Those Pictures
by Blzr

The Party part 4

God I had to get out of there, every goddamn screen in this place had me on it running around naked. I never would've thought I could get more embarrassed than I had in the last week but those two bitches found a way to make it so. Shit now I had a buttload of people I knew from school looking at this crap they’d made me do. Needless to say my drink didn't last long and once I was done I ran off to find an empty room or bathroom so I could compose myself.

"Damn look at that ass!" Someone yelled as I pushed my way through the now gawking crowd. "I've never seen a white girl with an ass like that before. Look at how it jiggles."

"When did she do all of this?" A female voice asked. "Each TV has her doing something different."

"She seems to be out in public in most of these too," another female voice added. "In this one she seems to be at some gathering in some park."

"No wonder she's hardly been wearing anything to school," the first female pointed out. "Good God you think you know somebody and then they do something like this."

Like you ever actually knew me. Thank you God for putting me in this costume so no one could recognize me, I shuddered to think how everyone would react if they knew who I was. I needed to get out of there before I started crying or something. Goddammit what did they do with the downstairs bathroom, did they take that out too? They had to have one here someplace. Phuck it I'd just go outside.

I stepped out into what used to be my backyard and saw that under the tent where all the barbeque was being cooked were more monitors with more nude images of me being played and more people watching them.

"Jesus this is hot," A guy I've known since grade school said to his friend.

"I can't believe she's been running around naked in the school hallways and no one saw her, until now anyway. I always figured she was fat under all those clothes she always wore, if I had known she looked like that I'd have asked her out years ago."

And you would've been told 'no' years ago too you ugly fat ass. Shit this was awful, and of course now my body was beginning to act up again even though this was horrifying to me. I was even starting to feel wet down there, I hoped everyone thought it was sweat.

"Hey Crazy," Emily said behind me which made me jump, "you getting hungry? You can take a break and have something to eat if you want. The pork ribs are really good and so is the coleslaw."

"Why are you playing those videos?" I demanded to know.

"This is her coming out party," she replied using 'her' to refer to me. "We can't have her showing up to school naked on Monday and have it be a surprise to everyone now can we? This way we can get everyone used to the idea."

Oh I wanted to kill her, I wanted to rip her intestines out of her ass and shove them down her throat and then piss on her. If only I could actually do it.

"Is that a web address?" someone asked and pointed to one of the monitors.

" huh? Is that supposed to be her website? Is she still a

Oh God now I'd settle for someone killing me.

"That's her site alright," Emily informed all of them. "There's a few computers upstairs if you all want to go check it out, and I recommend you do."

"Which room's it in?" he asked.

"In the one where everyone's getting stoned."

"Bitchin'," he replied as he and his group moved inside.

"Anyway girl you hungry?" Emily asked me.

"Thanks to you I'm always hungry," I answered harshly.

"Good, I'm a little hungry too so I'll get a plate and join you. I'll get you some corn too since it's also really good."

I looked through a window into the house and saw more people heading for the stairs, presumably to go see that damn website. Lord knew what they were all going to think of me now. I also saw Scott standing and talking with Missy and Danette and it looked like Missy was trying to flirt with him. Hopefully he had better taste than someone like her, although I did wonder what they were talking about; probably about me.

Emily called me over to a table and like a good slave I dutifully did as I was told. God I felt like I was getting even more aroused too, even more than usual, must have been from all the conditioning they were talking about earlier. Subliminal messages, what a couple of C U Next Tuesdays, I'd use the word itself but I hate saying it.

"I would've gotten you some baked beans too," Emily began as I sat down in front of the plate she made for me "but I don't think it's a good idea for you to be farting too much tonight."

"Emily please don't do this," I found myself saying despite knowing how she'd answer. "Please. You've taken this so far already can't this be enough? Please don't make me go to school naked, please give me the antidote and let me go."

She giggled to herself for a second and then said with a tone of sarcasm, "I'll think about it," and then laughed some more.

Lord please let Margaret's people do something soon to get me out of this; it was almost to the point of no return if I hadn't crossed that already. Dammit I was getting horny, what the phuck? I was starting to feel like I did at the picnic yesterday after I drank that coffee.

"Did you enjoy your Black Russian CJ ordered for you earlier?" Emily asked me after wiping her mouth with a napkin.

"No," I answered remembering its gross taste. "It was rather nasty."

"I bet it made dancing more fun," she said with a sly grin.

"Why do you say that?"

"Because those things have coffee liqueur in them, not a lot but enough to make a small impact."

"What?" I said shocked. "It did. I can't say I really felt anything."

"That's because you were dancing so much you may have sweated it out, but while we were watching you we did notice you look more flushed."

"Well I'll know not to have anymore of those," I told her plainly and began digging into the ribs on my plate. Crap she was right these were good.

"Well make sure you don't have any White Russians either because they have it too, in fact don't have anything with Kailua in it."

I damn near dropped my ribs when she said this. Shit no wonder I was feeling so horny. And I drank that thing quicker than shit because seeing those videos upset me. Oh Goddamn it.

"You must like those ribs honey, I notice your headlights are coming on in high beam," She teased and pointed at my boobs. "It must be the sauce."

"Hi Emily," Amber said pleasantly as she approached our table. I noticed she didn't recognize me and that she was dressed in some kind of medieval body armor.

"Well hi Amber," Emily replied in kind. "I'm so glad you made it. What are you supposed to be?"

"I'm Joan of Arc," she said proudly. "What do you think?"

"Very nice," Emily complimented. "It must keep you warm unlike our costumes. Oh Amber this is my friend Crazy Littlebeaver, Crazy this is Amber one of my new helpers."

"Hi uh Crazy," Amber said pleasantly.

"Hey," I said acting coy.

"Emily has Amanda gotten here yet? I've been looking for her and noticed she's on all the TVs around here."

"No she's not here yet," Emily told her. "She's busy doing the Lord's work at the moment, but she'll be here eventually."

"Oh good because I wanted to let her know that we have everything taken care of at the church for tomorrow morning and I'd like to go over some things with her."

"Well when she gets here I'll send her your way. Are you having a good time?"

"This really isn't my kind of scene," Amber replied as she looked around at all the craziness, "although I do like that you bussed people in so that they won't drive home drunk."

"Hey we’re nothing if not responsible," Emily replied. "The band is going to start playing pretty soon so maybe that'll be more your thing."

"I do like music," Amber said with a smile. "I'm going over to talk to some friends of mine but please let me know when Amanda gets here if you would."

"Surely Merley. Again I'm glad you made it."

"Wouldn't miss it," she said kindly and then walked off.

"What have you got her messed up in?" I asked feeling that there was something planned for Amber.

"What makes you think I have something planned for her?"

"Oh please."

"You're just paranoid because everyone here has seen you naked now," she said rolling her eyes and then taking a bite of coleslaw. She then looked up and swallowed her food fast. "Scott!" she yelled. "Hey Scott over here."

I turned around and saw Scott standing in the doorway looking out at everything. Oh my God she was calling him over.

"Hey buddy," Emily said to him as she stood up and gave him a hug. "I'm so glad you came."

Oh shit, this didn't look good.