Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 100a

"Just have a seat here Amanda and someone will be in here shortly to talk with you." The female police officer pointed to an empty seat in front of a small table in the middle of the room. There was another chair on the other side of the table but I knew which one was meant for me since it had a small towel laid across it. I could still hear CJ yelling from outside the door as to what they were doing with me and I was pretty curious myself as to why they’d brought me in here, I mean this looked like an interrogation room.

"Is my lawyer here yet?" I nervously asked the officer.

"Not yet but she will be sent in when she arrives." she assured me. "Now please just take a seat and relax, there's nothing to be nervous about."

Nothing to be nervous about? That WAS easy for her to say. I was naked, I was under arrest, and now I was about to be interrogated. If that wasn’t something to be nervous about then I couldn't imagine ever being nervous about anything.

After I sat down the officer left the room leaving me alone with just the sounds of CJ still going off on everyone from outside, although with the door closed I could no longer make out what she was saying, which didn't bother me at all. Lord knows I didn't think we'd ever get through the booking process with her refusal to cooperate with any of it. I had to give the police here some credit – they took her abuse really well, almost too well. For me though the process was just more added humiliation, having to give my name and information to a strange man and then get fingerprinted by the female officer who had to stand right up next to me while she took them. I mean God I could feel her boobs rubbing up against my back while she put my fingers in the ink and them pressed them onto the paper. And then there was the mug shot where I had to hold a little black board with my name on it just under my face while they took the shots from both the front and the side and it didn't help that there were several officers standing around witnessing this. The worst part though was when they led me into the main holding area where I had to walk past a series of holding cells that were full of people who became instantly excited at the sight of me and began hooting and hollering and saying more derogatory things about my body and what they'd like to do with it. My biggest fear was that they would put me in one of the cells, none of which were empty, but I was relieved that they had me sit on a bench that was just past them.

"We can't put a naked person in a cell with others." the officer had explained to me. "Even though it's your choice to be this way we could still be held liable if something happens, and with the women that are in there today something surely would."

I was grateful for that but the problem was that the bench I sat on was in plain sight of the area where the police officers work in and anyone who came in there would get a good look at me and I noticed many of them took advantage of that. I was a little surprised that they let CJ sit next to me considering she was being such a bitch to everyone but they let her anyway which I had mixed feelings about. I still couldn't believe she’d let us get arrested like that over such a stupid thing, all we had to do was agree to leave and we could have avoided all this. God I fucking hated her.

"Your mug shot will look great on the website." CJ had told me earlier while we sat there. “Imagine all the sympathy you're going to get for this, we'll really be able to martyr you now. Not to mention I'm sure many of our members will just find it hot."

"The members are sick." I snapped at her.

"That's what we've been counting on," she replied snidely.

We’d sat there for what seemed like an hour, although it could've been just five minutes, before the female officer came up to me and asked me to follow her.

"Where are taking her?" CJ had demanded to know.

"Someone will be with you in a moment Miss Ford," the officer had replied and then motioned for me to come with her.

"That's not what I asked you dyke," CJ said raising her voice, "I asked where are you taking her?"

The officer didn't even answer her she just began leading me away. This didn't go over well with CJ who began yelling louder demanding to know where I was going; yet the lady never answered her and brought me to this room where I was now. I'd never been in an interrogation room before, in fact this was the first time I'd been arrested, and I was getting quite worried about what was going to happen to me in there. There were no windows and I could see a video camera mounted up in one of the corners which was pointing directly at me. I actually wasn’t used to literally seeing the cameras that were on me, usually they were hidden somewhere, but this one was so plain that I almost felt like a gun was being pointed at me. I had visions of all the male police officers sitting around a monitor watching me sit and squirm which caused me to shiver and feel more like a prisoner. Goddammit what the hell was going on?

A minute or so later the door swung open which caused me to jump a little and a lady who looked to be in her early thirties dressed in a professional manner walked in carrying a briefcase.  At first I thought she was a detective until I saw the case in her hand which then made me think she was a lawyer. She quickly closed the door behind her and gave me a pleasant smile before she laid her briefcase on the table and sat in the seat across from me.

"Hello Amanda," she said pleasantly. "My name is Margaret Borger and I work with the DA's office. How are you doing today?"

"Um... I've been arrested so not so great." I replied nervously.

"Yeah I guess that wouldn't be the greatest end to a long day would it?" she replied as she opened her case and took out a document and began reading it. "I wanted to have a discussion with you about what you've been doing these last few days and what you're going to be doing in the near future."

Oh God I was going to be interrogated. Dammit I hated having to answer questions about why I was running around naked all over the state, especially since I couldn't answer honestly with this stupid collar around my neck recording everything I said. I had to go along with the f'd up plan of the goddesses and make people believe it's what I wanted.

"I've been told not to answer any questions until my lawyer gets here." I told her remembering what I had been told earlier. I hoped that'd at least delay this for a bit.

"That would be true in most cases but in this case you're not going to want her here," Margaret said as she made eye contact with me. "Because if she was you would have to tell me what she wants you to tell me and not what's really going on."

What the hell did that mean? Was this a trick to get me to wave my right to a lawyer or something?

"Oh," she went on, "if you're worried about the people who are listening through the transmitter in that thing around your neck don't worry, this room  has had signal blocking devices installed earlier so that we could talk without your tormentors knowing what we're discussing."

My mind just went blank for a moment when she said this. She knew aboutthe thing in the collar? She knew that I was being forced to do this? My mouth almost hit the floor.

"What are you talking about?" I asked with apprehension fearing this could be a trick of some kind.

"I'm talking about Emily Campbell and CJ Ford making you wear that thing around your neck so they can keep tabs on where you are and what you say at all times," she answered plainly. "Not to mention making you their naked little toy so they can try and defraud the world into believing you're some kind of holy woman."

I almost fainted. I was not expecting this at all. A part of me was about ready to jump up and hug this woman for knowing what was going on, but my more sensible side was still leery that this could be some kind of trick.

"Emily's last name is Murdoch." I mentioned to her as a sort of test.

"Yeah it is now but I just refuse to call her that," she replied without hesitation. "Especially since there's a lot of doubt about the authenticity of how she came into position of taking the name of one of the biggest media tycoons in the world, although we can't prove that yet."

I was so confused by all of this I had momentarily forgotten to breathe and I could feel my head getting lighter from lack of air.

"You look like someone who's about to get hit by a train Amanda," she pointed out to me. "Let me assure you that I'm here to help you, I don't work for those two and it has been my mission for some time now to put the two of them along with their associates behind bars for the rest of their lives. I know all about what they've been making you do, I know all about what they're using to get you to do it. And I know all about what they were planning to have happen here tonight. What they've done to you is evil and our hope is with your help you'll be the last person they ever do anything like this to again."

I didn't know what it was, if it was just hearing her say those words or if it was just from all the crap I'd been put through but when she was finished talking I found myself instantly bawling my eyes out. It was like someone had unplugged a backed-up drain and all the tears just flowed out in mass. Even though I knew Scott was out there trying to help me hearing this from a professional like her with ties to legal means felt more solid then Scott's little underground of helpers. Margaret pulled out a box of tissues from a drawer in the table and handed them to me and I quickly used them.

"I imagine you feel like you've been through hell haven't you?" she asked me sympathetically; which I responded to by nodding quietly. "I can tell you that you are definitely not the first person whose life those two have ruined, in fact in many ways they've actually been nice to you compared to many of their victims. Lord knows there isn't much that they're not capable of. What they've done to you is certainly cruel though and no one should have to go through it."

I managed to pull myself together after a few more sobs and then found myself smiling at her almost involuntarily. I almost didn't know what to say to her but with all the questions in my head I wasn't quiet for long.

"How long have you been after them?" I asked as I wiped away my remaining tears.

"Well those I work with have been following them since they were in middle school," she began. That may seem strange but nothing they do has ever been normal. I myself have been working on this case for the last two years or so when I joined the office."

"Why haven't they ever been caught before?"

"Because they're good at what they do, and with their money and their ability to buy people and destroy evidence we've never been able to prosecute."

"They really can't listen to us right now?"

"No, I assure they can't. Right now I'm sure they're freaking out and I expect your lawyer will be trying to barge in here as soon as possible. Oh and for the record we know about your friend Scott and his group, and sadly so do they."

"They do?" I said as a shock ran over my spine. "How? They had signal blocking things too."

"Well, I know they think they do, but what they don't know is that their equipment doesn't work. Emily and CJ have heard every conversation you've had with them."

Part 100b

"Are you sure they were able to listen in Scott and I when we've talked?" I asked hoping it wasn't true that the goddesses know about him.

"Well we were able to listen in on your conversations." Margaret pointed out. "If we could then they certainly could, plus we believe they've been tracking him and his group since even before he first contacted you. I'm afraid there was never any chance of them ever being able to stop what Campbell and Ford are making you do."

"But why haven't they ever interfered before or done anything about it? I mean the first time they used their signal blocking device CJ made a big angry scene after it was over. She had me convinced it worked."

"CJ's a good actress." Margaret said shrugging her shoulders. "I'm not totally sure but it's more than likely that they're setting up your friend for an ambush, most likely at the party you’re supposed to be at tomorrow. We also believe that they intend to use your knowledge of this as a way to punish you into doing something more than what you've already done, we don't know what but that's their M.O."

Oh my God if this was true than Scott was in so much trouble, not to mention me. Lord knows what they might do to him and his friends when he tried to help me; look what they had Casey do and that wasn't for anything nearly as damning as this.

"Why didn't anyone try to stop Scott or tell him his thing doesn't work?" I asked worriedly.

"He's been warned before several times not to mess with them but he's got a huge ego just like Campbell and Ford and truly believes he can win so he won't listen. He truly doesn't realize he's in way over his head, or that he's not a genius." She was shaking her head as she was telling me this. "The back story with him is that both he and Emily where entered in a national science project competition back when they were both seniors in high school and Scott felt like he was a lock to win with some wind machine thing he had built. The night before the competition he and Emily got in some kind of confrontation over a theory of some kind and he believes to this day that Emily had something to do with his machine not working during the show, especially since Emily went on to win. The irony of this story is that this is one of the rare occasions where Emily is innocent, Scott's thing really just didn't work just like his signal blocker didn't. Since then he's made it his mission to bring her down, especially when he found out the type of things she's known for, which is noble but also very foolish. They've obviously let him find out things that they wanted him to find out and have been stringing him along all this time, it's basically a cat and mouse game with them. It's my personal belief that Emily could eat him for lunch anytime she wanted."

"How did she and CJ get this way?"

"It's hard to say but they're both very smart and both very cunning and they've never had any trouble digging up dirt on anyone they need to. It's really like they were just born bad."

I took a minute to take some deep breaths and let all of this sink in. Scott wasn’t going to rescue me, in fact he could make things much worse. Boy this changed things. Then it occurred to me that I still had many more things to worry about than just him.

"Do you know about the herb stuff they made me take so that I can't wear clothes?" I asked her once I remembered my situation.

"Of course." she replied. "The man who works for them who came up with that is someone we've been after for a long time too. They keep him well hidden though and we've never been able to get a hold of him. This reminds me though," she then fumbled through her briefcase and handed me a small piece of bubblewrap that had what looked like two square pieces of gum in them, "you'll want to chew on these for a bit. They taste bad but if you ever hope to get dressed again you'll chew them until they're used up."

I could feel my eyes bulge out of my head when she told me this.

"Is this the antidote?" I asked excitedly as I grabbed the gum.

"It has the antidote in it," she replied.

"What is it?" I asked again as I quickly popped the two pieces out of the wrap and into my hand.

"Nicorette gum," she said plainly. "I need to be honest with you though, we believe that the quantity of the herb they gave you was larger than they've ever given to anyone and we're unsure with all the time that has passed of how well it'll even work now; but I'm sure you're willing to try."

Oh she could say that again, before she even finished speaking I had both of those pieces in my mouth and was chewing rapidly. Shit she wasn't kidding about the taste, Oh God I hope I didn't gag.

"So nicotine is the antidote?" I asked through my chewing.

"Yes it is." she said with a wide smile. "The other girls who they gave the herb to were smokers and that's why it wore off of them. It wouldn't be smart for you to smoke though since they'd easily smell it on you. We'll make attempts to get you some more gum if possible."

"Why didn't you try to get me some before this?" I asked as I realized they'd known about this all along. "I mean if you knew I'd need it it would've been nice to have gotten some awhile ago."

"We couldn't get to you before this," she explained. "Certainly not without giving us away. In case you didn't notice they watch you like a hawk and have you staying in a house that's surrounded by an electric fence and is monitored 24/7. We'd have an easier time getting to the Queen of England. You can thank your ditzy friend Stacy for coming up with her fantasy so that CJ would have you brought here."

"This is Stacy's fantasy!" I nearly shouted. "This whole arrest thing is her idea! It's all a setup?"

"It's a setup all right but this part isn't actually her fantasy. Her fantasy was for you to go in front of a judge in a packed courtroom which would be coming later except that I plan to throw a monkey wrench on that idea just like we had your friends Terry and Lisa let out of jail earlier to mess up that plan of theirs too."

"I'm supposed to go in front of a judge like this?" I asked as I found myself becoming very angry with Stacy.

"You were, yes," she answered calmly.

"How were they going to pull that off?"

"Well as we know it your lawyer was to come here with your phony medical records which the Lieutenant in charge of this precinct would have had his doubts about, he's in their pocket in case you didn't know, and he would've told them that he's sending you out for a mental evaluation."

"W-what?" I stammered and nearly choked on the gum. "Mental evalutation? He'd send me to the funny farm?"

"That's what he'd say but CJ and your lawyer would be outraged by this and pretend to pull a favor to get you into court tonight to have your medical condition acknowledged as legit so you couldn't be arrested anytime in the future for public nudity and could avoid the funny farm as you call it. The judge by the way works for them too, as also does the man that had you arrested in the first place. Campbell and Ford have connections all over the world and they can make many things that seem impossible happen and they're not afraid to do it."

"I'm going to kill Stacy!" I said out loud to myself at the thought of her coming up with a fantasy like that.

"Well before you do that you should remember we might not be talking right now if it wasn't for her perverse taste."

Just then a cell phone rang from Margaret’s pocket which she quickly took out and answered.   "This is Borger." she answered into the phone. "She is huh, well keep her out of here for at least another five minutes or so. Do whatever you have to do just keep her out. That's fine and I can handle her I just need a few more minutes in here. Okay thank you." she then hung up and put her phone back in her pocket. "Your lawyer's arrived and she wants in here in the worst way, I'm sure for them this is a code red."

"When can you get me away from them?" I asked hurriedly as I frantically chewed the nasty tasting gum.

"That depends, would you be willing to testify against them in a court of law?"

"Would I be safe?"

"If we can get what we need so we can keep them on ice and freeze their cash flow we can."

"When's that going to be?"

"Well if the party you’re going to tomorrow goes as we think it will we should be able to pull you away by the end of the night."

"What about my family? Will they be safe?"

"We're watching them right now as we speak so that we can move and grab them too when needed. You're father has a lot to answer for with embezzling so much money but we can go lenient with him if all of you cooperate with us."

"If you can get me away from them and keep us all safe I'll do whatever you want to put those two away."

"That's good news then," she replied and then gave me a big smile. "I'd just like to say Amanda that you're a very strong woman. Many others in your situation would have cracked a long time ago, but you've held strong and have made sure that your family has been safe, I admire that very much. I know that there are a lot of people out there who admire you for something that isn't real but I feel if they knew what was really going on and how you've managed to get through it they'd admire you even more. Remember you've done nothing wrong and have done nothing to be ashamed of despite how you must feel."

"Thank you." I said weakly and gave her another smile just as there was a hard knock at the door.

"Guess who's here?." Margaret said with a tone of sarcasm. "Just follow my lead."

Part 100c

Margaret got up from her chair and gave me a wink before she opened the door. Once she did Monique, dressed in a grey business suit with an extremely short skirt and spiked heels, pushed her way in and was followed by the female police officer who’d brought me here earlier.

"This is Miss Johnson's lawyer Ms. Borger," the female officer explained to Margaret.

"Thank you Darla," Margaret replied to the officer who then turned around and left the room.

"So," Monique began with an angry tone, "I see you've decided to take it upon yourself to start questioning my client without myself being present. You know that goes against her legal rights."

"Yes I am aware of her rights." Margaret answered calmly. "For the record though I was not questioning her; which I'm sure she'll collaborate to you."

"Then do you mind telling me why you brought her in here with you?" Monique demanded.

"For selfish reasons." Margaret said smiling. "I'm a big fan of hers and what she's attempting to accomplish and I wanted to take the chance to get to talk with her about it. She more than agreed to chat with me and I must say I'm very impressed."

"You wanted to talk to her because you're a fan?" Monique said skeptically.

"Yes, my husband and I have a membership to her website and we watch her every night now instead of what's on television." Margaret then looked down at Monique's outfit. "Do you actually go to court wearing a skirt that short?"

"I go everywhere wearing a skirt this short." Monique said in an annoyed tone. "I'm a big fan of Ally McBeal okay but don't change the subject. If you wanted to talk with her and tell what a big fan you are then why didn't you just talk with her out there instead of bringing her into an interrogation room?"

"In case you didn't know your other client out there has been making a loud stink and has been rude to everyone since they got here and I'm sure I would've gotten an earful as well. Plus it's not against the rules to separate them."

"Is what she's saying true Amanda?" Monique asked me with a serious expression on her face.

"Yes it is." I answered making sure I sounded sincere. "All we talked about was our spirituality and I was happy to do it. That's what I'm all about… remember?"

"You didn't talk about why you were arrested?" She asked me still with the serious expression.

"Only that I had never been arrested before," I answered.

"We have a camera in here," Margaret began "if you want to go watch the tape you're welcome to."

"I actually saw the footage on a monitor outside and the audio wasn't working."

"Well how am I supposed know that it's not working?" Margaret said defiantly. "With our budget problems it's amazing anything around here works properly. Has a judge ever found you in contempt for dressing like that in court?"

"No they usually like it." Monique shot at her. "Now if we could get down to business your department has no business holding my client since she has a medical condition that makes wearing clothes quite painful, not to mention her right to religious freedom which the officers clearly violated. I have her medical records right here and..."

"That won't be necessary," Margaret interrupted her. "I couldn't agree with you more that we shouldn't hold her so we won't be filing any charges and she is free to go."

Monique was suddenly speechless, certainly seeming like she wasn't expecting to hear that.

"Excuse me what?" Monique questioned in disbelief.

"She's free to go." Margaret repeated. "I totally believe everything you just said and I see nothing but negative if we hold her and try to charge her with anything. Ms. Ford on the other hand may still be charged with attempted theft but that'll be up the accuser if he wants to press those charges, but even then we don't intend to hold her either. You might want to tell her in the future it'd be in her best interest not to be so openly harsh to the police officers but I imagine that'll fall on deaf ears. Doesn't that skirt get awful breezy?"

"I wear a trench coat when I'm out," Monique said obviously used to being questioned about her attire. "So you're saying she can go and there won't be any charges?"

"As plainly as I can yes."

"You're not going to do anything to her?"

"I'm going to remind her again of what a great thing she's doing but other than that no."

"Do you work in this department?" Monique asked as if she was fishing for something.

"I work at he DA's office but I happened to be here for another case when I heard Amanda had been arrested. Good thing for your clients I was."

"Yeah, it sure is good for us," Monique replied sounding somewhat cynical.

"I'm glad you agree," Margaret confessed and then closed up her briefcase and picked it up and moved toward the door. "I'm going to go out and inform everyone of my decision to not press charges so you two can follow me on out and then you may leave once I'm done. I'll make sure to see that we get the audio on that camera fixed in the near future."

Margaret then left the room leaving the door open for us to follow her. I was about to get up when Monique stood over me and asked "Are you sure she didn't question you about anything?"

"No." I answered. "There's no way I would've answered anything without you here. I know how CJ would react to that."

"Well she's not going to react well to this." Monique confessed with a touch of nervousness in her voice. "Well come on lets get going if that's what's going to happen."

I got up and began to follow Monique out the door and back into the main area where most of the officers were. I had actually forgotten for a brief moment that I was still naked but I quickly remembered once I was out in the open and several pairs of eyes were suddenly on me. Even in the few good moments I get I have to keep suffering the feeling of vulnerability of being openly exposed, it never stops.

I stayed close behind Monique until we came up to Margaret who was talking with an older officer and I saw CJ standing off to the side looking confused. When CJ saw me though she came right up to us.

"What the hell is going on?" she demanded to know. "Were they questioning you before she got here?"

"No." I said shaking my head. "The DA lady says she's a fan of mine and wanted to tell me so."

"What?" CJ said sounding disbelieving.

"That's what the lady claims." Monique jumped in. "And she says she's not going to press charges and we're free to go."

"She did?" CJ said seemingly a little stunned. "Did you show her the medical records?"

"She said it wasn't necessary." Monique answered. "She believes Amanda and thinks she's doing a wonderful thing so she's letting her go."

CJ suddenly had nothing to say, it was like her voice box had juststopped working. She turned around and we all moved closer to Margaret and the officer who seemed to be having a disagreement about something.

"How can you say that you believe this girl?" the officer said harshly to Margaret. "I've never heard of such a thing as being allergic to clothes. I think we need to send her St. Vincent's for a mental evaluation."

"Well I don't think we do." Margaret shot back. "I've talked with her and she's totally rational and this could cause all sorts of bad publicity for the DA's office as well as this department, so we're letting her go."

"You're letting her leave here like that?" He said angrily. "We can't have women walking around out in the open naked like this. I don't agree with this at all."

"Well she's no ordinary person and quite frankly it's not up to you to decide what's to be done with her. I'm the one who would have to make the case and as far as I'm concerned there isn't one. She's free to go and that's that and I don't want to hear another word out of you. Times are changing around here, better get used to it." Margaret then turned around and faced us. "It's great to meet you again Amanda and keep up the good work. As for you Ms. Ford you may have charges pending but until then you may go as well, you may want to take some lessons on using better manners in the future though since your behavior today was reprehensible."

"What's reprehensible is that rat's nest you call your hair." CJ shot at her.

"That's a good client you got there," Margaret said to Monique, "she must keep you very busy since I'm sure that mouth gets her in plenty of trouble. Have a good day ladies."

"Ms. Borger I think you should reconsider..." the officer tried to get in.

"Save your breath Harold," Margaret cut him off and then walked out of the room.

After a moment of awkward silence where it seemed no one knew what to say the officer finally said "I guess you two ladies are free to go since there aren't going to be any charges pressed. You may pick up your purse at the front desk Ms. Ford."

"You pigs make me sick." CJ fired at him and gave him a look that caused him to sulk away as if he’d done something really terrible.

Once CJ picked up her purse we were led out to the front of the building where Stacy was waiting for us in the lobby. When she saw us she jumped up and came over and gave me a hug.

"You okay precious," she asked me as she squeezed tightly. "Are you going to have to go to court over this?"

"I guess not today." I said into her ear. "They're not pressing any charges."

"They're not?" She said surprised as she let me go. "That's kind of unusual isn't it?"

"Stacy," CJ interrupted, "did you park close by?"

"Yeah just outside of here," she replied.

"Good. Could you take Amy here to the car and wait for me? I need to have a talk here in private with our lawyer about my possible case, as well as other things."

Part 101a

"Amanda, you have to tell me what that was like." Stacy had a wild gleam in her eye when she whispered her question to me. I was trying to use her as a potential shield to hide behind in case someone came along while we were walking to the car but she seemed to know what I was trying to do and just kept getting behind me.

"Tell you what was it like?" I said pretending to not know what she meant.

"Getting arrested and being paraded naked around a police station." she replied with a giggle in her voice. "I've had many a fantasy that fits this scenario and you need to tell what it was like for you."

"Is everything I do something you fantasize about?" I asked her as I was getting tired of hearing about her perverted daydreams.

"Everything you've done lately has been," she answered as I saw CJ's SUV coming into view. "I mean it's been like watching everything I've dreamt about come to life."

"Was me getting arrested your fantasy that they had planned for me?" I asked already knowing what was supposed to have happened.

"No," she answered plainly, "but I do believe this was supposed to have been part of it. Did CJ tell you what it was?"

"No she hasn't." I replied coldly. "She's really good at keeping secrets. Why don't you tell me what it is?"

"Well I don't want to ruin it," she as we reached the vehicle. "I mean I believe it's supposed to be a surprise for you, at least that's what I was told. Although with the cops dropping the charges I'm not sure how they’re going to do it."

"You suck Stacy." I said angrily to her.

"What?" She said seeming shocked at hearing me say that. "What do you mean I suck?"

"I mean you're a bitch! I shot at her.

"Amanda!" Stacy spouted in disbelief. "God I've never heard you talk to anyone like that before."

"Well Jesus Stacy what kind of friend would come up with an idea of having me get arrested and get walked all through a police station while I'm naked?" I shouted at her. "I mean it was fucking scary. I didn't know what was going on and I'm getting fingerprinted and marched in front of holding cells full of people who did God knows what not to mention the dozens of police officers who got an eyeful. Oh and I was even brought into an interrogation room Stacy, is that part of your fantasy too? Does that get you hot?"

"Well hey missy," Stacy fired back as she put her hands on her hips "I seem to remember being asked for a fantasy because you needed an idea."

"Oh Christ Stacy I meant a harmless idea, not one that involved the legal system. I thought you'd come up with something like going bowling, but no you come up with the most scary thing you could think of. Hell why didn't you come up with something were I'm stuck out on a ledge of a high rise building and have to be rescued or have to jump into a safety net or something like that while you were at it?"

"Emily thought that would be too dangerous because she said you seemed a little clumsy and might accidentally fall off and get killed." Stacy said with a trace of shame in her voice.

"Oh Jesus." I said as I buried my face in my hands at learning that was one of her ideas. "Stacy you're a spoiled brat who who needs to realize that people aren't put here for your amusement. You put me in a bad place and all you care about is how hot and sexy you think it is."

"You know for someone who claims to be a Christian you sure do take Jesus' name in vain a lot."

"Yeah and for someone who's been blessed with a smart brain you sure come up with a lot of stupid ideas."

"I don't really like this side of you Amanda."

"I don't really give a shit!" I fired at her. Boy once I let out a little anger more of it just flooded out of my mouth. "Haven't you read on my site what it is I'm all about Stacy? I'm about shame and everyone's lack there of, which right now really includes you. You are absolutely shameless and one day soon you’re going to find your life is an uncontrollable mess because of all of the shameless things you've done with it. You have all the potential in the world Stacy and you're wasting it because you're behaving like a dumb-ass blonde all the time. God, think of the great things you could be doing instead of running around drinking and looking for cheap thrills."

Stacy didn't reply to that last comment I made, she just stood there silently for a moment seeming to contemplate what she had just been told. I had a feeling she didn't get talked to like that very often and I actually began to worry about how she was going to respond to what I’d said to her. I certainly noticed that she hadn't unlocked the doors to the SUV yet which left me standing out there exposed to anyone who might happen along. Crap why didn't I keep my mouth shut until I got inside, the one time I finally let some anger out and it was at the wrong moment.

"Oh my God there she is," I heard a woman's voice yell from somewhere behind me.

I turned around and nearly chocked on the gum I was chewing when I saw a large mass of people carrying signs coming towards us. I instinctively tried to open the car door to get in but of course it was still locked. As they got closer I could read some of the signs they were carrying, most of which said "Free Amanda" or "Let Amanda Go" or something of that nature.

"Looks like your fan club is here to see you Amanda." Stacy said expressionless.

Within a minute I was completely surrounded by what seemed like several dozen people all of whom where saying my name in some form or another. I knew there were more people than this at the picnic earlier but somehow this seemed scarier since they seemed more like a mob then a friendly gathering.

"Wow you're even more beautiful in person Amanda." I heard several people say once they were close enough for me to hear them clearly.

"What's going on everybody?" I found myself asking nervously.

A lady who looked to be in her mid-forties stepped up to me with sign in hand and said, "We saw on your website that you had been arrested and were going to go in front of a judge tonight for a competence hearing."

"My website said that?" I said surprised.

"Oh yeah," she answered "We thought that was an outrage so those of us on the site at the time decided to organize a protest. As you can see many others thought the same thing."

"Wow!" I said out loud. "You guys sure organize fast."

"We couldn't sit by and possibly let them put you in jail or heaven forbid make you go against your beliefs and make you get dressed." A man in the crowd told me.

Yeah heaven forbid I get to put something on to cover myself up with, not that I could anyway with that crap they made me drink. I sure hoped that the nicotine worked and it wasn’t too late. At least the gum didn't taste so bad anymore.

"How come you're out here?" the lady asked me.

"Well I have good news guys," I began trying to sound cheerful "there won't be any charges pressed against me so they let me go."

"They did!" she replied excitedly. "Oh my gosh that's great news."

Suddenly the whole crowd broke out into cheers and applause and began waving their signs to show their pleasure at hearing this.

"I'm sorry you all came down for nothing." I told them nicely. "It was very kind of you all though to do this."

"Oh we're not sorry," the lady told me. "We think you're a breath of fresh air. I know personally the fact that you give your money all to charity really means a lot to me, especially that you give to cancer research. I had a brother who died of leukemia ten years ago and I'm all for anything that helps to find a cure for it."

"I'm just doing what's being asked of me." I replied to her with a smile. I wondered how she would feel if she knew all of this was being forced on me.

"Can we get pictures with you Amanda," another lady in the crowd asked. "You know, since we're all here and everything."

"Of course." I said with a sigh knowing that I really didn't have a choice.

God I must have posed for hundreds of pictures already today and yet I kept having to pose for more. As I saw several cameras being pulled out and aimed in my direction Stacy suddenly came up next to me and began speaking to the crowd.

"Everyone I'd like to say something first If I may." Stacy said to the crowd who instantly gave her their attention. "My name is Stacy and I'd like to tell you all a little bit about my friend Amanda here."

Oh shit I hoped she wasn’t trying to get back at me for what I said earlier.

Part 101b

"I've known Amanda here for several years, really since grade school." Stacy began to address the crowd. "I can't say we were really friends or anything, but when you go to school with someone for a long time like we have you always notice they're there."

"What kind of girl was Amanda when she was a kid?" a man asked from somewhere in the crowd.

"Well a lot like she was just before she started this, very quiet and shy." Stacy went on. "She didn't say a whole lot and I never saw her much at school functions, but she was always sweet and smiled at people when she walked through the halls. Now I must admit that since we started going to high school I paid pretty much no attention to her since I run with a large crowd and she pretty much ran with none. What I'm saying is that I was popular and didn't have time for those who weren't, in fact I was elected class president in a landslide and I didn't even have to campaign much. I even had two guys try to blackmail me into having sex with half the school because I'm so wanted. It didn't work but it wasn't for a lack of effort. I've even heard of a porn story being written with my name in it."

"I believe that," another guy agreed.

Good God where the hell was Stacy going with this? It's like she was bragging about herself.

"Anyway the point is that I barely noticed Amanda here the last few years since she just sort of blended into the background and I was too self involved to even care. Then last week I was with my parents at the Oregon Duck football game and who do I see walking naked through the crowd? I see the last person I ever would have thought would do something like that, shy quiet Amanda. I have to be honest, I damn near pissed my pants I was so shocked to see her."

"I was at that game too." a woman in the back spoke up. "I thought she was the craziest person I'd ever seen. To walk through a large crowd like that with no clothes on, I figured it had to be a prank."

"I didn't know what to think at first." Stacy admitted. "Here's this girl who I've seen in the halls for years who barely speaks above a whisper and is usually covered from head to toe all year long scampering naked down the aliases and running across the football field during the game. I had to take a picture of her to make sure this was actually happening. Now I have something to confess, I actually have had fantasies about doing something like that myself, lots of fantasies, but no way would I ever do something like that for real. Yet when I saw her do that it really awoken something in me that I had to seek her out and try to find out what was up. And then a couple of days later I found her hiding behind a tree at my friend’s house and when I saw she was naked and hiding from the police I just had to find out what was going on with her."

"Was this when she had walked down and dropped a letter in a mailbox and then took off running when a cop saw her?" somebody asked.

"I guess," Stacy answered.

Why was she bringing all this crap up? Was this some way of getting back at me for yelling at her? What was the point of her telling all this? God I wished we could get into the car.

"Anyway when I found out she was becoming a nudist I couldn't help but get goosebumps." Stacy continued with her drivel. "I mean here right in front of me was someone who clearly was not someone who would do something like this and I'm sure many of you have noticed that she doesn't act like someone who really gets off on it."

Many in the crowd nodded their heads in agreement with Stacy's point. "To me this was exactly what I had been looking for, someone who would live out my fantasies for me and would take all the heat for it. I have to admit that I became obsessed all of a sudden with someone I had barely paid any attention to for a long time. Next thing I knew I had her running naked through the school hallways, driving her naked around in my car, today I even intentionally locked my keys in the car so she would have to walk several blocks out in the open to get to the picnic we were at earlier."

"You made her do that?" someone asked.

"Well it sure wasn't her idea." Stacy replied. "And I have to admit I loved every second of it. I mean look at her she's so cute like this you just want to show her off, and to think that she's doing this for God just gets to me that much more."

"She is cute." someone agreed. "She's one of those girls who looks better naked than she does in clothes."

Yeah but I felt better in clothes than I did like this. I didn't give a damn about looking better.

"I was just so into what she was doing I lost track of myself and got carried away." Stacy explained. "You see in all of this I lost the point of what Amanda here is all about."

"About doing good things?" someone suggested.

"No," Stacy answered, "that she's about reminding us of the lack of shame in our lives. You see the first thing I asked Amanda here after she had been released was not if she was okay or if she had been hurt but about how it felt being arrested naked and paraded through the police station. I was more concerned with how hot it was that she did that instead of her well being."

"That's not cool," someone shouted. "I mean geeze, that was probably pretty scary."

"Yeah I imagine it was." Stacy agreed. "Yet that didn't even cross my mind, I was totally shameless."

Okay now I was really confused; was she now making a confession or something? Was she trying to make this up to me with this?

"Amanda here pointed out to me, and very emphatically so, that I had not been a good friend to her and I was more concerned with having a good time then I was with doing something positive. She more or less told me that I had no shame and I would end up ruining my life because of it, and you know what, she's right. I am shameless, I don't really care about anyone more than I do about myself and what I can get from everybody. For years I've just batted my eyelashes and got whatever I wanted without thinking of how it made me look or who may have been hurt by it, as long as I got what I wanted that was all that mattered to me. I mean my God I can't even live out my own fantasies I have to do it through her." Stacy then took a real deep breath and before she let it out she started to take her jacket off. "I'm so warped that I let my friend get arrested and didn't care that she was probably terrified. When she told me this stuff I then realized that I do really care for her and actually have grown to like her an awful lot, I mean she's put up with a lot of shit from me and up until then hadn't said a word about it. She even got down on her knees with me earlier and prayed with me when I made her walk to the park because she's so sweet. I realized that I can't risk having her hate me, which is a feeling that is new to me."

Stacy then put her jacket on top of the roof of the SUV and then began to kick off her shoes. What the hell was she doing?

"I don't want to be the person I've been," Stacy continued to speak as she began to untuck her shirt from her pants "I don't want to be some 'dumb-ass blonde' as was suggested, I want to have Amanda as my friend and to do that I need to find some shame in myself."

Stacy suddenly pulled her shirt off and sat it on top of her jacket, she then pulled off her t-shirt she had on underneath it and was now just in her bra although she still had on her pants on. It was now that I realized she was about to strip for everyone.

"Stacy what are you doing?" I asked her as she began to unbutton her pants.

"I'm doing what I have to do precious," she replied. "I've been fantasizing long enough, I think I need to know how this really feels."

"Damn go for it!" a man yelled from behind everyone. "This is going to be the best protest gathering ever!"

"Stacy you don't have to do this." I told her not really wanting her to do this. "This isn't something I want."

"I have to Amanda," she told me as she pushed her pants down her thighs. "This is the only way I can find some shame in myself."

Soon Stacy had her pants off and was just in her underwear. I have to admit that I felt a little intimidated by Stacy's body, which in my opinion was much better than mine. I mean she's tan, got bigger boobs, and is more toned than me – although she could take much of the attention away from me which wouldn't be so bad.

"Oh boy this is a lot harder than I thought it would be." Stacy said to herself as she began to unclasp her bra. She began to breathe harder and I noticed her swallow nervously as her she pulled her bra off revealing her large breasts which just seem to float there. The familiar sound of clicking cameras began to go off around us as she set the bra with the rest of her clothes. "Oh Lord give me strength," she whispered to herself as she began to push her lacy panties down her legs and over her feet. Soon she was as naked as I was.

"Hey she's shaved too," someone pointed out as more clicks went off.

Stacy then turned to me with a humbled look on her face and asked, "Can you forgive me for being a bad friend Amanda?"

"I already have." I told her honestly as I noticed she was beginning to shake from nerves. I have to say I was rather touched.

"How the hell do you do this all day," she asked nervously as I could tell she was fighting the urge to cover herself. She then reached over to me and began hugging me in front of everyone which seemed to bring the clicking around us to a new level. I reluctantly hugged her back but tried real hard not to press against her since this felt totally awkward and kind of gay. She pushed herself up against me anyway though and before I knew it our breasts squished against each other.

"Can you two hold that for a second, someone asked, "That’s a keeper."

For the next several minutes the two of us posed for pictures for everyone there, some by ourselves, some with each other with our arms around one another. Stacy was turning beet red during all of this but didn't try to stop it, I could tell that her body was doing the same thing that mine always did which was to get aroused from the exposure which also like me seemed to embarrass her greatly. This was easily the most humbled I'd ever seen her in all of the years I'd known her and it was strange that she was doing it for me. I sure hoped she didn't end up regretting this somehow.

"Well what's going on?" CJ asked enthusiastically as she and Monique suddenly walked up.

“Stacy! Holy crap you're naked too."

"She's learning to be shameful." someone shouted.

"Damn is that possible?" CJ said surprised.

"I'm afraid it is," Stacy said shyly as she finally gave into covering herself with her hands when she saw CJ.

"Oh that's so sweet." CJ cooed and then turned to the crowd. "Did all of you come down to support Amanda?"

"We sure did," the lady who praised me for giving to cancer research spoke up. "We're so happy they let her go too."

"Oh yeah we all are," CJ said with a bit sarcasm in her voice. "She's now free and clear. It's cool you all came down here and to show our appreciation you're all welcome to go to Tony Roma's down the street from here for an all you can eat dinner on us tonight. How's that sound?"

The crowd gave their overwhelming approval to the offer.

"Great," CJ said giddily "just go down there and tell them you're with Amanda's party and everything will be taken care of."

"Will Amanda be coming?" the cancer lady asked.

"I know she'd like to but she's had a full day and she's going to take the rest of the night off." CJ explained. "But she'll be there in spirit I'm sure. Thank you all very much for coming out, we all appreciate the support. I need to get Amy home now though so she can get some rest, she has another full day tomorrow."

"Can't wait to see it on the net." A man yelled excitedly. "God bless you girls."

The crowd began to slowly disperse although not without getting a few more pictures and telling me several times how much I inspire them. When most of them were gone Stacy grabbed her clothes and began to quickly dress.

"Good God what was I thinking?" Stacy said as she hurriedly pulled on her panties and began to put on her bra. "That was scary. I now know what you've gone through Amanda, how do you get used to that?"

"Who says I have?" I said honestly feeling jealous that she can get dressed.

"That was really cool Stacy." CJ praised her. "You're a true follower now."  She then turned to Monique and said "Would you mind taking Stacy home? She needs to start getting things set up for her party tomorrow and I thought maybe you could bring her up to speed on things now that she's officially part of the family."

"How much up to speed?" Monique asked curiously.

"I think completely would be good." CJ answered with a sly grin. "I'm going to take Amy here over to my house and let her stay there tonight. I haven't actually been there for a few days and I need to check up to make sure everything there is being done right."

"I think I can handle that." Monique said confidently. "Come on blondie we got business to discuss."

Part 102
I couldn't believe how well I’d slept. I guess I was so tired I couldn't help it. I mean sure the heated cot I was lying on was rather comfy but I never thought I'd sleep with CJ's snoring. She insisted that I sleep in her room with her, which is a huge room with a king size bed that's covered in silk sheets. But I put my foot down when she suggested that I sleep in her bed with her. It's not like I could get under the blankets for long anyway not to mention that I didn't believe for a second that she would keep her hands to herself. Damn though that girl can snore. For a few hours I could think of nothing else but putting a cork or something in her mouth to clog up that awful noise. I did fall asleep though, and like always when I woke up I totally forgot I was naked and involuntarily covered myself when I realized it. At least I didn't have my thumb in my mouth.

Yesterday when we left the police station CJ grilled me about what happened when I was in the interrogation room. She wanted to know what the D.A. lady asked me, how did she ask it, did she ask anything about why I was doing this and how did I answer her when I replied.

"Why don't you just ask whoever was listening to me all day what we talked about?" I suggested just to see how she would react.

"Because babygirl for your information the second we went into that damn pigshop the signal was blocked and no one could hear anything." CJ had replied sounding irritated. "Why it did that and how it did that is unknown to me and I don't like the unknown. I sure as fuck don't like having our well thought out plans getting pushed out the window. Do you have any idea how much trouble we went through for all of that?"

"The arrest was a fake?" I had said and tried my best to sound surprised and shocked.

"Of course it was fake," she shouted. "You think I'd actually let myself get arrested? You were supposed to go in front of a judge so that he could declare your condition real and then we were to go out and meet the protesters and have a big bash, but no some bitch D.A. shows up and says you're fine because she believes in what you're doing and just lets you go. You know we still have to pay that judge and he doesn't come cheap. It's all bullshit."

"Isn't that a good thing though that she's a fan of mine?" I asked trying to rib her a little. "Isn't that the whole point?"

"Shut up!" CJ snapped at me. "And spit out that gum it's annoying. Where did you get it anyway?"

"The D.A. gave it to me."

"It figures," she said as she rolled her eyes. "Believe me that bitch had better hope we don't find any dirt on her because innocent or not I don't like having my plans fucked up."

She did calm down after a bit and even praised me later for how I got Stacy to undress there in front of all of those protesters. I tried to tell her that wasn't my intention I was just tired of her crap but CJ didn't seem to care because she was so happy that she did it. I wanted to ask her what Monique was supposed to be telling Stacy but I decided I really didn't want to talk to CJ if I didn't have to; I was still sore with her for making my dad give her oral sex not to mention turning me into this naked prop.

After we drove for awhile I noticed that we had left the city and were driving out in the country somewhere and when she turned off the main road she pulled up to a large gate that was connected to a large brick wall that looked to circle some large piece of property. CJ then took out a remote control and hit a button and the gates then slowly began to swing open.

"What is this place?" I had asked her.

"Our home." she replied. "The only place that’s cool enough for cool chicks like us."

We then drove down a long twisting driveway until it came to a huge estate with a large and rather new and expensive looking mansion that looked out over the area. I'm not really one for extravagance but this place just looked amazing.

"Do you guys own this?" I asked her as I stared in awe at the place.

"It ain't my dad's," she answered, "although much of his money did pay for it."

We parked in front of what looked like the main entry to the house and before we got out a young lady in a very revealing maid's outfit came out and walked over to us. She looked to be around CJ's age and had dark hair and an olive skin tone, she could've been of Latin descent or maybe Italian but she was certainly pretty and I couldn't help but notice she had a similar collar around her neck to what I was wearing.

"Good evening CJ," the maid girl had said as she opened CJ's door for her. "I didn't know you were coming by tonight."

"Hey I like to make a grand entrance," CJ replied as she got out of the car.

The maid then come over and opened my door for me and I tentatively got out. I expected the girl to look me over like most do but she barely looked at me.

"Amy this is Sally," CJ told me as she walked over and stood next to the maid.  "Doesn't she look cute in this little outfit? I think she does which is why it's all she's allowed to wear; she does have more than one though. Sally this is Amy, my new pride and joy."

"Hello Amy," Sally said shyly.

“Sally and I went to high school together," CJ began to explain as she put her arm around Sally. “We were tight at one time but then she decided I was evil and tried to turn me in when I tried to fix my advanced English exam, which wasn't smart. Needless to say that ever since then she's been my property and isn't allowed to leave here, that's why she's got the collar on. Sally tell Amy what'll happen if you try to leave."

"I'll get a real bad shock from the collar when I cross an electronic border around the property," she answered while looking down at her feet.

"And what else?" CJ prodded.

"My mother will be arrested for embezzling money from her company." Sally answered.

Crap that sounded familiar. Guess my dad wasn’t the only one who did that.

"Good girl." CJ praised. "Let this be a warning to you Amy. Don't ever fuck with us; you won't win and you'll just end up worse off than Sally here. Sally will you go fix something up for dinner for us?"

"Yes ma'am."

CJ took me and showed me most of the house which seemed to have a little bit of everything: indoor swimming pool, a deluxe game room with pool tables and video games on a large screen, a gym with very expensive looking equipment, not to mention a large party room that could fit a few hundred people. It was when we got into an elevator that led us down to what seemed like a secret room, if there can be a secret room in a place like this, that I was really impressed. It was similar to the control room at the channel 12 studio we were at the other day but even bigger. It was full of computers and monitors as well as other electronic devices that I had no clue what they were, although they looked fancy. A man in a white lab coat came out of the room adjacent to the one were in and seemed surprised to see us.

"Oh my goodness, Ms. Ford, I didn't know you were here," he had said startled.

"Hi Barney," CJ acknowledged him. "I thought I'd stop by and see if you've found out anything about why her collar stopped working in the copshop."

"Well we still don't know for sure but it seems most logical that there was something in either their surveillance system or in their dispatch that caused interference with the signal, that would at least make the most sense."

"Well I want you to have a look at the collar anyway just to make sure." CJ told him as she took out a small key like thing from her pocket and then walked behind me. "Babygirl here isn't going anywhere tonight so it won't hurt for her to take it off for a few hours."

Needless to say I was happy to finally have that thing off, even if just for awhile. The thing that surprised me though was how much more naked I felt when she took it off, for some time it had been the only thing I've worn and now I didn't even have it, but it was still nice to not feel like I was wearing a dog collar. It was also pleasing to know that they were really concerned about why it had stopped working, for once something wasn't working in their favor and it was getting them and it was a nice change of pace. I just hoped that things unraveled fast for them so I didn't have to do this anymore.

I was laying on top of this cot CJ had brought into her bedroom for me not wanting to really wake up since reality hadn't been the greatest for the last week and a half but I seemed to be unable to fall back asleep. I noticed that there was no snoring coming from CJ's bed so I lifted my head to look and saw her bed was empty and unmade. She obviously must've gotten up while I was out and when I looked at the clock next to her bed it read 10:30. Crap I must've really slept, no wonder she was up already. Oh well screw her I wasn’t getting up until someone got me up, maybe they'd forget about me and I wouldn't have to go to Stacy's Halloween party tonight and I could avoid what could be an even more unpleasant experience.

"Hey babygirl wake up!" CJ shouted pleasantly as she swung open the bedroom door and entered the room. "We need to get you cleaned up and fed, we got things to do today."

"Oh I don't want to do anything today." I sleepily whined. "It's Saturday, can't I have a day off? I'm still tired from everything you had me do yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that."

"There are no days off for people with missions like yours," she said in her still pleasant tone. "Plus today's a really big day, even bigger than yesterday. Remember there's a party tonight and we have a killer costume for you."

"What is it?" I asked.

"You'll see. It's really fetch and the best thing is no one's going to recognize you in it."

"Really?" I replied feeling somewhat happy that I won't be recognized. I wondered if it'd cover me somehow…

"Oh yeah," she reassured me, "everybody's going to think you're someone else. Plus we have to get the actual party ready, get mine and Em's costumes ready, make sure we have enough munchies and refreshments for everyone, not to mention our other plans for the party. Oh and if we get the chance we have to bail Gale out of jail, but only if there's time."

"Mrs. Davis is in jail?" I said surprised as I lifted my head off my pillow.

"Yeah she got arrested last night for beating up her ex-husband." CJ replied seemingly trying to hold back laughter. "Seems since you weren't there to clean the house last night she went and tried to make him do it. I guess it didn't work. Now come on and get up, Sally made you a bigass omelet and you don't want it to get to cold. Oh and by the way you need to put this back on."  She then held out my collar so she could put it back on my neck. "You'll be glad to know there's nothing wrong with it. We're just going to have those pigs at the station find out what was causing the interference yesterday."

"Can't I eat first?"

"You know you can't."