Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 103

That was a big-ass omelet alright. It had everything in including lots of bacon and cheese. Good God my cholesterol level must be through the roof after eating all that. After that feast I was standing under a very warm double shower that felt really good, I'd never been in a double shower before but I'd also never been in a multimillion dollar house before either. If they ever really needed money they could easily turn this place into a four star hotel or a resort or something like that. It's awful that such bad people can own a place like this. Shit it was hard to wash my neck with this stupid collar on, I had gotten too used to not having it on in the few hours was allowed to not wear it. If I had my way though right then I'd never leave that shower.

"Get out of the shower babygirl," CJ demanded as she barged into the bathroom. "You've been in there for half an hour and we got shit to do."

"Don't you ever knock?" I asked.

"Why the fuck should I knock for this is my house?" she said matter of factly. "Plus it ain't like you're taking a shit or anything. That thing on the wall there is an air dryer; you can dry off without using a towel. I like to use that when I get myself off." She then turned off my shower and held the shower door for me and motioned me to get out. As I was drying off with the air dryer, which surprisingly didn't make a lot of noise, CJ revealed something to me that I found interesting.

"I guess last night at Emily's little comic con thing the power to the building got shut off."

"It did?" I responded in surprise. "Why'd it that happen?"

"That's the big mystery," CJ explained. "She paid the bill, all the breakers were on, and the power company had no answer. Needless to say she was pissed and intends to give the power company a lot of shit, and it happened just before Casey could play The Lady or The Loot. I guess it got so dark all those geeks started freaking out and began to panic. Luckily all those Star Wars nerds had their lightsaber things with them and they turned them on and led everyone out."

Oh my God, I wondered if Margaret's bunch had anything to do with that. It would be way too cool if they did. I had to bite my lip to keep from smiling about the whole thing, I could just imagine all those costumed people running around in the dark and tripping over each other.

"Somebody's going to get their asses whooped for that." CJ went on. "I know how much work Em puts into those stupid things and she doesn't like having her plans messed up anymore than I do."

"Is anyone going to sue her?" I asked as I turned around so the back of me could get dry.

"Not if they know what's good for them," she scoffed. "Most of the people there know us and know better then to try something like that, they know it'll never make it to court."

"I imagine not," I said knowing how the two of them work. "It's weird that happened though, I wish it had happened when I was there."

"It shouldn't have happened at all." CJ stated assuredly. "With that and you getting released yesterday before we could go to court it leads me to think that there's something more than bad luck behind it."

"What do you mean?" I asked wondering what she meant.

"Well with those two things and your dorky friends Lisa and Terry getting let out of jail that makes three things gone wrong in one day, and we never have fuckups in 3's unless there's someone behind it making it happen. I'm figuring one of our enemies is trying to play us and make us look bad, not sure who since we have so many but I'm sure that's what's happening." CJ then turned off the dryer, put her hand on my shoulder and looked me straight in the eyes. "I don't mean to scare you Amy but if this is true there's a really good possibility that they'll try to get to us through you somehow. They may try to snatch you from us and use you as leverage, or they may even try to contact you in some form and try to get you to turn on us in exchange for protection or some other types of promises since they see you as so vulnerable. We'll beef up security on you to make sure the first one doesn't happen, I know we had the signal in your collar strengthened just for that reason. And as for the second while it'll be tough for them to contact you just in case they do somehow let me just make something very clear to you, me and Em will never be taken down and no matter what they promise you you'll never get the chance to help anyone do it, you'll be stopped long before it can get to that point. That is clear isn't it?"

"Yes," I answered nervously as I looked away from her eyes.

Oh crap she was always so convincing when she talked like that. What if Margaret couldn't protect me like she said she could? I mean no one had been able to do anything to them so far, what made her so sure she could? Just because she could turn off some lights and get the police to let me go on a fake charge didn't mean she could actually stop them. Look at how far they'd gotten. Shit I suddenly didn't feel so good about all of this again.

"Not to worry though, babygirl," CJ said changing her tone, "the precautions we take with you make it almost impossible for someone to even talk to you without us knowing about it. Our main goal with you is keep you safe and make sure you're doing what you're supposed to which you have been. You're doing a great job Amy, people love you and Em and I are having more fun than we've ever had in our whole lives, you're going to be doing this for years to come and we don't expect to ever get bored."

"I still don't get why you're going to such great lengths to humiliate me in front of the whole world," I said timidly as the thought of doing this for years made me shiver for a second. "You've even said I've never done anything to you and yet you're making me do something that's not only defrauding a lot of people, but is also cruel. It's like you're getting revenge on me for not doing anything to you."

CJ just chuckled to herself and then said, "It's not about revenge baby, it's about perverting innocence. Sure we have plenty of people who we could make do what you're doing as a revenge but we've spent most of our lives getting revenge on people, it's long since lost it's luster for us, it's now really more of a business practice as much as anything. But to do this to someone who's totally innocent and would never even think of going against us is what makes it so exciting for us, and you've been the perfect choice. I remember in school there were a couple of girls who we even tried to get to mess up so we could use them and they would never take the bait because they knew about us and wanted to avoid what we do at all costs, it used to really bother us, that's when we came up with this idea. You have no idea how exhilarating it's been for us to watch you go through what you do, it's a feeling that you actually have to feel to know what I'm talking about, and what makes it feel so great is that you're so innocent and you didn't do anything to us. Your humiliation makes us feel so alive, there's no way we're ever letting you go. You're going to be naked and in front of the world, and the world is either going love you, lust after you, laugh at you, or hate you, and most of all they're all going to know who you are."

I could feel new tears begin to well up in my eyes but I fought them back as best I could so as not to encourage her anymore. Oh God I couldn't believe people like her actually existed and I was so unfortunate that they found me. How could God let these two keep getting away with what they do?

"Damn just talking about that gets me excited," CJ said as she shivered with excitement. "Too bad we don't have time to go on more about it. We have to get going; we have to stop and visit a fan of yours before we go and meet Em at the salon."

"We're visiting one of my fans?" I asked feeling leery of doing that. "Which one and what for?"

"You never did really take to not asking us questions did you?" CJ said seemingly as a jest. "Oh well I guess that's just human nature. Anyway the thing with the fan is for P.R. purposes and should go over well."

"What'll I be doing?"

"You'll see," she replied with a sly grin.

"What's going to happen at the salon?"

"We're going to get you ready for tonight," she excitedly. "What we have in mind is going to take a little work, like I said no one's going to recognize you unless they've really studied you. You'll find out when we're done what we mean. If you have to use the toilet now would be a good time since we're jetting."

"I'm fine," I said knowing that I used them before I took the shower.

"Cool. Let’s go say goodbye to Sally before we go. You did thank her for making your breakfast didn't you?"

"Of course I did, I told her several times."

"Good girl. She told me she thought you were cute, although she said she felt sorry for you and was glad that I never made her do that. Of course I couldn't since she's far from innocent."

"Lucky her," I said sarcastically.

We went down to the room we first entered when we arrived at the house and Sally greeted us in front of the door. “CJ," Sally began, "Monique is on the phone in the other room and would like to speak with you before you go."

"Oh she probably wants to fill me in on Stacy," CJ thought out loud. "I'll be right back." CJ then left the room leaving me with Sally. I couldn't help but look at what she was wearing and how little it was. It was so short her butt was clearly hanging out the back and the neckline was so low I didn't see how her nipples stayed covered – she must have used double-sided tape or something.

"Is that really all you have to wear?" I asked her.

"I have four of these and yes it's all I'm allowed," she replied looking me in the face for the first time. "When it's cold out I do my best to avoid going outside. I'm used to it though since I've been here for several years now, I've pretty much forgotten what it's like to dress like a normal girl. Much of the time, like when I'm doing my required workouts in the gym I don't even wear this since I sweat so much. It would be nice though to be able to put on a pair of pants once in awhile."

"That's awful that she makes you stay here like this," I said sympathetically.

"Oh it could be worse," she answered quickly. "I actually got off pretty easy compared to some. At least this place is nice and has everything and no one really gets to see me except for those Emily and CJ bring here. Yeah I have to have sex with CJ which can be less than fun and yeah I can't see my family very much but I do get to call them and they get to spend Christmas here. You're the one I feel sorry for, I've seen what they've made you do and I know that you were chosen and didn't actually do anything to them. You must really be suffering."

"It's no picnic," I replied. "I don't have sex with CJ though. She really makes you do that?"

"I had to eat her out before she went to bed last night," she stated matter of factly. "She doesn't use dildos on me anymore though and lately she's barely even here so it's not so bad. I do miss having sex with a man but I should be thankful that she doesn't make me sleep with anyone other than her though. Like I said all in all it could be worse and I've gotten used to it, I just have to believe that somewhere down the line all their bad karma will catch up to them and all of this will be over."

"Yeah no kidding, I can't believe they get away with what they do."

"That's what money and cunning ideas will do for you," she said with a sigh.

"I see you have a collar too. Does yours shock you?"

"Well it hasn't yet, but it does have a tracking device and a microphone in it so that I can't get away with anything."

"It has a microphone in it?" she said suddenly nervous. "Oh crap I didn't know that. I hope I didn't say anything stupid. Shit I probably did, Goddammit."

CJ suddenly came back into the room and had another big smile on her face. "Oh I think today is going to be a good day guys." CJ said seeming to be pleased. "You two getting acquainted?"

"Only if we're allowed to ma'am," Sally said respectfully.

"Oops you must've said something that you're worried will get you into trouble Sal since you just called me ma'am," CJ said with a laugh. "Amy must've mentioned the mic in her collar. Don't worry sugarlips you don't know enough to say anything wrong to her, but just for fun wash the SUV with your tits later to make up for it. We'll be taking my Mustang today so get the SUV good and clean."

CJ then made Sally give her a deep french kiss and pulled her skirt up over her waist revealing the g-string Sally had on underneath and then squeezed her butt. "You've been doing your ass exercises, good," CJ praised her after she pulled her lips away. "It gets firmer each time I squeeze it. Make sure you keep doing them. Anyway make sure things are taken care of here and I'll be back whenever I can; see ya pet."

With that CJ let Sally go and then led me outside and into a large outside garage which sat a cherry red convertible Mustang that looked fairly new. "Hop in Amy," she ordered me. "We'll keep the top up today since it's kinda chilly. And don't worry it's been fitted with a camera just like the SUV so that you can be broadcasted."

Like I was so worried about that.

Part 104a

"Are we going in the hospital?" I asked CJ as I was surprised we had parked in a garage across from a large medical facility.

"Hey we sure are," she replied praisingly. "It's a nice one too, and it ought to be considering how much we do for it."

"Is this where I'm supposed to meet a fan?" I asked remembering what she had said earlier.

"Well you certainly have a lot of fans here," she said as she opened her door to get out. "Many of the things we've given you were worked on here so you're well known in that building. We're going to have you get a checkup, you know to make sure you're in good health and that you can continue what you're doing."

"Don't you mean what you're making me do?"

"Whatever…" she said shaking her head, "It's just we plan to keep you like this for a long time and we need to make sure you stay healthy. Anyway you'll like the doctor. He's a nice guy, and he won't do anything intrusive like have you spread out in the stirrups. I'd like to see that myself but that's for your gyno exam next week. He'll just draw some blood and do some simple exams, probably ask you a lot of questions, oh and don't worry about what to say because he's in on everything so he knows what's going on."

Oh it was so good to know that they had a whole medical team at their disposal just to make sure I stayed healthy, and it was even nicer that this team knew all about what I was being made to do and were all right with it. Assholes!

"Are you going to get out or are you waiting for me to come open your door for you princess?" CJ asked me as she stood next to her door.

I made myself get out of the car and gingerly walked over next to CJ who quickly locked the doors behind us.

"We'll take the stairs down to the crosswalk," CJ told me as she then took my hand. "You'll have to watch where you step because sometimes there's glass here."

"Can't I have some shoes?" I asked as she began to lead me towards the stairs.

"Didn't bring any," she replied. "Sorry babygirl I should have brought you some sandals. Oh well."

A car drove by us just as we stepped out into the open, I tried not to look at it but couldn't help but see the confused look of the old lady in the passenger seat as it went by. I tried to hurry CJ towards the stairwell but she was stronger than me and had no trouble holding me back.

"Easy pookie," CJ said teasingly as she held tightly onto my hand. "There's no need to rush."

As we reached the stairwell I looked up and noticed that a level above us was a walkway that connected the garage to the hospital, I then looked down and saw all the cars and people out in front of the hospital and felt my heart begin to beat harder again.

"Why don't we go up and take the walkway?" I said pointing to the bridge above us. "It's kind of chilly out and it would be closer."

"Yeah but if we did that not as many people would see you," CJ pointed out to me. "I mean we're trying to promote a website and a cause here and to do that we need to get people to hear about you, and what better way then for them to see you out in action."

"This is a hospital," I replied thinking this didn't seem like the right audience, "these are all sick people, they're not going to be interested in me."

"Everybody's interested in what a naked girl is doing out in public," she answered back. "All we need them to do is ask to themselves 'Who's that and what's she doing?'"

I tried to plead with her a little more but as usual it did no good and before I knew it we were descending the stairs and about to go out next to the street. The sidewalk itself didn't have a lot of people on it, but on the other side of the street where the hospital was had quite a number of people going in and coming out of it as well as cars unloading people in front of it.

"Looks like the ER is jumping today," CJ observed as we waited at the crosswalk. "We'll have to go in through there."

Another car drove by in front of us as we waited for the light to change. I felt even more ridiculous by the fact that I had to stand there and hold her hand while we were waiting, like we were somehow friends or something. Great, someone across the street noticed us and was pointing us out. Shit this never stopped being embarrassing.

Once the light turned green CJ led me across the street and then through the people out front, many of who didn't say anything but just stopped and looked as if they couldn't believe what they were seeing. I didn't look but I could sure feel their eyes looking me all over, and Lord knows what they must've thought watching me being led around by a fully clothed woman, not that it would've been any less humiliating to have been by myself. Soon I was being led through the ER, where the waiting room was full of people of all ethnicities and ages who all at the least crinkled their brows at the sight of me, and then through a hallway and into an elevator. It took me a minute to remember to breathe once we were in there. God I hoped I hadn't caught anything going through there. At least I didn't hear any cameras or anything like that.

"Wow no one out there seemed to know who you were," CJ pondered to herself. "Usually at least one person recognizes you when we go somewhere, I guess we still have work to do huh pookie?"

It figured she would've noticed that, although she was right I didn't hear anyone say my name when we went through there, not that I wanted to. Of course now they'd never forget me though, and if they saw me again they might know it next time.

"Hit the button for the 4th floor," CJ ordered me. "That's where some of our best magic comes from."

Part 104b
The elevator door opened once we reached the fourth floor and I was glad to see that no one was there waiting to get on. When we stepped off into the hallway I noticed that this didn't seem like a floor that had patients on it. It was more a series of offices and research labs instead of private rooms.

"We have to go around the corner," CJ explained to me. "There's a reception desk there."

"What do they do here?" I asked her.

"Research and testing mostly," she replied as she led me down the hallway. "Some of it medical, in our case though they're making sure our products work well."

"Your products?"

"You know the skin cream and the vitamins and those things we've given you, this is where we tested to make sure it was safe for you to take them, and we're making a less strong form of them to market to the public."

"You're going to sell that stuff?" I asked suddenly feeling like a lab rat.

"Well surely merley," she answered. "Have you felt your skin? You don't think there are women and effeminate men that wouldn't pay money to feel like that? Not to mention being able to take vitamins that keep you from getting sick even if you're running around outside naked in the fall? You're damn straight we're going to sell this stuff. Like I said it won't be as potent as what we gave you but it'll make us a ton of cheddar."

We came around the corner and saw the reception desk in the middle of the hallway with a young blonde girl sitting behind it dressed in a business suit. She smiled at us as we approached her.  "Good afternoon Ms. Ford." the girl said to her with a large friendly smile on her face. "I see you've brought us a special guest today."

"I sure did," CJ said happily as she put her arm around me. "This is my Amy, and I'm so proud of her. I heard everyone here is excited to see her finally."

"We sure are," the girl happily confirmed. "I can tell you that we've been watching her development closely and we're all very proud of her too, our efforts here haven't gone to waste I see."

"She's been anything but a waste," CJ said as she looked me in the eyes and gave me a squeeze which made me want to get away from her. "I've never had more fun on a project in my life. Haven't we had fun Amy?"

I just glared at her and didn't answer.

"You should see her in the morning," CJ went on, "she still covers herself automatically when she wakes up because she forgets she's naked, it's so cute. She just gets cuter everyday and I just love it."

"She is prettier in person," the girl complimented. "She has such a sweet face. I bet it's really sweet looking when she blushes."

"It is," CJ agreed. "It doesn't take much to do that either, we just have to bring up how so many people have seen her without any clothes on and have taken so many pictures of her that right now someone is probably thinking about or looking at her body in some form. They're looking her all over and seeing everything and she can do nothing to hide."

"Oh my God she's starting to blush," the girl pointed out emphatically as I could feel myself turning red. "Boy she is sweet isn't she?"

God I hated how I reacted when people talked about me like that. My body kept betraying me and making things more embarrassing. God why couldn't I at least somehow get used to this so I could quit giving the goddesses such easy satisfaction? Fuck, I could feel my nipples getting hard too, great.

"She's going to stay sweet too if I can help it," CJ said as she made eye contact with me again. "That's why we're here actually, is Dr. Jacobs ready to see us?"

"He'll be ready in about ten minutes, he had a meeting this morning that went long but I know he's looking forward to meeting Amanda. In fact Gina and her assistant would like to meet her too, should I call them since there's a wait?"

"Sure," CJ permitted. "They worked hard on the cream they should see the results first hand."

The girl then picked up the phone and called someone as I turned and asked who Gina was.

"She's the one that made your batch of the skin cream," CJ told me. "She perfected the formula and worked really hard to make sure it would work for you, and she takes her work seriously."

I wished she didn't take her work so seriously, I'd probably be better off. I looked down at myself and saw all the smooth hairless skin that was a result of that cream and sighed to myself, this just wasn't me anymore and I found myself longing for pubic hair and skin that didn't have a such a gleam to it. God I'd become like a freak and I was about to meet one of the Dr. Frankensteins that made me this way. I will admit though that my skin was really soft and did feel good when it was rubbed, but I could live with it the way it was before just fine.

Just then two women in white lab coats came down the hallway almost running; one was a heavy set lady in glasses and curly long brown hair while the other was thinner and had short blonde hair.

"Is this her?" the heavier one said to CJ as she reached us.

"What gave her away?" CJ said jokingly as she referred to me being naked.

"Oh my dear you're beautiful," the lady then squealed and then embraced me in a tight hug. "I've been wanting to meet you for awhile now Amanda." She then began rubbing her hands on my back as I tried to pull away from her. "Oh my you feel wonderful, it's like baby skin except even softer. This probably the best any of our subjects skin has felt."

"You do good work doctor," CJ praised her.

"I'm having trouble breathing," I said gasping as I tried to pull away from this woman.

"Oh my I'm sorry," the lady said as she let go of the hug but kept her hand on my arm. "Boy you feel good everywhere. I'm just so proud of myself right now."

"Well just as a formality," CJ jumped back in "Amy this is Dr. Gina Rice. Gina this is Amy or Amanda as everyone else calls her."

"Hello Amanda it's so nice to meet you," Gina gushed as she moved her hand from my arm to my thigh. "Oh this feels good too. You must have trouble keeping your hands to yourself."

"I know I do," CJ admitted which made them all giggle. "Amy though really hasn't responded to it as much as we thought she might, she's barely touched herself through all of this."

"Well maybe she should have some more coffee then," Gina replied and then started laughing. "Just kidding honey. I see the hair remover worked on her; those are very healthy looking loins Amanda I see you take care of yourself. Her skin has kind of a rosy tint to it don't you think?"

"Some of that's from blushing," CJ explained "some of that though is from the vitamins. Sure works for her though doesn't it?"

"It does," Gina agreed. "You're going to make a killing on those vitamins. I'll tell you Amanda I'm really jealous of you, I wish I had a body like yours ‘cause if I did I'd be doing this too, and willingly. Oh, Amanda this is my assistant Linda." she said turning to the other lady in a lab coat. "Linda worked with me on the cream, go ahead and feel her skin Linda."

"Love to," Linda replied and immediately began rubbing my stomach. "Oh you're right she feels the best. Geeze I wish my pillow felt like this. We're going to have to make more of that stuff."

"Oh definitely," Gina agreed. "Without the hair remover though, I might actually want my pubes to grow back someday."

Jesus these ladies were psycho. They were supposed to be doctors but they were acting like teenagers who just got a new phone. It didn't help that their touching kept making me aroused, especially since I hated that they were touching me. I also hated that they were so proud of their work, and instead of it going to help mankind they did to help make my life a living humiliation. How did they live with themselves?

"Ms. Ford?" the receptionist butted in. "Dr. Jacobs is ready to see you two now. Just go on in when you're ready."

"Will do," CJ answered her and then turned to Gina and Linda. "I hope you two were pleased with how your hard work turned out?"

"Tickled pink," Gina said and then giggled. "We watch Amanda everyday and it makes us proud to be a part of what she's doing, what you're doing actually. You and Emily are way ahead of your time in my opinion, Amanda's a real find."

"Oh we're brilliant alright," CJ gloated. "Amy’s being a real trooper helps too, and I know she always will be for years to come, huh babygirl?"

"If I have to," I said not wanting to agree with her.

"You do," she replied smugly.

"Can we get some pictures with her later before you go?" Linda asked. "I know that may be unprofessional but seeing her in person..."

"Oh no problem," CJ cut her off kindly. "I'd want the same thing if I was you. Plus there's always room for more pictures of her, by the time we're done she should be the most photographed girl in history. Princess Di will have nothing on her."

I'd have nothing on me either if things stayed like this. God this was madness.

Part 104c

The receptionist led us down a narrow hall and to where another lady in a lab coat was waiting by a height and weight scale. "Oh here's the guest of honor," the lady in the lad coat blurted out upon seeing me. "I'm so glad you could make it today. I'm Dr. Jacobs assistant and I need you to step up on the scale real quick before the doctor sees you." She then turned to CJ and mentioned "I see you've really followed through on your plans."

"I usually do," CJ replied. "Let me tell you this was a plan I had every intention of doing, especially once we found her."

I stepped up on the scale and the assistant began measuring my weight. I was worried with all the heavy food I'd been eating that I had gained a lot of weight. Needless to say I was rather surprised to see that I might have actually dropped a couple of pounds.

"123," the assistant announced when she finished adjusting the scale. "I remember a time when that's all I weighed, that was several years and children ago. I'd say you look in good shape."

We then went through the routine of her checking my height, blood pressure, temperature, and pulse, all of which she proclaimed to be normal for a girl my age. Of course what wasn't normal was the fact that I couldn't wear clothes and had to be naked all the time. I wouldn't suppose anyone at this hospital was working on a cure for that; no they were probably trying to find a way to make it worse like they did with the body wash cream.

"Dr. Jacobs will be here in just a minute," the assistant told us just after leading us into an examination room. "Just have a seat up there on the exam table Amanda while you wait. Are you staying here CJ?"

"Of course," CJ answered as if that was a dumb question. "Anything that involves her I want to know about, especially since I'm paying the bill."

"I understand that," the assistant related. "It was nice to meet you Amanda; and keep up the good work; you make everyone here very proud."

"You can best believe she'll keep up the good work," CJ proclaimed. "She's got too many people counting on her. In fact she has a big party to go to tonight which we're expecting exciting things."

"I'm sure we'll all be watching," she assured her as she opened the door to step out. "Good luck."

After the lady left the room I sat down on the exam table, which had that paper stuff over it like they do, and then looked at CJ who was grinning at me with a wide smile.

"I can't believe you got all these people in this hospital to go along with your perversion," I said to her trying to be somewhat defiant.

"I can sell an air conditioner to an Eskimo if I want to," she replied smugly, the grin never leaving her face. "Doctors are all about opportunity and getting credit for something groundbreaking like Dr. Gina. Yeah there are some that are in it for a good cause, but you'd be surprised how easily it was to convince them that you're a good cause. They see the plan for you as something positive as opposed to something dirty because of all the positives that come out of it."

"There are no positives to this," I snapped at her. "It's all lies and deception. All the charity crap is just a cover so that you can get away with this."

"I guarantee that the people getting helped by the charities see it as positive," she replied still with that smug grin. "Plus another positive is that your brother has a good job and your dad isn't going to jail, but if you don't see that as positive just say the word and that can change."

God I hated her! Always attacking my weaknesses to put me in my place. Jesus I wished she had some weaknesses I could attack so that I could get out this somehow, but her weaknesses were well hidden or not enough to do anything.

"Afternoon ladies," A man who I presumed was the doctor spoke as he entered the room. "I'm Dr. Jacobs, Miss Johnson, it's a pleasure to meet you." He held out his hand for me to shake which I did. Crap he was rather good looking, I mean he was a little older and had grey mixed in with his dark hair, but even so he was quite handsome. Fuck now I was suddenly even more nervous.

"Have you been taking good care of her Crystal?" the doctor asked CJ. He's the first person I'd met that called her Crystal before.

"Of course I have Marcus," CJ answered with a raised eyebrow. "You don't think she looks healthy?"

"She looks very healthy from here actually," he replied as he looked me over. "What do you think Amanda? Would you say you feel healthy?"

"If by healthy you mean feeling ashamed and tortured," I answered not looking at either of them.

"That sounds like Crystal's MO," he said which made CJ laugh to herself. "Have you felt sick or faint or anything like that?"

"I nearly fainted at school a few days ago."

"You did? What happened?"

"I was just overwhelmed with all of this I think."

"That's understandable," he said nodding his head. "Going through something like this would definitely be overwhelming, any lifestyle change is."

He then came over to me and began a basic examination on me. He first took out the stethoscope and checked my breathing; of course the damn scope felt like it had just been taken out of the freezer. After that he did the 'open up and say awe" and checked my mouth and throat.

"That looks okay," he proclaimed. "Let’s check your back and shoulders." He then began touching and rubbing my back which instantly caused some new arousal in me. I didn’t usually get touched much anyway and certainly not by men, and the fact that I found him attractive didn't help. As he felt my shoulders I could feel my nipples hardening which I really didn't want to happen. Shit I hoped he didn't notice.

"I think she likes that doctor," CJ said teasingly with that grin still on her face. "All the pent up sexual frustration must be coming alive according to her titties."

"That's just a natural body reaction," he replied in a professional tone.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about."

Easy for him to say. To my horror he next reached around and began feeling under my breasts which made me instantly sit up straighter as the blood rushed over me from his touch.

"Just checking for lumps," he reassured me. "I don't feel any."

"Really there's two of them there right on her chest," CJ said referring to my breasts and then began laughing loudly at her own joke.

He then pulled his hands away and then moved them up to my face where he checked my eyes.

"So far so good," he said out loud and then pulled out the reflex hammer. "Let’s make sure your knees work."

He then checked my reflexes several times which made me even more aroused because he had me open my legs a bit to do it. Dammit I could feel myself wettening down there, shit this was so embarrassing.

"All that seems to check out," he said as he put his hammer away and then took out a notepad. "Now I have some questions, and Crystal feel free to answer any that she might not be able to and please be honest."

"I'm always honest with you Marcus, that's why you're the only one that gets away with calling me Crystal."

"Good," he said with a chuckle. "First, how long ago did you use the stuff for your skin?"

"Um... last week sometime," I answered not totally remembering what day it was.

"It was a week ago yesterday," CJ jumped in. "It was in a body wash that she showered with. She used some more the next night too."

"Any irritations or blemishes or anything from it?"

"My body hair went away," I answered coldly.

"Other than that?" He asked again.

"No." I answered. "My skin is just really really soft and everyone likes feeling me."

"How long have you been taking the vitamins?"

"Since the first day I met them."

"Which was?"

"A week ago Thursday," CJ answered for me.

"Have they made you sick at all?"

"No," I answered him again. "I thought that was the point, they were supposed to keep me from getting sick."

"Just checking for side effects," he said as he wrote something down. "Have you noticed any side effects?"

"I think they make me hungry."

"Okay…" he said nodding and them wrote something else down. "I believe that's part of what they do. Have you been eating well then?"

"Yes!" both CJ and I said together.

"She eats like a fat woman," CJ told him.

"Any problem going to the bathroom?"

"Only when I'm being watched," I answered and then gave CJ a dirty look.

"She goes just fine," CJ told him but kept smiling at me.

"Do you find yourself aroused a lot of the time?"

Oh God I didn't want to answer that, especially since I was aroused right then.

"She's easily turned on," CJ explained to him. "She keeps saying she hates this but her body always says otherwise. Her headlights look like they're beaming a bit right now."

"Do you find you get aroused more when you're embarrassed or when you're calm?"

"Umm... when I'm umm... It's been awhile since I've been calm so..." I stammered not wanting to give a full answer.

"Is it painful at all?" he asked as he kept writing things down.

"It's embarrassing!" I replied without hesitation. "It's emotionally painful."

This made CJ start laughing and made me want to hide some more.

"Do you get chances to masturbate?"

Oh Jesus what a question. What does that have to do with anything?

"We give her all kinds of chances," CJ jumped in. "She's barely touched herself though."

"Are you shy Amanda?"

"Yes," I said weakly.

"Of course she's shy, that's why we picked her," CJ informed him.

"Well I was just thinking it could have to do with all the cameras you have on her all the time. If she's shy she could hold out."

"Oh I'm sure that's what it is," CJ agreed. "I know I couldn't go that long if I was as horny as she's been. She did go at it yesterday in a park bathroom, but that's because Em gave her some coffee. It makes her super turned on and she basically had to."

"Oh well don't give her too much of that," Dr. Jacobs said with a frown. "I've heard from the lab that that isn't good for her blood pressure if she drinks that. It doesn't mix well or something."

"Well she was being punished for disobeying orders."

"What orders were those?"

"Drinking coffee. She was told that's off limits."

"Okay," he said rolling his eyes. "Well while I recommend you don't drink any more coffee. I also recommend that you masturbate more regularly."

"Really?" CJ said as she raised her eyebrow again.

"Yeah really," he repeated. "All that pent up arousal isn't good for her nervous system and should be released from time to time. I'm not saying every day but at least a few times a week."

Oh God I hoped that was a joke. I mean it's not like I hadn't touched myself before all of this but with cameras on me all the time I didn't want to give more of a show than  I was  already forced to give.

"Well we've wanted her to go at her own pace with that," CJ began to explain, "we thought it would be awesome when she started doing it on her own free will because it got to her, we felt it would be better that way for both her and how it would come off. You know forcing someone to diddle themselves looks just that, forced. We want it to be hot."

"Well maybe for the sake of her good health you can turn the camera off for a few minutes and let her take care of herself. I do think it would be helpful in the long run."

"Hey you're the doctor," CJ told him and then gave me a shit-eating grin. "It would be good for her to love herself a little; being so horny must drive her crazy sometimes."

No what was driving me crazy was being forced to run around naked all over the place. I mean God they never let up, I couldn't even take a break anymore from being naked.

"Now I need to bring up the herb she took," the doctor began again. "How's that working?"

"Very well," CJ said sounding pleased. "It was just a few days when it began to take effect."

"How long can she wear something before it becomes uncomfortable?"

"It depends on how heavy it is," she explained. "If it's light enough maybe a couple of hours. Although tonight the costume she'll be wearing is made special so that it breathes better and she can wear it longer, but even that will only be for a few extra hours if that."

"What's her costume?" he asked.

Yeah I wanted to know that too.

"It's a surprise," CJ told him. "It's one I like though."

"Where again did you find the guy who made that formula she took?" he asked referring to the herb.

"We found him years ago. He grows our dope for us too, he's a chemistry genius."

"I've studied that stuff he made myself and I still don't get why it works," he said sounding amazed. "It's mind boggling."

"He's as much to thank for Amanda's success as we are," she gushed. "The batch he made for her was worth every cent."

"Well now we come to another area," the doctor proclaimed. "Crystal can you tell me how much she knows about your conditioning program you've had her on?"

Conditioning program?

Part 104d

"She knows that we like to get her aroused when she gets embarrassed, which is quite often," CJ replied to his question. "We keep her in the dark about a lot of things until it's time to happen so she can't prepare herself mentally."

"Well I figured that much," the doctor said seeming to know CJ's motives. "I'm asking about the other things."

"What other things?" I interrupted. "Are there more things they're doing to me then what's been mentioned?"

"We've always got shit going on babygirl," CJ said to me calmly before turning back to the doctor. "To answer your question, no, she doesn't know about certain things and I don't see why she needs to."

"Well are you still doing the nighttime regimen?" the doctor asked.

"We stopped that a couple of days ago because it seems to have taken full effect," CJ answered without saying what it was. "Her answers to questions have been good, she's sticking up for herself more and defending what she's doing yet she's still shy, and you should have heard her prayer she gave yesterday during the picnic which got the crowd in a spiritual mood. Of course she's also following orders well and yesterday was able to talk one of her knew friends into stripping and posing with her which was a nice bonus."

"Any side effects?" the doctor asked some more.

"She sucks her thumb when she sleeps sometimes," CJ told him with the grin returning to her face.

"She does," the doctor said surprised.

"Yeah, we were surprised to see that but it's gone over really well and she does look really sweet when she does that."

"It must have to do with self comfort since she's doing it in her sleep," the doctor thought out loud. "Probably from the stress you guys have put her under. Anything else?"

"Well as you can see she's gotten cuter and the little fatty parts of her are smoothing out. Of course we believe that's due to the herb and the vitamins as well as the exercise she's getting."

"There does seem to be a slowing in the aging process due to those things being mixed together," the doctor proclaimed. "It's interesting how these things have come along. I'd like to get a blood sample from her before you leave and do some checking to see how exactly this is happening."

"If you feel that's necessary," CJ said shrugging.

"What the hell are you guys talking about?" I jumped in not liking how they were discussing me. "What is she doing to me at night? What do you mean the aging process has slowed? And for God's sakes why are letting them do this to me? It's like you're all mad scientists or something."

"I think you should tell her about this," the doctor suggested to CJ. "If she's already conditioned her knowing shouldn't affect anything and I think you have her under enough stress as it is."

"You think so?" CJ replied uncertain.

"Yes I do," he answered.

"Yes tell me for God's sake!" I insisted.

"Well," CJ began "it began that first night when we came to your house and showed you the DVD’s and pictures we had of you. When you went to sleep we began playing a subliminal program through the camera we had on you that would condition you to keep being embarrassed whenever you were out in front of others as well make you more submissive to us, not to mention to help you be believable when anyone questioned you about our plan. Didn't you think it was strange at how well you answered peoples’ questions and remarks when they pushed them on you?"

Yeah as a matter of fact I did. Goddammit why didn't I think of that?

"We also had some subliminal stuff in those Dave Matthews CD's we gave you." CJ went on. "We noticed you played them a lot at night when you went to sleep which was just perfect because it enforced them even more. The thumbsucking thing must've been a side effect of these since it was so overwhelming to you, what a pleasant surprise that was. It's all part of the plan pookie, we'll use whatever means necessary to get what we want out of you."

I just sat there as the numbness from what she just told me crept over my body. Oh my God this was just insane and I couldn't believe the levels this had gotten to. Subliminal messages, conditioning, crazy herbs and vitamins, a website, and a plan to make people think I was doing this for God. If this was a fictional story no one would believe it because it was too far out there, yet I was living it.

"As for why I'm letting them do this," the doctor jumped in, "while I don't agree with making someone do something like this against their will I have no means to stop them, and if I tried I know what would happen since I've known these girls since they were small children. I feel the best thing I can do for you is to make sure they're taking care of you and that you remain healthy and functioning. In fact I'm going to prescribe some mild sedatives for you to take a couple of times a day to help lower your stress a bit since I don't  think it's good for you to be so nervous all the time."

"Doc we want her to be nervous," CJ told him emphatically.

"She will be but it'll be more manageable," he explained. "You don't want her having an anxiety attack and passing out like she did at school the other day. That's not good for her."

"Fair enough," CJ gave in. "I imagine that's not good for her, just don't make them too strong because we want her alert."

"That won't be a problem," he replied confidently. "Other than that from what I've seen she seems in good health if not the best of spirits, her vitals are good, her eyesight and breathing are normal, her heart rate is good for someone in her situation, and she seems to be eating and sleeping well. Have her come back in a couple of weeks and we'll check her out again. I'll have my assistant come in and draw some blood from her and I'll make sure and write you out a prescription for the sedatives before you go." He then turned to me.

"I know what you must think of me Amanda but I assure you that I care about your well being and want to make sure that you live a long and healthy life, I do recommend that you keep doing what you're told though since I know what Crystal here is capable of."

"Yeah well fuck you very much doctor," I told him angrily as I sat there and flipped him the bird.

"Amy!" CJ yelled still with that grin on her face. "I guess the conditioning is still working.

"It's okay," the doctor told her. "I don't blame her one bit."

After his assistant drew some blood from me, which I hated since I can't stand the sight of my own blood, we got the prescription and went back out in the lobby area where more people with lab coats were waiting to meet me. CJ had me shake hands with all of them and pose for pictures. They each introduced themselves but I didn't listen since I wasn't happy to be meeting any of them, as far as I was concerned they were just as bad as the goddesses and could rot in hell. I was glad to be leaving but when we got into the elevator CJ hit a button for a higher floor which caught me off guard.

"Why are we going up for?" I asked her.

"Remember you're supposed to be meeting a fan of yours," she reminded me. "He's waiting upstairs. I think this is something that just may give you different feelings about what you're doing."

Part 105a

"This fan I'm meeting doesn't have some contagious disease or anything like that?" I asked CJ just as she was about to pull me out of the elevator and into the hallway.

"Oh God no," she replied emphatically. "Like we want you to catch some disease. There might come a time when we have you pretend to be sick to draw public sympathy but this won't be that time."

As we walked down the hallway we passed a bunch of patients rooms, many of whom looked rather ill or incapacitated and if I had my wish I'd trade places with just about any of them as long as they weren't dying, although I knew  it was wrong to wish that. After getting an exam and meeting all those crazy doctors downstairs I now felt like a science experiment, a naked science experiment, and not so much a normal human being. According to the doctor I'd been subliminally mind-fucked for the last week or so not to mention I was basically being preserved somehow so that my aging would slow down as well as my problem areas on my body getting smoothed out from the inside. I was learning things without being taught and getting cosmetic surgery without going under a knife; if they actually marketed this shit women were going to pay whatever it took to get it. The people who bought it though would at least be able to continue wearing clothes, unlike me who had been made into a chemically enhanced nudist.
"Hello Ms. Ford," a passing nurse said to CJ.

"Hellooo," CJ replied.

The nurse smiled at me but didn't say anything, nor look me over which was a nice change. She probably saw naked bodies all the time anyway.

"I see you're well known all over this place, Crystal," I said to her in a sarcastic tone.

"Hey it's CJ to you little girl," CJ told me as she shot me a dirty look.

"Call me that again and it'll be your mom licking me out next time."

I guessed I should quit pushing things, although her reminding me of what she had my dad do with her made me want to rip her face off again. We walked down a little further until we came to another reception desk with a lady with glasses sitting behind it.

"Ms. Ford," the lady said recognizing CJ instantly, "I heard you were here. Did you come to see the patient you mentioned?"

"Yes is he awake?" CJ asked.

"I believe he is and his mother is with him now," the receptionist answered.

"I believe she'd like to see you two before you go in. Will that be okay?"

"Surely merley," CJ responded. "By the way this is Amy Johnson, I know last time you mentioned you had joined her little club."

"Oh yes. I love the site Miss Johnson; it's a pleasure to see you in person."

"Thanks," I said politely even though I wasn't flattered.

"I see your products work really well Ms. Ford," the receptionist mentioned as she got up.

"Best that money can buy," CJ smirked.

"Follow me and I'll get the mother for you."

We followed the lady down the hall a bit, on the way one of the patients was walking out of his room and nearly fell over when he saw me.

"Careful Mr. Wilkes," the receptionist said to him as we went on past.

Crap I hoped he wasn’t there for heart problems. After passing a few more rooms we stopped at one of them which had its door closed and the receptionist told us to wait and she'd bring out the person's mother to talk to us.

"Who are we here to see?" I asked after the lady went in the room. "Is someone dying or something in there?"

"Well he's not dying no," CJ said shaking her head. "Here's the lowdown, in there is a sixteen year old boy who's a member to your site and very big fan. The other day he heard you were in Portland for the Blazer game so he and one of his buddy's decided to go look for you and they actually got to see you walking down the street towards the Garden."

"How do you know this?" I asked her.

"I'll get to that, quit interrupting me. Anyway the idiot who was driving wanted to turn back around so they could pass you again and he didn't look before he made the U-turn and he smashed into a bus that was going by. Lance, the kid in the room, had his legs crushed in the accident and they're not sure if he'll walk again."

"Well that's terrrible!" I nearly shouted. "Good God I hope you're planning on paying his bill."

"Yeah maybe," CJ said shrugging her shoulders.

"Maybe!" I said in disgust. "If you hadn't been making me do this shit he never would've been out there looking for me and he wouldn't be here now."

"Oh you don't know that," she said calmly. "It might be in Fate's plan for that to have happened to him and would've taken place eventually."

"You're sick."

"Well hey we're here to cheer him up aren't we? I mean we got an email from his mom Thursday night mentioning this to us and here we are now. Em and I care more than you think we do."

"There must be some angle." I accused her.

"Oh Amy, you really don't know us as well as you think you do."

Just then the receptionist walked back out followed by a middle aged woman who looked really tired. Her eyes immediately fixated on me and she didn't look pleased. I could feel my stomach suddenly sink from shame and guilt, Lord knew what she must have thought of me.

"Ms. Ford," the receptionist began, "this is Mrs. Carter, Lance's mom. Mrs. Carter this is CJ Ford who's Amanda Johnson's escort and a member of our board here at the hospital. If you'll excuse me I have to get back to my desk."

"You're on the board?" Mrs. Carter asked turning her attention to CJ. "You don't look very old."

"I'm not very old," CJ replied. "But when you make yearly six figure donations to a place they tend to give you positions of authority. Now were you aware that we would be coming?"

"Yes I was told earlier that she might be coming," Mrs. Carter answered and then looked back at me with her cold look. "I guess it's the least you can do since my son got injured because he and his friend were looking at you and not paying attention to what they were doing."

"I'm very sorry about your son's accident," I told her timidly as I felt my nerves begin to kick into overdrive. It was bad enough that I felt bad about the accident and have to face this lady, but the fact that I had to face her naked just made it so much more painful. "I feel really bad that it happened while he was looking for me."

"Imagine how I felt when I found out what he was doing," Mrs. Carter said in a cold tone. "They had told me they were just going out to rent a video game. When I found out where it happened I was confused, and then I go up into his room and look around and I find dozens of printed out pictures of you scattered all over his room, all of which had you wearing exactly what you're wearing now, nothing. When I asked him about it he says that he's in love with you and had used his father's credit card to join your little website thing. Apparently you're quite popular with all the boys at his school and he's been giving out your pictures to everyone."

Great, just great.

"We can't control what our members do with their lives ma'am," CJ jumped in. "It's unfortunate this happened but it's not Amanda's fault."

"Well what did you think might happen?" Mrs. Carter asked raising her voice and not taking her eyes off of me. "You're running around naked and putting pictures of yourself on the web and you don't think impressionable young boys are going to act out somehow? And don't start on that religion junk you preach on there, I don't believe for a second you're doing this for any other reason than to show yourself off and titillate young men. You're probably making a fortune off of it."

"She's not making any money," CJ jumped in again. "All the profits go to charity, and just for the record you don't have to believe in what she's doing but I assure you it's true. In fact she just asked me as a personal favor for the hospital to pick up the bill for your son's care and because I believe her and believe in her I'm going to grant that."

Oh thank God. Maybe CJ did have a heart.

"You can do that?" Mrs. Carter asked sounding disbelieving.

"I'm on the board," CJ mentioned. "I can do anything. Amanda's here to help, she cares about her members and everybody for that matter. It was her idea to come here to see Lance. I hope you won't have any objections to that?"

"If it were completely up to me she wouldn't come anywhere near him," Mrs. Carter said in her cold tone. "But he wants to see her and right now my top concern is making me son feel better, and if seeing this tramp is what will do it then I'll let her in, but don't think for a second that just because she talked you into paying our bill that this changes how I feel about her."

"That's okay ma'am," I found myself saying to the lady. "You don't have to like me, or believe me, I'd just like to help if I can."

"Very well," Mrs. Carter agreed. "Give me a minute to tell him you're here and then you can come in. I wouldn't suppose I could get you to put something on could I?"

"She can't," CJ told her. "She promised God."

"Oh brother," Mrs. Carter scoffed as she opened the door to her son's room. "I don't know what's happening to the world today."

Part 105b

"Let's go on in Amy," CJ suggested and then opened the door for me to enter. "Just be positive and do your best to try and cheer him up. No one's expecting you to perform a miracle or anything."

I'd have been happy if the guy's mom decided not to hate me, although I couldn't blame her since I'd feel the same way if I was in her spot. She must have thought I was a huge slut who nearly got her boy killed, even though technically I didn't do anything. I stepped into the room and was greeted by the sounds of 'beeps' and 'hums' from the hospital equipment, plus the room had that hospital smell of over-sanitation.

"Here she is," Mrs. Carter said to her son who was lying in a hospital bed. "Remember you promised not to get too excited."

Lance looked over at me and his eyes instantly lit up at the sight of my nudity. This was in contrast to the glum look of his body that was hooked up to tubes and mostly hidden under several blankets, his legs sat motionless under the covers which gave me a shiver of guilt. He also had a large bandage on his forehead that covered a nasty looking scratch and he had a couple of smaller scrapes on his face, needless to say he looked like he'd been pretty roughed up.

"Wow you did come," he said to me in happy yet weak and raspy voice. "Oh my God you're beautiful."

"Thank you Lance," I said smiling at him with as big of a smile as I could muster. "I just wanted to make sure I came by to see that you were okay. I heard you were in a bad crash."

I was surprised at how warm and calm I sounded considering I felt like I was on the verge of getting sick, must be the conditioning. Damn bitches. I moved up next to his bed and made myself look at him right in the eyes, which seemed like they couldn't believe what they were seeing.

"I can't believe you came here naked," he said bewildered. "They just let you walk in like that?"

"No one stopped me," I replied making sure my smile stayed put. "I go everywhere like this, you should know it's my calling."

"I know that's what your website says," he said as his eyes continually shot up and down my chest. "You're carrying the burden of shame so that others will look at their own."

"That's what it says alright," I agreed trying not to grid my teeth. "What I'm really trying to do is to get people to do the right thing, and not just what's right for them."

"And running around naked everywhere is somehow telling people to do that?" Mrs. Carter asked in a skeptical tone.

"Oh mother!" Lance scolded her. "You're so missing the point."

"Well Lance," I jumped in feeling a need to defend his mother to him "I'm a little worried that you may have missed the point yourself."

Lance's eyes suddenly stopped running over my body and went from a look of excitement to a look of puzzlement.

"I heard that when you got into your accident you were out looking for me because you heard that I might be around the Rose Garden that night; is that correct?"

"Yes it is," he answered still looking puzzled. "We even saw you walking and honked at you. You had such a crowd around you though that we couldn't get a picture so we went to turn around but there was a lot of traffic and my friend who was driving got impatient and tried to do a quick U-turn but he didn't see the bus. What's really messed up was that he managed to swerve around so that my side got hit instead of his."

"We plan to sue his parents for liable," Mrs. Carter added. "He sacrificed my boy to save himself, he might just end up in jail too."

"That's not very cool of him to do that," CJ jumped in from behind us. "I can recommend a good lawyer for that."

"Well let’s get back to Lance," I interjected. "While it's certainly upsetting what his friend did I think there's something he needs to learn himself from all of this."

"What do you mean?" Lance asked as he seemed to have no idea where I was going with this. I wasn’t sure myself either to be honest.

"Well I want to see if you can figure it out, let me ask you some questions," I said as I placed my hand on top of his and began stroking it. "When you and your friend went out to look for me did you tell your mom that was what you were doing?"

"Well, no," he said with a regretful look.

"What did you tell her?" I asked.

"That we were going to go to rent a video game."

"Oh. Why did you do that?"

"Because she wouldn't want me out driving around looking for a naked girl."

"Yeah I imagine most mothers wouldn't. Are you a member of my website?"

"Yeah I am," he answered as a proud smile grew across his face.&

"You are? Did you pay for it yourself?"

"What do you mean?"

"Just what I asked. How did you get access?"

"Credit card."

"And it was your credit card right?"

"Oh, no it was my dad's."

"Your dad's? You had his permission then?"

"Well no I didn't."

"Oh. How did you get your dad's card then?"

He began to look really embarrassed and I don't think he wanted to answer me but I wouldn't let him break eye contact and when he tried I squeezed his hand tighter. "Lance how did you get your dad's card?" I repeated my question.

"I stole it from his wallet when he was changing and put it back when he didn't notice." He could barely look at me when he said this.

"And you used to gain membership to my site?"

"Yes I did," he said sounding ashamed.

"Even though there are tons of free things on there?"


"You know that not only did you commit theft when you stole your dad's card but when you used it you committed fraud, that's a federal offense, and could've gotten into a huge amount of trouble?"

"It is?"

"Oh yes. So basically you're telling me that you love me and that you're into what I'm doing yet you stole from your dad, lied to your mom, and committed a federal crime. You told me my calling is to point out to people the shame in their lives yet but you didn't notice yours. Don't get me wrong I think you're a cool guy and I'm so glad that you didn't end up worse, but like I said earlier I'm about doing the right things and I think you missed that part of my message."

"I think I did too," he said weakly as his eyes began to tear up. "Oh God I'm so sorry mom."

"I know you are honey," Mrs. Carter replied kindly as she reached over and squeezed his other hand. "I'm really thankful that you're still alive and are going to be okay."

"And what's really important," I jumped back in since I felt on a roll "is that you know what you did wrong and have asked for forgiveness. I certainly forgive you, I'm sure your family forgives you, and I believe God forgives you as well. It's really important too is that you got the chance to learn this and didn't get killed first. Now are you going to promise me that you're going to do what you're parents tell you and work really hard to recover from this?"

"If I do will you come and visit me?"

I glanced at CJ who nodded her head at me.

"Well you should promise it anyway but yes I'll come visit you again."

"She's going to pick up the bill for your stay here too Lance," Mrs. Carter told him with what was easily the most pleasant look she'd had since I'd met her. "You should thank her for that."

"Really? Wow thank you," he told me gratefully. "Damn you're even cooler than I imagined. I just knew when I came across you on the web that you were different and not some porn girl."

"Well you can show your appreciation by getting better," I told him and squeezed his hand again. "How are your legs anyway? Are you in pain?"

"The doctor gave me a shot of something not long before you got here," Lance informed me. "I can't say I feel any pain right now. The doc says that my legs are pretty smashed up though."

"He believes there's a great deal of nerve damage," Mrs. Carter explained. "He told us with time and physical therapy there might be a chance he could walk normally again, but he said it would be difficult."

"Is there any feeling in them?" CJ asked as she walked over to us.

"Not since I woke up here a couple of days ago," Lance answered. "I can't move them either."

"That sucks," I thought out loud. "I'm sorry this happened to you Lance."

"It's not your fault," he said to me kindly. "I do think it's awesome of you to come here and see me though. Can we get a picture of the both of us?"

"Of course she will," CJ answered for me. "She can even sit on the bed with you. Oh if that's all right with you ma'am?"

Mrs. Carter didn't look thrilled with the idea but when Lance pleaded with her she gave the okay. Even though I felt really weird and awkward about doing this I made myself crawl up on the bed and lie next to Lance making sure I didn't hurt him or make him uncomfortable, basically snuggling next to him. I couldn't help but notice his eyes going all the way down my body and then back up again.

"I've had dreams we did this," Lance said out loud. "Except it wasn't in a hospital."

CJ had pulled a digital camera out of her purse and focused it on us. She was about to take a shot but then stopped.

"Why don't you put your hand on his leg?" She said to me as she lowered the camera. "And he can put his hand on yours. I think it'll look more intimate."

"What?" I said to her wondering what the hell she meant.

"Trust me," she said.

We did as she asked and I placed my free hand on one of his legs, which made me feel kind of weird since it was all smashed.

"Do you feel that?" I asked him.

"No," he said matter of factly. "I like that you're touching it though."

"Lance," his mother said sternly, "be a gentleman."

"Okay smile," CJ told us and then took some shots.

It was after she took the third shot that Lance's leg suddenly moved under my hand.

"What the..." I said loudly as I pulled my hand away.

"Oh my God I can feel that!" Lance shouted as his hand went from my leg to his. "I can feel it! It's like a burning sensation and it's moving down the rest of my leg."

Part 105c

"What do you mean you can feel something burning down your leg?" Mrs. Carter shouted in stunned disbelief.

"I mean I can feel something down there mom!" Lance shouted back at her as he couldn't believe what was happening either.

"My God Lance are you okay?" I asked hurriedly as I moved away from him and slid off the bed.

"It's weird but I can feel the burning in both legs," he informed us, his voice a mix of terror and excitement.

"What the hell did you do Amy?" CJ asked me as she lowered her camera and came over to me.

"I just touched his leg like you asked me to," I told her through my panic.

"You need to be gentle when you do that."

"I was gentle CJ. I barely touched him," Oh please God don't let me have made it worse for the poor kid.

"Lance honey does it hurt?" his mother asked him.

"Sort of," he replied "but it's not overwhelming. It's like it's been awakened or brought back to life. I can feel it all the way down to my toes."

"I'd better get the doctor," Mrs. Carter said out loud and then ran past us and out the door. I think she could've hit a button or something but maybe she didn't want to wait.

"Did you just start feeling this?" CJ asked Lance.

"Yes," he answered nodding his head. "I began feeling it a few seconds after Amanda put her hand on my leg."

"Oh God I'm soo sorry Lance," I said apologetically. "I thought you couldn't feel anything or else I wouldn't have touched your leg."

"I told her to do it Lance," CJ stepped in, "you can blame me if you want to."

"I don't blame anyone," he proclaimed excitedly. "This is the first time in days that I've felt anything in my legs. I'm happy they feel anything."

This was too weird. Why the hell did his legs suddenly have feeling in them when five minutes ago they felt nothing? How could just placing my hand softly on one of them have brought feeling back to them? I mean it felt pretty damaged. None of this was making any sense, you'd think I'd be used to that by now but this was a whole new level of weirdness.

"Wait a minute let me get this straight," CJ began to ponder, "your legs didn't feel anything until Amy here touched one of them?"

"It was a few seconds after but that's when I first felt something," he replied as his face began to grimace a little from the new feelings in his legs.

"And you have feeling in both legs?" she asked.

"Yes, and it's getting stronger," he replied as sweat began to bead on his forehead. "It's like she brought them to life."

"Really?" CJ said as a sly grin grew on her face. "Oh my!"

Oh Jesus she couldn't seriously believe that my touching his leg somehow caused them to suddenly feel? Oh wait a minute, this was too perfect, this was a plan, it had to be. She was trying to make me look like a healer somehow. But how? If it wasn't for the look of emotion and anguish on Lance's face I might've thought he was a plant, but that look was too real. Maybe I could test it.

"Can I touch your leg again to see if you can feel it?" I asked him.

"Oh you can touch me all you want," he replied with a smile through his heavy breathing. "You've done nothing but help so far."

I reached over and gently grazed my hand over the same leg I had touched before and I felt it jump when I did so.

"Ah crap!" I yelled as I jumped back. "Did you feel that?"

"Oh yes I did! Wow now it burns even more."

"Oh God I'm sorry," I told him.

"No, it's... it's even better," he stammered. "It's incredible."

Okay I didn't think he was pretending. Let’s just make sure…

"Whoa," he said loudly as I touched his foot when he wasn't looking "I felt that too, and that was my foot."

"Well praise God!" CJ shouted gleefully. "It's possible a miracle just happened."

That had to be impossible, all of this was a joke. God it had to be.

The door suddenly burst open and Mrs. Carter charged in followed by a doctor and a couple of nurses.

"Mom it's still burning," Lance informed her as he attempted to sit up in his bed. "I can even feel my feet."

"Tell it to the doctor dear," Mrs. Carter told him as she moved next to his bedside.

"What exactly happened?" the doctor asked all of us.

"The young lady here," Mrs. Carter then pointed to me, "was sitting next to him in his bed so that they could get a picture together..."

"Who are you ma'am and where are your clothes?" the doctor stopped her and asked me.

"She's with me," CJ answered before I could. "We're here paying a visit to our sick friend, and to answer your other question she doesn't wear clothes."

"Oh Ms. Ford," the doctor said in recognition. "I didn't see you there. Okay you two were lying together and then what?"

"Then she put her hand on my leg there," Lance went on "and after a few seconds I began to feel this, this burning sensation."

"In your leg?" the doctor asked.

"Yes," Lance replied. "It was like it was sparked or something because the feeling then began to spread down my leg and after a minute it spread to my other one."

"That shouldn't be," the doctor said shaking his head. "The x-rays showed you had significant nerve damage in your lower spine and shouldn't feel anything down there, at least right away."

"I didn't until she touched me," Lance informed him and then smiled back at me.

"How did you touch him?" the doctor asked me.

"I placed my palm on his leg and that's it," I told him.

"That doesn't make any sense," he said still shaking his head. "How far down your legs does the feeling go Lance?"

"All the way to my feet. I can even feel my toes."

"Can you move one of them?" The doctor asked.

"I can try."

We watched as Lance's face grimaced even more as he attempted to move one of his toes. His face changed to joy when one of them slowly moved from under the blanket.

"Holy shit!" Lance shouted as his mom gasped with joy.

I nearly fell on my butt from shock, this was just too weird, there had to be something up. I looked over at CJ who was having trouble suppressing her urge to do something like jump up and down. The fact that she looked so happy made me really suspicious.

"Ms. Ford I hope I'm not being rude but I'll have to ask you and your friend here to please step outside while I take a closer look at these," the doctor informed us.

"Oh no problem," CJ replied. "We certainly don't want to get in the way. We do have an appointment we need to get to soon but please keep in touch on his condition will you doc?"

"You're not leaving without saying goodbye are you?" Lance asked us mournfully. "I mean you are going to come and see me again aren't you? You said you would."

"Of course she is," CJ eased his mind. "She keeps her promises."

"Make sure you keep yours too,” I said to him as I held his hand again. "Listen to your mother and do the right things, and I so hope this is a good sign and means you're going to get better."

"Me too," he said gratefully. "Thank you so much for coming."

"You're welcome," I said to him and then bent down and kissed him on the forehead. "I'll be thinking about you."

I then looked up at his mother who mouthed the words "thank you" to me and even gave me a hint of a smile. I guess all I had to do to win her over was miraculously cure her son, if only I actually did.

"I'll make sure and email you those pictures I took of the two of you," CJ told them as she began to pull me away. "Take good care of him doctor, or else."

"Of course Ms. Ford," the doctor replied confidently.

CJ then led me out of the room and back out into the hallway and towards the elevator.

"CJ what the hell just happened in there?" I asked her accusingly.

"What do you mean 'what just happened in there'?" she scoffed. "What happened was just what you saw happen, you healed that kids legs by touching them."

"How the fuck is that possible?" I demanded to know. Before she answered she pulled me into the elevator and closed the door.

"Yyyyesss!" CJ shouted happily and began jumping up and down clapping her hands. "Yes! It worked! Goddammit that was beautiful!"

"What worked?" I demanded again as I felt ill from her display of celebration.

"Oh babygirl you are going to be so big, I mean really big now." she said enthusiastically. "People are going to travel the world just to get a glimpse of you. Oh that was perfect in there."

"Was he really hurt?" I asked harshly. "Was all that just an act?"

"That was no act Amy," she said assuredly. "I'll show you the kid's x-rays if you need proof. No right now I imagine he feels like he's been touched by God, or at least a very sexy naked angel that fixed his shattered legs."

"How?" I insisted on knowing. "How did I fix his legs by just touching them?"

"The marvels of modern science sweetie," she answered with a little dance. "We work on more than just beauty products and vitamins, haven't you ever heard the phrase 'the money's in the medicine'? We've taken stem cell research to a whole new level, enough to make the Bush's shit bricks from all the fetuses we've used. That shot the doc gave him before we got there was of something we've been working on for years and dagnabit if it doesn't work awfully well."

"You guys have invented a cure for paralysis?" I said in disbelief. "Of all the scientists in the world you two found a cure?"

"Our staff did yes," she said and continued dancing. "It's amazing what you can do when you don't follow any stupid laws and just go for it, you're living proof of that."

"You're even sicker than I ever thought," I told her coldly. "You're really going too far."

"I bet Lance would disagree," she retorted. "His ma seemed pretty grateful too. I mean he gets to walk again now because of us."

"He wouldn't be here if it wasn't for us," I shot back. "He was out looking for me remember? Are you at least going to use this medical miracle for good?"

"Our good," she said with a laugh. "Whenever you need to cure somebody we'll use it. We sure as hell ain't going to give it to the FDA, they'll take years to okay it and by that time everyone will have ripped it off. No we'll use it sparingly."

I felt like I was going to be sick, they were taking this God girl thing way too far. God I had to get out of this and get away from them, if I didn't this was going to be a huge mess.

"I can't wait for our members to hear about this," CJ said joyously as we came to the bottom floor. "You're going to give Mary a run for her money in the blessed virgin department now baby."

Part 106a

I tried in vain to reason with CJ once we were in the car and going to wherever it was we were going. I tried to tell her that what they were doing with Lance was messing with nature and forces that were beyond them but she just laughed and said "Nice try babygirl. I think we'll be okay with the forces of nature." I couldn't imagine being so full of myself that I would be comfortable doing the things she and her blonde partner were doing, I'd be paranoid as hell and wondering when I was going to get caught. God I hoped they got caught. I hoped Margaret could actually help me and put those two away. Crap what was I going to do about Scott? He thought he was going to help me but if what Margaret said was true then Scott was walking into a trap. Jesus how did I end up in this mess, and why me of all people? I'd spent a good deal of my life just trying to get through without having to put up with a lot of crap and now without doing anything I was the centerpiece of some warped plan to turn me into a naked Christian who could heal people like Jesus did, except he was real while I've got a couple of devil's running my show using black magic.

"Can you tell me where we're going?" I asked CJ after I had given up trying to reason with her.

"We're meeting Em at a salon in Newberg," she replied while watching the road. "We're going to get you ready for tonight, and pretty ourselves up a little more too although we really don't need it."

"Can you tell me yet what I'm going to be?"

"Not yet, but you'll learn in a couple of hours. Are you excited about the party tonight?"

"Ah no," I replied surprised she even asked. "I'm not excited about any of this; it makes me want to wretch."

"You'll get to wear something though; you must be looking forward to that."

"I can't say I'd complain about that." Which was right, even if it was tacky or embarrassing at least it was something to cover me.

"Good. Make sure you savor it because it's going to be the last thing you wear for years, probably into at least your mid-thirties."

Oh God. Just the thought of that made my stomach queasy. How was I supposed to live naked for that long? Never getting to wear anything, having to spend the holidays like that and summers, and not to mention going to school without any clothes everyday until I graduated. ‘God if you can hear me please stop this.’

Soon we got to Newberg, which is a little bedroom town whose big claim to fame is that President Hoover lived there when he was 10 years old back in the 1800's or something like that. After driving through it a bit we pulled into a parking lot in front of a large salon called Vanity Center.

"Shit I don't think Em is here yet," CJ complained. "Let’s give her a call real quick. Go on inside and wait for me, I'll be there in a minute."

"I don't want to go in there alone like this," I said worriedly as I was overcome with nerves.

"They know you're coming,” she told me assuredly. "You'll be okay."

"Can't I just wait until you call Emily? Please?"

"You drove all the way to Eugene by yourself sweetcheeks. I think you can handle walking a few feet into a salon. Plus it's not like I can't watch and make sure you get in okay."

"What do I tell them when I go in?"

"Tell them 'I'm here'," she teased. "Like I said they're expecting you."

"Do they know I'll be naked?"

"They will once they see you," She then started laughing. "Of course they know you're naked, these are friends of ours, but oh by the way they're not in on everything so they think you're real so stick to that."

"Please can't I just wait?" I pleaded.

"Quit being a baby and go in there, I'll only be a few minutes."

"I hate you CJ."

"But I love you, now scoot sexy."

I took a deep breath and tried to pretend I was dressed, which didn't work since I heard horns honking at me the second I got out of the car. Luckily she parked right in front of the building so I was able to quickly dash to the door; although I did find myself hesitant to go in at first since who knew what was waiting for me in there. To my delight I walked into an empty waiting room that was full of empty chairs and had a reception desk that at the moment wasn't manned by anyone. Cool I could just stand there until CJ came in and not have to worry about anyone.

"Oh my goodness," a bubbly voice said from beside me as I didn't notice a lady coming through a side door. "You made it, I'm so glad."

I turned to see a bleached blonde lady in what looked like her early twenties who was overly tan and overly made up. She wasn't unattractive or anything like that but she looked a little overdone even though she was dressed in modest sweater and jeans.

"Hi I'm Debbie Walters," she introduced herself as she held out her hand for me to shake. "I have to say I've been really looking forward to meeting you Amanda. I love your website and think you're very brave. I really think it's cool that Emily and CJ are helping you out and taking care of you so you can do this, plus they gave me a free membership. I'm really honored that I get to do your hair today."

"Thank you." I said shaking her hand and wondering what she was going to do to my hair.

"Where's Em and CJ?"

"CJ's out in the car calling Emily," I told her nervously and pointed out to the parking lot. "She'll be in in a minute."

"Oh good," Debbie said happily. "I'm still setting some things up in the back and finishing with another customer, but if you want to wait out here I'll just be a minute or two and I'll take you back. Okay?"

"Yeah sure," I said liking the idea of being alone.

"Help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea if you'd like," she said as she began to go into the back.

"Oh that's okay," I replied remembering what happened when I drank coffee yesterday. If only it was the antidote like I thought it was, oh well at least I knew what it really was now.

After she went into the back I walked over and looked out the window at CJ who was still in her car and on her phone. Christ how long did it take to ask Emily where she was? They were probably talking about what happened at the hospital. Just then I saw a red sports car hastily pull up into a parking spot in front of the building and two more bleached blonde women quickly got out and approached the door to the salon. The thing I couldn't help but notice about both of them was how slutty and big chested these two women looked and within a second they both burst through the door.

"Well ain't this our lucky day," one of the women said once she laid eyes on me. She was dressed in a tight leather jacket that was over a tight tank top that clung to her large fake breasts and a tight pair of black stretch pants.

"Damn Tora you were right; it is that little Jesus bitch."

Oh shit I didn't like the sound of her tone, she sounded mad.

"I told you Tosha that it was her," the second one, who was dressed in a tight bellyshirt and jeans, replied in the same surly tone as her friend. "And look she's standing here naked in the middle of a waiting room just like the good little slut she is."

’Oh crap hurry up CJ, I don't like where this going…’

"Do I know you?" I asked meagerly as I began to feel really scared at what they wanted.

"Probably not but we know you bitch," Tosha shot at me "and so do a lot of others unfortunately."

"Yeah, like our clientele," Tora added harshly. "Or what was our clientele."

"I don't understand," I said confused. ‘God CJ hurry up.’

"Well thanks to you and your little gimmick of running around naked for God a lot of our customers who were members of our site suddenly quit to join yours," Tora filled me in as her eyes seemed to want to burn a hole through me.

"Yeah, they seem to think that because you give the money away and do so-called nice things that they feel more comfortable lusting after you," Tosha added. "It's as if they're easing their conscience through using you as jackoff material instead of hard working women like us. Do you have any idea how much money you've cost us?"

"Ah no," I answered weakly.

"Let’s just say it's reaching into the four digits," Tora said angrily. "That's a big hit and I'm still making car payments."

"Did all of your customers leave?" I asked.

"No but a big portion did and we don't like it one bit," Tora went on with her rant. "The two of us work very hard on that website and have gone out of our way to please our members, and now here you come along and start taking them away because you're supposed to be so innocent and pure. Let me tell you something ... I've seen your site and you're just a big tease who gets her jollies off acting shy and showing off your fat ass, and you use the charity angle to draw more attention."

"I... don't know what you're talking about," I stammered not knowing what else to say. ‘Jesus will somebody else come in here.’

"Oh I think you do and I think you need to learn not to mess with a formula,"  Tora raised her voice even more, which made me wonder why no one was coming from the back to see what was up. "If you want to be a whore then be a whore but don't go around acting innocent and trying to make people believe you're something you're not. I mean why would a Jesus freak run around naked? You're probably not even a virgin."

"Well she might be," Tosha pointed out as she eyed my groin. "It does look unused."

"I bet she sucks a big dick though," Tora replied.

"Listen," I began hoping I could calm them down, "I don't know what you want from me but it's not my intent to steal members away from your... ah site. I'm just doing what I feel I'm supposed to do and try and encourage people to do good things, and to be clear I've never sucked a big dick or any other sized dick and don't plan to anytime soon. I'll leave that for you two."

"What!" they both shouted together in unison.

"Oh no she did not just say that," Tora said as she clenched her fists. "Oh I think this little tart needs to learn a lesson."

Oh shit why did I add that last part.

"Oh I think so too," Tosha agreed.

"Hey I didn't mean it that way." Goddamn where was CJ?

"I don't give a shit how you meant it you piss me off you Christian whore," Tora said as she began to move closer to me.

"Whoa Amy you making friends?" CJ said as she came through the door with a grin on her face. "I have to say I've never heard the term Christian whore before."


CJ?" Tora and Tosha said in unison as if they couldn't believe who was here.

"Hey girls," CJ replied with a warm smile. "Haven't seen either of you for a few years. How are you two holding up? Did you ever become those professional decorators you talked about when we were in high school?"

The two bleached blonde women just looked at CJ as if in some kind of hypnotic shock. It was obvious they knew CJ, from the second they saw her it was as if all their hostility they had towards me was just forgotten, the expressions on their faces would lead you to believe they were looking at a ghost.

"Um..." Tosha began nervously "I think you know that we didn't follow that route."

CJ put her hand to her forehead as if she felt stupid about something and said, "That's right, you two got hooked on coke and became strippers. Damn I forgot about that, it has been a long time. Anyway I heard you call my girl here a 'Christian whore' and I have to give you two credit, that's a new one to me. You two should get that patented in case God ever calls you on a mission of shame like he has Amy here and you have to go into business. I should let you know that in this day and age there's a good market for the two of you to raise awareness, as well as money, for her cause by becoming the first real Christian whores."

"Uh..." Tora stammerd "I didn't really mean that literally she was 'Christian whore', it was meant more as a figurative term, and to be honest I didn't really mean it at all. I just lost my temper because we've been losing money in... ah... our business in the last week, and I mean a substantial amount, and we feel that most of it has to do with her and her pure image type."

CJ raised her eyebrow and replied, "You do? That's interesting I'm curious why you think that."

"Well from what I've heard from our members they say that the fact that she gives the money away to good causes and she looks so innocent they don't carry the guilt that they feel when they pay to watch us... perform," Tosha explained. "They feel their money is being better spent with her and there's even a few who believe they might be to write it off of their taxes too."

"Oh my God I never thought of that," CJ said beaming. "Oh well this is great, we're getting at the consciences of there perves and they're flocking to us."

"Are you in business with her?" Tosha asked as she pointed back at me.

"She is the business sweetie," CJ replied "I just make sure everything's running smooth."

"Are you making money off of that?" Tosha asked some more.

"Hell no," CJ said emphatically. "I don't need any more money. I get paid through plenty of other things. Amy's cause here is just my passion, I do it for free."

"Okay?" Tora said seeming confused at something. "Um well while I'm glad to see things are working out for you CJ," I couldn't tell if she meant that or not. "Her so called crusade is really putting a damper on how we make a... a living."

"Yeah that sucks that it hurts your fuck site," CJ said acting sympathetic.

"Tell you what though, because we all go way back and have history I may take you up on that 'Christian whore' idea."

"CJ it wasn't an ide...." Tora began before CJ cut her off.

"I'll have my lawyer look into how much your site is worth and we'll add twenty percent to it and buy it from you."

"CJ we..." Tosha attempted to interrupt.

"Of course though we would want to hire you to continue to be the stars of the site," CJ went on ignoring Tosha. "We'll make sure you get paid a good enough salary so that you can continue with whatever lifestyle you're were living at before. You'll have to sign a multiyear contract but don't worry it'll have good incentives in it for you if you meet certain standards. We'll have to change the site a bit though as well as tweek your look somewhat, I mean you have just been converted to Christ by meeting Amy here so you can't look too slutty or be called the T&T sisters anymore, and we're going to have to up the membership donation price since we're giving you two a salary and will be donating the profits to some more good charities, but I'm sure those perves will pay it."

How come they get a salary and I don't? Wait a minute what am I saying I'm not jealous of them.

"Do you two still snort?" CJ asked rubbing her nose as a gesture of snorting cocaine.

"We haven't done coke in years," Tosha told her, "you know that."

"Just checking," CJ replied. "You still strip?"

"Occasionally," Tora answered and then tried to speak some more but CJ cut her off.

"Well you'll have to stop that for now," CJ ordered, "image thing again. We'll have you guys strip in parks and stuff for change like street performers do instead of in a dark club. Now do you two still do tricks?"

"CJ," I found myself saying despite myself. "Don't go there, it's not right."

"Oh honey I didn't mean it like that," CJ told me with a smile and then turned back to the girls. "You see why I love her? What I meant was do you still do tricks with toys, you know rubber pricks and shit?"

"Yes CJ," Tosha answered obediently. "Our private shows are what make us the most money."

"Excellent," CJ squealed as she rubbed her hands together. "Wow I think this is going to work out great; that was a wonderful idea of yours Tora. I'm so glad I ran into you two today."

"Yeah," Tora replied in a low moan. "Great to see you CJ."

"I'll make sure my lawyer gets in touch with you by tonight and set everything up, you don't have to tell me where to reach you because we already know, we'll try to see if you can sign something tonight so we can get this going as soon as possible. We'll tell a story about how you met Amy and were so inspired by her that you found Christ and wanted to live your lives for him or something cool along those lines, your site will bring more attention to her and what she's doing. God it's going to be so great working with you two, it'll be like old times. Here give me a hug."

Tora reluctantly walked over to CJ and let her hug her tightly.

"Ouch!" CJ screamed as she let go of her hug. "Jesus where did you get the crappy boobjob at? Your nipples feel like arrowheads they're so pointy."

"Those are supposed to get better." Tora explained embarrassed.

"Jesus those things look like they're ready to be fired." CJ teased. "Did you go to the same place Tosh?"

"Yes." she replied as she looked like she wanted to cover them up.

"Well then you don't get a hug. I mean geeze guys, people in a store might think you're trying to hold the place up with those things. Here," CJ then opened her bag and took out a card and handed it to them, "go see this guy and tell him to fix those things before you hurt somebody. Just tell him I sent you and they'll set you up. Now I've got something to attend to so if you're done with Amy here you can be on your merry way, Monique will call you later."

"CJ can we..." Tosha began.

"I'll talk to ya later," CJ said firmly. As the two once angry girls who now looked humbled began to turn to leave CJ added one more thing. "Oh and by the way, if either of you ever threaten or lay a hand on my babygirl here I can guarantee you'll be in contract violation and will suffer a severe penalty, one similar to our senior year in high school." She then smiled widely and said, "It was nice to see you both again. Drive safely."

As I watched the two bleached blonde women turn to leave I began to feel really bad for them. Sure they were on the verge of beating me up and I was relieved when CJ added that last stipulation to them about leaving me alone, but I had a feeling from the way they acted at the sight of CJ that they were aware of what she does and were scared to death of her. It made me wonder if at sometime CJ forced them to become what they were. Why was I wondering, it was more than likely she made them have to do what they do. I mean just like that she walked in and took over their lives, just like she did mine last week. Boy I bet they wished they had just kept driving when they saw me or had just left me alone to begin with, they were paying for it now."

"You okay baby?" CJ asked me after they walked out. "You looked a little scared when I walked in."

"I thought they were going to attack me," I told her bluntly. "This is why I wanted to wait with you before I came in."

"Sorry girl, oh well you're okay though," she brushed it off. "I'm kinda glad they did stop, they'd be perfect for that job. Did you see the way they almost shit themselves when they saw me come in, they had that same look back in high school when I found out they had told my student counselor that I might be bi. I don't think they've gotten over that yet."

From how they looked I'd say that was an understatement. God, those poor girls.
"Where's Deb?" CJ asked looking around. "Didn't she come out to see you yet?"

"She did but she went into the back." I answered as I had forgotten about her in all the commotion.

"Well geez what the hell's she doing?" CJ pondered and then took my hand. "Let’s get back there and get this show going. Em will be here in a few minutes but we can get shit set up."

Part 107

"It's black?"

I stared at my reflection in Debbie's mirror in shock at the new color of my hair. All through the process of dying and rinsing my hair neither Debbie, CJ, or any of the other few people that worked here would let me in on what they were doing to it or what I was supposed to be when this is all done, they just made me sit there quietly while they washed, trimmed, and dyed my hair.

"Oh that looks fetch Deb," CJ complimented her on her work. "You'd never know that wasn't her real color."

"Well you wouldn't unless you looked closely at her eyebrows," Debbie pointed out. "I'll make sure and dye them as well after we pluck them a bit."

Why the hell did they dye my hair black for? My God this looked so weird to me seeing my hair so dark. I mean it was really black.

"It sure does bring out the brown in her eyes," CJ commented. "You're going to have to do a little styling with it to go with what we have in mind but after seeing you do this much I'm feeling like we made the right choice of costume for her."

"Who am I supposed to be?" I asked confused as I continued to stare at my new hair color. "Are you having me go as Morticia from the Addams Family or something?"

They both broke out laughing at my question. Once they slowed down CJ said, "I hadn't thought of that. Damn you do look a little like Morticia, although you're much prettier and have better hair. No though, you're not anyone from the Addams Family. We're just getting started on changing your appearance for tonight and your hair is small compared to what's coming later."

Debbie's teenage brother Roy suddenly come into the room pushing a broom across the floor. Ever since I went back there he must've swept the floor around us about a dozen times. Of course most of the time while he was sweeping I caught him looking more at me than at floor he was cleaning. The worst was when I was first getting my hair washed in the rinse sink and I had to lay there completely exposed to everyone around me and I couldn't watch anything but up at the ceiling, the whole time I kept hearing the sound of the broom sweeping close by and instead of enjoying getting my hair washed my mind was filled with images of this boy's eyes going all over me as I sat there with my head in the sink.

"Roy honey," Debbie said to him as she rolled her eyes, "I think the floor is clean enough, and didn't your shift end an hour ago?"

"Oh I don't mind staying a little later," he nearly stammered in reply "I'm not doing anything until later so I can stay and help out."

"Wow this is a first," Debbie then began to laugh. "I wonder why today of all days you would want to stay later?"

He then just looked a little embarrassed and went back to sweeping, looking up and giving me a glance every few seconds while he did this.

I was still busy taking in how my hair looked when Emily came walking back carrying a couple of shopping bags and looking a little tired. I noticed that she was wearing a long black overcoat that was buttoned most of the way up as well as shiny black boots that went up mid calf, this seemed quite different from what I was used to seeing her in although she still looked real pretty.

"Well it's about time you got here," CJ said loudly as she looked at the clock. "You get stuck in traffic or something?"

"Or something is more like it," Emily replied with a touch of sarcasm as she sat down the bags and looked over at me. "Oh Goddamn they did your hair already. That looks really natural; you'll have to fix the eyebrows though. You do good work Debbie, that really has a nice shine to it too."

"I love hair, what can I say? Debbie gloated.

"Well hey Roy," Emily said as she turned and saw Roy sweeping. "That floor looks pretty damn clean. You must've spent a lot of time on it."

The three began giggling as he just gave me another glance and went back to sweeping.

"Your brother really needs a girlfriend," Emily teased to Debbie.

"We'll have to hook him up with Tosha or Tora this week," CJ suggested with a laugh. "That boy can finally be a man and not have to watch all his sister's friends all the time."

"Oh you mean our new Christian whores as you called them?" Emily asked with a similar laugh. "Those two sure got never got over their attitude problem did they? They will now though."

"What are you talking about?" Debbie asked as she began running her hands through my now-blackened hair.

"Oh nothing," CJ dismissed. "Inside joke."

"Is there anybody in the jacuzzi?" Emily asked as she started to unbutton her coat. "I had a long night last night and have been really busy so far today and I could use some time to myself for awhile."

"Oh it's empty," Debbie quickly answered. "My two girls in the back are doing a couple of waxings right now but other than that there are no other customers here, I made sure everything was clear so we could devote as much time as needed to Amanda."

"Cool," Emily sighed and then opened her coat to reveal that she was wearing some tiny little red and gold swimsuit type thing.

"Jesus Em you wearing your Vampirella costume already?" CJ shouted as she stepped back in surprise. "Ain't it kinda early yet?"

"I've been wearing this since the convention last night," Emily explained. "I was up so late dealing with all the crap that happened after the lights went out I never changed, I just slept naked and put it back on when I got up. It was just as well too because when that power guy got there and saw me he became much more eager to fix the problem. I made sure to give his bosses an earful when I got them on the phone later, when I told him who I knew I could literally hear him shit himself over the other end."

"What actually happened?" CJ asked.

"Still don't know, but it was a friggin mess and ruined the whole show. Which reminds me Casey is coming up for the party, since she got out of playing the game last night I thought she still needs to earn that new job so I thought we'd have her play the lipstick contest with Tess and Stacy."

"Oh my God you did?"

"Hey I think she stands the best chance of winning." Emily said with a huge grin. "Anyway I'm going to go soak and let off some stress. Oh by the way CJ I have some more bad news for you."

"What now?" CJ grunted.

"Well I stopped by my cousin's shop and she said that someone stole your Blade costume you were going to wear tonight."

"Bullshit!" CJ shouted. "How did that happen?"

"Someone broke in there and stole it," she explained. "I guess they stole a few outfits but luckily she had Amanda's in a safe place and I was able to get something else for you put on tonight."

"Who does she think broke in?" CJ asked still focused on the theft.

"She doesn't know. It wouldn't shock me if it's the same pricks that are dicking with us now, and if it is we'll add that to the rain of shit we're going to pour on them when we get a hold of them. Anyway I looked through what she had left and I found something that would be perfect for you."

"It's not Tina Turner again is it?" CJ asked apprehensively.

"No," Emily shook her head. "It's not Beyonce either or anyone like that. You're going to be one of the sexiest black hotties in the history of television."

"What I'm Tyra Banks?"

"No, you're going to be Uhura."

CJ got a puzzled look on her and asked "Uhura? Uhura who the fuck is Uhura?"

"Who's Uhura?" Emily reacted surprised and then pulled out a tight red minidress and a pair of black boots that were similar to ones she was already wearing. I instantly recognized the silver and black symbol on the corner of the dress. "You know who Uhura is, from the original Star Trek? Ring any bells?"

"Oh sweet Jesus you must be shitting me?" CJ said with a disgusted look on her. I actually had to work to keep from laughing. "Star Trek!"

"Yeah," Emily said excitedly "she was a hot bitch and you'd be perfect."

"I don't want to be one of your stupid geeky sci-fi characters," CJ proclaimed loudly. "Shit Em I'm not a dork like you and the weirdo's you hang out with."

"Well," Emily responded putting one of her hands on her hip "for starters you know very well that those 'weirdo's' like you call them work very hard to perfect our technology, and second you would look so good in this and you know, she was the first black woman in space."

"She was never in space!" CJ shouted back. "It was a stupid TV show that a bunch of losers took too seriously and I want no part of it. I'm a badass chick not some servant who sits at a control panel and takes orders from some overacting white guy."

"Well there was nothing else there that would work for you," Emily tried to persuade her. "They were all things that were either too baggy for you, I mean I know you want to show off, or as you would say too white. I mean look your costume comes with a phazer gun and you could wear your hair differently then she did on the show, when it's all said and done next to me you'd be the hottest bitch at the bash."

"What if I have to kick some ass?" CJ brought up with a serious look on her face. "How am I supposed to do that in that tight thing? That's why I wanted to be Blade in case I have to beat the shit out of someone, I could move better."

"Since when have you worried about modesty?" Emily teased. "I Remember in high school when the principal's wife caught him giving you head while you were stark naked on his desk and you made him keep going until you were satisfied. It didn't seem to bother you either when she used the pictures she took of the two of you to use in her divorce, in fact you seemed proud."

"I don't wanna be no Goddamn Star Trek character," CJ reiterated firmly. "I bet you did this on purpose."

"Call her and ask her if you don't believe me," Emily told her. "I don't know what the big deal is, not many people there are going to know you and those who do know better than to give you shit, besides like I keep telling you you'll look hot. I bet a lot of the guys there start watching Star Trek after they see you as Uhura."

"Well that's a given," CJ said with a straight face. "The same thing would've happened if I was Blade, in fact they'd really look at that movie differently. Shit I'd rather be Tina Turner."

"C'mon CJ," Emily prodded, "it's either this or I can go as her and you could be Vampie this year."

"I ain't gonna be no white vampire. Goddamn it I'm going to kill whoever is fucking with us for this."’

"Yaeh you're gonna wear it," Emily said excitedly. "It'll be cool I promise."

"Can you tell me what I'm supposed to be yet?" I asked again as I watched Debbie styling my hair.

"You just don't quit with the questions do you?" CJ asked as she lightly hit me in the shoulder. "For God's sakes just sit back and let Debbie do her work girl."

"Cool," Emily said as she put the Star Trek costume back in the bag, "now that that's settled it's time for a break."

"What took you so long to get here?" Debbie asked as Emily took off her coat revealing her full costume, or what there was of it.

"Oh yeah," she began, "I got another call about Gale. As much as I'd like to just leave her there for being such a dumbshit, because we need her tonight I made arrangements for her to be let out and picked up later. We'll let her stew in there for a few more hours though to teach her a lesson to listen to us and don't do things outside of the plan."

"If she does that tonight she'll wish we had left her in jail," CJ added.

Part 108a

"There," Debbie said to herself after she finished wrapping my hair in some sort of plastic wrap. "We'll let that set for awhile so it'll take shape."

She had been combing in some sort of smelly liquid mixture into my hair that was supposed to give it a lot of body and lightly curl it. She mentioned it was something from Emily and CJ's company and she couldn't believe how well it worked. For once I actually hoped it did since I didn't want my hair to be any more weird looking then it already was. That was one thing I'd give those two, their crap did work, a little too well for my liking.

"Is it time to move on to the next part of her makeover now?" CJ asked hopefully. "I must admit this is the part I'm really looking forward to see turn out."

"You mind if I take smoke break first?" Debbie asked as she reached for her purse. "It's been a couple of hours and I'd like to get it out of the way."

"Yeah sure just as long as you're away from me," CJ requested.

"Oh I'll just step out the back real quick, I'll just be a few minutes."

I watched Debbie take a pack of Camel cigarettes out of her purse and I was instantly reminded that nicotine was supposed to be the antidote to the crap they gave me that kept me naked. It then hit me though, I was actually told once by Scott that coffee was the antidote and that turned out to completely wrong. As much as I wanted to believe Margaret that the nicotine gum she gave me yesterday would counteract that shit I couldn't say I knew Margaret any better than I did Scott, other than she actually did get me out of going to court which was more than Scott had been able to do, but there still was no real proof that she was right. I was going to have to test this, I might get in trouble but I needed to know.

"Can I go out and have one too?" I asked Debbie as she was about to step out.

"Oh I didn't know you smoked," Debbie said seeming a bit surprised.

"Wait a minute, what?" CJ jumped in as if she didn't think she had heard what she did. "Amy did you just ask if you could have a cigarette?"

I nodded my head at her and tried to act as cool as possible.

"She can if she wants too," Debbie offered.

"Oh no she can't," CJ firmly informed us.

"Why not?" I asked knowing the risk I was taking.

"Oh my God you did not just ask that," CJ said to herself in shock and then looked at Debbie. "She doesn't smoke Deb, she never has and she's not starting today."

"Oh," Debbie replied not knowing how to respond. "Well then I'll just go have mine and I'll be right back in and we can get started on the next part."

"That'll be fetch Deb. I think I need to chat with my girl here all of a sudden and I could use some privacy."

Debbie agreed and then stepped out to go have her smoke, once she was out CJ grabbed the chair I was sitting in and spun it around towards her and she then bent down and looked me right in the eye and asked "Why the fuck would you suddenly want to smoke a cigarette, and please be clear."

Oh crap she was going to grill me. I needed to stay cool. ‘God please help me stay cool.’

"Why not?" I asked trying not to sound scared.

"What do you mean why not? You don't smoke, why would you want to start now of all times?"

"Well I can't drink coffee anymore, I can't wear clothes, you've taken my family away, and that's just the tip of the iceberg of the hell you've put me through. Let’s just say that I'm pretty damn stressed and could use something that might help."

"So you want a cigarette?" She said in disbelief. "That ain't going to calm you down it's going to make you sick."

"Why do you care? I nearly passed out at school the other day and you guys still sent me out to that club that night. I mean Jesus I never get a break and you never let me do anything I want."

"And you want to take up smoking? If that's such a huge desire for you why didn't you take it up before?"

"My parents would've killed me that's why."

"Well guess what, if we ever catch you smoking a cigarette when we're done you'll wish we had killed you."

"What's the big deal? You've let me smoke your marijuana crap."

"What's the big deal? I'll tell you the big deal," she then leaned in even closer and got right in my face and said firmly "The big deal is that you're a virgin Christian prophet, and virgin Christian prophets don't fucking smoke. Is that clear enough for you enough little girl?"

"What, it's an image thing then?"

"It's a 'you'll do what you're fucking told' thing," she told me with her face barely an inch away from mine. "So consider this a warning, don't even think about asking for a cigarette again let alone think of smoking one. In fact I don't want to even hear the work cigarette come out of your mouth again. Got that Amanda?"

"Yes ma'am," I said backing off. Her last little statement nearly made me pee myself the way she said it so I felt I shouldn't push it any further. I still wasn’t sure if nicotine was the antidote but at least I knew they really didn't want me to have any.

"Good girl," she said coolly and then stepped back. "If you want something to take the edge off I'll roll a blunt afterwards and we can smoke it in the back; and just for the record our shit isn't crap it's killer."

"What's going on?" Emily asked as she walked into the room wearing a heavy long white bathrobe and carrying her costume in her hand.

"Amy here asked Debbie for a cigarette," CJ informed her.

"She what!" Emily shouted and then gave me an angry look.

"I talked to her," CJ said trying to calm her down, "she knows what'll happen if she ever tries to smoke one."

"Well that's good," Emily then looked back at me. "Smoking's bad for you Amanda, very very very bad, and the consequences for you smoking will be very very very very bad, worse then anything we've had you do so far. Are we clear?"

"Yes," I said again. "You both are very clear."

"Good," Emily said pleased. "By the way with your hair all pulled back like that it shows what a pretty face you really have, you're going to look really hot. Guys are going cum in their pants when they see you tonight."

"Gross," I said in disgust.

"You should be flattered," Emily told me. "A lot of women would love to give guys hard-ons just by standing in a room, I know CJ and I are so used to it we hardly even notice anymore."

"Roy's been walking around here with a hard-on ever since he first saw Amy," CJ added with a laugh. "Where did he go anyway?"

"Oh I let him towel me off when I got out of the Jacuzzi," Emily said with a wide grin. "He sure was eager. I think he's in the back bathroom now trying to relive the memory."

After they both giggled to themselves for a minute Debbie strolled back in and put the cigarettes back in her purse.

"So what was decided about smoking?" Debbie asked curiously.

"She decided it would be a bad idea," CJ explained, "especially now that she's a role model for young people."

"Well I'd agree with that," Debbie agreed. "It's really a nasty habit Amanda. I've tried to quit a couple of times and it's really hard, it's best not to start."

"Oh she agrees with that," Emily spoke for me. "That and sex are a no no as far she's concerned. So, are we ready to begin the next step in her transformation or is there more that you have to do with her hair?"

"Well there is more with her hair," Debbie began "but it has to sit, plus we need her hair up like that anyway to do this so we can get started right away. I'm going to need you to help me Emily if you don't mind."

"Of course not," Emily said happily. "I'm very excited to do this so let’s get started."

Part 108b

"First thing you're going to have to do Amanda is take off that thing around your neck." Debbie lightly pulled at my collar as she said this to me, obviously not knowing that I had no control on when I could take the stupid thing off. I looked back at Emily, who was walking behind us, to see how she reacted to Debbie's request and I was thrilled to see that she was pulling out her keyring and sorting through her keys, hopefully looking for the one that'd take that damn thing off of my neck.

We followed Debbie back through the salon over to the tanning area, but instead of going to one of the beds she led us to a room with what looked like a large shower booth but had multiple heads and that were at different heights.

"What the hell is that?" I asked nervously as I instantly believed I was going to put in whatever it was.

"Well that's where you're going to be in a few minutes," Debbie replied glibly as she walked in front of the stall. "It's something that we just installed about a month ago right after Emily and her friends finished creating it, and it's been a big hit and has worked flawlessly every time since we've had it."

"They have been great so far," Emily boasted proudly. "The other stores we've put them in haven't had any problems either and we're getting ready to expand even further soon."

"You'll do well," Debbie told her confidently.

"What is it?" I asked again angrily.

"Basically it's a spray tanning booth," Debbie answered me giddily. "What's cool though is that it's the best spray tanning booth. It's faster and neater and safer than the other ones out there."

"I'm getting in there to get a fake tan?" I asked now feeling more curious than scared.

"Sort of…" Emily shrugged her shoulders. "You will look different when it's all said done though. Don't worry it won't hurt you and the stuff we're using on you will wear off by this time Monday with no side effects."

"What kind of stuff are you using on me?" I asked as I became scared again.

"It's a just a chemical dye that gets sprayed on your body and causes your skin to change color," Debbie explained. "It's perfectly safe and it comes off looking just totally natural and totally perfect."

"You'll look hot," Emily cooed. "Even hotter than you look already. For one night you won't be the whitest girl on the planet."

"Can we get her to take off that necklace thing so we can get started?" Debbie asked and pointed to my color.

"Yepper skepper salt and pepper," Emily cheerfully responded and then pulled out the key and began unlocking my collar. "We don't want to leave a tan line."

"That would look out of place," Debbie commented.

Once Emily had the collar off of my neck she bent over and whispered in my ear, "Guess what? You won't have to put this back on tonight. We have something else planned," and then stepped back and put both the collar and her keys in her robe pocket.

Wow, I wouldn't have to put the collar back on tonight, that was awesome. Lord knew what they had planned but right now I needed to find something to keep positive about.

"Alrighty-then…" Debbie said excitedly. "Okay Amanda I'm going to make sure everything's been set up properly, while I'm doing that Emily's going to spray some water on you, it helps the dye work better."

"Oh cool," Emily said pleased and then grabbed a spray bottle full of water. "This is where I get to help. I have to spray her everywhere right?"

"Of course," Debbie replied as she looked over the booth.

"Okay Amanda my dear," Emily said with a commanding tone, "arms up and legs spread wide. You should feel privileged; I don't do menial work like this for just anyone."

The water was friggin' cold and Emily being the bitch that she is made sure she sprayed me everywhere. I did ask again what it was I was supposed to be and she just replied that I needed to "wait and find out" and also to "hold still" after she sprayed me somewhere with the cold water. When she was finally done Debbie came back over and handed me two cotton balls to put in my nose so I wouldn't inhale any of the spray.

"I thought you said it was safe?" I asked hurriedly as I suddenly became scared of getting in there.

"Well you don't want to breathe it in if you don't have to," Debbie told me emphatically. "It's nothing you have to be scared of though. When the thing starts you'll have to close your eyes and hold your breath for about thirty seconds but after that it's over, you just get out and watch your skin change color."

"You're not going to make me green or anything like that are you?" I asked envisioning myself coming out in some weird color.

They both giggled out loud to each other before Debbie went on and said, "No honey, you'll look human I promise."

"Well then are you making me dark?" I continued asking. "I mean really dark, or is this going to be a lighter color?"

"Well we're not making you black if that's what you're worried about," Emily said and then laughed to herself for a moment. "CJ wouldn't allow that anyway, she likes being the token black person at parties full of white people, it makes her feel more wanted or something."

"Oh," I stammered "well um what am I going to be then?"

"Tell you what," Emily began as she folded her arms, "the quicker you get in there and get this over with the quicker you'll figure out what you're going to be tonight. Fair enough?"

"I guess," I replied not really thinking this was fair. I sighed and turned to Debbie and asked, "So I plug my nose up with these things?"

"Just put one in each nostril and after you step in make sure your arms are raised and your feet are spread at least three feet apart ,when you hear a loud beep close your eyes and hold your breath for a bit and then the door will open and you can get out. Sound easy?"

Sounded retarded.

"I guess," I replied again.

I put the cotton up my nose and took some deep breaths through my mouth before I stepped in to the large metal booth with all the spray heads pointing all over my body. Geez I was basically going to be spray painted like a new car, God I hoped I didn't look even more like a freak than I did already.

Debbie closed the door to the booth and I could hear the machines coming to life around me. I sure hoped this was as fast as she said it was because I was suddenly claustrophobic standing in there. A couple of seconds later the loud beep came on so I instantly closed my eyes and held my breath as I felt my body being covered with a warm mist-like spray that surrounded me from head to toe.

I could see why she had me keep my hair up for this. While the liquid didn't burn me I could feel a tingling sensation on my skin that wasn't entirely unpleasant but since I wasn't informed of it I was bothered by it nonetheless.

Just as my breath was about to get heavy from holding it in the machine suddenly turned off and the door suddenly opened and the booth was filled with fresh air. I quickly stepped out and took in a deep breath just before opening my eyes.

"There all done," Debbie praised me like a child. "That wasn't so bad was it?"

"This stuff tingles," I mentioned to her as I began rubbing my rapidly drying skin with my hands.

"Oh yeah it does that," Debbie mentioned. "Sorry I forgot to tell you that. It feels good though doesn't it?"

"She looks good," Emily praised as her eyes ran up my damp body. "Now let’s watch and see how she turned out."

"I'm sure you'll be pleased Emily," Debbie said confidently.

I looked down at my skin and as the tingling began to fade I noticed that my skin was already darker than it ever had been at anytime in my life. It was practically a caramel color that was getting darker and richer by the second, but there was something else about the color, it had a tint of something and I'm not sure what yet.

"Oh my God," Emily said loudly as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing. "I'm already having trouble recognizing her, and look at how the shininess of her skin blends with the color. Oh my God she looks almost edible."

"She really does look good," Debbie said seemingly awestruck. "She looks even better than I thought she would."

My skin now was a dark creamy brownish color with what seemed like a tint of red. She wasn't kidding about the shine of my skin either, it seemed the darker I got the more the lights in the room illuminated off of me.

"How much darker am I going to get?" I asked nervously.

"Oh that should about do it," Debbie told me. "Here there's a mirror in the other room honey; let’s let you have a look."

"When can we let her hair down?" Emily asked as we followed Debbie into the next room.

"Pretty soon," Debbie answered. "I thought we'd let CJ watch back at my chair when we did that."

Debbie led me over to a large mirror that was on the wall and I couldn't believe how I looked. Who the hell was that? I felt like I had been transformed into somebody else, someone who was ethnic looking and had been her whole life. My God I looked like I was born this dark.

"Even I impress myself with the technology I've created," Emily praised herself. "I mean that came out so well you'd swear she was born a Native American and not just going as one for Halloween.

Part 108c

"Is that what I'm supposed to be?" I shouted in response to hearing Emily say I was dressing as a Native American for Halloween. "You've made me into an Indian?"

"That's the 'politically incorrect' way of saying it but yeah that's the idea," Emily replied. "You're going to be a sexy little squaw and all the boys are going to want to join your tribe, although you're not going to let them."

"It'll look even better once we let your hair down," Debbie added as she continued to admire my new dark skin tone. "At first you'll probably look more Greek or Italian than Native American but once we add the feathers and you put on the costume no one will mistake who you are."

Geez I barely recognized myself, I couldn't believe how my skin looked, God it looked so natural. On instinct I began rubbing my arms just to see if the color could be rubbed off, of course it couldn't and at first I really didn't know what to think of my new look.

"Why don't you let her hair down now?" Emily suggested. "I don't want to wait any longer."

"I guess we could," Debbie responded. "Should we bring her over to CJ?"

"No she can wait," Emily replied. "It's best she see her all at once."

With that Debbie sat me down on a small chair and began taking the wrap off of my hair. I continued to stare at myself in the mirror while she did this as I was still in awe of how different I looked. It was weird, before I kept thinking that what they were going to do to me would upset me like everything else they'd done up to now has, but looking at myself with this new skin color and knowing my hair was now pitch black I actually found myself beginning to relax a little bit, I realized for the first time in what felt like months I was covered somehow even though I was still naked.

"Oh so far it's looking good," Debbie said to herself as she took off the outer wrapping on my hair. "Let’s hope it keeps going that way."

Suddenly a long black strand of wildly curly hair fell along the side of my face and as Debbie loosened the remainder of the plastic around my head more curly hair began to follow. Soon she had let my hair down completely and I could not believe how different it looked from even before when she had just colored it, my hair now had long beautiful strands of loosely curled hair and even I had to admit it looked good, really good, amazing as a matter of fact.

"Oh my God Debbie you do incredible work," Emily said glowingly as she gazed at me in bewilderment. "She looks so exotic and sensual, the hair contrasts so nicely with the skin."

"Well thank you boss," Debbie said gracefully. "I consider myself an artist of sorts and I do love my work, especially when you provide the best paints and brushes to work with."

"Oh my pleasure. If we could make every girl look this hot so easily we could take over the world."

"Well Amanda was pretty to begin with," Debbie added "that does make it easier."

"Even her areolas turned dark brown," Emily admired. "Normally they don't change color like that when tanning."

"You guys make great products," Debbie said admiringly.

This was so surreal, it's like my brain had been put into a new body that just didn’t look like me. I looked totally ethnic and if I didn't know better I would never have guessed I was a brown haired white person underneath all of this, I would never have guessed I was Amanda Johnson either and I was beginning to feel some comfort from that. That wasn’t me in the mirror, that was a different girl, a girl who hadn't gone through what I had in the past week, and a girl who no one knew or could hold anything against. I suddenly felt like I was dressed, and it felt good.

"We'll have to do a couple of touch up things," Debbie mentioned, "we still have to fix your eyebrows and do your makeup, not to mention fix the feathers into your hair. Oh but she looks great though, you really made a great choice Emily."

"I have a habit of doing that," Emily boasted. "She may be one of the best ones I've ever made."

Not for me it hadn't been, but boy I was sure grateful for this feeling of security I had at that moment, it had been a long time. I almost felt sure that not even my parents would recognize me now. I was someone nobody had ever seen before and right now that felt rather safe.

"Well I think it's time we showed you to CJ," Emily said to me as she lightly tugged at my shoulder to get up. Once I did she told me to stand in the middle of the room for a second so she could have a look at me. "Wow look at her just radiate hotness. Her skin looks so soft and shiny and her perky tits just look so proud, boy and look how the color brings out the curves of her ass, if it's possible it looks even bigger and fuller."

Dammit Emily was still good at making me self conscious about my butt, I guessed this girl I was now still had the same weird behind that I do. Maybe this girl was more comfortable with that burden than I was.

After Emily looked me over some more she had me follow her and Debbie back to where we were before and we found CJ sitting and smoking a blunt with Roy. They were both giggling about something until CJ's eyes landed on me which caused her to change her expression. At first she looked confused as to who I was but once she realized it was me her eyes opened wide and her mouth hung down in shock. Roy was in the middle of taking a toke off the blunt when he saw me and immediately went into a loud coughing fit and nearly dropped the blunt on CJ.

"Holy Jesus that is not my babygirl!" CJ said loudly as if she couldn't believe she was looking at me.

"I know isn't it amazing?" Emily squealed as she proudly showed me off. "Does she look like a hot little firecracker or what?"

"She don't look like no regular 'cracker' anymore that's for sure," CJ said to herself. "My God look at that sexy hair, and those sexy little brown tits, and that shiny skin, and that pretty pretty pussy. Oh God I want to fuck her, I want to fuck her really hard and right now."

"CJ," Emily said authoritatively. "None of that. You know full well she's a virgin and she's staying that way. The hands off policy even includes you dear."

"Are you kidding look at her," CJ said as she stood up and began to come toward me. "She looks even hotter than I thought she would. You expect me not to have her service me?"

Oh God no. So much for feeling secure.

"CJ we've been over this," Emily said tritely as she came over and stood next to me. "You agreed to it a long time ago."

"Yeah but she just looks so yummy," CJ cooed as she began to rub her hand up and down the side of my body. "Oh and she feels so good, I don't see why a quickie would hurt."

"CJ," Emily said sternly, "grow up and quit being such a ho. You are not going to ruin this just because you can't keep your 'dick' in your pants, so don't make me have to kick your ass over this."

CJ stopped stroking me as her facial expression suddenly went serious as she eyed Emily. Wow I'd never seen the two of them give each other such harsh looks before, maybe they'd kill each other and I could get out of this.

"That a treat?" CJ asked coldly.

"It's a reality," Emily replied in the same tone.

I have to say in this one instance if I had to pick sides I'd have to go with Em since I didn't want to have sex with CJ; but I'd seen CJ fight and I'd have to put my money on her in a brawl. Just then Roy began coughing again after he chocked on another drag of the blunt which caused Debbie and me to jump.

The goddesses didn't even move and it looked for a moment that something was actually going to go down between them, but then just as I thought one of them was going to hurt the other one they both broke out laughing and soon were hugging each other and acting like pals.

"Okay I won't do her," CJ gave in as she was still laughing. "At least not until her wedding night anyway, I do still get her then right?"

"That's the deal," Emily agreed. "You get her before the groom."

What? Oh good God I would ask but right then I didn't really want to know anymore about that. I finally felt semi-positive and I didn't want to lose it.

"I'll have to live with that," CJ said as she gave me a seductive grin.

"You're lucky your dad isn't here or I'd have him go back to work like he did the other night. Oh well.. " She then turned around and looked at Roy. "Hey Roy, let’s go in the back for a second, I got something I want to talk to you about."

"Uh... okay," Roy stammered nervously. "You need me anymore sis?"

"I haven't needed you for hours, bro," Debbie answered as she led me back to her chair.

"Very good CJ," Emily told her proudly. "While you two are back there discussing your business we'll get to work on finishing up with Amanda here, or should we call her Sexybeaver?"

"I like Crazytits myself but I'm good with whatever. Let’s go Roy, if I like what you have to say there may be a reward in it for you."

Oh thank God I didn't have to 'service' CJ like she wanted me to. I was guessing that's what she was going to be discussing with Roy in the back, oh well better him than me or my dad.

"Hey look they left the blunt for us," Emily said as she held the lit object in her hand and then offered it to me. "Here sweetheart, take a hit and relax a little, you've got a long fun night ahead of you and it's not even started yet."

Part 108d

Over the next couple of hours I sat in that chair while I had my eyebrows groomed, my nails done on both my hands and my feet, my hair was done up and had feathers added to it with two on each side and what looked like three long ones in the back that tickled as they fell across the back of my neck, and lastly I had to sit still while Debbie applied what felt like a lot of makeup.

I hated having to sit so openly and on display while this was done to me, the lady who did my toenails kept looking up at me and smiling the whole time she was down there, but at least now I felt somewhat covered and looked practically nothing like myself.

"Take another hit Amanda," Emily said as she held the remainder of the blunt up to my lips.

Oh yeah and I was a bit stoned now which did help me relax a bit. My muscles didn't feel quite as tense as they had been and a couple of times I actually found myself sitting back a bit in the chair while Debbie worked on hair, I had almost forgotten how it felt to kick back since I was always nervous over what was about to happen to me next. I gladly took the hit and then coughed heavily before I realized I took too much.

"Shit don't mess your hair up with that coughing," Emily ordered. "I don't think she's done with it yet."

"Oh she's fine," Debbie assured her. "I have these feathers tied in so good a gale force wind wouldn't blow them out. Really I'm almost done I just need to add some eyeliner and then her face will be ready to break every heart at the party. Did you want to have her put on her costume right after or did you want to order out for dinner first?"

"Hey that's a good call lets order out." Emily sounded pleased with the suggestion. "We should eat before we dress her, that way we can leave once she's got it on."

"Is this outfit really the last thing she's going to wear for like... years?" Debbie asked acting shocked that such a thing could be possible.

"Yes it is," Emily said proudly. "It is, it is, it is. From what the doctors say her problem is just getting worse and they don't see any reversal coming anytime in the near future, and it could truly be decades before the Good Lord Jesus decides to let her get dressed again."

"Wow!" Debbie said shaking her head. "I couldn't imagine, I'd feel like I was cursed and not blessed if it was me. You're very lucky Amanda that you have these two ladies here to take care of you and make sure you're safe."

Being stoned like I was I actually broke out laughing at what she said and I sarcastically replied, "Oh yeah, I'm soooo lucky. I'd be just miserable if it wasn't for them."

"I bet you would be," Debbie agreed and acted as if I had been serious about what I just said. "I mean not being able to wear clothes, at all, that would really make just the basics of living become awful difficult."

"Well she doesn't have to worry about that," Emily informed us. "With our help she'll be able to live a normal life and be able to get her message of hope out to the world. Yeah she'll have to do it naked and in front of everyone, but that's God's will and you can't argue with God can you." She then bent down and whispered in my ear "After tonight it's no more clothes, ever."

Ever! She's never said the word 'ever' before when it came to not being able to dress. Jesus I hoped she was just f'ing with me and didn't mean that. What if she did mean it though? Shit I needed another hit.

"So in a way this could be a historic night then huh?" Debbie thought out loud.

"Potentially yes it could be," Emily said nodding her head.

CJ then came strolling out from the back wearing a robe similar to the one Emily had on. She yawned and stretched her arms and looked very relaxed. "Boy that massage was great," CJ proclaimed as she put her arms back at her sides. "That lady is very good with her hands, not to mention your brother is getting better with his tongue. A couple of more lessons and the girls at this high school will suddenly be feeling a lot happier."

"Okay done," Debbie announced as she finished with the makeup, she then turned my chair to face CJ. "What do you think? She look hot or what?"

CJ looked at me happily and then repeated her request earlier to have sex with me.

"She looks fucking awesome," CJ said awestruck. "I'd certainly do her more than once. Your wedding night isn't going to come soon enough for me, that's for sure."

There's that wedding thing again. I didn't know what that meant but at this moment I was glad it was there if it kept CJ from raping me. Hopefully I wouldn't be getting married, ever.

"Is she planning on getting married some day?" Debbie asked as she went and picked up a camera from a drawer and snapped a quick shot of me for her records.

"In a few years she may," Emily answered and then looked down at me, "if she meets the right guy. I know my one brother turns 18 in three years; he's a good guy and could be a good catch if she's interested. My other brother is a little younger but he's going to be so handsome when he gets older, he and Amanda could make some really beautiful babies someday if things don't work out with David."

Her brothers? I sure hoped she was still f'ing with me. It's one thing to marry me off someday it's another for it to possibly be with one of her siblings, I was sure they shared the same evil blood. Okay that did it – I had to get away from them, especially before they made me start having their devil children.

"God hasn't told me yet whether or not I should marry," I spoke out loud. “We'll just have to see what happens."

"Yes, we will," Emily said eyeing me with a cold look. "I'm sure God will tell you if and who you'll marry in good time."

Feeling like I shouldn't push things any further I looked away from Emily and at my own reflection in the mirror. Boy Debbie really was good at what she did. I looked really pretty, probably prettier than I ever had in my life and yet I was unrecognizable to myself. I could easily pass for someone else and if I got out of this I thought I'd try and keep up this look. I couldn't imagine I'd be able to get back all those pictures of me that were out there floating in the public domain, but if I continued looking like someone else I'd be able to at least show my face in public without worrying about someone knowing who I was.

I'd even change my name and go to college out of state if it'd help. What they'd done to Amanda Johnson might not be fixable, so maybe I shouldn't be Amanda Johnson for awhile, at least until she's forgotten. God maybe there was hope after all.

Later on CJ went and picked up pizza from the local Abby's and we all ate and watched the end of the Ducks game on TV. I hoped my Dad didn't have any money on the game because he would've lost again. Since I had smoked some pot and hadn't eaten for awhile I realized I was hungry and I ended up almost eating an entire giant Abby's special by myself, for whatever reason it just tasted so good so I kept chowing away at it.

"You guys do feed her don't you?" Debbie asked amazed at my new ability to put away food.

"Of course we do she's just a bottomless pit," Emily joked. "She eats like a fat person and doesn't gain any weight. I think God has given her more than one blessing."

"I wish I'd be so blessed," Debbie said rolling her eyes. "If I ate that much pizza I wouldn't be able to get into my car when I left. I'd have to jog around it a few times first."

After we finished eating it was time to for me to put on the rest of my costume, which from what I've been told was the last thing I was going to wear for awhile, or 'ever' if Emily meant what she’d said earlier. Even if she did mean it though unknown to her I took the antidote yesterday so I could at least take comfort that it was unlikely this would be permanent for me.

"Okay stand up Amanda," Emily ordered me as she pulled some small pieces of fabric, some with feathers attached to them, out of her bag. "Let's see if we can at all make you look hotter."

Part 108e

The first part of the costume that they put on me were a pair of highheel moccasins, something I didn't even know existed, which fit really snug but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy they were to walk in compared to the other heels I'd worn. Next was the top which was very small, my areolas were barely covered, and pushed my breasts were pushed up to make them look fuller. The top tied in the back and was decorated with small colorful feathers as well as some Native American symbols across the front.

"How does that feel?" Debbie asked after she finished tying the back. "It's not too tight is it?"

"It feels good," I answered honestly as I was just glad to have something on, even if it did look like something a stripper would wear.

"This is made from special cotton that breathes really well," Emily informed me. "You should be able to wear it for several hours before it becomes uncomfortable; at least we hope it does anyway. If not you'll have to take it off during the party."

I hoped I didn't have to do that. Even with the changes they'd made to my look I'd still prefer not to be naked in front of Stacy's friends. Next were the bottoms which basically just consisted of two small pieces of cloth tied together with two small pieces of strings, one piece for the front and one for the back and nothing underneath. I can't say it covered very much and when I looked in the mirror I noticed that if you stood at an angle you could see my crotch through the side.

"We better add some feathers to the sides there so they hide her better," CJ suggested. "We want the guys to hurt their necks trying to look down there to see her goodies."

"What if there's a wind or something like that that blows it up?" I asked worriedly.

"Then anyone around is going to see your snatch," CJ replied.

Debbie tied several long feathers to sides of both the front and the back of my bottoms and they did cover things up a lot better, the down side was the feathers kind of tickled and I worried they would cause more unwanted arousal down there.

"How does that look?" Debbie asked as she stood back and looked me over.

"You already know what I think," CJ said lustfully.

"Hell I'd do her now too," Emily added and winked at me.

I checked myself out in the mirror and I decided that I looked like an exotic dancer, a high priced exotic dancer, and as weird as it is I actually took comfort in it since no one would know me and I got to wear something even if it wasn't much more than a couple of washcloths.

"Why don't we spray a little oil on her tits, tummy, and the front of her legs?" CJ suggested some more. "It'll make her look even shinier and draw attention to those areas."

As if there wasn't enough attention drawn to there.

"Well make sure it's only the front," Emily added. "She's going to be riding with me and I don't want that shit all over my seats."

"No problem," Debbie said as she grabbed a bottle of oil and began spraying some on me. As Debbie was rubbing the oil into my thighs Emily reached into her bag and pulled out something else. It looked like another collar but it was thinner and had different colored beads all around, like something an Indian would wear, but I noticed something that looked like small wires on the inside of it. Crap it was probably another homing device to keep track of my whereabouts.

"Here's the last piece of the costume sweetie," Emily said to me as she held out the collar to put around my neck. "This has similar duties as the cross collar but it also has another feature. It still has a tracking device and a mic and it does sound off when we want you to be noticed, but this one also has three small cameras in the front that will be taping and broadcasting everything that you look at during the party so our members can watch too. Don't worry it's very lightweight and works on your body heat like the other one did as well as locks in the back. On the website it'll be referred to as the MandyCam and will capture what's going on at different angles. Pretty cool huh?"

I didn't answer as she locked it on me. Great, as if things weren't sucky enough.

"Why did you call it the MandyCam for?" CJ asked sounding irritated. "We don't call her Mandy. Why don't you call it the AmyCam? That's what I call her and it contains fewer letters."

"CJ," Emily began "I've I told you the other day that I polled the members and most of them believe Mandy is short for Amanda and not Amy. If we call it the AmyCam people might think it's a different girl when it's not."

"That's bullshit." CJ said bitterly. "I had a great aunt whose name is Amanda and we all called her Amy."

"I get that CJ but this is business. We don't need to be confusing our customers."

"Why didn't you call it the AmandaCam then?"

"MandyCam rolls off the tongue better."

"You're a fucking bitch."

"Is this something new?" Emily replied sarcastically. "I've always been a bitch honey, just like you. That's why we're successful."

"Well just for that I think we should call Amy the name I want, Crazytits."

"Well her tits aren't crazy though, plus we need to be a little more subtle. How about we compromise and call her Crazy Littlebeaver? That way everyone can call her Crazy for short."

"Call her Crazy huh?" CJ pondered. "I guess that's okay but I don't want to hear people refer to her as Mandy, at least no one that works for us anyway. Make sure you let that be known."

"Okay CJ," Emily said in a glib tone. "No one will call her Mandy. If they do they'll be in trouble. God you get upset over stupid shit."

"Yeah well that's just how I am and you know that."

"Yes I do."

God those two are nuts, who the hell argues over stupid shit like this. They should be named Stupid Crazybitches. After Emily checked her laptop to make sure the cameras and everything in my new collar worked, which unfortunately they did, she grabbed her bag and went in the back to put her costume back on while CJ let Debbie begin to do her makeup for her costume.

"I can't believe I'm going as a Star Trek dork," CJ said to herself.

"Oh you'll still look really hot CJ," Debbie assured her.

"Oh I know that Debs, I just don't want to look stupid at the same time."

"I'll make sure that's not the case."

Emily came back out wearing the long coat she had on earlier and was being followed by Roy whose eyes instantly went all over me once he entered the room.

"Wow sis you really did a great job on her," Roy complimented as he seemed about to start drooling.

"Roy would you go home," Debbie told him.

Emily then pulled CJ's costume out of her bag and sat it on the chair next to her and said "Here you are darling; I know you'll look great in this. We'll see you at the party in about an hour or so."

"You don't want me to do your makeup or anything Emily?" Debbie asked her.

"I always do my own makeup for this," Emily told her. "I got my wig here too so I'm all set. You ready to go Amanda?"

"Would you wait if I said no?" I answered.

"Quit being a smartass," she replied and then turned to Debbie. "Thank you Debbie, your work is perfect. You'll be getting a nice bonus in the mail on Monday."

"Thank you for bringing her here," She replied and then turned to me. "It was an honor to fix you up Amanda and a pleasure to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too," I said trying to sound sincere.

Emily had me follow her out to her car, I felt just as strange stepping out in public in the getup as I did being totally nude, at least no one would recognize me. Once we got on the road Emily took out her phone and dialed a number.

"Karen?" Emily spoke into the phone. "I just wanted to let you know we're on our way. Make sure when we get there not to give away who are Indian friend is and make sure Stacy knows that too. Is Casey there yet? What about Ashley? Yeah Ashley is pretty. Oh you're welcome, how has she taken the news that you're her date for the evening? Don't worry I'll straighten her out when I get there. Okay see you in a few." She then hung up and said to me "Once we get there no one but Stacy and Karen know that you're you, everyone else is going to think you're someone else and that you're showing up later. Here are some rules for you, you are to keep smiling to a minimum and don't laugh if you can help it, only speak in short sentences and try to change your voice a little if you can, try and give off attitude as if you know you're hot and are too good for the people there, and no flirting whatsoever, you'll be dancing tonight too but I'll give you those rules later."

I'd have no trouble with a couple of those rules, I didn't want to smile or talk to anyone and I was happy to give off attitude if it'd help people leave me alone. I hoped I wasn’t supposed to speak in broken English like a stereotype Native American would, I'd just sound stupid plus that's bigoted. I really didn't want to dance though; I mean how was I going to keep this skirt thing down if I did?

"So Crazy," Emily said to me with a large excited smile on her face, "are you ready to party?"

"I'm never ready for anything you have me do," I said coldly as I began to dread what was going to happen.

"Well ready or not this is going to be a night to remember."