Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 96

"We'd probably better get going Amanda." Stacy suggested as she pointed to the clock. "The thing is going to be starting pretty soon and it wouldn't look
good if you were really late."

For the last hour or so I'd sat by the table and listend to Stacy talk about what a blast she'd had partying at Gale's house last night while they
watched me on some big screen. She went on and on about how hot I looked and about taking jello shots and having orgasms in the hottub and getting so drunk that she ended up spending the night there and sleeping on my cot.

"I may have left some love stains on it," she had said to me. "I mean I get really horny when I'm drink and I usually end up being the one I go afte since I don't like to around. I get really into it too."

I needed to make sure I burned those sheets so they didn't get used again, I should burn the cot too. I'd worry about that later though since now it appeared
it was time to go this picnic thing they set up to help sell picture CD's of me. I couldn't believe that they'd gotten me so far into this that they were about to make me try to convince people to buy something that contained so many of those naked pictures of me. They were actually making me sell my own humiliation to people. This was so unfair, I'd never done anything to anybody but I was being treated like I'd robbed a homeless shelter or something. Actually I guess that's what my dad did, in fact that's why I'd agreed to do this. Goddammit dad you f.cking asshole!

"You don't have any shoes or anything?" Stacy asked me as she put her jacket back on.

"No I don't," I answered glumly. Man I really didn't have anything, how depressing was that?

"And you burned all of your clothes last night," Stacy reminded me. "You've really made yourself helpless haven't you?"

"I guess I have," I admitted which caused my stomach to get queasy.

"This makes being your friend a very important job. I have to make sure that you're safe and healthy all the while still making sure you're following your mission. I've been waiting for a good noble cause to get behind, I think yours will suit me really well."

"I'd really appreciate it if you'd put more effort into the 'safe and healthy' part and let me worry more about the latter part," I told her trying to keep her focused away from my so-called mission.

She giggled to herself and then turned off the TV and opened the door to the hallway. "I can do both very well precious. Now let's safely get you to the park so we can help some college girls try to save the world. Don't worry I have your car keys on my chain so you won't have to fuss about them."

I didn't like that she was so eager to get me there; and I didn't like that she was driving my car and keeping my keys either. Boy she wasn't kidding when she said that I'd made myself helpless, even though the thought of going to this made me want to go nuts. I was helpless to do anything other than go along with it. Even right then I was practically at the mercy of this nutty blonde who won class president because her boobs were bigger than everyone else's. I had
to do what she told me to do or I made things worse for myself. I already really missed the days that I could look down on Stacy and feel morally superior, not like now where I had to degrade myself in front of her.

We left the room and I followed her through the building until she opened a door that led out to the parking lot. She stood inside holding the door open for me to go out but I wanted her to go out first.

"Can you go out and unlock the car first please?" I asked her hoping I could dash into it when I came out.

"I need to lock this door first," she explained, "and I have to do it from the outside. C'mon it'll be quick and I don't see anyone out here that'll bother us."

"Stacy," I whined.

"Hey don't make me tickle you," she threatend with a smile. "I will if you keep making me stand here like this."

Oh crap I didn't want her doing that. A quick vision of that dork tickling me last night while I was tied to that pole flashed by me and caused me to quiver. Feeling defeated I made myself step through the door and out into the open parking lot. My heart started to beat faster the second I was out in the open but it did calm a little when I saw no one was around. I saw my car parked right in front of me and I moved over to it just as Stacy slammed the door to the building and locked it with a key on her chain. I stood by the passenger side door of my car and figited while I waited for Stacy to come and unlock it.

"It's cold Stacy," I pleaded with her, "c'mon, hurry and unlock it."

Stacy walked over and fumbled with the keys on her chain as if she was trying to find one. Her chain looked like it had a lot of keys on and she seemed to have trouble finding mine.

"Shit where is it?" Stacy said to herself as she searched.

"It says Toyota on it," I told her as I began to rub my arms for warmth. The sun was out and was shining on us, but with it being October that actually made it colder.

"I can't seem to find it," she confessed. "Does it have a black head on it?"

"Yes and it says Toyota," I said harshly. "You're the one that drove it here."

"Well I don't see it." A look of remembrance suddenly came across her face.

"Oh shit, you know I don't think I put them on my chain. That's right, I was going to put them on my chain when I got here but then I think I got distracted. Oh shit! Look they're still in the ignition."

I saw her point into the car and when I looked my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw my keys sitting in the ignition slot. I involuntarily began pulling on the lever to open my door but as I feared it was locked, as was the driver's side door.

"Oh shit I can't believe I did that." Stacy said almost sounding amused. "I locked the f.cking keys in your car. Jiggers I'm more hungover from last night than I thought."

"Well I guess we can't go now," I said as that thought came to me. "We'll have to go back in and call someone to come get us."

"I don't have anyone's number from around here." Stacy pointed out. "Do you have Emily's cell number?"

"No." I admitted. I'd never had to call her. "We'll have to hope she'll figure out to come back here."

"No I don't think we should do that." Stacy disagreed. "She might be too busy plus she told me that I had to get you there. The park really isn't that far, we can just walk."

"Walk?" I replied not wanting to accept that as a possibility. "I can't really walk there like this."

"Why not? You drove here like that."

"Being in a car and being out in the open are two different things." I pointed out to her. "I almost got arrested too in case you forgot."

"Yeah but you didn't have me with you then though, I can take care of any police trouble that may happen. I don't mean to brag but I've been pulled over at least a dozen times in the past year and I've sweet talked my way out of a ticket every time. You just have to know how to talk to a man."

"I think we should just wait here Stacy." I tried to convince her. "I mean I don't have any shoes and it's cold and everything."

"I saw you take your vitamins."

"They don't keep me warm."

"I can do that."

"I'd rather you didn't."

"Well we're not waiting here," she said firmly. "I just locked the door and I don't feel like unlocking it. Besides if we hurry we won't be very late, it's only about 7 or 8 blocks from here and if we walk fast enough you'll stay warm."

"Stacy..." I began to plead.

"Am I going to have to tickle you? I mean I'll be happy to do it if that's what it's going to take to get you moving down the road."

"Oh please don't do that."

"Then quit arguing with me," she said as she walked over to my side. "Because if you do I'll have to do this."

She then reached over and began tickling my ribs which instantly caused me to squirm with laughter. I pushed her hands away and tried to get away from her but she chased me.

"Stacy stop!" I yelled at her but she caught me and began tickling my stomach from behind me which made me squeal.

"Boy you really are ticklish." she said as she had me trapped up agaist the side of the car. "I could have fun all day doing this."

"Please st-ttt-op!" I shouted through my laughter.

"Are you going to argue with me anymore?"


"We're going to walk to the park then?"


"And I'm your favorite person in the world?"

"Hell no!"

She then tickled me harder.

"Yes! You're my favorite!"

"I thought so," she said triumphantly and then let me go. "I'm everyone's favorite. Boy you sure turn red when you get tickled, it's really sexy though."

"Oh good God." I said as I moved away from her and tried to catch my breath. "I'm not doing this to look sexy."

"Well you are anyway," she teased me. "Most women would kill to look as hot as you do right now."

I'd have traded places with them right then if I could. Shit my body was all aroused again, dammit what did she have to tickle me for? God I was going to look like such a whore walking down the street like this, you'd think I'd have been used to that idea since I was pretty much always naked.

"We need to get going now precious," Stacy told me as she pulled her cameraphone out of her jacket pocket. "I want a shot of you like this first though before we start walking." She then quickly snapped off some shots of me, more to add to the ever growing collection, and then pointed in the direction we were taking to get to the  park. She then took my arm and we began walking down the sidewalk next to the road just as a car came whizzing by. Oh God why did I have this feeling that this walk was going to be endless? Another car went by from the other direction
and honked at us which made me jump, but made Stacy smile and deep a breath.

"I don't know what it is but other people seeing you like this just makes me wet," she proclaimed happily as we slowly kept walking. "I just want everyone to see you. Oh I can't wait for tonight, I don't know how they're going to pull this off for you but I'm looking forward to seeing them try."

"You mean your fantasy thing?" I asked as I found myself pushing closer to her as another car was coming by. I wanted to hide behind something really bad.

"Yeah. I can't believe they're not going to tell you what it is. That's actually kind of mean when you think about it, but it does make it hotter."


That came from behind us and I nearly knocked Stacy over when I jumped. Oh crap I was going to have to cross another damn crosswalk, and in the daylight this time too. I so wished this would get easier since I kept having to do it but instead I hated it more each time I had to, and there was going to be more to come after this one. More and more this was becoming my life, I sure
hoped Scott came through tomorrow or this would be my life, a life of constant shame and nudity.
The crosslight turned to Walk and with Stacy making sure I was between her and the cars we stepped off the curb and onto the crosswalk in front of the stopped vehicles as my ears filled with the sounds of hooting and laughter from the drivers inside of them, all of it directed at me once again.

"Hey, I know who you are," a man called from one of the cars. "You're that naked Amanda chic from the football game. Oh thank you for crossing here, you look lovely."

"Thank you," I said without looking at him. I hated that people knew my name and they were putting the word 'naked' in front like it was becoming part of it.

Shit I hated being naked.

Stacy and I walked down another block before we turned down a residential street. A part of me was glad to get away from the main road and all the traffic but walking by all these homes with their big open windows was still enough to make me overly self conscious. The sidewalk was covered with fallen leaves from the trees that lined the block and I felt them squish under my
bare feet when I walked over them. Stacy walked next to me somewhat blocking me from view of the houses but leaving me completely exposed to cars driving by. I was glad that I wasn't alone but I still felt funny walking naked next to a fully dressed woman. I'm sure the contrast was very apparent to anyone looking. It was so unfair that Stacy was making me walk to this place like
this, it was cold out and she got to wear clothes and I didn't. Crap I thought there was someone watching us from that window across the street; dammit I wanted to hide.

"You've been wearing that same cross around your neck for the last few days now haven't you?" Stacy asked me as she looked at the collar around my neck.

"You've even been sleeping with it on. Does it bring you some sort of comfort or something?"

"Well... sort of," I nervously answered her as I kept scanning around to see if anyone was watching us.

"Do you pray a lot?"

"I have been lately." That was actually true, I'd been praying like crazy lately for some divine intervention.

"I haven't really seen you pray very much," Stacy pointed out to me. "Aren't you supposed to get on your knees and stuff when you pray?"

"I usually pray silently to myself." Like right now. "I'm not big on ceremony."

"It might make it more believable to people if you did," Stacy suggested with a sly grin. "It would be really sexy too."

"You've got a one-track mind Stacy." I said to her and then tensed up when a car drove slowly by. Dammit that old man driving it saw me, I hoped he didn't wreck or anything.

"Can I try your cross on?"

"Why?" I asked.

"To see how it looks on me," she replied. "I mean it looks like a dog collar and license and might go good with my outfit."

"You think it looks like a dog collar?" I asked as I had feared that was how it looked to other people.

"Ah yeah." she said in a 'well duh' tone of voice. "The cross looks like a dangling dog license too. Many of the people at school have said that Jesus must be your owner and they've wondered if he has papers for you or not."

"They've been saying that?"

"A few have yeah. Usually they talk about what you're wearing though, I know those shorts that looked like silk panties were a huge topic of conversation the other day. Although yesterday everyone was talking about Tess Salvador and her hair taco; you were practically forgotten about since hardly anyone saw you yesterday and everyone had her picture. I still wonder where those
pictures of her came from? I bet she wished she trimmed first. Anyway let me try on your necklace."

"It doesn't come off Stacy," I had to admit to her. Shit there was another car, I wanted to duck down but I couldn't.

"It doesn't come off?" she replied shocked. "What is it glued on there or something?"

"It's locked on Stacy." I told her as the car slowed down to get a good look at me before taking off. That guy's eyes never left my crotch.

"It is?" she squealed. "Why is it locked on for?"

"So I can't lose it," I quickly answered. I wished she'd walk faster instead of asking me these stupid questions.

"Who has the key?" she asked.

"Emily and CJ do."

"So you can't take it off?"


"They make you wear it?"

I knew better than to tell her they made me. "No I wear it voluntarily." I lied to her. "It's the only thing I wear and it's to show who I work for."

"Really. So it doesn't have a tracking device in it so that if something happens to you they can find you?"

"What?" I asked as hearing her say that surprised me.

"Emily told me on the way here why you wear that," Stacy said laughing from knowing it the whole time. "She said they had it made for you so that no one could try to kidnap you or grab you or anything like that, it's supposed to be for your safety."

"I didn't know she told you that," I confessed. "Yeah it is for my protection as well as religious reasons."

"They'd also be able to find you if you tried to run away or anything too couldn't they?"

Why was she asking that for? Of course it was true and was probably the real reason they were making me wear it, but why would Stacy ask that?

"Well I guess," I replied "but why would I run away?"

"Because maybe they're making you do this," She said with a raised eyebrow.

Oh God was she serious? Had she figured it out? I couldn't tell her though because this collar had a bug in it as well as tracking device and I'd get in so much trouble. I was about to reply but then a dog started barking at us from behind a fence we were walking by. It startled me so much I almost started running until I noticed it couldn't chase us. Damn that thing almost gave me a heart attack.

"Boy that sure made you jump." Stacy amusedly pointed out. "I would too though if I was naked and I thought a dog was running toward me. He probably just smells the sweet odor of your snatch and wants a better look."

"Stacy that's gross." I snapped at her as I tried to catch my breath. I was startled again though by the honking horn of another passing car.

"Goddammit what are people trying to do to me?" I said aloud as my heart was pumping wildly. "How much further do we have to go?"

"A few more blocks," Stacy replied happily. "Shouldn't you ask for forgiveness now since you took the Lord's name in vain like that?"

"Forgive me Jesus," I said accomodating her request.

"Shouldn't you ask for it on your knees?"

"Stacy!" I yelled at her. "I'm not getting on my knees and praying right here, we're running late remember. We'd be there already if you hadn't locked my keys in my car."

"Yeah that was dumb of me," she admitted. "Maybe I should ask for forgiveness. Will you pray with me?"

"I already forgave you Stacy," I told her in frustration. "And I'll really forgive you if we can hurry a little, I mean it's cold."

"It's going to be cold there too," she pointed out. "You're still going to be outside, although Emily did say they'd have heaters and stuff for you. Still though it won't be like it would if you were inside, so us taking a few minutes to pray right here shouldn't really make a difference."

"Stacy for the love of God would you drop tha?." I pleaded. "I'll pray with you later at a more appropriate time."

"They are making you do this aren't they?" she asked seriously and made me stop walking. "They've been making you do this the whole time haven't they?"

Shit she did figure it out. God what was I going to tell her?

"What are you talking about?" I asked trying to sound naive.

"I'm talking about what that one caller on the radio show last night was talking about," she went on. "He's right isn't he? Emily and CJ are making you do this."

"They are not." I replied trying to sound shocked at her accusation. "They've never made me do anything."

Images ran in my mind from last night when Terry and Lisa accused the goddesses of the same thing, and they didn't believe me either when I told them they weren't. God and look what happend to them, sitting in a jail cell now.

"So if no one's making you do this then why won't you pray with me here?" she asked point blank. "I mean if you're really doing this because you've been born again and believe God wants this then why would you refuse to pray with me then if I ask you to?"

"I'd be happy to pray with you later Stacy." I tried to convince her. "Right here isn't an ideal setting, I mean we're practically in somebody's front yard for Christ'sake."

"You just took the Lord's name in vain again." Stacy jumped on that. "You don't talk or act like much of a Christian. This had to have been someone else's idea."

"Stacy that's not true," I said trying to think on my feet. "I've been feeling this since before I met those two. No one's making me do anything, except right now with you making me walk to the park like this."

"I guess I am making you do that huh?" she pondered. "According to Emily though you want us to make you do these things so that you'll stay on track. She said your shyness is strong and sometimes gets in the way of what you need to do."

"She's right," I proclaimed. I hated saying that. "I do need you to that. That's why I'm not to hip on the idea of getting on my knees and praying right here, I'm still embarrassed."

"Then I guess I'm going to have to make you then," Stacy said grinning as she began to wiggle her fingers and acted like she was going to tickle me again.

"No Stacy don't do that." I protested which just made her laugh.

"Then either admit that this isn't your idea and you're being made to do this or pray with me right here and now," she demanded smugly. "No just praying silently either, it has to openly and on your knees."

"Stacy no one's making me do this." I told her giving her my wounded animal look.

"Then I guess we need to pray for forgiveness then," she said as she folded her arms.

Oh Goddamn her! Shit, and I could see that there were people looking out their windows at us, one over here and two across the street. I guessed I didn't have much choice though, again.

"Okay Stacy," I gave in, "but you have to get down with me for it to be real."

"Hey no problem," she said and then knelt down on the sidewalk. Yeah that was easy for her to do being fully dressed and wearing jeans. "Come on down precious."

Man I didn't want to do this; the sidewalk was all wet and covered with leaves. I took a deep breath and made myself kneel down on the sidewalk next to Stacy. I felt the cold pavement on my left knee and some wet leaves on my right, but I felt a heavy surge of shame flow througout the rest of my body from kneeling naked and in the open like this. The look on the face of the elderly guy looking out his window across the street would make you think a car crash had just happend. He looked so shocked. 'Oh God please make this easier...'

"I think you should lead the prayer," Stacy suggested, "you know since you're the one with the dreams about him. Don't forget to put your hands together."

Wouldn't dream of that. I put my hands together in prayer and held them up between my breasts, boy how I must have looked. I decided to go ahead and close my eyes too since I figured at least I wouldn't have to see who was looking at us.

"Father in heaven," I began nervously, "we pray to you today to ask for forgiveness for our sins and shortcomings."


I was startled and opened my eyes to see a car pass us. It started to slow down and then came to a stop just before the end of the block. Crap I hoped it wasn't coming back.

"Just keep going honey," Stacy told me, "let him watch if that's what he wants."

"I ask for forgiveness," I went on closing my eyes again "for taking your name in vain repeatedly and for questioning the path you've led me down. I was wrong to do so and I'm very sorry."

And God if you could please get me out of this whole scenario, I didn't know how much more I could take. Oh man that car was turning around and coming back here.

"And I'm sorry Jesus," Stacy jumped in, "for intentionally leaving Amanda's keys in her car so we would have to walk here. I'm also sorry for constantly teasing the boys at school into thinking I might sleep with them, and also for masturbating so much lately when I look at pictures of Amanda doing your services. I can't help it though, I find it hot and want her to keep doing it."

Good grief this was how she talked to God? Talk about shameless. It certainly figured that she intentionally locked the car, I knew she was enjoying this too much.

"We've learned from our mistakes and will work on not doing them again," I prayed aloud again, with that last part directed at Stacy "we love you and follow you and ask for forgiveness in Jesus's name. Amen."

"Amen!" Stacy shouted and then snapped some shots of me down there like this with her cameraphone she had in her hand. Crap I didn't see her take it out, she must've done it when I had my eyes closed.

"Stacy!" I yelled at her. "That's blasphemy to do that."

"I said Amen." she defended herself. "The prayer was over, plus you look so cute down on your knees like that. I think the guy in the car thinks so too."

The car had parked across the street from us and a guy with a camera got out and started walking toward us.

"Are you Amanda?" he asked me as he seemed to ready his camera for use.

"She sure is," Stacy said as she started to stand up. I was about to get up too until she put her hand on my shoulder holding me down.

"Oh great," the guy said as he was happy to hear this. "I was on my way to the park to see you, I can't believe you're out here like this."

"We were praying." Stacy told him. "She's helping to save my wretched soul."

"You mind if I get some shots of you?" he asked me as he started to position himself to get a good shot.

"Sure." I told him reluctantly. "Just let me get up first."

"Can I just get a couple of you praying?" he asked. "I know you're done and all but you look so angelic in that position."

"Yeah she does," Stacy agreed. "In fact I want a couple myself." She then took more shots of me with her phone.

"Thank you I'll be quick." he said to me and then held the camera up to his face. He took about a half dozen shots from a couple of angles before he was done and I could get up. "Thank you very much, you're lovely." he said gratefully.

I finally got up as he took more shots of me and I was ashamed by how red my knees looked from kneeling. God I hated to think of how that looked.

"Are you two walking to the park?" he asked us as he continued shooting.

"Yeah." Stacy confirmed. "It's such a sunny day and all."

"Wow that's amazing." he said seeming impressed. "You mind if I walk with you and get some more shots? I don't mean to be a bother or anything it's just I drove up from Roseburg to see you."

"You did?" I asked amazed. "Just to come to this picnic?"

"Yeah." he confessed. "I just love what you're doing and I wanted to see you in person. I have friends in Michigan who love you too and are so jealous I'm coming to this. I promise if you let me walk with I won't get in the way."

"I don't mind." Stacy said and then looked at me for my opinion, as if I got one.

"Yes you may," I told him.

"Oh God bless you," he said emphatically. "You've made a lonely man very happy."

"You have to confess your sins to Jesus later though," Stacy told him with a half smile. "That's how you honor her, that and making sure you share your pictures of her with others."

Oh God I wished she'd shut up. To think I actually felt bad for what the goddesses had her do with Mr. Green, she certainly didn't seem upset by it. I wondered if she still believed I was being forced to do this. I wondered if it mattered.

Part 97

As we continued making our way to the park other people driving by spotted us and got out to take pictures of me as well. Soon we were surrounded by a half dozen or so clicking cameras who were taking shots of me from several different angles as we walked. This made me terribly uncomfortable and self-conscious but it seemed to really bring Stacy to life. She talked and
flirted with them while she kept her arm around me and held me close to her, which I actually didn't mind because since it was cold and she was the closest thing to a blanket I could use. After a few blocks we saw the park coming up in the distance and I couldn't help but notice the line of cars that were parked up and down the street. Damn I hoped they weren't all here for this stupid thing, I was really getting sick of big crowds.

"I guess it's just as well we walked," Stacy said to me. "I'm not sure if we could've found a parking spot."

"These can't all be here for the picnic," I replied although deep down I knew they might be.

"Oh I know a lot of people that are coming," One of the photographers said to us. "Ever since your appearance at the game last week you've been the talk of the town. I'm actually skipping work to come to this, and so far I'm glad I did."

"She is a special girl isn't she?" Stacy said patronizingly.

"Not many have her courage," another photographer said while still snapping photos.

"And those who do don't have her innocence either," said one of the shooters behind me. "I mean there's nothing really slutty about you Amanda, I know this is a cliche but you really look like the sweet girl next door."

"Well then what would you guys say I remind you of?" Stacy dared to ask.

"The hot cheerleader we had no chance with back in school," the first photographer replied.

"How come you're not naked?" another one asked her.

"Are you kidding? It's cold out and I don't know any of you," she replied teasingly and gave me a playful nudge. "Besides Amanda's the one who God told to do this, I think he just wants me to stay out of trouble."

"Do you?"

"Hell no."

They all chuckled for a second and then went back to taking pictures. God all the clicking sounds from the cameras made me feel like I was surrounded by a bunch of mutant chickens. Click click click. It just amazed me how one picture was never enough for anyone, they always wanted a million of them.

We walked on further and finally came to the crosswalk that led to the park. I looked across the street and to my dismay I saw several people walking along the path that led into the park, many of them carrying duffle bags and lawn chairs, and all of them there to see me run around naked and take pictures of it. I guess I should have been flattered but I'd have actually preferred they didn't take so much interest in me. I glanced at Stacy for a second and thought to myself
how this should be her doing this instead of me, this was so unfair.

"Hey would you two mind letting us cross first and then wait for the next light so we can shoot you crossing the street without us having to walk backwards?" The first photographer asked us.

"I think so." Stacy answered for us. "Don't want you falling down. This will give me a chance to warm her up a little bit too." Stacy then let me go and then started to rub my arms and torso repeatedly with her hands which caused the photographers to start snapping even more embarrassing shots, in fact they almost forgot to cross the street before the light changed. I hated her doing this but my body couldn't help but react otherwise from the warm friction she was causing, I felt my nipples instantly perk from her touching.

"Stacy don't you dare touch me there," I said to her as her hands started moving towards my breasts. "I'm not a whore, please remember that."

"I don't know what you're talking about," she said playing dumb. "I was going to do no such thing. Is this how you think of me?"

"Oh please..." I scoffed.

"Hey nice pussy!" A guy shouted from a passing car nearly making me cringe. After Stacy got me warmed up, sort of, the light changed and we started to cross the street, again in front of many stopped cars.

"Hey it's Amanda," a lady yelled from her car. "Oh my God she's just walking out in the open like that. Damn we better find a place to park."

"Boy I guess you are well known here," Stacy said in amazement. "To think this time last week no one knew who you were. People at school barely knew who you were. Things sure have changed in a short amount of time."

Soon we had crossed and again the photographers had us surrounded as we started down the path that led deeper into the park. It wasn't long before the people walking ahead of us noticed too and soon there were more cameras pointed my direction accompanied by a chorus of clicks. In fact now I also saw a couple of video cameras too, great.

"Oh my she's even prettier in person." One person announced.

"Look at how soft and clear her skin is," Another person added. "It's even kind of shiny in an unwaxed sort of way."

"I want a shot of that butt walking," I heard someone else say.

"Her pussy is perfect." One admired. "You can tell it's untouched. You don't see many of those on a girl her age anymore. Maybe more girls need to stay virgins for awhile."

"How many of those virgins would show it off like she does though?" a second replied.

"Okay guys," Stacy spoke up, "I'm sure there will be time for her to pose and chat with you later but we're kind of late and she's cold so could you let us through and not crowd so much."

The crowd in front of us parted a little to help us get through but not enough that we didn't have to dodge a few people. I heard more comments like, "She's even walking barefoot." "By her expression you'd think she was shy but by her tits you'd think she wasn't, probably nerves or something." "Her skin is so white, really makes her look more angelic doesn't it." "It looks good on her." "I wish I could've played that game with her last night." "Maybe she'll play it again today." "She looks better now than she did at the game last weekend." "She does doesn't she?"

As we got deeper into the park the crowd kept getting larger and larger, there must have been a few hundred people there. God didn't people have jobs to go to or anything? I guessed they were like that one guy and took the day off. Finally we saw the area where they were selling the cd's and cooking up the food. Shit I couldn't believe it but I was hungry again, must have been the cold air, and that stuff smelled good too.

"There she is!" I heard a lady shout. It was then that Betsey, one of the girls from the nightclub whose idea it was to sell those things, came running over to us. "We were getting worried about you. Follow me we have a place taped off so you can catch your breath."

We followed her behind the booth they were selling the cd's at, which had a line in front of it as well as did the grill. There they had a circle taped off so that those working could move around without being crowded. Outside of the tape though people had it surrounded, and once they saw me more flashes and clicks went off. There was a barrel in the middle of the circle with a
fire going in it and I found myself practically running to it.

"Well it's about time," Emily said to Stacy and I as she come over next to me. "I was beginning to think I was going to have to send someone to get you. What happend?"

"I locked her keys in her car," Stacy confessed. "We had to walk."

"Oh Jesus Stacy," Emily said in disbelief. "So you walked here? You must be cold Amanda, go ahead and get warmed up. You want some hot chocolate?"

"Yes please." I said gratefully. Right now that sounded like heaven.

"Stacy would you go get her some please?" Emily asked her which she complied. After Stacy left a sinister smile came across Emily's face. "I knew she'd do that, she's almost as good at this as we are."

"You knew we were walking?" I asked as I hudled in front of the fire.

"Of course," she replied and looked at me like I was stupid. "We know where you are at all times. The collar remember, so you can't run away."

"So you heard that too then?"

"CJ did, I've been busy. She's been calling with updates. She and the members online loved the part where you prayed, I guess seeing you on your knees on a dirty sidewalk does some things to people. You're going to be doing more of that just to let you know."

"Is CJ having sex with my dad again?" I softly growled trying to ignore what she'd just told me.

"Not as far as I know," she replied grinning. "Just remember though your dad did it because he thought we'd have you arrested if he didn't, even though we wouldn't have. I guess he does love you despite his downfalls, you should remember that."

"Thanks." I barked back.

"Isn't this a great crowd?" she rhetorically asked. "Pretty good for a Friday afternoon that most people would have to work. You'll have to go around and look at all the stuff people have of you, people have made some pretty cool shit."

"They have?" I asked as this seemed odd to me. "Like what?"

"Prints, posters, lockets with your picture in them, all sorts of stuff," she said almost awed. "This one guy made a set of baseball cards of you from your various missions, he even has a summary on the back. I signed off on those quickly."

"What do you mean signed off?"

"I have your power of attorney remember?" she reminded me. "I signed off to let him produce and market them; he has to put the web address on them as payment to us but he seemed happy with that. They should do well, they're really cool."

"I thought this whole thing was just to sell cd's?"

"Well it is but it's also a chance to help build our community and for you to meet some of them. I mean people have been trading and sharing what they have of you ever since we got here and I couldn't be more pleased. A lot of people love you sweetie, you're going to find that out."

I was mortified at what she was telling me. The thought of people sharing and marketing more things with my nude image on them made me want to bury my head in the ground, this couldn't be true I couldn't be that interesting.

"Oh just to let you know," Emily continued, "to go along with you being personable with everyone I also want you posing for an hour or so for everyone, not individually obviously but for the group, and I want you to make sure that you let them see everything without being trampy. Also many people here have prints of you that they made and may want you to sign, when you do I want you to sign your full name."

"My full name? You mean my last name too?"

"As well as your middle name. I want you to sign Amanda Grace Johnson, and put something Godly on it like 'God bless you' or 'with all of God's love' or something like that."

"Why my full name?"

"Because there are too many Amanda Johnsons in the world and I want you to be distinct over all of them. When we're through I want everyone to know who you are."

"But that's terrible," I blurted unhappily, "I won't have any privacy, or dignity for that matter."

"You don't need it, it's highly overrated." Just then her cellphone rang which she quickly answered. "This is Emily. What's up. What! When! How! They had orders not to release them. Who went over their heads? Well find out. Well make sure someone stays on them to watch what they do. Well I'm kind of busy right now. Well let me know when you do." She then hung up and seemed very

"What was that?" I asked with my first thought being Terry and Lisa.

"Don't worry about it I'll tell you later." she said harshly. "Here comes Stacy with your chocolate. You can get warmed up and have something to eat if you want to but in about half an hour or so I want you to go out and look around and meet people. Don't forget how to act, your parents comfort relies on it. I'll be keeping an eye on you and we have security around that's
blended in with the crowd so you'll be safe if someone decides to be an asshole. Above all be sweet, in fact just be yourself. This fire is for you and will be going when you take a break in case you get really cold. Maybe if you're extra good you'll get a treat later."

What was I, a two year old or something? I was supposed to get excited about getting a treat? I wondered what it was. Dammit I guessed I did want it. Shit I hated how she treated me.

I didn't want to do this, there were so many people waiting to talk to me I feared I might get crushed amongst them all. I couldn't put it off any longer though because I'd finished eating my bratworst, which many people photographed me doing the damn pervs, and Emily was giving me the eye telling me to get out there. Stacy had disappeared into the crowd awhile ago to check things out and to help set up some giveaway thing they were doing. At first I was worried that I'd be part of some game again but I was reassured that I wouldn't be a prize today; they were just raffling off some ipods which was a relief to hear. I walked behind the booth that was selling the cd's and saw they were opening the last box that contained them.

"Are you almost out of those?" I asked Betsey who was helping behind the counter.

"This is the last of it." she confirmed. "When these are gone people will have to order through our website to get one. Isn't that just so fetch?"

It was if fetch meant "this sucks".

"You should feel proud," she went on, "because of what you're doing we've been able raise a few grand already to help those in The Sudan who need it. I was really impressed with you playing that game last night too, I mean I thought it was strange at first that you would agree to do it with you being a virgin and spiritual and all, but when they said you did so that Dornbecher's
could get 10 grand it made sense. You're actions truly have done a lot of good so far, I imagine God must be very proud."

He probably would be if this was all true, unfortunately this really seemed to mock him more than anything. It was nice though that at least something positive was coming from this, I just wished it was more positive for me.

"Are you going out to say hello to everyone?" she asked me.

"Yeah I guess I should," I said not really wanting to.

"Well I'm sure they'll think you're as cool as I do. Make sure you check out some of the things people have made, they're pretty neat."

I was sure I'd think differently. With great fear and reluctance I stepped out of the booth and began making my way into the crowd, and I made sure I smiled at people since I knew Emily would be watching.

"Oh my God, hi!" A middle-aged woman with her husband said to me with much excitement. "We were hoping you would come out of your hiding place. You look gorgeous by the way."

"Thank you." I replied acting flattered. "I'm glad you guys could come."

"It's our pleasure," she said happily. "With the way the world is now it's nice to see someone try to do something progressive and positive like you. Our daughter thinks you're crazy but it wouldn't hurt her to loosen up a bit."

"How old's your daughter?"

"She just turned 22."

"My brother's that age." I told her, hoping that would count as being personable. "He thinks I'm crazy too, which is silly since he's the one who's really crazy."

"Big brother's are like that," her husband jumped in. "Would you mind posing with my wife for a picture?"

"Of course not." I answered as I forced another smile.

Soon I was posing for pictures with people again and chatting with them about their lives. Many of the people were college age kids who were here to help the sorority, and to check me out, but there were also a lot of regular people too of different ages and races. This one black lady asked me to sign this t-shirt she made that had a picture of me streaking across the football
field on the front of it and a shot of me sleeping with my thumb in my mouth on the back. What really sucked about that was that it was really well done, and very embarrassing. Why a woman would wear a shirt with a naked girl on it was beyond me but she was thrilled that I signed it, using my full name of course. People had so much other stuff too, I must have signed several dozen different prints with many of them being blown up and a couple of them were even framed.
One person had a bunch of school notebooks that had my picture on the cover while another had practically made a coffe table book of me with captions under all of the pictures. An elderly gentleman had even done a watercolor painting of me that many people admired, I would've too if I wasn't naked in it. I ran across the guy with the baseball cards and I hate to admit it but they
were really well made, too well made to be honest, and he couldn't stop gushing at how grateful he was that I was going to let him sell them.

"You're welcome." I kept telling him. "They're really good."

"No you're really good," he praised me. "Letting me do this just may get me out of debt."

The things that really took me aback were these porcelain figurines that this Latino lady made that almost looked real, like a miniature version of myself. Of course they were also nude and I couldn't believe how accurate they were, especially my butt, it was really eerie.

"Thank you so much for agreeing to let me sell these," the lady who made them told me which caught me a little off gaurd. "Your partner was so nice, Emily I think her name is, she's even giving me an advance to help me produce more of them quicker."

"Well she knows quality when she sees it." I told her nicely as my stomach fluttered from knowing these were going to be marketed. I had a picture in my head of them sitting on someone's mantel and being admired by other people, and all of whom knew who I was.

"Can I get a picture of you holding one?" she asked me.

"Yes you may." I repeated for what felt like the hundreth time.

One thing I will say is that many of the people were quite polite and nice. A couple of guys here and there were a little crude though, one guy asked when I planned on losing my virginity and if he could volunteer and another guy asked if I was sexually repressed and had sex dreams a lot. I didn't have to say anything to them though because both times someone else in the group would scold them for being so insensitive to what I was doing, which did make me feel kind of good and not so vunerable. Another thing about being in this large crowd was that the body heat from everyone surrounding me actually helped keep me warm which was also a nice surprise, although I still wanted this to end.

After awhile Emily found me and told me I could take a break since they were about to start raffling the ipods. I made my way back to the cd stand, still posing for a couple of pictures on the way, and when I got back to the taped area I immediately ran to the fire barrel to stay warm.

"You're doing well sweetie," Emily complimented me. "I'd like to see you push the spiritual part a little more though but other than that good job. As of now your folks are going first class, make sure you keep it up."

"When do I get my treat?" I asked in semi-sarcastic tone, although I was curious as to what it was.

"Well I think you can have it now," she surprised me. "Here I'll be right back."

She left me by the fire to go get it and it was then that I heard Betsey's friend Tye begin to speak on a microphone from somewhere in the crowd announcing the raffle. This was actually helpful since it made the crowd that was outside of the tape put down their cameras and focus their attention on something other than me. After about a minute or so Emily came back with what
looked like another hot chocolate.

"That's my treat?" I said feeling confused. "I had one of those earlier."

"You better not have or you're in trouble again," she said sternly and then handed me the cup.   Like before the cup had a lid on it and even though this didn't seem like much of a treat I still gladly took a drink since it was warm. I damn near chocked when I realized it wasn't hot chocolate.

"This is..." I began to say as I was overwhelmed with shock.

"It's a mocha latte honey," Emily confirmed. "I think you deserve it for what you've done the last few days. Enjoy it because you're not going to get one again for awhile."

"But this has coffee in it." I said as if she was unaware of it. "I thought you said I can't have coffee."

"As a rule you can't, it's not good for you, but since you like it so well I think having one isn't going to hurt much."

But this was supposed to be the antidote, at least I figured it was. This didn't make sense. I quickly took another drink followed by another.

"Boy I guess you do like your coffee don't you," she teased me. "I hope this doesn't make you jones for it later by drinking this."

"Why is this bad for me?" I asked hoping she could shed some light on this.

"Well it's kind of hard on your nervous system and with the vitamins you take it can lead to high blood pressure if you drink too much of it. It can make you kind of sick."

She had to be kidding. That was the big reason they wouldn't let me drink coffee? Oh God I wanted to scream.

"Why didn't you tell me that to begin with?" I asked.

"Well because we don't have to tell you anything," she replied sounding superior. "You do what we tell you and that's that, we don't give reasons if we don't think it's necessary."

"This isn't the antidote then?" I asked bravely.

Emily looked stunned for a second and then broke out laughing. "You thought that was the antidote to let you wear clothes again? Oh my, that's funny." She said laughing.

"No it's not!" I shot back. "What else am I supposed to think with you making a big deal about me not drinking any coffee, and when I do you punish me by making me drive here by myself and participate in a very degrading game."

"Well you broke a rule," she said still seeming amused. "That's what we do when you do that."

"Well what is the antidote then?"

"Like I'm going to tell you," she scoffed. "Just know it's something we're not worried about you taking, because we know you won't. Now drink up your latte before it goes cold. When the raffle is done I want you to go back out and pose for the group. Remember what I told you, show off but don't be slutty."

"I don't act slutty." I told her assuredly.

"You might have a harder time than you think sweetie." she said and then flashed her sinister grin.

"Can you turn to the left please and then turn your head over your shoulder?" One of the people taking my picture asked me.

"And can you arch your back a little too?" another asked.

For the last ten minutes or so I'd been posing by a tree as everyone there who'd brought a camera took more pictures of me. I was basically surrounded by them from all sides and a few people were even on top of some of the picnic tables so they could get a clearer look. This was so embarrassing yet I had no choice but to smile and do it, I just needed to be careful not to get any slivers from the tree.

"Oh that's great," one man complimented. "Could you lean into the tree a little more though?"

God my breasts were going to press on the tree if I got any closer. This was just so surreal, all of my life I'd never been the center of attention and now I was the focus of a large group of strangers who all wanted my me to look their way. It wasn't something I ever wanted but now it had been forced on me.  Shit I couldn't believe coffee wasn't the antidote; now I was back to square one again and had no idea how I was going to handle this. At least the latte was good, it certainly warmed me up.

"Now can you put your back against the tree and place one of your feet against it?"

"If I do that I might get a sliver or something." I told them.

"Well don't totally lean on it then, just act like you are."

I did as I was requested and I almost fell over trying to balance myself. 'Steady Amanda steady, this is humiliating enough without falling on my butt.'

At least Emily told me I would only have to do this for about a half an hour or so and then I'd be done which was good because by now it was mid-afternoon and I wasnted to get back home before my parents had to leave, although seeing CJ wasn't high on my desire list. Oh I wanted to kill her, even more than usual.

"Anyway could we get you to jump up and hang on to that branch for a second or two?"

'Oh Jesus, won't I look silly doing that?' I took a deep breath and jumped up and grabbed onto a thick branch and hung onto it as they took more shots of me from both in front and in back of me.

"Can you hold on for a bit so I can get you from both sides?"

God I felt like a trained monkey, right now I probably looked like one too. They then asked me to kick my legs around a little, I tried my best not to open my legs too wide as I did this.

"Oh that's a keeper," someone with a video camera said to himself.

During this whole time my body was betraying me again, my nipples were hard and my grion tingled with the feeling of wetness, but just now something was starting to feel different. It was like my arousal was intesifying but in a weird way I couldn't really describe, it was like the feeling in my nipples was spreading out over the rest of my body.

"I need to let go guys," I told them all. "My arms are getting tired."

When I let go the feeling got even stronger when I landed on my feet, suddenly I felt my breathing begin to slow down even more then it already was. What was going on?

"How about she sits on top of one of the tables?"

"Somebody get her a towel to sit on first."

Sitting actually sounded good as my legs were beginning to feel weaker. As I walked over to the table the feeling got even stronger with each step, I could feel my nether region beginning to swell up making movement that much more difficult. Something was wrong. I found myself practically holding my breath as I sat down on the towel that was on top of the picnic table.
Shit, did Emily put something in that latte? This feeling was more intense than what I usually felt.

"Why don't you cross your legs for the first few shots? That'll look good with your long legs."

I had to bite my lip to keep from letting a moan out as I crossed my legs. Oh God this was getting intense, I didn't know if I could do this for much longer. What the hell did she do to me?

"Don't forget to smile." Someone reminded me.

I made myself smile at my audience as cameras flashed and clicked at me. Oh God something big was really building inside of me, and it felt like it wanted to come out in the worst way. I was going to have to try and focus on something to get me through this. Dammit there was nothing to focus on but these people taking my picture, and there were so damn many of them.

"You can uncross now. Could you put your hands on your legs like you're rubbing them? I think that would look good."

"Why don't you actually rub them too?"

I felt a little relief at first when I uncrossed my legs but then it intensified again and my nipples really started to ache. I was about to have an intense orgasm right there in front of everybody if this didn't stop, and this one felt more powerful then the handful I'd had the last few days.

I couldn't let this happen. Oh God my legs felt so good when I rubbed them, so soft and smooth and wonderful. This is making it worse. 'God please don't let this happen.'

"Beautiful." some of the guys said as the took more shots. "Oh my that's breathtaking." He just said a mouthful as I suddenly had a harder time breathing. It was then that I saw Emily standing over by that tree I was just at with Stacy standing right next to her looking like she was enjoying this. Emily smiled at me and then held up her the coffee cup she was holding and gave me a wink. That bitch did do something to that latte, Goddamn her. I had to stop rubbing my legs
but it felt so good to do it, oh I was so screwed.

"Why don't you lay down on the table now and look over at us. Maybe you could set one of your legs up."

I wished I could lay down somewhere more private. Right now I wished I was alone so badly. I swung my legs up over the table slowly and then let myself lie down, holding my breath while I did it because my whole body now was totally aroused. Geez my vision is even starting to get blurry. I had to imagine people were noticing this.

"We need you to look over at us."

Even turning my neck was making this worse. Oh God here it came.

"Is that uncomfortable for you? Your face is a little contorted."

I was practically grinding my teeth to keep from letting out the moan as my body quivered from the orgasm that I was failing to hold in. Without even realising it my leg that I had up slid down as I was no longer in control of my body.

"Boy she looks flushed doesn't she? I guess being naked so much gets to you after awhile even if you're a virgin."

The sound of clicking became faster as I laid there flat on the table. I couldn't believe how badly I wanted to relieve myself but there was no way I was putting my hand there while I was like this. I would open my legs more but that would look slutty and even if Emily hadn't told me not to I wouldn't do it. This was torture.

"Would you be able to lay on your side and lean your head on your arm?"

I didn't want to move. Dammit I had to do this though. I made myself roll over and put my hand under my head to hold it up. What made this worse was I had to put my legs back together which almost made me cry out. God it was throbbing down there I was so aroused, and it was so damp too and getting damper. I just had to get away from there.

"Ooh that looks nice. Could you place your top leg up with your foot down on the table while keeping your other leg like it is please?"

Oh God no. If I did that everyone would see just how wet I now was. I still did it though and once again I had a second of relief followed by more intense feelings, I could even feel another orgasm coming that was just as strong as the first one. Oh God I'd never wanted to touch myself so badly before.

"That's perfect. Okay hold that for a minute."

This was one long minute. Through my blurry vision I saw people at the side of the table taking shots of my opening, they looked like they were smiling too, assholes.

"I need to take a break guys." I said to them and then had to gulp down some saliva. "I have to use the bathroom."

"You'll pose some more won't you?"

"Yes of course," I told them. "Where's the closest bathroom?"

"Over there on the other side of those trees," someone informed me.

"Thanks." I said nearly breathless and slowly rose and got off the table. I wanted to run to the bathroom but I was so aroused that I could only manage to walk, and not very fast either. Dangit why wasn't that bathroom closer? At first I was worried that I'd even make it as the second orgasm hit about halfway there causing me to stop for a few seconds to let it finish, but when
it passed I was able to move again and even a little faster. This should have calmed my body down but it was still turned on, what the hell did she give me?

Finally I made it there and I quickly opened the door and walked in. Gross there were puddles on the floor and it felt damp even where there weren't puddles, damn public restrooms. I was totally expecting other women to be in there but to my relief it was totally empty and I went into the first stall and closed and locked the door. Thank God at least the last person in here had flushed the toilet. I put a paper cover on the seat and then sat down and spread my legs so my feet were planted on the side of the stall walls and proceeded to relieve all this.

"Ahhhhh!" I moaned as I orgasmed again, this one being even harder then the others. I could feel sweat begin to pour over me as I increased my movement and soon I was having another. Oh God this was so unreal, this was so humiliating yet it felt so good. I suddenly felt like such a slut.

"You okay in there?" I heard Emily say from outside my stall. Crap I hadn't even heard her come in.

"Fine." I said almost out of breath.

"Let me in there then," she ordered.

I unlocked the latch with my foot but couldn't bring myself to remove my fingers from what they were doing. When she opened the door and came in she giggled to herself for a second and then locked the door. She had to stand between my upright legs as I couldn't stop what I was doing because it was so powerful that I was helpless to.

"What did you do to me?" I asked breathlessly.

"It's the latte sweetie." She said looking down at me. "The coffee in it causes this kind of reaction when it mixes with the vitamins. This shit is more powerful than viagra."

"Why won't it p-p-pass?" I asked as I was about to have another orgasm.

"It will when the coffee thins out," she answered as she began rubbing my calfs with her hands. "Shouldn't be too much longer."

"This didn't happen yesterday when I drank the Frappucinos."

"Well you threw it up too. I kept expecting this to happen, that's why I had you kiss me last night, but I guess not enough time had passed. That's why I thought I should experiment today."

I suddenly had my next orgasm and my legs suddenly went limp and I had to put them down. Finally I began to calm down so I was able to stop touching myself. Oh God I felt like I'd lost weight from that. Suddenly my arousal was beginning to be replaced by overwhelming shame from doing what I just did.

"Feel better honey?" she asked condescendingly.

"I hate you." I said to her as my breathing began to return to normal. "I hate that you did that to me."

"Well it wouldn't have happend if you had obeyed our rules yesterday." she said glibly. "I felt I needed to give you a real good reason to not try to sneak any more coffee. Don't worry though this is a one time thing. As much fun as it is to watch you like this I wasn't kidding about the high blood pressure, you're not much use to us if you're sick."

I buried my head in my hands and began sobbing softly as I was so embarrassed at what I did. I'd never done anything on that level before let alone with someone standing over me, and the shame of it was overwhelming.

Emily began rubbing my neck gently and repeatedly whispered "It's okay sweetheart." I then realized that my hand was still wet from masturbating and I had inadvertantly wiped some of it on my face and I quickly pulled it away in disgust.

"I need to wash my hands off." I said to her and then got up.

"I think you need to wash more than that before you go back out there." she replied as she opened the door to let me out.

I walked over to the sink and began washing my hands with soap and water. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and saw that my face was still all flushed but that my cheeks were really rosey and my breasts looked full and perky. I do have to admit now that my body felt really relaxed and calm, I actually felt a lot better.

"I don't have to go back out there do I?" I asked as I began to wipe my crotch off with a paper towel.

"Well I believe you told them you would," she reminded me. "You'll only have to do it for another ten minutes or so. After that you can take another break before I have you get on a mic and thank everyone for coming. Hmm, I just said coming, hah."

'What is she Beavis and Butthead now?' I took a wet paper towel and finished cleaning myself down there and then took another one and began washing my face as she walked up behind me and put her head on my shoulder.

"So," she whispered, "do I have to worry about you drinking anymore coffee in the near future?"

"Oh hell no!" I said shaking my head. Despite how good my body felt I didn't want to go through that again anytime soon.

"Good girl," she praised me and then kissed my cheek. "Now let's get back out there, your public is waiting patiently for you."

I was very weary that everyone was going to point and laugh at me as we walked back over to the group but to my surprise everyone just seemed glad I was back and made no mention of what I had to leave for. Instead of teases I was greeted with kind faces and compliments that I never would have expected.

"This may seem weird but you actually have gotten prettier in few minutes you were gone then you were before you left," one gentleman said in disbelief and others agreed with him. "Did you put on some makeup or something because if you did it really works."

"She does seem to have more of a glow doesn't she?" A lady standing next to him added.

Everyone was so nice that I wondered if they had even noticed that I had been so aroused before that I had actually orgasmed while I was lying on the table, maybe I hid it better than I thought. I did feel a lot better and I actually found myself having an easier time posing for everyone, I didn't feel anywhere near as uptight as I had been. I posed some more for everyone
and this time I didn't have to make myself smile as much as usual and I even found myself laughing and making joke comments, something I hadn't been doing up until then.

A few people at times wanted to get undressed and get in the shots with me, a couple of women wanted to get topless and get all of our boobs together in one shot while one guy wanted to get completely naked and stand next to me. Emily allowed the women their request but told the guy that "Amanda is a penis-free zone until she's married." and made it clear that men have to keep their clothes on around me at all times.

"That's just how God wants it." She explained. "That's what Amanda believes too don't you honey?"

I nodded my head knowing that's what she expected of me, but I have to admit that guy was kind of cute. While I didn't want to have sex with him or anything I could think of worse people I could see naked. I posed for another few minutes after that, making sure that I didn't act slutty which didn't take much effort, and then I was allowed back behind the taped off area. I stood back over by the fire while Stacy brought me over another hot chocolate, which I tested to make sure it wasn't coffee. I didn't need to do that again.

"Did you see some of the things people made of you?" Stacy asked me as she pulled a card out of her pocket and waved it at me. "I bought one of the hologram cards of you this guy was selling. Isn't it cool? It really looks like you're running when I move the card like this. I told him he needs to make some hologram cups too."

God this was just getting obscene what they were doing with those pictures, one lady had even told me she was going to make a beach towel with one of them printed on it. She said she liked the idea of laying out on me while she sunbathed. I didn't know what that meant and I don't want to either.

"I couldn't imagine people making a fuss like this about me." Stacy said to me awestruck. "I mean I'm used to getting a lot of attention but I couldn't fathom people coming from all over just for a chance to see me upclose, and not only that but to make little trinkets with my pictures on them that they put such a personal value on, it just blows my mind. These people think you're something special Amanda, they really do. You're worshiped here more than I've ever been worshiped in high school and I've been the queen bee since before I ever got there. Here's to you precious." She then tipped her cup of coffee to me and drank.

"I'm not doing this to be worshiped Stacy." I told her wishing I could tell her the real reason I was doing this. "There's a higher power at work here."

"Yeah so you keep telling me," she replied. "It's funny though, only about half the people here claim to be Christian, the other half are here because they love that you're naked and out in public. I guess some would say you have crossover appeal."

Emily walked over to us along with Betsey who gave me a big hug. "We've sold all the cd's today." Betsey said gratefully as she embraced me.

"This went off better than expected Amanda. Thank you so very much for helping us out."

"You're welcome," I said acting sincere. "Make sure the money gets to the right place."

"Oh we will," she assured me. "Emily here has given us some great connections to make sure the money gets where it's needed." she then turned to Emily. "I can't believe you know Phil Knight and Rupert Murdoch, I couldn't imagine being able to ask someone like them for favors like you can."

"Oh we go way back." Emily implied. "They've kind of been father figures to me. Make sure you keep this between us though."

"Oh no problem," Betsey assured her. "I have to get back to help get ready to close things down. Thanks again everyone for your help, this has been a great day."

"Is the stage ready for her to say goodbye to everyone?" Emily asked her as she was about to walk away.

"It should be," she told her. "They found a pillow that you had asked for so everything should be set when she's ready."

Betsey then left and Emily then asked Stacy to go check the stage out and make sure it was ready and that I'd be there in a few minutes.

"So what am I supposed to do?" I asked Emily after Stacy left. "Just go up there and say 'goodbye' I hope."

"Well say more than that," Emily insisted. "I mean a lot of people came to see you; make sure you let them know how grateful you are. Tell them how touched you were by all the stuff people had made, and then lead them in a prayer."

"Oh come on," I scoffed. "I can't lead a group prayer. In case you've forgotten I wasn't that religious before you turned me into this."

"Well as far as all these people know you are and this is expected of you," she informed me. "I mean Stacy really hit something earlier when she had you pray with her. Just say something like what you said when you did it with her; it doesn't have to be fancy. You're going to be doing this regularly from now on anyway so you'd better get used to it."

"I don't have to kneel do I?"

"What do you think the pillow's for?"

"Emily I..." I began to plead before she cut me off.

"You're doing it end of discussion." she said bluntly. "We didn't broadcast you're trip to the bathroom earlier, but I'm sure people would love to see what you were doing in the stall when I caught you if you'd really rather argue with me about praying."

"You didn't broadcast that?" I asked feeling great relief.

"No." she shook her head. "We want to tease the members a little, but we could change our minds if we feel we need to prove to people that you're going along with this willingly. We can't let them think this is being forced on you. So you can prove you're into this by either praying or for us to let them see you playing with yourself."

Praying did seem like the preferable option, although this was going to be humiliating in its own right. Stacy came back over and told us that the stage was ready.

"Some guy offered me fifty dollars to let him see my tits for ten seconds." Stacy bragged to us after she informed us about the stage.

"Some guy offered me that too earlier," Emily admitted. "Did you do it?"

"After he agreed to make it a hundred I did. I mean these babies are worth at least that. What did you tell them when they asked you?"

"To go talk to you."

"Oh, thanks."

Emily then walked me back out into the crowd and over to the small stage they had set up when they had their raffle. It wasn't very big but it did sit up rather high so that everyone in the back would be able to see. I also noticed the small blue pillow that was placed on it which was there for me to kneel on, God I was going to look so stupid doing this. Emily had Tye go up first
to get everyone's attention and then introduce me before I went up.

"I want to thank you all for coming and being such a well behaved bunch." Tye said to the crowd after she asked for their attention. "We sold all of the special picture cd's today and made a lot of new friends doing it. You're all wonderful people and you should feel good knowing you're helping to make a difference." Everyone then gave themselves a round of applause for their good
deeds. "Of course we all know the real reason we came here today and she's been a real good sport and a real inspiration to all of us. I'm afraid she's going to be leaving soon but not before she says a few words to everyone so Amanda please step on up here, and everybody give her a hand for sharing herself with us today."

The crowd began clapping loudly as Tye stepped down and handed me the microphone. The uptightness that I usually felt when I had to stand naked in front of a crowd had easily returned and I had to fight the urge to run away as I made myself step up onto the stage.

"Um..." I gulped nervously as I looked over the large group of people who were looking squarely at me. I couldn't really avoid their gaze and do this effectively even though that's what I wanted to do. "I want to thank all of you for coming out today, the weather turned out to be sunny so we should all feel blessed that we chose the right day for this." A smattering of claps
followed that. "It could've been a little warmer but when you're me it can never be warm enough." A few scattered laughs. I hoped it was meant for the comment and not directed at my nudity. "It was great to meet all of you and all of your support touches me very deeply. I have to honest in the fact that I'm not totally sure what it is I'm doing most of the time but I know it's
something I have to do, and knowing you support me makes it possible for me to go on."

More applause, they kept buying this crap. "You've all been very nice."

I glanced down at Emily and she gave me the sign to kneel down. I then looked down into the crowd and saw all the cameras, recorders, and cameraphones were up and pointed in my direction and going off at will. I wished Superman would swoop down and save me, and it had to be the real Superman and not one of those dorks that were dressed like him at eh convention yesterday.

"As you all know by now that I'm putting myself through this because it's God's will," I began after taking a deep breath, "and so I'd like to leave you all with a prayer and I'd love it if you'd all join me while I'm giving it." I then swallowed hard and made myself kneel down onto the pillow in front of everyone which made the sound of cameras going off almost deafening.

"Those of you who are able feel free to kneel as well." I told them hoping if some of them did I wouldn't feel so ridiculous, and to my joy some did.

"Father in heaven," I began, I'd never prayed into a microphone before. "Thank you for bringing us together for this wonderful day and please make sure to see us all safely reach our future destinations. Please bless us and watch over us and give us stregnth so that we can face our uncertain futures with the knowlege that you are watching over us." Wow this stuff was just
rolling off my tongue, I didn't know how I was doing it. "Also bless us Lord for the shameful things we do that we feel no shame for. So many of us have become desensitized to so many things that we've forgotten to be ashamed of the things that hurt us as well as others, please show all of us the wrongs we do so that we may ask for forgiveness and thus be forgiven and then learn how
to love one another. We ask this in Jesus's name, Amen."

"Amen!" the crowd replied enthusiastically and then began cheering and taking more shots.

"God bless all of you and thank you again for coming." I said as I stood back up and then got down and handed the mic back to Tye who then hugged and told me I that I was good.

"That was so hot," Stacy whispered to me as she hugged me herself. "I'm so f.cking horny right now."

"Then go find the guy who paid you the hundred bucks then." I said as I pushed her off me. "I can't help you with that."

Emily then told Tye and Betsey she had to drive me somewhere and that she'd be back in an hour to finish helping. She then gave Stacy her car keys and pointed out where her car was parked and told her to bring it around to the front of the park where we would meet her. Emily then walked with me, having me say goodbye to people as we made our way through the crowd, and then headed
to the front of the park.

"That was very well done Amanda," Emily praised me once we were away from everyone. "I almost believed you actually felt that way when you said your prayer."

"I want to make sure my parents are taken care of," I told her referring to the good treatment she'd promised.

"And they will be," she assured me. "They'll be treated like royalty."

"Will we be back in time to see them before you have them leave?"

"Well yeah, you will," she answered. "I have to stay here tonight because I have to make an appearance at the comicfest. She doesn't know it yet but Casey's going to be the prize in the game tonight, I thought I'd make her earn that job she wants."

"So Stacy's going to drive me back? How do you know she won't make me do things and make us late?"

"Because she's not driving you anywhere. I'm driving you guys to the airport where I have a jet ready to fly you two up to Portland, CJ'll be there along with you folks and then they'll fly up to Seattle."

"CJ isn't going with them is she?"

"No. She has to take care of you tonight. Remember you have Stacy's fantasy to fulfill; I'm really sorry I'm going to miss that."

I wished I could miss it. Lord knew what it was.

Part 98

The flight from Eugene was very short, about twenty minutes from takeoff to land and smooth riding in between. The jet we flew in was very luxurious and belonged to someone who owed the goddesses some favors, Lord knows what kind of favors, but good ones since they could use it whenever they wanted.

"I wish I had connections like that," Stacy had said when she first saw the jet. "I mean my dad has some well off collegues but none with their own jet. Must be nice to have things like this at your disposal."

"I've certainly gotten used to it," Emily replied and then gave me a wink. The jet's pilot was very professional and seemed to not take any notice of the fact that I was naked and didn't have any luggage. I have a feeling that he'd been doing things for the goddesses for awhile now and wasn't shocked anymore.

I also liked the fact that when were flying Stacy and I were left alone and didn't have a stewardess or anyone watching over us, although Emily did let me know that the plane was full of cameras so that the members could keep watching me. The bad thing though was all through the flight Stacy kept talking about how watching all those people at the picnic take pictures of me made herso horny.

"For a moment there I actually considered taking one of those college guys there for a test drive." Stacy had told me which made me cringe. "I mean you just looked so hot and with all those people there wanting more and more of your attention it almost got to me. If tonight goes anywhere near as well as the picnic then some guy somewhere is getting very lucky with me."

"Stacy getting you hot isn't what I'm doing this for," I had told her.

"Maybe not but I saw how turned on you were when they were taking pictures of you," she pointed out. "Christ your whole body seemed to swell up, and when you left for the restroom you seemed like you could barely walk. Were you really using the toilet or were you using the facilities for another reason?"

"Your mind is in the gutter Stace," I replied trying to deflect the last question.

When we landed at the PDX airport in Portland we got out in front of a hanger that was right next to the main building and in clear sight of many of its clear glass windows. When I got out I could almost feel all the eyes from inside there taking notice of me. My mother was standing out in front of both the hanger and CJ's SUV that was parked next to it and I was so glad to see her that I immediately went over and embraced her.

"You okay honey?" my mother cooed in my ear as she tightend her embrsce on me.

"It was a long night mom," I told her as I tried to keep from tearing up. "Today's been a bit of a drag too. I don't want you and dad to go to Seattle for the weekend."

"It's not something I really want either." she whispered to me. "But we both know it's out of our hands at the moment."

"They said they're going to have you guys stay somewhere nice," I told her as I let her go. "And you get to fly in that jet too and it's really nice as well."

"What about you?" she asked me. "What are you going to be doing while we're gone? That's what I'm going to be thinking about while we're up there."

"Don't think about that mom," I tried to reasure her. "I'll be fine, I have been so far. Just do what you have to do so that they don't take it out on me."

"Hey babygirl!" CJ squeeled from behind me.

I hadn't seen her when I got off the jet but when I turned around there she was standing next to my father with a big smile on her face. I could barely bring myself to look at her I was so mad, instead I looked at my dad standing there holding two suitcases with a third hanging off his shoulder and gave him a weak smile.

"Gosh I've missed you." CJ told me as she gave me a hug, one that I didn't return. "You were terrific last night, as well as today. I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks." I said with a growl and then pushed her off me.

"We're going to have a blast tonight." she told me with a wicked grin. "Everything's been taken care of for later." She then turned to my parents. "They're going to take a few minutes to refuel the jet and then you guys will be taking off. Why don't you guys spend some time saying your goodbyes to Amy while I go over some things with Stacy for later."

"Is it about tonight?" Stacy asked her excitedly.

"Of course," CJ replied.


God I wished I could kill CJ. I couldn't believe she'd had sex with my dad and she still had the nerve to hug me and act like everything was normal. I looked over at my dad who was trying his best not to look at me. I'm sure seeing his daughter naked must have made him uncomfortable, and I actually felt the strongest affection for him I'd had since last weekend when I found out about his gambling. Emily had said that the reason he gave into CJ's advances was because she threatend to have me put in jail. In a way that was probably the most unselfish thing he'd done in awhile. I hoped at the very least he'd learned something from all of this.

"I love you dad," I said to him as I walked over and gave him a hug, making sure that certain parts of me didn't touch him too hard. "Even though you can be a jerk sometimes I do love you."

"Thank you darling," he said seeming surprised and overwhelmed and happily returned the hug. "I love you too, very very much. I probably don't deserve you."

"You're probably right," I replied. "That still doesn't change anything."

I was almost in tears as I watched the jet fly off toward's Seattle with my parents; something about knowing they were going to be gone for a couple of days really made me feel that much more alone in all of this. Now I had even less support than usual for this weekend, and this was going to be a wild weekend. I sure hoped Scott could get me out of this by Saturday like he said he would.

"Stacy," CJ began as she came and stood next to me, "would you mind going inside the car and making those phone calls I told you about? I need to talk to Amy here for a minute."

"Sure, can I use your phone?"

CJ then handed Stacy her cellphone who then took it and crawled into one of the backseats of the SUV. When she was inside CJ then leaned next to me and put her arm around me, I had to fight the urge to hit her in the gut with my elbow when she did this.

"So," CJ began, "I can't help but notice that you're giving me a bit of the cold shoulder, colder than usual anyway, what's up?"

"What do you think?" I shot at her as I tried to wriggle out from under her arm.

"I'm not sure," she answered. "I mean I know you don't really like doing this, at least you've convinced yourself you don't like it, but this feels like something different is bothering you. Is it about your friends Terry and Lisa? If it is then you should know they got out earlier today."

"They did?" I asked and then remembered Emily's phone coversation earlier.

"Yeah they did." she repeated. "It turns out that someone pulled rank on our people and had them let those two out. We're not sure who gave the orders but we have a good idea."

"Are you going to make them go back?"

"Not if they behave themselves," she told me. "But we are having them watched very closely to find out if they have any plans that concern you. If they don't, and with the trouble they're in they shouldn't, then they'll be fine. There now doesn't that make you feel better?"

"That wasn't what was bothering me." Although I was glad to hear they were let out, and that someone was able to go around the goddesses to do it.

"Really, then what is?"

"You know what." I growled at her angrily.

"Well fill me in just in case I don't," she kindly demanded.

"You and my dad." I shot at her.

"Me and your dad? What?" she said acting like she didn't know.

"You making my dad have sex with you." I shot at her and then looked away.

"I didn't your dad," she told me plainly.

"You didn't?" I said surprised.

"No." she answered with a crickled brow. "Why do you think that?"

"Emily told me last night that you did." I said as a new feeling of hope and relief began to flow over me.

"She did?" CJ said in a shocked tone. "Well she's off her rocker. I didn't your dad, I had him give me head but I didn't him."

"Give you head?" I asked as the relief I was feeling began to turn back to anger. "You mean oral sex?"

"Yeah." she said unphased. "I just had him lick me down there for a half hour or so and that was it, your mom wasn't even there, it wasn't any big thing."

"No big thing?" I repeated with anger in my voice. "My dad's face was in your crotch and it's no big thing? Let me ask you, did you threaten to have me jailed if he didn't do it?"

CJ suddenly grinned as if she had been caught doing something she shouldn't have. "Well, I may have told him something like that. But I didn't him though, it's really not the same thing."

"Bullshit!" I yelled at her.

"Lower your voice Amy," CJ ordered. "I don't want Stacy hearing this."

"Well I don't want you touching my dad." I said in a lower tone. "I mean Jesus CJ, you could have anyone why would you want my dad of all people."

"Well he wasn't paying me any attention anymore." she replied. "I told you that bugs me."

"Well then have him cook for you or something, don't ruin my parents' marriage because you feel a little ignored, and by the way the reason he stopped lusting after you is because of what you're doing to me. I'm his daughter in case you forgot."

"Hey kiddo," CJ was sounding a little hostile now, "don't forget who it is that I am. I control you and everything in your life and you get no say in what I do. In fact right now look at me and then look at you, I'm fully dressed in a warm comfortable and expensive sweatsuit while you're standing here totally naked and exposed to anyone who looks out any of those windows behind us,
and there's nothing you can do about that." Suddenly with her telling me this my anger began to turn back towards shame and hoplessness. "In fact I think you should start showing me a bit more respect and a lot more graditude, because right now you are totally dependent on me for everything and out of the goodness of my heart I've been taking care of not only you but you're
whole family. Imagine what would happen to you if I just let you go right now, you own no clothes at all and even if you did you couldn't wear them, the Feds would probably find out what you're dad's been doing and I'm sure the local news would be all over something like that, not to mention your brother would lose his job that he so desperately needs to help take care of his
pregnant wife and your unborn nephew. I could also add that we pretty much own your parents' house now so you and your mom would have no where to live and no money to get someplace, you'd both be out on the streets, and with you constantly having to be naked what kind of job do you think you're going to have to resort to to get by? There's only a couple I can think of, although they can pay well if you're good at them which you would have to work hard at becomming."

Oh God she really did have me trapped. Just a few minutes ago I was full of fight and now suddenly that fight has totally gone away. She was right though, at this time my family and I were completely dependant on them now for almost everything now that she'd been able to take over my life? Geez even if Scott did get me out what was I going to afterwards? What would happen to my family? Now I really want to kill her.

"I see hearing that sure shut you up!" CJ gloated. "Now I will admit that I can see how the thing with your dad could upset you, especially the way I got him to do it, but I'm someone who gets what I want and I'll get it by any means necessary just like we got you, and I don't ever answer to anyone for doing it." She then put her arm back around me and pulled me to her and began speaking more softly again. "I do love you though so this once I will say I'm sorry for getting carried away on this one thing, but I ain't promising it won't happen again, especially since he was really good at that. I can see why your mom has put up with him for so long, talk about a tongue twister."

"Oh please don't go into details." I begged as unwanted pictures entered my head. "That's really gross."

CJ just laughed and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"I'll spare you that," she agreed. "Just know that he made me smile. Now then I think we need to get going, Pioneer Square is probably starting to get full right about now and it's going to start getting dark soon."

"We're going to Pioneer Square?" I asked her nervously. "What are we going to do there?"

"You're going to do some promotion babygirl." she said giddily. "More people need to know who you are."

Part 99

We rode in the SUV from the airport into downtown Portland on our way apparently to Pioneer Courthouse Square, or what the people on the news refer to as Portland's living room. It's a big open area in the middle of downtown that people come to hang out in, it has fountains and places to sit and sometimes there's music, art displays, and plenty of political rallies, and on a Friday it would usually be full of people who were just getting off work or were just beginning to go out. I was still unaware of why we were going
there but I had no doubt I would be standing in the middle of it for some reason.

"I'm going to have to drop you two off there first before I find a place to park." CJ told us as we stopped at the light just before the square. "Stacy will you grab that cardboard box that's sitting behind you please? I'll need you to take those with you when you get out."

"What's in them?" Stacy asked as she turned and reached behind her seat to look for the box. "Does it have anything to do with later?"

"No it has to do with now." CJ answered. "We figured while we were here we'd take advantage of the last bit of daylight to promote the website around here. Inside that box are some flyers for the site and I want you guys to hand them out around the square, well actually I want Amy to hand them out. I want you, Stacy, to hold on to the extra flyers and keep an eye on Amy in case someone decides to be a dick."

"Hey that's a good idea," Stacy praised. "The place looks full too."

Oh of course it was full, if it wasn't I probably wouldn't be doing it. Stacy then handed me one of the flyers I was to be handing out. It was medium in size and printed on pink paper with black headings which contained the name of the website, and it also contained a clear full color photo of me standing naked in the lobby of the hotel surrounded by fully clothed people. Geez that was just from last night, they must've just made them. I had to hand them out too? I'd be naked out in the middle of Pioneer Square handing out
naked pictures of myself to people so they could go see more naked pictures of me on the internet; and I'd probably be getting my picture taken while I was doing it so they could preserve the moment for all time. They kept adding new things just to make sure this humiliated me a little bit more each time. I sure hoped that
when I had to do Stacy's fantasy it'd at least be indoors so I wouldn't have to be out in the cold some more.

"Wow each of these flyers has a different picture of you Amanda," Stacy told me excitedly. "Man these must've taken forever to make."

"They have different pictures?" I asked not believing that could be true.

"Yeah look." Stacy said and then showed three more flyers, each with a different and embarrassing shot of me.

"It didn't take as long as you might think," CJ informed her. "According to Em it's all just a program."

The light turned green and CJ pulled up next to the square. CJ asked Stacy to leave me some of the flyers and to go watch from somewhere close by until I needed more.

"Now this is going to be really simple for you Amy," CJ began just after Stacy got out of the car to find a place to watch me, "all you have to do is go and stand in the center of the square and hand out the flyers to anyone who comes by you. Pose for pictures if anyone has a camera and make sure you smile and be friendly. Don't answer questions about the site or how it's run just tell them to visit it to find out about it and you. Once the flyers are gone
then we'll leave and get you something to eat."

"What if someone gives me a hard time?" I asked. "I don't believe for a second that Stacy could stop anyone if they did."

CJ laughed to herself for a second and then said "We have someone here who's watching over you babygirl, no one's going to get you."

"Can you at least tell me now what I'm doing later for Stacy's stupid fantasy?" I asked hopefully.

"I think it would be best if I didn't." she replied. "If I told you what it was it might not work. Now scoot on out of here cutie and introduce yourself to everyone, I'm sure they're interested in getting to see you. When we're done I'll call Seattle and make sure your folks got in okay."

"Can't Stacy just hand these out?" I uselessly pleaded. "I mean it's cold."

"Amanda!" she said firmly.

Wow she'd called me Amanda for the first time since we'd met, I guessed she was serious. I swallowed hard and took a deep breath and made myself pull the door handle to open it. God I had to do this again. Once it was open I stepped out onto the cold bricked pavement and began briskly walking towards the center of the square with a large stack of flyers in my hand. I could hear CJ driving
off behind me and again I was alone and naked in a strange place far from home and exposed to everyone around me. I watched my feet as I walked so I that I wouldn't step on anything that would hurt them which also gave me a reason not to look at the many people I was dodging by to get to where I was going, many of whom said things like "what the..." and "oh my..." as well as laughs and snikers and a few offended comments that I'd like to forget.

"Oh my goodness another hippie has lost her clothes." I heard a lady say from somewhere around me.

"She doesn't look old enough to be a hippie," someone replied.

"It's that Amanda chick." A young man shouted from on top of the stairs on the  far side. "That one they were talking about yesterday on the radio."

I guess somebody did listen to that stupid show, I hoped he wouldn't be needing a flyer then. Of course now everyone around knew my name. Once I got to the center I stopped and looked around for a second. On the far side were the long steps that people used to sit on and they were full of people either sitting and talking or eating something, I guess since it was still sunny people
decided to hang out. On the other sides of me people were moving by and or waiting in line to buy food at one of the vendors, not to mention all the traffic driving by on the roads surrounding the square. I felt more out in the open here then I did in the park back in Eugene, at least there they had trees and bushes and stuff, this was all concrete and open air. Crap how was I going to do this? I'd never handed out flyers before.

"Aren't you cold?" A man in a leather jacket asked me as he walked by me.

"Yes." I replied. "Would you like a flyer?" I handed him one which he took and looked at while he walked away, he then stopped for a moment and turned back to look at me with a puzzled look on his
face. He looked at the flyer again and then back at me before deciding he had to go. I noticed he kept the flyer though. I quickly found out that I really didn't have to do much to get people to take the flyers, I just held them out and people took them as they went by, most of them with the same puzzled look that the man earlier had. I kept expecting someone to ask me something but for the first few minutes or so no one did.

"You're that girl they were talking about on the radio last night aren't you?" A guy asked me as he rode up on his skateboard. He was rather young and had two other young guys with him who also had skateboards. "You run around naked all the time but you don't have any sex right?"

"Basically," I replied nervously as I wished I could cover myself. "Would you like a flyer?"

"Sure," he said and then he and his friends each took one. "Damn, cool. You eat in restaraunts naked?" he asked after looking at the picture on his.

"I have." I told him.

"Look dude mine's got a different picture." his friend told him. "She's like shopping or some shit in mine."

"Whoa." the first guy said aloud as they compared flyers. "Damn can we have some more of those?"

As much as I wanted to give them all to him I knew that wouldn't be
allowed despite CJ not telling me otherwise. I just now realized just how whipped they had me.

"I have to hand them out to other people too guys, sorry."  "Hey look," the third guy blurted out "on the bottom here it gives a code for a free five-day trial on her website. Shit dude does your computer get the internet?"

"No," the first guy answered, "but my uncle's does. Shit lets go over there. It's only about ten blocks from here."

"I'm there," the second agreed. "Thanks Amanda, we'll check it all out."

The three of them then got on their skateboards and rode off. I looked down at the flyers again and saw that they were right. In some small print on the bottom was a code for a free trial membership; they were always giving me away for free somehow. I was practically part of the public domain the way they had it set up.

I handed out more flyers and heard more people point and tease me as they went by. There were a lot of honks and plenty of mumbled shouts and whispers as I shamefully stood my post. I did spot Stacy sitting on one of the steps holding the box of flyers and grinning at me as if she was watching me accomplish something incredible. Wouldn't she ever get bored seeing me do this crap? It was then that a very tall middle aged man in a grey suit came right up to me
and began speaking to me in a quiet but firm manner.

"Excuse me miss," he began as he looked me straight in the eye. "What is it that you think you're accomplishing by degrading yourself out here like this in front of these people?"

"I'm handing out flyers for my website." I answered shyly and then offered him one.

"And what type of website is this? Does it have something to do with pornogrophy?"

"No." I answered not wanting to admit that it might. "There's no sex on it at all." At least there'd better not be.

"" he said outloud as he read the flyer. "Are you

"Yes." I said wishing I could say otherwise.

"Are you a virgin?"

"Yes I am." I embarrassingly admitted to him.

"And you're promoting that?"


"Then why are you naked?"

"If you visit the site you'll find out." I told him not wanting to explain anything to him.

"Well I'd like you to tell me right now," he exclaimed in an authoritive manner. "I can't imagine the reason you would have for doing this, what you're doing right now is shameful."

"That's sort of the point sir," I told him meakly. "I'm promoting shame. If you'd visit the site it'll explain all of it. I really need to pass these out sir so if you don't mind..."

"Oh I do mind young lady," he said coldly. "I can't help but mind a young lady like yourself perverting herself out in public like you are in plain sight of God fearing people as well as any children that might be around. In fact I see your flyers you're handing out contain full frontal images of you without a stitch of dignity to cover you with. I don't know what your reasons are for doing this but whatever they are I do most certainly mind. In fact right now I
have a good mind to call the police over here and have you arrested."

Oh shit, that's just what I didn't want to happen. I glanced around to see if CJ was there yet but I didn't see her anywhere. Crap where was she? The one of the few f'n times I needed her and she was nowhere in sight.

"Sir the reason I'm naked is because I can't wear clothes, I'm sort of allergic to them at the moment." I told him out of desperation. "My skin hurts when I wear them and it hurts really bad. When I'm done handing these out I'll go so please don't make a big stink, I'm just doing what I have to do."

"You expect me to believe that you're allergic to clothes?" he said in harsh disbelief. "Young lady I'm not someone who likes to be fooled with and when you tell lies like that it feeds into Satan and the dark forces that he aligns himself with. I have no doubt that somehow he has clouded and deluded your mind into thinking that somehow you need to spread these lies around, which is just making his power grow."

"That's not what I'm doing at all." I protested, even though in a way that was what I was doing. "I'm doing this for God, if you'd take the time to look at the website instead of jumping to conclusions you'd see that."

"Young lady don't you dare insult me by saying you're doing this perverted thing for our Lord God." he said in a near shout. "I've been a minister for over thirty years doing the Lord's work and it's never involved anyone standing naked out in a public place. What you're doing is an abomination and I will not stand here and let you debase the goodness of our creator."

"Really is that what God would want you to do?" I found myself shooting back.

"Yes he would?" he said angrily.

"He told you this?"

"He speaks to me yes, and he would never approve of anything this

"You mean you would never approve of this." I pointed out to him. "Because it's my belief that this is exactly what he wants me to do, in fact I'd say he's made sure of it."

"Why on earth would our loving father want you to not be able to wear clothes and to start a pornographic website? I know there's no good answer but I'm curious as what you're going to say."

"Because of people like you who've lost their shame and just go around judging people as if you were God." I found myself telling him. "You say you're doing the Lord's work yet all you've done since you started talking to me is put down my beliefs and disregarded everything I've said as blaspheme without even  listening to any of it. God listens to us and goes over everything before he judges and he does it fairly, unlike many of his so called followers."

"Hey leave her alone jerk." One of the ladies sitting on the stairs yelled to him. "I've heard of her, all the money from her site goes to charity so quit picking on her."

"Yeah see." I said feeling a bit more confident. "They don't seem to think I'm so evil."

"The devil comes in attractive packages," he said to me coldly. "Just because you think you're doing a good deed doesn't excuse the nature of how you're doing it. If you really were a believer in the Almighty you would easily see that what you're doing is wrong and need to ask for forgiveness for the damage you've done here."

"I'm not the devil sir." I replied feeling annoyed at all of this, I just wanted him to leave. "I certainly believe the devil is around but I'm not it. I mean geez there's a war going on, people in the world are being terrorized, corporations are stealing money from their employees and getting away with it, and you're upset about me standing out here and peacefully handing out flyers.   People are suffering and you're worried about someone seeing me naked?"

Actually I worried about that too, God and so many of them had already, and I was handing out pictures so more could. The Devil was certainly around here somewhere alright, and I wished she'd get here to chase this guy off.

"Well I have to fight the evil that's in front of me," he proclaimed referring to my earlier comment.

"You mean fight the evil that's easiest for you to fight?" I shot back. "I'm sure I'm an easy target for you. It must feel nice with you wearing that heavy suit that makes you feel like you have an advantage, it makes it a lot easier to look down on me. I wonder how God feels knowing that you're standing over and judging someone who literally has nothing to her name but a handful of paper, just like it was easy for the Romans to crusify Jesus since they had
swords and he had none. I think I remember the Romans coming out on the bad end of history for that."

"How dare you compare yourself to Jesus?" He said angrily and began to turn red.

"How dare you pretend to be Jesus?" I shot back "Shame on you!"

"Amy is this guy bothering you?" CJ asked as she suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"Yes he is giving me a hard time." I answered CJ as she pushed up next to me so we were both in front of him. "He's threatening to call the police on me. Maybe we should go."

"Oh I don't think so." CJ responded calmly looking the man right in the face. "You have every right to be here."

"Oh no she doesn't," the man shot at her angrily. "Public indecency is not only immoral but it's against the law. Now either she puts something on and leaves here immediately or I'll have no choice but to call the police and have her arrested."

"Amy have you informed him of your disability when it comes to wearing clothes?" CJ asked me while still looking at the man in front of us.

"I did tell him that." I replied and then noticed all the people around had begun taking an interest in our conversation and had formed a circle around us; many of them had their arms folded across their chests which made me feel even more like I was being judged.

"Well then sir," CJ began explaining to the man in front of us "I can confirm that her condition is real and for her to put something on could be endangering to her health."

"I don't believe this nonsense for one minute." the man scoffed. "I've been all over the world young lady and never have I ever met someone who was allergic to wearing clothing, and to say that our Lord is somehow responsible for it is pure blasphemy and it stops here."

"Sir if you have her arrested I can promise that a lawsuit will be waiting at your doorstep first thing in the morning." CJ said in a kind but threatening tone. "She has seen doctors and they can substantiate what she's telling you. Having her arrested while knowing this could be constituted as discrimination against someone with a handicap."

"You have medical proof do you?" he asked skeptically.

"Yes we do."

"May I see it?"

"I don't carry it in purse jerk, if you want to leave an address or a fax number I'll gladly send you a copy."

"Oh I'm not falling for that," he said coldly. "Once I walk away from here I'll never hear from you again until the next time I see you peddling your lies on a street corner in front of the seeing eyes of the public. No I think I'll nip this in the bud before it can get out of hand." He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a cellphone. He was about to dial it just as CJ pulled it out of his hand.

"You're not calling anybody." CJ said assuredly.

"Give that back young lady before you make this worse." he shouted at her and tried to grab the phone back.

"I can't let you do this to yourself sir," CJ told him as she held the phone away from him. "I'm doing this for your own good."

"Young lady you're lucky I'm a man of God and I don't believe in hitting women," he shot at her "but if you don't give me back my phone I'll be forced to have you arrested as well."

"You're a man of God?" she asked.

"Yes I am." he replied. "I'm willing to forgive this too if you'd be so kind as to give my back my property."

"Sir if you're a man of God you should be supporting Amy here," she
suggested."She's out here because she's trying to spread his message. If you'd just visit her website and find out what she's all about you may find you'll want to work with her instead of against her."

"I've heard enough of this," he said harshly. "There's a couple of
officers now, if you give me back the phone I may have them go easy on you."

"I'm not worried about the police," CJ said confidently, making me think she had them working for her.

"Officers." the man called out to two uniformed policemen who were making their way through the crowd. Seeing them made me want to take off running but my feet were too scared to start moving, plus if they were with CJ I didn't have much to worry about.

"What's going on here?" the taller of the two policemen asked us.

"Officer this young lady is publicly exposing herself out here and refuses to put anything on." the man began explaining to him. "She claims to be promoting some website, and when I threatend to call the police her associate here took my phone away from me."

"Is this true?" he asked both myself and CJ.

"Officer," CJ began, "this is Amanda Johnson. She has a skin disorder that prevents her from being able to wear clothes for any long period of time. You may have heard of her since she was the one who was outside the Rose Garden the other night before the Blazer game, the one who your fellow officers were told to not arrest, the one who so kindly donated a nice sum to your Sunshine
Division drive."

"I'm afraid I'm unaware of that," the officer replied coldly and then asked his partner about it who also seemed to know nothing. "Do you have any proof that Miss Johnson here has a skin condition, because personally I've never heard of anyone suffering from such a condition."

"Well not on me right now," CJ said shaking her head. "I assure you it's true though."

"Well I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to cover this young lady up and then you're going to have to leave because you're causing a public commotion, and the mayor doesn't like those. You're also going to have to give this gentleman back his cellphone."

"Excuse me T.J. Hooker are you deaf?" CJ said condescendingly to the policemen. "She can't wear anything, she has a skin condition. If she puts something on her skin will turn red and she'll be in a lot of pain."

"What if we just leave right now though?" I spoke up wanting to get out of there since things didn't seem to be going well. "I mean I'll walk as fast as I can to where the car is if you let us go."

"We're not leaving." CJ said glaring at me as if I spoke out of turn. "Oh no babygirl we're not going to let your rights get trampled on by Jimmy Swaggart here just because he has Andy and Barney here with him." She then turned back to the cops "If you make her leave or put something on we'll sue you so hard that we'll own the city of Portland when it's said and done."

"Ma'am don't threaten us." the shorter officer stepped in. "Your friend is in clear violation of our public decency code and with you holding on to this man's phone we could charge you with attempted theft so I suggest that you give this man back his phone and you get your friend something to wear for the walk back to the car because if you don't we'll be forced to arrest both of you for the charges mentioned as well as causing a public disturbance. Now
what's it going to be?"

Oh God I thought Iwas going to faint, in fact maybe I should so I could avoid going to jail. I gave CJ one of my pleading looks hoping that she'd back off and we could leave. It was then that Stacy, who I had actually forgotten about during most of this, came up next to me holding the box with the rest of the flyers and asked what was happening.

"Stacy," CJ said to her calmly as she eyeballed the two officers coldly "do you still have my lawyers number that I gave to you earlier to call?"

"For Monique, yes I do," Stacy replied somewhat giddily which I thought was odd.

"Well I need you to call her again." CJ told her. "Tell her that Amy and I have just been arrested and to get her sweet ass down the downtown precinct."

"You're being arrested?" Stacy responded with both amusement and shock. "Both of you?"

"Apparently." CJ replied.

"I'm right on it," Stacy said and then gave me an excited grin before pulling out her phone and going back to where she was to make the call.

"So that's your choice?" the shorter policeman asked her.

"That's right piglet," CJ told him with her smug look. "I just hope you know you're making a gigantic f.ckup."

"Do you want to press charges on her for taking your phone sir?" the taller officer asked the man who had brought all this about.

"I'm afraid I have to," he replied.

"Well then ladies," the officer began as he pulled a pair of handcuffs from his belt, "since you won't cooperate you've left me no choice but to place both of you under arrest. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you both to put your hands behind your backs."

"Oh you guys are going to get it." CJ said in a threatening tone.

I thought I was going to pass out when they put those handcuffs on me; the reality of the fact that I was being arrested hit me like a slap across the face. My hands were now cuffed behind my back leaving me that much more exposed and vulnerable to all the eyes and cameras that were all around me. God I must have looked like a fantasy to some of those guys being like this. I kept looking at CJ hoping that she'd do something to make this stop but all she did was stand there stoically and let the cops cuff her, which I have to say was very un-CJ like. I actually kept expecting her to go apeshit on the cops but she didn't.

"Come on leave her alone guys," I heard some of the people around us say to the cops. "She wasn't hurting anything."

Of course the police didn't listen to any of that and just began escorting us through the crowd and over to a waiting police car. My legs were like rubber as I walked and a couple of times I had to remember to breathe because I was so scared.

"You guys are going to regret this," CJ told them knowingly. "Once you guys figure out who I am you're going to be on your knees begging me for forgiveness."

"I wish I had a dime for everytime I've heard that ma'am," the taller officer replied.

When we reached the squad car the shorter officer opened the rear door and was about to put me inside of it just as Stacy came running up to us.

"Monique said she's on her way." Stacy told CJ.

"Good." CJ said with a smile and then glared at the officers.

"Can I get your car keys please?" Stacy asked CJ. "I really don't want to walk down there."

"Can I give her my keys?" CJ asked the policemen coldly.

"Where are they?" the taller officer asked.

"In my pants pocket."

"She'll have to get them." he told her.

"You're damn right she's going to be the one to get them," CJ snapped at him. "You two dickweeds sure as hell ain't gonna put your hands inside my pockets."

Stacy then reached into CJ's pocket to try and find the keys which she was  having trouble doing.

"Other pocket dear," CJ informed her. "But before you pull out can you move your hand a little to the left please."

Stacy embarrassedly removed her hand from the pocket and then reached into the other one and pulled out the keys.

"Meet us over there Stacy." CJ told her.

"Where are you parked?" Stacy asked.

"At the parking garage two blocks down the street."

God I hated standing there like that. I was naked and had my hands cuffed behind me and they had me standing next to a busy street. I actually wished they would hurry and put us in the car.

"Can we have the rest of your flyers?" some guy yelled out at us. "We'll be happy to pass them out for you."

The police had taken the ones I had but Stacy still had hers so she handed the box to the guy who proceeded to start passing them out to everyone who was clammering to get one.

"Okay nature girl watch your head," the shorter officer said to me as he began to help me into the back of the squad car.

"Watch your hands perv," CJ yelled at him. "Any inappropriate touching is coming out of your ass."

Once I was in I had to scoot over, which wasn't easy with handcuffs on, so that CJ could get in next to me.

"What are you doing?" I asked CJ as the cop closed the car door behind her.

"I'm being arrested just like you are," she answered me with a confused look.

"No I mean why are you letting us get arrested?" I asked again. "We
could've just left or something."

"Nobody tells me what to do," she answered flatly. "Besides these guys are obviously unaware of a few things and need to be made an example of."

"Couldn't you get back at them some other way that doesn't involve us going to a police station?"

"Don't worry," she told me as she shook her head, "no one's going to touch you, if they do there'll be hell to pay. Remember who I am honey."

"They don't seem to know who you are."

"They will soon. By the way I'm very proud of you for the way you defended yourself against that preacher man, I see you're beginning to believe in what you're selling."

"I don't believe in any of this." I shot at her. "I did it because I have to."

"Yeah well you still did a good job," she praised. "Just remember to do the same thing at the police station if you need to, we have to keep up appearances."

I sat silently as the policemen drove us through downtown on the way to the police station, CJ on the other hand never stopped for breath as she constantly hurled insults and jabs at the police officers.

"What ain't you guys going to stop at Krispy Kreme and fill up before we get to the station?" she prodded them. "Oh wait a minute what am I thinking? On your salarys you could never afford Krispy Kreme, my apologies. We must be going to Dunkin Donuts instead."

I'll give the officers credit, they did keep their cool, although a few times I caught one of their eyes on my boobs in their rearview mirror. If it wasn't for the fact that I didn't want to be alone at the station I would have loved to see CJ get thrown in a cell with several huge women, if only I could tell the cops what she'd done and was still doing to me. How did I let all of this happen?

"I imagine you two guys are excited about the gay marriage thing coming up in the election aren't you?" CJ continued jabbing. "It must make you feel good that your forbidden love could become legit. You have a dress picked out yet for the ceremony? Although what if measure 36 passes though? You two will never have your dream wedding then because it'll be permantly banned."

"Cops aren't allowed to marry each other," the shorter officer informed her in a serious tone trying to deflate her attacks. "Against regulations."

"Well then one of you'll have to become a housewife," she shot back
without missing a beat. "I imagine it'll be whichever one of you is the catcher."

I had no idea what the hell that meant and I didn't want to know. God I hoped they didn't put us in a cell, at least not me anyway. Man I wished mom and dad were still here.

"Hey stop staring at her tits perv," she said to the taller one. "Your girlfriend here will get jealous."

When we got to the police station we were let out next to the side of the building and led through a secure door that had cameras all around it. Once inside everything was white and very heavily lit, as well as cold. I shivered a little as my bare feet walked across the cool tile on the floor and I really felt myself shake when we were led to a large desk with several officers standing both in front and behind it with all but one of the officers being men.

"Well what do we have here?" a fat balding man in uniform said excitedly from behind the desk.

"As you can see this young lady here was publicly exposing herself in Courthouse Square to promote some pornsite on the web." the taller officer informed him.

"It's not a pornsite piglet," CJ shot at him. "She's a virgin and doesn't believe in porn. It's a site trying to spread a positive message."

"And who's this?" the fat one asked referring to CJ.

"She's with her," the officer continued. "She took a man's cellphone who was going to call in a complaint and wouldn't give it back. She's also very mean and insists we're all going to pay."

"I wish I had a dime for everytime I heard that," the fat one replied. "How come this girl is still naked?"

"She refuses to put anything on," he replied.

"She's allergic to clothing tubby," CJ fired at the guy behind the desk.

"That's why this is so bogus, you can't arrest people for their handicaps. You better hope the ACLU doesn't find out about this."

"The ACLU is busy trying to stamp out religion and make things easier for the terrorists to care about this." one of the other officers jumped in.

"Wait a minute," the fat one said ignoring the last comment. "Did you say she's allergic to clothes?"

"You heard me right fats," CJ answered.

"That's a new one," he replied. "What happens when she puts something on?"

"Her skin starts to turn red and hurts really badly," CJ answered some more. "That's why if any of you butt pirates tries to put something on her you can kiss your jobs goodbye."

"Do you have some kind of proof of this?" he asked.

"My lawyer is on her way with it." CJ answered smugly. "So you better treat us extra nice so that we'll keep our complaint filings to a minimum."

"Who's your lawyer?"

"Monique Perant."

"The miniskirt lawyer?" the smaller officer said with sudden excitement.

"Oh man, that lady wears the shortest skirts I've ever seen anyone wear to court. It's amazing she gets away with it. She does have the legs for it though."

"Well let's get them booked before she gets here," the fat one suggested. "I do recommend that the young lady cover up with something before being moved to the general area, it's very full today."

Oh God, it would be. I wondered if I started crying or something if they might let us go. It worked last year when I got pulled over for speeding. Somehow I didn't think it was going to work here though.

"I can't," I replied weakly to his suggestion, "it hurts too much."

"Okay then," he sighed, "the officer here will take your name and begin processing you and your friend here."

"You guys get any of that fingerprint ink on my clothes I'm charging you guys for a new sweatsuit." CJ threatend them. "This thing is pure silk and cost more than any of you are worth."

"Your pimp buy you that?" one of the officers teased her.

"I hope you like the smell of shit Barney," she said to him in her smug tone, "because you're going to be the first to kiss my ass when all of this is done, and I don't mean figuratively either. I hope you have chapstick."