Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 74

We stopped in the hallway right outside the main office once we entered the school. Emily turned and then went over what she expected of me during the meeting. What she wanted was basically the same thing she wanted yesterday, go along with what she said, don't contradict her, and above all smile when it was needed. I found myself looking around the walls of the hallway hoping to see where the cameras that they had installed were placed but as hard as I looked I never saw one. They must have had them in there though because I saw this spot on one of the monitors in the van, they must have really hidden them well because I still didn't see one.

"Okay sweetie," Emily said to me while taking a deep breath, "let's have another crack at your Mr. Green. I hope for his sakes he's not going to disappoint me this time."

Emily then led me into the main office and I couldn't help but notice that all the office workers seemed to be very stressed. We walked up to the front desk and waited for over a minute before someone came over to help us, it seemed they were all preoccupied with some sort of crisis that had happend before classes started.

"Can I help you," the lady asked us after she caught her breath.

"We're here to see Principal Green." Emily politely told the lady. "We have an appointment."

"I'm sorry but you'll have to wait a few minutes." the lady informed us as she slumped her shoulders in frustration. "At the moment he is dealing with a situation that sprung up this morning that needs to be dealt with. Please have a seat and he'll get to you as soon as he is able."

"May I ask what's going on?" Emily asked. She looked like she was curious but there was something about the way she spoke that alerted me that she might already know.

"Well we don't know who started it but there are some photos of one of our female students that were passed around by the students this morning."

My first thoughts when the lady told us that was that the photos she was talking about were of me. For a second I could feel my heart come to a complete stop as I envisioned my nude image being passed around and mocked by everyone, but then the lady continued. "By the time we got a hold on what was going on almost the entire school had seen or received a copy of the pictures."

"What kind of pictures were they?" Emily inquired. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she knew exactly what they were. "Well, don't spread this around but they were nude pictures. They must have printed several hundred of them because we've already confiscated almost two hundred and we don't think we're even close to the number that was handed out. The girl was so embarrassed, I guess she was out in the hallway walking to class when someone showed one of them to her, the poor girl. I thought for a second she was going to have a nervous breakdown."

"Where is she?" Emily inquired some more.

"She's with Mr. Green right now. Her parents are here and imagine they'll let her go home for the day. Gosh I don't know what we're going to do about her though because those pictures didn't hide anything and I can't imagine her coming back here. I don't know how we're going to handle the other students too, I mean they were pretty vicious and all, and we don't know where to begin to look for the people who spread these around. This is a mess."

"Sure sounds like it." Emily agreed sounding a little glib. "What an awful thing to have happen to someone. That must really be humiliating, huh Amanda."

"I couldn't imagine." I replied to her with the same hint at being glib.

"Yeah well Mr. Green can take his time then since it is such a crisis." Emily said to the lady. "I hope you catch those awful people who did that to that poor girl. We'll have to say a prayer for her tonight Amanda, don't you think?"

"Sure." I replied trying not to sound like I was mocking her. I will admit that while I felt for whoever the girl was I was quite relieved that those pictures weren't of me, this time someone else got to suffer for a change.

"Thank you for your understanding." the lady said to us gratefully. "Please have a seat and as soon as he's finished I'll let Mr. Green know that you're here."

"Thank you." Emily said kindly and then led me over to the chairs and we sat down in them.

"Who are they talking about?" I asked Emily referring to the girl in the pictures.

"Why do you think I know for?" she asked in reply.

"Because this sounds like something you would do." I told her. "It's not like things like this ever happend before you showed up."

Just then another lady burst through the office entryway with a small stack of what looked like glossy photos. One of them slipped off the top of the pile and landed on the floor in front of us.

"Here's a few dozen more of those pictures, I managed to find in some of them in the girls' restrooms," the lady with the pictures said to the lady behind the front desk as she set them down on top of it. "They were up all over the walls and some of them have writing on them. I'm so mad at all those kids right now I could strangle them."

I looked down and picked the photo off the ground and took a close look at it. Oh my it was Tess, and the picture was in clear color and all of her was in it. Shit and this was one of the shots Emily took of her in the dugout, she must have mailed them out to everyone last night or something. This must have been what she meant when she said Tess was going to take some heat off of me. God she must have been so humilitated by this, she must have done something wrong at Bible study last night for the goddesses to do this to her, Jesus poor Tess.

"Can I have that back please?" the second lady asked me as she reached out for the picture in my hand.

"Sure." I replied quietly as I handed it back to her. "That's terrible."

"Tell me about it," she said angrily, "and what's even worse from what I hear there's some girl named Amanda who may start going to classes like that here. Can you believe that? I know you two probably think I'm kidding but I'm not. This girl is supposed to have some sort of skin condition and she can't wear clothes or something like that and she still wants to come to classes. What is this world coming to?"

"Things are crazy aren't they?" Emily said pretending to agree with the lady. "Wow someone going to school naked. I've read dirty stories about that but I never heard of it for real. Have you ever heard of something like that Amanda?"

I just shot her an angry look and didn't verbally reply. The lady looked surprised when Emily called me Amanda and she then took notice of the small dress I was wearing.

"Isn't that dress a little chilly for today dear?" she asked me as a look of concern crossed her face.

"Normally yes." I answered and looked away from her.

Just then Mr. Green's office door opened and he escorted Tess and her parents out into the main office. Tess looked as if she had been crying heavily since her eyes were all red and puffy. Her mom had her arm around her as her dad stood behind both of them and to my surprise did not look angry or upset or anything like you'd think a father would after finding out that his daughter had been publicly violated like she had. That ess certainly weird.

"We'll do our best to try and find out who did this Mr. and Mrs. Salvador." Mr. Green said strongly. "I won't tolerate this kind of thing happening to my students and we intend to get to the bottom of this."

"Thank you Mr. Green." Mr. Salvador said gratefully. "We'll make sure and have Tess back here on Monday, she should be fine by then."

"Mr. Salvador you really don't have to have her come back that soon." Mr. Green urged him. "We can make arrangements for her to do her assignments at home for awhile until you figure something out for her."

"No." Mr. Salvador said plainly. "She needs to be in school with everyone else. She knows that she is partially responsible for this as well and she has to live with the consequences."

"Mr. Salvador I know you're upset with her for why those pictures came to be in the first place but I don't feel you should overdo it with punishing her."

"She'll be fine." He insisted. "Thank you again Mr. Green. Please let me know what you find out and I'll make sure my daughter stays on the right track."

Jesus Tess' dad was a bigger dick than mine. What kind of father blamed his daughter for something like that? When they began to walk past us on their way out Tess spotted both of us sitting and the look she gave me as our eyes met was that of a dog who didn't understand what it did to deserve its punishment. My heart nearly broke from that look and I knew what she was going through, God why did they do this to her? I now felt really bad for feeling happy that this happend to her instead of me, I wouldn't wish this on anyone else, except maybe for a couple of mean bitches. I noticed Emily giving Tess an evil smile and a small wave as she walked by which made Tess look away from us in shame. What really caught my eye was the look Tess' dad gave Emily as he went by; it was like they were in on something together and they both nodded at each other before he disappeared out the door behind his family. I looked over at Emily hoping she would fill me in on what was going on there but she just smiled at me with her smug grin and didn't say anything. I then overheard the principal talking with the lady who talked to us at the desk about how they were going to put out a reward for anyone who came forth with information about who spread the pictures around. He also mentioned how sorry he felt for Tess and that her father wasn't very understanding about what his daughter was going through.

"He's trying to make her think that she brought this on herself." I heard Mr. Green say. "He wouldn't explain exactly why he thought that though. He seems very old worldly in his thinking."

"We'll try and get on top of all of this sir." the lady assured him. "I'm afraid your appointment is here. These two young ladies have been waiting for you."

"Oh yes." he sighed as he saw both me and Emily sitting over in the corner. "Hello ladies, glad to see your here. If you'll just give me a minute in my office before coming in I'd appriciate it."

"I think we can wait a minute." Emily answered him. "But not much longer than that. I've been looking forward, very forward, to this."

"I imagine you have Ms. Murdoch." he replied coldly. "I'm glad to see that Ms. Ford is not with you."

"She is in spirit." Emily joked. "I hope that she won't have to trouble you again like yesterday."

Mr. Green gave Emily an angry expression after she said that and turned to the lady behind the desk and told her to send us in after two minutes and then he went back in his office.

"Oh this is going to be a good day." Emily chirped as she could barely contain her happiness for how things were going so far. "I just love that all of this is coming together so well. People are going to thank me years from now for what CJ and I have started, they will also be thanking you for giving them something to live for Amanda. We are going to have a lot of fun with this sweetheart."

"Has it been two minutes yet?" Emily asked me as she became antsy. "I want to get this started."

"I don't know but I can wait." I told her as I rubbed my legs to warm them up, gosh my skin felt good.

"You flashing me sweetie?" Emily asked and then pointed out to me that my breasts were visible when I bent down to rub the bottom of my legs.

"Oh God." I said out loud as I sat up and covered myself. Goddamn it! I couldn't believe I hadn't paid attention to that.

Emily chuckled to herself for a second and then looked up at Stacy as she walked through the door into the office.

"Amanda," Stacy squealed as she saw us sitting. "Hi cutie. Are you here for your meeting with Mr. Green?"

"Sure are." Emily answered her. "That's a sexy outfit you're wearing Stacy."

"Oh thank you." Stacy said gratefully as she did a turn to model her outfit. She looked really good in a tight black sweater that clung to her shapely breasts, which seemed like they were floating, as well as a short plaid pleated mini-skirt with thigh-high black stockings that went up to her mid thigh. With her hair being all done up as well she looked like she was ready to shoot a music video. I wished I was tan like her. She sat down in the seat next to me and gave me a quick hug and complimented me on my dress.

"That really looks hot on you." she told me. "Although it would look really hot off of you too." She then leaned in and whispered in my ear "I saw your website last night and it's awesome. Gale showed it to us and gave us our own password and last night Ashley and I watched your walk to the Rose Garden. Oh my God I thought I was going to lose it I thought it was so sexy. I've fantasized about doing that since forever and watching you do it was even hotter than I ever imagined it for myself. You are just so cute."

She then put her hand on my leg and kissed my cheek before she sat back and just looked at me with lust in her eyes. My first idea was to move away from her but there wasn't another seat next to me plus Emily had a look on her face that she seemed to enjoy watching Stacy paw me. I couldn't believe I was being fondled by the most popular girl in school.

"Why are you here Stacy?" I asked her as I removed her hand from my leg.

"I'm actually here for your meeting." She answered with a big smile. "Since I'm both the president of the student body and the senior class Mr. Green thought that I should be here for some of it. I know Courtney LeClair is supposed to be here too since she's the underclass president. Do you know her?"

"You're going to be there?" I replied ignoring her question about Courtney. "Why?"

"Like I said Mr. Green thought it would be a good idea. I imagine he'll explain it."

Just then Courtney came in and I recognized her right away, she was the one from the library the other day who got into a spat with Amber. The thing I remembered most about her was her hostility towards me.

"There she is." Stacy proclaimed. "Courtney do you know Amanda?"

"Well hi tubby. Good to see you're wearing more than underwear today." Courtney said snidely to me. "Although that dress isn't much more."

"Courtney!" Stacy said harshly to her. "She's not fat. God you're such a bitch."

"Whatever..." Courtney scoffed. "What are here for anyway?"

"Ms. Murdoch, Miss Johnson," the lady behind the desk said to us "you may go in Principal Green's office. Stacy and Courtney wait out here until he calls for you."

Oh man I didn't want to do this. Emily stood up and motioned for me to do the same. I held the hem of my dress down while I stood so it wouldn't ride up and then I began to follow Emily behind the main desk and towards Mr. Green's office.

"Jesus your legs are blinding." Courtney shot at me. "I wish I had my sunglasses with me to block out the glare."

I saw Stacy give her an elbow out of the corner of my eye as we walked into my principal's office. Emily closed the door behind me and as I sat and I again held down my hem so that I wouldn't flash Mr. Green.

"So," Mr. Green began after we both sat down, "I see that we're here again today. I have a feeling it's to discuss the same thing as yesterday."

"My hope is that we won't have to have another one next week." Emily replied. "It would be in everyone's best interest if we don't."

"Well I certainly found out yesterday with my meeting with Ms. Ford that you don't have a boundary that you won't cross to make this happen." He sounded very cold and authoritative when he spoke. "I don't know why you want this so bad or how you think we're going to be able to manage it, but I know one thing now and that's that all this skin problem stuff you're selling is bogus. You're obviously playing some kind of sick game and I can't stand that you're going to make this school a part of it."

"You can think whatever you want sir but make no mistake that her skin problem is real just like your daughter's is going to be in a couple of days." Emily fired back in the same tone as he used. "The only thing that matters is whether or not you're going to make arrangements for Amanda to be able to attend classes nude so that she can finish her education at this fine school like she planned to before this happend to her. So are you going to make that happen or are we going to get into a big pissing contest to see who has the bigger dick? I can assure you that you won't win that one."

Mr. Green was silent for a moment so I believe he could control what looked like a growing rage inside of him. Emily wouldn't take her eyes off of him though and as she sat forward in her chair which made me really nervous because she looked like she was about to pounce on her prey. Boy you could cut the tension in this room.

"I'll make it happen," Mr. Green gave in although his tone was still strong. "If you're going to go to the lengths you've gone to do this then far be it from me to stand in your way, but I must insist that you give my daughter what she needs and then back off of her. She's never done anything to you and I don't want her a part of this."

"As soon as Amanda starts her first class on Monday then your little girl will get what she needs." Emily answered calmly.

"I have another request," he added. "I've don't like the idea that you had her schedule changed like you did. I don't know how you managed it but I can't allow it. If she comes to class on Monday then she will go by the schedule of classes she had to begin with. I know very well that Mrs. Davis does not need her help in any of those classes."

"I can live with that." Emily replied. "In exchange though I don't want her sitting with the regular students, I worry they may try and molest her when the teacher's back is turned, I'd like her to have her desk placed away from the others and against a wall on the side of the room so that she won't be harrassed."

"Fine." he replied harshly. "I do think the back of the room would be better so she won't be a distraction to the other students."

"Are you kidding." Emily said in disbelief. "I want her to learn while in class, how can she do that from the back? No I want her up where she can clearly hear the instructor, once everyone is used to her she won't be a distraction to them anymore."

"You're a cold woman."

"I'm a visionary."

"How do you plan to protect her while she walks through the halls?"

"Taken care of." she said confidently.

"This is going to be a huge mess, I don't believe for a second that you're going to get away with this."

"I know I can, and will. You just do what I tell you to do and I'll take care of the mess sir. Don't ever think I can't do something. So, is Amanda going to be allowed to come to class naked on Monday?"

"You've made sure that I don't have any other choice Ms. Murdoch."

"I want to hear you say 'yes' Mr. Green. You really ticked me off yesterday so I want to hear you say it."

"Yes Ms. Murdoch. You may force Miss Johnson to publicly humiliate herself in front of her peers for your amusement. Is that what you want?"

"Well a simple 'Yes Ms. Murdoch' would have done but I like that last part. I expect you'll make arrangements with your faculty and prepare them for her; I'll take care of any angry parents who may pop up. You're doing the right thing sir, for Amanda, your family, and this school, remember that if you have trouble sleeping at night."

"Is this what you really want Amanda?" He asked me straightly and looked me right in the eye.

"Yes it is sir." I answered quietly and made myself not turn away from his gaze, which was really hard to do.

"Well I guess you win Ms. Murdoch." Mr. Green told her sadly. "I must give you credit, you have her well trained."

"Just get the girls in here and let's get this wrapped up." Emily snapped at him. "Save your guilt trip for the guilty."

I couldn't believe she'd just gotten my principal to agree to her demand. Yesterday I felt so relieved when her told her it was impossible and threw her out, my God how did someone this crazy get so cunning and manage to get so powerful? She must've made a deal with the devil somewhere along the line. I sure hoped Scott came through soon or I was actually going to have to go through with coming to school naked every day for the rest of the school year, I'd be living a nightmare.

Mr. Green took Emily's suggestion and called over his intercom to have Stacy and Courtney come in.

"Good morning ladies." Mr. Green greeted them sullenly as they entered the office. "Please have a seat and I'll explain what's going on."

Stacy pulled up a chair next to me and sat down while Courtney sat next to Emily. Stacy took my hand in hers while Courtney just gave me a dirty look. I couldn't help but notice that Mr. Green had taken a strong notice of Stacy's outfit and he seemed to be a bit distracted for a moment.

"That's a nice outfit Miss Richards." Mr. Green complimented her.

"Thank you sir." Stacy replied in girly tone. "I just felt like looking nice today."

"Sir," Courney interupted sternly, "I hope this isn't true but is this meeting to discuss whether Amanda can come to school naked?"

Mr. Green took a deep breathe and then told her it was true.

"You've got to be kidding!" she screamed. "Please tell me this is a joke."

"I'm afraid not Miss LeClaire." he answered her.

"You owe me twenty bucks Court." Stacy told her with a prideful grin and squeezed my hand tighter.

"Mr. Green you can't let her do this." Courtney shouted at him as she stood up from her seat. "It's just sick. How on earth can you justify it?"

"If you would please sit down Miss LeClaire then I would be happy to explain why Miss Johnson will be allowed to do this." Mr. Green calmly replied.

"I can't sit down for this. The thought of having to see her walk around here naked is too upsetting. I mean look at her, she's an eyesore."

"Shut up Court," Stacy snipped at her. "Those shoes you're wearing are the real eyesore in this room."

"Miss LeClaire I must insist that you be seated and listen to what I have to tell you." Mr. Green firmly instructed her.

"Mr. Green didn't you see the frenzy that picture of that hairy Mexican girl caused this morning?" Courtney continued without sitting down. "I mean not only was it disgusting but the place was a madhouse, and that was just a picture. What do you think is going to happen if an actual naked person was to come here?"

"Would you sit down little girl," Emily suggested firmly to her. "You're starting to get on my nerves and you've only been here for a minute."

"Who are you?" Courtney yelled at her.

"I'm Emily." she answered smugly. "I'm friends with Amanda and I take offense to your tone in which you speak of her."

"Oh well excuse me." Courtney retorted in a mocking tone. "I hate to think I offended someone like you who wants to force me to have to look at this ugly girl's naked ass everyday while I'm in school and trying to learn." She then turned back to Mr. Green. "If you don't change your mind sir you know you'll have my father to deal with don't you?"

"Oh no not that," Stacy said sarcastically and then pretend to shiver with fear, "not your father, that's too cruel."

"Shut up Stacy."

"You shut up you little twit. In case you haven't noticed Amanda's my friend too and I intend to support her and you're going to too."

"Oh the hell I will. I'm not going to support any idea that means that I have to look at her ugly body, I mean Jesus Amanda get a tan and a personal trainer."

"Oh you are going to support this Court and you're going to like it."

"How do you figure that Stace?"

"It amazes me how easily you forget the skeletons that are in your closet Miss Thing; like certain photographs of you making out with certain people at a certain party. I'm pretty sure you don't want those getting out."

"You wouldn't!"

"Are you kidding? I don't even like you so why on earth wouldn't I. Now sit your ass down and lets get on with this."

"I won't forget this Stacy." Courtney shot at her as she finally took her seat.

"I don't care." Stacy replied.

"Okay ladies that's enough." Mr. Green jumped in. "I understand why you're upset Courtney but let me explain why I've decided to give this a try. Miss Johnson has developed an unfortunate skin condition that is gradually getting worse every day. It appears this condition will render her unable to wear clothes for any length of time because apperantly it's painful for her. Because this is a handicap she would have grounds for a lawsuit if we discriminate against her and deny her right to finish her education."

"Bull!" Courtney said angrily. "I mean come on, I don't believe a court would rule that she has the right to come to school naked, even if she does have some weird condition."

"I wouldn't count on that." Emily jumped in. "Discrimination is discrimination no matter what it is, especially when it comes to disabilities."

"All right," Courtney began again, "say that is true. Why on earth would she want to come to school naked?"

"Why don't you answer that one Amanda?" Emily suggested to me.

I looked at her for a moment hoping she was kidding but it was obvious that she wasn't. What the fuck was I supposed to say? God what a bitch.

"God wants me to." I answered. "I feel what's happend to me is God's will and that this is part of his plan for me."

"All right I've heard enough." Courtney said throwing up her hands. "You're a sick girl Amanda and you need help."

"From those pictures I saw of you you're the one with the problem honey." Stacy told her and then laughed to herself. "I mean damn girl you must have been drunk or something that night."

"Ladies!" Mr. Green blurted inpatiently. "If you would just let me explain what I need from both of you then we can get this unpleasent moment over with." After they both quieted down he went on. "Thank you. The reason I asked both of you here is that since both of you represent a large portion of the student body I'd like your help in getting them prepared for Monday when Miss Johnson starts her... ordeal for lack of a better word. I need you both to explain why this is happening and try to get them to understand and accept this and maybe even sympathize with her. What I'm hopeing to avoid is a large scene, simular to the one this morning when those pictures of Miss Salvador surfaced, I don't want her being tormented or attacked in anyway like she was."

"I'm way ahead of you sir." Stacy told him. "I love Amanda and no way do I want her hurt either, and since I have so much clout with so many of the students here you can be assured that they'll behave."

"What are you going to do Stacy? Promise to have sex with everyone?" Courtney jabbed at her.

"No, I thought I'd have you do that." Stacy shot back.

"Ladies!" Mr. Green said again this time with a louder tone. "There is no way I'm going to help her with this." Courtney informed us. "She's on her own as far as I'm concerned."

"What would make you change your mind?" Emily turned to her and asked.

"There ain't nothing that would make me go along with this." Courtney replied.

"Have you forgotten about those pictures again you doofus." Stacy reminded her. "I think those will get your cooperation."

"No forget it." Emily jumped back in. "If she really doesn't want to take part in this then she doesn't have to. But I have all the faith in the world that by this time Monday she'll change her mind."

Mr. Green suddenly gave Emily a concerened look and I knew myself that Courtney may have just unknowingly dug herself a grave. For a second I almost felt sorry for her.

"Miss LeClaire I do think you should reconsider this." Mr. Green said to her almost pleadingly. "I think you just don't understand the ramifications here. Think if you were in the same boat as her."

"I'd jump out of that boat." she replied. "I certainly wouldn't come to school I can tell you that."

"It's okay." Emily informed us. "Let her go if she's going to be so pigheaded about this, but I want to be clear with you that if you start spreading shit about my girl here then those pictures Stacy have will be on the front page of the school paper, right Stacy?"

"Oh yeah." Stacy answered. "I'll make sure your beloved papa gets a copy of them too."

"Can I leave?" Courtney asked Mr. Green after giving Stacy a hateful expression.

"Yes you may." he answered. "Make sure you get a late slip before you go back to class."

Courtney then got up and stormed out of the office slamming the door behind her.

"Jesus what a bitch!" Emily said out loud. That was the pot calling the kettle black if I'd ever heard it.

"Ms. Murdoch." Mr. Green spoke softly to her. "Do you see the effect this is already having on my students?"

"Oh yes." She replied with a happy grin. "This is going to be fun."

"Stacy. Is there anything else you would like to add before I end this meeting?"

"Well there is but I'd like to tell it to you after they leave if that's alright with them."

"I have no problem with that." Emily told her. "I appriciate your willingness to help out Stacy."

"Anything for my precious pal." Stacy replied and then let go of my hand and put her arm around me. "That's the petname I thought up for you. You like it?"

"It's lovely." I said condecendingly.

"Good. Because I do mean I'd do anything to help you honeybunny."

"Okay Ms. Murdoch." Mr. Green began again. "I hope that this meeting was to your satisfaction."

"It was sir. My opinion of you has just gone up since yesterday and because I'm so grateful not only will I keep my word about your daughter but you'll be getting a nice reward for this too."

"No thank you Ms. Murdoch."

"Oh Mr. Green, I respect your nobility but I think you'll want this, I really do."

"What did you promise his daughter?" Stacy asked curiously.

"That's privliged info Stacy." Emily told her. "Nothing you'd find interesting anyway. You ready to go Amanda?"

I nodded my head as I desperately wanted out of there. With Courtney calling me fat and ugly and Mr. Green giving the green light for one of my worst nightmares to come true this had been a very unsettling meeting. Both myself and Emily stood up and began to leave but before Emily opended the door she turned to Stacy one last time.

"I really do like that outfit Stacy." She complimented her again. "It really works for you."

"This old thing." Stacy joked as she stood up and turned her back to Mr. Green. "I just pulled it out of the closet for old time sakes, but thank you very much."

"Do you have matching panties underneath?" Emily asked her which I thought was strange.

"What do you think?" Stacy said and then pulled up the front of her skirt to reveal that she wasn't wearing any panties. God even her hairless vagina was tan. "Does it match?"

"Very good Stacy." Emily winked at her and then gave Mr. Green a teasing grin. "Have a good day sir."

I was at a loss for words for a moment as we left Mr. Green's office and then made our way out into the hallway. I mean what the hell was last thing about?

"Why did you ask Stacy that about her underwear?" I asked her once we were alone in the hallway. "Just making sure she kept her promise to help you." Emily said grinning. "She's true to her word that she would do anything to make sure you get to do this isn't she?"

Part 75

The halls were empty as we walked toward the girl's locker room to talk with Gale. The first period still hadn't ended yet so everything was quiet for the moment. I couldn't help but wonder what was up with Stacy staying behind with Mr. Green.

"Are you making Stacy have sex with Mr. Green?" I asked Emily as we came up to the locker room door.

"I'm not making her no." Emily answered shaking her head. "Ashley informed me yesterday that she had asked Stacy how badly she wanted you to be able to attend classes nude and she told her she'd fuck Mr. Green if that's what it took. So last night before you and CJ arrived at the channel 12 building I told her on the phone that might be very helpful if she was serious and she said she'd do it. She's really into you honey and if Mr. Green ever gets out of line again we'll really have something to hold over his head."

"Are you going to give his daughter the antidote?"

"She's already taken some." Emily informed me as she opened the locker room door and followed me inside. "She'll have a few days where she'll be like you but it'll wear off quickly enough."

"How did you give it to her?" I asked hoping to get a clue as to what the antidote was.

"I think we need to restart the 'no questions' rule Amanda, especially when it comes to things like that."

The locker room was still empty and Gale wasn't in her office either. Emily poked her head out into the gym and waved at someone to come over which I assumed was Gale. I was right as Gale walked into the locker room but she wasn't alone; Missy and Danette were with her as well to my dismay. I remembered that they had watched the video of my visit to church last Sunday during Bible study and I dreaded how they were going to react.

"Amanda!" they both squealed loudly as the put their arms around me. "We were wondering where you were." Missy told me as she let go of her hug on me and started to rub my back just as Danette began rubbing my right thigh with her hand. "This is the second straight day you've missed class, it's not as fun without our buddy."

"We missed you at Bible study yesterday too." Danette added. "We were pissed that you weren't there at first but we're sure glad we stayed. I've never seen anyone take an oath of shame before or go to church naked, it was quite eye opening."

"I like your dress." Missy began again. "But I don't know if it's really shameful enough though, I think some adjustments need to be made to it. I think it should start with shortening your hem." Missy then lifted the bottom of my dress up several inches and exposed that I wasn't wearing any underwear.

"Now that's shameful." Danette proclaimed. "Boy you do have a pretty pussy. I wonder if it's as silky as the rest of your skin is."

I pushed Missy's hand away and pushed my dress back down before Danette could find out if her thought was true. I looked at Emily and Gale and gave them a look asking them to call them off of me.

"Okay girls." Emily jumped in. "You can play with her but no touching her womanhood, that's only for her hands."

"We're just holding her to her oath." Missy teased as she started to rub my other thigh. "Oh look her headlights are coming on, she must really like us Danni."

"Let's go in my office and discuss this ladies." Gale suggested to all of us. "The class will be coming in to shower soon and I think we need privacy."

Gale unlocked her office door and we all followed her inside. Once in I decided to sit down in one of the chairs so that maybe Missy and Danette would not bother me so much.

"You two haven't told anyone about her have you?" Emily asked the two girls.

"Well no." Missy answered her. "Your friend CJ called us last night including our friend Kaitlyn and told us all about what's going to happen on Monday."

"How did she get out phone numbers anyway?" Danette asked.

"She's very clever." Emily replied. "Anyway did she inform you what we would like from the three of you?"

"Oh hell yeah and we told her the answer is yes." Missy said excitedly. "I mean I would love to be one of her bodyguards here at school. I do have a hard time believing though that this is going to happen."

"Your beloved principal just gave us the go ahead." Emily informed everyone. "We're going to make history girls and Amanda is going to be a historical figure."

"Wow!" Danette said awe shocked. "I've had nightmares about coming to school naked, I couldn't imagine anyone doing this."

"I've had nightmares about you coming to school naked too Danni." Missy joked. "I think everyone here has."

"Yeah right. I'm hotter than you are."

"One thing though guys," Emily jumped back in "I did have to agree to have Amanda go back to her old class schedule so she won't be here first period anymore."

"What?" Gale burst in." Why did you agree to that?"

"Even I have to bend a little sometimes Gale." Emily responded. "You'll still get her for fifth period like you did before."

"I wanna transfer to fifth period gym." Missy blurted out. "Having gym class with Amanda has suddenly become my favorite part of the day."

"Mine too." Danette added.

"I sure don't like it." Gale grumbled. "I mean how am I supposed to watch her?"

"She'll be okay." Emily said shrugging her shoulders. "I'll make arrangements for her so that she'll be safe."

"I intend to do my part to keep an eye on her." Missy proclaimed. "Although I'm sure she'll have plenty of eyes on her."

"I know you will." Emily said to her. "Why don't you two go get changed and you can get started with your new job by escorting Amanda to her next class. Normally Stacy does that but she's going to busy for a bit. No pulling up her dress in the halls though, that's for next week."

"We're on the job boss." Danette said proudly as the two of them left the office to go change out of their gym clothes.

"You're going to let them be my bodyguards?" I whined to Emily. "Jesus, they can't keep their hands off of me, who's going to protect me from them?"

"Oh you're so dramatic Amanda." Emily scoffed. "They're just having fun with you is all, if they actually go too far they'll suffer the consequences. Anyway Amanda I wanted to let you know that since you were so good during the meeting today that you only have to go to your next two classes and then we'll let you go with your mother for the day. I imagine you'll be okay with that won't you?"

"I can leave with my mom?" I asked hoping I heard her right. "Can I go home with her too?"

"After you run an errand with her she can take you home for the evening. CJ and I will be there for dinner and everything, it'll be a nice night at home with your family as a reward for being so obediant."

"Wait a minute." Gale interupted. "You mean she's not coming to my health class today? I had plans for her there."

"Well you'll have to cancel them Gale because we have other plans for her."

"Well that's just great." Gale said angrily. "First you let her out of cleaning my living room yesterday, then you tell me her schedule is going back, and now I can't even do my plan for health class. Why the fuck am I getting stepped on here?"

"You're not being stepped on." Emily replied calmly to her. "She's still going to live with you and she's still going to be your maid when we're not using her so just calm your big self down. Besides she did clean your kitchen today and she'll clean more later. Really the only reason I'm having her go to those classes is because they're still going to be on her schedule next week so why not have her go?"

"I don't get a say in this do I?" Gale asked harshly.

"You're not the one paying the bills." Emily shot back at her. "Don't forget whose project this is and who makes the decisions about what Amanda does and doesn't do. Don't make me get nasty Gale."

"Can I say something?" I interupted them.

"Sure." Emily granted.

"I hate this!" I shouted and slammed my fists on the chair's armrest. "Do you guys hear yourselves? You're talking about me like I'm a piece of property and I'm not. I'm a human being who's never done anything to either of you and you're treating me like a prisoner. What you're doing is blasphemous and it's ruining my life, how can you be so evil?"

"Boredom I guess." Emily shrugged. "That and I love you so much that I need to control and humiliate you. Sorry. Anything else?"

"Please don't do this." I begged again "At least give me the antidote so that I can wear clothes sometimes when I'm not out in public. Please."

"I can't honey." Emily responded sympathetically. "We've already come too far and quite frankly the idea of you having to be naked all the time is just too sexy for me to pass up. I mean this last week has been one of the most exciting weeks for me in my whole young life and I want it to continue. I know it's not fair but neither is life."

"You know you're going to hell for this don't you?" I told her. "You both are."

"I was going to hell long before I met you sweetie." Emily confessed "I'm trying to make some heaven while I'm here."

"Myself I don't believe in God so what do I care." Gale added. "As far as I'm concerned I'm going to enjoy life while I have it, and if having you humiliated for my pleasure is what it takes then I'm doing it. Plus the benefits are really good."

"You both suck." I said angrily.

"That's probably what Stacy is doing right now." Emily joked. "In fact I want to go out to the van and see how that's going. After your third period Amanda just go out to parking lot and your mother should be waiting for you. Like I mentioned earlier you and she will have an errand to run but then the rest of the day is yours. You can even consider it time off for good behavior. How's that sound?"

"I guess I'll take what I can get." I answered sullenly.

"Cool." Emily said cheerfully. "I'm out of here and I'll see you both later on. Have a good day sweetie." Emily then bent down and kissed me on the lips, no tongue this time luckily, and then she left the office just as Missy and Danette came back in wearing their regular clothes.

"Is God's exhibitionist ready to go to class?" Missy teased me as she began to rub my shoulders. "You look so hot in that little dress I'm sure everyone in the halls will forget about Tess and her hairy beave from this morning and focus back on you."

"Boy that girl had enough hair down there to make a wig." Danette said jokingly. "Not like your hairless snatch Amanda."

They both stood me up and led me to the office door.

"My fourth period is going to miss you Amanda." Gale said behind me "But not as much as I will."

Part 76

I just needed to get through third period and then I could leave this place for the day. I'm glad to report that my second period went smoothly for once, I didn't have to take my skimpy dress off and I didn't have to do anything humiliating. The walk to second period though wasn't a lot of fun since I had to be escorted there by Missy and Danette. Not only did they walk rather slowly but I had to stand with them for what seemed like forever at their lockers while they chatted and got their books, I knew they were taking their time on purpose just to torture me and to let everyone walking by have a look at me for what could be the last time they'd see me wear something to school. At least one of the things they chatted about while I waited with them was what happend with Tess last night at Bible study.

"It was hilarious." Missy informed me. "Kaitlyn had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing out loud at everything."

"It wasn't easy for any of us to keep from laughing." Danette added as she giggled about it. "I mean when I first saw her sitting there with her parents in that little swimsuit thing with the crosses on it I thought maybe there was some kind of weird baptism going on. I mean who would wear that to a Bible meeting?"

"Then," Missy began again " after that Amber girl gave her little presentation about your slutty church vow we were told that Tess' dad had something to say. So he got up there in front of all of us and told everyone how he has been a God fearing man all his life and that he has worked hard to take care of his family and teach his kids right and wrong and what not. So then he goes on about how he does everything for his kids and when one of them strays then he'll do what is necessary to make sure they come back to the right path."

"He then had Tess stand up and join him in the front of the room," Danette jumped back in, "he had to prod her a bit but she finally got up and walked over to him in that unflattering looking little thing she had on which was a sight to behold in itself. He then told us about how he found a videotape in his mailbox recently that featured his daughter smoking marijuana in the school dugout during school hours. He then goes on that she was actually doing more than just smoking but that she was also openly cursing and hitting on another girl there who was naked but had her face blurred out, and Tess also was with her boyfriend and his homosexual male friend. You should have heard everyone there go 'oooooooh' when he said that last part."

"But that's not the kicker." Missy went on. "He then told us that someone then showed up at the dugout and offered Tess more pot if she took off all of her clothes and let everyone see her naked. He then told Tess to tell us all what answer she told this person and Tess starts crying and asked her father not to make her do this but he told her he was doing this for her own good and to tell us what she did. She then started stammering "I...I..I" for like five minutes or so and then finally blurts out "I took my clothes off." and then really started blubbering."

I could picture in my head the image of a nearly naked Tess bawling her eyes out in front of a whole group of Christians after her father made her confess something so embarrassing, it was an image I could sympathize with.

"At this point," Dannette jumped in again "Kaitlyn was practically holding her breath trying not to laugh while everyone else looked shocked beyond belief. I tell you if Bible study was like this all the time I'd never miss it."

"Totally." Missy agreed. "But that wasn't all. Tess' dad then did something I couldn't believe and still can't believe. He told Tess that in order to make things right for what she had done she had to undress right there and ask everyone for forgiveness."

"No way." I said to them in disbelief. "That can't be what he said."

"It's exactly what he said." Danette confirmed. "He told her if she could strip for marijuana she could strip for Christ. I know Kaitlyn really had to bite her toungue on that one."

"Tess begged 'Oh dad please no.' but he insisted, "MIssy took back over, "and no one got up to stop him so I guess it was cool with whoever was in charge because after he threatend to send her to a boarding school in Mexico if she didn't go through with it she dropped the suit and stood there butt naked with her black forrest bush out for all to see. I really wished I had camera with me but no one was allowed to take any pictures anyway but when we got home afterwards we found those pictures of her in our e-mail just like the rest of the class did. The one's that were printed and handed out really turned out well but must've cost a forune in ink for whoever did it."

"Did she ask everyone for forgiveness?" I asked wanting to know.

"Oh yeah." Missy answered me. "She asked over and over for forgiveness from everyone and her father hugged her and then other people lined up to hug her, including us, and she stood there naked while everyone walked up hugged and forgave her. I whishpered to her about how her lawn needed mowing when I hugged her which I do have to admit was pretty mean but I couldn't help it."

So that was what happend to Tess and I have to say that I felt bad for her that she had to go through that, I couldn't help thinking she went through something that was meant for me. I remembered this morning when her dad told Mr. Green that he was making her come back here on Monday which to me was inhumane, did he really think he was saving his daughter's soul when he makes her do that? I had to imagine that Em and CJ had something to do with her pictures ending up on everyone's e-mail, I couldn't understand why they had to do that, but nothing they ever do really seemed to make that much sense to me. They'd turned peoples lives upside down just so they could live out their sick little fantasies and think nothing of it.

Stacy didn't arrive for second period until about half way through class. The teacher was in the middle of his lecture when she just burst in through the door with a large smile on her face. She handed the teacher her late slip and then walked over and sat in the seat next to me and when I looked at her face she had a look of satisfaction on it. She smiled at me and gave me a wink and then sat there with her legs crossed for the rest of the class. I did notice though that her stockings on her legs had been pulled down to just below her knees. When class was over I left with Stacy before Missy and Danette could get there and I followed her into the bathroom and I asked her what happend with Mr. Green.

"I hope you took some notes for me during class," Stacy asked me while she checked her makeup in the bathroom mirror. "I didn' mean to be so late, I hope you weren't worried."

"What did you and Mr. Green talk about after Emily and I left his office?" I demanded to know as I ignored her question about the notes.

"This and that," she glibly replied "I basically wanted to make sure that he was comfortable with having you attend classes naked."

"And is he?" I asked further.

"He is now." She told me as she took out a small bottle of mouthwash out of her purse.

"Please tell me you didn't have sex with him Stacy."

"Not intercourse." she answered as she poured some mouthwash into a paper cup. "I mean I'm not a tramp or anything. I did let him touch my ass before I went down on him but other then that it was 'hands off'."

"Oh Stacy." I felt so disappointed in her. "You didn't need to do that, I certainly didn't want you too."

"It wasn't that big of deal." She said brushing it off. "He was actually rather reluctant at first but he is a man and he gave in after I how told him how hot I always thought he was. I was also very glad to see how clean and neat he keeps himself, makes it a lot easier for me that way. He did ask if Emily had put me up to this though but I told him 'no'. Boy by the way he came he must really have a lot of pent up stress inside of him, good thing I swallow."

"Gross!" I shouted at her as a mental image of what she just said ran through my head. "Stacy that's disgusting! I can't believe you would do something like that."

"I'd do anything to make sure that your right to come to school naked is in place." She told me passionately just before taking the mouthwash and rinsing her mouth out with it.

"I don't want you giving out sexual favors just to help me." I pleaded with her. "I mean it Stacy it's not right."

"Oh aren't you a sweetheart." She said to me with a big smile as she put the mouthwash away and went back to checking her makeup. "I wish I had gotten to know you a long time ago Precious. I have to tell you though the way I figure it is that what I just did with Mr. Green is nothing compared to what you're going to do on Monday when you come to school and attend all your classes wearing my favorite outfit of yours, nothing. I mean what I did was behind a desk out of view of anyone and only lasted a few minutes, but you'll be wearing nothing but your pretty face for an entire school day and everyone is going to see you, all of you, every solitary inch of you. Oh it just gets me hot just thinking about it. Even if you only do it one day it'll be worth it, I've dreamed about doing this for years and now you're going to do it for me, I couldn't think of much I would do to make sure that happens."

"You're sick Stacy." I told her. "Somebody must have done something to you once that wasn't good for you."

"Hey what can I say I have parents who are staunch liberals, so sue me Dr. Phil." She replied glibly. "You just make sure you follow through on Monday. Oh and by the way thank you so much for letting me have the party at your parents' house on saturday, you're a lifesaver." She then stepped up to me and gave me a tight embrace which I guess was out of gratitude. When she let go she continued, "I was so worried that I was going to have to cancel it because nothing else was available and to make it worse I had already ordered the food and decorations not to mention my costume and I would've had to pay for it all regardless. I promise I'll take care of all the arrangements and if there's any damage I'll pay for it, but there shouldn't be since I've never had much trouble in the past."

"Do I still have to come?" I asked her as I wished I didn't have to.

"Of course you do." she demanded. "You damn well better, and you better have a really good costume or we're going with my idea of having you be Eve. It's going to be a blast Precious and I want you to be a part of it."

It was at that time that Missy, Danette, and Kaitlyn came and found me. They informed me that I was supposed to wait for them between each class from now on and they would escort me to the next one. Stacy then informed them about the party and the change of location before she left and my three bodyguards escorted me to my English class.

I was glad when I sat down in my class that those two girls who usually sat in front of me weren't there, maybe today I wouldn't have to hear about how one of their family members saw a naked girl running around. I was also glad that when we walked through the hall not many people paid much attention to me like they had the last few days. It seemed that those pictures of Tess from the dugout were still the main topic of conversation amongst everyone. While I stll felt very bad for Tess I had to admit that it was nice to have a break from being the center of attention, especially since I knew that would all change by Monday or sooner if things didn't change soon.

I noticed that my dress hadn't gotten hot and I prayed silently that it would hold out for at least the rest of this class and until I left with my mom. After I took out and opened my English book I was disappointed to see that the two girls had made it after all and when they saw me they were grinning from ear to ear. I hoped class would start before they could talk to me.

"Oh my God have you seen those pictures of Tess Salvador?" the first girl asked the second one as they both sat down in front of me in class.

"I sure have." the second one answered. "Are all Mexican women as hairy as her down there?"

"I don't know but she sure has a bird's nest growing around her crotch doesn't she," the first one replied. "Did your brother get his pictures back from the other night by the way?"

"You mean the one's from when he went to the nightclub?"


"No, they didn't turn out I guess. I'm sure my brother messed up the camera somehow."

"That sucks. That means he didn't have the naked girl he said he saw there."

"I know, and occording to how he described her she sure wasn't Tess."

"You know what though? My aunt told us last night that she saw that girl again yesterday afternoon getting pulled over by the police."

"She did?"

"Yes. She said she knew it was the same girl because she was driving the same white Toyota she had the first time she saw her but this time she had no pubic hair like before."

"Did she ask her if she knew that she was naked again?"

"Not this time."

"Did the cops take the girl away?"

"I guess so. When they came back around to see her again her car was still there but she was gone. Isn't that weird?"

"It sure is weird. With Tess and this other girl people seem to have a problem with wearing clothes around here lately."

I was pretending to read my English book when they both turned around to face me. God I wanted class to start now because I didn't want to talk to them.

"Amanda?" the first one began. "You do still drive a white Toyota don't you?"

"Yes." I answered her quietly as I continued looking at my book.

"You didn't get pulled over while you were driving naked yesterday did you?" I didn't know what it was but there was something about the way she asked me this question that caused something in me to snap and I found myself giving an answer different from the one I told myself to say.

"Yes." I said to her as I looked up from my book and met their gaze. "Yes I was pulled over while I drove my car naked, is that what you want to hear?"

The shock on their faces was hard describe but it was obvious that my answer wasn't what they were expecting.

"And just to let you both know," I found myself going on as a feeling of sudden power came over me, "yes I was the one that your brother saw dancing naked at the 'Brass Monkey', yes I was the one in the pictures that your cousin from Medford found in his e-mail, yes I was the one who streaked the football game last Saturday, and yes I was the one that your looney aunt saw driving around town last Thursday morning. Please do me the favor of letting her know that I was fully aware of how naked I was but I appriciate her asking."

Both of them just looked at me with their mouths hanging open from the surprise of what I confessed. I don't know what it was but somehow I felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders and I actually felt in control for the first time in over a week. As the teacher began teaching class the two girls reluctantly turned back around and faced the front of the class and seemed to not know what to think of what I just told them. Unfortunaltely for me after awhile my feeling of control began to slip away as it occured to me that if Emily or CJ were listening to what I had just told these two girls then I might be in trouble with them. Suddenly the more I thought about the more insecure I began to feel, oh God I hoped they weren't mad at me.

When class finished I tried to hurry and put my book in my bag and get out of there before the two girls said anything to me but they both got up and sat down on both sides of me before I could accomplish this.

"Amanda?" the first one said to me in a soft voice. "What's going on with you?"

"I have to go." I said to her and tried to get up but they both stopped me and had me continue to sit.

"Show her the picture Lisa." the first one told the second one.

Lisa then opened her folder and showed me a printed out color photo of me standing in the shower in the girls' locker room, it was one of the first pictures of me that was taken last week. My will to stand up and leave suddenly left me and I could do nothing but just sit back in my chair.

"We found your website last Sunday." Lisa explained to me. "We've been sort of fucking with you the last few days trying to figure out what you're doing."

"We've been watching you as well." the first one added. "I have to ask you why are doing this?"

I didn't know what to tell them. I knew that I was probably being listened in on and I didn't want to tell them the wrong thing.

"Have you shown those to anyone?" I found myself asking hoping to deflect her question.

"No we haven't." Lisa answered. "Terry and I have decided that we wanted to see what you're up to first. Now if you don't mind would you answer her question and tell us why you're running around in public naked."

I found myself stammering to try and give them an answer but I said nothing comprehendable. It was then that my bodyguards arrived.

"Ready to go Amanda?" Missy asked as the three of them stood in the doorway. "We're supposed to take you to the front of the school so you can meet your mother there."

"Can we have a minute?" Terry asked them.

"I don't know, we don't want to be late." Missy replied.

"One minute please." Terry asked again sounding respectful.

"Okay but no more than that." Missy insisted. "We'll be out here Amanda, don't keep us waiting."

After the three of them stepped out both Terry and Lisa moved closer to me so they could speak more quietly...

"Is someone forcing you to do this?" Lisa asked me point blank.

I just froze from fear of how to respond to that, and unfortunately my hesitation gave away the answer.

"She is being forced." Terry proclaimed. "Oh my God Amanda are you okay?"

"No is forcing me to do anything." I answered her and tried my best to sound sincere.

"Oh please." Terry scoffed. "It's written all over your face Amanda, don't try to lie."

"No really," I insisted as I began to feel panic rising inside of me. "no one's making me do anything. I'm doing it because I want to, it's fun."

"Yeah I believe that, just like I believe that Britney Spear's marriage to that faggy Justine Timberlake wannabe is going to last." Lisa said sarcastically. "Someone's making you do these things and we think it's B.S." They both then put their hands on my hands and then gave a strong look of concern and compassion, something I wasn't expecting from these two. I was tempted to give in to their sympathy but knew I couldn't.

"We want to help you." Terry went on. "I know you're scared and you're probably worried about telling us anything but we want you to know that we're going to be watching you and we're going to do what we can to stop whoever's doing this to you."

"No one's doing anything to me." I continued to insist. "I'm doing this because God wants me to."

"Stop it." Lisa cut me off. "There is no way someone like you is doing the things we've seen you do on your own."

"I have to go." I said as pulled my hands away from them and managed to stand up before they could stop me. "Please just leave this alone I know what I'm doing."

"It's going to be okay Amanda." Terry said to me kindly and smiled before I turned away and rushed out the door.

I couldn't help but feel that somehow things might have suddenly gotten even worse. It was a good time to get the hell out of this school.

Part 77

I was so glad to see my mother parked out in front of the school waiting for me, I was so ready to get away from this school and I was secretly hoping that somehow or another I wouldn't have to come back. I knew that the next time I did come here it was very possible that I would be naked and have to attend classes like that, something I desperately want to aviod.

"Is that your mom Amanda?" Missy asked me as her, Danette, and Kaitlyn stood all around me after walking me out here. The three of them were rubbing their hands over my back, arms, and legs while we stood there, which was another reason I was glad to see my mother.

"Yes it is." I answered her as I tried to pull away from them. "I have to go."

"I'd like to meet your mom." Kaitlyn said to me and the other two added that they would like that too.

"I don't really have time." I replied. "We're supposed to run an errand."

"Doing what?" Danette asked.

"I don't know I was just told that I was." I told them and again tried to pull away from them. "Besides don't you guys have class or something to go to?"

"I think we can take a minute to say hello to your mother." Missy said smugly. "I mean the three of us are going to spending so much time together we should get to know your family."

"Can you at least keep your hands off me?" I asked them as we headed to where my mom was parked. "She might get the wrong idea or something."

"Are you ashamed of us?" Kaitlyn asked me in a mocking tone. "And after all we've done for you."

"She's supposed to be ashamed, remember?" Danette added teasingly. "This just means we're holding her to her oath."

The three of them laughed as my mother got out of the car and came around it to meet us as we got there, I was able to finally pull away from the three of them and I gave my mom a hug.

"Awwww..." the three of them said in unison and then Missy followed with "That's so touching."

"Hi Mrs. Johnson." Kaitlyn said to my mother in a fake cheery voice after we let go of each other. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Kaitlyn and these are Missy and Danni and we're friends of your daughter and we think she is awesome."

"Is that true Amanda?" My mother asked me.

"Yes." I told her weakly.

"How long have you been friends with my daughter?" she asked the three of them.

"Oh for a long time." Missy answered. "We feel really bad about her condition and the fact that she won't be able to wear clothes to school anymore so we volunteered to be her bodyguards from now on."

"That's right." Dannette jumped in. "We want to make sure that no one mistreats her or puts their hands on her or anything like that."

"Do you three know Emily and CJ?" my mom asked unimpressed.

"You mean the blonde with the black friend?" Missy asked. "We met them once or twice, nice girls they are."

My mother rolled her eyes at hearing that and then opened the passenger side door on the car for me. "Lets go Amanda." she said to me. "I'm sure you'd like to get out of here and so would I."

I got inside the car and closed the door and I expected my mother to come around and get in herself but when I looked out she was still standing in front of the three girls.

"In the future I'd like it very much if you three wouldn't molest my daughter like you were doing when you came out of the building." mom said to them in a harsh tone, one similar to the one she used to use with me and my brother when we were in trouble. "She's not like that and I'm sure she doesn't like it and neither do I."

"By the looks of her nipples I'd say she didn't mind it too much." Missy replied daringly. "Besides have you felt her skin, it feels wonderful."

"I don't care." my mother shot back. "Knock it off."

"Mom." I said to her through the car window. "Let's just go okay."

I was worried that with my mom making a scene that she would make things worse and I could tell from the looks in the girl's eyes that they weren't afraid of her, in fact Kaitlyn looked downright amused. My mom begrudingly turned away from them and came around and angrily got into the car.

"Nice meeting you Mrs. Johnson." Missy mockingly said to her and gave us a phony wave. "I'll see you at the party on Saturday Amanda if not sooner. Hope you have a good costume."

My mom immediately turned on the engine and drove away from them. I could see in my rearview mirror the three of them talking to each other as they walked back to the school, probably making fun of my mother for standing up to them.

"You okay mom?" I asked her as I noticed how upset she was.

"No." she answered. "I can't believe that I let this happen to you. How long have you really known those three?"

"Too long." I answered glibly. "They're not my friends I can tell you that."

"Do they usually touch you like that?"

"Yes. All the time. They seem to love how my skin feels. I do have to tell you though mom that you shouldn't confront them like that though, it might make Emily and CJ mad and they'll take it out on me."

"I'm sorry dear but I can't help it." she replied frustrated. "You're my daughter and I don't want to see you mistreated like that."

"I know Mom but there isn't much that we can do right now other than go along with it. You know what kind of things those two have on us."

"I know and I want to kill both of them for it." My mother confessed. "I can't believe they fooled me like they did and we let them move into our house. Fucking bitches."

"Mom." I began as I began rubbing the collar around my neck with my fingers. "I should tell you that I'm bugged and they can listen in to our conversation."

"What?" she yelled.

"They have a mic in my collar which lets them listen to everything I do." I explained. "You'll have to watch what you say mom because they may hold it against you later."

"That stupid thing around your neck is a microphone? Can you take it off?"

"No it's locked on. It's something that they say they had made for me and it also tracks where I am as well as beeps when I'm trying to hide myself from someone. I think the cross is to make people think I'm actually religious."

"Good Lord those two are crazy. Where do they get shit like that?"

"I don't know but they do." I answered her. "It's like they came from the Twilight Zone or something. Mom they really have me under their thumb so please don't start making more trouble for us, we're stuck for now."

"I can't believe that." she responded angrily. "I'd sure like to meet their mothers and tell them what I think about how they raised them."

"I'd like to do more than that." I added. "I'd like to see them get ran over if truth be told. They got the principal to give the okay for me to come to school naked on Monday mom, I'll have to attend all of my classes like that for the rest of the year."

"I know I watched from the van." she replied. "I wanted to go in and smack that Courtney girl for saying you were ugly. I can't believe Emily got him to go along with this, she must really know how to dig up dirt on people."

Just then I heard a cell phone ring from my mother's pocket.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Emily made me take it." she informed me. "She said for me to keep it at all times so that they can get a hold of us. I wanted to throw it at her." She then took the phone out and answered it. "Hello. Yes. Because they were practically molesting her. If you want her to remain a virgin then why would you allow that? Nothing you do makes sense. I'm going there now. Yes. Yes. Wouldn't dream of it. Because I don't like you is why, why do you think I would? Those aren't the kinds of friends I had in mind for her. Fine I'll work on my attitude. Fine."

She then handed the phone to me and told me Emily wanted to talk to me.

"Hello." I said into the phone after I took it from my mother.

"Hey sweetie." Emily's said pleasently. "Good call getting your mom under control with your bodyguards, we don't want them getting the wrong idea about you."

"I did to keep her out of trouble."

"Smart move. I do have to say though that your conversation with those two girls in your English class was a bit troubling to me though."

"What was I supposed to do?"

"Not tip them off that we're forcing you to do this for one." she replied which caused me to worry that she was mad at me. "We'll take care of it but in the future just take the abuse."

"I didn't mean to tip them off."

"I know but this is too important to us for you to have a big mouth."

"I'm sorry."

"I know you are. Anyway I'm going to need to have you take off the dress and throw it out the window, we're broadcasting you right now and our members want you naked and frankly so do I."

"Throw it out the window?" I repeated. "It seems like an expensive dress."

"It is but that's not important. What's important is that our members get what they pay for so off it goes. Do it now and I'll wait for you."

"Can't I just wear this until it gets too hot?"

"Let me think... hell no. Get it off now."

I put down the phone and took a deep breath as my mother looked at me to see what was up. I rolled down my window as far as it would go and knowing I had no choice I quickly slipped the dress over my head and reluctantly threw it out of my window. I watched in my rearview as it blew away down the road behind us.

"What did you do that for?" my mother asked me astonished.

"Why do you think," I replied bitterly. I then picked back up the phone and told her it was done.

"I know very good." Emily praised. "I have to say that you look better this way. I want you to keep your legs open a couple of inches so that we can see up there a bit, make sure you do this all the way to Salem."

"What's in Salem?" I asked.

"A mission for you and your mom." she answered patronizingly.

Part 78

"I can't believe we have to do this." My mother said nervously after she turned off the car engine. "I just can't believe it."

"Mom that's the at least twenty times you've said that now," I pointed out to her as I slumped and huddled in my seat trying to keep out of view of all the people walking through the parking lot. Dammit the lot looked packed, that meant the store must have been full of customers and I was going to have to go in and walk around all of them like this.

"I'm sorry but I'm really having a hard time getting used to the fact that I'm being forced to make my daughter go grocery shopping naked in a busy store like Winco." My mother said angrily. "Not only that but I'm not only supposed to watch you do this but I'm supposed to film you doing it as well. Did Emily inform you what she's threatening if I don't do a good job of filming you?"

"No." I answered timidly.

"She said that I won't be allowed contact with you for a month," she told me as she looked me square in the eye. "A month. She said that I would only be allowed to be watch you on your website and that you wouldn't be permitted to see me at all."

"I don't like that mom." I told her as I became fearful of being separated that long from my family. "They can do it too. We just need to get through this mom."

"I don't know if I can." she replied shaking her head.

"We have to." I told her plainly and then asked her "Did she tell you what she meant when she said you had to do a good job, what's a good job?"

"That I had to get as good of shots of you as I can and that I have to make sure and get all of you in it, including some close up shots of your... privates."

"Oh mom I'm so sorry." I said to her sympathetically.

"Don't apologize Amanda." she again looked me in the eye. "This is my fault that I brought those two into our lives not yours. I'm actually being kind of selfish, you're the one that has to walk around the store naked and fill out the shopping list. Did they tell you that we're not supposed to talk to each other unless it's an emergency and I'm not allowed to interfere if someone hassles you?"

"Yes they did," I answered her. "They also said they have connections to this store mom so they probably already have several things set up to make sure the employees won't give me any trouble. Just do what you're supposed to do mom and we'll get through this together; just try not to think that I'm your daughter while you're doing that."

"Like that's possible."

Just them mom's cell phone rang from inside her pocket. She gave me a look of disgust as she took it out and put it up to her ear.

"Hello." she said into it. "Yes we are. We were about to. Can't we have a few minutes to get things straight? Do we have a choice? All right. I have it right here I'll give it to her before we get out. Okay. We are." She then angrily turned off the phone and put it back in her pocket. "We have to go Amanda, someone's impatient."

She then reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper and handed it to me. It was a grocery list of the things I had to pick up inside the store and it was much longer than I would have liked, although nothing on the list was what I would've liked. Mom reached behind her seat and pulled out an expensive looking digital video camera and turned it on.

"I don't want to do this Amanda." she said in a low and sad sounding voice.

"I don't either mom." I replied and squeezed her hand. "I'm not even allowed to hurry, I have to take to my time while I'm doing this."

"I hate those two."

"Me too. Lets go mom."

I looked out at the parking lot as I placed my hand on the door and saw that several people were walking by us in both directions and would easily take notice of me when I get out of the car. I closed my eyes and swallowed hard before I made myself open the door and step out. I heard the sounds of gasps behind me as I closed the door but I decided not to look at anyone but instead I just kept my head down and began walking towards the store.

"What on earth?" I heard a female voice beside me shout. "What are you doing?"

I tried to ignore her by not answering and I glanced slightly behind to make sure my mom had gotten out and was following me, which she was. I hoped she was getting everything, I didn't want to wait a month to see her again.

"Mommy that girl is naked, she's naked mommy," a child's voice rang out from in front of me. "Look mommy I can see her boobies."

"Don't look at her Timmy," a woman, probably his mother shouted at him. "Shame on you girl."

"Sorry." I said under my breath as I felt myself get hot with embarrassment despite the cool air blowing on me.

"Mommy she has no hair down there." the boy went on. "How come you have hair down there and she doesn't mommy?"

A chorus of laughter erupted all around me as people found that amusing. I tried to stay focused on getting to the entrance of the store but I had to stop and wait for a car to drive through first before I could get to the curb. I made myself look up to the sky as it drove passed me instead of seeing the looks of the faces inside of it. I had a feeling though that I wasn't going to be able to avoid seeing people's looks for long.

"Damn look at the mule on that girl." A man's voice from behind me said. I wasn't sure quite what that meant but I was sure it was insulting. "It's really out there, and look how it jiggles."

Once the car had gone by I quickly scampered across and dodged into the entrance of the store. It just didn't feel right standing naked around all of those carts like that; it just felt so unnatural. I grabbed a cart and waited a few seconds for my mom to get in the store and then with great hesitation I pushed the empty cart into the main store area. I once remembered seeing an episode of MASH with my father where Hawkeye made a bet with BJ that he could walk naked from their tent and have lunch in the mess hall and no one would notice, and what I remembered most about that is that he almost won. He was able to walk by several people and no one noticed he was naked. I didn't quite have the luck that Hawkeye did because no more than two seconds went by before a mix of screams and laughter broke out from the other costumers inside the store. I again tried to lower my gaze but in order to maneuvor around everyone I had to look where I was going which in turn caused me to have to see all the bemused looks on most of them. Oh God there were families of people here as well as several elderly folks, great. Oh no all this attention was getting me aroused again, I could feel myself getting damper with each step I took. I just had to stay focused; if I just looked at the list and got the things on it then I could leave and hopefully never come back.

"Remember when you used to have a body like that Mildred?" An elderly man asked his wife as I walked by them.

"That was several years and children ago dear." she chided. "Plus my legs were never that long. Oh look at the mole on her back, my sister had one right about there too."

Okay the list said I needed lettuce, two heads it said. Where was the lettuce? There it was; it would have to be all the way against the wall wouldn't it? I walked by two Winco employees who took notice of me but instead of stopping me they just nodded their heads at me and watched me pass. There were two other women standing in front of the lettuce who both jumped back when I pushed up next to them and grabbed a plastic bag for the lettuce.

"Oh my God what are you doing?" the older one asked. Hadn't someone already asked me that?

"I'm getting some lettuce." I told her as I put two heads in the bag and then put them in the cart.

"Are you like trying to live an organic lifestyle or something?" the younger one asked as her eyes went up and down my body.

"Shouldn't you excersise more if you're going to that too?" the older lady added. "I mean that's a pretty soft tummy you got there, soft thighs too."

I quickly pulled away from them without answering and looked back down at the list for any more fruits or vegetables. Mushrooms, cabbage, and potatoes. Cool they were all right there.

"Isn't it unsanitary for you to be around all this stuff." a lady with her husband asked me. "I mean what if you get a pube on something?"

"I don't think she has any pubes honey." her husband pointed out to her. "I don't think you'll have to worry."

"You would notice that." she shot at him while giving him a playful elbow. "I suppose you noticed how clean her ass is too?"

"Now that you mention it," he said jokingly.

I found myself clenching my butt together harder after hearing that. I felt I was clean back there but I didn't want anyone to take too close a look to make sure. As I grabbed the stuff I noticed my mom off to the side with the camera pointed at me, God this must have been tough for her. With everyone looking at me though, it seemed that no one even noticed what my mom was doing, which was good for her anyway. God I was getting wet down there, I hoped no one noticed.

I managed to fill about a third of the list without having too much trouble. Yeah everyone kept looking at me and making more comments which made me blush even more but at least no one really hassled me. The problem that I was having was that in my head I knew that someone was looking at me every second which not only made me more ashamed but more aroused as well. I did my best to keep my legs close together while I moved so that no one would notice how I was starting drip down there, unfortunately the feeling of my thighs rubbing together made me that much hornier. I was really embarrassed when a small group of handsome young men dressed in suits who were shopping in the same aisle I was took notice of me. I looked away from them and tried pretend they weren't there but they approached me which forced me to accept that they were.

"Are you Amanda?" one of them asked me while I had my head turned from them. A new rush of adrenaline flowed over me from hearing them say my name. Oh God they knew who I was and now I could feel them standing all around me. I tried to say something but I couldn't get any words out, instead I just grabbed two bags of Bear Creek soup mix that were on the list and put them in my cart and then looked around for my mother who was standing at the end of the aisle filming us.

"You are aren't you?" another one of them asked. "Wow this is great. We're big fans of what you're doing. Can we talk with you for a minute?"

"I'm not trying to be rude or anything but I'm in a bit of a hurry to get this done." I answered them timidly and tried push my way past them. My legs were getting wobbly which made it hard for me to move very fast.

"We can talk while you're shopping." the same guy suggested. "We promise we won't hold you up."

"What do you want to talk about?" I asked them.

"Well we're members of the Mormon church and we were hoping maybe we could speak to you about your faith and how we can help you get your message out to people."

"I'm not Mormon." I told them.

"Nobody's perfect." the guy with short blonde hair joked.

"We found your website the other day." the guy with the short black hair began. "We search the net for indecent material so that we can let others know what to avoid and when we came across your site we figured it was just more of the same until Johnny here actually read what you were all about."

"I thought it was a joke at first." the guy with the short brown hair jumped in, I assumed he was Johnny. "I mean who would believe God wanted someone to live a life of shame to help encourage others to look at their own shame, but after seeing that you were a virgin and that you took an oath in a church in front of God and Jesus and the fact that you have been sticking to your plan makes me believe it and I have to say I found it rather inspirational."

"Thank you." I said weakly and again tried to move faster so that I could get away from them.

"No, thank you." he replied. "Normally we would frown on something like this, you being naked all the time and what not, but it's obvious that this makes you uncomfortable and yet you still do it which means you believe in what you're doing and that God is your motivation."

I wanted to scream at them that God was not my motivation to do this but that I was doing this because two insane women had taken control of my life and were forcing me to do this. I looked up at the four of them for a second and then looked back away. God all of them were handsome and here I was standing in between all them not wearing a damn thing. All of their eyes must have been all over me and there was nothing I could do to hide myself from them, which in turn was making my nipples harder and getting me that much more unvoluntarily aroused. I was going to lose my mind pretty soon if this kept up.

"What was it exactly that made you decide that you needed to do this?" the blonde guy asked.

I wracked my brain to try and remember what it was that I was supposed to say in a situation like this, I wasn't even sure if I was told what I should do if asked something like this. Then I remembered something. "I felt guilty for not feeling ashamed for the sins I had committed." I answered them trying to sound believable. "I kept having dreams about Jesus and how he died for us and how I was taking that for granted."

"Really? But why nudity?"

"Because what could be more shameful?" God I hated that I had to explain this as if it was my idea.

"Good point." Johnny agreed. "I must admit that I do feel my own sense of shame just walking here next to you. I think you're right that not enough people in the world today feel ashamed of the awful things they do and that could be why the world is in such turmoil now than ever before."

"Oh I agree." the black haired guy jumped in. "That's why I think what you're doing is so brilliant despite the fact I've always been raised to think of this as something dirty. I see nothing dirty about you Amanda and I feel good about that."

"Great." I said trying to sound sincere. "Glad I could help. Um I really have a lot of shopping to do so I don't mean to be rude but..."

"Is there any way we can get together with you to talk more about this?" Johnny asked.

"I don't know. I'm really very busy most of the time with school and all." I said hoping to avoid having to meet with them.

"We can work with your schedule."

"I don't know right now what my schedule is." I replied truthfully, Lord knew what I was going to be doing later. "I just can't make commitments right now since I don't know if I can keep them."

"Fair enough." the blonde guy conceeded. "I imagine you are busy. When we went on the site yesterday it was so full we kept getting kicked out, you've really made a connection with people with this."

God he was good looking! If circumstances were different I could see myself pretending to be Mormon just to go out with him. Shit I was sounding like a slut all of a sudden. I wished I could control my arousal, I could feel my wetness slowly starting to run down my legs from this and I would just die if someone noticed it. I glanced behind me and saw my mother was still there filming me, I hoped she was doing a good job so the goddesses wouldn't punish us.

"Is that person with the camera working for your site?" Johnny asked me referring to my mom.

"Yes she does." I answered figuring I shouldn't tell them who she really was. "Can one of you guys hand me that jar of Alfredo sause please?"

"Sure." the black haired guy grabbed it and put it in my cart for which I thanked him. "Can I hand the lady back there one of my cards? We want you to have it in case there's anything we can do for you to help your cause. We all think you're very cool and we'd like to help if we could."

I bet they did. A naked girl who was into God, that must have been a churchgoing guy's wetdream.

"Yes you may." I told him. "It was nice to meet you guys, take care of yourselves."

Before they could try and stop me again I summoned up my strength and pushed myself past them and hurried around the corner to the next aisle. When I stopped to grab a bag of pasta I took a deep breathe to try and calm myself from the excitement of being naked and surrounded by a bunch of cute guys.

I'd had dreams like this before but they were more enjoyable than that was. I really wished all of this was just a bad dream so I wouldn't have to keep living this. I closed my eyes and said a silent prayer to myself asking God to help me through this and to get me out of it. When I opened my eyes I couldn't believe who I saw walking towards me.

"Amanda?" my fifth grade teacher Mrs. Mesner asked me in an unsure tone. "Amanda Johnson is that you?"

Oh I wanted to die right then.

"Hello Mrs. Mesner." I said to her trying to sound as friendly as I could, which wasn't easy since she was never one of my favorite teachers in grade school. "I haven't seen you in a long time."

"I can't say I've ever seen this much of you before." she retorted in all too serious tone as she took in my full nudity up close. "I can't imagine why it is you would ever think it's okay for a young lady like yourself to walk around a grocery store in the middle of the day with no clothes on, but perhaps you'll enlighten me as to why you are doing so."

I suddenly felt like I was a little kid again in her class and she was asking me to answer a question about an assignment I didn't finish. She always had a way of making me feel like I had broken the law or something. As I struggled for a reply to her question I noticed that other shoppers had overheard what Mrs. Mesner had asked me and seemed themselves to be waiting for me to give an answer. Many of them had scowls on their faces while others watched me with seeming great amusment. God I felt enclosed standing there in the narrow aisle with all these people. I just wished I could move on.

"Are you going to answer me?" Mrs Mesner demanded calmly.

"I uh... I'm a nudist now." I shamefully answered her.

"A nudist?" she said disbelievingly.

"Yes," I answered her again.

"Amanda," she began using the same tone she used to use with me several years ago, "you always puzzled me when you were my student. You were plenty bright enough for someone at your age but it always seemed to me that there was something just slightly off about your personality. Was there something going on at home during that time that we didn't know about?"

"What do you mean?" I asked not sure of the direction she was going. I wished that guy over there would stop staring at my crotch, I didn't want to even think about how wet I was down there.

"I hope this doesn't hurt your feelings but I always found you to be a bit odd, with you always being so much of a loner and not being interested being a part of what the other students were participating in, I wondered if there wasn't something wrong going on with your family at home. Were your parents doing something that maybe they shouldn't have?"

Oh my God she was not implying that I was abused was she? This was not something I was prepared to deal with right now.

"No." I answered her feeling blindsided by the question.

"Are you sure?" she inquired some more. "I understand if you don't want to talk about it here we could go to a more secluded spot to talk."

As much as I wanted to be somewhere more secluded I didn't want to be there with her. I couldn't believe she had the nerve to think something like this. Oh yeah, I was naked in a grocery store, I guess that was kind of weird.

"I don't really have time to talk with you right now Mrs. Mesner." I said in what I knew would be a useless attempt to get her to drop this. "I have a few more things to pick up and then I can be on my way."

"Why are you naked?" she asked me without batting an eye. "I'm afraid I'm having trouble understanding why you feel that even as a nudist it would be at all appropriate to shop in a public place without any clothes on."

"I'm a full time nudist." I answered her instictively. "I'm naked all the time."

"Aren't you still in school?" she asked plainly.

"This is my senior year." I said in almost a whisper.

"And do you go to class naked then since you're a full time nudist?"

"I... I will be starting Monday."

Her face just went blank when I told her this, I don't think she was expecting that answer. I hoped that wasn't something I was supposed to keep a secret.

"You're going be to be attending your high school classes naked?" she asked in an attempt to make sure she had heard me correctly.

"Yes." I answered weakly as I noticed the others watching us seemed to be in disbelief as well.

"Were you molested as a child Amanda?" Mrs. Mesner asked me point blank. "It seems to me that your type of behavior is consistent with someone who was sexually abused at home. Would I be correct in assuming this?"

"No!" I shouted at her. "That is not at all true and this is not the place to be asking something like this."

"But it's the right kind of place to be shopping naked in front of dozens of people." she shot back calmly. "Obviously Amanda something's going on at home that isn't healthy for you and I believe this is a cry for help."

"I've heard of that," a middle aged man standing behind Mrs. Mesner agreed. "I've heard of people being molested when they were children and then acting out sexually when they get older as a way of dealing with the bad memories."

"I wasn't molested." I insisted as I raised my voice in frustration. "My parents never touched me, well except to spank me when I got in trouble when I was little."

"Did your father do the spanking?" Mrs. Mesner asked me with a serious look in her eyes.

"Sometimes... I mean... ewwwwe." I said as I understood what she was meaning. "It wasn't like that. You're perverting this whole thing, I wasn't molested and I'm not acting out."

"You're shopping naked, this is already perverted." she pointed out to me as if I had forgotten. "And according to what you told me earlier you're going to be going to school naked soon. Does that sound like normal healthy behavior to you?"

"I have a skin condition all right." I growled at her in hopes this would get her to back off. "My skin gets very irritated when I wear clothes for too long so I have to be naked all the time."

"Okay now I'm really convinced that something is wrong with you." She replied unphased. "You're rationale is all over the place, I really think you're crying for help."

"Oh good God would you get out of my way." I said to her and then tried to move my cart around her. "You're the craziest teacher I ever had."

"Is that your mother holding that video camera?" she asked me as I was about to walk by her. "Is she filming you do this?"

Oh God I forgot about mom back there. Mrs. Mesner was really going to think something was wrong at home now. I couldn't let her talk to her.

"That's not my mother you stupid bitch." I said to Mrs. Mesner as I blocked her from approching my mother. "For the record what goes on with me and my family is none of your business but just to let you know they took good care of me and never harmed me in any way."

"Amanda how dare..." she began to argue back before I cut her off.

"If you really wanna know what makes me so fucked up that I would shop naked in front of all these people is people like you interefering with my life." I shouted at her harshly which actually made her take a step back. "I mean Jesus you were the worst fucking teacher I ever had, with your drawn out narratives and your overbearing way of getting answers out of people it's amazing if we ever learned anything useful. In fact let me ask you, what was going on in your home life that makes you so miserable that you need to upset other people's lives for? Not getting any from Mr. Mesner anymore?"

"That's enough Amanda." she scowled at me just as one of the store managers got between us.

"What's going on here ladies," he asked us in a professional matter.

"This lady is upsetting my shopping expirience." I told him angrily as I continued to block her view of my mother.

"Have you been bothering this young lady ma'am?" he asked Mrs. Mesner.

"I asked her why she was walking around here naked yes." she replied confidently.

"So then you did start this argument that the two of you were having?" he continued to ask.

"Well I approched her yes but that's because she's naked and I wanted to know why."

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave ma'am." he said to plainly. "I can't have you harrassing the other customers."

"What?" she said stunned. "I'm not harrassing anyone, she's naked for goodness sakes."

"We are aware of Miss Johnson's condition ma'am." he went on "She is a welcome customer here and you should be ashamed of yourself for being so non-understanding."

"Her condition? So this is okay with you?"

"Unlike you she behaves herself and hasn't bothered any other customers." he replied which gave me a rush of new esteem. "Now I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to come with me now ma'am."

"She's naked." Mrs. Mesner pointed out again. "How is it that she can do this but I'm the one who has to leave?"

"Blame it on progress ma'am." he said glibly to her and began to lead her away.

"You need help Amanda." she said to me as she walked away. "Someday you'll realize that and I hope you'll get it."

I'd realized for awhile that I needed help, not the kind she meant but I needed help just the same. I couldn't believe I'd just called Mrs. Mesner a stupid bitch. I remembered my brother referring to her as one when he had her for a teacher and always wished I could call her one too and now I just did, damn that felt good. For a moment I forgot that I was naked and I actually felt proud of myself for sticking up for my family, maybe I should yell at people more often.

"Are you really going to school naked?" a young lady asked me in disbelief as she approched me. I just sighed at her question, which reminded me that I was naked and in the middle of a store with cart full of groceries, but I ignored it and began pushing my cart again. I glanced back to my mother who gave me a reasurring smile that I had done well which made me feel better. God I still had more shit to get before I could leave there though. At least everyone was getting out of my way now, although they hadn't stopped giving me strange looks.

Why the hell did I have to get hot dogs? I could have avoided walking through a large section of the store if I didn't have to get those friggin' things but yet I had to get hot dogs too. I was still a bit muffled from my encounter with my old teacher from grade school but I was trying my best to put it behind me and move on, which wasn't too difficult since I was so easily distracted by all the staring eyes and laughing mouths that kept greeting me everytime I turned another corner.

"She certainly has a nice bedroom tan going." Some guy said to his friend after taking me in.

"Don't you mean an Oregon tan?" his friend jokingly replied.

Still giving me shit about my fair skin; I'd also heard several more comments about my ass and how it jiggled and how my breasts looked like they were trying to point something out to me. I wished I could fire back with lude comments about all of their bodies but unfortunately they were all clothed and I couldn't see their bodies while mine was on display for anyone to make comments about, this was so unfair.

"Hey look, she's checking out hot dogs." Another guy pointed out to his buddies. "I wonder if they'll be serving more than one purpose?"

Oh Jesus some people thought of the sickest shit, like I would ever put a hot dog inside of me. Sadly though being as aroused as I seemed to be down there it wouldn't have trouble slipping in. God I wished I didn't think like that.

"I've got a jumbo size weiner here you can use." one of the guy's buddies offered me. "I've been told it's damn tasty."

I did my best to ignore that filthy comment as I threw a package of dogs into my cart which brought a small round of chuckles from the males around me. God guys are such pigs! Once I had them I moved to get out of that section as quickly as I could before I heard anymore bad jokes and puns. I looked down at my list and was glad to see that I only needed a few more things and I could go, a couple of them though were in the frozen food section which made me shiver just thinking about it. When I got there my skin instantly turned to goose flesh as the temperature in the whole aisle was much lower than the rest of the store.

"Oh my God it's like a dream come true." A man said to himself as he saw me looking over frozen pies. "A naked girl buying pie in the frozen food section. I've always wanted to see it in the movies and here it is in real life. The only thing different is that in my head I imagined it was Mariah Carey but you'll do."

Oh God he was comparing me to that fat whore, this just didn't get any better. The list didn't give a specific type of pie so I decided just get the lemon one and hope it was okay. I knew both my folks liked lemon and so did I so it should work. Damn I was cold standing there, I really wished I could put on a jacket or anything for that matter. I needed to pick out some ice cream too and then get someplace warmer. It said they wanted some kind of Ben and Jerry's but it was up to me what flavor, how nice of them. Now where was the Ben and Jerry's?

"Is she sure she really needs any of that?" a lady walking by me with her husband said outloud. "I mean I hope she's buying the low fat kind anyway."

"Be nice honey." her husband said to her. "Not everyone is blessed with your genetics and metabolism to keep the extra fat off."

Great another fat comment. Just today that was about the third or fourth person who'd made a comment like that, the worst being Courtney's in the principal's office. While I might be insecure about a lot of things being fat wasn't one of them. I'd seen fat people and while I was a little soft in places I didn't quite fit that bill. It was no wonder so many girls had eating disorders with attitudes like that lady's. I grabbed a gallon of rocky road flavor ice cream and put it in my cart and was off to pick up the last thing on my list, which was bread, and hopefully I'd be out of there quickly and could try and forget what an awful experience this had been.

I had to push by several more people on my way to the front of the store where the bread was and this time a couple of them took the liberty of brushing their hands across parts of my body which caused me to have nervous shivers that made me wetter and more aroused. I squeezed the handle of my cart tightly with my hands and concentrated hard on getting to the bread and hoped I wouldn't orgasnm or anything before I got there.

"Did you feel her skin?" One lady said to another who had brushed by me. "That was the softest skin I've ever felt."

"I agree." her friend replied. "My gosh I wonder what she does to it to make it feel that way?"

'I was forced to bathe in some weird shit to make it feel that way ladies, something I could do without.' I finally got to the front of the store where the bread was and I was met with the familiar sight of heads turning to see me when I came into view. The checkout lines where full of people and but for a brief second everyone forgot about the groceries they were buying and focused their attention on the foriegn sight of me shopping naked. 'Just grab some bread Amanda and lets get out of here.' It said I was to get some kind of seven grains bread and a pack of hotdog buns. The buns were easy but where was this stupid bread?

"Are you looking for organic bread?" a middle aged woman asked me as she sorted through the bread herself.

"You're a laugh riot lady," I said to her in a wry tone.

"You're that Amanda girl aren't you?" she asked. "I found a picture of you in my son's room the other day. He had it on his wall and another on of you on his computer, I think he was using it as a screensaver."

I instantly remembered a threat CJ said to me when we were in the mall parking lot that first morning. She said "remember that you're only a click away from being a naked screensaver." Since then I'd done everything they told me to do and yet I still became a naked screensaver nonetheless. Oh God they were doing exactly what I was trying to keep them from doing when this first started and yet I still had to do what they told me to, I was such an idiot.

"I punished him for it." the lady went on. "But when he told me and showed me what you were all about I let him keep it, I even found myself feeling a bit inspired by you. I never thought I'd say this but keep up the good deeds, I think you could actually make a difference."

"Thanks." I said in shock. Being thanked for letting her son see me naked was a strange feeling indeed. "Do you see any seven grains bread anywhere?"

"Here it is." she pointed it out to me. "You have good taste, that's great bread."

I grabbed a loaf of it and gave the lady a 'thank you' before pulling away and moved toward the checkout stands. I looked over my list one more time to make sure I didn't forget anything, lest I be punished, and I noticed a note on the bottom of the page that instructed me that I had to go through line 4 when I checked out. I looked over at checkout stand number 4 and saw that it wasn't open which made my stomach queasy. How was I supposed to do this if line 4 was closed? Was I supposed to wait until it opened? What if it didn't open for awhile? Was I supposed to just stand there and let everyone get an eyeful of me, even more than they already had anyway? Oh shit this couldn't be happening.

"Excuse me, sir." I said to an employee that was walking by me. "Can you have someone open line 4 please?"

"I don't think we need it open right now Miss Johnson." he answered me obviously knowing who I was. "There are plenty of other lines that you can go through."

"I don't think you understand sir," I attempted to point out to him "I need to go through line 4 or I can't leave."

"I'm sorry I don't understand." he replied confused.

"I know this seems weird," just as weird as having someone shop here naked, "but it's important that you open line 4 so I can go through it. Please?"

"Um, well since you are a special customer I'll see if we can help you with that ma'am." he answered kindly. "I'll go see what I can do."

"Thank you." I smiled at him gratefully.

I watched him as he went over to another person who worked there and began talking with him. While he did this though I could do nothing but stand in that spot and put up with all the wild eyed stares I got from most people and the wicked stares I got from others, especially women who had their children or husbands with them. I could hear one woman complain to a clerk about me while she was paying for her stuff. I began to fidget in place while I stood there and the motion of my legs bending back and forth made me feel that much slicker in my groin and I could feel an orgasm beginning to build inside of me. I looked around me for my mother and saw her standing off in another corner filming me like she was supposed to. I hoped she hadn't noticed how aroused I was by this but if she was supposed to get closeups of me then she probably had noticed. Oh poor mom, Lord knew what she must have been feeling about all this. 'Come on guys open up the line for me will you? Hurry before I come with all these people staring at me. If Scott doesn't get me out of this soon I'll be stared at like this while I'm at school, and everyday even. All my classmates who I've known since I was a small child will be looking at me and watching me and have complete access to any view of my body they want. Oh God I can almost imagine it right now.'

"Ohhhh," I moaned silently to myself as I felt a warm sensation grow out of my groin. I was about to have an orgasm and I was going to be powerless to stop it. I looked up at the employee I had talked to and he was motioning me over to line 4; they must have been going to let me go through it. Oh thank you Lord. My arms were shaky as I pushed the cart over to the stand but I managed to get there without too much trouble.

"Thank you." I said to the guy who opened the line for me.

"No trouble ma'am." he answered pleasently. "This is all going on Ms. Murdoch's account so it'll be a snap to get you through here. Did you find everything okay?"

"Yes." I said to him as I tried to hold down the growing feeling inside my crotch and made myself unload my cart. I then watched as he rung everything up and moved it to the self-bagging section at the end of the stand. Damn I was going to have to bag everything first before I could get out of there yet I could barely keep my knees locked together to keep the orgasm down, how was I going to do this?

"That's everything ma'am." he said to me as he rung up the last thing. "I'll give you the receipt to give to Ms. Murdoch, just tell her we've credited her account. Thank you for shopping with us today Miss Johnson."

I made myself push my empty cart to where my groceries were and began to bag them and put them back in my cart. I found myself squeezing things tighter than usual when I picked them up and I could feel that I was going to have an orgasm any second, but when I tried to hurry I found I couldn't move so fast. I felt so helpless as I knew that I was about to live out a nightmare in front of all these people and could do nothing about it. When I sat one of the bags I packed into the cart I could no longer hold it in. I bit my lip to keep any sound from getting out but I soon found myself kneeling next to my cart as the waves flowed over me and soon I crested as I fell back onto the floor.

"Ma'am are you okay?" the clerk asked me as a look of concern grew on his face.

For a brief moment my body was totally relaxed as the orgasm passed and I wished I could savor it for awhile but it soon occured to me that I must be quite a sight sitting there on the floor panting like a dog. I quickly stood up and began packing my groceries again.

"I'm fine thank you." I said to the clerk as I tried to act like nothing happend. "Just a small head rush from the cold medicine I took this morning."

"Oh." he replied seeming to accept my answer. "As long as you're okay then."

I briefly glanced around me and by the looks on most of the women's faces they knew what it was that really happend with me, I was so ashamed I turned away from them quickly. Once I was done bagging my groceries I moved to the exit as fast as I could as I desperately wanted to get out of there. God, and I needed to get out of there quickly since pushing this cart seemed to be awakening my arousal again. Dammit I was so sick of my body betraying me like this, I wished I could make it stop somehow.

Part 79

"I'm glad that's over," my mother said as she got in the car next to me. "It was really hard watching those people in there ogling you and making those comments. I really wanted to strangle them."

"You and me both mom," I replied. "Could you hurry and turn on the heat please? I got really cold when I put the groceries in the back."

I had to put away the groceries myself also while my mother filmed me which was an unpleasent task since not only was it cold but I had to bend over to pick things up and put them down which left me very exposed to anyone watching me in the parking lot; which felt like everyone. While I was doing that I heard a few clicks go off behind which I knew by now were the clicks of those damn camera phones. Jesus, did everyone have one those these days?

"Was that your old teacher from grade school who was harrassing you in there?" she asked me as she turned on the engine to the car.

"Yes. That was Mrs. Mesner. She's under the impression that I was doing that because I was molested or something like that when I was younger. I never liked her."

"I can't say I do now either," she said angrily. "How nice of her to assume something like that."

Mom's cell phone suddenly rang just as she was about to pull out of our parking spot. She put the car back in park and answered the phone.

"Hello." she said coldly into it, probably knowing who it was. "You are? Yes I did, just like you asked. Yes I still have the card those Mormon boys gave me; why you going to get them involved too? Okay we'll be there in a minute."

She then hung up and turned to me. "CJ's parked over at the McDonalds across the street from here and she wants us to come by so she can watch the video I took and see if I did it right."

"I sure hope you did mom," I said to her remembering that if she didn't I wouldn't be allowed to see her for a month.

"I did honey, and I felt like a filthy pornographer while I was doing it. I couldn't help but notice either what being exposed like that does to your body while you're going through that, that must have been that much more embarrassing for you."

She must have been referring to my involuntary arousal. Great, my mom noticed that and I wondered how many others did as well. God, most of the people in there must have thought I was enjoying myself yet nothing could be further from the truth. Shit, and I had that damn orgasm too while I was bagging the food. Everyone must have thought I was the biggest whore they'd ever seen. I found myself beginning to cry as I thought about that - one thing I never wanted to be thought of was a slut and now hundreds of people thought that. I found myself hugging my mom while she drove out of the parking lot and up to the turning lane to get to McDonalds.

"It's okay Amanda," she said to me in a comforting voice as she stroked my back with her free hand, "I'm here and no one's going to hurt while I am. I'm so sorry that you had to do that."

"Don't blame yourself mom," I said sobbing, "I think we know who's to blame for this. I hate those two so much."

"I do too and I have a good mind to tell them so."

"I already have about a dozen times mom. It doesn't seem to phase them much. I think they like being the bad guys."

The light turned green and we pulled out onto the road and drove toward McDonalds and we saw CJ standing in the parking lot in front of her SUV. I let go of my mom and wiped me eyes as best I could as we pulled up to her. I sure hoped she was pleased with mom's work. When we parked CJ came and crawled in the backseat of my mother's car and gave me a hug from back there.

"Hey babygirl," she said gleefully as she embraced me, "you did a wonderful job in the store and I'm so proud of you. That part when your old teacher argued with you was pure gold and the members loved it. Many of them are already redownloading it to watch it again it went over so well. I'm so proud that I was the one that thought that one up." She then let go of me and turned to my mother. "Where's the camera Marsh?" she ordered.

"Right here." my mother said coldly as she handed the camera back to her.

"Let's see how you did." CJ then turned on the camera and began playing back the footage my mom took. "So far so good." CJ praised as she watched. "Oh good use of the zoom. Wow you really did do a good job, I'm very impressed Marsh I; wasn't sure you had it in you. Oh my God you can see how wet her pussy is in this shot, that's money right there! Well I've seen enough I think you passed the test my dear."

She then turned off the camera and put it in her lap and then took out a twenty dollar bill and handed it my mom.

"Go ahead and get something from the drive-thru while you guys are here," CJ said to us. "Then you can take her to our house and she can spend the rest of the day with you. Em and I will be there around six and we'd like it if you served dinner at around 7:30. We'll be bringing three of Amy's new friends with us as well so make sure you make enough for them too."

"Who's coming with you?" I asked her curious as to which of my so called new friends she was talking about.

"Stacy, Ashley, and that girl Amber who you seem to like so well." CJ replied. "I thought it would be nice to have them over for our big family dinner as a reward for all their hard work. I even thought we might have a small wienie roast in the back yard as an appetizer before dinner."

"A wienie roast?" I said confused. "Is that what the hot dogs are for?"

"Yepper skepper." she answered. "It'll double as a right of passage for you as well."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"You'll see."

"We don't have our barbecue set up back there." my mom mentioned to her. "How are you going to cook them?"

"Taken care of Marsh." CJ answered smugly. "And don't worry we won't burn anything down." She then turned to me again. "When you get home and have a chance Amy I want you to use the computer in my room, which used to be your room, and check out your website. I left you a username and password next to it that'll give you access to the whole site and everything in it. Make sure you take your time and check out as much as possible. You may even chat if you want to but make sure you stay within our rules when talking to someone."

She then scooted back over to the door of the car and began to open it. "I have to go meet Em now. Once again good job Marsha, I'm very pleased, and make sure you take good care of my girl today."

"Can you at least take that collar thing off of her for awhile?" my mother asked her. "She's not going to be going anywhere."

"Can't." CJ replied with a shrug. "Don't have the key with me even if I wanted to take it off, which I don't. It keeps her safe anyway."

CJ then leaned over to me again and hugged me again and kissed my cheek.

"I love you babygirl." she whispered to me.

I just faked a smile and didn't say anything.

"Amy." CJ said sternly as she expected a reply.

"I love you too CJ." I made myself say. Saying that didn't get any easier either.

"Ha, ha, you love me," she teased me as she opened the car door and began to get out. "Take care ladies and have a good lunch, and don't pocket the money either make sure you get something or you'll have to answer for it. See ya around six."

She then got out of the car and walked back to her SUV. My mom started the car back up and drove to the drive-thru lane and then remembered I was naked.

"Oh crap you'll have to hide in the backseat or something Amanda." she said to me. "They'll see you if you sit there."

"I don't think that's allowed mom," I reminded her. "As much as I would like to I would probably get into trouble since they seem to know everything I do. Plus this isn't the first time I've gone through a drive-thru naked before even though I can't say I really like it."

"Oh God I can't believe someone would make you do these things," my mom said in a disheartend voice. "What's this world coming to?"

"When you're insane I don't think things are supposed to make sense mom." I told her. "Those two are certainly nuts."

"I agree dear. Now I'm afraid I'll have to ask you what you want to eat."

"I'll have grilled chicken sandwich value meal with a sprite and a bacon ranch salad." I told her as I suddenly realized I was very hungry. "And get me a couple of those apple pies as well."

"Good Lord Amanda," my mother sounded surprised at how much I was ordering. "Since when did you get such an appetite?"

"I'm just hungry mom." I said to her so I wouldn't have to tell her about the vitamins I had to take along with all the other shit that had changed about me.

"Oh my God!" the lady in the first drive thru window said loudly as we pulled up to her. "You're naked! Are you driving around like that?"

My mother seemed at a loss at how to react to how the lady was reacting to me. She just seemed really embarrassed and out of her element on what to do. I just gave the lady a brief nod to let you her know that yes, I was riding around like this, as if that wasn't obvious.

"Well, okay," the lady said seeming to accept that, "your order comes to $15.78 please." She then gave me a harder look and an expression of realization come across her face. "Wait a minute, you're the naked girl that was at the community college I go to the other day aren't you? The one who was posing for the drawing class? Amanda right?"

Oh God I'd been recognized again. I thought I liked it better when they didn't know anything about me and just thought I was nuts. Again I nodded to her to let her know that I was who she thought I was.

"Oh my God this is so cool." the lady expressed. "You really caused quite a buzz around the campus that day. Some people took some pictures of you and they later got into groups and compared them, it was almost like a swap meet. Then someone found out about your website and I have to say for a nudie site it's really good. Do you really go around like that because you think God wants you to?"

For the third time I gave her my nod of affirmation, although this time it was a lie. My mother still said nothing but did try to hand the lady the twenty dollar bill for the order.

"Wow that's crazy," the lady told me as she didn't notice mom trying to hand her the money. "I do see that you're wearing a cross though so maybe you do believe that. I hope God never asks me to do anything like that, I couldn't imagine feeling ashamed all the time and actually wanting that. It must be trying sometimes."

"It can be." I answered her. If she only really knew...

"I bet," the lady went on, "I will say though that I thinks it's really cool that you give all the money you make off of it to charity, you must be giving up a fortune. This guy I know on the basketball team has already put in an order for all the dvd's you're going to be selling on there and that isn't exactly cheap. He doesn't seem to mind though and he keeps saying that it's for a good cause so there you go."

Dvd's? Oh God they were going to do that. Shit!

"Miss," my mother jumped in probably not liking where this was going "I don't mean to be rude but could you take our money so we can move on? I know she's very hungry."

"Oh sure I'm sorry." the lady replied as she took the bill from my mom and then gave her back the change. "Your order will be at the next window. The lady there saw you at school too and she thinks you're way cool, I'll have to run and tell her you're coming."

Oh great. Why didn't she let all the customers in there know as well? I was sure they'd like to come out and torment me as well. Mom pulled away from the window and seemed to be on the verge of getting really angry. There were two vehicles ahead of us so at least I would have a few minutes to prepare for what might be coming.

"What was that?" she said angerly refering to the lady from the drive thru window. "Just how much are Emily and CJ trying to show you off?"

"As much as possible it seems mom." I answered her calmly. "A lady in the store told me that she found one of my pictures as her son's screensaver on his computer. I think they want the whole world to see me and know who I am."

"I can't believe this, I just don't understand what they're doing. There has to be a way to get you out of this. Maybe we can...."

"Mom." I cut her off. "Remember, I'm wired. Please don't say anything stupid."

"Oh crap," my mother sighed as she remembered. "These girls are facists."

"Tell me about it."

The car in front of us was getting their order so we were next. Just then the lady from the first drive thru window popped her head out of the second one and pointed back to us. Another lady then poked her head out of the drive thru window to see us just as the driver in the car ahead of us turned his head around to do the same. They all seemed quite excited at what they saw, which made me want to slide down in my seat to hide. I knew that would be pointless though since they had already seen me.

"Look at them," my mother said sounding disgusted. "They seem so amused by you. They must love the fact that they can feel superior because you're naked and they're not. I'd like to see how they feel if the had to spend a few minutes in your shoes."

"It's okay mom." I said to her. "If I was in their place and hadn't gone through this I can't say that I would act any different."

That was a big reason as to why I had such a hard time getting used to this, every time someone saw me for the first time from here on out they were going to act like these people, over and over again. Each time it happened I still felt just as uncomfortable as I did the last time, sometimes even more. The car in front of us pulled away, but not before the driver took one last look at me and my boobs, so my mom pulled up and I hoped that maybe we'd be lucky and would be able to just grab the food and leave.

"Hi Amanda," the lady at the second window squealed in delight as we pulled up. "I'm a huge fan of yours and what you're doing. I wish I had the guts to do it myself. You must just have a blast sometimes."

The next time I had a blast doing this would be the first time I had a blast doing this. I just gave her a forced smile and told her "Thank you."

"Ooo I love your cross, the necklace is kinda strange though." the lady continued. "This is kind of against the rules but since I'm the shift manager I can ask; may I take a picture of you real quick with my phone cam? I promise I won't hold you up long I just think you're awesome and would love to show people that you came through my line."

"Sure." I said reluctantly which made my mother give me a shocked expression.

"Oh thank you." the lady said and then asked someone in there with her to get her phone for her. Once she got it she opened it up and began to focus it on me. "Just want to get all of you in this shot if I can." she said to us. "Here we go. Can you say our catch phrase for me?"

"I'm lovin' it." I said as well as I could without choking as her phone clicked off a few shots. I was lovin' this about as much as an anal exam.

"Perfect." the lady proclaimed as she looked at the shots. "Oh these pictures are great. Here have a look."

She then turned her phone so that we could see the picture she took. She had all of me in there all right but at least my thigh covered most of my pubic area which was at least something.

"I'm going to send these to the contribution section of your website." the lady said to me which caught me off guard because I don't know what that meant. "I'm going to give some copies to my friends as well so that I can tell them about you. Thanks again for letting me take them."

"You're welcome." I said to her trying to sound upbeat. "May we have our food now?"

"Of course here you go." she then handed the bag and drinks to my mother. "I added some pies to it, no charge. Thanks for coming by and please feel free to come anytime I work here, I'll make sure you're taken care of."

My mom drove away without saying anything to the lady and soon we were back on the road and getting the hell out of Salem.

"Why did you let that lady take your picture for Amanda?" my mom asked me as she didn't understand why I did that.

"I have to mom." I explained. "I have to let anyone who wants to take my picture take it. It's one of the rules I have to follow or I get punished. I really wish she hadn't told me what she was going to do with those pictures though, I could've lived without knowing that."

"What does she mean about a contribution section?"

"No clue mom but I'm sure it's something I won't like."

"Well that whole thing was awful." my mother professed.

"At least it's over now and we can spend some time together." I told her trying to sound positive. "Why don't we stop at a rest area so we can eat? It'll help me relax and maybe it will for you too."

"Okay." she agreed. "Why don't we listen to the radio to get our minds on something else? I like to listen to Lars Emerson on the talk station, maybe he'll have something interesting to say."

Mom then turned on the car radio and switched to the station she wanted. Lars had just come back from a break and was telling an anecdote about the election four years ago and how this one coming up might be simular to that one. He then took a call from a guy named Marvin.

"Good afternoon Lars." Marvin spoke through the radio.

"Good afternoon Marvin." Lars replied. "What's on your mind today."

"Well I don't mean to change the subject from the upcoming election," Marvin began "but I heard you tell the story of how you saw a naked girl walking down the street while you and your wife were on the way to the Blazer game last night."

"Yes." Lars confirmed. "I can still hear my wife screaming in my ear about how Portland has become way too liberal if this is what's happening."

"Yeah well me and my wife live here in Salem and we were just shopping at the local Winco and I swear this is the truth, there was a naked girl there shopping for groceries."

"There was?" Lars responded in surprise.

Oh no, this couldn't be going where I thought it was.

"Oh yes." Marvin went on. "We couldn't believe our eyes. She was walking around pushing a cart and picking out things to buy and she wasn't wearing a damn thing except for some sandals on her feet."

"You're kidding?"

"Not at all. It was almost like this was normal for her."

"What did the people who run the store do?"

"Nothing to her. In fact they threw some other lady out for giving the girl a hard time and then just let her finish her shopping. She even paid for everything and bagged her stuff herself, although it looked like she almost fainted or something at one time."

"I find that hard to believe Marvin." Lars scoffed. "Why would a store allow that? Especially in a conservative city like Salem."

"I swear it's the truth." Marvin swore. "It was the strangest thing I've ever seen. The girl actually seemed a bit uncomfortable but it never stopped her, and someone was there filming her too."

"Can you describe this girl for me without getting too descriptive?" Lars inquired.

"Well she had long brown hair," Marvin began "pale white skin, long legs, pretty face, seemed a little young though although that might've been because she had no pubic hair."

"That really sounds like that girl I saw last night walking down the street." Lars proclaimed. "Did she have a rather unique ah caboose if you get my drift?"

"Oh yeah." Marvin confirmed. "It was very noticable. She also had a cross around her neck that was hanging from a collar-type necklace."

"That's her." Lars confessed. "Wow she seems to be everywhere."

"She was certainly out there for all to see."

Mom suddenly turned off the radio very quickly as she noticed that I was in disbelief as to what I was listening to. I was now suddenly a topic on local talk radio. People who I'd never met were having discussions about me and my body to anyone who was listening.

'Oh God please make this stop before it really gets out of hand. Scott really needs to hurry if he wants to help me.'

Part 80

I was pulled out of a dream by the sound of the phone ringing from the kitchen. I had been dreaming that everything was still normal and I wore clothes like a regular person and I was doing things like a regular person. Now I was awake and back to the realizationt that I no longer wore clothes and did things like a regular person anymore.

We had stopped at a rest area on the way home and ate our lunch in peace. We felt very fortunate to have been the only ones in the park at that time that we even took our time to eat although we really didn't talk much since we both wanted to forget the mission we had just went through. I was so full from lunch that when we got back to my parents' house I had become quite sleepy and decided to take a quick nap on the couch. My mom did offer me her and my dad's bed but I declined since I couldn't use the blankets and it was just weird to sleep in my parents' bed anyway. No one else was home and I had forgotten how comfortable our old couch was and I surprised myself at how quickly I drifted off despite being my lack of dress. I was very dissappointed at being wakened and I very much wanted to go back to sleep and continue my dream but it turned out the phone was for me.

"Hello." I said into the phone after my mother handed it to me.

"Hey Girl." Emily said from the other end of the line. "Did I wake you?"

"Yeah sort of." I replied groggily.

"Sorry sweetie." she fained apology. "You must've been really tired. Have you gone online and looked over our site yet?"

"Not yet." I told her as I was hoping to avoid having to do it.

"Well then it's a good thing I got you then kiddo because it's about time you took a look at a few of things that you're all about." she proclaimed. "Take a few minutes to get up and have something to drink but make sure you get up to CJ's room and go online. It's almost 4 o'clock now so we'll be there in a couple of hours, that should give you plenty of time to go through most of what's on there. By the way CJ tells me you did a good job today shopping, that makes me feel proud and pleases me very much. It sure helps thing to run smoothly."

"I'm so glad you're happy." I said sarcastically. "They were talking about me on the radio today because of that."

"They were? What station?"

"The talk station on AM. The Lars Emerson show."

"Wow really?" Emily said sounding pleasently surprised. "Shit, glad you heard that and let me know, we'll have to give him a call. How long did he talk about you?"

"I don't know we turned it off."

"Amanda? You're so thin-skinned. Next time make sure you listen to everything okay."

"I hate you Emily." I replied.

"But I love you sweetpea. Just make sure you do it next time. Have fun on the computer and I'll see ya in a couple hours. Love you."

"See ya." I said and tried to hang up the phone before she could say anything else.

"Amanda." I could hear her scold which made me put the phone back up to my head.

"I love you too." I said gritting my teeth.

"That's the last time I remind you." she scolded. "Next time you hurt my feelings I can assure you that you don't want to do that. Now tell me you love me again."

"I love you." I said wishing I could strangle her through the phone.

"That's better." she praised. "We'll see you soon Amanda."

I hung up the phone and wished I could throw it against the wall. Instead though I got up off the couch and walked into the kitchen and placed the phone back in its holder. My mother was in the kitchen as well getting things prepared to cook for dinner later on.

"What did she want?" she asked me refering to my call.

"For me to go online." I replied. "She wants me to see the website of me they created. I'd prefer to not know what's on it myself but it doesn't seem to matter what I want much lately."

"Well it might be a good idea none the less to see what's on it." Mom suggested. "I'm sure it's awful but at least you'll know exactly what they have on you and maybe you'll even learn something new."

"I guess," I sighed. "I can't say I'm looking to forward either to seeing what CJ has done to my room. Has she really ruined it?"

"She changed it all right." mom confessed. "You won't recognize it that's for sure. At the time I was under the impression that they were your friends and you had no problem with it so I didn't interfere. Now I know differently."

"I find myself saying 'what if' a lot too these days mom. I still have no clue what it is about me that fascinates them so much and I wish whatever it was I didn't have it anymore. Dammit I want to get dressed and go do something I want to do instead of being naked and trapped all the time. I need something to drink."

"We don't have any alcohol dear." my mom said seriously.

"Not what I mean mom." I told her as I opened the refrigerator door and began looking inside.

"There's some OJ in there." she suggested.

OJ wasn't really what I had in mind. Oh look there were a couple of bottles of Frapiccino, I wanted one of those. Shit, though I wasn't supposed to have anything with coffee in it, or caffine either if I remembered correctly. Fuck them though I was sick of them telling what I couldn't have all the time. They probably had a camera in here though and if they saw me drink it I'd get into trouble and who knew what they'd do? Maybe if I leaned into the fridge far enough maybe they wouldn't be able to tell what I was doing and I could drink it real fast. Damn, I had to rebel somehow, and I'd been good they even said so.

"I think there's some Minute Maid soda in the bottom drawers in there too Amanda," mom told me.

"Thanks mom." I replied as I slowly opened one of the Frappinccino bottles. I leaned my head in as far as I could and began drinking down the coffee-flavored beverage which went down smooth. Oh it had been over a week since I'd any of this and it tasted so good that before I knew it I had drunk the whole thing.

"Did you find it?" Mom asked me refering to the pop.

"Not yet." I answered as I pushed back the empty bottle and opened another one.

"It should be there." she told me.

I quickly slammed down the second bottle and pushed it to the back as well before reaching down into the drawer and pulling out an orange soda.

"Found it." I proclaimed loudly and held it up for mom, and any possible camera, to see. "I was just looking in the wrong place. I'll just take this on up with me to my room, I mean, CJ's room to use the computer. If you hear me crying really loudly you might want to come confort me although you might not like what I'm crying about."

"Be strong my daughter." Mom said to me as she squeezed my arm when I walked by. "I'll make it up to you for all this, I promise."

I took a deep breath before opening the door to what used to be my bedroom and prepared myself for the worst. The room was completely dark inside and I couldn't make anything out so I reached to turn the light on but when I did my usual ceiling lights didn't turn on, instead a series of red and blue lights came on which reflected off a series of small mirrors placed throughout the room and nearly blinded me.

"What the..." I said in shock as I couldn't believe how surreal the lighting made the room look.

The way the lights were shining off the walls and the floor I would've thought I'd entered some night club or drug den. All of my shelves had been taken down and my walls had been painted, but with the lighting like this it was hard to tell what color they really were, and there was a large mirror on the ceiling that was directly over a large round bed. Good Lord I'd only been gone a few days and she did all of this? My God this looked like someplace Austin Powers would've lived in. The frameboard on the bed was a giant red heart which made me think she was planning on shooting porn movies in here or something. I walked in a little bit and felt the new carpet that she had put in under my feet, I have to say I did approve of that since I always wanted carpet for this room, I could do without the rest of this stuff though. What did they do with the shelves and dressers, and where was my old bed at? God, that round bed was tacky looking, I bet it vibrated or something like that too. What a bitch.

"Everything okay Amanda?" my mom called to me from downstairs.

"Fine mom." I called back. "I'm just taking it all in."

I saw the computer sitting on a desk in a corner next to the bed and couldn't help notice that the screen was showing a constant slideshow of naked pictures of me. In fact sitting on a nightstand on the other side of the bed was a large framed picture of me walking nervously through the hall at the community college on Monday. As usual the picture had all of me in it and when one of the lights reflected off of it just right I noticed three sets of lip prints on the glass cover, one over my face, one over my boobs, and one... oh God... over my pubic region. I wish I hadn't seen that but since I did a revolting shiver went over my body when I pictured her kissing my photo, ewww... I turned my attention back to the computer and quickly clicked on the internet which got rid of the screensaver slideshow. I pulled up a vanity stool that she had sitting in front of a mirror and sat down and watched as it hooked up to the internet. I saw in the corner of the screen was an icon for the site they had set up about me and even though I really didn't want to visit it I knew they would know if I didn't so I reluctantly double clicked it. In less than a second the website came up which caused me to jump back a little.

"Jesus that was fast." I said to myself outloud. "They must have DSL in here or something."

I was still used to having dial up and waiting forever for sites to download but just like that there was my smiling face staring back at me with the words WELCOME TO VIRGINAMANDA.NET spelled out underneath it. Under that was a warning that the site contained several nude images and that no minors were allowed. Oh God I felt like a porn queen reading that. I wanted to turn this off and for a second I thought about accidentally spilling my pop on the computer but thought better of it, instead I made myself click on the ENTER icon and closed my eyes. When I opened them the first thing I saw an image of myself in the upper lefthand corner from when I was lying on a couch from when I was posing nude for that drawing class. Below it was a large header containing the name of the site and just below it was a site menu that ran all the way down the left side of the screen. In the main section of the screen was a large WELCOME and another nude image of me, this time of me sitting in on the bed in my old room (this room) doing homework and looking very innocent. Written under the image was: HI, I'M AMANDA. PEOPLE FIND THIS HARD TO BELIEVE BUT I CAN'T WEAR CLOTHES, AT ALL, SO I LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT THEM. WHY CAN'T I WEAR CLOTHES? YOU MAY NOT BELIEVE THIS, MANY DON'T, BUT IT'S GOD'S WILL. I RECENTLY TOOK JESUS BACK INTO MY LIFE AFTER YEARS OF REJECTING HIM AND IT CAME TO ME IN A DREAM THAT HE HAD A PLAN FOR ME AND IT WAS ONE THAT HAD TO BE CARRIED OUT EVEN THOUGH IT WOULD NOT BE EASY. HIS PLAN FOR ME IS TO CARRY THE BURDON OF SHAME WITH ME AT ALL TIMES TO REMIND OTHERS OF THE SHAME THEY CARRY AND HOPEFULLY BRING THEM CLOSER TO CHRIST.

Okay I didn't want to read anymore. Personally I couldn't believe more people wouldn't be up in arms about a statement like that but I guessed right now that times are weird. There was a lot more of my so called statement but it was just more of what I already knew so I checked out the menu. It had a few choices that included updates, store, free gallery, contributions, spirituality, message board, member's section, and of course Join. I thought to myself that I'd seen more than enough already, just knowing that there are galleries of me that were free to anyone who visited was enough to make my stomach queezy. I looked down at myself and at all my exposed parts that I used to keeping covered and private and shook with shame at the thought that they were now public knowledge and would continue to be. Dammit my body was beginning to betray me again as I could feel my nipples stirring. Why did this shame keep causing them to react this way? The caffine I drank probably wasn't helping this cause either. It was so not fair!

I decided I had better make a choice and look around this stupid site so that the goddesses would be happy. I clicked on the Contribution section just to see what it was. I remembered the girl from McDonalds telling me she was going to send those pictures she took of me to this section so I already knew it would be something I wouldn't like and when it came up there was a long thread of thumbnail photos of me with captions above groups of them. I spooled down the thread and saw that there were pages and pages of thumbnails, all of which were of me at various locations. When I went back up I read the tagline which told me that this section was for pictures of me that regular people took from my various missions so that they could post and share them with others. Right on top of the thread were the shots taken earlier while in the drive thru. Boy she didn't waste any time. I clicked on one of the pictures to enlarge it and when it did it was completely clear and could easily be printed out, God you could make out how rock hard my nipples were. Above the thumbnails was a brief caption that read: I GOT THESE WHILE WORKING THE DRIVE-THRU. I WAS TOTALLY SHOCKED TO SEE HER BUT SHE WAS VERY NICE AND LET ME TAKE THESE, PLUS SHE ORDERED A GREAT DEAL OF FOOD. I'M VERY PLEASED TO HAVE MET HER AND I ACTUALLY FOUND IT TO BE A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. Was she kidding? She obviously didn't notice that my mom wanted to rip her head off. I looked down a little further and saw a couple of night shots of me walking to the mailbox that one time. I didn't remember seeing anyone when I did that, at least not until I saw those cops. The caption read: I WAS JUST LOOKING OUT MY WINDOW IN MY BEDROOM AND I SAW HER WALKING DOWN THE STREET LIKE THAT. ACTUALLY SHE WASN'T REALLY WALKING AS MUCH AS SHE WAS KIND OF CROUCHING. I GRABBED MY CAMERA AND TOOK THESE AND I'M GLAD THEY TURNED OUT SO WELL.

I guess there was somebody looking out their window when I did that, I knew I felt like I was being watched although I always felt like that these days. Shit, I was feeling nauseous already. I decided that I had learned enough about this section so I figured I'd go to the member's section and get this over with. A part of me wanted to look at the store too but I wasn't sure I was ready to see what products they were selling just yet. I remember the other lady at McDonalds telling me about some dvd's that featured me but I don't want to think about that right now.

When I clicked on the member's section icon a password window came up asking for my password and username. I remembered CJ telling me there would be a password here for me somewhere and I found it on a post-it stuck to the side of the computer. I typed in a numerical password and then noticed that my user name was 'babygirlamy' which made me cringe as I typed it in. Soon the members window popped up complete with a large image of me naked and on my knees kneeling in church in front of an image of Christ. I looked really scared in that picture and it was obvious that I was crying but it looked as if I was looking at Christ longingly for forgiveness and not at all like it really was me being forced to partake in a ceremony. Underneath the image was a caption that read: FORGIVENESS IS AVAILABLE TO ALL WHO ASK FOR IT. I knew a few people who were going to need plenty of that when their day came. I looked over at the menu of the member's section, it contained a few new choices such as the member's gallery, video gallery, announcements, webcams, chat, and member e-mail. The one that jumped out at me was webcams which made me shiver in my seat. I imagined groups of people huddled in front of a computer screen watching my life like it was a tv show for their amusement while they stuffed themselves and made fun of me, or worse they jerked off all over themselves. Oh God, I wanted to throw up. I knew I needed to click on something so I clicked the member e-mail, which I found out was a special address for members to write to share their comments and thoughts about me and the site. It also stated that requests were welcome and would be taken into consideration because according to this I liked to try new ideas. At least it asked that no sexually explicit requests would be taken although I didn't know how any of this could be considered anything other than sexually explicit. Since there wasn't much else in this section I clicked on Announcements and the top announcement on that page read: AMANDA TO RETURN TO U OF O FRIDAY TO PROMOTE NEW PICTURE CD.

Returning to U of O? Wasn't tomorrow Friday? I read further and according to this I was supposed to make a personal appearance the next day at 2pm in the quad at the University of Oregon to help promote that f'n picture cd they were going to be selling there. It also mentioned for everyone to bring their cameras with them because I'd be posing for pictures with as many people as I could and that I'd be raffling off tickets to an upcoming Duck's game. Shit when was I going to learn about this? Of course this was only fitting I guessed since they never let me in on much anyway. God, I didn't want to go back to Eugene let alone go walking around a university campus which I was sure I'd have to do naked, and I had to pose for pictures with everyone too. I almost wished I could just go to school instead, well maybe not but I still didn't want to do this. Man it was probably going to be cold too and I'd have to be out in the quad, nothing was ever fucking easy. Maybe Scott could rescue me before we made it down there, I sure hoped so anyway.

Having had my fill of Announcements I made myself check out the video gallery. To my dismay it was a whole library of streamlined videos of my various missions that could be accessed with the click of a mouse. My God they had a listing for just about everything I'd done starting with my early morning walk around the mall last week and going all the way up to my ride from Salem back to here. How could they have loaded all that stuff so fast? I clicked on the last one which was the ride home and it quickly loaded and was ready to play. Once I clicked the play button I watched video of myself sitting naked in the passenger seat of my mother's car eating french fries and drinking my pop. The video was very clear, clearer than any video I'd ever seen on the internet, and you could easily see all of me from the top of my head down to my ankles and everything in between. I quickly stopped it and then turned around in my chair to catch my breath as my heart began to beat more rapidly. Oh my God, how was I ever going to escape this? There was so much of this and it was so easily accessible, even if this was stopped how was I going to get rid of all of that stuff? There were enough things on there to fill several volumes of books and videos and if this didn't stop there was going to be so much more. When it was all said and done I'd make Pamela Anderson look like a prude by comparison; in fact that Jenna Jamison whore that my brother liked so well would have nothing on me as far as naked images go either. I mean my God it had only been a week and they had so much stuff of me. I could really feel my heart beating now which was beginning to make my chest hurt and I could feel sweat begin to form on my forehead. Damn, this was a bad time to have drunk all that caffine. I could feel my nipples growing harder and I silently cursed at myself for getting aroused at what felt like one of my lowest moments which was anything but sexy to me. I hated those two so much for what they'd done to me and my family, I wanted to get back at them so bad yet I didn't know where to begin. Maybe when they weren't looking I could hit them over the head with something and then dismemeber them and feed them to a bunch of pigs on a farm.

Okay Amanda that was a little too violent; I should just push them over a cliff instead and watch their bodies bash to pieces on some jagged rocks at the bottom of it. What I'd really like was to see them go to prison, a real prison too not a Club Fed like Martha Stewart, and watch them get the crap beaten out them every day by guards and other inmates. Yeah that would be cool. Just then I heard the computer make a bleep sound behind me so I turned around to look at it and saw an instant message window had appeared. My heart did instant flips when I read the name on it and it read Scott01. Holy shit it was Scott, how did he know I was on here? His message read "Go to the chatroom Amanda." which I quickly did and then wrote back to him that I had done so.

"Good Amanda." he wrote back still using Instant Messaging. "This way it's easier to cover my tracks."

"How did you know I was on here?" I asked him.

"Easy." he wrote "You're on the webcam right now so everyone knows you're on here."

I quickly found myself looking around the room for a camera once I read that. I should've known I'd be filmed but for some reason it never crossed my mind, thank God I didn't pick my nose or anything.

"How are you holding up?" Scott wrote.

"About as well as I can." I wrote back. "Are Emily and CJ going to find out about us talking like this?"

"Well we are taking a risk every time we do talk." he continued writing "But I've been very careful and the fact that you're on CJ's computer and not Emily's does help since Emily's the computer nut."

"When are you going to get me away from them?" I asked as I typed as fast as I could. "Please tell me it's soon."

"Well that depends. We were able to listen to your meeting with them yesterday even though they turned your mic off because we have a contact at Channel 12 who had rigged another microphone in the rooms they used, so we know about the contract you signed."

"They told me I had to sign it or they wouldn't tell me anything." I replied worriedly. "They also told me that they would make things even harder. What was I supposed to do?"

"No one blames you Amanda." he wrote back "It's just that now things are a little more difficult. We had a plan to get you tomorrow morning but that's going to be scrapped now."

'Oh God no,' I thought to myself. The last thing I wanted to hear was that I couldn't get out of this and I was afraid that was what he was telling me.

"I'm stuck now aren't I?" I asked him as I could feel my hope begin to slip away.

"No." he replied. "We have another plan don't worry. This just means we'll have to wait until Saturday to get you is all. We were worried that they would make you sign something that would be airtight but we managed to get a copy of it and while it's very strong it's not perfect. We think there's a way we can get you out of it but we need an extra day to set things up before we can attempt to take you out of that situation."

"Did you hear how the Blazer game went last night too?"

"Oh yeah, that must have been awful for you and your family. We do hope to have some measure of protection for them too so that Emily and CJ don't take any of this out on them when we get you. With your folks going up to Seattle this weekend and your brother and his family being back in Arizona will help make this easier."

"What about the antidote?" I asked him as I looked down at my body and wished I had clothes on. "They told me that they gave me some herb mix that will force me to be naked for the next ten years or so unless I take an antidote by the end of the weekend. Do you know what it is?"

"We are working on that too." he responded. "We know about the maid's daughter they gave that stuff too and from what we've put together is that she only took a small amount of the mixture compared to you and now she can wear all her clothes again but we're not sure if she actually took an antidote or if it just wore off naturally."

"They gave some to my principal's daughter so that he would agree to let me go to school naked next week and today when he agreed Emily told him that his daughter had already taken the antidote. Do you know anything about that?"

"We know about her but we don't know about her taking any antidote so we were a bit surprised to hear that as well. It's possible Emily is just blowing smoke up his ass to reassure him, but it's also possible that she did take something although we have been monitoring her and didn't catch it. I know today she started to show some of the effects of the herbs when she kept taking her coat off today despite that she kept getting cold, poor girl."

"I really don't want to have to be naked for the next ten to twenty years." I wrote him emphatically. "I can't stand being naked right now and I so badly want to get away from them. Did you see what they had me and my mother do earlier?"

"Of course, I'm always watching you." A small tingle ran down my back when I read that. "That must've been awful for both of you. I really don't like Emily and CJ and I have a personal interest in seeing them stopped, they can't be allowed to get away with these things any longer and you're proof that they've gotten away with too much and they've gone too far. I promise you we are working diligently to bring them down so they won't keep hurting people the way they do."

"Why do they do these things?"

"No one really knows. To figure them out you have to get into their heads and none of us wants to do that for fear of what might be found. I know this will sound hard to believe but they actually have treated you better than most of their victims, you've actually been cared for when usually they just throw people to the wolves. I know that's a small comfort considering what they have done to you but I promise it could be much worse."

"Are they who they say they are?" I decided to ask referring to their lineage that they told me. "They told me that they're the illegitamate children of some very rich people."

"That's the big mystery." he replied. "Yes they do have documents of paternity with both Rupert and Paul but knowing who's involved we feel it's more than possible that those tests may have been manipulated, but if they were they were manipulated well because they both have been well taken care of. We do know that they are not well liked by the families of these people but they never cross them either. There are a million things about those two that are questionable but no one seems to have any real answers about any of them. You have really been misfortunate to have been discovered by them. Once they lock onto somebody they don't stop until they're finished or get bored with them, just ask my sister. In your case I don't think they will be getting bored any time soon. One of our contacts has expressed thay they seem more focused then ever since they took such a liking to you."

Oh God how did I get so unlucky as to get caught up with two people like this? They seem like they fell out of the sky and landed on my porch, oh I wished my mom had never gotten on a computer.

"When on Saturday can you get me out?" I asked him feeling a bit dejected.

"Well we're still working it out but we feel the party will be the best bet. Since it's a costume party we think we might have an easier time since we can be disguised. I'll try and contact you before so that we can tell you more of what to look for. Until then though I'm afraid you'll have to keep doing what they tell you, I'm really sorry to have tell you this but we have to be very careful. Those two are really really cunning and can never be underestimated and they have such a lock on you that if things aren't done properly everything in your life could fall over like a row of dominoes. I recommend that you do your best to try and make the best of it and not make things worse which they will certainly do if they feel threatend. Just remember that we're watching you too along with everyone else and we want very much to help you."

"Thank you Scott." I wrote to him as I was glad that at least I wasn't alone in this. "I'll always be grateful for this."

"I feel bad for you Amanda. I couldn't imagine having to go through what you have. Having to be ashamed all the time and not always sure what's going on must be awful. I hate to tell you this but you probably should check out the webcams before you log off, you won't like them but at least you'll know just how much you're being watched. I have to go but I'll be in contact again. Take care Amanda and may God be with you."

His chat window then suddenly closed before I could write anything back and I felt all alone again. At least now I knew a more exact time as to when this might all end - Saturday at the party. I couldn't imagine what was going to happen but it couldn't happen fast enough as far as I was concerned. As much as I didn't want to I took his advice and clicked on the webcam link which actually took a few seconds to load, I could get used to this DSL hookup since before it would have taken several minutes, and then suddenly a clear image of me sitting in front of the computer came on. The image was from the side of me that was next to the bed and I couldn't believe how clear the picture was, you could easily see the shock on my face as I watched the computer screen as well as most of my body. I looked over to where I thought the camera was but I didn't really see anything obvious as to where it was placed. Jesus, it had to be there somewhere. When I looked back at the screen I saw an icon for two other camera angles that I could be watched at, meaning that there were more cameras on me right then. Oh great, I was being filmed from all sides. I clicked on the second angle and this one brought up an image from my other side although this one showed more of the front of me and seemed to be placed from behind the computer somewhere. My face and breasts were clearly visible but everything below the desk was out of the shot. It was when I clicked on the third one that I jumped back.

"Aghhh!" I shouted as I saw the nightvision image of my vagina from under the desk came on. "Shit there's a camera under there all that time? Shit people have been watching me down there this whole time I've sat here?"

Even though it was nightvision every detail of my womanhood was clearly visible. I quickly closed my legs as fast as I could as I tried not to think of how open they may have been at times while I sat there doing this. I could feel myself become very nauseated at the thought of my most private place being so exposed and I decided that I had seen enough. I clicked off the website and turned off the computer and then got up and ran out to the bathroom, just making it to the sink as I threw up into it.

"Amanda!" my mother called from downstairs. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah." I yelled back at her as I wiped my face with a towel and tried to get a grip on myself. "I'm fine mom thank you. Just a little unnerved is all."

God this was so awful. I hoped there wasn't a camera on me right then, although who would want to see me puke? I wanted to kill those two so badly, God please help me.

Part 81

"Mom? Could I get you to turn the heat up a little? I'm getting cold."

"There's a blanket there on the couch Amanda." mom answered me.

"I'd love to ma but I can't." I replied knowing I'd get in trouble if I wrapped myself up. I sat in my fathers recliner in the living room and watched television while my mother started on dinner. It was about a quarter to six and I knew the goddesses would be getting there shortly. I couldn't stop thinking about seeing the website and knowing that I was probably being broadcast right then as I sat there and people were watching me as I did it. I sat with my knees tucked under my chin as much as possible so that I could feel at least somewhat covered but after awhile I had to stand and stretch and I couldn't help but feel the eyes of the world on me as I did it. I kept looking to see where the cameras were but I still didn't see any. Where were those damn things and how many were in there?

"Hello Marsha." I heard Emily's voice say to mom from the kitchen. "Everything smells really good in here. Where's Amanda?"

"In the living room." my mom told her. "I hope you're happy that she ended up getting sick from you girls making her look at that website."

"She needed to see it." Emily told her as she came into the living room where I was. "You okay Amanda?"

"No." I answered refusing to look away from the TV.

"You have to admit though it's a pretty impressive site." she said proudly. "Did you notice how quickly we get things uploaded on there and ready to go? It's going to make a shitload of money honey."

"Don't you have enough?" I replied coldly.

"You forget sweetie, the profits go to charity and it'll save us a ton on our taxes with the write off." she again sounded so proud. "Plus to answer your question, no, you can never have enough. Stand up, I don't like you sitting like that, it hides you and I want to look at you."

"Haven't you seen it all before a million times already?" I asked glibly as I continued my focus on the TV screen.

"Quit being a smartass and stand up." she ordered. "Don't make ask you again."

I did as I was told and once again my head filled with the thoughts of all the cameras on me and the view they had. It's funny that until then I didn't really give the cameras as much thought as I did other things, but now that I'd seen myself live on the internet I couldn't stop thinking about them. I wished Scott hadn't told me to look at the webcams because now everything seemed worse. I did make a point though of keeping my focus on the TV both as a small form of defiance to Emily and as a distraction from what I was being made to do. I wondered if there was a camera in the TV or anything. God I sounded paranoid.

"You're such a cutie." Emily praised me. "I know some of our members sit and watch you all day and I can't say I blame them. Raise your arms over your head for a minute and reach as high as you can, let's see your muscles stretch."

Again I did as I was told. I stretched my arms up and as far as they could go and tried not to think about how I looked.

"Spread your feet apart a little more, and try and stand on your tippy toes."

Damn she was a bitch. I shuffled my feet a little until they were further apart and then pushed myself up on my toes. It was very uncomfortable and I could feel my lower lips starting to open and become moist from the stretching. God I needed a break from this.

"Take a deep breath and when you let it out you can stop stretching," she told me. "Make sure you take slow one though."

I slowly breathed in and filled my lungs to capacity, which made my breasts heave up, before I glady let it all out. I almost got a head rush from it which almost caused me to fall when I put my feet back on the floor. I hopeed she was finished.

"Good girl," she patronized me. "Come in the kitchen with me we need to get the hotdogs and buns ready."

I followed behind her into the kitchen where my mom was mincing some garlic and getting the pasta ready to boil. I loved my mom's cooking and I have to admit I was looking forward to eating some of it for the first time since last week. My mom gave Emily a harsh look when she walked past her but Emily just seemed to brush it off and then opened the fridge to get the hotdogs.

"I see you're making your awesome alfredo sauce mom." I said smiling at her.

"I know you love it honey." she replied and smiled back. "I'm glad I get to make it for you."

"Where'd you put the hotdogs?" Emily asked with her head still in the fridge. "You did get some didn't you?"

"Yes they're in the bottom drawer." mom snapped at her.

"Ohhh." Emily responded unphased. "Wait a minute. Why are there empty Frappicino bottles in here?"

"I don't know." my mom answered flatly as she minced more garlic.

Oh shit, I didn't hide those well enough.

"Did you drink them Marsha?" Emily asked as her head popped out from behind the refrigerator door with a concerned look on her face.

I tried to send a mental message to my mom for her to say that she did drink those but I don't think she got it.

"I don't drink my coffee chilled so no I didn't." mom said snidely.

Emily then shot me a look, a look I can't say that I found very comforting. Her eyes told me that she thought I'd defied her, which I did. She then bent down behind the door again and I heard her open the drawer and grab the hotdogs before she stood back up and slammed the door shut. She placed the hotdogs on the counter and then walked over to me and grabbed my arm very tightly with her hand.

"What?" I said pretending not to know what she was upset about.

She didn't respond instead she then pulled me along with her up the stairs and into my brother's old room, which was now her room, and slammed the door shut. I couldn't help but notice all the TV and computer monitors that were all along the walls in the room, good God what had she done in here?

"You drank those didn't you?" Emily accused me in a low and angry tone.

"Drank what?" I answered still pretending.

"Don't fuck with me little girl." she said with a look of upcoming rage in her eyes which began to scare me.

"They looked so good." I blurted out hurriedly admitting to what I did. "I mean come on you said yourself that I did good today. Why can't I have one as a reward or something?"

"Because it's not good for you!" she screamed which startled me. "How many times have I told you you can't have any coffee or anything with coffee in it?"

"A few." I replied quietly.

"So even though you were fully aware of this rule you decided it was okay to take it upon yourself to drink them anyway just because you were told you were good?"

"Well... yeah I guess so." I was becoming very nervous and I was having trouble coming up with any good answers for her.

"You guess so." she repeated my words angrily. "It didn't cross your mind that maybe you should ask one of us first since you know that we don't like you breaking any of our rules?"

"Would you have?"

"No. Now answer me."

"Well..." I started again "I was hoping you wouldn't find out about it."

"Don't we always find out?" she said as she put her hands on her hips authoritively. "Jesus Christ Amanda, how could you be so stupid? I know you're not this dumb."

"They looked good." I said pleadingly. "I was weak, I'm human. I mean I've been drinking them since I started high school yet I haven't had any since I met you. I threw it up anyway after I saw what was on the website."

"Doesn't matter the damage is done." she continued angrily. "You can't take it back. You defied a direct rule and don't think you're not going to be punished, harshly."

"Why is this such a big deal?" I asked trying to sound respectful so that she wouldn't get even more angry. "It's not like I got dressed or called the police on you or anything like that. Why can't I have any coffee?"

"Because I said you can't and that should be plenty reason enough with what we can do to you and your family. I'm starting to think you're not taking us seriously anymore despite what we've done so far."

"I take you very seriously." I said honestly hoping to appeal to her. "Why else would I go along with any of this?"

I could feel my body begin to tremble in front of her as she was really scaring me with her tone. I now really wished I had passed on drinking those things, they don't seem worth it all of a sudden. She just looked at me for the next few minutes with an angry and sinister expression while I lowered my gaze to the floor in shame.

"I'm sorry Emily." I said pitifully. "I wasn't trying to show you up or anything, I just wanted one really bad is all."

She didn't say anything, she just kept looking at me.

"Please don't punish me." I continued to plead. "This is all very hard and it's all so overwhelming. Like I said I'm only human."

To my amazement her expression suddenly softened. Oh my God had I actually reasoned with her? She walked around me and then sat down on the edge of her bed, which was very fancy looking, and motioned me to sit next to her which I quickly did.

"I love you Amanda." she said to me in a soft tone which I found comforting since she wasn't yelling. "I know you don't believe that but it's true. Therefore I can forgive you, but, you are going to have to suffer the consequences for disobeying me. Right now I'm not going to deal with it but I want you to know it's going to happen. For now though we're going to do as planned and have a nice family dinner with mom and dad and your new friends and act like this didn't happen. If, and this a big if, you behave yourself and do everything you're told tonight and please us then maybe we might give you a lighter punishment then what I have in mind. Sound fair?"

"Yes." I said suddenly really wanting to please her.

"Good, because what I have in mind you won't like and to be honest I can't say I'd like making you do it, so be good." She then gave me a wide smile and said, "Now, since we're here alone in my room and on my bed I think I'd like you give me a kiss."

"A kiss?" I asked hoping she said something else.


"Like on the cheek or something?"

"On the lips, and I want tongue. In fact I want you kiss me more passionately then anyone you ever have."

That'd be easy since I'd never kissed anyone passionately before. I knew that Emily, CJ, and Karen had all kissed me before but they were the ones putting the passion into it.

"Are you gay Emily?" I found myself asking.

"No." she replied softly. "I don't think someone has to gay to wanna kiss from you sexygirl. Now lay it on me baby and remember I want passion."

'Oh God maybe I should just take the punishment.' I was sure it'd be worse though whatever it was. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine she was Coach Cheeks as I leaned forward and began kissing her mouth. I tried to be passionate but I wasn't really sure if I knew how to but I did move my tongue around in her mouth and made her move her tongue with mine. After a few seconds I tried to pull away from her but she put one of her hands behind my head to keep me there and continued kissing me. I found myself becoming aroused despite the fact that inside my stomach was turning in disgust, I mean my God I was kissing someone who I absolutley hated. She finally let go and I pulled away from her and wiped my mouth out with my wrist.

"That's not bad." she said as she let out a little shiver. "It's obvious you don't do this much but you've got potential girl. Ooooh and your headlights came on." she referred to my hardend nipples and I quickly turned away from her in embarrassment. "Little girl you're becoming a woman. Now c'mon, our guests and CJ will be arriving soon so let's go meet them when they do."

She then stood up and held out her hand for me take and then led me back downstairs.