Those Pictures
by Blzr

The Party (new version)

Part 2

"Oh my God!" I couldn't believe what I was seeing as we turned down my street and began heading towards my house. My block had been blocked off to traffic and what looked like police officers were diverting cars away from it.

"You blocked off the road?" I said in disbelief. "How did you manage that?"

"Oh please…" Emily scoffed at me. "You sure do forget who we are sometimes."

"Why did you do that for?"

"Because this is going to be the best party this nowheresville town has ever seen," Emily boasted as we approached the front of the street. "We can't just have people driving up and down the street while people are having a good time. Oh and don't worry your neighbors were notified ahead of time and they all consented."

"How much did you have to bribe them with?"

"Let's just say some of them will be driving new cars soon," she replied with a smirk as we pulled up to one of the men in uniform.

"Hello," Emily said to the man as she rolled down her window. "I'm Emily Murdoch."

"Oh are you the lady in charge of this," the man asked her just before he noticed me sitting nearly naked in an Indian girl outfit.

"I sure am," Emily confirmed. "I believe you can let us through."

"Huh?" the man answered, as he seemed preoccupied with looking me up and down. "Oh yeah, go on through. Have a good time ladies."

Emily calmly drove around the roadblock sign and then pulled up to my house.

Geeze it was nice to see home again, I hated to think how it might get trashed though with Stacy's friends. Boy I wished it was two weeks earlier and things were still normal, I missed this place.

We pulled into the driveway which had a couple of cars parked in it already. There were a few other cars parked on the block, one I recognized as Stacy's, but everything else about my house looked normal. I hoped it stayed that way.

"There's not that many people here yet," Emily pointed out as she parked the car. "Mainly just those that are working with us and the staff we hired to watch over things. There might be a couple of early arrivals so just in case we have to talk to one of them I want to go over some of the rules on how you're supposed to behave tonight."

Great, rules, like I didn't have enough.

"Okay your name for tonight is Crazy Littlebeaver. People can call you Crazy for short but you are not to answer to anything else than that, and above all else don't ever answer to Amanda no matter who it is that says it. Remember the camera that's in your collar? We'll be watching to make sure you do this right."

"What else in new?" I remarked glibly.

"Hey these rules are for your own good," she shot back. "So here, I want you to practice." Emily then changed the pitch of her voice to pretend to be someone else. "Hi, I'm Emily."

"Hi," I began and then forced myself to say the rest "I'm uh...Crazy Little... beaver."

"Oh that's convincing," she said unimpressed. "I think we need to do this a few times before we go in."

For the next several minutes we replayed introductions with me having to say over and over again "I'm Crazy Littlebeaver". Jesus I nearly choked having to keep repeating it but she was insisting that I got it right. God this was retarded! As much as I liked being in disguise having me pretend I was a Native American was almost too much.

"Okay that'll do," Emily said satisfied that I was convincing enough. "Make sure you give off a lot of attitude and act like you're 'too cool'. You're really going to make a sexy little Indian girl Amanda. All the guys are going to go nuts wanting to phuck you and all the girls are going to go nuts wanting to phucking kill you. Remember Karen and Stacy are the only ones other than CJ and me who know who you are so you'll probably have to keep up the act all night. Make sure you don't mess up because this is important."

"What's so important about it?" I asked.

"No questions sweetie. Now let’s go on in, I think you'll like how we've arranged things."

Somehow I doubted that since I didn't like anything they'd arranged, ever. We got out of the car and walked up to the side door of my house that led into the kitchen and we were met by Karen, who seemed all too happy to see me.

"Oh my God," Karen said out loud as she took in my new look. "That can't be your girl."

"Oh it is!" Emily assured her. "Tonight her name is Crazy Littlebeaver but you can call her Crazy for short."

"Oh there's nothing crazy about her beaver," Karen remarked. "Wow, I barely recognize her. Somehow or another you managed to make her better looking. She looks amazing."

"It's amazing what a little paint and makeup can do," Emily said with a laugh. "Now in case you haven't noticed Karen, she's not wearing a coat so why don't we come in out of the cold?"

Karen apologized and immediately got out of the way and let us in. Once inside I damn near fainted at what had become of my kitchen, or what was my kitchen. The wall that had separated the kitchen from the family and living rooms had been taken out and was now just one great big room. All the appliances and furniture had been removed and replaced with all sorts of weird shit, namely a cage hanging from the ceiling and a stripper pole in the corner. Crap there was another cage over by the front door. I couldn't speak as I took all of this in; it was so shocking to me. There were TV monitors all over the walls showing what looked like horror movies and music videos plus there were different colored strobe lights that lit the room along with lighted pillars on both sides of the room that seemed to be full of some kind of glowing liquid. Jesus what had they done to my house?

"What do you think?" Emily asked me with a glow in her eye. "We got it done in two days. Wait till you see the upstairs and backyard."

I thought I'd seen enough. They'd taken my home that I grew up in and turned it practically into a nightclub. There was a wet bar off against the wall where a bookshelf used to be with two guys in suits setting things up, not to mention a DJ booth with a black guy dressed as Blackula standing behind it. There were a few other people there dressed in costumes, I didn't recognize any of them but they all took notice of me really quick. Thank God none of them knew who I was. I noticed Emily still had her long black coat on so at this moment I was easily the most naked in the room, although at least for once I wasn't actually naked, which was the last time that might happen if the goddesses had their way.

"Are you going to fix all of this when this is done?" I asked her referring to my house.

"What are you talking about this place is great now," Emily praised. "Shit we may lease this place out as a club."

"Stacy's upstairs." Karen informed us. "I think she's been waiting to talk to you Emily."

"I bet she has," Emily replied and then turned to me. "Follow us upstairs. Stacy's up there and we need to talk to her before more people get here."

"Is she in on things now?" I asked referring to Stacy and my situation.

"She sure knows more than she did," Emily told me and then had me follow Karen up the stairs and into what was my old room. Inside Stacy and Ashley were talking to each other, with Ashley looking really worried. Stacy was dressed in a really short and revealing French maid outfit with black thigh-high stockings and garters and showing lots of cleavage. Ashley on the other hand was only wearing a white bikini and a blonde wig and she shot an unnerved look at Karen when we walked in. I seemed to remember that she was supposed to be Karen's date tonight and I didn't think she was too happy about it.

"Damn you two look great!" Emily squealed excitedly. "You both certainly took part in the Halloween slut rule didn't you?"

"What's that?" Karen asked.

"It means that on Halloween a girl can dress as slutty as she wants and other girls can't give her shit about it," Emily told her. "Haven't you ever seen Mean Girls?"

"No but I'd like to be one," Karen replied and then laughed, "especially with my new friend here."

"Emily," Ashley said apprehensively, "can I talk to you in private?"

"About what?" Emily asked with a smug look on her face.

"About, tonight," Ashley answered.

"I suppose."

Ashley then looked at me, and I thought for a second she recognized me but then she suddenly asked, "Who's this?"

"This is my friend," Emily informed her. "Why don't you introduce yourself?"

"I'm Crazy Littlebeaver," I told her deepening my voice and acting irritated. "Who the hell you supposed to be?"

"I'm Honey Ryder," she replied as if I should know that.

"Who's Honey Ryder?" I asked trying to sound surly.

"You don't watch James Bond?"

"No, do I look like a guy or something? Why would I watch that crap?"

"I can see you're a bitch," Ashley said out loud. "Just like most other Indians I've ever met."

"Ashley you wanna talk or not?" Emily jumped in.

"Yes I do."

"Okay follow me," Emily then turned to Karen and asked "Can you go downstairs and watch for arrivals? I think the first shuttle bus of people should be arriving in a few minutes."

The three of them then stepped out of the room leaving me with Stacy who immediately grabbed me and looked me over in amazement.

"God Amanda is that actually you?" She asked as her eyes went up and down me.

"Not tonight," I replied. "Didn't you hear me, I'm Crazy Littlebeaver and that's what I answer to for now."

"Goddamn sweetie I am so sorry," she said sympathetically and gave me a hug. "I really didn't think they were actually forcing you to do this all this time."

Part 2a

Wow, Stacy actually knew. I let myself return her hug as she repeatedly whispered, "I'm so sorry," into my ear. I almost couldn't believe this was the same person that just yesterday was so excited about watching me live out her nude fantasies, I guess the awful truth must've hit her over the head like a rock.

"How did you find out?" I asked her as we continued to embrace.

"The lawyer lady told me when she took me home yesterday," Stacy answered as she squeezed me tighter. "She told me that none of this was your idea and that they've been blackmailing you this whole time, and now they're going to blackmail me."

I instantly let her go and looked her in the face and asked, "What are they blackmailing you with? The pictures that were taken of us yesterday?"

"Yeah, among other things," she replied shamefully.

"What other things?" I asked even though I had a good idea.

"Well it turns out that sometime last week they broke into my house and installed hidden cameras in my bedroom and bathroom and have hours of me doing certain things, like getting myself off while thinking about what you've done, and they said they'll release them on the net and send them to everyone I know if I told the truth about you. I told her I'd sue them for invasion of privacy but that bitch lawyer just laughed at me and then informed me that they also had proof that I've been cheating on my math, history, and English tests for the last year and half not to mention they also have video from the other day when I ah... encouraged Mr. Green to change his mind about letting you go to school naked, as well as a couple of other indiscretions I've done in the last week. Jesus Christ Amanda who the fuck are these bitches?"

"I wish I could fill you in Stacy but I'm afraid of them not liking what I tell you and punishing me for it."

"They punish you?"

"Going to the club with you the other night and dancing with all those guys… there was a punishment," I told her frankly. "I should also remind you that tonight I'm not allowed to answer to Amanda, so please call me Crazy so neither of us gets into trouble."

"I can't believe they want us to call you Crazy. This whole thing seems crazy. You must think I'm the biggest bitch in the world for encouraging this the whole time, I swear though I truly believed you were doing this on purpose."

"You believed it or you wanted to believe it?" I replied skeptically. "I seem to remember yesterday you actually asked me if I was being forced."

Stacy let out a guilty sigh and replied, "Yeah maybe subconsciously I did know that something wasn't right, it's just that they've gone to such extremes to make this look good that I couldn't believe someone would take something like this so far. Man they must've spent some mad money on this whole thing and have some powerful connections."

"You're just now figuring that out?" I said facetiously. "The fact that they staged a fake arrest yesterday that involved the Portland Police didn't prove that to you?"

"Don't be like that," she pleaded sorrowfully. "I can promise you I'm not the only one who's been fooled here."

She was right about that. I couldn't believe how many people seemed to be buying this bogus story about me doing this for Jesus. They must either have wanted to believe it or couldn't buy that someone would make this up and go through all the trouble to get people to believe it. I didn't know if the goddesses were brilliant or if people were just that stupid; either way this had gone further than it ever should have.

"What are they going to have you do?" I found myself asking after deciding not to give her a harder time.

"Well when I talked to Emily this morning she told me that I now work for them and they expect me to do what I'm told, or else. She said that I have to play some game of theirs tonight and that if I win I get a special position with them and they won't put out any of the stuff they have on me."

"What kind of position?"

Stacy hesitated to answer at first but after I gave her a hard look she broke and answered, "I'll be in charge of coming up with ideas and challenges for you to do."

"What?" I said shocked.

"They liked my idea of you going to court a lot, and since I've been thinking of stuff like this for the last few years they feel I'd be really good at it. Let's face it I do have a whole notebook full of ideas that I've come up with that could be done, I mean when you asked to come up with one I ended up coming up with a hundred and then fantasized about you doing all of them. God some of them are really humiliating too and the idea of you being forced to do them; well that's just too awful to imagine."

"Then why are smiling?" I asked as I noticed a grin creep across her face while she was talking about it.

"I wasn't smiling." She acted innocent.

"Yes you were," I told her bluntly. "It got wider the more you talked."

"Well I don't mean to," she attempted to explain, "my emotions betray me sometimes but it doesn't mean I actually want to hurt you. I know I'm a bit demented but I'd never actually make someone do this against her will. The problem is if I win this game and I'm going to have to or some major shit is going to fall into my lap."

"What'll happen if you lose this game?"

"Emily said that if I lose they're going to send a copy of me masturbating in my bedroom to everyone in our school and every other high school in the state."

Geeze that sounded familiar, if only the threat they gave me had stuck to just high schools.

"Just the thought of that makes me want to cry hysterically," Stacy went on. "Yesterday when I took off my clothes in front of all those people it was as embarrassing and uncomfortable as anything I've ever done, it wasn't arousing like I had fantasized it would be, it was just humiliating and I felt so helpless. What's worse is those were strangers, I can't imagine people I know seeing me like that. I don't know how you do it."

"I don't have a choice Stacy," I told her. "If I don't do it my family is screwed."

"God I'm so sorry Precious," she said and hugged me again. "It's going to be so hard to have to make you do the things I've written in my notebook. I hope you understand though that I have to win this game, I just have to. I can't let those pictures of me get out or it would ruin my life as well as my Dad's chances at running for Governor. Please know though that I won't enjoy it."

"Are you sure?" I said coldly as I didn't return the hug this time.

"Okay I deserve that," she replied and let me go. "You're probably going to hate me but I promise if I win you'll do the easiest ones I have and I won't do any that might put you in danger of being hurt. It's the least I can do."

Boy that was big of her. God I wasn’t sure if I liked it better that she was in on this now or not, things might have just gotten worse for me. To be fair though if I were in her position I'd probably do the same thing, although I didn't have the dirty thoughts that she did.

"What game are you supposed to play?" I asked wondering if it was one that I knew.

"She wouldn't say. She just said it had something to do with lipstick and that I'd be playing with two other girls."

That game didn't sound familiar; I guessed I should take comfort that at least I wouldn't be playing in it since it was probably something awful. It was then that I noticed that the there were new changes to my old room. Somehow I hadn't noticed that the round bed that CJ had put in there was now gone and there were a bunch of bunk beds set up against the walls. I guessed with all the other changes in my house somehow those just blended in.

"What are all the bunk beds for?" I asked as I noticed that they all had privacy curtains on them, including the top bunks.

"I guess for sleeping or screwing." Stacy replied. "The other two rooms up here have them and so does the attic. Have you seen the attic?"

"No," I said apprehensively.

"It looks like an opium den up there," she answered. "They have a hookah pipe set up and for a dollar you can take a hit out of it. I guess they have some really good dope they're using. I bet there'll be a lot traffic going up and down. That's probably why they have beds up there."

Oh great, they'd turned my home into a drug haven, wonderful.

"Look what they've done to the backyard," she said as she took my hand and led me over to a window that looked out the back. "I bet you haven't seen it since we roasted hotdogs out there. Oh God that must've been awful for you to burn all of your clothes that night, I'm so sorry."

At least she was catching on. When I looked out the window and saw what they had done this time my jaw literally did drop open. Off to the right was covered with a large tent, it was drizzling a little bit, but to the left was a large three level water fountain that was lighted and made the water look different colors as it poured into a large base. It was really quite something to see and was timed so that different jets shot out at different times. Jesus how the hell did they put that in so fast, and what are they going to do with it?"

"They have tables and grills underneath the tent," Stacy informed me. "There are people barbequing all kinds of meat and vegetables and they have all sorts of snacks under there. I've never had this much food at one of my parties before. People are going to get fat tonight."

"What's that for?" I asked pointing at the covered stage that was in the far back. It looked like it had a drum set and amplifiers set up.

"That's for the band," Stacy told me. "Emily hired them to play tonight and she says they're good."

"Do you know what the cages and shit are for downstairs?"

"No I don't. I'm still in the dark about a lot that's going on here tonight, and it's supposed to be my party."

Just then the door opened and Emily walked in followed by not just Ashley but also Casey and Tess. Casey was dressed all in a tight black shiny leather jumpsuit and had her hair tied back in a bun. I thought she was supposed to be a ninja or something like that. Tess looked like she was supposed to be some sort of superhero since she wore what looked like a black and silver leotard thing that was bare-legged and she had a small black mask across her eyes. She also had on small black and silver boots and I couldn't help but noticed that the back of her of her costume was a thong that kept nothing hidden and the word ASSY was spelled in silver across her chest. Boy she was Assy all right, can't say I'd ever heard of that superhero. Casey, Ashley and Tess all seemed very uncomfortable as they stood around while Emily seemed her usual arrogant self.

"Well Stacy, you getting to know my friend Crazy here better?" Emily asked as if she didn't know who I really was.

"Oh yeah," Stacy replied dutifully "I'm just showing her the backyard."

"Isn't it cool," Emily said rhetorically. "The stoners are going to love that fountain. What do you think Crazy?"

"It's pretty cool, I guess," I answered deepening my voice and acting like I don't care.

"Oh you're so hard to impress," Emily said acting like she was dismissing my reply and then turned to Stacy. "Well Stacy you'll be happy to know that our first group of guests has arrived including your two opponents for tonight."

She then pointed to Casey, "This is my friend Casey and I think you already know Tess don't you?"

"Of course," Stacy answered, "I was there on Thurday when all those pictures of her were plastered everywhere. I see you must've trimmed since then since I don't see any hair sticking out of the nether region of your costume. What the hell are you supposed to be anyway?"

"She's a character that a Mexican friend of mine came up with a few years ago," Emily answered for Tess. "She's The Flying Latina but she's called Assy for short. Bet you can't guess why? Anyway I was going to have the character made into a comic but I've always been too busy, I have to say she fits the costume perfectly. If all goes well she'll be the model for it, what an honor that'll be."

"This costume makes my ass look huge," Tess commented shamefully.

"Your ass is huge dear," Emily replied with a chuckle. "That's the point, that's where your powers come from. There's a whole story behind it about how you ate a radioactive taco by accident and it gave you superpowers, but I'll get into that later. Right now since people are showing up I thought I'd explain the game you three will be playing, and Ashley if you really don't want to hang out with Karen tonight then you can play too. I'll let you choose after I explain the rules."