Those Pictures
by Blzr

The Party part 2b

It was hard to stand by and act cool while I listened to Emily explain the rules of her sick game. I had to keep acting like a bitch to keep up appearances for everyone but as I listened to what Stacy, Casey, Tess, and possibly Ashley would have to do to win this game I had a hard time hiding the sickness I was feeling. Even for Emily this seemed pretty nasty, and while I really felt for those girls I made sure and thanked God I didn't have to play.

"So Ashley are you in?" Emily turned and asked her. "I have an extra lipstick if you'd rather play than hang out with Karen."

"I only have to hang out with her for tonight right?" Ashley asked back nervously.

"Yes," Emily replied with a chipper smile, "but her hands get free reign of your body for the entire party and you have to let her."

"I really wish I'd never showed you that sick story," Ashley said angrily but then softened. "If it's just for tonight I'll take the bull dyke."

"Oh," Emily acted disappointed, "well I was hoping you'd play with them but I won't make you. I'm sure Karen is downstairs, why don't you go down and make her happy? I think she really likes you."

Ashley had a sick look on her face as she began to turn around and move towards the door. Just before she left she looked over at Stacy and said coldly, "Good luck."

"Oh phuck this I ain't playing this sick game!" Stacy shouted out angrily as Ashley walked out of the room. "I don't care what you have on me I'm not going around and sucking a bunch of dicks tonight, especially of people I know at my own party!"

"You're dad's governor's campaign will be ruined once we make you a porn star when we put out those masturbation sessions you had." Emily informed her with that damn smile still on her face.

"Phuck my dad!" Stacy yelled. "He'd be a shitty governor anyway! What do I care I'm going to college in the fall."

"Not if we turn you in for cheating on all those tests in school," Emily continued happily. "No school worth a shit is going to take you with that on your record."

"Okay then I'm not going to college." Stacy stood her ground. "I'll marry rich. It's not like I haven't already received offers. I'd rather do that then to play your disgusting game. I'm not putting on your special lipstick, I'm not going to try and suck more dicks than these two before midnight, and I'm not going to help you do what you're doing to Amanda anymore!"

Wow! Damn! Stacy was really standing up to her! Was she really going to let everyone know the truth about what they've been doing to me?

"Stacy you should really play along," Casey advised her softly as if she was trying to warn her. "I know it's gross but it's better than what'll happen if you don't."

"That's good advice Casey," Emily praised her. "I'm going to give you one last chance so you can take it Stacy, especially since even money says you have the best chances of winning."

"Oh what worse could you do to me?" Stacy shot at her. "You're going to show videos of me getting myself off while screaming another girl's name and you're going to get me kicked out of school and humiliate me in front of the whole state. I don't see what worse you can do."

Go Stacy go.

"Oh Stacy you have an even bigger weakness those things you just mentioned," Emily calmly replied.

"Yeah what's that?"

"Your vanity."

"My vanity?"

"Oh yeah. I've seen the pictures of you when you were growing up, you've always been a little knockout. I feel quite sure in saying that your looks have gotten you a lot of things in your lifetime, I bet without them you wouldn't know what to do."

"Is this some kind of threat?" Stacy asked still sounding tough.

"Yes it is," Emily answered nodding. "Either you play this game or I'm going to make a call and in five minutes two guys are going to come in here and drag you out the door in a bag and then they're going to take you out and disfigure you, not just beat you up but leave permanent marks that'll scare small children when they see them."

"You can't do that," Stacy replied but this time not sounding quite so tough. “You'd be arrested and I'd sue your company."

"Think about what you just said there for a minute Stacy," Emily said smugly. "Who's going to arrest me? Have you forgotten about Amanda getting arrested yesterday and who set that up?"

Stacy just paused for a moment as she thought about that day. Oh dammit, I shouldn't have gotten hopeful. Now Stacy was in trouble.

"Emily, chill out," I told her as I kept up the attitude. "You don't need go off on the dumb broad like that." I then turned to Stacy who now looked like she was beginning to regret her stance. "Blondie just play the game and save yourself a shit-load of grief, you'll easily win anyway."

I hated encouraging her to play this gross game but I had a strong feeling that Emily would go that far just to get what she wanted, that bitch was way too used to getting her way to give it up to Stacy.

"What do you mean she'll win easily?" Casey sounded offended. "I'll have you know I've had at least five stalkers in my lifetime, plus it's not always about looks that gets a man going as much as it is technique and willingness."

I noticed Tess didn't argue about my comment like Casey did, she just looked terrified.

"I have heard you give good head Case," Emily complimented and then coolly turned to Stacy. "Now Stacy, are you in?"

Stacy let out a deep breath and then nodded her head in defeat.

"Excellent!" Emily shouted. "Of course now you'll be penalized because you argued with me. Both Casey and Tess now have a five blow head start before the game even begins, that could come into play in the end."

"Doubtful," Stacy said under her breath as she glanced over at Tess.

"Hey Tess is my dark horse," Emily told her. "She'll be desperate and really willing to do just about anything to make sure she wins, especially after I tell you all what's at stake if you lose."

"You already told me that you show those pictures of me if I lost," Stacy reminded her.

"Well yours has changed but I'll get to you last." Emily then stood back and looked the three of them over. "Okay Casey I'm just letting you know now that just by playing you're getting the job you wanted, you've earned it, but your salary depends on if you win or not. If you're triumphant you'll be making a seven-figure salary, if not a five-figure salary. That's a big difference in your quality of life girlfriend."

"I'm going to kick their asses," Casey said assuredly. She did once tell me she wasn’t above doing something like that to get ahead.

"Tess, if you win we'll give you a hundred grand so you can move out and live with your forbidden boyfriend. The hundred grand is actually an advance on using your image to make this comic book of your character."

"Are you serious?" Tess asked as she suddenly perked up. Geeze money sure was a powerful thing.

"Dead serious and it's tax free too. But if you lose then your dad gets his wish of sending you to Mexico to live and work in a convent with a bunch of mean nuns."

"What?" Tess shouted in horror. "A convent! I have to be a nun?"

"No you're not going to be a nun, you're going to work for the nuns for the next ten years. You'll be cooking and cleaning and washing and serving and all that fun shit."

"My dad wants me to do this?"

"That's what he told me. I thought I'd add my own thing to this idea of his, I think becoming a nudist too to go along with the servitude would really be sexy."

Tess was now speechless as the thought of living naked in a convent in Mexico would be like. How did people think up sick stuff like this?

"I get a five point head start right?" Tess asked as she now seemed game to play.

"Because I like you in that costume I'll give you six," Emily told her. "I think you might be surprised how many drunk guys will want to play with that big ass of yours."

Tess mouthed "Ewwwe." but then seemed lost in thought as if she was making a plan.

"Okay Stacy the rebel if you win you work for us and you help out your friend Amanda, you know helping her feel comfy and all that, but if you lose you're going to have to clean up your act for now on."

"What do you mean clean up my act?" Stacy crinkled her brow as she asked this.

"I mean no more partying party girl," Emily told her in a scolding manner. "You're going to stop drinking, stop going to clubs, stop going to partys, stop cheating on tests, stop flirting with guys, all the destructive things that keep reminding me of that drunk slut Tara Reid. You're going to go to AA and you're going to start getting good grades on your own in school. Every night you're going to be home studying and this will continue through college and into the work place."

"That's all she gets?" Tess shouted in disgust. "I have to live naked in a convent in Mexico and all that she gets is she can't drink? That ain't fair."

"I don't care," Emily replied with and intentional rhyme. "You shouldn't have gotten Amanda stoned and then talked about her later."

"You want me to quit drinking?" Stacy said in a sullen tone of voice."

"Hey I didn't talk about her," Tess went on speaking over Stacy, "that was that fag Travis. Hell he didn't care, you didn't take naked pictures of him."

"Yeah well he did talk and now if you don't win you're going south of the border baby," Emily said smugly.

"I don't want to quit drinking," Stacy spoke again. "The whole reason I want to go to college is for the parties. I sure as hell don't want to go to AA."

"Well welcome to reality Stacy," Emily teased her "I guess you shouldn't have gotten so huffy with me earlier. You're either going to clean up or that story about you and Ashley that's been on the internet for the last ten years is going to come true."

"You know about that story?" Stacy jolted.

"Ashley showed it to us the other day," Emily informed her. "That's why we couldn't pass up making Ashley go out with Karen since the Ashley in the story ends up with a dyke named Karen, that's just too cool."

"That story isn't really about us," Stacy explained. "I was like eight when it was supposedly written. It's just a coincidence that my and Ashley's names are in it."

"Yeah well that Neil and Gary guy must've thought it quite a coincidence too when they read it and found out that you were cheating on tests just like the girl in the story. It's like you're destined to live this story out one way or another, so I'll give you the choice of either cleaning up or having 65 different guys at your high school cum in one of your openings over the rest of the school year like the little priss in the story."

"What story is this?" Casey asked.

"I'll give you a copy after the party," Emily replied. "It's kind of nasty."

"I can't drink at all?" Stacy asked seeming hopeful that there will exceptions to this rule.

"Not a drop," Emily responded proudly. "No you're going to become a nerd and you're going to only do nerd things and you're going to do them all sober."

"Oh you're an evil bitch," Stacy said seeming horrified. "I thought my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Mesner was a bitch but damn I can almost see your devil horns."

"Yeah she's el diablo alright," Tess agreed. "Is there anyway me and Stacy can switch punishments?"

"No Assy you can't. Now you three have until midnight to blow as many peters as you can, make sure you put on fresh lipstick after each one. Feel free to use any of the beds that have been set up around here and don't try to cheat because we'll know. You don't have to swallow if you don't want to but he does have to blow his load for it to count, and personally I'd recommend swallowing so that none of it gets all over your nice costumes. Anymore questions?"

"Can we just give handjobs instead?" Stacy asked with a whine.

"Okay the game starts once you three leave the room," Emily stated as she ignored Stacy. "So go get busy, and you can have two drinks an hour from the bar to help make it more fun."

"Just two?" Stacy whined some more.

"Get out of here guys and make me proud," Emily ordered and reluctantly they all filed out.

"You are evil Emily," I said to her in disgust. "How can you make them do this?"

"I can make anybody do just about anything," She smugly replied. "Look what I've made you do."

"Do you hate women?"

"No, I just love power. By the way nice job of being a bitch, I wasn't sure if you had it in you but you did great."

"You make it easy."

"Oh that's funny. I put my money more on the conditioning though over you're so-called dislike for me, especially since I know that you really love me."

"Oh Jesus."

Emily then flung off her overcoat that she had been wearing all this time to once again reveal her Vamirella costume and then she took out a black wig and walked over to a mirror on the wall.

"For the time being sweetie you don't need to worry about what those three have to do," Emily began as she tied her hair up so that she could put on the wig. "For the next few hours all you have to do is go downstairs and mingle. I want you dancing with guys, I want you being both friendly and snobby with other girls, and I want you to be anything other than you. Tonight you’re a hard-ass Indian chic who knows she's hot and knows who's not and you're going to be a bitch that everyone wants to hang with tonight."

"But I'm not that."

"Well you better be, everything depends on it."

Emily then pulled the wig on over her hair and put it in place, I have to admit it looked good on her, and then she took off her glasses and put in some colored contact lenses.

"Damn I love you Vampi," Emily said to herself. "I bet most of the boners those girls are going to be relieving are going to be caused by my sexy ass. Oh by the way hon, you can have a drink every hour of whatever you want, although I don't recommend anything with coffee in it. I do want you to have somewhat of a good time tonight since it's your farewell to clothes."

"Really I can have a mixed drink?"

"Yeah as long as you don't puke it up later. Now let’s go down and meet our guests, I can hear it getting louder down there.