Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 90a

"And we're back with Around Town," Jamie announced through the radio speakers. "I'm Jamie Brown and in a minute we'll be going back to the phone lines."

The subject of the show hadn't changed during my time at the diner apparently, for the last half hour I again had to listen to a bunch of horny guys talk about how cute I was or how they thought I should get implants or that I could come and mop their floors anytime and so on, it was enough to make me think about never wanting to have sex with anyone ever if that's how they were. Geez, I remembered feeling uncomfortable at get togethers when anyone in my family would start talking about me to other members of the family, those feelings were nothing compared to what I'd had to sit through while listening to this crap. Did Paris Hilton feel like this whenever people talked about what a slut she is for being in a porn video on talk shows and such? If she didn't I wished I knew how she avoided it. She probably spent more of her family's money or put another penis in her mouth or something.

I looked down at my clock on the dashboard and saw that I had about 15 minutes to get to Casey's work before she got off and I could see Eugene on the horizon. I'd been lucky that I hadn't seen one cop the entire way so far even though I hadn't been under 70 mph since I got back on the interstate.

I couldn't believe Emily would let CJ have my dad thrown in jail just for not being hot for her anymore if I didn't get there before Casey got off. Why did they always have to add so much difficulty to everything they made me do? I hoped Scott had a good plan to get me out of this and he'd better use it soon because this was getting way out of hand. I sure hoped I remembered how to get to that hotel once I got into town.

"She sure has had an intense look on her face ever since she left the truck stop,” Jamie told the listening audience referring to me. "I'm guessing she's either in a hurry to get to wherever she's headed or that steak she ate has got her backed up a bit and she's having to hold it in."

Oh wasn't he a laugh riot? The sad thing was that I was kicking myself a bit for not using the restroom before I left the diner, I wasn't as backed up as he said I looked but I would be using the toilet when I got to the hotel. I wished I hadn't eaten so much

"Let’s get back to the phone lines as we prepare to finish up the show for tonight," Jamie continued. "Betsey is on the line from Eugene tonight and has an announcement about something Amanda will be doing tomorrow afternoon. Hello Miss Betsey."

"Hi Jamie,” Betsey giggled over the line. I recognized her as one of the coeds from the nightclub the other night. "Thank you for having me on your show tonight."

"Always glad to help out the young college babes around the state." Jamie flirtily replied. "I hear that you have some news about the young lady we've been discussing tonight, please enlighten us."

"Well Jamie," Betsey began sounding giddy, "tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock at Brooks Park here in Eugene our sorority will be having a get-together to launch our exclusive sale of picture CD's that contain a collection of shots of Amanda, who many of us down here have nicknamed 'the Ghostgirl', that we have collected from people around campus and the town who encountered her last weekend when she was here. As you may already know last weekend she was spotted streaking in several locations around town including the Duck's football game, both in the stadium and on the field, and with her permission we've put together this special CD to help raise money to give to the relief effort going on in The Sudan."

"Well that's really nice of you,” Jamie complimented. "Are any of these pictures on the CD already on her website?"

"A few are," she admitted, "but we have many that she has given us exclusive rights to that you won't see anywhere else, plus we are happy to announce that the CD's now will also come with a limited edition 20 minute DVD of her streaking at the football game that's also not available anywhere else for no extra charge. Supplies for that though are limited."

"Wow that's great!" Jamie proclaimed excitedly. "And anybody can buy these?"

"They go on sale on our website on Saturday, but we will be selling them tomorrow at our get together so anyone who doesn't want to wait I suggest they come on out. Everyone is welcome and we will have food and games available too so we can raise as much money as possible. It's for a good humanitarian cause and will be a lot of fun."

"And Amanda's going to be there in person am I correct?"

"Yes she is,” Betsey cheerfully announced. "She's not going to speak or anything but she will say hello to people and pose for pictures for a couple of hours as well as sign copies of the CD's, and she has assured us that she will be wearing our favorite outfit of hers."

"Well according to her webmaster who we had on earlier she won't have much of a choice as what to wear anymore,” Jamie happily reminded everybody. "That's why I believe you're going to have a good showing tomorrow."

"We hope so,” Betsey replied. "I met her the other night and she's an angel, she's just so sweet and not at all what you might think. She's fun to dance with too."

I'd just crossed into the city limits as she said this and I felt a bit relieved that at least I'd made it this far with some time to spare to find the hotel. Unfortunately when I was there last week I didn't do the best job of paying attention to what direction we were going, I guess my mind was on other things at the time like wanting to go home and put clothes on instead of being there. I thought though that we got off on this exit because it looked familiar, I hoped it was right.

"You will be sending me a copy of your product won't you?" Jamie asked Betsey over the radio. "I mean just the DVD alone would be of great use right now since the ones they're going to be selling aren't available yet and I'd love to be able to sit in my easy chair and watch her on my regular TV."

"Well of course we'll send you one,” Betsey told him. "But you know that you can make your own DVD's with the video from her site don't you?"

"What are you talking about?" Jamie asked confused.

"Oh you don't know. Well they don't tell you on the site but I'm sure you've noticed that the technology on there is a bit advanced over most."


"Well, you won't believe this at first but the video on there is CD-R compatible which means that you can burn it on a regular CD-R and play it in your DVD player."

"What?" Jamie said in disbelief. "I've never heard of that."

"Well it's true,” Betsey said confidently. "Just last night all of us watched in a big group of myself and my friend Tye dancing with her at The Brass Monkey the other night on the big screen from the video we burned off the internet. We've made a whole bunch of them and handed them out around the sorority."

"You can't be serious,” Jamie said dumbfounded and I feel the same way myself. "That's too easy, I mean if that's the case then anyone could make their own DVD's of her for the price of a CD-R. I thought they were going to put out their own DVD's?"

"They are,” Betsey explained as I came to a stop light. "They will contain exclusive footage and special features that you can't get on the site as incentive to buy them, but they are fully aware of how people can make their own by just saving it to a disk and then burning it and they wanted it to be that way. The lady you had on earlier, Emily, told me that this is meant to be  a community similar to what the Deadheads were doing when they taped the Greatful Dead concerts and then traded copies to one another. Isn't that just cool, there's just something so positive about that."

For everybody involved except me it was positive. I didn't want to be the Grateful Dead and have people trading images of me and then following me around everywhere like some sort of guru. I could vision in my head guys suddenly running out and buying large quantities of CD-R's to make DVDs for themselves and then passing them off to their friends, oh God this was making me nauseous yet that damn feeling was beginning to grow inside me again. Dammit I hated those f*%&ing bitches. Shit this street looked familiar, I thought I should turn down it. I only had about ten minutes left.

"Well I know what I'm doing tonight then,” Jamie proclaimed excitedly. "She's quickly becoming the best thing to ever happen to lonely guys I'm telling you that. I wish I had more time to talk with you Betsey but I'm up against my last break but I thank you for coming on and filling us all in on everything. Tell us again real quick about tomorrow before we go."

"It's tomorrow afternoon at Brooks Park in Eugene where we'll be selling our exclusive picture CD's,” Betsey repeated from earlier. "Everyone is welcome to come but be forwarned that Amanda will have protection around her so don't come if you have some sort of sexual agenda, everyone is expected to behave themselves, but if you're a mature person who loves what she's doing as much as we do it'll be a fun time."

"Sounds like a blast and yes everyone please behave yourselves. Thank you for the call Betsey and I'll be right back to close the show after this."

Oh thank God there was that McDonald's we stopped at last week, I was on the right road then. I remembered it being just a mile or two down the road further so I'd just stay in right lane and I should be there in a couple of minutes. I'd just park in front of the front door of the place and run in, f'em if they got mad because I needed Emily to keep CJ from doing anything to my dad. My heart began to beat heavily again as I got closer to my destination and it began to sink in that I would be walking into the lobby of that hotel naked in front of anyone who was there, again, just like last week. This time though I was all alone and I had to go to the front desk instead of up to a room. I wished this would get easier.

I could see the sign for the hotel come up in the distance but the light I was coming up to just turned red and I had to stop. At least I was at the front of the line and I only had about two blocks further to go and when I looked at the clock I had five minutes before she got off, shit I might just make this. Just then though I looked over and noticed that a police car had just pulled up next to me in the other lane to wait for the light. Shit! The first thing I wanted to do was duck down to hide from them but I worried that might draw attention to myself. I looked at myself and figured that my bare shoulders were clearly visible through the window but nothing else, still with it being cold and October that still might stand out to them if they noticed me. 'Come on light change green will ya?' I decided to glance over at the cop car to see if they had noticed me or not and to my horror the officer in the passenger seat was staring directly at me, and his stare was intense as if he knew I was up to something. 'God please don't let them pull me over or anything, not now after I've finally gotten here.' I looked away from him and pretended not to notice he was there and stared at the light hoping it would turn green soon. Once it did I slowly drove through the intersection and towards the hotel and hoped I would get there without incident although inside I was terrified that I was about to be busted and I could feel my nerves becoming unglued. I checked my mirrors and saw that the cop car was slowing down and then I saw his blinker come on to get in my lane behind me and my heart nearly exploded.

'Why is he getting behind me for, he's not going to pull me over is he?' Just then my cellphone rang which nearly made me jump through the roof of my car. I quickly picked it up and answered it as I felt myself begin to panic.

"Hello,” I said sounding desperate into the phone.

"I think you're about to get pulled over sweetie,” Emily informed me on the other end. "Do you have a plan as to what to do if they do?"

"No,” I said emphatically. "Shit I'm almost there, why is this happening now? Please don't send my dad to jail." Just then the cop began to flash his lights behind me for me to pull over and I nearly screamed. "Oh God Emily what am I supposed to do?" I asked panic stricken.

"Don't worry baby I'm going to help you out this time,” Emily said calmly. "You're too close and I don't feel like sending someone to bail you out. You're going to have to do everything I say though, can you do that?"

"Yes!" I screamed. "Whatever you want!"

"Good. Turn right here and then gun the gas."

"But..,” I began as I knew that would cause them to chase me.

"Just do it."

"What about my dad?"

"You're dad's got his head between CJ's legs right now so he's just fine, now turn right before you pass it."

Part 90b

"My dad's doing what?" I asked as what she said suddenly made me forget what I was doing.

"Turn!" Emily yelled from the other end of the phone and before I could pass it I cranked my steering wheel sharply and I could hear my tires screech as I made the turn. Luckily there were no oncoming cars coming since I had to swerve back into my lane and once I did I hit my gas pedal and began to speed up, I saw in my rearview mirror the police car turning to follow me and soon he would be right on top of me.

"Emily this is going to make everything worse if I get caught,” I said into the phone frantically.

"Well whatever you do don't pull over until I say so,” she told me calmly. "Now turn right here again and once you do turn right one more time and drive down the alley."

I braced myself and made the sharp right turn which caused me to swerve some more but I was able to control the car well enough to make the second right and soon I was headed for the end of a long alley. I didn't see the cop behind me but I knew they couldn't be far away.

"Okay now turn left and park,” Emily ordered and without thinking I did just that. "Do you see the police behind you?"

"Not yet,” I replied as I turned my head to look behind, making sure I got a full look.

"Good. Now get out and run the opposite direction the car is facing."


"Get out and run before they get there,” she said loudly into my ear. "Keep the phone with you."

Without giving myself any time to think about what I was doing I had my seatbelt off and was out of the door and running away from my car. The ground underneath my feet was hard and cold but I couldn't think about that now, I could hear the sirens coming and tried to get as far away from my car as possible before they got there. I saw headlights coming through the alley and figured I was screwed until I spotted some dumpsters along the building wall and quickly ducked behind them just before the cops turned and pulled behind my car.

"Ooh nice save," Emily praised me as I crouched behind the smelly dumpsters. Soon a second police car came down the road and parked behind the other squad car just as two police officers got out of it.

"Once they are all around your car get out of there and run the other direction,” Emily told me. "Try not to make any noise if you can."

I was to busy holding my breath to answer her but I held steady and watched as the four officers who were now out of their cars had their guns out and were approaching my empty vehicle, which I now noticed I left running. Shit my keys were still in there. At least they didn't have my name on them or anything.

"It's clear enough Amanda," Emily said to me, "get out of there and head back through the alley. There's another cop car coming but he'll miss you if you go through there."

Saying a silent prayer to myself I slowly and quietly backed out from behind the dumpster and once I was out I took off running and turned down the alleyway. I was worried that the slapping of my feet on the pavement gave me away but I didn't stop to check to see if they noticed. The alley was pitch dark and I couldn't see the road under my feet very well but I was too scared to stop so I continued running towards the end of the alley with the phone tightly gripped in my hand. I heard another car drive by from the direction I came from and I figured it was the other cop car Emily had told me about. I glanced back and saw that no one was coming after me and I felt a small sense of relief that that meant they didn't see me sneak off. Once I was at the end of the alley I stopped and hid behind the corner that led out to the street and caught my breath.

"Nicely done again sweetheart,” I heard Emily speak through the phone in my hand. "Don't sit around too long though, they know you're not in the car anymore."

"Do they know I'm naked?" I asked her as I felt perspiration begin to drip down my body.

"They know you have bare shoulders, as far as the rest of you they don't seem to know."

"What do I do now?" I asked as I realized that I was still in danger of being caught.

"Once you catch your breath you better get moving."

"Which direction?"

"From where you are start walking to your right, and you're going to want to hurry too. If someone comes you can try and hide yourself if you can, but get going girl."

I took a deep breath and then came out of my hiding place and began walking down the dark street. Boy this was a whole new level of vulnerability I'm feeling right now walking naked down an unfamiliar city street all by myself with no car or anything I could use to protect myself. Oh God I wanted my mom right now, I didn't care that I was 18; I wanted her. At least right now no one was driving by.

"How far do I have to walk?" I asked into the phone.

"You'll want to get back to the road that you turned off of and then walk from there to the hotel."

"But that road is busy, people will see me."

"Yes but you'll be safer there then on these back roads where people could be hiding in the shadows."

"But the police will see me too if they pass me. Can't you have Casey come pick me up or something like that? Please?"

"You'll be fine sweetie just keep going, I'll let you know if the police are close to you."

"You can see where they are?"

"Of course, you forget who you're talking to."

"Are they close to me now?"

"Keep going you're fine."

I came to my first street to cross and was thrilled that it was clear of cars and I quickly darted across it. My feet were already beginning to bother me though with the ground being so cold and them not used to being outside without shoes on, but there was nothing I could do about that until I got to where I was going. God it was cold out here and I can see my breath as I nervously breathed in and out in quick successions, shit if that damn cop hadn't gotten in the way I'd have been at the hotel right then which would have been a whole lot better than this. It was then that I remembered what Emily had said earlier about my dad.

"What did you mean when you said my dad had his head between CJ's legs?" I asked hoping it was a joke.

"I meant you didn't have to worry about your dad going to jail tonight because he finally gave into her," she told me matter of factly. "Don't worry though she sent your mom out on an errand so she won't know what's happening."

"He gave in?" I said in disgust. "Why would he do that?"

"Because she threatened to have you thrown in jail if he didn't,” Emily explained further. "I guess the thought of that was too much for him to resist any longer."

"Why didn't you stop her?"

"Oh please, like anyone can actually stop CJ from doing something," she scoffed. "Tell you what though, you get through tonight without any difficulty we'll buy your folks a new house and they won't have to live with us anymore and your dad will be away from CJ. It's something I've been considering anyway since we plan on just trashing this place before we're done with it."

"You guys are crazy,” I said outloud as the thought of what my dad was doing nearly made me sick.

"Crazy like a fox,” Emily chided me. "Now you better get your mind on what you're doing you're almost to the main road."

I was reminded of this when a car sprinted by right in front of me as I approached the upcoming road. Soon I would be out from this darkend street and into the well lit area where anyone driving by could get a look at me standing there like an idiot.

"Okay once you're on the sidewalk next to the road go ahead and run as fast as you can toward the hotel," Emily instructed. "You only have to cross two streets to get there and there aren't that many people on the sidewalk right now since it's cold out so you shouldn't worry about running into anyone."

"It would be nice if I had some shoes on,” I told her as I looked down at my cold sore feet. "Or some regular clothes for that matter."

"Well that's not in the cards for you anymore beautiful,” Emily teased me. "As long as we're in business you're going to show off your beauty. Now get running sweetpea before the cops find you."

I came to the end of the block and peered around the corner before I stepped out. She was right about the sidewalks being empty but the road itself had plenty of cars on it. I took a deep breath and said another silent prayer, one for my parents as well as myself, and then came around the corner and began running down the street towards the sign for the hotel with the phone still clutched in my hand. I was instantly met with the sound of horns blaring from both directions as I pumped my legs towards my destination as fast as I could muster under the circumstances. I needed to just keep concentrating on the hotel sign and try to block out everything else, which wouldn't be easy by the sounds of those horns, but if I could just get there I'd feel a lot safer.

Then maybe I could contemplate how I was going to get back at CJ for making my dad touch her that f*&ing bitch.

I came to the first stop crossing light which told me to 'wait' and since cars were crossing I chose to do just that. Boy this was just like the previous night when I had to walk to the Rose Garden except CJ wasn't walking behind me this time and I didn't have a group around me.

"Hey Amanda I love you!" a guy shouted out his window as he drove by me.

Damn I'd been recognized, I didn't want to get used to that.

Once the light turned to 'walk' I darted right out in front of the stopped cars and crossed as fast as I could while ignoring more comments from the drivers. Once across I kept moving and tried to ignore the growing weariness I was feeling; a part of me really wanted to give up but the other part wouldn't let me despite how tired I was of this. Soon I was at the next crossing and I saw the 'wait' sign was flashing which meant I still had time to cross. I glanced both ways and then dashed out into the street to another series of loud honks but was soon on the other side and only a short distance from the hotel. I could feel the sweat running down my chilled skin as I heard Emily yell for me on the phone.

"What?" I managed to say breathlessly into it.

"Once you get into the parking lot hide behind some cars,” she told me. "The cops are coming in your direction and will pass you shortly."

Shit, I was so close too, dammit, why more shit? I dashed into the parking lot of the hotel and quickly ducked between two parked SUVs that were nearest to me and waited.

"Have they gone by yet?" I asked Emily.

"They're coming by right now,” she said. "Oh man one of them is pulling into the parking lot, you better stay hidden."

"It's cold Emily,” I whined to her. "Can't you have Casey bring me out a coat or something just so I can get inside."

"Casey's busy finishing up her work for the day,” Emily said bluntly. "Just keep low and you'll be fine."

I stayed hidden between the two large vehicles for what seemed like several minutes. I was worried that at any moment someone was going to walk out and grab me so crouched down in a position that I could look around me quickly if I had to.

"Amanda?" Emily spoke through the phone.

"Yeah,” I answered.

"Okay he just drove around back so now's a good time to dash for the front door, you should make it."

"Are you sure it's clear?"

"Would you get going, you're already late."

Wanting to believe her I hesitantly snuck out of my hiding place and ran for the entrance to the hotel. There weren't any cops there and I hurried as fast as I could to get to the front door which seemed a million miles away. 'Please God just let me get inside and I'll be so grateful.' Without even realizing it I had reached the door and had it pushed open and darted inside, and I didn't stop until I went through the second door and was standing in the middle of the lobby with my hair sticking to the side of my head and sweat glistening over my body.

"Oh my goodness,” a lady gasped after I came to a stop.

I turned around and saw the eyes from a large group of elderly people who were standing and had been talking to one another before I came in. Oh great, I must have looked like quite a sight to them while I stood here and caught my breath.

Shit even when I'd accomplished something I didn't even get a chance to feel proud of it.

"Wow,” an old man proclaimed as his eyes moved all over me. "I guess wishes do come true sometimes."

Part 91

"Can I help you?" asked a confused young man after I approached the front desk to the hotel with my arms folded over my breasts with my phone still my hand.

"I need to see Casey,” I told him as I was still catching my breath from running.

"Who?" the man asked with a blank look on his face.

"Casey,” I repeated and then caught a glance in the mirror behind the desk, I could see all the old people behind me in it and all of them were looking at me in some form or another, most either shocked or appalled.

"I don't know any Casey,” the man said and continued to look at me as if I was crazy.

"She's the manager here,” I explained hastily. "At least she was last week anyway."

"The manager?" the man said with the same blank look as earlier.

"Yes,” I spoke impatiently. "She's an Asian woman in her mid twenties. I know she works here."

"Oh you mean Cassandra?" he blurted out loudly which nearly caused me step back.

"Yeah,” I nodded happily. "Can you get her for me please."

"I heard my name,” Casey proclaimed as she came out from the back. "Ah Miss Johnson, I'm glad to see you made it." She said to me in her pleasant tone.

"You know her Ms. Lee?" the young man asked Casey and then pointed to me. "She was just asking for a Casey."

"That's me,” she told him. "Some of my close friends call me that and yes I do know this girl, she's becoming a local legend around here."

"Oh is this the girl I heard about that was here last weekend?" he asked beaming.

"She's the one Gavin,” Casey confirmed. "But sadly she's not here to stay with us again, I'm just helping her out for the next couple of hours. Lou is in his office if you need anything because I'm off the clock now, so I'll see you tomorrow." She then turned to me. "Why don't you follow me Miss Johnson and we'll get you freshened up before we go out."

"Amanda!" I heard Emily yell through the phone in my hand. Damn I'd forgotten she was on there.

"Yeah,” I said into the phone as I began to follow Casey through a back hallway and out of sight of the lobby.

"Sounds like you made it okay,” Emily said to me cheerfully. "Good job, I'm proud of you. I need to talk to Casey for a minute."

"Okay,” I then caught up and handed the phone to Casey.

"Hello?" she said into the phone. "She's a little flushed and out of breath but she looks okay. Oh she did. The police huh? Yeah we'll take care of that. I'm going to have her clean up. There's a shower in there she can use. Yeah okay, we'll be there in about a half hour or so. Yes, I will. Okay then, bye."

She then hung up the phone and put it in her pocket. "You won't be needing that anymore."

I followed her down the hallway some more and I could feel my breathing and heart rate slowing down to what for me would be normal as I calmed down. I was so happy to be inside and warm and I shuddered a bit when I thought about how close I came to possibly being arrested, oh man that was close, that really would've sucked. She stopped me when we reached a door and she took out a key and unlocked and opened it.

"After you Amanda,” she said to me and motioned for me to enter. "This is the private bathroom that only a few select employees get access to so feel privileged."

"I'm not Miss Johnson anymore?" I said to her as I walked past her and into the restroom.

"I'm off duty," she replied and then shut and locked the door behind us. She then walked over to a small wall that had small combination lockers on it. "I've got some shampoo and soap in my bag for you to use when you shower as well as some makeup we can touch you up with before we leave."

"Where are we going?" I asked her as she pulled a small athletic bag out of a locker.

"I'm not telling you anything," she said flatly as she pulled some shampoo and a bottle of bodywash out of the bag. "I don't want the two of them to have any reason to be upset with me again so you just keep your questions to yourself."

"I didn't tell them anything,” I told her referring to the last time I was there when CJ had her strip naked in the hotel parking lot and then left her there. "I mean they found out you said those things to me on their own, they seem to be able to do that."

"Yeah they do," she replied quietly and then handed me the shampoo and bodywash. "It wouldn't surprise if that thing around your neck is wired somehow and they're listening in right now. I know you sure didn't have it on when you were here last."

"It doesn't come off,” I told her and then gave it a tug to demonstrate. "It also tells them where I'm at and it beeps when I'm trying to hide from anyone."

"Ha!" she laughed at the notion. "They got you don't they?"

"Honestly I didn't tell them you said anything to me,” I told her again and hoped she believed it.

"It doesn't matter,” she said looking me in the eye. "That wasn't the actual reason she had me do that anyway so quit feeling guilty, it's over."

"I saw the tape of what happened in the parking lot,” I confessed to her, I'm not really sure why but I felt compelled to. "I'm really sorry that happened to you."

"That's very sweet but save it," she said in a blunt tone. "I did what I had to do and afterward I got more than even with those two dickheads so I'm over it."

"That had to have been scary though,” I said matching her gaze. "I mean I saw the look in your eyes when they came back out and demanded what they demanded; it's a look no one should have to give."

"Would you shut the the up and get in the shower," she said in an annoyed tone. "I don't want to talk about this with you, it's none of your business how I felt. Now I'm going to stand here and film you showering with my handheld that I have in my bag and later I'm going to upload it onto your website for everyone to watch. Nothing personal it's what they requested, and  for now I do what's requested of me just like I'm sure you do."

"Casey I'm not trying to..."

"Shutup and get in there," she ordered and then turned on her camera and held it up to film me. "I have some towels for you when you're done. Don't make me have to call one of them to get you to do what you're told, I'm sure they would be upset if I did."

Not wanting that I dropped the subject and did what she asked me to; even though her standing there filming me made me uncomfortable the warmth of the water flowing over me in the shower was very welcome and comforting. After the long day I'd had along with the long drive I'd just experienced this was just what my poor nerves needed, the sad thing was that this day wasn't over yet. I made sure I my hair was good and rinsed and that all the grime was washed off my skin that I got from having to run to get here. Geez I wished I could just go up to one of the nicer suites and curl up in one of their queen-sized beds and sleep until I forgot about all of this, that would have felt like heaven right then.

"Okay I think you're clean Amanda,” Casey insisted and I reluctantly turned off the water. "Hurry and get dried off. Do you need to go?"

"You mean like use the bathroom?" I asked.

"Yes that is exactly what I mean," she replied patronizingly.

"Yes I do."

"Okay then do that before I do your makeup, that way we can leave once I'm done with you. I probably should've had you go before the shower but oh well, hope your ass don't stink."

She handed me three small hand towels to dry with, heaven forbid I should wrap myself in a towel to dry off, but I used them to dry myself as fast as I could. I then used the facilities to unload what had been storing up in me since I left the diner and when I was done Casey had me stand in front of the mirror while she put lipstick and some soft blush and eye shadow on my face.

"There don't you look delicious," she said to me as she admired her work when she was done. "You really do have a nice face, and I must say your body is looking better all the time too, at least since you were last here anyway."

"It is?" I asked surprised at her comment.

"Oh yeah,” she told me as she looked me up and down. "It's like you've gotten curvier in your curvy places and your tits seem more perky and full then last week. This must be beginning to suit you in ways it didn't before. Ican really see now why they wanted you so badly, you're cute."

"Thank you,” I replied feeling a little flattered by her comments. "That almost seems genuine."

"It is,” she told me as she stood behind me and looked at me in the mirror. "I'm sorry I snapped at you earlier, I didn't mean to. I actually feel quite bad for you to be honest."

"You should," I said in a semi-teasing manner, "I don't want to be doing this that's for sure."

"Well I can relate, I didn't want to be in that parking lot last Sunday either," she began to explain. "Here I'm someone who's never lacked for confidence and I always believed I could get through anything but having to strip and hide naked in a parking lot for hours just completely erased that in me until it was nothing. All of my confidence was gone and when that jerkass found me all I could think about was wanting to get dressed and get inside, I wanted that more than anything at that moment. I mean it's not like I haven't given head to someone to get somewhere before and at that exact minute it was the better option than having to spend one more minute naked and trapped out in the parking lot."

She then turned around and it looked as if she was wiping something out of her eye, possibly a tear, and then she moved to put her makeup back in her bag.

"You know they have that tape don't you?" I asked her as I turned around to look at her put her bag away.

"Of course,” she said as she placed the bag back in the locker. "They also have my parent’s video of me being born too, they have everything. I'm sure you've figured that out by now."

"Yeah I have," I admitted. "What are my chances of getting away from them?"

"No one gets away from them," she said knowingly. "Not unless they want you to get away. We have to get going but I am able to inform you that this is the last part of your punishment tonight, once you're done with this you can call it a night."

"Can I ask how long it is?"

"A couple of hours or so I imagine," she replied in a pleasant tone. "Depends on how it goes. I'm curious though, what are you being punished for?"

"For drinking a Frappicino."

"And?" she said waiting for more of an answer.

"And that's it," I told her. "I'm not allowed any coffee and I drank some without permission."

"Shit,” she said sympathetically. "They have you a tight leash don't they? That's weird considering I've seen them drink coffee a million times, it must counteract something."

"What?" I asked as the last thing she said struck home with me. "What do you mean it must counteract something?"

"Well I don't know if it does or not it's just with them it's very possible that's what it is,” she explained. "I would stay away from it though, what they're having you do tonight is probably mild compared to what they'll do if you drink it again. Just a word to the wise."

Holy shit, what if coffee was the antidote? I thought she'd just figured it out for me. It would make perfect sense. Oh my God, I thought I needed to find a way to drink some more coffee products.

"Let's go before we're late and we both get in trouble,” Casey said as she looked at her watch. "My car is parked right in back. I'm bringing one of these towels for you to sit on though, no offense."

"Huh,” I said as my mind was on other things. "Oh don't worry about it. Um... where are we going?"

"I'll tell you when we get there," she said and then took my arm and led me out of the bathroom.

Part 92

All I could think about during my drive with Casey was how was I going to get some coffee. Shit why hadn't I figured this out earlier, it made perfect sense. Why else wouldn't they let me drink anything with coffee in it? I remembered when Emily told me about their housekeeper's daughter and her saying that she took the antidote naturally which to me meant she didn't even know she took it, she just drank coffee and the herb eventually wore off, that had to be it. She even told Mr. Green this morning that his daughter had already taken the antidote, she probably had a cup of coffee in the morning or something like that.

"Hey look," Casey said to me and pointed out the window of her car, "somebody's getting towed."

I looked at what she was pointing at and I saw my car on the back of a tow truck that passed in front of us going thru the intersection.

"Oh man,” I said sadly as I watched it drive away. "I hope they get that back for me. It's almost paid off."

"Was that your car?" Casey asked me as we drove on.

I nodded my head sadly. My parents gave me that car and it always got me where I was supposed to go. Shit that was another thing of mine I'd lost because of the goddesses.

"I'm sure they'll get it out for you,” Casey tried to reassure me. "They'll want you to have something to drive, and I know full well they won't let you drive their cars."

Like I'd want to drive their stupid cars anyway. What I wanted actually was to drink a gallon of espresso and get that herbal crap out of my system so I could get dressed again. I wished I hadn't thrown up the frappicinos I'd drank, although Emily did say that 'the damage has already been done'. I wondered if that was enough? I'd take that as a good thing though. Still though I couldn't help but think I needed to drink more, but I was always being filmed and it would be hard to get any without them knowing about it. If I had known earlier I would've drank every damn one of those fraps in the fridge, and I wouldn't have let myself puke either. If they caught me drinking them now though I'd really be in for it, drinking the antidote wouldn't get me away from them. In fact they might make me drink that tea again in a larger dose that'd make this permanent. I was going to have to be crafty on this one, I hoped I was capable of doing it.

After we drove for about another fifteen minutes or so we pulled into a crowded parking lot next to what looked like a large warehouse. Casey pulled up next to a doorway that went inside the building and put on the parking brake.

"This is the place," she announced as she leaned back in her seat. "Someone should be out in a minute to get you."

"Where are we?" I asked puzzled. I looked at the building and it looked as if all the windows were covered and I couldn't see anything going on inside.

"Emily and CJ own this building,” Casey told me. "It's an old warehouse that they got for real cheap and they use it throw exclusive little parties in it, although I have a hard time believing what's going on in there is anything I would call a party, at least not one I'd want to be a part of."

"What is it?" I asked as a vision of the orgy scene from Eyes Wide Shut played in my head.

"Well it's what I would call a nerdfest,” she explained. "I don't know if you know but Emily is a bit of a comic/sci-fi buff. She owns a bunch of comic book stores around the state and she has a huge collection of rare books, her favorite is Vamirella and she dresses like her every Halloween for as far back as I can remember. Anyway she throws these little get togethers for these comic geeks and they all dress up and show off and trade their collectables to one another and all sorts of other dorky things."

"And why am I here?" I asked having trouble picturing Emily reading comic books.

"Well," she began and then took a breath, "you're here to liven things up. I'm sorry to tell you this put I know that inside these walls are some of the dweebiest guys walking the face of the earth and you get to hang out with them for awhile."

"Doing what?" I said loudly.

"Well for the first hour or so you're going to posing for pictures and talking with them, and I should warn you that most of these guys have probably never seen a naked girl up close before so they'll be overly excited to see you. I imagine many of them will cum in their pants the moment you come into their sight. When you're done with that part though you're going to be playing a game with them, and I'm positive you're not going to like it."

"What kind of game?" I demanded to know.

"I'm afraid I can't divulge that," she replied with sympathy in her voice. "Needless to say it would be punishment for any girl."

"I don't have to sex with anyone do I?"

"No,” she said reassuringly. "You're supposed to be a virgin remember."

"I am a virgin,” I insisted. "There's no 'supposed to' about it."

"Well then you're going to be surrounded by your own kind,” she said referring the nerds in there. "I'm sorry to have to do this to you but like you I don't really have a choice in the matter. Oh here's somebody."

Just then a large woman stepped out of the doorway dressed in some sort of medieval costume and walked over to my side of the car. When she leaned down to my window I saw that it was Karen, the drawing teacher and the security guard from the Duck game. Oh great, it just had to be her didn't it? She wanted to have sex with me.

"Hi Amanda,” Karen said extra cheerfully as she opened my door for me. "It's great to see you, all of you, I've been so excited ever since Emily told me you were coming. This is going to be fun."

"What are you supposed to be?" Casey asked Karen as she looked over her costume. "Little John from Robin Hood or something?"

"Oh you must be Casey," Karen said to her. "I'm supposed to give you this." Karen then handed a small plastic bag that had something in it to Casey who had a puzzled look on her face when she took it.

"What's this?" Casey asked.

"That's your costume for when you come back for the game," Karen explained.

"You do know you're supposed to come back and help set that up don't you?"

"Yeah but I didn't know I was supposed to wear a costume," Casey explained. "What is it?"

"You'll find out when you get home,” Karen told her. "It's just something to help you fit in when you're here. Now let's get Amanda inside, people are chomping at the bit for her to start."

Karen then stood aside and motioned for me to get out. Once I did she took my arm and then told Casey to come back in an hour or so and then closed the door. She then led me inside the building and then up some stairs and into an office. I could hear all sorts of commotion going on from behind the walls and once we were in the office there was a large window that overlooked the whole warehouse and I saw the floor was packed.

"These things are always fun,” Karen told me as we looked down from the window onto the large group of people scattering around below. "Many of these people came from all over the country for this, and this was before anyone knew you'd be here since we only found out about it today. What a treat they're going to get."

I looked down at everything and couldn't believe how many people they fit in there. The floor was filled with booths and tables and a steady moving river of costumed people who were checking everything out. There was a large stage at the far end where someone dressed as Darth Vader and another guy dressed like a ninja were having a sword fight. God there was a guy dressed like Spiderman but he wore got thick glasses on over his mask, and that didn't look right.

"That section we have roped off at the side there will be where you'll greet and pose for pictures with people,” Karen pointed out to me. "I'll be there with you the whole time so nobody steps out of line or puts their hands where they aren't supposed to be. You should've seen the faces light up when it was announced that you were making an appearance, I was surprised at how many already knew who you were but since most of them know Emily in some capacity it made sense."

"They know Emily?" I asked surprised she would know people like this.

"This is an invitation only get together so yeah she would know them,” Karen explained. "They know somebody from every part of the world, Lord knows they've been enough places. We'll go down there in a minute but Emily gave permission for you to have a glass of wine before you do. She thought it would help loosen you up since you've had such a long drive to get here."

Karen then took out a bottle of red wine and poured some into two glasses and handed one to me.

"Personally if I had my way we'd just stay up here and drink this together,” Karen told me as her eyes lustfully ran over my body. "That couch over there is very comfy and could fit both of us on it."

"That's okay,” I said repulsed at the idea and then sipped my wine. Ewwwe this was nasty tasting, this was why I didn't drink I guessed. I hoped it wasn't drugged.

"I wish I could have you just you for myself but they won't let me,” She went on and then winked at me. "They want you all to themselves, I don't blame them either. They did say though that they're going to set me up with one of your friends this weekend though."

"They are?" I asked surprised at finding this out. "Who are they going to set you up with?"

"I think her name is Ashley,” she told me as she drank some of her wine. "She's supposed to be a basketball player or something."

"Ashley!" I said as I nearly spit out my wine. "Ashley's not gay either. Why would they set you up with her?"

"I don't know but they said they would,” she told me. "They even said I'd probably get lucky. They showed me a picture of her too, she's cute. Not as cute as you maybe but she's so tall and sexy, I'd certainly wouldn't throw her away."

Oh my God those goddesses would do anything. I couldn't imagine Ashley going for this though, Duke or no Duke. One thing I'd say though, Karen was one of the rare women who was bigger then Ashley, she'd have trouble beating up this one.

"Hurry up and finish your wine," Karen urged me, "we need to get you down there and have you meet these people, I'm sure their cameras are just waiting to be used on you."

"What's the game I'm supposed to play later?" I asked as my nerves began to become unsteady again at the thought of going down there. I then found myself slamming down the rest of my wine to calm them.

"I can't tell you yet but I really wish I could play in it,” she said with a smug look. "I'll only say that's it's a dream come true for five lucky people. I see you've finished your drink so let's go on down. You should see some of the costumes that are being worn, they're great. They'll look cool standing next to you."

And I was sure I'd look naked standing next to them.

Part 93a

When we left the office Karen led me down a back stairway and through a narrow hallway before entering the main floor. She brought me through a doorway and before I knew it there I was walking through a sea of oddly dressed people, most of whom were men, and over to a roped off area. There on the wall was a display of several images of me from my various missions -- there were several different sizes and prints of the images and all of them were full body shots of me with nothing hidden.

"Those are special prints we'll be selling tonight and tomorrow,” Karen informed me as she pointed to the table set up to sell them on. "We also have a small number of life size posters that we're going to giving away as door prizes later after you leave. They gave me one of them and I intend to display it in the art department at the community college here in Eugene for the next few weeks before taking it home. All the money we make from selling these will go to your charities of course."

As if I wasn't displayed enough as it was already. Soon Karen had people who wanted their picture taken with me lining up behind the rope and before I knew it I was standing next to a large man dressed as The Flash in red spandex and getting my photo taken again. For the next hour I had to stand and smile with what seemed like a hundred people, they had to use their own cameras but not one of them lacked one. The majority of these guys were really weird looking and while I knew who a few of them were supposed to be many of the costumes were unfamiliar to me.

"Are you supposed to be the Easter Bunny or something?" I asked one guy dressed in a large grey rabbit suit with a skull type mask.

"I'm Frank," the guy insisted, "you know from Donnie Darko."

"Is that a comic?" I asked again.

"A comic?" the guy scoffed, all the while his eyes never left my boobs. "No, it's the greatest movie ever made. It's about love, time travel, and God. You've never seen it?"

"No,” I shook my head. If I'd seen it I'd know who he was, stupid question.

"Oh well I have a copy of it with me," he told me. "It's a bootleg version of the director's cut that isn't out yet. We should watch it later on my portable DVD player I brought with me. We could get some beer and watch it in the back."

"I won't have time Fred."

"Frank,” he corrected me.

Other guys kept asking to do things with them as well which I also kept turning down. So many of these guys were so ugly too, I don't mean to be mean or anything but looking at most of these guys really began to hurt after awhile. I wished more of them wore masks. They kept bragging to me about all the goofy memorabilia and comic collections they had too. One guy in a storm trooper costume wouldn't stop bragging about how he had the complete original 1977 Star Wars figures collection that he spent thousands of dollars on over several years.

"I keep them in a locked display case because someone tried to steal them from me once,” He explained to me in boring detail. "It's fireproof and heat controlled too in case something like that happens. I just live over in Springfield if you ever want to come over and see them, I have a life size land speeder in my garage too."

Karen was always close by taking the pictures watching out for me. A couple of times she had to remind a couple of guys of where not to put their hands and even got into a small argument with a guy who both dressed, spoke, and acted like a Klingon. It would've been comical if it wasn't so weird. Of course I hated every minute of this, especially the part where I had to keep smiling and let people put their arms around me, but I dreaded what was coming with this game I was supposed to play later. I sure hoped it wasn't Twister or anything like that.

"Hello Amanda,” A guy in blue spandex with some sort of red thing that covered his eyes said to me in a familiar sounding voice as he came to the front of the line. "Do you remember dancing with me at the club the other night?"

Holy shit it was Scott. How did he get in there? Was he going to get me out of here somehow? Karen was watching so I knew I'd better play this cool.

"Yeah vaguely,” I replied to him acting as if I had trouble figuring out who he was. "Didn't you have regular glasses on?"

"Yeah. I was the one with the cool leather jacket, Scott."

"Right,” I said pretending to recognize him. "I didn't recognize you in that costume. Who are you supposed to be?"

"I'm Cyclops," he said surprised I didn't know. "I'm one of the X-men. Haven't you seen the movies?"

"No. I haven't seen most of these movies and things everyone here is supposed to be."

"Well you're wearing the same thing you did the other night,” he pointed out reminding me of my nudity. "Not wearing the tennis shoes though."

"Yeah well I'm not dancing tonight."

I wanted to ask him a bunch of questions but with my collar and all these people around I'd give it away that he was trying to help me. He handed a digital camera to Karen and then put his arm around me to pose for a shot, and for the first time that night I put my arm around him too because I was happy he was there. Karen then took the picture and then handed him back his camera.

"Me and a couple of my friends have a booth over by the stage," Scott told me as he let me go. "If you get a break or anything soon you can come by if you want. We have some of rare X-men comics that we're showing off if you'd like to look at them. I can fill you in on who they are."

"We'll see..,” I said trying not to act to interested. "If I get a chance I may."

'I most definitely may. I sure hope he can get me out of here somehow, or at the very least have some real good news for me. Karen better give me a break here pretty soon.'

"Okay guys," Karen said to rest of the people in line after I posed with several more people after Scott left. "I'm afraid that's all the time she has for this. We apologize for those of you who didn't get to pose with her but feel free to take pictures of her while she mingles around and also prints of her are available over at our display table."

There was a groan from the crowd when she announced I was done but then the flashes from their cameras began going off in my direction so they could get shots of me for themselves anyways.

"Be sure to watch for her on stage in about twenty minutes or so,” Karen went on. "And be sure to come back to tomorrow when Julie Strain will be here to pose for photos with all of you. Thank you for coming by our area."

The line then began to break up and I hoped this would be my chance to go find Scott. I hated the idea of walking through all of these people looking for him but I didn't know any other way to do it.

"I'll take you back to the office where you can use the bathroom if you need to and have another glass of wine,” Karen told me as she began leading me through the crowd. "Then they want you to walk around and look at things for a few minutes before we start the game. Don't worry, someone will be watching you at all times so that you're safe."

"You won't be with me?" I asked, hoping she wouldn't be.

"No I have to get things ready on the stage,” she answered. "That Casey girl should be back here anytime now. I hope she likes her little outfit she's supposed to wear. I imagine she looks good in chain mail."

Part 93b

After I used the bathroom and had another glass of wine with Karen she led me back down to the entrance to the main floor. She told me she was going backstage and that I had to walk through the crowd and check out things that were going on before I could go backstage myself.

"Just make your way along the edge of the building,” she told me. "That way you won't be too fast. I imagine that plenty of people will want to take a picture of you, and you have to let them, but you don't have to stand and pose or anything like that. If they ask just tell them you don't have time."

That wouldn't be a problem. I had no intention of stopping and looking at anything other than what Scott might have to show me. He said his booth was over near the stage so I'd have to keep a lookout for it as I went. As I walked through the crowd of costumed people I kept wishing I could wear one myself, not just for clothes but for anonymity as well.

"Hey it's Amanda,” I kept hearing all around me, much of it sounding scuffled from the masks people were wearing.

So many people here knew who I was now. I wasn't just an anonymous streaker to people anymore, when they saw me now they knew I was Amanda. I had no choice but to move slowly through the crowd since so many people were standing around and looking at things, which gave those with cameras plenty of opportunity to get good shots of me before I moved on and I could hear them clicking all around me.

"Over here Amanda," a guy shouted to me and snapped a shot when I looked over. When I would walk past people many times I had to squeeze through which meant my body would rub up against someone else’s and the friction caused my body to begin reacting again. I tried to focus on finding Scott but thinking about seeing him only made the feeling worse, I hoped he could get me out of there.

"Wow, you're really pretty," someone in an elf costume said to me after I slid by him. "You'd almost be worth turning mortal for."

"With curves like that she could bear us many children,” a second elf added from behind me. "She could be our queen."

Ewwwe. Whoever I have children with will be from this realm and not from fantasy land. As I made my way closer to the stage area I saw Scott and another guy dressed in a costume standing next to a table and going through some of what they had on it. I wanted to run over there but I knew I was probably being watched and if I seemed too eager I might give him away. I needed to act casual and somewhat standoffish so that I wouldn't blow it.

"Hey could I get you to pose with us for a moment?" a man dressed as a wizard asked me as I moved by him. "I waited earlier but you left before I could get one taken."

"I'm sorry I don't really have time," I said to him politely and then tried to move by.

"Please," he asked as he blocked my way, "it would mean a lot to us and I promise we'll be fast."

"If you hurry,” I gave in with a sigh. God I wished I could just tell them no and take their cameras from them.

"Oh thank you Amanda," he said gratefully and then he and two other guys dressed like him moved around me. "I somehow knew you wouldn't let your members down."

They took their picture quickly and then thanked me but as I was about to move on toward Scott I was stopped again by another person.

"Can I get one with you too?" the guy, who was dressed like someone from Kiss, asked me.

"I'm sorry I don't have time,” I told him and then again tried to move by.

"But you let them take one," he pointed out harshly. "If you made time for them why can't you make time for me?"

"Because then I'd have to make time for everybody and I don't have time to do that,” I told him calmly hoping it would calm him down. "Plus you look like someone who posed with me earlier so I think you got what you wanted already."

"That wasn't me that was the other guy dressed like Gene Simmons,” he said to me as he continued to block my way. "That jackass swore to me that he was going to be Paul Stanley but here he is running around as Gene, when I'm Gene. Now you're going to tell me I can't get a picture with you when you posed with that wannabee because you can't make time for me, even though you're standing right here."

"Okay,” I gave in again, he was beginning to scare me. "You're the last one though," I said loudly for everyone else around to hear, "and you have to do something nice for someone later to make up for it."

"I'll kill for you if that's what you want,” he agreed and then handed his camera to the guy next to him and then stood next to me. "Anything to get a shot standing next to an actual nude virgin."

Kill for me huh? I could think of a couple of people I wouldn't mind leaving this world. Standing next to this guy felt creepy but it was over soon enough when the picture was taken and I was able to get away from him.

"Thank you Amanda,” he called after me. "The Kiss army is behind you all the way."

Lucky me. I could hear more clicks going off around me as I made my way to Scott's table although at least no one was asking me to stop anymore.

"Well hello," Scott said to me as he noticed me pretending to pass him. "I was hoping you might come by here."

"Oh hi," I said to him trying to act like I didn't care. "I'm just on my way to the backstage area. Are you selling something?"

"Oh goodness no. We're just showing off our collection of books; we're not about to sell them. You remember my friend Jake don't you?" He then pointed to the guy with him who I recognized from the club the other night too.

"Yes. I danced with you too didn't I?" asked him. "What are you supposed to be?"

"I'm Wolverine," Jake said shocked. I guess I was supposed to know that.

"She doesn't read comics Jakey,” Scott teased. "She didn't know who I was either. Here Amanda, let me show you some of what we have and I'll teach you who we are supposed to be."

Scott then reached for one of the comics they had displayed just as Jake suddenly said, "All clear Scotti."

"Okay Amanda," Scott said as he opened the book and pretended to show it to me, "we're blocking the transmission of your collar. Just act like I'm showing you this and we can talk, make sure you act natural."

"When can you get me out of this?" I asked instantly. "Please tell me it's now."

"Well it's not now," he replied sorrowfully. "I'm afraid plans are still for us to grab you at the party on Saturday, but I can promise you that will be the absolute latest though. No matter what happens Saturday will be your last day to suffer through this; we are not going let them make you go to school like this or anything else for that matter. I promise you, you will not have to go to your school naked on Monday so you can quit worrying about that."

Hearing that was the biggest relief I'd felt since this whole thing started one week earlier. I was actually a little worried that he might actually push getting me away from them back further, but to know that there was an actual point where this would end was a Godsend. I wanted to hug Scott but I had to hold back.

"What about my parents?" I asked him. "What if they try and do something to them?"

"They should be fine," he said reasurredly as he continued to pretend to show me the comic book he was holding. "We have a lawyer ready to help your dad if they have him arrested, but since they'll be in Seattle during the party we're hoping it won't come to that."

"What if Emily and CJ come looking for me?" I said worriedly. "I mean I can't expect them to just sit back and do nothing."

"We have a plan for that. We can't reveal that to you right now but you'll have to trust me that it'll work. We also have things in place to protect your brother and his wife down in Arizona too so that's covered as well."

"I need the antidote for what's irritating my skin," I went on. "I think I mightknow what it is now too."

"Coffee," he said guessing at what my answer was.

"Yes,” I said surprised. "I'm being punished for drinking it earlier, that's why I'm here now."

"We know,” he said nodding his head. "It's a good thing too since we were going to be here anyway."

"You were?" I asked puzzled.

"Oh yeah. We go to all of these, it's part of our cover,” he told me. "That and we're big X-men fans."

"And you know that coffee is the antidote?" I asked going back to that subject.

"We now believe it is yes," he reassured me. "We thought it might be since the others who've taken the herb were coffee drinkers and it did wear off of them, and Green's daughter drinks it too. Do they let you have anything else with caffeine in it?"

"Iced tea," I mentioned. "I know that has some in it. I haven't had any Coke or anything like that though, but they never actually forbade me from drinking that I just haven't had any."

"You're a Sprite drinker right?"

"Yeah,” I answered him. "Should I start drinking Coke?"

"If you want to, but if you're drinking iced tea though it may not actually be the caffeine. It could just be something in the coffee that does it. Anyway you may want to find a way to drink some more of it."

"Well duh,” I said condescendingly. "The trick is getting some without my captors knowing about it. They'll really let me have it if I drink it again."

"We'll see if there's a way we can sneak you some tomorrow when you're at the park with that sorority," he mentioned to me. "Maybe we can sneak you a milkshake or something and say it's chocolate so they won't know."

"Anything will be helpful,” I told him hopefully. "Anything you can do to keep CJ off of my dad?"

"Why? Did she have sex with him or something?"

"Emily told me she did."

"Oh crap," he said befuddled. "She's been known to do things like that, she'll probably want your mom next."

"Scott!" I blurted in disgust. "Don't tell me that."

"Sorry," he replied looking like he felt stupid. "It's just I don't know how to stop her from doing that for now. All I can say is it's better then her getting them hooked on drugs or one of the other things she's been known to do. I'm sure that's little comfort."

"Wrap it up Scott," Jake interrupted. "They know something is up, lady bigfoot is on her way over here."

"Can you tell me what game I'm playing?" I asked Scott quickly.

"Yes but I'm afraid to tell you because I worry your reaction will give us away,” he replied. "Just try your best to get through it is all I can tell you. Hang in there Amanda, it's only for a little longer. Cut it Jake."

Just as he said that I looked over and saw Karen making her way over to where I was.

"The shape and the costumes of the characters have changed over time,” Scott said pretending to explain the X-men to me. "I mean look at Cyclopes then and look at how I'm dressed now, completely different."

"There you are Amanda," Karen said to me cheerfully. "We're ready for you now backstage. I see you've made a new acquaintance."

"He insisted on showing me these things,” I said acting uninterested in the comic book he had. "He thinks because I danced with him the other night he can take up my time."

"Well he can't do that anymore, we need you now,” she insisted and took my hand in hers. "You guys will be able to look at her some more when she's on stage for the game. You two have your tickets don't you so you'll know if your number is picked?"

"Oh yes," Scott insisted, "we'll be watching that's for sure."

"Good,” Karen said pleased. "We'll be starting in just a few minutes."

She then led me off through the crowd, for which I felt a couple of people take the liberty of accidentally brushing their hands on me when I passed them, and then behind the stage curtain where some people were getting some podiums ready. It was there that I saw Casey standing off in the corner dressed in a short and tight see-through chainmail dress with no underwear on underneath.

"Who were those two guys?" Karen asked me referring to Scott and Jake.

"I had to dance with them at the nightclub the other night,” I answered her. "They just happened to be here and I knew I had to be polite."

"Well for some reason when you were talking to them the reception on your collar went crazy,” she told me. "No one could hear what you were talking about with them."

"Really?" I pretended not to know. "I didn't see them do anything that would cause that."

"Well it's probably something one of those electronic geeks out there brought with them,” she pondered. "Just in case though those two guys are going to be checked out. I'm going to help finish getting things ready for later so I want you to go talk to that Casey girl over there while I do. She'll explain what's going on."

I walked over to the corner where Casey was standing with her arms over her breasts looking very uncomfortable in the costume she was wearing.

"What are you supposed to be?" I asked her as I noticed how tightly the dress clung to her body.

"I don't know but I hate wearing this,” she replied nervously. "It's too short, too tight, and they wouldn't let me wear anything under it. Not to mention it's constricting as well."

"What are they making you wear it for?"

"Because they can," she told me shakily. "I'm trying to get this plush job in LA that pays six figures to start and if I want their help getting it I have to go along with this crap. They expect me to film you when your playing the game from down on the floor in between all those people with this stupid thing on. I mean I can barely walk in this thing it's so tight yet I have to move around in a crowd of horny dorks and try to videotape you. I can tell you one thing I'm going to be standing in the back as far as I can. This is going to be embarrassing though."

At least she got to wear something and could hide in the crowd, I was going to be on stage in front of everyone without the luxury of a dress.

"At least I won't have to do what you're going to have to do,” she mentioned. "As much as this is going to suck I would really hate to be in this game."

"What is the game?" I asked not sure I really wanted to know.

"Well," she began after taking a deep breath, "everyone out there was given a wristband with a number on it when they came in. They're going to draw five numbers and those who have those numbers get to come on stage and play a trivia game called The Lady or the Loot."

"What's that?" I asked never hearing of it before.

"It's a game that Emily came up with and they usually use a porn star for it but since you messed up I guess you get to play that part."

"Do I have to have sex with someone?" I asked worriedly.

"No,” she replied quickly. "But you may still feel violated. You see they ask a trivia question and whoever answers it gets to chose between a cash prize or to fondle some part of your body for thirty seconds, and with most of these guys being geeks they usually take the latter because it's a chance to actually touch a girl."

"I'm not playing that,” I said without thinking. "No way am I doing that."

"I think it would be in your best interest to go along with it,” she insisted. "I know how you feel but they told me to tell you that if you don't they're going to do to your friend Amber what they're doing to you now, as well as have your dad thrown in jail for good measure."

Shit! Damn them. They always had something to hold over me. I was going to have to play this damn game wasn't I?

"I can see from the look in your eyes that you know you're beat," Casey said softly. "I can tell you though that they have a time limit for how long they can touch you and if they go over that or touch you somewhere they're not supposed to this big guy kicks their ass, so it could be worse."

"How many questions are there?"

"I think four or five so it won't be real long."

"Where do they get to touch?"

"You'll find that out during the show, although I can tell you your pussy will be off limits totally."

"What kind of questions are they?"

"Geek questions like comic books and shit."

"And this will be broadcast?"

"Yes it will. In fact Emily wanted me to mention to you to do a good job because they're showing it free to everyone tonight, not just the paying members. She's hoping it will increase business."

"No they usually wore bikinis," Casey replied. "You're going to be the first to play this nude."

I could feel my body begin to feel very weak as I stood there, I thought for a second I was going to pass out. The thought of having to stand there and let some guy touch me, well it just made me nauseous. I'd never willingly let any man touch me before and now not only was I going to have to let them do it but I had to do it front of a large crowd of people, and it wasn't helping that I  could feel my body betraying me again. I wished my body would react like my mind wanted it to instead of making things worse. God I just wanted to curl up in a ball and hide.

"Amanda!" Karen shouted from across the stage. "We're almost ready to begin. It'll be just a couple of minutes."

"Oh God,” I said to myself as I tried to figure a way out of this.

"I'm so sorry,” Casey said sympathetically. "You've grown on me a little and I feel bad for you having to do this, but there isn't anything I can do plus I have my own worries to deal with. Just try to think of it as just touching and that it's not that big of a deal and you'll be okay. You never know, those guys may actually need the money and will have to take it. Good luck honey."

She then gave a quick hug, and I could tell just by the feel of the metal in her dress that that thing must be uncomfortable. When she let go Karen yelled for me to go over there and for Casey to go out into the crowd because it was time to start.

'Oh dear God please help me through this.'

Part 94a

Karen had me stand next to her at the side of the stage while the MC that Emily hired was on stage drawing the numbers for the contestants. I was almost shaking with the thought of having to go out there on stage naked in front of that large crowd as well as the thought that I'd have to let somebody touch me.

"I so wish I could play in this game," Karen whispered to me, "especially since I know all the answers to the questions ahead of time. I mean I didn't know it was possible but you look better today than you did on Monday, or Saturday too for that matter. I don't know what they're doing to you but it sure is working. I can sure see that this excites you too, you could poke an eye out with those nipples."

"That's not intentional,” I told her as I tried to move to where she couldn't see my breasts. "I actually hate the thought of this."

"Your tits must have a mind of their own then," she teased. "Look they only need to draw one more name and then we can bring you out, gosh this is so exciting."

I looked out into the crowd, which was large and all gathered close to the stage, and I saw Casey fighting through it trying to get into some sort of position to film this. She had her camera in her hand but I could tell she was having trouble walking in that dress. It looked really more like the dress was wearing her and she had to rub her thighs together in order to walk, I even almost felt sorry for her too when a bunch of camera flashes went off around her which she tried to avoid but couldn't. Her butt looked like it was about to fall out of that dress as well, poor Casey. I then looked out on the stage and saw that the last person was picked and they were now being led to a podium where they would stand and answer the questions. I was surprised to see that one of the contestants was a woman who seemed very happy to be there, I hoped she was in it for the money and if she was I hoped she answered every question. The lady who was the MC, who was dressed in one of the old Star Trek miniskirt outfits with the black boots but without the black stockings, began to ask the contestants questions about themselves when Karen pointed out to me where I was supposed to stand when I was introduced.

"That marked circle is where you'll be during the game," she told me. "They'll move you to wherever they need to when someone chooses you as a prize, like you might have to stand on a stool or something. Just basically do what Morgan tells you to and always try to smile and be polite."

She then pointed to a large muscular bald man that was standing off to the side. "That's Ludwig,” Karen said referring to the man, "he's the one that's going to make sure that no one goes too far with you. He's got a blackbelt in something and I'm sure he could kick the crap out of any of these guys on stage." She then pointed back at the MC, "Doesn't Morgan look great in that outfit? We had to pay her more to get her to wear it but she looks so sexy in it, better than anyone from that show anyway. She's on cable you know."

"She is?" I said not knowing who she was. "What's she on?"

"Tech TV,” Karen informed me. "She hosts some video game show on there. Emily found her and started flying her in for these things, she's really good at this and the guys love her."

"I bet,” I scoffed. A girl with big boobs who liked video games, I bet she was a dream for some of these people.

"Okay now," Morgan announced excitedly on stage, "it's time to bring out the Lady part of The Lady or the Loot. I know most of you saw her earlier tonight when she arrived and posed for pictures. Even though she's a virgin and not the type to play a game like this she's agreed to play along after the promoter promised a 10,000 dollar donation to The Dornbecher Children's Hospital which was made earlier today. To me that's something that should be applauded and I'm sure you'll agree plus she's very pretty and also going to play totally naked,” the crowd then broke into a loud applause. "Let's bring her out. Ladies and Gentlemen, the star of the website and someone who will undoubtedly become a sensation. Let's hear it for AMANDA JOHNSON!"

Karen then gave me a little push from behind and I found myself walking out onto the stage as the crowd roared loudly with approval. I was so nervous I barely remembered to stand in the circle, which had a spotlight directly on it, and for a second I had trouble breathing until I remembered to do it. From the crowd all I could see was a sea of eyes looking directly at me, that and a bunch of light sabers waving around happily.

"Hi Amanda," Morgan said to me as she came over and stood next to me with a microphone. "Love your outfit. Can you tell me where I can get one like that?"

"What?" I said nervously, not getting her joke.

"Your outfit," she repeated. "It just looks really comfy, does it fit well?"

"Yeah it fits fine,” I said seriously and then felt stupid once I figured out what she was talking about. "One size fits all I guess."

Morgan let out a laugh and said, "Well yours fits you well. I've never met a nudist who was a virgin before and I also hear that you're doing this for God. Is that true?"

"Yes ma'am," I replied nodding my head. "I believe it's my calling."

"Well I hear the calling from my earpiece telling me to get the game started so let's do it," she proclaimed and then walked over to her spot.

I looked over at the contestants and I was sorry to see that not only was Scott not one of them but also there wasn't a decent looking guy in the bunch. Every one of them, including the girl dressed as Wonder Woman, wore nerdy glasses and a couple of the guys had bad acne. God they looked like the chess club at my school except worse.

"Okay this is how the game works..,” Morgan began to explain to the contestants. "I'm going to ask a trivia question, mainly having to do with sci/fi or comic books in some fashion or another. When I've finished asking the question, emphasis on finished, if one of you knows the answer you can use your buzzer to buzz in and if you're first you may answer the question. If you get the  question right you get a choice of either taking a cash prize, which will be a higher amount with each question, or you may choose the second option of getting to put your hands on this lovely girl for thirty seconds. Where you can touch will be specified before the question is asked and you can only touch where it's specified. If you buzz in first and get the question wrong then it's open for someone else to buzz in, if you get the question right then you can't be the first to buzz in for the rest of the game but you may still buzz in if an answer is missed or no one else answers it first. Any monetary winnings will be paid via a cashiers check at the end of the show, minus taxes of course. It's all very simple and I wish all of you good luck, including Amanda here since this may be her first time doing many of these things. You can take comfort though Amanda in the fact that these guys all look like virgins themselves,” she then winked at the contestants and told them she was only kidding, although I thought I saw her cross her fingers when she said that part. "Okay guys are we ready for the first question?"

They all cheered as I thought to myself that I could never be ready for this. My heart was really pounding loudly and I could feel my breathing getting heavy again, I wished someone would pull the fire alarm or something so I could get out of this. I wondered if Scott was down there watching.

"Okay," Morgan went on, "good luck everyone and here's the first question. For the choice of either a hundred dollars or the opportunity to rub Amanda's legs up and down for thirty seconds answer this question: The Oregon based comic book company Dark Horse is currently readying the film version of their popular title Sin City for release next spring which stars Bruce Willis. Name three other Dark Horse titles that have been made into feature films."

Jesus I'd never even heard of Dark Horse, I almost felt relieved that no one would be able to answer that until the guy dressed as a hobbit buzzed in with an answer.

"Stanley,” Morgan acknowledged the person buzzing.

"Um..,” Stanley began nervously as his eyes looked me up and down with anticipation "well Hellboy of course."

"That's one," Morgan accepted.

"The Mask," he added. "And um... um."

"We need an answer or you'll have to pass,” Morgan warned him.

"Oh and Barb Wire," he blurted out. "That's it. I knew it was something simple like that."

"That's correct," Morgan announced cheerfully. "We also would've accepted Timecop. You win the first question Stan, which would you prefer, the lady or the loot?"

Please pick the money.

"Well the lady," he said excitedly. "She has long legs and I like long legs."

The crowd started cheering loudly at Stan's choice and the next thing I knew I saw Ludwig bring a stool over to me. "You're going to have to stand on this," he told me and then set it down in front of me. "Don't worry I keep a close eye on these guys."

I swallowed hard and made myself stand up on the stool, which made me feel that much more exposed as I stood over everyone on the stage. Mogan led Stan over to me and had him stop right in front of me, his head was eye level with my vagina and his eyes stared directly at it.

"Okay Stan a couple of things first," Morgan explained to him, "you may rub your hands over as much of her legs as you'd like for the thirty seconds, but no going above her waist or any pinching or hard squeezing. If you do that Ludwig here will break you in half in throw you into the crowd. Understood?"

"Yes Miss Webb," he replied with his eyes not moving off of me.

Stan then looked up at me with a lustful grin as his hands got ready to rub my thighs. All I could do was try to grit my teeth and hope thirty seconds would fly by quickly.

"Okay Stan," Morgan went on, "whenever you're ready you can begin but you must stop when Ludwig tells you to. You have thirty seconds."

I held my breath as I felt Stan's clammy hands wrap around the side of my thighs and began moving up and then downward. At first I could've just died but then I noticed how much his rubbing tickled my skin and I found myself trying to hold down laughter.

"How does that feel Stan?" Morgan asked him.

"Wonderful," he proclaimed happily. "Her skin feels so soft and smooth. It's intoxicating."

His actions were also causing more unwanted arousal in me too. As he moved his hands up and down I could feel my nipples get even harder and my vagina get wet, which he probably noticed right about then. Oh God he needed to stop before this went too far. It was then that he began to rub his face on my legs along with his hands, what a weirdo.

"Take it easy there Stan," Morgan suggested. "We don't want you drooling on her legs, I mean that's just gross."

"They're so smooth though," he pointed out. "I don't feel any stubble, it's like she was just born."

"Time!" Ludwig shouted as he looked at his watch. "Off the lady."

Stan immediately pulled his hands away from me although I could still feel them on me none the less, the bad thing was that as repulsive as that was it also felt kind of good. Despite that though I still wanted to retch. Morgan led Stan back to the contestant podium as I stepped down from the stool and then she asked him if that was worth giving up a hundred bucks for.

"Well worth it," he said proudly. "Those legs felt like a million bucks."

"Another satisfied contestant," Morgan announced laughingly. "Of course now Stan you can't answer first for the rest of the game unless no one answers at all. So the rest of you get ready for the next question because here it is. Are any of you Star Wars fans?"

The guy who was dressed like Han Solo suddenly buzzed in and said "Yes," as if that was the question being asked and wanted to know what he won.

"That wasn't the actual question Kyle," Morgan told him trying not to laugh. "I like your eagerness though. Okay for the choice of 250 dollars or thirty seconds to play with Amanda's rear end here's the question: You all know that in the film Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi the rebels destroyed the still under construction second Deathstar before it was fully operational. In comic enthusiast Kevin Smith's cult film Clerks his two main characters Randall and Dante have a deep discussion about this topic with Randall arguing against the rebels blowing the second Deathstar up. What was his reasoning for this?"

Shit I actually knew that one, my brother was a Kevin Smith fan and he made me sit through that movie many times. I sure hoped none of those guys knew it, although the look on Stan's face made me think he knew but he couldn't answer yet. Shit I didn't want him touching my butt, I could still feel his hands from rubbing my legs.

Part 94b

The guy in the Han Solo outfit buzzed in again just as I was getting hopeful that no one would answer. I hoped he'd get it wrong, I also hoped that guy in the first row of people in the crowd would quit wagging his tongue at me too.

"Kyle you have an answer?" Morgan asked the Han Solo wannabee.

"Was it because he thought they should've blown up the Ewoks instead?" he answered which caused a smattering of laughter from the cloud.

"That's incorrect,” Morgan told him. "While there are Star Wars purists that would have liked to have seen that happen that's not the answer to the question."

Oh good, that was one dodged bullet. Just then the guy in a large hooded cloak rang in as a knowing expression came across his face.

"Eric," Morgan acknowledged the hooded man.

"I believe his argument was since the Deathstar was still under construction the Imperials had to have hired independent contractors who were neutral, neither with the Empire or the rebels, and by blowing it up the rebels murdered innocent people who had nothing to do with the war,” he answered hopefully.

Dammit he was right.

"That's correct enough," Morgan announced gleefully as the crowd applauded. "It looked like you really had to wrack your brain to remember that."

"It's been a long time since I've seen that movie," he confessed as he fidgeted with excitement.

"I see..,” Morgan nodded. "Now let's hear your choice, The Lady or the Loot?"

"If I choose her can I spank her?" he asked with a sleazy grin.

"Yes you can," she replied. "You can even squeeze it if you want as long as you don't break skin or anything like that. You just can't pinch her or let your fingers go up her tunnel if you know what I mean."

"You mean stick them up her ass?" he teased which caused more laughter from the crowd.

"Yes, that's what I mean," Morgan laughed. "Now what do you choose?"

Choose the money dammit, you could use it to help clear up your face.

"I choose the lady," he proclaimed and then cracked his knuckles. Shit what was wrong with these guys? My butt wasn't worth giving up 250 for.

Ludwig came back over to me and told me to get back on the stool again. Once I was Morgan led Eric around behind me where I couldn't see them. Crap I was going to have to face the crowd while he played with my butt behind me, why couldn't I turn around or something?

"You look excited Eric," Morgan spoke behind me. "What do you think of her buns?"

"They're big," he said plainly which brought the crowd to life.

"There's a lot to play with isn't there?" she teased. "Do you like butts like this."

"Oh yeah," he bragged, "her's is great."

"You can start whenever then Eric, just make sure you don't tick off Ludwig."

Just as she finished saying that I felt a pair of hands both grab and then squeeze my butt cheeks tightly which caused me to let out an unwanted moan. I could instantly feel blood rushing to my breasts and privates making me painfully aroused. I could see the people in the crowd laughing and making faces at my reaction to his squeezing and I made myself look away from them and at the ceiling it was so shameful. Then he suddenly let go and I let myself breathe but then out of nowhere came a hard slap across both of my cheeks which caused me to jump and let out a small squeal. Shit that hurt!

"Not so hard little man," Ludwig scolded him.

"Sorry,” Eric apologized.

I then felt his hands on me again but this time instead of squeezing he began making them jiggle up and down really fast which caused all kinds of feelings to go through my body with the strongest one being excitement; it felt like my nipples were trying to reach out of my body as far as they could and them some, and I could tell from the talking in the crowd that they noticed. He then began to massage them which actually felt good and made even more wet down there. If I wasn't before I sure felt myself becoming beet red from the embarrassment of this public display.

"Time,” Ludwig shouted. "Hands off the lady."

The crowd applauded wildly as I felt his hands come off of me. God that was so embarrassing, everybody probably thought I'd liked that but it awful. When I was done I was taking a long shower.

"How was that Eric?" Morgan asked him after he went back with the other contestants.

"Great,” he replied with a happy smile on his face. "This guy was right about how great her skin feels, I could rest my head on that thing and sleep. I'm certainly ready for the next question."

"Well, like Stan you now have to wait for someone to miss a question before you can answer again,” Morgan explained. "But you never know, Kyle missed the last one and if you hadn't hit your buzzer before Stan did he might've gotten it."

Yeah at least Eric didn't rub his face on my butt like Stan would've. I was glad to see that Ludwig took away the stool, that must mean I wouldn't need it anymore which I was all for. God I felt so dirty, I could still feel hands on me even though I wasn't being touched. I hoped the next one was just to hold my hand or something like that.

"Okay guys here's the next one..,” Morgan began and then said, "for the choice of 500 dollars or the chance to fondle Amanda's boobs for thirty seconds answer this question: DC comics has had great success in recent years with The Sandman series which is based around the character Dream and his life. Dream has several siblings who make appearances throughout his life with one of them being so popular she has her own cult following and has had her own special series printed. Her family calls her Didi but what name is she better known by her fans as

'There's a comicbook called The Sandman? What, does he fly around and put people to sleep? Who's going to know this?'

"Wendy,” Morgan called when the girl dressed as Wonder Woman buzzed in.

"She's one of my favorites and I wish they'd make a movie about her, Death,” Wendy answered confidently.

"Death is correct,” Morgan announced.

Oh thank God she was the one who got it. I had to imagine that she'd take the money.

"Wow Wendy. I think we're all interested in what your choice will be,” Morgan said with a wicked grin. "Will you choose the Lady or the Loot?"

A bunch of guys in the audience suddenly shouted "Choose the Lady!" which led to more guys in the crowd to cheer for that.

"Well," Wendy began and then looked over at me, "since I don't really need the money and these guys keep saying how great her skin feels I'm going to take the Lady."

There was a sudden hush of shock over the crowd, and I was shocked as well. 'You've got be kidding me. Some girl is going to touch my breasts in front of all these horny geeks?' Oh God I wanted to run for it. From the looks on the faces in the front row you would've thought they had just won the lottery they seemed so awed, Morgan even seemed stunned.

"Well okay if that's your choice," Morgan said shrugging her shoulders and then led Wendy over to stand in front of me.

Even with her Wonder Woman boots on I was taller than she was, and skinnier too. She looked me in the eyes and smiled at me and said, "I love your site and what you stand for. I wish I could be more like you."

"Thanks,” I whispered not wanting to accept that.

"Okay Wendy," Morgan took over, "while I'm surprised I'm saying this to you I do need to tell you that like with the others there's no pinching or tight squeezing but you may tweak her nipples with one finger. I should also let you know that Ludwig here is not above beating up a girl if you cross the line. You can start when you want and you have thirty seconds."

I found myself involuntarily looking up and away from her face as I felt each of her hands start to caress and fondle my breast. Unlike Eric she was gentle and almost loving as her thumbs began to play with my nipples which made me have to bite my lip to keep from making a noise. My mind was so repulsed by this but my body acted otherwise and before I knew it I was fighting down an orgasm. 'Oh please don't let that happen, not up here like this.'

"They weren't kidding about your skin." Wendy sounded impressed. "Yours are the softest tits I've ever felt up, including mine."

She'd done this before? What was she gay or something? I really hated that this felt good, I hoped this didn't mean I was gay. Ewwwe I'm not, that was gross.

"Geez she looks like she's getting weak in the knees Wendy,” Morgan pointed out as I felt my legs get a little rubbery. "You must have a magic touch."

For a second I actually thought I was going to have to drop to my knees to keep from orgasming but then Ludwig yelled out "Time! Hands off the lady."

I still was holding my breath when Wendy removed her hands and I was almost afraid to let it out. When Morgan led Wendy back to the podium the crowd burst out in the loudest applause of the night for which Wendy then bowed at their gesture. I noticed people checking their cameras in the audience which reminded me that there must now be literally hundreds if not thousands of shots of my breasts getting fondled by a woman, I could only imagine how fast those would circulate.

"Well wow that was different," Morgan professed. "I thought I saw a large group of guys in the audience suddenly rush for the restrooms. I wonder what for?"

The contestants all laughed at Morgan's joke as Wendy turned and winked at me. God I could feel myself begin to drip a little down there, thank God I was sweating a bit so they'd think it was that running down my leg and not something else. Boy I hoped this next question was really hard, I didn't know how much more of this I could take. As much as I wanted some coffee I didn't know if it'd be worth having to do this again if I get caught.

"Okay now that the guys are starting to put their tongues back in their mouths let's move on to the next question,” Morgan began again. "Just a reminder that Wendy can't buzz in right away now either so Kyle and Kenny you get first crack at this one. For the choice of either 750 dollars or the chance to french kiss Amanda for thirty seconds be the first to answer this question."

Did she just say frenchkiss for thirty seconds? Jesus I hoped no one won this, I didn't want to kiss any of them.

"In the film Donnie Darko," Morgan went on "after the plane engine crushes Donnie in the final act a montage begins of the other characters which is overlaid by the song Mad World in its entirety. Who sings the version in the film and for a bonus of either an extra hundred dollars or 15 more seconds with Amanda who did the song originally?"

Donnie Darko? Wasn't that the movie that guy in the rabbit suit said he was supposed to be from? I sure hoped none of these guys had seen it. Shit someone was about to buzz in...

Part 94c

"Kenny. Do you have an answer?" Morgan asked as Kenny buzzed in.

"Was it Phil Collins?" Kenny answered unsure.

"That is incorrect I'm happy to say," Morgan told him and then Stan buzzed in beating Kyle to it. "Stan, you buzzed in first. Do you know the answer?"

"Elvis Costello,” Stan replied seeming confident.

"No I'm afraid that's not it either,” Morgan let him down.

Oh thank God, Stan had a big ugly zit just above his lip that I didn't want getting anywhere near my mouth. Oh crap Wendy'd just buzzed in.

"Sorry Kyle, Wendy was faster than you," Morgan teased Kyle. "What's the answer Wonder Woman?"

"Is it Tears for Fears?" Wendy asked politely.

"No,” Morgan said apprehensively. "I'm afraid that's not the right answer."

Whew, I was glad I didn't have make out with her. I'd had enough gay experiences for one lifetime already.

"Kyle,” Morgan called on him when he buzzed in.

"I know this because the DVD has the music video on it and the singer's name is Gary Jule,” Kyle proclaimed proudly.

"That'scorrect,” Morgan told him happily. "Do you know the bonus answer?"

"Tears for Fears did it originally," he said doubly proud and gave a nudge to Wendy.

"That's right," Morgan shouted. "I'm sorry I couldn't give that to you Wendy but you had to have Gary Jule first. Wow I wasn't sure if we were going to get an answer for that one. Okay Kyle, what'll it be? The Lady or the Loot?"

Kyle then looked over at me and gave me a toothy grin, I couldn't help but notice his teeth had braces on them. 'Shit the taste of metal makes me sick, God I might end up puking in the guy's mouth or something.'

"I'll take the loot," Kyle announced which stunned everyone in the room including myself.

"Really?" Morgan asked surprised. "Too much to turn down?"

"Well I'm married," Kyle confessed which to me put him in a better light, "and I'm here with my brother-in-law and if my wife found out that I turned down $850 dollars she'll kick me out of the house. Not to mention that if she found out I turned down that money to kiss another woman, a naked one at that, she'll kill me and in ways no one could imagine."

Wow, a descent guy. I'd almost have been willing to kiss him, almost.

"Well I think we can all understand that," Morgan praised Kyle. "Not wanting your wife to hate you is normal. I think everyone here agrees with that."

"Fag!" someone from the crowd screamed out which was followed by a smattering of laughter.

"Well I guess not everyone,” Morgan said laughingly. "Congratulations Kyle, I hope your wife spends the money well." She then turned to me. "Well Amanda I guess you'll have to wait a little longer for your first kiss." She teased me and then turned back to the contestants. "Okay guys one question left. This is the fourth time I've hosted one of these games and I've never had one where every question got answered, this has the chance to be the first."

Oh let's hope not. I hoped the question was super hard, I mean how much useless trivia could these guys know? They had to have some kind of life. Hey where was Ludwig going?

"Okay Kenny," Morgan went on "since you're the only one who hasn't correctly answered a question you're in the unique and envious position of getting exclusive first crack at this last question. Do you want to know what it's for?"

"Yeah sure," Kenny said acting cool.

"Well it's for either 1000 dollars or 45 seconds to tickle Amanda while she's tied to the tickle pole that Ludwig is rolling out."

Oh shit! I looked over and saw Ludwig rolling out this ten foot tall wooden pole that had two wrist bindings chained to it. Crap they were going to tie me to that and tickle me? Oh no way! I looked over at the contestants and all five of their eyes were completely lit up in awe and a couple of them with lust. I could almost hear people in the crowd salivate at the thought of watching me squirm around while tied to that thing. Holy crap those bindings were up high, my arms would be above my head. Suddenly I could hardly breathe.

"Boy Kenny you look excited," Morgan pointed out as Kenny already had his hand ready to buzz in. "Make sure you wait until I've finished the question before you answer, and the rest of you be ready to jump in incase he misses it. Okay for The Lady or the Loot answer this question: Clive Barker is a well-known British horror writer who is best known by most people as the creator and producer of the films Hellraiser and The Candyman. Most people don't know though that both of those film were adapted from two short stories that he had published and neither of the stories are titled the same as the films they were made into. What was the original name of the story that Hellraiser was adapted from and for a bonus of $100 dollars or fifteen more seconds with Amanda what was the title of The Candyman's story?"  Well I sure as hell didn't know that but that wasn't stopping Kenny from buzzing in. 'Oh please God please let him get this wrong, just standing next to this pole is making me shaky.'

"Go ahead Kenny,” Morgan said to him.

"Is it In the Flesh?" Kenny responded hopefully and closed his eyes to wait for the answer.

After making him sweat for a few seconds Morgan said "That's incorrect," Which caused Kenny to almost deflate from disappointment. "It's open guys, jump in if you have the answer."

Eric buzzed in.

"The Inhuman condition," he answered.

"I'm sorry no," Morgan replied,

Wendy buzzed in. "Hellseeker?" she guessed shrugging her shoulders.


Three down two to go. They both looked unsure, I took that as a good sign although I wouldn't have minded if Kyle got it.

"Kyle," Morgan called when he buzzed in.

"The Tell Tale Heart," he answered which caused the crowd to laugh a bit.

"That's Edgar Allen Poe dear," Morgan corrected him.

"Oh that's right," Stan suddenly yelled and then hit his buzzer.

"You know the answer Stan?" Morgan asked curiously.

"Yes," he proclaimed. "Kyle saying that just jarred my memory. The story was called The Hellbound Heart. I remember a friend of mine showing that to me "

"Well that's the answer," Morgan cheerfully announced which caused the audience to start shouting with approval.

Shit I was so close to getting out of it. 'Oh for the love of God Stan take the money.'

"Do you know the bonus answer Stan?" Morgan asked.

"I have a guess, I mean that same friend once told me about The Candyman too. I think it's called The Forbidden or something like that."

"Well you need to call that friend and thank him because that's also right," Morgan told him which made the audience cheer more and Stan started giving hi-five's all around to the other contestants. "Well Stan, time for your choice. Will you take the Lady or the Loot?"

Stan looked over at me and began to crack his knuckles and calmly said "The Lady."

For a second I thought I was going to faint and my vision suddenly became a little blurry, but I managed to stay calm just as Ludwig took my arms and raised them above my head. Man I hated being tickled, and I'm so damn ticklish too. Soon he had my wrists locked in the leather straps and I stood there nearly helpless in front of the large crowd of people as Morgan led Stan back over in front of me. His eyes gleamed as ours met and I could tell that he was really into this idea. Thank God he had baggy pants on or who knows what we'd have seen.

"Okay Stan just to let you know that you are only to tickle her," Morgan instructed, "no pinching or rubbing or anything like that. Her groin region is off limits as is her face, but everywhere else is fair game and since you got the bonus right you get a full sixty seconds to tickle her as much as you want. I hope you don't have to pee or anything Amanda, if you do we'll probably find out about it."

Oh God I didn't even think about that. I didn't really feel like I had to go but that could easily change, plus I was already very wet down there as I'd seen Stan had noticed. God I didn't want this guy's hands on me, again.

"The clock starts when you begin Stan, have fun." Morgan then stepped back and the next thing I remember was Stan reaching under my arms and tickling the sides of my torso really hard. I had no choice but to react how I always did when I was being tickled, I laughed uncontrollably and squirmed around and kicked my feet trying to get away.

"Oh God stop!" I yelled trying to sound serious but I laughed all through it. He didn't stop instead he began tickling me up and down my legs and then up to my stomach which caused me to kick around at first before trying to move back when he touched my tummy. I was laughing so hard I had could barely breathe but I still clearly heard all the hooting and screaming coming from the pleased crowd.

"That's thirty seconds Stanley," Morgan told him as Stan went on.

He didn't let up for even a second to let me catch my breath and before I knew I was completely helpless to contol my body's reaction. He began tickling under the backs of my legs just under my rear which was so powerful that I involuntarily wrapped my legs around his which almost caused him to trip.

"Ooo, that was kinda hot," Morgan said teasingly. "She certainly has strong lungs to keep laughing and kicking like that."

Crap I felt like I had to pee now, time had to be about up. All this laughing and squirming was beginning to get to me, I felt like I might pass out if it didn't stop soon. Everything was just a blur now, I barely heard Ludwig yell "Time."

Suddenly I could breathe and I greedily filled my lungs with air and was able to stop laughing. I could hear the crowd cheering their approval loudly through my loud panting and when my vision cleared I saw Stan jumping up and down and pandering to the crowd.

"Are you all right Amanda?" Morgan asked me holding the microphone up to my mouth.

As my vision cleared and I found myself more steady I answered, "Yes I'm fine," and then asked to be untied. I could feel that my body was covered in sweat and my skin was beginning to cool down as I my breathing slowed. that was awful, thank God it was over.

"I see you had a little accident," Morgan whispered to me as she held her mic away and motioned my eyes to look at the floor where there was a small puddle between my feet. "We'll keep this between us though, girl to girl."

Oh God I'd peed a little. I could feel myself blushing again as Ludwig undid my wrists. I wanted to run off the stage but he stood next to me and told me to wait until I got my ovation.

"Well Stan," Morgan started as Stan went back with the others "you put on quite a show today and you gave up $1200 dollars in the process. I hope all of you had fun and for those of you who didn't win anything, I'm talking to you Kenny, you'll be given a gift certificate to Applebee's that's good anywhere. Let's hear it one more time for Amanda Johnson everyone, she's been a real good sport."

The crowd screamed their heads off for me and I forced myself to smile and wave at them although I wanted to spray them with a firehose. At least this was over now.

"Remember to visit Amanda's website," Morgan went on, "new things are added everyday. I want to thank all of our contestants Stan, Kyle, Eric, Wendy, and Kenny, you've all been great. I'm Morgan Webb, catch my show X-Play with Adam Sesslar every night on G4TechTv check your local listings, and thank you all for coming out. Goodnight everyone."

At last Ludwig led me off the stage and behind the curtain. Once I was out of view I breathed a large sigh of relief, God I felt like I'd been violated.

Boy I'd never wanted to shower more in my life. Karen was waiting backstage for me and handed me a towel to wipe the sweat off with.

"You were great,” she praised me as I wiped my face with the towel. "I mean that was so sexy watching you out there. You should've seen all of the cameras going off whenever you got chosen as the prize, oh I wish I could've been one of them."

"Am I done now?" I said tiredly.

"Yes you are," she told me. "When Casey gets back here we'll take you to your room you'll be staying in."

"I'm staying here?" I asked finding that shocking.

"Yes,” she replied nodding. "It's a nice room. Emily and CJ have used it before and it has everything you need, it even has a lock so no one will bother you until Emily gets here tomorrow."

"Does it have a shower?" I asked.

"Of course."

"Then I'm ready to go when you are."

Part 95

I was in a deep sleep when the ringing phone woke me up. It took a few seconds for me to realize where I was but then I was able to remember once I became more aware. I reached over and picked up the phone that was sitting on a desk next to the bed I was lying on.

"Hello?" I said groggily into the phone.

"Good morning starshine," Emily giddily replied on the other end. "Did I wake you?"

"Um yeah," I told her as I instinctively tried to reach for a blanket that wasn't there. Dammit I'd forgotten I had to sleep on top of an electric blanket since I wasn't able to sleep covered up. I was like a cat now, I had to sleep on top of warm things instead of under them.

"Then I'm guessing you slept all right then," Emily concluded. "Those sedatives work real well don't they? I noticed you left the television on all night."

"What time is it?" I asked as I looked around the room for a clock.

"It's 11 honey. I wanted to let you know that I'll be there in about a half hour or so and I'll be bringing you some breakfast. What kind of omelette do you want?"

"Um bacon and cheese," I sleepily told her as I wiped my eyes. "Is CJ with you?"

"No, She's getting your folks ready to go to Seattle later. I have Stacy with me though. By the way great job last night, you are so so forgiven."

I was trying not to remember yesterday since there was nothing about it I wanted to recall. I couldn't believe they'd made me practically let myself get molested in front of a horny audience, I could still almost feel their fingers moving all over me. All night I kept dreaming that I was fully dressed but everyone I met kept telling me I had to give my clothes back, and I really didn't want to. I kept trying to hide in the dream but someone always found me and no matter who it was they told me that I had to take off the clothes or everyone would be in a lot of trouble. Looking down at myself now lying naked on this bed I had to guess that they got them back from me.

"I'm not going to have to do anything like that today do I?" I asked as I remembered the gathering at the park later.

"No,” she reassured me. "As long as you're good you won't have to do anything like that again. I want you to remember doing that though every time you think about disobeying us again; if you do then next time we may have to take things a few steps further. Do you get me?"

"Yes,” I said coldly.

"Good,” Emily seemed pleased. "We're going to be stopping and picking up your car out of impound and Stacy will drive it over there, I'll straighten things out with the police if I need to as well. Why don't you take another shower while you're waiting for us to get there so you'll be nice and fresh. What do you think of the room?"

I remembered being surprised at how nice it was when Karen and Casey walked me to it the night before. Not only was it clean but it had wall to wall carpet, a mini-kitchen with a fridge and microwave, a queen-sized bed set up in front of a big screen tv, and a full-sized bathroom with a shower and tub. I figured the goddesses must use it quite often to go to this much trouble. What was best though were the two deadbolt locks on the door which I used once I managed to get Karen and Casey to leave. Of course the room wasn't perfect, Casey showed me last night that this room was being filmed just like every room I'd been in for the past week. At least my thumb wasn't in my mouth when I woke up.

"It works," I answered her question about the room. "At least no one bothered me last night."

"Good. Okay we'll be there pretty soon so make sure you get up. You're going to have another full day ahead of you today sweatheart starting with the picnic, and how you behave there today will determine how comfortable and smooth your parents' trip will be."

"What does that mean?" I asked as her mentioning my parents made me worry.

"I'll explain when I get there, just know that your missions aren't just all about you anymore. See you in a bit Amanda." She then hung up.

Oh great, she was threatening me with my parents again. I wondered what hoops I was going to have to jump through now? I made myself sit up on the bed but I still needed a minute to let my head clear up some more. Damn those sedatives were strong. Karen gave them to me last night just before she left, she said that it was okay with Emily and that they would help me sleep since I was a little upset from earlier. They worked almost too well, after they left I took a shower and when I was done I was so sleepy that I barely made it to the bed before I passed out. Shit I guess I did leave the tv on didn't I? Boy did I need a glass of water.

After I took a quick shower I dried off and laid on the bed with the electric blanket still on and watched tv. This was as about as alone and free that I'd felt in a while by just sitting there and doing nothing with no one to order me around. Sure it wasn't far from my mind that I was still being watched but at least I could veg like I used to and it was a welcome feeling. Now if only I had something to eat.

There was a loud series of knocks on the door.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"Building inspector,” Emily said from behind the door. "Who the hell do you think it is?"

I got up and unlocked the door and both Emily and Stacy smiled at me and entered the room. I closed and relocked the door as Emily walked over and set down a large beverage cup and a container with my breakfast in it.

"Hi Precious," Stacy said to me as she gave me a hug, which was a little tighter than I would've liked. "I watched you last night in that contest, it was so sexy but it must've been uncomfortable with those dorks touching you like that, I mean ewwwe. I thought I was going shit though when you got tickled, you were so hot flailing around like you were."

"That went over really well with all of the members,” Emily mentioned as she laid out a knife and fork for me and then pulled a chair over for me to sit on. "We broadcast the whole thing for free last night and we had so many hits I was almost worried that it might crash, luckily I thought ahead though. The video of you being tickled though, both from our cams and the footage Casey shot, is still being downloaded over and over. I talked to Betsey from the sorority just before we came here and she said they had already burned it and were watching it earlier, I think that will end up being an Amanda classic."

I tried to ignore what she'd just said and I sat down and hungrily ate at my omelette; as usual I was more hungry than I had thought and I found myself quickly downing it.

"Here before you go any further," Emily stopped me and then reached into her pocket and pulled out a pill bottle. "You need to take your vitamins. Here take three today, you're going to be outside most of the afternoon."

She handed me the pills and I regretfully swallowed them with the orange juice she had brought me. Shit I was going to have to be outside today, shit what I wouldn't give for a day off.

"What are those?" Stacy asked referring to the vitamins.

"You want one?" Emily asked. "They're just vitamins but they're really good ones."

"Oh no thank you,” Stacy turned them down. "I already take a multivitamin, I don't want to mix."

"These are really good at keeping Amanda here from catching cold,” Emily told her as she put the pills away. "We can't have her getting sick and slowing down her mission."

Yeah I'd hate to slow down this train wreck that was destroying me. If it hadn't already destroyed, my life, that is. Boy I really wished I had some coffee to go with all of this, for the energy as well as to counteract the nudity herb they made me take. How was I going to get my hands on some of that though? They were going to be watching extra close for that now.

"Oooo,” Stacy was suddenly excited by something she remembered. "Can I tell Amanda about my fantasy that I've chosen for her?" she asked Emily.

"No not yet,” Emily said shaking her head and then grinned at me. "Stacy came up with a great fantasy for you but for it to really work it's best we make it a surprise for you, I mean it's kind of complex."

"Oh we're not going to tell her?" Stacy seemed surprised.

"Naw, it'll seem more real that way. Can I trust you Stacy not to tell her?"

"Oh yeah,” Stacy promised. "I think I can do that."

"Well Amanda will help you by not asking,” Emily hinted to me. "She'll want this to come off good too, won't you?"

I made myself nod as I continued eating my food, although I didn't like the fact that they weren't going to tell me. Great, something else that I was in the dark about that I was going to dread. Lord knew too what Stacy came up with.

"I'm going to be leaving here soon and going over to the sorority house and help them get things ready,” Emily said to me. "I've already shown Stacy where the park is and how to get there so she'll drive you there in your car. I trust that she'll get you there on time, especially since she seems so excited about this."

"Oh I can't wait,” Stacy acknowledged. "I've been fantasizing about doing something like this myself for a long time."

God how many of these fantasies did she have? Everything I did seemed to be something she daydreamed about. Geez I wished they'd listened to Gale and chosen her instead of me to do these things, she'd be in heaven. Emily then asked Stacy if she would go for a walk around the warehouse for a few minutes so she could talk to me in private. Stacy agreed and Emily locked the door after she left and then sat down next to me.

"What's Stacy's fantasy?" I immediately asked.

"You'll have to wait and find out," Emily teased me.

"Can I have a hint?"

"You'll be naked."

"I figured that."

"Then you know enough already," she smiled, her face telling me that was all I'd be getting out of her. "Now I wanted to go over a couple of things with you. First again I want to tell you what a great job you did last night, membership is growing at a faster rate now thanks to last night. The convention will be going on tonight too but it won't involve you, but I do have to make an appearance tonight so I won't be going back with you this afternoon."

"Is Stacy driving me back?"

"I'll get to that later. Anyway as you know we're having your parents going up to Seattle tonight and if you behave yourself and do what your told at the picnic we'll put them up with first class accommodations and leave them be to have a good time. If your behavior isn't on par with what I want then they'll be staying in a dive and we'll have them watched and escorted everywhere making their time miserable. I mean we won't starve them or anything like that but they'll wish they had stayed home."

"What am I supposed to do?"

"Well today when you meet and greet people I want you to be extra friendly to them."

"Extra friendly how?" I asked worriedly.

"Well I mean be nice to them," she explained. "I want you to smile and be charming and more animated then you usually are. I don't expect you to be Jim Carrey or anything like that, you can be still be somewhat reserved, but I want you to be personable with people and share things about yourself with them. Tell them things about your life, real things, and find things to relate to them with. I want you to sympathize with them if they tell you something sad and I want you squeezing their hands and patting them on the back, in fact a few hugs here and there would be good too."

"Do I have to do anything slutty?"

"Well no, remember you're a virgin on a mission from God so don't act like some horny slut or anything. What I want is for people to see the real you – the sweet shy girl who wants to change the world for the better."

She meant the girl she wanted me to pretend to be. That girl wasn't me, I wanted the world to leave me alone.

"You think you can behave like that?" she asked me point blank.

"I guess I have to," I replied as I what I was going to have to do began sinking in. I was going to have to be open about myself with total strangers while naked in a park and try to get them to like me. I wondered how bad a hotel they would put my parents in if I didn't do well? Knowing the goddesses they'd probably put them in jail or something.

"Oh and there's something else too," Emily went on, "I just thought you should know that we e-mailed pictures of you to all of the high schools south of Eugene last night."

"Wha... why did you do that for?" I asked as I nearly choked on my food.

"Because we told you we would if you ever didn't do what you were told," she said smugly. "I know we said it would be all of the schools but we thought the few hundred we sent them to would be enough for now."

"The few hundred?" I repeated as visions of teenagers all over the state waking up to those nude pictures of me ran through my head.

"It's good for promotions too," Emily added as she grabbed a piece of my omelette and ate it. "Eventually we plan to spam them all over the world anyway so why not get a head start."

"You guys suck,” I said in a near whisper. "I can't believe you're doing this to me."

"Yeah well everyone involved appreciates that you're going along with it,” She said patronizingly. "Especially us. It amazes me how well it's gone so far, certainly much better than we would have initially hoped. It's amazing how waving a little money around can make magic happen." She then stood up and came over and hugged me and kissed my cheek. "I'm running late sweetie so I have to go. You and Stacy can just hang out until about 12:30 then she'll drive you over. She's in charge of you during this time so you'd better obey her, unless she wants you to drink coffee or something you know you're not supposed to do. I'll see you guys when you get there and don't forget what I'm expecting of you."

She then walked over to the door and called out for Stacy to come back. When she did Emily told me she loved me and then left.

"What did you two talk about?" Stacy asked as she laid herself down on the bed.

"Just the about the picnic,” I told her and went back to eating. Shit, I hoped today didn't go like yesterday did.