Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 82a
"What did Emily want to talk to you about?" My mother asked me as we sat together at the kitchen table.

"Nothing mom," I said shaking my head as if it was no big deal. "She wanted to rub it in that I have to do what she says is all." I didn't want to let on that I was in a lot of trouble and probably going to be punished somehow  just for drinking something with coffee in it. Having to prepare this dinner was stressful enough for her, she didn't need to know just how bad  things really were for me. I couldn't believe I was crazy enough to believe that I could get away with drinking those things, I must've really displeased God somehow for him to let me get in this  position.

Dammit I was so stupid! I just had to drink those things didn't I?

"Looks like CJ's here," mom pointed out as I looked out the back window and saw CJ in the back yard moving what looked like a large barrel into the center of it. "What is she doing with that thing?"

"What is that thing?" I asked as I watched CJ finish her task.

"It looks like one of those things you burn yard debris in," mom replied. "Is that what you guys are supposed to cook hotdogs over?"

"How should I know?" I replied sourly. "They don't like to let me in on things. I feel like I'm having my life run by a couple of Reality Show hosts." Sadly I was more serious than joking with that last statement. As we watched CJ retrieve and set up a small table next to the barrel in the backyard we heard the doorbell ring. It was probably someone showing up for dinner. God I didn't want to do this, but I was really stuck because I needed to really please the goddesses this night so they would ease up on whatever potential punishment they'd lay on me later.

"I'll get it," I heard Emily say from the front room.

I looked down at myself and cringed at the thought of sitting at the dinner table naked while being surrounded by fully clothed people, which included my parents. Plus it was probably going to be broadcast on the web so it'd actually be like I was be sitting at the table with potentially thousands of people. Oh God I wished I hadn't gone on that website, I'd be worried they'd have a camera on me under the table just like they did with the computer desk upstairs. Shit I wondered if they had one under this table. I quickly closed my legs and swung them out from under the table at the thought of the potential camera.

"Something wrong?" my mom asked noticing my sudden jumpiness.

"Yes mom," I snapped due to stress "I'm about to be forced to have dinner naked with you, dad, and people from my school. I'd have to say something is wrong."

"I'm sorry honey," she said softly in an apologetic tone. "That was a stupid question."

"Don't worry about it," I said brushing it off. "When's dad getting home?"

"In about a half hour or so. I'll get started baking the bread around then."  

"Stacy and Ashley are here," Emily announced as she stepped in from the front room. "Amber just pulled up so they're going to let her in. I should let you know that two more people from your school are joining us tonight so I hope you made extra food like I asked you to."

"There's enough to feed the neighborhood," my mom replied as she shot Emily a dirty look.

"Good," Emily smiled happily.

"Who else is coming?" I asked referring to the two new guest Emily mentioned. Images raced through my head of everyone I knew at school wondering
who it could be.

"You'll see when they get here," Emily said refusing to tell me. "I'm going to chat with our guests for a few minutes before we go out back. Amanda I want you to take the hotdogs, buns, and the other shit in that box on the counter out to CJ please and stay out there when you're done because she has something she wants to talk to you about. I'll bring our guests out in a few minutes and we'll all roast a hotdog."

Emily went back into the front room and I slouched in my chair for a few seconds wanting to delay going outside to CJ. For one thing it looked cold out there and another was that I was worried that what she wanted to talk to me about was how mad she was at me for drinking the forbidden coffee drinks. I looked out and saw that CJ was now carrying a large white canvas duffle bag over to where she had set up the barrel and table.

"What's that for?" I asked myself outloud.

"I guess you better go out there and find out," my mom replied. "You'll need to put a coat on first though."

"I'd love to mom but that won't be allowed," I told her as I stood up and walked over to pick up the box with hotdogs in it.

"That's inhumane," mom said angrily.

"That's them mom," I said as I picked up the box and headed for the door. "Please don't piss them off."

I opened the door with my free hand and the cold air from outside rushed over my bare flesh causing me to step back. I really did wish I could put on a coat. Gritting my teeth I made myself step outside, closing the door behind me, and hurriedly rushed over to where CJ was and sat the box down on the table.

"Thank you babygirl," CJ happily as she embraced me in a tight hug. "I've barely seen you today, I missed you."

"Did you need some help with something?" I asked trying to change the subject.

"In a minute," she said as she placed both her hands on each one of my shoulders. "I heard you were bad today. Is that true?"

"Y... yes," I said reluctantly as I looked away from her.

"Eyes straight Amy," she ordered and I quickly obeyed. "You drank something that you were specifically told you weren't supposed to drink. Shame, shame, shame. You're just like Eve in the Garden of Eden eating the forbidden fruit, you just had to do it didn't you. You know we have to punish you now don't you?"

"Emily said if I was good tonight you might go easy on me," I said sounding like a scared little girl. I could feel my body begin to shiver from both the cold and my nerves.

"That's true," CJ agreed. "But it is important for you to know that you're not getting out of this. You broke a direct rule that you had been warned about repeatedly; we can't let you off lightly, but luckily for you we are both madly in love with you so you won't be harmed like some of those who have disobeyed us in the past."

"What did you do to them?" I asked intrigued.

"Nothing you should think about," she replied smugly. "Just be glad that we love you and don't ever take it for granted."

"I won't," I found myself promising. "I'm sorry I broke the rule."

"Well, we knew you'd screw up eventually, everyone but us does. It's too bad you picked such a big one to break though, we really don't want you drinking that shit."

"May I please ask why?" I said trying to sound as respectful as possible. "What is the big deal about drinking coffee?"

"It's not good for you," she answered plainly. "In fact I'm worried about the damage you did to yourself today by drinking that shit."

"What is it toxic to me or something?" I asked suddenly scared at what she was saying.

"No. It's just not good for you." she then shrugged her shoulders "I don't know how much more plainer I can be. Just don't drink it anymore."

"Okay I won't," I promised again. "I won't drink anything with coffee in it. Can I have Pepsi or Coke or anything like that though?"

"As long as it's not a coffee drink," she told me and then let go of my shoulders and turned to the barrel she had brought out. "It's cold out here, let's get the fire started in this thing so we can cook the hotdogs over it."  

"What are we cooking hotdogs for?" I asked as I looked inside the barrel and saw it was full of wood and kindling already. "I mean we're having dinner in a little over an hour."

"I thought it would be fun to roast hotdogs for an appetizer." she said as she sprayed lighter fluid into the barrel. "On the few times I've been camping in my life my favorite part was roasting hotdogs over a fire."

"Okay," I said thinking she was nuts. "Well what's in the duffle bag then?"

"That's for your right of passage that we're going to do after we had a hotdog." She then reached down and opened the bag for me to look inside of  it.

"I thought we'd have you really make your new life official."

I was confused at first as to what she was talking about since all I saw in the bag was some clothes, then I realized that they were what was left of my clothes. Inside was what was left of my one time wardrobe that had been greatly diminished over the last few days.

"Those are mine aren't they?" I asked already knowing they were.

"Well they were," CJ replied. "As of this moment you longer own clothes, your naked body is now your permanent attire."

"What are you going to do with these then?" I asked as a shiver ran down my back from her comment.

"When we've had a hotdog you're going to throw them in the fire one at a time in front of everyone and watch them burn into oblivion. It's a show of your devotion to your faith."

"W.. what?" I stammered. "You want me to burn the rest of my clothes? Myself? As a right of passage?"

"You listen well," she said sarcastically as she threw a lighted match into the barrel which quickly caught fire. Despite my appreciation for the fire's heat washing over me I was very apprehensive.

"CJ please..."

"Save it," she cut me off. "Remember you're trying to please us tonight so it would be in your best interest to just do what you're told. Besides those clothes suck anyway, when you can wear clothes again we'll buy some real clothes."

"When will that be?"

"In a long, long time."

Part 82b

 I stood in front of the barrel to keep warm as CJ set up the hotdogs and laid out the sticks to cook them on. I kept looking at the duffel bag that had my clothes inside of it and wished I could open it and put something on. I tried not to think about how soon they would have me dump them into the fire and I'd never be able to wear them again, not that I could wear them anyway with my skin reacting the way it did to clothes, it was just the principle of the thing. They would have completely stripped me and left me nothing of my own to wear. I wished I could take one of those hotdog sticks and poke it through CJ's eye and into her brain then cook her head over the fire.

"They should be out here soon," CJ said as she finished what she was doing. "When they do make sure you smile a lot and when it's time to burn your clothes; act like it was all your idea and this is something you want to do."

"Couldn't you just give them away like you did my other things?"

"This is much more fun," she replied with a sly grin. "I came up with this idea myself and I rather like it, especially the part that has everyone watching. By the way two other girls are coming over tonight, I don't know if Em told you or not."

"She mentioned something about that," I answered. "She said they were from the school."

"Yeah it's those two girls from your class," she began to explain "you know the ones that sit in front of you who asked if you were being forced to do this."

"Terry and Lisa?" I asked feeling dumbfounded. "Why did you invite them for?"  

"Well because they think you're being forced to do this and we wanted them to come over and see that you're not," she further explained. "We made it so that they think that you invited them to prove that this is something you're doing on your own and no one is forcing you."

"But you are forcing me," I pointed out.

"But we don't want them thinking that," she replied. "It turns out that Lisa's family has some family connections that could make our plans go slower than we'd like so we don't want her to contact them if at all possible."

"So this whole thing with burning my clothes is really just to show them that I'm serious about this crap you're making me do?"

"Well it's for our members as well but if it helps to keep them off our trail then so be it. Ooh look Em's brought them into the kitchen, they're coming out. Shit this is exciting."

The backdoor opened and Emily led the group of five young, and fully dressed, young women out to us. I couldn't help but envy all of their warm looking coats they had on, I almost found myself drooling over Stacy's coat which really looked warm and comfortable. Being surrounded by all these warmly dressed people made me that much more aware of how naked and exposed I was. God and this was the first time I'd been naked in front of Lisa and Terry too; they seemed a bit taken back by this as well. I made myself smile at them in an attempt to make them more comfortable and help convince them that I was doing this willingly, which I wasn't.

"Hey Precious," Stacy squealed as she wrapped her arms around me. "Thanks for having us over for dinner." She then let go of me and looked me over. "Glad to see you dressed for company. I do love the outfit though, white skin looks good on you."

"That's very clever Stacy," I replied glibly.

"I didn't know you and Amber were friends," Stacy said as Amber moved in next to her. "I've known her for a long time since our mom's are good friends."

"Yes, knowing Stacy has been a burden I've had to carry since infancy," Amber said jokingly giving Stacy a teasing look. "I've always had to pray for her for all these years just to keep her out of trouble, even though she doesn't believe in that."

"I don't know how many times I've tried to explain to you Amber that it's my tits and ass that keep me out of trouble," Stacy replied with a wink.

"You two must be Terry and Lisa," CJ said to the two girls as they stood off to the side and both nodded in return. "I'm glad you two could make it. Amy here was worried that you may have gotten the wrong impression from her earlier."

CJ then gave me a little nudge letting me know it was my turn to speak.

"I wanted to show you that this is what I do now," I said as I racked my brain for things to say. "I'm really glad you came too. It didn't seem like you believed me when I told you earlier that I'm doing this on my own."

"This isn't really necessary," Lisa answered first. "I mean we appreciate being invited and all but you didn't need to go through any trouble just for us."

"Oh we were having this dinner anyway," Emily jumped in. "We didn't plan this just for you guys. Amanda here was just worried about you two thinking she's being forced into something against her will. Believe me having you over is no trouble at all, we're glad you're here."

"Thank you for having us," Terry replied respectfully. "I didn't know you'd be here Stacy."

"Hey I think Amanda's really cool," Stacy replied as she looked me over again. "I'd hang out with her anytime."

"You too Ashley?" Lisa asked.

"I'm here for the grub," Ashley responded looking at the hotdog setup. "So do we just put a dog on a stick and cook it over this or what are we doing?"

"Absolutely," CJ proclaimed. "There's a stick there for everyone so just stick a hotdog on one and stick over the flames."

"Cool I'm hungry," Ashley told us as she grabbed a stick and quickly put a hotdog on it. "I just got out of practice and I didn't have any lunch so I'm ready for this."

"I've never roasted hotdogs in someone's backyard before," Amber professed as she and everyone else picked up a stick. "Isn't this kind of a weird thing to do before dinner?"

"Well dinner won't be ready for another hour so think of this as an appetizer," CJ replied. "Plus Amy wanted to use the barrel tonight for something else too so this just seemed like a good idea."

"What are you going to use the barrel for Amanda?" Stacy asked as she put a wiener on her stick. "You got leaves or something you need to burn?"

CJ nudged me again reminding me that I was supposed to talk.

"I'm um... going to burn the rest of my clothes," I said without looking at anyone. I could almost feel their stares on me as I looked at my hotdog I had cooking over the fire.

"You're going to burn the rest of your clothes?" I heard Terry ask. "Did I hear that right?"

I nodded my head and turned my hotdog over.  

"What are you doing that for?" Lisa asked.

"It's a show of faith," Emily answered for me. "It's to show Jesus that she's serious about what he wants her to do."

"He wants her to burn her clothes?" Terry asked again.

"He wants me to remind people of their shame." I found myself  saying. Where did that come from? "The problem with the world is not enough people carry enough shame, even though they do things they should be ashamed of."

"Cool," Ashley stated as she checked her hotdog "better you do it than me. This dog needs to cook faster or I'm going to pass out from hunger."

Part 82c

I was the last one to finish my hotdog which was unusual for me since lately I'd just been scarfing down my food whenever I've got it. I was actually trying to stall because once I finished I was going to have to burn the rest of my clothing in the fire we cooked our hotdogs over. Everyone there, except for the goddesses, seemed to have a different opinion on the idea of me burning my clothes up. Stacy seemed in love with the idea and whispered to me that she thought that was the sexiest thing she had ever heard, probably another thing she'd fantasized about that I was living out for her. Ashley seemed more interested in getting another hotdog than in what was going on with me but she did chuckle to herself whenever it was brought up. I wondered if she knew of this ahead of time. I would have thought that Terry and Lisa would have asked more questions about this or at least seemed perplexed by the whole idea but they didn't seem to think much of it and just asked Emily and CJ questions about how they knew me. The goddesses gave them the usual story of how they were helping me out with my cause and the two of them just nodded and ate their food. Amber on the other hand worried that what I was doing would be considered a pagan ceremony and possibly blasphemous, which made Ashley laugh even more; but Emily reassured her that this was meant with all due respect to God and was meant as a type of baptism, which would've made me laugh if I wasn't the one who had to do it.

"She's done," Ashley said referring to me finishing my hotdog. "Is she going to burn her clothes now?"

"If she's ready," CJ answered and then turned to me to see if I was.

"Can I have something to drink first?" I asked hoping to stall a few more minutes. "I need to wash down the hotdog first, it's kinda caught in my throat."

"Stacy has that problem when she swallows hotdogs too," Ashley said in a mocking tone. "You'd think all the goo that they squirt out would lube your throat enough."

"You're a dumb... Ash." Stacy replied shaking her head at Ashley's joke. "I rarely eat hotdogs."

Ashley laughed again which seemed to make Stacy more confused, and to be honest I didn't quite get it either but I grabbed one of the sodas from the box and began to slowly drink it hoping to take as long as possible.

"I don't mean to rush you or anything Amanda," Lisa said as she put her hands in her coat pocket "but it's kinda chilly out here. Would you be able to do this while you're drinking your drink?"

Who the hell's side was she on? I thought she was supposed to be worried about whether or not I was being forced to do this; why was she trying to hurry me for? Plus who was she to complain about being cold while I was standing out there completely naked while she was fully dressed and had a coat on. I didn't want to hear about how cold she was.

"That's a good idea Lisa," Emily agreed with her. "It is getting cold out here. You can drink your pop and do this as the same time I think Amanda."

Oh of course Emily agreed with her, heaven forbid you'd give me a break. CJ picked up the duffle bag that contained the few fragments that were left of my wardrobe and sat it up on the table and opened it. She then took out the contents and piled them neatly at the edge of the table and then put the bag on the ground and stepped away.

"Whenever you're ready babygirl," CJ said to me.

I took another big drink from my soda and then looked down at the small pile of clothes that sat on the table. There were only a few shirts and pants that were left, including some things they had given me to wear a few days ago, but most of them were things that I liked to wear and did wear often, the one shirt there I have had since middle school. I couldn't believe I was about to throw them into a fire and burn them up; this was so retarded.

"Can you start with that ugly sweatshirt?" Stacy asked with a disgusted look on her face. "Even in the dark that thing stands out, and not in a good way."

I picked up one of the t-shirts instead, the one that they gave me on the first day I met them when they had me run through the athletic field, and held it over the fire. I looked at it for a few seconds and thought over that day when I had to wear it during school and then gladly dropped it into the fire.

Gee maybe this wouldn't be so hard.

"Yeaaaa..." Emily and CJ said together and then clapped.

"That's my home girl," CJ proclaimed with pride.

"Wow you're actually doing it," Terry said in somewhat surprise. "I wasn't sure if you were really serious about this or not."

"Of course she is," Emily said boastfully. "Only someone with her kind of dedication would've even come this far."

Yeah that and their constant holding things over my head to make me do it. I picked up the sweat pants that I used to sleep in and looked at them too for a few seconds. Damn I really didn't want to throw them in, I remembered spending whole Saturdays wearing them and slumming around the house. I wished I could put
them on now and crawl into a warm bed and pull the covers over my head. I didn't want to burn them.

"Something wrong Amy?" CJ asked as they waited for me to throw them in the barrel.

"No," I answered sullenly. "It's just that I loved these, they were always so comfortable."

"I know," Emily replied sympathetically. "Sometimes though we have to make sacrifices in order to achieve our goals. Isn't that right?"

"Yes," I answered reluctantly. I looked longingly again at my sweats and then turned away from them and dropped them into the fire. Dammit, this sucked.

"Boy they sure do burn up quick in this," Amber pointed out.

"I guess we know there wasn't any polyester in those," Ashley joked.

For the next few minutes I dropped item after item of my old clothes into the fire. Soon the air was filled with the smell of burning fabric and a large plume of smoke rose in the air. Ashley decided to cook another hotdog over the fire despite the warning that the clothes might make it taste funny, it turned out not to matter because she ate it down quickly. Soon I was down to just two items, the Oregon Ducks shirt that they gave me on the trip back from Eugene and my faded pair of 501 blue jeans that I loved to wear. The Duck shirt would be easy since it reminded me of running through the football stadium but I really wanted to keep the jeans, even if just as a reminder. I picked up the Duck's shirt and was about to throw it in when Stacy stopped me.

"Can I have that?" she asked seriously.

"Why do you want this for?" I asked wanting to throw the shirt in.

"I love the Ducks is all," she replied. "I sort of collect them."

I glanced over at Emily who nodded to me so I handed the shirt over to Stacy who gleefully grabbed it out of my hand and flung it over her shoulder.

"Cool there's just one thing left," Ashley proclaimed happily, "throw it in and let's go inside, it's friggin cold out here."

God what a bunch of whiners, they didn't know what cold was. I picked up the pair of jeans and then looked at both Emily and CJ and hoped for a reprieve on them.

"I'm thinking of keeping these," I said outloud hoping to sway them. "I won't wear them but I'm thinking of keeping them as a keepsake."

"What would you keep those for?" Ashley asked annoyed. "Who the hell wears Levis anymore anyway?"

"There were just comfortable, I like them," I continued. "And I've had them for so long."

"But that's you're old life," Emily pointed out to me which was a way of telling me I wasn't  keeping the jeans. "I think in order for you to really embrace your new life you need to make a completely clean break. Don't you agree?"

Goddammit I hated her, I wished I could throw her in the fire.

"You're right," I made myself admit. "It's just harder than I thought." I took a deep breath and then made myself drop the jeans into the fire. At that moment I felt I had crossed another line and was now even deeper into this than before and it would now be that much harder to get out of this. I looked at the other girls and they all were looking down into fire and watching my clothes burn up with different looks of amazement on their faces; it seemed none of them knew quite what to think, even Ashley who was in on all of it. All I knew was now I officially had nothing to wear, at all. Dammit now I was really feeling the cold, even with the fire.

"That was awesome Amanda," Emily praised. "Do you guys agree?"

They all nodded their heads, although I'm not sure they all were thinking the same thing.

"CJ's going to stay out here and make sure the fire goes out okay,"  Emily explained to us. "Let's all go inside now and get to know each other better and get warmed up as well."

Part 83a

"Everything smells really good Mrs. Johnson," Amber complimented my mother as we made our way around the dinner table after we were called in. "You must've put a lot of work into your cooking."

"I do what I have to," my mother answered doing her best not to sound glib.  

Emily pointed out to me where I was supposed to sit which was right between her and Emily. Both my mother and father sat at the ends of the table while everyone else filled in on the sides. Ashley was about to pull out her chair until Emily informed her that we had to stand for the blessing before we could sit.

"Oh pardon me," Ashley acted embarrassed. "I wouldn't dream of eating food that wasn't blessed first."

"Are you going to eat like that Amanda?" Lisa asked me from across the table referring to the fact that I was still naked. "You don't wear clothes at the table when you're eating with your family?"

"I don't really have anything to wear," I reminded her. "Remember, you were in the backyard with the rest of us."

"You could still wrap up in something," Terry pointed out. "I mean you have towels don't you?"

"She doesn't wear anything, not even to eat dinner," Emily stepped in to explain for me. "She couldn't even if she wanted to, she has a skin condition."

"She does?" Lisa asked as if not believing it. "What kind of skin condition?"

"One that makes her skin break out if she wears clothes for too long," Emily answered her. "We're all actually quite baffled by it to be honest with you."

"I imagine so," Lisa replied seemingly still unmoved. "Especially since I've never heard of anything like that ever happening before to anyone before. I guess it's a good thing you were already becoming a nudist and had started your own website, it must make the suffering with that condition a lot easier."

"I believe it's all God's will," CJ said with a straight face as if she actually believed it. I could almost see my dad's eyes pop out of his head when she said that. "With that why don't we say the blessing and then we can continue this conversation over all this great looking food."

We all held hands as my father said Grace outloud and then we sat down once he was done. When I pulled my chair out I couldn't help but notice that it sat a little higher then the ones that everyone else had, which meant that I wouldn't be able to hide myself behind the table very well. Why did they keep doing this to me? Didn't it ever get old to them? At least the small towel they laid on it for me to sit on was really soft.

"Dig in everyone," my mother requested and then started to hand the food around. "I hope none of you are on a low carb diet because you may starve."

"Oh to heck with that," Ashley scoffed at the idea, "I need the carbs so I can keep running up and down the court."

Everyone began filling up their plates with pasta, bread, and salad and then began eating. I was quite hungry as usual but I didn't eat as fast as I had been lately because neither Terry nor Lisa took their eyes off of me much, which quite frankly made eating more difficult. God I wished they would stop it, and I wished this chair was lower too. I wished I could at least get used to being watched all the time.

"So you believe this is God's will?" Lisa asked CJ as she attempted to revive the earlier topic.

"Amanda's skin condition?" CJ asked as if she was unsure of which topic she was talking about.

"Yes," Lisa said with a nod.

"Of course it's God's will," CJ said assuredly. "What else could it be but God's will, no other explanation would make any sense."

Like that explanation made any sense.

"Why would God do something like that to someone?" Terry asked shaking her head at the thought. "I couldn't imagine what good purpose could come out of having Amanda stay naked all the time."

"He does work in mysterious ways," Emily tried to point out. "There are a million things that he has done that I don't understand."

"That's what makes faith so important," Amber suddenly chimed in. "Amanda had said that she had had a lack of faith in anything up until she saw The Passion and then had those dreams that told her to do this."

"That's a good point," CJ jumped at the opening Amber left. "She didn't have much faith, she had said she had only been thinking about herself at that time and didn't believe in anything spiritual because too many of the things God did didn't make any sense to her. Isn't that right baby girl?"

I was about to take a bite off of my fork when she asked me that which made me put it off. For a second I thought about sticking my fork in her eye rather than answer that question but I just looked up at Terry and Lisa told them that CJ was right. God, having to lie like that was making my food not taste so good.

"But now she has faith and knows that God has a plan for her just like he does for everything else," CJ further explained. "Even though this may not make sense to you and it's hard to see what this is all for to God it makes perfect sense and since we all know that God loves us and we have faith that what he is doing is right then we don't need to know what everything means, the fact that he wants us to do it is enough."

"I see," Lisa said and raised an eyebrow. "I must say that's very deep. Wow Amanda and you learned all that just from watching a gory movie? I guess I need to watch that again."

I'd barely watched it once and was totally grossed out, I couldn't imagine watching it again. It certainly didn't make me want to do this.

"One thing about that movie," Ashley said just as she was about to take a bite out of her bread, "it showed that Jesus sure could take a punch."

Just then I felt myself beginning to mildly shake, but not from nerves or embarrassment like I usually did. Something felt weird about the chair I was sitting on, as if something was making the bottom of it vibrate... they weren't making me sit on a vibrating chair again were they? I sure hoped this was my imagination.

"I started to watch that movie once," Stacy added to the conversation, "I got a headache though from having to watch what was going on and read what they were saying at the same time. I can never read those subtitles fast enough either."

"Well if you read the Bible once in awhile Stacy you would already know what they were saying ahead of time," Amber teased her.

"Well if I read the book why would I want to see the movie?" Stacy replied. "I'd already know what happened."

I squirmed in my chair a little as I felt the low vibration begin to stir my arousal. I looked over at CJ and saw that she was attempting to make eye contact with my father, who was sitting next to her at the head of the table, but my father was trying very hard to ignore her. At least he wasn't flirting with her anymore now that he knew what she'd been making me do, good to see I was still important to him. I felt a hand place itself on my thigh under the table and I looked over at Emily who gave me a quick wink and then squeezed my thigh tighter and rubbed it a little. It was then that I felt the vibration coming from the chair get stronger as if it had been turned up a notch and I nearly choked on the food I was chewing... I could feel myself beginning to get turned on by the vibrations along with her hand rubbing me, and since I was naked and my boobs were in plain view soon it would be apparent to everyone that I was getting aroused... this was so unfair.

Part 83b

There wasn't much conversation going while we were all eating our  dinner, the sounds that were made were of people eating my mothers very good cooking and the clanks of forks on the plates. Ashley was already on her second helping of pasta and bread and the others all seemed like they were about to finish their first helping as well while I found myself eating much slower than everyone else. It wasn't because I wasn't hungry it had more to with the fact that I was by now very turned on. As time went by the vibration coming from under my chair grew stronger and stronger and I found it harder and harder to concentrate on what was around me. I chewed my food very slowly, in large because I found that the faster I chewed the stronger the arousal got, it's funny how when you're horny you can feel just how connected all your muscles are. I was glad that everyone was distracted by their food because I knew if anyone looked even somewhat closely they would easily see that my nipples were as hard as rocks and my skin was very flush, even more than usual. Oh man I wished I could just get up and leave and not have to deal with this.

"This food is terrific Marsha," Emily complimented my mom after she swallowed some food. "It amazes me how well you Italian women can cook."

"Well I'm only half Italian but thank you," my mom said trying to keep a pleasant front for the guests.

"Can you cook this well Amanda?" Ashley asked me without looking up from her plate.

"Not really," I answered her in practically a whisper, I was so turned on I had trouble speaking up.

"Oh my God Amanda," Stacy suddenly said loudly after she looked up at me. "you look really flushed. Are you okay?"

"Fine," I lied as I nodded my head and put another fork full of pasta in my mouth.

"Yeah you do look fine don't you," Stacy teased me and giggled to herself.

"She must think pretty highly of her mom's cooking considering how she seems to be reacting to it." Ashley jumped in as she noticed my arousal as well.

"Like your mom's cooking do ya?"

Suddenly what I had been dreading was happening as I felt all eyes at the table were now all on me, actually I should say they were all on certain parts of me. I could really feel myself blush as I chewed my food which just made me that much more turned on. 'God please don't let that orgasm I feel rising in me come out, at least not now.'

"She hasn't had her mom's food for a few days," Emily seemed to agree, although she knew full well why I was getting aroused, f*&%ing bitch. "She must've really missed it. Can't blame her though, I'd miss it too. My mother could never cook this well."

"Your mom used to burn water," CJ reminded her. "I remember the fire department getting called once... that was embarrassing."

Everyone, except me and my folks, seemed to get a kick out of that and laughed. Myself I was still concentrating on trying to keep myself under control and not humiliate myself any further, even though deep down I knew I probably would lose this battle. It was then that I felt both CJ's and Emily's hands begin to rub my thighs again. I wanted to push them away but it would draw too much attention, plus I have to please them tonight so they'd take it easy on the punishment they had planned for me later. The thing though, with them rubbing my legs like that, made sitting there eating even harder, I didn't know how much more I could take.

"Geez Amanda, I wish I could feel like you look right now," Stacy said as she continued to look at me dumbfounded. "We are eating the same food aren't we? You
didn't get something the rest of us didn't get did you?"

I shook my head no.

"Well, maybe I'm chewing too fast," Stacy thought outloud and then started to slow her chewing.

I glanced over at my dad who seemed to be very uncomfortable with what was going on and wasn't even looking up from his plate. It seemed like he was trying to
act like none of this was going on. CJ noticed this too and took her hand off my leg and tried again to get my father's attention. She almost seemed hurt by the fact that he wasn't paying any attention to her like he used to, but... what did she expect, she was blackmailing his daughter.

"Isn't this food good Ed?" she asked him. "You're a lucky man to get to eat like this everyday."

"Yeah it's very good," he answered plainly without looking at her.

"Eddie you haven't said anything about my new sweater," CJ continued to pester him. "I went to all the trouble to get it just for tonight and you haven't even noticed." She then stuck out her chest to show him her sweater, as well as her cleavage which the sweater seemed to accentuate.

"Oh it's lovely," he said as he made a glance her direction.

"It sure fits well," she told him. "And it's pure Angora."

"You must be very happy," he said and then continued eating.

CJ gave him a dejected look, one that would make me worry if I got it, but then went back to eating.

"I hope you two can forgive me but I have to ask this," Lisa suddenly spoke up and was referring to my parents. "Are you two really okay with Amanda doing this? I mean obviously you're letting her do this but I have a hard time believing that this is okay with both of you."

Everything at the table suddenly went dead silent, I almost thought I heard crickets in the background but I think it was just the sound of my heart beating through my head. I have to say that I was worried that Lisa may have just crossed into hostile ground with that question, I knew sudden chaos could be a possibility.

"We trust Amanda," my father answered after a minute or so of uncomfortable silence. "She's always been a good girl and has made us very proud, I'll support
anything she does."

For the first time in over a week I felt strong love for my father, that was one of the nicest things I'd ever heard him say about me. Sure it may have been motivated by guilt but he said it so effortlessly that I couldn't help but feel he meant it. I found myself actually smiling for a moment and almost forgot that I was on the verge of a major orgasm.

"That's great and all but that doesn't really sound like a ringing endorsement," Lisa followed up. "Is this actually okay with you?"

"It's not what I would say I had in mind for her," my mother decided to answer as she looked over at Lisa and Terry. "The thought of her being naked all the time and everyone seeing her couldn't have been further from what I  would hope for her. But she needs to be able to make her own way which includes making her own mistakes, and since this is something that she really feels she has to do and she's of age then I have to support her. Like my husband said she's always made us proud and has never been anything but a wonderful daughter."

"Wow!" Lisa said almost under her breath and seemed impressed with mom's answer. "I wish my parents felt the same way, I had to beg them to let me get my driver's license and had to nearly sign my name in blood in order for them to let me get it. I couldn't imagine them letting me do this, even if God did tell me too."

"My dad would be too worried about how it reflected on him to let me do something like that," Stacy added. "Being a politician and all he's always lecturing me on how the things I do reflect on him. It was his idea that I run for class president instead of cheerleading, it would make him look better."

"You're dad's such a hypocrite," Ashley said after she swallowed the last of her food. "Your mom once showed me pictures of them when they were in college and in many of them your dad was drunk and acting like an idiot."

"Yeah well his dad wasn't planning on running for governor some day so he could do that," Stacy said sounding perturbed. "Think of what he'll expect of me if that happens."

"Ooooh," I found myself saying involuntarily as my arousal became really strong. I quickly caught myself and made myself stop but everyone noticed.

"You sure you're okay Amanda?" Stacy asked seemingly unsure of what to think of me. "You seem like you're about to explode."

"I just think the food is really good," I answered to try and cover my reaction.

"I agree it's good," Ashley began "but it hasn't made me react like that."

"Why don't you drink some of your milk dear," my mother suggested. "Maybe it'll help."

"I think she needs more something along the lines of a firehose to cool her down," Stacy joked.

"I'm fine," I said trying to be cool and then took another forkful of food. "It's just been a long day."

That part was certainly true, in fact it had been a very long week.

This week had been so long it felt like nine months. After I started to chew my food I instantly wished I hadn't taken it, I could feel something in my lower region start to rise inside of me and with each chew I could feel it starting to take hold... Soon I'd be putting on a show and I didn't know what to do to stop it... maybe I would drink some milk.

"Easy Amanda," Terry said concerned as I began to drink my milk very fast. "You're going to cause yourself to choke."

I slammed down the rest of my milk and decided that I needed to leave the table and this would give me an excuse.

"I need more milk," I said out loud and then pushed my chair back so that I could get up. "I'm going to get some more, anyone else need any?"

Part 83c

"I'll get it Amanda," my mom said volunteering to get some more milk for me just as I was about to get up and run into in the kitchen. "Just sit still and finish your dinner and I'll bring it out for you and anyone else who wants some."

Dammit mom you weren't helping me again! I'm guessed she thought that by not having me get up in front of everyone she was assisting me but I desperately wanted to get out of the room before that chair made me do something I didn't want to do here.

"That's a good idea Marsha, I'd like some more to drink," Emily said as both she and CJ took the liberty to push me back to the table. "Instead of milk though could I have a glass of that wine CJ brought?"

"Sure," my mom answered her without making eye contact as she got up and made her way to the kitchen.

Oh... this chair was getting to me! I could feel the towel I was sitting on getting damper by the second and I found I was having trouble keeping my legs still; the urge to shake and kick them around was so strong that I literally couldn't help but do it. I didn't think I was going to be able to keep this controlled for much longer.

"Are you going to finish that?" Ashley asked me referring to my uneaten food. "I mean for how you're reacting to it you'd think you wouldn't be able to eat it fast enough."

"You want it?" I asked her hoping she would take it.

"It's probably gotten cold by now," Ashley replied with mild disgust.

"I'll eat it," Stacy eagerly jumped in and then reached for my plate. "If what's on this plate is making you feel like that I want to try it."

"Good Lord Stacy," Amber said rolling her eyes, "a little shame once in a while might be a good idea."

"No kidding Stacy," Ashley agreed. "It's not like you've had much trouble getting those feelings lately."

"Shutup Ash," Stacy scolded her and looked surprised that she brought that up. "Besides shame is Amanda's department."

Normally that remark would've annoyed me but since I was on the cusp of coming unglued from unwanted arousal it didn't bother me as much. Oh God I could feel it starting to make its way up from my stomach, soon I wouldn't be able to hold in the scream; and I was afraid if I let it out I wouldn't be able to stop, Oh God!

"Since we're on the topic of shame again Amanda," Lisa spoke up again "I wanted to ask you something else if I could."

"What is it?" I asked her hurriedly knowing I couldn't tell her no.

"Well, I'm sorry if this embarrasses you but did you know that you suck your thumb when you sleep," she asked and then leaned forward to wait for my reply. The shock from that question suddenly stopped the orgasm right in its tracks, I couldn't believe I was just asked that in front of everyone and suddenly everything else on my mind suddenly took a back seat. Not more than five seconds later the chair stopped vibrating.

"I was wondering about that too," Ashley admitted as a look of joy grew across her face from the subject that was brought up. "Pretty much everytime I see her on her website when she's sleeping she has her thumb in her mouth. Have you always done that?"

I was still speechless as I felt a whole new level of humiliation creep its way over my body. I was now beginning to feel myself regress to those feelings I had when I was a younger girl and got caught doing something childish, and being naked made it that much more so.

"You're sucking your thumb again?" my dad asked making me cringe. "You stopped doing that when you were three. That's kind of strange."

Dad! Shutup! God he hardly said anything all night and he picked this moment to speak up.  Suddenly all the memories I'd had lately of me waking up with my thumb in my mouth began to flood my head and not until now did I even think that anyone had watched me sleep like that. Why didn't I think of that? I only glanced up for a second but it was long enough to see that all eyes at the table were on me and seemed to be waiting for a reply which I wasn't able to give at the moment. How the hell was I supposed to answer this?

"She's embarrassed," Emily said in a patronizing tone. "Poor kid. She just recently started doing it and I don't think she can help it."

"Carrying all that shame seems to have caused her to act out some infantile behavior while she sleeps," CJ added. "Being naked all the time could probably do that to someone."

"It's obviously done it to her," Ashley said with sly grin her face.

"Be nice you guys," Amber stuck up for me. "She's doing something that would be very traumatic for most people so ease up on her, she's supposed to be our friend."

"I agree," Stacy seconded. "I think she's really cute when she does that and it makes me adore her even more."

"I'm not trying to make fun of her," Lisa explained. "I just wasn't sure if she was aware of it and thought I should point it out to her, especially when all of us know about it."

"She does look very peaceful when she's sleeping like that," Terry felt the need to say. "I mean it's not like it's anything dirty."

'Dammit all of you shutup!' God, and even with the chair not vibrating anymore my arousal wasn't going away like it should, it was like it was holding steady and waiting for a green light.

"Maybe you might want to think about turning your bed into a crib and hanging some mobiles up over it," Ashley happily teased me which caused Stacy to punch her in the shoulder and give her a 'knock it off' look.

My mother then came back into the room carrying an open gallon of milk in one hand and Emily's glass of wine in the other which she quickly handed over to Emily.

"What were you all just talking about?" my mother asked as she filled my glass back up with milk.

"Oh, about how Amy's been sucking her thumb in her sleep lately." CJ answered her and then winked at me.

"You are?" mom asked me surprised. "You haven't done that since you were a little girl." She then realized that she had just embarrassed me further and then stopped talking, although the damage had been done.

"This food doesn't seem to be working on me like it has you Amanda," Stacy told me as she finished what was left. "Must be something else that's doing that to you."

I began to feel the arousal start to rise again as thoughts of everyone imagining me sleeping naked with my thumb in my mouth kept running through my head. Oh God, I didn't want that to be the reason that I had an orgasm. I quickly started to drink my milk again in hopes that its coldness would help cool me off, but after I started swallowing it I suddenly lost control and found myself involuntarily squirming and thrusting my hips around in my seat and my legs locked around the legs of my chair as I felt my whole body begin to quiver from of my emotions. Thank God though that I was able to quiet my moans by drinking the milk.

"Is she choking?" Amber asked worriedly. "She seems likes she's really uncomfortable."

CJ began firmly patting me on my back as if to help me from choking and said "You okay Amy? Everything going down all right?"

My legs were wrapped around the chair so tightly that I thought for a moment it was going to break from the pressure but the feeling began to pass just as I finished the milk and came up for air. I was breathing heavily though and everyone looked at me with a worried look, except for Ashley who couldn't seem to hide her amused grin.

"Can you breath okay dear," mom asked concerned. "Do you need some more milk?"

I nodded my head yes to both questions and she filled my glass back up again. Oh God I felt like all the tension in my body just jumped up and left from that; if it wasn't so embarrassing I'd have been glad it happened... I hoped this counted as punishment, it certainly sucked.

"Just take it easy Amanda," CJ cooed as she stopped patting my back and began to rub it gently. "These things happen to all of us sometimes."

'Oh please, yeah I hear all the time about people sitting naked and having orgasm at the dinner table.' I hoped they actually thought I was choking, that was less embarrassing than them knowing about what really happened.

"I need to use the bathroom," I said as I wiped my face with my napkin. "Please excuse me."

"Sure," CJ said and removed her hand from my back.

"Actually I do too," Lisa proclaimed. "Is there another one here I could use?"

"Yeah there is upstairs," Emily told her and then turned to me. "Why don't you show her where it is on your way?"

Great, I couldn't seem to get a moment alone. I nodded my head that I would do it and then scooted my chair back out so I could get up. I saw immediately that the towel I was sitting on was soaked and sticking to me and made getting up a bit trickier because I didn't want anyone to notice that. I managed to get the towel off me without anyone seeing but when I got up the lights from above the table made the leftover residue on my nether region shine which I was afraid may have been noticed, dammit! I quickly ran out of the room and into the hallway before everyone did notice I was wet. Lisa had to catch up to me.

"Are you really okay Amanda?" she asked me sounding concerned as we came to the stairs. "I mean what was going on with you?"

"I'm fine," I said to her plainly. "The other bathroom is up these stairs and on the left hand side."
"Wait a minute," she said and grabbed my arm before I could walk away. "I want you to know that I don't believe for a second what's going on here.  I can totally tell that those two are making you do this."

Part 83d

"Nobody's making me do anything," I said to Lisa in as convincing a voice as I could make myself use. A part of me was thrilled with the fact that she saw through Em and CJ's story and their act, but I also knew that this could potentially make things worse if Lisa and Terry tried and directly took them on, it wouldn't help either that this f*&%ing collar I was wearing was bugged and was recording this conversation. "Don't you remember? This was my idea."  

"Yeah right," Lisa scoffed unconvinced. "Like someone like you would come up with something like this. I mean really, we're supposed to believe that you came up with this idea from watching The Passion and having a dream about God? Sounds to more to me like two very perverted women have something on you and are making you do this for their own weird pleasure. I mean my God Amanda, look what they made you do out there."

She then looked down at my groin region and pointed out the residue of my unwanted orgasm that was drying on my skin and another wave of shame washed over me. God I hated that these personal things were so exposed that they could be pointed out so easily.

"That must've been awful for you," she said sympathetically. "I know if that had been me and I had just came at the dinner table with my parents and friends sitting around they'd never be able to get me out of the bathroom ever again, and to have been naked on top of that. I'd be crying my eyes out in shame forever. What did they do rig the chair so it would vibrate or something?"

"They didn't do anything," I continued to lie and this time my voice began to crack a little. "That thing with me just happened because I was so happy to be having dinner with my family and friends and that God's plan for me was working so well. I was so overwhelmed with joy that I guess my body got carried away."

Lisa just looked at me with a look of disbelief.

"Honestly that's what happened," I said almost pleadingly. "Why would those two want to blackmail me into doing something like this, and if they did wouldn't they come up with a different plan then that one? I mean really who would come up with an idea about a religious nudist?"

"There's some crazy people in this world," Lisa shot back without blinking an eyelash. "I believe at least two of them are sitting in there at that dinner table, and I'm not talking about Stacy and Ashley. It's obvious that they really have you because I can tell you're scared and you're going to defend them to protect yourself, and from what it looks like your family too, from whatever it is they're threatening you guys with."

"They're not threatening me," I told her again knowing I had to keep this up. "You shouldn't go around accusing people of things especially when you don't know them. I'm so sure like I would have anything that anyone could use to make me do something like this if I didn't want to. You guys have known me long enough to know I don't do anything like that."

"Actually honey I don't know that," she answered while looking me in the eyes. "Sure I've never seen you get into trouble but like everyone else I don't really know that much about what you do. I've never seen you hang out with friends or at the mall or doing anything other than going to school and going home. Before this did you have any friends?"

"No not really," I said with a sigh. Personally I didn't really feel like I had any friends that moment either.

"Is that how the two of them got their hooks into you in the first place?"

"They don't have their hooks in me."

"If you went and put on some clothes and came back into the dining room what would happen?"

"I don't have any clothes to wear anymore," I pointed out to her referring to the burning of them in the backyard earlier.

"Okay then if you put on my coat and went back in there what would happen?"

"I wouldn't put your coat on because that would go against what God wants me to do." I couldn't believe I was arguing this point.

"Okay, let's say I somehow made you put my coat on and go back in there. What would happen?"

"Why would you make me do that for?"

"Just answer my damn question," Lisa replied sounding annoyed at my answers.

"Nothing would happen," I answered, "other than me having to explain to God how you made me put on your coat despite knowing his wishes about that."

Actually I'd probably get into a lot of trouble.

"They really do have you don't they," she said as she shook her head in disbelief. "They must have worked with you to give answers like that because I can't imagine we'd be the only ones to question this. Are they making you have sex with people or anything like that?"

"No!" I shouted being truthful for once. "Nobody could ever make me do that! No matter what they had on me."

"So they do have something on you?"

"No!" I shouted again. "They don't have anything on me and no one's making me do anything. Please, Lisa, you have to believe that. That's why I had you and Terry come over tonight, so you could see that things are okay."

"Well that's funny considering it wasn't you who called us," she said with a raised eyebrow. "Imagine my surprise when this Emily person who I've never met suddenly calls me and tells me that you would like me to come over to your house for dinner, I thought it was some kind of joke. Here Terry and I have been wondering all week what's been up with you and here the same day we confront you about it we get this call from this mystery woman inviting us over to see how you live. Seems pretty suspicious to me."

"Emily's not a mystery woman; she's my friend," I said pretending to be bothered by her comments, even though she was right to say them. "She and CJ have been a big support for me doing this and they've helped take care of me and to make sure I'm safe. I told them about you and they came up that I should have you over tonight."

"But you said earlier that this was your idea," she pointed out to me. "So now you're telling me this was their idea."

"Well, I don't know who's idea it was exactly but we agreed on it." Dammit I could feel myself starting to unravel, I wished I could get into the bathroom and hide for awhile.

"And just out of curiosity," Lisa went on, "how did you get Terry's phone number? It's unlisted and I know that she never gave it to you."

Oh God how could I answer that one? I wished she would stop asking me these questions. I wished I could just convince her to just leave this alone but as I'd found being naked in front of someone felt very vulnerable and that made it hard to stand up to them.

"I don't know," I told her defeatedly. "They must've gotten it from somebody."  

"Couldn't imagine who," Lisa said flatly not believing me. "Amanda, stop fighting this. It's obvious from the looks of you and the things going on around you that this is something that's being forced on you."

"It's not Lisa," I said in a last attempt to convince. "You've got this wrong. Please just drop this before you ruin what I'm trying to do."

"Or get you in more trouble with your blackmailers," she added.

"Lisa..." I began to plead before she cut me off.

"Amanda." she began "I don't believe you and there's no way I'm not going to do anything while this awful thing happens to you. I know we don't know each other that well but I've been around you enough to know that you're neither religious nor someone who would ever run around town naked. I don't know what's going on with Stacy and Ashley and that little church girl friend of yours, although I could see Stacy and Ashley being dumb enough to buy into this, but if they don't know or are going along with this then shame on

"Lisa I..."

"Don't say any more Amanda," she said cutting me off. "I can see in your eyes that you're scared. I have a cousin who works with a Federal agency that I'm going to have check into this and if there is something going on he'll find out about and take care it. Don't worry I'll wait until after tonight to do this so that we won't ruin this little party and make things harder on you for now."

Well that was a minor relief. What I was really worried about was what the goddesses might try and do to her and Terry once they found this out. I will admit though that there was a part of me right then that wanted her desperately to contact her cousin; actually if it wasn't for this damn collar I'd encourage it. What I wouldn't give to take this damn thing off and put all of this behind me.

"Why don't you go on ahead and get yourself cleaned up like you were going to," she said to me as she looked down again at my bare pelvic area. "You said the other bathroom is up here?"

I nodded my head yes to her and didn't say anything else. I knew I should have tried harder to convince her but it just wasn't in me and anyway I now thought it might have been pointless as she saw through this whole thing.

"Don't worry Amanda," she said comfortingly as she put her hand on my arm and squeezed it. "We'll be discreet; and hey, if you are telling the truth then that'll come out, although I know better. This is going to end honey, I promise you that, and everything is going to be okay." She gave me a quick hug, making sure not to rub her clothes on my wet spot, and then went up the stairs to the second bathroom. I thought about going up after her to talk some more but thought better of it. I hoped the goddesses didn't blame me for not being able to convince her, I also hoped Lisa could call her cousin before they got to her. All this stress was going to give me a stroke soon.

Part 84

God was this how I looked out there? I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror and was overwhelmed with shock at the sight it held. My face was all sweaty and flush and I had strands of hair glued to sides of it while over the rest of my body my skin was a mix of bright red from blushing and pale white, which almost made me look like I had a mild sunburn or something. Man and my breasts were all rosy colored and full and my nipples look like they could pick their way though an ice block, and I don't even want to talk about how my vaginal area looked other than things had noticeably taken shape. I looked like some hot-to-trot nymph, yet all of this was happening against my will. I couldn't believe what Emily and CJ had done to me and were still doing to me, this had gotten worse than any nightmare I'd ever had about being naked and it was still going.

I wished so badly that Scott would find a way to get me away from them right that minute or that somehow Lisa could contact her cousin before the goddesses could do anything to her; neither of which seemed too likely at that moment.

Goddammit, the bottom of my ass was bright red too, and of course I  was sure that everyone got a good look at that too when I left the room.

Why did Lisa have to tell me all that shit for? If she would've just kept her thoughts to herself and not told them to me, essentially telling them to whoever was listening for Em and CJ, then she probably could've called her cousin and they might not be the wiser and maybe I'd have a chance. But since for whatever reason she felt she needed to confront me about it that chance was probably sunk.

I washed myself up as best as I could without actually jumping into the shower and then relieved myself in the toilet before going back out to the dining room. I really didn't want to go back in there and I found that I felt as shy and nervous about being naked as I ever had before. I mean they all thought that my mom's food gave me an orgasm and they had a firsthand look on how my  body reacted when it did. When I finally made myself walk back in there the first face I saw was that of my mother and to my great joy she gave me the warmest and most loving smile she'd ever given me and the look in her eyes told me that she still loved me and wasn't ashamed of me. This was a great gift and just what I needed to help me get my grip on myself back. I took my seat back at the table. I glanced over at my dad and to my surprise he gave me a look of reassurance as well which I found touching too. I never thought I'd think this but right then I was really glad my parents were there.

Despite all the stress and shame I was feeling my appetite suddenly came back and I found that I now had no trouble finishing off my plate despite my food being cold. When mom went and brought out dessert I finished mine before anyone else did and actually ate another piece before I finally felt full.

It was at this time that Emily's cell phone began ringing.

"You can't turn that off at the dinner table?" my mom chastised Emily. "Not all of us are done eating."

"Sorry mother," Emily said sarcastically as she took out her phone. "I am an important person though so sometimes important things happen during dinner that I need to know about."

Emily then answered the call and after talking for a few seconds I saw a look of disappointment come across her face, as if she was told that something didn't go right.

"That's too bad," Emily said into the phone, "well then we'll have to go with CJ's plan. Yes take care of it now. Thank you." She then hung up her phone and I couldn't help but notice the cold glance she gave to Terry and Lisa before mentioning to my mom, "See the call was nice and short and I received some important information. Hope this pleases you."

Shit, I had a feeling that info might've been about my conversation with Lisa in the hallway; at least that look she gave her made me think that. God I wanted to warn Lisa that she might be in a lot of trouble but if I did I was going to be in more trouble myself, if I wasn't already, and it probably wouldn't stop it anyway.

Once everyone was finished eating Terry announced that she and Lisa had to be going. She claimed they had other plans later but they were glad they had come over and thanked me and my parents for inviting them.

"This was very enlightening Amanda," Lisa said to me with a knowing smile.

"You've really opened my eyes to what you're really all about."

"I just didn't want you to worry about me when there's nothing to worry about," I told her holding out hope that maybe she'd believe me.

"Uh huh," she said pretending to believe. "Well why don't you walk us out and you can explain some more of this to me before we go so I have a more complete

"That's good idea Amanda," Emily agreed to my surprise. "Why don't you see them out so that you can make sure they're convinced."

"Okay," I replied dutifully and made myself get up in front of everybody although I intentionally  avoided their expressions.

"You have a couple of pie crumbs on your tummy there Amy," CJ commented as she quickly wiped them off with the side of her hand. "Oh you've got some down here too." she said and then brushed her hand across my bare labia, which had no crumbs on it. "Got 'em."

I heard Ashley try and suppress a giggle as I felt my skin get all flushed again from embarrassment. Despite this I still led Terry and Lisa out of the dining room and towards my front door.

"Lisa please believe me that no one is forcing me to do any of this," I pleaded to her as we came to the door. "This is what I want and you're going to make that harder for me."

"You mean harder for them," Terry jumped in. "Jesus Christ Amanda I can't believe the gall of those two and what they're doing to you."

"They're not doing anything to me," I pleaded harder. "Except helping me."

"Like wiping invisible crumbs off your pussy?" Lisa harshly pointed out. "I guess that would be the good Christian thing to do."

Shit they weren't fooled at all. I wished I could tip them off somehow that they could be walking into an ambush, but I had no idea how without giving myself up. God this whole house probably had cameras everywhere that would catch me doing it. Man I loved these two for figuring this out and wanting to help me get out of this, most just blindly go along with it, but once I again I was helpless and trapped and unable to do anything to stop it. This was going to suck.

"It's going to be okay Amanda," Terry said comfortingly as she put her arm around my shoulders. "Lisa knows someone who should be able to help you."

"She knows," Lisa informed her.

"Oh good," Terry went on and gave me another squeeze. "And hey, even if somehow he can't help you, we'll find another way. We both have huge families who know lots of people and are all over the place. I don't know who those two are, but they're obviously well connected and have something over you, along with being evil perverted bitches. No one should be made to do the things they've made you do."

"Having dinner with your parents naked by itself is trauma enough for most people," Lisa added. "I admire your perseverance to be able to keep going."  

Like I have a choice.

"It's not perseverance it's God," I found myself saying. "That's how I keep going, because I know this is what God wants."

"Are you like wired or something?" Terry asked curiously as the thought of being listened in on seemed to cross her mind.

"How could she be?" Lisa pointed out. "Where would she put it? In her cross? Although I guess the house could be. You think they go that far?"

"I'm not bugged," I told them. "You guys are paranoid."

"I'm calling my cousin first thing when we get home," Lisa said ignoring me. "With there being a website and everything these two just might be crazy enough to go that far."

"I agree," Terry responded. "I now have a new chill running down my spine. We better go."

Terry gave me one last squeeze before letting me go which gave Lisa the opening to give me a quick hug herself.

"We'll be careful," she whispered in my ear. "Hang in there Amanda."

That's what Scott always said, 'hang in there'. I was tired of hanging in there.

"We'll see you soon," they both said to me as they were about to walk out the door.

After they closed the door behind them I found myself saying a quick prayer to God to please help them and watch over them, I felt it was the least I could do. I watched them walk down to their car, which I guess was Lisa's since she was the one getting in the driver's seat, and said the prayer one more time before I heard Emily walk up behind me.

"I'm sorry to hear we weren't able to convince them of your sincerity to your cause," she said as she stood next to me and placed her hand on my shoulder. "That is disappointing."

"I tried, I swear I did," I found myself blurting out despite myself. "They just refused to believe me."

"I know sweetie," she whispered kindly as she squeezed my shoulder. "I heard that you tried, you're just a really lousy convincer of things that aren't true."

"You mean a liar?" I asked bravely.

"Yes," she agreed. "You're a shitty liar. It's amazing you've done as well as you have. At least we have you motivated to follow orders."

"What's are you going to do to them?" I asked her referring to Lisa and Terry.

"Well we obviously have to do something," she replied as we watched them drive off through the window. "We can't have them getting certain people involved in this since it could get things off track."

"Please don't hurt them," I begged. "They don't know what they're doing."

"We're not going to hurt them," she said reassuring me. "We're just going to put them on ice."

"What does that mean?" I asked worriedly.

"While we were in the backyard burning your clothes and eating weenies we had three pounds of pot planted in the trunk of their car." Emily explained with a smug look on her face. "Within a few minutes our friends in the police department will be pulling them over for the broken license plate light we had done and will arrest them when they find all that herb back there. It was CJ's idea and we hope for their sakes that they'll be so busy trying to keep their asses out of prison that they'll forget all about saving you."

"Oh God you didn't!" I said out shock.

"You know full well we did," she reminded me. "Believe me I ain't thrilled about having to do it. I hate the thought of all that really good bud sitting in that evidence locker for months instead of on the street where it belongs."

"You're sick," I said in disgust. "Do you even realize that what you're doing is not just to them but those who love them? Are you really more worried about your shit then the lives of human beings?"

"Hey if they had backed off and kept their mouths shut they'd be okay." she defended herself. "Hell we'd even give them a job if it kept their mouths shut. Tell their families that if they get upset."

"You're evil."

"I'm strong willed sweetie."

She then took her hand off my shoulder and walked over to the window and peered out as if she was looking for something. "Oh there it is." she said to herself and then pointed out the window for me to see what she was looking at.

"What's my car doing here?" I asked as I saw my white Toyota parked across the street. Last I knew it was still at Gale's.

"We had the tank filled and brought over while we were eating," Emily replied.

"Who brought it over?" I asked.

"No one you know."

"Why is it here?"

"You're going to be driving it in a few minutes," she told me. "Since you were really good tonight and took your medicine well you'll be getting the easier punishment. But it is a punishment nonetheless and it starts with you driving by yourself down to Eugene tonight."

Part 85

I didn't want to drive to Eugene. I thought this over and over as I laid across CJ's bed in what used to be my bedroom and stared at the lights flicker about the room. But I mean Jesus, Eugene's over a hundred miles away and the last time I was there I had to attend both a football game and a church service without the luxury of wearing clothes like everyone else had, and it didn't help that I'd be by myself for the whole drive which made me feel extra vulnerable. What if I got pulled over or broke down or something? My car wasn't exactly new you know and who knew if they tampered with it somehow. The one good thing was that at least it'd be dark out so I wouldn't be so easily noticed by other drivers. That was a small comfort though.

Emily sent me up here after we said good bye to Amber, who thanked me and my parents graciously for having her over but had to be up early tomorrow for a prayer meeting at her church. "If I don't see you tomorrow," she said to me just before she left, "then I'll see you on Saturday for the party."

"You're coming to the party?" I'd asked her as this was a bit of a surprise to me.

"Well yes," she answered as if that was stupid. "I was invited and told that you would like it if I came so that means I'm coming. You do want me there don't you?"

"Oh gosh yes," I answered happily. "In fact I wish you didn't have to leave now."

"Well I'm very faltered by that Amanda," she said proudly as she gave me a warm hug. "If you ever need me just let me know. Until then make sure you keep saying
your prayers."

In the situation I was in praying was all I could do, at least I still had control of my thoughts. I was sure the goddesses would love to take control of that too if they could, in fact I was almost surprised they hadn't tried. Boy I must say for this being a round bed and all it sure was comfy, if I wasn't so wide awake and nervous I could easily see myself falling asleep on it. How nice it would be to wrap myself in some warm blankets and try and forget all about what was going on, but of course I couldn't wrap up in blankets because it would make my skin hurt thanks to the poison those bitches gave me. I needed to find but what that antidote was and take a shitload of it before this could become permanent. Oh this all sucked!

"Hey baby girl," CJ said cheerfully as she burst into the room, "getting good and rested for your adventure tonight?"

"Do I really have to drive to Eugene tonight?" I asked as if somehow I heard it wrong.

"Yes you really have to drive to Eugene tonight," she said in a sarcastic mimic of my voice. "What you think we're just f*&%ing with you or something?"

"It's always my hope," I replied.

"Well we're not," she told me as she came and laid down next to me on her bed and began stroking my bare leg. "This is what you get for disobeying us about drinking coffee. In fact just to give you the 411 we took out your car registration and proof of insurance from your glove box just to give you that much more incentive to not get pulled over, although you won't have your license with you either or any other ID for that matter. We did put a cell phone in there though in case we need to talk to you, but you can't call out with it."

"Shit, do you have the dome light fixed to come on whenever I pass another car too?" I said out of frustration to the conditions.

"No, but I wish I had thought of that," she replied with a laugh. "You will be barefoot though and as usual you can't take any clothes or covering that may somehow be offered you."

That part I'd already figured out. It was going to be weird having to drive all that way barefoot though, I'd have to hit the gas and brake pedals harder because of that.

"What if I have an accident or the car breaks down or something?" I asked nervously.

"I hope someone helps you, because we're not going to be anywhere near there," she told me plainly which made me more nervous.

"Where are you going to be?" I asked with a tremble in my voice.

"Em and the girls are on their way to Gale's right now," CJ explained.

"They're going to use the new hot tub over there tonight while they're watching you on a monitor. I know Stacy is really excited about both of those things; in fact she said that taking a long drive while naked is one of her fantasies and she couldn't believe you were doing that tonight. She sure does have a lot of exhibitionist fantasies, maybe we ought to have her give us some ideas on what to have you do in the near future since she thinks about this so much. I mean she does deserve a reward for her performance with Mr. Green this morning."

Oh God, Stacy would probably come up with something even worse than what these guys had so far. That would really be saying something too. And what was worse was that Stacy really thought she was helping me by doing these things, which was noble in its own way, but by doing them she was making my life worse and unknowingly hers as well. If she only knew who these two, and Ashley for that matter, really were and how much danger she was in.

"I'm staying here with your folks though," CJ continued. "I can watch you in Em's room if I need to and this way I can get your parents ready for when they leave for Seattle tomorrow night. That and I can't say that I like how your dad ignores me now so I wanna work on that as well."

"Oh come on CJ," I said in disgust. "How do you expect him to act when he finds out you've been turning me into your own private nudist against my will? He's my father for Christ's sake and despite some of the things he's done I'm still his daughter and he loves me. You should be happy he even looks at you."

"I know but I don't like it anyway," she replied selfishly. "It makes me feel bad when someone whom I'm used to having drool all over themselves at the sight of me suddenly acts like I got a disease or something. It's disheartening."

Oh my heart bled for her.

"You're not going to try and have sex with him are you?" I asked as the image of that crept unwontedly in my head.

"Only if I have to," she said sounding too serious for my liking.

"CJ please..." I began to beg.

"Oh don't worry I'm just going to make him want me despite his hating me," she said assuredly. "I don't plan on f*&%ing him. Anyway it's about time we get you going baby girl, it's getting late."

"What if someone tries to attack me or something?" I asked as I was still worried about being alone. "They might see me and try to rape me or something. What if that happens?"

"You'll be okay," she said as she squeezed my thigh with her hand as reassurance. "God will be watching over you."

"But God sometimes has this bad habit of not intervening," I explained out of desperation. "I thought you always had people watching me to make sure I was

"Did we?" she said acting unsure. "Hmm I'll have to look into that. But that's not for you to worry about right now, right now you need to worry about making it to Eugene and completing the rest of your punishment."

"But I don't want to do this alone," I openly admitted in the tone of voice that would make any whinny child proud. "I'm scared okay, I'm scared of what might happen. I'm even more scared than you usually have me. Can't you or someone else go with me if I have to do this?"

"Oh that's sweet," she said sounding flattered. "Each day you grow to love me even more. But I'm too tired to go to there tonight, and like I said I need to make your dad fall for me again which right now is very important to my ego. I know you're scared and you should be, but sooner or later you're going to have to do something like this on your own since this is how you're going to be living. Plus think of it this way, would you rather be your friends Terry and Lisa now? I checked and they are currently sitting in the back of a squad car, probably pissing themselves and wondering where all that weed came from, and soon they'll be on their way to the county jail for the weekend where they'll enjoy a nice strip search for their troubles."

A huge pang of guilt suddenly gripped my body. "Don't put them in there," I found myself saying. "Please. Getting arrested should be scary enough for them, don't make them spend a weekend in jail."

"We have to baby," she said unmoved as she took her hand off my thigh. "A lesson must be taught."

"But they don't know you," I continued to plead. "It's not like they have a vendetta against you or anything. They just want to do what they think is right. Please don't punish them for wanting to help me."

"It's just the one weekend, they'll survive," she said coldly as she got off the bed and stood up. "Believe me what we're doing to them is nothing compared to most people who've tried to get in our way. Now c'mon and get up, time for you to go."

She motioned for me to get up and as much as I just wanted to keep lying there I soon found myself standing on my feet and being led out of the room.

"Em told you where to go once you got to Eugene didn't she?" CJ asked as we reached the top of the stairs in the hallway.

"I'm supposed to go the hotel we were at last week," I answered her.  

"And then?" CJ prodded for the rest.

"Then I'm supposed to go in and meet Casey and wait for her to get off work."

"Very good. She knows you're coming so she'll be expecting you."

"I'm not sure I remember how to get there though," I told her worriedly. "Can I have a map or something?"

"Don't have a map," she told me, "you'll just have to drive around until you remember. Hope you won't run out of gas. You did use the bathroom already like you were told didn't you?"

"Yes," I answered submissively. "What if I have to go while I'm driving?"

"Pull over and use the bushes or stop at restaurant and use the facilities," she said with a slight laugh. "You can even piss on the floor of your car if you want to. I imagine the smell from that would get to you though. Oh yeah there's one last thing I need to tell you. The radio in your car is set to an AM talk station, make sure you leave it there and leave it on. The guy who hosts the show for the next few hours is someone we know and we may call in to his show tonight while you're driving."

"Why?" I asked her feeling intrigued by this new development.

"To give you any new instructions we may feel like giving you in case things get too boring," she said excitedly. "Remember that you have an audience and you are expected to put on a show of some kind. It's a good chance though that we won't be giving you direct orders but subtle suggestions so we won't seem like we own you. I'm sure you'll find his show very interesting and will help pass the time on your long drive."

"Why don't you just call me on that cell phone you gave me instead of that?"

"This is more fun," she said gleefully. "The phone is in case of an emergency or if the show is in commercial. Make sure you pay attention though, you won't want to miss any messages."

"What happens when I get to Casey?"

"She'll give you the next part. Now go tell your folks good bye and that you'll try and make it back before they leave tomorrow. Then you're off on your adventure sweetcheeks."

Part 86

"Okay Amy," CJ said as she held open the front door for me, "out you go. We'll be watching you so make us proud."

I fumbled my car keys in my hand as I took in a deep breath to calm my nerves. It was a little past 8 o'clock and all the streetlights were now on, and with my car being across the street I'd be in plain sight of anyone driving by or looking out their window, not to mention it'd gotten even colder outside.

"I wouldn't be able to talk you into warming my car up for me would I?" I asked hoping for a delay.

"Yeah right," she scoffed. "having you do those things is part of the fun. Now step out on the porch baby girl so I can close this door before all the cold air gets in here. I don't want to catch a cold."

"Take one of your vitamins. Aren't they supposed to keep that from happening?" I suggested with in droll tone.

"Very funny smart ass," she replied and then began pushing me outside. "Now good luck and don't be late, it wouldn't be nice to make Casey have to go out and look for you because you took too long."

Casey! I couldn't say I was real thrilled with the idea of seeing her since she wasn't all that nice last time, not to mention I still remembered that look she gave me when CJ ordered her to strip out in the hotel parking lot which meant she might somehow blame me for that even though I had nothing to do with it.

Once CJ had me outside she quickly shut the door behind me and I could hear it being locked. A car suddenly drove past the house which made me jump back against the door and reminded me that I was now out in the open and completely vulnerable to anyone who might be coming. Shit I needed to get in my car.

Even though I wanted to hurry and get across the street my modesty handicapped me and I couldn't help but take gingerly steps down the front stairs and to the sidewalk as I kept looking from side to side to see if anyone was coming or was watching me. Once I reached the curb I looked both ways and was relieved to see that no car was coming and I decided that this was as good of a chance as I was going to get to cross. Since the street was so well lit I didn't have any trouble making myself hurry across it, but I was looking around me the whole time wondering if anyone was looking at me. Once I made it across I ran over to my car and tried to open the driver's side door. It was locked. Goddammit why did they lock it for? I hurriedly looked through my keys to try and find the one that unlocks it, but I was having trouble since it was dark out and the streetlights created so many shadows. Shit it was cold out there too; the bottoms of my feet were already starting to feel numb from having to stand barefoot on the frigid pavement, where was that f*&%ing key! Oh great there was a car coming. I take that back there were two cars coming, both from the same direction. I needed to get in before they saw me. Shit there was the key, thank God. I crouched down as the headlights from the oncoming cars began to shine on me and tried to unlock my car door, but it was so shadowy I had trouble getting the key into the lock properly which resulted in me dropping the keys on the ground. Shit! I crouched down fully next to my car as I heard the first car start to go by. I was hidden well enough that none of its lights shone on me and I breathed a sigh of relief when the second one went by without noticing as well. I reached down under my car and felt for my keys that I heard land under there. Once I found them I again had to locate the one that unlocked my door which took even longer than last time. When I at last found it I again fumbled with it trying to get it into the lock but this time I found it easier. Boy once I got in I was turning the heat on full blast.

I stood up to open my door and just as I did I my upper body was illuminated by the headlights of another car that had just turned down the road. I quickly ducked back down but I heard the sound of brakes being applied and the car slowing down as if I had been seen. Shit! Not even thinking I quickly opened my car door and slipped in before the passing car could stop and turn around and without even looking for it I had the ignition key in and the engine turned on. As much as I wanted to put the car in Drive and take off I had to hold off because all my windows were all fogged over from my car sitting out there in the cold. I hit the button on my dash for the defrosters and revved the gas a couple of times to try and warm it up faster but this actually caused the windshield to get even frostier at first, and I could see the headlights from the car that passed creeping up back behind me. Good God were these people going to come and confront me or something? I was inside now, why didn't they just drive off? I turned on my windshield wipers and removed much of the outside mist but it was still too blurry to see well enough and the back windshield was only beginning to clear. The headlights from behind me were now filling my car up with light as they parked behind... what did they want? I hoped it wasn't somebody I knew. I heard the sounds of a car door opening and slamming and saw the shadow of someone begin to approach my car. I heard a male voice say something outside but I couldn't quite hear clearly over the voices that were coming out of my radio, which comes on when my car does. I turned it down just as the shadow stopped at my window and knocked on it.

I was numb with nervousness as I sat there and tried to figure out what to do. I didn't answer him and somehow hoped this would inspire him to go away. It didn't work though because he suddenly knocked again. The mist was beginning to clear from both of my windshields and soon it would be clear enough for me to drive, but it would also let whoever is outside get a better look at me.  

"Is she answering?" a female voice asked from behind my car startling me.

"She's not doing anything," the voice of the man replied.

"What do you want?" I yelled out to him as the mist on my side window was beginning to clear.

"Oh, um, we're big fans of yours," the male answered as I saw the shadow of a face lean down by my window. "We've been driving around hoping to see you Amanda."

Oh Jesus you had to be kidding. People were out driving around looking for me?

"I don't really have time," I said to him hurriedly. "I have to be somewhere."  

"We just want a quick picture if we could," the voice asked as more mist cleared from the window. "I promise we won't try and kidnap you or anything. Please? It would mean a lot to my wife."

God they wanted a picture, another f*&%ing picture. There was a whole damn website full of those pictures of me and yet that didn't seem to be enough, somebody always wanted another. I needed to get out of there. The thing of it was though that one of my rules was to let people take my picture and if I didn't let them I would risk more punishment. Oh God this just never went smoothly for me.

"Wow," the man shouted as the last of the mist cleared from the window giving us both a clear view of each other. "Your skin practically glows in the dark doesn't it? It's as if it has it's own light."

"Huh thanks," I said sarcastically. I was so glad he reminded me of one of my flaws. "Can you promise that this won't take long?"

"Well be as quick as we can Amanda," he said excitedly. "We'd just like a couple of shots."

"Can you just take one of me sitting in here?" I asked.

"Well it's just my wife would like to be in it," he explained as I took in his face through the now clear window. God he was rather professional looking. "I promise you we won't trouble you long."

Knowing that I probably had to do this I let out a big sigh and with my engine still running I opened my door and prepared to step back out into the cold.

"Oh thank you," he said gratefully as he motioned for his wife to come over. "My God you are beautiful."

"Uh thank you," I said embarrassed as I noticed my dome light had come on and I was now fully illuminated. "What are your names?"

"Oh I'm Michael," the man told me just as his young wife came and stood next to him. "This here is my lovely wife Jolene. She was the one that figured out that you live in this town and that we should come look for you."

"I just think you're awesome," she said to me unabashedly as I noticed how short, curvy, and attractive she was. "We drove all the way from Newberg here to try and see you. I can't believe we found you out here like this."

"Well, not to be rude but I'm in a hurry," I said to her trying to hurry this up. "Can we do this quickly please?"

"Surely Murley," Michael replied as she pulled his camera phone from his jacket. "Would you mind standing with her under the street light so I can get a good shot? The flash on this phone isn't very strong."

Oh he would ask that. Wanting to get this over with I chose not to protest and made myself walk under the streetlight next to our cars. Jolene came over next to me and put her arm around my waist and snuggled up next to me for the picture. I actually snuggled back to help keep me warm as the chilly air caused me to shiver.

"Okay hold it there ladies," Michael said to us as he aimed his camera phone. "Smile for me."

Just as he was about to snap the shot a line of cars appeared and were about to pass us. Dammit with me standing there like that I'd stand out to them when they went by. Oh God I could have just died. 'Hurry with the picture taking asshole.'

"Got it," Michael proclaimed as he snapped the shot. "Can I get just one more with the two of you standing next to our car?"

A series of laughter came from the first car as it passed by us. I could hear the next car start to slow down as Jolene took my arm and led me next to their car and leaned us back against it just as the second car went by. I glanced over at the second car for just a second but it was enough to see the two shocked faces looking back at me through their rear windshield. Good thing they weren't the ones driving.

"Smile again please," Michael asked as he snapped another shot. "Perfect. Now let me check these to make sure they turned out all right."

As he watched his phone I tried to move away and go back to my car but Jolene still had a lock on my arm and she held me there as the last car drove by us and with somebody inside yelling "Holy shit that girl's naked!"

"I just wanted to tell you," Jolene began as she whispered to me "that I wish I could do what you're doing. I love being naked and like you I feel more spiritual when I am, but there is no way I could do any of the things you've done no matter how much the thought of it excites me. I envy you greatly, this must be so invigorating."

"It's also very cold sometimes too," I told her as I longed to get into the cover of my car.

"I bet," she said as her eyes moved over my goosefleshed covered body. "It's amazing you haven't gotten ill." She then turned to her husband. "How did they turn out babe?"

"Great," he said pleased. "Here have a look."

"I need to go," I said not wanting to look at the picture.

"Thank you so much Amanda," Jolene said to me as she gave me a bear hug. "This means so much to me."

"You're welcome," I said as I tried to break her tight hug. "It was nice to meet you two."

"Wow your skin feels wonderful," Jolene proclaimed as her hands began moving over my back. "It's like a baby. How do you get it to feel like that?"

"Elvin magi,." I told her as I managed to pull away. "Girl's got to keep some secrets. I have to go now."

I practically ran to my car and jumped into the seat. It was now that I noticed that there was no towel on my seat like there usually was. I was going to have to clean this thing off when I was done tonight. At least leaving my car running had gotten it warmed up good.

"Thanks again for sharing your time with us," Michael called to me before I closed my door. "God bless you Amanda."

"God bless you two as well," I replied politely and then slammed my door shut.

I took some deep breaths to help get the warm air flowing through my body and to help calm my nerves. God that was embarrassing. Yeah they were nice and all but was this type of thing going to start happening all the time? I hoped not. The last thing I needed was my unknowing fans making these missions more difficult, and more embarrassing. Those people that drove by us were probably still shocked from the sight of me and would be talking about it for days to come. Knowing my luck they'd probably come across me on the web and say "that's her!" and show everybody they know the pictures of the naked girl they drove by on the street. That thought sent a shiver of shame up my spine as I turned up the heat. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw that Michael and Jolene were both looking at the pictures he took with great excitement, Jolene was practically jumping up and down before the two of them began kissing right in front of their car. Boy I wished I could feel that happy and loved, and she said she was envious of me, crazy. I looked over at my house and saw CJ looking down at me from the top floor window. She looked like she had an amused expression on her face and when she noticed that I was looking at her she just smiled and gave me a thumbs up sign. Oh I wished I could kill her. I turned the radio back up and was kinda glad it was at a commercial so I wouldn't have to pay attention to it right now, and then finally I put my car in drive and drove off down the street. Man I was already sick of this mission and it had only started. 'Please God keep me safe.'

Part 87a

Oh man why were so many cars out that night?

I was merging onto I-5 and had to slow down so that I could slide in between two cars without having to get next to the large semi truck that was in the middle lane. I didn't want to risk there being a passenger in the big truck because if there was they would easily be able to look down at me from where they were; even with it being dark the interstate was lit enough so that parts of me were well illuminated. I was trying to crouch down as best I could to hide my bare breasts from anyone who might drive next to me, and I had pulled my seat forward a little so that I could stay like that and still easily check my mirrors. I was trying to get a grip on myself so that I could calm down and not have an accident, but after what happened in town it was going to take a lot of deep breathes to cool my nerves.

The drive through town to get to the interstate was easy enough at first but once I got on the main road things were a little trickier. I had to stop at two red lights before I could get out of town and both times I got discovered. When I stopped at the first light I was driving in the left hand lane and had to sit behind a little Honda Accord, and at first no one was in the right lane. At the time I was still thinking about Jolene and Michael and how they had been driving around and looking to see if they'd spot me, and it occurred to me that Michael had said that they were from Newberg and that Jolene had figured out somehow that I lived here. How in the hell did she figure that out? Dammit I was in such a hurry to get the pictures taken I didn't think to ask that. Just as I was thinking this I saw two big headlights in my rearview mirror that were approaching me from the right lane.

Oh shit it was a school bus!

I looked up at the traffic light and it was still showing red as the school bus came to a stop in the lane next to me. I looked over at the bus and saw that I was crouching in perfect view of several middle school children, mostly boys, who took immediate notice of what I was doing. They must have been on a field trip of some kind. I had hoped at first that it would be too dark for them to see in but when I saw all the pointing fingers and sudden addition of new faces in the school bus windows I knew they must have enough light. I moved my arm to cover me as I felt the warm wave of shame flow over me and looked away from them and prayed for the light to change. When it did I breathed a small sigh of relief and readied myself to drive off as soon as possible but for whatever reason the car in front of me wouldn't go. I was about to honk my horn but  then stopped myself because I was worried about the attention it would draw. I heard the bus put itself in gear but it too was not pulling off and when I glanced over at it the windows were all full of multiple young facing looking at me as if they had never seen anything like me before, which they probably hadn't. Oh Goddammit they were all going to tell their parents about this too. Lord knew what they were going to think.

Finally the car in front of me pulled off and when he did I punched the gas with my foot and soon I both pulled away and pulled in front of the bus  in the right lane. I wasn't thinking about anything else other then I wanted to get out of town and I literally screamed out loud when I had to stop at for the second light just before the interstate exit. At the time I was relieved that the vehicle that pulled up next to me was just a car and couldn't see anything below the tops of my shoulders from where it was, but none the less the person in it gave me an odd look. It must've looked obvious that I was trying to hide myself but I didn't care as long as it was working. I was staring at the light hoping I could make it turn green with my thoughts when I noticed two people, a young man and his girlfriend, were crossing the street in front of me from the other side. Oh crap where did they come from? I tried to crouch down even further so they wouldn't see me but all that did was draw their attention. The guy crinkled his brow as if he wasn't sure about what he saw and when they stepped up onto the curb he pointed me out to the girl.

Turn green you f'n light!

The two of them walked over by the passenger side of my car and peered in at me. Good Lord these two had no problem with boundaries did they? I continued staring at the light and attempted to ignore them but when they both started laughing I almost became unglued.

"Is it laundry day or something toots?" the guy yelled to me from outside my car. "Nothing clean to wear?"

"Hey!" I heard someone else yell. "Hey goddammit you're that girl from the other day!"

I looked over to car that was next to me and I saw that the driver had gotten out and was coming over to me with a pissed look on his face. Jesus Christ what was he doing, he'd parked in the middle of the street.

"You f*&%ed up my other car you little bitch!" he screamed at me as he leaned down to my window.

"What are you talking about?" I said in near terror as I instantly covered myself with my arms.

"You were the one who caused me to get into that accident the other morning when you were out shaking your ass in the rain!" he shouted as spit from his mouth landed on my window.

Oh crap it was that guy! The guy who rear ended that other car at the stop sign the other day when Gale made me jog to school in the rain. Shit he must've recognized me somehow.

"Get out of the Goddamn car!" he yelled and then tried to open my door, which luckily automatically locked when I turned on the engine. "You're going to pay for what you did!"

"Dude, chill," I heard the girl on the other side of my car say to him. "She can't get out, she's naked."

"Naked!" the screamed in amazement and then began to take a closer look at me. "You're going around completely naked now?"

It was then that I heard a horn honk behind us and I looked up and saw that light had turned green. Without even thinking about it I hit the gas and drove off as fast as I could. I felt the car go over something and when I checked my rearview I saw the man in the street jumping up and down and holding his foot. Damn I must've ran over it, shit he was going really be pissed at me now. He shouldn't have gotten out of his car though the stupid asshole.

"And now, back to Around Town with Jamie Brown on AM 1080," the radio announcer said I drove down the freeway.

Why the hell did they want me to listen to this dork? All he'd done so far was to make a bunch of unfunny jokes about the President and he kept talking about how he wanted to do Paris Hilton, as if she wasn't doing enough people right now. It was hard enough knowing that I was going to be driving naked for almost the next two hours but to have to listen to talk radio crap like this made it that much more annoying, this by itself should count enough as punishment. CJ did say though that they might be calling in to the show to give messages to me and I knew that if I missed them I'd be in even more trouble. Trouble? I was 18 years and I still had to worry about getting in trouble for not doing what I was told, and these two were worse than my parents ever were. Shit another high bed truck was going to pass me, at least he was going fast though so he probably wasn't going to notice. Good he didn't, hurray. I thought I'd stay in the left lane for so I could hide from other cars better, and since it was the interstate I wouldn't have to stop for lights and  worry about people on foot seeing me.

  "...and that's why George Bush is going to lose this election," Jamie Brown proclaimed through the radio. "There's just no way he can win Ohio and most of the polls I've seen support this. Come tuesday I expect to see the President run crying to his daddy for comfort and then I expect George Sr. to have to explain to him how to handle getting kicked out of office just like he did."

The election. In all that'd been going on I'd actually forgotten about it. What I'd like to vote for was the goddesses to be buried at the bottom of the ocean. God it felt weird sitting on this seat with no towel and just my bare butt, and using the pedals with no shoes didn't feel right either. I wished I could cross my legs or something so that I wouldn't feel so open, I just knew there was a camera down there filming this. What I wouldn't give to just be able to put on a pair of panties so that I could feel at least a little secure, I'd almost forgotten what being secure felt like.

"As those of you who listen to the show know," Jamie began to explain "I spend a lot of my free time on the web looking at porn and other cool sites I can find.
Well last night when I got home after the show there was a message on my machine from Lars Emerson who most of you know has a show on earlier than  mine. On the message he explained that he and his wife went to the Blazer game last night and before they got to the parking area they saw a naked girl walking down the
street. He explained how when he saw her he thought of me and wanted to tell me so I'd be jealous. Well the jerk was right I was terribly jealous, it's always been a fantasy of mine to see a naked girl out for a walk while I'm driving and it got wasted on him."

Oh man I didn't like where this was going.

"This afternoon," Jamie went on "after I had left a long curse filled message to Lars's voice mail I received a call from a friend of mine who saw the girl too and pointed me to this website I'm about to talk about. Get this... It turns out this naked girl who Lars and my buddy saw last night is a virgin. That's right, a virgin. is what the site is called and it's full of pictures and video of this proclaimed virgin running around naked or nearly naked in all sorts of different places, including the Ducks game last saturday."

I thought I now knew why CJ wanted me to listen to this guy. I sure hoped this creep was so unpopular he had no listeners.

Part 87b

"I've seen many different adult sites on the web over the years," Jamie bragged over the radio. "I've seen sites with women who've had arms amputated getting gang banged by Asian men and a site with midgets playing nude Twister so I've seen every kind of nasty thing you could imagine. Never in all my imagination did I think I'd ever find a site about a girl who's still a virgin who spends all her time naked and streaks college football games, and that's the whole of this site I'm talking about. It turns out this sexy little Virgin Mary is doing this because she thinks God wants her to. I'm not making this up. If you go to her site you'll a find a section completely devoted to Bible quotes and other religious rhetoric, which is something you don't find on the average nudie website. I can't imagine though that this section of her site gets many hits, I mean it made me feel guilty about looking at this and I'm not a Christian."

I wanted to change the station. Hearing my virginity being publicly announced over the radio made me feel faint and for a second I thought I was going to have to pull over. I did manage to calm down by taking deep breaths and focusing on the road even though an image of people rushing to their computers kept filling my head.

"At first I didn't buy the God angle," Jamie went on. "I figured it was just a gimmick to get her noticed and try to cash in on the Jesus craze that The Passion started, but then I found a statement saying that all profits from the website and merchandise sold on it would be donated to charities like the Oregon Food Bank and the Salvation Army. That just floored me because that means she's not making any money from this, she claims to not take a salary for herself or anything either, it's all supposed to bring people to God and to remind people of their so called lack of shame. I don't know if this is genius or insane but knowing that my money is going to a good cause does take away a lot of the guilt of looking at this, in fact I feel I'm doing my humanitarian duty by subscribing to this site. It's like God actually wants me to look at naked young girls."

Oh there was a cop parked up ahead of me. I was only going 65, that was the limit so I knew that I should be okay. I wished I could drive faster but I couldn't risk getting pulled over since I didn't have my license with me nor my insurance card, registration, any proof of who I was, and I was completely naked without anything at all to put on. Any cop who pulled me over would have no choice but to take me in and Lord knows when the goddesses would bail me out. God I wouldn't be able to cover myself either if I was taken into custody and I would have to sit there naked in a cell. This sent a cold shiver down my spine.

"I'm bringing up the website now on the computer I have in front of me here in the studio," Jamie continued. "When I find a new site I usually look around it first before I join to see how well put together everything is. One of the many things about that I have to praise is how much free stuff they have for non-members, I mean most sites just have a handful of pics for free and most of the time they don't show any nudity, but this site has a whole section of free pictures that contains at least a hundred various shots of her to download as well as a different free video every five days. In fact there's even a non-member chatroom and message board and you can purchase and download other videos for just five bucks apiece, it's quite impressive, and the pictures and videos are very high quality and are clearer then most on the web."

Oh great. I guessed this was so poor people wouldn't be left out of the fun of enjoying my shame, how thoughtful.

"But I must confess that even though what they're giving away is great, and downright generous, what they have for the members is pure gold. Before I came in to do the show I must have spent hours going through and looking at all the pictures, many shot from several different angles, and tried to watch as many videos as possible. What I think is the greatest thing though is the live web cams. Sure all the good sites have web cams but this is different in the sense that they seem to be everywhere she goes, not just in her house or certain rooms but everywhere. I watched her shop at a grocery store today, live, and then watched her go thru a McDonalds drive thru, it's the greatest thing I've ever seen. The technology on this site is second to none and it's faster and clearer then any web cams I've ever seen broadcast, and I don't just mean porn sites either. In fact I'm looking right now and she seems to be driving by herself this time, I wonder where she is and where she's going. There's three different camera angles of her but the one I like is the one that shows her from under the dashboard. I can see right up her ah... well you know, her cat. I looks like she's a bit crouched too, I wonder if she's trying to hide from something?"

'Yeah, the world. Thanks to you a larger part of it knows that I'm driving naked now. God I really want to cross my legs.'

"Wow this is just amazing to me," Jamie proclaimed. "She does look like a virgin, I'll give her that. She sure has an innocent looking face and she even seems kind of nervous. To quote my beloved Paris Hilton, 'That's hot'. For those of you who may be wondering, yes she is cute. She's doesn't have the classic look or body, in fact she could stand to lose a pound or two maybe, but if shy and innocent looking is your thing she's got it. When I was a kid and used to imagine the Virgin Mary naked this was pretty close."

Man this sucked! He and everyone else could see me and there was nothing I could do about it, it was like having a bunch of invisible eyes staring all over me and I couldn't see any of them. At least I could take some comfort in knowing this guy was going to hell for that Mary crack.

"We have a caller who wants to talk about VirginAmanda," Jamie informed his audience. "Dale you're on the line."

"Hello Jamie," Dale blurted out loudly. "Love your show."

"Thank you Dale. What do you have to say about Amanda?"

"Well I find it interesting that you bring her up because I just happened to be thinking about her." Dale began. "You see I'm taking an advanced drawing class at a community college close to where I live and earlier this week this Amanda girl came in and posed nude for the class."

"Really?" Jamie said sounding interested. "It's the same girl that's on this website?"

"Oh yeah," Dale confirmed. "I'm on the website right now myself and it's the same girl."

"Oh wait a minute," Jamie thought outloud. "That's right, one of the videos I watched today was of her posing for a drawing class. You were in that class?"

"I sure was," Dale confirmed again. "And I just want to say that I got a good look at her and I totally believe she's a virgin."

"Didn't look loose to you did it?" Jamie asked.

"Absolutely not," Dale professed. "In fact I swore she turned red when she saw the drawing I did of her."

"She did huh?"

"Yeah, well I only drew her vagina so that may have had something to do with it." Dale explained. "But somebody really liked it because it's hanging up at Willamette University in the art department right now."

"It is? Can anyone go and see it?"

"Yeah when it's open. There are other drawings of her hanging at the community college too. I've heard talk of people interested in buying them, which I would be more than happy to do with mine if the price was right."

"Wow," Jamie said impressed. "Maybe they'll have an auction or something for them."

"I'd love that," Dale confessed. "To think of someone hanging something I drew in their house for years to come would be a real honor."

I instantly pictured that drawing of my vagina hanging in some rich snooty guy's house with people standing around ogling it. God that Dale guy was a dick, and from what I remembered that drawing of his was quite detailed. I hoped it got ripped up or something before anybody could buy it.

"Thanks for the call Dale and let us know what happens with your drawing," Jamie said to him. "I need to break for commercial but I see that we have more callers on the line wanting to talk about Amanda the virgin so we'll get to them when we come back. Stay tuned, Around Town will be right back."

Part 87c

The traffic was beginning to thin out more once I passed through Salem but there was still more than I would have liked. I continued driving in the slow lane so that people could pass me and I wouldn't have to worry about being pulled over like this, not that sitting here in the car felt so safe considering anyone who was logged on to my website could see me and everything I was doing. This stupid radio show wasn't helping either with that dumbass having people call in and discuss me; at least for the moment he was at commercial.

Just then I heard electronic music coming from my glove compartment. It sounded like a ring tone to a cell phone and I remembered that CJ told me there was a one way phone in here in case they wanted to contact me. I reached over and opened the glove box and picked up the phone. I couldn't help but notice that it was the only thing in the glove box which reminded me that they had cleaned everything out of it before I left, leaving me with no proof of insurance or registration that I usually keep in there.

"Hello," I answered into the phone.

"Hey sweetie!" Emily's voice pleasantly replied on the other end. "How you hangin' in there so far?"

"I guess okay," I answered not sounding very confident.

"Well so far you're doing just fine," she reassured me. "I can't say I can find much fault with how you're behaving, although I do think we need to spice things up just a little or the show doesn't risk becoming a little bland."

"Oh God!" I said out loud at the thought of new stipulations possibly being added. "Is that necessary? I mean this is hard enough as it is."

"I appreciate that honey," Emily replied, "but we have to think about our audience and make sure we keep them interested. Don't worry you won't really be doing anything different, we just need you to turn down the heat in your car."

"Turn down the heat!" I shouted. "Why do I have to turn down the heat for? It's friggin' cold out and I'm not exactly dressed for the weather."

"Sweetie you've been taking your vitamins," Emily pointed out. "You should be okay."

"How much do I have to turn it down?"

"I want you to turn it way down," she replied. "Basically I want it below room temperature, but not so cold that your windows fog up or anything like that."

"Below room temperature?" I whined. "Why? I don't get how that'll spice anything up."

"Just do it Amanda before I tell you to turn it off and open the windows," she said in a stern voice.

Shit! I didn't want to turn down the heat; it was the most comforting thing I had right then. I looked down at the knob for the heater and saw that I currently had it on full blast and wished I could keep it there.

"Today girl," Emily ordered.

I reached and turned the knob down about a quarter way.

"More than that," Emily barked through the phone. "I can see your dashboard dummy."

I turned the knob more until it was at the middle and hoped this would be enough.

"A little more," she insisted.

I nudged it over a couple of more notches despite knowing it would make it chilly in here, but at least this time she was pleased... I was going to get cold.

"Good girl," she praised me. "I know this seems mean and all but it's necessary and remember you're being punished. But when you start to get cold feel free to rub yourself with your hands to help you warm up, especially your legs and tits. In fact you can rub your legs together too if it'll help."

Oh good God this was why she was making me turn down the heat? So I'd rub myself to keep warm? All this just to excite some pervs. Why was this happening to me?

"What do you think of Jamie so far?" Emily asked me referring to the guy on the radio.

"He's a dor," I answered plainly.

"He may be that but he has the highest rated local nighttime talk radio show."

"Good for him," I answered glibly. "I notice you have him talking about me."

"Publicity baby," she informed me. "This is a great way to get your message out to people around the area, plus this is really exciting watching you listening to him talk about you. You should've seen Stacy in the hot tub getting off on watching you, she must've come about five times already."

"That probably has more to do with the water jets," I told her remembering the time at her house.

"Well yeah," Emily agreed, "but she did say your name a couple of times though while she was in the thrusts of passion. I think she really has a thing for you living out her fantasies. What a find she is."

"Yeah she's something else alright," I mumbles sarcastically.

"In fact she wants to talk to you so I'll give this to her in a minute," Emily went on. "When I do I want you to ask her what one of her favorite fantasies is, you know one that really gets her off when she thinks about it, and then tell her that you want to do it tomorrow night."

"What?" I shouted into the phone. "I don't want to do that!"

"I imagine you don't but it's not really up to you is it?" Emily replied smugly.

"But she's nuts," I pleaded. "Who know what she'll come up with, she daydreams about this stuff."

"So do we," Emily reminded me. "CJ and I have been daydreaming about you since before we ever knew you existed. Besides don't you think she deserves something for making Mr. Green more comfortable with the idea of you going to classes naked? I mean she did put out for you."

"I can't believe you made her do that."

"She didn't seem to mind a whole lot," Emily informed me. "She's not innocent like you are doll face. So just make sure you ask her, it'll make her day."

"Yes master," I said coldly.

"Ha ha," Emily laughed. "While I could get used to you calling me that I still think it's best you call me Emily. I'm going to give the phone to Stacy now but make sure you keep listening to Jamie, he's going to discuss you more and later on I am going to be calling in so make sure you listen to all of that."

"Why?" I asked her. "This is so stupid."

"Not for me it isn't," she replied. "I'm having the time of my life. Now be good and make us all proud, you're doing great. I love you sweetie."  

'I hate your f*&%ing guts.'

"I love you too," I made myself say knowing she would make me say it anyway.

"And I didn't even have to make you say it back this time." Emily teased. "I knew you wouldn't be able to help it. Here's Stacy Amanda."

I could hear other people suddenly talking in the background as I heard Emily hand off the phone. I was beginning to notice the air in the car getting cooler when Stacy began to speak.

"Hi Precious," Stacy cooed through the phone. "I've been watching you on this huge TV while we listen to this guy on the radio talk about you, it's very hot."

"That's nice Stacy," I answered her while wishing I could hang up the phone. "You sound like you've been drinking."

"I've had a couple of shots," she informed me. "It's nothing though. I have to ell you, you're hot tub rocks. It's ten times better than mine, I mean, those jets are the best ever. Oh my God I thought I was going to pass out from those things. Every girl should have a hot tub like this. I wish I had someone like Emily and CJ to take care of me like they do you."

'If you only knew Stacy...' I suddenly heard someone screaming in the background through the phone.

"Who's that screaming?" I asked.

"That's Ashley," Stacy answered. "She's trying out the jets now for the first time. I still would be in there but I wanted to say 'hi' to you and tell you how sexy you look sitting in your car like that. Aren't you scared of getting pulled over?"

"Only a little." I lied, I was worried a lot.

"Just the thought of that makes me want to run back to the tub," she told me. "God that just gets me hot. You're the bravest girl I've ever met."

I really didn't want to ask her but I knew I would have to so I decided to get it out of the way. "Um Stacy?" I began. "I want to ask you something."

"Of course," she answered happily.

"Um... you have said that you have fantasized about doing some of the things I've done. That's right isn't it?"

"Oh hell yeah," she replied, "for many many years."

"Well... I've been wanting to ask you... I want to know what your favorite fantasy is."

"My favorite?" she answered sounding surprised. "You mean of what you've done?"

"No. I mean a fantasy you have that I haven't done, you know like one that you think about a lot and maybe wish I would do."

"Well I don't know. I have so many I can't say right off the top which one is my favorite."


"Why do you ask?" she inquired.

"Well, it's just that I need a new idea and I thought you'd be the perfect person to ask."

"You want to do one of my fantasies?" she asked sounding hopeful that was what I meant.

"Yes," I made myself say and then took a deep breath to keep me from retching.


"Tomorrow night."

"Wha... really?" she asked in shock.

"Yes Stacy." Oh God my stomach was turning.

"Well shit Amanda, I don't know what to say. This is like getting a present that I've wanted for years. Thank you."

"Um... you're welcome."

"Right now I have about a thousand ideas going through my head and I can't pick which one I like better. Can I think about it?"

"I guess," I answered not knowing. "Um... why don't you think it over for a bit and then have Emily call me again tonight."

"Okay," she squealed excitedly. "I can sure do that. Oh my God I feel like I'm going to come again this is so cool, I can't believe I used to think you were such a dork. Shit you're awesome."

"Uh... thanks."

"I gotta go think this over," she said rushing her speech. "I want to make sure I pick a good one." I then heard her lower the phone and yell "Hey Ash! Get ready to move over I'm coming back in!" She then put the phone back up to her mouth and said, "I'll get back to you Precious, I promise I won't let you down."

"I don't doubt that," I replied just before she hung up.

Shit she was going to come up with something I was really going to hate. If she only knew how much I hated doing this.

"Let's go to our next caller," Jamie said over the radio. "Missy, welcome to the show."

Part 87d

"Hi Jamie," Missy said through the radio.

I could instantly tell that it was the same Missy from school which made my body shudder. I could only imagine that she was calling in to make things worse.

"This is the first time I've listened to your show," Missy informed Jamie. "You're not bad."

"Well I'll take that as a compliment," Jamie said sounding unsure. "What made you stop here?"

"Oh a friend of mine called me and told me that you were going to talk about this Amanda girl," Missy explained in her best bubbly voice. "Since I go to school with her I thought it be cool to hear what you had to say about her."

"You go to school with her?" Jamie asked.

"Oh yes. I've known Amanda for years."

"And you know all about what she's been up to these last few days?"

"It was hard not to notice." Missy proclaimed loudly. "For years she was this wallflower who always wore ugly frumpy clothes and then all of a sudden out of nowhere she comes to school dressed like she's trying out to be the next J-Lo or something. I don't think she could've helped but raise a few eyebrows with that."

At least I was dressed though. What I wouldn't have given to be able to put on my PE clothes right then. I'd just been passed by a large truck and I wasn't sure but I thought the person in the passenger seat might have sneaked a look. I hoped it was too dark to notice anything.

"You're saying she was someone who didn't show off her body much or dress sexy or anything like that before this?" Jamie asked her.

"Not at all," Missy replied, "in fact many of us used to wonder if she was like covered with scars or something because she was always dressed from head to toe. You could imagine how shocked many of us were to see that she actually has a pretty nice body, you know for someone who obviously doesn't work out much."

"Yeah she's way cute," Jamie agreed. "She looks like someone you would secretly lust after during church. How well do you know her?"

"Oh very well now," Missy said proudly. "I have to say up until recently I always thought she was a bit a bitch, I mean she would never say anything and she always acted as if she was better then everyone else, you know real snotty."

"She claims she was very selfish person before she had this epiphany of hers," Jamie informed her.

"Well she's telling the truth," Missy agreed. "She was a little snot."

What a bitch. I was never snotty to her, if anything she was the one who was stuck up. Just because she looks good in a volleyball uniform we were supposed to bow at her feet I guessed.

"Is she still snotty now?" Jamie asked.

"Not at all," Missy said proudly. "She's such a sweetheart now, how can she be anything else if she's always naked? It's kind of hard to be a snob if you have nothing to hide behind and everyone can see you. In fact myself and my teammates from the varsity volleyball team have volunteered to help keep her safe when she's at school. She's going to be very vulnerable all the time and we don't want anything or anyone to possibly hurt her."

"Well that's great of you," Jamie praised her. "I imagine those little outfits she wears will draw the ire of some people as well as the lustful attention of others. She probably will need someone to watch out for her."

"Well especially now since she won't even be wearing any outfits anymore come Monday." Missy announced.

Oh she just had to bring that up. This must have been the goddesses' idea.

"Excuse me?" Jamie said as if he was unsure of what she just told him.

"Starting on Monday she's going to start going to class nude as well."

The radio was silent for a few seconds, I actually hoped the signal had gone out or something but it was just dead air.

"You must be pulling my leg?" Jamie said in disbelief. "No way would I believe she's going to be going to school naked, that's not something that's possible."

"You wouldn't think so would you? But she is," Missy swore to him. "This is why I believe she's telling the truth about her dream, because believe it or not
she's doing it and she's got everything already arranged..."

"Missy," Jamie began, "you certainly sound like an intelligent young lady so I'm telling you this as a friend. Drugs are bad for you and they can sometimes make you think things are one things when they are actually another. You should probably think about cutting back."

"I'm not doing drugs doofus," Missy scolded him. "She's doing it and I for one intend to make sure she not only is able to do it but can continue to do for as long as she needs to."

Boy what a pal, I wondered what they were getting from Em and CJ to do it.

"She'd be arrested and thrown out of school before the first class could even start," Jamie stated confidently. "As liberal as Oregon can be sometimes not even here could you get away with that. In fact I can't think of anywhere you could, except for those dirty stories on the net that I like to read."

"I'll bet you a million dollars that not only is she going to do it, but she won't get kicked out of school," Missy said even more confidently then him.

"Hey honey I only work on radio," Jamie protested, "even if I thought you could cover that bet I know I sure can't. I will say this though, I secretly hope you're right. Being the young perv I was in high school I was always undressing the hot girls in class in my imagination, I'd love to see that in real life."

"Well I'm going to see it up close and personal baby," Missy teased him. "In fact I have to admit that I'm addicted to rubbing her skin, she has the softest most wonderful feeling skin I've ever felt. I'm not gay or anything but I have a hard time keeping my hands to myself when I'm around that girl."

"Okay Missy," Jamie said sounding a bit flustered, "this is getting a little too hot to keep going. Thank you for the call and trying convince us that hell has frozen over, which in my mind would be what it would take for a girl to go to class naked in a public high school." He then cut her line and said, "Geez, she must've been spiked in the head with a volleyball too many times or something if she thinks that's happening."

I wished someone would spike her in the head with an actual spike. God I wished I could just get to Eugene and get all this shit over with so I wouldn't have to listen to this anymore. Dammit it was getting cold in the car; I was beginning to get chilled and my skin was getting goose flesh. I hated that Emily made me turn down the heat, I had to sit there and drive by myself in a cold car naked while she was at Gale's hanging out in a hot tub and having a good old time, f*&%ing bitch.

As I drove I listened to more of the show as well as watched my speed to make sure I wouldn't get pulled over. The topic of the show never changed from me the whole time and so many people called in to talk about me in one way or another. One person called and went into detail about how a buddy of his turned him on to
my site and how he goes to great lengths to watch me and hide it from his wife.

"She'd cut my testicles off," he proclaimed, "but yet I'm addicted to watching this girl; she's just so sweet and sexy."

Another caller went off about how sinful I actually was and that in no way, shape, or form was I doing God's work. She claimed I was actually committing complete blasphemy and that I was possessed by the devil.

"Satan is using Jesus as a way to spread his perversion," She claimed. "He's using this young woman as his vessel into tricking people into thinking they're following Christ when they're really being led into damnation."

Sad thing was that she was actually more accurate than most about my situation. I sure hoped God understood that I wasn't doing this of my own free will and wouldn't hold it against me. He could punish everyone else involved as much as he wanted though if that'd make him feel better. Other callers called in making comments about how I looked and how hot it was that I seemed to be cold  and was rubbing myself right now, which I'd begun doing despite myself because I
was getting cold, while others called in to talk about their own sightings and encounters with me. It was very surreal listening to complete strangers talking about me on the radio, I mean I knew it was me they're talking about but the person they were talking about sure sounded like someone else.

"She has a real presence about her," One lady caller said about meeting me the past night at the restaurant where I ate. "I went up to meet her and she was so sweet. She seems actually very shy but she smiled and posed for a picture with us and she couldn't have been nicer. Today I made a donation to one her charities because she inspired me to want to do something positive."

The traffic had really thinned out once I got past Albany and I was pretty much going through a rural area now. I was glad at least that so far I was pretty much unbothered on the road as far as being noticed or harassed, hopefully that'd stay the same the entire way. I had been driving for a little over an hour now though and my butt was beginning to become a sore from sitting in one spot for so long, not to mention that all the milk I drank during dinner was beginning to push on my bladder. I didn't have to go that badly yet but I knew I still had a ways to go before I got there and things could get rather uncomfortable if I took too long. I wished I could at least turn up the heat so that the chilly air wouldn't make it worse, the shivering wasn't going to help either. There was no way though that I was pulling over somewhere or stopping at a rest area, I was just going to have to tough it out if it got bad. I wished I could go back in time so that I could be dressed and living my old normal life again, I really missed sitting in my room and doing homework while listening to the radio and then watching tv with my folks when I was done. Who knew something so dorky would ever sound so wonderful?

"I have to say how surprised I am at how many people are interested in this girl," Jamie said sounding amazed. "I thought that there might have a little interest in her considering the places she's popped up but I didn't think she'd be the main topic on the show tonight. This is definitely a pleasant change from all the election coverage we've been pummeled with lately and I have to say on a personal level this has been a fun show and this girl is an interesting story. I'm very pleased now to be joined on the phone by the site's webmaster and financial backer Emily Murdoch. Hello Emily, welcome to Around Town."

"Hello Jamie," Emily answered him pleasantly, "thank you for having me on with you."

Part 87e

I was actually kind of happy that Emily had finally called into the show so that at least we could get it over with and I could change the damn station to something more enjoyable. I thought I'd almost rather listen to that whiny country music station then have to hear anymore about myself on this stupid show.

"Well first Emily let me compliment you on the design and content of this website." Jamie complimented Emily over the air. "I've had a blast on it ever since I first went on it and I expect to be up very late tonight going over more of it."

"Well thank you Jamie," Emily replied graciously. "I've certainly worked very hard on it and I have to say I'm very proud. This is a very important project to me and I wanted it to attract attention and make people want to stay and keep coming back in the future and so far the response has been very positive. It makes me glad that so many people are going to know about Amanda and  see what she's about and hopefully find something positive and affirming in the message she's trying to send."

"Well I certainly find it affirming alright, and right where it counts," Jamie lamely joked.

"Oh Jamie," Emily scoffed, "you shouldn't think like that, she's a nice girl."

"She certainly looks nice. Let me ask you though, where on earth did you find this girl and what gave you this idea to start a website chronicling the nude exploits of a virgin Jesus freak?"

"Oh how nicely put," Emily sarcastically praised. "Virgin Jesus Freak was actually one of the names we considered for the site originally."

"You should've used it."

"Yeah well, I was overruled. Anyway to answer your question I first met her in a chatroom on the internet, it was a Christian chatroom of course."

"Oh of course," Jamie pretended to agree.

"I was there just checking out what was going on and I couldn't help but notice the things this one person was talking about. She was going on about how she was having these dreams that God was asking her to believe in him and that he had a special task for her, or something along those lines anyway, and that it was something she really didn't want to do. I found this very interesting and when I asked her what it was he wanted her to do she just replied that he wanted her to carry the burden of shame in order to show people how shameless we've all become and what shameless lives we all lead. I'm sure living a shameless life is something you wouldn't know anything about would you Jamie?"

"I plead the 5th on that one."

I wished someone could force the fifth amendment on Emily so she would have to quit telling this atrocious story of hers again. I hoped none of that was the message she was supposed to give me.

"Well we moved to a private chatroom and continued chatting and she let it out what she believed God wanted her to do and at first I thought she was kidding. She was persistent though and when I began actually speaking with her on the phone I don't know what it was about her but I began to believe her."

"Where did the idea for the website come in?"

"Well I'm a web designer, which is one of my many areas of expertise, and it was after I met her in person for the first time that I had the initial idea of a website where she could post pictures and stories of what she was doing and the message she wanted to get across and it could possibly reach a lot of people. She was a bit scared of the idea at first but then the next time we spoke she claimed to have had another dream and that this one said she was supposed to go with the website but that it would contain everything she does including video as well as photographs so that it could raise a lot of money, but all the money raised would go to worthy charities. She said that in no uncertain terms is she to profit off of any of this yet she would be living her life under a constant eye and completely naked."

"Oh that's so hot."

"Jamie!" Emily scolded. "Pull your head out of the gutter, this is a divine calling and you're making light of it."

"I can only call it as I see it Ms. Murdoch."

"Anyway, to me this sounded like a groundbreaking idea. Here is this girl who is a virgin and from what I know of her was always a good kid who never got in any trouble, who wants to raise money for charity and spread the word of God by taking off all of her clothes and running around in public places for the whole world to witness, never in a million years would I think I'd run across someone like that let alone a middle class white girl from suburbia. I was immediately inspired to back this and help make it all happen."

"You have that kind of scratch huh?"

"Ah, yeah."

"Well God bless you," Jamie said in an overly grateful tone. "I hope he gives you a free pass to get in to heaven for this."

"Well you know what's really funny?" Emily began to add. "Ever since she started this, she's developed a skin condition that actually makes it painful for her to wear clothes for any long period of time."

"Wha... what?" Jamie stammered. "What do you mean? She can't wear clothes even when she wants to? Tell me that's what you said."

"Oh yes," Emily assured him, "she's been to the doctor's and everything and while they don't understand it they agree that something has developed that makes her skin irritable to clothes, in fact the heavier the clothes are the worse it is for her."

"Is that why in her school shots she's not wearing very much?"

"That's exactly it," Emily confirmed. "This just makes me believe more that this is God's plan for her."

More like Emily pretending to be God's plan. Now this Jamie creep seemed to be frothing at the mouth at knowing now that I can't wear clothes at all, you could
hear the added excitement in his voice. "So what happens when she does put something on? Does she break out in hives or something?" Jamie asked.

"No it just really gets painful for her and she has to take it off. She said it feels like when you have a really bad sunburn and how it hurts when it touches anything."

"Wow, I'm sorry for her and all but that is so damn hot. I always wished they would make a movie about a woman who couldn't wear clothes. I used to imagine Mariah Carey as the lead character."

Ewwwwe! I hoped he wasn't comparing me to that amazon slut. Good God a whole movie of Mariah Carey naked, and I thought Glitter was painful to watch.

"You need to keep some of these thoughts of yours to yourself sweetie," Emily teased him. "I mean I've seen Mariah lately and that's not a good image."

"This was growing up remember," Jamie defended himself. "Just out of curiosity is this skin condition of hers getting better or worse?"

"Unfortunately worse," Emily answered. "In fact soon she won't be able to wear anything at all even for a short length of time. God's way of committing her to this I like to think."

"If that's true then is she going to have to quit school?"

"She doesn't want to. In fact she's planning on finishing her senior year and attending graduation with her class."

Oh God I was huh? Great, they'd probably find a way to make me valedictorian so that I'd have to give a speech. Bitches.

"How on earth is she going to do that if she can't wear anything?" He asked in disbelief. "I mean I had this caller earlier claiming that Amanda was going to start coming to classes nude and I told her she was nuts. She can't be right?"

"We have taken matters to make sure that she can safely continue attending classes despite her skin ailment."

"Bull...crap. You can't be serious."

"You'll just have to log on Monday morning and see for yourself big guy, you just may believe in miracles and come to find God yourself because of it."

"If she goes to school naked and actually gets through the day without being kicked out or arrested I'll attend any church you want everyday for a month."

Jamie comically swore. "Her pulling that off would be something I would praise God for."

"That's what we want to hear," Emily stated happily. "You hear that Amanda? Your plan is already working it's magic."

Oh God was I supposed to respond to that somehow?

"Is she listening to this?" Jamie seemed surprised at the thought of this.

"Oh yeah," Emily confirmed. "She's been listening the whole time. You've been watching her haven't you?"

"Yes I have, in fact I have her on right now. She's been shivering a lot lately and rubbing herself for friction. It's hard not to notice."

"Well Amanda why don't you give Jamie a nice wave to let him know you're listening," Emily pleasantly ordered.

Feeling like a trained monkey I made myself smile and wave to whatever invisible camera was on me. I couldn't believe I had an audience despite how alone I felt in here.

"Oh my God she is listening," Jamie excitedly admitted. "Oh my gosh Amanda I love you. I think you're the coolest chick around town."

I gave another fake smile, I really don't like this guy.

"When can I interview her?" Jamie asked Emily. "I have a million questions for her to answer."

"I'm afraid that's going to be never baby," Emily informed him. "She doesn't give interviews or talk to the media. She doesn't want to get jaded plus she wants her actions to speak for her. That doesn't mean that she's not approachable or won't talk to people, she's just very shy and doesn't want the trouble of the worrying about what to say."

"But I'll be gentle," Jamie pleaded.

"Sorry honey. She won't budge on this."

Damn right I wouldn't. If only it was actually up to me.

"Well where is she going on her long drive? She seems to have been on the road for some time."

"She's going to an exclusive private party," Emily revealed. "I can't say where because we don't want any crashers but you will be able to watch it later."

"Oh you won't be able to tear me away."

"I knew I could count on you."

"Well Emily I'm afraid I'm up against a break but I want to thank you very much for coming on and enlightening me on what's going on with this unique young woman. I'd love to have you on again in the near future because I have a feeling this may become something big, especially if it gets out about her going to school on Monday."

"Oh thank you for having me and I'd love to come back again. I totally think you're right that she's going to be big. Our hope is get her cause out in front of the whole world and even more if possible. Wouldn't it be great if generations from now they were still discussing Amanda and her exploits to promote a better world."

"Oh yeah," Jamie agreed. "They should have her pictures in history books right next to George Washington."

"There you go," Emily laughed. "Before I go I have a message for Amanda that I'd like to tell her real quick if I may?"

"Sure, I'd love to hear it too."

About friggin' time.

"Okay, I just need to let her know that the truck stop diner that's coming up about five miles ahead of her on the left hand side is still open and that it's all clear for her to stop there and have a bite to eat."

"She's stopping at a diner?" Jamie asked for me.

"Yeah," Emily replied. "She told me she was hungry earlier so she should be able to stop and have something there."

"She's going to walk right in and sit down and order?"

"I imagine. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if she sat on a stool at the counter, she'll probably order the steak and eggs and have the steak well done."

Was she f*&%ing kidding? Sit at a counter at a truck stop and wait for a well done steak? I imagined I was supposed to sit and eat it there too? Shit I wasn't even hungry. What the hell was she trying to do to me?

"Well I'll make sure I stay tuned for that," Jamie proclaimed. "I wish I was at that diner myself so I could watch this in person."

"I'm sure there will be people there to witness it for you my dear," Emily teased him. "We're all in this together."

"Well with that I thank you again for coming on Emily. Time for commercials but we'll be back right after this."

Part 88

I could see the large Travelodge sign coming up in the distance as I tried to make sense of what I was supposed to do. According to Emily on the radio I was supposed to stop at this place and go into the diner and order a well done steak and eggs while sitting at the counter in plain view of anyone else who might be in there; and it was only a little after 9 so it was early enough for it to have a lot of customers. What I couldn't figure out is if they'd arranged anything with the place ahead of time so that they knew I was coming, she didn't make that clear. What if she didn't call ahead and I was walking into a situation where no one was expecting a naked girl and could potentially cause everyone there to totally freak out and there wouldn't be anyone to protect me.

Even if they didn't freak out and let me order how was I supposed to pay for it? I didn't have any money. Shit they would probably call the police if they weren't ready for an indecent exposure. Oh God I could feel an anxiety attack building inside me, my breathing was getting heavier as the sign and the turn off kept getting closer. I couldn't believe I actually wished CJ was here with me but right now that would actually have been a comfort; at least she had money and could hurt someone if they tried to mess with me.

"Hi Jamie thanks for taking my call," a male voice said over the radio.

"You're welcome thank you for listening," Jamie kindly replied. "What's on your mind tonight?"

"Well I have been listening tonight about your conversations about this young exhibitionist and her website and during the course of the show I myself have gone on the web to check this site out."

"And what do you think about it?"

"Well it's pretty cool I guess, although I have to admit it's not really the type of thing I'm into. But while I was looking at some of the snapshots of her in various places I noticed that even though she's smiling in some of them she looks really nervous."

"Yeah I've noticed that too," Jamie agreed. "I imagine it must be rather nerve-wracking to be walking around naked out where everyone can see you. To me the fact that she's nervous just adds to the hotness of the whole thing."

"Well though I kind of got to thinking while I was looking at these," the guy said in a pondering tone, "and I'm starting to wonder if something about this isn't quite what they're saying it is?"

I found his statement intriguing but I was soon overcome with apprehension as I came up to the exit that would take me to the truck stop. I so wanted to just keep on driving but knowing only bad would come of me doing that I turned the steering wheel and ventured onto the off ramp and off the freeway. My heart began pounding loudly in my chest as I came to a stop at the turn light at the end of the exit. I began wishing really hard for the phone to ring and for them to tell me I didn't have to do this.

"What do you think is wrong with the site?" Jamie asked the caller on the radio.

"Well looking at these pictures and reading the explanation as to why she is doing this," the caller went on, "and then listening to her friend the webmaster explain it I can't help but think that somehow this girl is actually just being exploited."

Oh my God somebody had figured that out! Shit the light turned green, now I had to turn. Oh damn I didn't want to do this. There were so many trucks parked there, I sure hoped they weren't all in the diner.

"Being exploited?" Jamie said surprised at the caller's statement. "Why would you think that? She's doing this on her own."

"Well I'm not so sure about that," the caller disagreed as I pulled into the parking lot. "I mean the embarrassment on this girl's face and the crazy story as to why she's doing this seems a bit far fetched."

"Well yeah it's certainly different," Jamie agreed. "But what leads me to believe it's legit is the fact that she's giving all the money to charity. Usually when someone's being exploited it's for personal gain."

I parked over by the side of the diner in a dark corner so I could have some cover while I figured out how I was going to do this. For the first time that night though I actually wanted to listen to the show and see if this guy might be able to help me somehow.

"That's true in normal cases," the caller admitted. "But there is just something bout this that just smells dirty despite the supposed charitable angle. I can't help but feel that somehow this girl may be doing this against her will."

Yes! Oh my God he said it! Now if only he could convince more people of that.

"I doubt that," Jamie scoffed. "How would they be able to force someone to do something like this, especially if they aren't going to make any money?"

"Well they may have something on her that they hold over her head to get her to do this." the caller explained. "It wouldn't be the first time someone was blackmailed. The money thing could just be a cover of some sort."

"I don't buy that," Jamie said raising his voice. I remembered CJ saying he was a friend of theirs so he must have been working for them. "First of all I don't understand the motivation. Why would they go through all this trouble? This looks like a lot of thought and time went into all of this, and for what if it's not true?"

"I don't know," the caller said honestly. "That's the part I'm really having trouble with. The only thing I can think of is for perverted reasons."

Boy he was just nailing everything, I wished I could thank him. I looked over at the diner and my fears where correct about it still being early enough for people to still be eating; and it was a 24 hour place so more people might come and go throughout. 'Oh God please let me have a heart attack and die now so I don't have to do this.'

"You think someone would go through this much trouble just to get their jollies off?" Jamie said sarcastically. "If they did wouldn't they want someone more fitting to show off than this cute but regular looking girl?"

"Not if this was someone they particularly wanted to see do this," the caller pointed out. "They could have some special reason for wanting this Amanda to be the one doing going around humiliating herself, and by giving the money away it gives legitimacy to what they're doing and can deflect attention."

I could've just kissed this guy. I hoped he'd keep going so more people out there might think that.

"You're nuts," Jamie scoffed. "I think you're dipping into the whacky tobacco a little too much tonight."

"Doesn't this all seem strange to you?" the caller asked.

"A bit but I don't see a conspiracy in it," Jamie told him. "I mean c'mon she's obviously given proper permission for this stuff to be used, I don't believe anyone would do this no matter what someone had on them."

Let's see you say that if they could throw your dad in jail and ruin the lives of the rest of your family. I think he might see it differently then. To think I actually started doing this just to avoid what I was going through now, I guessed that backfired on me.

Suddenly I was jolted by the sound of the cell phone ringing. Oh thank goodness, maybe they could shed some light on what it really was they wanted me to do.

"Hello," I said into the phone once I answered it.

"Waiting for an invitation?" CJ said over the line in a cold tone.

"No it's just I was listening to show..." I began to explain.

"Well that's no longer necessary," CJ informed me. "What this guy is saying isn't going to matter a thing so you don't need to worry about it anymore. Now you've got your message, now do what you're told."

"Well do they know I'm coming?" I asked wanting to know so I could prepare myself better.

"Amy," she said harshly "this is the only instruction you're going to get. Leave the keys in the ignition, leave the doors unlocked, and get the hell out of the car. If you don't in 30 seconds we'll do something not very nice to your friends we have sitting in the county jail. Don't want that do you?"

"Um no," I said dumbfounded. "It's just this is really scary."

"Yeah I bet," she said plainly. "You have 30 seconds from when I hang up, don't disappoint me."

The line suddenly went dead and my heart began racing harder once again. Dammit she didn't tell me if they were expecting me or not. Dammit I wished someone would rescue me, or at least I wished there was a way I could rescue myself. I threw the phone down and turned off the radio. I really didn't like the idea of leaving the keys in the car like this, what if someone stole the car? Damn them. Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath I opened my driver's side door and put one foot out on the pavement. Shit the ground was cold under my bare foot, not to mention how chilly the air was. My body tensed up as the cool air blew over me and I almost drew my foot back in but instead I swallowed hard and crawled out of my car and closed the door behind me.

Part 89a

CJ didn't say anything about a time frame for when I was supposed to walk into the restaurant, she only said I had 30 seconds to get out of the car and I had. I was crouched down between my car and the empty car parked next to me as I tried to pick the right time to make my move over to the diner, as if somehow there would ever be a good time to walk in there like this. I was going to have to do it quickly though because it was cold sitting there like that and my urge to use the bathroom had risen dramatically. The trouble was that I could clearly see a small family with children sitting in front of the window in the diner and the second I started moving toward there I'd be in clear view of them; Lord knew how they'd react. Shit I wanted to get back in my car and drive out of there, I really didn't want to do this.

I remembered CJ telling me that they would do something to Terry and Lisa while they had them locked up if I didn't get out of the car and I couldn't help but think this might be true if I didn't hurry and go inside too. I would have a hard time living with myself if anything happened to them in there because of something I did or didn't do, this meant I was going to have to go through with this. I sure hoped I didn't get in any more trouble for doing this.

Feeling that I could wait no longer I took a deep breath and said a silent prayer and then made myself stand up fully erect next to the two cars and began walking toward the diner. I had to watch where I stepped since I was barefoot and there could be glass or something there on the pavement, and I used that as an excuse to keep looking at the ground while I walked and not at the family sitting by the window who I was sure could clearly see me. My legs were feeling  rubbery though as I came closer to the entrance. God this was so humiliating, despite being cold I could still feel the warmth of shame as my body began to blush. When I got to the door I reached up and pulled it open and stepped into the entrance.

"There's a naked girl coming in here!" I heard someone shout to everyone inside.

Apparently I was noticed. For a second I stopped in my tracks and stood in the enclosed entryway before I got hold of myself and made myself open and walk through the second door. I was glad for the warm air inside the diner but not for all the stares from the dozen or so tables that had several occupants in them, all of whom looked at me with shocked and bewildered expressions.

"Ha ha, mommy's she's naked," a little boy proclaimed loudly from the corner, probably from the family sitting at the window. "Look at her mommy look!"

Oh shit this was already not going well, my breathing became heavier and I began to feel faint, but I knew I couldn't turn back so I had no choice to make myself walk over to one of the stools at the counter. There were two truckers sitting on the one side of the counter and one of them made some comment to me that I couldn't understand as I walked passed them to the other side. I couldn't bring myself to sit down on the stool I had chosen for fear of who or what had been sitting there earlier.

"Excuse me," I said with a tremble in voice to the awestruck lady looking at me from behind the counter. "Do you have a clean towel or something that I can put on this seat so I can sit down."

The look on her face when I asked her this was one of confusion.

"You want to sit down?" she asked me sounding shocked.

"Yes please," I answered meagerly. "I'd like to order some food."

"Um... I don't know if I can." she replied unsure.

"Oh let her sit down if she wants too," one of the truckers at the counter said with a lustful grin. "It don't bother me any."

"It's just I think we have a no shirt or shoe clause that prevents us from serving her," she explained. "Even if we didn't I don't think we would serve someone who was naked."

"Can I ask your manager?" I asked her knowing I had to stay despite my wanting to run out the door and leave.

"Hey Al!" the lady behind the counter shouted into the kitchen. "There's someone out here with a question for you."

My heart felt like it was trying to break out of my chest as I stood there it was beating so hard. I could feel eyes on me from all around but I was too afraid to look at anyone. I was surprised that no one was screaming at me or threatening me somehow. Just then a large man who looked to be in 50's stepped out from the kitchen and I instantly recognized him as my dad's friend Al. The same Al I saw at the nightclub the other night.

"What the..." I stammered. "What are you doing here?"

"Ah Amanda," Al said with mischief in his voice. "Imagine you coming here of all the things."

"You know this girl?" the lady asked him surprised.

"Oh yes," he said proudly. "I was there when she was born. She was dressed just the same way then too."

I thought I was going to faint. What the hell is this asshole doing here? And since when did he manage a truck stop diner? He was supposed to work with my dad, and be his good friend, but as I found out the other day he sold my dad out to Emily and CJ and was working for them now. Oh God this was f*&%ed up.

"Why are you working here?" I asked him and then looked away as I noticed his eyes scanning my body.

"It's just for tonight dear," he began to explain, "you see our mutual friends own this place and asked me to fill in for tonight, I'm so glad they did."

Oh Jesus this couldn't be happening!

"Will somebody please call the police on this girl before I do," the lady sitting by the window with her family shouted to us. "My kids don't need to see this thank you very much."

"How about dinner on the house for everyone here if she stays and no one calls the police?" Al offered to everyone.

"Is dessert included?" the lady asked interested.

"Of course," Al replied.

"Deal," she agreed. "Eyes front kids and we'll have ice cream and pie if you're good."

Well at least I wouldn't have to worry about that, although the idea of staying in the same building with this arsehole didn't seem like much better. I was so hoping I wouldn't see him again.

"I'm assuming our friends sent you here?" Al inquired. "Are you supposed to order something?"

"Steak and eggs," I said flatly not wanting to talk to him.

"And how do you want your steak?" he asked cocking his eyebrow.

"Well done," I said with a sigh.

"Don't you usually eat it medium? I mean you did when your family would come over for barbecues," he teased me.

"Well done please," I replied coldly.

"As you wish my dear," he said cheerfully. "Have a seat and I'll have the chef get right on it. How do you want your eggs done by the way?"


"Hash browns or pancakes?"

"Hash browns please."

"White or wheat toast?"


"Jam or butter?"

"Don't care."

"Are you going to sit or stand?"

"Can I have a clean towel please for the seat?"

"Oh of course," he said and then grabbed a towel from a cupboard and handed it to me. "I'm happy you asked for that because there could be sanitation problems if you sat there bare-assed like that. You're order will be right up, although it may take awhile with your steak being well done."

"Whatever," I answered trying to hide my anger at this man while I spread the towel on the stool. "I need to use your bathroom anyway."

I ran to the rest room as fast as I could and locked myself in a stall. As I was doing my business I wiped away a few tears that began running down my face. Seeing Al and knowing what he'd done just made me so angry and the fact that I had to stand in front of him naked like this just made me feel so much more powerless over everything. I made myself stop crying though before I went  back out so that he wouldn't get any satisfaction from knowing that he got to me.

When I went back out the first thing I noticed was that two truckers had moved to each side of my stool. They must've thought I was nuts if they thought I was going to sit between them. I walked over and grabbed the towel off the stool and placed it on another one at the end of the row.

"Oh c'mon honey we don't bite," one of them told me in disappointment.

"It's not you biting me that I'm worried about," I told them and then sat down on my stool.

"Your headlights are sure perky," the other trucker said as his gaze was fixed on my chest which made me blush even more.

"Leave her alone you dirty old coots," a lady sitting in a booth behind me said to them. "Don't make us call the number on the back or your trucks and tell them how you behaved."

"We're just having fun," the first trucker proclaimed. "We don't see many naked girls when we stop to eat so we want to make the best of it."

The waitress came back out and noticed the two men had moved from their original spot. "Get back where you belong you old pervs," she said to them. "I'm sure she'd never touch either of you with a ten foot pole. Lord knows I wouldn't."

They moved back to their old seats and I just sat there and waited, in plain view of anyone in the place, for what seemed like hours although it was actually minutes. I didn't know how I was going to eat the food, I wasn't hungry for one thing. I hoped this was on the house too because I had no way of paying and I hated to think of what Al might have in mind for payment. I wished he'd take a punch in the face as payment, I could do that.

"Excuse me miss can you look over here?" a man said to  me.

When I looked over at him a flash from his camera phone went off as he took a shot of me.

"Thank you," he said. "Just wanted a face shot to go with the others."

Why did they have to invent those f*&%ing things for, they felt as much as a nemesis to me as the goddesses had been. If I could I'd have them banned somehow. After about 45 minutes of sitting and waiting, and being constantly watched, and being asked a bunch of dumb questions like 'how does if feel to be naked in a diner?' my steak finally arrived. Al brought it out to me personally and sat it down in front of me.

"I hope this is to your liking Amanda," he said to me with a big grin on his face. "If you don't mind I just made my supper and I'd love to join you."

"You mean sit with me?" I asked hoping I had misheard him.

"Yes," he answered, "right next to you. I mean we're old family friends Amanda, there's nothing wrong with that."

"What would your wife think if she knew you were sitting with me while I was naked?"

"Well 'who cares' is my first thought," he replied as he grabbed his dish from the kitchen window and sat down next to mine. "But in actuality she'd probably be more interested in why you were naked than why I was sitting with you. She always referred to you as 'Marsha's little wallflower' and her hearing that you're running around naked all day every day would pique her interest."

That's true, she did tease me for being so shy. She also had children with this man and still deserved better than him. I thought I was going to get sick when he came around the counter and scooted into the stool next to me. Ewwe, his shoulder was touching mine. I tried to make the best of it by ignoring him and tending to my food. I added hot sauce to my eggs and then poured some steak sauce on an empty spot on my plate for dipping, I hoped I wasn't expected to eat all of it.

Part 89b

I could've just vomited sitting there next to Al like that. Ever since I could remember he'd always made the most disgusting noises when he ate and today was no exception. God he didn't even sound human.

"Boy this place does have good food doesn't it?" He said to me just before stuffing another forkful of meat into his mouth. I will give him that, even though I wasn't hungry I still found myself chowing down on my food. I don't usually like my steak well done, my father always said it was like eating an old shoe, but this was really good and I already had half of it down along with most of my eggs and hash browns. God I was going to get so fat, I don't care how fast these vitamins burned off the calories. They'd refer to me as the fat naked girl here pretty soon.

"Those girls must starve you or something," Al said as he looked down at my emptying plate. "I don't remember ever seeing you eat like that before."

Yeah and you never saw me run around naked either. I could only imagine what he'd think if he knew I'd just eaten dinner a couple of hours ago and had hotdogs before that. Although I was motivated to get done and get out of there and away from him as soon as I could. I kept hearing that guy's camera phone go off behind me, I couldn't imagine how many pictures of me this guy thought he needed.

"You're here all by yourself aren't you?" Al asked me as he wiped his mouth with a napkin. After I nodded to him he went on "You must be getting good at this then for you to be all the way down here all alone. That must be why they wanted me here tonight, to keep an eye on you. I thought it was weird they wanted me to do this, but I didn't argue as long as they're paying the bills."

"You didn't know I was coming?" I asked him.

"No," he answered plainly.

"When did they ask you to do this?"

"I got a call from Emily a little after six and she said it was an emergency and she needed me to do this despite short notice. Like I said they're paying for my wonderful upcoming retirement so I just did as I was asked."

"Well aren't you a good worker bee," I said sarcastically. "Doesn't bother you that you're helping to mess up people's lives?"

"Let 'em eat cake," he scoffed. "I've suffered long enough for the benefit of others, it's my turn to get some of the gravy."

"What, you don't have enough of it there on your plate?" I shot back as I noticed all the gravy on his meat and potatoes.

"You have your dad's smartass ways don't you?" he said with a laugh and then looked me over again. "Too bad you don't have more of your mother's body. CJ
gave me some of those pictures she took of her and let me tell you that's how a woman is supposed to look."

"She gave you those?" I asked stunned.

"Well I asked for them," he replied with a dirty grin. "Personally I wish they had chosen her to do these things instead. To think she's had two children. It sickens me to know her body has been wasted on Ed for all these years."

God I thought I was going to puke. What a f*&%ing asshole. Some people sure do have a lot of gall. It took all I had not to stab him with my fork.

"Well I'm glad she did waste her time on my dad," I told him in a low and angry voice. "If she hadn't I might have been stuck with some jerk like you for a father and then I'd have to kill myself."

"Oh you think Ed's been a good father to you?" He replied almost laughing. "Do  you know what he's been up to at work the last few years?"

"I know everything," I said harshly. "Why do you think I'm going along with all this humiliating crap? Nonetheless I still love him and would choose him over you any day. At least he's not planning on leaving us high and dry like you plan to do to your family."

"Well if I was with your mother instead of my hugely obese wife I wouldn't be planning to leave," he said as his face became serious.

"Yeah well guess what," I shot back "they won't let my folks break up even if they wanted to. So there dickwad, I guess she won't be part of your retirement plan."

"Oh where I'm going there'll be plenty of young women who I can pick from," He told me and then went back to eating.

"Well I hope you get washed out by a tsunami or something," I said and then ate the last of my eggs.

"A tsunami?" he said nearly choking on his food. "Very unlikely dear. I can't remember the last time I heard about one of those. I think I'll be just fine."

Just then the phone behind the counter began to ring which startled me a bit. The waitress behind the counter answered it and then handed it to Al.

"Hello this is Al," he said into the phone. "Well hello Emily. Yes everything is going fine it's been a busy night. Yes she's right here. Other than calling me a dickwad she's been very good. Yeah probably. Okay. Yeah I can have her do that. Sure. What's that moaning in the background? Who's Stacy? Hot tub huh? Sounds like a party. Okay yeah I'll get right on it. You wanna talk to her? Oh okay. Yeah I'll tell her. Thanks for calling beautiful. You know I do. Bye." He then handed the phone back and then looked down at my plate again. "So Amanda, I wouldn't suppose you have the 12.95 to pay for that do you?"

I instantly sat my fork down in disgust. Dammit I knew this was going to come up.

"Where would I put it if I did?" I asked him.

"Well there's a couple of crevices you could use."

"Oh please."

"So I'm guessing you don't have it then?"

"You know I don't."

"Then how do you plan to pay for this?"

"By telling your wife what you're doing."

"We know you're not going to do that," he said sounding amused. "You would be in so much trouble if you did. No I think some sort of alternative payment could be arranged."

"I'm not kissing you or anything," I told him bluntly. "I don't care what they say."

"That's okay dear," he said laughing again. "Emily had something else in mind." He then turned to the waitress behind the counter. "Flo. Would you mind getting out the mop and bucket and bringing it out here please."

Oh God, it figured.

"Sure Al," she replied to him. "But for the tenth time my name isn't Flo so please stop calling that. My name is Amy."

"Of course Amy I'm sorry," he then turned back to me and said "Doesn't CJ call you Amy?"

"Yes," I said coldly as I cut more of my steak. "She calls me that because it has less syllables then Amanda."

"Why doesn't she call you Mandy then? Isn't that short for Amanda?"

"I don't know and I don't care. Most people call me Amanda but of course lately what I prefer doesn't seem to matter."

"Welcome to the real world," he said flatly as Amy brought out the mop. "When you're done, Amanda, you can fill that up with water and soap and mop the entire diner, although you need to sweep it first. There's a broom by the kitchen door there you can use. Emily wants the floors looking good too, remember they own this place and want it clean."

I wondered if I'd really get in any trouble if I stabbed him the neck right then. Probably, but it was still tempting. Shit if the goddesses owned this place then it must be full of cameras right now or I probably wouldn't be there.  That Jamie guy was probably making comments about this right now on his show.

"By the way who's this Stacy girl?" Al asked me as he was about to get up since his plate was now empty. "I could hear her in the background sounding like she's in ecstasy."

"Someone who I hope never has to meet you," I said before drinking some of my Sprite.

"Okay Amanda that's enough," he said as he took my plate from me. "I'm your elder and a family friend and you're in no position to be a little bitch to me. Now get up and get sweeping so you can show your plain little body off to these good people. Personally I don't see why Emily chose you of all people for this, your tits are average and your ass looks it was stolen from a black woman, although your pussy does look unused."

"Yeah and you look an old fat piece of poop that my brother forgot to flush one day," I said as I grabbed the last piece of meat from my plate while he was holding it in an act of defiance. "And I'm not going to start until I'm done prick." and I then took a bite.

"You're more like your mother than I thought," he said with a stern look but then just walked away.

Part 89c

Man I was full. Why the hell did I think I needed to finish that steak for? To piss of Al is why, that and to delay having to sweep and mop the floor in front of everyone there. The problem now though was that I felt really stuffed and I didn't really want to move let alone push a mop.

"Here Amanda," Al said to me as he came out of the kitchen with a large broom in his hand. "I see you're done now so there's nothing to keep you from paying off your supper. I don't think you want to make a certain couple of people angry at you."

I looked at him angrily but knew he was right so I stood up and grabbed the broom from his hand and then turned around to start sweeping but was stopped by the sight of all the faces from the other customers looking directly at me.

Oh God I had to walk past all those people to sweep everything, and that one jerk was still taking pictures of me. Man this never got any easier. Wanting to get this over with I picked a spot and began sweeping forward making sure I kept the dirt trapped in the bristles. Damn I could tell already that the floor was really dirty, I could feel it sticking on the bottom of my bare feet.

"Don't even think about looking at her Harold," a lady said to the man she was with. "Keep your eyes on your plate and I'll tell you when you can look."

I was all for that. The less eyes on me the better. I needed to make sure I got all of the dirt, I was sure that I couldn't do a half-assed job like I'd like to. Thank goodness this place wasn't that big, nonetheless though it was still going to take awhile to do it. My stomach felt like it weighed a hundred pounds it was so full, I was going to have to use the bathroom again before I  left I imagined.

"Do you shave or do use some kind of other treatment for down there?" a lady sitting by herself asked me as I pushed by.

"I, ah used a hair remover," I answered nervously without looking at her.

"Really? What kind?" she asked.

"A friend gave it to me I don't know what it is."

"Oh," she said disappointed. "Well your boyfriend must really like that look on you, you really have a pretty pussy."

"Thanks," I said unsure of how to take that and then began pushing the broom faster so I could get away from her.

"Wow dinner and a floor show," the man who had been taking my picture said as I moved to him. "Can you hold still and smile for one more."

Dammit I had to pose for this didn't I? I stopped for a second and made myself smile for him while he took another couple of shots.

"Oh thank you miss," he said gratefully. "I've got a long drive ahead of me and these will be wonderful company. Why are you doing this for?"

"Because the floors are dirty," I said and started sweeping again.

"No I mean why are you naked right now?" he asked amused.

"Better question is 'who cares'," one of the guys in the booth in the opposite isle said. "More girls need to do things like this. Last Saturday we were at the Duck's game and some cutie just like this girl was streaking all over the place. This is definitely something I could get used to."

"You know what," the second guys friend started, "she looks a lot that girl from the game. Are the same girl honey?"

I kept sweeping and didn't answer at first. "Miss?" he insisted.

"Yes it was," I replied wishing I could say it wasn't me.

"Oh my God it is," another woman shouted from across the diner. "We have pictures of you from that game still on our digital. David get out the camera and let's have a look."

Soon people were getting up and going to the table of the lady with the pictures. I didn't pay attention to them but I did hear them making comments on them and people confirming it was me. I now had a small pile of dirt that I was going to leave in this section and I tried to hurry in the second aisle to get the rest of it so I could get this part over with.

"Geez this is crazy," the lady who asked me if I shave blurted out while looking at the pictures of me. "Look at all of the people there, there must be tens of thousands, and she's standing right in the middle of all of it." I then heard her ask me "What was that like?"

"Well," I began thinking of what to say, "like being the center of attention and having everyone look at you."

"I wish I could do something like this," she replied impressed, "but I'd be too terrified."

"Why are you doing this?" the camera phone guy asked me again.

It was here that Al felt like stepping in.

"You guys don't know about her?" he asked everyone. Once they all shook their heads 'no' he went on, "She's doing this because a higher power is compelling her to."

Well that part was sure accurate.

"This is part of her religion," Al went on. "She's doing this as an act of shame or something along those lines. She has a website and everything that tells you all about it."

"She does?" the lady with the football pictures said.

"Yes," Al confirmed. "What's the name of it again Amanda? I forget."

Suddenly all heads turned towards me waiting for the answer.

"Um..well," I stammered not wanting to answer.

"Oh c'mon Amanda," Al chided, "I know you know the name to your own website. Now what is it?"

"" I said after swallowing down a lump. This seemed to cause some amusement among the group.

"Does this mean you're a virgin?" the camera phone guy asked and I just nodded my head while I swept. "Oh I need more pictures."

"You're a virgin and you're running around and showing your body to everyone?" one of the guys said. "I'm not complaining but that's not really normal is it?"

"Are you trying to get a man or something?" one of the other guys asked.

"No," I answered plainly and then began sweeping my new pile of dirt over to my old pile of dirt.

"She likes it when people talk about her body to her," Al said to them and gave me a wicked grin. "It's part of her shame thing that she's into."

Oh that piece of crap, he did not just say that. Oh no, I could feel that feeling growing down there again. My body was going to betray me again full stomach and all.

"Well if that's the case I love your ass," the camera phone guy blurted out. "I don't see many like that. Must be comfortable to sit on."

"Excuse me," the lady with the husband who's not supposed to look at me stepped in, "we're done. Dinner is free for us right?"

"Yes ma'am," Al confirmed. "Thank you for letting her do this and not make a fuss."

"That's fine," she replied. "We need to go though because I don't know how much longer I can expect my husband to keep his eyes to himself. Don't even think you're going on that website either Harold."

I finally had all the dirt swept up into a pile in the back of the diner, the thing of it was that now I needed a dustpan or something like that. Crap I'd probably have to bend over to do that too.

"She does have perky little titties there doesn't she?" one of the guys mentioned to each other. "And you know what else, by the looks of her she probably is a virgin. I'm not sure if you could get a piece of thread up there."

"Do you have a dustpan?" I asked loudly trying to ignore those comments.

"Yes," Al answered and began walking towards the back. "Let me get it for you."

"How many inches are your legs Amanda?" the shave question lady asked me.

"I don't know I've never measured them," I answered trying not to sound annoyed.

"They must take a long time to shave," she said as her eyes went up and down them. "Or do you use a hair remover on those too."

"I'm hairless okay," I blurted out. "Other than on my head I can't grow any hair anymore."

I heard a couple of the men make a moaning sound after hearing that, not what I wanted to hear. Dangit, I could feel that feeling starting to spread. I hoped it would slow down. Al came back out carrying a dustpan and walked up and handed it to me.

"This is what you get for calling me names little girl," he whispered to me so no one else could hear. "I know all about your conditioning to get aroused when you're really embarrassed."

What the hell was he talking about. Conditioning?

"Now why don't you sweep that up really fast so I can take the broom and pan back."

"Can you hold the dustpan for me so I can sweep it up easier?" I asked sounding hopeful.

"You know the answer to that sweetcheeks," he responded smugly and then crossed his arms and waited to watch me sweep it up.

Part 89d-1

'This would be a lot easier if this broom wasn't so big.' I sat the dustpan down on the floor in front of the pile of dirt I had swept up and glanced over at everyone and saw that all of the males in the building had their attention squared right on me, knowing that I would have to bend down somehow to do the job. I decided to do this in the least humiliating way I could think of -- I faced front and with my legs locked together as tightly as I could I bent forward keeping what was between my legs as hidden from view as possible. As I quickly swept up as much dirt as I could into the dustpan I noticed out of the corner of my eye guys' heads craning and bending in an attempt to get a better look at my goodies which I'd made extra sure where blocked from their view. Since I was balancing on the tops of my feet I almost feel over once, which was the last thing I would've wanted, but I used the broom to help even out my balance and luckily I got it all swept without incident.

"Oh she still has some modesty doesn't she," the camera phone guy said outloud as he snapped off more pictures. "I guess you'd have to if this is supposed to be

I grabbed the dustpan with my free hand and quickly stood up and walked over to one of the garbage cans and dumped the dirt into it.

"Why do you even bother pretending you're not into this?" Al asked me in a quiet condescending tone. "Keeping your legs together like that may fool these hicks but not me. I can see your nipples getting hard, you like this as much as we all like watching you do this."

"Then you must really hate seeing me do this then," I replied as I brushed past him and hurried my way through the aisle and over to the counter where the mop bucket was. "Where can I fill this up at?" I asked Amy behind the counter after handing her the broom and dustpan.

"You'll have to use the sink in the kitchen," she answered. "It's the only one big enough to put that thing in. Here come back with me and I'll show you where it is, and I'll make sure the cook and dishwasher behave themselves when they see you."

I followed her back into the kitchen and she led me over to a large metal sink. The cook looked over at me and smiled from where he was but didn't come over which made me happy.

"He's married," Amy began referring to the cook, "and me and his wife are good friends so he'll behave himself as long as I'm here. Normally there are sanitation rules about showing this much skin in a kitchen but we won't tell anybody this time." She then winked at me and gave me a nice smile which I returned. "Do you really have a website like that Al guy said?"

"Yes ma'am," I replied as I looked away from her embarrassed and then picked up the mop bucket and placed it in the sink and poured some soap into it.

"Has anybody told you that's crazy?" she asked wide-eyed.

"The little person inside my head tells me that all the time," I said as I turned on the water and began to fill up the bucket. "And yes many people have said I'm crazy."

"Are you planning on getting a tan or something?" she asked as she looked me over. "I mean you look great and all but I know if it was me and I was going to do something like this, although I'd die if I had to do something like this, I'd get an all over tan first you know just to look better."

"I'd be interested in that," I answered honestly. "That way people will quit telling me how white I look."

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that," she said apologetically.

"I know," I said with a sigh, "this is just really hard."

"I bet," she said understandingly. "I imagine this Al jerkoff isn't making it any easier. How do you know him?"

"He's a friend of my dad's," I told her. "They work together."

"He's been creeping me out ever since he got here," she began to tell me. "He just comes rolling in all high and mighty and says he's in charge tonight as a favor to the owners and has been a big pain in the ass ever since. He keeps calling me Flo for some reason and I keep catching him checking me out all the time, and here he's making you sweep and mop the place in front of everyone like this."

"He keeps telling me how he wishes he could be with my mother," I rolled my eyes when I said this and then turned off the water. "As if somehow she'd ever sink
that low."

"He said that to you?" Amy said shocked. "Oh my God what a f*&%ing sleaze bag. I'm so glad I poured that eyewash into his coffee when he had his dinner."

"You did what?" I asked as I lifted the bucket, which was quite heavy, out of the sink and sat it on the floor.

"Eyewash in his coffee dear," she said with as a grin crept across her face, "an old trick to get back at jerk customers who give us a hard time. Pretty soon ol' Al will be shitting for days in the bathroom when that stuff hits his system."

"Wow!" I expressed happily. "I always thought you guys just spit in the food. I hope you gave him the whole bottle."

"I gave him enough to keep him busy," she said with another wink. "Now I guess you have to go back out there and finish up don't you?"

"Yeah I do I'm afraid," I said sighing again, "but it'll be easier if Al is indisposed."

I put the mop into the bucket and used its handle to push the bucket through the kitchen and then followed Amy back out behind the counter where I was met with a new surprise.

"Whoa there she is!" a young guy shouted as he pointed his finger at me. "Shit we found her!"

Four young guys who looked to be in their late teens had come in while I was in the back and were now standing in front of me on the other side of the counter with looks of excitement on their faces. From what the one guy had just said it sounded like they'd been searching for me.

"You're Amanda right?" the guy on the far left asked me. "The naked Jesus girl?"

I looked over and saw Al standing in the corner looking like he was trying to hold in laughter, I hoped that eyewash kicked in soon. I took a deep breath and then nodded to them that I was Amanda which just seemed to make them want to burst.

"Oh this is so killer," the guy on the left said as his face lit up even more. "I can't believe we ran into you here."

"Yeah," the guy next to him began, "we've been watching you on my laptop when we saw the truck stop and wondered to ourselves if this happened to be the place you were at and dammit here you are. I can't believe we get to see you up close like this."

"You were watching your laptop while you were driving?" I asked stunned at this revelation.

"Well we were," the next guy over, who was the first one to speak when I came out said. "Donnie here was driving and he only looked when he could. Your site told us about the radio show that was talking about you so we found it and it said you were at a truck stop."

"We're from North Medford High Schoo," the guy on the far right told me, I then remembered that was one of the high schools the goddesses sent pictures of me to on Monday after they put this stupid collar on me. "We're on our way to Corvallis for our football game there tomorrow."

"That's a long way to go for a football game," I said to him as I looked around nervously as if to find somewhere to escape.

"Everything's a long way from Medford," the guy on the left said with a laugh in his voice as his eyes were fixed hard on my breasts. "Wow you look better in person than you do in your pictures."

"Yeah you're hot," the guy next to him proclaimed. "I've been trying to get my girlfriend to do this but I haven't been able to get her to yet. She loved your pictures that we all got in our e-mails the other day though, and she's not gay or anything either. Most of the girls there think you're a slut even though you're a virgin but there are a few that think you're real cool."

Suddenly in the corner of my eye I saw Al grab his stomach with his arms and begin to double over. I looked over at him and saw his eyes begin to bulge out as if he knew what was coming and then suddenly he darted for the bathroom all the while still holding his stomach. I couldn't help but smile a little at the thought of what he was about to go through.

"You mind if we videotape you?" the guy on the right asked me. "We happen to have our video recorder with us and you said on your site that people are always welcome to photograph you whenever you're out. So is it okay?"

As much as I wanted to tell him 'hell no' I made myself nod at him knowing I had to. He then smiled and set a bag up on the counter and pulled out a digital video camera and began setting getting it ready.

"I bet you guys are happy I brought this now aren't you?" he said to the rest of them.

"Do really think this is what God wants you to do?" the guy on the left asked practically jumping out of his shoes with excitement. "I mean it's cool and everything if you do -- I'm just wondering and all."

"Why else would I so something like this?" I replied.

"And this actually embarrasses you doesn't it?" the guy next to him asked.

"A little," I nearly whispered.

"But yet you do it anyway," he said joyfully. "You even promote it by sending everyone at our high school pictures of you. That's fricken' rad."

"Are you going to mop the floor now?" the guy on the right asked.

"I was hoping to."   

"Oh that's just awesome," he said in amazement. "The guys on the team are going to shit themselves when we show them the video of that."

"You guys have to order something if you're going to stay," Amy said to them and then snuck me another wink. "This isn't a public park guys."

"We'll have a large plate of onion rings and four Coke's please," the guy on the left said without hesitation and without taking his eyes off of me. "Make sure you get all of this dude and I want a copy of it when we get back on Saturday."

"Oh I'll make copies for whoever wants one," the guy with camera told them. "Some will have to pay for it but I think the team should get its own copy."

As my embarrassment grew, along with my unwanted arousal, a loud moan came from the men's room area and then another one quickly followed. Everyone's head turned that direction for a minute which to me was very welcome.

"Sounds like all the excitement has gotten to him," the guy with the camera phone said loudly from his booth. "I guess instead of squeezing one off he's squeezing one out."

Everyone laughed to themselves for a moment but soon the attention went back to me.

"By the way I'm Mitch," the guy on the far left introduced himself and then pointed to the guy next to him, "this is Brandon and the dork next to him is Kurt. The big guy with the camera is our running back Donnie who's also the one who drove us here. None of us are Christians or anything but we love what you're doing anyway, in fact right now I'm getting a really big boner and will probably need to sit down soon."

"Yeah me too!" Brandon proclaimed. "Please don't let us stop from doing your job, by all means do the floors. We'll just wait for the onion rings right here."

"Oh God No!" We heard Al shout from the bathroom which made most of us laugh again.

"Oh I forgot to fill the toilet paper rolls when I got here," Amy said aloud with a wicked grin. "Hope he has enough in there."

I was surprised how my amusement at Al's predicament helped me overcome my embarrassment at being naked enough to make pushing the mop out from behind the counter easier than it would have. Seeing the lustful looks on the faces of these young guys when I actually did brought me back emotionally to where I usually was when I had to do something like this.

It took me about twenty minutes or so to mop the whole floor and Donnie with the camera followed me closely the whole time, his camera facing me every second. He did ask me a few questions, many of which I didn't answer like 'where do I go to school' or 'what town do I live in', but I did answer one of them as best as I could.

"Everywhere as far as I know," I said, answering his question as to where all the cameras are. "I have nothing to do with where or how they're set up."

"Damn that must add to the excitement of all of this for you," he said in amused bewilderment. "How much of the site are you actually involved in?"

"I star on it," I told him with a grunt as I pushed the mop around. "It revolves around me and everything so I'm involved in everything at some level."

Before I was done the lady who had asked me all the questions about whether I shaved or not gave me a hug as she left and the camera phone guy's phone finally got full and he left too along with a couple of others. The other three young guys just ate their onion rings and watched me with lustful awe as I sweatily pushed the mop around, which caused parts of my body to jiggle. At least the work was taking my mind off what my body was doing, which was becoming turned on. When I mopped the last bit I felt so relieved that I finally had completed that task that I just pushed the mop bucket right back behind the counter and into the kitchen out of view and took a deep breath to calm myself.

"Just leave it there," Amy said to me as she followed me into the kitchen. "We'll have to mop again later so don't bother dumping it out. Boy you sure look all flushed, are you one of those types who gets all turned on when you get embarrassed?"

"Unfortunately it seems that way." I said as I tried to hide my face from her. "I don't like it though."

"Yeah and it probably gives people the wrong idea too," she said sympathetically. "I can't imagine why God would want you to do something like this. What is shaming yourself like this suppose to accomplish?"

"It reminds people of their own shame," I repeated once again, "or their potential lack of it."

"Well I don't know about all that but I think Al is feeling a warm sense of shame now," Amy teased.

"Yeah thanks to you," I said laughing. "I noticed he's still in there."

"He needs to find something to wipe with I imagine," she said laughing too. "Since you're done now then I guess your bill is paid. Where are you off to?"

"Eugene," I replied sorrowfully. "I don't really like it there but I have to go, someone's waiting there for me."

"Well I'll walk you out when you go. Hopefully those boys won't try to follow you or anything. I'll threaten to call the police if they do."

"Make sure to only threaten," I said to her. "Don't actually do it or I may get in trouble."

"Don't worry," she said to me and put her hand on my shoulder, "I've got a pistol in my purse and I'll use that if nothing else works."

She walked me back out front where I was met with Donnie's video camera staring at me again.

"The guy in the bathroom has been screaming for some toilet paper," Mitch told us with an amused grin. "Sounds like he's having a bad time in there, I hope he wasn't eating onion rings."

"He wasn't and I'll get him some in a minute," Amy said. "Amanda you'd better go tell him you're done and are going to leave."

"You're leaving?" Kurt asked me sounding disheartened. "Do you have to?"

"Yes I do," I told him. "I have to be somewhere."

I then went back out in front and walked over to the rest room area and was met with a foul smell coming from the men's room. I had a hard time keeping from laughing while I spoke through the door. "I'm finished mopping Al." I told him. "I'm going to be leaving now since I've done what I was supposed to."

"You little bitch I know you had something to do with this," he said to me angrily through his stall in the bathroom.

"I don't know what you're talking about," I told him trying not to laugh. "You've watched me the whole time I've been here how could I have done anything? You probably ate too fast. Good God something smells like it died in there."

"Just have that little tart bring me some toilet paper and then get the hell out of here and away from me you little whore!" he shouted back.

"Oh sure thing asshole," I replied snidely. "I'll tell my dad 'hi' for you when I see him next."

I then laughed to myself as I walked back out front and was met by the four guys who had filmed my whole conversation with Al on their camera.

"Can we get a shot with you and the four of us on camera before you take off?" Brandon asked me nicely.

Part 82d-2

"Sure," I answered him reluctantly and then the three of them without the camera suddenly moved in next to me with all of them putting their arms around me.

"Ma'am?" Donnie said to Amy. "Would you mind filming this so I can get into this shot too?"

Amy took the camera from him and he then jumped into the shot with us standing behind me and putting both of his arms around my neck.

"Watch the hands guys," I told them as one of their hands brushed my butt. "I'm a girl of God remember, I'm supposed to remain pure."

They all laughed at that and moved their hands to safer parts of my body and then all shouted "North Medford rules!" in unison and then squeezed into me really tightly until Amy told them to ease off. I pushed my way out of them but could still feel their touch on my skin, it really made me feel funny and not in an arousing way. God I could see in their eyes that these guys wished  they could have sex with me which to me was very foreign. It was both flattering and repulsive to me at the same time.

"She has to go guys," Amy said to them, "and don't get any ideas about following her or I'll make trouble for you."

"We're not rapists ma'am," Mitch told her. "Even if we were we'd probably be caught on camera anyway since she's being filmed so much."

"Well I hope you guys win your game tomorrow," I said to them and smiled.

"You wouldn't want to come root us on would you?" Donnie asked me. "We could get together after and do something maybe."

"I'm not allowed to," I said feeling grateful for that, "but thanks anyway. God bless you guys and take care of yourselves."

"Bye," they all said. And then Mitch added, "We'll make sure and watch you as much as we can. We're going to be heroes at school on Monday for getting to meet

"I hope it serves you well," I said as inside I hated the idea of them showing a video of me around their school.

Amy walked me out to my car as she said she would and I was glad to see it was still there. With leaving my keys inside like they had told me I was worried someone was going to take it. I immediately jumped inside and turned on the engine to warm it up and get the windows defrosted.

"It's cold out here," Amy mentioned to me. "You're going to get sick if you're out here too long."

"You'd think so wouldn't you?" I replied knowing I probably wouldn't. "Would you mind waiting here until I drive off just so no one will follow me?"

"Not at all," she answered. "I'm in no hurry to get Al his TP. Let him sweat a little more."

The cell phone in my car suddenly began ringing. Damn I hoped they weren't going to tell me I had more to do here and I couldn't leave yet.

"Hello?" I said into the phone when I answered it.

"Hey sweetie," Emily said pleasantly on the other end. "I just wanted you to know that went really well in there and I'm very pleased with you right now."

"Thanks." I replied in relief that she was happy.

"I'm sorry Al is so tasteless in how he acts," Emily went on. "He is useful to us but he sure is a piece of crap sometimes. I hope he plans on cleaning up his mess he's making in our bathroom. Anyway sweet pea Casey gets off in 45 minutes and we'd like you to get there before she does."

"But I'm about 45 minutes away from there now," I told her. "I'll try but I'll be cutting it close. Can I turn up the heat in here now please because it's really cold in here."

"Yes if you promise to keep pretending to be cold for the audience," she insisted. "You know rub yourself and all that, they seem to like that. Those guys coming in from Medford was a stroke of luck and really added to the show don't you think?"

"I guess," I replied sarcastically as I turned up the heater in the car.

"You looked so sexy pushing that mop around," she continued. "Poor Stacy just passed out from exhaustion a minute ago, seeing you do that just got her so excited. You should see her sleeping so peacefully here on the couch, she's almost as angelic as you are when you sleep. By the way she came up with a great thing for you to do tomorrow night, I'm glad we had you ask her."

"What is it?" I asked curiously.

"We'll tell you tomorrow after the thing at U of O," she teased me. "Right now you'd better get going if you want to get to Casey before she gets off and CJ has your dad thrown in jail for something."

"What?" I shouted into the phone. "Why would she do that?"

"Because he keeps rejecting her advances," Emily told me. "I know that's really childish of her but she doesn't take rejection well and wants to get back at him."

"Please don't let her do that," I pleaded. "I mean he's turning her down because of what she's making me do, you know that."

"Sure I do," she replied, "and if you make it to Casey's before she gets off then I'll make sure CJ behaves herself. If not then there isn't much I can do and she'll probably do something nasty."

"Oh c'mon Emily," I begin to beg. "I'd have to drive fast to make sure I get there before that. What if I get pulled over?"

"Then your dad is f*&$ed," she said flatly. "You will be too for a little while at least. Lucky for you though you're valuable."

"I'm leaving right no," I told her and then put my seat belt on. "Please give me some leeway on this, please. I'm doing what you ask me too."

"Yes you are and I know you'll you make it there with time to spare darlin'. Make sure you listen to the last of Jamie's show before you change the station to something else, you might hear something interesting. Drive safely sweet pea." she then hung up the phone as my mind began praying not to get pulled over while I speed down the freeway.