Those Pictures
by Blzr

The Party part 4

Jesus all this dancing was really making me tired, I'd been doing it for almost two hours and my feet and legs were getting very sore. Made me wish I'd stayed in better shape before all of this.

One good thing was that at least so far no one had figured out I was me. A couple of people from my classes told me they thought there was something familiar about me but I just told them "I get that a lot." I shouldn't have been surprised that no one knew it was me since for the past ten years or so I'd barely gotten the time of day from any of these people. I'd gone to school with them for all this time and none of them know much of anything about me, except for recently when I started showing up to class dressed like it was a hundred degrees outside. I did have a close call with Danette and Missy, who'd been giving me dirty looks all night, when one of the guys I danced with bragged about how great my skin felt.

"She has really soft skin huh?" Missy had responded upon hearing about this. "Danni and I have a very good friend who has the softest skin we've ever felt, and we have no real idea how she got to feel that way."

"Oh yeah our friend Amanda has the best skin," Danette agreed. "I could feel her up all day it's so intoxicating. She has the smoothest thighs you could ever feel."

"Let us feel yours and see if you compare to hers," Missy suggested and was about to reach over and touch me before I pulled away.

"I don't want you lesbos feeling me over," I shouted at them thinking if they touched me they might figure out it was me. "Go find your friend if you want something to rub." I then went over to another guy and quickly started dancing with him so I could get away from them.

The effects of my first drink had started wearing off by the time I could have another, probably from all the dancing and sweating, and it was when I went back to the bar to get that second drink that CJ pushed her way up next to me.

I didn't even notice when she got there or how long she had been there before but the first thing I noticed was she wasn't wearing the Star Trek uniform Emily had given her. Instead she was wearing what looked like the same leather ninja outfit that Casey had worn earlier except it looked tighter on CJ.

"Hey Crazy Littlebeaver!" CJ shouted as she put her arm around me. "I was wondering when you were going to take a break. I'm impressed at how well you're fitting in tonight."

"Isn't that what's expected of me?" I shot at her as I tried to pull away from her arm.

"You're doing better than expected my hot little injun," She praised. "I see you've worked up a sweat out there, drinking plenty of water I hope?"

"Guys won't stop bringing me water," I informed her. This was so true too, every time I said I was going to get some water some guy would stop me and hand me a bottle of it, probably because the first few times I was so thirsty and buzzed from the drink earlier that I drank the water so fast most of spilled on me which caused a happy reaction from those standing nearby.

"That's what it's like when you're hot babygirl," CJ told me in my ear as she began rubbing me back. "I've had guys begging to do things for me my whole life. I'm sure you'll have no trouble getting used to that."

"Whatever..." I said annoyed. "Weren't you going to wear something else earlier?" I mentioned to her referring to her costume.

"I had it on when I got here," she said as she rolled her eyes. "I'm not here more than two seconds and a bunch of dorks start humming the theme to that stupid show and doing that stupid thing with their hands where they separate their middle fingers. Of course then these guys actually think I'm into this galactic bullshit and start talking to me about outer space and it was more than I could take."

"Where did you get that costume then?"

"It's Casey's, I made her trade with me."

"So what's she wearing?"

"The Star Trek one. I noticed right after she came out in it those same dorks that were all over me were over her, although I think they fared better with her than with me since she started taking them upstairs. By the way do you see any more cum on this collar? I thought I got most of it off before I put it on but I'd like you to check."

"I'm not really sure what that is." I said showing my lack of knowledge on the subject.

"Oh that's right. Damn with you looking like this I forget that you're so innocent."

"Is there some kind of instruction you have for me now?" I said to her wishing she would go away. "There must be some reason you're talking to me now."

"No new instructions yet," she replied and then took her arm off me. "I just wanted to check in and let you know that so far so good. Isn't it time for your next drink?"

"That's why I'm over here."

"Boy aren't you eager," she said surprised. "All the dancing and sexual tension must be getting to you."

"Hardly," I replied coldly. "It just makes it easier to deal with these people."

"This is quite a group isn't it? They sure are getting good and loaded. Between the bar and the big bong upstairs these kids are going to stunt the shit out of their growth."

"And you're proud of that aren't you?"

"This'll be the best night of most of their lives so yes I am proud," She boasted. "Now how about that drink."

She made me drink something called a Black Russian, which tasted nasty. The bartender thought she meant a White Russian but she told him "Oh hell no! She gets the full drink not a castrated version."

Even though every Russian I'd ever met was white it did get me buzzed again though and then back out on the dance floor to groove with a bunch of guys who'd been ignoring me all of my life until this party.

Surprisingly though I actually found myself enjoying the dancing, the DJ kept playing music that I liked and since I started dancing more people started in too and soon the floor was full. I was also surprised to see just how slutty many of the girls from my school acted after a few drinks, half of them flashed their boobs at some point while the rest danced like they were having sex with the person they were dancing with, it was quite a disgusting display at times. Oh well phuck them, they all suck anyway.

It was now starting to get close to 11 and I had to take another break. Some guy offered me some more water but I turned it down and went back over to the bar, and it was there that I noticed Scott off to the side of the room by the door. At least I was guessing thatit was Scott since he was wearing that same X-men costume he wore the previous time. It sure looked like him anyway. Shit what was I going to do about him? Did he know that I was disguised like this or was he scanning the crowd looking for me? Did the goddesses know he was there? Shit, I knew this was coming and now that it was here I still didn't know what to do. It was then that Stacy, who I hadn't seen since I came down earlier, pushed her way over to me. She looked like she wasn't having a good time.

"I can't believe this shit," she said loudly into my ear. "I can't believe how many limpdick losers are here. God Tommy Hankin was so stoned he came before I could even do anything so it that doesn't even count, not to mention he got his stuff all over my hands. God and that Casey bitch has been working nonstop, Goddammit this is much harder than it should be."

The thought of what she was talking about nearly made me sick to think about.

Man it was time for another drink.

"Can I get that White Russian thing that CJ wouldn't let me have earlier?" I asked the bartender as Stacy went on.

"God I can't believe how awful that Emily person really is. Jesus what kind of nutjob goes around blackmailing people into doing things like this? What if I lose and I have to stop drinking, or even worse keep drinking and become the school slut? You and I have to find a way to get away from them."

I actually found myself laughing once she said this. Get away from them? Like I hadn't been racking my brain trying to figure out how to do that for the past week. God Stacy's breath sure smelled bad.

"I'll have a rum and coke please," she told the bartender after he gave me my drink. "God I need to get that awful taste out of my mouth."

"What does it taste like?" I found myself asking to my surprise.

"Like really bitter salty pancake batter," she replied glumly. "Already I feel like I've swallowed enough to make a whole stack of pancakes. You know that rumor about Artie Walters having a really big dick, well he doesn't, but he does come like a volcano and I damn near choked."

"Stacy please," I said feeling disgusted, "I don't want to puke this drink up."

"I'm sorry, I'm sure you're not having a great time either."

Well compared to her I was having a good time, but I knew that was going to change sometime that night. Oh yes, that was Scott over there. I recognized his friend Jake in the other X-men costume. They didn't seem to recognize me though, at least they weren't acting like they did.

"Crap," Stacy said to herself after she quickly slammed down her drink, "I've only got about an hour until this game is over and I still think I'm behind. I really wish Emily hadn't given them a head start on me, that's so unfair. I guess I'd better get back to playing or this is the end of party days. If you could talk some people into not doing anything with Casey I'd really appreciate it, anything helps right now."

"I'll do what I can Stace," I assured her, although I wasn't sure if I meant it. "I know you will, you're awesome. That's the one thing I was right about all along is that you're awesome." She then squinted at one of the monitors over the bar. "See someone else thinks you're awesome too, your videos are being played."

"My videos?" I said not knowing what she was talking about.

I then looked up at the monitor that was earlier showing horror movies and saw my nude image as it ran across the mall parking lot, the parking lot I ran across that first morning after I met the Goddesses.

"Holy Shit that's Amanda Johnson!" a male voice yelled.

"She's totally naked!" a female voice added.

The next thing I knew the crowd was suddenly buzzing as I stood there and watched in graphic detail my image trying to get into my car for cover.

Shit, I wasn't expecting this.