Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 64

"Mike!" CJ squeeled as a an elderly looking man in a grey suit opened the back door of the restaurant for us. "You actually came yourself instead of sending the help, I'm honored."

"Oh I wanted to see before everyone else does." Mike relplied with a wide smile. "Is this your new project?"

"Yes." She answered and then turned to me. "This is Amanda, I like to call her Amy, she's the chosen one as you might say."

Mike then ran his eyes over me as I stood there still outside of the door. A slight breeze blew across me which made me shiver, as well as hardend my nipples.

"She's sure a perky looking thing." He praised as his eyes stopped on my breasts. "I'd say for your ladies plan she looks about right. I do like them a little skinnier though."

"It's a good thing then I didn't get her for you." CJ teased him. "I think she's a little cold so if you could be so kind as to let us in your fine establishment..."

"Oh my goodness." He then stood aside to make room for us to pass. "Yes, please come on in. We have a table ready for you in the lounge. It's still a little early so we're not totally full yet but soon we'll be wall to wall for the dinner rush."

CJ took my arm again and led me past Mike and into the kitchen area of the restaurant. I was sure that me being back here like this was a health code violation of some sort but with the way CJ was pulling on me it didn't seem like I'd be back there long enough for it to matter. The floor of the kitchen was wet and sticky under my bare feet and when we passed the grill we were blasted with warm air that radiated from it. It sure smelled good but I could've done without seeing who was doing the cooking, God they all looked hung over, seeing me seemed to perk them up though. I saw one of them peek out to get another look at me before I was pulled out of the kitchen and he had one of those perverted smiles on his face as he watched, I hopef he wouldn't make my food.

Once we were out of the kitchen we had to walk down a small hallway that led to an entrance into the lounge. For it supposedly being not so full there seemed to me to be quite a few people in there, and they all immediately turned towards me as a woman at the bar let out a gasp. I swallowed hard as CJ stopped and we just stood there with all eyes on me, it seemed she wanted to let everyone take me all in before we went to our table.

"This way ladies." Mike then led us over to a corner of the lounge where a table was sitting on what looked like a really small stage. "This is the one you asked for CJ is it not?"

"Sure is," CJ she answered, "I like to be able to look down on my public when I'm here."

Oh God I was going to be on display to the whole lounge at this table. Not only was it on a platform but the table itself sat really high, I was going to have to climb onto that stool to sit down on it and it provided no cover, and there was no tablecloth either so there was even less cover for me. I wished now I wasn't stoned, I hoped I didn't fall trying to get into that chair.

"Anything I can get you two to start off with?" Mike asked us as CJ gracefully climbed into her chair.

"Yes." CJ replied as she watched me study my chair so that I could decide the best point of where to climb. "I want a White Russian, not a black one a white one, and she'll have a whatever soda you have that's caffine free, oh and an order of those awesome mozzarella sticks you have."

"Can I have a step stool or something I can use so I can get in my chair?" I asked him as I was afraid to attempt getting on it.

"Amy." CJ rolled her eyes at me. "Get on the Goddamn chair. For God's sakes you're taller than I am."

Oh I hated her. Knowing everyone was watching me and that I would really have to expose myself to do this I bit my lip and made myself lift up my right leg and place my foot on the middle rung of the stool and lifted myself up. Of course now I realized I was balancing on the wrong leg and I was going to have to swing myself around.

"What are you doing girl?" CJ said in disbelief as I noticed many of the faces in the lounge seemed mystified and confused as they watched me.

I then swung my free leg around and placed that foot on the other side of the stool and I now realized I could now sit but I'd be facing backwards so I put my arms behind me and placed my hands on the table to balance as I lifted my legs up and knelt on the seat which had a small towel on it. I then shuffled myself until I was turned around and facing CJ. I knew I must've been bright red at that moment because my face was burning from the heat of embarrassment.

"You okay?" Mike asked me seeming a little concerned.

"Fine thank you." I whispered as I looked down at the table ashamed.

"She's still nervous about all this." CJ explained loud enough so others could hear. "Being a virgin and all she's a little clumsy yet."

"Very good." He replied as I could hear a gasp of shock from the crowd when CJ said I was a virgin. "I'll have those drinks and appetizer sent over to you along with a waitress. It's great to meet you Amanda." He then walked away towards the bar and I saw people begin to go up to him to ask about what I was doing. I slumped forward and tried to focus on something so I wouldn't feel so stoned.

"Damn girl that was smooth." CJ teased me as she leaned forward so she could speak quietly. "You don't get high much do you?"

"No." I answered meekly. "I don't go out to eat naked much either."

"Lucky for these folks you do now." She said laughing. "Why don't you look out at a couple of them and give them a smile."

"You mean flirt?"

"You don't have to lead anyone on, just smile." she insisted. "You're supposed to be a lady of God so send some good will."

"I hate you."

"You do not."

I made myself look out at everyone in the lounge and many of them were still looking at me although a few were acting like everything was normal and talked amongst themselves. There was one small group of three women who kept looking up towards me and one of them smiled at me which I made myself return. The other two then gave me a small wave for which I smiled at them too. This seemed to make them happy as they all got up and come over to us.

"Hi." the dark haired one said first. "Are you Amanda?"

My mind went completely blank after she said that because I didn't want to comprehend what that meant. How the fuck did she know my name?

"That is her name." CJ answered for me. "Are you familiar with her?"

"Well yeah," the blonde girl replied, "we wanted to go to the Brass Monkey last night to see her when we found out about it but we had to work late. We think you're awesome, I can't believe you're here."

"Can we have a picture?" the dark haired one asked as she pulled a small digital camera out of her purse. "She doesn't have to get back out of her seat or anything since she seemed to have trouble with that."

"We could just turn it a bit so that we can all be in it without the table being in the way." the blonde girl added. "We'd really love it if we could."

"Of course." CJ told them. "Getting her picture taken is part of her cause. If you'd like I'll even take them for you."

I tried to shoot CJ a dirty look but she just ignored me and stood up to take the camera from the lady. The blonde and the other dark haired lady then helped to turn my stool around so that I was completely facing the lounge and all three of them gathered around and put their arms around me. I crossed my legs but when I did CJ gave me a cross look letting me know that wasn't going to be allowed. So after I made myself open them enough so that CJ was happy everyone said 'cheese' and CJ snapped a quick series of shots.

"Bitchin'" CJ praised as she handed the camera back to it's owner. "Those are keepers."

"Is it okay if we take a few other shots of her throughout the night?" The lady with the camera asked. "You know like when she's eating and stuff. She doesn't have to pose or anything but..."

"It's all good." CJ told them. "As long as you tell everyone about her later you can take as many as you want."

"Thank you." she said gratefully. "The other girls at work already know about her and they're going to be so jealous of us. They'll probably want copies of these for themselves."

"Do with them what you want." CJ said to them and then gave me a wink. "Just spread the word."

"No problem." the blonde replied. "It's a pleasure to meet you Amanda, if you get a chance we'd love to talk with you."

"Probably not tonight ladies," CJ explained "we have plans later. Thanks for stopping by though, it's great to meet you all."

They all gave me big smiles, which I dutifully returned, and they went back to their table seeming very pleased.

"What the hell was that all about?" I asked CJ keeping my voice low.

"You'll find out later." She replied smugly. "For now just keep going with it. As you can see some people are very passionate about you, I'm not really sure what their reasons are but it doesn't really matter."

Just then the waitress brought over our drinks and a large plate filled with deep fried cheese sticks with dipping sauce.

"There you are." the waitress said to us after she sat everything down. "My name is Gillian and I'll be serving you tonight. When you two are ready to order just let me know, blackend steak is our special tonight and in my opinion it's quite good. Anything else I can do just let me know." She then turned to me. "And if I may say so I volunteered for this when I learned you were coming today Amanda. It's a pleasure to meet you and God bless you for what you're doing, it's very courageous and I wish I was so bold that I could do it too. My husband is going to be so jealous about this."

"Thank you." I said to her shyly as I didn't know what else to do.

"You seem just as shy in person." Gillian said out loud as she smiled and then began to move away from us. "Enjoy your mozarella sticks."

"See," CJ said to me with a sly grin, "so much love for one sweet and sexy babygirl, I'm so proud right now. I imagine the munchie monsters have a hold of you so lets dig in, these are so good they melt in your mouth."

Within about half an hour after we arrived I could hear from the noise in the restaurant area that the place was getting very full, more people had come into the lounge as well. Some came in just to take a peek at me to make sure that what they had heard about a naked girl being in the lounge was true while others seemed to want to hang out and watch me eat. We had already long finished the cheese sticks, which were really good by the way, and now I was in the process of finishing up the Ceasars salad that came before my main meal. I had ordered the large portion of the teriyaki sirloin with a baked potato while CJ had ordered the blackend Angus also with a baked potato, but she had the soup instead of the salad. The salad was good but the dressing was so messy and that people kept offering to lick it off my face, which I thought was pretty gross and thankfully CJ kept sending them away although she would then turn around and offer to do it herself.

"That's disgusting." I said to her as I pushed my empty plate away and wiped my face with a napkin. "Is that supposed to be sexy or something?"

"Some people think so." she said slyly as she finished her soup. "If I pour the last of this on my shirt will you lick it off?"

"No!" I said even more grossed out. "Can you stop picking on me for just a little bit?"

"Okay, but just for a little bit." she teased.

More people started to take pictures of me from different areas in the lounge, I even heard someone say how sexy it was to watch me eat like this. I was scared that if I kept eating like I had been people would actually be able to literally see me gain weight right in front of their eyes, instead of ghostgirl I'll be known as blimpgirl. I really needed a break from all this attention so I finished my soda and looked up at CJ.

"I need to use the bathroom." I said to her as she sipped her second white russian. "Can I get you to come with me so I don't get attacked or anything while I'm in there?"

"Need me to protect you?" she said in a mocking baby voice. "I think I can do that, especially since women can be such jealous bitches sometimes. I need to call Em anyway and it's getting too noisey out here to that. Let's do it before our steaks come."

She got off her chair and was actually kind enough to help me out of mine even though I still had to open my legs to get down which was met with a small round of applause from a group of men in the back. CJ asked Gillian to make sure no one messed with our table while we were away and then she led me past the growing crowd of onlookers who didn't pass up the opprotunity to make comments to me about my body.

"Love the babyfat." One person said.

"Your legs sure do make an ass of themselves." said another.

"Is she old enough to be in here?" was the last thing I heard before CJ pulled me into the bathroom.

Inside the restroom there were two women in their late thirties putting on makeup in front of the mirror. They both turned to us and gave me the 'what a whore' look that some women give each other before going back to what they were doing. CJ found an empty stall and pulled me in it and closed the door behind us.

"I wouldn't suppose you'd give me some privacy would you?" I asked her as she had me sit on the toilet.

"I like watching you pee." she said smiling as she took out her cell phone. "Besides this way I can talk to Em and make sure you're okay at the same time." She then hit a button her phone and then put it up to her head. "Hey Em. No I'm not drunk I'm just buzzed. Everything set? Cool. Yeah she's sitting here peeing. Yes were in the bathroom, I would've taken her outside but Mike's been such a dear and I don't want to possibly make him look bad. Has Monique sent the papers and everything? Great. Did you find out what was up with Jill out in the woods. I don't know but that seems weird to me. Yeah we'll finish eating and then be on our way. Fuck Gale, she's not really her fucking maid okay. I sent Ashley to do it, I can't help it if she's never cleaned a living room before. Yeah I know. You wanna talk to her? Sure here ya go."

CJ then put her phone up to my ear and whispered that Emily wanted to talk to me.

"Hi." I said quietly into the phone.

"Hey sweetie." Emily said cheerfully on the other end. "I'm very proud of you with how you behaved with the Police today."

"I'm so glad." I replied snidely.

"Can't wait for you to get here." she continued. "I'm glad that we can finally get some of this stuff out in the open. I'll let you finish pissing but I just wanted to tell you I love you."

"Thanks." I answered unmoved.

"I want you to start saying it back to me from now on." Emily went on. "I know you said it to CJ earlier and now I want you to say it to me."

"Oh come on." I pleaded. "You know I won't mean it."

"Amanda." her voice sounded stern.

"I love you." I said reluctantly.

"You love me what?" she asked sounding smug.

"I love you too Emily." I replied wishing I could cut my tongue off. "Happy?"

"Very." she said sounding pleased with herself. "Have a good supper honey and I'll see you in bit."

I motioned to CJ that I was done talking and she put the phone back to her ear.

"That was sweet." CJ said into her phone. "Yeah the truth is starting to come out of her mouth. See ya in few Em." She then hung up.

After I made myself pee, which wasn't easy under CJ's constant glare, I flushed and we went back out where the two women had been. Now though they had been replaced by a rather large woman who looked really angry.

"So there you are you little slut." she said to me in a mean tone. "What the fuck do you think you're doing walking around here like that in front of all these people, including my husband?"

"I um..." I began but couldn't finish.

"This is how she lives." CJ jumped in getting in between me and the big lady. "She doesn't really have a choice in the matter so I think you need to get over your insecurities and leave her alone."

"Excuse me." the lady said stepping up in front of CJ. "I don't give a shit as to why she's doing it all I know is if she doesn't get dressed I'm going to put her in the hospital."

"Oh you are." CJ said as she began raising her voice. "I think I may have a problem with that." CJ then began to roll up the sleaves on her sweater and then took off her watch.

"Oh please." the lady scoffed as she bent down over CJ. "What are you going to do, tickle me?"

"I'm going to do worse than that if you don't take back your threat and apologize to my girl here." CJ demanded as she slipped out of her heels.

"This little whore your girlfriend?" The lady said laughing.

"She's my buddy and anyone who messes with her messes with me." CJ said plainly as she looked the lady right in the eye.

"Well anyone who shakes their ass in front of my husband without my okay gets their asses handed to them." The lady answered back unphased. "And if you want that too then I can oblige bitch."

CJ then gentley pushed me back from her to give her more room and then quickly pulled off her sweater, revealing her black lacy bra she was wearing, and handed it to me.

"Hold this for me Amy." CJ said to me without taking her eyes of the woman. "It's expensive and I don't want to risk tearing it."

"I'm going to love tearing your little uppity ass apart cunt." the lady said as she began to move forward.

"Well then," CJ replied as she stood there with her hands at her sides in her bra and jeans "like my mother used to say before sunday dinner 'Come and get it'."

The lady then made a lunge for CJ's throat but CJ quickly ducked out of the way and then spun around and kicked the lady right in the nose with her bare foot. It was quite impressive how high CJ was able to kick and the lady seemed quite stunned as her nose began to bleed.

"You fucking bitch!" the lady yelled as she wiped some blood off her nose and looked at it. "You broke my fucking nose!"

"Now I'm going to knock out your front teeth." CJ told her and then punched her right in the mouth which sent her back against the wall.

The lady couldn't believe it as she spit blood out, along with one of her teeth, into the sink.

"Want me to ugly you up some more you horseface bitch?" CJ said assuredly. "Or have you had enough?"

"You fucking nigger." the lady shouted at her. "I'm going to kill you and eat you for breakfast."

"Oh you're going to pay for that." CJ yelled and them moved in on her. This time though CJ's punch was blocked and the lady managed to push CJ away, and with her being bigger CJ really flew and landed in one of the stalls. The lady then followed her in as I just stood there in amazement. I wanted to run but I didn't really want to go back out there and I kept expecting someone to come in but as of that moment no one had. Next thing I saw was the lady's head hit the floor outside of the stall and suddenly CJ was on top of her and began punching her repeatedly in the face.

"No one but my homegirls calls me the N word cunt." CJ yelled as she pummeled on the lady. "When I'm done with you you're faggy husband ain't gonna recognize you."

Soon the lady's face was covered in blood as CJ kept hitting her. Shit she was going to kill her.

"CJ stop it!" I yelled as I stood over them. "Stop it, she's had enough!" I then reached down and grabbed CJ's arm as it was about to come down on the lady again. I had to use both hands to hold it back as she tried angrily to hit the lady again. When CJ looked up at me I could see a rage in her eyes that frightend me very much but I still held on to her arm. "CJ please don't kill her." I pleaded with her. "I think you got your point across."

CJ then relaxed her arm and halted herself. She was breathing really heavily as she stood up over the bloodied woman and looked down.

"Lucky for you this little whore as you called her has a good heart." CJ said boastingly to the downed woman. "I might not have stopped. I want you to remember that the next time you feel a need to push your weight around you nazi bulldyke." CJ than spat on her and stepped over her and I followed her over to the sink.

I was now fighting back tears as seeing all that violence had unknowingly upset me.

"I'm sorry that happend." CJ said as her breathing slowed down. "Don't cry, I'll take care of her doctor's bill. She was going to try and hurt you though and I can't allow that. Thank you for stopping me when you did." She then hugged me and I began weeping on her shoulder as she rubbed my back to comfort me. A lady who worked there suddenly poked her head in to see what was going on.

"Is everything okay?" she asked timidly.

"You might want to call an ambulance." CJ said to her as she let me go. "That lady tried to bully my friend and I had to hurt her."

"Holy shit!" the girl screamed as she saw the lady lying in the stall. "You did that her? Oh my God." She then looked at CJ in awe. "I always hoped someone would kick her ass but wasn't sure if anyone could. Damn, I'll go get Mike." She then went back out as CJ began to clean herself up using the sink.

"Guess she's had it coming for awhile." CJ thought outloud. "Better wash up baby, remember you just used the toilet."

After we got finished cleaning up CJ put her shoes, watch, and sweater back on and we went back to our table. The looks on the people in the crowd were a mix of shock and confusion as they couldn't seem to believe what was going on, except for the guys who didn't care and just like to look at me. When we got back to our table our food was waiting for us and I didn't have any trouble getting in my chair this time as I was no longer stoned.

"Boy this looks good." CJ said seeming to put what just happend behind her as she began cutting her meat. "Food always tastes better to me after a good ass kicking."

Mike, the owner, came up to us then with a look of disbelief on his face. "CJ did you do that Louise in there?" he asked refering to the lady in the bathroom.

"Sure did." CJ answered as she took a bit from her meat. "Mmm, this is good. Yeah she got lippy and I had to take care of her, I mean it was either her or me and I chose her."

"Wow." Mike said sounding impressed. "This isn't the first time she's threatend someone here, my female staff will just love you for that."

"Just send her doctor's bill to me and let her know if I ever find out she's doing that again I'll be back for her." CJ told him and continued eating.

"This steak is really good. Tell the chef I said so would you?"

"Sure thing CJ." Mike said as he began to walk away. "I'm sure he'll be glad to hear that so you won't beat him up too."

"You okay Amy?" CJ asked me as I shakily picked up my knife and fork and began cutting my meat.

"I've never seen anyone get beat up before is all." I answered trying to sound okay. "I hope I don't have to again anytime soon."

"You're precious babygirl." CJ cooed. "Here that lady was mean to you and yet you saved her. I knew we hit the jackpot when we found you."

Part 65

It was dark as we drove down the interstate highway and entered the city of Portland. When we left the restaurant the entire waitressing staff greeted us at the door and quietly thanked CJ for beating up that woman in the bathroom and promised to cover for her if the police got involved. Mike told us that dinner was on the house as long as we came back again for which CJ happily agreed along with offering to fix anything in the restroom that needed fixing. The lady was able to get up and leave with the help of her dismayed husband, who couldn't believe that CJ beat her up, and I believe she was going to be taken to a hospital. Of course before we could actually leave I had to pose for a few more pictures with people, including our waitress Gillian who must've used a whole roll of film. When we finally did leave we had to push our way through a crowd of people, both inside the building and out, many of whom took the opprotunity to point and laugh and who made me feel very insecure.

"You lose a bet or something honey?" I remember some bitchy woman teased me. "You being bald down there makes me think you lost two bets."

CJ assured me that she was sober enough to drive, and since she only had two drinks and also drank a large glass of water afterward I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

"I forgot to ask you how your food was babygirl." CJ mentioned, pulling me back up the present.

"It was good." I answered honestly. "I think I might've enjoyed it more if I could've been dressed like everyone else there was."

"You still seem a bit shaken." She pointed out to me ignoring my last comment. "You've never been in a fight yourself have you?"

"No." I responded truthfully. "I make a point of trying to avoid them."

I could still picture in my head the look of rage on CJ's face when I made her stop hitting that woman. It made me that much more intimidated of her and I now worried about how often she did things like that and if she has ever gone too far.

"I'd have to say normally that's a wise move." she stated referring to my point. "With being who I am and getting involved in the things I get involved in sometimes requires me to have to respond to certain situations with violence. You saw last night when those bouncers took out those a-hole football players who wanted you to blow them, there wasn't going to be any other way to deal with those guys without getting physical. I was just doing the same thing."

"But neither of those things would've happend if I hadn't been naked." I proclaimed. "Those guys wanted me to do... because I was dancing with them naked. Same thing with the lady back there, she wanted to hit me because she doesn't want her husband looking at me like this. To be honest if I had a husband I'd feel the same way. Those people all got punished for reacting to what you guys are making me do."

"Nobody put a gun to their heads to make them act that way." CJ replied. "You may not have noticed but hundreds of others have been around you while you're naked and yet they never theatend you or tried to assault you. There's such a thing as maturity and self responsibility and when something happens that you can't control you have a choice in how you deal with it. They made the wrong choice and now they have to deal with the consequences of that choice. Just because you were naked didn't give them the right to act that way."

"You ever worry about the possible consequences that you may face someday for what you're doing to me?" I asked hoping to make a point. "I mean the same rules apply to you too don't they?"

"I know how to bend the rules in my favor." she answered smugly. "It's all about staying ahead of everyone else. Besides there are people who would happily trade places with you if they could get the same kind of care for their families that we've given yours. I mean we've basically paid off the mortage on your parents house and yesterday your sister-in-law got to have the ultra sound she needed and wouldn't have been able to afford before, many people would be grateful you know."

"Would you be?" I asked.

"I would if I loved my family." she replied, reflecting my attempt at guilt back on me. "By the way she's having a boy, you're going to have a nephew girlfriend. They decided not to know what it was yet so you might want to keep it to yourself for now around your folks."

"Will you ever let me go?" I asked fearing the answer.

"We'll talk about that in a few minutes." she told me as she started to slow down as an exit was coming up. "We're almost there. See the large building there by the river? That's where we're going to met Em."

"You mean OMSI?" I asked as the large glass building that contained the Oregon Museum of Science Institute came into view.

"Well that's the right building but we're not going into OMSI." she explained to me. "You'll notice it shares the place with channel 12, that's the part where Emily's at."

"Channel 12?" I shouted in confusion. "Emily said it would be someplace without cameras and microphones. I think that place has plenty of both."

"We're not going in the news studio." she continued to explain. "Just relax and take some more of those deep breaths you always take when you get really nervous."

"If I don't are you going to hit me?"

"Quit being a smartass." she instructed. "I couldn't imagine doing to you what I did to Big Bertha back there. Besides aren't you excited? You finally get to learn some things that have been happening with you, Lord knows you've asked about them enough despite having been told not to."

I didn't answer her, I decided to just sit and try to ready myself for what was coming up. I was a bit excited to know what they had planned for me, I was certainly tired of seemingly being the only one in the dark about it, but at the same time sometimes it's better not to know something if knowing may make it worse. When we reached the building CJ pulled up to the front of it and parked at the curb. She then pulled out her cellphone again and punched in a number.

"We're here Em." She said into the phone cheerfully. "Send someone out to park my car please and tell Simon to let us in at the back door. Yes. I tried to warn her but the bitch wouldn't listen so I had to take care of it. We're okay but she's going to need reconstructive surgery on that ugly mug of hers. Okay see you inside Em I see someone coming out."

Someone who looked like they might've been an intern or something came running up to us and stopped when he reached CJ's side.

"Hi kid." CJ said to him as she opened the door.

"Good evening ma'am." he replied. "Either of you need any help getting out?"

"We're fine thank you." CJ told him as she got out. "C'mon babygirl let's let this young man do his job and we can get inside and talk about ours."

Just as the young man was about to get in I quickly got out and closed the door so that he wouldn't have time to get too long of a look at me. The pavement was really cold on my feet and with it being dark now the air was even chillier on my bare skin. At least with it being dark I had some cover and I didn't stand out like I usually do, but what little light there was where I was standing still illuminated my white skin.

"Scratch my vehicle and you'll wish you were never born." CJ said to the man just before he drove off. Once she was next to me she took my arm and led me to the side of the building and we began making our way to the back of it. Soon I began to shiver and it grew a little worse with each step I took on the cold ground. Even though I really didn't want to I found myself trying to snuggle up to CJ for the warmnth.

"I knew you loved me." she teased as she let go of my arm and used hers to pull me close to her. "It is a bit nipplie out tonight isn't it?"

When we turned the corner to the back of the building we came up to a door with a security code box on it. Instead of punching in a code CJ knocked on the door and a bald guy inside opened it up for us.

"Evening CJ." the man said to her sounding pleased to see her. "As always you look lovely."

"Why thank you Simon." CJ replied kindly. "As always you have no hair on your head."

"You can thank my wife for that." he joked. "Is this your girl that you've been spending all your time fussing over?"

"This is my girl all right." She proclaimed and then gave me a squeeze. "She keeps me busy that's for sure. Amy this is Simon, he worships us. Simon this is Amanda, she's my pride and joy."

"She sure has beautiful skin." he pointed out. "By the looks of it she's cold though, we don't you come on in?"

CJ pulled me inside the building and I was happy to feel the warm air surround me when he closed the door behind us.

"Emily told me that you know where to go." Simon said to CJ. "She also said that you three were not to be disturbed so I'll make sure no one goes down there."

"Great, thank you Si." CJ said to him. "This is a big moment for Amy here and I wouldn't want it interrupted."

"I always thought Mandy was short for Amanda." Simon decided to point out. "At least that's what I heard."

"I've heard that too." CJ admitted. "I guess I'll have to check on that."

"Both work." He replied. "Either way she's still a gem."

"She is isn't she." CJ said patronizingly and gave me another squeeze. "She's certainly precious. I know Em thinks so to and she's probably getting impatient waiting for us, we better not make her mad Amy."

CJ then said goodbye to Simon, who then went up some stairs, and she lead me down the hall a little ways before we came to an elevator. Hitting the button for down she then turned to me and gave me a full hug before the door opened. "No matter what you may think of us for making you do this." she said to me in a soft voice as she looked me in the eyes. "We love you and intend to take care of you and your family. We're more or less part of the family now anyway and we intend for it to remain that way."

The elevator door pulled open and CJ let go of her embrace and led me inside of it. She pushed a button for the basement and the doors soon closed in front of us.

"Your nipples are still hard honey." she pointed out as the elevator began its downward journey. "It's not that cold in here either. You're either happy about the meeting or standing next to me excites you more than you let on." She then tweeked one of my nipples between her ring and index fingers which both hurt and felt good at the same time. We reached the bottom and the doors opened back up just as I knocked her hand away from me.

"There you are." Emily said to us as she stood waiting just down the hall. "For a second I thought maybe you two took that stairs or something."

We stepped out of the elevator and Emily came up to me and gave me a big hug. "I'm so glad you're here sweetie." Emily whispered in my ear. "I'm sorry you had to see CJ put a hurtin' on that lady, I imagine you're quite sensitive about that kind of stuff. But I did say she's a badass didn't I? C'mon, I've got some stuff to show you as well as talk to you about."

Part 66

"What is this room?" I asked as Emily led me inside a very spacious room with large monitors on one of the walls with a great big computer in front of it that I believed was linked to them. There was also a large couch sitting against another wall and several chairs placed all about the room with a small table sitting right in the middle of it. Sitting in one of the chairs was an attractive woman looking to be in her thirties dressed in a light blue business suit with a very short skirt and no stockings on her legs. She had strawberry blonde hair and her skin was as white as mine was, but what really stood out to me were her piercing green eyes.

"This is where I set up sort of a headquarters for us a few months ago." Emily began to explain to me. "We haven't used it as much lately but I thought it would be perfect for today. There are no cameras in here and the mics are turned off, including the one in your collar. We worry that someone might be able to pick up our frequency and we don't want anyone listening in to this."

Oh crap, that meant Scott wouldn't be able to hear. I hoped he had a backup plan.

"Amanda." Emily continued now pointing to the lady in the chair. "This is our attorney Monique. She's now also your attorney and will handle any future legal trouble you or your family may endure."

"Hello Amanda." Monique said kindly to me as she stood up and offered me her hand which I weakly shook. Boy her skirt was short. "I'm thrilled to finally meet you. I want to tell you myself how impressed I am with how you've met your challenges, you have a strong will despite your obvious sensetivity."

"We're very proud of her." Emily praised as she squeezed my arm. "We're so pleased that we feel she's ready to learn some things about us. But before we get started there's a reason Monique is here."

"Yes there is." the lawyer answered and then picked up a briefcase that had been sitting next to her and opened it up. "First I want to tell you that the meeting with Betsey and Tye today went smoothly and they already have their website up so they can sell their picture cd's. We did have them change their Ghostgirl heading to a subtitle and let them use your real name as their title. That way people will know it's you and not someone different."

"We don't want people thinking that you and Ghostgirl are possibly two different people." Emily jumped in as Monique pulled a folder from the case.

"We need you to sign this Amanda." Monique informed me as she opened the folder and pushed a rather thick looking document in front of me.

"What is it?" I asked as I picked it up and shuffled through the pages. It reminded of the time they had me sign two other documents in my room last Thursday.

"It's a contract." Monique replied. "I'd let you read it all but I doubt there's time for it. It basically says that you work for Emily and CJ and their Coolgirls company. You will have a savings account set up for you as well as an investment portfolio and it also states that you will be taken care of as far as medical, dental, car insurance, a place to live among others. It also has provisions for your family as well as a college fund for your nephew when he gets out of high school several years from now."

"What else?" I asked knowing there had to catches.

"Well in basic terms it binds you to them." Monique continued. "It protects them as well as you."

"I'm don't want to sign that." I declared as I backed away from the table. "I'll be making a deal with the devil."

Both Emily and CJ burst out laughing at my statement but inside I felt like I was being honest. This contract was so long there could be a million clauses in there that could come back to haunt me.

"We're not the devil babygirl." CJ said still amused. "The devil would want your soul, and that's nowhere in the contract. We want your body instead."

"Why though?" I demanded to know. "Why do you have to have my body? When are you going to tell me what this is all about?"

"We'll start right after you sign the contract and Monique leaves with it." Emily replied unphased by my demand. "If not than this meeting is over and we will never tell you what's going on, but we'll still continue with our plan for you regardless."

"That's so not fair." I said in frustration. "With all you've put me through I deserve to know what's going on."

"That may be but this isn't a court of law or a democracy." Emily responded sternly. "Fair has nothing to do with anything. If we wanted to be fair we would've just offered all this to you in the beginning instead of going through all the trouble we did. Now it's time decide, is there going to be a meeting or should we just move on to the next plan?"

God I hated how trapped they always made me feel. I really didn't want to sign this thing but I believed them when they told me that they'd continue on with this without ever letting me in on it. Fuck I hated them so much.

"What happens if I sign this and decide not to go along with you afterwards?" I asked trying to buy some time.

"You'll be in breach of contract." Monique replied sounding professional. "I imagine they'll take whatever actions necessary at that time to make sure you uphold it. If not then things will probably be really tough on you."

I felt so helpless as I stood there looking down on the contract with three pairs of eyes staring intently at me to see what I would do. I could feel my body begin to betray me yet again as the stress stimulated my arousal, as if this couldn't be more uncomfortable.

"Better make up your mind sweetie." Emily prodded. "Monique's time is very valuable and we can't have you wasting it."

"Where do I sign?" I said in defeat as both Em and CJ gave out a quiet shriek of glee at hearing that.

"The last two pages on the lines provided." Monique explained. "You'll notice that Emily and CJ have already signed their part so just sign next to them."

As I signed my name on the lines she pointed to I couldn't help but feel that I had really crossed a line that would be difficult to get back from. I secretly prayed that Scott would still be able to get me out of this somehow or that maybe God could intervine and take care of them. When I finished signing Monique grabbed the contract from me and placed it back into her briefcase and closed it.

"Fantastic Amanda," she said praisingly, "you did the right thing and you will be rewarded for it. CJ will leave a card for you later with my number on it, anything you need just give me a call day or night. I'm honored to be your attorney and I'll help make sure you're taken care of."

"Thank you for coming Monique." Emily said gratefully to her as she gave her a hug. "Couldn't have done all this without you."

"That's what you pay me for." she replied. "That and to wear these extremely short skirts."

"But you look so hot in them." CJ expressed. "It's worth the extra money to make sure you always wear them."

"It does get cold though." Monique complained. "You could at least let me wear stockings or hose when it's like that."

"This is Oregon, it's always like that." CJ joked. "Besides your legs are too nice to cover up. Now move them on out of here so we can have our meeting and you can stop charging us."

CJ and Monique then hugged and then shared a rather passionate looking kiss in which CJ pulled the attorney's skirt up over her rear end exposing her white thong panties.

"CJ." Monique squealed in embarrassment as she pulled down her skirt. "Gosh you're worse than a man."

Monique than hugged me and gave me a kiss on my cheak and told me she'd see me again and then walked out the door with my newly signed contract in her briefcase.

"You did the right thing sweetie." Emily told me as she pulled up a chair for me to sit in. "She's an awesome lawyer and she has most of the judges in this state madly in love with her thanks to those skirts; we got the idea from Ally McBeal. Now have a seat, there's something we need to check on real fast." Emily then went and picked up a remote control and turned on one of the monitors. On it looked to be a large room with several tables with people sitting around them.

"This is the Bible Study meeting we're missing." Emily explained refering to what was on the monitor. "It looks like it just started since the pastor is speaking. Looks like a packed house tonight since people thought you were going to be there. See up there? There's your pals from the volleyball team. They were dissappointed that you weren't there but when they saw Tess they decided to stay."

"Where's Tess?" I asked curiously.

"She's sitting over here with her parents." Emily said pointing to them on the screen.

"What is she wearing?" I blurted out.

"What we were going to have you wear." Emily answered me. "It's basically a swimsuit with pieces strategically removed and with silk crosses sewn on. Isn't she cute?"

"Looks like her boobs are about to fall out." I said in dismay. "What are you going to have her do?"

"You'll see later." she said and turned back towards me. "Right now they're going over boring shit so we'll let that go its course and tune in later." She then turned off the monitor and came over and stood next to CJ and they gave each other a knowing grin and sighed. "This is your time now Amanda. You have certainly earned it by being such a good sport these last six days."

Felt more like six months.

"So Amy," CJ began as she looked at me with a kind expression "where do you want to begin?"

I didn't waste anytime with my first question. "Who are you?"

"It's so funny you would say that." Emily said seeming amused by my question. "The first thing you said to me when we had our first meeting last Thursday morning behind the mall was 'Who are you?'. I guess you finally get an answer to that. CJ would you like to go first or should I?"

"Be my guest Em." CJ deferred. "I'm interested in hearing how you're going to explain to her who you are. So take it away Oggie doggie."

"Oakie doakie doggie daddy." Emily sang as she pulled up another chair and sat down directly in front of me. "CJ make sure the door is locked so no one barges in."

CJ then walked to the door and locked it and then sat down in a chair directly behind me.

"So who am I?" Emily began as she looked in me the eyes and talked with a big smile. "I'm Emily Marie Murdoch, but I was born Emily Marie Campbell. My mother was working as an assistant to Phil Knight when she became pregnant with me. Are you aware of who Phil Knight is Amanda?"

"He sounds familiar." I answered racking my brain as to who that was.

"He's the head of Nike." Emily answered. "It's his company. I believe he's the richest man in Oregon and until I was sixteen years old I was under the impression that he was my father. My mother had had an affair with him and was more than willing to let him believe that I was his daughter. Mom was never interested in marrying him or anything but she made sure that I received plenty of child support in exchange for keeping quiet about me from the general public, I mean it was the 80's and having an illegitimate child back then was still frowned upon especially for a public figure."

"But he's not really your father?" I asked intrigued by what she was telling me.

"I'll get to that." she scolded me. "Well, Nike was always a profitable company but when he signed Michael Jordan to an endorsement deal back when he first joined the NBA things really took off and he hasn't looked back much since, so lets just say me and mom were living very well. Phil is a good dad too, he did spend time with me and made sure that I had what I needed. I have several pictures of me with many of the athletes who worked for him including Tiger Woods and Bo Jackson. Phil taught me a lot about business as well and how you have to go after what you want and make sure when you get what you want you make it work for you. When I was sixteen I decided that I wanted his name, I wouldn't announce to the world he was my dad but I wanted his name. I had grown on him enough that he agreed and we were in the process of getting it done when my mother decided to make a confession to me one night."

"What a night that was." CJ jumped in. "I was downstairs waiting in the kitchen for Em when all this screaming came from upstairs. Listening to it I thought I was in the movie Mommie Dearest."

"What did she tell you?" I asked wanting to know.

"I was talking with her about taking Phil's name and becoming Emily Knight when she tried to talk me out of it." Emily went on. "I couldn't understand why she would have a problem with this so I demanded a good reason why I shouldn't do it. She then told me about a time when she and Phil were on a working trip in Australia and while they were there mom met this rich businessman who was from there but also worked in the broadcasting business. Well this guy charmed my mom real well and she ended up having a brief fling with him despite still being with Phil. Anyway this all happend during the time when I may have been conceived so mom confessed that it's possible that Phil Knight may not actually be my father. Needless to say I was pretty upset at hearing this, I mean when you think this rich powerful man is your father and it turns out some poor auzzie might actually be him it's rather unsettling."

"Your mom is such a slut." CJ teased Emily. "I mean getting dicked by two different guys on the same trip is just nasty."

"Thank you for your opinion CJ." Emily said sounding annoyed. "Well I wanted to kill my mother. As far as I was concerned her telling me this just ruined my life, I didn't even want to hear who my potential real dad was or anything I was so steamed. Mom insisted though so after I calmed down a little I listend to who it was."

"What a bombshell that was." CJ added again.

"Who was it?" I asked.

"Rupert Murdoch." Emily told me and then sat back.

"Who's that?" I asked not recognizing the name.

"Who's that?" CJ screamed in disbelief. "Only a mega billionare."

"He is?" I said in disbelief.

"He owns Fox sweetie." Emily explained to me with a laugh in her voice. "He own 20th Century Fox film studios, he owns the Fox broadcasting network which channel 12 is an affiliate of, he owns Fox News Channel which is the top news channel in the world, as well as FX, several newspapers including the New York Post, and several other ventures. He's now what Ted Turner used to be."

"And he's your dad?" I asked as I took in what she was telling me.

"Well we didn't find out right away." Emily continued. "My mom had to make contact with Rupert which wasn't easy since he's a busy man. When she finally did though he remembered her and he arranged a meeting under the impression that they were going to relive old times, what he didn't know was I was coming with her and she confronted him with me. To say he was shocked was an understatement but to our surprise he wasn't hostile or anything, he even agreed to a DNA test. He seemed quite intrigued by the fact that Phil Knight had believed to be my father, almost took it as a challenge really. Well when everything was said and done it turned out Rupert was my daddy after all and he quickly made arrangements to have me taken care of and I soon had another trust fund and access to new things that I hadn't had access to before. What's even greater is that Phil still cared about me despite not being my real dad. Sure he hated my mother and still does but he never blamed me for that and to this day anything I need from him I can get. They both sometimes seem to actually compete with each other for my affections, if one finds out what the other did for me then the one will try to top it. What's really funny is that neither one of them will publicly claim me as their daughter although Rupert did give me his name, which bummed Phil out a bit but he got over it. Because of this though I now have access to all kinds of satelites and things that Fox uses which is why we can follow you so easily, as well as I get my own crew who set things up for us so that we can capture your every moment if possible."

"Don't foget that with Phil we get unlimited access to U of O too." CJ reminded her.

"Oh yes." Emily agreed. "Phil's the Duck's top alumni and anything he wants from there he gets. So if I wanted to have a girl streak through a Duck game and needed all the security to be on the same page with me then I can make that happen. I may be a bastard child but I'm a rich one and I intend to have a good time with it and be ambitious at the same time."

'She's got to be full of shit, she just has to be.' That sounded like something off of a bad soap opera, Emily's 'Days of our Lives', I mean no one could have something like that happen to them.

"How can this be true?" I asked trying to sound respectful so that I wouldn't upset her. "It sounds so far fetched."

"If it was fiction no one would believe it." Emily replied. "But it's the truth. Haven't you noticed how I've been able to do practically anything, only someone as well off as me would be able to do that."

"That goes for me too." CJ added. "I think it's now my turn to get to explain myself." CJ then grabbed the bottom of my chair and spun me around to face her. She sat closer to me than Emily did and decided to take my hands in hers as she began her tale.

"I'm CJ Ford." She began as she stroked my hands with hers. "Just to get this out of the way I am in no way related to anyone in the Ford auto company. My full name is Crystal Jaid Ford but as you've learned I prefer CJ and if you know what's good for you that's what you'll call me."

"Your mom must've been on crack when she named you that." Emily joked from behind me and began laughing.

"Yeah ha ha." CJ replied unamused. "At least my mom didn't take in both ends like yours did."

"Hey now." Emily chided. "Lets stick to the subject at hand."

"Anyhoo." CJ started again. "I was also born to an unwed mother and unlike Em's mom she got pregnant from a man who claimed he loved her but was too caught up in his work at the time to marry her. They ended up drifting apart and my mom didn't really want anything from him in ways of support or anything like that, he didn't even really know about me and that seemed to be how momma wanted it. She was a proud woman and not a crackhead like Emily likes to tease and she worked real hard to make sure I had a roof over my head and food to eat. She ended up working for Em's mom as a maid and that's how we met when we were six years old."

"What's funny is I origionally told my mom not to hire her because she was black and would rob us blind." Emily added. "I've learned much since then and meeting CJ changed my life."

"Anyway her mom and my mom became close despite the fact the were boss and employee." CJ continued. "One day when I was seven my mom was taking a break and turned on the news and saw that the Trailblazers had a new owner and she almost fainted when she saw who it was."

"No way." I said in disbelief when it occured to me what she was about to say.

"It was my father, Paul Allen." CJ proclaimed.

"Bullshit." I found myself saying. Paul Allen was one of the origional founders of Microsoft and is one of the 10 richest people in the world as well as the owner of both the Portland Trailblazers and the Seattle Seahawks. I know this because of my dad and brother being sports fans. He's worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

"Oh it's true." CJ said convincingly.

"But he's white and you're so..." I said stopping myself.

"Her mom is a real piece of charcoal." Emily explained. "She's dark. She's also where CJ got all her looks thank goodness. Paul's not a handsome man."

"He's a good guy to have as your dad." CJ proclaimed.

"How could your mom not know who he was?" I asked still not sure about all this.

"My mom never read the paper or any of that stuff and she knows nothing about computers and even less about Microsoft." CJ continued. "She had no idea what had happend to him or how rich he became. That all changed that day though. He was shocked to learn about me but he's felt guilty about it ever since. He spoils me now so that he feels like he's making up for lost time."

"How come you don't have his name?" I asked.

"Don't need it." she said plainly. "Besides Ford is only one syllable while Allen is two, why would I want that for?"

"You're a freak CJ." Emily teased. "Like father like daughter."

"My dad's richer than yours." CJ teased back. "You're just jealous."

I can't believe this. I've been captured and made the plaything of the illegitimate children of some of the richest people in the world. This just didn't make sense and yet it did, it explained the deep pockets anyway.

"How old are both of you?" I asked wanting to find out as much about them as I could.

"I'm 23." CJ revealed. "Em will turn 23 in January. I know we could both pass for much younger. We each use similar products to the ones that we've had you use, except the stuff we give you is much more potent."

Her admission reminded me of another question that I desperately wanted an answer to. "What is in all this stuff that you've had me take and what has it done to me?"

"It's made you more beautiful." CJ answered glibly. "I mean look at how you glow your skin is so gorgeous. Your hair also has more body in it and a great shine."

"Plus you no longer have to shave, anywhere." Emily eagerly jumped in. "The hair on your body is gone for good. Your legs, pits, ass, and pussy will be smooth and bald for the rest of your life."

"Where did you get this stuff?" I demanded to know. "You guys hang around scientists or something?"

"I've invested a small fortune of my own money in a company that produces, among other things, beauty and health care products." CJ explained as she stood up and walked over behind Emily which made me have to turn my chair around to face them. "We have some of the best cosmetic scientists in the world working for us and they've come up with some mind blowing products that we will market in the coming years once they get government approval. In the meantime what I had them do was make some of these products in their purest form to give to you. This way we can make the effects permanent or at least take a long time to wear off. Your fair skin cuts down on the danger of possible side effect since there is already little wear on it."

"How come I can't wear heavy clothes anymore?" I continued asking although I wasn't liking the answers.

"Well." Emily started as she rose from her seat and stood next to CJ. "That has more to do with something else. Do you remember that herbal tea you drank Thursday morning when you and CJ were in the woods behind the mall?"

"Yeah." I answered vaguely remembering.

"Well it was a special herbal tea." Emily went on. "You see we've also invested in a company that specializes in organic products including herbs and vitamins. Well we have a specialist working for us whose made herbs his life and he knows of a certain formula that contains certain herbs that when taken can create an allergic reaction in the skin when clothes are worn. It's a slow process but since we gave you such a strong dose it's going faster than normal. I imagine by the end of the weekend you won't be able to wear anything at all, we're not even really sure about your feet and if you can wear shoes or not. We'll have to wait and see about that."

"Is there an antidote?" I nervously asked.

"Yes there is." Emily replied. "But, in your case you have to take it within ten days or it's useless. After that you'll have to wait for it to wear off."

"How long will that take?"

"Somewhere between ten and twenty years." Emily answered plainly.

I couldn't breathe. Hearing that sent my body into almost a state of shock. Ten to twenty years? I wouldn't be able to wear any clothes for that long? Oh God that couldn't be right. "Wha... why... why did you this to me for?" I made myself ask despite the fact that my head was beginnig to swirl.

"Because this way you won't have any choice but to be naked all the time." CJ answered sounding excited. "Plus it works as a handicap so that your nudity has an explanation and you won't be able to be charged with any kind of crime."

"Not to mention it's sexy as hell." Emily cooed. "I mean when I went in after you into the bathroom at Tony Roma's on Monday after you got too hot to wear that coat anymore and I saw you standing there naked and practically panting I damn near came. You were so helpless and unsure of what was happening or what you should do, it was just delicious."

"What do I have to do to get the antidote?"

"Nothing." Emily answered flatly. "You're not going to get it and don't bother trying to beg because there is no way we are going to give it to you. We are dedicated to this and we intend to see it through."

"See what through?" I asked as I tried to keep myself under control despite wanting to scream.

"What we've been having you do Amanda." Emily answered. "All the running around and streaking and all the missions, there is much more of that to come sweetness."

"Well then if the tea is what's keeping me from getting fully dressed than what are the vitamins for?" I wanted to find out as much as I could so that if I see Scott again I can try and have some answers for him.

"They keep you healthy." CJ mocked. "I told you that in the beginning girl. They are very strong and they really strengthen your immune system so that you can run around in the cold and not get sick, and from the looks of things it's going to be plenty cold in the coming days. They also have increased your metabolism which is why your appetite has been bigger lately, and also means that since you burn food faster you won't be getting fat or anything like that in case you were worried. Although myself I think you'd look good with an extra pound or two."

"There is one other thing they do that just happens to be a useful side effect." Emily began to add. "There's something in them, we're not sure what, but when you get nervous or really embarrassed it causes your body to become very aroused. I know we've teased you when you've gotten turned on that you secretly enjoy it but we do know that the vitamins have a lot to do with that. Which as far as I'm concerned is awesome because with you being so shy and easily embarrassed you'll be aroused so easily, which will cause you to be more embarrassed which then will make you even more aroused. In fact, CJ I have something to show you that I think you'll go crazy over."

Emily picked up the remote control again and turned on a different monitor. She then hit a few buttons on the computer and an image of me sitting in my car came on the screen. I was naked of course and I appeared to be driving, and it was also rather obvious that I was very turned on since you could easily make out that my nipples were erect and my vagina was glimmering with wetness. "This was when you were driving back to Gale's after your little adventure with Jill and the Police Cheif." Emily happily explained. "CJ watch what she does after she parks the car in the garage."

Oh shit, I had actually forgotten about this. Dammit I couldn't believe I let myself do that. Suddenly at the thought of what was about to come onscreen my nipples practically shot out and they felt like they were trying to pull away from me. Dammit I knew those vitamins were doing something to me other than keeping me from getting sick, they'd turned my own body against me.

"Oh my God!" CJ blurted out as the image of me touching myself came on screen. "No wonder you weren't interested in the hot tub, you had already taken care of business."

"I think she was hoping to do it before you could catch her." Emily speculated. "Luckily Big Sister here managed to capture this magic moment."

I felt so humiliated sitting here listening to them comment about me at one of my most intimate and vunerable moments. Yet true to what Emily had told me I was becoming more aroused by this despite my feelings of nausea growing in my stomach. God this was getting worse.

"Would you turn that off!"

The two of them both turned and looked at me in surprise and disbelief. The image of me penetrating myself played on behind them on the screen which disgusted me so much that I rose to my feet and again demanded they turn that off.

"Excuse me what do you think you're doing?" CJ asked sounding semi amused at my sudden outburst.

"I've had enough of this." I shouted as a stomped my barefoot on the floor in anger. This made my breasts shake making the pain in my nipples stonger. "I can't believe you would do something like this to someone. You've made me use all kinds of these weird and unregulated products on my body that have turned me into something that causes me so much humilition, more than most people suffer in their lifetime. Not only that but you have me under constant surveilance and I can't even take a piss in privacy most of the time anymore and what's worse is later on you make me watch it." I was almost screaming at them at this point and they were both looking at me with shocked expressions but yet seemed content to let me continue with my rant. "I can't imagine what I could've done to you that would make you want to do this to me. I mean what you're doing is beyond awful and is something I would never wish on anybody else."

"You haven't done anything to us." Emily said in whispery soft voice sounding maternal. "That's what makes this so exciting for us. You've never done anything wrong your whole life and you always do what's asked of you, making someone like you go through this keeps it exciting for me and I believe for CJ as well."

"That's sick!" I yelled feeling repulsed at what she had just said. "This is beyond cruel! You both are sadists and should be locked up and kept away from people! I can't imagine your fathers wanting anything to do with you if these are things you do."

"Hey!" CJ yelled as she took a step toward me. "You lower your voice young lady when you speak to us. Don't forget who we are and what we can do. As far as our fathers go don't fucking worry about them because being the shallow bastards they are their main concern is keeping us happy so that we keep quiet about them and the shit we know about they wouldn't want each other to know."

"Do they know what you're doing with me?" I asked speaking in a lower tone.

"Don't worry about that either." CJ said no longer yelling. "Our dads are our business. You just know that with us money is not an object for this project so just about anything is possible. Now why don't you do yourself a favor and calm down, there are more things to talk about unless you don't want to know anymore?"

"Will you at least please turn that off?" I asked respectfully as I tried to calm down. "I'll continue standing though if you don't mind, I'm too upset to sit."

"Okay but don't think of doing something stupid." CJ warned. "We're not above restraining you if we feel it's needed."

Emily picked up the remote control and turned off the monitor, it looked like I was finished on it anyway but at least I didn't have to look at it anymore.

"Look at how hard her nipples are." CJ pointed out to Emily. "I guess getting her riled up causes her to get hot too."

"She is cute when she's mad isn't she?" Emily said patronizingly. "I love how her brow furrows, it makes her look like an angry little girl."

"Well let's see if we can make her even angrier." CJ suggested. "Shall we give her a peak at the plan?"

"I think we can give her a glimpse." Emily agreed. "You sure you wouldn't rather sit down Amanda? I mean if you think we're mean now then this might be more than you can handle."

"I'll stand." I replied sounding firm. I knew I had to be strong and stay calm because I wanted to know what they were doing.

"Okay Amanda, but you'll want to keep that chair close by just in case."

Emily then went over and sat down in a chair that was placed in front of the computer system. "Amanda can I ask you why you're such a loner and don't have any friends?"

"What you don't already know somehow?" I asked sounding glib.

"Maybe we do and maybe we don't." Emily replied teasingly. "I want to hear from your lips why you don't."

I hated answering questions like that. They always made me feel like I had to defend myself as to why I was the way I was, like it was anyone's business. I guessed if I wanted some more answers I'd better play along though. "I don't really want friends." I answered timidy. "I'm more interested in keeping my grades up so I won't have to pay for college. I've found friends can be a distraction and plus the people at my school aren't very likable. This is my last year anyway and I won't be seeing any of them anymore so why waste my time having friends when it won't last past June?"

"Well that does sound practical." Emily admitted. "It's also sounds very sad but practical nonetheless. Are you aware that your mother worries about the fact that you don't have any friends?"

"I'm fully aware of that." I sighed.

"Well I'm not sure you know just how much it worries her." Emily then sat forward as she continued. "It bothers her very much. She can't understand why a girl as bright and as pretty as you are would spend so much time alone and not want to go out and do things with other people, fankly I think any good mother would wonder that."

"What's this have to do with anything?" I asked in frustration.

"Well it's actually very important." Emily informed me. "You see me and CJ were on a hunt to find a girl for this project we wanted to attempt. We didn't want just any girl either, I mean if we weren't picky there were hundreds of girls we knew that we could've persuaded to go along with it but we did have a criteria we wanted to follow and none of them met it. So because of this we had to look other places and one those was the internet. We went in several chatrooms and studied many profiles and followed up on a few potential candidates but none were want we wanted."

"We couldn't believe the trouble we were having." CJ added. "After six months or so of looking we were beginning to think that our girl didn't exist."

"Then one day were scanning a message board at a teen help site when we came across a post from a concerned mother who was worried about her daughter." Emily went on. "She wanted some advice on how she could help her daughter become more sociable. We found this note very interesting and since it had an e-mail address we sent her a letter asking about her kid. Well she responded and for the next month or so we corresponded and she told us plenty about the type of person her daughter was. She explained that she was shy and seemed to have hangups about her body despite being quite cute and that she's never had a boyfriend and is most likely a virgin. Of course this sounded similar to who we were searching for so we asked her to tell us more about and the more we found out the more we began to feel like we had found our girl."

"You're making this up." I accused her. "You're trying to imply that this woman is my mom and that you found me through her?"

"Does this picture look familiar?" Emily then turned around and turned on another monitor and then punched something up in the computer. On screen came a picture of me from last spring right after my parents had bought my car for me. In the picture I was standing in front of my Toyota in a long white dress with my hair tied back in a ponytail and smiling at the camera. I looked like I had just gotten back from church instead of the car lot.

"Did you steal that from my house?" I asked not wanting to believe that my mom had mailed it to them.

"This picture was the first time we ever laid eyes on you babygirl." CJ confessed with affection. "We thought it was too good to be true and asked for more pictures just to make sure this wasn't just a fluke shot."

"This next one was the shot that made us believe we were on the right track." Emily then hit another button and a picture of me in my powder blue one piece bathing suit from last May when we went to the lake, my brother and his wife came up for a visit at that time. In the picture I was soaking wet having just swam out of the lake and the suit clung to me very tightly and left little to the imagination. I now began to feel they were telling the truth. "We just thought you looked perfect. You're pale, you're curvy, your tits are perky, your legs are long and shapely, and above all else you look so innocent. The next day we made a trip to your town to have at look at you for real."

"How did you know where I live?" I asked.

"I'm really good with computers and I was able to trace your mom's e-mail to get your address." Emily explained "Once we found your house we parked out there for at least an hour before you finally made an appearance. This was how you looked when you finally came out." She then punched some buttons on the computer again and a picture of me standing on my porch in a t-shirt and baggy sweat pants came on the monitor. It looked like I was carrying a trashbag and I was taking it out to the trashcan when they took this. Then a different picture came up and it was of me smiling and waving at the camera, I didn't remember that at all.

"We had said hello to you when you waved at us." CJ explained. "Just look at that smile, it almost made my heart melt when I saw you this day."

How was that possible? She doesn't have a heart.

"We knew we had to have you then." Emily proclaimed. "You looked like an angel to us. Within a month we were getting things set up around you and it was shocking at how easy it was to do. One thing I'll say about small towns like yours is that they're easily corrupted. Gale was in after just a few phone calls and one face to face meeting. She helped us sneek into the lockerroom so that we could watch you shower and evaluate you. We fell more in love with you after that."

"Oh yeah." CJ agreed. "All doubts about whether or not you were the one were gone. For me it was your ass that sealed the deal. I mean white women just don't have asses like that and the few that do aren't virgins, we had to snatch you up fast."

"Does my mom know you two are the ones she was writing to?" as I shivered from the mental image of them evaluating me in the shower.

"No." Emily answered. "We still talk to her through e-mail as those people sometimes but she doesn't know it's us. But we'll always be grateful to her for showing you to us, you might want to thank her someday yourself."

I couldn't get over that my mom was the one that led these two awful women to me. I didn't know how many times I'd explained to her that it was my choice not to seek out friends but she believed that I was in denial by saying that and I was trying to cover up my insecurities about myself. She just couldn't understand why I wouldn't want friends but since she was popular in high school she probably wouldn't get it. Now thanks to her well-meaningness I'd become the plaything of two soiciopathic witches with a lot of money to throw around and right now she probably thought they were good for me.

"So why is it that you wanted me so bad for?" I asked as I wanted to change the subject away from my mother. "What is it that is so important to you that you would go through all the trouble you have to get me to do what you want? Are you just pervs or something?"

"I guess we are kind of perverted." CJ admitted. "I mean ever since middle school when someone crossed us we have used nudity and sex to get back at them and let them know who's boss. The rush of power that comes from it is just awesome when someone is made to strip in front of others, no matter who you are or think you are when you're forced to be naked in front of others you get taken down a notch or two."

"Amanda have ever seen the website Nude-in-Public?" Emily inquired as she punched the computer keys some more.

"No." I answered honestly. "I can't say I've ever heard of it."

"Well it's not very well known epecially in this country since it's based out of Germany I believe." Emily began as the website came on the monitor. "CJ discovered this site about four years ago by accident and we've both been members of it since. To us it was a brilliant idea and we wished that we had come up with it ourselves. What they do is they hire a female model, at least that's what they call them, and they have them get naked and send them out into a public place and see what kind of reactions they get. They've had them go shopping in the nude, they've gone into restaurants and clubs, and they act like this something normal. Sometimes they do little role playing experiments like they set it up for this girl to go to a pond and take a nude swim and have her clothes get stolen, she then acts like this wasn't supposed to happen and she has to walk all the way back to her house naked while people are around. It's the type of thing that gets us hot, to us it's hotter than watching people fuck, and we decided we needed to do someting like this ourselves but it had to something different, something we could do that would not only be sexy but origional as well. What we came up with was this."

Emily again punched a command into the computer and another picture of me, this time just my smiling face was in it, and the title above it read: WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR AMANDA. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST 18 TO ENTER.

"What the hell is that?" I screamed as I looked at the screen in disbelief.

"That's not a real website is it?"

"It's a fully functioning website that has been in operation since last Thursday morning." Emily acknowleged. "When Jay, the owner of the Brass Monkey, told you last night that he was a member this was what he was referring to."

"I love that picture." CJ proclaimed. "That's the one I took of your face when we were in the woods. You really do have a great smile even when you're nervous."

I felt paralyzed as it sunk in that they had created and were running a website that was dedicated to me, and she said it'd been running since Thursday which was the first day I met them.

"You started this the same day you first had me strip for you?"

"It opened for business at five that morning." Emily answered. "The first day was free too. We had our contacts and investors get as many people as possible to visit it that day and when they saw what was happening word quickly spread. Within two days we had over a thousand members and more joining all the time, we've noticed that some of them spend hours on the site and there's becoming quite a demand for merchandise from several of them."

"Merchandise?" I blurted out as I felt myself beginning to go numb. "What the hell goes on on this thing?"

"Webcasts and pictures." CJ informed me. "We have some streaming video. Soon we'll have a store up and running so these rabid fans of yours can give up more of their money. We also have Bible quotes and a small bio of you."

"What's really great about this is that all the profits go to charity." Emily added proudly. "That's what makes all of this really unique. It's fully disclosed that you are a virgin and that you've found Jesus and you're doing this for him and not to make a profit. It makes people feel better that their money is going for a good cause and it attracts an audience we never would've gotten otherwise. I mean there are truly sincere Christians that are members on this site and are proud of it."

"We also can use this site to announce any appearances you may be having." CJ jumped in. "Like last night."

"We would go into more detail about it but we don't have time to and besides CJ and I want you to check it out on your own time so that you can get a feel for it." Emily explained to me. "But know now that your audience is bigger than just a football stadium full of college football fans, you have fans all over the world and we intend for that to grow."

"The number of members from Medford and Ashland have certainly grown since Monday when we sent those pictures down there." CJ added. "I mean it's amazing how people have reacted to you."

"You've got to stop this." I pleaded loudly. "I don't want to be a part of something like this. It's all a big scam and you're making God a part of it."

"It's a scam that helps mankind." Emily rebutted. "I mean hospitals are going to be built in poor countries because of this. I think God would be proud. Think of all the good that's going to be done just because people like to look at a pretty naked girl, it shocks me no one thought of this before."

"That's because it's sick." I informed her. "Is this why I had to sign that huge contract? If I had known about this before you could've been in some real trouble."

"Oh please." Emily scoffed. "Like we wouldn't have thought ahead. Remember those two documents you signed in your room that one day?"


"One of those gave us exclusive rights to publish your image."

I felt my heart drop at hearing that. The words 'publish your image' nearly caused me to faint, I went and sat back down in my chair before that could happen for real.

"That got you huh?" Emily teased me. "Oh yeah this site has a great picture gallery and has some that are free to non members too. We think you're someone everyone should get to see."

"What was the other document?" I asked weakly.

"It states that all of this is your idea." CJ answered. "Not only are you a willing nudist but you believe your new skin problem is God's will and he alone can take it away, that really gets the Christ nuts to buy into this."

"You're both insane." I said as I couldn't believe this was all true. "Only an insane person would come up something like this and then try to bring it to life. What you've done to me is evil."

"But we're making so many people happy." Emily pointed out. "How can that be evil? I mean you say you're unhappy but look at your nipples, you can't convince me that they're unhappy."

"You did this to me too." I shouted at her referring to my state of exitement. "You admitted that the vitamins make this worse."

"You talk like that's such a bad thing." Emily chided. "You're a healthy girl, arousal is part of life yet you try to deny it which just makes things harder on you."

"You've got a twisted way of looking at things Emily." I told her bravely. "You need professional help."

"You sound like you need a nap." Emily teased seeming unphased by my comment. "Too bad we still have things to do tonight." She then turned away from me and back toward the computer. "I think we've answered enough questions for now, we may have another meeting soon but I think you know enough now to keep you on your toes."

"Oh c'mon." I pleaded. "There's more I want to know."

"Later gator." Emily patronized. "We need to see how Bible study is going."

Emily picked up the remote control and turned on the monitor that carried the Bible study meeting, she then also turned on the monitor underneathe it which also displayed the meeting but from a different angle. The top monitor focused on the audience who were grouped around tables while the second monitor focused on the speaker, who by the looks of it was Amber.

"Shoot." Emily sighed in disappointment. "I think we missed her presentation."

"What's she talking about?" I asked as I had trouble hearing what Amber was saying.

"She just played the video of the oath you took at church last sunday." CJ informed me. "I believe now she's explaining to everyone about your situation and how they should all pray for you. Boy look at the girls from the volleyball team, they're beaming."

"She played the video of that for that whole group?" I couldn't believe Amber would do that. "Why did she do that for?"

"Because she believes she's helping you." Emily replied. "She seems really taken with you and wants to help further your cause. I'm surprised to say that she may turn out to be rather useful."

"You're so heartless." I lashed out at her. "She's a genuinely kind person and you're manipulating her into taking part in something that under normal circumstances she would be against."

"Yeah, and?" Emily responded coldly. "I'm sure the church has been manipulating her long before we came along. Boy it sure looks like everyone is hanging on her every word don't they? Lets turn this up and have a quick listen before we go."

She then turned the volume up on the lower monitor and Amber's voice came through very clear. "So when you see Amanda," Amber spoke. "try very hard not to look at her as someone who deserves our pity but as someone who deserves our praise. She is doing this because she feels it's what the Lord is calling her to do, that she is to carry our shame as a reminder to us all of the sinners we are inside. I do hope all of you will come and attend services this Sunday so that you can see for yourself what Amanda is really all about."

"I have a question." Kaitlyn blurted out from the back as she raised her hand.

"Oh God what does she want to know?" I scoffed out loud.

"Shhh." CJ hushed me.

"Yes Kaitlyn." Amber responded to her.

"Well um... I'm sorry what was your name again?" Kaitlyn asked pretending not to know.

"Amber." Amber answered politely.

"Well Amber," Kaitlyn began with fake kindness. "I can only speak for myself but I found that watching that ceremony, the oath of shame thing, really quite moving and inspirational. In fact it makes me want to be a better person and all."

"That's great Kaitlyn." Amber praised. I hope she didn't believe that.

"What's your question?"

"My question is um... I'm sorry I forgot you're name again."

"Amber." She responded, acting as if it didn't bother her.

"Amber." Kaitlyn repeated. "My question is Amber, is there anyway that a copy of that could be made available? I myself would like to be able to watch it again whenever I feel, you know, in need of inspiration."

"Oh God!" I blurted out. "I hate those girls, I fucking hate them!"

"They seem quite fond of you." CJ teased. "You can never have too many friends that care about you you know?"

"I'm afraid not at this time Kaitlyn." Amber answered her. "I do recommend that you keep checking back with her website though because I've heard that she may make things like that avaiable in the near future."

"Really?" Kaitlyn seemed intrigued. "Well God bless her, God bless everyone."

"She doesn't seem so bad to me." Emily proclaimed. "I think you judge people too soon Amanda. I bet if you really gave them a chance you might find they're not what you think."

"Yeah they're probably worse." I shot back. "They wanted me to ride with them on their bus up to Tigard today. I think they want to rape me or something."

"Well thanks to us paying off some Tigard volleyball players to act sick they didn't even have a game today." CJ confessed. "We wanted them there to hear about you and to be there to see Tess. I would like to stay and watch her but if we don't go soon we'll be late for tipoff."

"Yeah that's true." Emily agreed. "It's not polite to keep our guests waiting either, they may worry about us."

"I know Amy's dad will worry about me." CJ teased me. "You should've seen him this morning when I had my tit accidentally fall out of my bra while he was eating his toast, he's so cute when his eyes pop out like they do."

"Where are we going?" I asked as the thought of seeing my parents worried me.

"To the Blazer game babygirl." CJ filled me in. "We have a luxury suite and we've invited your family to join us."

"The Blazer game?" I shouted. "Oh please no. I've had a really long day and the things you've just told me are alot to take in. Can't I at least have this one night off?"

"But your folks should already be on their way there." Emily replied. "They were very excited to know that your brother and his newly pregnant wife will be there with the Suns. We put in a favor and had the team fly them up with them so we could all watch the game together, doesn't that sound nice?"

"You flew up my brother?" I asked weakly as my body froze with fear. "Oh God please tell me you're kidding."

"If we did we'd be lying." Emily patronized. "I know they all made us promise to make sure you came too, it'll be a nice family outing and a good chance for all of you to get caught up with each other."

The thought of seeing my brother made me nausious. For the most part he's a good guy but he sure does have an asshole streak and I didn't even want to think about how he was going to react to seeing me, my parents too for that matter.

"Please don't make me do this." I pleaded. "At least don't make me go there naked. I mean I can't face my family naked, I could never look at them again."

"You're such a drama queen." Emily scoffed. "We'll be there with you so you'll be okay."

"Emily please!" I begged emphatically. "Please don't make me go to this game naked. I'll masturbate in the hot tub if that's what you want just please don't make me do this."

"Amanda it's time to go." Emily calmly ordered me. "We have an audience that misses you and wants to see you and we promised your parents that we would get you to the game before it starts. We don't have time to sit and argue about this and we've answered many of your questions tonight so just be grateful and don't push your luck. CJ call Simon and have my car brought around front, I think we've kept Amanda and her family apart for long enough."

Part 67

"Is Paul going to be there tonight CJ?" Emily asked as I could see the Rose Garden come into view as we drove across the bridge.

"Probably." CJ answered from the seat behind me. "He attends most home games, even in the preseason. I'd do the same thing if I owned the team, especially with as much as they pay those players."

I hadn't said much on the ride over here, I was too nervous about seeing my parents at this game. I couldn't believe I didn't see this coming, I mean this game was just too perfect an opprotunity for these two to humiliate me in front of my immediate family that I should've figured out earlier that this was going to happen. God my folks were going to freak out over all of this and I wouldn't be able to explain any of it to them. I just knew my brother was going to give me so much shit too. I hoped there was an accident ahead of us or something like that so that we couldn't make it there.

"You look nervous babygirl." CJ proclaimed as she reached from the backseat and started to rub my shoulders. "I thought you'd be excited to see your family since you claim you love them."

"I don't want them to see me like this." I told her as I tried to squirm out from under her hands. "Would you want your family to see you naked?"

"They already have." CJ replied. "I always swam in the pool naked, still do actually when I can. It's not a big deal."

"My family will make a big deal." I informed her. "They will never understand something like this, especially not from me. My family doesn't walk around naked in front of people."

"Your mom did in front of me last night." CJ reminded me. "She seemed to enjoy herself too. Think we should show Amy a couple of the shots we have her mama to prove it to her Em?"

"Oh God no." I shouted as I definitely did not want to see them. "I believe you, please don't make me look at them. It's bad enough I know that they exist."

"Well maybe you should keep that in mind in case you ever decide not to go along with what you're told." Emily suggested. "I know your dad's friend Al would certainly love some copies of your mom's photo session with CJ. According to him he's had a thing for her for a few years now, he's said his fantasy is to have both you and your mom in a threesome."

"Would you please not tell me these things," I told her as the thought of what she had just said made nauseated. "The things you've already told me are upsetting enough."

"That is gross Em." CJ added. "I mean Al is about 50 isn't he?"

They both began laughing as we reached the line of traffic that was making its way to the Rose Garden Arena. The line was slow moving and we were still at least a mile from the parking area so I felt a bit relieved that at least we had some delay.

"CJ did you remember to bring Amanda's vitamins with you?" Emily asked as she changed lanes so that we were driving along next to the sidewalk.

"Sure did Em." CJ replied. "Did she take them this morning?"

"Yeah she did. Gale mixed them in a protein shake and I watched her drink it. But it's a bit chilly tonight with it being so clear that I think she should take another to be safe."

"Yeah, we don't want her to get sick." CJ agreed and I heard her rummage through her bag behind me.

"Is it really necessary?" I asked as CJ handed me a pill and her bottled water from the backseat. "I mean I haven't gotten sick yet."

"And we intend it to stay that way." Emily replied. "Don't make me have to bring up your mom's pictures or your dad's freedom again to get you to take that."

I don't know why I even bothered trying to object anymore since it never worked. I took the pill and swallowed it down with the water despite the fact that I had trouble gulping since I was so nervous about seeing my parents.

"Think we should give her a quick toke to help calm her down a little?" CJ asked Emily as she noticed my nervousness.

"Well I don't want her to be wasted." Emily pondered. "But since she is so nervous maybe one big one might be a good idea."

I was actually glad to hear that, right now I felt so anxious that anything that could help me calm down would be welcome. Once traffic came to a complete stop due to a red light CJ handed me the glass pipe she just loaded and a lighter and told me to take as big of a hit as I could. The problem was I was so shakey that I couldn't hold the pipe steady enough and I couldn't keep the flame on the lighter lit.

"Here let me light it for you since you have the shakes so bad." Emily offered and she took the lighter from me.

I still had trouble holding the pipe steady but Emily was still able to light it and I sucked in as much as I could before I couldn't hold it anymore and I coughed it out.

"That one got her." CJ teased. "Go ahead and cough honey, let it do its job."

Emily took the pipe from me and handed it back to CJ who then took a hit herself as I continued coughing. When I finally finished I sat back and let myself relax as the pot did it's job.

"Feel a little better Amanda?" Emily asked as we slowly began to move again.

"I feel a little stoned." I told her. "I don't know if better is really the word for it."

"Well that'll have to be good enough because you and CJ are going to walk from here."

It took a second for that to sink in but when it did I sat right back up and looked at Emily to see if she was serious.

"You heard correctly." She replied as if reading my mind. "That's why I wanted you to take that extra vitamin. We've found our audience really likes it when you're outside in public so we feel this would be a good place to do some of that. CJ's got a pair of sandals back there for you to wear since the sidewalk will be cold, you'll probably want to walk fast to help keep you warm since it's so chilly tonight."

"Emily..." I began but was cut off.

"Amanda you need to start accepting that you're going to do things like this from now on and stop trying to plead with us everytime." Emily explained to me sternly. "I'm actually getting a little sick of it. This is your life now and the more you get used to it the easier it'll be for you."

"This is going to be broadcast on the web?" I asked hoping to delay this.

"Yes it is." CJ answered. "We've had this set up for a few days now and we have a route that you're going to walk so that you stay in clear view of our cameras and photographers. Your collar has a signal in it so the cameras can automatically focus on you when you come near them. It's all very complicated and very simple at the same time."

"You know you're being broadcast right now don't you?" Emily asked me as I squirmed in my seat. "The camera that's on you right now is being watched by our members, I'm sure that your shakiness has given them a good show."

I suddenly covered myself with my hands at hearing that. Oh God I'd been watched this whole time hadn't I? I suddenly had visions in my head of guys with greasy hair and thick glasses sitting at their computers watching me sit here naked with big smiles on their faces and their hands on their crotches. My nipples suddenly grew hard again despite the fact that I felt like I was going to faint. Those Goddamn vitamins.

"This looks like a good spot for you guys to get out." Emily said as she came to a stop. "You ready CJ?"

"Always." she replied. "I've been looking forward to this all day. This is going to be my reward for straightening out Mr. Green earlier. Just wait until we get you like this in school, our members will really go nuts."

I felt tears begin to well up in my eyes at the thought of having to do this. I looked out and there were several people already walking along the sidewalk plus there were so many cars both in front of us and behind us who would all be able to see me. I wasn't going to be able to hide at all.

"Make sure that you walk a few steps ahead of me." CJ said to me. "We want it to seem as if you're on your own. Don't worry though I'll always be right behind you and there are others watching in case something happens, which it won't. Are you ready Amy?"

"No." I answered honestly. "I don't think I could ever be ready for this."

"Oh well. Just do the best you can." CJ told me as she got out of the car.

"Make me proud Amanda." Emily said as CJ opened my door for me. "If you do this well we may just have something for you to wear when we meet your parents. Now go on."

Knowing that I would want those clothes later I took a deep breathe and made myself get out of the car and stand naked out on the chilly sidewalk as CJ closed the door behind me. The shocked looks on the faces around me both made me tremble and turned me on at the same time. This was going to be a long walk.

Part 68

"What the hell?" Screamed a lady walking with her husband as she noticed me standing there naked. "I think you forgot something dear, like your clothes."

I did my best to ignore her as I nervously looked around at all the people both walking and driving past me. Emily had already pulled away and was moving toward the arena leaving both myself and CJ to walk the rest of the way there. The air was very chilly and my skin was instantly covered in gooseflesh. It was at this time that the collar I was wearing began to warm up like it had yesterday when I had to jog to school, my neck soon felt warm but the rest of my body still felt cold.

"Okay baby here's the plan." CJ said to me as she laid out a pair of sandals for me to step into which I quickly did. "The Rose Garden is straight down this street about five blocks. For right now you just keep walking straight until you come to it and then I'll tell you where to go from there. You can walk fast if you want but no running, I don't want you to be a blur I want people to be able to get a good look at you. Try to smile at people if you can and you have to let them take pictures of you if they want but I know it's cold so you don't actually have to stop except at a crosswalk. Don't answer any questions about yourself either other than your name is Amanda. I'll be right behind you, even if you don't see me I promise I am so don't worry. Try and see if you can have a little fun if at all possible too. Now let's go for a walk kiddo."

She then slapped me on my butt which got me moving. God I couldn't believe I was doing this, cars keep honking as they go by me but I couldn't make myself look at them because this was so embarrassing. At least last night when I had to walk to the club I had both Stacy and Ashley on both sides of me, this time I was out in the open on my own and the people who were around me right now were perfect strangers. I just had to focus on where I was walking and I tried not to think about where I was and what I was having to do.

"Oh my God." said the man with his girlfriend when he noticed me next to them. "Have you been walking next to me like this the whole time?"

"No." I answered and increased my speed so that I would pull ahead of them.

"That's good." he answered from behind me. "I hate to think it would've taken me this long to notice. Nice ass by the way."

"Roger!" His girlfriend scolded him.

I moved over to the side of the sidewalk that was away from the street in hopes that the pedestrians would help block my view from the cars on the road, I hoped this would cut down on the honking. I wanted to start running and I had to make a conscious effort not to since I knew I'd be punished if I did, but I did walk as fast as I could and I was able to pass several people before I made it to the first crosswalk which to my delight the walk siganl had just come on. Not to my delight though were all the cars that were stopped there that I had to cross in front of. Their headlights shined off of me brightly as I walked in front of them and I could hear the people behind me make comments about me.

"Those headlighs make her ass glow like a firefly." I heard some guy say. "Ooo and look at how it jiggles."

"Nice tits." I heard someone yell out of their car. "You need a ride sweetheart?"

I did but I wasn't taking it from him. Walking in front of all these cars like this made me feel like I was on runway with all the lights on me. When I got to the curb I took a quick glance behind me and saw CJ smiling at me and walking about 15 feet or so away from me. I hated that this pleased her so much but I knew it'd be worse for me if she wasn't happy so I must have been doing all right so far. The cold air added to my arousal and my nipples were sticking out like coathangers and they accidentally rubbed against the back of this lady I was trying to pass.

"What the..." she said before she saw me come around in front of her. "Holy crap! Honey you must be cold. Did you lose a bet or something?"

"Sort of." I answered her as I tried to move away but was blocked by those in front of me.

"Well that's bullshit." she said harshly. "I mean I don't care what kind of bet it was making you do this is just mean."

"I agree." I said softly as I again tried to hurry. I didn't want to stop because the walking was what was keeping me warm, well that and the collar.

"Here honey you can wear my coat." She offered and began taking off her large ski jacket. "You'll get sick and someone might try and rape you."

"Thank you ma'am." I said kindly as I wished I could take her up on her offer. "But I can't. It'll be worse for me if I do."

"But you'll..." she started again before I cut her off.

"I can't." I told her. "But thank you very much and God bless you, I'll be fine."

"What's your name honey?"

"Amanda." I reluctantly answered. "I have to go."

I saw an opening in the people in front of us and I quickly darted in front of them which caused them to gasp in shock. I had hoped I could get further in front of them but I came to the next crosswalk and this time I had to stop. As I stood there walking in place to keep my legs warm I was soon surrounded by the people I was walking in front of which made me very nervous. I used to have nightmares about situations like this where I was naked and surrounded by fully dressed strangers and here I was living it for real.

"I think you forgot something lady, like your clothes." A man in his twenties said to me, which I had already heard earlier from someone else.

"I didn't forget." I said to him to him shamefully.

"She lost a bet." the lady who had offered me her coat informed them. "Someone is making her do this. I offered her my jacket but she said she can't take it, I don't know if she's guttsy or just dumb but she's tougher than me that's for sure."

"What kind of bet did you lose?" Another lady asked me.

"I can't say." I answered her as now I was practically jumping up and down from both the cold and my nerves. "I just have to be naked."

"I think you look good." CJ added as she popped into the conversation. "You have beautiful skin. What do you guys think?"

do her." A man in Blazer hat said outloud. "If that counts for anything."

"I think she looks great." The lady with the jacket added. "I'm sick of seeing all these skinny little blonde girls who've had tons of plastic surgery and makeup running around as if they're the only things that are hot. Amanda here is better looking than all of them and she's real."

"Most of those girls have no asses either." The young man felt the need to point out. "Can't say that about this girl."

C'mon light, change. All the jumping around along with these comments was making me very wet down there and very uncomfortable with this situation. This was so humiliating.

"I see she shaves." A third man pointed out. "In the glow of the oncoming headlights you can really see everything." he then chuckled to himself as he saw me close my eyes in shame at hearing that.

Finally the light gave the clear to walk and I wasted no time darting out into the street, not running but walking very fast. I could still hear the people behind me continuing their conversation about me as I again had the embarrassing task of passing in front of all these stopped cars with their headlights on me. A couple of them honked as I went in front of them and the first one made me jump a little. As I made my way down the next block I knew I was drawing a lot of attention behind me and I heard more yelling coming from the cars that were passing by, many with offers for me to ride with them which I ignored. A strong breeze suddenly blew over me which slowed me down for a second, damn that was cold, and caused me to look behind me. God the crowd was large and they're all focused on me, so many of them are laughing and pointing and almost all of them are smiling. I wished I could be one them since they seemed to be having such a good time, but of course I was the one who has to suffer for their good time. I also noticed that CJ was handing a lot of them some kind of card, shit that can't be good. She must be trying to drum up more business.

"Holy shit!" A young woman yelled down the street in front of me as she turned around and saw me. "I think that's Amanda."

"What?" One of the girls with her asked surprised.

"I think it is." A third girl added.

The three of them stopped along with two guys that were with them and seemed to be waiting for me to get up to them. I could see the joy and excitement in their faces as I got closer. Oh God they were going to make a big deal weren't they? 'God please give me strength.'

"It is Amanda." The first girl squealed. "Oh my God I don't believe it."

"Can we walk with you for a minute?" the second girl asked me.

"As long as you're going my direction." I told them as I kept walking. I soon had all three girls walking on both sides of me while their male companions walked behind me and watched me walk.

"We just found your website last Sunday." the first girl began. "At first I thought it was a joke but when I read that all the profits were going to charity and you had all that spiritual stuff in it I believed it. What a noble idea. I quickly became a big fan and the three of us are memebers."

"Great." I said pretending to be glad. I couldn't believe the goddesses stupid plan was working.

"I have to admit that I'm not very religious myself." the second girl admitted. "But I find you very inspiring nonetheless. I've told all my friends at work about you and many of them have joined too, and none of us are gay."

"There's just something beautiful about what you're doing." the first girl went on. "It's hard to put into words but it's not dirty like something like this normally would be."

"It's sensual and spiritual at the same time." The third girl chimed in. "We were at the club last night for a little bit and we watched you dance with those people and it was really moving."

They had to be kidding. They were definetely seeing something that wasn't there because there was nothing moving about what I'd been forced to do. This whole thing was sick and yet people were finding beauty in it.

"Can we get a quick picture Amanda?" The first girl asked.

"You can take one if you want to but it's too cold for me to stop and pose with you." I said to her hoping to discourage her.

"I can see that you're cold." The second girl said referring to my gooseflesh and pointy nipples. "Your headlights are certainly in high beam."

"Paul," the first girl said to one of the guys walking behind us, "can you get in front of us and get a shot of us all walking together?"

"I'd have to walk backwards though." Paul whined. "I could trip or something Paula."

"Quit being a baby and get up there." Paula, the first girl, said to him as she handed him her picture phone. "We'll have to stop at the crosswalk anyway, just take it there."

She was right, we did have to stop at the crosswalk much to my dislike. Again I walked in place as this time the three girls crowded around me to pose for a picture. Actually the warmth from their bodies was quite welcome as they embraced each other around me.

"Are we all in the shot Paul?" Paula asked.

"Crouch in a little more." Paul instructed. "There you go. Say 'Blazer's rule'."

"Blazer's rule!" The three of them chanted and Paul took a couple of shots.

"Got it." He informed them and handed the phone back to Paula.

"Oh those pictures look great." Paula said pleased as the other two gathered around her to look. "You got the lighting really well, must've been the headlights from the traffic."

I looked at the picture briefly as I continued walking in place. The lighting was good so I was very clear and of course all of me was showing. God I even smiled, I didn't remember doing that, I looked like I enjoyed it.

"Thanks Amanda." The second girl said to me gratefully. "We'll always cherish these."

"Great." I said agian as I tried not to sound glib. "Hey look we can cross."

This time I did my best to stay between all of them so that I wouldn't be quite so exposed when I crossed the street. CJ didn't say I couldn't do it so I hoped it was okay. I was thrilled when we reached the other side and the Rose Garden came into view, at least this part was soon to be over. It was then that another lady in front noticed me and freaked out.

"Wha... you're naked!" She screamed loudly and pulled her two small children next to her to cover their eyes while her husband just stared at me. "What do you think you're doing young lady?"

"This is Amanda." Paula said to the lady. "She's like a nudist."

"A nudist!" the lady screamed some more. "Harold don't look at her you're married to me remember. Here take the children and go on ahead, I have something to say to this little tramp. Don't let the kids look back either."

Oh God this was just what I didn't need right then. My shame was now growing heavier as this lady was about to unleash on me.

"Save it lady." Paula said to her before the lady could speak. "She's not doing anything wrong."

"She's naked!" shouted the lady. "As far as I'm concerned she's breaking the law and being indecent. I don't want my boys having to look at this either."

"I doubt your boys are upset." The second girl I was with jumped in. "When they get older they'll try every which way possible to see more women like this."

"What you're doing young lady is sinful and wrong." the lady went on ignoring the comment. "Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

"Very." I answered shyly and honestly.

"That's the point lady." Paula jumped back in. "She's doing this because she's ashamed."

"What?" the lady replied in disbelief. "That's the craziest thing I've ever heard. Here put this on and maybe I won't call the police."

She took off her jacket and tried to hand it to me but I refused and kept walking. This both made her angrier and impressed the people that were walking with me.

"Put this on dammit!" the lady ordered.

"No." I answered her quietly but sternly. "I can't. You'll just have to get over it ma'am."

"Yeah no kidding leave her alone." I heard a few people say from the crowd behind us. "She's lost a bet, let her pay it."

"You lost a bet?" Paula asked confused.

"I tell them that so they'll leave me alone." I informed her which she seemed to understand.

We came to the next crosswalk and I was so glad to see that it was okay to cross. The crowd around me had suddenly got even bigger and everyone marched around me as we crossed the street.

"There's a cop." the lady pointed out ahead of us. "I see my husband is already informing him of what's going on. I'll see you in jail little girl." She then rushed up the cop that was with her husband as my heart skipped a beat. I looked all around me to find CJ and I couldn't see her. I hoped she was still around and could take care of this.

"There she is officer." the lady pointed me out to the cop. "She's completely naked."

The crowd suddenly shifted away from me as if they didn't want to be associated any longer now that the police was about to get involved. The cop just turned to me and looked me over and asked me to stop.

"I can explain officer." I began to say to him nervously. I was so ashamed and fearful though that I couldn't look him in the eye and I began to shake.

"Are you Amanda Johnson?" He asked.

"Yes." I replied confused at how he knew my name.

"Go on ahead ma'am." He said which I couldn't believe. "This was taken care of ahead of time."

"You're not going to arrest her?" the angry lady said in shock. "But there are children around."

"She's not hurting anyone ma'am." the cop said to her straightly. "As long as all she does is walk she's okay."

"Good Lord did Kerry get elected when I wasn't looking?" The lady chided the officer. "What the hell is going on?"

"Liberals rule lady." Paula teased her as we walked past.

The lady continued to argue with the police officer behind us. I couldn't believe the power Em and CJ had, they even had the Portland Police on their side.

Just as I reached the next crosswalk where the Rose Garden was on the other side CJ suddenly appeared next to me.

"Hey guys." she said.

"Hey guys." CJ greeted us cheerfully. "Are you all Blazer fans?"

"We sure are." Paula said proudly. "We're very excited about the changes in the team this year."

"Cool." CJ replied sounding happy to hear that. "Well I want to thank you for sticking up for my girl back there."

"Well we think Amanda's awesome." The second girl pronounced. "We're members on her site and we can't believe she's here. It's so cool."

"Well let me give you guys these since you're members." CJ offered and started handing each of them a token that she took out from her pocket. "Go to any merchandise stand inside and hand these to a clerck and you'll each get a hat and t-shirt of your choice The new Van Exel shirts are really good if I can make a recommendation."

"Thank you." Paula said gratefully. "That's awesome."

"Enjoy the game." CJ said to them kindly. "Amy here has to walk down to the other corner before she crosses and I'll make sure she gets there okay. Keep in touch with the site, new things are coming all the time."

I made myself smile at them as they said goodbye to me and crossed the street towards the general entrance of the arena. CJ then stepped up close to me and began whispering in my ear. "You've been great so far baby." She praised me. "I'll follow you down to the corner and then we'll cross there. We're going in the special entrance for the players and officials, that's where Em is going to meet us. If you're lucky maybe you'll get to meet the team or possibly my father if he's back there."

"CJ I don't want to meet your father if it's all the same to you." I said to her, I wasn't too keen on meeting the team either.

"Well if he sees me I have to say hi." She informed me. "I can't do anything about that. But if he's not back there I see no reason to seek him out. Now let's get going, your folks are probably here and are looking forward to seeing you."

'I hope not all of me,' I thought to myself as I began to walk down the sidewalk again towards the far corner. Emily had mentioned that if they were pleased with me I might get something to wear before I meet them, I hoped she meant that. There weren't as many people along this section since most were crossing the street which made it a bit easier, I didn't have to dodge around people so I could walk faster than before. The downside though was that I was more visible to cars that were driving by, many of which either slowed down to look at me and flashed their brights or they honked their horns repeatedly. I looked over at the flow of people filing into the arena across the street and it seemed like a few of the people were pointing to me, I guessed this street was well lit enough to make me out from over there. God it was just like the football game again only this time it was at night and much colder. Finally we came to the corner but couldn't cross yet. The people waiting on this side responded with the same surprise as they did on the other side.

"Holy crap is Girls Gone Wild filming around here?" A young man said excitedly as he and everyone else took notice of me.

"She's better than Girls Gone Wild." CJ protested as she stood next to me.

"She's doing this for a better cause than for free drinks at a bar like those girls do."

"Whyever she's doing it I think I appreciate it." The man said pleased as he eyed me up and down.

"She's here to support the team and spread peace, aren't you Amanda?"

I nodded my head as I prayed for the light to change.

"She's not the girl from the Duck game is she?" The young lady standing behind the young man asked. "She's not Ghostgirl?"

"Well her name's Amanda but yes she is the same girl." CJ admitted. "Are you a Duck?"

"No but my sister is." The lady answered. "She was there at the game and she's helping to sell some picture cd's from it. Wow this is so cool."

People started to ask the lady about the cd's when the light changed and CJ led me across the street, making sure that I was on the side where the stopped cars could see me best. When we reached the other side she led me down a path away from the main crowd and to a door that had a security guard standing in front of it.

"Good evening Ms. CJ." the guard said politely to her as he opened the door for us. "Ms. Murdoch is already inside waiting for you."

"Thank you my dear." CJ said to the guard and then turned to me. "Let's go in and get you warmed up. Emily can tell us how everything looked."

Part 69

Once CJ led me into the building we walked down a small flight of stairs that led to what looked like a garage area. There were cars parked along the sides and eveything was well lit, which made me that much more self conscious, and people were scrambling all around. We saw Emily sitting inside of her Jaguar and we rushed over to her. Emily rolled down her window and I saw that she was watching something on her laptop.

"Hey Amanda." She greeted me cheerfully. "You did very well, I'm very happy with you."

I was pleased to hear that as I rubbed my arms and legs to warm myself up. I hoped this meant I would get to wear something when I saw my family.

"How did the show look?" CJ asked as she leaned in to get a better look at Emily's laptop.

"It went very well." Emily told her sounding pleased. "There were a couple of brief moments when there were too many people around her and she was out of view but it wasn't for very long. The chatroom is just buzzing about it and everyone is still marveling at our technology, we're going to make a fortune setting this type of stuff up for other websites. By the way I checked on Tess and everything went according to plan there too. I think she'll take the heat off of Amanda for a bit at school now."

"Great." CJ replied. "This day is really goin' smooth so far, lets hope it keeps up."

"I hear that." Emily agreed. "I just called up and everyone's already here and waiting for us. Let's get Amanda ready and then we can head on up there."

"Do I get something to wear?" I asked them hopfully as Emily shut off her computer and got out of her car. "Please say yes."

"Well you did do very well with your walk." CJ admitted. "We just may have something for you, you'll just have to come with us and hope that we do."

CJ took my arm and began leading through the garage area while Emily followed carrying a small bag around her shoulder. The lights in there were so bright it was like daytime which gave my skin a shine that made me stand out even more, God and my nipples were sticking out at attention as if they were leading me somewhere. The people sho had been running around seemed to have left but once we came to a corner we ran into two of the Blazer players, who were in their game warmup outfits, who were having a discussion with their coach Maurice Cheeks. I stopped in my tracks at the sight of coach, who looked directly at me when we came into his view, I'd always thought that he was a handsome man and he looked even more so in person. To be honest I'd actually had a crush on him since the team hired him a few seasons ago and now here he was and here I was standing in front of him with nothing on but what I figured was a full body blush.

"CJ?" Coach Cheeks said to her, sounding surprised but not upset. "What are you doing bringing a naked girl in front of my players before a game? They have enough distractions."

"Hi Coach." CJ said to him before she answered. "This is Amanda, she's my new pet project. Amy is this is Coach Maurice Cheeks."

I was trembling from embarrassment at having to stand naked in front of this man, and he was looking me all up and down. I hated this but my body appeared otherwise as I grew warm with a desire for my body to please him somehow.

"Hi Amanda." He said to me warmly which made me that much more excited. "I hope that these two are at least being nice to you."

"Royalty doesn't get treated as well as she does." Emily implied. "She's worth it though, she's just so sweet."

My nipples felt like they were going to explode and it made me blush that much more to know that he could probably see it. He must just think I was a tramp or a piece of white trash. In all my humiliation I had barely noticed the two extremely tall basketball players standing next to him who were also taking me in.

"Well there's no point in going over this with you two now." Coach Cheeks said to the players with a laugh in his voice. "Your heads are somewhere else I can see thanks to CJ here. Thank goodness this game doesn't count. I'll see you two back inside. Nice to meet you Amanda." He smiled at me. "I hope they find some clothes for you."

He then walked back into what looked like the locker room while the two players stayed out with us. I finally managed to breathe after he left and I couldn't believe how stupid he must've thought I was. God for a man in his forties he sure was goodlooking.

"So is she for us?" The player with the dreadlocks said to CJ.

"No she's not for you D." CJ scoffed. "Amy this is Darius Miles and Theo Ratliff from the team. They're both nice guys and very good players, and they ought to be for how many millions they're getting paid. D just signed a new contract with us a short while ago for a whole lotta dough."

They both smiled at me and said hello. Theo seemed a little offput by me but Darius wouldn't take his eyes off of me. God they were both so tall, CJ barely went up to their shoulders.

"Guys." CJ began. "Amy here is a nice girl and even though she's naked right now she is a virgin and believes in God very much so please when you see her with me treat her with respect, she's not a whore or anything."

"By the way Darius." Emily jumped in. "I saw that movie you made, The Perfect Score or whatever it was called. The movie wasn't bad but I hope you play ball better than you act."

"Oh." Darius scoffed in good humor. "Everyone's a critic. At least I could say I did it, plus I got to feel Scarlet Johanson's boobs a couple of times between takes. That little girl has a tight little bod."

"You're enganged D." Theo pointed out to him.

"Not at that time I wasn't." He rebutted. "Scarlet's a big star now and I got to feel up both her and that chick from Swimfan, who gives a damn if I sucked in it I had a blast."

"You two better get inside before Coach gets mad and blames me." CJ suggested to them. "But first tell me what you think of my girl here."

"She's certainly a girl." Theo answered giving me a quick glance. "And I know my wife would kill me if she knew I was standing back here with her right now so I'll leave it at that."

"She looks hot to me." Darius answered. "I like women with curves. She's a virgin too huh, she sounds like an old man's fantasy."

God I hated being judged like this, and by pro basketball players nonetheless. They both said goodbye to us and Darius gave me a wink before they went into the lockerroom. Both Emily and CJ turned to me and started giggling to themselves.

"You think Amy has a thing for Cheeks?" CJ said to Emily as she laughed.

"Did you see how flushed she became when she saw him?" Emily said excitedly. "My God Amanda I was wondering if you were going to orgasm while you stood there. What a discovery this is."

"We'll have to make sure and bring her to games as a reward." CJ added. "My gosh Amy, I never would've guessed Coach Cheeks would be the one to get you going."

They both laughed about this for bit longer before they led me down a ways and into an empty bathroom. Emily put down her bag and took a makeup kit and handed it to CJ.

"I guess we should have done this before we ran into the coach." CJ teased me as she opened the kit. "But lets pretty your face up a little more before we go see your family."

She made me stand still in front of the mirror while she applied makeup to my face. When she was done I looked at myself and I had to admit she knew what she was doing. For one of the few times in my life I looked at myself and had to admit that my face looked really pretty, and better yet I didn't look trampy either but still alluring.

"Everyone's going to think you're hot." CJ whispered to me. "And they would be right because you are hot, you always have been. We're just needing to point this out to everyone."

"She looks great." Emily praised. "If I was a guy I'd want to do her. Let's not keep her clan waiting anymore, I'm sure they're dying to see her."

CJ then led me out of the bathroom and we followed Emily down a hall to an elevator and got inside. When the door closed and we began to rise I began trembling again at the thought of having my family find out about what these two had been making me do. God they weren't going to give me anything to wear were they?

"Oh yeah." Emily said to herself as she opened her bag again. "To think I almost forgot Amanda, althought I'm sure you didn't." She then took out what looked like folded white fabric and handed it to me. "Here's your reward for being such a trooper today."

I took the thing from her hand and unfolded it and was happy to see it was a dress. It looked like it was made out of cotton and felt very light. I quickly put it on by pulling it over me and was even happier to see that much of me was covered. It was sleeveless but it had shoulder straps and the neckline stopped well above my cleavage while the hem of the dress hung down to just below my knees. What I loved about it was that it wasn't at all slutty looking, a little light for this time of year but considering my situation I was glad for it.

"Thank you." I said to them gratefully. "Thank you thank you thank you. This won't irritate my skin will it?"

"If you wear it too long it will." Emily answered me. "But it's light enough that it should last most of the game at least. I have to say it looks good on you, especially the way your nips poke out there."

She was right, without a bra my nipples were noticible. I had to admit though that this was a small complaint considering that they were usually on full display without covering. I was just so relieved to have something on that was somewhat normal.

"She does look good in it." CJ agreed. "But I do prefer her naked though. Oh well, she won't be able to wear anything much longer so I should appriciate it while I can."

Part 70

"Here we are." CJ said this as we stopped in front of the entrance of the luxury suite that my family was in. Many of my nerves were taking a break just from the fact that I had this dress on even though I knew that at any moment this could change. I'd learned from being under the thumb of these two madwomen that I could never feel certain of anything anymore. Nonetheless I was still relieved that at least for this moment I felt like a whole human being again and was dressed like I was one.

CJ opened the door and led us into the very impressive suite which had a stocked bar and a small kitchen area complete with a fridge and a microwave. There was a man in what looked like a waiter uniform standing at the ready in the kitchen seemingly ready to fetch whatever was needed at a moments notice.

He said 'Good Evening' to us and pointed to where my family was standing which was down in front of a large viewing window. There was a large couch sitting off to one side of the room while there were three rather plush looking rows of stadium style seats in front of the window to watch the game on, there was even a tv with a dvd player up on the wall which also showed the game, this certainly qualified as luxury all right. The sight of my mother turning to me and smiling overwhemled me with joy, I hadn't realized just how much I missed her. I walked down to her and happily embraced her which left me feeling that much better.

"I've missed you Amanda." My mother said to me as we let go of each other. "I haven't seen you since Monday and I couldn't wait for you get here. Wow you look really good."

"Thank you mom." I said as I smiled on purpose for the first time in awhile. "I've missed you too. I miss being home all together."

"How was the club last night?" She asked me excitedly.

"It was okay." I lied to her.

"I think it was very nice of that Richards girl to ask you to go and I'm thrilled you went. As far as I can remember it's the first time you've actually gone out and done something like that."

"It won't be the last either." Emily added as she and CJ joined the rest of us. "Amanda's in for the time of her life from here on out."

I saw my brother Gary turn his head toward us and he acted like he was about to fall over at the sight of me with Em and CJ.

"Well hey sis." He said loudly as he had a look of disbelief creep across his face. "You look like you've blossomed a bit. I think that's the most revealing outfit I've ever seen you wear, and it looks good on you. My God and you have friends! When did this happen?"

"Gary," my mom began, "this is Emily and CJ who I've been telling you about. They're Amanda's friends who've moved in with us. They are the ones that set up this suite for us tonight."

"No shit?" My brother replied, that's his way of saying he's impressed.

"Amanda where on earth did you meet these two lovely specimens and why are they hanging out with boring little you?"

"You sound like a good brother." Emily said sarcastically. "We hang out with her because we think she's the poo. You should be proud of having a sister as cool as her."

"I'll be even prouder of her if she has even more friends like you around." He said in a cocky tone and then took a drink from his beer.

"You're married aren't you?" CJ asked him. "Isn't your wife supposed to be here?"

"Oh yeah she's here somewhere. I think she had to use the bathroom or something. Since she's been preggers she seems to spend a lot more time in there than usual. So anyway how'd you hook up with the box here?"

"We have connections." CJ answered him. "Just like I hear that you do now with your new job with the Suns."

"Yeah no shit. I still wonder if I'm dreaming or something. I still have no idea how they found me or why they hired me but I'm not about to complain. It's like a Godsend."

"You must have a guardian angel helping you out." Emily told him and then gave me a wink.

"He is with the enemy now though." My father added as he came and stood next to Gary. "I mean I guess since they're paying your check now your team loyalties have changed."

"Well I think it would be in my best interest to do that dad." Gary agreed. "So from here on out it's 'Go Suns'. At least we don't compete in the same division anymore."

"Wow Amanda." My dad said to me in shock as he finally noticed me. "You look terrific. I mean you're always beautiful but you really look good right now. More than usual I guess I should say."

"Thanks dad." I said feeling a little flattered. I was still mad at him for what he'd done though.

My father walked up to me and gave me a big hug. At first I was reluctant to return it but I gave in after her told me that he had missed me and wished I was still at home. I even told him that I had missed him as well. When my sister-in-law Kim came back from the bathroom she squealed and ran up to me and hugged me as well.

"Hi Mandy!" She said as she giddily jumped up and down on me. I noticed CJ crinkling her brow at hearing her call me Mandy. "It's so good to see you. You know you're going to be an aunt don't you?"

"Yes." I sounded happily as we let go. "That's great news, I can't wait for him to come."

"Well he or she is going to be lucky to have you for an aunt." Kim went on. "You look awesome. My God your skin is so soft and has such a radiant glow to it. What have you been using?"

"It's a secret."

"Oh. Well you'll have to share that secret with me when you can. I do have to say though while I like that dress you do look a little like a virgin who's about to be sacrificed in it."

Suddenly both Emily and CJ had to turn away from everyone and try to keep themselves from breaking out in laughter from what Kim just said. She certainly said a mouthful with that comment that's for sure. Kim kept rubbing my arms because she said it felt really good so I decided to ask if I could touch her belly and see if I could feel the baby.

"Sure." she answered as she offered me her tummy. "It's still a bit early but you may feel something. Lord knows it sure turns when I get up in the morning."

I put my hand flat on her belly and pressed on it to see if I could feel anything. After a few seconds I felt something move inside of her.

"Did you feel that?" She asked me.

"Yeah." I answered as a warm feeling of washed over me. Just from that feel I felt a great deal of love for the child she was carrying, my future nephew.

"That wasn't really a kick but it was the baby moving. I think he or she knows that its Aunt Mandy is showing it some love and he's trying to return it."

My eyes immediately began to well up with fresh tears and this time I didn't try to stop them. For at least this moment everything I had been put through felt worth it if it meant that little person inside of my sister-in-law would be taken care of.

"This is awesome." I said to her as I began crying more. I turned to my brother and said, "You had better make sure that you take care of both them you stupid asshole, they're the only things that make you worth anything."

"I love you too sis." he answered jokingly.

The three of us embraced and I cried on their shoulders for what seemed like several minutes while my folks stood by proudly. When we finished I felt as good as I had in days, I was actually glad to be with my family and for all the goodwill that was going around. Seeing Em and CJ standing and witnessing this all though reminded me that things still weren't great but at least for a moment everything felt like it was okay.

"This is nice." Emily said sounding pleased. "I just want everyone here to know that tonight is on the two of us, anything you all want to eat or drink or anything feel free to get it. Amanda's family is our family as far as everything is concerned."

"That's right, Amy." CJ said putting emphasis on the name. "We've grown so fond of you that you are like family."

"You two are as kind as you are beautiful." Gary added which made Kim give him a playful elbow to his gut.

We all sat around and watched the game and chatted for the next hour or so. Both my dad and my brother talked nonstop about basketball and sports in general, including my dad bragging about going up to Seattle for the Seahawk game this weekend, while my mom and Kim talked with the goddesses about various subjects. My mom kept making a point of saying how happy she was that I had made some friends and was going out and doing things. I hated hearing her say these things knowing what was really going on with me but I did take comfort that she was happy and I did find myself snuggling up to her too. I know it's a bit childish but I did feel more secure being here with my mom, that was until about just after halftime when the dress I was wearing suddenly began to feel hot. The skin on my thighs began to feel warm first and then it spread to the rest of my covered areas. Even as light as the dress felt it slowly began to feel heavier and more uncomfortable and I knew it would just be a matter of time before it would become unbearable. I looked up at Emily who gave me a knowing grin, I think she knew that this would happen.

Goddamn them.

I was becoming very fearful that something I was hoping against hope I could avoid was on the verge of becoming inevitable. When all of this began my main reason for going along with everything was the belief that I would be sparing myself the humiliation of having people I knew, my family inparticular, see my naked body in those embarrassing pictures. Little did I know that I had entered into something that was designed to show me off to anyone with a computer and a perverted mind. God I didn't even want to imagine how many people had already seen me naked and had images of me at their disposal.

Right then I was worried enough about the fact that the dress I'd been given to wear was starting to be rejected by my skin, I didn't know how much longer I was going to be able to wear it before it became unbearable and I didn't want to be in there with my family when it happened. I could feel myself begin to sweat from under the dress and I decided to try and escape to the bathroom and attempt to think of some kind of plan from there, but as I was about to stand I felt a hand on my shoulder from behind me which kept me from doing so.

"Is it getting hot in here or is it just you?" CJ leaned in and whispered into my ear. She let out a small giggle before continuing. "I hope you weren't planning on stepping out on us because if you try to leave this suite with that dress on you can expect to spend the night walking from one end of Portland to the other exposed and barefoot. Am I making myself clear?"

I nodded my head in confirmation. They were going to insist that this play out tonight apparently. She let go of my shoulder and I attempted to sit back and see how long I could ride this out. The first thing I decided to do was pull the hem of the dress up so my thighs could breathe and hopfully ease the discomfort a bit. Doing this caught my brother's attention.

"What's this? My sister showing off some leg?" He teased me. "I've seen you go full summers where you didn't show as much thigh as you are right now. Seems like something about you has really changed. Have you gotten laid or something?"

"Gary!" My mother shouted at him sounding shocked at what he had just said. "That's not a nice way to talk about your sister. She has pretty legs and just because she adjusts her dress a bit doesn't mean she's having sex."

I didn't know whose statment made me more uncomfortable, Gary's or mom's, but they both were not what I needed to hear right then. My thighs had cooled off already though and it had helped but I could feel the rest of me becoming more irritated with each passing second.

"It looks like she's been waxing those legs of hers or something." Gary went on. "Look at how smooth and shiny they look. They almost look as nice as yours Kim."

"Shutup Gary." I said to him as I began to fidget in my seat from discomfort.

"Your legs are really smooth." Kim proclaimed as she took the liberty of putting her hand on one of them and began rubbing back and forth. "My legs have never felt this smooth before. Whatever your secret is someone's going to make a fortune off of it. Have you felt her skin mom?"

"Yes I have." My mother answered her as she brushed her hand across my other leg before I pushed it off. "Sorry sweetie. They really do feel silky though."

"This is intoxicating." Kim said as she continued to rub. "You must do this for hours when you're by yourself Mandy, I know I would."

"Damn Kim you keep touching my sister like that I might start to get turned on," my brother said to her "and I feel funny about that."

Kim took her hand off my leg and stood up and went over to Gary and began teasing him about how good my skin felt. Her rubbing my thigh like she did had awakened my arousal once again and now more than ever I wished it would go away. My rear end was beginning to become painfully hot so I could no longer sit on it so I had to stand and let the dress fall back over my thighs, which instantly began to burn again. I looked down at both Emily and CJ, They gave me looks that reminded me that I wasn't allowed to leave so I just walked up behind the rows of seats and decided to stand over by the bar. My family refocused on the game as I asked the waiter if I could have a very large glass of ice water.

"Aquafina or Perrier'?" The waiter asked me.

"Whatever fills the glass faster." I replied hurriedly.

When he handed me the water I drank it down as fast as I could swallow it. I wanted to pour it all over my dress in hopes it would put out the fire that was growing under it but I didn't want to draw any more attention to myself. I could feel sweat beginning to form on my forehead and I felt a drop run down my back, my skin was starting to really burn and was becoming quite painful and I knew I was not going to be able to hold out much longer. How was I going to explain that I had to take my dress off and that I don't have anything on underneathe it? They were going to think I'd lost my mind or I was on drugs or something. I wished I could just pass out before any of this happens so I could avoid having to deal with this.

"Are you okay Amanda?" my father asked me sounding concerned. "You're starting to look a bit, warm. You don't feel sick do you?"

"I'm fine dad." I answered him as I began to pant under my breath. "I'm just a bit tired. You should enjoy the game and not worry about me."

This didn't seem to ease his mind much as his look of concern seemed to strengthen. This also caught my mother's attention and she walked up to me and put her hand on my forehead.

"My goodness honey you're burning up." She informed me and everyone listening. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." I tried to reassure her and took a step back to get away from her hand. "I'm just a little warm, I'll be okay."

"It looks like your nipples are trying to make an escape." My brother pointed out to everyone. I looked down and saw that he was right, my nipples had hardend and could clearly be seen under the fabric. "I don't think she's just hot, she's hot and bothered."

"Gary!" my mother shot at him. "Don't talk about your sister that way." I caught my mom looking down at my breasts and I saw a brief look of surprise on her face when she saw what my brother was talking about. "Amanda where's your bra?"

Oh I wished at that moment that I could just turn invisible. With my mother saying that every eye in the room was now focused squarely on me and my boobs that were beginning to sweat through the dress. I could feel tears begin to form in my eyes from both the shame of my family's glare and from the pain that was becoming more unbareble by the moment. I couldn't hold out any longer, with my family, Emily and CJ, and the waiter watching I pulled my dress off over my head to ease the burning in my skin that it was causing. I didn't look at anyone but my ears took in the sounds of gasping that escaped everyone's mouth. At first I instinctively covered the front of my body with my dress but my skin still burned from the touch of the fabric and I ended up dropping it on the floor. My worst fear was now happening, I was standing fully nude in front of my shocked immediate family who seemed completely speechless and there was nowhere for me to go and nothing I could do but stand there and tremble. I expected when I looked down at my body to see red patches on my skin from where it was irritated but was surprised to see it wasn't, my skin was as pale as it usually was just a little sweaty, that was surprising. I did look up at Emily and CJ who were just beaming with excitment at what was unfolding in front of them. I wanted to run and I wanted to scream but I was frozen with shame and unable to move.

"Young lady what do you think you're doing!" My father yelled, breaking the trance everyone seemed to be in. "For God's sake put your dress back on!"

Tears were beginning to make their journey down my face when my mother bent down and picked up my dress and tried to hand it to me but I wouldn't take it.

"Amanda!" My mother said authoritively. "Take your dress!"

"I... I can't." I said shakily as I began to cry harder.

"What do you mean you can't?" She said to me in the same tone she used to use on me when I was a small child. "The waiter behind you can see your rear end now cover yourself."

"M-mm... mom I can't." I said again. "I can't wear thh... that dress anymore."

"Well put something on." my brother shouted. "I don't want to avert my eyes all night."

"Close the curtain to the window." Emily ordered Gary and then turned to where I was standing. "I think Amanda has some explaining to do."

My mother stood between me and the open window until my brother closed the curtain over it. I couldn't bring myself to look at anybody since to do so would be too shameful so I kept my eyes on the ground. I wished I could stop crying but at the moment I had very little control over it and fighting it just made it worse.

"Amanda." my mother said to me in a calmer tone than she had a second ago. "Honey are you feeling okay? I mean you were burning up a second ago and now you've undressed, you have me worried."

"Here." My father said to me as he tried to hand me his jacket. "Put this on if you can't put your dress back on."

I knew I couldn't take his jacket even if I wanted to but at the moment I was having a hard time speaking so I just refused to take the jacket without saying a word which didn't sit well with him.

"Amanda you have to put something on." he insisted. "This isn't decent and quite frankly it's making all of us uncomfortable."

"I can't dad." I made myself say to him through my sniffling. "It'll hurt."

"It'll hurt?" my mother replied not understanding what I meant. "Have you hurt yourself somehow?"

"Excuse me." My father said to the waiter that was standing behind me. "I know this is your job and all but could I get you to quit looking at my daughter and maybe step outside for awhile?"

"It's okay Joe." CJ said to the waiter. "You've done a good job tonight so you can have the rest of the game off. I'll make sure you get your gratuity before you leave."

"Very good ma'am thank you." the waiter answered her and then I heard him leave. I imagine he must've gotten quite an eyeful of me, just like so many others had lately.

"Now answer your mother Amanda." My dad ordered me. "Tell us what's wrong with you. I hope you're not on drugs."

"It could be ecstasy dad." my brother interupted. "She seems flushed and people do weird shit when they're on that stuff."

"I'm not on drugs." I said attempting to sound firm but with the crying it didn't come off that way. "It hurts for me to wear clothes for very long. I know it doesn't make sense but it's true."

"What?" my father said in disbelief. "You are on drugs aren't you? How can it hurt for you to wear clothes? You've been wearing them all your life. This doesn't make any sense."

I began to cry harder at hearing that my dad didn't believe me. What must be going through their heads right now, they must think I'm insane. Why weren't the goddesses helping me?

"Okay young lady." my father began again. "I don't know what's going on with you lately with taking this weird new job and moving out of the house but as of this moment it's going to stop. You're going to put this jacket on then we're going straight home and have a very long talk. We're supposed to be celebrating Gary's new job and the future arrival of their baby for Christ's sake, not dealing with this."

"It's okay dad." Gary said softly which caught me off guard. "Something's obviously up with her and needs to be taken care of. This isn't that big of a deal."

"Amanda." My mother started as she put her hand on my shoulder and leaned in next to me. "I want to understand why you did this and why you can't put something on, but you have to help me and give me a reason."

I didn't know what to say to her, no one told me what I was supposed to say or do when this happend and I was worried that if I told her the wrong thing then Em and CJ would make things worse, but I had no idea what the right thing to say was. I decided to say what came into my head. "Mom." I began while I was still sobing. "Why is it so important to you that I have friends? I don't understand."

"Um... what?" She replied again not understanding what I meant.

"I mean did it ever occur to you that I really didn't want any friends right now?" I continued. "Maybe I found making it through school was easier without the burdon of worrying about friends and having them interfere with my attempts at getting good grades so I can go to a good school. Did you ever think of that?"

"Where is this coming from?" My mother said in confusion. "I'm sorry honey but I don't see what this has to do with your clothes hurting you."

"I'm talking about you going behind my back and trying to find friends for me when I didn't want them mom. Now my life is ruined."

"What on earth are you talking about?" she responded even more confused. "I didn't go behind your back to do anything."

"Well technically you did." Emily interupted. "You did go online and say that you were trying to find ways to help your daughter make friends because you were worried about her."

My mother just went white as if she had been caught stealing something when she heard what Emily said. She looked at me as if to ask if I knew this and I gave her a nod letting her know that I did.

"Alright what the fuck are you guys talking about?" My dad yelled at us and then turned to Emily and CJ. "Do you two know what it is that's wrong with my daughter?"

"We have a good idea." Emily said smugly. "I mean we have spent a lot of time with her the past few days and we're aware of what she's been doing."

"Would you be so kind as to fill us in on this." My father said harshly. "We are her family and would like to know what's gotten into our daughter. Is she naked like this a lot?"

"Well, yeah I guess you could say she has. She was naked for the ride up here in the car and she walked naked from the street all the way up until we got in the elevator to come up here."

I only looked briefly but I'll never forget the looks on everyone's faces when they heard Emily so calmly say this to them. I didn't think any of them believed it at first until they glanced over at me and saw that it may have been true.

"I know at school earlier today she had to cut herself out of her clothes and run down the hall naked so that she could get to the lockerroom." CJ added. "That was because she had gotten glued to her chair and had no other way to get out, at least that's what she thought anyway."

"But that's only today." Emily began again. "Last night she went to the nightclub naked and danced with several people while she was like that as well including dancing on a stage by herself. You should have seen that it was something to behold."

"Amanda is this true?" my father asked not wanting to believe what he was hearing.

I said nothing and Emily continued, "I know when she was at school yesterday her clothes became uncomfortable and she had to take them off in the bathroom when the fire drill went off and she had to run out of the school naked and hide in the dugout at the baseball field. I know she didn't really like that and she was lucky she wasn't caught. Oh and on Monday night she walked down to a mailbox naked and mailed a letter for us. It was a birthday card for my brother, he's turning ten, and I'm glad to report that he got it today and he loved his card and the gift card inside of it. Thank you for mailing it for me Amanda."

"Alright I've heard enough." My dad said thowing up his hands. "Amanda I don't know what's going on but you're grounded and you're coming back home. Now put this jacket on and lets go."

"I can't put that on dad." I said pleadingly. "It'll hurt my skin and I'll have to take it back off."

"Amanda Grace Johnson stop talking this nonsense. I've never heard of such a thing and right now you are really testing me. I'm not going to have it get around that my daughter is behaving like a tramp by running around naked in front of people."

"I'm not a tramp dad." I snapped at him while raising my voice. "This isn't something I want to do it's something I'm stuck with no thanks to you."

"What does that mean?" he demanded to know.

"It means it's out of her control." CJ jumped in and then came over to where I was. "She has to do this or bad things happen, don't they babygirl?"

I felt a rush of anger flow over me as she said this which just caused my sobbing to increase. I've always had the problem of breaking out in tears when I get really angry and I've always hated that, and right then it was happening again.

"I think your daughter needs a hug Mrs. Johnson." CJ said to my mother. "Some reassurence from her mother might do her some good."

My mother obliged her request and embraced me tightly in her arms. At first I actually tried to pull back but after about a second I gave in and began crying heavily on her shoulder while she caressed my back and tried to comfort me. I never imagined I'd ever hug my mom while I was naked but these were strange circumstances. I have to admit that it was comforting.

"I still want answers." My father demanded.

"Well have a seat on the couch, all of you, and we'll have that long talk that you wanted to have when you got home right now. Amanda has a project coming up and we'd like your cooperation with it."

"What kind of project?"

"You'll see when you calm down and you all have a seat. I assure you that it's something that's going to change your lives as you know them."

"How did you know about me going on the internet?" my mom asked Emily as she continued to cradle me.

"We were the ones who responded to your message." Emily told her. "Thanks for pointing your daughter out to us, we'd never would have found her otherwise."

"You two are Luci and Ethelle? The girls from who I chatted with?"

"Oh Luci she figure it out." CJ said in a Ricky Ricardo accent. "I guess we have some 'splaining to do."

"Oh dear God." My mom blurted out as she tightend her embrace on me. "Something tells me that you two aren't the Godsends I thought you were."

"We like to think that God brought us to Amanda." Emily said smirking. "Now why don't you and our girl have a seat on the couch and we'll fill you in on your daughter's new life."

"I'm not sitting down or doing anything until my daughter covers herself." My dad said angrily to Emily and CJ. "I don't know who you ladies think you are but whatever it is you're up to I'm not going along with it."

"You might want to rethink that Mr.Johnson." Emily suggested. "It would be in your best interest along with Amanda's for you to listen to us."

"You don't tell me what to do." He replied to her with a snarl in his voice.

"Dad please." I begged him. "You don't want to tick them off."

"I'm not listening to another word from you until you put my jacket on."

"I can't dad!" I insisted. "How many times must I tell you this?"

"Because it'll hurt?" He scoffed. "I'm having trouble with that answer young lady."

"She is right." Emily informed him. "It will be painful to her. Her skin will feel like it's burning and it'll be very unpleasant. Not only that she also knows that we have a rule that she's not allowed to accept clothing from anyone but us or whoever's in charge of her, which right now is us and she does not have our permission to take your jacket. Now I suggest you sit down and calm your mouth before I begin to lose my patience."

"Your patience!" My dad screamed. "I think Amanda needs to worry more about my patience! I'm her father and what I tell her to do overrules whatever rules you two have over her. Now Amanda quit embarrassing me and put on my jacket!"

Something in me just snapped when he said the words 'embarrassing me' which caused me to let go of my mothers embrace and then look him right in the face.

"Fuck you dad!" I screamed at him in disgust which caught him completely off guard. "You wanna know why I'm naked? Fine I'll tell you why, it's because of you dad. Thanks to you stealing over half a million dollars from your company over the last decade and betting it on footballs games! That's why I'm naked, to keep your piece of shit ass out of prison."

My dad turned pale white at that moment, even whiter than mom had when she found out I knew about her going on the internet about me. For one of the first times in his life my dad was struck dumb and had nothing to say.

"What are you talking about Amanda?" My mother asked me seeming shocked from my allegation. "How can you accuse your father of doing something like that?"

"Because it's true." CJ answered for me. "Isn't it Ed?"

My dad just looked at CJ and looked as if he couldn't believe they knew about that. He opened his mouth for a second as if to say something but nothing came out.

"Edward what are they talking about?" My mother asked him looking concerned. "You told me a long time ago you stopped making bets, you did didn't you?"

"Tell her Ed." CJ proded him. "Tell her about how you just laid a grand down today on the Seahawks game this weekend with federal money that was meant for the homeless shelter."

"Ed?" My mother asked wanting an answer.

At first my father just looked at Em and CJ and then at me and then back at them. He then looked at my mother and then lowered his head and walked over and sat down in a chair next to the couch defeated and lowered his head into his hands.

"Oh Edward." My mother said to him sounding very dissappointed. "Goddamn you."

She then turned to Emily and CJ. "Have you been making my daughter do these stunts in exchange for not turning him in?"

"That's one of the things we've been holding over head." Emily answered. "That and the nude pictures we took of you last night, and a few other things too."

"Mom?" Gary said repulsed. "You let them take nude pictures of you? What the hell were you on?"

"I.. uh." My mother stammered and then went silent.

"Hey your mom is real looker for her age." CJ proclaimed. "You wanna see the pictures?"

"NO!" both me and my brother shouted at the same time.

"Why are you doing this to her?" My mother asked Emily.

"Because we think she's hot and we like showing her off." Emily replied smugly. "I mean look at her, isn't she pretty, and what's even better is she's a virgin and she looks like one. I mean c'mon she's rare and as far as we're concerned she's perfect and we wanted her for our own."

"So you're blackmailing her so you can exploit her?"

"I suppose."

"You're insane."

"Hey we're rich. Rich people aren't insane."

"We're eccentric." CJ finished the quote. "Now would you please have a seat so we can explain what we're doing and what we need you for."

"Am I a part of this too?" Gary asked.

"You sure are superstar." CJ answered him. "How do you think you got your job with the Suns, by being qualified? No. Amanda wanted you to have a job so you could take care of your family so we did out of the goodness in our hearts. So I suggest you and your lovely wife have a seat too and like we said before once you're all seated we can finally begin. So for God's sake all of you sit."

Gary and Kim both sat down on the couch on the side that was closest to my father while my mother and I sat on the other side with me sitting between mom and Kim. My crying had stopped for the moment but seeing the contrast of my nudity compared with my clothed family sitting beside me almost got me started again. I could never get used to this.

Emily then turned on the large television and then retrieved what looked like a dvd out of her bag. I had a good guess as to what was probably on that damn thing which made me that much more nauseated with this whole situation. God they were going to make me sit here and watch my humiliating missions with my family sitting next to me and I could only sit there and take it. I wished I could just die.

"Okay." Emily started as she turned on the dvd player and put the disk inside of it. "As you now know we've been having Amanda here perform certain naked stunts around different parts of the state. I'd like all of you to watch some parts of them and see just how good she is at this." She then pressed play and stood back as an image of me standing in a darkend parking lot began to play on the screen. "Here's her first mission that she did last Thursday morning. We had her run across the mall parking lot to get to her car, watch as she almost gets caught."

We sat for what seemed like a million years and watched scene after scene of me humiliating myself. A few times various members of my family tried not to watch but were ordered to 'watch the screen', if they didn't I would be punished somehow and they would make them watch up close. I had started to cry again while watching these events and I had to repeatedly wipe my eyes on my mothers sweater while she rocked me in her arms. My dad didn't say a word the whole time but my brother did make comments to Em and CJ that they were sick, he stopped though when they threatend to have me shake my boobs in his face; that really freaked him out and almost made me puke just from the thought. I was shocked when they showed the scene of me sitting bottomless behind Gale's desk in the health class and I realized that there had been a night vision camera underneath it. All that was on the screen was my open and shaking legs and my vagina clear as day, at least as clear as nightvision can be. This almost caused me to faint as my family gasped at what they saw. What was even worse was they still had audio and we could hear my converstations and even the intercom when someone in the office was calling me. Emily and CJ giggled a little at this but I wasn't even close to thinking this was funny. Oh God you could see right up into me, you could even tell that I was getting wet, and my whole family was looking at this. What I felt at that moment was beyond shame, I'd be scarred for life from seeing this.

"How much more of this do you intend to make us sit through?" My mother was very upset at having been made to watch a video diary of both the undressed and the barely dressed lifestyle I had become forced into by two people who my parents had taken into their home. Her arm now had a painfully tight grip around my body and she was rocking me so hard I was having trouble breathing. I had to squirm really hard to make her ease her hold on me.

"Don't tell me that you're not impressed with how well Amanda's performing in her situation?" Emily replied sarcastically. "Personally I never tire of watching these. They have turned out so much better than expected they make all the trouble we've gone through so worth it. I mean look at her here."

She pointed to the TV screen which was playing a clip from the club last night when I was dancing with those two women, the one's who unintentionally caused me to have a minor orgasm. "She was instructed that she had to smile at people and pretend to have a good time and if you didn't know better you'd believe she was having fun. It's amazing what you can do when you're trying so hard to keep your family from falling apart, huh Eddie?"

"What do you want from us?" My dad pleaded desperately. "I don't understand why you're doing this."

"We've already got what we really wanted from you." Emily informed him. "We have your daughter. She's ours now and with or without your cooperation she will continue doing whatever we tell her to do."

"But we feel it is in Amy's best interest to have her family be a part of her life." CJ took over. "So what we would like from all of you is for that you to play along with the public image that we've set up for Amy. We currently have started a very popular and fast growing internet website that features our girl here and she's presented as a virgin who has found her faith and has taken a vow of shame and chastity as a show of devotion to Jesus."

"Thpppth." My brother nearly choked at what CJ had just told them. "What? You can't be serious?"

"She's very serious." Emily replied calmly. "One thing that we left off the dvd was her vow she took in church last Sunday. We've sent copies of it to several churches and have been met with surprisingly good responses from most of them."

"Bullshit!" My brother said in disbelief. "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. There's no way that would work. Sounds like some internet fantasy scheme."

"Did you see all the people in that club with her?" Emily asked and pointed back to the screen. "Most of them are website members and knew she would be there. All of this is true, we fancy ourselves at making the impossible a reality."

"You know what? Fuck you." Gary shouted at them and then stood up. "There's no way I'm going to let you turn my little sister into a whore and I don't care who you are and how much money you have. Amanda's a good kid and you're going to leave her alone."

"Sit down you stupid fucker before you get hurt." CJ ordered as she took a step forward.

"I'm going to take both you bitches out and when I'm done you're going to be the ones who leave here naked."

"Gary don't!" I shouted at him as he was about to lunge forward. I pulled away from my mom and jumped in between Gary and CJ and stopped Gary from getting to close to her. "Gary stop it! CJ please don't hurt him he's an idiot." Gary seemed quite surprised that I had jumped in and he looked at me for an explanation. "She'll kill you Gary, I've seen her fight and she could kill you."

"What?" Gary scoffed. "I have several inches and a hundred pounds on this girl."

"So did the person she beat up." I told him and began pushing him back toward the couch. "Please sit down and shutup and think of the baby, she needs a father with all of his teeth."

Reluctantly Gary obliged me and went and sat back down on the couch although he still shot CJ a harsh glance.

"You're lucky she stepped in buckethead or I'd have rung your bell." CJ boasted. "That goes for the rest of you too."

Emily turned off the TV and then asked me to come and stand next to her. She placed her arm around me and had me face my family, all of whom looked away from the sight of me.

"Okay so here's the thing," Emily began, "along with our website we soon hope to have a deal in place soon with Showtime, you know the cable channel, to begin a reality series based on Amanda. It'll portray her as the Christian nudist we explained earlier and we feel in order to make it seem as legit as possible we need all of your cooperation. You know how these shows always have the little interview snips from the people on the show or from those around them, well that's what we need you for, to sell the idea that Amanda is what we say she is and that you support her."

"Hell no." My mother responded. "There's no way I'd go along with that."

"You might want to think of the consequences." CJ suggested.

"What? Putting my lying husband in jail? Showing naked pictures of me around town? Taking Gary's job away? I don't care. I don't care what you do I'm not going to let my daughter be your naked toy."

"You see here's the problem with that." Emily began again. "While I believe you Marsha that you would sacrifice anything for your daughter, it's not really up to you. Amanda is the one who makes the descision about what happens to all of you. She knows that if she ever greatly displeases us that these are some of the possible punishments that may occur. The choice we're offering you is either you can participate in Amanda's life and make it easier for her, or you can not and force us to make life a bit harder on her. And just so we're clear don't even think of trying to turn yourselves in or quit your new jobs or anything like that either, these things will also be taken out on Amanda as well and we will make sure you know about it."

All four of them sat there quietly. My father didn't look at anyone while Gary and my mom just looked at each other as if hoping the other had an answer as to what to do. Kim to my surprise looked up at me and stared at me in the eyes and gave me a sympathetic smile. She then rubbed her belly and mouthed the words 'thank you' to me. I smiled back and then decided to speak up.

"Guys," I began, "please go along with it. I signed a contract earlier tonight and I'm sure it's airtight but it also makes sure everyone is taken care of, including me. I have to do what they tell me so please don't make this more difficult."

In my mind I could feel the invisible bonds that tied me to Emily and CJ grow tighter with my words but I still held out hope that Scott would somehow be able to get me out of this. So for the time being it would be best to make sure my family goes along with this just so no one got hurt.

"What do you want us to do?" My mother said defeatedly to Emily. "It better not involve anything sexual."

"It doesn't." Emily replied. "We intend to keep her a virgin, it's part of her persona. She can masturbate though but she's not allowed to have sex until she's married."

"So are you saying that you're all joining us?" CJ asked happily.

"If that's what you need to hear." My mother replied coldly.

"Good." Emily squealed and then squeezed my shoulder tightly. "We'll fill you all in on the details later but I must insist that everything we talked about here tonight not be spoken about to anyone, at all. I don't have to tell you what we'll do to Amanda if you do."

"Speaking of which it's time to take her home." CJ jumped in. "I think she's had a long day and she needs her rest. The rest of you can stay here and finish the game, in fact we insist."

Emily then went to her bag and took out what looked like an old Blazer's jersey.

"Here Amanda." Emily said as she handed the jersey to me. "Since you have been such a good girl today you may wear something on the walk back down to the car. It's an old Drexler throw-back jersey and should almost cover you. You can put it on and say goodbye to your family, we'll wait for you outside the suite. Don't take more than ten minutes though."

"See you back at the house Ed and Marsha." CJ said smugly to them and the two of them grabbed their stuff and walked out the door.

I quickly pulled the black jersey over my head and pulled it down over my body. It barely covered my crotch and I could feel the bottom of my butt cheeks falling out the back. Nonetheless I was still glad to have it as I rushed over and hugged my mother, brother, and Kim in a big group hug. I began to cry on their shoulders again and I heard whimpering coming from them as well as we embraced. When we let go my mother took my hand and weepily told me how sorry she was, and I immediately forgave her and hugged her again. My father wouldn't look at me but I told him I loved him and hugged him anyway.

"I love you too." He replied as he broke down in sobs. "I'm so sorry."

My brother and Kim tried to give him some comfort as I let go of him. I told Gary and Kim to have a good flight back and not to worry, that everything would be okay.

When I made myself walk out of the suite both Emily and CJ were standing there with their arms folded and pleased grins on their faces.

"You're so evil." I spat at them as I held the hem of the jersey down as far as it would go.

"If we were evil we'd make them fuck you." CJ spat back. "Be glad they took it so well. We were surprised we didn't have to get rough with them."

Part 71

There was very little traffic on the road as we drove south on the interstate. We had just dropped CJ off back at her SUV and now it was just me and Emily as we headed back to Gale's house for the night. I guess they must have felt that I'd had enough for the night because they didn't make me streak through the arena like I thought for sure they would, instead I got to wear the Blazer jersey until we got to Emily's car in the garage area. I did have to take off the jersey before I was allowed in the car but for once no one seemed to be around to watch me do it so it wasn't too uncomfortable. I was so angry inside that I didn't look at either of them for the ride over to the Channel 12 parking lot. They never stopped talking the whole time though, they couldn't seem to stop patting themselves on the back for how well their plan was going and it made me wish I could lash out at them. I can't believe the nerve they had to bring my family into all of this like they had, to make them watch video footage of me running around naked was traumatic enough but to also get them involved in the little scam they had going here was going way too far.

What must have been going through all of their minds? I could picture my brother wondering if he had just imagined all of it and I could easily see my parents having it out right now over my father's gambling and his lying to her all this time. God I hated those two right then, even more than I thought I already could, and I couldn't for the life of me believe that they'd gotten away with this so far.

"You haven't said a word this whole ride." Emily pointed out bringing me back to the present. She turned down the radio and then asked me "Are you giving me the silent treatment?"

I didn't answer her I just kept looking out my window at the scenery that blew past us. I had to find a way to put an end to this. I hoped Scott could come through soon but I was worried that by the time he did things would be so out of hand that if I went with him and his group things might become even worse, not just for me but for my family as well. I had to think of a plan myself and think of one fast before they could even begin this crazy Showtime show. I mean my God a reality series? What were they going to call it Naked in the City or something? Jesus this was crazy!

"Amanda don't make me have to threaten you just to get you to talk to me." Emily said impatiently. "I don't want to have to do that but if you're going to be difficult you won't leave me any choice. You better get used to the idea that you're my property and I will not have you ignoring me."

"I'm tired Emily." I whined. "Please cut me a little a slack, remember you're putting me through a living hell."

"Go live in a third world country and then tell me about your living hell. I've seen a living hell and you're not even close."

She seemed to be getting snippy and I didn't like where this was going so I just apologized and slumped more in my seat. At least the poor people in third world countries had more freedom than I did right then. I looked down at myself and felt ashamed all over again seeing that I had to be naked while I sat there and they'd informed me that if everything went according to their plan I'd be naked 24/7 and always on camera and out in public. Even if somehow their plan fell apart I'd still be stuck like this and all the stuff they had could still fall into the hands of the public somehow. I needed to get that antidote somehow. Maybe I should talk with her and see if I could do some fishing.

"Where did you find the herbal guy who made that stuff you put in that tea?" I asked her politely.

"The herbal guy?" She repeated. "Why do want to know that for?"

"I thought you wanted to talk?"

"I don't want you to ignore me but that's an odd topic."

"I'm just curious. I mean it all seems very strange that there's this person out there who can put herbs together that can make wearing clothes painful and can force people to become nudists. I'm just interested in how you guys came across someone like this."

"Okay." Emily replied with an amused grin on her face. "I guess I can see how that might be pondersome for someone like you." She then reached down and turned the radio off completely. "He's just this guy who we met through a drug dealer we used to do business with when we wanted to turn someone into a user. I remember when we first met the guy we thought he looked like Mr. Sulu from Star Trek but he didn't have the deep voice like Sulu did. He grew this awesome marijuana he called coma weed because it knocked you out and that's how we got to know him. Anyway one time when we were visiting him we got really baked and we shared with him our fantasy of making a pretty and shy virgin become a public nudist and he informed us that he knew a formula that would make wearing clothes very irritating on someone's skin, and when he told us that it worked best in women because it has a strong reaction to estrogen I thought he had to be full of shit. But then we decided to experiment with it on our housekeeper's daughter a little over a year ago and we couldn't believe it when after a couple of weeks she couldn't get dressed because no matter what she wore it was too uncomfortable for her. Needless to say we paid him to make us another batch and went on the search to find you."

"What happend to your housekeeper's daughter?"

"It wore off after she had some of the antidote, but since she only took it in small doses she just recently has been able to wear a full wardrobe again. It was so funny, her mother had actually thought that this was happening to her because God was punishing her daughter for having slutty thoughts, poor kid."

Poor kid is right. God how many lives have these two ruined or greatly upset in their time on earth? She just talked about this stuff like it was nothing; meanwhile this poor girl was going through emotional hell by not only not being able to dress but from her mother's absurd accusations as well, and she had the nerve to try and make me feel guilty because people in third world countries might have it a little worse than me.

"How did she get the antidote?" I asked hiding my disgust for her.

"You don't need to know that." She told me smugly. "You just need to know that you're not getting it, at least not until after this weekend when it won't matter. By the way just to let you know that we still intend to have your folks go up to Seattle for the football game this weekend, they may not want to now but that doesn't mean they're getting out of it. Anyway your friend Stacy found out today that her parents aren't going to be out of town this weekend as they had planned, fundraiser got cancelled at the last minute, so because of that she won't be able to have her party there on Saturday as she had planned. Now we can't have that so since your folks are going to be gone that night I had Gale tell her that she can throw it at your old house instead. How's that sound?"

"You're fucking with me." At least I hoped she was.

"Hell no I'm not fucking with you." she replied. "Your house is perfect. We can have someone come in and decorate it so that it's really cool and it's big enough so that all of Stacy's friends and followers have enough room to move around and have a good time. It'll be blast."

"I hate you." I blurted out involuntarily. "You just never let up do you? Why don't you have it at Gale's or at some other place, why does it have to be my house for?"

"I just said because it's perfect. We already have so much already in place there everything will be so much simpler, and it'll be easier for everyone to get to know you better too."

I couldn't talk to her anymore, I didn't think I could hate her even more but she found a way for that to happen. There had to be a special place in hell waiting for her and CJ when this was all said and done. I wished I could claw her eyes out right then.

"You should see the costumes I picked up for CJ and me earlier today." Emily went on. "They are so cool. I'm going to be Vamperella, do you know who that is?"

I shook my head no as I looked out the window again.

"She's a comicbook character that my little brother likes. I tried it on and it looked really good on me. CJ's going to be a female Blade, you know like in the Wesley Snipes movie, she has a sword and everything and she's going to look really hot."

"Cool." I said not meaning it. I didn't want to think about he party or anything else right now I just wanted to be left alone.

I was glad when we finally got back to town and pulled up to Gale's driveway, but I wasn't glad to see two men with cameras waiting for us outside of it.

"Who are they?" I asked as I slid down in my seat to hide myself from them.

"I don't know." Emily replied curiously. "I'll ask them."

She pulled into the driveway and came to a stop as the two men approached her side of the car.

"Can I help you?" She asked as she rolled down her window.

"Hi." the taller man said to her as he leaned into her window. "We were hoping to get a word with an Amanda Johnson. We were told that this is where she is staying."

"What type of word do you need with her?" Emily asked him sounding puzzled. "Is this Miss Johnson?" he asked as he pointed to me. I had covered myself as best I could with my hands but the streetlight was shining right down on me and he could easily see that I was naked.

"What do you want?" Emily demanded.

"I'm Daniel Davis and I work at the Graphic here in town and we were informed that she is the woman who's been spotted streaking at the Duck's game last weekend as well as other places around the state and we would like to know why she's doing this."

"How did you come across this information?" Emily asked him as the second guy snapped a picture of us.

"We can't reveal that um Miss..."

"She doesn't give interviews but if you leave me your card I'll have someone call you in the morning and maybe we can work something out. Right now it's late and we'd like to turn in."

"Fair enough." He replied and pulled out a business card and handed it to her. "If we don't hear anything we will try and contact you again."

"You'll hear from us." she promised. "Have a good evening gentlemen."

She then rolled up the window and pulled up the rest of the driveway as they walked back to their vehicle. Once we were inside the gate Emily parked the car and pulled out her cellphone.

"CJ." Emily said into after she dialed. "Someone leaked to the paper about our girl and I want to know who did it. Yeah there was a photographer here and everything. Yes. We can make this work but I just don't like surprises like this. Yeah. That'll be good. See you tomorrow beautiful, hope you find something out." After she hung up she turned to me and said. "Don't worry about that we'll take care of it. Now let's get you in and give you a bath and put you to bed, I think you could use the rest. I'll take care of Gale if she decides to give you shit about cleaning the house. We have another meeting with your principal tomorrow so you have another big day ahead of you. Anything to say about that?"

"Nothing I want to say out loud." I replied which made her laugh.

"You're so funny sweetheart."

Part 72

I don't remember dreaming at all when I was asleep, which I was grateful for since I was worried that I would have nightmares all night considering what I'd had to go through that day. After Emily had bathed me again like she had the night before she gave some sedatives and they seemed to work really well since I didn't remember anything from the moment I fell asleep to the moment I reluctantly woke up. As much as I wanted to fall back asleep it was impossible with how hard Emily was shaking me to get up.

"Amanda." She chirped in my ear. "Come on sweetie it's time to get up. Gale has breakfast for us on the table and I want to eat it before it gets cold."

She wasn't satisfied with my effort so she then decided to fondle my boobs and tweek my nipples in an attempt to inspire me to action. "These just fit perfectly in my hands. I don't see how you don't play with them more."

I slapped her hands away and jumped up from my blanketless bed. I was still very groggy and had trouble balancing as I walked around that morning, first to the backyard to pee then to the bathroom to wash and then to the kitchen to eat I must have stumbled at least five times. I had to wait on the two of them first before I could eat but when I finally was able to I finished before they did, and I believe I ate almost twice as much as them too, the bacon was just so awesome though.

"Didn't you guys feed her yesterday?" Gale asked Emily as she was taken back at how much I ate.

"Oh she was fed alright." Emily answered her as she gave me a sinful grin. "But she knows now that as long as she takes her vitamins she won't get fat so she indulges herself now. It's nice to see a young girl enjoy a healthy meal don't you think?"

"Sure. I'll have to make sure and buy more bacon then." Gale joked. "She just ate enough to feed a small family. By the way Amanda I need more orange juice, would you fill my glass please."

Gale left for the school about a half an hour later during which I had to wash the dishes and clean the counters in the kitchen. Emily told me that I wouldn't be going to my first period again because of our new meeting with Mr. Green which didn't break my heart. I remembered that Missy and Danette would be there and who knows what they may have told people about watching that video of me at the Bible study meeting last night. Oh God I couldn't imagine that they kept quiet about that. I imagined that the day was going to be just as rough as the day before if not rougher. I had got to think of a way to find out what the antidote was and get my hands on it, then I needed to think of an escape. I also needed to see if there was a way I could get Stacy to call off her party that was going to be at my house now, that might be just as difficult as anything else.

Before we left that morning Emily let me take off my collar for a few minutes while she did some adjusting to it. It was the first time since Monday that I'd had it off and I wished I could keep it that way and I even asked if it I could please not wear it that day but she didn't even consider it and soon it was locked back on me. I had to ride naked to the school but when we parked in the parking lot she pulled out another light dress and handed it to me.

"This is one is even lighter than the one I gave you yesterday and since it's cotton your skin will breathe better." She explained as I unfolded the dress and crawled into it. "You'll also notice that it's much shorter than the other one too. Have to keep you looking sexy here you know. Plus if this meeting goes as planned this could be the last time you wear anything to school so I thought you should at least look nice."

I hated hearing her say that. This could be the last day I wore clothes to school, Oh God please don't make that be true.

"I thought you said that wouldn't start until next week?" I asked her remembering what they had said before.

"It won't. Tomorrow is one of your teachers' inservice days remember so you won't have school tomorrow. So enjoy the dress, it could be that last thing some of your fellow students may see you in."

I didn't want to believe that, I really didn't. I couldn't imagine not wearing anything to school, or around town for that matter. All these people I'd grown up with were going to see me naked all the time, it'd be what I was known and remembered for. For the rest of their lives they'd tell people about how they went to school with a naked girl, they'd tell them how I just stopped wearing clothes and that they didn't know how I got away with it but I did and the people they tell would want to know all about me and they'd tell them everything they knew. Just thinking about it gave me a chill.

"Oh look Amanda." Emily said and pointed to my mother who'd just pulled up was looking for a place to park. "She's right on time. I called your mom after you went to bed last night and asked her to join us for our meeting. I wanted her to hear first hand what you're going to be doing here and it'll look as if she supports you. I'm glad to see she agreed to come. From what CJ told me last night your dad slept on the couch; must've gotten ugly."

"Thanks for possibly breaking up my parents." I snipped at her. "I thought if I went along with you that wasn't supposed to happen."

"Oh they're not breaking up, we won't allow it." She replied. "Don't you worry sweetie your folks are staying together whether they like it or not. Both mine and CJ's parents never married so we intend to live through your parents. I know that sounds twisted but that's us. C'mon lets go talk to your mother, I want both of you to see something before the meeting."

Emily handed me a pair of sandals to put on and we got out of the car. The dress I was wearing was very short, it barely went past my hips, and it was also sleeveless so I felt very cold walking over to where my mom was parked.

At least I admit that the dress looked classy with its frills around the plunging neckline and its deep red color, almost the color of wine, I would've looked like I was going to a premire or something if I had better shoes. When we reached my mother she got out of her car and gave me a big hug which I happily returned.

"Hi mom." I said to her kindly. "I'm sorry she's making you come to this."

"I wanted to come." she told me as she let go her embrace. "I don't want you to have to go through this alone. If I can be here for you than I will. I'm so sorry that I led them to you, I really believed I was helping you."

"I forgive you mom but I hope you learned your lesson."

"I did."

"Okay this is all very nice and all," Emily interupted "But this isn't a social visit we have work to do. You two see that van parked over there?" She then pointed to a large metalic colored van parked over in the far corner of the parking lot. "Let's take a quick walk over there before we go in. I want you both to see how we have things set up in the school."

Part 73

It was very chilly that morning as I walked with my mother and Emily over to the large van that was parked in a far corner of my high school parking lot so I let my mother wrap her arm around me so that I could keep warm. There was a small breeze and I had to hold down the hem of my dress so that it wouldn't get blown up and expose that I wasn't wearing any underwear underneath. I asked my mom what time they got back from the game last night and she told me that they had gotten home just after eleven and had a long talk with CJ about what was going on and what was expected of them. I then asked her if she was going to divorce dad and she said that she didn't know but that she was very mad at him.

"I already told you Amanda that they're not getting divorced." Emily reminded me harshly. "Yeah your dad's a prick and all but your mom married him and as far as we're concerned she's stuck."

"You seem awful sure of a lot of things." My mom relplied to her. "You really think you can control all of our lives like this and keep getting away with it forever? I don't know who you think you are Emily but I can assure you that you are not perfect and money will only buy you so much."

"Yeah well look in here and see what money has bought us." Emily said as she walked up to the van and knocked on the side door. "Open up kids I have someone who wants to meet you."

The side door to the van suddenly slid open and inside were two men sitting in front of a bunch of monitors and broadcasting equitment. Both men were unshaven and had bushy haircuts and all the monitors were on and seemed to show different classrooms and hallway areas of my school. Oh God they had the whole school wired to watch and tape me, this just didn't stop getting bigger. The man who opened the door looked at me and seemed to gleem with excitement.

"Well hi." he said to me cheerfully. "It's a pleasure to get to see you up close for once. That's a very pretty dress if you don't mind my saying so."

"I agree." the second man jumped in. "It looks good on you. It weird seeing you wearing anything though."

I looked away from them in embarrassment, how many times had they been watching and filming me and I didn't even know about it? I thought I might have been happier not knowing about these guys.

"Amanda." Emily began. "This is Bob and Ray, they handle all the filming and broadcasting from the school. They were the ones that filmed you running across the field last week when we first met you. They have set up cameras all around the school and what's great is the chip in your collar will always trigger the cameras that are nearest you at the time to film you so that they won't miss anything. Some of our highest number of hits come from these school scenerios, event though you're dressed our members can't seem to get enough of these school settings and I know they're chomping at the bit to see you go to class nude, and we intend to give them what they want."

"This is insane." my mother blurted out. "This is so perverted I can't even believe you got this off the ground. Why are you doing this?"

"Because it's hot." Emily replied with a sly grin. "This is something many of our members always dreamed about but never believed it would be possible, but we've never been satisfied just with dreaming about something we want reality and we found a way to make it happen. Right now we have a few thousand people watching on their computers and they're waiting for our girl here to come to class and take what comes her way, it just gives me chills thinking about all the excitement they must be feeling. It just makes me so proud."

"You're broadcasting right now?" I asked looking the van over. "How is that possible?"

"You wanna tell her Bob?" She asked the guy inside the van.

"Well, it's all very complicated." Bob replied as he turned back to all the equitment he had in front of him. "But I can assure you that we are broadcasting right now. At the moment people are watching the hallway outside the main office in the school, they're waiting for you to arrive and then they're going to watch your meeting with the principal. They won't be able to hear anything but they'll get the jist of what's going on."

"If your broadcasting where's your satellite dish?" I asked noticing the van didn't have one.

"It's on top." Emily answered me. "It's very small and is something that is brand new and is going to make me a lot of money. Right boys?"

"Oh that's right ma'am." Ray replied enthusiastically. "This is great technology and you should be very proud of your investment."

"I am Ray," she gloated. "What do you think Amanda? This setup is just a small part of what we have in mind for you. When we're done you're going to be known the world over, people are going to either love or hate you but everyone will know who you are and know you intimately. Oh God I just get this rush of adrenalin when I think about what we're going to accomplish."

"I ah..." was all I could get out. What was going through my head was the thought of people, thousands of people, 'knowing me intimately' as Emily put it by watching me do things naked that normal people do wearing clothes. God, people would be able to pick my body parts out of a line up. I could just vision a row of pictures of women's breasts and some toothless hick pointing to one of them and saying "That's Amanda's tits, I'd know them anywhere." Oh Jesus, they wanted to turn me into a worldwide joke.

"Amanda let's go home." my mom said to me defiantly. "I think it's time we put a stop to this."

I didn't know what to say at first, it took me a minute to realize what she even said, but then for a moment I was overcome with joy at hearing her say that.

"Excuse me?" Emily replied as if not believing what she heard. "Marsha don't fuck with me right now we really don't have the time."

"I'm serious." My mother said firmly. "You are a sick woman and I don't care who you think you are I'm not about to let you subject my daughter, someone who's done nothing to you, to something so unconceivabley humiliating that she would never get over it. You should be ashamed of yourself. Come on Amanda."

My mom began to pull me away from the van and at first I went with her, just the thought of leaving with her sounded so wonderful that I didn't think about the consequences until Emily called after me.

"Amanda." Emily called out firmly. "Remember it's up to you and not your mother what happens to your family. If you leave you know we'll unleash hell on you and your loved ones, remember the contract you signed."

I stopped in my tracks when she said that and I knew I couldn't leave no matter how much I wanted to. If I left they would attempt to take everything from us and I couldn't let that happen.

"Amanda don't listen to her." my mother pleaded and attempted to pull me with her again. "Whatever it is they think they can do to us it won't be worse than what they want you to do."

"Mom I can't go." I told her and then pulled away from her hold on me. "I want to but I can't. I have to do what they want me to do, I can't risk what they might do if I don't." I then made myself turn around and walk back over to where Emily was standing.

"Good girl." Emily praised me. "I'm glad to see you know who your mommy is now. I do think your mother needs a bit of a lesson though don't you think?"

"Please don't do anything to her." I begged her. "She doesn't understand who you are."

"Oh I'm not going to do anything to her." Emily replied with a wicked grin. "I think I'll punish her by having her watch what I have you do. Take off your dress."

I could feel my eyes bulge out when she gave me the order. I looked over at my mom who had come back over and then at the two men sitting in the van whose eyes also had lit up themselves. Oh God she was going to make me put on a show for her boys.

"Amanda did you hear me?" Emily asked sternly. "Take off your dress and hand it to me, now."

Without letting myself think about it anymore I pulled the dress over my head and handed it to Emily as I heard my mother gasp loudly at what I was doing.

"Amanda stop it!" my mother shouted at me. "You don't have to do that."

"Oh yes she does." Emily said smugly as I covered myself with my arms while she looked me over. "Now put your arms to your sides honey and let Bob and Ray have a look at you. They both have worked very hard for us and they love you too so lets reward them."

"Amanda don't do it." my mother continued to plea and then attempted to step in between Emily and me.

"Mom don't." I said to her harshly "You're going to make it harder for me so please stop."

"Amanda..." she began again before I cut her off.

"Mom stop it! You're going to draw attention to us over here. Remember it was your meddling that got me here in the first place so please step off."

"Listen to her Marsha before I have her walk down to the store like this and get the boys here some cigarettes." Emily threatened.

I looked my mother in the eye and gave her my expression that I give her when she was overstepping her bounds and she reluctantly stepped out of the way. I could hear her sniffling as she moved away which made me feel bad for what I had to say to her.

"Don't go too far away Marsha." Emily called to her. "This is your punishment for trying to take Amanda away from me so I want you to witness how much control over her I have." Emily then turned to me. "Amanda, are you embarrassed?"

"Yes." I answered honestly. Standing naked out in an open parking lot full of cars with my mother and two strange men standing by still qualified as embarrassing to me.

"Does that excite you?"

"No." I answered honestly again.

"What do you think boys? Is she telling the truth?"

"Not by the look of her nipples she isn't." Bob blurted out. Obviously my body was betraying me right on cue. "I guess that could be the cold though."

"Oh yeah." Emily agreed. "That could be true. Let's test that out though. Amanda, imagine the parking lot is full of people suddenly and they all can see you." She then paused for a second as I could feel my nipples get harder as I couldn't help but imagine what she had said. "Oh look it's not just the cold is it? See guys she really does appriciate all of your hard work, and look Marsha, she really does belong to me now doesn't she? Amanda turn around and show them your ass, I know Ray has commented on how nice he thinks it is so give them a look honey."

I made myself turn around and then burned with shame as Emily went on and on about my butt to everyone, she explained how many of the members had commented on it and how many had said it was their favorite feature on me and then went on about how unique looking it was and that not many women had one like mine. I looked over at my mother and she was now openly sobbing which brought tears to my eyes as well. It seemed both Bob and Ray had noticed this and both made mention that while they thought I was beautiful, they had seen enough and reminded us that we were going to be late for our meeting. It was nice to see that some people still had some compasion.

"Okay they're right." Emily admitted. "Here's your dress Cinderella, you did very well and I'm very pleased with you." She then handed me the dress back and then said "I love you sweetie."

After I put on the dress as fast as I could I saw Emily's face and it had an expression that let me know that she was waiting for a reply from me and that I had better give it.

"I love you too Emily." I forced myself to say, which felt the same as vomiting up a gallon of stomach acid. She was pleased though and she held out her hand for me to take which I did.

"Emily," I began, "can we leave my mother out of the meeting please? I think this is too much for her and I worry that she may make it worse by being there, you know she might act up again."

"As much as I hate to admit it you may be right." Emily replied in agreement. "Marsha, why don't you wait here and watch the meeting from inside the van?"

"I want to be there for my daughter," my mother said loudly as she wiped tears from her face. "Just give me a minute and I'll go with you."

"No mom." I said to her and I let go of Emily's hand and walked over and put my arms around her. "Stay out here. I know you want to help me but I'll be okay, it's just a meeting. Do this for me okay?"

"Okay." she answered me. "I'm so sorry honey."

"I know mom. It'll be okay."

"Okay boys." Emily said to the men in the van. "Make sure you keep everything working and be nice to Mrs. Johnson, treat her like you would me, I'll be back out when we're finished. Wish us luck."

They both wished us good luck and then Emily took my hand again and then led me away from the van and towards the entrance of the school.