Those Pictures
by Blzr

The Party part 3

Just before Emily and I left my old room to go downstairs and join the party Casey came in with a guy already on her arm with a big smile on his face. God she wasn’t wasting any time was she?

When I got downstairs I noticed that several more people had arrived and were conversing and ordering drinks from the bar. With the music playing so loud everyone had to talk loudly to be heard, most of what I did hear were along the lines of how cool everyone's costumes were and what a great job Stacy did on setting the place up. I recognized most of them as classmates from school but there were a few I didn't recognize and I wasn't sure if they were just friends of Stacy's who I didn't know or if they had something to do with Em and CJ. All heads turned though when Emily and I entered the room, I expected more of them to be looking at Emily in her skimpy costume over me in mine but I was surprised to see that my costume actually drew more attention. Damn though I was glad to be at least wearing something.

"I see your new look is causing the stir we had hoped," Emily yelled in my ear so I could hear over the music. "If I actually cared I might be jealous. You wanna have your drink first?"

I nodded and we made our way over to the bar, drawing the stares of all the guys we passed. One thing Emily was right about was the slut rule, so many of the girls here were dressed in skimpy or sexy costumes that really were just glorified lingerie or underwear. In fact I looked over and saw Ashley in her little white bikini standing next to Karen who had her arm around her and was rubbing up and down her torso. Needless to say Ashley looked like she wanted to crawl in a hole and die.

"What do you want Crazy?" Emily asked me as she stood next to the bar.

"I don't know," I answered not being experienced in drinking. "Something that tastes good."

Emily smirked and then turned to the bartender and informed him that I was the special guest and that I could only have one drink an hour, except for water, and to keep an eye on me. Then she ordered my drink for me, something called 'A slow comfortable screw against the wall' which made me worried.

"Don't worry sweetie it's just a name, you'll like it." Emily informed me. "Don't drink it too fast though. I'm going to go see to business and act the good hostess so I'm going to leave you to mingle. When you're done with your drink I want you to start dancing with people, since I see no one is dancing yet so you may have to start people off, I noticed you're doing a good job of   drawing attention. You really do look hot sweetie."

I saw our reflection in the mirror behind the bar and once again I could not believe that was me I was looking at, I looked like I belonged in some male fantasy and was not the shy introverted person I am. With all that’d happened though I might need to stay like this to hide from what they'd done to me.

"Have fun Crazy girl," Emily said as the bartender handed me my drink "I'll be around and CJ will be here soon. Make us proud, we'll be watching you."

She then scooted off through the crowd, which looked like it had grown since I last turned around, and I watched her go out the backdoor.

I looked down at my drink and contemplated drinking it. What the hell was in this thing? It was kind of reddish looking and it didn't have much ice in it. I really did want to take something that would help me relax but the few times they’d given me alcohol it was just wine, this looked much more powerful. I couldn't help but wonder if they’d drugged it too, I mean anything was possible with them.

I picked up and the drink and held it to my nose to get a smell of it and it smelled strong.

"Are you going to drink that or play with it?" the bartender asked me.

I put the straw up to my lips and took a sip. It went down easy and tasted kinda fruity but with a kick.

"What do you think?" The bartender asked me again.

"It tastes kind of like Kool Aid." I told him and then took another sip. “Really tart Kool Aid."

"That's why you have to drink it slow," he suggested. "Slow and comfortable. Enjoy."


I took another sip of it, a bigger one then the last two, and then felt wave of warmth flow inside my body. Not the warmth you feel when you drink a hot espresso on a cold day but a different kind of warmth, more of relaxing warmth. Damn that felt kinda good, but I knew I’d better do what they said and take it slow though so I wouldn't pass out or throw up or anything.

I looked up at one of the monitors and saw Sarah Michelle Gellar being chased down a dark street by a guy in a black raincoat carrying a big hook in his hand. God even though Sarah was running and he was just walking she didn't seem to be getting away, God I knew how that felt. I wondered why she was wearing an evening gown. Oh well.

A couple of guys pushed their way next to me at the bar during the next twenty minutes but I basically ignored them and slowly drank my drink, hell she didn't say I had to do anything until I finished and these guys were dorks so screw it. Oh man I was getting a buzz, I was grooving along to the music and I didn't know I was doing that, geeze it was a good thing I was only drinking one of these. Damn though I was almost done and then I'd have to dance, and Emily was right about no one dancing yet. I thought back to Tuesday when I had to dance at the club with all those people, I hated that, especially when I had to dance alone on that stage where everyone could see me. I guess though that this shouldn't be as bad since unlike then at least I had some liquid courage in me, and I was dressed. God though the problem was that I knew most of these people; even though I was in disguise and they couldn't recognize me. I still knew who they were and that was weird enough.

Speaking of last Tuesday that was also the day I met Scott. Shit he was supposed to be here sometime tonight and I didn't know what the hell to do about that, I mean according to Margaret he was walking into a trap. Dammit why couldn't he know what he was doing and actually get me out of this instead of me having to think of something in order to rescue him? I took another sip of my drink in frustration about my situation. God this sucked.

I turned around and looked over the crowd behind me. Most were still chatting away and trying to impress everyone, a handful of guys I noticed were taking glances at me and hoping I wouldn't notice. God with all the eye candy in here it was hard to believe I really stood out that much, although looking around my costume probably had the least amount of material. Geeze there was Tess trying to talk to some guys; it looked like she was trying to talk them into something – they didn't seem interested though. She was going to have to wait for more people to get drunk in order to do well in that game. God I felt bad for her, maybe if Margaret got me out she'd get everyone the goddesses have a hold over free from them.

I took another sip and noticed I only had a little bit left in my drink, I was going to have to perform soon. I was glad I drank this first though, even though I was a little loopy-headed I did feel more at ease, more then I'd been recently anyway.

Oh my God there was another girl dressed like an Indian, she was wearing a one-piece mini squaw style dress instead of the skimpy two piece thing I was wearing but it was very form fitting. Man and she had her hair in the traditional braided pigtails and she was wearing the knee high moccasins instead of the little ones like I had. Dang I think she noticed me. Dang she looked kinda pissed. Dang she was coming over here. Dang that's Missy, and she had Danette with her who was dressed like Marilyn Monroe from that movie where her dress got blown up from underneath. Dang this was just great.

"Well I see you and I had the same type of idea," Missy said to me in a not so kind manner. “Except you decided to take it a step further and look like a stripper."

Through my buzz I began to feel my nerves awaken, just being around Missy made me uneasy, and right now she looked like she wanted to put me in my place.  She didn't seem to recognize me though so I needed to use that, I also needed to try and act like she didn't bother me, I thought the drink would help with that.

"Hey I like to be comfortable." I said deepening my voice and trying to act cool. "It looks like it's going to be hot here tonight."

"Are you a friend of Stacy's?" Danette asked me and I nodded my head. "You don't go to our school though do you?" I shook my head. "Then how do you know her?"

"We're old friends from camp," I replied smuggly. "Why do you care?"

"Oh we just like to know who everyone is," Missy said in a snippy tone, "and since you and I might be from the same tribe it's important for us to know each other."

"We ain't from the same tribe honey," I snipped and then took another sip from my drink.

"Then we may be from feuding tribes then," Missy responded with a cold look. "If you get in my way tonight we may have to go to war."

"Oh please, I shouted with a laugh, “Just keep to yourself and we'll be fine."

Just then Artie Walters who was a star player on the school football team, and was dressed like the wrestler Hulk Hogan in red and yellow tights, came over by the bar and ordered a drink before turning and saying hello to the three of us.

"Well hi Artie," Missy cooed with an enticing smile on her face. "Damn you got some big arms there handsome."

He did his Hulk Hogan poses while Missy and Danette gushed over it, I couldn't help but notice though that he seemed to be eyeing me the whole time, perve.

"What do you think of my costume?" Missy asked him as she modeled for him.

"Very nice." Artie complimented but then pointed to me. "I wish it was more like hers though."

The look Missy gave me damn near gave me chills but I had to act like it was nothing, Danette on the other hand actually looked like she was trying to hold in laughter.

"What's your name?" Artie asked me

"They call me Crazy," I said coolly and then finished my drink.

"Crazy?" Artie, Missy, and Danette all said in unison.

"Uh huh." I replied and then sat down my empty glass.

"I believe it." Missy proclaimed. "You'd have to be crazy to wear that thing with this group."

"Yeah well I am who I am." I said as I rolled my eyes. Boy that drink was really making me feel warm all over now, and it felt rather good. Oh my God the DJ was going to play Back in Black! Shit I loved that song! My brother used to play it all the time and I just love it. My body began to involuntarily groove with the riff as it played.

"Oh damn I need to get out and move," I said out loud and clapped my hands together. "You wanna dance with me wrestler boy?" I said in a seductive manner, something I'd never done before in my life.

"Uh... yeah!" He said in gleeful surprise.

Missy's mouth damn near hit the ground, I think she was hoping to dance with Artie, oh well phuck her she was a bitch.

I then took Artie by the hand and we moved to the center of the floor and began dancing. Because we were the only ones all eyes were instantly on us, I stopped noticing though because soon I was focused on the song and my body just kept moving and grinding to the beat, for a moment I even forgot I was dancing with somebody until I realized he was rubbing up next to me.

"Wow your skin feels great!" he shouted.

"Watch the hands Hulkster!" I replied and went back to dancing. Damn if I didn't know any better I'd almost think I was enjoying this.