ask why I'm only wearing a t-shirt and panties?"

"We'll take care of that. Now let's get out, I've sat in this seat for long enough."

As they began to get out I quickly put on the panties, which was the first underwear I've worn in two days, and then the t-shirt. While they felt great to have on I still felt quite uncomfortable with how I looked in them. The t-shirt was very form fitting, my nipples poked out the O and the N of the Oregon logo, and it only came down halfway on my waist. In order to hide the shiny gold panties I had to hold the bottom of the shirt down, causing the shirt to stretch over my breasts even more. God and these panties made me look so stupid, and they drew attention down there.

"Get out Amanda, and let's say hi to your folks." Emily ordered as she opened my door for me.

I was so happy to see my house. To me it was a very welcome sight. Even though I was still nervous about having to confront my parents while looking like some tart, I was glad I wasn't naked. This was still going to be awkward though. Just before we got to the side door my mother came out of the house to greet us.

"Hello girls. I'm so glad you made it back okay." My mom cheerfully squealed.

"Was the drive alright?"

"It was fine." CJ answered her. "Some sunday traffic, nothing horrible."

"Well Amanda," mom said as she saw how I was dressed, "you look like you had a good time. Where are your pants?"

"She just shaved her legs before we came back," Emily stepped in, "and she used this lotion we gave her and it needs time to breathe."

"Wow, I've never seen your legs so shiny. That must be some lotion."

"It's very expensive. Plus they feel so smooth. Here feel them."

Emily then reached out and took my mother's hand and began rubbing it on my leg. This was an unwanted feeling on my part.

"My goodness that feels wonderful," my mother proclaimed. "That feels like baby's skin."

"Mom quit it," I blurted out as I pushed their hands away from me.

"I'm sorry honey, it's just they felt like silk. I want some of that lotion."

"Well we're all out now," CJ told her, "our girl here got the last of it."

"Well you must be cold Amanda. Please girls come on inside."

We entered into the kitchen and I could hear my father yelling at the TV in the other room.

"Your father is watching the Seahawks in there." my mom explained to us. "They were ahead by 20 points at one time but I guess they've blown it. Last I saw they were tied."

"Goddamn it!" my dad yelled from out there. "Can't any of you guys cover your man?"

"He was like that watching the Duck game yesterday too. And even though they won he still wasn't very happy. He complained that they should've won by more."

This caused CJ to start gigling and she whispered, "The Ducks didn't cover the spread yesterday." I wanted to go in there and kick over the television and then throw it at him. Thanks to him my life was no longer in my control.

"Did you girls have fun?" mom asked.

"Oh yes. We were at that Ducks game yesterday," Emily answered. "We bought Amanda here the t-shirt she's wearing. It looks good on her doesn't it?"

"Yes she does. I must say this is a different look for my daughter. She ususally dresses so frumpy."

"I know. She doesn't know how hot she is. We're trying to see if we can get her change some of her dressing habits."

"Well she's always been such a shy girl. Even when she was little she would hide behind me when someone came up to us."

"Mom!" I screamed annoyed at what she was telling them.

"She is shy," Emily contiinued, "but that's okay. The world needs shy people. If all shy people were as cool as Amanda then I wish everyone was shy." She winked at me when she finished speaking.

"Amy is real sweet." CJ added and then came over and gave me hug. As she let me go she pulled my shirt up halfway over my stomache, exposing the underwear I was wearing. Both CJ and Emily began giggling and after a minute my mom joined them.

"There's gold in them thar undies." Emily joked and they giggled harder.

"Mom!" I said to her, annoyed at her laughing at me.

"Oh honey. That's just how girlfriends are with one another. I used to be like that with my friends."

Once again my mother was not helping. She was just too happy to see me have friends. If she only knew these two were far from friendly.

"Yes, and we are all going to be girlfriends with Amanda here for a long time." Emily proclaimed and then snapped the elastic of my panties, which caused me to jump.

"I could just play with her like this all day." CJ said and then began tickling me under my shirt. Unfortunatley for me I'm quite ticklish.

Against my will I started laughing uncontolably and soon she started tickling me with both hands.

"Stop." I pleaded with laughter in my voice.

I was laughing so hard that soon I was on the floor kicking my legs around as CJ stood over me and continued to tickle my stomache. It wasn't lost on me that my shirt had rode up and the bottom of my boobs were falling out.

"Please stop." I pleaded some more, her tickling was so strong I worried I'd lose my bladder.

"Say CJ is my goddess." CJ ordered.

"What?" I responded despite my laughing.

"Say CJ is my goddess and I'll stop tickling you."

God I wished my mom would interveine. She was just standing there letting her do this. She was even laughing.

"CJ is my... ha ha... CJ is my goddess." I forced myself to say that.

"And so is Em?"

"Y... ha... yes."

She finally quit tickling me and helped me up. My face felt red with embarrassment for having my mother see me thrash around like that in my underwear. Why didn't she help me? She propably thought being with these two was good for me.

"You girls," my mom said shaking her head, "some things just don't change."

The door to the living room burst open and in walked my father with an annoyed look.

"What the hell's going on in here?" his voice boomed.

"Amanda's back and her friends here are teasing her." my mom answered him smiling. The expression on my dad's face softened when he saw CJ and Emily.

"Oh, hello again ladies." he said to them politely.

"Hello Mr. Johnson." they both answered.

"You both look very nice. Amanda? Why aren't you wearing any pants?"

"She just shaved her legs," my mom answered him again. "they need time to breathe because of some lotion she used."

"So she has to be in her underwear? Did you ride here like that?"

"We didn't stop anywhere Mr. Johnson," Emily answered for me. "And it was just us in the car with her."

"It's still not right for a young girl to ride around in her underwear."

I wanted to kill him. 'It's because of you I'm standing here in just a t-shirt and panties, which I didn't wear on the ride here. I rode home naked.'

"Just don't make a habit out of it honey." he said to me with a stern look. He said this to me as if I had a choice in the matter. "I'm going to finish watching the game. The Hawks are back up by 3." he then turned and left the kitchen.

"It's okay Amanda," my mom said to reasuringly, "your dad just doesn't want anything to happen to you. I'm sure you were fine."

ell actually I wasn't fine. But it was nice that my mother trusted me.

"Lets go talk in Amanda's room for awhile." Emily said as she took my arm. "Afterwards we can order pizza. Our treat."

"Oh you don't have to do that." My mother told her.

"Oh please Mrs. Johnson we'd love to do it. Just let us visit for awhile and we'll take care of it."

The three of us then made our way up to my bedroom. When I saw my bed it looked so inviting that I wanted to dive under the covers. CJ closed the door behind us and locked it.

"That went well I thought," CJ said and then giggled. "I see your dad is losing more money on football."

"And giving you shit," Emily added. "Your old man is a real piece of work."

"Your mom sure likes us though. She thought it was funny when I was tickling you. It was quite amusing. I'll have to do it again sometime."

She made a lunge for me with her hands out making me think she was going to tickle me again. When I jumped back from her she stopped and started laughing.

"Psyched you out." she laughed.

"Okay. I think we've had enough fun." Emily then took my hand and set me down on my bed. "Now we're going to leave after we have pizza. You can keep these clothes you have on and you can keep them with the other ones we gave you the other day. After we leave you are to come back in here, strip, and do homework or whatever until you go to bed at 10. Don't cover yourself or anything, if you remember there's a camera in here and you'll be filmed. When you go to bed you'll sleep naked but you may use the covers. In the morning you may wear whatever you want from the scraps of clothes you have left but don't forget to meet with Mrs. Davis first thing when you get to school." She then bent down to meet my eyes with hers. "Whatever she tells you to do you will do. While you're at school you'll answer to her. But keep in mind she does answer to us so whatever she tells you do we have preapproved." She then put her hand on my knee and told me, "We love you. I know you don't believe that but we do. I know you'll make us proud. We'll be watching you."

"Cool." CJ exclaimed as Emily finished. "Let's order some grub. It's time for dinner with the Johnson family."

"And let's find out if the Seahawks won or not," Emily added. "You can sit up here for a minute Amanda and take a break, but don't be too long."

As they left my room I laid my head down on my pillow and swung my legs up on the end of the bed. I was not looking forward to tomorrow.

Part 22

Traffic was busy in the morning, it being Monday and all. I was stopped at a stop light and I took that moment to relish in the feeling of being fully dressed. I had gotten up a little earlier than usual just so I could finally put on some real clothes. Not counting the awful outfits Em and CJ gave me I didn't have alot left to choose from. Two pairs of long pants, two sets of bras and panties, a t-shirt, a sweater, a sweatshirt, and three pairs of socks. They did leave a pair of shoes as well. Everything else is on a rack at Goodwill. When I put on the outfit I had chosen I was overcome with a sudden sense of security, I finally no longer felt exposed. After I finished pulling the sweatshirt over my head I wrapped my arms around my chest and took in a deep breath of relief. I've been waiting since friday afternoon to be this dressed again, and I was in no hurry to take them back off.

The light turned green. As much as I wanted to stay in that moment I took my foot off the brake and began moving. I began thinking about all of us eating pizza last night and my dad complaining about the Seahawks losing in overtime.

I hated to imagine how much money he lost on that game. I couldn't believe it when Emily gave my parents two tickets to next weeks Seahawks game in Seatle, my dad was more than too happy to accept them. God I hated that those two were winning my parents over so easily. Mom thought they were good for me and dad just thought they were hot. My folks were so clueless. I came up to the turnoff that led to my school. I was going to have a meeting with Mrs. Davis, my gym teacher, and I wasn't in a hurry to get to it. I couldn't imagine what that woman wanted to talk to me about.

I slowly walked down the hall that led to the gym. Other students were standing around socializing and a few were going through their lockers getting their books. I was very jealous of all of them for not having to be in my situation, I'd love to trade places with any of them. I came to the girls lockerroom entrance and took a deep breath. I went inside and up to where Mrs. Davis's office was, which was just before the main locker area. I knocked on her door.

"Come in." Mrs. Davis said from inside the office.

I opened the door and stepped in. Mrs. Davis was sitting behind her desk looking at some pictures.

"Amanda. Come on in." she smiled as she greeted me. "Close the door behind you and lock it please."

As I did as I was told I noticed that all the curtains on her windows were pulled down. I guessed this was a private meeting.

"Please Amanda, stand over there would you." she then pointed to a corner in front of her desk. "I was just looking at some of these pictures of you Emily e-mailed me. I printed a couple of them out. Take a look."

She held out 3 glossy photos of me taken over the weekend. One was of me coming down the stairs at the Ducks game. The sun was shining on me and every part of my body was illuminated. I could see in my face that I was trying to look away from someone. In the next picture I was walking in the park as the man on the bicycle rode by me. You could clearly see the grin on his face as he looked at me, my face trying to avoid him as well. The last one was of me standing out in the parking lot of the hotel the night we arrived there. Even though it was dark you could still easily see it was me, and easily see every part of me. I felt ill.

"Those sure are high quality shots," Mrs. Davis continued. "It still amazes me that that's you in those pictures. They're so sexy. You even still have pubic hair in one them."

She took the pictures back from me and looked at them once more before putting them in her desk drawer and locking it.

"Okay Amanda. Time for business." She took a piece of paper out of one of her other drawers and held it in front of her.

"I was going over your class schedule and I noticed you're taking a lot of electives this term. Well it's been decided that this isn't the best course of action for you so I took the liberty of having your classes changed. I know we're already a few weeks into the term but with the changes that have been made I don't think you'll have much trouble."

What was she talking about? She'd changed my class schedule, just like that? I didn't know that was possible. What did she have me doing?

"First period you will now be my teacher's assistant for my early gym class.

Emily and CJ don't want you to participate in anything that might cause you injury or to be bruised, so you'll be my aide instead. You'll help lead warm ups and help set things up. I've decided that you will no longer have a locker in the locker room, you'll change in here from now on. I've had your gym locker emptied and it's contents out to be washed. CJ dropped of some newer gym clothes for you. Why don't you undress and try them on?"

'You've got to be kidding. I have to change in here from now on in front of her? Plus I have to be her T.A.' I really liked having study hall first period, it was a good way to get caught up on any homework and to shake off any sleep I hadn't gotten rid of. Dammit. Mrs. Davis then pulled out a pair of tennis shoes, ankle socks, sports bra, a navy blue belly t-shirt, and a really small pair of powder blue speedo running shorts. They were even skimpier than the ones I had to wear in gym last week. They looked like something sprinters run in. Shit I didn't want to wear those.

"Amanda, we don't have all morning. Now get changed." Her eyes were on me the whole time I undressed. I was worried she might grade me or something. God this was repulsive.

"Let me have a look at you before you put those on." She then looked me over as I stood there in front of her. I could feel my knees trembling from being under her stare.

"Your skin sure looks well cared for. I still can't believe they shaved you down there. You look like a naughty girl."

I felt so ashamed at that last comment. I knew I was a good person but hearing that while you're being stared at naked isn't overly reasuring. She then seemed satisfied at what she saw and handed me the skimpy gym clothes. The belly shirt was very tight on me and came down an inch above my naval. The shorts were very snug and to my horror the impression of my vagina was visible. I've heard some girls refer to this as 'cameltoe'. Oh crap it was so noticeble. I had to go out in the gym like this and stand in front of everyone?

"That looks perfect," Mrs. Davis commented. "Lots of your pretty skin is showing. They'll be very happy with this I think. Here, leave your other clothes on my desk. And you can leave your bookbag in here as well." She then looked me straight in the eye from across her desk. "I'm really going to enjoy doing this. This is the most invigerated I've felt in years. We're going to be spending alot of time together."

She then got up and walked over and unlocked the door. "Lets get out there and get started Amanda."

I cautiously followed Mrs. Davis out into the gym. No one was out there yet thankfully, but I knew that would change. God I felt so naked in those shorts, they just clung to me. The shirt as well was a bit constricting. I had to tie my hair into a ponytail to keep it from flying in my face when we did warmups. Shit warmups, I'd almost forgotten. At least in my gym classes last week I could stand in the back of the class and somewhat hide myself, but as Mrs. Davis' assistant I'd have to stand up front and face the whole class. Boy I longed for my sweatpants.

"Why don't you run a few laps around the gym before class gets started." Mrs. Davis ordered. "It'll help get you warmed up."

Reluctantly I began a slow trot around the gym. I didn't want to run to fast for fear of my shorts riding up on me, I was uncomfortable enough in them as it was. After a few minutes people in the class began to file into the gym in small groups. My running caught everyones attention and a few mouths dropped at the sight of me. God I didn't want to think of how I must've looked. These shorts were so tight I could feel my butt trying to break out of them as I moved.

"Well hello," one of the guys said to me as I ran by him, "this is a good way to start out the day."

"Oh my God! Missy, look at what she's wearing." One of the girls blurted, pointing me out to her friend. "Since when is she in our class anyway?"

"My God, Dannette, you can see her snatch." her friend replied. "It looks like her pussy is trying to eat its way out."

Oh I hated hearing that, it was so degrading. I tried to tell myself that at least I wasn't naked, but I didn't feel very secure none the less. I wanted this class to go by quick.

"Okay everyone it's time to get started." Mrs. Davis called out and everyone began moving to their assigned line-up. "Amanda here is joining our class as my new Teachers' Assistant and she'll be here for the rest of the term."

I stood next to Mrs. Davis as she continued to address the class. The smirks on everyones faces as they looked at me made me very uneasy. Many of the girls in the class were chuckling to themselves while many of the guys just stared at my crotch. I always felt like I was on display anymore.

"Okay let's do warmups," Mrs. Davis instructed. "First let's do some stretching. Everybody spread your feet apart and reach your arms up over your heads."

As I did that I could feel my shirt rise up while I lifted my arms. Luckily I had the sports bra on.

"Now reach down and touch your toes."

I was worried that if I bent down that my shorts might rip since they were so tight. They didn't but they did ride up my butt when I stood back up straight.

"Now stretch out to the side, and when your fully extended then stretch to the other side."

All eyes were on me as we did that. Many of the guys just smiled as they watched my hips bend as I stretched, I must have been putting on a good show.

"Now let's do twenty jumping jacks, try and stay in sync with one another."

'Oh God not jumping jacks.' This reminded me too much of the photo session I'd had to do in the lobby of the hotel. As I did them I could feel my shorts rubbing up against my clit, causing me to become embarrassingly aroused once again.

Many of the people in class were barely trying to keep up with anyone, they were all too distracted. Mrs. Davis didn't seem too concerned by this though, she just let them gawk.

"Now let's do twenty more jumping jacks, this time do knee lifts instead of jumps."

'Oh crap not knee lifts. That's just going to make my cameltoe even more noticable.' A few of the girls were just flat out laughing at my situation. I could feel my face get redder with each knee lift I did.

"You need to lift your knees higher Amanda." Mrs.Davis spoke to me. "They need to be fully stretched."

God I must have looked like Christina Augilera did in that one slutty video she made where she kept flashing her shit. A couple of guys had trouble lifting their legs real high while watching me. Pigs.

"Now lets lay on our backs and do a series of bicycle kicks. Just watch Amanda to keep in time with everyone."

Oh God everyone was going to look at my ass as I was doing these leg motions, my ass was trying to get out of these shorts as it was. And lying on my back like this wasn't overly comfortable anyway. I tried not to think about how I looked as I pumped my legs like I was on a bicycle.

"I'd love to ride that bike." I overheard some guy mention. If Mrs. Davis heard that she made no mention of it. We did this excersize for what seemed like hours.

"Okay now stop kicking and just try and hold your legs up as long as possible."

'She's doing this intentionally. She said she was going to enjoy this and she seems to be doing just that.' Others seemed to be enjoying my torment as well.

I heard plenty of snickering coming from the rows of students observing me. I could feel all the blood rush to my head from having to be in this position, making me light-headed.

"Now let's sit up and stretch out one leg in front of us and tuck the other behind and reach for your foot."

I got a head rush as I sat up. I could feel my crotch stretch as I positioned my legs as instructed and it rubbed on the floor as I reached for my foot. I could feel the hardness of the floor through my shorts making my arousal stonger.

"Now switch legs."

This process made it even worse. I wanted to get up before this got really embarrassing. I could hear more female giggling coming from the back, they must've figured out my what my positioning was doing to me.

"Okay now let's stand and shake all this off. We can begin running basketball drills in a moment."

As I stood up I noticed that my shorts had fully ridden up my butt and I was forced to pull them out and fix them in front of everyone, causing even more amusment for the crowd. And all that extra stretching had made my legs and hips sore. Oh just great.

Part 23

After we finished warmups Mrs. Davis had me set out the cart with the basketballs and everyone lined up for layup drills. It was my job to retrieve the balls once they've been used and replace them on the cart, and I know that some of them missed their shots badly on purpose so that I would have to run further to catch up to the loose balls. This went on for the whole class and it seemed everyone had a comment of some sort for me. Many of the comments were the same so I had to endure "bend over and crack a smile" and "I think those shorts you're wearing are actually wearing you" more than once. After class was excused to go change one of the guys who's my age came over to me.

"Hi Amanda." he said pleasently. "I just wanted to say I had no idea how cute you were until now. What are you doing later?"

Oh God. Yeah now this guy finds me attractive after I've been paraded around in basically my underwear. Plus this guy keeps running his eyes over me while he's talking.

"I'm sorry I'm busy later," I answered him and then tried to move past him but he blocked me.

"Well then how about later this week. We'll have alot of fun."

He sure seemed persistent. I just wanted to get out of here and hopefully get dressed.

"I'm sorry I can't commit to anything right now. I'm very busy." I told him hoping this would get him to stop bothering me.

"What, do you got a busy social life or something? I've never seen you hang out with anybody, what could you be doing to keep you so busy?"

I became very nervous with the tone in his voice. He didn't seem to like the idea that I might not be interested. Just then Mrs. Davis came over to us.

"Anything wrong here?" she asked, giving the guy a harsh look.

"No Mrs. Davis," he answered, "I was just trying to talk to Amanda."

"Well I think you need to go shower and change young man and not bother her anymore. If I find out that you or anyone else gives her a hard time you'll have to answer to me."

This seemed to get his attention as Mrs. Davis was a bit bigger than he was.

"I wasn't trying to bother her I just wanted to ask her something. Sorry for the confusion." he then turned and walked towards the boys locker room.

"You'll be getting a lot of that Amanda." Mrs. Davis said to me after the gym was empty. "Boys are going to think they can have you. But I've been told that you're not allowed to date so we'll have to make sure that none do."

The tone in voice when she said that gave me chills. I imagined myself being displayed under glass, look but don't touch. I did hope someday to lose my chastity, I wasn't planning on holding on to it forever. I guessed I'd have to keep it for now, whether I wanted to or not.

After I put all the balls back on the cart, I followed Mrs. Davis back to her office. She sat behind her desk and pulled out the paper she had earlier.

"Here's the rest of your new schedule. 2nd and 3rd period are the same since they are required classes but for 4th period where you did have lunch you'll now be my TA in my health class. You'll hand out papers for me and what not."

I had to TA for her in another class? I didn't want to spend this much time with her.

"5th period you'll have your lunch. You'll be eating it here at school from now on instead of off campus. Need to be able to keep an eye on you. Then 6th period you'll do student work period where you receive credits for working during that time. Since that's my free period I'll be finding things for you to do or people to do them for."

'Work period? Oh God who knows what she's gonna have me do then.' Actually it was more like what CJ and Emily were gonna have her have me do.

"And then for 7th period you'll TA again for me in my last gym class of the day." she then put down the paper and looked at me. "As you can see we are going to be spending most of the day together from now on. I for one am looking very forward to this fact. I think this will be a growing expirience for both of us, as well as alot of fun. Now I need you to get undressed and go shower. I'll have some towels here for you when you get back."

She then sat back in her chair and waited for me to undress. She stared at me as I took off my shoes and socks and then my shirt. She instructed me to put them on top of one of the file cabinets for now, and then had me undress the rest of the way. She then told me to go shower and I walked out of her office and made my way through the locker room. Most of the girs had already showered and were almost finished getting dressed when I walked past them. It didn't take long for someone to notice something different about me.

"Oh, she shaved," someone blurted out. "She's completely bare."

I was flush with embarrassment. As more people began to comment I rushed into the shower and got under the water to cover out their voices. It was probably going to get around now that I was hairless down there. Why did everyone make such a big deal about things like this? People are so shallow. I showered for several minutes, hoping most of the girls would leave for class before I came back out. Plus the warm water felt good on my sore muscles. When I reluctantly finished I made my out of the shower area and there waiting for me was a group of four girls from the class, two of them were Missy and Danette who had made comments to me at the beginning of class. They surrounded me as I stood there dripping.

"Well, well, well," Missy said as she stood in front of me, "what's going on here? Last week you walked around school dressed like you were in a Nelly video. Today you transfer to our class to be a TA and you wear something I see the people on the beach wear. And now I see that your beaver has runaway and left no trace of his existence. Did you decide that being a loner didn't get your rocks off so now you're gonna be a showgirl?"

My heart was racing with fear, this was the type of situation I had always tried to avoid. Being out numbered and naked left me feeling that much more vunerable and frieghtend of them. What were they going to do?

"How come you're getting changed in Mrs. Davis's office for?" Danette asked from behind me. "Something going on with you two? You like showing her your goodies?"

She then began rubbing her hand on one of my butt cheeks. I slapped it away but she persisted.

"My God feel her skin. It's so soft." Danette said in surprise.

'Oh God no. Don't start touching me.' That's exactly what they started doing. Missy started to rub my belly while Danette continued fodling my rear. The other two girls started rubbing my thighs and the side of my torso.

"Wow. She feels great. The water from the shower makes her feel squishy too."

"How did you get your skin to feel this smooth?"

I was becoming involuntarily aroused at the constant rubbing of their hands. I tried to fight off their touches but they wouldn't stop.

If I felt like this I'd never stop rubbing my skin."

"She probably doesn't."

'Oh God I've got to get away from them before they really start taking liberties.'

"Girls what are doing?" Mrs. Davis shouted as she came out of her office. "Get away from her."

All four of them quickly pulled away from me. I ran past them and into Mrs. Davis' office as she began to scold them. I didn't listen to what she was saying to them I just grabbed the two hand towels she had out for me and dried myself off, trying to get the feeling of their touches off of me as well. Once I was dry I looked around for my clothes but all I saw out was the t-shirt and the speedo shorts I wore in gym. I don't want to put those back on. Just then Mrs. Davis came into the office and left the door open as the four gils walked by. They took one last look at me and then left all together.

"Sorry about that Amanda," Mrs. Davis began, "I guess that's going to come with the territory too. Girls can be so snotty to one another."

"Where are my clothes?" I asked wanting to put something on.

"They're right there." she said pointing to the gym clothes.

"Where are my regular clothes?" I asked unamused.

"Those things you wore in here? I'll have them properly disposed of. Except your shoes, you can have them back at the end of the day with your car keys."

She was taking those clothes away from me? I didn't have much more left after them. And I had to wear these to class?

"Where's the sports bra and the tennis shoes?"

"You won't need them until 7th period again. Until then I think being barefoot would be good for you. And since you're working with me now that makes you part of the PE department, which means you have to wear your PE clothes all day to represent that fact. Here I have a small sweatjacket you can wear over the shirt, but I'm afraid the zipper on it is broken. Now get dressed and get to your next class before you're late."

Part 24

I stood there at the door for as long as I thought I could get away with it.

On the other side was the hallway full of people on their way to class, and here I was on this side wearing an outfit I'd be embarrassed to wear to bed. 'God and I'm barefoot as well.' I kept trying to tell myself that at least I was not naked, I'd been naked in front of people so this should be a piece of cake. But the problem with that ideology is that those were strangers who I hopefully wouldn't be seeing again anytime soon, while the people in the hall I saw several days a week. A few people I've seen since grade school. They were all going to see me in these in these awful shorts. The damn sweatjacket only came down to just above my waist and even when I held it closed my nipples were still visible from underneath. I really didn't want to go out there.

"Amanda," Mrs. Davis called out behind me, "get out there or I'll take back the jacket and keep your keys until tomorrow."

I didn't like her, she was enjoying this too much. I took several deep breaths and turned the knob on the door. I swallowed hard and stepped out into the hallway. The air was much cooler out there and it felt very strange being barefoot. As I began walking I was immediatly engulfed in a crowd of fully dressed people, many of who seemed a little taken in by my appearance. The same feeling I felt when I was running naked through the crowd at the game came over me. All I could see was people, and many of the people were looking at me. I tried to hold my bookbag so that it would cover my front so that my cameltoe wasn't too visible, I knew that would look odd but it was the lesser of the two embarrassments.

"Is today let your ass hang out day?" I heard somebody say as I walked. God and I had to go upstairs to get to my locker and then come back down here again to go to class. Oh shit, there were Danette and Missy and I saw they'd noticed me.

"What?" Missy said as her eyes bugged out at the sight of me. "You're going to keep wearing that all day? You are a showgirl."

"Come here and let us feel your legs some more." Danette called out but I looked away from them and kept moving. "Maybe later Amanda?" she yelled as I passed.

I could here my feet slapping on the floor as I headed up the stairs. Everyone passing me on their way down all slowed down to look at me. This made me increase my speed, much to the dislike of those coming up behind me.

"Oh don't go to fast, I'm enjoying this." I heard from behind as I reached the top of the stairs. "Damn, how often do you get to see something like that during school?"

It was not lost on me how exposed my butt must've been. I could feel it trying to push against the back of my shorts and I could feel the air on the bottom of my cheeks. I hoped my family was able to appreciate one day what I was going through for them, I should be given sainthood.

"There's that lovely pear-shaped ass again."

Shit! it was that football player I saw in parking lot the other day. I just ignored him and tried to get to my locker. I had trouble opening my locker because I was so nervous I couldn't remember my combination at first. When I got it open I tried to put the books I needed in my bag as fast as I could, and I made sure I was facing into my locker so that no one could glimpse the front of my shorts. A small crowd had gathered behind me though to watch me and when I had to slightly bend over to put the books in my bag I heard a collective 'ooh'. Then one of the guys come over and stood by my locker.

"Hey Amanda." he said acting cocky. "I must say this is a good look for you. How about later on you and me meet under the bleachers in the football field?"

Oh God I hated this guy. He was one of those people who thought he was real hot but he's really very dorky, but yet his friends kept propping him up.

"I don't do that." I told him as I closed my locker door.

"Yeah right." he said smugly. "You just haven't been with the right guy yet. I can change all that."

"I have to go." I answered and tried to move past him but he blocked me.

"Amanda, now come on. You're not giving me a chance. I've had my eye on you for a long time. I think we could really make magic together."

"Please get out of my way." I was beginning to get worried that he was going to keep bothering me when Stacy Richards, the student body president, stepped in.

"Hey retard, leave the girl alone," she said to the guy. "She doesn't want to spend time with a neanderthal like you and your buddies."

"Well hey Stacy," he replied to her, "I figured since Amanda here enjoys walking around in her underwear maybe she'd enjoy a trip to the backseat of my car."

"They're not underwear they're running shorts. I have a pair of them myself. And I've seen your car, the seats need refinishing."

Then how come you're not wearing those shorts then if you have them?"

"I don't have gym till later dumbass." She then grabbed my hand. "Let's go to class Amanda."

Where did she come from? In the dozen or so years I've known her we've never had more than a fleeting conversation. Now out of nowhere she saves me from some overly hormonal male.

"God that guy's a dick sometimes." Stacy told me as we made our way back to the stairs. "I thought I should step in since he didn't seem to be getting the hint."

"Thank you." I told her appriciatively, I was glad to be away from that guy.

"No trouble. We girls need to stick together. Did you get your homework done for class?"

We both had the same Sociology class this period. Amazingly I did finish the assignment last night, I needed to keep my mind off the fact that I was naked and being filmed in my bedroom.

"Yes." I told her. > "Cool. Will you sit next to me in class and let me look at it? I just want to compare it to what I have."

She wanted to sit next me? I usually sat in the back while she sat upfront and kissed up to the teacher. It occured to me that this was the girl Mrs. Davis suggested to Emily and CJ that should be doing what they're making me do. I didn't mean to be cold but right now I wished they had chosen her instead of me. Why hadn't they? She was blonde, tan, attractive, popular, you'd think they'd rather have someone like her over someone who looks like me. None of this made sense.

"Here we are," she proclaimed as we reached our classroom. "Cool lets sit up front." She then pulled me over to two desks that were in the front row facing the doorway. I didn't want to sit there. Eveybody walking by would see me. Not to mention everyone in class would be able to look at me as well. What was she doing? And these damn seats were cold too. As I sat down I crossed my legs and continued to hold my jacket closed. The feeling of the skin of my legs as they rubbed together felt real good, almost too good. With my new softer skin being so sensitive, I started to become aroused at the sensation. God I couldn't have that. I quickly uncrossed my legs and just held my knees together.

As people filed into class everyone took a double take as they passed me.

"By the way I think you look real cute today." Stacy whispered to me. "Some people might be shocked but they're just uptight. You have a nice body."

Why was she being so nice? I guessed I should be grateful since not many others had actually been nice to me for the last couple of days. But still it was strange. Dammit having my legs together like this wais still arousing. But I couldn't just open my legs. God what had those two done to me?

Part 25

After what seemed like hours my sociology class finally finished. The entire time I sat there with my knees held together while the teacher droned on and on about the class structure in Europe. God I was so aroused right then that I felt lightheaded, I hoped nobody could notice this. I kept catching the guys sitting around me looking at my legs and butt, and I caught the teacher looking at my chest more than once as well. How was I supposed to learn anything under these conditions? I sat there and waited for everyone to leave before I got up, but they all took a good glance at me as they walked past. Stacy continued to sit with me as I waited.

"Sit with me again tommorrow." she requested pleasantly. "I'll wait for you outside the gym and I'll make sure no other guys try to bother you like that one jerk did. Plus I like someone sitting up here with me. It keeps me from being completely surrounded by boys."

Were we supposed to be becoming buddies or something? Why had she taken this huge interest in me all of a sudden? Was she in on this?

"You are coming to my party this saturday aren't you?" she asked.

"You're having a party?" I replied confused.

"Yes. You didn't know? Since sunday is Halloween I'm having a costume party on Saturday. You are invited and I want you to come."

"Who all is going to be there?" I asked curiously, trying to figure where this was going.

"Most of my friends and those on the student council, maybe a few others. Maybe a hundred people or so altogether."

She certainly may have that many friends. But I don't like the idea of going to her party, too many potential disasters. Plus who knew what CJ and Emily had planned this weekend, hopefully they'd be killed in an auto accident before then.

"I'll have to see." I told her.

"Well if anything comes up try and get out of it. I'd like it if you were there. It'll be a cool time. I'm gonna be dressed as a French Maid."

I bet that costume would go over well. I noticed that the classroom was now empty except for us so I knew it was now time to stand up. My nipples were very hard and I tried to cover them with my arm held over them. As I stood though Stacey saw how tight my shorts were.

"Gosh those shorts don't leave much to the imagination do they?" she said jokingly. "They are a lot easier to work out in though. Plus you're cute enough to pull this look off."

Jesus this was embarrassing. I felt like my body was up for judgement all the time now. Plus I was turned on right now and I had to walk to my next class. At least I wouldn't have to stop at my locker this time.

"I'll see you in class tomorrow Amanda." Stacy said as she stood and walked with me out into the hall. "Tell me tomorrow if you're free saturday. Later gator."

I had to walk slowly to get to my next class because of my arousal. The halls again were flooded with students and I kept noticing how heavily dressed everyone was. No one was anywhere near as naked as I was, making me feel so exposed and out there. Plus it was cold, I could feel the gooseflesh forming on my bare skin. I guessed those vitamins I had to take everyday were working though, I hadn't gotten sick yet despite being exposed to the elements so much lately.

"Hey Amanda, I got a dollar here for you if you give me a quick lapdance." Was that a girl who said that? God this school was full of freaks. I guessed I shouldn't talk though since I was the one walking around in next to nothing. 'Man it sucks to be me right now.'

I was able to sit in the back of my English class, which I was grateful for. Back there I could be a bit more lax on keeping my legs together so that my body could calm itself down. The seat was still cold though and I had to rub my legs to warm them up. Boy my skin felt good. I knew that I'd better stop before I found myself rubbing them all day.

"You remember me telling you about my aunt seeing a naked girl driving around town last week?" the girl sitting in front of me said to her friend.

"Oh yeah." her friend answered. "You said your aunt asked her if she knew she was naked."

"Yeah that's the one. Anyway one of my other aunts and her husband were at the Ducks game this weekend."

"Do you know if they won?"

"They did, by one point. My brother lost fifty dollars on it because he bet on the spread."

"Bummer for him."

"But anyway my aunt said there was a girl streaking at the game."


"Yeah, you know running naked through a public place."


"Yes. They said she first ran through the crowd..."

"She ran through the crowd? There must've been a lot of people there?"

"Lots. But then after that she ran onto the field and ran all the way across and then all the way back again." > "Wow. That's crazy."

"And you know what's funny? My two aunts were talking about this and when my aunt who went to the game described the girl my other aunt said the girl she saw had the same descrption."

"Do they think it was the same girl?"

"I don't know but I guess she has brown hair and is very pale. My aunt that went to the game said that her girl didn't have any pubic hair though while my other aunt said her girl did."

"Well they may be different girls then."

Then the one girl turned around and looked at me. After taking in an eyeful she asked "Amanda, were you at the Ducks this last weekend?"

"No." I answered quickly. "I hate football."

"Hmmm." she said as she turned back to her friend. "My aunt who went to the game said she knows someone who got a picture of her and is going to send her a copy. We'll have to see if maybe it's the same girl my other aunt saw driving around here."

"Cool, you'll have to let me know."

They both then gave me a quick glance and a grin as the teacher began class.

Shit, what if they saw that picture and could tell it was me that was streaking?

'God please don't let that happen. I don't know how much more of this I can take before I lose my mind.'

Part 26

I could hear my stomache begin to grumble a bit as I begrudgingly walked the busy hallway on my way to be Mrs. Davis's TA in her health class. This normally would be my lunch period and with my appetite being what it had been lately something to eat would have been nice right then.

"Look Missy she's still wearing that." I heard Danette say as I passed. "And look at how she's carrying her bag. She almost seems ashamed of what she's doing."

"But she's not covering her ass though. It's out there glowing like a firefly."

I was so tired of this endless ridicule. I couldn't believe I had to keep putting up with it. Gosh and everyone looked so warm and comfortable in all their clothes, I wished I had all of mine on.

"There you are Amanda, glad to see you came straight here." Mrs. Davis then gentnly pulled me into the empty class room and locked the door behind us. "Amanda. Are those shorts comfortable?" she asked me inquiringly. I was weary of her question but decided to answer honestly.

"No they're not. They feel a little small for me." I suddenly felt I was going to regret answering that.

"I thought they might be. I figured that since you're coming in here during the middle of a term I thought I'd just have you sit behind my desk today and grade papers. And since my desk will sheild you from all open eyes I thought you might take those shorts off during this class and let yourself breathe while your working."

Oh God she couldn't be serious. There were going to be students in this class. I couldn't sit behind a desk bottomless while facing a class. Even if I was shielded I'd know I was naked down there.

"That's okay Mrs. Davis..."

"Please, you may call me Gale. I think we're on a pretty personal level with each other now."

"Okay. Gale, that won't be necessary, they're plenty comfortable."

"Oh come on. I know those are a size small for you. Just hand them to me and I'll give them back to you after class. Don't worry, no one will see you through my desk." She then held out her hand and gave me a look telling me that this is non-negotiable. I wished she wasn't so much bigger than me. Feeling as nervous as ever I reached down and pulled my shorts off and gave them to Gale. She then walked over to her desk and unlocked her top drawer. She then opened it and pulled out a small towel and placed it on the chair behind the desk, she then put my shorts in her drawer and locked it shut.

"Come have a seat Amanda. I've already set up a stack of papers for you to start grading, I believe there's plenty to keep you busy the whole class period. Plus we're just going to show a movie today anyway so there shouldn't be anything too difficult this class."

'Other than having to concentrate on grading papers while being trapped in a class full of people while I'm not wearing anything under my desk...' I walked over and sat down in the chair and scooched myself under the desk as far as I could while Gale went and unlocked the door. Right now my heart was beating as loud and as hard as it ever had, and my legs were twitching nervously under the desk involuntarily. And of course all of this is causing wetness down there. God I never thought I'd ever wish to have those damn shorts back on, but right then I'd have paid a million dollars for them.

As Gale opened the door a group of students who were waiting outside came in and took their seats. I tried not to look at them and took the first paper off the pile and started to grade it. I could hear more people enter the classroom but with my heart beating so loud I couldn't understand any of their conversation, probably just as well. I focused real hard on getting the papers graded and tried not to think about the situation I was in. The destraction worked for a little while. When I had finished ten papers I finally realized that Gale had started class and was about to start the video they were going to watch. I felt brave and looked in front of me at the students. They all looked like freshmen and sophomores and there was a pretty even ratio of guys and girls. It was then I caught one of the boys waving his tounge at me.

'Oh that's gross.' I looked down and saw that my jacket was open and my nipples were poking through my shirt. 'Shit,' I thought to myself as I closed the jacket over them. I'd been worried about what they couldn't see and the whole time I'd been putting on show with what they could see. Feeling myself turning red I returned to grading papers. I heard Gale start the video and she then walked over me and bent down to my ear.

"I have to run back to the gym real quick and make a phone call. I'll try not to be too long. You're in charge while I'm gone." she whispered. She then promptly turned and walked out of the room. 'Oh my God she left me here alone with everyone. What if someone acts up or has a question?' My heart rate increased as I could feel my nerves shake throughout my body. This situation felt worse to me than the football game did, I felt even more trapped now. 'Oh dear Lord please help me.'

"Excuse me." a boy in the back called out. "Can you turn that up please?"

"One of you guys do it," I responded bluntly. "I have alot to do."

One of the girls in the front row went over to the monitor and turned the volume up. Other than going back to her seat though she came over to the far side of the desk I was sitting at and crouched down beside me.

"Hi," she said quietly to me, "I'm Amber. And while I don't want to embarrass you about this, I saw the video this morning of the vow you took in church yesterday."

"My parents and I lead a prayer meeting at our church every morning and today our pastor played a small group of us the video of your oath taking." Amber explained to me in a hushed tone, and she made direct eye contact with me as she spoke. "That was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. And I didn't see your nudity as pornographic at all, and I'm someone who thinks people should cover up."

I was in disbelief at what I was hearing. I must have been hallucinating or something from being under so much stress. I didn't want to deal with this now, or ever for that matter.

"I was just amazed by the whole idea of taking an oath of shame before God in his own house on display for all to see. I would've thought it blasphemous. But seeing it for real and seeing that look of complete humility on your face as you took the vows moved me very deeply. Your faith is very obvious to see in your eyes."

That was fear in my eyes. My head was swirling wildly. I felt the weight of all that was happening to me suddenly getting a whole lot heavier. With all due respect to the good Lord I felt I was carrying enough burdens right now, having to appease his devout followers for participating in something that was forced on me was going to be too much. And right now I felt I'd been a bit forsaken by our Almighty.

"I'm not going to tell anyone about this, but I would love to talk to you in private at another time. God loves you and will watch over you while you carry out your mission to spread his word. I'll be in touch with you soon."

She then got up and walked back to her seat. She gave me a big smile as she sat down which I felt was genuine but it still made me uneasy. I must have sat there for several minutes just stunned at what she had just told me. This whole conspiracy that had taken over my life was starting to go in a really weird direction, and with what I'd been put through the last few days I didn't use the word 'weird' lightly. Getting involved with religious folks really scared me because they had such devotion to what they did that they didn't always think things through completely. Which could lead to bad judgement from time to time. 'Oh man I wish Gale would come back.' I made myself go back to grading papers to just try and make it through this trial. My legs would not stop fidgeting though and their constant motion made my vagina even wetter, and making concentrating on these papers impossible. I made sure to keep my legs from rubbing against each other so that it wouldn't get worse but it only helped a little. My heart was just one constant pound after another in my head and everything began to feel euphoric around me. I took a quick glance at the class and saw that about half of them were looking at me, some with puzzled looks and others just watching curiously as I continued to blush. God this class wasn't even half over.

With much difficulty I managed to grade a handful more papers at an attempt to have some control over myself. After I finished another paper the door opened and one of the student office aides came in.

"Is Amanda Johnson in here?" she asked loudly at everyone. I almost fainted at the sound of my name being said, somehow I knew this couldn't be good. Amber pointed me out to the girl who then came over and handed me a pink slip of paper. 'Oh no it's an office summons.'

"You're supposed to come to the office with me, there's some people here to see you."

I thought I was going to have a stroke when she told me this. There was no way I was going get up from this desk.

"I can't leave until Mrs. Davis comes back." I responded instictively. "She's in her office using the phone."

"Well we'll have to stop and inform her that her class is unattended on the way to the office. I'm supposed to bring you right in."

Oh no you're not.

"I promised I would grade these papers. Can't you go tell Mrs. Davis to come back first? It would make things alot easier." I was just speaking any excuse that was coming across my scattered mind.

"Why are you so worried? Everyone here seems to be behaving themselves. I think they can handle a few minutes of being alone."

"You're not in a position to make that kind of judgement." I was becoming desperate. "Only someone in authority can make that call."

"Are you insane? Her office is on the way there. This isn't a big deal."

'Oh it's the biggest deal in the world right now.' Without thinking I pulled on the drawer my shorts were in hoping that somehow it might open but it was locked tight. 'God, why are you doing this to me? If I had to let it be known that I'm naked under this desk I don't think I could ever get over

I was starting to wonder if I was gonna have to let my dad go to prison because I wound up losing my mind because of this.

"I cannot go until she comes back. Tell them I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Why are you being so difficult? Are you afraid Mrs. Davis is going to be mad at you or something? I understand she's intimidating but she ain't gonna kill you or anything."

I really hated this girl at that moment. She was being impossible. "I am not leaving right now. Go tell whoever's in the office that I can't come, I'm responsible for this class right now." The bluntness of my tone took her a little by surprise and she took a step back.

"Alright have it your way. If you're so dedicated to hold your post that you refuse to come to the office than what can I do? But don't be surprised if you get an earful when you finally make it there."

She then turned around and left the classroom. The feeling of relief from getting rid of her was very welcome. For the first time since this class started my heart rate began to ease instead of increase. I just looked down at the desk and tried to embrace that feeling as much as possible while trying to ignore the bewildered looks of the others in class at what had just transpired in front of them. Now if only I had a way out of this situation I'd have felt super. But I didn't have a way out. I would have to continue sitting here trapped behind this desk. I looked over at Amber again and she flashed me another friendly smile. This time the kindness in her face actualy made me feel me a little more at ease rather than uneasy. I guessed I'd take what I could get at this point. I didn't know how I was going to get through this though. I felt on the edge of breaking down and crying. I had to hold it together though, I couldn't just break down in front of everyone.

"Amanda Johnson." my name was spoken over the school intercom. "Your presence is requested in the office. Come at once please. That is all."

'I wanna kill myself. How am I going to get out of this? Everyone in the class is now looking at me to see what I'm gonna do. I'm sure as hell not going to get up and show everyone I'm bottomless. But the people in the office are going to keep drawing attention to me. Where is that damn bitch of a teacher anyway? Did she hear my name being called over the intercom?'

"Amber? Would you mind going and getting Mrs. Davis from her office please?" I asked her pleadingly but still trying to act as if I'm not hiding something.

"Of course, I'd be happy to," she answered and then got up and left the room.

Maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to judge her. Several long minutes passed before she returned without Gale.

"She wasn't in her office." she said to me. "I didn't see her anywhere. I don't know where she is."

'Goddamn her where is she? I need to get those shorts out of that damn drawer so I can put them on and end this torture that keeps getting drawn out.'

"Amanda Johnson." the voice on the intercom spoke again. "This is someone in authority and you are being asked to please come to the office at once. That is all."

Again all eyes were on me. What was I going to do? I was going to have to ask someone to give me something to wear. I'm sure this piece of news would have no trouble traveling around the school. This was exactly what I was trying to avoid when I began this whole thing.

"I think that means that you can go ahead and go to the office." one of the girls in the class mentioned to me, as if she was somehow pointing out something I didn't know.

I was not about to get up while Iwas like this but I didn't want the office to keep calling me over the intercom either. It was obvious that Gale was not coming back. Shit, shit, shit. It then occured to me that I could probably use the sweatjacket I was wearing to wrap around myself. It wasn't very big and it wouldn't cover much but maybe cover just enough so that I could walk out of here without having to flash everyone my labia. It was going to look odd to everyone for me to take my jacket off and wrap it around myself under a desk before I stood up, but nothing I did lately looked normal. I slowly pulled the jacket off of my shoulders, this was awkward because I was using it to help cover my hardend nipples that were poking through my shirt. I was just going to have to let them poke away for now. As I wrapped the jacket around my waist I made sure to keep myself covered with the desk as much as I could. Many people in the class looked at me puzzled, I imagined that I must look strange. The jacket did fit around me but I was going to have to hold it with my hand to make sure it stayed up, just tying the sleeves together wouldn't be enough because it was too tight and would come undone too easy when I moved. 'God I'm going to look so stupid, even more than usual.'

I took another of my routine deep breaths and reluctantly made myself stand up, holding the jacket tightly so that it wouldn't spring out of my hand. The looks on everyones' faces became even more puzzled and more than a couple of smiles crossed the faces of the guys as they saw how exposed I was. Feeling my body burn with shame I made my way past the gawking expressions of everyone in the class and stepped out into the empty hallway. I couldn't believe I'd been reduced to walking my school hallways like this. I kept looking down to make sure eveything stayed covered as I slowly walked towards the main office. >

I could feel the cool air blow up under the jacket and it caused me to shiver when it touched my wetspot. The floor was cold as well and it still felt funny walking barefoot. I wondered if this was being filmed somehow? Could those two be able to have cameras planted in this school? I knew that with Emily and CJ anything seemed to be possible so it was very likely that they could be watching me right then. If I knew where the camera was I'd give it the finger. I was glad that the hall was empty, if there were people out here I'd worry someone might try and grab my jacket off. With the way today was going it would be a probability more than just likely to happen. I was very worried about who was waiting to see me in the office, and what would they think of how I'm dressed? I hoped I wouldn't have to hold or carry anything because the jacket would fall if I did. That was not a first impression I wanted to make. 'Oh God why do you hate me and what did I do to deserve this?'

As I approached the office I saw three people standing in front of the main desk. I didn't recognise any of them and they were all middle aged and wearing suits and ties. Cautiously I opened the door to the office with my free hand and stepped up to the desk.

"I'm Amanda Johnson. I was called here." I said nervously to lady behind the desk. I saw the girl who had come to the classroom earlier sitting at a desk in a corner and she had a look of victory on her face when she saw me.

"Yes Amanda. These three gentlemen would like to speak with you." the lady answered me and pointed to the people I noticed earlier. The three men looked at me puzzled. Probably wondering why I was dressed like this.

"Um, you're Amanda Johnson?" he asked me unsure.

"Yes." I confirmed.

"I was told the girl we would be talking to was of African-American descent. You don't look African-American."

"I'm not." I answered. "What is this about?"

"Well it's about a college application that was filled out and sent to us." He then pulled a paper out of his briefcase and looked at it. "Oh wait a minute. We're supposed to talk to Amanda Johanson, not Johnson. I'm sorry I guess we asked for the wrong girl."

'What? I got called down here by mistake? You've got to be shiting me. I was put in this awful dilema by accident? There is no God.'

"Oh dear. We're very sorry Amanda." the lady behind the counter told me. "I guess we made a big deal out of nothing. You may go back to class now, we'll get the right Amanda now."

I was in disbelief. I held the jacket around my waist tightly as I walked out of the office and back down the hallway. All that trouble over nothing. And where was Gale this whole time? She must've heard my name mentioned over the intercom; she probably wanted to see what I would do. What a bitch. 'Man this hallway is cold, and I'm hungry. And I wanna put some pants on, and a sweater, and some shoes.' As I approached the classroom Gale came around the corner and saw me.

"My goodness Amanda. What are you doing out here like that?" she asked me sounding surprised.

"I was called to the office. Didn't you hear my name being called over the intercom?"

"No. I'm afraid I was outside using my cell phone. What was it about?"

"Nothing. I was the wrong person."

This caused her to laugh out heavily. I felt even more shamed at hearing her amusement at my misfortune. "Oh poor Amanda. That must've been awful trying to figure out what to do? I see you found a solution though. I must say you look ridiculous like that."

'Goddamn her. She's making fun of me and she's the one that put me in this situation.'

She then grabbed the jacket and pulled it off of me and out of my hand. It took me a second to realize what she had done. She held the jacket behind her back as I stood there bottomless in the middle of the hallway.

"There, that looks better." she said as she looked me over.

I was mortified. My hands instictivly covered myself down there and I backed myself up against the wall.

"How do you feel right now?" she asked me looking directly into my eyes.

"Please can I have that back?" I begged. My eyes darted up and down the halls to see if anyone was coming.

"Answer the question." she told me bluntly.

"Terrified." I answered her. "Terrified someone's going to see me like this."

"But people have already seen you like this, in fact you've worn less. Remember the park on Saturday?"

"This is school though." I replied, fearful someone would come. "The people here know me. Plus those other times were awful, just like now."

"Do you think your body is ugly?"

"What?" I was beginnig to panic. Someone's going to come soon, I know it."

"Do you think you're body is ugly? It's a simple question."

"I don't think I'm beautiful. I certainly don't feel comfortable showing it off to everyone like I have."

"The most beautiful thing God ever created was the female body. You, my dear, are one of his greatest creations. You should be proud to be a woman."

'What the hell is she on? What does this have to do with anything? Is this a femenist recruiting tactic or something?' I just wished she'd give me the jacket back.

"Can I please have the jacket back?" I begged again. "What is it you want me to say and I'll say it if you give that back to me."

"My, so willing to give into anything to receive what you need. I can now see why CJ and Emily got you to do this. You're just naturally submissive. Tell you what. If you agree to move in with me and be my housemaid, I'll give you back this jacket."

'What did she say? Move in with her and be her maid? Did she just come up with this?'

"This idea is approved by girls by the way. They just want me to get your consent. So what is it?"

I couldn't live with this woman. Look at how she was to me here at school, she'd be worse if I was on her home territory. But I knew it wouldn't be much longer before someone comes along and saw me like this. Plus I knew very well that my consdent wasn't really needed for this to happen. Dammit they had me trapped again, I'd agree to anything right now.

"Yes." I answered her and looked for her to hand me the jacket.

"And you'll work hard for me and do as you're told?"

"Yes. Haven't I so far? Now please give me the jacket."

She then pulled it from behind her back and handed it to me. I quickly wrapped it around me and then caught my breath and tried to slow my heart down. Just then Amanda Johanson walked around the corner. Boy that was close. She gave me a strange look as she passed us, but I imagine it would've been a stranger look if she had passed just a minute earlier.

"This is great," Gale squealed with excitment. "Since my husband split I've been all alone. It'll be nice to have someone around with me now."

Oh God what did I agree to?