Those Pictures
by Blzr

The Party Part 6a

"It's so cool you made it the party tonight Scott," Emily said gleefully as she motioned for Scott to sit with us. "I haven't seen you in awhile, what's been going on?"

Scott pulled up a chair and sat down. I couldn't tell if he knew who I was or not because he was wearing that red goggle type thing over his eyes as part of his costume; but I knew I was worried though since I knew that Emily knew that Scott and I knew each other and most likely had something planned. I was going to have to play this by ear and see if somehow I could get the chance to warn him.

"I was at your convention on Thursday," Scott began speaking as if he and Emily were old friends and he was happy to see her. "I noticed you weren't there though. Where were you?"

"Oh I was busy that night and couldn't make it until yesterday," she answered with the same friendliness, "which I noticed you weren't at. You should've stuck around another day."

"I had business to attend to," he answered as she shrugged his shoulders. "I'm sure you know how that is."

"Well of course. I'm also glad to see you still wear the Cyclops costume, although this one looks new."

"It is, the old one got worn out. Who's your friend?" he asked referring to me.

"This is my friend Crazy Littlebeaver, she's here to make sure things stay lively. Crazy, this is an old friend of mine, Scott. We met at a science fair back when I was in high school and he is a very cool guy."

"Hi Scott," I said trying to act like I didn't know him and then took a bite of my ribs.

"Hi Crazy," he replied seeming to not recognize me, although that could have been an act too.

"Have you eaten anything Scotti?" Emily asked him. "We have tons of food here and it's awesome. Here try some of my ribs." She then picked up one of her ribs and held it up to his mouth so he could take a bite out of it which he did. "Good huh?"

"Yeah it is good," he answered as he chewed it. "You know I could use a bite. Where are the plates at?"

"Oh sit still and I'll get you one," Emily offered and then stood up. "You want a beer to go with it?"


"I'll be right back."

As she walked away Scott turned towards me and said, "Hi Amanda."

I guess that answered my question about whether or not he knew who I was. I found myself unable to say anything since I knew I could be listened to right then.

"Don't worry I've got the signal blocker on so no one can hear us," he tried to reassure me although I remember Margaret telling me that his signal blocker didn't actually work. "In about a half an hour we're going to cause a diversion and when it happens one of my guys is going to grab you and take you out to our van we have waiting. You can act like you're kicking and screaming so that it looks like we're kidnapping you and that you're not in on it, that way they won't take anything out on your family. I think you've gone through enough my dear and it's time you got away from them."

I couldn't agree more, there was nothing I'd have liked better than to get away from those psycho bitches, but I no longer believed that he could get me out of there.

"I can't go with you," I found myself telling him although I hated saying it. "I'm staying here."

"Relax, I swear we can do this," he again tried to reassure me.

"Scott, I can't go with you," I told him more emphatically. "It's gone too far already and I can't leave, I'm going to have to go through with all of this."

"I get that you're scared but trust me everything's been planned out. This can work."

"No it can't," I told him bluntly. "You're just going to get me in more trouble, along with putting yourself in danger."

"Amanda I..."

"Scott listen. I've been with these two for the last week and one thing I've learned is that they are willing to do just about anything to get what they want, and I've seen what they do to those who try to block them. I don't want to see that happen to you."

"I'm not worried about that."

"I am," I said harshly. "Do you know that right now they have three women playing a game of who can give the most oral sex to the most guys before midnight? And none of these girls are doing it because they enjoy it. I'm sure you're aware that's the type of thing they do."

"Yes I'm aware of that but..." he stopped just as he noticed Emily was coming back. "Yeah everybody loves Wolverine but for my money Cyclops is the real glue that holds the X-Men together."

"Here you go buddy," Emily said as set a plate of food and a bottle of beer in front of Scott. "I see you're filling Crazy in on the history of the X-Men."

"I do that every chance I get," he replied as she sat back down. "I have to ask you Em what's with the big fountain? Did that come with the place?"

"No we just added that, isn't it cool," she said as she admired the fountain. "I figured when more people get good and loaded they'll frolic around in it and get all wet, plus it makes the place more classy."

And made for a huge water bill I imagined. God I hoped I got through to Scott but I wasnt sure I did. Why did I have this feeling that things were really going to get bad that night?

"Hey Dude!" A guy in a toga yelled out to someone from the backdoor. "Dude you gotta come upstairs and check out that website for Amanda Johnson. It's got like 20 million naked pictures of her on it as well as a bunch of other shit."

"It does?" A guy in Chicago Cubs uniform answered back. "Is it more shit like what's on the TV?"

"Oh hell yeah, and then some. The kicker is that it says she's naked because God told her be."


"Serious, come on man you gotta see this shit."

Another group of people then got up and went inside the house in a rush. God I was going to be an even bigger laughing stock than Id been already. Boy I wished we could have a power outage right then.

"So Scott did you get to meet mine and CJ's new pet project at the convention the other day?" Emily asked him as he began eating.

"You mean the naked girl? What's her name, Amanda or something?"


"Oh yeah I met her. Is she really what she says she is?"

"She sure is, and she's the best thing to ever happen to us. In fact didn't you go The Brass Monkey the other night when she was there too?"

"I did happen to be there yes," he answered acting cool. "I even danced with her."

"Yeah you did didn't you," Emily said knowingly, which made me nervous. "You were showing her your new jacket right?"

"I may have," he answered confused and then put down his food. "You watching the place or something?"

"We have to make sure she's watched at all times, you know for safety reasons and to make sure things go all right. You were there with your little crew weren't you?"

"They go everywhere with me."

"Yeah so does mine. What did you think of Amanda?"

"She seemed really nice and was very polite, and wasn't a bad dancer either."

"What did you think of her body?"

"She was pretty, and awful brave."

"Did she seem at all like she didn't want to be there?"

"I wouldn't say so, just a little shy."

"Yeah she is shy, I find that very cute. It makes her seem that much more innocent, which she is, not like Crazy here who's been around the block a few times. I mean geeze girl you're tits look like they're ready to fire on someone."

I just gave her a dirty look in response. That damn Russian drink, just had to have some kind of coffee in it didn't it?

"By the way Scott what did your jacket tag say that you showed her?"

"What do you mean?" he asked seeming to be caught a bit off guard by the question.

"Well when you were dancing with her you kept insisting on showing her some tag on this inside of the jacket you were wearing. What did it say?"

"Just that it was made from a special leather from India," he answered quickly. "You know how they feel about cows over there, that's why it's so special."

"Oh is that what it said?" She acted surprised and put her hand on his shoulder. "It didn't say something to the effect that you knew what CJ and I were doing to her and you want to help her get away from us? It didn't say that?"

"No, why are you forcing her to do it?"

"Yes," she answered plainly. "We've made her do everything she's done, including dressing her like a Native American and making her dance with a bunch of people from her school. Isn't that right Amanda?"

I was too shocked to say anything, but when she gave me her hard stare I made myself nod my head.

"Have you spoken to Jill in the last day or so Scotti?" Emily asked as her expression hardened a bit.

"Jill? Jill who?" he answered sounding a bit nervous.

"The cop who brought Amanda to the woods so you could talk to her the other day. The one who pretended to work for us."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You must have a short memory then because it was just the other day that she brought Amanda to you. Don't you remember? You used that signal blocker thingy you invented so you could talk to her without us hearing it and told her you were going to get her out of our hold and then CJ showed up so you and your crew ran off and left her with Jill so CJ could yell at her. You don't remember that?"

"That's impossible," he said breaking the act. "That thing should've blocked the whole transmission from that tacky necklace you had her wear."

"Well guess what homie, we heard the whole thing," she told him with a cocked eyebrow. "Just like at the science fair all those years ago your gadgets are pieces of crap, and right now so are you."