Those Pictures
by Blzr

Part 49

It took us about an hour or so to get to Beaverton, and as far as I was concerned we could've taken longer, despite the torture I had to go through on the trip there. The whole ride up there I had to sit between both Stacy and Ashley in the front of Ashley's truck and the ride was less than fun. Of course since I had to sit so close to both of them it wasn't long before they totally became enchanted with touching my soft skin. Pretty much the whole way I had to endure their constant massaging of my thighs, mainly the inside of my thighs, which they kept telling me felt wonderful. I was also sitting with the clutch between my legs so whenever Ashley had to shift gears, which she seemed to find constant excuses to do, she would always move my legs out of the way to create enough room to shift. At least three times I felt her hand brush my crotch as she did this. What was worse was that all this touching was making me aroused again, as if I hadn't been getting turned on enough lately.

"Look at how horny she looks." Stacy had pointed out. "Her nipples look like they need to be tweeked and it doesn't seem like she's going to do it herself."

She did try to play with my breasts a little but I kept pushing her hands away and informed her that I wasn't gay and to please stop that. She did but she then just went back to touching my legs. I kept watching other cars to see if anyone could tell that I was naked, if they could they probably were curious as to what a naked girl was doing sitting between two dressed ones. I didn't notice anyone looking at us so I hoped that was a good sign but it was hard to really know. I was guessing that since Ashley was supposed to be in on what the goddesses were having me do that there was a good possibility that there was a camera in there somewhere, and probably pointed at me. As much as I wanted to cover myself it was hard to do with it being so cramped and with both of them constantly teasing and groping me I knew that there would be tons of humiliating footage being taken.

"I never would've thought riding around with a naked girl would be so fun." Ashley proclaimed. "I would've thought it would be gay and awkward."

"It's because it's Amanda." Stacy chimed in. "She's not like other girls. I mean look at how she reacts, she's so embarrassed and yet she keeps taking it. Usually when I'm as turned on as she is right now I'm usually smiling and happy. She looks like she's scared more than excited, she's just so shy."

"It makes me want to tease her more." Ashley said laughing.

"That's cause you're a bitch." Stacy joked. "You jocks always want to pick on others. For me I was want to cuddle with her and help her become less shy, although I have to admit her shyness is what makes her so hot, so I don't want her to get completely over it."

"She is cute." Ashley added. "I've always thought of her as rather plain until lately. She's got a much cuter body than I would've thought she would. I love the baby fat and how curvy it makes her. Doesn't she have cute little boobs too?"

"Oh yeah." Stacy agreed. "They're nice and round and look at how pointy they are. I imagine the guys at our school appreciate them as well in those tanktops she's been wearing."

"Look at how red she's looking now." Ashley pointed out and laughed. "She's so embarrassed. And to think she volunteered for this."

"Unbelievable. Although did you think there was something weird about her two friends Emily and CJ?"

"No." Ashley answered, sounding to me like she was acting. "What makes you say that?"

"They sure didn't seem like Christians or anything like that to me. How long have you known them Amanda?"

I didn't know how to answer that since I knew that Em and CJ don't want me talking about them. I just gave her the answer I felt safest giving. "I don't want to talk about them." I said trying to skirt the issue. "It makes me uncomfortable because they're not here to defend themselves."

"What?" Stacy replied puzzled. "I'm not asking if they're bitches or anything I'm asking how long have you known them?"

"Please Stacy." I said respectfully. "Don't ask me about them. I'll let you live your fantasies through me but I have to ask that any questions you have about them you ask them yourself. I don't want to talk bad about them."

"Okay something's up." Stacy blurted.

"Oh Stacy," Ashley jumped in, "you have a paranoid mind. She is obviously uncomfortable talking about her friends so why don't you drop it. Who gives a shit about them anyway? We're supposed to be showing Amanda a good time by taking her dancing."

Yeah, taking me dancing while I was naked. At least Ashley was going to help me out with keeping Em and CJ out of our converstation.

"Don't you think that they are a little weird?" Stacy continued anyway. "I mean c'mon Ash, they gave us a whole speech about what not to let her do, that Emily girl even threatend us a little."

"So," Ashley replied, "you told me earlier that you'd want to beat up anyone who tried to hurt her. They're just doing the same thing. They just care about her. You're just not used to being told what to do."

"Well I had hoped to sneek her a drink or two while we're there." Stacy confessed. "But she said that if we did that she'd tell my folks. I mean who the f*&$ is she?"

"Stacy," I interrupted, "I don't want to drink anyway. The two of them are my friends and you'll have to accept that if you want to be my friend."

Stacy seemed a bit taken back by what I just said. Myself I wanted to wash my mouth out with soap for saying that those two evil bitches were my friends.

"I think she's spoken Stacy." Ashley gloated.

"Well Amanda," Stacy began "I see I've hit a nerve so I'll drop it for now. I do want to be your friend and I'm just looking out for you. Someone should since you're always naked or almost naked these days."

"Look." Ashley said with excitement as she pointed to me. "I just noticed her nipples getting harder when you told her she was naked. I think that excites her as much as our touching her does."

Oh no. The problem was she was right, being told I was naked made me feel ashamed which in turn made my body that much more aroused, I couldn't believe someone noticed that by just looking at me. I couldn't hide any emotion anymore.

"Really?" Stacy sounded intrigued. She seemed to forget what we were just talking about. "Does being told you're naked get you horny? Oh my god it does."

My nipples had gotton harder again when she said that. I didn't like where this was going.

"Look at naked Amanda." Ashley said mockingly. "She's naked and we can see everything."

"We can see your boobs." Stacy joined in. "We can see your nipples."

"We can see your bellybutton and your hairless pussy. And we can see all your white skin that covers your naked body."

"Look, she can't hardly look at us now she's so embarrassed. But look at how turned on she is, I'm not sure if I've ever been that aroused before."

"And lord knows Stacy you're a little horndog. Sure you don't f*&% around much but you're always getting yourself excited."

"I'm a healthy girl. I have to say watching Amanda here is getting me excited as we speak. I can't wait to get to the club."

I had to endure more teasing about my nudity until finally we got off the highway and started to drive through Beaverton. Stacy then decided to call her friend at the club to tell him we were almost there. While she spoke to him on the phone I could hear her sounding surprised and when she finished with him she informed us what they were talking about.

"I guess the club is packed." Stacy said sounding surprised. "He said they've had to make people wait to get in because they've reached max capacity."

"What?" Ashley said surprised. "It's only Tuesday."

"I know, he's as shocked as anyone." Stacy replied. "He said they have a large line outside of people waiting to be allowed inside. He said he's never seen a Tuesday like this, he even said the owner is there too and he seems like he knew this would happen because he hired extra security tonight."

"Really?" Ashley said, I couldn't tell if she was really surprised or just acting like it. "Are we going to be able to get in?"

"He said that we can come right up to the front of the line and we'll be let in." Stacy answered. "They made sure there was still room for us. I guess Amanda here gets to show off her naked self to large crowd. This should be interesting."

"What's this place called again?" Ashley asked as she pulled into the turning lane and stopped.

"The Brass Monkey." Stacy said proudly. "Just like the Beastie Boys song. They play a mix of rock and old alternative there. I always have a blast and my friend Rick is real cool and will totally hook us up as long as we behave ourselves."

"Even with the owner there?" Ashley inquired.

"Oh shit that's right. Well hopefully he's just there for appearences, plus he must know we're coming if they've reserved us a spot."

The turn light turned green and Ashley made the turn and drove up two blocks until we saw the club come into view on the left hand side. A large brightly flashing 'THE BRASS MONKEY' sign informed us that this was the place and all three of us gasped at the line that stretched around the block to club's main entrance.

"Holy shit!" Stacy screamed as Ashley slowed down to get a better look at the crowd. "I've been here on saturdays that weren't this busy. My God."

"Where do I park?" Ashley asked.

"I have a feeling you'll have to park up the street a bit because it looks like the lot is full."

I couldn't believe how many people were out there waiting to get inside, and I was supposed to go in there with nothing on but highheel tennis shoes. At least the shoes weren't platform too. 'Oh God please let the place have to close down before we find a place to park, I don't want to do this.'

"Is today something special or anything?" Stacy asked as she was lost to explain the crowd. "Or do people get tomorrow off for something so that they can go out tonight?"

"Not that I'm aware." Ashley answered. "It's as if there was some sort of special attraction tonight." Ashley then gave me a nudge.

"Rick didn't mention anything special going on tonight." Stacy replied. "Maybe there's a convention in town or something?"

Cars were lined up all along the road for several blocks. We finally found a spot just outside some apartment buildings and we pulled into it.

"Ashley why don't you let Amanda wear your coat for the walk up there?" Stacy asked as Ashley turned off the engine.

"Why does she need to wear something for?" Ashley responded to my dislike. "I thought she's supposed to be God's chosen eye candy? We can keep her warm between the two of us."

"Oh please Ash." Stacy responded snidley. "It's at least seven or eight blocks. What if a cop comes or something? That's a headache I don't want to deal with."

"Let her wear your jacket then."

"This won't fit her." Stacy proclaimed. "This barely fits me. No offense Amanda, I don't think you're fat or anything you're just taller and bigger than me. Plus I'm not wearing a bra under this top and I don't really want my nipples illuminated in someones oncoming headlights."

But it was okay for me to have suffer that, and without the shirt. Boy if I got out of this I'd never take anything for granted ever again.

"Well I don't want her to wear mine." Ashley replied to Stacy. "Look at how aroused she is. What if she gets some of her juices on the inside of my coat? I mean that's gross. Why don't you call Rick and have him come down and walk us there? He could explain everything if a cop comes."

"Oh yeah." Stacy replied sarcastically. "And that way he could get a ticket too for bringing a naked underage girl into his nightclub."

"She's 18."

"The club is 21 and over." Stacy told her sternly. "None of us are old enough to go in there."

"He could bring a towel or something she could wear."

"A towel? Would you just let her wear your coat. If she soils it I'll buy you a new one."

"I'm not giving her my coat." Ashley barked. "She's a nudist, she's should be naked."

"Ash, what's up with you?" Stacy asked as she sat back stunned. "You've been acting weird all day. Do you have something against Amanda?"

"Not at all." Ashley said plainly. "It's just she rode all the way up here like this, why shouldn't she continue?"

"You're a cold one Ash." Stacy said bewildered at how her friend was acting. "If a cop comes me and Amanda are running and you'll have to deal with it."

Stacy then looked at me. "I'm sorry I didn't wear a bigger coat sweetie, next time I'll come prepared."

Stacy then gave Ashley an angry look and then proceeded to open her passenger side door and get out of the truck. I was glad to have the breathing room but I knew it would be short lived. Ashley then got out on her side and then walked over beside Stacy. They both looked at mr as if they expected me to get out but I was hesitent. I was afraid someone in the apartments might be looking out of their windows and they would get an eyeful of me as I got out. God and we had to walk all that way, and once there I had to go inside like this and be around all of those people. I would have to walk in front of that huge line outside the entrance too, dammit this sucked!

"C'mon Amanda. Out of the truck." Ashley ordered.

"It's okay sweetie, no one's got their curtains open that I can tell." Stacy said kindly.

"So lets move it girl." Ashley ordered again.

"Ash would you be nice to her?" Stacy told her annoyed. "I mean she's about to do something you or I would never do. I think we can give her a f*&%ing minute."

Boy I never thought I'd be grateful for Stacy being here but at least she was being somewhat sympathetic despite this being her idea for me to come here like this. The fgoddesses must have been very proud of Ashley though for making sure I didn't get to wear anything for the walk. I had to admit that Ashley was someone I never thought highly of and I now felt justified in my disdain.

"Amanda." Ashley said to me in an overdone friendly voice. "Would you please get out so I don't have to drag you out."

"You can do this Amanda." Stacy said sounding more sincere than Ashley did in her kind tone. "When you streaked through a large football stadium you were alone, this time we'll be with you. That should make it a lot easier."

The only thing that would have made this easier was if I could get fully dressed. Stacy held out her hand to me from outside of the truck and gave me big smile. Reluctantly I took her hand and let her guide me out of the truck and onto the sidewalk beside her. She immediatly pulled me to her and put her arm around me and held on to me tightly. I could hear Ashley close my door behind me and then lock both of the doors with her remote. Ashley then walked to the other side of me and put her arm around me too and the two of them began leading me toward the club.

I could feel my steps beneath me as I walked but yet I felt like I was floating and detatched from myself as if I had left my body somehow. Their grip on me was firm and I was helpless to slow them down as we hurried up the sidewalk past trees and other apartment buildings and when we came to a street we'd stop briefly to check for traffic and then cross. We didn't encounter anyone or any traffic at first but at about halfway there a car approached from behind us. I felt lightheaded at the thought of how it must've looked with my naked ass walking between to other people.

Part 50

"Not a cop is it?" Stacy asked as Ashley turned her head and looked.

"No." Ashley replied. "Amanda's ass sure does glow in the headlights though."

The car slowed down as it approached us and a guy stuck his head out of the window to talk to us.

"What's up ladies?" The young man gleefully said to us. "You or your friend need a lift?"

"Nada." Stacy replied. "Thanks anyway."

"Why don't you show your ass too blondie?" the guy continued. "I bet yours looks better than hers does."

"What about me?" Ashley jumped in. "Don't you wanna see my ass?"

"Sure." the guy replied happily. "You all should get naked."

Then another car approached from the other direction and also slowed down when we came into their lights. This one had a girl driving it. "What's going on here?" The lady asked as she stuck her head out. "Why is that girl naked?"

"Who cares," the guy answered. "She shouldn't need a reason to be naked. It's a good look for you baby. It would be a good look for the blonde one too."

We continued walking as the guy continued to slowly follow us. The lady came to a complete stop blocking the road from oncoming traffic.

"She's going to get sick." the lady shouted at us as we continued to walk.

"One of you should give her something to wear."

"Shutup bitch." the guy yelled back at her. "They don't need to do jack shit other than get in my car with my buddy and me."

"Hey f*&% you asshole." the lady angrily shouted back. "My boyfriend in here could kick you and your faggot buddy's ass."

"Your boyfriend can blow me." the guy responded as the car he was in came to a stop.

"Oh shit." Stacy said as she tried to hurry us. "Let's get out of here before it gets ugly."

We began to pick up the pace and we hurried across another street as I heard car doors slam behind us. Once across I looked back and saw the two guys go up to the woman's car as a large black man started to get out of it. I was a little interested in how this would turn out but then I noticed another car was coming towards us up ahead and I found myself trying to hide my face behind Stacy's head.

"We're almost there Amanda." Stacy tried to reasure me. "Be strong."

I then heard screaming coming from behind us. We all glanced behind as we walked and we saw the guy who had talked to us go flying through the air as the black guy threw him over his car and onto the pavement as the third car stopped in front of it all.

"Serves that jerk right." Ashley said calmly. "I can't believe he'd want to see your ass over mine. My ass is so much better than both of yours."

"That's the only thing of yours that's better than mine." Stacy joked. "That includes the jump shot."

As the fighting behind us faded the club came into view ahead of us and the line to get inside hadn't gotten any smaller. Up to this point the streets hadn't been overly well lit, but in front of the club is was as if a premiere was being held it was so bright.

"Can we stop for a second so I can catch my breath?" I asked hoping to delay my arrival for a moment.

"When we get there you can." Ashley answered me smugly as she continued to pull me along.

Soon we only had one street left to cross before the club and once we came to the curb someone from the crowd noticed us.

"Look," someone shouted, "there she is."

Within seconds every head in the crowd turned to face our direction. The sound of a loud gasp came from the large gathering. As I was led across the street I could see people taking out cameras. Soon flashes were going off left and right and I was helpless to do anything as I was brought in front of them. I remembered CJ telling me that I had to let anyone take my picture who wanted it so I didn't try to pull away, but I did look down to hide my face a little.

"That is her," another voice shouted as more flashes went off. "She is the one from the game. Damn and she looks even prettier."

"I like her friends too," a third voice added. "Can all three of you smile for us?"

We stopped and posed for a shot before I was led to up the where the front of the line was. People continued taking pictures and shouting things at me.

"I think you're beautiful."

"I love what you're doing. Keep it up."

"We love you Amanda."

Oh my God they knew my name! What the hell was going on here?

Emily and CJ must've set this up somehow, but who were all these people?

"I wish I could be more like you," a female voice yelled at me as we came up to the doorman. "You're so brave."

I felt like I was walking into an episode of the Twilight Zone. I looked at Ashley hoping that maybe she would shed some light on things for me, but she just gave me a sinister grin.

"Hey Charley," Stacy said to the doorman who was very large and wore all black. "I belive we're expected."

"You sure are." he replied. "My God what a night this turning out to be, and most of these people I've never seen before. Many of them are from out of town."

"What's going on?" Stacy asked as she looked back at the line who were still taking pictures.

"I'm not sure but I think it has something to do with your friend here." He then pointed to me. "Is her name Amanda?"

"Yes." Stacy answered him with a puzzled look.

"Well then she's who people are here to see." He said painly. He then looked me over. "She's cute and all but you'd think Angelina Jolie was showing up with a crowd like this. Anyway go on in, you have a table reserved upstairs and everything is on the house tonight. Have a good evening ladies." He then looked at me again. "Hope you have a wonderful time at our club miss."

The lobby of the club was rather small but at least it didn't have any other people in it. I could hear the Red Hot Chilli Peppers blaring from the main area but I made them stop for a minute after we got past the door.

"Please let me catch my breath." I asked trying to pull away from them.

"Sure." Stacy said as she let go off me. "Maybe you can explain to me what's going on with everyone knowing about you."

"I have no idea what's going on." I was taken aback by her thinking I knew something. "You're the one who set it up for us to come here."

"I set it up with Rick for you to be naked but I told him not to announce it or publicise it." Stacy replied. "Plus there's a strip club down the road where they could see naked girls, why would anyone wait out there just to see you when they could go there and see several at a time?"

"I don't know." I answered, although I was sure I knew who was behind it. Just then a nicely dressed clean-cut man in his mid-twenties came through the walkway that connected the lobby with the main club. He seemed to recognise Stacy and a look of relief came across his face.

"Oh thank God you're here," he said to us and then embraced Stacy for a quick hug. "I can't believe what's going on here tonight. About two hours ago they all began showing up and within an hour we were full up. A few of the regulars are here but most of these people I've never seen before, but a lot of them seem to know each other in some form or another. It's really weird." He then turned his attention to me. "You must be Amanda?"

"Yes." Stacy answered for me. "Rick this is my friend Amanda Johnson. She's the nudist I was telling you about and understandably she's a bit put off by all of the extra people."

"Well they're spending money like crazy." He explained. "We're not kicking them out. I think they're here to see your friend anyway, they seemed to know she was coming."

"Well she's here." Ashley joined in. "Let's not keep them waiting any longer."

"Just a minute Ash." Stacy said respectfully. "I want to know what's up with the owner being here."

"He seemed to know that something was happening too." Rick told us. "He had already set it up for extra security and extra help and he's been busy helping out and making things run smooth. It was his idea to save you a table upstairs that overlooks the dance floor."

"You mean one of the VIP tables?" Stacy's eyes lit up as she asked this. "Oh that'd be tight!"

"Yeah." Rick answered. "I guess your friend here is something special. Like your other friend here mentioned, let's not keep them waiting any longer."

Stacy took me by the arm and Ashley followed behind us we let Rick lead us down the hall that led to a large spacious area where the dance floor was.

The music was blaring loudly as we watched several figures jump up and down and gyrate to the music under the flashes of several different coloured strobe lights. I could feel Stacy begin to groove a little next to me as we followed Rick right up to where we could be would be in view of the others. It didn't take long for us to be noticed and I watched in both horror and amazement as a crowd of several hundred people, who were dancing and conversing with each other, turned their heads and gave me their attention. In my mind it was like slow motion as I witnessed the surprise and joy in the reactions of everyone who was there, it was as if someone they had been waiting to see had finally arrived. A smatter of applause came from among them but the loud music drowned most of it out. Soon several people began to make their way over to where we were standing and I felt myself begin to panic, like I said there was a lot of people here and it looked like I would soon be engulfed by them.

"C'mon, follow me up these stairs and we'll get you three settled before we let you mingle." Rick told us and quickly guided us to the stairs that were guarded by security. "Not just anyone is allowed up here so you can have space if you need it."

He led us past the guards and up the stairs. I was worried about anyone standing underneath the stairs would get an open view of my openings as I climbed so I tried to use my hands as best I could to cover myself down there. I had to hope it was good enough because suddenly several flashes went off from below me as people pulled out their cameras. I didn't know people could bring cameras into clubs like this, it figured though. Once we reached the top of the stairs Rick led us to a small table that was right next to the railing that overlooked the club. Flashes were still going off from below us as our table was in clear view from the floor. The table had three chairs around it and I immediately knew which one was meant for me, since it was the one with the towel spread across it.

"Stacy told me that you tend to arouse easily." Rick explained to me as I felt myself blush harder. "She thought it would be best if you had a cover so you wouldn't catch anything anyone else may have left there."

My chair was specifically placed so that I could be clearly seen from below. The part of the balcony that our table was at protruded out above the crowd and I could be seen from different angles depending on where you were standing downstairs. Feeling like I was on stage in front of an audience I made myself sit in the chair, but I tried my best to avoid the crowd that was below me.

Ashley sat across from me and Stacy was about to sit next to me but Rick nudged her before she sat. "Can I talk to you for a second over here Stacy?" Rick asked her. "There's a few things I need to ask you."

"Um..." she answered as she seemed not to want to leave me. "Will Amanda be okay?"

"I'm here Stace," Ashley pointed out. "She'll be okay. Plus no one's going to bother us up here."

"You be nice to her." Stacy said to her firmly and then turned to me. "I'll be right back sweetie, then we'll have something to drink before we hit the floor."

Stacy then walked off with Rick as the song changed to some old punk song from the 80's which got a good reaction from the crowd. I couldn't help but look at what was going on below and I could see several people trying to yell up to me and waving their arms around. I was glad that I couldn't hear them though, if they'd told me something about my body I had to thank them and I wasn't ready to start that punishment yet. What surprised me was the range in ages of the people from the crowd. Some where in their early twenties while others seemed like they might be in their fifties or something, it was like that Rolling Stones concert I went to with my folks a few years ago where there was people of all ages there with their families.

"I can't believe it." Ashley said to me in an amazed sounding voice. "I can't believe this actually happened. They got you to go along with all of this, amazing."

"Why are going along with this?" I asked her plainly. "Do you really think all this is okay? You know that they're making me do this and this isn't my choice?"

"I know." she answered smugly. "Ordinarily I would be against something like this but I have to admit that at first I thought it was a joke. There was no way that anyone would try to do what they had in mind and when they said it was you that they intended to use I almost told them to go f*&% themselves I couldn't believe it. But hey, I found out that they can get me a scholarship to Duke to play ball next year so far be it from me to judge their choice.

From the looks of tonight I'd have to say that maybe they know what they're doing."

"What is going on tonight?" I inquired.

"A chance to show you off a bit I believe." she answered giving me another smug look. "I'm not sure of everything but it's like a meet and greet or something. I'm here to make sure you stick to the rules they gave you, including dancing and having fun."

"How are you going to control Stacy?"

"Stacy acts tough but I know her. I'm not too worried about Stacy, I can handle her. I was the one who saved her from those two assholes who tried to blackmail her last year."

"That was nice of you." I found myself answering for lack of something better to say. I could feel the stares on me from below and it was beginning to make me shiver.

"Well if I didn't they were going to try to make her f*&% them and several other guys at school." she continued. "They wanted to turn her into some kind of whore. Luckily I found out about it and turned them in, I made sure to cover up for Stacy so she didn't get in trouble along with them for using the stolen test. She owes me, that's why I know she won't be a problem."

Geez I was glad Em and CJ didn't have that kind of plan for me. As much as I hated being paraded around like this I thought I would have hated having to be a boy-toy like that even worse. Just then an older man came up to our table and introduced himself.

"Hello. I'm Jay Sipowitz, I own this club. It's a pleasure to meet you ladies." He said kindly as he held out his hand for me to shake which I cautiously did. "I'm so glad that you could honour us tonight Amanda. I've heard wonderful things about you and I can see that many others have as well. I want you to know that I'm a member myself and I'm just so impressed by you."

Member? Member of what?

"Um, hello sir I'm Ashley." she said quickly realising the look of shock I must have on my face. "I'm her assigned escort for tonight."

"Oh yes." Jay said and shook her hand. "You're the basketball player. It's the other one who's in the dark right?"

"Yes." Ashley answered. "And Amanda's still in the dark about a few things too." She then gave him a stern look and he seemed to immediately understand his mistake.

"Oh dear." he said embarrassed. "Let me get you two something to drink. Whatever you want, on the house."

"I'll have a Coors Light and she'll have a Shirley Temple." Ashley told him.

"Can we have a plate of chips and salsa too please?"

"Absolutely." he replied happily. "Anything else you need just let me or my staff know. Again I'm so pleased to have you here Miss Johnson. I'm glad to be a part of what you're doing."

"What did he mean when he said he was a 'member'?" I leaned in and asked Ashley after Mr. Sipowitz had left us.

"Like I'm going to tell you." she responded calmly. "You know you can't ask questions."

"But this isn't fair." I said in desperation as I leaned back away from her. "I should at least be let in on what's going on since I'm the one doing all the suffering, and it's not like I had a choice in the matter."

"You had a choice." Ashley snapped back at me. "I heard about how your first meeting with CJ behind the mall went. She said she had no trouble getting you to undress in front of her, she said she barely had to coax you. Sounds to me like you had a choice and you chose to go along with it."

"They had nude pictures of me and they were threatening to mail them out to every high school in the state." I tried to explain. "I didn't have a choice other than to do what CJ said."

"Oh please." Ashley sounded disgusted. "Like anyone would just believe that, all the high schools? C'mon. You're just a giant pussy who pissed down her leg and now you're paying the price. I know I would've kicked the shit out of CJ myself if I was in your place."

"You weren't there." I said harshly. "You don't know what you would've done. They knew things about me that I didn't know how they could've known, it was scary. Plus it's not like I was in any way prepared to deal with something so outrageous, in case you hadn't noticed I've never been much of a people person."

"That's true. That has a lot to do with why you're such a little wussy. And here you are now sitting completely naked in a busy night-club, in fact I think the spotlight has been shining on you for awhile. It makes it easier for everyone to get a good look at you I suppose."

She was right, I was being illuminated under a spotlight. How long had they been doing that? Dammit I needed to pay better attention. I moved my arms over my breasts as best I could and I pulled my legs up so that they were under my chin and then I locked my arms around my legs and hugged them to me. It wasn't the most comfortable position but I felt it was the least revealing.

"Ha ha." Ashley teased. "You can't hide can you? How does it feel to be sitting out naked like that? Is it sexy?"

"F*&% you." I shouted at her. "It's awful having to do this. It's so embarrassing and despite what you think I never had a choice but to go along with them. There's reasons that you don't know about that bind me to them."

"I imagine it is awful." she said with a smug grin. "I'm glad it's you that has to suffer it instead of me. I mean it must be very unnerving to have all those people down there taking your picture and forever having your naked body to ogle at."

I wanted to run away from the table for what was unnerving to me was Ashley's taunting. I'd have loved to see her try and kick CJ's ass like she said she would, but somehow I thought Ashley would regret attempting it. Just then a waiter brought over our drinks and chips and set them down for us. After he left I heard Ashley's phone ring. She answered it and seemed taken aback by whoever was on the other end.

"No I didn't mean that." Ashley spoke into the phone. "No, I'm just teasing her that's all. Fine. Okay I'm sorry. Okay here she is."

Ashley then reached over and handed me her phone. I put the phone up to my ear and then put my finger in my other ear to block out the music.

"Hello." I said cautiously into the phone.

"Hey sweetie." I heard Emily's voice say on the other end. "Are you having a good time?"

"What is that guy a member of?" I immediately found myself asking her ignoring her question.

"I see somebody slipped," Emily replied calmly. "I guess you're trying to figure that one out aren't you. I'll tell you what, if everything goes well tonight then tomorrow night after Bible study we'll explain about the 'members'. What do you say to that?"

"Why can't you tell me now?" I asked knowing I might be pushing my luck.

"Because you're supposed to be having a good time. I just scolded Ashley for giving you shit about being a pussy. You did the right thing by going along with us honey, if you hadn't I swear that right now would be worse for you. Plus CJ would beat the shit out of that Amazonian freak, I don't care who much taller Ashley is than her. CJ's a baddass and don't you forget it."

"What is going on tonight then?" I continued digging. "Do I have any new special instructions?"

"Only to smile at everyone when you go down and dance, and make sure you thank them for all their compliments and their insults. You have to dance with at least ten different guys and at least two women not counting Stacy and Ashley. We'd also like you to dance at least once by yourself so everyone can gather around and watch you. After that you can just sit around and drink pop for I care until it's time to go. I told Ashley that you have to leave there by at least eleven, you do have school tomorrow. Did you get all that?"

"Would I be excused if I forgot anything?" I asked sassily.

"Quit being a smartass, now do you understand?"

"Yes," I said defeated. "I don't have to sign autographs or anything like that do I?"

"Only if you want to. I'll be waiting up for you here when you get back so don't make me worry. Have a good time and don't let Ashley get to you, she's not as untouchable as she thinks. Make us proud, we'll be watching you. Love you sweetie, bye."

I hung up the phone and handed it back to Ashley who was staring at me intently.

"What did she say?" Ashley demanded to know.

"She was just telling me how to act." I answered, keeping what Emily said about her to myself. "She said I have to dance a lot."

"I guess she can hear us somehow." Ashley continued. "She gave me shit for giving you shit. Goddamn they're like the Mafia or the government or something like that. They probably have this whole place wired with cameras and shit, and to think it's all because of you. If it was Stacy they were doing this to I'd understand, but you? In all the time I've known you I've never once heard any guy say what a hottie you were or anything even close to that. I just don't get it, but hey these people here seem to like you. Why else would so many of them travel all the way here just to see your naked ass?"

It made no sense to me either to be quite frank. She was right, I'm no drop-dead beauty yet the goddesses had gone to outrageous lengths to objectify me as if I was an international sex symbol. Why would someone who looked like me create so much interest?

"Hey guys," Stacy said smiling as she rejoined us and sat down at the table with a drink in her hand. "Sorry I was gone so long but Rick wanted talk about something stupid which was just an excuse to get me alone so he could grope me."

"Did you let him?" Ashley asked.

"Of course." Stacy answered plainly. "He deserves something for his trouble. It's not like his girlfriend is here or anything and I'm not f*&%ing him so who cares?"

"What are you drinking?" Ashley asked Stacy.

"Malibu rum and pineapple juice. I see you're drinking your manly beer. Did the owner come and talk to you?"

"Yes." Ashley answered. "He told us how wonderful it was have Amanda here tonight."

"It is wonderful having Amanda here with us." Stacy said cheerfully as she placed her hand over mine. "It's nice having someone to take the attention off of me for a change."

"Plus you get to live out a fantasy." Ashley joked.

"Oh yes, that too." Stacy laughed. "Amanda gets to experience my fantasy for me. After I finish this drink then we're hitting the floor. Rick said that they would introduce us as we come down and I told him to have the DJ play something by The Cure so that I can cut loose right off the bat. Do you like The Cure Amanda?"

"They're okay." I said not really knowing who they were. I know their singer wears lipstick.

"Cool." Stacy replied as if I said I loved them. "Rick told me that security will be keeping a strong eye on you and anyone who gets out of line with you will be thrown out."

Stacy then started to slam down her drink as Ashley started to pig out on the chips. I looked down over the large crowd down on the dance floor, I could see that most of the faces were still focused on me but there wasn't as many flashes going off as before. It looked like everyone down there was getting along since I saw no shoving or pushing and many people were dancing and having a good time. I didn't know what was going on but whatever it was I was up to my chin in it and I couldn't figure a way out of it. I started thinking about what Emily said that if I hadn't gone along with them in the beginning like I did that things would be worse for me now. I wondered if that was really true or if she was just trying to keep me in line by telling me that. I had to imagine that they had the goods on my dad already and they might've used it which certainly would've brought turmoil to my family life. They also would've sent out those pictures they had of me to the high schools, although it's hard to say if that would've been worse than the ways they've exposed me otherwise.

Regardless I did go along with them and now I had to get ready and go down and gyrate to music naked in front of hundreds of clothed people, something Stacy had fantasised about and I'd had nightmares similar to.

"I'm done." Stacy blurted out having finished her drink. "Let's get down there and get our groove on girls, it's time to let the female animal in us roar."

"Time for Amanda to get up close and personal with her public." Ashley said slyly as she winked at me.

The three of us stood at the top of the stairs with a security guard who was to escort us down to the floor when the song was over. Ashley made me stand up front so I wouldn't be behind anyone therefore making sure I was clearly visible to the crowd below when we make our way down. I was silently praying to God for this to be as quick and painless as possible, I still didn't want to do this but I knew there was nothing else I could do at this point.

Ashley had told me that she knew about my dance quota I had to fill and that she had every intention of making sure I fulfilled it, but she also said that my first dance would just be with her and Stacy as sort of a warm up. God this was going to suck. I wasn't much of a dancer in the first place but to have to dance naked in front of all these strangers for the next few hours just made me cringe and I was worried that I'd fall over my feet all night, that's just what I needed -- to be falling on my ass in front of everyone.

"Song's almost over honey." Stacy excitedly whispered into my ear from behind me. "Time for you to shine."

Speaking of shine the glare off of that tiny top she was wearing was annoying. When we left the table both she and Ashley took off their coats to reveal some very skimpy attire. Stacy was wearing form fitting slacks and a shiny green top that clung to her large breasts, it was more like something Christina would wear as oppossed to Britney. The top was backless and tied around her neck and had a plunging neckline that went to just below the sides of her breasts. Ashley on the other hand was wearing lowrider jeans with a black bellyshirt that also clung to her as if it had just come out of the dryer. I had to admit that Ashley was a very attractive girl despite being so tall, she was very slender and had a very pretty face. Even though they both looked like tarts I'dve loved to have worn what they were wearing instead of the nothing that I had on right then.

"Ready ladies?" the guard asked as the song ended.

"Oh... yeah." Stacy replied giddily.

Just then the security guard began descending the stairs and I could feel Stacy behind me put her hands lightly on my back and gently push me so that I would follow him. After a few steps I noticed that most of the crowd had turned to watch me come down and soon flashes were going off again as I closed my eyes and tried to wish it all away.

"Ladies and gentlemen." The dj's voice spoke over the loud speaker. "As you have noticed our special guest is making her way down to the dance floor to cut loose for awhile. Please make her feel welcome but show her proper respect, she's a very nice girl and we don't want her to have a bad impression of everyone. So please no grabbing or anything that would be considered inappropriate." He said more but the pounding of my heart was so heavy that I stopped paying attention to what he was saying. As we got closer to the bottom the faces in the crowd became more clear to me and I could feel my blushing intensify whenever I made eye contact with one of them. Oh God everyone was looking at me and taking pictures, I should have been getting used to this by now but I wasn't. I wasn't sure if I would ever get used to this.

Once we got on the floor Stacy came up beside me and took my hand and led me right into the crowd as the song started up.

"Oh I love this song." Stacy blurted out as we stopped right in about the center of the floor. "This is 'Friday I'm in Love', this is the first time I've heard this song here. C'mon dance with me Amanda."

I was so self conscience about all the people around me that I barely noticed when Stacy took my hands and started dacing with me. I just looked at her for a few seconds while I tried to get a hold of myself and figure out what to do.

Of course what else could I do but start dancing back? Soon Ashley had caught up to us and began dancing with us, all the while it seemed like she was trying to hold back laughter at watching me like this. I tried my best to not care how I looked while I danced but that was a losing effort on my part. How could I not care that my boobs and butt were bouncing around freely for anyone around me to watch, which it seemed they were. I made sure though that I looked down at the floor as much as possible so not to either trip over myself or have to look at the faces of everyone and what they were looking at. I could feel myself becoming aroused again with all of the movement and soon my attempts at dancing became more difficult and uncomfortable. How was I going to get through this?

"You dance pretty well Amanda." Stacy praised me to my surprise. "You really have the beat down."

"Look at how her ass shakes." Ashley pointed out to Stacy. "I bet she could give Shakira a run for her money if she tried."

"Turn around Amanda." Stacy asked. "Let me see your ass shake."

I pretended not to hear her and continued doing what I was doing, which to me was causing myself pychological damage for which I didn't think I would ever get over. Were they playing the long version of this song or something? It seemed to be going on forever. Dancing like this felt so unnatural, with everything out like that without support and the feeling of air on my now perspiring body just didn't seem right. But I didn't hear any complaining from anyone.

"Amanda, turn around please." Stacy asked again as she pulled me closer to her.

I did as she asked and I closed my eyes in shame when she made me shake my rear for her which made her laugh out loud.

"That's precious." Stacy commented as she still giggled. "I've seen boobs that don't jiggle like her butt does."

"They almost hang down like boobs don't they?" Ashley added. "You'd think she was a Mexican or something with an ass like this."

Goddammit I was sick of hearing of odd my ass was supposed to be. I go eighteen years without hearing a peep about my butt and now people can't stop talking about it, you'd think I was the only one who had one. Just then a guy who was dancing moved in front of me while I still had my back to Stacy.

"Hi," he said in a friendly tone. "I'm Tony, and I just wanted to tell you how awesome you are and that I think youíre so hot."

I hesitated to say anything but I rememebered my new rule and I figured I'd better follow it.

"Thank you." I said to him as I avoided his face. "Why do you think I'm hot though?"

"Well just look at you." He pointed out, he seemed excited that I was talking to him. "I mean you have beautiful skin that seems to shine, and you just look so... virginal. It's hot."

"Hey buddy." Ashley said to the guy. "She's with us this dance. Wait your turn."

"Can I have the next dance?" he asked.

"Sure." I answered reluctantly, but I knew I had to dance with someone and at least he hadn't said anything mean, yet.

"Awesome. I'll be right back here at the next song." and then he stepped away.

"Very good Amanda." Ashley told me in ear. "You're getting the hang of this better than I thought you ever would."

"Are you going to dance with that guy?" Stacy asked me after Ashley moved away.

I nodded my head.

"Wow." Stacy said in surprise. "You're something else. I thought it might take all night for you to dance with a guy and here you are doing right off the bat. Shit you're my new hero."

Once the song ended Tony came right up to me as he had said he would. I made myself smile at him and let him lead me over to a different spot on the floor.

"I want my friends to be able to see me if that's alright." He said to me as he pointed out his table that had about five other people at it who waved at me. Then an Audioslave song started up and we began to dance to it.

"I can't believe you're dancing with me." Tony said to me with a happy look on his face. "I was just hoping maybe I could get a picture or two when I came here and look at what I'm doing with you?"

I just continued smiling and didn't say anything. How was I supposed to respond to this kind of stuff when I had no real idea what was going on. While we danced his eyes constantly went all over my body and usually stayed on my vagina a while before moving on. Even though he was being respectful I was still deeply embarrassed by having to dance with him and I wanted to run and hide in the bathroom. I was worried that he might get the wrong idea too when he noticed my nipples had gotten hard, I sure hoped he didn't think I was into him or anything. When the song ended though he kissed my hand and thanked me.

"Would you mind if one of my friends takes a picture of me with you?"

I wanted to scream at him that I did mind, but that wasn't an option.

"Sure if you can make it quick." I found myself telling him.

He motioned one of the ladies at his table to come over and she did carrying a small digital camera. I posed for a quick shot of us with his arm around me but before I could go she wanted one with me too. I let her pose with me for a shot and then moved away from them before they could ask for anymore. I saw Stacy dancing with some guy a few feet away when another guy came up to me. He looked a bit older than Tony did.

"Good evening Amanda." He said smiling. "Would you mind dancing with me?"

"You have to tell me your name first." I said, I felt I need to have some power over this situation.

"I'm William." He said kindly. "I was teaching at the college yesterday when you were there. Have I passed the test?"

"Yes. I will dance with you." I agreed, despite not liking that he was a teacher.

A Billy Idol song played while I danced with him. The fact that he was a teacher made me a little mad. Weren't teachers supposed to have stronger ethics than most people? Wouldn't a teacher have a problem with something like this? If they didn't they should.

"I noticed today that they have those drawing of you up on display in the hallways already." He said to me. "They are incredibly well drawn and they look just like you. I heard that somebody offered to buy a couple of them. That's unusual since you're hardly the first person who's posed at the school before, but I must say he has good taste."

"Thank you." I replied to him and then swallowed before asking the next part. "Why would you say he has good taste though?"

"Because you have a unique and wonderful look that you don't see enough of these days." he answered me. "Plus the fact that you're a virgin and proud of it I think has a lot to do with it. If you don't mind my saying so I think you have lovely breasts, those are the kind that never sag even when you're old. I wish my wife had boobs like yours."

I was going to be sick, he was married too. I hoped she'd find out about this and kick the crap out of him. 'Is this song over yet?'

"That's five down Amanda." Ashley said after she had made her way over to me."Who was that guy?"

"A perve." I yelled at her. "He said nothing and just kept looking at my crotch the entire dance. The only thing he said to me was that his name was Lewis and if I'd dance with him."

I was feeling very warm from all the dancing and I could feel sweat running down both my chest and my back, and I could also feel wetness from my vagina start move down my inner thigh as well. I wanted to stop and go sit back down but Ashley then pointed over to two guys that were talking to Stacy.

"You see those to guys with her?" Ashley asked me and I mentioned that I did. "I guess those are friends of Stacy's that she sees when she comes here. I've set it up for you to dance with each of them, one at a time, which would bring your guy count to seven and then you can take a short break and have something more to drink. I can't say that I know these guys but it's only dancing so it'll be cool."

Ashley then waved the three of them over. The two guys looked to be in their early twenties and both were rather handsome with short haircuts and broad shoulders.

"Amanda. These are my friends Brett and Chad." Stacy told me a she pointed to them respectively. "They are way cool and want to dance with you. I told them that if they did they had to behave themselves, and if they didn't I'd tell their parents how they're spending their college money that they send them. Why don't you dance with Brett first and then Chad can have the next one."

"Why does he get to go first for?" Chad asked her sounding upset.

"Because B comes before C in the alphabet Chad." Stacy replied slyly. "If it makes you feel better I'll dance with you for now."

"Will you show me you tits?" Chad requested.

"Not here." she said crinkling her brow as she playfully hit him in the chest.

"Someone else might see, that would be indecent."

I didn't know if she was kidding or not but I wanted to punch her for saying that either way. Brett then held out his hand for me to take and then led me to spot to dance in. He had short dark hair and looked like a male model you see in GQ adds.

"My God where did Stacy find you?" He inquired, he must not be in with everyone else here. "I must say that I wish she would follow your lead and start getting naked."

I just smiled and started dancing. He began dancing too and soon tried to rub up against me for which I immediatley stepped back from him.

"Not so close please." I asked him politely. "I just met you and all."

"Forgive me. It's just that the floor is so crowded there isn't a lot of room." He then moved in closer but did leave some space between us. "So you like being naked huh? I have to say I like you being naked also."

"Thank you." I made myself answer. "What do you like about me being naked?"

"That I can see your tits and ass." he quickly responded. "And I can see your sweet looking little snatch there. I bet it hasn't even been tasted yet has it?"

I wanted to scream but what good would that do since I asked him what he thought. I hated this new rule, I hated all the rules actually. We danced for another minute before he moved closer and again started rubbing up against me.

"Stop it!" I yelled at him. "I told you to please not do that!"

"But look at how turned on you are." he defended himself. "I mean my God, you look like you're ready to explode girl. I'm just trying to help you get some relief."

Again I tried to ignore his comments and keep dancing but that one took some steadying. He said I looked like I was ready to explode? I couldn't say I knew how that looked but I sure didn't feel that way, I felt more like dying then exploding. He was right though that my body was giving out the wrong impression, I could feel that I was now getting very sweaty and my nipples were pointing out like arrows ready to be fired. I was so glad that Green Day songs were always so short because soon it was over and I didn't have to dance with him anymore.

"That was way cool." Brett praised as he had an even bigger smile on his face now. "You'll have to come out with us sometime and party."

'Fat chance' I thought to myself as we went back to where Stacy was. Chad was more than eager to get started so he grabbed my hand and started dancing with me immediately as the next song came on. It was that REM song 'What's the Fequency Kenneth' which is a song I like which sucks because now I'd think of this whenever I heard it from now on.

"You're smoking." Chad said as he appraised me with his eyes. "I just love young natural looking girls like yourself with the curvy hips and long legs. I could f*&% you right here and now."

Boy Stacy knows some classy people doesn't she? Shit this guy was already worse than his buddy. He tried to rub up against me too and this time I pushed him away.

"Space please." I yelled at him. "I need room to breathe."

"Why don't you touch yourself then," he asked with a lustful look in his eye. "You look like you need to."

I needed to kick him in the ding ding was what I needed to do. These guys reminded me of the assholes on our football team, they're goodlooking but God are they Neanderthals.

"You know both me and Brett play for the PSU football team." Chad mentioned to me ironically. "We could get you into some real cool parties up in Portland, you look like someone who would be great partygirl and these parties have all the cool people coming to them. Sounds pretty sweet doesn't it?"

"I don't go Portland very often." I said to him hoping he'd get the hint. "We'd come pick you up." he gladly responded. "Shit as long as you're naked you could have anything you want."

"I want to keep dancing." I told him and continued doing just that.

"I want you to do that too. I like the way the lights shine on your wet pussy when you move, it's real hot."

Oh God I could've just died. I could see that his gaze was now securely on my nether area which felt very wet and sticky and was getting worse the more I danced. I didn't know how red I was at that moment but I imagine it was as red as I could get and still be alive. I thanked the good Lord when the song ended and I could stop.

"You'll have to excuse me." I said to Chad. "I have to go back to my table now and get something to drink, I'm very thirsty."

"I have something down here that'll quench your thirst." he said with a big grin and motioned to his crotch.

"You're a f*&%ing asshole." I yelled at him and walked away and headed for the stairway. He then ran in front of me and blocked my way.

"Hey honey that's not cool to get us all excited and then walk away." He said as he towered over me. "I think you owe me and my buddy a hummer in the back room for our troubles."

"I'm not going to give you guys shit." I said defiantly. "Now get out of my way you prick."

As I tried to get by him he grabbed hold of my arm and held me. "Listen bitch Stacy said you were cool so I recommend you be cool." He said to me with an angry glare.

It was at this time that a security guard walked over and got between us.

"Let go of her sir before I have to get rough." the guard said to Chad as he looked him the eyes. Just then Brett come over with Stacy.

"What's up Bro?" Brett said to Chad.

"This rent a cop is trying to tell me what I can do." Chad responded. "I think he better mind himself before he gets hurt."

"Okay sir you're out of here." the guard said in disgust.

The security guard then motioned for more security to come but before they could get there Chad took a swing at the guard who ducked out of the way and then tried to subdue him. Brett then punched the guard before he could get a hold on Chad and knocked him to the floor. Brett and Chad were then tackled by security and everyone backed away and watched what was happening in front of them as the guard started to pummel both of them.

"What happened?" Stacy came over and asked me as the security took hold of the situation.

"Your friends are assholes Stacy." I said to her sternly. "They wanted me to give them oral sex in some back room. Thanks a lot for looking out for me Stace."

"They did?" She acted surprised. "Shit usually they wait until later before asking for that. I'm sorry honey, I feel real bad about that."

"Shit Amanda." Ashley said laughing as she joined us. "See what you do to these guys. Who'd have thought that you would have guys fighting about you like this?"

"Let's go back upstairs and take a break." Stacy suggested. "Let's let this die down for awhile."

As we made our way through the spectating crowd back to the stairs Ashley came beside me and leaned over to my ear. "I knew those two guys would be assholes," she whispered to me. "It was a joy to watch the look on that one guys face when you told him off, I don't think he could believe that you had said that to him. It was hilarious."

When we got to our table and sat down I noticed that I had begun shaking. I did feel a bit traumatized from the whole event that just happened and I started to take deep breaths to try and get a handle on myself.

"I'm sorry again about that Amanda." Stacy said as she put her arm around me to comfort me. "I forget what animals guys can be when they've been drinking and are around women. I'm going to tell coach Walsh about them."

"Excuse me ladies." Jay the club owner said to us as he came over to our table. "I just wanted to apologize to Miss Johnson and ask if she's alright. I do hope you weren't hurt during that."

I shook my head that I wasn't hurt and finished drinking another Shirley Temple. I was so thirsty after all that dancing and my feet were feeling sore from breaking in these new shoes. I was still a little upset from being manhandled by that asshole Chad but after watching him and his friend get dragged out of here on their faces I did feel a bit better about all that. I was glad to see security was doing their job.

"I'm glad you weren't hurt." Jay continued. "I hope that sends a message to everyone else here to be more respectful to you, I won't blame you though if your dancing is over for tonight."

"Oh she's not done." Ashley jumped in. "She's a trooper. I know she has at least 6 or so showstoppers left in her."

"And I'm going to have another Malibu and pineapple because this one's empty." Stacy blurted out as her speech began sounding slurry. "Want another of your little girl drinks Amanda?"

"I'll have the waitress send them over." Jay said to her.

"No I'll go get them." Stacy said as she stood up. "I like to tell the bartender when to stop when he's pouring the rum." Stacy then smiled at me and walked over towards the bar.

"Miss Johnson I have a couple of young women over here who want to meet you." Jay said pointing over to two girls standing over by the bar. "Emily said it was okay so I'll be sending them over shortly. They are both from the U of O and they have something they want to tell you about. Again I apologize for the rude behavior of those two young men, if you need anything please don't be afraid to let me know."

He then walked back over to where the two young women were standing and began talking to them.

"Who are they?" I asked Ashley.

"Beats me." she said not knowing. "They only fill me on certain things. I'm sure you're supposed to go along with whatever they tell you though."

The two girls walked over to our table and greeted us with big smiles on their faces.

"Hi Amanda." One of the girls said pleasently. "I'm Betsey and this is my friend Tye. We are very thrilled to get to meet you and we drove all the way up from Eugene to see you tonight. May we sit down?"

"Yes you may." Ashley answered for me. "I'm Ashley by the way, I'm Amanda's friend."

"Nice to meet you." Betsey answered kindly as both girls sat down. She then turned back to me.

"First off I want to tell you how incredibley brave we think you are. I mean to be naked like you are now in packed club like this takes guts."

"I could never do it." Tye proclaimed. "I even work out all the time and I still feel self concious when wearing a bathing suit."

"Me too." Betsey added. "I just feel so vunerable. When I was in high school I had my gym locker broken into while I was in gym class and all my regular clothes got stolen and I had to spend the rest of the school day in my gym clothes, and this was in the winter time so no one else was dressed like me. All day everyone stared at me when I walked through the halls or went into a classroom. I can't imagine what it's like for you being completely nude."

"Anyway," Tye jumped in "we were at the game this last Saturday and saw you when you streaked through the stadium. We happened to have our camera with us so we snapped a few shots of you. They turned out really good too."

"Oh yeah." Betsey agreed. "We had a good angle. Anyway since then you've become a bit of a legend around campus. I mean all Saturday night you were as much a conversation piece as the Duck's win. On Sunday many of us who were there and had cameras got together and showed off what each of us had."

"All together we had about two hundred really good pictures of you both in the stadium and when you ran across the field." Tye jumped back in. "Then there were about five people who were in a park that you streaked through earlier who had pictures of you as well, all of which had turned out clear and beautiful so we added them to our group."

"We put them all together in a picture CD." Betsey said as she pulled out the laptop she was carrying with her and placed it on the table. "We didn't know who you were until earlier today when we were contacted by one of your representatives so we just called you Ghostgirl because you came and disappeared like a ghost."

"And because you've got beautiful white skin." Tye added.

"Well that too." Betsey replied looking a little embarrassed about that part. "I hope that's not mean because we really think it works for you. Here let me show you some of what we have."

She then opened and turned on her laptop and a minute later opened a file on it that brought up a picture of me running through the crowd at the game with a title above it that read THE GHOSTGIRL STREAKER. She then hit a button and a series of thumbnail images came onto the screen.

"Here let me do the slideshow effect."

Betsey then clicked on something and a series of bright and clear images of me ran across the screen which just made me want to throw the laptop off the balcany. I looked on as embarrassing photo after photo flashed before my eyes, including one of me when I was being hugged after the touchdown with the guy's hands on my ass. Oh God these guys all got together to make this tribute to one of the most terrifying expirences of my life, they sat around comparing what they had while discussing my body and how white my skin was... Ghostgirl, that was just great.

"We wanted to show these to you before we start selling them on Friday around school." Betsey said in a casual tone. "We got permission from your lawyer about an hour ago and tomorrow we'll sign the papers. I think it's awesome that you're letting us do this, and it's for such a good cause. Those poor people in the Sudan need all the help they can get and we hope these will raise a lot of money to help them."

What the hell was she talking about?

"Can I see some of those real fast?" Ashley asked as she got up and came around to see the pictures of me on the computer.

I was still numb from hearing her say that they were going to start selling these down in Eugene on Friday, picture CD's of me running naked at the football game. People would be able to do whatever they wanted with them including making copies and giving them out to others. Images began flashing in my head of people looking at me and laughing to themselves knowing that I may be on their screensaver or a printed out picture on their wall. I wanted to plead with them not to do this but apparently someone, my lawyer I've been told, had already told them that this was okay with me. Since when did I have a lawyer?

"Wow." Ashley said in amazement as she watched the continuing slide show of me. "Damn Amanda I can't believe you did this. I take back calling you a pussy, you're either really brave or to dumb to know better."

"I blush when I look at these sometimes." Betsey confessed. "I imagine how I would feel if that was me doing that and I just get so embarrassed, yet I can't stop looking at them. You're a bit of a cult hero around there Amanda. Your lawyer informed us about what you're all about and while I've never heard of taking an oath of shame I still admire what you stand for. It takes a unique person to stand up for something and your approach is about as unique as anything I've ever heard of. God bless you."

"And the people in Sudan will benefit from what you're doing." Tye added. "The government over there is very Taliban like and are constantly killing and torturing anyone who disagrees with them. Something has to be done and we want to do our part to send relief to those over there who are innocent and are being wronged. You should feel good knowing that you're helping a good cause."

This whole time I didn't know what I should say or what I should do. I most certainly didn't want these picture CD's of me being sold to anyone let alone a lot of college students, but I was still trapped by what was being held over me and not able to do anything about it. I mean I feel for the people in the Sudan but there has to be a better way to help them.

"These are awesome Amanda." Ashley said impressed. "I hope they sell a million of them. This is really sexy stuff."

I could feel my crotch area getting wetter as the idea of those pictures of me being sold kept sinking in. As I held my legs together the friction from my nerves made it worse and I could feel my breath begin to shorten, as much as I tried to fight it I was helpless against it.

"Would you two want to dance with Amanda?" Ashley asked them and gave me a wink. "As you may have seen Amanda had a little trouble with a couple of the guys here tonight. She wants to dance still but is understandably a little reluctant to dance with another guy right now. Would either of you want to help her out?"

"I'm not gay." Tye jumped in. "But I'd certainly dance her. For what she's doing for us I'd be honored to."

"Me too." Betsey said gladly. "I was hoping to get a picture with her anyway. Would you mind if I got one of us dancing together?"

What else could I say but "Yes you may." I hated this.

"Awesome." Ashley said loudly. "Why don't the three of you go ahead and go on down and dance for a couple of songs. Me and Stacy will be down in a few Amanda."

"Sounds good to me." Tye squeeled and got up out of her chair. "Let's hurry, this song is about to end so let's not miss the next one."

Betsey also stood up and held her hand out for me. I was very hesitent to stand up for fear that my arousal would be noticable to everyone. Knowing that I had no real choice I made myself stand up and before I knew it I was being rushed to the stairs and soon I was being led down them as the crowd began to applaud that I was returning to the floor. Once down there the crowd parted and let the three of us make our way through until Betsey stopped in the middle when the next song came on. It was that old Flock of Seagulls song 'I Ran', which was what I wanted to do although there was nowhere to go. I began dancing with them as the crowd moved back in around us. The girls got on both sides of me, somewhat protecting me from the rest of the dancers, and they both took turns grinding into the sides of my hips. I didn't like this much but I went along with it and each time one of them did it my arousal grew even more. I could feel myself literally dripping down there and I felt it make its way down my legs. It was then that they started grinding me at the same time and I felt myself cresting despite my unwillingness, my loud cry was luckily deafend by the loud music that was being played. When the song finally finished I felt like I needed to sit down since my legs now felt more rubbery, I couldn't believe I'd just orgasmed on the dance floor like that. I looked at both Tye and Betsey and they both had looks on their faces like they were having the time of their lives and didn't know what they had just done to me. I felt so embarrassed nonetheless and wanted to go back but the next song started up and so did they again.

"Not so close this time please." I asked them despite my lack of breath. "I like a little space."

"We're sorry." Tye said as we started to dance again. "I think we just got caught up in the moment."

As we danced to something by Nine Inch Nails I noticed that there was some wetness on Betsey's pants from where she had grinded into me. Oh my God I hoped she didn't notice that, I felt so dirty right at that moment. I hoped we don't have to be there much longer. Tye then pulled out her small digital camera and snapped off some shots of me dancing with Betsey and then handed it to her who then snapped some shots of me with Tye.

"We're going to treasure these for along time." Tye whispered to me gratefully.

I felt ashamed at letting these two girls think that I was something that I definitely wasn't. They thought I was running for sainthood and that I wanted to help them with their Sudan project. God I hated what those two bitches had turned me into and I hated that I still had to go along with it. As I silently cursed to myself I became horrified when I suddenly noticed my father's friend Al sitting off in a corner watching me.

After the song was over both Betsey and Tye gave me a long hug and thanked me again for giving them permission to sell those CD's, even though I really didn't give them permission. I glanced back over at Al and saw that he was still in the same spot. What the hell was he doing here? I had a hard time believing that he regularly came to clubs like this since he's married and had two young children at home. Was he in on all this? Was he going to tell my dad what I was doing? Oh God I really didn't need this right now.

"Excuse me." A young man with glasses said politely to me. "Would I be able to have a dance with you?"

I saw Stacy and Ashley had come down and were walking over to where I was.

"I need to get back to you." I said to the guy and then went over to the two of them.

"Damn Amanda." Stacy screamed as I could smell the alcohol on her breath was getting stronger. "I saw you dance with those two hotties a second ago from upstairs. Shit that was hot girl, it looked they had you panting there for a second."

I ignored that and pulled Ashley aside to ask what I should do about Al.

"Who's that guy?" She asked as I pointed him out to her.

"He's a friend of my dad's." I explained. "Do you know why he's here?"

"Ah no." she replied sounding surprised. "Like I said they don't tell me everything."

"Is it possible to call one of them?"

"No they have to call me. They won't give me their numbers just yet. Do you think he's going to try and do something?"

"I don't know. Even if he doesn't his being here is really unnerving."

"Well until I either hear something or he does something I would go ahead and finish your dancing and act like he's not there. I wouldn't know what else to tell you."

I didn't want to hear that. How was I supposed to act like he's not there when he hasn't stopped looking at me since I noticed him? Shit I guessed I'd have to try, if I didn't get all those dances in who knew how Emily would react. I didn't need any other new rules right now. I turned back to the guy with the glasses and nodded to him that I would dance with him. A happy look came across his face as he came back up to me.

"You've made my night," the guy said excitedly. "Would you mind if we waited for the next song to start? This one is half over."

"Sure." I obediently replied. "What's your name?"

"Scott." he answered as he held out his hand for me to shake. "I'm honored to meet you Amanda. I think this is an awesome way to bring attention to shame us as a society for what we put on people. I believe God has given a you special mission."

Another Christian. At least they behaved themselves though; but when they talked like this I felt even more blasphemous because that wasn't the real purpose I was doing this. I was doing this because a couple of mean women held my family's future in their hands and over my head. Dammit and Al was still staring at me. Wonder how my dad would feel knowing his good friend was ogling over his naked daughter? With my dad lately it's hard to tell how he'd react.

"How do you like my jacket?" Scott asked me as he showed off a spiffy leather jacket he had on. "I just got it last week and this is my first chance to show it off."

"It's very nice." I said wishing I could put it on. "It's looks sharp on you."

"Well thank you." he said gratefully. "It's something I always wanted. Here check out the tag inside here, it shows all the good stuff it's made out of." He opened the left side of his jacket and pointed to white tag that he wanted me to look at.

"That's okay." I replied thinking that was weird. "I'm sure it's top quality."

"No really." he prodded. "Just give it a glance, you'll really be impressed."

I decided to humour him and I leaned in to read the label on his jacket. It was a little difficult to make out at first with the lights flashing around us but when I got a good look I couldn't believe what it said: WE KNOW THEY'RE MAKING YOU DO THIS WANT TO HELP YOU WILL CONTACT SOON HANG IN THERE.

I didn't take a breath for a second after I read that. I looked up at his face and he was smiling kindly at me.

"Pretty high quality stuff ain't it?" He asked trying to act as if something else was written on the label. "Didn't think it was like that did you?"

I just shook my head and didn't say anything. What I could I say really? If I said something I knew full well Emily or CJ would be tipped off. Was this for real? Could there actually be something out there that might help me? For the first time in several days I felt a glimmer of hope that I could still get out of this somehow. Shit I hoped this wasn't a trap or something.

"Hey the next song is about to start." Scott pointed out. "Letís boogie."

Limp bizkit's version of 'Faith' started up and we began dancing. I had about a million questions I wanted to ask him. Who is he? What are Emily and CJ doing with me? What is he going to do to help me? Who else is helping him?

Unfortunately I couldn't ask him any of these things though with the goddesses' constant roving eyes and ears. In fact I should have been worried that somehow they might have seen that tag despite Scott's best efforts, they seemed to be able to do amazing things. With the shock of finding out that I might be rescued I had temporarily forgotten about Al. I glanced around but now I didn't see him.

Shit where did he go? God my mind was running in twenty different directions right then.

"Those are my friends over there." Scott then pointed to a large group gathered around two tables. "They're big fans of yours as well. Would you mind waving to them?"

The group was a mix of both men and women but they all looked like they were in their early to mid twenties. I waved and smiled to them and they all responded with cheers and waves of their own.

"Would you like to dance with some of my friends too?" he asked with a knowing grin.

"Yes I would." I answered plainly. "A couple of them if possible."

"I'm sure I know two who would love that."

Soon I finished dancing with the second of Scott's 'friends' and was grateful that my quota was over with no more hassles. I hadn't been able to locate where Al had gone and I was very worried as to what he may be up to.

"Would you like to come over to our tables and say hello?" Jake, Scott's friend who I was dancing with, asked.

"I'd love to," I answered. I was about to follow him when Al suddenly came into my line of sight.

"Hello Amanda." Al said to me in a friendly tone as he walked up to me.

"Wouldn't suppose you'd have a dance left for me would you?"

"Hi." I said weakly as I forced myself to look at his face. He had a sly look on his face that made me even more uncomfortable. I turned to Jake. "Can I have a raincheck on that?"

"Sure." he said understandingly. "We'll be leaving soon but if you do get a chance, we'd love you to stop by before we go." He then left me to go back to his group.

"Love your outfit young lady." Al said jokingly. "Did your mom buy that for you?"

"What are you doing here?" I found myself asking.

"I wanted to check out what all the fuss was about." he answered grinning. "For as much trouble as those two she-devils have gone through I just had to see if you're even worth it. I will say you have a very virginal look. If I was casting for the Virgin Mary you'd be one of my top choices."

"You're in on this?" I barked at him. "Aren't you supposed to be a friend of my family's?"

"I am," he answered unblinkingly. "This wasn't my idea, those two ladies came to me. Who do you think is helping to keep the Feds off your dad's back. If it wasn't for me your dad would be awaiting a bail hearing right now."

"What's in it for you?" I demanded.

"The satisfaction that my good friend isn't going to prison and his family won't become homeless. That and a nice early retirement package that I intend to use in the near future. I just wanted to thank you because if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have that new luxury."

I wanted to punch this guy. He'd come over for dinner several times since I was a little kid, I couldn't believe the nerve he had. Like Em and Cj really needed him to keep the Feds away. They must use him for something else too.

"I'm guessing then you won't be telling my parents about this?" I asked snidely.

"And piss those two crazy girls off?" he shouted. "Looking at you gives me more than enough incentive to not go against them. Don't worry, I ain't telling your dad anything."

"I think you're a real prick now if you don't mind my saying so." I said to him as the song was ending.

"I think you look like your mother." He said and then started laughing. "Especially when she was your age. Although she has bigger tits then you though."

"F*&% you." I said to him and started to walk away.

"See you around Amanda." he called to me. "Thanks again for making my life better."

I consider myself a non violent person, but if I'd had a gun right then I'd have shot Al right in the stomach and let him die a slow death. What an asshole. I couldn't believe he had the nerve to compare me to my mother like that, I guessed he'd been sneaking peeks at her all this time. I felt even more angry at him as I had to make my way through this thick crowd on the dance floor wearing nothing but a pair of shoes, I knew now that he was part of the reason I was being forced to degrade myself like this. To the crowd's credit the majority of them had politely made room for me to get through, I was only occasionally grazed by the 'accidental' stray hand. I almost got to the stairs where I was going to go up and sit for the rest of the night when Ashley caught up to me and cut me off.

"Where you going dancing queen?" Ashley said snidley.

"I'm going upstairs to have something to drink." I answered and attempted to get past her which wasn't successful.

"You're not done yet girlfriend." She informed me.

"I danced with ten guys." I rebutted. "And I danced with both of those girls twice so that should count."

"It does but you seem to have forgotten about your solo performance that you're required to do." She reminded me. "And I'd recommend you get it out of the way. Many people here have to go to work tomorrow so it would be rude to keep them up all night waiting. That little stage off to the side there would be perfect for you, it has a mirror behind it and it's placed where everyone can see you."

The stage she was talking about was about six feet above the floor so I would be standing over everyone. People in the front row would be able to look right up into me, and the stage being so small I don't have much room to back up. The mirror would show me off from all angles too. Oh God this was really going to put me on display, I wished Scott and his friends could rescue me tonight so I could avoid this.

"I don't want you just staring at your feet while you're up there." Ashley continued. "You're up there to dance so make sure you do just that, and if I don't think you put enough effort into it then I'll make you do it again. Emily wants you to make eye contact with people as well. She said you don't have to flirt or anything buy make sure you smile." She then took my arm and began leading me towards the stage. "After the next song I'll walk you up and the dj will give you an intro. I'll then step down and you can get your groove on."

On the way to the stage Ashley marched me right past Al who took the opprotunity to accidentally' graze his hand across my breast.

"Excuse me Amanda." He tried to sound apologetic. "Didn't see you there."

I wanted to puke but I was too busy attempting to keep with Ashley as she continued to lead me to the stage. I caught a glimpes of Stacy dancing with some guy, she was gyrating and dancing all slutty and it looked like her boobs were on the verge of popping out of her top. She must have been using double sided tape or something because I don't know how else they were staying in. To my displeasure we made it to where the stage was and Ashley brought me around to the side of it before we stopped. She then waved up at the dj who noticed her and gave the 'okay' signal with his hand.

"The guys who get to stand in front are really lucky." Ashley said in my ear. "They get to be the first guys ever to get such an inside look at you don't they? This is going to be a special moment for you. I'm glad everyone could be here to share it with you."

Oh God I didn't want to do this. This had been such a long night already why did I have to suffer this too? Hadn't everyone here seen enough of me and gotten bored yet? I would be. I looked over and saw that Stacy was practically dry humping the guy as she gyrated into him. Good God get a little alcohol in that girl and she started acting like a whore, she'd probably would love it if she was in my spot right now. I wished they'd picked her instead of me.

"Ladies and gentlemen we have a treat for you right now." The dj spoke to the crowd in a tone that was meant to excite them. "The girl so many of you came to see wants to thank you all for coming."

Ashley then led me up onto the stage as a spotlight suddenly shown down upon it. She had a strong grip on my arm and I was unable to fight her and soon we were standing right in front of the onlooking crowd. Many flashes went off and the crowd started to applaud as the dj continued speaking. "This has been a wonderful evening so far and we hope it will continue. This next song is dedicated to Amanda and she would like to dance with all of you on this one. So everyone make sure to face the stage and dance with her too; show her your support, she's an amazing young lady and she's damn beautiful too. Let's all let her know that as long she knows how to love we know she'll be alive, Oh yeah she will survive."

Then Cake's version of that old disco song 'I will survive' started playing and Ashley clapped her hands to encourage me and then quickly got off the stage. For the first few seconds I just stood there numb under the spotlight as I took in all the heads in the audience that were facing me. I quickly snapped out of it and remembered that I had to do this so I took a quick deep breath and tried to focus on the song so I could pick up on the beat. I made myself dance along when I did and remembered Ashley telling me that I'd have to do it again if I didn't do a good job the first time so then I started dancing with more motion and tried to keep in the rythmn of the song. That singer though sounded like he'd been sedated or something. I forced myself to look out into the audience and try and make eye contact with someone out there. I didn't want to look in the front row if I could help it because I wanted to avoid knowing who was getting the best view of my privates. I made contact with a red haired girl first and when I made myself smile at her she started blushing herself and gave me a shy smile in return. What did she have to be blushing about, at least she was dressed. I then made eye contact with several other people who I would smile at and then look away. Each time whoever it was seemed thrilled that I had acknowleged them and they all smiled back happily.

"Oh no not I, I will sur-vive." the song continued.

I could feel sweat start to pour down my back as I continued to dance, the spotlight felt hot and this constant motion had made me that much warmer. I noticed all the sweat was making my body start to glimmer and soon I would be bathed in it. I could also feel the other kind of wetness coming out again down there as I was becoming aroused once more. Dammit with my nipples hard like this made dancing more uncomfortable. My breasts hurt a little when they bounced. Oh God there was Stacy waiving at me. She was now piggybacking on some other guy now. Her boobs were practically bouncing on top of the guy's head.

The audience was like a wave of motion going back and forth with many people putting their hands in the air waving them around and some who were bopping up and down in unison. God I couldn't believe I was doing this, I never thought I could do something like this under any circumstances and yet here I was. I couldn't say that I was enjoying this, at least not on purpose, but like the song said I guessed I'd survive. The crowd broke into loud cheers as the song came to an end. I again made myself smile into the crowd and even took a small bow before I made my way to get off the stage. Ashley was there at the bottom and she gave me the 'okay' signal and let me come down.

"Very good Amanda." Ashley praised me as she clapped with the crowd. "I feel I know you in a whole new light now."

"Can I go upstairs now?" I asked her.

"Yes." she nodded. "I'll even go up with you. Let's see if we can get them to make some sandwiches or something. I'll also see if we can get you a towel to dry yourself off with. You look like you just stepped out of a sauna."

I could see Scott and his friends wave at me from the floor as I sat with Ashley up at our table. I waved back at them hoping I would hear from them soon and the two other guys that I danced with blew me a kiss as they made their way to the exits. Again a feeling of hope went through me as I prayed that they would be able to help me get away from Emily and CJ's hold. After I watched them leave I started to eat the rest of the turkey club sandwich that they brought me. All the dancing and possibley the stress of the day had made me hungry again and this sandwich wasn't going to exist much longer as I began scarfing it.

"Easy girl." Ashley said as she noticed how quickly I was eating. "Make sure you chew that good before you swallow. I don't want you to choke."

Stacy then sat down with us and I noticed she had a fresh drink in her hand.

"I hope that's your last." Ashley said to her refering to her drink. "We have to leave here pretty soon and I don't want you puking in my truck. In fact here eat some chips to help absorb that alcohol."

"Shit." Stacy scoffed. "I don't puke. I've been much drunker than this and I never ralphed. You're the one driving anyway, are you sober enough?"

"I only had the one beer I'm fine." Ashley rebuffed. "What did you think of Amanda's show?"

"She's hot." Stacy praised as she turned to me. "That was so sexy, it really made me wet. This has been so fucking cool tonight. I can't believe you danced with all those people, I'm just stunned." she then put her hand on me. "You're fucking awesome Amanda. I wish you could go to school naked tomorrow and everyday after that. That would be so hot. I was so turned on when you were running naked in the hallway today that after the fire drill I diddled myself in the bathroom. I came a couple of times thinking about it."

"This is a little too much info Stace." Ashley said as she crinckled her brow in surprise. "I'm starting to think you may be a weirdo."

Jay the owner and Rick came over to our table and looked at us with happy looks on their faces.

"Thank you so much ladies for coming here tonight." Jay told us gratefully. "I think everything went wonderfully and I hope you all had a good time, especially you Miss Johnson. If you ever want to come to my club again just let me know and I'll gladly take care of everything. I know you have to leave soon so I hope you have a safe ride home tonight. Thanks again ladies."

He gave me a large appriciative smile and nodded to the other girls before he walked away.

"Damn Stacy this turned out to be a pretty good idea of yours," Rick proclaimed to her. "This is easily the best Tuesday we've ever had. I owe you one girl."

"Yes you do." Stacy answered. "And you can start by having someone drive us to our truck when we leave. We had to park way down the street and I don't want to walk back there. I'm a little tipsy and all."

"Sure thing." he responded. "I'll have one of our cars take you to yours. Call me tomorrow okay Stace?"

"Sure thing babe."

He then smiled at me too just like his boss did and then he walked away. I looked down at my plate and realized that I had just finished the last of my fries while everyone was talking, damn I must've been hungry.

"Damn, is Mrs. Davis starving you or something?" Ashley asked as she stared at my empty plate.

"She feeds me." I said plainly.

"It must be from being turned on for the last few hours." she said and they both started laughing. "It's given you an appetite."

"Make sure you use the bathroom before we leave." Stacy told me in her drunken tone. "It's a long ride back. Too bad this had to end. This has all been very eye opening."

Part 51

It began to rain as Ashley turned off the freeway and began driving the back roads back to town. I could hear Stacy quietly snoring as she slept with her head on my shoulder and with one of her arms wrapped around my shoulder and the other resting on my leg. When we left the nightclub the large crowd that greeted us earlier was still there and Ashley had me stand out there for a few minutes so they could take more pictures of me and shout out how cool they thought I was. We then got in a small car that pulled up in front and it took us to where Ashley's truck was parked. Some of the crowd tried to catch up with us before we could drive off and thankfully Ashley was quick to get out of there. Stacy had insisted that I cuddle with her, she tried to tell me it was to keep me warm but at least a dozen times I had to remove her hands from my nipples as she tried to fondle them. Finally as I mentioned she fell asleep so I didn't have to fight with her anymore. I think all the rum she drank caught up to her. At least she didn't puke like Ashley had feared.

"It would rain now." Ashley said as she turned on her wipers. "It just couldn't wait until we get to town. I can't wait to get out of Oregon."

"They said they'd send you to Duke huh?" I said recalling her earlier mention. "You couldn't get in without their help?"

"I'm a good enough player but my grades aren't quite up to snuff as far as an Ivy league school goes." She answered me. "I was sceptical of them at first but when they had a recruiter call and tell me that a spot is mine if they give the okay I almost fainted. I'm still not completely sure who those two really are but they do back up what they say. Just look at you. I still can't believe you just did what you did tonight. They sure got your number don't they?"

For now they sure did. I prayed that Scott and whoever was with him could do something to help me. I wanted it to be soon because too much more of this and I might be beyond helping.

"I saw you talking to that guy you said was your dad's friend." Ashley went on. "Did you find out anything about him?"

"He's an asshole." I replied angrily. "He's in on it. I want to tell my dad so he can kick his ass."

Then after he's done I want someone to kick my dad's ass. It's his indescretions that have me trapped in this situation. Guys are pricks.

"Dang I wonder how many people they actually have working for them?" Ashley pondered. "They almost seem like a corporation."

Stacy stirred a little in her sleep and I heard her mumble something about not wanting to do it, whatever 'it' was. It began to rain harder but I could see the lights from town ahead and soon I would be back at Gale's house. I hoped I could just go straight to bed with no more missions for me to complete.

"By the way," Ashley continued, "how does it feel to know that those girls at the club are going to be selling those cd's of you to other college kids at U of O? That's got to be flattering."

"Hardly." I responded sarcastically. "It's like a nightmare. I'm sure you think it's funny though."

"Only because it's not me in those pictures." She joked. "I love the 'ghostgirl' angle. It makes you seem mysterious. If they only knew."

Stacy again mumbled something in her sleep, this time it sounded like she was compaining about something not counting, Lord knows what that means.

"Is she talking in her sleep?" Ashley asked with laughter in her voice.

"Sounds like it." I answered.

"She must be having nightmares again about those two guys that tried to blackmail her. I guess she was plenty scared at first when they threatend her, she almost went along with it she was so frightend. To be caught cheating on a test would really piss off her parents and her parents are not nice when they're angry. I guess she was almost desperate enough to go along with their plan."

I knew the feeling, unfortunately for me no one rescued me before it could start. The rain was really coming down heavily as we entered town which made Ashley curse to herself some more. After a few minutes we pulled up into Gale's driveway and up to the gate.

"Wake up Stacy." Ashley ordered. "She's got the remote for this gate."

I began to knudge Stacy but at first she wouldn't wake up. I knudged her harder and she began to wake but not before blurting something out first.

"65, that's so many." She said as I tried to knudge her some more. "I can't do that."

"Stacy wake up!" I shouted in her ear which caused her to jump and bump her head on the ceiling.

"Ouch." Stacy said and began rubbing her head. "Where are we?"

"We're at Mrs. Davis'." Ashley told her. "We need the remote to open the gate."

"We're back already?" Stacy said groggily. "I must've dosed off."

"You were talking in your sleep too." Ashley teased. "Something about 65."

"Really? I don't remember." Stacy then fished the remote out of her purse and opened the gate. "I... what time is it?"

"A little after midnight." I answered looking at the clock on the dash.

"Shit. My parents are going to bitch at me." Stacy complained. "Oh well. It's worth it since tonight was so rad. Shit the Jag's still parked here."

She was right. I remembered Emily telling me she was going to be waiting up for me. No sooner did I think that when she suddenly walked out the front door holding an umbrella.

"Stacy you need to get out so Amanda can get out too." Ashley informed her.

"Oh yeah." Stacy then opened her door and got out. "Shit I'm getting wet."

Emily came around to where Stacy was and let her under the umbrella.

"Glad to see you made it back alright." Emily said to us cheerfully. "I hope you all had a good time."

"We did." Ashley answered for us. "As you may be able to tell Stacy had a little too much good time."

"Who gives a shit I wasn't driving." Stacy rebutted. "And besides it was Amanda who wasn't supposed to drink. And she didn't either."

"Good." Emily praised. "C'mon Amanda, let's get you inside and ready for bed. Thanks girls for taking such good care of her."

Emily then held out her hand to me and helped me out of the truck. She then put her arm around me and covered me with the umbrella as Stacy dashed back into the truck.

"See you in school tomorrow Amanda." Ashley yelled at me from inside the truck. "Can't wait to see what you'll be wearing."

"I love you Amanda." Stacy said as she smiled drunkenly. "You're one of my favorite people now. I'll see you tomorrow before class. Thanks for coming with us tonight."

I gave them a small wave as she closed the door and they drove away. Emily then began to lead me back to the house.

"I'm so proud of you Amanda." She praised me. "You came through tonight like a trooper. I'm sorry I was cross with you earlier because you more than made up for it tonight."

"What was going on there?" I asked her hoping she might give me an answer.

"Tomorrow night sweetie." She insisted. "I don't want to tell you anything with CJ not here. Tomorrow after Bible study we'll have a whole presentation for you. Now I need you to finish those dishes you weren't able to do earlier. It should only take you a few minutes and then you can have a bath and go to bed."

Part 52

It only took me a few minutes to finish the dishes and wipe down the counters. Personally I didn't know why they couldn't have done it or why it couldn't wait until tomorrow but it was useless to argue with them. When I had finished I came into the living room where Emily was standing in front of the TV holding the remote control. Gale had gone to bed already which was what I wanted to do. I was surprised to see that Emily had changed her clothes while I was cleaning and was now wearing a white t-shirt and cutoff sweatshorts, I'd never seen her so dressed down before. Even at the hotel when it was nighttime she wore expensive looking silk pajamas, this was a different look for her. Even dressed down like this she was still stunning and had a sophisticated look to her, she also has beautiful legs I have to admit. I looked at the TV and was saddend to see that she was watching footage of me dancing at the club earlier tonight.

"This turned out pretty well." Emily admired. "We put this all together on such short notice that we weren't sure how the footage would turn out but I'm very pleased. We have lots of clear full frontal shots of you from all over the club. This will be a nice addition to the collection."

That collection got bigger each day, and to think it all started out with just three pictures six days ago. By now they must have volumes of humiliating images of me at their disposal.

"Can I take that bath now?" I asked her not wanting to watch anymore of this.

"In a second." she answered still looking at the moving footage. "I just drew some bathwater for you and it needs a minute to cool down. By the way you can sleep in a few extra minutes in the morning since you won't be going to your first class. I'm spending the night tonight because you and I have a meeting with your principal tomorrow morning, we some things to discuss with him."

"Like what?" I asked dreading what the answer might be.

"You'll find out then. Oh here's something I want you to watch."

ooked back at the screen and saw that it was the part where I had to dance with that a-hole Chad. The music had just changed and he was trying to talk me into giving him and his friend a 'hummer' as he called it.

"You're a fucking asshole." I saw myself say to him on the screen. Emily quickly paused it there and my image was frozen on the TV.

"I love that look of confidence on your face Amanda." Emily told me as she admired my expression. "I'm going to have a still made of this so I can put it up in your room. I want you to see everyday that you have this in you. Of course if you ever talk to me or CJ like this you'll be in trouble but for guys like this jerk it's more than okay."

Like looking at that was going to give me confidence. The thing that'd give me confidence was wearing clothes again. Emily then clicked off the TV and sat the remote down on the coffee table.

"Ready for you bath?" she asked me as she came over and took my arm.

"Can I go to bed after?"

"Yepper skepper salt and pepper." she replied which I guessed meant yes.

She led me to the my bathroom which was full of lit scented candles that surrounded the bathtub which was full of water. Emily let go of me and went over and tested the water.

"This should be okay as long as you get in slow." she informed me. "Use a barrett to tie your hair up off your neck, I have a bath pillow here for your head so you can relax and not get your hair wet."

As I tied up my hair up I saw her pour some kind of solution into the bathwater and mix it in with her hand.

"What's that?" I asked thinking it might be something I should fear.

"It's just some minerals that are good for your skin." she answered in a pleasent tone. "Both Cj and I use it ourselves so it's not something that'll hurt you. Now hurry and get in before it cools off too much."

Emily helped me into the tub, I had to get in slowly because the water was quite warm but once I was in I found myself quickly relaxing and I felt the stress of the day slowly start to fade. Maybe this was a good idea. Soon I was submerged up to my neck as I laid my head on the bathpillow and I found myself starting to feel sleepy. I looked up and saw that Emily had some kind of long brush in her hand and was stepping over onto the small platform behind me.

"I'm going to sit behind you here and wash you." she informed me as I saw that her legs were on both sides of my head as she put her feet in the water. She put her legs in between each of my arms and pinned them against my sides.

"Is this really nessisary?" I asked her as I felt her crotch snuggle against the back of my head. "I'm not really that dirty and I can wash myself."

"You did sweat alot when you were dancing." She began as she took the soft brush and started to rub my shoulders with it. "I just want to get that grime off of you, don't worry I'll be gentle. I've done this before with both CJ and my little brother when he was small, and now I'm going to do it with you. You're like my pet and I'm giving you a bath."

Her pet? 'I'm not an animal dammit.' Her saying that reminded me of the collar around my neck, I was their pet wasn't I?

"When can I take this collar off?" I asked hoping it would be soon.

"Not anytime in the near future." she answered plainly as she began to wash around my neck. "As long as we have you doing these things we need to have something that can tell us that you're okay."

"Doesn't it need to be charged or something?"

"It's self charging. It won't be dying anytime soon sweetie so just get used to it. Besides didn't it help keep you warm when you were out in the cold earlier?"

"It kept my neck warm."

"Hey that's better than nothing. Tilt you're head forward for a second so I can get the back of your neck."

A few more questions popped into my head so I decided to go ahead and ask them. "I heard I have a lawyer."

"You sure do, one of the best."

"Who is it?"

"You'll meet her soon. I consider her the best lawyer that no one's heard of."

"Is there anyway I can get out of having those picture cd's of me sold?"

"Are you kidding? That's for such a good cause, I've been to the Sudan and I can tell you I'm not going back until some things have changed there. They want to kill anyone over there who isn't a Muslim, something's got to be done. Besides you're a legend on that campus now and those pictures would be distributed anyway so we might as well do something positive. I will say I don't like the 'ghostgirl' name but that's what they came up with so it'll do."

She then moved from my neck down to my chest area and began lightly scrubbing my breasts which sent several sensations over my body. For a moment I wasn't able to speak as I was overcome with arousal. I think she noticed this because she stayed in that area for awhile before moving on to my arms that were still pinned under her toned legs.

"I saw that Al was there." Emily continued. "I can't say that I really like that guy but he has been useful. He keeps flirting with me though, like I'd ever go for someone like him. You know that he plans on leaving his wife and kids when we pay him off? She is fat but c'mon that's mean. They've been married for 22 years."

"Why did you have to turn him against us for?"

"He was never the good friend your father thought he was. He's a sleazy guy honey, that's why we use him. He'd have stabbed your dad in the back eventually with or without us."

Emily began scrubbing the side of my torso and I actually found myself getting used to it and even relaxing a little more. I felt like a little girl though who's being bathed by her mommy.

"By the way what was so special about that coat tag that one guy wanted you to look at so badly?"

Oh God she would have to ask that. Maybe this means though that she didn't recognize them or knew what they were doing there?

"It said that his jacket was made from some kind of lizard." I told her hoping she'd buy it. I know I'm not a good liar.

"Lizard? What's so special about that?" She said puzzled as she began to scrub the other side of my torso. "That guy seemed like a real geek, so did his friends for that matter. Is that why you let them all dance with you?"

"I needed to fill your quota that you gave me." I quickly responded. "At least they were respectful."

"I loved your solo dance." She then praised, I was glad she was changing the subject. "That was really good. In fact I was also happy that you followed the new rule as well. Since you were so good tonight that new rule is now suspended. If you continue to be good I might not bring it back at all."

Finally I got some good news. I'd take any victory I could at this moment. Emily then moved the brush down into my crotch area and started to slowly scrub. More sensations shot through my body as she did this. I wanted to push the brush away but my arms were still pinned.

"I noticed that you got real turned on there for awhile." Emily pointed out. "In fact when you were dancing with those two girls at one point I thought you might be cumming. I don't suppose you'd tell me if you did or not?"

"I plead the 5th." I responded as I tried to control the growing arousal in me as she continued to scrub.

"So you did then. Good. Since you're not masterbating all that has to get released somehow."

To my relief she stopped scrubbing and moved the brush away from me. I was still quite aroused but I was also so relaxed from the warm water and great smelling candles that I almost didn't notice it anymore.

"Lift you leg sweetie." Emily ordered as she did something with the brush that made it longer. "Give me your right one first then your left."

I did as I was told which wasn't easy in the relaxed state I was in. She held my leg with one hand and scubbed with the other.

"You have such pretty long legs." she admired. "I notice you get alot of compliments on them, yet before we came along you never showed them off. That's almost a crime."

Soon she was done and I lifted my other leg for her and she did the same with it. When she was done I could hear her shorten the brush again and to my delight she got up and went over to the sink and grabbed a towel to dry her feet with.

"Go ahead and soak for a few more minutes and I'll come back to towel you off." She explained before she stepped out of the bathroom.

I leaned my head back harder against the pillow and closed my eyes for a second. For a moment I imagined that I had my old life back and I was in the bathtub at my house instead of here. I imagined that I had my sweatpants and t-shirt waiting for me to sleep in on my bed. God I want it to be true so badly. I almost dozed off but Emily came back in and yelled at me to wake up.

"Don't want you drowning or anything Amanda." she told me. "I think it's time you got out honey."

Emily had to help me stand up since I was so relaxed and once she got me out of the tub she began to dry me off with a large towel. I wanted to wrap the towel around me but when she was finished she threw it in the hamper.

"You look beautiful right now Amanda." She praised as she looked me over. "So clean and shiney. Your skin just glows. I've got your bed turned on so it should be ready shortly. I'll be sleeping in the living room on the hidabed if you need anything. If you want you can even sleep with me instead, I have blankets."

"Do I have to have sex with you?" I asked unsure.

"No." she laughed. "But you do have to cuddle with me. I like to spoon."

"Not tonight." I answered. As much as I wanted to wrap myself in a blanket I didn't like the idea of spooning with her.

"Suit yourself but if you change your mind early enough I'll still let you in."

She then led me to my room. I noticed that there were pictures of me with my family on the desk now, the sight of them made me feel a temporary sense of home.

"Thank you for bringing the pictures." I said to her.

"You're welcome." She then gave me a hug and kissed me on the lips. "I'm sorry you didn't get to talk to your mom tonight but she did call and said to tell you she loves you. She was very excited to hear you were out with friends, I think she worries about you."

She should, I'm very worried about me.

"Well goodnight sweetheart." Emily said to me as she was about to leave the room. "You made us very proud tonight. I love you very much."