Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 53

"Hurry up and finish showering Amanda. We need to get going." Emily said this to me while standing in the doorway of my bathroom. She had just wakened me up about ten minutes earlier and told me to take a quick shower and wash my hair. I saw that it was a quarter to 8 which is later than I would normally sleep on a school day, I really konked out last night when I lay down. Yesterday was such a long day I guess I was more worn out than I thought. I let myself rinse off and then turned off the shower. When I stepped out Emily handed me a normal sized towel for me to dry myself with and then told me to come out to the living room when I was finished. I was grateful that she gave me a decent sized towel for a change and not a bunch of hand towels like they usually hand me. When I was finished drying I wrapped it around it me and let myself enjoy a brief moment of feeling covered before I made myself go out to the living room. Emily was standing in front of the TV again this time watching something else. At first I didn't want to look for fear that it was more footage of me but when I glanced up I soon noticed it wasn't me she was watching.

"Look at her go." Emily said in awe as she commented on the girl on the screen. "She did this for hours last night after she got home."

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was Stacy lying on her bed totally naked with her one hand in her crotch and her other fondling her right breast. I was repusled by this but yet I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

"My God, she's certainly multi-orgasmic." Emily continued. "She just cums over and over like a machine. I think this footage will do nicely if she ever decides to get out of line or anything. It's funny but I think she's thinking about you while she's doing this." She then looked at me and noticed I was wearing a towel. "Take that off goober. You know better."

I sadly unwrapped the towel and handed it to her. I also felt disgusted at what she said about Stacy thinking of me while she's doing herself like that. I didn't really find being the object of her fantasies flattering at all. God and she was really going at it, what a whore. Despite my disgust I still couldn't help noticing what a beautiful girl Stacy is with her toned body and all over tan. Wow and she had such small nipples with those large boobs, that was kind of surprising. What the hell was I doing appraising her like that? I felt so dirty again.

"Can I have something to eat?" I asked as I made myself stop watching.

"Your protein shake is waiting for you on the counter in the kitchen." She answered still enthralled with watching Stacy. "Go ahead and drink it and we'll pick up something on the way there. We have to get going or we'll be late. I overslept because I was up late watching her do this live, I just couldn't turn it off. Gale had trouble pulling herself away from it this morning as well."

I went into the kitchen and grabbed the shake off the counter and was about to drink it when I stopped myself. I remembered Gale saying that she put those vitamins in with this and I couldn't help but think that they may have something to do with my new inability to wear heavy clothing for very long. With Emily out in the living room I could easily pour this down the drain and tell her I drank it. I really didn't want to take anymore of those vitamins if I could help it. I walked over to the sink and was about to pour it out when as if she was reading my mind Emily came into the kitchen.

"Hurry up and drink that kiddo." She ordered. "We need to go. Make sure you drink all of it."

Dammit I couldn't catch a break. With very great reluctance I made myself drink the shake, the whole thing, while Emily stood close to make sure that I did.

"Good girl." she patronized. "I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you weren't about to dump that out or anything. I'd hope you wouldn't do something that would get you severly punished like that."

"No I wouldn't." I lied hoping this would please her.

"Good. Now let's go. We're taking my Jag today so feel privileged, I don't let many people ride in it."

I could feel my stomach growling as we drove through town. Emily said we were going to Jack in the Box to pick something up and eat on the way. But when we got there the line in the drive thru was very long and not moving real fast.

"Shit." Emily blurted out. "I don't want to wait in that. There doesn't seem to be much of a line inside. Why don't you run in and get it and come back out? I'll wait out here with the car running so we can take off when you're done."

"I can't go in there naked!" I screamed horrified. "They won't serve me anyway. You know no shirt no shoes no service?"

"That's easily solved." She then pulled out a black sports bra and another pair of those tiny running shorts, which were also black, out of her bag and handed them to me. "These are good and light and you should be able to wear them for the whole school day. Hurry and get them on, I have some shoes for you too."

Even though I would've liked something a bit more covering I still gladly put them on. She wasn't kidding about them being light, if it wasn't for the fact that I could see that I was wearing them I would have thought I was still naked cause I couldn't feel them. Emily then handed me a pair of stilleto high heels.

"You can wear these in there so that you'll have shoes." She said grinning. "They'll make you look even hotter than you already do. Now make sure you get me one of their bacon and egg croissant sandwich combos with OJ instead of coffee. Get yourself whatever you want except for anything with caffine in it. Here's a twenty. Oh and by the way make sure you tell them no mayonnaise on my sandwich; those bastard here put that shit on everything. Why they put it on their breakfast sandwiches I can't figure out, I mean how disgusting."

She was right about that, this place was mayo crazy. I took the twenty out of her hand after I put the heels on, hoping I don't fall on my face in those things. I didn't want to do this but I heard my stomach rumble again and I knew I didn't have a choice anyway so I opened my door and made myself step out of the car. Immediatley someone sitting in the drive thru honked at me as I slowly walked around the front of the car to get to the curb. I couldn't walk as fast as I'd have liked because I wasn't used to wearing heels at all let alone spiked ones like these, I had to watch my balance carefully as I stepped up on the curb.

"Shit is it spring again already or something?" Someone yelled from their car.

"I coulda swore it still October but you wouldn't know from your outfit Miss."

I ignored that comment and jumped inside as quick as I could. I was immediatley met with puzzled stares from the many elderly people who were sitting and eating. Many of them had looks on their faces like they thought I was the craziest person they'd ever seen for dressing like this. I was sure in their day I'd have been arrested for something like this, Lord knew I still might someday if this continued.

There was only one person ahead of me in line thankfully but the place itself was more than half full of people either already eating or waiting for their orders. As I mentioned many of them were elderly people doing what could've been their morning routine but there were a few who looked like they had stopped to eat before going to work, either way it was more of an audience than I would've cared for. To be honest an audience of one would be more that I'd want. I could feel everyones eyes on me and I tried to ignore it by reading the menu for what I wanted to eat. With as hungry as I was everything looked good and the one cool thing about Jack in the Box was that you could order anything on the menu at anytime of the day. Soon the lady in front of me was done ordering and had moved aside. The young hispanic lady at counter looked up at me to take my order and seemed a little shocked when she saw how I was dressed.

"Wow. You must be out jogging or something?" She said to me as I walked up the counter.

"Um yeah." I answered not thinking of anything better to say. "I get real hot when I jog."

"I guess so." she said still surprised. "Can I take your order?"

"Yes I'd like your bacon and egg croissant meal, with no mayonnaise please, and with orange juice instead of coffee if that's okay."

"Sure is," she answered as she punched it in the computer.

"And I'd like a chicken fajita pita and two tacos, and also one of your Breakfast Jacks also without mayo."

"Everybody wants them without mayo." she said to herself as she continued punching up the order.

"And can I also get an extra order of hashbrowns, and then I think I'll have a large Sierra Mist please."

"Anything else?"

"No that'll do it thank you."

"For here or to go?" "To go." I answered feeling a little puzzled as to why she would ask that. She didn't think this was all for me did she? She then rung up the total and I handed her the twenty and she gave me back the change and a cup for my drink.

"Thank you. Your order will be right up." She said to me. "You're number is 27. And by the way you're very brave to be jogging in that outfit. Myself I'd be too embarrassed to wear that at home let alone out in public."

'It's better than nothing' I thought to myself. Although that's not to say that this wasn't still embarrassing. When I moved away from the counter to fill up my drink I was in plain view of those were seated behind me. I couldn't help noticing some of the old men began grinning to each other as they watched me while one of the old women gave me a dirty look and shook her head. When I finished filling my pop I carefully walked over to an empty booth and sat down to wait for the food, I had to walk carefully because these heels felt real wobbly under my feet and I was afraid I'd drop my drink. I looked out the window at Emily who was talking on her cellphone. She noticed me looking at her and she gave me a quick wave. I wish she had come in here to do this instead of me, these old people were making me nervous.

"Number 25 please." the lady said over the speaker.

Thank God I was only two numbers behind, the quicker the better. Just then the old couple sitting at the table across from me looked over.

"Excuse me." the lady said with a hushed voice. "Did you say that you were jogging?"

"I may have." I answered with an even more hushed voice.

"If you're jogging than why are you wearing high heels like that?"

I looked up at them and both of them were giving me an accussing expression as if I had lied to them or something. It was the same kind of look my grandmother used to give my brother and me when she caught us stealing cookies from the kitchen when we were little. Just like with my grandmother their looks brought out my guilt.

"I'm actually power walking." I began to lie. "These shoes help stregnthen my calf muscles when I do that."

"I'd like to watch that." The old man who was sitting behind me interupted."That must cause that young tuckus of yours to wiggle."

"Earl you're a dirty old man." the lady scolded.

"If you're power walking," the man sitting with the lady began "then how come you got out of that car when you got here?"

Jesus Christ was I on trial or something? Boy I was bad at this. "I'm already done." This was the first thing that came to my mind. "She picked me up and brought me here."

"Aren't you worried about catching cold?" The lady asked harshly. "Or maybe that children might see you dressed like that?"

"Number 26 please."

'Oh please hurry up and get to 27, I can't take much more of this.'

"Like children can't see someone dressed like her on TV." the man behind me said. "I see little girls like her practically naked on the Springer show everyday. She's no worse than they are."

"If I ever saw my granddaughter running around town dressed like that I'd have her locked up." The lady proclaimed angrily. "Which is exactly what should be done with you young lady. You don't even have a bra on."

"This is a sports bra ma'am." I replied weakly. Her lashing out at me had made that much more insecure.

"I don't care what it is, you should be ashamed of yourself for wearing it outside like that. In my day only tramps wore things like that around."

"Number 27."

'Oh thank you God.' Feeling a bit of relief I got up and walked carefully up to the counter. The lady who had taken my order noticed that I was wearing heels and gave me a queer look.

"Thank you, have a nice day." she said to me as I grabbed the two bags with the food in it. I cautiously went back to the table to grab my drink and I made an effort not to look at the old couple who were being so mean but the lady couldn't seem to resist the chance to give me one more jab.

"My God you can plainly see her... thing." she blurted out which caused everyone's head to turn towards me. "Shame on you young lady."

Feeling totally ashamed I turned away from them and tried to make my way outside as quick as I could in those shoes. I was glad when someone who was coming in from outside held the door open for me, although he took the time to watch me walk past him, and I was even more glad that Emily had pulled up to the curb so that I wouldn't have to walk as far. She opened her window and took the food from me so that I could walk around and open the car door without having to put anything down.

"Sounds like the church was in session in there." Emily said smugly to me. "I guess not everyone appreciates the female body like we do."

We then drove back onto the main road and headed towards the school. I grabbed a napkin and wiped away the tears that had started to form on my eyes and took some deep breaths. God I felt like a little kid that just got scolded.

"It's okay Amanda," Emily said in an attempt to comfort me, "the good Lord knows that you're not a tramp. That lady's just jealous because she never looked as good as you do right now. C'mon, have something to eat. It looks like you ordered half the menu."

Getting a hold of myself I grabbed my Breakfast Jack and started to eat. I had actually forgotten how hungry I was but I remembered quickly. By the time we got to the high school I had already finished everything except my hashbrowns which I was in the process of inhaling at that moment. God I was going to get so fat yet I couldn't seem to help it.

"Here's a good spot to park." Emily proclaimed as she pulled into an empty visitor's space. "Hand me my juice please, I'll eat the rest after the meeting."

"Can I ask what the meeting is about now?" I asked as I washed the my hashbrowns down with my soda.

"Yes you may." She answered and then took a drink from her juice. "We're going to have a meeting with your principal about your unfortunate affliction."

"My what?" I asked not knowing what she was talking about.

"You're affliction with wearing clothes," she pointed out and then gave a sly grin. "You know it's only going to get worse and we need to set it up so that it's okay for you to come to school naked."

I almost dropped my cup when she said that. Go to school naked, she couldn't be serious. I was now so numb I could barely notice that my heartrate was increasing.

"I can't go to school naked." I said out loud. "You're kidding about that right? Please say you're just fucking with me."

"Oh I'm very serious sweetie." she answered calmly and then took another drink from her juice.

"But, I think that's against the law." I said as my speech began to speed up. "I don't think they can allow that."

"You doubt me?" she asked as she looked me square in the eye. "You don't think we can make this possible?"

Unfortunately I did believe her, she and CJ seemed to be able to do whatever they wanted. I began to breathe heavily out of my mouth as I tried to think of a way to talk her out of this.

"Emily," I said trying to sound calm and rational "I'm going to ask you as a fellow human being to please not do this. This is like a something I've had nightmares about my entire life and I'm not sure if I could handle it."

"You've done so well so far." she pointed out. "I have faith that you can do this too. Plus me and CJ will help to make sure that you can as well."

"Emily I'm begging you." I was getting desperate. "I totally believe that you can make this happen but I'm pleading with you not to. Please isn't there something else I can do instead? I mean we're talking about going to school naked for God's sakes, have a heart."

"I do have a heart and my heart loves you." she said sounding trite. "And I love watching you do things naked, and as I've found out so do others. That lady at Jack in the Box not withstanding of course."

"If you really love me you wouldn't want to hurt me like this."

"I'm not hurting you. I believe we're making you stronger. Shame is a great character builder."

"Emily I..."

"Save it Amanda, this is part of the plan and it's not up for discussion. We're going in to talk about this and you're going to go along with it. If you do anything to try and sabotage it then everyone in town is going to know your mom a whole lot better."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that CJ got your mom stoned last night and talked her into posing for a couple of artistic photos. I'm sure your dad's friends would love a look at those."

Oh my God she didn't. Oh mom Goddammit.

"I'll say she looks good for a forty something who's had two kids, although she does still have some stretchmarks left from you guys."

"You're evil." I found myself saying.

"I just like to make sure we have your constant obedience at all times surgarplum. Now, am I going to have any problems from you in there?"

I sat quitly for a second watching visions in my head of me sitting in my classes stark naked and being gawked at by everyone. I felt a shiver go down my spine when I forced myself to tell her that 'I'd do whatever she wanted'.

Part 54

I was almost overcome with the feeling of dread that I felt when we walked through the front door and entered the school. I kept hoping that somehow this wasn't really happening and that I would wake up in my old bed. It just couldn't be true that I was about to have a meeting with my principal do discuss the possibility of me being able to attend school naked, naked! This couldn't be possible, it just couldn't. When Emily held the door to the office open for me I was unable to make myself walk through it, I just stood there frozen like a deer in headlights oblivious to what was happening.

"Earth to Amanda." Emily said as she waved her hands in my face. "He's not going to come out here to talk to us."

As much as I would have preferred to keep standing there I reluctantly walked past Emily and into the office. The two ladies at the counter looked up at me as we approached and their eyes went up and down me in disbelief before asking if they could help us.

"Yes." Emily answered in a pleasent sounding tone. "The two of us have an appointment with Principal Green. I believe he should be expecting us."

"Your names please." the first lady asked us.

"Emily Murdoch and Amanda Johnson." Emily answered. Her last name was Murdoch?

"Oh yes, Miss Johnson is certainly a topic of conversation around here lately." the second lady began. "I'm surprised Mr. Green hasn't seen you already."

"Why? Has she gotten in trouble for something?" Emily asked seeming to not know what they were talking about.

"Well no but her choice of wardrobe lately has raised a few eyebrows."

"She is cute isn't she?" Emily smiled and gave me a wink. "But we're here to talk to the principal about something more important than how adorable everyone thinks she is."

"Okay." the lady responded sounding dumbfounded at what Emily just told her. She then reached over and hit an intercom button and spoke into it. "Mr. Green. Amanda Johnson and a Ms. Murdoch are here for their appointment."

"Send them in." a voice said through the intercom.

"You two may go on in." She said and pointed to a door that had PRINCIPAL GREEN written on the outside.

Emily took my hand and walked me over to the door and slowly opened it and peeked inside.

"Please come on in." I heard a voice say from inside.

Emily opened the door wider and we both walked in. Principal Green stood up from behind his desk and greeted us warmly and pointed to two chairs and asked us to take a seat. Emily had me sit in the seat to the right of her and when she sat she put her briefcase that she was carrying on her lap.

"Well Miss Johnson," he began "I've been hearing a lot about you lately from our faculty as well as other students. It seems that you've become more conditioned to our cooler weather by the change in your clothing lately."

"Mr. Green have you received the information that I had sent to you?" Emily interjected.

"Well yes I did Ms. Murdoch." He replied and reached into his desk and pulled a large file folder that looked full of documents. "I just want to ask this to make sure we're on the same page here. Is the reason you're here to discuss the possibility of having Miss Johnson start attending classes in the all together?"

"If by all together you mean nude, then yes." she answered unblinking. "If you read the reports I sent you then you'll know that Amanda here has recently began to suffer a serious skin ailment that has made wearing heavy clothing untolerable. Right now she can't wear anything more than one layer of light clothing, like she has on now, or she has an allergic reaction to them."

"I did see that." Mr. Green admitted as he opened up the file and began going through the contents. "A doctor Knowle did the origional exam and a doctor Ju did the second opionion with the same diagnoses, is that correct?"

"Yes sir."

"And they have no idea what brought this on?"

"Well they're still looking into it but for now no they don't."

"And it says here that they believe it will get worse, is that also correct?"

"I regret to say that yes they do believe that and from what I've seen they appear to right. Each day seems to be worse and we're afraid that by next week she won't even be able to wear anything, not even what she has on now, for more than a really brief time. That's why we felt it important to have this meeting with you to discuss the possibility of attending school nude. I know this seems drastic but she needs to finish her education and as you also should have read that under the American's with Disabilities Act she is entitled to it."

"I'm aware of that Ms. Murdoch but what you're asking is impossible."

"Is it?" I noticed Emily sounded a little off putting but her expression didn't change. "Did you notice that I've had discussions with the school's superintended and that he believes we have a case."

"I did see that and with all due respect I don't think he thought this through all that much." Mr. Green then closed the file back up and leanded forward over his desk. "You see Ms. Murdoch while I certainly sympathize with Miss Johnson's unfortunate situation, if in fact this is true, there is no way that this school can allow her to come to classes naked. Not only would she be a constant distration to both students and faculty, which she's on the verge of being anyway, it also would be unsafe for her. This school has only so much of a budget and we could not afford to have enough security to protect her from possibly being attacked or molested at all times which she would need."

"I have that covered sir." Emily explained. "Currently we have people already in place that watch her at all times. Her safety is top priority with us."

"That's another question I have, who is us? I mean what is your interest with Miss Johnson?"

"She's a friend of mine and when she came down with this I volunteered to care for her. I have access to resourses that can provide for her."

"Those must be deep resourses?"

"They are. My family is well connected and I'm privy to all of it."

"I see." He then turned his attention to me. "How do you feel about all of this Amanda?"

I didn't know what to say at first and I had to force myself to not look away from him. I could feel Emily gazing on me for me to come up with an appropriate answer and I knew what she would do if I didn't.

"I feel despite the fact that this is something that's going to take some huge getting used to I believe it's in my best interest to try and continue to live my life as if this was normal and finish my senior year here like I had planned." I couldn't believe I was saying this, I felt like a puppet and someone else was actually speaking the words for me. "I still deserve to live a normal life."

"Well I agree under normal circumstances you do deserve that." He stated factually. "But this isn't like being mentally challenged or being unable to use your limbs. We're talking about you attending classes wearing nothing. Now let's just say that somehow we could get the school board to approve this and we could get the all the parents and faculty to permit this without fuss. And let's even say that you can provide her with protection so that she can walk the halls safely. How is anyone supposed to learn anything if they have a class with her? The guys alone in the class would not be able to pay attention to what the teacher is trying to teach let alone anyone else, I imagine Amanda would have trouble with this as well. This is not even mentioning the sanitary issues."

"Amanda is very clean." Emily blurted out harshly. "She bathes every day and she's also not promiscuous. In case you were unaware she's a virgin and plans to stay that way until she gets married."

"I'm not trying to imply anything about what kind of person she is. In fact I have to admit that until this week I've never heard of Miss Johnson having any problems with anyone whatsoever. Her GPA has always been good and she's never had to be diciplined for anything. It's just this is something that is completely taboo in this country and I can't see how it can ever happen."

"You know how it can happen." Emily said sternly and sat up straight in her chair. "You're the principal and you're the one responsible for this school. You have the top okay."

"I think the school board may think otherwise."

"What if I can guarantee that the school board will allow it?"

"How can you do that?"

"Like I said I have connections. I can have things done that'll boggle your mind."

"Ms. Murdoch," Mr. Green seemed in disbelief that he was still having this conversation. "I don't know who you are and what this is all about but I smell a rat. After reading all of this stuff that you had sent to me I did a little checking around. While your doctors are legit and the superintendent did admit to talking with you I also found out that Amanda here has been doing other things around the state other than attending class in what looks like her underwear. I found out that she's the infamous 'ghostgirl' that streaked the Duck's game last Saturday. I also ran across a video of her taking some strange vow of shame or something like that in a church. I have to admit that these seem like red flags to me and that something more is going on than what you've tried to convince me."

"Oh she did do those things." Emily began, still unflinching. "The Duck game was to help her come to terms with what's happening to her. She knew that this was coming and wanted to find a way to make herself get used to it so what better way to see if she could live her life like this than to show herself to a large crowd of people? I have to say I think that's really brave and when she was done she said that she didn't think it was anywhere near as awful as she thought it would be, didn't you sweetie?"

"No it wasn't that bad." I lied. It was actually worse than I could've imagined. I could still see all those faces looking at me.

"And for the church." Emily continued. "She's a religious young lady and wants to do something positive so she took an oath of shame and chastity to help inspire others to follow a good path. In my opinion she's a hero and should be admired."

"Maybe so." Mr. Green said with a sigh. "But that still doesn't change the fact that what you're asking is impossible. The headache I would get from this is more than I or any other principal could handle. I feel for Miss Johnson and for now she can still wear her little outfits but I must insist that if her condition gets to a point where she can't wear anything then you would have to find her a private tutor or some other means of finishing her education."

"You know you could be intruding on her civil rights?" Emily said giving the principal a cold stare.

"While I'm sure the ACLU would file this case for you I have a hard time buying that any court would rule against us. I mean it's a simple matter of indecency."

"It's not just the ACLU that would get involved, she has a religious backing as well. I've already been contacted by several churches who support her."

"The church and the ACLU working together? That's a stretch. I have a feeling several churches would also be against this as well."

"Mr. Green. How long have you been principal here?"

"I've been principal of this school for eleven years now."

"I know very well that school administrators like yourself don't make a lot of money. What if I were to tell you that if you went along with this that this school would suddenly get a very generous donation to improve it, as well as an increase in salary for yourself?"

"I'm sorry did you just say what I thought you said?"

"If you thought I said that I could increase your wealth and the wealth of this school then yes you did."

"You're trying to bribe me?"

"I'm trying to save you from making a big mistake."

"Ms. Murdoch while I'm sure your offer is genuine and very substantial I'm going to have to say no and ask that you please leave my office. I no longer wish to discuss this crazy and perverted idea of yours anymore. If I hear about this agian I'll be forced to inform the authorities."

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Emily was still speaking calmly but her eyes looked like they were burning with rage. "I'm sure you think I'm just some spoiled young girl but I could eat you for lunch. I'll leave now but you haven't heard the last and if you do contact any authorities you'll be surprised at how fast I strike back."

Emily then stood up and motioned for me to do the same which I did. I tried to hide the feelings of relief that had come over me with Mr. Green denying Emily's request but inside I was jumping for joy. Nonetheless though I had to make sure that Emily wasn't going to take her dissappointment out on my mother.

"Sir," I said respectfully as I stood in front of the principal, "I just want you to know that I believe this is what God wants for me and I believe this is his will." I hoped I wouldn't go to hell for saying that. "I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive my friend and reconsider. I am the one who has to live with this." I really hated myself for saying that. I looked over at Emily and she gave me a please expression, I hoped she was pleased enough.

"I am sorry for you Amanda." Mr. Green expressed kindly. "Please go back to class and make the best of the time you have left here."

We then walked out of his office and I followed Emily out into the hallway. "That didn't go like I had hoped." Emily said sounding disappointed. "To ease your mind I don't blame you for that, I was actually pleased with what you said at the end. Your mother's true beauty will remain a secret. But don't start feeling too relieved about this, he's only a small obsticle. I'll tell you this much if he continues to be a pain he'll wish he had stayed a history teacher. C'mon I'll walk you to the gym, Gale has your bookbag and stuff for you to pick up."

Part 55

The clicking of my heels on the hallway floor echoed loudly around us as we walked down the hall on our way to the girls locker room, a place I'd really come to dread recently.

"Do I have to wear these shoes all day?" I asked as I my feet were already getting sore from walking in them.

"Today you do yes." Emily answered softly. It seemed like her mind was pondering the meeting we just had with my principal. "When you have your late gym class Gale will give you your running shoes."

"They kinda hurt my feet and they're not real comfortable." I compained. "Can I at least take them off when I'm sitting in class?"

"Nope." she answered plainly. "Today is heel day dear. I want your feet to get a little sore that way they'll toughen up and make being barefoot easier for you, plus it'll improve your balance. It's all part of the plan."

Just then Emily's cell phone in her pocket started ringing and she took it out and answered it.

"Greetings." she said into the phone. "Hey CJ. You heard huh. Yeah looks like we ran into a wanna-be boyscout. Yes well when you're trying to do something groundbreaking there's always going to be something that gets in the way. If you want to. Do you think you can handle it? Shit CJ I don't know how I got the rep of being the mean one, you're the one with the cold streak. Okay, I'll be listening then. Yes she is. Very cute. Uh huh." Emily then pulled the phone away from her mouth to whisper to me that CJ said 'hi' and then put it back to her mouth. "I did. No, she still thinks she hates us. I know. Okay then CJ do your darndest, let them know who they're dealing with. Later tator." She then hung up.

"What was that about?" I asked as we reached the locker room door.

"Don't you worry about that." she replied as she opened the door for me. "You just make sure you do what you're supposed to do when you're supposed to do it. Now go on in, class will be letting out soon and you'll need your bookbag."

Hearing her talk to me like that reminded me that I was still in a big pickle despite Emily getting shot down by the principal. Like it or not I was still trapped under their thumbs. When we went inside the locker room I saw that the class was in the process of changing their clothes to get ready to go to the next period and I noticed that Gale was in her office seemingly waiting for us. I was about to walk in her office when Emily stopped me.

"Give us a minute Amanda." Emily said as she walked past me into the office. "Us grownups need to have a quick chat. I'll open the door when we're done."

She then closed the door to the office leaving me standing outside. It was then that I was noticed from the changing area.

"There she is." I heard Missy yell. "Danni, our buddy made it after all."

I looked over and saw that both Missy and Dannette were walking towards me. God I didn't like them, and they had those damn bitchy looks of glee on their faces.

"Where were you sexy girl?" Danette asked me as she instantly began rubbing my thigh with her hand. "We drove all over the neighborhood hoping to catch you jogging again and when you weren't in class we got worried."

"You disappointed all the hopful photographers again." Missy added as she put one arm around my shoulder and used her other hand to rub the side of my hip. "Those pictures they took of you from yesterday in the hall when you were wearing those panties were mailed all over the place last night. I don't know how many 'you've got mail' signals I got last night about you. You were the talk of the town."

Oh God I had actually forgotten about that, which was amazing considering how traumatic it was at the time. Of course the events I had to go through last night at times were equally as traumatizing so I guess it wasn't surprising. Plus last night I didn't have the luxury of wearing underwear like I did at school. Speaking of underwear I should mention that Missy and Danette were still in theirs. Standing between them with their tan and athletic bodies made me feel that much more insecure.

"I like the outfit you have now." Missy mentioned. "It's actually rather flattering, although the black does really contrast with your white skin."

"True." Danette agreed. "She does look like a bottle of milk that's about to take a jog." She then looked down at my feet. "In open toed heels."

"She is wearing heels." Missy said in surpise. "No wonder she wasn't jogging."

"I thought she seemed a little taller than usual." Danette added. "Her skin still feels wonderful though, in fact it almost feels softer."

"This is the one thing I'm jealous of you for Amanda. I don't know how you did it but you have the best feeling skin ever."

"Wonder what she's doing tonight?" Danette asked as she moved her hand up from my thigh to my stomach. "Maybe we could get her to ride in the bus with us to our game tonight?"

"Ooh good idea Danni." Missy praised. "We could have her ride in the back with us and we could all take turns petting her. Of course though she would sit next to me the whole time though, everyone else would alternate."

"You are becoming a dyke Miss." Danette said laughing.

Emily then opened the door to Gale's office and was surprised to see me with the two of them.

"Oh, well hello girls." Emily said sounding friendly. "Are you friends of Amanda's."

"Oh yes." Missy said cheerfully. "In the last couple of days we've come to love her."

"She's such a sweetheart." Danette added as she snapped the elastic of my shorts. "She's fun too."

"I'm Emily." She said to them as she shook their hands. "I love Amanda as well."

"I'm Missy and this is Danette." Missy replied for both of them. "I love your hair. Where did you get it done?"

"I have my own stylist." Emily answered which impressed both of them. "He's worth every penny too."

"Those are awesome looking glasses too." Danette pointed out. "You look so professional."

"Well thank you." Emily said gratefully. "That's exactly the look I'm going for. What are you three talking about."

"About maybe getting Amanda to ride with our volleyball team to our game in Tigard tonight." Missy answered as she used her hand to brush through my hair.

"Gosh even your hair feels wonderful."

"Well she can't go." Emily informed them both. "She has Bible study tonight."

"Bible study?" Danette responded in disbelief. "You're going to go to Bible study."

"Yes she is." Emily answered for me. "If you two didn't have a game I'd invite you to come along. Do either of you believe in God?"

"Well sure." Missy replied moving her hand from my hair to the cross hanging off the collar I was wearing. "Like the song goes 'Jesus is just alright with me'."

"Me too." Danette jumped in. "Will she be wearing something like this to Bible study?"

"Not this exactly but yeah, she'll be dressed down." Emily explained. "She has to, it's what the Lord wants."

"Really?" Missy blurted out with a mix of surprise and joy. "You've been dressing like this lately because God wants you too? I'm sure am for that."

"Oh my." Danette awestruck. "This is for God huh? Well glory be."

"Well if it wasn't for our game we would be at Bible study tonight." Missy proclaimed. "In fact we'd be in the front row."

"Maybe next week then." Emily offered. "Right now I'm afraid I need to steal Amanda from you. Her teacher and I have something to discuss with her. It was nice to meet both of you."

"Oh it was so nice to meet you too Emily." Danette answered sounding pleased. "We'll talk to you later Amanda. We'll probably see you in the halls or something."

Both girls then let me go and I bolted into the office and Emily closed the door behind me. My bookbag was sitting on Gale's desk and I noticed it now had a sticker on it that read in gold letters: GOD IS AWESOME. Great, now I was advertising.

"Those two seem quite fond of you." Emily said to me with a knowing grin on her face. "They couldn't keep their hands off of you."

"I thought I was supposed to be protected from that stuff?" I said to her as I could still feel their touch on me.

"Oh they're just playing." She scoffed. "If they ever go over the line they'll be reprimanded. Besides they're jocks, they can't help it."

"I heard last night went really well Amanda." Gale changed the subject. "I'm always glad to hear that you've made the goddesses proud. It makes life better for all of us."

"Goddesses." Emily said with a laugh. "I guess you could call us that. We certainly feel like we're all knowing."

Hopefully that wasn't always true. I didn't want them to know about Scott before he and his group could get me out of this, I hoped that'd be soon. I had this awful fear that the principal's roadblock was only temporary.

"Here's twenty dollars to buy lunch with." Emily said to me as she handed me the bill. "Today all that's really required of you is to go to class and be good. Make sure you do anything Gale tells you to and Ashley will be keeping an eye on you as well. Like I said the meeting today wasn't your fault so don't sweat that but always remember there are things expected of you so be aware. We'll see you tonight for Bible study. Give me a kiss." She then came up to me and made me kiss her on the lips. "I love you Amanda. Make us proud, we'll be watching you."

She then patted me on the butt and walked out the office door. Stacy then appeared from around the corner and came in. She looked like she had just wakened because her hair was disheveled and she was wearing worn jeans and an old sweatshirt. She had a happy grin on her face though and her eyes had a look of satisfaction on them.

"Hi Amanda." Stacy said as she gave a tight hug. "Last night was so awesome I diddled myself to sleep. I even did it again when I woke up this morning. I just can't stop thinking about you and what you did, it's just so sexy."

"I heard you tied one on last night Stacy." Gale jumped in. "I hope your parents didn't find out."

"Nope." she answered still looking at me. "They were fucking when I came home."

Boy Stacy sure did have a way with words. How the hell did she get elected class president? Oh that's right she's popular and blonde.

"C'mon babygirl... ooops I mean Amanda." Stacy stammered as she held my hand. "I'll help you get through the crowd waiting to see you outside in the hallway. I'm sure your outfit will please them nicely. By the way I got some pictures of you from yesterday in my e-mail, I must say you did look good in those silk things you were wearing."

Part 56

Gale had decided to follow us out of the lockerroom just in case I needed extra protection. When Stacy opened the door and we walked out I was met with the sound of cameras clicking and was even temporarily blinded by some flashes.

"Hey this isn't a photo opp." Gale sternly yelled at the large crowd. "Get to class and let this young lady walk through. If I find out anyone lays a finger on her they'll be serving detention with me in the gym."

Immediately the crowd began to thin out enough so that Stacy and I could walk without having to dodge around people. I have to give Gale credit in the fact that she can inspire fear in everyone, not that I blame anyone for being afraid of her. Even with her threat I could still hear the sound of cameras going off around me as we made our way to our 2nd period.

"I like the heels." Stacy told me as she admired them. "They make you seem like you're in a swimsuit contest or something. I have to say that I don't remember you ever wearing heels before, have you?"

"No." And if I had my way I wouldn't be right now either, I had to walk slowly and they were hurting my poor feet.

"They suit you." she continued to praise. "They make your legs look even longer and they're making your butt wiggle. I swear everytime I think you can't be more adorable you always prove me wrong. I wish I could adopt you and have you live with me."

Eww. I can't say that I'd like that. She'd probably make me watch her masterbate like I saw her do this morning when Emily showed me the footage they had of her.

"Hey I see cameltoe!" One of a group of guys standing at their lockers blurted out and pointed with his finger. "And we're not even in the desert."

"I love that pear-shaped ass of hers too." I heard another guy proclaim, possibly the same guy who'd mentioned this in the past. "I wanna just grab it and squeeze it like a pair of handle bars."

"Keep your tongues in your mouths boys." Stacy lashed at them. "Somebody might slip and fall on all the drool you left on the floor."

As we walked around the corner we were met with more comments from more people and several more flashes and clicks and I could do nothing but take it. Even if I wanted to run, which I did, in those heels it would be almost impossible.

"Oh God not again today." Courtney, one of the girls from the library yesterday, said to me in a surley voice. "I'm so sick of seeing your soft doughy body. God do us all a favor and hide yourself."

"Don't listen to her." a guy standing next to said. "I think you're hot. You can come naked everyday as far as I'm concerned."

He didn't know how close that came to reality, and sadly still could according to Emily. God if that happend these walks through the hall would be unmerciful. As we were about to come to our class Ashley ran up to us from down the hall.

"Hey guys." Ashley greeted us. "I see you made it Stace. I was wondering if you'd be too hungover to come today."

"Oh please." Stacy scoffed. "I've made it school before on one hours sleep, this was nothing."

"I watched the news this morning and they talked about those dickhead friends of yours getting kicked out of the club last night." Ashley told us. "I guess because they were football players at PSU they consider that news."

"Did they say anything about Amanda?" Stacy asked.

"No." Ashley said shaking her head. "They just said that they caused a skirmish that got out of hand and their coach is going suspend them for the upcoming game."

"Cool." I found myself saying out loud. "Those guys were dicks."

"Ooh such language from someone so spiritual." Ashley said sarcastically.

"Aren't good Christians supposed to forgive?"

"Quit being a bitch Ash," Stacy said to her. "It wasn't you that they made feel degraded."

"Yeah well they were your friends. Good judge of character Miss President."

"Hey," a male voice said as it passed by, "how come you two don't dress like your friend? I bet you both look better than she does."

"Get bent fuckface." Stacy called back at him.

"At least he's making sense." Ashley joked. "Like I said my ass is better than both of yours. By the way Amanda I saw Emily a minute ago, I guess your meeting Mr. Greenjeans didn't go like she wanted."

"What meeting?" Stacy asked. "You had a meeting with Mr. Green?"

"Yeah she did." Ashley answered for me. "To see if she could start coming here naked."

"W-what?" Stacy stammered in surprise. "You're joking?"

"Nope." Ashley said assuredly.

"Oh my God." Stacy seemed overcome with this news tidbit. "You know how I feel about that don't you Ash."

"It's only been a fantasy of yours since you were twelve."

Oh God this converstation was making me uneasy again. Stacy had that look on her face like she had yesterday when she had me run naked down the hallway.

"I wonder if there's anything I can do to help make this happen." Stacy thought out loud. "I do have to work in the office next period, maybe I can somehow put in a good word or something. I mean Mr. Green does seem to have a thing for me, I always catch him looking at my ass."

"Time to get to class girls," our teacher said to us as he poked his head out of the classroom. "Amanda, Stacy, come on it's almost time."

"Gotta go Ash." Stacy said to her. "See you during lunch."

"Sure thing Stace." Ashley replied. "See you around school Amanda. Like your outfit by the way, although it seems a little nipplie for it."

Boy she was a laugh riot. As Stacy and I went in and got in our seats (Stacy still made me sit in front with her) I saw the guys in the back make facial expressions as to what they thought of my outfit, many of these expressions involved them using their tongues.

"Would you guys grow up," Stacy admonished them. "You're supposed to be making those faces at me."

"Hey I got five bucks if you have time later Stacy." One of them joked.

"Five bucks." she said insulted. "For that all you'd get is a kick in the nuts."

"As long as I can say you touched them." the guy replied making his friends laugh.

As class began I kept trying to focus on the lesson and not who may be staring at me. I figured if I could just distract myself for awhile I would be doing my mental health a world of good. Stacy though made this even harder since every time I looked over at her she was looking at me with lust-filled eyes. I didn't know if those were for me exclusively or that she was fantasizing about me having to come to school naked, either way she was giving me the creeps. I wondered if this was how Bill Clinton made his interns feel?

I did manage to get through second period without any trouble which to me was good since yesterday was something I wanted to forget. I was also glad to be rid of Stacy, after having her give me bedroom eyes all class I thought I'd get sick to my stomache if I had to spend any more time with her right then. She told me that she would see me in seventh period gym and gave me a hug out in the hall in front of everyone. I heard a couple of people yell out 'dykes' at us which made Stacy give them the finger. When I got to my English class after having to suffer through more picture taking while walking through the hall I took my usual seat in the back and was hoping for a break from all the unwanted attention I was getting. At the very least no one in this class would be looking at my butt that was falling out of the shorts. It was then that the two girls who always sit in front of me started talking.

"Hey," the second one began. "Did your aunt ever send you that picture she had of the streaker from the Duck game?"

"Yes she did." the first one answered which caused my heart to nearly stop. "Unfortunately while you could make out her body and could easily tell she was naked her face wasn't clear."

"Oh. Well did she have a nice body?"

"I guess. I'm not gay or anything so I really wouldn't know."

"Did she seem ugly?"

"No not really."

"Did she maybe look like anyone we know?" Was she refering to me?

"Hard to say. But you know what else? Yesterday my dad got a call from his brother down in Medford. I guess my cousin had gotten some pictures e-mailed to him of a naked girl."

"From who?"

"They don't know but everyone at his high school got them. According to my uncle she doesn't look very old and when he described her she sounded like the same girl both of my aunts had seen. What's really funny is some of the pictures have her with pubic hair and some don't."

"Really? Didn't you say that was the only difference in the girls your aunts saw?"

"Yeah. It all seems like they all might be the same girl. My uncle had my cousin delete all the pictures though so he couldn't send any to me, but wouldn't it be weird if this was the same girl?"

"She's certainly been busy if it is. Especially since I have a naked girl story to tell you today."

"You do?"

"Yeah. You know my brother is home from basic training this week and last night he and some of his friends went to some nightclub up in Beaverton. This morning he told us the place was packed and there was a naked girl there dancing with people."

"Was this a strip club?"

"No. He said that was down the road. This was a normal dance club and she was the only one naked."

"And she danced with people?"

"Oh yeah, I guess a few different people. And he said at the end she got up on a stage and danced by herself. He said she looked young and that she almost looked virginal. What kind of virgin though would do something like that?"

"Hmmm. What did she look like?"

"He said she had brown hair, very white skin, no pubes, pretty face, and long legs. Sound familiar?"

"Yeah, like all the naked girls my aunts and uncle have seen."

They both decided at this time to turn around and look at me.

"Amanda?" the first one began to ask. "Did you go out dancing last night?"

"No." I shouted at them. "I didn't. I'm sick of you guys accusing me of these things. I wasn't driving around town naked last week, I wasn't running around naked at any football game, I didn't send naked pictures of myself to your cousin, and I wasn't out dancing at 'The Brass Monkey' last night. So leave me alone."

"Who said it was 'The Brass Monkey'?" the second girl asked as she raised her eyebrows.

"You did." I said as I wraked my brain trying to remember if she said that. I had an awful feeling I just fucked myself.

"No I didn't." she replied assuredly. "I just said he went to a nightclub, I didn't say which one."

"Yes you did." I said feeling the panic inside of me rising. "You said 'The Brass Monkey' in Beaverton."

"I may have said it was in Beaverton but I did not say the name." she insisted and her friend nodded at me in agreement. "Do you have something you want to confess?"

"No." I said as I began to feel my leg start to shake from fear.

"Well my brother got a picture of her and he's going to try and develop it today." She told me with a smug look. "I guess we'll know for sure by tomorrow won't we?"

They both laughed and turned back around to face the front. Inside I was screaming at myself for letting myself slip like that. Oh God if they see that it was me they'd been hearing about then I was as good outed. Shit everyone in school was going to think I was a freak nudist. Oh God please help me, I don't know if I can handle this!

Part 57

"Oh good you're here," Gale said to me as I entered her classroom. "I hope you haven't had any trouble so far today."

Only that everyone was making fun of me for walking around in a little running outfit that didn't cover much. On the way here I overheard a group of girls referring to me as a whore and a slut who wanted attention which hurt my feelings terribly. It was one thing for someone to make fun of my body but I'd found being called those names was even more shameful. If only they knew the real reason I was doing this.

"I know a lot of people in 1st period asked where you were." Gale continued. "It's amazing how your popularity has risen. I imagine if this was last week no one would've even noticed you were gone."

"Lucky me." I answered sarcastically. "I wouldn't suppose there'd be anyway I could skip this class as well."

"Not today. Besides with you being gone most of last night I haven't been able to spend much time with you, and that's something I just don't like."

"Well before you ask I want you to know that my shorts are perfectly comfy and I don't need to take them off."

This caused her to roar with laughter. You'dve thought I was Chris Rock or something the way she was holding her stomache while she laughed. "That's good." she said with laughter still in her voice. "I see you're thinking ahead now. Don't worry I'm not asking for your shorts. What I want you to do first thing when class gets here is hand back some homework that was turned in yesterday and then you can sit at my desk again and do any homework you need to do or sit and doodle or whatever gets you through. The class has to do an oral report next week and I'm giving them this class time today for them to work on it so there won't be any lecture or anything like that. That doesn't sound so bad does it?"

Normally I would say no but somehow I had a suspicion there was more than she was letting on.

"Hi Amanda."

I turned around and saw Amber was standing right behind me. She had a large friendly smile on her face which helped ease my stress, I was actually glad to see her.

"Hi Amber." I said returning the smile. "How are you?"

"I'm good thank you." she replied pleasently. "I'm looking forward to Bible study tonight, you're still coming right?"

"Of course she is." Gale answered.

"Are you coming too Mrs. Davis?" she asked her.

"No. I have a school function to attend tonight but I'll be there in spirit."

The classroom quickly began to fill up with students, many of whom took long glances at me before taking their seats. Amber soon did the same as Gale grabbed and then handed me a stack of papers to hand out to everyone. With Amber being the only person in the class I knew I would have to call out the names on the papers to find out who they belonged to.

"Is a David Kramer here?" I asked outloud.

"That's me baby." a young guy in the back gladly proclaimed. I walked over to hand him his paper and when I turned around I caught three other guys who were looking directly at my butt. They quickly turned their heads away when I noticed them but when I walked past I could feel their eyes on me again.

"Kim Tuttle?" I asked.

"Here." she said coldly.

When I handed her the paper she just gave me an icy stare as if she didn't aprove of me.

"Drake Lansing?"

"Oh that's me too." David Kramer yelled out making everyone around him laugh. "In fact you should just stand here by me the whole time."

"I'm Drake." a nerdy looking guy in the front row admitted and I handed him his paper. "I think you look nice today."

"Tom Lewis?" I said ignoring Drake's compliment.

"Right here." he said smiling. "By the way I'm a big fan of cameltoe so right now I'm your number one supporter."

This comment caused his friends to high five each other as if they had accomplished something origional. Of course it also caused me to blush harder. I looked over at Gale to see if she'd tell them to knock it off but she was busy at her desk doing something. I noticed the next paper was Amber's so I just walked over and handed to her.

"You got an A Amber." I praised her. "Good job."

"Thank you." She smiled.

"Hey I got an A and you didn't tell me good job." David yelled out again.

"What's up with that?"

"Good job David." I said humoring him.

"Can I get a kiss for a reward?" he said with a hopful grin.

"Then she'd have to kiss Amber." one of the other guys pointed out.

"I'd rather see that." another guy mentioned causing more laughter.

"Sean Combs?"

"Here." he replied sounding annoyed.

"You have the same name as P. Diddy." I mentioned to him as I handed him his paper.

"How lucky for me." he grumbled. "I'm named after some no talent pimp who can't decide what his nickname is."

"Leave her alone Puffy." someone in the back yelled.

"Sierra, I can't pronounce your last name." I called out.

"Here." she answered. "Can I give you a card for a really good tanning place? You could really use one."

"Doug Coleman." I called ignoring her insult.

"Right here. And may I say I love the milk look, it'll keep you looking younger."

God this becoming unbearable. It was like everyone had free reign to say whatever they felt at my expense. I handed out some more papers as quick as i could and I was relieved to reach the last one.

"Kevin Call?" I asked.

"Finally." he replied. "I thought maybe you were avoiding me."

"You were just last that's all." I answered as I handed him his paper.

"How about later you make it up to me?" he said with a sly grin.

"You'd have to do better than a C- for that to happen." answered him.

"Burn!" David yelled and everyone laughed again while Kevin pouted at being turned down.

Having finished that humiliating task I did what Gale had said to do earlier and went over and sat behind her desk. Gale was now up writing on the chalkboard telling everyone that today was a study day and to work on their reports for next week. I noticed she did stop to watch me sit down in her chair and I saw an small grin creep across her face once I had. I didn't like that, it made me feel that something was up. I then reached down to pick up my bookbag and I felt the sportsbra I was wearing pull against me as I sat forward. It felt like it was caught on the back of the chair but when I reached around it wasn't. I was still able to reach my bag and I opened it and took out one of my books and then tried to scoot forward in my chair but wasn't able to, my shorts felt like they were caught somehow on the chair as well. What the fuck? I looked down and saw that nothing was caught on anything but they still felt stuck. I then tried to stand up but both my shorts and my top held me down in the chair, it was like they were glued to it. Oh shit she didn't...

"Something wrong Amanda?" Gale asked me as she finished on the chalkboard. The look on her face gave away that she knew what was wrong.

"Um..." I tried to think of what to say. I didn't really want to announce to everyone that my outfit was stuck to the chair, the boys in class seemed to be rowdy enough without having to give them the knowledge that I was trapped in the only scraps of clothing I had with me. "I'm fine thank you."

"You sure?" she asked again.

"Yes." I said annoyed, I wanted to kill that woman.

"Is there anyone who doesn't have a topic for next week?"

I was preteding to read my sociology book while Gale spoke to the class. My shorts were now really riding up my rear and were becoming very uncomfortable. I'd fix them but the bottoms of them were completely sealed to the chair along with my sports bra which was glued to the backrest making even shifting my weight more of a chore than usual with both of them stuck like that. I imagined in my head how silly I must look sitting up so straight like this, God like I didn't look stupid enough already! What was weird was my skin wasn't stuck to the chair at all, but it felt like the entire back of the fabric from my garments were pasted to the chair. This was weird, only my clothes were actually sticking.

"I have an erand to run really fast." Gale said loudly to the class, it also got my attention. "I'm leaving Amanda in charge so do whatever she says. If she has any complaints about any of you then it's laps around the gym after school, got it?" The class nodded to her. "Good. Amber could I get you to help me? There's something I want to discuss with you as well if I could."

"Yes Mrs. Davis." Amber politely agreed and then got up from her desk.

Gale glanced back around at me and gave me a sinister expression and a wide grin. She knew she was leaving me helpless, the only way I get out would be to literaly crawl out of my clothes which I wasn't about to do if I could help it. Just before they walked out the door Amber gave me a friendly wave while Gale gave me an evil wink. Shit what was she going to talk to Amber about? I hoped she wasn't going to try and set her up or worse try to blackmail her somehow into joining them. Oh God I hoped I didn't faint again, this wasn't a good spot.

"Amanda. I have a question." David yelled at me from the back of the class with his hand raised.

"What is it?" I answered not wanting to respond.

"Can you come over here?" he asked seemingly pretending to be serious. "I have something I want to show you."

"What?" I said feeling annoyed already.

"I can't show you from over there." he continued. "You have to see it up close."

"Whatever it is I'm not interested." I said defiantly and then glanced back down at my book.

"You struck out Dave." The guy next to him ribbed. "I told you're too big of dumbass for her."

"But I got an A on my paper." David shouted. "I'm not like Kevin who got a lowly C-. I don't blame her for telling him to kick rocks."

"She's just playing hard to get." Kevin proclaimed. "She knows who she wants."

"I have a question." Kim, the girl who gave me the nasty look earlier, asked as she leaned forward in her desk. "Why are you suddenly showing off all your shit around school for?"

"Kim!" the girl next to her screamed in shock. "She could tell Mrs. Davis about this."

"I don't get it." Kim went on in her harsh tone. "Are you in heat or something? Did somebody rob your house and steal everything but your gym clothes and your underwear? I mean it sure couldn't be because you think you have a hot body and think we want to see it."

"I wanna see it." David disagreed. "I bet her body's nicer than yours Kim."

"I don't care." she snapped. "I'm not the one walking around with her fat ass hanging out. I mean my God, you must be Italian or Spanish or something to have an ass that looks like that. Why on earth would you want to show that off?"

"I wish all you girls had an ass like hers." Kevin jumped in. "Most of the girls at this school have flat asses. They look like someone forgot to put air in them practically, no curve whatsoever. Y'all should be ashamed."

"Go to hell you dirty pig." Kim fired back at him and then turned her attention back at me. "Just tell me why you're doing this?"

I felt a wave of crying coming on and I fought hard to keep it back, I didn't want to let her get to me, and anyway I was still stuck to the chair. I wouldn't be able to get up and leave if I started crying. I took a deep breath and made myself look back at Kim who was staring directly at me.

"None of your business." I said to her quietly but very directly. I then looked back down at my book.

"Yeah you stupid bitch." Kevin yelled back at her. "None of your Goddamn business so shut the fuck up. You're just jealous cause your ugly."

"You are," she replied childishly at him. "You're the ugly one."

"Would you all please drop it?" Drake, the nerdy guy said annoyed. "Some of us would like to use this time on our reports and you guys are very distracting."

"Yeah." David agreed. "Us A students need peace and quiet. You C- and below people need to shut up."

I continued to pretend to read my textbook and prayed the time would go by faster. I could feel my anxiety rise as my heart continued to pound away in my chest. Dammit I had to pee now too. Oh fuck I couldn't believe this was happening. I noticed the pair of sharp scissors sitting on the end of the desk and I wished I had a blanket or something nearby so I could wrap myself in it and cut myself out of these clothes. God they were really uncomfortable.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" One of the guys asked, I believe his name was Tom from the papers I'd handed out. "I kinda need to relieve myself."

"You gotta jerk off you mean." David inserted which caused another round of laughter. "I know you love that cameltoe."

"I don't know where the passes are." I told him.

"I'll be right back I promise." he pleaded. "You can even let Julie come with me to make sure I don't take too long."

"I'm not going anywhere with you." Julie declared. "I heard about you and Tanya and I ain't touching you."

"Hey she exaggerates." Tom tried to explain. "And besides she stuffs her bra, bet you didn't know that."

"Guys will you please stop it." I said frustrated. "No you may not go to the bathroom now stop bothering me."

"Well then can I jerk off here?" He said grinning. "I could actually use a hand if possible."

"Oh dammit that's gross." the girl sitting behind him shouted out. "If she doesn't tell Mrs. Davis on you I'm going to. My God that's repulsive. I bet Tonya was right about you."

'C'mon Gale,' I thought to myself, 'for the love of God come back.' I was tempted to just wheel myself out of here and down to the bathroom. I would look ridiculous but it would be better than the alternative. I wished Amber was there, she'd probably help me.

"Oh my God." Kim shouted in disgust. "Look, her nipples are getting hard and poking through her top."

Oh no, she's right. With her pointing that out to everyone she just made it worse. I was afraid to look up at the class for fear that everyone's eyes would now be on my breasts. God and I was starting to tingle down there too and I still had to use the bathroom. I could hear a few of the girls begin to laugh as I assumed they noticed what Kim was pointing out.

"Did my A paper finally get to you?" David joked excitedly. "I knew you'd come around."

"She's probably thinking about jerking me off." Tom said crudely.

"Would you shut up," the girl behind him continued berading him. "She's probably embarrassed from all your sick comments."

Wow someone understood. That didsn't help me much but at least it was something positive. Man I really had to go to the bathroom, I hoped I didn't burst right there. My legs began to twitch nervously which didn't help matters much. I didn't notice that David had gotten up from his desk and was walking over to me.

"I'm sorry for what that dipshit said to you." He began as he reached my desk. He was talking in a light tone trying to sound sincere. "He has no class. Myself, I believe in showing someone of the opposite sex like yourself more respect, especially since you're an older women."

"Please sit down." I told him as he made me very nervous standing so close.

"I just wanted to let you know that I'm a good guy," he continued "and I'm someone you can trust, really."

"Gotcha. Now please sit down."

"I would just feel better..."

"Sit down!" I yelled at him. This made my nipples grow even harder.

"That's another strike Dave." his friend said to him laughingly.

"I'll sit." Dave said to me in mock sadness. "But know that you have broken my heart. All I wanted was for you to love me as I am."

"Sit!" I yelled again I found myself trying to stand up out of anger, causing him to notice when I was pulled back by my clothes.

"Oh my God are you stuck in that chair?" he asked in disbelief.

"No." I answered looking away from him.

"You are aren't you?" He said excitedly. "Holy shit, no wonder you're so uptight."

"She's stuck to the chair?" Kevin asked loudly. "How the hell did she do that?"

"Maybe it was meant for Mrs. Davis?" Someone shouted. "She just happened to sit down in it before she could."

"Whoever did that has a large set of balls to try and do that to Mrs. Davis." Kevin proclaimed. "If she ever found out who did it they'd be killed."

Inside I was beginnig to panic. I didn't know what to do and I still had to use the bathroom really bad. Oh God this was the worst yet.

"How stuck are you?"

"Well she couldn't get up at all when she tried to stand." David answered in my place. "I'd have to say she's very stuck."

"What is she going to do?" Drake wanted to know.

What was I going to do? I really didn't feel very safe being this helpless while being surrounded by potentially horny and/or angry teenagers. What if they decided to act out or something?

"Is it just your clothes that are stuck to the chair?" David inquired. "Or is your skin glued down too?"

"Here." Julie suddenly got up from her desk and grabbed the back of my chair after she made her way around my desk. "Lets have a look."

The chair had rollers on the bottom of it so Julie had no trouble pulling me out from behind the desk. Without the cover of the desk I felt very exposed sitting in just this little running outfit which was even littler at the moment since it had riden up on me. I was jerked forward when she suddenly stopped pulling and I could hear a small rip on the back of both my shorts and my sportsbra. So much for hoping they could be peeled off somehow.

"Whow!" David exhaled as he took in my perdicament. "Well hello. I have to say that looks rather uncomfortable."

"Now that's cameltoe." Tom announced loudly as he stood up and saw that my shorts looked even tighter than before. "I salute you and all you stand for, or should I say sit for."

"Sit down jerk!" the girl behind him yelled. "You're being an asshole."

"Oh God sweetie how are we going to get you out of this?" Julie pondered as Sierra got up and stood beside her. "It looks like it is just her clothes that are stuck."

"Are they glued or something?" Sierra asked me.

"It feels like it." I answered blushing, this was so embarrassing.

"Let's cut her out of them then." David suggested lustfully as he continued looking me over.

"Would you sit down perv." Julie sternly suggested. "You're probably scaring her. You look like you're ready to pounce at given moment."

"Yeah, sit down you dork." Somebody behind him yelled. "You're blocking the view for the rest of us."

"Does anybody have a coat big enough to cover her with?" Julie asked all of them as she picked the scissors up off the desk. "That way we could cut her out of these things and she won't have to put on a show for the jerky boys here."

"I do but I'm not going to give it to her." Kim said coldly. "If she wants to show herself off so badly she can show it all off for all I care."

"Oh c'mon Kim." Julie attempted to reason. "That's not very cool. She didn't glue herself here."

"As far as I'm concerned she may very well have." Kim replied accusingly.

"Plus I don't want her nasty germs on my clothes."

"Doesn't anybody else have one?" Julie asked again.

"I notice none of the guys are voluteering." Sierra pointed out. "Not a gentleman in the bunch."

At this point I was about to burst from having to pee so badly. In my mind I was deciding which was the worse option, having to be naked in front of these guys for a few seconds or pissing myself in front of them. I made my choice by grabbing the scissors from Julie's hand began cutting the side of my shorts.

"What the..." Julie said in shock as she couldn't believe what I was doing.

Soon I had both sides of my shorts cut off and I used my feet to move the chair in a position so that Julie and Sierra were blocking the view of the rest of the class. I then began cutting off the sportsbra, I tried my best to hurry because I felt like I was about to explode but I had to be careful not to cut myself as well. Once I had one side cut off I was about to attempt to cut the other side when Julie reached and tried to grab the scissors from my hand.

"Stop that." she demanded as she tried to pull them from me. "Somebody give me something to cover her with."

I let go of the scissors which caused Julie to fall back a couple of steps. Behind her I noticed that everyone was standing up to get a look at what was going on. Knowing that I had already gone too far to stop I grabbed the front of my already torn sportsbra and ripped the rest of it off. I then kicked off the high heels and got up and ran as fast as I could past all the shocked and bemused faces and out the door in the empty hallway. I turned to the right knowing the gym locker room was just down the hall a little ways and began to run again. I had to pass an open corridor to get there and when I did there were two male teachers standing a small ways down it discussing something and the sound of my slapping feet got their attention.

"Hey!" One of them yelled as I ran by.

I heard him but I didn't stop instead I continued running at full speed until I reached the locker room door. This time luckily it wasn't locked and I quickly darted inside. Once in I ran past Gale's office, which I noticed both her and Amber were inside of it talking. They both had stunned looks on their faces when they saw me run past and into the toilet stall area. I jumped right into an empty stall and sat down. Oh the relief I felt once I began urinating was so welcome, for a second I actually had forgotten what I had just done.

"Amanda?" I heard Amber's voice saying from behind the stall door. "Are you alright?"

"I just have to pee." I told her as she reminded me of what it was I just had done.

"Why are you naked?" she asked worriedly.

"And who's watching the class?" Gale asked as if she was actually concerned.

"Someone put glue on your chair and my clothes got stuck to it." I told them as I finished peeing. "I had to pee so badly I had to cut myself out of them."

"You ran through class and the hallway naked?" Amber sounded in shock. "Wow. I can't believe you did that."

"There was glue on my chair?" Gale pretended to not know. "I wonder who did that? I'm so sorry that you had to suffer that Amanda, that must've been humiliating."

"Are you alright?" Amber asked me still sounding worried. "It's just us here, why don't you come out."

Not wanting to keep sitting in that stall all day I got up and flushed the toilet. When I opened the door Amber was about to hug me but Gale stopped her.

"Let her wash her hands first." Gale ordered. "It's just good hygeine."

After washing my hands Amber gave me a friendly hug and walked me back to Gale's office. Once inside Gale closed the door behind her and then turned to me.

"Did anyone touch you or fondle you?" she asked me softly.

"No." I answered truthfully. "I got out the door before anyone had a chance to. A couple of teachers saw me run through the hall though."

"Oh dear." Gale sighed. "Well I'll talk to them as well as the class. Don't worry this'll get straightend out. For now I don't have anything for you to wear other than the clothes you left here yesterday after you almost fainted in here. You'll have to wear them for the rest of today I guess."

"I'd give you something but I don't think any of it would fit you." Amber added. "I only wear a size one."

Gale then handed me the grey tanktop and red silk panties I wore yesterday. Looking at them just turned my stomach. How was I even going to go back out there after what I just did let alone having to do it wearing skimpy underwear? And what if this got back to the principal? He might think I was trying to show him up or something. Goddammit this had really gotten out of hand. Soon everyone was going to know about me and I'd be a laughing stock.

Part 58

I was terribly worried as we walked down the hall on our way back to the classroom that my legs would give out from fear. I didn't want to face the class that I had just streaked in front of, I was too embarrassed and didn't know how I would be able to explain it to them. Gale had mentioned that she would somehow fix this but I didn't really have a lot of faith in her. I half expected the two teachers that I ran past in the hall to be waiting outside the locker room door hoping to find out what I was doing but they were nowhere around when we came out. God what they must've thought. I couldn't imagine that they'd not tell the principal about this. My folks were probably going to find out now. I'd worked so hard to try and keep this a secret from those I knew but soon I wouldn't even have that anymore.

"Where are your shoes?" Gale asked me as she noticed I wasn't wearing them.

"I left them in the classroom." I answered looking down at my bare feet. I really had to pee badly and I couldn't run in them so I decided it was an emergency and took them off."

"I don't blame you." Amber sympathized. "If I was naked and had to get to a bathroom I'd want to run as fast as I could."

After letting it sink in for a minute now I couldn't believe I'd done that, I actually cut myself out of my clothes and ran naked out of the room and down the hall. Oh God the images were playing over and over in my head, I could see the faces of Kim and Kevin as their eyes popped out of their heads when I got up out of the chair and ran out the door, and I could hear the shocked gasps from the whole class behind me so vividly now. When we finally were just outside of the room I stopped myself from going in.

"I'm not going in there." I proclaimed nervously. "I can't face them after... that."

"You have to." Gale replied. "I understand your hesitation but it's something you have to do."

"Why don't you go in first and try to calm them down?" Amber suggested to Gale. "That way you can give her an extra minute to get ready."

"I think somebody is already in there explaining things." Gale said to us as she peeked inside the door.

Curiously I stepped over to look inside and saw CJ, dressed in an expensive-looking black business pantsuit, standing in front of the class and the two teachers, who I ran past in the halls, explaining something. Her hair was done up in the back and she appeared to be floating as she paced around in her high heels.

"Is that your friend from your ceremony?" Amber asked me as she also looked inside.

"Yeah." I whispered. "What is she doing here?"

"Let's go ask." Gale told us and opened the door wide, announcing our presence.

"There she is." CJ said as she looked over at me standing in the hallway. "It's very brave of you to come back after what they told me you just did. Come on in, it's okay."

Gale grabbed my arm and pulled me into the classroom. I could feel the knowing stares of everyone in the room and I couldn't look up from the floor I felt so ashamed.

"I've explained to them about you Amy." CJ began to explain. "And I think you'll be glad to know that these are a good bunch of kids and are very understanding."

It took me a second to decipher what she had said. She said they were understanding? What did she tell them?

"For example." CJ continued. "I think someone has something they want to say to you." She then nodded at Kim who stood up in front of her desk and gave me a sympathetic expression.

"I just wanted to apologize for the things I said to you earlier." Kim began, sounding regretful. "I feel real bad for saying them now and I feel particularly bad about not offering my coat to cover you with. I didn't realize what you're going through, if I had I would've gladly given you my coat." She then looked me directly in the eye. "I hope you can forgive me and accept that I am truly sorry. I was wrong about you."

I didn't know what to think. CJ didn't tell them that I'm dying or something did she? I mean just a few minutes ago this girl was ready to banish me to hell and now she'd done a complete 180 and was practically bowing at my feet. When Kim sat down the two teachers came up to me and each of them put one of their hands on each of my shoulders.

"This young lady explained everything to us." the older of the two male teachers began, referring to CJ. "We just want you to know that we empathize with you and we plan on having a faculty meeting about this. We hope to speak to Principal Green about this either later today or early tomorrow."

"If there's anything we can do to help you," the younger added, "please let us know. You don't have to go through this alone."

They both then let go of me and turned and left the room together. What the hell was that all about? Oh God what were they going to talk to the principal about? Was I on some practical joke show or something?

"Remember everyone about the offer." CJ told the class. What offer was she talking about? "It's good as long as everything is kept quiet, that goes for your parents too. We want to draw the least amount of attention we can. Is that acceptable?"

"Oh yeah." several people in the class shouted out.

"And it's for a good cause too." Kevin added as he also looked at me with sympathy.

"That's right." CJ agreed. "So please we'll just keep what happend here between us just for today. Tomorrow things may be very different but today things need to stay on the down low."

"I'll keep them all in line." Julie volunteered. "I'm on the school paper and I know dirt on everyone."

"Good." CJ applauded. "Now do I have everone's e-mails on this sheet?" she asked as she held up a piece of paper with a lot of writing on it. "You'll get your info this evening if everything goes well."

"Well if that's all you may all go to lunch." Gale announced which was well received. As the class began to file out of the room a couple of them came up to me to I guessed offer sympathy for whatever it was they feel sorry for me for.

"You're a lot braver than I'd ever be." Sierra said to me admiringly. "I almost shit myself when you started cutting yourself out of the chair. I probably would've started crying or something if it was me."

"I thought being named Sean Combs was embarrassing." Sean expressed sounding as if he was relieved. "Boy compared to you I should start praying to God to say thank you for it. I should even send Puffy a thank you. At least I can change my name when I get older but you, boy I'm so sorry."

"What I said earlier..." David began as he lightly held my hand. "You know about being trustworthy? I meant it. If there's anything I can do for you, anything, let me know. You know like if you want to cuddle or if you need help washing yourself or..."

"Get going David." Gale ordered.

"You let me know." he finished before he winked at me and left the room.

Soon it was just the four of us, me, CJ, Gale, and Amber. CJ had a huge jovial smile on her face as she looked at me and then engulfed me in a tight hug.

"I'm so proud of you babygirl." she squeeled in happiness. "You did that so well, it was almost too perfect. Oh you have a big reward coming your way Amy."

It was then that CJ noticed Amber standing and watching us.

"Hello." CJ greeted her as she let me go. "We haven't met. I'm..."

"CJ." Amber finished as she held out her hand. "I'm Amber Tambor. I'm a friend of Amy's as you call her."

"I see that she's told you about me." CJ responded as she shook Amber's hand and gave me a quick glance. "Did Gale have a talk with you?"

"Yes she did." Amber affirmed. "I'm sorry to hear that you won't be bringing Amanda to Bible Study after all."

They wouldn't? Oh that was a relief. I suddenly felt like I've dodged a bullet. Wait a minute, what else did they talk about?

"I know I'm sad about not coming." CJ responded to Amber. "We've been kinda building to it and all, but I think Amy has gone through some trauma today with the meeting with the principal going bad and then the unfortunate thing with being glued to the chair. You can tell your pastor though that we'll be attending on sunday. Church is something we don't cancel and we'll even come early so Amy can greet everyone when they arrive."

"That sounds great." Amber smiled happily. "And I understand about Amanda having had a tough day, for most people that would send them in hiding to have something like that happen to them. I will say though that the clothes she's wearing now are the same as in those pictures that have been sent around the school. People are going to notice that and possibly give her a harder time."

"I have to go to my next class." Gale interupted to inform us. "Amanda make sure you come to my office next period. Good luck with your meeting CJ." She then left the room.

"Did Gale talk to you about the other thing?" CJ asked Amber.

"Yes." Amber affirmed again. "I think I can work that into my schedule. I'd do just about anything right now to help this girl out. She may be the best thing to happen to religion since Mother Theresa."

"That's great Am." CJ said happily. "I knew when Amy told us about you that you were a straight arrow. Now don't let us keep you from your lunch. I'm going to have a talk with my girl here for a few minutes then I'm going to go to the cafeteria with her and buy us something to eat. I thought me being with her will help her get through this."

"Well okay." Amber said seeming dissapointed that I wouldn't be eating with her. "I wanna leave my number for Amanda. If you ever need anything or you just want to talk please call." She then wrote down her number on a piece of paper and handed it to me and I put it in my bag. "I'll talk to you later. I'll let everyone at Bible study know what happend."

After she left the room I turned to see CJ and looked at her in disbelief.

"What the hell did you tell everyone?" I demanded.

"The truth." she answered unblinkingly. "That you have a condition that is making it painful for you to wear heavy clothes, and that it's getting worse and soon you won't be able to wear any. I also told them that there isn't any cure and that it's all probably pychological and that you're doing it to yourself."

"You've got to be kidding?" I shouted. "They believed it?"

"I showed them all the copies of your doctor's records." she explained. "Those records explain how your skin reacts when you wear heavy or multi-layard clothes. They bought it all hook line and sinker stinker."

"I've never been to any doctor." I spewed. "And what do you mean it's getting worse? I hope you're lying about that."

"The doctors work for us but your condition is real and yes, it is getting worse. In fact it's going faster than we origionaly figured. Those boys at the lab are almost too good at this."

"Please tell me it's reversable." I pleaded as I was beginning to freak out.

"Maybe." she looked at me defiantly. "But for right now it insures that you'll be getting used to being naked and that you won't be able to help it."

"Oh God how did I let you do this to me?" I was so angry with myself for not telling them off to begin with. I wished I could go back and change it.

"Oh you're being paranoid." CJ scoffed. "You'll be fine. Remember we love you and we're going to take care of you, and tonight we're going to reward your patience and hard work by showing you what you've wanted to see for the last week. That's why we decided to cut Bible study tonight. We're going to take you someplace with no cameras or microphones and we'll tell you the main purpose of our plan for you. So give yourself a pat on the back, you did good today. I promise you that if you hadn't gone along with us in the beginning today would be a lot worse for you. Just imagine your idea of a worst case scenario and double it, that's where you'd be."

"Worse than having to be glued to the chair." I grumbled as I pointed to the chair that still had my cutup clothes stuck to it.

"Oh yes." she expressed. "Much worse. That was a special glue that is made so that it can only seal to fabric. It's an investment I hope to make a lot more money off of. Anyway if you thought that was bad imagine being glued like that on a moving bus or train. That's were you would be if you hadn't followed orders. You're ours and that's that, whether you're with us or not."

I felt so defeated when she said that. I couldn't think of a single way that I could get away from them now and I might never have had a way to begin with. I just slumped my shoulders in submission.

"Well I'm hungry and if I know you than you are too." She said as she grabbed my high heels that were sitting on the desk. "Put these back on. They'll go good with your outfit. Just to let you know that in about a half an hour I have a meeting with your principal. I hope to have him change his mind for his own sake."

"What are you going to tell him?" I found myself asking as I put on the shoes and grabbed my bookbag when she handed it to me.

"Don't worry. I'll try to be gentle but if he still won't budge I'll have to use the big gun. He's not going to stand in the way if I can help it."

Part 59

On our way to the cafeteria CJ decided that it would be a good idea to put my hair up in the back, similar to how she was wearing her hair now but I was sure not as styled. She pulled me into a ladies room and stood me in front of the mirror and began fixing my hair.

"I figure since you're wearing an outfit that you wore yesterday then we should make sure you have a different hairstyle than yesterday. What did you have then, pigtails or something?"

"What offer did you make to the class?" I asked remembering what she had said to them earlier.

"You know it's awful rude to keep changing the subject like that." She said harshly as she gave a me a small slap on the back of my head. "And I think you're a bit too comfortable asking us questions lately. I told you that we'll answer some of your questions later on tonight so don't get greedy. Don't start pissing me off especially when right now I'm so happy with you. Now hold still."

She pulled my hair tightly and then pushed up against my head as she fastend a barrette to hold my hair in place.

"There. That looks better." She said admired. "I'm sure everyone will agree with me. You do look cute in those panties, like a vunerable little angel." She then snapped the elastic which made me jump. "Now lets go eat. What's good here?"

"It's cafeteria food." I answered quietly. "It can only be so good."

"Really?" she genuinely asked as she led me back out into the hall. "I went to a private school so our food was usually pretty good, I never had public school food."

"Hey." Stacy squealed as she and Ashley came around the corner. "What's up? Amanda you changed your clothes. Something happen?"

"Some jerk put glue in Gale's chair and poor Amy sat in it." CJ explained.

"She had to put on these other clothes because the others were ruined."

"Really?" Stacy gasped. "Who'd be crazy enough to try and do that to Mrs. Davis? Hey those are the same clothes I took off of you yesterday, you're also wearing them in those pictures I got in my e-mail."

"I got some of those too." Ashley added. "I saw a couple of people passing out printed copies earlier as well. You really are quite photogenic Amanda."

"What are you two doing for lunch?" Stacy asked. "Me and Ash are going to Wendy's for their Manderine orange chicken salads. Wanna come? I might be able to spring for a couple extra."

"Not today." CJ replied. "We appriciate the offer but you two got to be with her most of last night and I want to spend some time with her. Besides I have a meeting with the principal in a bit and I don't want to risk being late."

"Are you going to talk to him about her coming to school naked?" Stacy suddenly sounded enthused.

"Among other things." CJ replied smugly.

"Oh wow. I worked in the office earlier and I mentioned to him that Amanda's one of my good friends and that I'd do just about anything for her." Stacy went on. "He gave me kind of a funny look and he seemed useasy when I mentioned her name so I didn't push it. But I do feel that since I'm the president of both the student council and the student body that I could be very useful in making sure everyone knows to keep their hands off of her. I mean even the people who hate me at this school want to be my friend, and I'm all for exploiting that to help Amanda become a full time nudist."

Stacy looked like she was about to start drooling all over the floor as she spoke about this. I began to feel even more nervous about CJ's upcoming meeting, it seemed like they were starting to gain support for their idea of me attending class nude. How was this possible?

"Thank you Stacy." CJ said to her gratefully. "I may take you up on that offer. Anything to make this easier for my babygirl here I'm all for."

"You call her babygirl?" Stacy said surprised.

"I always call her that." CJ answered as she looked at me and gave me a smile. "I feel it fits her."

"She told me never to call her that." Stacy then shot me an hurtful expression. "She got quite upset."

"She did?" CJ stepped back but sounded delighted by this. "Do you not want anyone else calling you that? You want that saved for me only?"

Oh God she was acting flatterd. I didn't want Stacy calling me that because it made me sick to my stomach to hear it. Christ I was 18, I was hardly a baby.

"She's just protective of me and Em." CJ continued gushing. "She told us yesterday over and over how grateful she is to us and how much she loves us, didn't you Amy?"

I forced myself to nod my head but I couldn't look at any of them while I did it, I hated pretending that I liked them.

"See, this is the kinda stuff that embarrasses her." CJ gloated. "She can dance naked at a club but when it comes to expressing her true feelings she turns to jelly." She then turned to me and with a sly grin said, "I love you babygirl. You still love me?"

I nodded again despite the turning in my stomach.

"Can you say it out loud for me?" She requested with a sly grin.

"Yes," I forced out.

"Yes you love me or yes you can say it out loud?" She persisted.

"Yes I love you." Oh how I wanted take that back.

"How much?"

I looked at both Stacy and Ashley who were staring at me intensely waiting for my answer, an answer I was having trouble giving.

"Don't hurt my feelings, how much?" CJ demanded.

"Very much." I whispered.

"Can't hear you."

"I love you very much." I managed to get out loud enough for them to hear. This was almost worse than taking that sick vow.

"Thank you sweetpea." CJ then gave me a warm hug in front of both of them.

"There isn't anyone else I like hearing that more from."

"That's really touching and all," Ashley stepped in. "but I'm really hungry and for once Stacy is buying so I want to take advantage of that."

"Okay." Stacy reluctantly agreed. "We'll see you guys later. I like your hair like that Amanda, it looks good on you. And just to let you know I want a pet name for you, if she can call you babygirl I want to call you something too. I'm going to make a list and run the by you later. Take er' easy ladies. Good luck with your meeting later."

After the two of them walked off CJ led me out the door and we began to go down the stairs that led to the cafeteria.

"I don't love you." I felt the need to say to her as we reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Yes you do." she told me. "I heard you say it from your own mouth, and I have witnesses even. As far as I'm concerned that makes it true. You're just in denial anyway."

She opened the door for me and we stepped into a short hall that led to some vending machines. The entrance to the main cafeteria was down another hall to our left and we could here the sound of voices coming from there as we made our way.

"There wouldn't be any way I could talk you into getting our food to go and eating somewhere else could I?" I nervously asked as we stood in front of the turn that led to the cafeteria. "Or maybe better I could wait somewhere while you go and get the food and bring it back to me?"

"Maybe in another lifetime." she answered glibly. "Today you eat among your fellow classmates, at least the ones that can't drive off campus to eat somewhere better. Now tell me, do they have anything good in there?"

"Would you not go in there if I told you no?"

"No." she responded with a laugh. "I just love that after all we've had you do you're still not used to this yet. You even have clothes on now and you still hesitate and get all nervous. I just love it. I'll tell you right now you're worth every penny that's been spent so far." She then took my hand as we approached the entrance to the main eating area. "I want you to at least smile a few times while we're here, a couple times while we're in line for food and a couple more when we're sitting. I hope your friend Tess is here. I imagine she'll want to talk to you really badly."

For the first few seconds after we walked into the cafeteria there was a loud hush that overtook the noisey crowd, the sight of me wearing the same underwear combination as I wore in the pictures everyone here took of me yesterday seemed to leave everyone in a bit of shock. Once they got over that a loud mix of laughter and excitement washed over the hush. I saw both pointing fingers go up as well as hands pulling out cameras and picture phones, I was basically in the middle of another great big humiliating photo opp for everyone to take part in. I even saw people take out pictures of me from yesterday from their bags and folders to compare how I looked now compared to how I looked then. I could feel myself going faint from all the attention and embarrassment so I found myself holding on to CJ for balance.

"Wow." CJ teased me. "To think your curvy little white bubblebutt body is causing all this commotion. You're becoming a star baby, like last night at the club you'll have people waiting just to get a glimpse of you."

"I like your hair better today." Someone yelled to me from the sitting crowd.

"Your ass still looks the same though, nice and juicy."

Oh God more ass comments. It didn't help either that my butt was facing everyone while we stood in the food line, it was a sitting duck for everyone to take shots at. At least the line wasn't very long.

"What's on the menu today?" CJ asked out loud as she looked up at the sign that read what was being served. "Spagetti with garlic bread and mixed veggies. I suppose they make the spagetti up in big batches don't they?"

"Yes." I answered trying to ignore the leering eyes of the two guys who just got behind us in line. "They do have salads or you can have the box lunch which is a cheeseburger and fries. I told you the food here isn't much to brag about."

"Shit at my high school we had five different things to choose from and they were made separately and not in a big batch." CJ went on. "Are the salads any good?"

"They're okay." I answered quietly as I could hear the guys behind me whisper something to each other and laugh.

"What do you want?" she asked me.

I wanted to slap those guys in the face and get the hell out of there.

"I'll have a salad and a boxed lunch." I answered her. "I'll have a Snapple peach to drink. Do you need the twenty dollars Emily gave me?"

"I got it." she told me as she opened her purse. "You can use it for something else later." When she told the lunchlady what we wanted the guys behind me started laughing even louder which got under my nerves.

"What's so damn funny." I yelled at them annoyed.

"Nothing." the first guy insisted. "Rob here was just reminding me of a joke I heard earlier that's all. By the way you have great legs. What time do they open?"

They both looked at me like they were expecting an answer and then broke out laughing when I didn't. I could feel myself turning another shade of red from not just embarrassment, but from anger and frustration as well.

"Is there any way we can get you to talk Stacy Richards into dressing like you too?" the second guy added. "I mean no offense but she'd really fill that outfit out better, although you are much cuter than I thought you would be. I mean who'd have known that your tits would be so perky."

"Excuse me." One of the lunch workers angrily said to the two guys. "I heard that and did you know that's grounds for sexual harrasment. I believe Mr. Green would want to hear of this."

"Oh c'mon." the first guy protested. "We were just playing. Besides she's got all her shit hanging out how are supposed to not look?"

"You were doing more than looking young man." the lady continued harshly. "I suggest you apologize to the lady and then get out of my line if you don't want the principal to know about this."

"You causing a commotion Amy?" CJ said sarcastically as she came back over after picking up the food.

"These two gentlemen," the lady explained to CJ "decided it was okay to make verbal reference to this young ladies breasts. I'm expecting them to give her an apology."

"You two say that to my friend?" CJ asked the two guys angrily.

"Oh my God who are you?" the second guy asked in awe as he was taken back by how attractive CJ looked.

"I'm the one who's foot is going to heading up both of your asses if you don't apologize to my friend." she fired at them.

"We're sorry Amanda." the first guys said quickly. "We meant it as a compliment."

Yeah right.

"I'm very sorry." the second guy offered. "I think my mind just went crazy or something. So who's your friend?"

"Get out of here." the lunch lady yelled at them. "You can come back tomorrow when you've learned some manners."

They both started to slowly back out of the line but they continued facing us as they did this.

"I'm Chuck and this is my friend Rob." the first guy went on.

"Hi." Rob added smiling at CJ.

"We hope you can forget about this misunderstanding, we're really not such bad guys."

"Yeah, we hope to see you around often Miss." Rob refered to CJ. "Anything you need just let us know."

"I need my shitter cleaned back home." CJ said straight faced. "You guys available?"

"That's a good one beautiful." Chuck said with a sarcastic grin. "See you two around."

They both finally left and I turned to the lunch lady and thanked her for making those two stop.

I can't stand rudeness like that." she explained. "Although I would in the future recommend that you start wearing more clothes. Especially since I've heard it's supposed to be getting colder soon."

"The cold weather doesn't bother her." CJ explained. "She's got a high tolerance for it." She then winked at me to remind me that this wasn't going to change. "C'mon, let's go find a place to sit."

As we looked for a place to sit that wasn't too crowded I could hear more cameras going off around me.

"That's a good one." I heard some geeky guy tell his friend. "That's a great angle. She looks so sexy and there's so little to the imagination with her. We got her hot friend in it too. To bad she's not dressed like that."

Just as we found a table that was nearly empty Missy, Danette, and their friend Kaitlyn came running up to us from across the room and soon had me surrounded. I hoped they didn't plan on holding me again.

"Amanda." Missy squealed. "So glad to see you stayed and had lunch here. See Danni, aren't you glad we ate in the caf today?"

"I am now." Danette answered. "This almost makes it worth eating that shitty spagetti."

"Who's your friend?" Kaitlyn asked refering to CJ.

"I'm CJ." She answered smiling. "Are you guys friends of Amy's?"

"Amy?" Danette questioned. "You mean Amanda?"

"Yeah, that's what I call her." CJ explained.

"I always thought Mandy was short for Amanda," Danette pondered.

"Mandy?" CJ said puzzled. "I guess that could be?"

"Yes we are her friends." Missy answered CJ's question. "We've become very fond of her in the last few days. We were even worried about her when she didn't show up for 1st period today."

"Gosh and Amy's mom kept telling us she didn't have any friends." CJ pointed out. "Yet today I keep running into people who claim they're crazy about her. You seem pretty popular to me girl."

"And we just found out our game today was cancelled." Missy added. "So this means we can come to your Bible study tonight."

"Great." CJ proclaimed. "What got your game called off?"

"I guess some people on the other team got food poisoning." Kaitlyn explained. "It's the strangest thing because it just happend. But that's okay I didn't want to go to Tigard anyway."

"Now we can support out buddy." Missy said as she put her arm around me and began rubbing my arm. "What time does it start?"

"7 o'clock." CJ told them. "At the Sacred Heart church. It'd be great if you came."

I thought we weren't going to Bible study. What the hell was she doing?

"We'll be there." Danette promised. "Would you two like to sit with us? We have enough room but Amanda would have to sit between me and Missy."

"Not today." CJ said to my relief. "Me and Amy want some time to ourselves. But if you're still here when we're done we'll stop by."

"Cool." Danette cheered. "By the way CJ you have awesome hair. We met her friend Emily earlier who also had great hair. Do you know her?"

"Of course." CJ answered. "We even use the same stylist although he tells me my hair is better, but that's only because he has to tell the truth."

"Wow. You sure have some cool friends Amanda." Danette told me.

"That's why we're the 'Cool girls'." CJ joked as they all laughed.

The three volleyball players each gave me a tight hug and a squeeze on my butt in front of everyone before they went back to their table. When we sat down at an empty table I could still feel their hands burned on my rear. God I wanted to puke, I wished they'd keep their hands off me.

"I thought we weren't going to Bible study?" I whispered to her after we sat.

"Amber even believes that."

"We're not going." CJ told me as she put dressing on her salad. "They don't need to know that. It'd be good for them don't you think? Besides if Amber does what we want her to then you'll be there in spirit if not physically."

What did that mean? Goddamn it why wouldn't she ever tell me anything?

"This salad isn't too bad?" CJ said to me as she speared more lettuce onto her fork. "It's not as good as the one's Stacy's having at Wendy's but it's okay." She then took a bite from her fork as I hungrily ate my cheeseburger. I intentionally kept looking down at the table while I ate since the people at the table across from us never stopped gazing at me. I was starting to feel like I was living in a fish bowl, living on constant display for everyone's amusement although the fish at least had a castle or something they could hide in.

"Those guys at the table behind you sure seem preoccupied with your ass." CJ said to me with her wide grin. "I'm sure with you sitting down it makes it appear wider than when you're standing. It's nice to see young boys who appriciate a full trunk."

Why did she have to tell me this? Now I felt even more insecure. Unfortunately my high school still used benches with their tables instead of chairs so the view the people behind me had was probably pretty clear. I was sure these panties were being stretched a little. I hoped my crack wasn't showing or anything.

"I'm still excited by your little display earlier." CJ started again. "I never thought you would actually cut yourself out of those clothes like that. I expected you to stay there until Gale got back but it didn't occur to me that you would have to pee -- boy what a blessing that was." She took another bite of her food and then went on. "It's a good thing I was already in the parking lot when that happend. If I hadn't rushed in there and calmed down the class and those two nerdy teachers who knows what would've gone down. I can't wait to get this meeting with the principal over with so we can ready our plans for your grand 'coming out' day here at your school. I can't believe it's close to actually happening."

"CJ," I decided to attempt to plead again, "please don't do this. You have no idea how terrified I am about coming to school with no clothes. I mean imagine if you had to do that."

"I have." she confessed. "The problem is that it probably wouldn't bother me that much since I'm an athlete and I know I look good. I find it so much sexier that someone like you has to do it because you're modest about yourself."

"Why don't you do this to someone you hate then?" I suggested hastily. "I mean you keep saying you love me so wouldn't if feel better for you to this to someone who you thought had it coming?"

"Been there done that." she answered plainly. "Please. I've had more than a few occasions at watching my enemies get there's, it's no longer arousing. Watching someone who I find just adorable flush with embarrassment I have found to be hotter than anything else that gets me turned on. So save your begging for when you mess up; there is no way I'm not going forward with this."

"Why did you have to do that to my mom yesterday?" I asked. "She hasn't done anything for you to have to take that kind of action."

"Insurance." she told me directly. "She was into it too. That shit we smoked last night really got her giddy. When I started telling her what an attractive woman she still was she really beamed. I told her some bullshit that I studied photography and before I knew it I had her naked and willingly posing provacatively. I don't think your dad tells her she's beautiful enough, I bet she was hot when she was your age. I don't know I'd do her."

"Oh God." I gasped. "Please don't have sex with my mother."

"Don't worry I'm just fucking with them. Like last night when I left the door to the bedroom open 'accidentaly' while I was grooving naked to Purple Rain. I don't know how long your dad stood there while I pretended not to notice but I know he got he got a full show. Your mom mentioned this morning that they had a thumping night last night."

For the fist time in days I suddenly lost my appetite. God, the image of my parents doing-it wouldn't leave my head and to know that he was thinking of CJ made it that much worse. My dad needed his ass kicked.


I turned to see Tess, the Hispanic girl from the dugout yesterday, standing next to me. Her face gave a haunting expression that seemed to imply that her world had just been turned around; she seemed both angry and scared at the same time.

"I need to talk to you." Tess said in a low voice so not to be overheard by those behind us.

"You must be Tess." CJ said cheerfully. "How'd your family like the video me and my associate sent to them yesterday?"

More color drained from Tess's face when CJ asked her this.

"You sent that?" she asked in almost a whisper.

"Oh yeah." CJ answered nodding. "You got our girl stoned, we can't let that completely slide."

"But that blonde girl said that if we didn't talk about Amanda those pictures wouldn't be shown." Tess insisted.

"They won't be, not to anyone at school anyway." CJ answered her. "But your family is a different story. I mean I think they should know that their only daughter is skipping class and doing drugs including stripping to get them."

Tess seemed like a deer lost in the headlights as she stood there silently for about 30 seconds before she slowly sat down next to me and buried her head in her hands.

"They were so mad." she said sadly. "My dad screamed at me for hours. He called me a dopehead and whore and he made me break up with Karl. Karl didn't even make it to school today he's so upset, Travis told me he cried all night when I got off the phone with him. I'm grounded now and my mom wants to send me to rehab and then to a convent, and I have to go to some Bible study thing tonight. I mean my God you've ruined my life."

"We saved your life." CJ proclaimed. "You were going no where fast chica and you needed a wakeup call, thanks to Amy and us you'll be living a good clean life with a productive future. That Karl guy's a loser and you're both better off. Have you eaten?"

"I'm too upset to eat." Tess answered quietly.

"Bullshit." CJ scoffed as she handed Tess a twenty dollar bill. "Go get something to eat and make sure you eat it, I'll know if you don't and you don't want to make me mad. You'll be hearing from us so make sure you do what your parents say and go to Bible study tonight. We'll talk to you later."

Seeming to be even more defeated Tess got up and CJ watched her walk up to the food counter. I felt bad for Tess because I don't think she knows what might be about to happen to her, not that I had any real idea what the plan for her was.

"What are you going to do with her?" I asked as my appetite suddenly came back and I started eating again.

"You'll see later." She told me. "You should've heard her father when I talked to him on the phone last night, he was ready to send her back to Mexico. I had little trouble talking him into tonight."

"You're so mean."

"I'm just having fun." she replied snidely. "Now hurry up and finish, I have to get to that meeting soon. I don't think we'll be able to visit with your volleyball friends, which I'm sure breaks your heart, but I want to be early and Gale has some stuff she wants you to do so they'll just have to get over it."

"Anyway I could get them off my back." I asked hopfully. "They practically molest me all the time."

"Can't blame them. Most of the time I want to molest you. If it wasn't for the fact that I have this meeting I'd have you stand up on the table and shake your moneymaker for everyone just so eveyone else would want to molest you. Don't worry though, no one is going to take too many liberties with you. Now let's go, time for me to set things right."

Part 60

CJ had me walk with her all the way to the front of the main office. It was awful when I had to walk up the stairs in those stupid high heels while a group of people watched from below, I could only imagine what they were thinking to themselves. The feel of the silk as I climbed the stairs felt really good and I couldn't help but feel aroused again making the walk that much more torturous. When we finally got to the office CJ turned to me and put her hands on my shoulders.

"Okay babygirl this is it." CJ said as she took a deep breathe. "I want you to go and wait for Gale in her office. I'll see you later on today when I come by to pick you up. We'll have to try out the new hot tub that we installed at Gale's before we go to make sure it works. Give me a hug and kiss." She then embraced me tightly and when she let me go she planted her lips on mine and practically sucked my tongue out.

"Later Gator." She said as she slapped my butt and walked into the office.

I tried to spit out as much of her taste out of my mouth as I could as I made my way back the locker room, again, but I could still feel her tongue sliding around in my mouth. God she was so gross! I hoped Mr. Green told her to go to hell like he basically did with Emily, I really didn't want to go to class naked. It was bad enough taking all the shit for wearing these little things, I'd have to eat even more if I wasn't wearing anything. Oh Goddammit why were those three outside the lockerroom again?

"Hey Milk." Kaitlyn yelled at me from across the hall. "Didn't want to miss you. Where's your sister-friend at?"

Like before I was suddenly surrounded by the three of them and soon I had a hand on each of my thighs as well as on my lower back.

"Did we say something that offended her?" Danette asked as she moved her hand up and down my leg. "I thought you guys were going to come by?"

"She has a meeting with the principal." I told her as I tried to slap their hands away. "Would you guys please stop that? I just want to go in the locker room and not be bothered for a little bit."

"Ohh." Missy said mockingly. "But Amanda, you feel so good we can't help ourselves. Besides we're going to potentially miss the 'O.C.' tonight so we can go to your Bible study, I think we deserve a little petting time for that."

"I wouldn't suppose we could pick you up and take you could we?" Danette asked hopeful. "Kaitie has enough room in her car for all of us."

"I'm going with CJ and Emily." I told them glad to have an excuse. "I'm sure they'll insist on that."

"Bummer." Danette said disappointed. "Maybe we can bring you home?"

"Yeah, our home." Missy said teasingly. "Wouldn't it be great to have her for a night? We could take pictures and give her a bath and fun stuff like that."

"We could snuggle with her in bed." Danette added. "We could pet her until we fell asleep, I could never get tired of this soft skin."

"I can't believe she's wearing the same little underwear shit that she wore yesterday." Kaitlyn pointed out as she ran her finger around the elastic of the panties I was wearing. "I hope these were cleaned since then."

"Hey!" Amber yelled from behind us. She was with two of her friends, one guy and one girl, and they came running up to where we were. "What the heck do you think you're doing?"

"Have you felt this girls skin?" Missy asked them acting unfazed by Amber's anger. "Baby's skin don't feel this good."

"Get your hands off of her." Amber demanded. "I can tell by looking at her face that she's not into it."

Missy and Danette started laughing as they continued to fondle me. Amber then stepped in and knocked all of their hands away from me.

"Ooh little girl," Kaitlyn said to Amber in a threatening tone, "you don't want to go messing with things that you can't handle."

"I can handle you." Amber replied confidentley. "Just because you guys can hit a ball over a net doesn't mean we're afraid of you."

"Excuse me?" Missy said shocked as she stepped right in front of Amber and got in her face. "We do more than hit a ball over a net honey, we also spike it from time to time just like we're going to do to you if you don't get out of here and mind your own shit."

"Your aggression is a sign of weakness," the guy with Amber spoke up. "It seems to me that you're overcompensating for something that you're trying to keep hidden."

"Shut up fag," Missy fired back. "Save your preaching for the choir."

"Excuse me." A female teacher said angrily as she poked her head out of her classroom. "You people have to go someplace else I'm trying to teach a class here."

"C'mon Amanda." Amber said as she grabbed my hand. "You can come with us until class starts. You three can think about what you did."

"You're going to regret that Jesusgirl." Danette threatend as we passed by her.

Amber walked me back down the hall with her two friends until we came to the library. "We can wait in here for awhile." Amber said to me. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine thank you." I answered gratefully. "I'm glad you guys came. I hope they don't come after you."

"We can handle them." the girl said confidentley. "Don't worry about us."

We went inside the library and walked back to one of the back tables and sat. I was glad to see that the place was pretty empty.

"Those are the same three that forced you to pose for those pictures yesterday aren't they?" Amber asked me.

"Yes." I answered. "They're kind of pains in the butt."

"I bet." Amber replied nodding. "Well we'll see what we can do about them. By the way these are my friends Sally and Ben. We all go to the same church and they know about you."

"Yes." Sally said happily. "I think what you're doing is so bold and so noble. God bless you."

"I know it's not considered appropriate for a man like myself," Ben began, "to look at an undressed woman but you're different. It's like I don't look at you like an object of lust as much as something inspiring. It's a different kind of arousal."

"You have a lot of fans." Amber said to me as she smiled her kind smile. "I think you'd be surprised how many people want to help you."

Just then Gale burst through the door of the library and walked right up to us once she spotted our location.

"There you are." she said to me rushedly. "I heard there was a commotion outside in the hallway that involved you. You okay?"

"I'm fine." I told her truthfully.

"We took care of it." Amber said to her referring to her and her friends.

You did huh?" Gale said sounding a little surprised. "Good for you. C'mon Amanda I'll walk you to the locker room. I have something for you to do."

Gale gave me a look implying for me to get up and follow her. I stood up but before I left I turned to Amber to tell her something. "Thanks again Amber." I said to her and returned the smile. "I think you're cool. Nice to meet you two."

"Pleasure's ours." Sally said smiling herself.

Gale then grabbed my arm and gently pulled me behind her as she smiled at them one last time.

"My car is here?" I said in surprise. Gale was holding the keys for it in her hand. "Who drove it?"

"Don't worry about that." Gale answered annoyed. "Just know that you're supposed to be my maid and if the goddesses are going to take you out tonight then you'll have to go home now so that you can clean the living room. I mean it needs cleaning and I'm not going to do it. My husband always did all that. I'm not about to start now just because he's gone."

"Is anyone there right now?"

"No. There's a remote in your car for both the gate and the garage door." She explained. "In fact I'd better walk you to your car to show you were it's at; I need to collect the clothes you have on too before you drive off anyway."

Part 61

It was nice to see that the sun was out and the clouds had seperated. I was looking for anything positive at this moment as Gale and I strolled through the parking lot on the way to my car. I was glad I wasn't being rained on but even with the sun out it was still chilly, there was a small breeze that gave me goosebumps when it blew on me. I was really dreading having to undress outside of my car. Gale had told me that she didn't trust that I would undress when I got back to her house; she reminded me that I wasn't supposed to wear clothes while I was there so this was the only way she could make sure I didn't. I tried to convince her otherwise, that I would underess the second I stepped into the house, but she wouldn't budge. As we walked I scouted the parking lot for signs of anyone left over from the lunch crowd but so far so good.

"Make sure that you vacuum under the chairs." Gale continued on about my housecleaning duties. "And get behind the couch too. I want you to dust first before you vacuum though so that you get it all at once."

"I get it Gale." I told her annoyed as I spotted my car in the back of the lot. "Believe it or not I've cleaned before."

"CJ's supposed to be there not long after her meeting with the principal is over." Gale went on. "I don't think she'll help you clean but she may have more details for you on your future here at school. By the way I see that Amber has appointed herself your personal protector, hope she doesn't get herself hurt."

I was worried about Amber. She was just a little thing and she was standing up to some not so friendly people. She seemed fearless though, I wished I had her confidence.

"Do you know what's going on with Tess?" I asked remembering her during lunch.

"Tess who?" Gale asked not knowing who she was.

"Tess Ramirez." I answered. "The girl who was out in the dugout yesterday with the pot."

"Oh." Gale remembered. "The Mexican girl with the hairy bush. I don't know and quite frankly I don't care, that's what she gets for skipping class to get high."

When we got to my car we stopped in front of my driver's side door and Gale pulled my car keys out of her pocket and held them up with her hand. "Clothes first." she instructed as I was about to hold my hand out to take the keys. "You'll get these when your threads are in my hands."


"No pleading. Now strip."

I looked around the parking lot one more time to make sure no one was around. I did see a couple of people way down on the other side of the lot, they were probably too far away to notice what I was doing thank God. Deciding to get this over with as quick as possible I pulled the tanktop over my head and off my shoulders and handed it to Gale. Once she had it I put my fingers in the panties and slid them down my legs and over my feet in one quick movement and promptly handed them over.

"Keys please." I asked as I attempted to cover myself with my arms. It was now suddenly colder.

"Need the shoes too sweetie." She said smiling.

As much as I hated giving up my clothes I can't say I minded taking the shoes off that much, my feet were really beginning to hurt and my calfs were getting sore as well. I handed her the shoes and she placed my keys in my hand which I quickly used to unlock my car door and get inside. There was no towel on the seat this time and I wasn't expecting it to be so cold when I sat. I wasn't used to this naked thing yet.

"Your gas tank should be full." Gale informed me. "There isn't anything in here that you could wear or cover yourself with so don't even bother to look. Your licence is in your bookbag pocket in case you get pulled over. I'll see you later Amanda. In case I don't see you tonight I hope all goes well."

She then closed my door for me and walked back to the school leaving me alone and naked in my car. At least it was nice to be in something that was familiar to me, I'd had this car for almost a year and a half and I felt at home in it. It wasn't lost on me though that there was a camera in here and I was still being filmed even when I was just sitting there doing nothing. I started the engine and began to drive through the parking lot toward the exit. Dammit there were people hanging outside the gate smoking cigarettes, fuck and I had to drive right by them. Man there must have been about six of them and they were standing on the right hand side of the gate, all they had to do was look over when I went by and they'd clearly see that I wasn't wearing anything. I didn't have any other choice though unless I wanted to drive around the parking lot until they left; which would be harder now since a car had pulled up behind me wanting out. 'Okay just look forward and pretend not to notice them and that they don't see me.'

"Oh my God!" Two of the girls smoking yelled out loud as I slowly drove by them. I had to go over a speed bump to pass the gate so I couldn't go as fast as I'd have liked. "Guys look she's naked."

I kept looking forward as I heard the whole group begin to hollar at me. Once I was past I looked in my rearview and saw that they were all jumping up and down smiling and waving for me to come back. I could only hope they didn't recognize me. I sped up a little and turned off down a side road, I wanted to stay off the main road so that I won't get stuck at a light and risk being seen like I saw on Thursday morning. Luckily Gale's house wasn't too far so I hoped that I could get there fast without having to make many stops. I constantly checked my mirrors to see who was behind me or around me and made sure that I didn't speed. I decided to turn on the radio to distract me and I was glad that a song I liked was playing. I'm not a big Hilary Duff fan but I must admit I liked 'So Yesterday' and found myself singing along to it which helped to calm down my rapidly beating heart.

"When I wake up it'll seem so yest-er-day, so yest-er-day." I sang with the radio. I wished I could do what the song said and put all this behind me. Unfortunaltely there was too much still in front of me. I still didn't know to do what... I was both dreading and looking forward to what Emily and CJ were going to tell me that night. I was looking forward to finally knowing what it was they've wanted with me all along but I was also dreading really finding out what horrors they had in store for the future and whether or not I could ever get out of this. I hoped I'd hear from Scott and his friends soon. The message on his tag said they would contact me, I just hoped it wasn't too far off.

I turned down another side street and knew that I didn't have too much further to go when I noticed a cop car parked along the street. Oh shit! 'Okay let's slump down in the seat a little and just act natural when I go by.' I tried to keep myself calm by taking long deep breaths as I approached the parked cop car. I could see that two officers were sitting inside of it as I was about to pass and they both turned their heads my direction. 'Oh God please don't let them notice that I'm not wearing anything. Shit they're looking at me alright, just keep going and act like nothing's wrong.' Once I passed them I quickly checked my rearview mirror to see what they would do. It looked like I was okay until I was about to cross an intersection, I was so nervous I ran a stop sign. No one was coming luckily but the cops noticed it and quickly pulled out and began to pull up behind me. 'Goddammit Amanda you idiot, now you're fucked!'

Why didn't I watch where I was going! I looked back at them and they were right behind me with their lights flashing for me to pull over. I could hardly breathe I had become so overtaken with fear from having to be pulled over, it was like my throat had become clogged by my heart trying to jump out. Oh God I was so screwed. They were going to arrest me and take me to jail and my parents were going to have to bail me out and then I'll have to explain why I was driving around town naked and then they'd yell at me and then I'd cry and then everyone would know and I'd die from extreme humiliation. Fuck this wasn't happening!

I made myself pull over despite my urge to gun the gas and I came to a stop in front of a small house. The police car parked right behind me with its lights still flashing. I couldn't even hear the radio in my car anymore with my head pounding so loud, Oh God one of them was getting out and coming over here. Shit what was I going to do? I tried to cover myself the best I could with my hands and I locked my knees together as tight as I could out of instinct. Once he was at my window he knocked on it for me to roll it down.

"Licence and registration and please shut off your engine ma'am." the officer said to me in a calm manner after I rolled down my driver's side window. "Are you aware that you are naked ma'am?"

I couldn't bring myself to speak so I just gave him a small nod to answer his question and then turned off the car. Everything right now seemed so euphoric, like I was watching myself in a movie, as I reached over and pulled my bookbag on my lap and began to dig in the front pocket to look for my license which luckily was right on top. I looked over and saw that the officer was looking straight down at me while I was doing this taking in my every movement as I nervously fumbled with my license and handed it to him through the window.

"You're Amanda Johnson huh?" He said aloud as he scanned my driver's license, he spoke as if my name was familiar to him. "We've been hoping to run into you. I'm afraid I still need your registration ma'am."

Knowing what I was going to have to do would be embarrassing I reluctantly reached over to the glove box, which totally exposed my rear end to the officer, and began rummaging through it. God where was it? I didn't want to spend all day like this putting on this show for this cop because I couldn't find my fucking registration, dammit I needed to clean this out better. I peeked back and saw that the officer was still staring directly at me and there was little I could do to hide myself from him so I just continued to search my glove box until finally I found it at the bottom of the pile.

"Here officer." I said weakly as I shakily handed him my car registration.

"Do you know why I pulled you over?" He asked in the same calm manner as before.

"Because I ran a stop sign." I confessed to him. I was hoping maybe if I cooperated he'd go easy on me.

"That's right. Can you tell me why you ran it?"

"Because I was paying more attention to what you were doing instead of what I was doing." I answered honestly after taking in a deep breath. After I finished speaking I found myself having to swallow from being so nervous.

"Were you afraid we had seen that you're naked?" He asked.

"It... it crossed my mind." I could barely talk he was making me so nervous.

"Why are you naked ma'am?"

"Because..." I didn't know what to say to him. How was I going to explain to him that my gym teacher was making me drive naked and she was working for these two girls who were making do all kinds of things naked? He'd think I was insane.

"Ma'am?" He patiently asked waiting for me to answer his question.

"Because I'm a nudist with a skin condition," came out of my mouth. Oh God he was going to arrest me for sure now.

"A nudist with a skin condition?" he repeated. "This wouldn't be the condition that God has suddenly imposed on you is it?"

Oh God did he just think that up or is that something he was told? I mean he mentioned God which was a name the goddesses had been throwing around in their bullshit explanations of why I was doing this. Em and CJ couldn't possibley have the cops here working with them, I mean this wasn't New Jersey where everyone was corrupt, it would be too much.

"Well," I shyly responded "God is the reason why I became a nudist. Everything is sort of his will isn't it?"

"Okay." He said sarcastically. "I'm going to run your licence through our computer. Sit tight and we'll have someone here to talk with you shortly Miss Johnson. Please try not to draw attention to yourself while you're waiting so that this can go as smoothly as possible."

He then turned and walked back to his patrol car with my license and registration. What did he mean 'so this can go as smoothly as possible'? What were they planning to do, arrest me and take me back to the station or something? God I couldn't stop shaking. I could still feel that cop's eyes staring at me, he was probably thinking what a little tramp I am and that I was part of the scum of the town. Man I needed help.

"Guys," I said aloud hoping that someone was listening to me through the microphone in my collar, "I've been pulled over by a cop. I don't know what to do and I need help. I think they might be planning to arrest me. Can someone come and help me please?"

I pulled my bookbag back on my lap to give me at least a little cover, although it really didn't cover much even though I was sitting down. I did scan the car hoping in vain that there might be something I could cover myself with; but Gale was right that there wouldn't be. A car went past us and I could see the driver crane his head to see what was happening which caused me to sit even lower in my seat, I was practically on the floor I was slouched so much. I looked over at the house I was parked in front of and saw an old woman's face peaking out through the front window at us. Oh God and there was an old man looking out now too, great. I sure hoped they didn't make me get out of the car like this. Please God don't let that happen.

Just then another police car pulled up and parked in front of me. The car behind me still had its lights flashing but the one in front did not and when it came to a stop the front driver's side door opened and a female police officer got out. Oh shit I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or not, I mean they may have brought her here to transfer me since they'd probably need a female officer to deal with me. I suddenly had visions in my head of me being taken down to the station and being fingerprinted in front of the entire department and then having my mugshot taken. My head just swirlled lightheadedly from those thoughts as my body began to become aroused again. 'Shit, not now!' I was helpless though as my nipples began to grow and I could feel the tingle in my crotch start up, once again my body was finding these terrifying situations exciting despite my feelings to the opposite.

"Hi Amanda." the woman officer said cheerfully as she approached my window. "I see that we finally caught up with you and you're even naked like we heard you might be. We're going to have to have a little chat with you but first I need to go speak to my fellow officers over here and then I'll be right back."

I swallowed hard again as she walked past towards the other police car, they had been tipped off about me and now they wanted to talk. Talk about what was what I wanted to know. I hoped it was to talk about arresting Em and CJ for what they were making me do but somehow I doubted it. Now I could see two more faces looking out of the window to the house, they all seemed confused as to what was going on and I hoped it stayed that way for them. I could also tell that someone else was sitting in the police car parked in front of me, I couldn't tell though if it was another woman or if it was a man. It didn't really matter though since he/she was still one person too many for my liking. Another car drove by and this time two people inside looked over at me. Oh God I knew them; they were ahead of me a year in high school before they graduated last June. Oh fuck I hoped they couldn't tell I was nude, at least they didn't stop. It was then that both the female officer and the male one who'd talked to me before came back up to my window and leanded forward.

"Here's your license and registration back," the female cop said as she handed it to me. I quickly put it in my bookbag since it was still on my lap.

"I'm afraid we're going to need you to step out of the car. Make sure you lock up your vehicle and bring the keys out with you."

She didn't just say that.

"Ma'am," I said shyly, "I don't have anything to wear. Please don't make me get out of my car."

"I'm aware of the fact that you don't have any clothes." she informed me. "But I'm afraid that you're going to have to get out anyway. It's my understanding that you're a voluntary nudist despite your newly aquired condition so I'm not to offer you any clothes. Now if you would please step out of the car. You may leave your bag here, it will be taken care of."

This couldn't be happening like this. What kind of cops would make someone get out of their car naked in broad daylight and not offer them anything to cover themselves with? Was I in Bizarro world or something? I mean what the fuck? I was becoming short of breath again as I was beginnig to panic about what I was being told to do. C'mon Amanda, you have no other choice you have to do this. God, and all those people were still looking out their window, I hoped they didn't have weak hearts or anything. 'Dear God please give me strength for what I have to do.'

"Today ma'am." the male officer prodded me.

I took several more deep breaths before finally opening my door. The chilly outdoor air blew over me letting me know how exposed I was about to be and I let out a little shiver before I put my left foot out on the cold pavement. I grabbed my keys and hit the lock button on my door and then forced myself to stand up outside of the car stark naked in front of the world. I could almost feel my heart stop when the female cop closed my car door behind me, leaving me trapped out there in front of them with nowhere to hide. Just then a car drove by and I could see the driver's face turn to shock when he saw me standing there with my arms over myself. He almost crashed into the cop car parked in front of me as he turned his head to get another look. I could've just died right then. God my nipples were so hard they felt like they were almost being pulled on and everyone could probably notice. I couldn't even begin to describe the looks on the old people inside the house when I noticed them but it was a mix of shock, repulsion, and in the case of the man great joy. I guess he wasn't in need of viagra just yet.

"Okay Amanada." the lady officer said to me smiling. "I'm going to have you come with me. I'm officer Collins by the way and inside my vehicle is the Chief of Police for this fair town. We'd like to discuss some things with you so we're just going to take you for a short ride, where we end up depends on what you have to say. Your car will be safe and will be checked on regularly until you're able to retrieve it. We'd better get going before there's too much commotion."

The male officer then went back to his car as Officer Collins led me over to hers. Another vehicle went by, this time a large truck, and this time when it passed the person in the passenger seat stuck her head completely out.

"Oh my God honey." she yelled as I noticed she looked familiar. "It's that girl from last week, the naked one."

Oh shit that was that girl's aunt that asked me if I knew if I was naked when she saw me last week. Wonderful, now she had more to gossip to spread about a naked girl running around town. At least I hoped she didn't refer to me as 'ghostgirl' or anything like that.

I was surprised to see that there wasn't a towel waiting for me to sit on when Officer Collins opened the door to the back of the car for me, I actually preferred one since who knew who might have sat here earlier.

"Have a seat." Officer Collins instructed.

"Like this?" I asked refering to my state of undress.

"You wouldn't be the first." she cracked at me as she motioned for me to get in.

I'd never been in a police car before and I hated the fact that the first time I'd have to be naked like this, and with the police chief of all people in there. I tried my best to cover myself with my hands and arms as I slid into the backseat of the squad car. God the cushion on here slid around awful loose and I didn't have a lot of leg room either, must suck to be arrested. I looked around for a seatbelt and saw there wasn't any so I decided to go ahead and ride with my knees tucked up under my chin so my legs would cover my breasts. It felt really awkward sitting in this position in the back of a car but right now everything was awkward.

"Miss Johnson." the Chief said to me in a friendly tone of voice from the front passenger seat. He had turned around slightly to face me as Officer Collins got in on the driver's side. "I'm Daniel Carver, the Chief of Police of this city. I'm glad we finally get to meet. Officer Collins was in the process of driving me to a meeting at the City Hall when it came over the radio that two of my officers had you pulled over. Since we're running a bit ahead of schedule we decided to take advantage of this opprotunity and have you ride with us. I hope my officers were polite to you."

"They were." I answered him as we began to drive off. I peeked back behind us and watched my car as we left it behind.

"Good." He replied relieved. "They've been told to treat you with kid gloves and I'm glad to hear they have. I know you were spotted on Monday night dropping off some mail or something but you ran when you saw the officers and managed to elude them, much to their embarrassment. I'm here to tell you now Miss Johnson that you need not fear them. They are all under the impression that you have a skin condition and that you are to be left alone. Of course Officer Collins and myself know otherwise but we've sworn to keep that between us, right Jill?"

"Oh yes." Officer Collins answered cheerfully. "We're not telling anyone about your friends Emily and CJ. We feel it's best they believe something different."

"I agree." The chief went on. "I mean I'm just a small town Police Cheif hoping to get through and have a nice pension when it's all said and done. I can't take on a headache like those two would be if I tried to go against them. I mean my God when I found out that they were who they said they were I felt humbled in their presence. When they said that they would supply my department with new computers and new squad cars along with many other perks and all they wanted from us was not to arrest a naked girl, I mean how can you argue with that?"

"It's not like you're killing people or selling drugs to kids." Collins added.

"That's right." Chief Carver agreed. "I'm personally one who thinks the human body is a work of art. Of course many of the old biddies in this town will probably be in an uproar over this but we can hide behind the disability angle and hopfully sooth it over. If not they'll just have to live with it, like you will."

I was starting to wonder if maybe I was in New Jersey. I couldn't believe our Police Chief could so easily blow this off as nothing; he even knew what they were doing to me. Even though I didn't have a lot of faith in people to begin with each day it still managed to sink even further. Goddamn those two bitches were managing to arrange the whole town to go along with this, this was fucking unbelievable. They must've made a deal with the devil or something.

"By the way Miss Johnson," the Cheif began again, "I want you to know that my daughter is attending the University of Oregon and is one of the people who contributed to the picture cd's of you that they'll be selling soon. We intend to buy many of them to give to some of the officers, especially with all the proceeds going for such a good cause."

"You have a daughter and you think what's being done with me is okay?" I fired at him resentfully. I knew this was risky but I felt it was worth a try.

"I've been assured that you're being treated well and that your family is being well taken care of." He responded unblinkingly. "I know that this may not be the most moral thing I've gotten involved with but I've seen the footage of you and I haven't seen any signs of abuse. In fact I've seen that you've been very well fed. Seeing that I've had little trouble getting to sleep at night."

I hoped he got shot in the line of duty sometime soon the fucking asshole. I might not have been beaten or anything but I certainly felt like I'd been abused.

"Here we are Chief." Officer Collins announced as we pulled up in front of City Hall. "And we're still five minutes early."

"Thank you for the ride Jill." Chief Carver said to her as he opened his door. "Lovely meeting you Miss Johnson. Officer Collins will take you back to your car and I'll have her give you my card. If you have any trouble with anyone or any of my officers feel free to let me know about it. And just for the record, I love your ass and I wish I were a younger man."

He then got out of the car as I was tried to keep myself from throwing up. I'd like to have called one of his officers to complain about him.

"Just the two of us now." Officer Collins pointed out as we began to drive again. "It gives us a chance to chat. I'm curious as to how it feels sitting naked in the back of a police car?"

I didn't answer her. I decided I was tired of playing this stupid game with people where they get to feel superior at my expense. She could figure out for herself what it would feel like.

"Not going to answer huh?" she said sharpely. "Well I think before I take you to your car that I'll make a little stop first and see if I can't change your attitude."

"It feels like shit." I blurted out not wanting to go anywhere with her. "That what you want to know?"

"It seemed to me that when you got out of your car your nipples seemed pretty happy to be free." she teased. "I have a feeling they're hard right now. I think you should quit being in denial and just go with it."

"Fuck you." I whispered aloud.

"I'd like to but my husband would be upset," she shot back. "I think we need to go have a talk in the woods really fast. I think your whole look on all this will change after that."

"If you do anything to me both Emily and CJ will know." I said trying to sound threatening.

"Oh I'm in tight with those two." she bragged. "I think I can get away with a thing or two."

Oh shit me and my big mouth. I should've kept to the shy routine although it did feel good to fight back. Now though I was probably about to regret that. After driving out to the outskirts of town we pulled up and parked next to a wooded area that had an opening with a path that led inside.

This didn't look like an area that got frequented very much, oh God I hoped she wasn't planning on hunting me or something. She got out and came around to my door and opened it for me and then motioned for me to get out.

"I don't want to." I told her directly. "I don't trust what you have in mind."

"I'm not going to hurt you ya silly goose." she said shaking her at me. "But I promise you that you'll regret not getting out and coming with me. Now let's go young lady, it's time you get enlightend to a few things. Don't make me pull my gun on you."

Maybe a police officer was the wrong person to start feeling brave with. Even though I was very nervous about this I managed to force myself to get out of the car after which she quickly closed the door. She then took my arm and started leading me towards the path that lead into the woods.

"You know I'm supposed to stay a virgin don't you?" I asked as I began to shake a little as we started down the path. "I think that includes foreign objects too."

"Would you relax." she said annoyed. "You're just going to be taught a little lesson is all. Now quit shaking so much and get your sexy little self going."

Not having any shoes on made walking more uncomfortable on my feet, which were already sore from wearing those high heels before, and we had to walk slowly so I could watch where I was stepping. After a few minutes we came to a small clearing that was surrounded by trees, it was there that Scott came out from behind a tree and stood in front of us. He quickly put a finger up to his mouth telling me not to say anything, which was hard because I was so surprised to see him. He pulled a device out of his pocket and flicked a switch on it which turned on a red light.

"A-okay?" Officer Collins asked him.

"It should be." he answered as he pulled out a small walkie talkie. "Are we clear?" he said into it.

"All clear." a voice on the other end told him. "You may proceed but remember time is limited."

"Hi Amanda." He said to me with a big smile. "I'm sorry if Jill had to threaten you a bit but we had to get you out here. This device I'm holding puts out a signal that temporarily blocks the trasmission of the microphone in your collar. Without it we wouldn't be able to have this conversation."

My first reaction was to walk up and embrace him. I was so happy to see him and hoped that he was about to get me out of this.

"I could get used to a greeting like this." Scott confessed as I let go of him. "I would give you my jacket but we only have a moment or so to speak before we have to leave. I wouldn't be surprised if someone was on the way here right now since I've blocked out their signal."

"When can you get me out of this?" I asked desperately, I wished it could be right then.

"Not today unfortunately." He replied sounding dissapointed. "As much as we'd like to we wouldn't be able to get very far. Emily and CJ really have a wall around you even though you can't really see it, we have to pick our moments very carefully. Those two are very calculating and you seem to be very precious to them, and they don't seem to be taking too many chances when it comes to you and making sure you stay in line. Some of the people I'm working with on this have openly wept from watching and listening to the things those two heartless bitches make you do and say. We are determind to try and get you away from them and in a safe place where they can't find you by at least Friday if not sooner, but we have to be careful because we may only have one chance."

"You have to hurry." I said pleadingly. "I can't take much more of this. They want me to start going to school like this and attend classes naked."

"I'd like to see that." said a voice over Scott's walkie talkie. "We should wait until after she does that for a couple days and then rescue her. I mean that's hot man."

Looking completely embarrassed Scott picked up his walkie talkie and spoke into it with a harsh tone.

"Hey assholes we could hear that." He told them. "Pull your minds out of the gutter and focus. This is very dangerous for the girl and we can't slip up."

"Um, sorry sir." a repentant voice replied. "Nothing happening yet, everythings still clear sir."

"I'm sorry about that." Scott said to me apologetically. "Those guys are just hired hands and aren't familiar with Emily and CJ so they can't sympathize."

"What is their plan for me?" I asked. I was determind to find out as much as I could.

"I wish I could tell you but there honestly isn't enough time to go over everything." He said regretfully. "But we do know that they are making plans right now to fill you in on some things and personally we'd like to listen in on this. If I could just have a quick look at your collar I might be able to figure out what frequency this broadcasts on so that we could listen in."

He quickly walked behind me and I felt his hands brush on the sides of my neck as he fondled the collar.

"Can you take that off?" I asked.

"Not right here." He answered, continuing to disappoint me. "Plus it would tip off the gruesome twosome that something's up."

"Can you tell me or do anything that can help me right now?" I was beginning to get frustrated about this whole meeting. I still didn't know anything and I couldn't be rescued right now.

"Know that we are working really hard to try and stop what's going to happen with you." He tried to comfort me by putting his hand on my shoulder while he still fiddled with my collar. "I know this is awful for you but for us to help you you're going to have to hang in there a little longer. There's that number."

"I wanted to take this chance to say I'm sorry for talking to you like I did before." Officer Collins said to me sounding humbled. "I have to go along with it as well or I blow my cover and then I'd be no good to you."

"Thank you for wanting to help me." I smiled to help reassure her.

"Okay guys." Scott said behind me, I believe into his walkie talkie. "Can you see it?"

"Got it." the voice replied. "These picture phones are great."

Scott turned me back around to face him and he looked at me with sympathetic eyes. "We have to go now." He began. "I wish you could come too but you will soon. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you more but you need to be surprised when Emily and CJ reveal things to you. As much as I wish they were they're not stupid, in fact they're borderline evil geniuses and we can't risk tipping them off. We're hoping to find out new information ourselves since finding out their plans hasn't been an easy thing to do so far."

"Can you at least tell me why they chose me?" I wanted to at least know that.

"Because you fit the profile of what they wanted." He answered straightly. "They wanted someone who both looks like a virgin and is one, someone whose shy but in a charming manner, someone who's attractive but not in a glamorous way, and someone who has a situation that can be used against her. You fit that bill perfectly my dear and they are not the type of people to let something they want get away. We're not sure how they found you though but they do have ties to this area so maybe they just came across you at random, I don't know. Maybe they'll shed some light on it tonight."

"What kind of ties do have?" I continued asking. "Who are they?"

"I have to go." He said to me and then kissed me on my cheek. "I'm sorry I can't tell you more. Remember that you are not alone anymore and we will get you away from here. I promise."

He then started running into the woods and soon disappeard behind some trees. I wanted to run too but I was barefoot and I wouldn't be able to catch up with him, plus I still had this stupid collar on and they'd find me and probably punish me. I looked down at myself and saw that I was still naked and my will was still not my own, I want things to go back to normal so badly.

"I hope you learned your lesson." Officer Collins shouted at me harshly. When Scott left he took his blocking device with him which meant that the microphone in my collar was broadcating again. "I imagine next time when I ask you a question you'll answer without giving me any lip."

"Yes ma'am." I answered sadly as real tears began to roll down my check from disappointment. "I won't give you anymore trouble."

She took my arm and began to lead me back out of the woods. I looked at her and she gave me a reassuring smile and then moved her hand from my arm up to my shoulder as I wiped the tears out of my eyes. When we came out of the woods we began to walk towards her squadcar when CJ suddenly pulled up out of nowhere in her SUV and came to a screeching halt right in front of us.

"Are you all right?" CJ shouted at me as she quickly got out of her vehicle and ran over to us. "What the fuck was going on in there?"

"We were just having a little talk." Officer Collins responded. She sounded a bit shaken from CJ's sudden arrival. "Why, is something wrong?"

"I don't know." CJ said accusingly at Officer Collins as she got right up in her face. "No one was able to listen in on your supposed conversation out there. Somehow things got scrambled. You wouldn't happen to know why that may be do you Jill?"

"I think you need to calm down CJ." Jill suggested. "I'm not sure what it is you're talking about."

"Oh you don't?" CJ replied not believing her. "I know full well you've been informed about the thing around her neck and the fact that it has bug in it. I want to know why it stopped working when you went out in the woods and I want to know why it's working fine now."

"I have no idea." Jill answered trying to sound truthful. "All we did was talk about her respecting authority, I had no clue that her mic stopped working out there. I mean I can't tell by looking at it that it's not working."

"Do you know what I'll do to you if I find out you're lying to me?" CJ threatend her in an angry voice. "What she's going through right now will seem like heaven compared to the shit that awaits you if you cross us." She then leaned in even closer to her. "I know about what you do when you think no one is looking Jill. I don't think you want me to let certain people find out about that do you?"

"No ma'am." Jill responded suddenly sounding fearful. "I swear I don't know what happend with the mic. I'm far too grateful to you for what you've offered me to go against you ma'am."

"You'd better be telling the truth." CJ told her coldly and then continued to stand right in her face before finally stepping back. "Do you have her car keys?"

"I think Amanda's still holding them." Jill answered.

God this whole time I'd been holding my keys tightly in my hand and I forgot I even had them. Shit thank goodness I didn't drop them. I held them up for CJ to see.

"Get in my car Amy." CJ ordered me. "I'll take you back to yours. Jill if you're lying to me I'll find out so if you have something to come clean about do it now."

"There's nothing CJ." Jill replied unflinching.

"Then get the hell out of here." CJ told her. "Make sure you get to Bible study tonight. We need you to protect that Amber girl from those volleyball players."

"Yes ma'am." Jill obidiently answered and then quickly got in her squad car.

When I got in CJ's SUV I found a towel sitting on my seat which I quickly sat on and closed my door. CJ's confrontation with Officer Collins made me very fearful of possibly trying to escape all this, I mean CJ had a fire in her that I hadn't seen before and it scared me. I was afraid of what they'd do if they caught us.

"So did she try to touch you or anything?" CJ asked me as she got in on her side.

"No." I answered her quietly. "She just yelled a lot."

"What else happend?" she demanded.

"Nothing really." I said trying to reassure her. "She just made a lot of threats."

CJ then took out her cell phone and hit a button on it.

"Hey." she said into it. "Send someone over to check out the woods here. I want to know why the siganl went out back there. Yes. As quick as possible. Later."

She then hung up and turned back to me. "You're not going to be spending any more time with Jill, there's just something funny about her lately that's not right so I don't want her anywhere near you. Anyway honey I'm glad you got to speak to the chief, at least that's out of the way. Now let's get you home and get you ready for tonight. I'll have Ashley come over to clean the living room for you, she's not doing anything anyway."

Part 62

The first few minutes of the drive back to my car were quiet and awkward. I was nervous that CJ would find out somehow about my conversation with Scott in the woods. She knew something wasn't right and I worried about what she'd do if she figured out what really took place. I decided that I should try to act like nothing special happend and ask her about her meeting with Mr. Green.

"What happend with your meeting?" I asked her.

"A lot of drama." She answered rolling her eyes. "That man is a pain in the ass. It ended up getting pretty nasty and he was about to have me arrested when I informed him about what we had on his daughter, things got calmer after that."

"What do you have on his daughter?" I was curious to know.

"It's not really what we have on her as far as dirt." CJ replied smugly. "It's what we have on her as far as making her more like you, like having to be naked all the time. She doesn't know but she's on her way to becoming to a full-time exhibitionist without the luxury of us taking care of her unless you start attending classes nude starting next week. Once I showed him proof of this he became a much more reasonable person, you and Emily have another meeting with him tomorrow morning to discuss things further."

"I hope you're kidding." I said mortified.

"You know by now that I'm not." she scolded me. "This is going to happen and no hick principal is going to tell me what's impossible."

Oh God she was insane, both her and Emily were. I wanted to get away from them so badly but I was so bound to them that I had to keep doing what they said. Scott said that maybe they could get me out by Friday but much could happen by then that could make that more difficult.

"There's your car." CJ said loudly as she pulled up next to it. "Right where you left it. Next time make sure you stop at Stop signs because I don't want you getting a bunch of tickets. You got your keys?"

"Yes." I answered her as I held them in my hand.

"Good. Follow me back to Gale's house and park your car in the garage. We'll test out the hot tub for a little bit before we go meet Em up in Portland. Don't follow me too close and try not to get pulled over."

"Can you wait here until I get in my car?" I asked as I dreaded getting out and unlocking my door out in the open, I mean I was still naked.

"And miss a chance to show you off?" she replied sarcastically. "I'll watch to make sure you get in but I'm not going to help hide you if that's what you want. I believe the chief told you that it's not illegal for you to be out like that, only for everyone else is it not allowed. Now out, out out out, let's get going."

I took a deep breath and made myself get out of the SUV. My mind was racing too fast to comprehend what it was trying to tell me so when CJ pulled away leaving me standing in the middle of the street stark naked I was almost paralyzed and couldn't get myself to snap out of it, that was until I heard a scream from behind me. I turned around to see a middle aged woman with a small child pointing at me with an upset look on her face.

"What are you doing?" she shouted at me. "My God put some clothes on, there are people looking at you. Aren't you ashamed?"

I darted over to my car but in my rush I dropped the keys and they went underneath it. Oh God I was going to have to bend down in front of this lady and her kid to get them.

"What's going on?" Another female voice shouted from behind me.

"This young lady just got out of a car naked." the first lady answered her as I knelt down next to my car to try and grab my keys. "And she doesn't seem to care what she's showing or who is looking."

I had to reach a bit, which caused me to put myself on even more open display, but I managed to grab my keys and I quickly stood back up and got my car unlocked.

"She was here earlier." A third female voice pointed out, it sounded like an elderly voice possibly the old woman from the house I'm parked in front of.

"The police had her pulled over and took her away like that. She had been driving that way."

I got in my car as fast as I could and started the engine before I even put on my seatbelt. I saw that CJ was basically parked in front of the Stop sign on the next corner, I guess waiting for me, so I drove up to her as quick as I was able. I looked behind me and saw that more people had come out to see what was going on and I breathed a sigh of relief to have gotten away when I did. I saw CJ's face in her driver's side mirror and she seemed quite amused at what took place, she was so proud of herself for what she'd been doing to me. I feared that what just happend was going to become a too common occurance for me. I looked down and saw how aroused I was again, when I shifted in my seat a blissful shiver went up my spine and I could feel myself becoming damp. By the time we pulled up to Gale's driveway my seat was practically greased and I couldn't help myself but to slid around in it because it just felt so good. When I parked in the garage I caught a glimpes of myself in my mirror and my face was all flushed and I looked to be enjoying this. I closed the garage door behind me and against my better judgement I placed two of my fingers down in my vagina while my free hand pinched one of my hardend nipples. I needed to do this quickly before CJ came around and caught me. I didn't need her teasing right then. Oh there was the spot, oh shit, here we go. For a moment I lost control of my body as my legs shook and I could feel myself orgasming all over my car seat. It figured I wouldn't have a towel in here, fuck this was a mess. God what a little slut I was turning into, I couldn't believe I'd just done that. I realized I'd better get inside before she came looking for me.

"What's that smell?" CJ said as I walked up to her as she stood by the new hot tub in the backyard. "Are you turned on?"

I avoided her gaze and looked down at the ground, sadly giving away my answer.

"You are." She said proudly. "That was pretty hot watching you struggle to get in your car back there. I bet that kid has plenty of questions for his mom tonight."

I stood there feeling dirty while CJ tested the water of the hot tub with her hand. What was wrong with me? Why did my body act like this when I was being humiliated? I mean it seemed like it should have been doing the opposite.

"Water feels good." CJ proclaimed. "You'll notice the high seating in this tub, it's so that the camera we have pointed at this will be able to see more of you clearly when you use this. Isn't it cute too, and the jets in it are supposed to be great. Hop on in and try it, it smells like you could use it."

Despite the embarrassment I felt from that remark I did what she asked and got in. The warm water felt good and I quickly found myself relaxing as it bubbled around me.

"You know you can use those jets to... you know." she informed me.

"Not if there's a camera on me." I told her plainly, even though I knew there was one in my car too.

"Oh, you're such a prude babygirl." CJ scoffed. "But that is one of the few things we want you to do on your own so I'm not going to make you. But with those jets it'll just be a matter of time."

She then took out her cellphone and punched in a number. "Ashley?" She said into the phone. "CJ. I need you to come by Gale's after school. I need you to clean the living room. Because I need you to that's why. We don't answer to Gale she answers to us and so do you. We're sending you to Duke, I think you can do a little vacuuming. Yes you can make Stacy help you. Good. Later."

She then put her phone away as I slid down further in the tub to submerge myself.

"I'm going to go change so go ahead and soak for a little bit. We'll be leaving though shortly and we'll stop and get something to eat on the way. We'll be seeing your folks later so don't worry about calling them, there'll be all kinds of time for talking then. After tonight you're going to be looking at things differently girlfriend, and people are going to be looking at you."

he winked at me and walked back into the house. Were my parents going to be at this meeting? Were they going to find out what I'd been doing for the last week? Oh fuck so much for feeling relaxed!

Part 63

"Are my parents going to be at our meeting?" I was sitting nervously in the front seat of CJ's SUV when I asked her this. I wanted to ask earlier but after she changed her clothes and finally came back to where I was she was screaming into her cell phone at someone about getting their luxury suite ready. When she hung up she seemed a little angry so I refrained from asking.

"Not at the meeting." CJ answered my question. "We'll be meeting them later though. I know you're mom misses you and I believe your dad does too but it's hard to tell with his eyes always on my ass."

I did feel a bit relieved at hearing that my folks won't be at the meeting but I was still nervous about what the goddesses had planned with them. I slouched down in my seat and looked out the window as we drove. Everything just sort of whizzed by just like the way I used to consider my life. I missed my mom too and I missed being anonymous at my school. I knew my mom had always tried to push me to make friends and go out and do things but I really was never interested in that, I figured I had my whole life after high school for that. Besides as I'd learned the kids at my high school suck and I was better off being the nerdy wallflower. As I thought about what had happend to me over the last week I couldn't believe that it'd gotten this far. If I had known last Wednsday what was going to happen to me I would've ran away I thought. What was in those origional pictures of me was tame compared to what they had of me now, I mean picture cd's of me were going to be sold and they contained just a fraction of what Em and CJ had on me. God I felt dirty.

"Why don't you go ahead and let your hair down." CJ instructed me as she drove. "Even though I like how it looks when it's up like that I think when we go in the restaurant for dinner you should have a more natural look."

"You're going to make me go in a restaurant like this?" I asked referring to my nudity. Of course I basically already knew the answer was yes.

"You're going to be doing everything like that pretty soon babygirl." She teased me. "We're not going to have to worry about whether or not you have access to any clothes or not because you won't be able to wear them even if they are."

Her saying it to me like that was very unnerving. I suddenly had visions of doing everything naked from eating to going to school to just sitting at home and watching TV, God I'd be a freak.

"I love how hard your nipples get when I tell you this." CJ continued teasing me. "I'm almost flattered."

"It has nothing to do with you." I said looking away from her. "You can thank my frail nerves for this." I then raised my hands over my breasts to cover them.

"Put those down." she ordered. "Your body is for show now and I want to look at you so no covering yourself when you're with me, you've probably been told that already. In fact I want you to open your legs a little bit, that can't be comfortable keeping your knees locked like that all the time."

Feeling a new wave of shame wash over me I made myself lower my hands from my breasts. Even harder was making myself open my legs for her, when I did I could feel the wetness that was forming down there again. God this was so unladylike.

"A little wider honey." she ordered again. "You don't have to spread eagle but I want to be able to see it when I look over at you."

Goddamn her, the fact that she enjoyed doing this to me made it even worse.

After taking a deep breath I opened my legs even wider until she told me it was good. I could see the amusement in her eyes as she looked me over and then put her hand on my thigh.

"You're such a cutie Amy." she teased some more. "I'm so glad you belong to us. I can see that you're opening up down there." She then reached her hand down into my crotch area and her finger grazed my vagina which made me wince for a second. "Smells real good." she told me as she raised her finger to her nose. She then proceeded to lick it with her tongue for which she pronounced, "Tastes good too." Which caused me to look away from her again.

"Oh God." I found myself saying out loud. "You're gross." "Oh you love me." she mocked. "I tell you this much if it wasn't for the fact that we want you to be a virgin I'd go down on you so fast you'd think your insides were being sucked out. I remember the first time I received good head I thought I was in an episode of Sliders and I was being pulled through the time tunnel, all I could see were flashing lights blowing by me."

"I really don't want to hear about this." I said as my stomach turned from listening to her. The vision in my mind of CJ and oral sex was making me nausous. Right now I was glad I was a virgin if that was what was keeping her off of me.

"You're so repressed Amy." she scoffed. "I think your mom must've coddled you a little too much. That's okay though, it's part of your charm."

I was glad that after she said that she seemed to drop it and we drove for the next several miles without saying a word. I continued looking out the window as the hip hop station CJ was listening to played in the background. I didn't mind rap music but I did tire of it easily, and Jesus when was 'Hey Ya' finally going to stop getting played all the time, I mean I was so sick of that song. I was actually glad when a commercial came on.

"Make sure you come down to the Rose Garden tonight." the radio announcer advised. "The Trailblazers have their final exhibition game tonight before the new season starts."

The Portland Trailblazers were the local NBA team and the only major league franchise in the state. My father and brother are big fans and I got to attend a few games with them over my life and it was fun, even though half the time I didn't know what was going on. I'm still a bit green with the rules other than a basket is worth two points, although sometimes it's worth one and others it's worth three. My brother must be in heaven now that he works for the Pheonix Suns down in Arizona, he probably gets paid for going to the games. He had me to thank for that but he didn't know that though.

"Good seats are still available." the radio announcer continued. "That's the Blazers vs. The Pheonix Suns tonight at 7:30. Come one and come all."

Oh shit they were playing the Suns, that was a coincidence. When we came to the Oregon City exit CJ turned off on it.

"I have a friend who owns a restaurant here and he's expecting us." she said to me as we got off the exit and started down the main drive. "Have you ever been to The Keg before?"

"No." I answered honestly although I had heard of it.

"It's really cool and they have great steaks." she informed me. "Don't worry we'll be sitting in the lounge so that people with kids won't freak out while we're trying to eat."

How kind of her, instead of kids I got to be around drinkers, like either was better than the other. We drove for several miles down the main street before we finally came to The Keg and when we did she pulled in and parked around back.

"Here we are baby." she squeeled. "I need to let him know we're here first." She then pulled out her cell phone and dialed a number. "Mike?" she spoke into the phone. "CJ. Hey what's up. Everything ready? Cool. Yeah she's underage but she'll only be drinking soda. Make sure you put a towel on her seat because she excites easily. Okay you want us to come in through the kitchen? Sure. Just have someone meet us there in a few minutes. Yeah we're here I just have something to do first. Okay see ya in a bit. Thanks babe."

She then hung up her phone and put it away. She then pulled out what looked like a glass pipe out of her bag and then pulled out a plastic bag full of marijuana.

"Need a little appetizer before we go in," she told me as she placed the pipe in her lap and then took a small chunck of the pot and loaded it.

"Is that that same stuff Emily gave Tess yesterday?" I asked her.

"Sure is." she answered as she finished loading. "Only the best honey. The guy who grows it is this old hippie and it's all hydroponic. He calls this shit White Widow, make sure when you take the hit you take it lightly or you'll be in some pain from all the coughing you'll do."

I was conflicted about smoking this. On one hand I would like to relax a little but on the other I may be giving up some control, and Lord knew I didn't have much of that to begin with right then.

"I think I'll pass." I told her as she offered me the pipe.

"I didn't ask." she said plainly. "Take it or no meeting tonight."

Fuck, so much for being conflicted. I took the pipe and held it up to my lips as CJ lit the bowl. Once my lungs were full I had to struggle to hold it in, it was a struggle I lost once CJ took the pipe from me.

"Easy girl." CJ said laughing as I started to cough heavily. "Breathe, just breathe."

I finally got a hold of myself after a minute and I noticed everything had a slight blur to it. She was right, that was good shit. After she took a quick hit she handed it back to me.

"This time keep sucking in until I say stop." she said to me. "Then try real hard to hold it in until I say let it out. If you fail to do this you'll have to do a dance for everyone in there when we're done eating."

"Will you at least be fair?" I asked her. "I mean please don't be unrealistic, I'm not a regular smoker."

"I understand, this isn't a trick." she replied. "I just want you to get stoned real good. Now open up."

I took the pipe back in my mouth and CJ began to light it. I sucked on it slowly again and soon I felt full but CJ continued to keep the bowl lit. Soon I thought I was about to blow when she told me to stop and hold it in. I had to clutch the arm rest on my door to help me keep from losing it, I could even see my face in my rearview mirror turn dark red from holding my breath.

"Ten more seconds." she told me as I didn't know how much longer I could hold it. "Almost there. Okay let it out."

I quickly exhaled and immediatley began another coughing fit while CJ laughed herself silly. When I finally quit coughing I could barely raise my head. Oh fuck that hit me hard.

"That's my girl." CJ praised. "I'll bet pretty soon you'll be dying for that steak, as well as other munchies. Let's get on inside while it's still happy hour."

"Can't we just get drive thru like we usually do?" I asked as my head continued to have a hard time focusing. "It would be faster."

"Not tonight." she said smugly. "I'm sick of fast food and I want something with a baked potato. I mean we are civilized aren't we?"

She then broke out laughing again at what she said, she must be pretty stoned too, as she opened her door and motioned for me to get out as well. The fact that it was only a quarter past 4 and still light out made this difficult for me. I looked around the parking lot as best I could but I could only see so much of it. Reluctantly I opened my door and got out. Once my door was closed it immediatley locked and I was once again naked out in the open. God I just couldn't get used to this.

"Hold on I forgot something." CJ proclaimed and she unlocked her door and got back in.

I couldn't tell if she was actually looking for something or just making me suffer but she was taking her time while I stood here. C'mon hurry up dammit; it's cold. It was then that a two young men came out from around the corner to go to their car. They quickly spotted me.

"Holy shit are we leaving too early?" One of them blurted out. "I didn't know there was a floor show."

"Neither did I." The second guy added. "Fuck and I spent most of the money in there already. At least we caught her before we left."

didn't know what to do but just stand there and take it. Being stoned like I was I was having trouble coming up with a plan. Oh shit and one of them had a fucking camera phone, damn technology.

"Got it." the first guy said as he took my picture. "We'll have to find out when the next one is and make sure we come. She's cute."

Finally CJ got back out and came around over next to me and took my arm.

"Making friends baby?" she teased again. "I'm sure you'll make even more inside. C'mon, let's go in and make everyone feel better about their lives."